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Scottish Government Cover up of Hollie Greig Part 6

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 Why are Politicians and Media so tight lipped

Kenny M

There is much more to discuss on the Hollie Story but as promised in my last article I though I would break away from the main theme and discuss why all the Politicians and the Media remain so tight lipped? What is it that they fear?

  I guess this question is in two parts – is it fear from the Scottish Legal System and there associated lawyers such as Levy & McCrae and Simpson and Marwick or is it the fact that Peodophilia is rife in all political parties……one would have to look at the FBI list of British Peodophiles to get the answer to that, but I am sure we all have a pretty good idea as to who they are!

Let’s just dwell on the media gagging and look at the implications or should I say the lack of implications.

A member decided to do a small phone in to a couple of leading papers just to get a feel of the mood. The first one was a leading Scottish paper who during the conversation actually shot themselves in the foot. This was the basis of that conversation. The question was to the newsroom…”I would like to discuss with you a story I would like your paper to cover….it’s a story regarding peodophilia…its based around a case called Hollie Greig……have you heard of Hollie Greig”? The reply was “Yes I have”…”When is your paper going to publish this article”?…..The newsroom replied “Which article”….. “An article that I would hope your paper would wish to publish regarding the case of Hollie Greig” ……..the newspaper then asked “What is your connection to the case” ….. “What is my interest in the case?…..I am an interesting father….a human being”………. “One of getting on to 20,000 people up and down the country who are concerned about peodophilia of a young Down Syndrome woman for 14 years of her life…..that my interest”

The newpaper responded…… “Its a story we are aware of and it’s a story that we repeatedly get phone about, perhaps from yourself and one or two other people”..At this stage they shot them selves in the foot when the paper went on to say “ It’s very difficult for us to write a story saying a Sheriff is a convicted Peodophile without the newspaper being brought to court and sued and going out of existance. You will note here that we have not said that the Sheriff is a convicted Peodophile….all we have said is that, given the evidence so far, he would be classified as a potential offender pending investigation.

The conversation continued as follows….The paper concerned then said “That if the Sheriff concerned was found guilty of Peodophilia that a very different matter but we cannot go around slinging allegations around that are not backed up in a court of law…and until that’s the case its difficult for us to do anything” the person asking the questions then said “There is something called investigative reporting” the newspaper responded by saying “thank you for informing us of that, we are well aware of it that there is such a thing…however, if there is no basis, its not something that we can run, we are well aware of your campaign…were getting phone calls all the time for you but frankly we can’t run stories accusing people of things that are not backed up in law”……we then asked  “Don’t accuse them..it’s a simple point…do not accuse them…who’s accusing them?….the campaign is not about accusing so much …it’s about the fact that if people are not guilty…they do not surpress it…they come out and make a statement…that is the point.”

 The newspaper responded: “The other thing is that the Sheriff should come out and say I am not a peodophile…..we then said “What I am saying in one form or another the Scottish Government should be saying…look we understand that there are many up and down the country who are concerned about this issue whom seem to have a belief or and understanding of what has been going on in this case and if their not bringing it to court then they must make a statement…because you know…I am just one and all I am doing is asking questions…I am saying why is my government if they have nothing to hide…..its like ID cards….the people you and me are told if you have nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear so then turn that on the government and say if you got nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear…but the government, Levy & McCrae etc etc seem to have one hell of a lot to fear….now all I am saying is, Ask the Questionits only questions, you cannot get sued for asking questions……the newspaper responded “By asking what questions”?….we then said asking what questions?….you are a reporter, you should know how to frame questions…the paper replied  “what question have you carried out a peodophile case”?…. “well yes we replied”…the newspaper then said “what if they replied no we haven’t…then were do we go from there”? we responded by saying “that’s not the point…the point is not what their answer is…the point is bringing it to the publics attention…that’s your job…the paper finally replied “I understand very well and also understand my job thank you very much…can I take your name again”?…we replied “Why are you so interested in my name”…they replied “Because I take an interest in the people that phone up the newspaper with a campaign that they want to promote….you told me earlier..what is your name again…etc etc

On can clearly see from thiattempt to get a leading newspaper to run this story that it was like talking to a brick wall……to even ask how one could do this shows the level of media training carried out in house…..the whole situation is an embarrassment to a leading newspaper!

 We then moved on with the next attempt to contact a leading British Newspaper…we were asked what it was about and then asked for the news desk…..the call was picked up by administration who was rather abrupt all the way through and had no intention of passing the call through to the news desk….the repeated comment was that you will have to write in……this person then hung up on the caller…..it was obvious that this paper had something to fear!

Another call was made to another well know British newspaper and asked to speak with the editor or the news desk……initially we got the answer phone….rang again. Eventually after a long delay got the news desk…the person identified who there were and the following was said “Iam calling up today with respect to the Hollie Greig issue, now Iam just calling to ask you for the, you know, this thing is going to just explode very soon”….. the news desk interupted “ On what issue”?… “The Hollie Greg issue…the news desk repeated back the wrong name and again it was repeated “The Hollie Greig issue”….the news desk responded “Hollie Graig..oh right yes”…we confirmed “yes the Hollie Greig…is that an issue..ha ha ”? So basically you know, at the end of the day this thing is going to explode

 The Palestine Telegraph is churning out the detail on the case and there are potentially one or two other newspapers that are interested in it…now what I am trying to understand is why your newspaper would not wish to cover this story”?…there was then a deathly silence and the person came back saying … “I am completely confused…I don’t quite understand what you are talking about”?…the newspaper was then asked… “Well you’ve heard of the Hollie Graigcase, Yes?…in Aberdeen”? the newspaper responded… “No I haven’t

Our response was “Oh I see…ok…well…..it may be of interest to you then….the Hollie Greig in Aberdeen is or was a young Down Syndrome girl of 6 years of age…and for fourteen years of her life…she’s now 30….it’s on going at the moment..fourteen years of her life she was serially raped..her father started it and seemingly there was a peodophile ring within the Grampian region..now that peodophile ring seems to stretch into..it seems to..it is alleged to stretch into areas of the Scottish Government…now as you can probably understand there’s a lot of media outlets that just do not want to touch this story….however, they gave all kinds of reasons which really don’t stack up, those reasons being that no one has actually been charged guilty in the case …at this stage the newspaper interrupted and said “I have now looked at it and to be honest its not one for us but thank you very much indeed”…we responded “OK, can I ask why?….at this point the newspaper hung up on the caller!

A final well known paper was then contacted…it was answered by the news desk who asked “what could I do for you”? “I’m just calling to ask whether you are looking at and considering anything on the Hollie Greig story”?..the reply “no were not at the moment I’m afraid no”….our response was “Why is that”?….the reply…”Right well I’m sorry do we have to give you a reason”?….our reply “No, but I’m just thinking in terms of you published stories on Madelein McCann” …the news desk interrupted….. “I tell you why and this is not a definite why..because at the end of the day the Editors decision is always final….two different police investigations have cleared the people involved that have been named by certain parties that’s why”…or reply “ They’ve cleared them”?….the reply “Yes two different police investigations”……..

We again asked “But have you looked into the”….again we were interrupted with the response “It is not our job to do that…it’s the polices job to do that…not us…were reporters…our response again “Yes I know, I know but having said that”…again interrupted “We do not investigate crimes we report crimes we do not investigate”….again they were asked “So you do not do investigative reports”?. the response..”We do it on certain occasions but not when it comes to things like that…..when you are talking about child abuse etc no we don’t do that no”…..that something the police should deal with”…..again out question…”  “It’s interesting can I say because you did it with a chap I cant remember his name off hand but he did it in 2005 and 2008 followed the story about a guy”….again the paper interruptedand said “I’m not getting into this we are not planning on doing anything on Hollie Greig..ok”?…..we said “What about the terrorism for instance that you have reported on in the past”?….they replied “ Sir I am not going to get into…you’ve asked me a question and I’ve told you we are not planning on running anything on Hollie Grieg..ok”….we replied “Yes I knowbut”. again interupted “OK “ we continue………

“The reasons for it are because you are not”…again interupted “We do not have to give you a reason for it sir I’m afraid”…by this time conversation was getting somewhat difficult and again our response “ You don’t”?…..they said “there are plenty of stories that are good ones and we don’t have to give reasons….that’s not the business of newspapers”…our response continued “So what is your business then”?…..”sigh I’m not getting into this with you” again our contact comment was “Hang on”…..they then closed off by saying “I think we have helped you as much as we can” to which our response was that I don’t think you have helped me at all”….they closed down by saying “I’m sorry you feel that way but we are not planning on running anything on Hollie Graig…I have answered your question…sorry about that ok…thankyou goodbye and hung up!

 My thanks go out to the person that carried out these interviews…it was so vital to try to understand the mindset of the media in Britain….and we rang some of the most leading papers in the country.

One newspaper is reporting on one aspect of this story on the question of gagging. The Press and Journal said the following today:

 Sheriff gets court order to silence abuse claim

An Aberdeen sheriff has obtained a gagging order against a would-be MP who has accused him of abusing a young, disabled girl. The sheriff’s lawyers, Edinburgh-based Simpson and Marwick, have now successfully applied to the Court of Session in Edinburgh for an interim interdict preventing Mr. Green from continuing his campaign. The interdict also prevents Mr. Green from claiming that the sheriff was involved in the “murder” of Hollie’s uncle, Robert Greig, who died in a car fire in 1997. Yesterday however we read the following in the same paper:

FREEDOM of speech is one of the most closely-guarded of the rapidly-dwindling rights of British citizens. The right to speak one’s mind without fear of being thrown into a prison cell is a fundamental component of democratic society.

That being the case, it is inevitable that people will, on occasions, abuse that right, subjecting innocent people to wild and highly-damaging accusations. Such would appear to be the position with regard to Aberdeen sheriff Graham Buchanan, who has been forced to seek a court interdict preventing the lay adviser to a young disabled girl from publicly accusing him of abusing her and of participating in the death of her uncle, who was found dead in a burning car.

Whilst talking on the media…..we at the Palestine Telegraph came under a massive attack that took down our web this morning…..the technicians managed to get it working…sort of…but again it was under attach and has been all day……I can disclose that the offender had an IP address of and someone had reason to believe it was in Basingstoke…..however when I check myself it came up as Central London…..I asked the Director to report this to the police as it is a crime…they have a computer investigation section and to find an IP is a very basic exercise for them…..just for the record we were given an Incident Number which is CM 1903895/10 19/3/2010…..don’t hold your breath hey?…..so this is still ongoing so

We at the Palestine Telegraph hope this does not go on too long and we hope you will stand by us during this difficult time.

We can also now look at the tight lipped political sector who have all totally ignored not only the Palestine Telegraph but also the numerous emails from the “Hollie Army”……I have copied all my articles to Brown, Cameron and Clegg as well as to a few other prominent members…….I have also written many many times to Ester Rantzen and again no response. Here are a couple of my latest emails to Salmond, Brown and Rantzen as an example:

Dear First Minister

I am shocked that you have not attempted to become involved in the terrible case of Hollie Greig. We are looking at the satanic rape of an innocent girl from the age of 6 years for a period of 14 years. She was gang raped by not only her father and brother but also by a greater peodophile ring in the City of Aberdeen and you have been made aware of this case. My question to you as the First Minister for Scotland is why have you not become involved in this case or any other member of the Scottish Government.

This will not go away and our numbers are growing to reach around 20,000 by this weekend. I strongly urge you to nip this in the bud without delay and open up this Hollie Case as soon as possible.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 18/3/2010


Dear Prime Minister

I am shocked that you have not attempted to become involved in the terrible case of Hollie Greig. We are looking at the satanic rape of an innocent girl from the age of 6 years for a period of 14 years. She was gang raped by not only her father and brother but also by a greater peodophile ring in the City of Aberdeen and you have been made aware of this case. My question to you as the Prime Minister for the United Kingdom is why have you not become involved in this case or any other member of our Government.

This will not go away and our numbers are growing to reach around 20,000 by this weekend. I strongly urge you to nip this in the bud without delay and open up this Hollie Case as soon as possible.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 18/3/2010

 Dear Ester

 I am shocked that you have not attempted to become involved in the terrible case of Hollie Greig. We are looking at the satanic rape of an innocent girl from the age of 6

years for a period of 14 years. She was gang raped by not only her father and brother but also by a greater peodophile ring in the City of Aberdeen and you have been made aware of this case. My question to you as candidate for the next election is why have you not become involved in this case?

You clearly show the following as one of the main bullet points of your campaign:

·        As Founder/President of ChildLine for 23 years, I will use my child protection experience to enhance the lives of Luton ’s children. They are our future.

Based on this statement alone how can you ignore the Hollie Greig Case?

Are you aware that this activity is not just contained within Scotland but is rife throughout the country?

It is your duty of care, as a potential politician, to abide by your own declared agenda and in that context alone you have to respond to the extremely disturbing story.

The case of Hollie Greig will not go away. Our numbers are growing each and every day with our numbers likely to reach around 20,000 by this weekend.

I strongly urge you to nip this in the bud without delay and show the ethical and moral side of politics that many fail to indentify.

Below are the links to my current series which I ask you to read through and also a link to Anne Greig’s interview on US radio. The other issue here is the fact that the UK media has been gagged by the Scottish Legal System. One would normally expect a story of gang rape and peodophelia linked with a murder to take centre stage in the media, but not in this case. This story would be classified as a “Scoop” and only the Palestine Telegraph has so far had the courage to publish this story on almost a daily basis…….why is this so?








In the event that you do not become involved in Hollies case or reply to me directly on this very important issue,  I would ask you to remove the above mentioned bullet point from your webpage as it would clearly show that you are not abiding by your own principles.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 19/3/2010

I later found that this email was returned un delivered so I have included it anyway as I am sure she is reading the articles but not responding….shame on you Ester.

So there you have it, everyone is totally extremely tight lipped on the topic of Hollie Greig but we in the Palestine Telegraph continue the exposure of this big cover up at so many levels. I am sure that the ever growing “Hollies Army” are all fired up and ready to go into battle……for the Scots over the border…remember “Brave Heart” and don’t let this scum tarnish the good name of Scotland. Bless you all.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 19/3/2010 


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