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Dr. Livingston

Dr Virginia Livingston – The Women Who Cured Cancer

I feel compelled to praise this lady who in my opinion is the only person who found a cure for cancer in the most natural way possible and it is in this lady that I totally and utterly trust and who’s therapy can offer me the best possible chance of survival:

The Women Who Cured Cancer

This is the story of Dr. Virginia Livingston who cured cancer but was never allowed to prove it despite overwhelming evidence to prove otherwise.

Obviously along the way she had a wonderful team surround her that helped her carryout this wonderful (Top Secret ) achievement that claimed bacteria caused cancer.

The group were four women (Virginia Livingston MD, microbiologist Eleanor Alexander-Jackson, PhD, cell cytologist Irene Corey Diller, PhD, and tuberculosis research icon Florence Seibert, PhD).

Dr. Alan Cantwell (dermatologist ) eventually joined the group and he gave reference to her as follows:

“Virginia Livingston, my mentor and great friend, was widely viewed as a quack doctor until the day she died. In her last years, she even evoked the wrath of Robert Gallo, the most famous medical doctor and scientist in the world for his co-discovery of the AIDS virus.”

Dear Virginia never gave up against all odds because she knew in her hear of hearts that what she had come across was indeed a cure for cancer and the comparison statistics were startling to say the least:

Her success rate was 83% compared to the American Cancer Society rate of only 15%

The above team of very dedicated and remarkable medical professionals would continue to fight against the pharmaceutical industry and clearly show to this day that what they had found was proof than cancer is a derivative of bacteria with a very close alignment to Tuberculosis (TB) , Leprosy and in more recent times to Aids, Alzeimers and Autism etc………..one could thus quickly understand why some vaccines could cause a specific disease rather than cure it.

Below is an extract from -“The Amazing Story of The Woman Who Put Cancer in Permanent Remission”  or “The Women Who Cured Cancer” by Ed Addeo  :
While working in a hospital in Newark, New Jersey, Dr. Virginia collected the entire spectrum of cancerous tissues directly from operating rooms in and around the Newark area and she was able to demonstrate microbes inside of all cancer cells.

In 1949, she was named the head of the new Rutgers Presbyterian hospital laboratory for the Study of Proliferative Diseases, Bureau of Biological Research, Rutgers University. She was subsequently named associate professor of The Bureau of Biological Research and proceeded to develop her research team. After studying the cultures from many tumors, she confirmed that a specific organism was present in all the tumors she examined. These strains were sent to many laboratories for identification, but none could easily or readily classify them because at that time they were totally unknown. They had many forms, but they always evolved into the same microbe.

This bacterium was an acid-fast bacteria that stained in the same way as did the tubercle bacillus through the dark field microscope. The microbes resembled the mycobacteria more than anything else. (The tubercle bacillus is a Mycobacterium or fungoid bacillus.) They were very highly pleomorphic in their growth pattern. Dr. Virginia called her microbe: Progenitor cryptocides. For more than 100 years Dr. Rudolf Virchow, known as the father of modern pathology thought that cancer cells themselves were parasites within the body. But Dr. Virginia conjectured that the microorganisms within the cancer transformed a normal cell into a sick cell that cannot mature by normal cell growth processes. The microbe, for possibly a number of reasons, and all involving the immune system, was propagating the cancer.

It was at this time all of her advisors at Rutgers felt that she had a pure and uncontaminated culture, her team was ready to test them against Koch’s law, or postulates.

Koch’s law is the accepted foolproof method of proving the cause of the disease. Koch’s postulates are:

  1. The microorganisms must be present in every case of the disease.
    2. It must be possible to cultivate the microorganisms outside the host (i.e., animal) in some artificial medium.
  2. The inoculation of this culture must produce the disease in a susceptible animal.
  3. The microorganisms must then be re-obtained from these inoculated animals and cultured again.

With this finding she proved, at least to her satisfaction, and by Koch”s law, the infectious nature of all cancers. Sinceshe knew her filterable organism was absolutely a bacterium and not a virus (the most universal opinion at the time was that cancer was caused by a virus) she knew that she was presuming a totally different cancer etiology and was at cross purposes with the medical establishment.

Dr. Virginia finally had to relinquish any thoughts of being acknowledged by the mainstream scientific community. She published many articles and scientific papers in respected journals including the American Journal of the Medical Sciences, The American Review of Respiratory Diseases, The Annals of the New York Academy Of Sciences, the International Journal of Dermatology, the Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association, and the Journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey, among others. One of her papers was even presented at the historic meeting of the New York Academy of sciences when, by invitation, she and her team classified her microorganism in the proper bacteriological fashion. All of these were met with enthusiastic applause but no official commendation recommendation or acceptance by the medical establishment.

The reason that Dr. Virginia left her position at Rutgers Presbyterian Hospital was as a result of a series of indifferent and even hostile actions by her medical counterparts who had become unsympathetic competing factions in the medical community. The medical establishment denounced and ignored her findings which threatened their established highly lucrative treatment modalities. Dr. Rhodes, the chairman of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute chemotherapy program was committed to chemotherapy, since he was in charge of United States chemical warfare division during most of World War II.

To Dr. Virginia, “unleashing the horrors of chemical warfare and the atomic bomb” in the form of chemotherapy and radiation against helpless victims of microbic disease was illogical. In addition, Dr. Cornelius P. Rhodes and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute, along with Dr. Virginia as Chairman of the research center at the Presbyterian Hospital in New Jersey had been designated as the recipients of a $1.5 million endowment in 1951. Dr. Rhodes who, was her most outspoken critic, unethically prevented the progression of her treatment plans in regard to this endowment.

At the time, the endowment was to be distributed by Mr. Harden, a terminal cancer patient in Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital. Mr. Harden was persuaded by Dr. Cornelius P. Rhodes to sign a codicil to the endowment preventing Dr. Virginia and Presbyterian Hospital from receiving the funds. Dr. Virginia was not allowed to use the funds as she and the Presbyterian Hospital had invisioned. The Memorial Hospital and Dr. Virginia, as well as the Black Sisters–the family of the endowment’s origin–were betrayed because officials of the two hospitals had given written agreements pledging faith to the vision of the Black sisters for helping cancer victims. Dr. Virginia and the Presbyterian Hospital did not know how the faith was betrayed for more than a year.

At the time of her Rutgers discoveries, many of the large research centers, including Memorial Sloan-Kettering cancer center in New York City–which was dedicated largely to finding a chemical or group of chemicals that would destroy the cancer cell–were completely oblivious to her accepted growing stature in Europe. Her opinion at that time was that Dr. Rhodes would allow no competition or interference from anyone who disagreed with his concepts regarding the treatment of cancer. He considered her and her collaborators as a fringe group without merit. He was often heard to say, “when the cause and cure of cancer is found, I will find it.” Dr. Virginia thought he must have died a disappointed man.

In 1953, she was exhibiting at numerous medical and scientific meetings in the United States and preparing for a presentation at the sixth international Congress of microbiology in Rome, Italy. After exhibiting at the American Medical Association conference in June of 1953, she left for Europe where she presented her work in London, Germany, and finally in Rome. The total presentation of Dr. Virginia’s team was nothing less than sensational. The commentation and publication in the Scientific and general press was worldwide. Unfortunately for humanity her work was then and now discounted by American press and scientists. The reasons are related to jealousy and greed. Her work was maligned and disregarded in the United States.

The Memorial Sloan-Kettering cancer Center was heavily endowed with millions of dollars from private industrial giants and Dr. Virginia felt that Rhodes wielded his authority like a heavy club. She claimed that he himself was less a scientist than a promotor and a politician determined to perpetuate the powerful cancer interest vested in him and his institution. On multiple occasions he prevented a number of influential prominent medical groups from interviewing her. He also threatened to withhold further news releases from the press if they reported on her findings. Thus, because of politics, attention to her research findings was disallowed and her subsequent cancer treatment obscured. The profound political influence of Dr. Rhodes eventuated the closing of Dr. Virginia’s Newark laboratory.

Dr. Virginia left New Jersey and her laboratory, where she had toiled so tirelessly with such lofty dreams and unbounded ambitions, now dismantled and never to be opened again. She heartened herself with the thought that she was going to join her family in California where her parents and sister lived. She moved to San Diego where she began work at the San Diego Health Association clinic as a medical internist and clinician. It was at that time that her then husband, Dr. Joseph Caspe, died of diabetes and heart disease. She was almost 50 years old, and 3000 miles from her pioneering work in Newark, New Jersey and beginning a completely New life.

It was here at this multispecialty clinic that she met A.M. Livingston, M.D.–eye, ear, nose, throat, and allergy specialist; and, a few years later, in 1957, they were married. From all accounts this was the great love of her life, as she frequently spoke of him adoringly even in the presence of her subsequent husband, Dr. Owen Wheeler.

There is a very fascinating narrative regarding how she obtained the Wheeler part of her name. A practicing physician named Dr. Owen Wheeler–who practiced at the time of this account for more than three decades in San Diego, California and was the primary founder of the Drs. Hospital in that city–was found to have an inoperable cancer. All of his medical Associates, and, specifically, the oncologist who he usually referred his patients to advised him that his only options were radiation and chemotherapy. He discovered that most, if not all, of the patients that he had referred to this oncologist for chemotherapy had died of their disease.

Dr. Owen decided that he did not want to be treated with radiation or chemotherapy. It occurred to him that it was very odd that for years he had been referring patients for radiation and chemotherapy procedures and now was reluctant to have this treatment intervention himself. Why had he been recommending treatments like this that seldom had been effective? He thought to himself, why do oncologists keep administering this treatment over and over when it rarely works? He said he then began to feel guilty because he, as a physician, had for many decades recommended that his patients subject themselves to essentially useless “cures”

Dr. Owen Wheeler decided to investigate what was being done in alternative cancer therapy. One of his friends suggested he contact The Livingston clinic in his own back yard where they were treating cancer patients. He made an appointment with Dr. Virginia who described her treatment to him and found the Progenitor cryptocides microbe in his blood sample. After looking at the whole treatment process with an open mind he consented to undergo the treatment program.

Dr. Virginia explained in detail how the first vaccine–the bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) that was developed for tuberculosis and that she claimed was a first cousin to her own Progenitor cryptocides bacillus–was also effective against cancer when used with other modalities. She explicitly defined how and why her treatment was a “do-it-yourself” cancer treatment that his own body would eliminate the microbe-cancer process–but only if his immune system could be strengthened. She also explained that she would make an autogenous vaccine from the actual microbe cultured from his own body fluids. Within 5 months of the start of this program, his cancerous tumor was completely gone. He lived for more than 20 years and his health remained excellent with no cancer recurrence during his lifetime and his demise was from an unrelated cause.

After more than 40 years of studying cancer microbes in cancer tissue and developing a vaccine which has virtually saved thousands of lives from the tormenting ravages of cancer Dr. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler’s treatment protocol associated with the immunotherapy vaccine has finally vindicated her life work and ultimately recognized her as one of the greatest medical geniuses Of the 20th Century. Her treatment protocol and vaccine therapy is now being profoundly and effectively utilized in all parts of the world.

It should be pointed out that Dr. Virginia Livingston worked alongside yet another genius who helped develop her vaccine – John J. Majnarich, PhD.

After the death of Dr Virginia Livingston Jophn Majnarich continued to carry out further research and development and created his own laboratory in Washington State, becoming the former President and Chief Scientist at Bio Research Laboratories Inc.

John Majnarich had been offering the technology described herein for over 40 years, working early on with Dr. Virginia Livingston his partner who passed away in 1990, before his passing in 2017.

While living, Dr. Livingston MD, ran a clinic with an out-patient treatment center for cancer using this immunotherapy technology, along with some diet and other supplements. There is a book on this work titled: “The Woman Who Cured Cancer” by Ed Addeo, the most recent edition is from 2014.

Another doctor has since come forward to weight in on the bacteria link by saying that TB and Cancer are like brother and sister with one being able to mask the other etc and in this case that wonderful man is Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer who clearly believes that the work carried out by the late Dr. Virginia Livngston was truly remarkable.
One can clearly see that this small group of ladies whom we could refer too domestically as the “listen to grandmother team” had decades of experience to reach their conclusion and findings that “that cancer is caused by bacteria” which one could say with great confidence, that if true, that cancer it is also contagious but can be cured in much the same way as TB.

One can clearly see that if we follow the “Big Pharma” approach to medicine we will continue to remain sick or premature death but if we return to serious medical research many of today’s serious illness’s will be cured by simply opening up our “Granmother’s and Grandfather’s recipe books” just like the research dear Dr. Virginia Livingston achieved…..truly a nominated posthumous receiver of the Nobel Peace Price……but hey that can never happen as they gave this award to ex-President Obama for starting wars…..what a joke!!!

My final question would have to be :

Question – Why Do Doctors Ignore the Bacterial Cause of Cancer?

Answer – Because the pharmaceutical industry high-jacked the medical profession and removed 100 of years of previous research into the link between cancer and bacteria and in doing so started up what must now be one of the most lucrative banks on this planet – “The Big Pharma”

Part two will cover my own personal fight with Stage 4 Matastic Colon Cancer that has spread into my nodes with at least 12 tumors on my liver which has now become inoperable.
I have had my primary tumour removed (to initially save my life) with approximately a third of my colon and currently in a post operative recovery mode…….my next plan is to put chemo and radiation on hold and opt for the above immunotherapy by attempting to raise money and carryout my own trial as early as possible in 2018
Having studied all of the above for over 15 years I am convinced that Dr Virginia Livingston did indeed find a cure for cancer and now it is my chance to prove that she actually did by receiving her immunotherapy………..you can donate to my fund so that the first three months of the one year trial can commence as soon as possible……here is the link …….thank you……..Peter Eyre
19th December 2017 my Birthday in hospital

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Message to All from the Author

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Leaders – Governments – Corporate Sector Fraud


It is with regret that I have to cease my current activity due to the fact that my High Court Case at the Royal Courts of Justice in London is still ongoing.

My associate and I have turned the case around and won but we now believe the case may well extend into another closely connected criminal case involving the high society of London.which also extends into other countries.

Obviously I can longer continue in exposing my intended international fraud and corruption articles as it would interfere
with the current proceedings of this second pending court case.

My blog https://eyreinternational.wordpress.com
contains hundreds of hard hitting articles, in particular the series named Pandor’s Box Open up More Grime and Slime.

If you start reading back in 2010/2011 onwards you can see the very articles than landed Gordon Bowden and myself in the Royal Courts of Justice (London) on a charge of defamation which seven years later failed and became a win win situation.

Our case is still ongoing and a second possible criminal case is about to unfold that links high society fraud, corruption and associated assassinations to our case and for that reason alone we have to reduce our level of activity so as not to compromise the second case.

What is already out there in the public domain still stands and cannot be retracted (as that case is basically over) but as you will appreciate its contents now extends in a second criminal case.and therefore any activity/articles we both carry out could jeopardise the new case which is now in the hands of the Major Crime Squad and the Serious Fraud Squad etc.

If you read past articles you will see it names and shames many high profile Leaders, Senior Politicians and the Jet Set members of High Society and the Corporate Giants etc and covers the US, Canada, UK, EU, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and many other offshore havens.

Australia (All States) plays a major role in fake/virtual non existent companies especially in the Oil Gas and Mining Sectors with massive tax evasion all amounting too trillions of dollars.

All leaders and ministers of the mainline political parties, including the current One Nation Party ( Sen Hansen, Burston and Roberts have been informed, as have associated police departments all to no avial.

Legally speaker they are themselves now implicated by not taking appropriate action or by not representing their respective constituents in raising such issues in Parliament or Congress etc

All those implicated or informed of my many published articles (in the US, UK, India and Australia) are now to be named in a more “Substantial Legal War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity Report” which is also pending.

It is obvious that based on the fact that their alleged respective “National Debt” in each of the above countries are simply non existent and that their illegal “Black Ops – Military – Space – False Flag Budgets” are not known to their citizens makes them all guilty and accountable!!.

All of the above clearly makes their current severe “Austerity Measure” totally illegal and false!!

Thank you all for your ongoing support and please feel free to browse through my hundreds of articles…..they will not only shock you but also reveal the truth as to what is really going on


Peter Eyre 1015 Local time 07/08/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster



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The Myths of Global Warming Part 11 (Final)

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Earth's Doctor

Allowing the Earth to heal itself by natural cycles is all that is required

However, we can  help by eliminating the ongoing very aggressive wars and conflicts and by the application of very simple and logical management of modes of available transport, traffic management and the release of “Nikola Tesla’s Technology.”

This final article will provide factual forensic evidence that almost all aspect of current day academic teaching is totally false and one could seriously challenge  our respective Governments, Environmental Agencies, NASA, NOAA and many Scientist’s  claims that Global Warming is primarily man made.

To some degree we as individuals have contributed in some small way but the fact remains that Global Warming and Global Cooling is a natural cycle and any real damage to “Mother Earth’s Environment” is caused by “Government Policies, Globalization, Massive Deforestation and associated “Clear Fell Mentality,” Military Wars & Conflicts. Major Multinational Companies thirst for profits (no matter what the cost) and the Oil, Gas & Mining sectors rape and contamination of the environment!


Let’s now focus on the North Pole and the Arctic and see how the natural cycles of mother earth continue to change its appearance since  time immemorial.

The Arctic is a polar region located at the northernmost part of Earth. The Arctic consists of the Arctic Ocean, adjacent seas, and parts of Alaska, Canada, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Sweden.

Historically speaking Sea Ice forms in the Arctic Region and has varied in size and thickness since human records began and generally speaking is free floating, moving and obviously (subject to the severity of the natural cycle) does attach itself to nearby land masses such as Greenland etc.

Geologically speaking you may find it hard to believe that at some period in time the area relished in a climate that did sustain primitive humans, wheat and sheep etc and would have been totally void of ice in order for such a climate to exist!

From my perspective I have sailed in and around the Arctic Circle and made transit via areas that you could not transit today……such passages have continued to change over time……sometimes closed and sometimes open.

I have also flown over the Arctic Circle and found the area to consist of Semi Large Masses of Ice and lots of Pack Ice areas that are constantly on the move with no set pattern from year to year and at cruising level found it hard to believe that any Permanent Ice Cap Existed!

North Pole

Where is the Arctic Ice Cap – One can see the Ice/Snow of Greenland but nothing else


Volcanic Activity Arctic

The Truth Will Set You Free

Unlike the Antarctic one could say with a certain amount of confidence that there is “No Polar Ice Cap” and there is no assurance of “Mass Ice Formation or Thickness” as a direct result of Earth’s natural cycles and undersea volcanic activity etc……..obviously massive deforestation (Clear Fell Operations – Oil, Gas and Mining activity ) in tropical zones is dramatically interrupting the exchange of hot – cold sea current cycles and atmospheric hot- cold air masses i.e. South to North and North to South Flows, which coupled with the above and the Sun’s Cycles impacts on the Arctic Environment.

Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat:

Updated data from NASA satellite instruments reveal the Earth’s polar ice caps have not receded at all since the satellite instruments began measuring the ice caps in 1979. Since the end of 2012, moreover, total polar ice extent has largely remained above the post-1979 average. The updated data contradict one of the most frequently asserted global warming claims – that global warming is causing the polar ice caps to recede:


Before closing this extremely large article I just want to place an emphasis on the balance of current CO2 and the fact that it has nothing to do with Global Warming and that at all costs  must remain as is in order for life to exist…..it is also a natural cycle and interchange!!

Below a wonderful presentation given to the US Government by Dr. Easterbrook in 2013


Polar Ice

One Slide from Dr. Easterbrooks presentation

More government grime and slime to follow along with hard forensic evidence on “Matters of National Importance”

Topics covered:

Government & Politicians Fraud – Financial Scams- Austerity Scams – Matters of National Security Scams – Intelligence Agency & Military Scams – Government & Intelligence “False Flag” Scams.

The many articles to follow will provide forensic evidence and will name and shame Prime Ministers/Leaders, Members of Parliament, Members of the House Of Lords, Corrupt Banking and Corporate CEO/MD’s/Directors (especially in the Oil, Gas and Mining Sectors.)

The legal War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity Report will show

They will also prove that those that are put into office by the citizens of each respective country, once elected and in office, do not represent their constituents and fail in raising such important issues!

They also make a  pledge of support to the New World Order/Illuminati/Israel who then financially support their respective election campaigns with “Strings Attached” and also become members of “Political Friends of Israel”……that Under Common Law is an “Act Of Treason” whereby no Country, Sovereign State or Government can hand over any aspect of power or influence to another Nation or Government!!!!

Peter Eyre 1330 Local time 05/08/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster


























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The Myths of Global Warming Part 10

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This short article is more of a pictorial presentation to show real time evidence of the current Global Warming Scam…….as they say “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.”

Artic Ice Data



And “Hey Presto” a wonderful image of 2017 clearly showing the ice continuing to thicken despite our Governments “Scare Mongery Tactics/”


Now lets look at the Antarctic and see that the same applies as the ice continues to grow and thicken.

The Antarctic Ice Sheet has an average thickness of 2126m, and the deepest part is Bryd Glacier, the base of which lies 2870 m below sea level. The thickest part of the Antarctic Ice Sheet is Astrolabe Subglacial Basin, where the ice is 4776 m thick.

The Antarctic sea ice has reached the normal level for the first time in three years. This fact has been confirmed using satellite imaging technology.

 Groundbreaking 3D mapping of previously inaccessible areas of the Antarctic has found that the sea ice fringing the vast continent is thicker than previous thought.

Two expeditions to Antarctica by scientists from the UK, USA and Australia analysed an area of ice spanning 500,000 metres squared, using a robot known as SeaBed.

NASA says “Antarctic ice may be growing after all.”

A new study suggests Antarctica isn’t shrinking after all — it’s getting larger.

The latest data from NASA shows Antarctica is actually gaining ice mass thanks to snow and instead of driving sea level rise, may actually be slowing it down.

“The good news is that Antarctica is not currently contributing to sea level rise, but is taking 0.23 millimeters per year away,”



So Mr. Al Gore stick that where it hurts!!


It now becomes clear as to why the US has pulled out of the Paris Agreement because anyone with one ounce of intelligence can see that “Global Warming is a Scam.”

Not only is it a scam it is also extremely dangerous for our leaders and politicians to play God and reduce CO2 emissions when CO2 does not even cause global warming.

CO2 is a perfectly natural cycle that must remain unchanged in order for humans, animals and plants to survive …….. “We So Desperately Depend On It”

It is clear than UN Agenda 21 and its replacement UN  2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has not been created to safeguard Earth’s Environment and its Inhabitants but rather to “Eliminate and Depopulate up to 90% of Human Life.”


UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand Leaders and Politicians from the two main parties are still pushing UN2030 Agenda which constitutes “Mass Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity and the Environment.”


No Doubt our governments will blame climate change on Islamic Extremists which to some extent may well be true as they themselves (CIA – MI5/6 – DVD – MOSSAD – ASIO) created, funded, armed and taught them how to “Divide and Conquer.”

These “New World Order Imbeciles” will be exposed and brought to trial sooner than later but only those that put them in power can bring them down!!


Its the sun you idiots

The truth is rather the opposite that mother earth is currently going through a “GlobaL Cooling Cycle” which will plummet temperatures to all time lows so you the government should be addressing that aspect rather than generating “Stealth Taxes.”

More government grime and slime to follow along with hard forensic evidence

Peter Eyre 1115 Local time 02/08/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster







Artic Ice Data






Antarctic Ice Data

The Antarctic Ice Sheet has an average thickness of 2126 m, and the deepest part is Bryd Glacier, the base of which lies 2870 m below sea level. The thickest part of the Antarctic Ice Sheet is Astrolabe Subglacial Basin, where the ice is 4776 m thick.

The Antarctic sea ice has reached the normal level for the first time in three years. This fact has been conformed using satellite imaging technology.


Groundbreaking 3D mapping of previously inaccessible areas of the Antarctic has found that the sea ice fringing the vast continent is thicker than previous thought.

Two expeditions to Antarctica by scientists from the UK, USA and Australia analysed an area of ice spanning 500,000 metres squared, using a robot known as SeaBed.

NASA says Antarctic ice may be growing after all

A new study suggests Antarctica isn’t shrinking after all — it’s getting larger.

The latest data from NASA shows Antarctica is actually gaining ice mass thanks to snow and instead of driving sea level rise, may actually be slowing it down.

“The good news is that Antarctica is not currently contributing to sea level rise, but is taking 0.23 millimeters per year away,”

So Mr. Al Gore stick that where it hurts!!


It now becomes clear as to why the US has pulled out of the Paris Agreement because anyone with one ounce of intelligence can see that “Global Warming is a Scam.”

Not only is it a scam it is also extremely dangerous for our leaders and politicians to play God and reduce CO2 emissions when CO2 does not even cause global warming.

CO2 is a perfectly natural cycle that must remain unchanged in order for humans, animals and plants to survive …….. “We So Desperately Depend On It”

It is clear than UN Agenda 21 and its replacement UN  2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has not been created to safeguard Earth’s Environment and its Inhabitants but rather to “Eliminate and Depopulate up to 90% of Human Life.”

UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand Leaders and Politicians from the two main parties are still pushing UN2030 Agenda which constitutes “Mass Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity and the Environment.”

These “New World Order Imbeciles” will be exposed and brought to trial sooner than later but only those that put them in power can bring them down!!

More government grime and slime to follow along with hard forensic evidence

Peter Eyre 1115 Local time 02/08/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster



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The Myths of Global Warming Part 9

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The older we become and the  more we go through life we start to see the truth

Sometime it comes before us but we do not see it or we choose to ignore it

We have all arrived at the most critical part of our life on earth as our respective governments deceive us in the most evil and satanical way.


The frequency of their very deceptive (almost daily) “False Flag Events” bombard us via their “Zionist Controlled Media” creating hysteria and fear at levels we have never seen before that challenge our own intelligence, many of which border on being totally absurd and pathetic!! 


I have to date covered the Cancer Scam, Vaccination Scam, and this – Global Warming Scam currently being covered and I have to say that these few remaining articles on this latter topic cannot be challenged as they have been used to provide absolute truthful data and evidence in Canada and the USA.



After these final articles it will be time to turn up the heat a little and hit them where it hurts most (their own wallets and their own integrity)!!

I was going to reveal my current War Crimes – Crimes Against Humanity Report which will show all the “Slime and Grime” that has been handed down by our respective Governments on a “Name and Shame Basis” but before doing so I thought that after this current series I would cover “Major International Fraud and Corruption” carried out mainly in the United States – Canada – UK – South Africa – Australia (major player) and New Zealand.

The level of Fraud and Corruption in these countries amounts to many Billions, if not Trillions of dollars (not to mention the tax evasion) and will clearly show that each country really does not have, what they call, a national deficit but simply have allowed their leaders,  politicians, and CEO’s in  the Banking Sector,  Commercial Sector (especially Oil, Gas and Mining) to siphon off “Trillions of Dollars” in their massive “Ponzi Scams” and in their Fake/Virtual non existent companies all of which disappear into offshore accounts in such places as Panama, British Virgin Islands, Channel Islands, Gibralter, Cyprus and many many more.


We talk today about the Panama Papers that caused the dismissal of some leaders and politicians around the world but believe me that was no where near the tip of the iceberg as your will learn from my future articles that have been copied and kept in many “Safe Houses” around the world!!!

Pak PM

“Yes you bastard you can look worried”

Pakistan Prime Minster Forced to Resign over Panama Papers

Our Leaders, Senior Politicians and CEO’s/Directors are not only fraudulent but also are bordering on carrying out ” Sovereign acts of Treason” and “Crimes against Humanity in their “Black Ops Activities” and “False Flags Plots” against their own respective countries and in imposing “Severe Austerity Measures” on the Old, Disabled and Poor citizens they are supposed to represent!!

These future articles will show forensic evidence that all leaders and their political parties have been made aware of the various articles contents and the appropriate authorities responsible for investigating crimes, fraud, finance and health.

They will show their appropriate automated replies such as:

“Thank you for taking the time to contact me.”

 “I am sure you will appreciate that, given the overwhelmingly large volumes of emails I receive daily, I cannot reply immediately nor can I reply to all the emails that I receive. This does not mean that I haven’t carefully considered your email. I prioritise urgent emails as well as those from my constituents.”

What could be more important in the interest of any country such as Massive International Fraud/Corruption, Medical Cover-Up in relation to available cures, Harmful Vaccinations programmes that other countries have stopped or banned, Illegal Arms Trading (including missing Nuclear Weapons), Paedophilia, Major False Flag Events such as bringing down airliners etc!!

MH370 1No Mystery as it didn’t crash into the sea off Western Australia

The Passengers ended up as preserved cadaver (formaldehyde) in the Ukraine…….MH17 was cancelled ex Amsterdam and the alleged photograph taken by a passenger upon departure was not the same aircraft that came down in the Ukraine but believed to be that of MH370!!

I have to say that  some very rare actual replies have been received all of which has been to no avail and in some cases reveal a sort of New World Order Arrogance that makes them almost “holier-than-thou” i.e. sanctimonious, self-righteous, complacent, smug, self-satisfied and pious.

Its time to stop this “International Bullshit” and not only reveal the truth but also to bring those responsible to trial and clean up politics once and for all.

This article will show the remarkable work carried out by Davoud Tohidy, a very brave Canadian Citizen ,who not only gave a brief to the Canadian Government but also like myself and my associate filed a High Court Case.

You will note in his brief that he gives some reference to Honorable Ms. Ann Bressington (hereafter Ms. Bressington), an Independent Member of the Legislative Council, South Australia whom I met and discussed most of what is talked about in her speech…..she is one of many activists that are prepared to stick their neck, stand up and be counted some of whom have made the eternal sacrifice and are no longer with us…….”You know why”

Climate Change Ontario Consultation as given to the Canadian Government

Davoud Tohidy March 2015

This VITAL information is all you need to know about man-made Global warming fraud, Carbon Dioxide Fraud and the upcoming Ice Age 2030 – 2031 Please share it widely as there are some criminals who who do NOT want you to!!!


Davoud Tohidy:

I am a concerned Canadian citizen. I am the former EIT member of professional Engineers of Ontario. I hold a certificate in Interactive Multimedia Web Development program from Algonquin College in Ottawa. I also hold a diploma as a distinguished graduate in Honors Business Administration program from Willis College in Ottawa with an average mark of 98%. Since 2011, I have been conducting research on chemtrails, Geoengineering, aerosol, Carbon dioxide, man-made global warming, global warming and conspiracies that our people and our planet is facing.

Former white house space program adviser, consultant to NASA’s headquarter and shuttle engineer Mr. John Casey has confirmed that global warming has ended in 1998 and has predicted that we are heading to an ice age with the peak in 2030 -2031.

 According to the study of Philippon Berthier et al, colder, drier conditions plus lower levels of carbon dioxide will result in 39% less terrestrial photosynthesis, 60% less forest cover, 30% less leaf area, 17% less grassland area, 69% less boreal forests and 286% more polar deserts. Not only Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide is NOT a pollutant but also it is the vital part of the earth’s ecosystem. Without CO2, there will NOT be a terrestrial life on earth.

To put it in simple words, Human inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide and plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale Oxygen! This evidence based article uses formal testimonies of well-known NASA scientists and professors including US, Canadian and Australian experts and professors as well as other sources and proves that Water Vapor Rules the Greenhouse System and is the most dominant greenhouse gas with the highest effect (95%) on greenhouse effect NOT carbon Dioxide and that Carbon Dioxide is NOT  a pollutant, Man-made global warming is the biggest FRAUD in the history and that Carbon dioxide is NOT the cause of global warming nor it can be the cause of global cooling. Therefore, implementation of policies to impose Carbon Dioxide tax and Cap and trade system and to mitigate the non-existent global warming effects via chemtrails and Geoengineering are all based on fraudulent science and must be stopped immediately and all the necessary precautions must be taken in order to deal with the upcoming ice age immediately.

MAFIA in Canadian Politics:

According to Mr. Ben Soave RCMP’s former chief of anti-mafia operations: “Mafia groups have a wide swath of influence from political figures, to law enforcement, to people in the criminal justice system and the manufacturing industries” (Mafia group top threat in GTA, RCMP says). “These criminals are behind man made global warming and CO2 Fraud and are taking all measures to prevent the government officials from accessing the real raw and untouched evidence which prove man made global warming is non-existent.”

 Club of Rome behind global warming fraud:

The following quote has been made by Club of Rome on page 75 of the book “The first global revolution” “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill….”

Al Gore

Major player of deceit – All Gore public arsehole No1

 Al Gore and Maurice Strong are both member of the Club of Rome and both are the main individuals in promoting global warming and man-made global warming. (The Club of Rome and CACOR) (The First Global Revolution) Club of Rome behind depopulation agenda

The following quote has been made by Club of Rome on page 191 of the book titled

“Limits to Growth” Maurice Strong / global warming conspiracy James George Janos (Jesse Ventura) is the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003. He has a group of investigators and runs the “Conspiracy Theory” show. Jesse Ventura’s deep investigation uncovers evidence that could point to one man the Canadian “Maurice Strong” and promoter of One World Government being behind an entireglobal-warming conspiracy.

 The following is a highlight of his show “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura “Global Warming” (Jesse Ventura Global Warming Maurice Strong).


 0:08 – Narrator:

“The global warming conspiracy a plot to use the hot button issue to control nations, your love life and ultimately the world” – “We are further convinced that demographic pressure in the world has already attained such a high level, and is moreover so unequally distributed, that this alone must compel mankind to seek a state of equilibrium on our Planet.” Jesse Ventura’s investigation has led to one man Maurice Strong, a UN official.


0:57 – Jesse Ventura:

It’s not truly really about saving the planet from carbon dioxide. It’s about making money at international level…


 1:13 – George Washington Hunt (Former US naval officer):

 Yes, we’re talking about a powerful immense aristocracy that is that has the intention of using the fear of the environment  deteriorating, they’re going to use it to take over the world 


1:33 – Narrator:

 George Hunt was an official at the World wilderness congress when he met

Maurice Strong in 1987. The congress’s international forum for discussing the environment but Maurice Strong showed up to introduce a new player financier

Edmond de Rothschild the Rothschild banking dynasty and the proposal to create something called a World Conservation bank.


1:58 – A recording by Maurice Strong at the 4th World wilderness congress Denver 1987 introduces Edmond de Rothschild.


2:27 – George Washington Hunt:

Maurice Strong was in charge of the conservation movement but he was also Edmond de Rothschild’s right-hand man. You have money and the environment in one-person Edmond de Rothschild. Now Maurice Strong I found out during the conference was the point man the one that was making the decisions.


2:52 – George Washington Hunt:

Their aims are to create an anxiety about global warming.


3:30 – Jesse Ventura:

So this is really about like an all-world government  is what you’re talking about.


3:32 – George Washington Hunt:

It is part of the One World Order


6:24 – Robin… (Jesse Ventura’s member of Investigation team):

He [Maurice Strong] has been really working as an advisor for the Chinese government and helping them make money off global warming. He is helping china sell and trade carbon credits.


7:47 – Jesse Ventura:

We’ve discovered that hundreds of thousands of the experts can’t even agree on global warming  but like I said I’m no scientist, the conspiracy here’s a scare tactic to control people, make billions even trillions in profit and the evidence we’ve uncovered makes it pretty clear money is at the root of this movement.


 Honorable Ms. Ann Bressington exposes UN Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Maurice Strong and Global warming:

Honorable Ms. Ann Bressington (hereafter Ms. Bressington), an Independent Member of the Legislative Council, South Australia spoke at the Lord Monckton Launch on Feb 2, 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Center exposing UN Agenda 21, Club of Rome and Maurice Strong.

The video of her speech is located at:


The following are some quotes from her speech (Ann Bressington Exposes Club of Rome, Maurice Strong, UN Agenda 21 and New World Order):


4:34 – Ladies and gentlemen the origins of the environmental movement as we see it began back in 1968 when the Club of Rome was formed. The Club of Rome has been described as a crisis think tank which specializes in crisis creation. The main purposes of this think tank, was to formulate a crisis that would unite the world and condition us to the idea of global solutions to local problems.

 She then after pointing out the “Club of Rome’s quote in regards to pollution and global warming threat” states:


5:39 – That’s the origin of  global warming  ladies and gentlemen.


7:17- In1992, former President of the United States George Bush Sr. Said:

“The effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced. A major shift in priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action will be integrated into individual and collective decision making at every level.


8:20 – in1992 Maurice Strong secretary general of UN earth Summit and a member of Club of Rome said:

“It is clear that the current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class involving a high meat intake, consumption of a large amount of frozen convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, ownership of motor vehicles, small electrical appliances, home and work air conditioning and suburban housing are not sustainable.”

Then Ms. Bressington states: Put those statements together with the previous one it must become clear that Agenda 21 is about controlling every aspect of our lives, how we ate, what we ate, how much we ate, how we move around, food production, the amount of food and where we even live.[This is part of the NWO Socialist agenda]


9:13 –  Dixie Ray “former Washington State governor and Assistant Secretary for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affair” stated:

 “Agenda 21 seeks to establish a mechanism for transferring the wealth from citizens to the third world. Fear of environmental crisis would be used to create a world government and UN central direction food production, the amount of food and where we even live.[This is part of the NWO Socialist agenda]


10:49 – J. Gary Lawrence, adviser to president Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development:

“Participating in a UN advocated planning process would very likely bring out many of the conspiracy fixated groups and individuals in our society. This segment of our society who fear one world government and UN invasion through which our individual freedoms will be stripped away would actively work to defeat any elected official who joined the conspiracy by undertaking Agenda 21 so we will call our process something else. We will call it comprehensive planning or growth management or SMART growth. We ended up with sustainable development.”


12:21 – We see big projects spending that does not fit the message that we are in financial crisis but we the people have to tighten our belts while the government seems absolutely unaware and unconcerned of the amount of debt that is accumulating. This in turn means taxes and levies, fines and other penalties increase as well as cost of living rising exponentially and ordinary citizens ability to exist well is compromised with almost with every law that we pass.


13:44 – The intrusions into our property…will roll out into the suburbs and into the city because they have the “authority” to do that.


14:34 – This government has been working overtime to take over our rights under common law through many pieces of legislation. . Common law is what guaranties us an ability to correct injustices. This coming year I promise you, you will also hear the debate over a number of pieces of legislation that will further erode our common law rights and you have to get behind me on this ladies and gentlemen to stop this from going through.


15:00 – As  Agenda 21  became more and more apparent to me I began using the line in the Parliament, “The government was now declaring war on its own citizens  and that goes back far as 2008. This of course led me to be labelled as conspiracy theorist but here we are now openly talking about  Agenda 21and the ramifications we will see  in a short period of time if this is not stopped in its tracks.


17:02 – In 1972 the club of Rome published the alarmist limits to growth document warning worldwide over population, the need for sustainable development. This was the beginning of the slow process of social engineering and programming people to accept that the planet is struggling to sustain life


17:19 –  On the 8th of October 1973 New York times reported a quote from

Ted Turner also Club of Rome: “The social experiment in China under

Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful

in human history”.


17:42 – In 1997 Gorbachev also a member of Club of Rome, said “We are

moving toward a New World Order, the world of Communism, and we shall

never turn off that road.” He also quoted in 1996 Monetary and Economic Review on Page 5: “The environmental crisis will be the international disaster that will unlock the New World Order, one world government”.


18:09 – In1992 came the Earth Summit which produced the Earth Charter, this document was co-written by Maurice Strong long-time globalist the latest member of Club of Rome and Mikhail Gorbachev. Both Gorbachev and Strong stated that: “It was hoped that this document would be adopted as the new 10 commandments with environmentalism as the new one world religion. Out of this summit came  Agenda 21.


18:44 – Ted Turner  who was also a member of Club of Rome was quoted as saying in 1996 “ The total population of 250 – 300 million people is ideal. That means a reduction of 95% from present levels would be even more ideal. Anyone who abhors the China one child policy is simply a dumb dumb.”


 19:08 –  In 1998 the Baltimore Sun reported on July the 7th, “Most of Ted Turner’s first donation to the UN of 22 million went to programs that seek.” Another goal of the depopulation process is for the upcoming generation to submit to sterilization to save Mother Earth.

Ladies and gentlemen everything I’ve said here tonight can be verified by document searches and it is now time for soul to take off our blinkers and encourage your neighbours to take off their blinkers  and also time for you to demand that every person you elect fully understands this policy that is being rolled out by local, state and federal government at a concerning rate.

We are not talking about decades we are talking about only years before this is fully implemented.


20:12 So the question that Lord Monkton asks “Carbon TAX, Climate Change and  Agenda 21, Can democracy survive all three? needs to be answered and answered now.

NASA confirms Sun has entered into hibernation:

According to NASA sun has entered into hibernation and as we can see from the chart on the next page as we approach to 2020, sunspot counts is at its minimum level. This proves we are in a global cooling era and that we are heading to an ice age. (NASA Sun Hibernation Chart: Cycle 24 sunspot number prediction (2015/01).



I have decided to make this topic a top priority and make it not only a technical article but also extensive as the welfare of our planet and its citizens is at stake.

If we allow these government imbeciles to implement their Global Warming Scam we are truly playing “Russian Roulette” with Mother Earth…….. CO2 plays no part in global warming and is part of our natural cycle and must be left in its existing state otherwise all forms of human life, fauna and forma with be a risk.

More government grime and slime to follow.

Peter Eyre 1145 Local time 29/07/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster


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The Myths of Global Warming Part 8

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Leaked Emails Expose US – UK Science Fraud on Global Warming

Global Warming Scam Cracked


I have decided that I would publish just one more conclusion to my global warming series to prove that scientist themselves were found covering up the truth.

If we look back to the leaked emails between the University of East Anglia and their US counterparts one can see that all of us have been spoofed by the G20 propaganda machine..

The leak of those emails blew away the G20 scam and proved that this was simply a measure to create stealth taxes on the ordinary people of this world and for the poorer countries to be bullied in taking western technology and  huge debts via the World Bank and the IMF.

I was so happy that this was revealed before any decisions had been made and it became clear that in releasing these emails one could say that it may have saved the lives of thousands if not millions of innocent people around the world. Hopefully this will stop the G20 from initiating their evil plans and leave the third world to get on with its own affairs.

In order to refresh your memory or to enlighten those that never got to read them, her are the basics…………needless to say most of that information has now been removed and no longer available on the original University of East Anglia web page (http://www.eastangliaemails.com/index.php). Below is a list as proof they existed.

Here is some of the information that was leaked to the media:

More than a decade of correspondence between leading British and U.S. scientists was included in about 1,000 e-mails and 3,000 documents posted on Web sites following the massive security breach..

Some climate change sceptics and bloggers claim the information shows scientists had overstated the case for global warming and allege the documents contain proof that some researchers have attempted to manipulate data.

The leaked data came weeks before the U.N. climate conference in Copenhagen, when 192 nations were trying to reach a binding treaty to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases worldwide. Many officials – including U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – regard the prospects of a pact being sealed at the meeting as bleak.

In one leaked e-mail, the research centre director, Phil Jones, writes to colleagues about graphs showing climate statistics over the last millennium. He alludes to a technique used by a fellow scientist to “hide the decline” in recent global temperatures. Some evidence appears to show a halt in a rise of global temperatures from about 1960, but is contradicted by other evidence which appears to show a rise in temperatures is continuing.

This is Jones email that he sent to his counterparts on the 16th November 1999:

From: Phil Jones
To: ray bradley ,mann@XXXX, mhughes@XXXX
Subject: Diagram for WMO Statement
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 13:31:15 +0000
Cc: k.briffa@XXX.osborn@XXXX

Dear Ray, Mike and Malcolm,

Once Tim’s got a diagram here we’ll send that either later today or first thing tomorrow.

I’ve just completed Mike’s Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) amd from 1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline. Mike’s series got the annual land and marine values while the other two got April-Sept for NH land N of 20N. The latter two are real for 1999, while the estimate for 1999 for NH combined is +0.44C wrt 61-90. The Global estimate for 1999 with data through Oct is +0.35C cf. 0.57 for 1998.

Thanks for the comments, Ray.



Prof. Phil Jones
Climatic Research Unit Telephone XXXX
School of Environmental Sciences Fax XXXX
University of East Anglia

From: Kevin Trenberth
To: Michael Mann
Subject: Re: BBC U-turn on climate
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 08:57:37 -0600
Cc: Stephen H Schneider , Myles Allen , peter stott , “Philip D. Jones” , Benjamin Santer , Tom Wigley , Thomas R Karl , Gavin Schmidt , James Hansen , Michael Oppenheimer

Hi all

Well I have my own article on where the heck is global warming ? We are asking that here in Boulder where we have broken records the past two days for the coldest days on record. We had 4 inches of snow. The high the last 2 days was below 30F and the normal is 69F, and it smashed the previous records for these days by 10F. The low was about 18F and also a record low, well below the previous record low.

The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t. The CERES data published in the August BAMS 09 supplement on 2008 shows there should be even more warming: but the data are surely wrong. Our observing system is inadequate.

There are many more revealing emails but I think just showing a couple sums it all up that we have truly been deceived!!

The initial damage done to the University of East Anglia (UEA) was on such a scale that they decided to hire the services of a PR company to regain their image. Under the Freedom of Information Act,  MP Graham Stringer was finally able to reveal the cost of this PR exercise which turned out to be £112,870.71………I am sure you would agree that’s an awful lot when you consider that the UEA is a taxpayer-funded University

This leak truly revealed the workings of the G20 bully brigade headed by US President Obama, ex British PM GordonBrown and that multi millionaire Al Gore. The later failed in his attempt to run for Presidency after trying to impress us with his “Green Policy.” He launched a series of films and a book on the topic and travelled the world giving talks on the issues of “Global Warming.” This false façade netted him huge sums of money. What we see now is Al Gore avoiding the media. Can one imagine that this guy was giving a talk on “Global Warming” at the Climate Change meeting in Copenhagen for $1200 per ticket? When these leaked emails came out exposing all of the US/UK science fraud he canceled his talk.



Verbal  diarrhea from Al Gore fooled all of us!!


It is time for the ordinary people in this world to take back the control of their respective countries and stop these evil leaders from trying to create their own “New World Order.” They are totally under the control of the Wall Street and London bankers with Christian Zionists  and Jewish Zionism at their heart.

The G20 (especially the G8) have aggressive foreign policies that only seek economic growth at whatever the cost. They are always looking for conflict or wars as this generates huge commercial returns on the export of military hardware and also causes the price of oil to skyrocket. Their current agenda is to stage another war (WW3) in the Middle East involving Iran and also in the Far East involving North Korea, both of which would possibly involve Russia and China.

Hopefully in making this “Global Warming Scam” available via my blog more of us will read for ourselves what these leaks are all about. You will also see that vast sums of money were being paid into private accounts!

I hope some of you will take time to read  these emails (that is assuming you can still find them) and realize how corrupt our governments really are and how corrupt the scientists are.

 If we add to this “Axis of Evil” the huge cover up as to why we are in Iraq and Afghanistan and learn to understand that our troops are only dying for oil and not democracy!

 If we also understand that the US, UK, NATO countries and the IDF are all using Weapons of Mass Destruction in current and past theaters of war then you can read between the lines and understand that millions of people are going to die from cancer related illness etc because these so called conventional weapons contain uranium components…..…..it is this fact alone that makes the suggestion of global warming a total farce when they ignore the greater risk associated with the many ongoing wars and what they are doing to our planet!!

 We all have to get off our bums and start asking questions and more importantly stop this madness. Bush was an evil man and Blair was part of that same conspiracy and now we have President Obama and British Prime Minister Cameron going down the same path………not to mention the fact that Biden and Romney openly admit they want to attack Iran if they get into office!!

The next article will be the final one in this series and will provide clear legal forensic evidence that global warming is not only a total scam but is a fraud of the highest order and one that has been grossly exaggerated…….it was this evidence that resulted in President Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement to which the US is no longer a signatory of Global Warming etc.

We are not even in a global warming phase but now entering into a natural global cooling cycle!!!

The evidence that will be provided cannot be challenged as the author is one of the world’s leading experts!! 

 More government grime and slime to follow.

Peter Eyre 1145 Local time 29/07/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster


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The Myths of Global Warming Part 7

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The Myths of Global Warming

 Part 7

Do you think they are lying? Of course they are!

Could not miss the opportunity to point out to you the difference between  Gaza and Israel

You can clearly see the green of Israel compliments of the Water from Palestinian Territory

In past articles we discussed the main offenders for the state of our planet, especially the G20 countries who are currently bullying the less developed nations. We also looked at the many variables in our climate resulting from oil, mining, logging, bio fuel and palm oil plantations etc. In this final article we will look at the many systems that keep our planet ticking over and recycling some of the damage made by the above offenders.

However, there are some things than can never be regenerated or recycled and that is the manufacturing and usage of weapons that contain uranium components. This evil ongoing act against humankind and our world eco-systems just won’t go away. The half like of Depleted Uranium for example is 4.5 billion years and so I guess we now have to live with it. What we must do as caretakers of this beautiful planet is to make sure that such weapons are now prohibited without delay and do what we can to stop any further impact. It is no good Obama saying he’s going to stop nuclear weapons when he continues to allow the manufacturing and use of these so called conventional weapons (which include depleted uranium and low yield nuclear bombs). I believe that is not only against the military weapons export policy of the US but also clearly against the Geneva Convention. The President is ultimately responsible for giving the final signatory for any weapons that could be considered questionable and as Commander in Chief that could implicate him in any future War Crimes investigations.

I just want to say that planet earth is truly a beautiful place and rather than show the standard picture of a burning planet I have decided to show our earth as it really is. What is happening to our planet is perfectly natural but we also have to accept that “The Axis of Evil” (the G20 countries) are themselves the guilty party and it is they that have to change and not the underdeveloped countries or the man in the street. I have spent some months investigating the gross neglect of State Government, Local Government, and Highway Authorities as well as commercial contractors etc in regard to Public Transport, Heavy Goods Vehicles and Traffic Light Sequencing. My findings revealed an unnecessary extra large carbon footprint that if fixed would save extremely huge amounts of fuel, energy, pollution and time savings. If my findings were multiplied in every Village, Town and City in the world we would have a saving so big it is beyond imagination. This issue would immediately start to reverse anything that we have already done to this natural cycle. The earth is in very good condition so don’t worry.



The first system we will deal with is that of air circulation or the movement of one air mass towards another (Hot or Cold). As you can see from the diagram  above it looks straight forward. In actual fact this is assuming the earth does not spin. In reality the winds are not so easy to follow as they are diverted naturally by the rotation of the earth and also they divert or draw towards other pressure systems. I feel however this is sufficient information to keep it basic.

Within these air masses are complex systems of High Pressure and Low Pressure areas. These actually contain the good weather, bad weather, cloud, no cloud, winds, no winds and finally rain or no rain. They can bring us perfectly calm days or hurricanes. The cycle is very complicated and is constantly changing sometimes almost every minute. Try glancing upwards on one of those days when its hot and watch the small clouds come and go or watch the huge storm clouds develop…you can frequently see through binoculars the cloud rising up and curling out over the top. These storm cells are extremely powerful and if you are flying in a small aircraft you had better show great respect for them and avoid if at all possible.


When you look deep within a storms structure you realise that the power of nature is truly wonderful. Take a look at a good cyclone or hurricane above and you can see the sheer size of the problem. It’s hard to imagine that the total cloud area can span 1,000 miles.

We can now look at the sea current and how these directly affect the Polar Regions. We understand that up in the Arctic Sea the water column sinks and start to move along the ocean floor in a southerly direction towards the equator. Down in the equatorial regions we have another cycle that flows close to the surface in a northerly direction towards the Arctic and so in a way we can see a similar cycle like the atmospheric winds….it remarkable to see all these forces working together.

After these sea currents have done their work locally, regionally and been to the poles and back they also then undertake a far reaching journey around the world and in a way basically recycle themselves back to their point of origin.  The same applies with upper wind air flows. As an example a Depleted Uranium Aerosol can leave its target area and drift off into the upper atmosphere and circle round back to the point it first originated from. This can be very scary especially when one associated the lethality of the aerosol. Then you again have secondary contamination as the wind picks up the dust and radioactive nano particles to starts the cycle all over again. 


The diagrams above show the sea currents journey to the Arctic and back and on the right its long journey around the world.

We can now look at the plate activity and the volcanic activity that both work in close relationship with each other. Plates collide, separate, fold over and under and with tremendous force push upwards to form mountains etc. Weaknesses also occur such as ridges or fault lines and volcanic activity takes place at the weakest points. It’s all a question of pure force and pressure that releases this hidden energy and heat.

Most of us learnt at school that at one time continents were connected (Africa and Australia etc) and this movement still continues to this day. It is so interesting to note that even the plates are recycled as they fold over and under each other to sink deep into the earth’s hot mantle. It was also interesting to learn that up near the Arctic Circle, Ellesmere Island, rose 30 – 35 metres above sea level several thousand years ago which proves that the natural world is totally unpredictable.


Finally we have the combination of plate activity and volcanic activity all taking place at the same time. These events are caused by many factors which hopefully the diagram below explains. One of the most interesting areas in the world is “The ring of Fire” which stretches from the northwest tip of Indonesia round across to Papua New Guinea where it then tracks southeast deep into the Pacific. This area is one of the most dangerous for human beings with constant volcanic activity both above and below sea level and frequent Tsunami’s.

What has this to do with global warming or climate change? When nature really takes hold huge volcanic eruptions can blanket the earth with devastating effects. What was once a warm bright place to live can soon become dark and extremely cold. One of the most powerful volcanic eruptions took place in 1883 when Krakatau blew its lid into a catastrophic series of explosions that totally removed the island than once existed. In the weeks following the eruption, fine fragments of volcanic dust was propelled kilometers into the stratosphere and initially formed a ring around the equator. These particles remained suspended for years causing remarkable solar effects and atmospheric hazing. Enormous volumes of sulfur dioxide gas molecules were also blasted into the atmosphere combined with water to make sulfuric acid. These acidic aerosols blocked enough sunlight to drop the Earth’s temperature by several degrees for some years. This eventually spread to more that half of the Earth’s surface and for years these particles remained suspended.

So there we have it……a beautiful planet that operates its own natural cycles in every conceivable way. We should not be alarmed or panicked by our respective G20 governments because they themselves and the unscrupulous companies that rape and pillage this planet are the true polluters. If they leave the ordinary person alone and stop bullying the not so fortunate third world countries our world would be a much better place.

The earth is in a much better shape than during the cold war but apart from the natural global warming the only thing that is truly damaging our planet are these G20 “Axis of Evil” countries.

If the US, UK and EU Government along with the Multi National Corporations start cleaning up there act and if deforestation policies are changed the planet will recover itself. Then there is the question of public sector and commercial sector transport fuel wastage and unnecessary pollution with the added frustration of traffic light sequencing that truly is totally neglected by our governments. As I said before if one multiplies this in every village, town and city the carbon footprint is beyond imagination. Add to this the fact that the beef industry continues to expand (thanks to the fast food industry), oil and mining industries continue to rape someone else’s natural resources and the Bio Fuel Company’s clear vast tracts of native vegetation all in the name of economic greed.

We would all be surprised to learn that really there is no shortage of oil or gas in this world, the problem being  where it is and how we use it.

If the G20 countries (or should I say the G8 countries) closed down their bases on Islamic soil, stopped all the wars and conflicts and more importantly stopped bullying the Middle East and Iran the world would be a much better place with peaceful trading of goods for oil etc. More importantly this act alone would reduce terrorism that was initially caused by our continue occupation of someone else’s land. Stop being aggressive. Stop the spin on climate change and start being sincere and transparent……..I guess that too much to ask?

So remember next time you hear Al Gore or some other  government spin doctor talking about global warming and the need to act now,  go tell them to stick there carbon tax where it hurts!!!

Before I conclude the current series I will provide hard evidence that shows that our respective governments are not only deceitful but are also badly informed……….you may be shocked to learn the truth that we are in actual  fact not going through a global warming period but rather that of global cooling!!!

More government grime and slime to follow.

Peter Eyre 0730 Local time 26/07/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster




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The Myths of Global Warming Part 6

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The Myths of Global Warming

Part 6

Do you think they are lying? Of course they are!

Before looking at the earth cycles we can look at what is going on in the Arctic. You may find the truth for yourself rather than the spin that Governments are portraying to us. We have looked at the value that oil exploration, mining and logging is adding to our planet and because of this deforestation major changes are adding to this current natural cycle of “Global Warming”

We finished the last part on the issue of volcanic and continental plate activity and the role it plays in changes to our atmosphere, the land and sea. As many of use are aware Iceland is noted for its cold climate but also for its volcanic activity with huge geysers. In Reykjavik they drill down to extract hot water to heat swimming pools and all the houses in the city. This free source of geothermal water makes Iceland a very unique place to live without having to rely of the importation of oil.

As we move closer to the North Pole we find exactly the same situation in Greenland with much more activity and huge natural geothermal pools/lakes for people to relax in. We can now venture well inside the Arctic Ice Cap and look at the geology beneath the sea and what we find is yet again more volcanic activity with fault lines, hot vents, huge undersea dormant volcanoes and surprisingly much upward force in the surround landscape (land rise).

 Let’s now, in our minds, put these two factors together and see what could be one of the major changes in the Arctic Ice Cap. Deforestation changes the climate much further south which causes an increase in atmospheric temperature as well as sea temperature. Both these two factors alone when added to the earth natural global warming cycle can create this false illusion those governments are blaming us for. In reality we can see that the economic greed of the G20 countries are the main player in this game and not the third world countries.

If logging, oil, mining, palm oil plantations, cattle ranch development etc had not taken such a fanatical drive this natural process would have been able to ride along at its own pace. We can now see why such dramatic changes are added to this cycle. One has to blame many of the G20 governments that allow this to happen and the Multi National Corporations who pushes these huge projects ahead, right in the heart of such places as the Amazon Jungle.

Lets go back again to the undersea activity in the Arctic Sea area to understand the other activity that in its own way can also alter the status of the ice cap.

Adjacent Greenland reveals much of these hidden secrets….just look at the unlocked energy in this picture….people bathing and geysers steam in the background with hot vents here and there. That situation exists under the ice but on a much smaller scale. However, this has not always been the case and we have seen the formation of undersea mountains and the rise in adjacent land masses, which indicate not only volcanic activity but also plate activity.

It is a known fact that in one area under the ice there is much going on that can affect the sea temperature. We will talk about this further on but let’s bring in the actual climate in this region and what is going on. The amount of ice at a given time regulates the exchanges of temperature – moisture and salinity. It has the capacity to insulate the relatively warm ocean water from the cold atmosphere that sits above it. Obviously, from time to time this ice breaks up, huge channels may form or a type of floating lake and when this occurs there is an exchange of this heat/vapour mix. It is during this time that the local weather can greatly change i.e. cloud cover, rain or snow etc. This local weather cycle and changes to the ice directly affects humans and the wildlife in the area such as polar bears etc. They depend on the ice and therefore during any time in this cycle they can be at great risk of decreasing numbers.

The major cause of the apparent changes in the ice is increasing Arctic storm activity over the Transpolar Drift Stream caused by a shift of storm tracks toward higher latitudes. This shift is directly related to the deforestation taking place much further sound. Such dramatic changes take place after mans destruction of the forest etc temperatures change and air masses start to move around. We then get a mix of hot and cold air masses, some off the land and some off the sea which create in some case very big storms. These winds and storms directly increase the stirring of the ocean and cause other cycles to come into being. The Arctic water sinks and starts its journey (deep down) south and the warmer equatorial waters drift north towards the Arctic. It is during such active storms that the arctic comes under mush pressure. Add to this any possible undersea volcanic activity and we can now see how the Arctic Ice can be so dramatically affected.


There is in existence a normal seasonal cycle that takes place as we can see from these diagrams and it is proven that no one can predict with certainty how one year will be from the other. What we can say is we are still coming out of an ice age and returning to a warmer planet that could resemble the time I described during early Viking days when they grew wheat in Greenland and vessels could freely transit the North West Passage.

If I had the opportunity to participate at the UN Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009  I would not be pushing for environmental taxes on the general public or forcing third world countries to change their existing energy needs but rather hitting the people responsible for the damage. The G20 are in control of their own destiny and meantime in the background the natural earth’s cycle is going through one of its many transitions. We certainly do not need this barrage of propaganda or scaremongery thrown at us via the media day after day to push for their own evil hidden agenda of opening up more markets and taking away the competitiveness of the third world markets. The Copenhagen conference served two purposes:

  • To discuss “Global Warming and Climate Change”
  • To talk about ways of opening up new markets

What they mean to say is lets offload our technology onto the third world at huge cost, force them into debt via the World Bank or IMF, get rid of any trade taxes or barriers and force their prices up with this new technology (nuclear power etc) and allow the G20 countries to take over their markets without competition. 

What the underdeveloped countries should be saying to the G20 countries is that they should pay any environmental taxes and not ordinary people or third world countries. Force the governments to address this fanatical land grab for resources or their own economic greed and leave pristine regions such as the Amazon to carry on with its natural cycle of cleansing our atmosphere of CO2 and returning it with oxygen and moisture which is so vital to life. Create a better traffic management system and start a long awaited greener management of fuel wastage and unnecessary waiting times due to poor traffic light sequencing etc.

We can now look at a diagram as to what is really going on under the icy waters of the north and try to see in our own minds that we are at the mercy of nature itself and the many systems that control our climate. My initial question to the G20 governments would be……Why are you so concerned about “Global Warming” and yet so blatantly ignorant of the uncontrolled use of WMD’s in weapons that contain uranium components?

Why worry about our environment, our eco-systems and even life itself when you are donating a lethal dose of “Uranium Aerosols” around our planet with your extremely advanced “Mass Depopulation  Plan” (Agenda 21 & 2030 Project)  by way of Depleted Uranium weapons, WHO/UNICEF mass vaccination programmes in third world countries (with toxic additives) , unnecessary Swine Flu vaccines……..especially the current  HPV vaccine being given to all school age girls around the globe……….could this be an indication of things to come i.e. mass infertility?



We can see from this image above that the seabed in the Arctic Sea is very much alive and active with fault lines, land rise and significant volcanic activity.

So a clear picture is now emerging to prove that the spin we are having to contend with from government sources, the Wall Street and London Bankers and the G20 brigade is a pack of lies.

Copenhagen  failed and hopefully over time we can turn the blame back onto those who are truly responsible for this “Axis of Evil Propoganda.”

Yes we do have to make some changes but act in a transparent way with truth and fairness and stop these ruthless people from adding to their existing control of our planet.

Watch this space for more on the natural cycles of this wonderful planet and the concluding article with vital data to prove beyond doubt that Global Warming is not only anther government “Stealth Tax” but also a scam to generate private investment funds for involved politicians around the globe………Al Gore being just one of the founding members.

More Government “Slime and Grime” to follow.

Peter Eyre 1800Local time 20/07/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster



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The Myths of Global Warming Part 5

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The Myths of Global Warming

 Part 5

Do you think they are lying? Of course they are!


It is time to look at the wonders of all the different systems that control our mother earth. It is very complex and it all happens without us even knowing about it. Every cycle has a purpose to cleanse our atmosphere and our environment. As I have already pointed out do not be put off by our governments who want to scare us into believing that time is running out. It is the governments of the G20 themselves that have to change their own approach to our climate. It does not require taxes but rather just good old common sense. Many measures can be taken to not only save us fuel but also to make our journey much more efficient. Planning for the future plays a vital role and the efficiency of control systems adds to getting it right.

 The suns energy is absorbed everyday and just dissipates into the ground and subject to the land mass is also reflected back into the atmosphere. There is so much energy from the sun and this also has degrees of fluctuation. Everything on Earth absorbs the sun’s energy, changes it into heat and the heat radiates back out into the atmosphere. The cycle is basically heating by day and cooling at night. Another cycle is automatically taking place in the jungle; water is purified by its evaporation and condensation cycle. Precipitation (rain) goes into overdrive in jungles but where the land mass has been cleared the cycle and conditions change dramatically.

The sun is the driving force for our climate. When the Sun is directly overhead, its rays strike Earth perpendicular to the ground and so deliver the maximum amount of energy. When the Sun is lower in the sky, a sunbeam strikes the ground at an angle and its energy is spread over a much larger area with a diluting effect on its energy. Therefore regions of our planet near to the poles are much cooler than the equatorial regions. Therefore areas at the equator and either side are tropical to sub tropical.


We have many natural cycles at work. The 24 hours rotational cycle of the earth, the orbital cycle of the earth around the sun, which is spring summer autumn and winter, and finally the earth tilting on its axis. Within our atmosphere we have exchanges of hot and cold air masses, which are directly affected by the intensity of the sun, the filtering of its energy through the atmosphere and the spin effect of earth. There are many hidden cycles also taking place hot and cold air currents, hot and cold sea currents and the cycle of the earth surface as they fold over, fold under or just collide and both rise up to form huge structures. Even fires are a natural occurrence from volcanic activity or from lightning. Many forests and jungles benefit from such occurrences. If one looks at the forest floor after a bush fire you will see so much energy coming out of the ashes. Even some plants have huge hard pods of seed that turn to dark brown or black and explode during moments of heat to shed their seed to earth.

The earth is truly a fascinating hive of activity. As I once said it is a huge washing machine that is self-cleansing, apart from when man unlocks its natural bonded crust of mineral etc such as uranium. When unlocked it becomes lethal and its waste remains with us for eternity. When the US started unlocking uranium, building nuclear powers stations and weapons its waste then became a major problem. The US found a convenient way of getting rid of some of this waste (depleted uranium) by using it in weapons as a strong penetrator, shaped charged liner or simply as a counter balance. Now it’s being used in all theaters of war and becoming a lethal aerosol to drift on the wind around our globe with fatal consequences. One cannot play with nature in such a way.

Getting back to this so called threat called “Global Warming” (which I totally disagree with) we can now look into the suns own ability to alter our atmosphere dramatically and how this affects each of the systems that recycle our planet earth. Sunspots and, solar flares etc are a common occurrence and the sun emits slightly more energy than during periods of low activity. During the Maunder Minimum, a period of diminished solar activity between 1645 and 1715, sunspots were rare on the face of the sun, sometimes disappearing entirely for months to years. At the same time, Earth experienced a bitter cold period known as the “Little Ice Age.” Now we are starting to see how and why natural cycles or occurrences cannot be predicted or mapped out by computer modelling.  This also applies to those scientists who believe totally in a computer model as a means of determine events can sometimes have tragic consequences. The entire process of the movement of the Earth’s atmosphere, the distribution of its energy and the resultant global weather, and oceanic circulations is beyond man himself.


 Sunlight energy also sustains plant and animal life. About half of the Sun’s energy is absorbed or reflected back into space as it passes through our atmosphere. Plants on land and phytoplankton in the ocean use photosynthesis for a power source. About 90% of the absorbed energy is used to stay alive, and remaining 10% gets stored as biomass. All other life on earth depends on this biomass. So let’s look at what happens when loggers move in the world’s rain forests or when a “G20” oil or mining company moves into the area. Can they cause major changes to our climate or weather conditions? It certainly does and in a very big way as we will see below.

About 30% of the suns energy is deflected by the outer atmosphere and returned to space the remainder reaches the earths surface and subject to if the surface has vegetation or not holds the key to some of today’s issues. The amount absorbed and reflected is critical in local conditions and weather patterns. That reflected energy is called infrared radiation that is slow moving. This upwards flow can become involved with water vapour (such as that from the jungle), Carbon Dioxide (exhaust/pollution from man i.e. industry, vehicles, forest back burning etc and natural events) and Methane from humans, cattle and rotting rubbish tips etc. As we can see again a very complex state of affairs!

Deforestation also contributes to global warming. Tree use carbon dioxide and give off oxygen it its place, which are basically the balancing mechanism for our planet. As more forests are logged for timber or cut down to make way for farming, oil/gas or mining there are fewer trees to perform this critical function. As we have already discussed the “Axis of Evil” are governments, oil/gas and mining companies, Trans National Companies, Bio Fuel Developers, Loggers and the huge contribution created by the military especially during such events as the wars in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza , North Pakistan and Libya etc.

So we come back to what are the truths behind “Global Warming” and are these events natural. A vast majority of mainstream scientists and the general public agree that global warming is a serious problem that is growing steadily worse. On the other hand there are many other scientist and people like myself who believe on the contrary.

Let’s look at deforestation for oil, gas, mining or just simply logging. What is the difference between a vegetated landscape and a moonscape created by these ruthless developers? The answer is simple…….. when the earth vegetation is left in its natural state the exchanges of the many cycles takes place uninterrupted. Hot and cold air masses, moist and dry convection currents, sea current both warm and cold, storms and cyclones etc. Other actions are taking place some of which can be catastrophic such as above and below land and sea. Volcanic activity and finally the movement of the earth’s plates all add to progressive changes over thousands of years.

When deforestation takes place nature becomes totally unbalanced. Areas that were once dense jungles full of energy, moisture, oxygen and life become totally void of all plants and life with extremely hot and arid conditions. Added to this is the fact that the oil and mining companies change the landscape totally into huge opencast pits or areas of toxic contamination. We can see from this image I have prepared that the result is totally the opposite. The temperatures can reach between 42-47 c with hot arid dusty winds. If one selects a flat surface on the ground it is extremely easy to fry an egg, which I once tried myself. The region is normally void of clouds although sometimes if moist air blows in over such areas, especially if there are small hills or mountain ranges, huge storm clouds can develop over the peaks. Generally speaking it is an extremely hostile environment.



Another major role is played by volcanic activity in both the atmosphere and under the sea that also influences our climate. The movement of plates and these enormous pressure release powerful eruptions as well as geysers, hot bubbling lakes and hot vents both on the surface of the earth and below our oceans.

I will cover this aspect in my next article along with the many cycles that naturally control our climate. It is also interesting to note that there are other issues beside rising sea levels such as rising landmasses. I have been very fortunate in my life to see an underwater volcano erupt and form an island.  I have seen fossilised ancient trees in a desert environment that proves that our climate can change over time from jungle to desert and back to jungle. I have seen ancient middens (collection of seashells from ancient settlements) halfway up a hill indicating that either the sea level had dropped once before during a natural global climate change or that the land itself had risen. I will continue this Global Warming story in the next article……..could there be a connection between the melting icecaps in the arctic circle and sub sea volcanic activity?………….you bet there is!!!…….watch this space

More of our governments Slime and Grime to follow

Peter Eyre 0730Local time 20/07/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster




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The Myths of Global Warming Part 4

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The Myths of Global Warming

Part 4

 Do you think they are lying? Of course they are!

In this article I will cover some excessive methods used by some of the G20 nations who are trying to push through their own agenda at the expense of the underdeveloped countries. The total campaign that they have launched is backed up by false information and lies. If they get their way the ordinary person in the street will end up paying stealth taxes for a problem that is a natural occurrence. The main polluters are the governments themselves, the Military, the Wall Street and London Bankers, Trans National Corporations, Oil and Mining Companies, the Beef Industry and Logging Companies etc. If the G20 governments are really serious about our carbon footprint contribution then there are many other measures that can be taken without taking a swipe at the underdeveloped countries.

If the G20 are allowed to get away with this fraud the third world nations will end up with massive debts for new technology, which the west will sell to them. It will make them no longer commercially competitive and by manipulation will lower trade barriers and tariffs. This will then allow the G20 countries to enter and take over their markets and natural resources. This action will not alleviate poverty, rather the contrary as those countries sink into more debt.

So lets again take a couple of examples from the G20 countries and see what they are really all about: Russia-Siberia’s large forest, the Taiga (Boreal Forest), accounts for approximately one-fifth of the world’s total forested land (more than two million square miles) and contains about one-half of the world’s evergreen forest.  Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian government, desperate for investment,  invited outside timber companies to log the Taiga Forest. Russian forests are disappearing at a rate of 12 million hectares a year.  A large American wood products company, was contemplating a logging, processing, and replanting operation in a proposed wilderness area that contains pristine forests. I guess in most cases it is a case of out of sight out of mind.

The jungle of Borneo is another classic example especially the Indonesia sector (another G20 country) where logging has almost completely wiped out the major parts of this much needed Eco-system. If we look at the satellite image  below you will see the progressive deforestation in this area. The burn off from this vast tract of land frequently causes major regional issues which you will see below.

The above area actually staggers the equator so the damage done by this selfish act of greed will cause irreversible  environmental damage as well as having the ability to change the weather patterns in this region and  in the earth’s natural exchange of hot/cold air masses and moisture content.

I can distinctly remember a  massive burn off  in this remote part of the world. The smoke pollution downwind of Borneo frequently spread throughout the Malaysian Peninsular, Singapore and other parts of Indonesia. The smoke got totally out of hand and caused the regional airports to close down and people had to wear masks if they ventured outside. The government has done little to stop the rape of these pristine jungles. 

It is also interesting to note that Mexico is a member of the G20 and this conjures up images of Mexico City (one of the most polluted cities on earth). If ever this country were forced to follow the guidelines of the Al Gore propaganda machine they would have to close down the entire city to improve their contribution to our planet.

Then we come to the good old US of A…..the highest energy user in the world that has ignored every suggested cut back and who also so happens to mass-produce weapons containing uranium components which is contaminating our entire planet for the next 4.5 billion years.

 This is the biggest joke of all when they have the audacity to push for WMD control and are in the lead for pushing third world countries up against the wall on this “Global Warming” issue. The use these weapons extensively around the various theatres of war and what’s left they export to their allies. Why should we be worried about our carbon footprint when the US, UK, NATO and the IDF are contaminating our entire world with radioactive aerosols and killing millions?

Now for the good old Brits: One of BP’s largest refineries in the USA exploded in 2005 causing 15 deaths. The fall-out from the accident continues to cloud BP’s corporate image because of the mismanagement at the plant. In August, 2006, BP shut down oil operations in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, due to corrosion in pipelines leading up to the Alaska Pipeline. BP had spilled over one million litres of oil in Alaska’s North Slope. Then we have British mining company Vedanta who were bidding for a massive expansion to expand its controversial Aluminium refinery in Lanjigarh, Orissa. The refinery occupies land belonging to the Majhi Kondh tribe, and lies at the foot of the Niyamgiri hills, home of the isolated Dongria Kondhs. The refinery has already been condemned by government officials for regularly breaching safety standards, and emitting ‘alarming’ pollution. Over a hundred families lost their homes to the refinery. Many more lost their farm land and with it their food-security and self sufficiency. British supermarkets are driving rapid destruction of the Amazon rainforest by using meat from farms responsible for illegal deforestation, according to a three-year investigation of the global trade in Brazilian cattle products.The report names Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons and Marks and Spencer among dozens of high-profile companies it says profit from products supplied by Brazilian farms on illegally deforested land. Much of the trade is in processed beef, used for pies, canned meat and frozen ready meals. The supermarkets insist it is not from the Amazon.

Then we had the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico which was not actually caused by BP but by their sub contractor Halliburton who used a cheap cement plugging process called “Quick Dry Cement.” This is when they mix nitrogen in with the cement to plug a hole and is a much cheaper option but can have dire consequences  (always the case when you cut down on costs ahead of safety).

This was not the first time that Halliburton had caused a major environmental incident……..they did the same think some time ago in the Caspian Sea (off the coast of Azerbaijan). The same company BP again hired Halliburton and yet despite this other tragic event they carried on with the same cost cutting practices………..at the end of the day it is BP who have to accept total responsibility as it is they who again hired Halliburton and who tried desperately to hide the true reason behind this world disaster.

Then you have the US Oil Giant Chevron manipulating the PR firms in an extraordinary effort to evade responsibility for its massive toxic contamination of the Ecuadorian Amazon. A report stated: Chevron acquired Texaco. And evidence in the lawsuit, plaintiffs say, demonstrates that from 1964 to 1992 Texaco deliberately dumped billions of gallons of toxic waste into Amazon waterways, abandoned more than 900 unlined waste pits, burned millions of cubic meters of noxious gases, and spilled more than 17 million gallons of oil due to pipeline ruptures. How about that Mr President…….hey but don’t worry!…. you can get some small country in Africa to pay the bill when you have sold them a couple of nuclear power stations.

I could continue to write articles forever on the on going environmental damage but to what avail. The G20 believe they know what is best but we know that is not the case. The contribution made by the G20 countries in environmental damage would be impossible to summerise but one can say with great confidence that the third world countries cannot even be considered as polluters by comparison. The leaking of confidential documents from the University of East Anglia has now proven that data on Global Warming is deeply flawed and falsified. The next article will look at the earth’s natural recycling systems which will include land, sea, air and  the changes in global temperatures.

More of our governments Slime and Grime to follow

Peter Eyre 1030 Local time 17/07/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster


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July 17, 2017 at 02:35

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