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Prolific paedophilia activity exists in this country

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Robert Green  at the Royal Court of Justice London


Tomorrow will see Robert Green in court to receive his sentence for trying to expose the case of Hollie Greig and the peodophilia that exists not only in Scotland but within the United Kingdom and the world.

I have covered this story in great detail by publishing around 20 articles on the subject and also talking about it on US Radio and European Radio, but to no avail!!

I believe it is my duty of care to again summarise the prolific peodophilia activity that exists in this country, including certain political figures (past and present) both in the Houses of Parliament and in the House of Lords.

 The Hollie Greig case was before the court in London (Royal Courts of Justice) but Hollie and her mum Anne clearly were “White Washed” by the corrupt system. This clear cut case of peodophilia was mismanaged by the police, the judicial system and local councils and now Robert Green will soon receive his sentence and become yet another sacrificial lamb.

Maybe many of the public are not fully aware of this case so I will just fill you in with some points and later you can go to me articles and read the case in more detail.


Hollie and her mum Anne at the Royal Court of Justice for a very brief hearing that failed 


There is a close link between this case and the Dunblane Massacre and the fact that one extremely senior political figure just so happened to be in charge of NATO at the time. If we all recall the FBI provided a list of peodphiles that could be a risk to the security of the United Kingdom. This list was given to the British Prime Minister at the time (Tony Blair) who did absolutely nothing about it………could there have been a reason for this?


Hollie and Mum Anne have their brief day in court

I will now print an email that I came across and also an article that was produced some time ago that may well allow readers to better understand as to why our leaders do nothing about this terrible state of affairs.

The Email:


Caveat Lector-

From: Anthony Lee Queensland (email protected)

Sent: 23 March 2003 09:41

To: (email protected)

Cc: (email protected)

Subject: Tony Blair connected to paedophile ring! from Israel Shamir

 Tony Blair connected to mass murder and to paedophile ring! Demand his


 “But it is now becoming shockingly clear that the slavish adherence of Tony

Blair and Jack Straw to the Bush line on Iraq may have less to do with

principled arguments, and much more to do with the fear of CIA and FBI

revelations that would make them two of the most hated politicians in modern

British political history”.


We owe justice to the victims of Dunblane and protection for all children


 Dunblane secret documents contain letters by Tory and Labour ministers


The Sunday Herald, News, 2 March 2003, http://www.sundayherald.com/31830

 Investigation: By Neil Mackay, Home Affairs Editor

LETTERS between Labour and Tory ministers and correspondence relating to

Thomas Hamilton’s alleged involvement with Freemasonry are part of a batch

of more than 100 documents about the Dunblane mass murder which have been

sealed from public sight for 100 years.


The documents include a letter connected to Hamilton, which was sent by

George Robertson, currently head of NATO, to Michael Forsyth, who was then

Secretary of State for Scotland.


Until now it was thought that a 100-year public secrecy order had only been

placed on one police report into Hamilton which allegedly named high-profile

politicians and legal figures. However, a Sunday Herald investigation has

uncovered that 106 documents, which were submitted to the Dunblane inquiry

in 1996, were also placed under the 100-year rule.


The Scottish Executive has claimed the 100-year secrecy order was placed on

the Central Police report, which was drafted in 1991 five years before the

murders, to protect the identities of children named in the report. Hamilton

had allegedly abused a number of children prior to his 1996 gun attack on

Dunblane primary school in which 16 primary one children and a teacher died

before Hamilton turned his gun on himself.



However, only a handful of the documents, which the Sunday Herald has

discovered to be also subject to the 100-year rule, relate to children or

name alleged abuse victims.


The most intriguing document is listed as: ‘Copy of letter from Thomas

Hamilton to Dunblane parents regarding boys’ club, and flyer advertising

Dunblane Boys’ Sports Club. Both sent to Rt Hon Michael Forsyth, MP,

Secretary of State for Scotland, by George Robertson MP.’ Also closed under

the 100-year rule is a ‘submission to Lord James Douglas Hamilton, MP,

Minister of State at the Scottish Office, concerning government evidence to

the Inquiry’.


Another document relates to correspondence between the clerk of the Dunblane

inquiry, which was presided over by Lord Cullen, and a member of the public

regarding ‘possible affiliations of Thomas Hamilton with Freemasonry … and

copy letters from Thomas Hamilton’.


SNP deputy justice minister, Michael Matheson, said: ‘The explanation to

date about the 100 -year rule was that it was put in place to protect the

interests of children named in the Central Police report. How can that

explanation stand when children aren’t named? The 100-year rule needs to be

re-examined with respect to all documents.’


Matheson has written to the Lord Advocate, Colin Boyd, asking why the

100-year rule applies and how it can be revoked. He has so far had no

response. He also asked First Minister Jack McConnell to explain the reasons

for the 100-year order but received ‘no substantial answer’. Matheson is to

write to Colin Boyd a second time, in the light of the discovery that more

than 100 other documents are also sealed, asking him to account for the



A spokeswoman for the Crown Office said: ‘In consultation with the Crown

Office and the Scottish Office, Lord Cullen agreed that in line with the age

of some of the individuals involved and named in the inquiry, the closure

period would be 100 years. The Lord Advocate is considering issuing a

redacted copy of the productions, which would blank out identifying details

of children and their families. A decision on this has yet to be made.’


Other sealed key reports on Dunblane include:


·  A ‘comparative analysis of Thomas Hamilton’ by Central Scotland Police

·  Information about Hamilton’s ‘use and possession of firearms’

·  Pathology reports, Hamilton’s autopsy report, and analysis by Glasgow

University’s forensic science lab on blood, urine and liver samples from

Hamilton’s body

·  Details on firearms licensing policies

·  A review by Alfred Vannet, regional procurator fiscal of Grampian,

Highland and Islands, of ‘reports and information in respect of Thomas

Hamilton submitted to the procurator fiscals of Dumbarton and Stirling by

Strathclyde Police and Central Police’

·  A psychological report on Hamilton

·  Guidance from the British Medical Association on granting firearms


·  ‘Transcript of and correspondence relating to answering-machine tape

which accidentally recorded conversation between police officers at the

scene of the Dunblane incident’

·  Correspondence and witness statements ‘relating to allegations of sexual

abuse made against Hamilton’

 I also have a copy of this:

Certainly Steve Morgan, under his guise of Dick Shaver & the Hollow Earth Insiders,who has given us a list of transgressors in this field, believes we are ruled by a private club of perverts and rapists, he names and describes the personal perversities of some of them and in no particular order they are:-

Lord Graville Jenner (Labour Peer)  –  Young boys.

Lord Gerald Kaufman (Labour Peer)  –  Young boys under 12.

Lord Leon Britton (Conservative Peer)  _  Raping young boys.

Gordon Brown (British Prime Minister) – Young boys and girls

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (Former British Prime Minister) – Importuning in public toilets

Edward Heath (Former Conservative British Prime Minister) – Young boys

Lord Robertson (Former head of NATO and Labour Cabinet Minister) – Young boys

Lord Hardy (Former Lord Advocate of Scotland) – Young boys

Lord McAlpine (Conservative Lord) – Young boys

Michael Portillo (Former Conservative MP) – Children and adults especially Peter Lilley

Peter Lilley (Conservative MP) – Young children and adults especially Michael Portillo

Sir Jimmy Saville (Entertainer and Disc Jockey) – Supplying young children and adults for the above

We have come a long way from Hollie Greig and her abuse is still with us so let us join with Robert Green in asking for a public enquiry.  The problem is who chooses the panel because we know what happened at the Dunblane enquiry led by Lord Cullen and the Hutton report into the death of Dr David Kelly.  We are not going to let them sweep Hollie under the carpet for a hundred years.

The establishment will never allow an enquiry board picked by outsiders, so stalemate.  It is time for action.  Both Labour and Conservative have failed us on this topic.  We have to look elsewhere or perhaps have a revolution.


For those that want to read more about Peodophilia and the Hollie Greig case you can few the many articles I have written on Hollie at the following link which also reveals some more names: www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com

Here is the direct link to each article in order from top to bottom:





















Before closing I would like to add the following comment I received on my blog:

Dear Editors and Reporters,

While you are running around after the politicians today with David Cameron and Mr Alex Salmond doing the slagging match in Edinburgh have a thought for a real issue tomorrow read on:

We want you to consider the sentence of ROBERT GREEN in the public interest at Stonehaven Court tomorrow 17th march 2012 Ii urge you all to think what this court sentence is really about its not a bad man doing a crime is a GOOD GOOD man trying to prevent child abuse and the lies told within government and the police. Robert needs media attention to highlight the true facts of why he´s being sentenced.

I feel as do many that when a crime is committed the authorities do a very good job but when child abuse is involved the press the authorities suddenly get a “Quiet Voice” we need to talk out for the victims and the survivors of child abuse we need to shout from our balconies our patios our cars and give the children their voices back.

We also want to bring interest to the media that an event in Edinburgh on march 6th will raise awareness of this issue it is a world peaceful protest being held at the Scottish Parliament buildings with full support of everyone involved in arranging this event please visit this page for other UK areas involved in the peaceful protest http://www.facebook.com/groups/304360222954715/.
Story This Email Reflects


There is a great man being sentenced tomorrow Friday 17th of march 2012 at Stonehaven Court in Aberdeenshire  – ROBERT GREEN

Telephone: 01569-762758: Stonehaven@scotcourts.gov.uk

I and many supporters of this story wish him all the luck of the Irish as clearly this man the most respected Robert Green doesn’t deserve to get a criminal record for trying to expose cover ups in the “Scottish Justice System and police” in not investigating a child abuse case properly it further is not fair when the Sherriff Mr.Bowen failed to disclose a relationship at Roberts trial see above url.

Supporters of ROBERT GREEN are requested to turn up at court tomorrow 17th March and please email all the Scottish newspapers, radio stations  and TV stations showing your support for Robert.

We can all talk on facebook but taking action as above will be more beneficial to Robert and his sentence we need a public outcry now.

Andy 01507 477 433



End of comment

I wish Robert Green all the very best for tomorrow,  knowing him I know that he has the strength to deal with anything they do to him……..all we can do is pressure the Government and keep it in the media.

What came to light today was the following: Sheriff Principal Bowen a proven paedophile enabler reference http://holliegreig.info/  is running this case !!!  

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 16./2/2012          

7 Responses

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  1. What a real shocker!!!! Yeah right!!!! I will be praying for this man. And I have the greatest respect for him for speaking out!!!!

    Beth Lifpshitz

    February 17, 2012 at 15:24

  2. Hi,

    I read your column on BBC in the UK. I would just like to say Fantastic job and keep up the good work, People need to know the real truth as to what is actually taking place in this world and what these people are doing to us. I wish we had more people like you to uncover these corrupt governments etc. If this were done, I can honestly say, In my opinion we wouldn’t be in the shape we are in. People today are too complacent and choose to turn a blind eye to the truth as they are satisfied to convince themselves to beleive nothing out of the ordinary is going on. Again, I would like to thank you for bringing this truth to light. YOu have many fans behind you.

    ~ A Patriot ~

    “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson


    February 18, 2012 at 00:41

  3. Robert Green was sentenced to one year in Jail for breach of the peace. May Alah Help him.

    That is what happens to anyone who dares to expose the top kiddie fiddlers. They all end up in prison for things that it is not in the Public interest to pursue.

    I bleed for Robert Green and every man and woman who has tried to expose this stuff over the years. Robert is not young and prison has a really bad effect on the elderly.

    If we do not say no to persecution of those who risk so much to bring us the truth then we are all at risk


    February 18, 2012 at 14:10

    • No the Establishment reply is that they do not comment on individual cases.

      Nor do they comment on a mass of individual cases.

      T Henderson

      December 30, 2012 at 04:23

  4. […] Prolific paedophilia activity exists in this country […]

  5. Tony Blair was maybe protected by( the control over native),E-backStabbiing Establishment

    How come when he was called on a radio in Manchester did he not reply against the matter.

    If he never heard the radio comment – well some-one in the media chose not to send it to him, or he ignored it!

    Jimmy Savile had friends in the media too.

    Cheria Blair his wife fights for the rights of the invaders – but not her own people. She was the quickest arising Judge, as well as QC (reported)

    Do not get me wrong, as I am just a confused minor individual; whom wonders why comments on a radio be never overheard by Westminster and its acolytes on national commercial radio???.

    It was broadcast on a James Stannage (Manchester) radio slot.

    Why were his expenses shredded by hos own Party- and no-one ever reprimanded or charged/sacked for doing so?

    T Henderson

    December 30, 2012 at 04:20

  6. anaesthetic technician called john not sure of second name maybe McMillan also known as sparkycat works in one of aberdeens hospitals had a peado forum he runs shutdown by proboards.com a few days ago thats what is working in are hospitals dirty pervy bastards


    June 7, 2013 at 20:47

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