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Scotland:- Where The Nonces Roam Free

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 Holly and her mum Anne

Ex PM Tony Blair knows much about this topic and did nothing….why?

Ex PM Gordon Brown certainly knows something and yes you should have an headache!!

Ex NATO Boss Lord Robertson – Deeply involved – an expert in his field

Sheriff Buchanan apparently named by Hollie certainly is a “Star Witness” according to my last article

Those that died in the Dublane Massace – Some victims of Peodophilia

I bet they didn’t get the same publicity as Sarkozy’s “False Flag in Toulouse.”

We need to expose these Evil Satanic scumbags – We owe it to the above children

Scotland:-  Where The Nonces Roam Free

By King Alfred

Readers will no doubt be aware of the unforgivable behaviour of the Scottish establishment surrounding the cover up of the Hollie Greig case, well the establishment and its lackeys  have just plunged  themselves deeper beneath the surface of  the cesspit.

The writer of the Rusty’s Skewed News Views blog has been reported as being arrested by Grampian Police apparently in a bid to silence him. by preventing him writing about the Hollie Greig paedophilia case. He has been bailed upon condition of “not using the internet” which in itself is an outrage and an affront to freedom and the rule of law. Whilst the  child  abusers seemingly roam free and remain protected by state actors. Few could argue that Rusty is not being punished by this draconian measure  which has been taken prior to any case being heard in court.  As the case has not been heard in court Rusty is of course guilty of nothing, yet he is being punished.

This in itself is an affront, you the reader should be outraged for if the powers that be can conjure up  a reason to arrest this man and get away with it they can do the same to you.

Equally one wonders if it is possible given the Scottish establishment’s reputation for injustice and iniquity for Rusty to get a fair trial where impartial justice is dispensed.  Robert Green the gaoled campaigner seeking justice for Hollie Greig was of course denied his right to a jury and denied his request to call former Lord Advocate Dame Elish Angiolini as a key witness is now languishing in prison and you the general public are paying for his accommodation.

One presumes that the vast majority of Grampian police officers do not support this vile action, one wonders for how long they will continue to follow such orders and how far they are prepared to go tarnishing their own integrity and reputations to protect child abusing scum.

It is high time the police broke ranks and exposed these perverts and their protectors. What of your conscience constables ?  Is it not high time you spilled the beans and acted in the public interest ?

“A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury.”
― John Stuart Mill

Your so called elected representatives are almost all well aware of the circumstances surrounding the Hollie Greig case and have chosen of their own free will to do nothing. What does that tell you about them ?

One politician in particular springs to mind. As the Scottish Law Reporter informs us.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Alex Salmond appoints ex-Lord Advocates Angiolini (threatened media in abuse case) & Fraser (arrested on plane) to Ministerial complaints team

Alex_SalmondFirst Minister Salmond ‘delighted’ to welcome controversial ex Lord Advocates onto standards team.TWO highly controversial former Lord Advocates, one,Lord Fraser of Carmylliewho was arrested at Dundee Airport in 2006 for a breach of Article 78 of the Air Navigation Order 2005, which related to “acting in a disruptive manner” and former Lord Advocate now Dame Elish Angiolini DBE QCwho threaded several media outlets with legal action over the reporting of allegations connoted with an abuse case involving downs syndrome victim Hollie Greig, have both been appointed by First Minister Alex Salmond as independent advisors to complaints made under the Ministerial code, the body which deals with complaints about the First Minister, which has seen three such complaints dealt with and closed with no action since 2008.



 The man who would see the Union dismembered and himself crowned King of Scotland an “independent” vassal state of the EU,  he chooses odd bedfellows indeed what of his judgement ?

In respect of intriguing standards of judgement it seems only fair to give a mention to St Hugh’s College, Oxford. where Elish Angiolini has been recently made Principal.

Be warned whilst known paedophiles remain at large all children in the UK are endangered

Finally the last post by “Mrs Rusty”

Friday, 30 March 2012

Rusty’s Skewed News Views in Stasis


Hello Readers n Followers of this blog alike.

My husband Rusty was arrested last Friday by a mob-handed gang of Scotland’s Finest: Grampian Police from Aberdeen – on charges of expressing an opinion concerning the content of the last post on his blog which apparently have upset the subject involved.

Rusty has been charged with a variety of offences concerning his campaign to expose the Hollie Grieg / Robert Green paedophilia ring scandals and invoke an investigation of those involved and is curently bailed – with certain conditions imposed – specifically that he cannot access the internet and hence the Skewed News Views blog.

So it looks like another Robert Green style show trial is afoot – the last one is rumoured to have cost well in excess of £500,000 – and another Prisoner of Conscience going to jail to silence them.

Regards to all,

Mrs Rusty


The above article was copied from http://www.sovereignindependentuk.co.uk/2012/03/31/scotland-where-the-nonces-roam-free/

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 31/3/2012

Sarkozy compares Toulouse to 9/11 – the only similarity is they’re both false flags!!

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David Cameron watches with interest whilst he arranges our next 7/7

“Monsieur – Vous cochon arrogant – Just remember I did my False Flag first – Now you show your true colours and let’s see if you can make a better job – Oh silly me I forgot we both have the same colours  of  Red White and Blue.”

As one would expect when you are running for re-election you try anything that increases your popularity. The events leading up to and including the shootings show clearly that this was no Islamic Terrorist but clearly an inside job, otherwise know as a “False Flag.”

I sincerely hope that the French public see this for what it is and do not allow this man to once again take office. It is clear that he his not only a Zionist but also desperately trying to gather a popular vote for his more than dramatic trip to Toulouse and his deeply moving speech.

Many papers are saying that the French President is looking upon this as France’s 9/11 and the very thought of this logic is quite repulsive to say the least. Many times over the last year we have seen many shootings at schools (with in some cases a much higher toll) and yet his speech bordered on being rather melodramatic.

He started off by saying today is a day of national tragedy and has shattered everyone……he then advised that they are to have a minutes silence in all schools in memory of these martyred children ………I thought for one moment he was referring to an Islamic School rather than a Jewish School.

“I have been so busy on my election trail and planning this false flag and  I just had to break away and come down to Toulouse – you know what the say a criminal always returns to the scene of the crime.”

It was then that he gave reference to the killer who must be stopped and be made accountable……….well Mr. Sarkozy you knew who this man was because he worked with your own secret service and you know that it was ordered for this man to be assassinated at the appropriate time.

He then added to this false PR exercise when he said that those that wish to pray at synagogues, mosques and churches should be able to do so and we must not give in to terror.

Then it was the turn of the Deputy Ambassador for Israel, Sammy Ravel to put his own words into this false flag by saying “The Jewish School was a target, this is something that cannot be understood, how can you aim at children from a close range and kill them, innocent civilians, which is impossible to understand.


Mr. Ravel went on to say we are today united with the Jewish community in France and with the French people and we are really expecting that the French Government will do everything in its power to protect Jewish Institutions in France and to deal with those responsible. Maybe this man has a very short memory when it comes to killing innocent Palestinian children (and at close range) almost daily in Gaza and West Bank.

As a direct result of this “False Flag” the President is proposing laws that criminalise traveling abroad for terrorist indoctrination, and consulting jihadist websites. Soon after his forces had shot their own well known informant he put such a proposal forward.

W hat makes this story even more unbelievable is the fact that Bernard Squarcini, Head of Intel, said there was no need for such measure, as outlined by the President, as the offender (Merah) ha d been pulled in for questioning last November after learning about his previous trip to Afghansitan and Pakistan. Apparently Merah showed up voluntarily and explained his trips were as a tourist and that he had no known links to terrorist cells. 

On can clearly see that Sarkosy is following the same direction as the US into making France yet another police state and believe me we in the UK are likely to follow with unbelievable measures being implemented (apparently for the Olympics) but obviously will remain in force long after the games have finished……….can you imagine that even drones will be used over London, as sign of things to come in both the US and UK…………for those of mature age maybe we will remember the series “Big brother is watching you.”

The story has really taken off into a maze of confused reports and figments of the imagination especially the fact that according to Reuters, the Kandahar governor’s office has said that “security forces in Kandahar have never detained a French citizen named Mohamed Merah.” And in regard to Pakistan, an intelligence official said that Merah had never been arrested in Pakistan either. “We have no information about him,” the Pakistani official said. It also so happens that Mareh was in a French prison as the time they said he was in Afghanistan!!

Just to drift of this man for one moment…..there is even talk now that the Norway mass shooting is also a cover up and that this mad man blonde Norwegian, Breivik could also be innocent but with so much going on its becoming more and more difficult to investigate the many false flags that keep occurring……..from my perspective the Norwegian tragedy showed all the signs of being one with a distinct MOSSAD flair!!

The names Netty……..Ben Netty

According to ex Belgium Prime Minister who is currently in the EU team he said he had never met such a French leader who wants to get rid of all immigrants in France and indicated that Sarkozy is an extremely dangerous man full of racial hate……especially towards people of Islamic faith……..why wouldn’t he be when Sarkozy is a Zionist!!

 Italian reports show that Merah worked for France’s main foreign intelligence agency, the General Directorate of External Security (DGSE). It cited the paper Il Foglio: “According to intelligence sources that spoke to Il Foglio, the General Directorate of External Security obtained entry into Israel for him in 2010, presenting him as an informant, passing through a border post with Jordan.

What we are now seeing is that Sarkozy is blazing away on an intense high after this latest false flag and to keep the whole event alive has now authorized a massive screening exercise of people of Islamic faith in France……..this however is nothing new because he has always had his Intel people monitoring them. 

Nick I really don’t care –  just get the job done and get back into office ok”

Obviously this incident is Sarkozy’s own 9/11 (another false flag)  he gave reference to this on radio when he said the following: “The trauma… is profound for our country, a little — I don’t want to compare the horrors — a little like the trauma that followed in the United States and in New York after the September 11, 2001 attacks.” 

It is obvious that as a direct result of this self inflicted incident (no doubt with the help of MOSSAD) sweeping arrests will now be made throughout France of suspected Islamic militants. It is so important for Sarkozy’s future to keep this Islamaphobia going so as to spread fear and hysteria into the hearts of the citizens of France and in doing so will also allow him to manipulate the legal system to his own advantage and at the same time destroy any Human Rights issues that are likely to follow.

One must also understand that sitting on the sideline is our own Prime Minister, David Cameron who is also in a very precarious political position. It is clear after the huge win by George Galloway in Leeds that dear David does not stand any chance at being reelected. I would also assume that both David and his opposition leader Ed Miliband are now both in panic mode after getting thrashed by George.

This is a very dangerous period now with the Olympics on the horizon and two leaders contemplating their future in politics. One could clearly see some drastic action evolve, such as a false flag, to kick start either parties popularity and that could only mean some joint venture between the flagging US President Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy….with maybe a little nudge from Miliband also! This is clearly the opportune time for them all to initiate a significant False Flag incident with the Intel Services from all three countries involved……having said that one must also include MOSSAD which no doubt Ed Miliband would also promote….knowing which way he leans (like most of them)!! 

And so we will now see events pan out between now and the future election as leaders seek to boost their authority of leadership………the raids have already started, especially in Toulouse with pre-dawn raids netting in 20 Muslims who were apparently in procession of Kalashnikov rifles……….don’t you find it rather amusing that suddenly they are finding apparent armed terrorist in the run up to election………..it is such a bad performance by Sarkozy one can only hope the French see him for what he his…….a racial bigot!!

 All I can say is that I certainly would not like to be living in the London area in the build up to the Olympics or even after………the spin off could well see another 7/7 false flag or maybe something far worse. Whatever the outcome one thing for sure will be left behind……London will have in place an “Authoritarian Police State” with surveillance like you have never seen before……..they say it is only for the Olympics but believe me it will remain.

Before closing I would like to remind you all that the true “Axis of Evil” is the City of London and is the main operating base for the “New World Order.”

As they say Cameron and Sarkozy are just like “two peas in a pod.”

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 31/3/2012

Do unions in Britain support their members – Absolutely Not?

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Do unions in Britain support their members – Absolutely Not?

Why do victims of fraud march when there unions do nothing?


Ever since the three fold hike in student fees I have been banging my head against the wall trying to explain to their unions, and most of the other unions, the reason behind the hike and also the reason behind massive job losses and severe cutbacks in the public sector.

I have just completed my second round of emails to many such unions and in both cases not one single acknowledgement or concern regarding the contents of my emails.

I decided to o go a step further and include some of the smaller political parties as they are normally thirsty for gossip or to read about someone else hanging our their dirty washing!

Let’s first look at the email I sent to hundreds of union representative up and down the breadth of this country. I have included some aspects of my email below.

Extract as follows:

Over the past year or so I have been particularly concerned at the every rising costs associated with University Education which as you well know is now three times higher than previous years. One could also add to this the tremendous hike in the general cost of living ie accommodation, fuel cost, parking co, public transport cost and the cost of all items associated with education. Lastly there is the question of the amount of students that can enter University and will it become a question of only the rich obtaining such education.

We also have the question of massive cutbacks and job losses in the public sector which is still ongoing with even more cuts on the horizon.

Gordon Bowden and I  have been investigating massive fraud/corruption and tax evasion around the world with a particular focus on the UK.

I can assure you that the above amounts to billions if not trillions of pounds that has been going on in the past and continues to this very day, despite the appearance that the government say it is not their fault.


Something the politicians like

The problem is now on such a vast scale it is almost impossible to weed out who is involved but I can assure you that we know most of the offenders and it involves many  senior corporate executives, senior bank executives and more importantly very senior MP’s and members of the House of Lords.

 It is of my own opinion that the financial woes of this country can be immediately turned around if only the Serious Fraud Office, the London AIM, Prime Minister and leaders of all political parties did their job correctly.

 They have all been informed, as have many unions, and local MP’s but to this day they continue to ignore our continued bombardment of emails with the appropriate evidence that can be proven forensically.

You may ask why am I writing to you all…….I think it is obvious…..all the student unions, staff of universities, colleges and schools are at the end of their tether and will soon once again take to the streets………the only problem is they do not know the true reason for doing so and what is behind the economic collapse in this country.

It is of my belief that there is still to come yet another financial tsunami that could be much bigger than the original 2008 collapse……this will be primarily in Europe and as you all know we have already seen the start of this cycle with the collapse of Ireland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and possibly more to follow…………….once again this is not a naturally occurring event.

Obviously if my assumptions are correct once again the students, pensioners and the underprivileged will be the victims of this self made “Toxic Debt” and needless to say the public sector will be once again severely hit with cut backs and job losses etc.

My challenge to you all is to “throw down the gauntlet” and allow my associate and I to give you a full briefing by way of a lecture/Power Point Presentation followed by Q&A etc.

In the event you do not take up this challenge I will assume that any future campaigns or protests have some other hidden political agenda, which for your information is not the case from our perspective being non political towards any of the parties.

So there you have it and I look forward to not only receiving your acknowledgement of this email but more importantly your response.

End of extract.

It is only my assumption but would you not think that the heads of unions and their respective regional representatives would be interests to learn the reason behind their members job losses and cut backs or the reason why we are all suffering from these massive austerity measures that are crippling this country?

Wouldn’t you agree that all the union senior management and representatives that are paid by their members have a duty of care to investigate and report back to those that put them in office?

Surely there are a few decent people left in this world who really care and who want to do the right think or are they all part of the same giant ponzi scheme that has wrecked out economy?

I could print all the names of everyone who received this email but then it would make this article incredibly long and boring but at least I will go part of the way and disclose just a few of the unions who have been advised which are:


Remember they are supposed to work for you and secure your status

UNISON – The Public Services Union with over 1.3 million members

PCS – The Public and Commercial Services Union one of Britain’s largest union with around 290,000 members.

ULU  – University of London Union  Home of University of London Students and Union with a huge membership.

OUSU – Oxford University Student Union with a huge membership.

 NUS – National Union of Students with a massive membership

These are but a few of the unions contacted to date. However, I have also sent emails to almost every government department representatives and attempted to explain this situation to the TUC itself.

It also so happened that I sent emails to many representatives of  Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) who aims to improve organisations and working life through better employment relations or should that read unemployment relations?


And guess what they also did nothing  – Why because they are part of the problem!!

I would also add to this the fact that every political party has been emailed on a regular basis both nationally and locally, including the leaders themselves but not one has acknowledged receipt or commented on the contents……….what does that tell you?

Two MP’s full of lies and deceit Beckett and Williamson!!

At a local level Gordon and I have hounded Chris Williamson MP and Margaret Beckett MP our two local members who have refused to raise our issues in the Houses of Parliament which is clearly in breach of their responsibility and duty of care towards their constituents and in my opinion should be struck off for their deceit and lies.

It is Chris Williamson who spends most Saturdays in Central Derby bleating loudly on his megaphone about what the Conservatives have done to this country and to stop such things as the Bombardier cutbacks or contracts going to Germany etc and he his normally accompanied by one local councilor Ranjit Banwait who obviously does not live on this planet and is badly informed as to what is truly going on in this country

Chris Williamson stands there on his soapbox and gets hundreds of passing shoppers to sign a petition to stop a contract that had already been awarded, signed sealed and delivered and he does not reveal to those same shoppers that it was his government that signed our country over to the EU courtesy of  Ex PM Gordon Brown at the Lisbon Treaty and who also gave most of our Bank of England Gold Bullion to the EU at below cost price!! Why doesn’t Chris Williamson understand that since this event the tenders now have to go out to the EU and as in all tenders the best man wins……..all I can say about this man is don’t cry when its too late!……no doubt the list made up by those signing has a better application in recruiting potential supporters of the “Not So New Labour.”!!

I decided to try an experiment with  these two men who are full of their own self esteem as opposed to truly looking after this city. I had been informed some time ago that the locally based airline BMI (which had previously been  taken over by the German airline Lufthansa), was again in difficulty and was up for sale……..this was known months ago and over the last month the British Airways owners IAG had made a bid and were basically awarded the purchase……but again subject to EU Approval.” ……………Needless to say such people as Richard Branson of Virgin objected to this sal.e saying it was creating a huge monopoly and would cut out fare competition etc………the other issue was that Branson thought as did many others in the industry that BA were only after BMI slots at Heathrow which is what most of us believed…….this meant that unless someone else won the bid that BMI (mainline section) could cease to exist. This would entail the loss of thousands of jobs and not to forget that their HQ is at Donington Hall, Castle Donington, Derbyshire and thus would have a major impact on Derby and the local East Midlands Airport who’s very existence was partly due to this famous award winning airline and who had previously won the  Queens Award to Industry.

It also so happened that I had  been aware many months ago of another offshore deal concerning Rolls Royce one of the major employers in the city. It came to my attention that RR intended to move 50% of its engine manufacturing and production to Singapore which was obviously a cost cutting exercise as the manpower in Singapore is much cheaper than Derby. However RR stated this was not the case as they could have built a purpose built facility in Singapore to do a much better job……which was total spin as there are many empty RAF fields dotted around England….some very close….with huge hangars and much space to build whatever is required.


Ranjit Banwait a not so well informed Derby City Councilor

“Who is BMI he may ask”

I’am only a Councilor my arse!!

So armed with this information some weeks ago I went to see the above two gentlemen in the hope I would catch them out…….unfortunately Chris Williamson was continuously bleating on his megaphone I could not get near him so I approached his underdog Ranjit Banwait whom I had spoken too many times before.

I asked him what is he doing about BMI…..his reply was who is BMI!!!!!…….I then told him and he said yes ok so what’s the story…..my response was that if you don’t know then what’s the point in discussing this with you.

My next question was….what are you doing about Rolls Royce…….again he said what is happening at RR……my response was not the sort  of thing you can repeat in an article. I explained that is exactly the problem with you and Chris you have know idea of events before they happen and then suddenly you start bleating……..he replied “But I am only a Councilor”…….which is the same response that he has used before when Gordon and I disclosed the massive fraud being carried out by government………what this man did not realise is that when such things happen it causes major problems within the city, including his ward of Boulton as many of the employees of both BMI and RR live in his area……how thick can you be……not to mention the downturn in the local economy and the local shops that suffer under such measures.

The statue of Bonnie Prince Charles in the heart of this Industrial Revolution City.

It was Derby and its people who turned back the army of Bonnie Prince Charles! It was Derby where their arrogant chiefs ordered accommodation for its army in a small pub and who got thrown down the cellar for safe keeping….such was the strength and determination of the proud people of this city……….where has this spirit gone?……are there only a few of us left to fight these “EU Traitors” or the mismanagement, fraud and corruption that exists in government, the banks and the corporate sector……don’t rely of Chris Williamson MP or Councillor Ranjit Banwait as they are clearly out of touch with reality and are obviously part of the problem. Conservative local member are clearly up to the same game as their superiors in Westminster and as far as the Lib Dems go we have our own very timid Lucy Care who really does not care!!……where do you go from here…..god only knows!! 

The foundation city of the Great Industrial Revolution – Derby, England – The first ever Factory

The remnants of that most famous  factory is now an Industrial Museum but even that could soon be under attack!! – Just think all the Politicians, all the Political Parties, all the local MP’s and all the Unions allowed this to happen – That in my opinion is gross neglect on their behalf and truly lacks their  duty of care !!

So I guess you are asking “Am I Pissed off”….you bet I am because this high tech country called Great Britain is going down the drain in a big way as more and more contracts go offshore into Europe and more importantly the City of Derby that once was the pride of the world is now falling into ruin……..can you imagine that the Industrial Revolution started here with one of the first ever factories……it was the home of Qualcast which has now long gone…….the Railway Technology Centre for the UK and in some regards the world….now reduced to a barren landscape……..the massive area owned by BMI may now be sold off and reduced to a smaller admin…..that is assuming that BMI Regional and BMI Baby will survive……one thing for sure is that BMI mainline will go.


Now we have that brainchild called Rolls Royce the pride of Derby and the pride of the UK and 50% of its production about to go overseas.

So why am I pissed off?…….because the Conservative Government started this slide under Thatcher and the  Labour Government finished it off in Lisbon…….now we have the Conservative party siphoning off tax payers money to cover up their own major fraud at the highest level within the Houses of Parliament and in the House of Lords….even our dear Prime Minister, David Cameron is head of the pack…..not to mention the other two side kicks William Hague and  George Osborne who were making money for their party.

Am I right in saying that all are civil servants? Am I right in saying that all their properties are state owned? Am I right in saying that all visitors both domestic and international to their offices do so free of charge in order to perform the normal duties for the good of this country…..then why do they charge people to attend functions and pass that money (£250,000 or whatever) into the government coffers and not their own private party funds?


So to date I have had only one reply from UKIP and this was the most arrogant response one could hope for. It came from their Administration Manager – David Challice at their Head Office and read as follows:

Mr. David (Typo) Challice


From: UKIP Head Office mail@ukip.org
Subject: Re:  Revised Cameron Scandal
To: peter.eyre
Date: Wednesday, 28 March, 2012, 15:39


Dear Peter Eyre

Thank you for your email.  Forgive me, but If you want recipients to take you seriously then I suggest that you “bcc” your emails to them, rather than openly blasting them out into the big wide world, so that everyone’s email addresses are exposed to all sorts of Spam and other hazards.  This is something that gets people REALLY annoyed, and I don’t blame them.  It’s entirely possible that a lot of them haven’t responded to you because they have already added you to their “block senders” list.  Which of course means that they no longer even receive your postings, and never will do so again.

Whilst I am writing I’d also take exception to your accusation that everyone in receipt of your postings is “doing absolutely nothing”.  It’s certainly possible thatsome of them might be doing absolutely nothing, but by adopting such a broad-brush accusation, you risk getting the response: “Who does Peter Eyre think he is, and what makes him think that he knows what I am doing, or not doing?”

I have clicked on your eyreinternational link at the bottom of the page, because I was rather interested in learning who actually does fund political parties in the UK.  But I found the presentation very off-putting.    To be honest you need to take a MUCH closer look at it, and clean up the numerous typos and other errors within the text, which impart a (possibly unjustified) lack of professionalism.  As I say, if you wish all these recipients to sit up and take notice of your message then you are shooting yourself in the foot before you even start.

I am quite happy to receive your posts here at UKIP Head Office but please do not again openly send me everyone else’s email addresses (I don’t want them) and please tidy up your articles so that I can concentrate on reading your message without being distracted by lazy typos.


David Challice
UKIP Head Office


It so happened that by now I was really fired up as I work my butt off  for no reward doing what I do and make stupid typo’s (as he put it) all the time!!! He on the other hand gets paid by the people of this country for doing nothing and chooses to ignore massive fraud……..I wonder why?  So this was my reply:



Subject: Re: Revised Cameron Scandal
To: “UKIP Head Office” <mail@ukip.org>
Date: Wednesday, 28 March, 2012, 17:15

Dear David Challice

First of all much of my article came from another source and as you well know you cannot change the wording of a brief written by another third party.

I had tried to look for direct email addresses but many of the political parties do not show them and had I found such source I would indeed have used them i.e. bcc..

On the question of if anyone was or was not attending to the issues raised it still does not excuse a simply acknowledgement of such an email when this was requested……..one can pull any article to bits on typo mistakes but what about common courtesy?

In relation to the article itself I would not expect you or others to fully understand the way the financial fraud takes place…..at the end of the day that is where the Serious Fraud Office and Police come in but certainly those up to scratch with the AIM and the Stock Exchange would fully understand and I can assure you that the contents do get bounced around the various financial blogs.

So putting aside your comments in regard to my typo mistakes, or someone else’s, maybe you could look on this matter in a much more serious way.

If someone in opposition to the current party came up to me and said I can expose massive fraud, corruption and tax evasion with quote “Forensic Evidence” wouldn’t one not be interested, considering the terrible state of our economy?

Nigel himself was very good at pointing out corruption within the EU so why would he not be interested in what Gordon and I have uncovered……that really does not make sense!

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” because anyone of your constituents could approach you or other members  with vital information that may put you in a commanding position…….as you well know when it comes to an election everyone hangs their dirty washing out.

As a footnote I myself was a political advisor for a candidate in a midlands city and we were up against the mainline parties( and naturally UKIP)…….we came from know where and pipped you to the post so my typo’s could not have been so bad.

Stop nit picking and look at the offer on hand and do not be critical of a topic that you may not understand……to investigate what we have would be a much more logical way so that you can be fully briefed……alternatively you may keep to your criticism   “Who does Peter Eyre think he is, and what makes him think that he knows what I am doing, or not doing?” and bury your head in the sand like the majority of so called concerned politicians.

So good Sir the gauntlet is at your feet, dare you pick it up?

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant


 Looking at Mr. David Challice’s past in UKIP it would appear there has been a little bit of forgery going on and possibly severe discrepancies in regard to submissions for the nomination of party members……maybe one could ask the police to look into this under the standard election protocol and certainly they would be interested if fraud/corruption or forgery existed. This is not the first time UKIP has come under scrutiny……I can recall minutes being taken at a meeting and recorded in the normal way and then the tasty bits were removed when it came to the acceptance of the minutes……..It is sad because I approached UKIP in a fair and balance way only to be arrogantly stripped down by this little upstart

Maybe now you are all starting to understand the lack of care by anyone in both Government and in the Unions that are supposed to protect us…….maybe now you can see the extent of fraud and corruption in this country and despite Gordon and I’s best efforts its like peeing into the wind. Before closing here is the line up of senior Labour MP that have been handed briefs directly by myself and Gordon as shown in the photograph below.

Those that are paid to represent you but who do nothing

One can only battle on and try to educate the greater public out there as to the truth and facts in the hope that some of the millions of sheep will do something about it…..I guess the question is who do you vote for……..the answer is find an honest politician and vote for him or her……so easy don’t you thing?………when you find one let me know!!

Stop Press – Our dear European Union have just made a decision on our behalf that the owners of British Airways – IAG have now been given the green light to purchase BMI !one of the best airlines in the UK)…..not to prop them up or save them but to take over their slots at Heathrow. The deal is they have to relinquish 12 of their own slots but obviously gain more in the take over……what an absolute farce.

This is a very sad day for me having been one of their initial team when they started up all those years ago……this is the last nail in the lid of the BMI coffin!!!!…….On reflection I always think about the ancient laws of this country – The  Magna Carta and The Bill of Rights…..in there it clearly states that control of this country may never be handed over to another nation otherwise it is an act of “Treason”…..so much for the constitution and our common law which still trumps statute law in this country…………This is the “New World Order” doing what it does best…….”The Rape and Pillage of a Company or Country.”

No doubt the two little Gremlins, Chris Williamson and  his nursemaid Ranjit Banwait will soon be down in the town centre again with their extremely load megaphone bleating about local job losses and blaming it on someone else………as they say “Politics Stink”……….the problem is these two are worse than a pair of “Skunks.” !!!

Oh and before I forget –  please forgive the typo’s LOL!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 30/3/2012

The deeply upsetting story of Hollie Greig

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The deeply upsetting story of Hollie Greig

Hollie Greig and her Mum Anne

There has to be a point in our lives when we turn our backs on normal news and bring out the truth behind a gut wrenching story that nobody wants to talk about or who may not be permitted to talk about.

Eyre International always want to bring out topics that no one else is prepared to print. The case of Hollie Greig is one such story that will make you feel terribly sick inside whilst at the same time wanting to bring those responsible to justice. I did a radio show the other day and someone specifically asked me to investigate this sad story probably knowing that I would do an article on it. One must feel the intense pain of Hollie’s mum and the ongoing nightmare’s that must haunt Hollie, the innocent victim of a pedophile father and his ring of evil friends.

This is not the first time I have heard of such abuse, especially in care homes where children suffering from Down’s Syndrome or other medical conditions have been repeatedly abused by the care staff. It is for this reason that I have broken away from my normal articles to reveal these horrific evil pedophiles that contaminate our planet. What makes this case stand out is the fact that this abuse went beyond the Greig family and extended into the Grampian Police Force who are there to protect us. I am sure by the time you have read through this extremely upsetting story you also will want to bring these evil people to justice.

So who is Hollie Grieg? Hollie lived in Aberdeen, Scotland. Her family consisted of Anne, her mother, Father Denis and brother Greg. It was back in 2000 when Hollie told her mum something very disturbing that any mother dreads to hear – that she had been repeatedly sexually abused by her father, Denis Charles Mackie and by her brother Greg. This abuse stemmed back to when Hollie was six years old, Hollie also told her mum that her brother Greg had also been abused by his father. We hear of such horror stories many times especially when another member of the family is also abused and that person then becomes part of the spider’s web.

As one would expect Anne immediately reported the incident to the Grampian Police in Aberdeen and it was then that things started to go so terribly wrong. Over a period of time Hollie started to recall the names of those that had abused her. Anne eventually learnt that her husband Denis had offered his daughter to an extended ring of pedophiles. One can imagine the terrible abuse, psychological pain and humiliation that Hollie endured during this period and the terrible pain that mum also endured.

It became a further shock when Anne learnt that this ring of pedophiles included a serving police officer with the Grampian Police named Terry Major and a very high profile gentleman called Graeme Buchanan who happened to be the Aberdeen Sheriff (his picture is on the last page of this article)

Elish Angiolini QC

After some in depth investigations by medical staff and the Grampian Police Hollie’s account was fully accepted as being authentic but that’s as far as the case went and everything was very carefully swept under the carpet. One of the main players in this deplorable case was that of Elish Frances Angiolini QC (picture above), a Scottish lawyer who has served in the political role of Lord Advocate in Scotland since 2006. Her bio reads that she was appointed to the post of Solicitor General for Scotland in November 2001 becoming the first woman, the first Procurator Fiscal, and the first Solicitor to hold that post. This lady prevented any action being taken by the police or should I say against the police and the Sheriff and consequently allowed the main offend, Denis Charles Mackie (Hollie’s father as shown on the following page) to escape the country and settle in Portugal.

The story does not stop there because the authorities started a campaign to discredit and intimidate Anne by having her forcibly taken to a mental institution in the hope of taking Hollie from her and handing her back to her evil father. Anne remained strong and managed to have herself checked over by a leading psychiatrist who then certified her as being perfectly sane. This brave woman stood up to these bullying tactics and consequently forced them to accept the findings of the psychiatrist.

Over the coming years Anne remained strong and continued to fight this battle which eventually led to Anne being able to convince the News of the World to take up her story in 2009. What was also disturbing was the fact that Hollie had been receiving payments from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority which as we all know is a payment handed out for victims of crime. One must fully understand that for this payment to take place one has to have been vetted by the authorities to qualify for such payments…..surely this in itself are an expression of guilt even though to this day no investigations have been carried out.

  Denis MacKie (Hollies Father)

Hollies father Denis and Greg went to live in Portugal, which also so happened to be the same country where Madeleine McCann went missing. Anne decided that she should alert the authorities and went to another police station in her newly acquired home in Shrewsbury. She was hopeful that the local police would listen to her story and that they would then notify their counterparts in Portugal that this pedophile had relocated there and may have some connection with Madeleine. It became evident that this possible vital information was not passed on by the British Police.

Private Investigators into Hollies situation have since revealed the presence of other pedophile rings in Scotland and it became clear that senior authority figures in Scotland are prepared to obstruct the course of justice and allow the sexual abuse of such venerable members of our society to continue unchecked in order to save their own necks. This letter clearly shows the names of the offenders.

This letter is from Robert GREEN on behalf of Anne & Hollie MacKie

To; Sheriff Graeme BUCHANAN

Sheriff’s Clerk’s Office

Sheriff Court House

Castle Street


AB10 1WP
Dated 18-Jun-2009

Dear Sheriff Buchanan

Do you know, or have any involvement with any of the following?

Hollie Mackie

Denis Mackie

Graeme Mackie

Greg Mackie

Helen McDonald

Carol Low

Wyn Dragan

David Smith

Terry Major

Sylvia Major

Your prompt response would be appreciated in the public interest.

Yours Sincerely

Robert Green

As one would expect this letter received little attention by the Scottish Court Service and their response is copied here. This letter was in actual fact a sort of name and shame letter but didn’t serve any purpose apart from the fact it serves as an acknowledgement by the Scottish Court Service. The letter was dated 24th June 2009.

It was extremely interesting to learn about what happened to Journalist & Broadcaster Robert Green. He decided to investigate the Hollie case and went up to Scotland only to find himself arrested by the Grampian Police with heavy involvement by Scotland’s Crown Office. Robert had traveled to Aberdeen to attend a public protest against the lack of action by Scotland’s law enforcement agencies in bringing to justice identified individuals belonging a an Aberdeen based pedophile ring, names of which included members of Scotland’s legal establishment and the local Sheriff.

Robert was promptly arrested soon after his arrival and prior to his attendance at the planned protest. It was ironic that his appearance the next day was at the Aberdeen Sheriff Court where he was taken before a colleague of the Sheriff who was named as a key player in this Pedophile ring. It should be pointed out at this stage regarding a police project that was in existence called “Operation Ore” that was set up to identify many pedophiles in public office, none of which have yet been prosecuted.

What is alarming here is the fact that poor Hollie claims she was abused for 14 years from the age of six and has given police the names of some of the men she says assaulted her. The 30-year-old and her mother, Anne, have been campaigning for criminal proceedings since 2000. All of the abuse took place in Aberdeen, and Hollie and her mother claim to have made a statement at Bucksburn police station in July naming those involved. The family moved to Shropshire and two Grampian Police officers travelled to Shrewsbury in September last year to re-interview Hollie at a special facility. Last month, the Crown Office revealed there was not enough reliable evidence to proceed with the case.

A spokesman said at the time: “Historical allegations of sexual abuse made by a 30-year-old woman in Shropshire have been thoroughly investigated by police. “Crown counsel have considered all the available information and decided that there is insufficient credible, reliable and admissible evidence to justify criminal proceedings in respect of these allegations.” It must be fully understood that this statement was in actual fact false because no proper investigation has ever been carried out as only Hollie herself was interviewed.

Despite no charges ever being brought, Hollie received £13,500 compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in April last year. It is understood that a Grampian Detective Inspector described Hollie as “a truthful witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim”. Mrs Greig, 58, claims her daughter has experienced nightmares and panic attacks since she first told her about the alleged abuse.

Hollie’s Uncle Robert David Greig (Anne’s Brother)

Before closing there is also one piece of this jigsaw that has not been covered and that is regarding the death of Hollie’s Uncle Robert David Greig (Anne’s Brother). Just when you think you have heard enough of this sordid case we must include the circumstances leading to the death of her Uncle. On the 17th of November 1997 her uncle was found in a burnt out car close to Aberdeen. The police believed it was a case of suicide and the family attempted to obtain a copy of the autopsy. The authorities had for some time declared that no papers existed and basically the case was officially closed.

Anne with the support of others repeatedly tried to obtain the autopsy report which the authorities were reluctant to release and it was only obtained on the 31st of December. Before we go into that autopsy let me tell you an incident that took place prior to this tragic event. After the death of her uncle Hollie told her mum that one day her uncle had come into the house and caught her father having sex with her. Uncle Robert gave a very clear warning to her father never to do that again.

Now we come to the autopsy result which in my opinion gives a very clear cut verdict of murder and not suicide…….one could even possible think that this could be called a political assassination as Robert Greig really did know too much, especially about people in high places. He was totally devoted to his sister Anne and dear Hollie. The Autopsy gave the verdict of death by smoke inhalation but also noted that Robert had severe damage to his skull, two broken ribs and a broken sternum. In addition to this his body also contained much alcohol (even though Robert was a non drinker) and the autopsy found residue of whiskey in his stomach.   A person apparently came across the car and attempted to save Robert which came across as a sort of heroic story when in actual fact it is believed that this person was indeed the murderer.

It is important for the world to understand that a very grave injustice has been carried out here and that the Grampian Police have acted in a way that does not befit their duty of care to the people of Aberdeen and more importantly poor Hollie, who like many have fallen victim to such a Pedophile ring. 

This case has touched many hearts and I feel it is finally time to bring those responsible to justice. It is for this reason that I have decided to print the letter sent on behalf of Anne and Hollie whilst at the same time to name and shame those listed. The letter of response is also an indication of the arrogance of the Aberdeen Sheriff.

 Sheriff Graeme BUCHANAN

Pedophilia is deeply rooted in our society and has in the past encompassed some extremely powerful people, including politicians etc The fact that a serving police officer was involved and a very senior figure in the legal system of Scotland cannot be taken lightly and I sincerely hopes that in re opening this case something will eventually come out of it.

This article is dedicated to Hollie and her mum Anne in the hope that she accepts the deep feelings and concerns that I have not only for Hollie but for all victims of paedophilia. I fully understand how you have been treated and my hearts go out to you both. Bless you

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 30/3/2012

Are vaccines harming British children?

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Are vaccines harming British children?


Are our young children being made infertile?

The public are slowly becoming aware that the WHO, UNICEF and our governments are starting to use the media outlets to spread mass hysteria regarding certain potential risky flu outbreaks or the dangers of cervical cancer etc.

 The last one (which is still alive and kicking) was that of the so called pandemic “Swine Flu.” It became clear to most of use that this was certainly a ploy by the pharmaceutical industry to make much money. This particular flu didn’t have any significant impact on the world’s health than any other conventional flu outbreak. In actual fact there were fewer deaths from this pandemic than the norm.

Is it possible that our respective governments and the pharmaceutical industry are literally making a killing in the physical and financial context?

Is it possible that this is also their way of mass depopulation and mass sterilisation?

Maybe it would be an opportune time to mention that many vaccines contain mercury which is carcinogenic to humans and also has a direct link to autism in our children.

To investigate this dollar driven industry we have to look at some historical facts to prove that many vaccines that are produced to protect us are in actual fact causing us more harm than good. Many of these vaccines are produced in record time and remain untested over a long period of time. I guess the proof of this would be the fact that many doctors and those in the medical professional have not taken the vaccine themselves. Have you ever asked why? I certainly have many times and just get a smile in response to the question!

 There is one ingredient that is of great concern to many medical professionals and that is called Thimerosal which is mercury based. You will find this in many of today’s main line vaccines and has been banned in many western countries. However it is rife in third world countries where strict rules do not apply and has been abused by the WHO and UNICEF in these locations.

 One can clearly see that when certain vaccines must not be administered to pregnant women that this is one of the first clues as to its safety. As an example:

Exposure to mercury in utero and in children may cause mild to severe mental retardation and mild to severe motor coordination impairment.”

Therefore anything that contains Thimerosal fits into this category.

 It is also  believed that Aluminium enhances the toxicity of  Thimerosal and therefore trace elements of Aluminium can come from the fluoride used in our water supply which is the type of fluoride (sodium) added to municipal water to act as a floctuating agent (to settle particles in the water). Fluoride is a hazardous waste product of the aluminium industry! One should also add to this the regular usage of aluminium products used for cooking etc (especially in third world countries). A perfect example of this is when one tries to clean the inside of saucepans etc, wipe a white cloth on the inside it will turn grey or black..

 It is also interesting to note whilst on this topic that this toxic waste has been recommend for other uses such as:

  • Use as a soil amendment to help retain nutrients and adjust soil pH.


  • Use as an additive to fertiliser to improve phosphorous retention in soils.


  • Use as an additive to compost to aid the retention of trace metals.


  • Use as a soil additive for the retention of water.

The main purpose of pointing such things out is the fact that those companies, who produce toxic waste, continue in their attempts to put that waste back into the food chain cycle.

 It should also be noted that the use of Thimerosal as a preservative has been banned in certain western countries:

 The US, Iowa and California passed legislation in favour of mercury-free vaccines.

 The Danish parliament, in 1992, banned the heavy metal from vaccines.  

 The UK passed a similar legislation. At the root of the problem was Thimerosal: this preservative with a 50 per cent mercury constituent is a key ingredient of multi-dose vaccines. These vials are about 10 times cheaper than single-dose vials, making it easier for international agencies to procure vaccines for programmes in developing countries including India. In 2000, for instance, about 80 per cent of vaccines administered globally were supplied in multi-dose vials.

International bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF recommend this preservative. Even those vaccine manufacturers based in developed countries, who make mercury-free vaccines for domestic consumption, use this heavy metal in their products for developing countries.

Most vaccines used for country’s Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP) have a Thimerosal content of 25 µg per five millilitres. Half of that, 12.5 µg, is mercury. A six-week old infant in many parts of the country is administered two vaccines, DPT ( Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus ) and Hepatitis b. This exposes the child to 25 µg of mercury. Infants getting vaccinated at a private clinic are also administered the Haemophilus Influenza Type B Vaccine, as per the Indian Academy of Pediatricians’ protocol. This results in a total exposure of 37.5 µg.

According to the US Environment Protection Agency, the human body can, in a day, safely tolerate 0.1 µg of mercury for every kg of its body weight. So, an average six-week infant, weighing 7 kg, can tolerate an exposure of 0.7 µg of mercury. A child is exposed to mercury levels much higher than this recommended amount on their inoculation day.

The risk of mercury is even higher for the undernourished — and underweight — Indian children. At a WHO meeting of the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety in 2003, it was pointed out that little is known of susceptibility to Thimerosal in infants who weigh less than 2.5 kg. Moreover, children are less equipped to handle the toxic load because they do not produce sufficient levels of bile, needed to remove it.

Thimerosal was developed in the 1930s by US based vaccine major, Lilly. For years the company has manipulated studies to demonstrate the safety of this mercury-based preservative. In fact, when Thimerosal was introduced, the company did have it tested, but only on 22 patients with terminal meningitis. Quite conveniently meningitis was blamed for the death of all those injected with the preservative. 

Lilly used the US government’s paranoia against bio-terrorism to its advantage. Along with other vaccine companies, it persuaded the US government to introduce a clause in the Homeland Security Act — brought in response to the 9/11 attacks — stipulating that these companies can be challenged only in vaccine courts, and not in civil courts. Anxious to ensure vaccine supplies against any anthrax or smallpox attacks, the US government complied.

The clause substantially reduces Lilly’s — and other vaccines companies’ — liability if it were to lose a Thimerosal-related litigation. In such an event, the company would have to pay us $5 billion in damages, six times less than what it would be liable for if the case was fought in a civil court.

While many US experts approve of Thimerosal, cases of autism increased in the country. In the early 1980s, only one among 10,000 children in the US was autistic. By the late 1990s, one in 500 children had the disease; currently there is one autistic child per 166 newborns in the US. Experts who incriminate Thimerosal for this rise point out that mercury in vaccines more than doubled between 1988 and 1992. They also cite the contrasting example of Denmark, where autism afflicts one in 13,000 children — the country banned Thimerosal in vaccines in 1992.

Thimerosal has also been implicated in other nerve disorders. For instance in 2003, David Baskin of the Department of Neuro Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine demonstrated that this preservative can cause membrane and DNA damage, and kill nerve cells, even when administered in small amounts.

The main purpose of this article is to draw attention to the latest mass hysteria being created by governments and the pharmaceutical industry in relation to the current Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

I am sure we have all read so much about the new vaccine which according to the experts guards our young female generation against cervical cancer at a later date. However it is my belief, that yet again, we are being conned into allowing the government to vaccinate our young ladies in mass with the HPV Vaccine.

So what are the facts about this controversial vaccine, what are the potential dangers and what is the commercial name for these products:

The HPV vaccine normally comes under the name of Gardasil or Cervarix. There are some grave concerns regarding these vaccines which contain Polysorbate 80 which is believed to cause infertility. There are also many concerns as to the side effects of this vaccine and in some cases death. I will now try to explain this questionable vaccine.

The HPV vaccine is administered to girls around the age of 12 – 13 years during their first year at High School. It requires a top up again between the ages of 13 – 18 with another top up from time to time up to the age of around 26 years. Many experts again question the testing time for this vaccine and also are concerned that the safety data has been manipulated.  

I would therefore ask the question is this another New World Order ploy via the respective governments to reduce the populations of the world by creating mass infertility in young women, as well as, in some cases, death?

Dr. Harper is one of the world’s top experts on the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and one of  the leading scientists the pharmaceutical industries turned to for help to conduct clinical trials – including those that led to approval by the US Food and Drug Administration of Gardasil.

Dr Harper has made some startling admissions, some of which have been retracted or removed from the media. Here are some of her comments:

She started off by saying “This is a real danger zone,”

Dr. Harper expresses concerns over what she considers a rush to recommend and mandate the vaccination of very young girls with the vaccine. “It went too fast, it went too fast without any breaks,” says Harper, who devoted nearly two decades of her career to research on HPV.

Dr Harper went on to say “Time is needed to study potential side effects in larger numbers of young girls before any consideration should be given to mandating such a vaccine.”  “The vaccine has not been out long enough for us to have post marketing surveillance to really understand what all the potential side effects are going to be. We feel it is very safe.” However, she adds, “We don’t know yet what’s going to happen when millions of doses of the vaccine have been given and to put in process a place that says you must have this vaccine, it means you must be part of a big public experiment. So we can’t do that until we have more data.”

Barbara Low Fisher agrees. She took to the streets a grass roots fight credited with derailing many efforts around the country to mandate the vaccine. “It was the quickest effort I have ever seen in 25 years for a vaccine to be mandated,” says Fisher. A mother of a son who she say was left with learning disabilities following a routine vaccination in the 1980’s, Fisher is President and Co Founder of the National Vaccine Information Center. It is a non-profit independent clearinghouse for information on vaccines and disease.

Fisher says her organization has been contacted by nearly 100 parents claiming their daughters have suffered some type of adverse reaction following a Gardasil shot – at times given in combination with other vaccines. She says many parents are frustrated in their search for answers and that they don’t know where to turn. She tells Gillen “the National Vaccine Information Center is getting reports every week, mostly mothers, of what is happening to their 11-year old girls after receiving Gardasil.”

Harper says parents need to be armed with as much information as possible. She believes the vaccine should be an educated choice. She explained that many parents do not realize or are not being told by physicians, that their daughters might end up needing a booster shot. She says what can be considered key study trials lasted at most 5 years and that there is no way to know exactly how long the vaccine will be effective.

I think the thought is that there probably will be efficacy for longer than 5 years but it’s probably not going to be lifetime efficacy. There probably will be some need for a booster. There will be some need for understanding when we going to need to be able to revaccinate those women. Those are all open questions,” “I can’t stress enough the need for pap tests throughout a woman’s lifetime, even if she has received an HPV vaccine.”

Dr Harper also believed that to give this vaccine to young girls under 15 was also wrong and currently they are talking about giving this as early as 9 years. Dr Harper went on to express her disapproval for any potential effort to mandate a Cervex vaccine for young girls. As Dr. Harper explains “It’s still like-wise with Gardasil. They haven’t been out long enough, there isn’t enough information to have a mandate that you can’t go to school until you have this vaccine. It does not make any sense.”

For my part I cannot understand how anyone should be receiving this unproven vaccine when you calculate the risks associated with it. I believe that with regular “Pap Smear Tests” one can determine any unusual cell activity in good time before it becomes a problem. At the end of the day the HPV vaccine may only cure a very small amount of the 100 variants of HPV and as such does not offer 100% cure.

It is now time to show some historical aspects of the types of vaccines that have been carried out in many parts of the world to which I hold grave concerns. Could it be that this is a covert sterilisation programme using vaccines such as tetanus, rubella and now possibly the HPV vaccine (Gardasil and Cervarix)? Are they still using mercury in third world country vaccines (even though this additive has now been prohibited in most Western countries) as a means of mass a birth control?

Between 1963 and 1965 more than 400,000 Colombian women were sterilized in a program funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

In the 1990`s the UN`s World Health Organization launched a campaign to vaccinate millions of women in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines between the ages of 15 and 45. The stated purpose was to protect against Tetanus or Lockjaw, a painful sometimes lethal infectious reaction to external wounds or cuts. However, the vaccine was not given to men or boys, who are more prone to wounds from cuts and rusty nails than the ladies.

Comite Pro Vida de Mexico, a Roman Catholic lay organization became suspicious and had the vaccine samples tested. The tests revealed that the WHO Tetanus vaccine used to inoculate women of child bearing age contained human Chorionic Gonadotrophin or hCG, a natural hormone that is secreted in the initial stages of pregnancy, but when combined with a tetanus toxoid carrier stimulated antibodies rendering a woman incapable of maintaining a pregnancy. None of the women vaccinated were told.

In 1995, the Catholic Women’s League of the Philippines won a court order halting a UNICEF anti-tetanus program because the vaccine had been laced with B-hCG. The Supreme Court of the Philippines found the surreptitious sterilization program had already vaccinated three million women, aged 12 to 45. B-hCG-laced vaccine was also found in at least four other developing countries.

A UNICEF campaign to vaccinate Nigeria’s youth against polio may have been a front for sterilizing the nation. Dr. Haruna Kaita, a pharmaceutical scientist and Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, took samples of the vaccine to labs in India for analysis.

Using WHO-recommended technologies like Gas Chromatography (GC) and Radio-Immuno assay, Dr. Kaita, upon analysis, found evidence of serious contamination. “Some of the things we discovered in the vaccines are harmful, toxic; some have direct effects on the human reproductive system,”  “I and some other professional colleagues who are Indians who were in the Lab could not believe the discovery,”

It is also interesting to note that patents exist in the US and many countries after the proposal, several years ago, to create a birth control vaccine which induces the formation of antibodies against the human pregnancy hormone, the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). These inventions are described in patents issued in India, U.S.A. and several other countries. (Ref. EP 204566, JP 62286928, CA 1239346, U.S. Pat. No. 4,780,312, CN 8603854). This research continued with another invention which generates antibody response of a long duration against hCG after a single or a limited number of injections etc.

Bill Gates also made a statement where he maintains “if we do a really great job on vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that [his initial 2050 global population projection of 9-billion] by perhaps about 10 to 15 percent.”

It must be emphasised that the existence of Polysorbate 80 in the HPV vaccine caused infertility in rats and mice. Don’t you find this astonishing that whenever they want to prove if any vaccine or chemical is safe they always test the product on rats and mice first before its usage on humans In this case the results where startling to say the least and yet this aspect of the HPV has been bypassed.

I found the following Irish headline really did hit the nail on the head:

  “Lock up your Daughters – Suspected Serial Killer Due for Release.”

 What accompanied these headlines was the following:

 After zealous crusading for mass HPV vaccination by media, special-interest groups, politicians and the medical establishment, the Irish Health Service last week commenced implementing an injection-by-Gardasil program for all 12 year old schoolgirls. Irish parents signed consent forms as media and medical experts glorified the  “terrific” vaccine. 

It seems Irish media etiquette forbids mentioning the flood of deaths and debilitating reactions reported in the US for Gardasil recipients.  As of Jun 2010 (4 years after it’s approval),   71 deaths of girls & young women, along with over 18,000 had been reported to the FDA via the “VAERS” system (these incidents are probably greatly under reported).  

In addition, five Gardasil related deaths in Germany have been reported (detailed in reporting system at Paul-Ehrlich-Institute in Germany). Two of these occurred among the first 1.5m recipients of the vaccine in Europe.   

 I would also like to add this article I found regarding Merck, the manufacturer of Gardasi: The recent  track record of Merck does not render it unlikely that they would deny for years the dangers of an unsafe product, before finally being forced to pull it from the market (and then pay out billions in settlements).  A record, incidentally, that does not exclude deceptive marketing tactics to play down a drug’s health risks. 

In Jun 2010 Research Physician Scott Reuben, MD, who pled guilty to falsifying research on the use of Vioxx (forecoxib; Merch) was sentenced in a Boston federal court to 6 months in prison for healthcare fraud and ordered to repay pharmaceutical companies that financed his research.  Merck voluntarily withdrew Vioxx ( Rofecoxib) from the market in 2004 after evidence showed the painkiller boosted the risk for heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular events.   Dr. Reuben admitted that he had not enrolled any patients in trials but, instead, had simply made up findings.

Another top research professor, funded by Merck to design and conduct the Gardasil Clinical Safety Trials, admitted it was not tested for effectiveness in younger girls under 16.  “Giving it to 11-year-olds is a great big public health experiment” said Dr. Diane M. Harper, “At 11, these girls don’t get cervical cancer – they won’t know for 25 years if they will get cervical cancer.  She also spoke about the need for “More complete warnings.”

 I was further shocked to find out that 70% of our High School girls have already received this unproven vaccination.

Here are the statistics from the UK’s  NHS for year 2008/9:

Seventy per cent of eligible 12 to 13-year-old girls were fully immunised against HPV – the virus that can lead to most cervical cancers – during 2008-09, a report from The NHS Information Centre shows today.

While 70 per cent of girls in school year eight received all three doses of the vaccine, just over 87 per cent in total received one dose, according to NHS Immunisations Statistics, England, 2008-09.

The statistics also show that in 2008-09,

  • Uptake of the Measles Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine for children reaching their second birthday remained at around 85 per cent for the third year running. This is still lower than in the mid 1990s when just over 90 percent of children received the MMR vaccine, but higher than the uptake low of 80 per cent in 2003-04.
  • 78 per cent of children received first and second doses of the MMR vaccine between the ages of three and five. This is a four percentage point increase on the previous year. This is the highest level recorded since the COVER programme began evaluating the second dose of MMR at five years of age in 1998.
  • Uptake of vaccines against diphtheria, tetanus, polio, pertussis, haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) and meningitis C (MenC) for children reaching their second birthday was between 92 per cent and 94 per cent, a level that has remained broadly stable since 2004-05.
  • There were 239,241 BCG vaccinations in 2008-09, an increase of 10 per cent on the previous year (217,294) given to those in specified at risk categories. Although babies under the age of one, account for the nearly two thirds of the BCG vaccinations, most of this increase came from vaccination of those aged over one which increased by nearly 22 per cent from 73,978 in 2007-08 to 90,213 in 2008-09.
  • The proportion of people aged 65 and over immunised against seasonal influenza was 74 per cent in 2008-09, maintaining the level of recent years and very close to attaining the World Health Organisation target of 75 per cent.

Tim Straughan, Chief Executive of the NHS Information Centre said: “Our statistics show that in the first school year of the HPV vaccine being offered, 70 per cent of eligible girls completed the full course of all three doses.

“Our report also shows uptake of the MMR vaccine has remained at roughly 85 per cent since 2006-07. This remains lower than in the mid 1990s when just over 90 percent of children received the MMR vaccine, but higher than the uptake low of 80 per cent in 2003-04.”

The full immunisation statistics are online: www.ic.nhs.uk/pubs/immstats2008-2009

I am sure readers will now have the opportunity to understand the evil ways of the WHO, UNICEF, governments and pharmaceutical companies and be able to make a more informed decision as to what their babies, children and teenagers should or should not be given.

Rumour has it that the standard flue top up vaccine given to millions of people each year may well include (in disguise) the “Swine Flu Vaccine” that failed so miserably and cost our respective governments millions……all of which was to the advantage of the companies who made them.

Even as far back as 2009  warnings were issued that a new swine flu jab is linked to a deadly nerve disease and was sent by the Government to senior neurologists in a confidential letter…… bet you didn’t know that either!!!

One other very important point is the fact that scientists who advised the World Health Organization on its influenza policies and recommendations—including the decision to proclaim the so-called swine flue a “pandemic” had close ties to companies that manufacture vaccines and antiviral medicines like Tamiflu, a fact that WHO did not publicly disclose……why would they when it puts more money into their own pockets.

The Danish media in 2010 also again investigated the above aspects and hit the nail on the head when they stated in a rather humorous way :

World Health Organisation (WHO – World Homicide Organisation) disclosed that their staffs were linked to Pharmaceutical Companies!!

Another story that appeared out of Denmark was the following:

Police in Denmark investigating a case of fraud involving the scientist Poul Thorsen, a key author of a controversial study that appears to show mercury in vaccines are safe,  have been denied documents by US police authorities.

Danish police were told that they would have to make a request to the US Justice Department through the Danish Ministry of Justice before they could access documents on Thorsen, who was the recipient of research grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and who is believed to have defrauded the University of Aarhaus of 10 million Danish crowns.

Clearly this scientist had very little knowledge of the dangers associated with the highly toxic and highly corrosive mercury.

In Australia, the Federal Health Minister at the time, Nicola Roxon,  is reassuring parents the swine flu is no more dangerous than regular seasonal flu. “Most people, including children, will experience very mild symptoms and recover without any medical intervention,” she said……..I would tend to agree with this wise lady……we were all born with an immune system and unless the person has some overpowering health problem then let our natural system tackle it.

I would urge you not to allow this to continue and certainly think twice before having a swine flu vaccine or any vaccine that you are not comfortable with. Certainly safeguard your daughters against this HPV con and just maintain regular “Pap Smear Tests” and address any abnormal cell activity as and when they show up. Remember your daughter has the right to have a child and you have the right to share in the joy of having a grandchild.

I guess the final comment comes from this report which stated:

“Cure the Disease, Kill the Patient”

 Less than 100 children in the U.S. die each year from seasonal flu viruses. If we use Australia’s math, a very rough estimate would be another 100 children could potentially die of swine flu in the United States in the coming year.

If children are the first target group in the U.S.  that means we’re about to inject around 75 million children with a fast tracked vaccine containing novel adjuvants, including dangerous squalene or whatever, to prevent perhaps 100 deaths.

Last year we again saw another concern: A swine flu vaccine which has been given to thousands of children in Britain may cause the sleep disorder narcolepsy.

Symptoms include excessive daytime sleepiness and nodding off suddenly without warning.

All packets of the vaccine Pandemrix will have to carry a warning about the risk following a ruling by the EU regulator, the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Finally we have the admission by the NHS that the swine flu vaccine is to be included in the winter flu jab for the first time in a bid to stop the virus from returning……..what virus and what danger does it present I would ask!!!

 Finally I must add to this horror the continued usage, by the world’s military, of weapons containing uranium components in all areas of conflict. The radiation contamination from these weapons has spread and continues to spread around the entire world resulting in mass genocide and infertility on a scale never seen before. This aspect was covered in my previous War Crimes Complaint that was filed in December 2009 with the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission in which I attempted to take our ex Prime Minister Tony Blair and the British Government to the KL War Crimes Tribunal on behalf of the people of Iraq and other people from other areas of conflict.

 As we have already discovered the Zionist led New World Order have declared that they must reduce the world’s population by a minimum of at least one third……who gave this evil satanic organisation the right to act as God?

For my part I feel sorry for all third world countries that are being almost forced to have these vaccinations at great risk to their babies and young children. With the current HPV vaccine being given to almost all high school females I around the world’s is simply deplorable……..this is indeed depopulation or genocide on a very big scale.

All I can do is attempt to tell the truth via such TV stations as Press TV or RT and try to educate all those in the world who simply do not know……you are literally “sheep to the slaughter.”

Bless you all

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 29/3/2012

Who actually runs the United Kingdom and who funds those in Power?

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Peter keep your big gob shut about all those Friends of Israel we wined and dined

Once again we have seen yet another controversy erupt out into the headlines in most of the newspapers over the last few days but what does it all mean to you the general public?

It all started by on such story with a very apt and funny headlines in The Sun:

Cam dine with me” –  PM admits hosting donors at flat &   Funding storm as treasurer quits.

The PM had to apologise after a top Conservative fundraiser bragged that a big donation could lead to a private dinner with the PM and wife Samantha.

Millionaire trader Peter Cruddas was secretly filmed saying £250,000 gave “premier league” access to ministers. He said it would be “awesome for your business” and he appeared to suggest donors could influence policy, saying: “If you’re unhappy about something, we will listen to you and put it into the policy committee at No 10.”

Labour demanded a list of Tory donors who have visited Mr. Cameron’s private flat on Downing Street. And last night the PM’s aides admitted guests have included donors — but insisted they were friends he has known for years.

But it was the Sunday Times that released the original story with the headlines reading: Insight – Cash for Cameron – An undercover investigation reveals the hollowness of Tory pre-election promise to clamp down on lobbying.!!

We all know deep inside that whatever they tell us to explain away their fraudulent and corrupt ways the fact of the matter is that fraud is rife throughout Westminster right up to Prime Minister level and no party is excluded from this terrible state of affairs.

If we can recall it was once revealed that the Labour Party had been offered “Cash for Honours” and despite the evidence it was pushed to one side……the fact still remains that we the British public know that many members of the Houses of Parliament and the House of Lords received their respective knighthoods by cash donations or for being totally corrupt.

I guess you may be fooled into thinking that the current opposition is a much better option, especially with  Labour leader Ed Miliband saying: “These are very disturbing revelations. The Conservative Party has been seeking cash in exchange for access to the Prime Minister and influence over policy making.

For my part I think that dear Ed is suffering from memory loss because it was is ex leader Gordon Brown who sold this country out to the European Union when he went to Lisbon to sign the “Lisbon Treaty” and at the same time gave a fast majority of the Gold Bullion held in the vaults of The Bank of England to the European Union at below cost price…….had he not carried out this under the table deal our country would be much richer and wiser.

Before we move onto the funding mechanism and the fraud and corruption let’s briefly look into this unknown man called Peter Cruddas who was once listed as one of the richest men in the City of London in 2007 with a fortune amounting to around £860 million. What the general public doesn’t know is that this man is not only worth more than this at the current time but is also totally corrupt and fraudulent…….. “Which makes him a perfect person to be in Politics?” It also so happened that he was  yet another major donor to the Conservative Party and no doubt had he remained in office he would have been Knighted for his financial deposits!!!

Cruddas immediately came up on my associates (Gordon Bowden) fraudulent list and I will print his response as to the wheeling’s and dealings behind this man later. As with many people in high places this gentleman also hid behind a false façade known as a charity…..his was called the Peter Cruddas Foundation which in hisr own words:”Aim to benefit disadvantaged and disengaged young people in our society here in the UK by ensuring our funding reaches those most in need.” Maybe there are some good aspects in this man seeing as he had a most violent home life, however having said that Peter Cruddas is as fraudulent as they come,

As many of you may well know Gordon and I have been exposing massive fraud and corruption throughout Westminster and that fraud goes right to the top, up to and including our current dear Prime Minister, David Cameron.  I can assure you that whatever Cruddas was up too our Mr. Cameron would have been aware and may well have been implicated as he was in other fraudulent transactions in India and in the current dispute in the Malvinas (Falkland Islands).

We must understand that much of this greed does eventually take us to war, as was the case with Libya, and could well be the case with Argentina over these so called oil fields that do not exist or the virtual companies that promote them.

Before going into Gordon Bowden’s findings we must again ask the question who funds and controls British politics? The answer is extremely complex but is a mixture of bribes for favours from well organized fraudsters or from members of the Pro Israeli lobby groups. Many of these members are also fraudulent……we are talking here about Christian Zionist and Jewish Zionists.

Just to give you some idea as to the magnitude of the problem the highest funders are all those that fit into the above fields and it was our dear PM who made the following statement back on the  13th June 2007 in the Jerusalem Post:  “I am a Zionist,” Conservative Party leader David Cameron told an audience of party supporters of Israel in London on Tuesday “If what you mean by Zionist, is someone who believes that the Jews have a right to a homeland in Israel and a right to their country then, yes, I am a Zionist and I’m proud of the fact that Conservative politicians down the ages have played a huge role in helping to bring this about,” Cameron declared.

It was this same article that once again revealed one of the major problems that exist in British Politics when it stated “The Conservative leader was guest of honor at the Conservative Friends of Israel annual business lunch  which was attended by some 500 people – including half the parliamentary party, 30 Conservative parliamentary candidates, former leaders, lords and Israel’s ambassador.

When one duplicates this by adding the Labour Friends of Israel and the Lib Dem Friends of Israel one can see the extent of the problem with major support coming from the Rothschild’s and other key players in the Pro Israeli elite that live in and around the City of London.

It was Finkelstein who asked him if he were “Good for the Jews,” to which Cameron replied: “I hope I can say I’m not just a good friend of Israel but I am, as you put it, good for Jews.”

We find this same trend with the Lib Dems especially with the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg who with Cameron have pledged their oath in support of Israel ahead of pledging their allegiance to the United Kingdom.

I guess you would now ask what are the options. Well folk’s as I said before it really does not matter who you vote for anymore because the leading candidates of all parties are  groomed by the Rothschild’s and the  Friends of Israel groups.

If you think Ed Miliband is a better option you had better get that out of your head because he his definitely pro Israel as is his powerful Brother David and should Ed return to run this country…..which is a distinct possibility….we are likely to see yet another Zionist lean with his brother joining him no doubt!!

Back to corruption and fraud – Gordon sent me the following communication in regard to the shady dealings of Peter Cruddos and you will note those he’s connected with……….as they say all roads lead to either the City of London care of  Lonhro – 25 Berkeley Square or to Arlington Associates – 22 Arlington Street, next to the Ritz in London…….all other roads lead to Israel!!

Start of Gordon’s communication:



DAVID CAMERON – I have the links to PETER CRUDDAS.


His Company affiliations:








Linked to Spread Betting, ESPECIALLY to AIM Registered EXPLORATION OIL & GAS and MINING Companies.


One of the Directors of CMC MARKETS PLC is DAVID JONATHAN BENNETT who is also a Director of SANTANDER UK PLC with NATHAN BOSTOCK.


End of message


Maybe you can recall the mysterious  so called suicide death of Richard Chang of Abbey National that was fraudulently taken over by Santander…….Richard was murdered because he knew what was going on!!


Gordon’s then sent me this additional information:


One of the DONORS who were privi to meeting with Cameron was non other than HEDGE FUND $Billionaire MICHAEL HINTZE an Australian/British businessman. He comes from collapsed SALOMON BROS, CREDIT SWISS FIRST BOSTON and the cream of HEDGE FUND thieves. GOLDMAN SACHS.


In 1917 his grandparents fled RUSSIA to escape the Bolshevik Revolution. Now there’s a clue.


In 1999 he started his own Hedge Fund Company: CQS Management Ltd with another CQS Subsidiary.


He is well in with his other Company listings:




With oh Dear!



But even better, he is a fellow director with MR MICHAEL SEAL

Handy for the LONRHO Cabal, they must have had many lunches together when LONRHO were at 22 ARLINGTON STREET as SEAL’s list of Directorships include:







There again MICHAEL HINTZE also was well in with ADAM WERRITY and LIAM FOX.  He provided a free desk for WERRITY at the Offices of CQS


Now there’s  THING, no mention of this in the Press, especially the Telegraph, well, you won’t ever see it there, another of CAMERON Donors with HINTZE being.


Telegraph Media Group Ltd.


End of communications


Lest we forget……we have to remind our readers that it was our Prime Minister who went to South Africa with Sir Kenneth Warren to illegally purchase three nuclear weapons from the arms dealer John Bredenkamp who then stole them back. They siphoned of £17.8 million of tax payers money with many other very senior political figures who also may have been involved or benefitted from the exercise namely:


Ken Clarke MP, then Home Secretary and now Justice Minister.


Michael Heseltine MP, later President of the Board of Trade, and now into Jobs Creation .


Peter Lilley MP as head of the then Dept of Trade & Industry (DTI) and still a serving MP


William Waldegrave MP, a junior FO Minister


Malcolm Rifkind MP still a serving MP

 Geoffrey Howe now Lord Howe


Alistair McAlpine (Lord), Asil Nadir and the notorious Mohammed Al Fayed


Tony Blair also got his cut….. a mere £1m


 I had intended to finish the article here but Gordon has just sent me an urgent addition that clearly show just how high this corruption/fraud actually goes and as to who is involved:

Start of communication


 I think they call it “you fill my pocket, I’ll fill yours”

How to be the controlling hand of a Prime Minister Puppet.
This is what people need to know, how to control a Government.  It’s called “Join the Dots”
Peter Cruddas, David Cameron and the Funding of the Conservative Party.
Within Peter Cruddas Company CMC Markets UK Ltd is Douglas John Richards a Director of CMC Group Ltd. Within this Company his listed Co-Directors include:
Graham Leslie Symonds. One of his Dissolved Hedge Fund Companies : TRADERS ACADEMY LTD: 05267641 but operated out of their common Companies address:
133 Hounditch. London. EC3A 7BX
The listed Common “Musical Chairs” Directors in this Dissolved Company: TRADERS ACADEMY LTD
So, you will see from above, by a slight variation of listing the Directors name, they can hid their full Company Directorship listings.
Forget the ONGOING Fraud multi £ Million PONZI SCAM the “Virtual” Oil & Gas Exploration front of ex Conservative Leader Michael Howard: ORCA EXPLORATION
and his other Fake TORONTO TSX-V Registered Mining Companies. CANADA Plays an Important link to these interlocked Fake Companies through Common Directors like JAMES NEILSON PETTIGREW and his directorships in RBC EUROPE LTD and it’s subsidiaries, now  RBC stands for: ROYAL BANK OF CANADA
The “BIG ONE” to expose the Power of Corruption and CONSERVATIVE Political Party Funding is:
and his Directorship in:
SIR MALCOLM RIFKIND who must have been warned as he terminated his appointment 20 January 2012
He in turn is affiliated to:
Other Directors of PATERNOSTER UK LTD include:
Oh Dear!
Another Director of PATERNOSTER UK LTD
affiliated to:

So there you have it folks yet another revealing story of massive fraud and corruption leading right to the top of British politics……..so dare you ask the question again…..”Who runs and funds British Politics”……..you already have the answer… The Rothschild’s and all those listed above…..the donors list and the amounts are very impressive!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 28/3/2012


Do you really trust the British Government?

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Over a long period of time I have been writing articles under the title of Pandora’s Box to reveal how the world’s economy collapsed back in 2008 and how it continues to waver on the bring of a financial catastrophe.

What you the British public do not understand is that the true “Axis of Evil” is right here in the City of London and in the bowels of Westminster. Many of our very senior politicians are at the helm of massive fraud, corruption and tax evasion amounting to billions if not trillions of pounds and continue raping this country in the most arrogant and profound way.

This is how such scams work………..they form a virtual company and appoint their own directors who then devise a plan to buy a disused mine site or some far away oil permit, concoct false data, prepare a very convincing presentation and then go to various cities and start looking for potential investors. What the investors do not know is that the mine is an old historical redundant mine or an oil permit with no commercially viable oil. Once you part with your money it’s gone forever. The whole process takes about 5 years….they start feeding you promising results and then mid term start introducing bad news and by the end of the 5th year it is abandoned for a multitude of false reasons.

When one obtains an exploration licence it is simple just that…..the regulations in general state that you must drill at least on hole within the permit period and in some case that is exactly what they do…….can you imagine raising a couple of billion and only spending a couple of million……or that “Open pit mine” is just a spade hole in the ground etc etc.  


Before I continue with this expose I would ask you all to watch a wonderful Australian documentary that was produced by ABC 4 Corners and title “Bad Company.”

For the initial introduction go to:


Then to watch the documentary go to:


Select either broadband or dialup subject to the system you have.

This superb film forms the template for all major fraud, corruption and tax evasion that is going on all over the world and involves Prime Ministers, Presidents, Senior MP’s, Members of the House of Lords, US Congressmen, Corporate Executives and  Bank Senior Management etc.

The world’s financial meltdown was no accident it was a well orchestrated plan by the New World Order (with it Christian Zionists and Jewish Zionist heart) to asset strip many large corporate bodies, banks and financial institutions. In many cases it also involved common directors in moving money from one company to another, otherwise known as insider trading. These fraudsters have the power to take out any company or country and then install their World Bank/IMF puppets to run the country, as we have observed in Italy!!

In order to give just a few examples as to how corrupt our leaders are I will use evidence relating to three very senior members, Prime Minister David Cameron, the once leader of the opposition, Lord Michael Howard and a long toothed MP Peter Lilley all of whom are well and truly up to their neck in past and current fraud.

Let’s start with our current dear Prime Minister, David Cameron who in his earlier days (then aged 24) was a researcher for his mentor mother, Maggie Thatcher. It was David Cameron and the now retired Sir Kenneth Warren that went down to South Africa on a sanctions busting (highly illegal) trip to acquire three equally illegal battlefield ready nuclear bombs that had been designed and built by Israel and South Africa.


Using tax payers money illegally (through the private sector) the above two gentlemen, with the assistance of the late Dr. David Kelly, purchased three nuclear bombs, had them shipped without security to Oman and stored them in an insecure compound. The arms dealer, John Bredenkamp then stole them back and sold them onto the black market resulting in the Iraq War and the going conflicts to this day.

The private sector deal involved many very senior politicians and Maggie’s dear son, Sir Mark Thatcher. The result from this scam was that the above two managed to siphon of £17.8 million of tax payers money and put it directly into the then Conservative Party Funds. This is fact and is recorded in Hansard 22nd June 1993 column 197:.

Tory funding of their 1992 General Election Campaign – Origins of Mystery Donation of £17.8 millions

Many names have been bounced around some of those being:

Ken Clarke – Alan Clarke – David Wilshire – Jeffrey Howe – Michael Hesaltine – Malcolm Rifkin – Peter Lilley – Ken Warren. One could also add more names to the list, such as Lord McAlpine, – Stephan Kock – Robert Maxwell – Mark Thatcher and obviously the person who was directly responsible for signing the weapons off, Dr David Kelly. We must also add that evil man that sexed up the Iraq Dossier and screwed Dr Kelly….the notorious Alistair Campbell.


In more recent times the Prime Minister again became involved in the private sector when he went to India in 2011 in an attempt to push another fraudulent deal through and met with the Indian PM. This particular scam involved the part sale of Cairn India to Vedanta India to the tune of $8.6 billion. It was a British company Cairn Energy PLC located in Edinburgh ( Sir Bill Gammell being the Non-Executive Chairman)and  its subsidiary Cairn India and another company in the UK called Vedanta located in London (Anil Agarwal, Chairmain).


“Come on dear chap lets clinch this US$ 9.8 billion deal so that I can get a share.”

“I know this is insider trading and both companies have common directors!

(Cairn Energy – Cairn India – Vedanta Resources – Vedanta India)

The deal was fraud at its best resulting in asset stripping/insider trading and the fact that Cairn India and Vedanta India had common directors. According to Sir Bill Gammell the money was required to prop up Cairn Energy exploration programme off Greenland which is yet another scam. All our briefs and articles were sent to the Indian PM’s office but all to no avail.

It is also interesting to note that David Cameron was also dealing with two other deals involving Vodafone and Centrica and again a very strong fraudulent link.

Don’t you find it curious that Sir Bill Gammell (who is extremely rich) is a major contributor to the Tory Party Funds and no doubt Anil Agarwal (who is a billionaire) may also supports our dear PM.

Maybe the dear shareholders should look a little deeper into Cairn and Vedanta…..especially now that there is a push to buy more Cairn shares at a give away price…….or so the story goes….take a look at this…..a typical promotion for yet another scam:


The Greenland project in my opinion will again rip off the investors and turn out into yet another non event……..only time will tell who is right!!

16 Berkeley Street London HQ for Vedanta

Now we have the potential conflict with Argentina over the Malvinas otherwise known as the Falkland Islands and once again David Cameron is telling us all something that is totally untrue.

He talks about the two British Companies that have found substantial amounts of oil, Using this as a template for  his argument he flies to America to gain support…..not from the US Government because they dare not go down this road because of their close commercial ties with Latin America but with other US oil companies………can you see how he very carefully pulls in the US into this oil deal and no doubt in doing so any conflict that may come about would mean the involvement of the US to protect its citizens working on the project……..however there is one hitch!!

The companies involved Rockhopper and Desire Petroleum are basically virtual companies or shell companies and there is no oil of commercial value to drill for and produce…..then there is Falkland Oil & Gas yet another fake company……..basically with all this promotion by our PM the value of their shares rise and no doubt they also get many more investors coming forward to loose their money…….millions if not billions!!

Even during his visit to the US he again used this scam to raise support when he said the following:

  Britain said on Thursday it supported the rights of Falkland Islanders to exploit their oil reserves after Argentina said it would take legal action against companies involved in energy exploration around the South Atlantic islands.

“Hydrocarbon exploration is a legitimate commercial venture and the British government supports the rights of the Falkland islanders to develop their hydrocarbons sector,” a spokesman for Britain’s Foreign Office said.

“This right is an integral part of the right of self-determination, which is expressly contained in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,” he added, referring to a United Nations’ treaty.

What absolute “Codswhallop”……

If we can recall it was 30 years ago that we went to war with Argentina and they certainly gave us an initial thrashing even though we won……the difference today is that Argentina now has almost every major country in Latin America supporting it and so the outcome, should conflict occur, could well be different…..plus the fact that our dear Mr.Cameron has now downgraded our military to a totally unacceptable level with no aircraft carrier which is so vital for such an isolated location.

What we have here is our PM once again jumping on the commercial bandwagon and no doubt getting a back hander from the oil companies involved (who are not real oil companies in the true sense) and also telling the British public a pack of lies….so what’s new?  Just think the PM’s crackdown on benefit fraud appears miniscule compared to his own fraudulent dealings……there is more in his closet but this will do as a starter……life is tough at the top don’t you think?

Now it is time to turn our attention to another very senior politician who was at one time also running for the Prime Minister job……..thank god that this fraudster didn’t make it!!


Lord Howard

Michael Howard is also high ranking in the fraudulent sector or to give him his full title Lord Howard of Lympne. This guy has strong Zionist ties and is a perfectionist when it comes to siphoning off investors money.

Let’s take a look at some of Michael’s fraudulent links to virtual companies (or shell companies) in the oil and gas sector:

Orca Exploration – Lord Howard of Lympne – Non-Executive Director

The first opening paragraph really does say it all:

Orca Exploration’s vision is to benefit our shareholders, employees and partners through the exploration and development of oil and gas resources in proven underdeveloped hydrocarbon basins.

Orca Exploration is an international public company engaged in hydrocarbon exploration, development and supply of natural gas in Tanzania, oil exploration in Italy and the development of high potential oil exploration and production opportunities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

Their Italy project is a classic example whereby they would have raised the investment money ahead of the exploration drilling and suddenly find themselves in a situation whereby they cannot drill……..any good company would have researched this well ahead of their first investors meeting……..I guess when they wine and dine you it is easy to sign away your money…..especially if you are half drunk!!

This is the story line and the excuse they gave to their investors:

During November 2010, Orca Exploration Group Inc. signed an agreement with Northern Petroleum (UK) Ltd. to acquire between 70% and 75% of the Longastrino Block in the Po Basin onshore Italy. This acquisition sees Orca’s second entry into Italy during 2010. In May Orca acquired a 15% interest in the Petroceltic operated B.R268.RG Permit in the offshore Central Adriatic.

Under the terms of the farm-in with Northern Petroleum, Orca will pay 100% of the costs of the Tosca-1 well up to Euro 4.3 million and 70% thereafter for the drilling phase of the well. If the well is tested and completed, then Orca will earn an additional 5% by paying 100% of the testing costs up to Euro 1.3 million and 75% thereafter. The Company will also pay back costs of Euro 0.6 million.

Earlier in 2010, Orca committed approximately US$13 million to earn a 15% interest in the Petroceltic operated Elsa discovery block and 11 adjacent licenses. The Elsa field has a large volume of known oil in place, and an appraisal well was planned for Q4 2010 to determine the quality of the crude.

However, recent worldwide concerns about offshore drilling caused by the blowout of the Macondo well in the U.S. Gulf has led the Italian government to pass a law that excludes drilling in the Italian seas within 5 nautical miles of the coastline and 12 nautical miles in the region of protected marine parks. In view of this Petroceltic has suspended drilling of the Elsa-2 well and further activity on the permit until such time as the Ministry of Environment issues a decree of environmental compatibility for the drilling program and the partners apply for the permit to be reinstated. 

From my perspective the shareholders will once again be screwed for yet another non event leaving them high and dry with the total loss of their hard earned investment…….it truly adds new meaning to the term “Risk Capital”…….in Lord Howard’s case I would say it is certainly “Very Risky Capital.”

Maybe I should do a more in-depth expose on dear Mr. Howard.

Remember if you want a Knighthood just splash some cash around the respective party funds or alternatively do something fraudulent.

Maybe you are thinking this cannot be true…….well take a look at the images below of some of those high profile political figures that have their sticky fingers in the pie.


So maybe now you are thinking wow what a bunch of thieves surely we cannot have so many leading figures in government doing all this fraud and maybe you could ask are there anymore?

I guess the bad news is yes there are many more and so just to wet your taste buds here below are a few more…….It would be wrong of me to show anymore otherwise you might just think that the entire Parliament is corrupt? I will refrain from passing further comment!!


Finally we have all those MP.s in the opposition who have all been handed forensic evidence of this massive government fraud (The pictures below show Gordon and I briefing them) and did absolutely nothing about it.  I would also like to place an emphasis on the two at the top who are Margaret Beckett MP and Chris Williamson MP (our local MP’s) who were specifically briefed  and refused to raise the issue in Parliament………this is in gross violation of their duties towards their constituents and should both be struck off!!   



I know that my friends over in Delhi are equally concerned at the lack of transparency within the Government of India, especially over the Cairn India partial sale to Vedanta India.


As they say “Corruption Rules”


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/3/2012

The arrogance towards Syria by the British Government

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Cameron – “Now listen here dear chap we will do exactly the same as we did in Libya….I push the spin via the UN and together we stand firm in carrying out yet another regime change.”

Sarkosy –  “Monsieur (or should that be mon sewer) David….remember I am a Zionist and so I will follow whatever Israel asks of me – vous cochon arrogante.”

Being a Middle East Consultant I continue to monitor the diplomatic standoff between our government officials and other third parties that continue to rub salt in the wound of Syria.

The first headline I read  was – Cameron: Syria is writing history in blood of citizens.”

The report stated that the risk of “All-out Civil War” in Syria is more likely if President Bashar Assad remains in power, David Cameron warned yesterday…………anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that the sabre rattling between Cameron, Hague and other diplomats is clearly leading the way for a regime change as occurred in Libya.

Britain once again  spearheaded its approach towards the United Nations with a “fresh push” on a UN Security Council Resolution demanding an end to violence…..the report said that the Prime Minister warned of a “Day of reckoning” for those responsible.

Then we had the UK Ambassador to Syria putting in his two cents of verbal diarrhoea when he stated that he expects President Bashar al Assad will be out of power within a year…….from my perspective that is assuming that their Special Forces and Intel operatives continue to do a good job stirring up the crowd that has now become a British speciality.

The Sky new report which as we all know is Zionist controlled read as follows:

The Ambassador speaking on television for the first time since he was recalled from Damascus last week, Simon Collis said: “The use of force, the use of violence has made it impossible to reach a political solution.

“There has been a hollowing out of support for the regime and it has become quite fragile – it is a bit like a dam that has got cracks in it – when it goes it could go quite quickly.

“Could he hang on until the end of the year? Maybe he could. Will he hang on beyond that? Personally I don’t think he will.”

What he said next certainly caused me concern as to the truth behind his words:

“(Mr Assad) has only got a limited number of troops that he can rely on to shoot their own citizens. A lot of the army is confined to barracks, the conscripts and so on,” Mr Collis said…………what he forgot to mention was the shooting of innocence civilians is not being carried out by Syrian Army but by that of western Special Forces, CIA, MI5/6, Mossad and naturally all the sniper and rebel army soldiers that have been hired and paid for by the west…..not to mention the arms that are currently flowing across the border to support them……..such is the true reality of what’s going on in Syria at this time.

This lying scumbag quoted:  An estimated 7,000 people have been killed since the uprising began more than 11 months ago, according to the United Nations……..how the UN obtained this figure is beyond comprehension and probably came from the rebel army in much the same way as Libya when the same source quoted 6,000……can you see how this is almost a carbon copy of that war with possibly the same inevitable end unless Russian and China stand firm alongside of them.

One must also include some other admissions by our dear Prime Minister, David Cameron who again got caught with his pants down when he had to admit that Britain had provided 2 million pounds to the Syrian Rebel Army in much the same way as he did in Libya!!

The same issue also applies to President Sarkosy, his partner in “War Crimes” who also has backed the same rebel army in both Libya and now Syria.

The BBC once again gave its warped opinion on one particular situation that of the apparent killings in and around the field hospital in the Syrian city of Homs. The report stated that the hospital has been targeted by Syrian Government troops and that civilians are being killed. What the report does not point out that the same snipers that were hired in Libya and now operating within many locations in Syria…….it is their task to disrupt the infrastructure and blame government forces for such incidents with the help of Special Forces, CIA, MI5/6 and Israel’s Mossad operatives.

Just as we saw in Libya there is no accurate reporting taking place on the ground just grossly exaggerated reports on victims by members of the rebel army backed up with very poor quality footage they doesn’t tell you anything.

It is also interesting to note that Baroness Amos is also attempting to gain entry into the ravaged city on humanitarian grounds……..from my perspective Baroness Amos is the last person that I would rely on for a sincere and honest opinion of the true situation.

From my associates perspective (Gordon Bowden) this lady is totally corrupt and has over many years carried out fraudulent dealings. She once was the Secretary of State for the DFID until 2003 and was also leader of the house until 2007. It was our dear Baroness that has been implicated in siphoning off DFID money whilst she was the director of one of the companies  that received aid in Nigeria and no doubt in a sort of nice humanitarian way she could well be at the same game again. Both Gordon and I have already named and shamed the Baroness in our fraud series called “Pandora’s Box.”

It would be an ideal opportunity to turn to the Houses of Parliament now and see if any information regarding the supply of weapons or finance to Syria was ever discussed in Hansard and “Hey Presto” here is one such reference which obviously contradicts the statement made by David Cameron before the house as shown above.

Hansard 29 Nov 2011 : Column WA63


Asked by Lord Stoddart of Swindon

To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether, in their discussions with representatives of the Syrian opposition, they have ruled out any commitment to supply arms or any logistical support to assist them in their attempts to unseat the present regime. [HL13641]

Lord Howell of Guildford: The Government have made no commitment to provide arms or any logistical support to assist the Syrian opposition in their attempts to unseat the present regime.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is engaging with a wide range of Syrian oppositionists inside and outside the country and is encouraging them to maintain a peaceful and non-sectarian approach. We welcome the opposition efforts to unite and provide a clearly defined, shared vision for the future of Syria. We are encouraging Syrian opposition groups to work together towards a Syria which will be democratic, inclusive, 

 29 Nov 2011 : Column WA64

representative, respectful of its ethnic and religious minorities, and which will adhere to international human rights conventions.


 Syria and Bahrain


Asked by Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne

To ask Her Majesty’s Government, further to the Written Answer by Lord Howell of Guildford on 14 September (WA 78-79), what is their “practical assessment” of the situation on the ground in Syria and Bahrain.[HL13443]

The Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Lord Howell of Guildford): The United Nation’s latest assessment is that regime violence against civilians continues despite the Syrian Government’s agreement to an Arab League peace plan. They estimate that over 3,500 people, including 187 children, have been killed and many thousands have been detained since the protests started in March 2011. The most recent unsubstantiated reports estimate that over 300 people have been killed during November alone.

We support the Arab League in its efforts to bring about an end to the killing of Syrian people. The UK has been at the forefront of international action to increase pressure on the Syrian regime to stop the repression. On 22 November an United Nations General Assembly resolution, co-sponsored by 62 countries, including a number of Arab countries, was passed with wide support (122 countries voted in favour) sending a signal of united condemnation of the Syrian regime’s systematic human rights abuses. The resolution calls on the Syrian Government to end the appalling violence and implement the Arab League’s plan of action without delay. As long as the crisis in Syria continues the international pressure on the Assad regime will only intensify.

In the European Union (EU), the UK has been instrumental in imposing nine rounds of EU sanctions against 74 individuals and 19 entities, targeting those supporting or benefiting from the regime and those associated with them. Most recently the EU listed further military, security and intelligence officials leading military operations in Syria. In addition, the EU has moved to prevent any further disbursement of loans from the European Investment Bank to Syria.

It may also be of interest to readers to learn that Russia has added its weight to the Syrian standoff as follows: Russia accused Libya during a U.N. Security Council meeting on Wednesday of running a training centre for Syrian rebels and arming the fighters in their battle to overthrow the country’s President Bashar al-Assad.

“We have received information that in Libya, with the support of the authorities, there is a special training centre for the Syrian revolutionaries and people are sent to Syria to attack the legal government,” Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, told the U.N. Security Council. “This is completely unacceptable … This activity is undermining stability in the Middle East,” said Churkin, who also questioned whether “the export of revolution” was “turning into the export of terrorism.”

Netanyahu – “Just remember everyone, it is Israel that runs politics in this country and the finances of the world and Obama will do as I say.”

Obama – “You arrogant Imbecile just remember you cannot carry out a strike on Iran without my weapons and aircraft and you had better remember they are a significant power to deal with and you could well face extinction.”

Finally in closing we had Netanyahu giving his speech at the AIPAC Conference when he made the following statement: “I will never talk about what Israel will do or can do” and yet at another speech he warned he will not countenance a long delay in launching an attack on Iran’s nuclear sites…….. “ This is not a matter of days or weeks. It is also not a matter of years.”  “The result has to be that the threat of a nuclear weapon in Iran’s hands is removed.” “It is forbidden to let the Iranians get nuclear arms. And I intend not to allow that to happen.”

Sorry Netty what was that you said before you will never talk about what you will do or not do?

So maybe now you can see how hypocritical our Government has been, in particular the rhetoric handed out by Cameron and Hague which continuously keeps back firing on them! Note the underlined statement above which is exactly the same as happened in Libya……….we are game fully stirring up trouble within Syria to force yet another regime change!!!

Zionist controlled Sky News was at it again with the following headlines:

 The bodies of 47 women and children have been found dead after a “massacre” in the Syrian city of Homs, the opposition and activists have said.

The 26 children and 21 women – some bearing stab wounds – were discovered in the Karm el-Zaytoun and Al-Adawiyeh neighbourhoods, according to Hadi Abdallah, a Syrian activist in the besieged central city.

“Some of the children had been hit with blunt objects on their head, one little girl was mutilated and some women were raped before being killed,” he said.

The Syrian National Council (SNC), the main opposition group, has called for an emergency UN Security Council meeting to discuss the “massacre”, which it said took place on Sunday.

However if you want to know the truth just look at the statement made on local TV which is obviously what is happening in reality…… State television blamed “armed terrorist gangs” for the killings, saying they had kidnapped residents of Homs, killed them and then made video footage of the bodies in an attempt to discredit Syrian forces.

These  groups are employed, funded and armed by the west to disrupt Syria…….even our own PM has admitted that he’s funding them!!

There is also evidence that the same thugs that were in Libya are now in Syria, including snipers to take out innocent civilians……we also saw this in Egypt…

Finally it was announced that Cameron and Sarkozy will meet in Paris next week to discuss a possible increase in help to Syrian rebels, including giving them military advice. No doubt Sarkozy will get all the support from his citizens now after the shootings in Toulouse which he and his Mossad counterparts arranged………such is the evil world we live in!!


I could go on forever pointing out our two faced approach to foreign policy but to what avail…….there has always been a master plan to take out seven Islamic countries since 1997 and this was again re enforced in a secret memo leaked to General Clarke the ex Supreme Commander of NATO Europe who was told of this plan during a visit to the Pentagon soon after 9/11 Its all about regime change – divide and conquer. At least Russia and China are keeping them in check with their Veto power!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/3/2012

Events under the French flag in Toulouse were clearly another “False Flag”

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Bravissimo – Some of the highly trained forces that allowed the gunman to leave the bathroom firing two weapons, pass through their lines and jump out of the bathroom window…..the very room he had just left…….rather strange don’t you think? 

Never have I seen such an array of intelligence reports concerning Mohamed Merah suddenly become available to the media whilst the police were still surrounding his bungalow, his house and then his ground floor apartment!!

Didn’t any of you give any thought to the fact that we were being sucked into yet another “False Flag” by being bombarded with so many conflicting stories and in such detail.

Even Britain’s European Foreign Affairs chief Baroness Ashton got involved during her not so busy session in the EU Parliament, just to stir up a few emotions, which deeply upset the Jewish community.

William Hague expressed his horror at the shooting at the Jewish School in Toulouse when he said: “The British Government expresses its deep and sincere sympathy for the families and friends of the victims and for the entire Jewish community in France.” “This act of calculated cruelty will unite all decent people in revulsion and condemnation. There is no excuse for such acts of appalling violence.”

Comments by Baroness Ashton were in my opinion not only balanced but clearly sympathetic towards crimes against all the children of the world. However Israel’s Tzipi Livni spit the dummy and obviously took exception to Ashton’s comments…..so what did the Baroness say that the Israelis found so offensive?

Baroness Ashton speaking at a conference titled “Palestine Refugees in the changing Middle East” (Brussels) said “We remember young people who have been killed in all sorts of terrible circumstances – the Belgian children having lost their lives in a terrible tragedy and when we think of what happened in Toulouse today, when we remember what happened in Norway a year ago, when we know what is happening in Syria, when we see what is happening in Gaza and in different parts of the world – we remember young people and children who lose their lives.”

I am sure you would all agree that her comments were not only compassionate but also very balanced but as you would expect Israel does not like any such killings linked with other events……they like to emphasize that this was purely a Jewish hate campaign!

Livni , whose father was a terrorist,  and who herself was an Intel Operative with Mossad no doubt carried out some pretty gruesome acts in her time was pretty quick to pass comment on Ashton’s statement when she said “a hate crime or a leader murdering his people is not like a country fighting terror, even if civilians are hurt.” Livni added that Ashton’s comment “represents the misconception in the world concerning the State of Israel and the current leadership’s inability to create the appropriate moral distinction.”

Back to the Toulouse “False Flag” incident one can clearly see how this terrible event suddenly became a massive worldwide story with highly detailed coverage as to the background of this apparent “Al Qaeda Jihadist Terrorist” who “Trained with Pakistani Taliban fighters” and was a “Veteran of fighting against NATO forces in Afghanistan”……not bad hey for a young guy of 24 who had made several trips to Pakistan and Afghanistan and who had been under surveillance by the French for some years!!

French Interior Minister Claude Gueant put on a classic “False Flag” performance that would put any Shakespearian actor to shame……his statement were more than melodramatic as he explained how they knew the gunman had hidden in the bathroom and how his special forces had moved in with sophisticated camera equipment to check out the apartment and as they approached the bathroom Mohammed burst out firing two guns in the most fanatical way.

He further explained how one of his battle worn officers (who was used to such incidents), had never witness such an extremely ferocious gunman, who came out of the bathroom firing two weapons. The gunman then burst through the line of heavily armed special police and with guns ablaze jumped out of the bathroom window!!

Let’s just hold it there for one moment……jumped out the bathroom window?……I though he had just come out of the bathroom?

Don’t you find it odd that any Tactical Response Group (TRG) or Special Anti Terrorism Police who knew where he was (according to their Interior Minister) and who were clearly heavily armed and who had surrounded the bathroom allowed an armed offender to even get past the bathroom door……we all know that with their training they take any person out that is armed and firing……what an absolute joke!!!

Let’s again focus on how much information was made available to the world media, even whilst this guy was still being surrounded and also later when the police negotiators where talking to him…….come on world wake up……this was an absolute classic “False Flag” with more than enough detailed history being handed out on the same day as the siege occurred……..even the best of the CIA, MI5 and Mossad would have been pushed to plaster so much intelligence on the front page of the worlds newspapers.

Can one imagine that with the very fine details given one would expect this guy to have been arrested a long long time ago or even now be in Guantanamo Bay….its absolutely absurd that this guy would have been free to roam!!

Maybe it is time to review what they knew about this guy in such a very short period of time and then you will see just how ridiculous this whole event has been and how it ridicules anyone with an ounce of intelligence…….come on you sheep of the world when are you going to see the truth behind these war mongers who want us all to believe that our streets are unsafe and the war against terrorism must go on!!…….There is no Al Quada and never has been…..there are certainly no Islamic terrorist waiting to carry out such attacks  as the Twin Towers or the London Underground……don’t you all see that these events were all inside jobs……yes folks they were all “False Flags” with the heavy involvement of Mossad and the Israeli Government with their Zionist backed Mafia in the US………any of you ever heard of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC)?…..take a look and see who is on the board and who controls this and many other organization in the US.

Do any of you know about the group of Israeli citizens that paraded in New York, dressed in traditional Arabic costumes and who were dancing with joy? Or the other group of Israeli citizens that were stopped and searched by the police on that terrible day and who’s sniffer dogs had detected explosives……that same group told the police you should be looking for Palestinians not Israelis…..two of the group were known Mossad operatives and were held for over 70 hours and released without charge……do you know who they were?……I do and I even have their pictures!!

So what is the apparent background of this so called “Islamic Jihadist Terrorist” –

It is reported (to the media) by the French Interior Minister that Mohammed  had declared he was a “mujahideen” with links to al Qaeda who wanted to avenge the deaths of Palestinian children in Israel………was that Israel or Gaza and West Bank?

It was further stated that he threw his pistol out of the window in return for a mobile telephone…….good trade off don’t you think?

It was around this time that another devout Zionist – President Sarkozy broke off from his election campaign to try and score a few more “browny points” when he said he had spoken with representatives of the French Muslin and Jewish communities and stated that “Terrorism can not  break our community.”

The story of Mohammed continues: Merah, known to French intelligence services, has made trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan in the past and has links with people involved in jihadism and that “Merah’s name can be expected to have come up as he was arrested in Afghanistan in 2010 and as he was French the authorities in Paris will have been informed. It is known he was on the DCRI’s radar.”

It was the French prosecutor handling the case, Francois Molins who said Merah had been to Afghanistan twice and had trained in the militant stronghold of Waziristan.

Even more spin was released to the media when the following points were made known:

His brother, who has been arrested, had been implicated in a network sending fighters to Iraq. A car belonging to him has also been seized after it was said to contain explosives.

Mr Molins told reporters the US army sent Mohammed Merah back to France after he was arrested in Afghanistan. Afghan police apparently detained the man at a road checkpoint and handed him over to the US army “who put him on the first plane headed to France,”

Then back to dear Mr. Gueant who quoted the following: “He explained how he received instructions from Al-Qaeda during his stay in Pakistan, how he had even been suggested to carry out a suicide mission but refused, but accepted to carry out a general mission to commit an attack in France.” Prosecutors have already said that Merah, the suspect, has told negotiators he was trained by the late Osama bin Laden’s Islamist network on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. More very interesting comments from Claude Gueant, the French interior minister. He told TF1 TV that the suspect had received orders from Al-Qaeda but refused their request for him to carry out a suicide attack and that the gunman was given a “mission” for attacks in the country.

Then we had Obama and Sarkozy back on the scene:

US President Barack Obama calls President Nicolas Sarkozy to offer his condolences. The French presidency says in a statement: “France and the United States are more determined than ever to fight together against terrorist barbarism.”

I hope you are all starting to get the picture that this barrage of verbal diarrhea was nothing more than yet another “False Flag” in order to keep up the !War against Terrorism.” That is so vital in their New World Order “Geo Political Plan,”

Just when you thought you had been given so much detailed intelligence about the gunman they went that extra mile to tell you:  Merah from the French prosecutor.said that from mid August to mid October 2011, the suspected gunman visited Pakistan, where he contracted hepatitis A.

It also disclosed that the Police are analysing explosives found in the car of Merah’s brother, a source close to the inquiry says, adding that they consisted of black powder that could be lignite, a slow-burning fuel……..such detail is remarkable when you consider the police were still negotiating with the offender!!.

Then this interesting comment: “The suspect’s lawyer Christian Etelin said he discoverd two years ago that Merah had “suddenly radicalised” and gone to Afghanistan. “I told him that, given his travels, he must be under close police surveillance and that he had better not do anything wrong,” Etelin says. “He did not give the impression that he could become radical and want to start committing acts of such absolute harshness.”

Mohammed  was arrested in Afghanistan’s former Taliban stronghold Kandahar in late 2010 for an unspecified crime, according to a source close to the inquiry…….wow oh wow this gets better all the time!

France’s domestic intelligence agency had tracked the suspect “for years”, Gueant admits, telling journalists: “He had for several years been tracked by the DCRI and its agents in Toulouse, but there was never anything to suggest that he was preparing a criminal act.”

Just to put the icing on the cake the British Israel Communication & Research Centre (BICOM) published there rather biased coverage and stated the following:

Toulouse shooter linked to Jihadi groups

French school shooting suspect Mohamed Merah was jailed for bombings in Afghanistan in 2007, but escaped months later in a jailbreak organised by the Taliban, according to prison documents cited by a top Afghan prison official yesterday.

In December 2007, he was arrested and charged with planting bombs in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province, for which he was sentenced to three years in jail and upon his return to France, Merah was placed on the French authorities’ list of suspected Islamic extremists, according to an intelligence official!!!

So there you have it folks……..clearly this pans out better than any circus you are likely to see around the world…….I am totally lost for words that  officials in the French Government, Police and the French Intel network knew all this and he was able to walk around a free man.

He would not have been released by the US military in Afghanistan for the bombings in Kandahar and even if he had he would have been arrested by the French authorities upon return to France……..this is clearly an absurd story that once again will go down in history as yet another “False Flag.”

Before closing – no matter what your faith one has to show the deepest sympathy for the victims and their families……..whoever masterminded this tragedy remain at large!!

Maybe we could ask Sarkozy, Tzipi Livni or Mossad if they have any idea?


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/3/2012



The Issues relating to depleted uranium and other illegal weapons

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You don’t need a porters trolley to move it around it’s in the air we breathe!!

Is it a serious risk to innocent civilians and our own troops? – You bet it is!! 

What is Britain doing about depleted uranium (DU) – Absolutely nothing!!


Maybe all the people that live within an area from Birmingham across to Norwich and down to Bristol, Bournmouth and across to Dover and back up to Norwich were not aware that they may have been exposed, on more than one occasion, to extremely high levels of radiation from the weapons used by the US, UK and coalition forces in and around the Middle East war zones……not to mention the onslaught on Libya that saw an incredible amount of DU weapons being used and also possibly low yield nuclear weapons. You can read more about these events below.

I would just like to give you a very brief history as to how Depleted Uranium came about……it was back in the 1940’s during the Manhatten Project at Los Alamos in the US that they discovered a type of poisonous  gaseous substance that was emitted from the nuclear test. The Generals seized this new found substance as a potential people killer that basically would drift on the wind, have no footprint to identify the aggressor and would kill over a long period of time.

In order to show you how these evil men embarked on the establishment of depleted uranium weapons we have to read the secret memo that was sent to Brigadier General Grove back in 1943. Make no mistake what you read is factual and should be read as meaning mass genocide, mass depopulation and mass infertility. If you don’t believe me ask the people of Iraq, especially those living in Fallujah and Basra who may not to be able to ever have a normal child.


DU Shell


 It was in more recent time after these tests that they also seized an opportunity to dispose of the nuclear waste from their nuclear programmes and power stations which is Uranium 238 or DU…..these stockpiles are massive and in some cases in very poor condition and so it made sense to the US Government to give it away to the arms manufacturing companies to be used as a penetrator, shaped charged liner or simply for ballast in weapons and aircraft……they are even taking about using it in lifts and cranes etc…..the problem is that DU is pyrophoric which basically means it is self igniting at low temperatures i.e. around 170 degrees……when it leaves the barrel of a gun it is basically igniting and gives the same appearance as a tracer bullet and when it hits its target it erupts into a type of nuclear thermal explosion in access of 5000 degrees and emits a huge cloud of radioactive nano particles in their millions that then drift on the wind.

We have heard the UN and many of its departments state that DU is no risk to your health……they even carried out an extensive survey in the Balkans after the war which resulted in a rather pathetic report that really didn’t even address the main issue which was total contamination of the war zone……..making some areas almost totally uninhabitable.

We have seen the same response from the WHO in turning their backs on this on going mass genocide and we have seen our respective governments tell lies as to its dangers and usage.

Let me give you an example, if you were to scan any particle piece of earth where radiation exists in its natural form you would probably get a reading of around 5-15 pulses…..on the other hand with DU which is U238 this reading would go up to around 10,000.

 Radiation exposure is measured in millisieverts. We all receive around two millisieverts of background radiation every year. The International Commission for Radiological Protection says exposure to all other forms of radiation – such as X-rays – should not exceed one extra millisievert a year. 

When one breaths in the nano particles from DU it would be extremely easy to exceed this limit. One expert from the above stated that breathing in just ten milligrams of uranium oxide dust would exceed the above limit.

The spokesman, Dr Jack Valentin, stated:
‘If you were actually inside, or immediately outside, the vehicle that’s hit by a bullet, and if you survive that hit, you can imagine that person inhaling perhaps a hundred milligrams, getting perhaps a dose which is ten times the dose limit for the general public.’ 

Experts say that receiving more than 50 millisieverts of radiation a year is enough to cause cancer but it is obvious that this statement is grossly incorrect based on the above limitations as any exposure above the norm ie 2 millisieverts per annum with maximum of  3 millisieverts.

From my perspective there is no safe level of radiation and also the fact that no studies have been carried out as to the harm inflicted on a victim who has inhaled these radioactive nano particles.

Maybe the poster below will again show you how they have covered up the safe dosage of radiation and indeed give no mention to the inhalation of the millions of nan particles from DU that circle our globe. If one can relate to the very high concentrations in the past and current areas of conflict it is fairly obvious what the New World Order is up too via its military arm NATO.  One must watch Aaron Russo’s interview (as per the link below) and see just how evil these imperialists are: http://www.naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=9184FA8FD503C91136CFB967E93CF8CC



One can see much DU evidence lying around after a conflict of war such as that in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen and Somalia etc It can be detected in damaged tanks and armoured troop carriers, spent rounds just sitting on the surface, buildings, cars or simply in the soil………this deadly contamination is not only circling the countries of conflict but also in adjacent countries and the world beyond……this contamination is going to be around for a half life of at least 4.5 billion years and is ongoing…….every time it rains or snows it comes down to contaminate our soil, crops and water…….every year it is stirred up by the weather in the form of gales, storms, cyclones and typhoons and not forgetting sand storms which stretch across continents…..it is stirred up every time you drive on it or walk on it or by aircraft or helicopters…..this is called secondary contamination and is on going each and everyday.

The use of DU weapons goes back to the Yon Kippur War 6-25 October 1976 when the US first introduced it to the Israelis and in doing so made victory that much easier for Israel.


It was then used extensively in the Balkans War which started with NATO aircraft carrying out “Deny Flight” which in today’s language is a “No Fly Zone.”

This later became “Deliberate Force” and extended from April 1993 – December 1995 and consisted of over 100,000 aircraft sorties. They claim the main use of DU was only from A10 aircraft which was totally untrue…they in actual fact also bombarded the region with DU Shells, DU Bombs and DU missiles making the entire region a very risky place to live (forever). Believe me I have a list of all munitions used and who fired them!!

Depleted Uranium was used excessively in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Somalia, Yemen and more recently in Libya with catastrophic medical problems, especially in the unborn child and young children.

This is a chart I made up to show how the upper winds move around the world on a given day and clearly show how depleted uranium can become very mobile


The big question who is next out of the 7 countries the Pentagon listed? 

If one could relate to the worlds air currents and jet streams carrying some of this contamination of nano particles directly over the top of the Himalayas as an example where many of Asia’s main rivers start and the millions of people that depend on those rivers for their survival…….one can clearly see the problems that depleted uranium brings to our planet.

The Chart I made up to show how DU is Rained/Snowed out

Depleted uranium is basically killing all around the world and to give you one very good example is the secret chart that was recovered from the research and development establishment in Aldermaston (Atomic Weapons Establishment) situated in the beautiful countryside of Berkshire, England. This is just one site and consists of 750 acres that was once an RAF airfield which can be clearly seen in the picture below:

Unknown to many citizens here in the UK this establishment has been run by contractors from the US, one of those being an offshoot of Haliburton that was once owned by that warmonger Dick Chenney.

Dr Chris Busby had for some time attempted to extract information from this entity in the hope of exposing what is really going on in this world. By law the establishment has to monitor the atmosphere in and around its locations to which this is only one.

The monitoring is carried out by atmospheric filters that check the level of radiation or DU in the region and as a direct result of Dr. Busby’s effort he was eventually able to obtain the chart of those readings taken at different times. His first efforts were not fruitful as the US company had deleted the charts so as to conceal the real problem……..however under the Freedom of Information Act, Chris was able to obtain a full report via the MoD and the graph shown below is an example of his determination.

In this graph one can see the base line which is basically normal background radiation and one can also see the peaks that directly relate to events that have taken place in some far away land………in this case you can see the peaks that relate to the US bombardment of Baghdad during Shock and Awe and also when the US carpet bombed the Tora Bora mountains in Afghanistan……on both occasions massive amounts of depleted uranium weapons were used as well as conventional Tactical Nuclear Weapons with a dial up value of up to 5kt…….which incidentally are not covered by the NPT.

This graph clearly shows that the UK was bombarded with extremely high levels of radiation from those conflicts and clearly proves my understanding that any contamination by such radioactive nano particles does not recognise international borders and is therefore in clear violation of the Geneva Convention.

On one particular occasion I mapped out the upper winds weather pattern over the war zones and noticed that the  contamination was taken up over the Caspian Sea, up into Northern Russia where it than tracked Westerly over Scandinavia and then down over Norway towards the UK where it got sucked into a very large low pressure area that just so happened to be centre over London………..on can clearly see from the graph below the authenticity of such contamination.



Lets now look into the spin off as a direct result of using such weapons in today’s warfare:

Almost 90% of victims are innocent civilians.

It only takes about 50 tons (45,359 kgs) of DU dust to kill 500,000 people so in the case of Libya for example during the initial onslaught it is estimated that the US, UK and France used around 175,000 kgs………..can you imagine that of this value alone you are looking at millions of people succumbing to the effects of DU not only within Libya but also in adjacent countries and around the world.

Shock and Awe Baghdad where thousands of tons of DU were used that came back to the UK to haunt us!!


I checked the upper winds during the Libyan War as an example and the contamination from coalition forces was blown westerly over Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco…..another stream took that same contamination out over the Mediterranean in a North-westerly direction over Spain, Portugal and then out into Mid Atlantic where it turned 180 degrees and looped back over the UK and Europe……such is the unpredictability of the upper winds.

Finally we can look at two very typical examples to prove that the west is carrying out mass genocide using weapons that violate the Geneva Convention on at least 4 counts,

Fallujah and Basra in Iraq have succumbed to extremely high levels of many forms of cancer as a direct result of the weapons used by the US, UK and coalition forces during the Gulf Wars.

Falujah found a very dramtic increase in infant mortality, cancer, leukaemia and birth defects that now exceeds those reported in Hiroshima back in WW2.

Doctors are overwhelmed with very serious birth defects, a four fold increase in adult cancers and a 12 fold increase in childhood cancers…….I must point out at this stage that the unborn child, new arrivals and young children are extremely at risk when it comes to depleted uranium (DU). DU does two things very well indeed:

  1. It attacks the DNA
  2. It enters the nose-brain barrier

This results in terrible mutations, cancers, brain tumours and severe mental problems.

Infant mortality is 43 times higher than Jordon for example and 8 times higher that Kuwait, although the latter has kept some statistics under lock and key……..as I pointed out above DU was used heavily in Kuwait and also it was the scene of a massive DU accident at the US base in Kuwait called Camp Doha…….it was here that a chain of events caused a massive explosion of DU weaponry. The US government said there was no problem but the Kuwaiti Government made the US remove of 7,000 kgs of top soil back to the US…….in actual fact this was and still is one huge cover-up as the cancer rates increase in Kuwait also.

It was Fallujah that was declared by the US Forces as a “Free Fire Zone” which assumes that civilians in the region are minimum and so basically one can blast the area with unrestricted fire power……..this was again a US cover-up because the area was heavily populated it just so happened that most people stayed indoors and did not venture out.

The result of this was a 38 fold increase in Leukaemia, a 10 fold increase in breast cancer (which in case you do not know is primarily caused by exposure to radiation) and a significant increase in Lymphoma and Brain Tumours. What is also know is that the sex ratio is also now unbalanced which indicates Genetic Damage to the population……a typical sign of deplated uranium and its horrific consequences.

Basra also has a similar problem with a massive increase in cancers since the war began as shown in the graphs below:


I have intentionally left out the graphs for Fallujah as they have gone off the scale!!

It is not nice to see the results of such an onslaught in the visual sense but one can only portray the evil use of these weapons on innocent civilians…..below is an array of photographs  of such victims which needless to say are no longer with us.

The above is just a small selection, the same is repeated in Afghanistan, North Pakistan/India, Gaza and soon Libya 

We in the west should hang our heads in shame at this deplorable on going situation……we only have to wait a short while to see the same results coming out of Libya….the very country that Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Hague and Sarkozy said was all about stopping a humanitarian crisis and  saving lives…

Maybe you can now see the truth….its has got nothing to do with dictatorships but all to do with greed for oil, gas and mining. Its all about regime changes to get western friendly leaders and government in power and more importantly to protect their own greedy plans to rape a country of its own wealth….naturally Israel also must be added to this list of scumbags for using the same weapons in Lebanon during the 2006 conflict and again in 2008/9 on Gaza……..what they did not tell the people of Israel was the fact they actually nuked themselves when the contamination drifted on the sea breeze from Southern Lebanon over into Northern Israel and again in Gaza when it drifted up the coast and also to the east in Israel…….perhaps someone should challenge their own government as to why there is an increase in cancers and infertility figures.It is believed that as little as 20% of males in Israel can now produce babies…… perhaps the citizens of Israel can see the true intention of the evil rich Zionist that are living overseas.

I am sure many Jewish people read my articles but what they do not understand is that the rich Zionists that live in the west do not give a shit about those living in Israel………you will be their sacrificial lamb when it comes to conflicts and it is they that reap in the rewards from such conflicts……..Hello you people out there are you getting the message or should I say Shalom……if you choose to ignore what your government is doing then it could well be Shalom Shalom or bye bye for Israel!!!

You ain’t seen anything yet folks…..just wait if there is conflict between the US, UK, France, Israel and Iran……the catastrophic fallout from such an attack on Iran would immerse the entire Middle East, including Israel in very high levels of radioactive  contamination from Iran’s nuclear facilities, from the nuclear weapons that would be used by the west i.e. dial up weapons up to 5kt and finally the huge DU radioactive nanoparticle fallout….all within 2-4 days covering from Turkey to Pakistan/India and from the Caspian down to Somalia!

Depleted Uranium is in gross violation of the Geneva Convention on at least 4 counts and its usage thus constitutes as being a war crime or a crime against humanity, it is not target specific, drifts on the wind beyond the battlefield and around the world. This is clearly a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

What one can say for sure is that all those named above including past Presidents and Prime Minister such as George Bush Senior and George Bush Junior, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and all their Foreign Ministers, Ministers of Defence and their Israeli counterparts are all guilty of crimes against humanity……….not forgetting the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon.


Before closing one must understand that the New World Order (NWO) plays a major part in all of these horrific crimes and many major incidents which we call a False Flag. They have carried out  many such incidents  in conjunction with the CIA, MI5/6 and Mossad such as the mass killings at 9/11 and 7/7 which were both inside jobs so one can clearly see that the New World Order has no morals as to how far it is prepared to go to enforce it own “Geo Politcal Policy.”

The Zionist (remember there are Christian and Jewish Zionists) are prepared to let the people of Israel be eliminated if necessary to achieve their goals and one can see a real possibility of this should the US, UK, France and Israel attack Iran. Remember whoever makes the first strike is the aggressor and obviously under the terms of such an attack one can legally retaliate in whatever way is necessary to protect ones own nation.

As a footnote it was interesting to read  an analysis by SiteIntel which talks about knowing your competition and they came up with the following for my blog: Site and competition analysis for eyreinternationa.wordpress.com estimated traffic: 431,747,687 monthly. I guess if it’s true then it proof that one simple guy can really make a difference!!…….I truly wish there were more as its time for someone else to take up the banner lol!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 12/3/2012