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The New World Order spreads it tentacles into the UK and EU

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Have we in the United Kingdom ever given any thought as to who caused the world´s economic meltdown or who is still nibbling away at our economic foundation?

The New World Order (NWO) has its own hidden agenda in controlling the world’s finances and also in controlling the world’s natural resources.

For some time now they have been progressively collapsing the economy of many countries not only right here in London but also in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy etc.

The structure of the NWO is extremely complex but some of the major players are right here in the heart of the City of London, EU and over the pond in the United States (which so happens to be controlled from London).

Who are they and how do they fund this vast organisation in such an arrogant way in total defiance of the law and with the full knowledge of our own Serious Fraud Office (SFO).

The NWO infrastructure is well known to most people and consists of many “Zionist Groups” such as  The Rockefeller´s, Wall Street, The Federal Reserve Bank,  The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR),  The Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Israeli Friends of the US and Senior Freemason etc.

Here in the UK and EU is has direct links to many EU Royal Families, The Rothschild’s, The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), The Bank of England, City of London Bankers, The Pilgrims Society (UK and USA), Israeli Friends of Conservative Party, Labour and Lib Dems and Israeli Friends of the EU and also Senior Freemasons.

 It is clear that the main aim of the international bankers it to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. The system works by allowing the central banks of the world to act in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences such as the Bilderberg Annual Meetings etc.

So you may ask how do they generate vast sums of money to support this huge organization (NWO)? Here in the UK they manage to siphon off hundreds of billions of pounds each and every year by way of corporate and bank fraud in conjunction with very senior political figures. This massive fraud and tax evasion has been brought to the attention of the Serious Fraud Office, the Prime Minister (an expert in his own right), the Deputy Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and many other Senior Minister and local MP´s who have done nothing about it!! Why you may ask?……….it´s simple, because they have all become part and parcel of the fraud and corruption:

No doubt your next question is how does it work?……..again it is rather simple but again complex:

Let’s just say for this exercise I am the CEO of a large company (on paper only) or a yet to be formed company who wants to make big money fast but without the overheads. First of all I need a place to register my virtual Oil, Gas or Mining Company etc and allow someone to act as administrator for it. I may choose to get other non executive  directors to come on-board, or an influential politician such a President, Prime Minister, Minister, MP or House of Lords representative and then the scene is set to rip the system off and at the same time destroy some elderly investors life!!

 My virtual (fake) company may have 6 Directors but will not have any other staff as all calls are handled by the boiler room (administrator). All I have to do then is collect some old data from a previous active gold mine (now derelict) or some old oil well that has since be plugged and abandoned and then make up a very impressive video to show to my potential investors!!

 So the next exercise is to decide how much money I want to make for myself, my non executive directors, the CEO of a bank or financial institution and our dear not so Right Honorable Members of Parliament or House of Lords….two such members that come to mind are Lord Michael Howard and Peter Lilley MP to mention but a few.


“Come on dear chap lets clinch this US$ 9.8 billion deal so that I can get a share.”

“I know this is insider trading and both companies have common directors!

(Cairn Energy – Cairn India – Vedanta Resources – Vedanta India)


When it comes to a phased development of a mine or the exploration of a potential oil or gas field we are talking millions and frequently billions………so let’s just pull a figure  out of the hat and select $6 billion……or alternatively it could be for the purchase or takeover of another company.

 The scene is now set to put on a wine and dine event followed by an impressive video or power point presentation for my potential investors and by the end of the event “Hey Presto”……. I have acquired my billions and unknown to the investors their money has now gone forever…..lost into a paper trail of none existent companies and connected entities.

This massive fraud, corruption and tax evasion I could talk about forever but one has to put things into perspective in order for the public to try and take it all in.

Please understand that this scam (directed by the NWO) has intentionally forced a progressive collapse of the world´s economy.  The EU is currently being brought to its knees and it is during this time that the other NWO  organisations takes over ( World Bank and IMF) and force them into unsustainable loans with severe austerity measures attached.

The current “Arab Spring” and “Western Spring” all form part of their master plan to disrupt the economic stability of those countries they seek to control as they continue to carry out their own fraud, corruption and tax evasion.

You must understand our leaders are pulling the wool over our eyes in particular that of the US, UK, France and Germany. We are truly in dire trouble and one cannot imagine where this will take us…….maybe there is a NWO hidden agenda that has a master plan for us all i.e. “The United States of Europe and loss of sovereignty. 

One must be prepared because this next collapse is going to be spectacular or as my expert has stated “A massive financial collapse as the western world drowns in an ocean of debt unlike anything the world as ever seen before” the epicenter will be Europe and the financial experts can see it coming and can do nothing about it”

There is a distinct lack of leadership in the US, UK and Europe that is adding to the problem and their own involvement in these “under the table deals ” fraudulent activities is accelerating the collapse of our economies……..we should all insist that our respective Police Fraud Departments do their job and arrest these villains and then under the Proceeds of Crime Act recover their billions, their houses and up market cars and get our country back onto its feet again……….can you imagine that if they do this alone our economy will bounce back and the pensioners, ordinary people in the street and the students will stop having to pay for their greed.

No doubt you are all aware of the current “Occupy Wall Street Movement” which believe it or not does have some very genuine people but has been high jacked by one of the NWO key players……..that being Mr. George Soros who just so happens to be one of the highest paid conmen in the business.



It was George Soros who very cleverly saw an opportunity to spread unrest around the world and indirectly funded the “Occupy Wall Street Movement” that as we all know was and is firmly embedded here in the City of London and around the world.

The New World Order can close down any bank, financial institution or company whenever it so chooses and can also bankrupt any country as we have seen here in Europe. It is at such times that we see the World Bank/IMF (Who are the New World Order) fly in and offer a rescue package with strings attached…….this forces the respective governments to cut back on the public sector and increase taxes (what they call austerity measures)…..and many other compulsory conditions……once achieved that country remains in debt to the WB/IMF for an indefinite duration if not forever.

Companies continue to fail or are themselves forces to reduce their staffing levels, jobs continue to go, food prices and fuel continue to rise and the value of our wage packet drops to nearly half……..whilst all this is going on they are acting out their own geo political plan to fuel dissidents in many countries and to force regime change……it is at this point that the Arab Spring came into being, the Western Spring and the current Occupy of Wall Street Movement.

Please understand that behind this facade lies many actors that have infiltrated into the groups and crowds in order to stir them up and create civil unrest………in the meantime the Author of the unrest (the funder George Soros) takes advantage of this unrest to apply pressure to remove those in government they choose to blame………they also hope that the protest do get out of hand, create civil unrest and damage property etc as this plays into their plan.

George Soros, who on face value appear to be one of the crowd, has ulterior motives and his intention is to get his own handpicked men (members of the NWO) into office and then carry out mass arrests of those that were protesting genuinely. It is people like him and organisations such as the Rothschild’s and the Rockefeller´s who encourage conflict and wars as this is not only good for business (Arms Trade) but also keeps up the price of oil to which they directly benefit.

I must emphasise at this stage that the only way the genuine activists can win against this evil plan is to demonstrate peacefully and not allow things to get out of control.  

Activist  should research who are behind these financial meltdowns and make sure that these  hard line activists amongst their ranks are not working for the New World Order (NWO)……this is what they want…..disrupt the police, damage property resulting in mass arrests. When this type of action takes place it plays into their master plan and allows them to put their puppets in office, create more security measure and place the country into a total “Police “State.”

They must check and double check that those amongst them are genuine and not there to add fuel to the fire or allow a political party to take over their cause for their own purposes……..a good example of this was the last big union rally in London when Ed Miliband stole the show.

Can you imagine if Ed Miliband and Labour took over we would be handing our country over to Israel and no doubt his brother David would come out of the closet to hold a senior position and hey presto job done!!!

Unfortunately many peaceful protests only formulate in Trafalgar Square and then do their traditional march down to No10 Downing Street in London…..what they fail to understand is that the true axis of evil, that has caused them to take to the streets are the many boiler rooms that house “Virtual or Non Existent Companies.”

They must understand that if all political leaders and their respective parties, union leaders and police have been informed of this massive fraud and do nothing, and then they themselves have failed in their duty of care. Protest organisers should ask questions of their respective unions as to if they are aware of this massive fraud and corruption and why hasn´t there union applied pressure on those responsible.

 Gordon Bowden and Myself have approached them so many times, been to their meeting, sent messages to the Students Union and they do not even answer…….can you imagine thousands of jobs being lost, student fee hikes now triple and yet they choose to ignore the fact that hundreds of billions of pounds are being siphoned from the system and do nothing…..wouldn’t you as a student start asking questions of your union?

George Soros is a key player in all the New World Order groups and is part of The Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission and the Council of Foreign Relations. It was so interesting to hear him say “I can sympathise with the ongoing protests on Wall Street, which have spread to other US cities.” Let’s also look at some of the other not so glossy comments made about this fraudster:

“A bad week for the financier of American progressive politics got a bit worse. A North Carolina-based cargo airline claims George Soros and one of his partners designed “an elaborate shell game intended to defraud,” and are using it to duck a $ 39.4 million judgment. The company, Tradewinds Holdings a subsidiary of  Coreolis Holding say they hold a legal judgment against C-S Aviation Services, and seek to pierce the corporate veil to hold George Soros and Purnendu Chatterjee responsible”.

“George Soros, the hedge fund billionaire, has failed in his latest attempt to overturn an insider dealing conviction handed out in France 23 years ago. The European Court of Human Rights rejected his argument that French law on insider trading was not sufficiently clear to provide grounds for a conviction”.

“He said he understood the anger at the use of taxpayers’ cash to prop up stricken banks, allowing them to earn huge profits”.

The Occupy Movement was initiated in Vancouver Canada in July 2011 by the Adbusters Media Foundation….a not for profit organization….On the 17th of September a group of around 500 protestors descended on Wall Street……this turnout was very carefully over exaggerated by the media when they announced thousands had turned out in Wall Street!!!

The Mayor of New York obviously knew about this event just prior to the occupation when he predicted “riots in the streets if economy doesn’t create more jobs.”…..how did he know this…..because it was planned by those that had infiltrated the movement and Blomberg was informed……..it is also fact that the police also so happened to have staged a dummy riot on Brooklyn Bridge with various actors and again this was used as part of a propaganda tool by the media and one could assume the same when the activist attended the NYPD building etc. Did you ever ask the question how come this movement became so international in a very short time frame and how come the media, especially Fox and Sky, so enthusiastically falsely report it?……..the answer is simple….it was all a well orchestrated master plan by the New World Order with none other than George Soros at its centre.

Money for the so called activist came also from the Tides Centre with direct connection with George Soros who is directly connected with the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations and is a key player in the Bilderberg Group which is notoriously connected to the NEW WORLD ORDER……there is also a connection to the Ruckus Society which all leads back to George Soros…….it would appear that George Soros  pumped in around $4.2 in 2008 and has since this time continuously support dissident groups…….Through George Soros and the New World Order he has also supported dissident groups in Egypt, Libya and Syria……..so far Egypt has fallen and is still pending a new puppet government,  Libya has fallen and is also pending a new government (NWO).

Syria almost went but managed to hold themselves in tact although the UN (who also belong to NWO) want the international community to take action (they mean NATO).……..the final goal is naturally Iran…….however with the latest false flag (plan to take out the Saudi Ambassador) the US have not been so convincing…. LOL!!!!!  

It would appear that the final showdown is now on the horizon that could well initiate WW3 with catastrophic consequences in the nuclear sense.

I would encourage you all to take a look at the following article which puts our dear Mr. George Soros under the spotlight and take note of the reference to Marc Rich, The Bush and Clinton families and Bernard Bernanke and then draw your own conclusions…..that is assuming the story is true:


Oh and before I forget for those that do not know the location of the many boiler rooms in London (well over 300)……here are but a few that represent “The True Axis of Evil”


Arlington Associates, 22 Arlington Street (Next to the Ritz Hotel)

 Lonhro, 1st Floor 25 Berkeley Square (in the Cadbury Schweppes building)

180 Great Portland Street

44 Southampton Building in Chancery Lane

55 Baker Street

55 Gower Street

68 Upper Thames Street

788 – 700 Finchley Road


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 27/1/2012





Do the British public agree with Cameron´s aggression towards Iran?

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I wonder what is written in his awe inspiring speech – could it be:

“We are immensely proud of your efforts to protect the streets of the United Kingdom but one thing I must tell you is that you are all actually here to protect our geo political plan which is to rape this country of its resources and more importantly to protect the opium crop that is so vital to our economy.” Henry Kissinger once said “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” “That is exactly my own sentiment, and remember when you return home, and that is assuming you will, (after being contaminated with the depleted uranium weapons we gave you) we will turn our back on you once your initial treatment budget has run out:”


We can clearly see that our Prime Minster (just like his US ally) has a very aggressive foreign policy but do we the public agree with that policy.


It is my sincere belief that if this went to a referendum a very clear message would emerge to tell our PM to “butt out” of Middle Eastern affairs and bring our troops home.


I have always believed that it is better to trade peacefully with the Islamic world than to intimidate them.


It is time we stopped this “Islamaphobia” and make the British public aware that there is no terrorist threat to the streets of this country and any such threat is likely to come from within our own government or some other government’s secret service.


The current stance against Iran is totally unacceptable and could result in this country forcing yet another war that we can ill afford


Iran is a very strong willed peaceful and prosperous country and having spent some time in Tehran I find the Iranian a charming race and the spirit of its people can withstand any pressure or demands from the outside world.


There is a clear indication that many other countries no longer agree with the push for sanctions and at this particular time Iran is sending back a very clear message that it will not be bullied by those countries that seek to rape it of its natural resources.

Iran is like any other independent sovereign country that is signatory to the NPT. It wishes to control its own destiny and at the same time have the right to develop and protect its own future and standing in the world.


The US, UK France and Israel for example have been allowed to develop their own nuclear programmes, totally unchecked. On the question of the NPT the US in particular is currently mass producing smaller tactical nuclear weapons up to a dial up value of 5kt. These smaller nukes are not covered under the NPT and the US has indeed used these weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Israel also has a case to answer with around 400 nuclear weapons in the stockpile and is believed to be producing 10 such weapons every year at its Dimona plant.


Whilst on the topic of Israel I will clearly show a classic example of how that country can abuse any UN Resolution:


It was Israel who sent their technicians down to South Africa in violation of the UN sanctions and who helped that country develop 10 “Battlefield Ready Nuclear Bombs”.


It was with the full support of both the US and UK who turned a blind eye to this development and who knew that Israel and South Africa were in violation of the UN sanctions.


It was David Cameron (the current Prime Minister of the UK) who with Sir Ken Warren went down to South Africa (on an all expenses paid trip) to illegally purchase three of those weapons and who then siphoned off £ 17.8 million of British Tax Payers money into their own pockets´.


It was Britain who through their own gross neglect allowed those three nukes to be stolen from an insecure compound in Oman and to be resold on the “Black Market.” 


Iran is perfectly justified to continue on whatever programme it so chooses in much the same way as India and Pakistan were allowed too. 


In my opinion imposing any sanctions on any country is not only a breach of international law but is in violation of the Geneva Convention because it causes a major humanitarian “domino effect” to not only the country concerned but to many other third party countries.


We saw this in Iraq when the west imposed such sanctions and caused a humanitarian disaster that then had to be modified in their “Food for Oil” programme.


It was the latter that then allowed those same western countries to pilfer the money raised from that programme into their own greedy pockets……this amounted to billions of dollars

It is time for the world to accept Iran as being a major player in the Middle East and to allow it to represent the Islamic World in a fair and balanced way.


We see most of the Arab League members now becoming puppets to the west and not looking after the best interest of their own people and we have also seen the development of the “Arab Spring” that was and is a western design plan to divide and conquer the Middle East.


Iran should and will stand its ground in defiance of any sanctions by the US, UK and EU knowing that many other countries will stand alongside them in resisting any conflict.


Iran has incredible wealth in natural resources and will become a regional “Power House.”


Military speaking it is also very strong and certainly will balance the scales against the massive western build up in the Persian Gulf and why not?


Iran has never attacked any other country and has always remained peaceful.


It was the west who strongly supported Iraq in the Iraq-Iran War and who assisted them to have their own Weapons of Mass Destruction and it was the west who gave them and funded Chemical and Biological Weapons (CBW) to be used against the Kurds and the Iranian people.


So having explained the hypocritical values of the US, UK and EU we can now see that the same trio is once again “Sabre Rattling”, just like they did with Libya and Syria only this time it is Iran.


I think it is time for them to understand that such an aggressive foreign policy has no place in this world and Iran is no country to take lightly in the military sense.


When one reflects on the arrogance of Cameron, Hague and the UK´s Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond we can see them trying to bait Iran in to some sort of action but the Iranians have much more intelligence than to be spoofed into action.


It is clear that the west certainly continues on a war footing by intentionally sending more naval vessels to the Persian Gulf and no doubt they will loiter around the Straits of Hormuz just to rub more salt into the wound. Britain has said that its warships are entitled to violate Iranian territorial waters in the Strait of Hormuz at any time in an open defiance of the international law.

As I have said before Iran has never gone to war with anyone and no doubt the US and UK (with the help of Israel) will yet again create some outstanding False Flag incident to justify yet another action…….just as they did in 9/11 and 7/7.


My advice to Iran is to continue on whatever path it so chooses and to ignore the “Imperialistic Greed” from the west, who have their own “New World Order” hidden agenda which is:


  • To control the world´s natural resources


  • To control the markets for those resources  


  • To control the trade routes, sea lanes and pipeline routes for those resources 

It is encouraging to see that India, an ally of the US and UK, intends to continue to buy Iranian crude oil and now will pay for that crude in Gold and not US Dollars. China is also supporting Iran in providing super tankers for the export of its oil.

One must cast our minds back to the west´s original “Geo Political Tactics” in trying to stop Iran from building a pipeline and exporting its natural gas to Pakistan and India. The Iran Pakistan India (IPI) pipeline was the most commercially viable option to deliver a vital energy source to the vast populations of these two energy starved countries.

Prior to the attack on Afghanistan the US had alternative plans to create the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline that was to have been a joint venture between the US and the Taliban…….yes you heard right the Taliban but  as usual the Americans got greedy and the offer made to them was not acceptable and the deal collapsed……it was from that moment that the Taliban then became the enemy as the US considered them as being an obstacle to there “Geo Political Plans”…….it was after this time that the US invented the fictitious militia they called Al Qaeda and the war on terrorism started……..as we all know there are no terrorist and any threats are within our own governments in the form of the many “False Flags” that they create.  


As a footnote to this article it is clear that the west does not want Iran to become an economic giant or to spearhead the Middle East as a major role player.


 It is also commonly known that the US is attempting to keep its head above water in protecting the falling US Dollar……..one can see that futuristically the US Dollar is doomed as other major powers are quite prepared to ditch the US Dollar for gold or some other currency. As I have already explained above India is entering into an agreement with Iran on this issue and other countries may well follow.


The recent shutdown of Press TV in London is also a clear indication that the UK does not like the Iranian TV channel revealing the truth to the world and in exposing their deceitful fraudulent and corrupt ways 


Finally there is the question of who suffers most when severe sanctions are imposed. In this particular case it will hit the EU hardest with a sharp increase in the price of fuel and that then reflects in the price of commodities. Once again the ordinary person in the street will suffer, especially those on a low income, and the aged citizens will not be able to cover their basic costs of living when it comes to gas, electricity and water etc……..that in itself is a violation of human rights.


Peter Eyre-Middle East Consultant-26/1/2012



Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 26/1/2012

Press TV may be closed down but it´s still very much alive and kicking

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Press TV may be closed down but it´s still very much alive and kicking



Is David Cameron Intentionally Depleting The UK Armed Forces?


“Hurry up Liam we have to tell them all about the cutbacks and that they are dying for nothing”

“Please do not mention that we are both guilty of massive fraud and deception”


Despite the decision by the British Government Agency – OFCOM to close down Press TV in London the Iranian flagship continues to sail on with an even wider international audience of people that only seek the truth.

Many friends of mine are disgusted with our governments decision and are letting all their contacts know how to continue to watch Press TV….it is normal for ordinary sincere people to react in such a way as they cannot tolerate censorship or any government controlling mechanism that attempts to tell them what they should or should not watch.

In true Press TV style we again bring you yet another eye opener that the British public may not be aware of and believe me what Cameron is doing to our country is not only an act of treason but is also attempting to take away  the very foundation of our country based on the ancient Magna Carta, the Bill of Right and out Constitution.

The above clearly states that no control can be handed over to another country and thus two of our Prime Ministers are guilty of treason. Gordon Brown for signing over our country to the EU in Lisbon and David Cameron for signing over control of our elite armed forces to President Sarkozy of France.

Let´s therefore just for one moment reflect on what has occurred in more recent times and what is currently happening to our nation’s defence mechanism.

Back in November of 2010 we saw the first sign of the breakup of our forces especially the elite SAS, SBS and Commando´s etc. It was our dear Prime Minister, David Cameron who signed a pact with Nicholas Sarkozy which basically means that Britain will be totally dependent on France and France on Britain for its defence. It is also believed that the control of the above elite forces now rests in the hands of the French.

The new treaty was to pool nuclear technology, naval power and ground forces, In David Cameron´s own words “This is the start of something new”……..one must ask the question what is this all about………..is this just an extension to the New World Order´s (NWO) master plan to bring the UK and Europe into one United Europe that will be totally dependent on NATO for its defence……..maybe the public are not aware that NATO is the military arm of the NWO.

Since this pact we have seen David Cameron, William Hague, David Osborne and Ken Clarke all do there bit at Chatham House which is one of the NWO´s administration outlets in London and is totally run by Zionist. It was in this building where these politicians and many others have pledged their allegiance to Israel ahead of their own country!!

We now see dramatic cuts occurring to the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and the Army. It was just before our war with Libya that Cameron started to axe vital segments of our defence………we saw the end of the Harrier Jump Jet and the Tornado both of which had played a vital role in areas of conflict and it was only during the war in Libya that they realised that the new Typhoon fighter was totally out of its depth in such a role and some very crude modifications had to be made in a hurry.

It was obvious that in striking a deal with the French that they together would be the aggressive instigators (with the US) to take out Libya in such an inhumane way.

 It was Cameron and Sarkozy that continuously pushed for a no fly zone and then abused the very principal of human rights by blasting it with depleted uranium for many months.

Back in early 2011 our military commanders were begging Cameron not to enforce these cutbacks but in his usual arrogant way stood by his decision to axe 11,000 jobs. Later that year a further decision was made to change that figure to 17,000.

The decision to scrap the aircraft carrier Ark Royal and the Harrier jump jet fleet has undermined the armed forces’ ability to mount crucial operations, leading military leaders warned. Tanks would be cut by 40% and heavy artillery 35%. The total number of frigates and destroyers would drop from 23 to 19 by 2020.

Ten retired army and navy chiefs have written a private letter to the prime minister calling for an urgent rethink of the plans but again to no avail.

Jim Murphy, the Shadow Defence Secretary said “What’s the purpose of an aircraft carrier if not to carry aircraft? And I think to leave our country without a single fixed-wing aircraft able to fly off our aircraft carriers for a decade is a very worrying decision.

Dr Fox, MoD said there would be a range of helicopters and unmanned aircraft which would still be able to fly from them. You will note that emphasis on drones that have caused untold deaths of innocent civilians and that also have a very high fail rate!!

Fox went on to say “At least one of the new carriers will be redesigned so that it can deploy normal fighter aircraft that do not need a Harrier-style vertical lift capability – allowing strike fighter aircraft from allies like France to land on UK aircraft carriers, and vice versa.”

One can clearly see that again this shows a total dependency on France who incidentally are also cash strapped but have a significant Fleet Air Arm and rely on their carrier operations for coastal support in areas of conflict.

If one adds to this that the current government totally miscalculated their defence needs and found what the Ministry of Defence officials had calculated that the department is at least £10 billion short of what it will need in the coming years. The financial “mismatch” is larger than all the defence cuts announced in last year’s Spending Review, and has raised fears of another round of painful reductions in the Armed Forces.

It was very interesting that one paper stated the following:

A defence source said that Mr. Cameron must either deliver on his promise of more money, or accept more defence cuts. “The Prime Minister doesn’t like it when defence cuts are all over the front pages, but he doesn’t resolve this, he’s going to get a lot more of that,”

I can assure our PM that Press TV will certainly promote his shortfall and idle promises and will also continue to expose the massive fraud that he himself has been involved in and the disgraceful way he helped steal 17.8 million pounds of tax payers money in the illegal purchase of three South African/Israeli nukes that his dear Tory Party then lost……….yes Mr. Cameron you may have shut us down in London but we are very much alive on the international scene to continue to reveal your corrupt and fraudulent ways of running the UK.

So I guess by now you are asking could there be any more cutbacks……you bet!!!….we are now learning about a British MoD plan to cutback £2 bn. As Press TV previously reported:

 The ministry has already announced it will fire 40 percent of its civil servants and the fresh cuts would reduce total civilian staff numbers from 80,000 to 45,000 by 2015.

The department is also considering letting the axe fall on the long term equipment projects including the Future Rapid Effects System (FRES) to supply hundreds of air-portable armoured vehicles to the armed forces.

The military staff, however, seem to be at last ring-fenced from the fresh cuts after they suffered a 32,000 reduction across the three services.

From my perspective we should not be fighting wars in far away countries that serve no purpose but for the elite to fill up their own wallets. We continue raping many Islamic countries of their natural resources and despite all that has been said above Cameron is still on a war footing with Syria, Iran, Palestine, Somalia and with Argentina on the back burner.

It is very clear that these massive cutbacks will force us to totally depend on France and NATO to continue these pointless wars of pure greed. I will remind you once more of the NATO motto “An attack on one is an attack on all.” One can imagine that by them simply creating yet another false flag we could have a full scale WW3 this year

In my opinion it is the likes of Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy and those two evil puppets of Clinton and Hague that now make these leaders the most dangerous we have ever seen……..they are the true “Axis of Evil,”

We must all insist that we stop these wars, bring our troops home and just keep a defence force capable of self defence and for that purpose only. There is no threat from any Islamic country and Al Qaeda does not and has not every existed.

The British public must understand that the threat lies from within our own Parliament and secret service and not from some distant land. The sooner we get our country back on an even keel the better. The money we save on the existing war effort can then be redistributed to bring our country back into credit and at the same time start to earn international respect as a good trading partner as opposed to be a country that rules by the “Iron Fist.”


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/1/2012

What has happened to the UK´s Foreign Policy?

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So you thought Nuclear Weapons were bad…………….Depleted Uranium weapons beat them hands down!!


Shock and Awe Baghdad where thousands of tons of DU were used that came back to the UK to haunt us!!


As they say what goes around comes around and the UK got “Nuked”


Why oh why has our country gone into a spiralling decline and we have become a nation that is more concerned about the next episode of the X Factor than the state that our country has become.

Since the days of the “Iron Lady” Maggie Thatcher we have seen our country (that was once the pride of technology) diminish into a nation that appears to not be concerned about the self induced wars and conflicts that we have created and certainly not concerned that since we joined the EU we have seen the pride of this nation ripped apart.

The UK and many other countries around the world took pride in being an independent sovereignty and having the ability to show off all our technologies and trade with other nations in a fair and balanced way.

One would have to ask the question as to why the UK (like the US) has progressively become a nations that always wants to be at war with someone……..we have seen our once proud industries gradually collapse as major contracts are taken from our shores and given to other EU countries or the companies concerned being taken over by non British concerns.

Maggie Thatcher herself was at the helm of this sinking ship and at the moment of her decline started a war in the Falkland Islands to try to impose her authority and improve her popularity. It was this same lady that sent her butler, David Cameron, then 24 years of age, down to South Africa with Sir Ken Warren to illegally purchase three South African/Israeli built nukes with the intention to use them in Iraq.

When one looks at the concerns shown by Britain on other countries having nuclear weapons and yet hypocritically  they themselves were quite prepared to use them in Iraq…..add to this that the US did use nuclear weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan and one can see a clear double standard foreign policy developing.

Since the days of Thatcher we have had a progressive leadership of warmongers who try to brainwash us into believing that such action is required in order to keep the streets of the UK safe from terrorism…..my question would be what terrorism?

There is no threat from any “Islamic Nation” and Al Qaeda does not and has not ever existing…………the terrorism is our own governments who carried out 9/11 in New York and 7/7 here in London…….that is the true “Axis of Evil.”

Since Tony Blair took office this false facade has now accelerated out of control with Gordon Brown also jumping on the bandwagon and now David Cameron being totally responsible for the attack on Libya and now seeking action in Syria, Iran, Somalia and yet again the Falkland Islands…..when will we the public tell our government to stop this aggression, bring back our troops and start peaceful trading?

When will the British people understand that the decline of this country and other countries and the financial meltdown was self induced by those that wish to deceive us?

When will we understand that billions of billions of pounds and dollars are being siphoned out of the system by company/bank CEO´s including very senior MP´s in all parties including the current PM himself David Cameron by operating virtual companies or shell companies that do not even exist?

Did you know that our dear Prime Minister himself siphoned off 17.8 million pounds when he went on an all expenses paid trip to South Africa or did you know that he violated government protocol when he went to visit his counterpart in India to fast track an illegal take over involving two British Companies and two of their subsidiaries in India to the tune of $9.8 billion……..I wonder how much Sir Bill Gammell (the CEO of Cairn Energy) paid him for that favour?

Cameron is now full on with Argentina over the Falkland Islands which originally belonged to the sovereign state of Argentina except to say that now Brazil and other Latin American countries are also against us……why oh why are we continuing down this aggressive road and allowing our country to get the same bad name that now belongs to the US?

Did you know that Cameron has said that two British Companies have found substantial oil/gas reserves in the Falklands….absolutely untrue….there is no oil and the two companies he names Rockhopper and Desire Petroleum are virtual companies that bleed the investors of their life savings and never find the oil…..starting to get the picture yet?

The New Year 2012 is now upon us and this could well be the most decisive year as far as our survivability on planet earth!!!……why are you the British Public so blind and show no concern?

Cameron wants to go to war in at least three countries – Syria – Iran and Somalia with Argentina ticking away in the background…..when will you all switch off your TV.s and realise what is happening to this wonderful planet?

Are you aware that a slow progressive genocide is taking place with one of the main ingredients being the use of Depleted Uranium?

Are you aware that your daughters are almost being forced to have a vaccine for HPV and could become sterile?

Are you aware that the annual flu vaccine now incorporates the swine flu vaccine and basically serves no purpose?

Are you aware that 9/11 and 7/7 were carried out by the CIA/MI5/Mossad and are you prepared for the next “False Flag” to occur which could well be during the Olympics and could take us to war against those countries listed above?

I beg you all to watch this interview with Aaron Russo ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nD7dbkkBIA ) who used to be a very good film  producer in revealing the truth…..he has since died from Lung Cancer or some say assassinated…….the New World Order tried to get at him via Nick Rockefeller to join them and stop making his eye opening documentaries….this interview was just before he died…..he had nothing to loose……what a truly wonderful person to grace our planet…….you will see how the NWO thinks…..how it wants to carry mass genocide (which has already started) or mass infertility……add to this the HPV vaccine currently being given to almost every young girl……add to this the fact that mercury is used as a preservative in most vaccines in third world countries and that mercury is highly toxic to humans….especially babies and young children…….add to this the use of Depleted Uranium (DU) in areas of conflict etc etc and you can see their evil ways.

It would also be of interest for you all to see the War Crimes Report that was submitted to the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission by Ms Leuren Moret and I …………..this was the initial document that was first filed and is currently being improved upon to a very high academic level……..never has anyone covered such a vast area of this complex mass genocide.

The link for the initial complaint which is in parts is as follows:


Unfortunately it didn´t work out so well as even though Bush and Blair were found guilty….they were found guilty of a lesser charge……this then prompted me to write another article about the scam which is shown at the below link:


Pay particular attention to the contamination chart that shows how DU arrived in the skies over the UK close to London and was kept out of the public eye….not the normal base line of normal background radiation and note the hike that followed as a result of our bombing in Iraq and Afghanistan…………also keep in mind that the same thing happened more recently when the contamination from Libya did the following:

Libya was blasted with over 500 cruise missiles and many other DU weapons including Hellfire Missiles, Bunker Busters, JDAM Bombs and rounds from the Apache Helicopters etc……..

 It only takes about 50 tons (45,359 Kg) of DU contaminated dust to kill 500,000 people and I would estimate that the Coalition Forces fired off well in access of 175,000 kg. I would also like to emphasise that this contamination did not just simply stop at the Libyan border.

I studied the upper wind charts during one particular day when the US, UK and France fired off hundreds of Cruise Missiles and found the airflow actually took these radioactive nano particles on a very long journey………the fall-out passed over Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco and another airflow took this same contamination over Spain, Portugal and then out into Mid Atlantic before doing a 180 degree turn back over the UK and Europe………..as they say “What goes around come around.”

My understanding is that any use of WMD´s is in clear breach of at least 5 articles of the Geneva Convention and yet as we have seen this action met with the full approval of the United Nations, the very organisation that is supposed to uphold peace…..it is blatantly clear that Bank Ki-moon himself should be tried for “Crimes Against Humanity” along with his partners in crime Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy!!

Take a look at my many articles on all topics covering war, mass genocide, massive fraud etc and then finally read this article and understand you are all being duped


Come on world wake up and stop this trend.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 21/1/2012

The Illegal Arms Trade – Iraq–Iran War 1980 – 1988 (Part 8 Final)

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Part 8 (Final)


Before finally closing this current series on the UK´s Illegal Arms Trade and the massive fraud and corruption that goes with it we must show how the British Government covered their tracks to protect those at the top.

Senior figures in London that  were known to the Asra Group and who were caught up in illegal arms trade and in particular the Iraqi Supergun scandal  deliberately referred the case to the wrong police department to avoid further embarrassment for the Government.

The DTI handed over a dossier on Astra to the Serious Fraud Office . However a very senior person in the know believes the case should have been referred to the Metropolitan Police fraud squad instead.





It was a known fact at the time that the Prime Ministers Office, DTI, MoD, MI5/6 and many very senior politicians were all in bed together when it came to illegal arms dealings………the list of those involved is endless but for sure involved decades of Prime Ministers and Senior Cabinet Ministers all of whom should be behind bars for the wars and atrocities that they have been responsible for.


Gerald Bull´s Super Gun became the central point of investigation and the DTI in its cover up announced that  there would be no criminal investigation into the events preceding the collapse of Astra, despite a highly critical DTI report, which found fault with the directors of the firm, its financial advisers, its accountants and the Stock Exchange, not to mention the Astra subsidiary, PRB, which was involved in making the shells for the Iraqi supergun project.


Super Gun Parts found on the dockside prior to shipment from the UK to Iraq




It was stated that the SFO was not investigating the case because the alleged fraud was too small, and that the DTI knew this when it passed on the file and that  the file should have been passed to the Metropolitan Police fraud squad, which would have been more likely to investigate. ‘There was a deliberate mistake made so that Gerald James did not get his day in court to make accusations about Supergun and to reveal Page 6 of company (Astra) spread sheets that would have revealed the massive fraud associated with this case and those involved……..The SFO would not say why it chose not to investigate Astra, and the DTI categorically denied the charges.


Two other major events occurred around the time of the Iraq War which not only revealed gross neglect by both the US and UK leaders and their governments but also would become a focal point in further conflict in the Middle East, not forgetting the assistance given to Iraq in their WMD/CBW programme. As a direct result of the west assisting Iraq, Saddam was able to use this western assistance to exterminate many thousands of innocent civilians both in Halabja (Kurdistan) and also on the Iranians during the Iraq-Iran War.



The two major events that occurred was when a US B52 loaded with nuclear SRAM missiles had a full in-flight emergency and had to divert to the British owned Diego Garcia……during its flight further onboard electrical problems caused the crew to jettison its payload of fully operational nukes into the shallow waters off Somalia……the aircraft continued on to Diego Garcia but unfortunately was not able to make it and crashed into the sea.

Dick Cheney who was fully aware of the implications of having these nukes sitting on the seabed did absolutely nothing about it and the weapons were eventually recovered by the notorious illegal arms dealer Billy Rautenbach who then sold them on the black market, for which he received a payment of around 8.5 tons of gold bullion. The British Government were fully aware of this incident and who also took part in another nuclear scam that went terribly wrong. 

                                                                        John Bredenkamp                                    Billy Rautenbach



                   Our own dear Prime Minister, David Cameron also so happened to go down to South Africa, on a sanction busting trip to acquire three battle field ready nuclear bombs that unfortunately were stolen from there insecure compound  in Oman by John Bredenkamp, another shonky arms dealer who had only previously just sold them to the UK in an under the table deal with David Cameron and, Sir Kenneth Warren, many very senior politicians were involved……..these nukes were built by a joint venture between Israel and South Africa and the pay off for the Tory Party was 17.8 million pounds into their election fund…….this payment is covered in Hansard and to this day is still unaccounted for…………one could possible ask those shown below what was their involvement in this deal or  what  knowledge did they share?




One has to understand that the west thrives on wars and conflict as it is very good for business, especially in arms sales and in hiking up the price of oil, all of which makes such conflicts very lucrative.

What must be made very clear is that there are no terrorist, no Al Qaeda and no threat to the streets of the UK or US…….this is a war of propaganda that was created to allow the west to create its own “Geo Political Plan” in taking over the Worlds Natural Resources, to control the markets for those resources and to control the transit routes, sea lanes and pipeline route etc……..this master plan is the creation of the New World Order and involved many false flag incidents to spread the current “Islamaphobia” fear around the world……they themselves carried out the attack on the Twin Towers in 9/11 and they themselves blew up the London Tubes and the London Bus on 7/7…….such is their evil way.

On should take the time to see this wonderful interview with Aaron Russo who got very close to the “Axis of Evil” – The New World Order and was able to explain in great detail their evil plans….the link is:


If one adds up the total cost of all these illegal wars/conflicts and more importantly the millions of innocent victims that have fallen as a direct result of their greed one can see the true “Axis of Evil.”

You can rest assured that the current Chilcott Inquiry will turn out into yet another cover-up and release all of those implicated in illegal arms dealings……I would even go a step further by saying many of these war criminals and major fraudsters will actually get off  without charge and may even be given a Knighthood for their evil ways……..unfortunately that is the state of British Politics Today………..the images below show some of those that should be in prison for life and who currently enjoy the riches of their past!!


Before closing I would like to pay tribute to three people in particular who became a victim of their greed and who certainly became an obstacle to their future………..hopefully justice will prevail and one day we will see some if not all of these rogues behind bars. 



Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 20/1/2012



The Illegal Arms Trade – Iraq–Iran War 1980 – 1988 (Part 7)

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Part 7


A continuation of the speech given by Gerald James, former Chairman of Astra, on his experiences with the British  Government, the Secret Service, key political figures and notorious illegal arms dealers.

You will note that there was also to have been another inquiry known as the Matrix Churchill Inquiry regarding the “Super Gun” and the transfer of high technology such as WMD´s and CBW¨s to Iraq as well as the current Chilcot Inquiry (Iraq Inquiry) both of which have turned out to be another gross cover-up.

Gerald James knew all the wheelings and dealings of the DTI, MoD,MI5/6,CIA and eventually fell victim to the fact that he knew too much which resulted in the demise of his company. He was witness to the inner workings of the illegal arms trade, extortionate salaries and overpriced contracts. He held one vital document which was page 6 of his companies spread sheet which revealed how the money was distributed around the inner circle and the involvement of the DTI, MI5/6, CIA and the British Government who eventually placed one of their own operatives to take control of Astra………that person was Stepahnus Adolphus Kock.

His speech may appear to be rather complex but if one studies each and every paragraph you will see just how involved the British Government, the US and many other countries were in promoting war and in supplying Iraq with extremely illegal weapons.

The speech was made at a Conference in  the Environmental Law Centre

Continuation of his speech:

In the course of my own experiences I took considerable note and interest in parallel cases like Matrix Churchill, Ordtec, Euromac, Atlantic Commercial, BNJ, SRC, Forgemasters, Walter Somers, Polly Peck, Foxley Ferranti/ISC, BCCI, Maxwell etc. All these cases and others and the Astra case involved the gross abuse of power by Government and its agencies and servants, concealment of key evidence, intimidation, threats, false and selective prosecutions, manipulation of evidence, perversion of the course of justice. It has also been clearly demonstrated that there is no separation of powers within the United Kingdom. Key legal appointments like Lord Chancellor and attorney General, Solicitor General are wholly political. It has also been clearly demonstrated that Parliament has no control of knowledge of events and that a vast apparatus of permanent unelected Government exists. This permanent Government consists of senior civil servants, intelligence and security officers, key figures in certain city and financial institutions (including Lloyds of London), key industrialists and directors of major monopolistic companies, senior politicians.

The Lord Chancellors Office which is responsible for the appointment of Judges, Clerks of the House of Commons select Committees and approval of Chairmen of such committees and the approval of the Queen’s Counsel, holds a total control of the legal administrative framework and has strong connections to the security and intelligence services. The last Clerk to the Crown in Chancery was Sir Thomas Legg, KCB QC who had strong links to the intelligence and security establishment and who was responsible for allocating Judges to controversial trials of a political nature where the “national interest” and “national security” (those much abused phrases) were involved, ie the Ponting Case. Legg’s successor will have a similar role. Sir Thomas was duly wheeled out to keep the lid on the Sandline Inquiry re the strange events surrounding the FCO, Sierra Leone and real foreign policy as opposed to the sham variety discussed at Westminster. He has been wheeled out again to keep the lid on an inquiry regarding the corruption in the hugely expensive building of new MP’s offices opposite Big Ben.


Lord Peter Levene


The companies involved in this case are Alvis, formerly United Scientific Holdings and its Germany partner in the installation of a £35m contract for copper cladding. United Scientific Holdings is the company where ex Chief of defence Procurement and ex Lord Mayor Sir Peter, now Lord Levene was Managing director (later a Director of N.M. Rothschild) was Chairman. An American competitor alleges irregularities and corruption as it offered to do the work for a much lower price.

The real framework which secretly controls our lives is little understood or studies even by those who work within its musty and murky depths. It has only recently emerged that Appeal Court Judges are secretly briefed making appearances before such luminaries a sham and a joke. The public can thank Mr Geoffrey Scriven for these revelations. Lloyds names can hardly have realised that legislation was secretly framed to prevent wrong doers being sued. (Times Magazine Article 21/2/00).

The other area which is little understood is the Crown. To many the Crown represents the Royal family but we now have a Constitutional Monarchy. The Crown in its constitutional sense is the last home of secret government. Much is done in the name of the Crown which is without the permission or knowledge of the Monarch. Token gestures are made by sending her despatch boxes of “selected” information. The Crown is represented by the Monarch but does not represent the on secret and major issues. The armed forces (the last bastion of institutional integrity) swear their allegiance to the Monarch not to Parliament as do Judges and the Intelligence and security services – the latter are totally unaccountable as is the Lord Chancellors’ office which controls Courts and Judges. The Lord Chancellor is unelected as is the Attorney General who although chosen from the ranks of MPs is not elected, like the Solicitor General. The Attorney General holds sway over the Crown Prosecution service, serious Fraud Office, HM Customs (as revealed by the Scott Inquiry) and the Police in respect of sanctioning cases. The Law Officers, the Attorney General and the Solicitor General are the Chief Legal Advisors (assisted by the Solicitor General) has overall responsibility for the work of the Law Officer’s Departments:

ie The Treasury Solicitors Department

Crown Prosecution Service

Serious Fraud Office

Legal Secretariat to the Law Officers

All the duties of the above departments (and HM Customs) are ultimately supervised by the Attorney General.

The Director of Public Prosecutions for Northern Ireland is also responsible to the Attorney General for the performance of his functions. There are also additional responsibilities with regard to civil and criminal law.

The other area which is key to overall secret control outside Parliament is the Privy Council. It is important to note that all main members of the Cabinet become members of the Privy Council as do leaders and sometimes the deputy leaders of the opposition parties.

The Privy Council oath which all members take means they cannot freely discuss any matter they are informed of or told of “Under Privy Council terms”. This means that the Cabinet and opposition leaders cannot discuss freely in Parliament or elsewhere any matter told to them on “Privy Council terms”. This means in practice that the key MPs cannot discharge their democratic duties. It is in effect a gagging system like Public Interest Immunity Certificates dispensed by Judges on application of Government and its agencies. All senior Judges and Appeal Judges are Privy Councillors as is the Lord Chancellor, The Attorney and Solicitor General and other invited and key persons. This secret unelected body has a wide range of powers. On the surface other permanent secretaries, sometimes the Cabinet Secretary and certain members of the established aristocracy are Privy Councillors. The appointment is for life and Jonathon Aitken is one of the few members to resign.

It should also be remembered Aitken was a Chairman of the Pinay Circle comprised of senior intelligence officers and world leaders who hold secret meeting around the world.

It is widely and erroneously assumed the Cabinet is the Executive of the elected Government whereas in our unwritten ill defined constitution it is in reality the executive arm of the Privy Council.

The Privy Council is responsible for the arrangements leading to the making of Royal Proclamations and Orders in Council for certain formalities connected with Ministerial Changes: for considering application for the grant or amendment of Royal Charters, for the security and approval of by laws and statutes of Chartered Institutions, of the governing instruments of universities and colleges, for the appointment of High Sheriffs and many Crown and Privy Council Nominees for governing bodies.

Under the relevant Acts, the office of the Privy Council is responsible for the approval of certain regulations and rules made by the governing bodies of the medical and certain allied professions.

The President of the Council has responsibility for the working of the Privy Council. A leader of the House of Commons he or she is responsible for supervising the Government’s legislative programme. He or she allegedly upholds the right and privileges of the House as a whole and in its capacity it falls to him or her to move motions relating to the procedure of the House. In January 1994 the Privy Council assumed responsibility for the newly formed Central Drugs Coordination Unit. The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council is the highest Court of Appeal for the Commonwealth except the United Kingdom and those countries which had abolished appeals to it. It still can confirm death sentences in certain territories and in the UK hears ecclesiastical cases and appeals against disciplinary decisions by disciplinary bodies of the medical professions and certain allied bodies. Its more secret and sinister workings are little known and in theory it is the advisory body to the monarch. It appears that the bulk of elected politicians do not penetrate its inner recesses yet can be influenced by it.

The Privy Council allied with the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) and the Cabinet and Cabinet Intelligence Unit which is the real control over the security and intelligence services are part of the secret permanent unaccountable Government.

We have seen from the arms to Iran, Iraq affairs, the Sandline affair and other scandals that politicians and Parliament have little or no control and are more like players in a pantomime put on for the general public and gullible public.

The roots of this sinister power are rooted in history, particularly that of the usurping Tudors. The Privy Council and secret services have developed since then and it is wrong to regard MI5 and MI6 as the sole such bodies. As Douglas Hurd told a Commons Select Committee regarding nuclear proliferation they are but two tributaries of the main stream of intelligence. The communication and eavesdropping unit GCHQ works extensively with the intelligence and security services and with those of other countries including the intelligence services and National Security Agency of USA and with the Services of Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Each regularly circumvents domestic laws for the benefit of the others under programmes like “echelon” and agreements between UK and USA. Politicians and civil servants and other leading figures who get out of line can be surveyed or bugged and then threatened, blackmailed, framed up or worse.

Secrecy breeds corruption, secrecy is power, information is power particularly confidential information. There is no accountability and the calibre of MP deteriorates with each Parliament. The young politician with no experience outside is naïve and powerless and many now have a blind loyalty to their party. Ironically the hereditary peers of the House of Lords provided one of the last vestiges of honesty and independence now largely destroyed by self-important and self-deluding figures like Blair and Baroness Jay.

This the background against which decisions affairs like Lloyds of London have been handled and decided.

Secrecy has breed corruption and lack of accountability. Judicial Inquiries are cosmetic and carried out by the Judiciary who are key tools of the “cover up” and the status quo. (ie the Scott Inquiry). London is a key world money laundering centre (£500 billion per annum). Damage to Lloyds’ credibility will damage London and its position as a money or financial centre.

Much of the Uk’s traditional industry is gone. To deal with Lloyds from the point of view of justice, will rock the boat and damage the so called national interest. Privileged persons in politics and the judiciary etc have been protected and the rest do not matter. The policy is to protect Lloyds and cover up. The same arrogant and self serving attitude was evident in the arms trade and the related drugs trade. Those on the inside are only interested in concealment, cover up, and their own on going benefits protected by secrecy and privilege. Justice does not count. The scandals involving political parties, large companies, the intelligence and security services, and corruption in Germany (Kohl), France (Mitterand/Dumas,etc) Italy (Craxi) are pale shadows of what has gone on in the UK. We have what the late Roberto Clavi of Banco Amnrosiano in Italy as described “potere occulto” –secret power.

Ironically the main threat to this secret power is the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) Article 6 which overturns Uk legal decisions regularly and has already caused the sacking of deputy Judges, and Magistrates in Scotland while threatening Scottish Judges. Scotland under devolution adopted ECHR in 1999 and England did so in October 2000, although the Lord Chief Justice (Bingham) already recommended as a result of the Kebbilen case that the ECHR should be recognised in England before this.

It is significant that the Home Secretary Shaw is proposing the abolition of juries and magistrates in many and perhaps eventually all cases. This will put further power in the hands of secret and unaccountable Government and corrupt Judges. The ramifications are extremely sinister and serious. Already the rules of evidence have been perverted in favour of secret an unaccountable Government who routinely conceal evidence and pervert the course of justice.

It has never been more vital for people to challenge the views of politicians and opinion formers. We live in an age where much if not most of the media is controlled. The legal mechanism and Judges and the court system need to be beyond reproach. Sadly they are not and the chronicle of abuse and manipulation of cases is appalling. Judges are not independent in most government related cases and are no different to salaried and pensioned civil servants. The independence of the Judiciary is an allusion fostered by the Judiciary. Too often a Judicial Inquiry is a system for cover up and concealment. Too often the courts are influenced by political considerations as in the Scott Inquiry and the recent Lloyds of London case. Perhaps with pressure this can be changed.

We do not want a society dominated by lawyers, accountants and monopoly commercial Interests with the courts administered by Judges who follow directions.

Thank you very much.


End of Gerald James speech.



Part 8 will further reveal more of the UK´s illegal arms trade and the massive fraud that goes with it amounting to billions of pounds each and every year………Our current Prime Minister, David Cameron was part of this network of deception and he himself managed to siphon off million of tax payer´s money into the Tory Party Election Fund!!  


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 16/1/2012



The Illegal Arms Trade – Iraq–Iran War 1980 – 1988 (Part 6)

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Part 6


 I have decided to print an entire speech given by Gerald James, former Chairman of Astra, on his experiences with the British  Government, the Secret Service, key political figures and notorious illegal arms dealers.

You will note that there was also to have been another inquiry known as the Matrix Churchill Inquiry regarding the “Super Gun” and the transfer of high technology such as WMD´s and CBW¨s to Iraq as well as the current Chilcot Inquiry (Iraq Inquiry) both of which have turned out to be another gross cover-up.

Gerald James knew all the wheelings and dealings of the DTI, MoD,MI5/6,CIA and eventually fell victim to the fact that he knew too much which resulted in the demise of his company. He was witness to the inner workings of the illegal arms trade, extortionate salaries and overpriced contracts. He held one vital document which was page 6 of his companies spread sheet which revealed how the money was distributed around the inner circle and the involvement of the DTI, MI5/6, CIA and the British Government who eventually placed one of their own operatives to take control of Astra………that person was Stepahnus Adolphus Kock.

His speech may appear to be rather complex but if one studies each and every paragraph you will see just how involved the British Government, the US and many other countries were in promoting war and in supplying Iraq with extremely illegal weapons.

The speech was made at a Conference in  the Environmental Law Centre:

My experiences, the Scott Inquiry, the British Legal System

By Gerald Reaveley James

 I am reminded of the very appropriate quote from Edmund Burke (1729-97) “It is necessary only for the good man to do nothing for evil to triumph.”

I am most grateful to Dr Badsha for inviting me and honoured to make this address at this Conference of the Environmental Law Centre.

The Astra case and my case reflect much that has been to the fore in recent years in not only scandals around arms companies like Astra, Matrix Churchill, Ordtec, Forgemasters, Walter Somers, Ferranti and other companies like Polly Peck, BCCI and Maxwell but also in the Scott Inquiry, the BSE Inquiry and the Lloyds of London affair and other scandals. The underlying problem is secret unaccountable government which bypasses Parliament and how the law is administered in the UK, gives aid and succour to such a state of affairs. The most common device is the concealment of evidence and manipulation of cases. There is a tendency when challenged for those in authority to talk of conspiracy theories. My experience is that those who do so are usually part of the conspiracy.

My company Astra gave rise to much of the circumstances which created the Scott Inquiry, the Supergun revelations (we reported it first), the Aitken affair, the murder of Gerald Bull in Brussels in March 1990 and much else.

 Background note:

My name is Gerald Reaveley James. Until March 1990 and between 1980 and 1990 I was chairman of Astra Holdings PLC (“Astra”) which became a leading ammunition and weapons manufacturer. By the late 1980’s Astra had factories in the United States (9), Canada (2), Belgium (5), United Kingdom (5) and administrative headquarters in Washington Dc, Brussels and London and employed 4,000 personnel. The story of Astra is too long to recount here but a summary is contained in my book, “In the Public Interest” published by Little Brown UK hardback 1995, Warner paperback 1996, London. Astra became involved in covert weapons and ammunitions operations organised by MI5 and MI6 and the CIA, the MOD, DOD, FCO and the State Department and the DTI. To such an extent was Astra involved with its pricipal subsidiaries, Walters, Accudyne, Kilgore USA PRB Belgium, BMARC UK; in the covert trade manipulations of Foreign Policy.

In 1989/90, following a reappraisal of Foreign Policy in the light of the demise of the Cold War and changing circumstances in the Middle East, where it became apparent the US, UK and EEC had transferred Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical weapons technology as well as conventional weapons to countries like Iran and Iraq, and the discovery Pakistan had the atomic bomb, the whole covert network was reorganised. This involved the collapsing of companies like Astra, Ferranti/ISC, Polly Peck, BCCI, Maxwell Group etc and the prosecution of lesser fry Companies and their directors – companies like Matrix Churchill, BNJ, Ordtec, Euromac, SRC, Forgemasters, Walter Somers are examples. The directors of Astra were to a large extent ignorant of the full range of covert activities carried out in their name but aware of some of these activities and the likely destination of their goods. As however all operations were sanctioned by the DTI, MOD, FCO, and in the US by the DOD and the State Department and in Belgium by the Belgian Government, not too many questions were raised initially.

However, in late 1988 and 1989 it became clear to me as Chairmen that the clandestine operations far exceeded anything remotely sanctioned by the full Board and I set out to investigate in depth. I became aware that certain plants were used to secretly store and ship goods; that monies were being transferred to other operations without book records or board approval in secret commission payments; that our paper work and parallel bank accounts were being used to process arms shipments from major UK defence companies like British Aerospace, Royal Ordnance, GEC Marconi, Thorn EMI etc. A leading British Defence Journalist wrote a report which was largely kept secret which indicated £100m was stolen from the Export Credit Guarantee Department (“ECGD”) in a fictitious subcontract for propellant which BMARC, an Astra subsidiary, had secretly obtained in 1998 from Royal Ordnance.

I also became concerned about payments to and business with MI6/CIA front company Allivane which had occurred between 1983 and 1988 via Astra. Is also became clear that all our main operations were involved in covert operations in the USA Belgium and the UK, and that Astra, when it acquired these companies, had inherited a hard core of MI6, MI5, DIA agents who operated behind the back of the original directors and who treated them as “useful idiots”. All our main companies were involved with Space Research Corporation (“SRC”) and the late Dr Gerald Bull who was behind the Supergun and other secret projects which Astra companies were also involved in. In 1989 I realised we had a hugely dangerous individual on our main Board and the BMARC Board who was an MI6 agent.

This individual, Stepahnus Adolphus Kock had high level political connections to Thatcher, Hesletine, Younger, Hanley, etc as well as MI5 and MI6 connections. It is now clear to me that he was involved in the murder of Dr Gerald Bull in Brussels on 22nd march 1990 and Jonathan Moyle in Santiago, Chile on 31st March 1990. BMARC was the only company outside the Atomic Weapons research Establishment and Government Arms depots with the capability to store nuclear bombs like Redbeard and WE177.


Gerald Bull assasinated by Mossad with the help of Stepahnus Adolphus Kock


By early 1990 my probing had become a major problem and a plot was hatched to remove me as Chairman shortly before the Supergun and other revelations and Bull’s murder. A new dummy board ld in reality by Kock with two MI6/MI5 stooges ran the company into the ground over the next two years. In order to explain away the destruction of the company with a £350m order book and a market capitalisation of £120m desperate attempts were made to find evidence of malpractice by the original directors. Gumbley, my Managing Director, who had been with Bull until an hour before he was shot had discussed with Bull suing UK Government and senior civil servants using Bull’s extensive knowledge of high level corruption and illegal operations. It had been agreed I would return with Gumbley to agree with lawyers how to proceed a week later. I had discussed such matters with Bull some six months previous but no further action had been taken. Gumbley was immediately framed up for corrupting an MOD official and jailed for 9 months and after desperately trying to find something on me and failing, Kock and MI6/MI5 decided to institute through Peter Lilley and the DTI a DTI Inquiry. Lilley was Secretary of state at the DTI at the time.


Peter Lilley MP one of the key players in illegal arms deals and major fraudster 


The DTI Inquiry lasted three years and cost £2.5m plus (as much as the Scott Inquiry). The announcement of the Inquiry and the misleading press statements issued by the DTI and Government ensured the downfall of Astra. Crooks and MI5, MI6, agents or informers were put in chare of Astra – Kock, Roy Barber FCA and Tony McCann. Barber and McCann whose managerial and industrial competence and experience were negligible paid themselves £330,000 and £280,000 pa respectively. Barber took £100,000 in the first month. Barber’s annual payment was more than I received in salary and expenses as Chairman over ten years while I built the company. PRB was sold off immediately for £3m to avoid embarrassing revelations. MI5, MI6 and MOD police and Customs launched 17 raids on Astra premises in order to steal any sales and other documentation incriminating Government. No new orders were obtained in spite of the Gulf War and the company ran on the £350m order book we had left for two years, before it was put into receivership on 2nd February 1992 on the eve of me giving evidence to the House of Commons Trade and Industry Select Committee re Supergun, Project Babylon and arms to Iraq (and Iran etc).

Press coverage was hue and adverse. This facilitated, as clearly city interests like Banks and Astra’s main shareholders 3i, Prudential and Clerical and medical cooperated with Government for their own interest and purposes against the interests of smaller shareholders ( a parallel with Lloyds techniques). Kock had a cover as a consultant in Midland Bank’s secret arms department, Midland and Industrial Trade Services (“MITS”). This was staffed by ex service officers, MI5, MI6, agents and intelligence affiliated bankers. Midland with the Bank of Boston were Astra’s main bankers and dominated by MI6 CIA agents. Kock was also said to be head of Group 13, the Government’s assassination and dirty tricks squad according to Richard John Rainey Unwin, a close associate of Knock himself who was a contract MI6 agent and Consultant to Astra. Kock and Unwin, with Martin Laing Construction, negotiated the £2bn Malaysian defence deal before George Younger, the Defence Secretary even knew of it.

George Younger devout Thatcherite and another key player


The MOD police arrested several of my colleagues, framed Grumbley up. I was subjected to harassment, burglaries; I was arrested by Customs, investigated by the Inland Revenue, subjected to surveillance, threats, bugging, telephone tapping (all documented), a DTI Inquiry which lasted 3 years and a DTI prosecution which lasted 4 years. In addition I had to give copious evidence to the Scott Inquiry over 4 years, 2 DTI Select Committees, Foreign Affairs Select Committee, Defence Select Committee, Public Accounts Select Committee, Public Services Select committee, Police (SOI), a huge law suit in the United States (Dooley case). My family suffered considerably, my two eldest sons army careers suffered, my youngest son’s education because of adverse publicity, my brother was killed in an accident never satisfactory explained which could have been intended for me.

Part 7 will show more of the Gerald James speech and I will also reveal the continued illegal arms trade that existed after this time and involved our own current Prime Minister, David Cameron, Sir Kenneth Warren, Peter Lilley MP, Lord Hazeltine and many others………not forgetting and the late Dr. David Kelly


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 15/1/2012



The Illegal Arms Trade – Iraq–Iran War 1980 – 1988 (Part 5)

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Part 5




A  conclusion was draw up which gave a very accurate assessment as follows:

This paper rests its case on the following principal points:

1. That it is known that a range of pathogenic (disease producing) and toxigenic (poisonous) biological materials were exported to Iraq from the United States between 1985 and 1989, and that, among other warfare-related materials, these included a strain of anthrax utilized and tested over many years as a weapon, including during well documented WW2 and post-WW2 trials, to which the US was a party. 

2. That the US Government was fully aware of the dangers vested in the biological materials exported to Iraq by the American Type Culture Collection between 1985 and 1989, and was, at the least, grossly negligent in failing to prohibit these exports to a state which was known by the US Administration at that time to be actively utilizing chemical weapons of mass destruction, and suspected – if not known – to also be developing a biological weapons programme.

3. That with knowledge of the US biological exports, the British Government, being bound to act according to the law, and having stated as much in the UK Parliament in the name of Her Majesty the Queen, has a responsibility to formally report this matter to the UN Security Council for investigation. Furthermore, that failure to do so effectively renders the BTWC meaningless, and, thereby, compromises the very concept of international law.

Beyond the case made in this paper, the following appears to be the disturbing international political reality: The invasion of Iraq by the United States and Britain in 2003 was predicated upon Iraq’s possession of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ – the primary threat presented both to Parliament and the People being anthrax. This anthrax was exported to Iraq from the US, having previously been exported from Britain, where it had been tested as a biological weapon “because its capability to produce infection and death after the inhalation of spores had been demonstrated in the laboratory”. This information is well known to the US, Britain, and Canada, due to a trilateral agreement concerning biological research between the three nations. Meanwhile, more than 20% of Britain’s MP representing approximately 12 million people – have twice called for a UN investigation into the US exports, a call which has been dismissed by the British Government by means of flimsy responses and a refusal to answer questions properly. 

The United States with Great Britain blocked all Security Council resolutions condemning Iraq’s use of chemical weapons, and on March 21 the US becomes the only country refusing to sign a Security Council statement condemning Iraq’s use of these weapons

 The US Department of Commerce licenses 70 biological exports to Iraq between May of 1985 and 1989, including at least 21 batches of lethal strains of anthrax

May, 1986. US Department of Commerce approves shipment of weapons grade botulin poison to Iraq.

 April, 1988. US Department of Commerce approves shipment of chemicals used in manufacture of mustard gas.

 September, 1988. US Department of Commerce approves shipment of weapons grade anthrax and botulinum to Iraq.

 It should also be noted that the MK-84 bomb that was stockpiled in Saudi Arabia also formed part of the support for Saddam when hundreds of these U.S.-made general-purpose “dumb bombs” were transferred to Iraq.



What was even more surprising was when Saddam’s elite troops received instruction in unconventional warfare at Fort Bragg , North Carolina USA. “The idea was that, in the event of an Iranian victory, the Iraqi soldiers would be able to wage a guerrilla struggle against the occupying Iranian force”

On May 25, 1994, the U.S. Senate Banking Committee released a report in which it was stated that “pathogenic (meaning ‘disease producing’), toxigenic (meaning ‘poisonous’), and other biological research materials were exported to Iraq pursuant to application and licensing by the U:S: Department of Commerce.” It added: “These exported biological materials were not attenuated or weakened and were capable of reproduction.”

The report then detailed 70 shipments (including Bacillus Anthracis) from the United States to Iraqi government agencies over three years, concluding “It was later learned that these microorganisms exported by the United States were identical to those the UN inspectors found and recovered from the Iraqi biological warfare program.”

Iraq purchased 8 strains of anthrax from the United States in 1985, according to British biological weapons expert David Kelly. The Iraqi military settled on the American Type Culture Collection strain 14578 as the exclusive strain for use as a biological weapon.

Donald Riegle, Chairman of the Senate Committee that authored the aforementioned Riegle Report. said: “U.N. inspectors had identified many United States manufactured items that had been exported from the United States to Iraq under licenses issued by the Department of Commerce, and [established] that these items were used to further Iraq’s chemical and nuclear weapons development and its missile delivery system development programs. … The executive branch of our government approved 771 different export licenses for sale of dual-use technology to Iraq. I think that is a devastating record.”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control sent Iraq 14 separate agents “with biological warfare significance,” according to Riegle’s investigators.


 It is now known that a vast network of companies, based in the U.S. and elsewhere, fed Iraq’s warring capabilities right up until August 1990, when Saddam invaded Kuwait.

On the military hardware front, MD 500 Defender helicopters were also part of the deal with the US when Iraq acquired 60 multi-role military helicopters directly from the United States in 1983. Additional helicopter sales prompted congressional opposition, forcing the Reagan administration to explore alternative ways of assisting Saddam.

Alan Friedman wrote that Sarkis Soghanalian, one of the most notorious arms dealers during the Cold War, procured Eastern Bloc and French origin weaponry, and brokered vast deals with Iraq, with the tacit approval of the Central Intelligence Agency.

This most prominent arms merchant, Sarkis Soghanalian, was a Miami-based former CIA contractor who brokered tens of billions of dollars’ worth of military hardware for Iraq during the 1980s, reporting many of his transactions to officials in Washington. Soghanalian was close to the Iraqi leadership and to intelligence officers and others in the Reagan administration. He played a vital role serving as a go between for the CIA and other US government operations.

In an interview with William Kistner, Soghanalian stated that he was “working closely with the U.S. government”. Soghanalian also helped the Iraqis obtain TOW Anti Tank Missile , for which he was later prosecuted by the United States Department of Justice.

What is so upsetting was the fact that almost 150 foreign companies supported Saddam Hussein’s WMD program. Twenty-four U.S. firms were involved in exporting materials to Baghdad. Add to this an even longer list of American companies, UK, many EU countries, South Africa, South East Asian countries, including Singapore and Japan.

On a personal note – I would like to share a story about the madness of war. Just prior to the Falklands War I went to stay at a friends house in Portsmouth, England who’s son served in the Royal Navy onboard HMS Sheffield. The father took me down to visit the ship and his wonderful son took me around on a tour. The ship eventually sailed for the Falklands and was hit by a French made Exocet missile which killed my friend’s son. The purpose of this story is to show that when your allies sell weapons to your enemy they can be used against you….such was the case here.

As they say what goes around comes around and its only a matter of time before you fall victim to your own greed, as was the case when Iraq fired Scud Missiles that contained Chemical and Biological ingredients at US bases and also Israel during the following Gulf War. Many soldiers were exposed to these CBW during this conflict which basically meant that they died at the hand of their own country. It is Ironic that the media in the UK were not given information about these attacks and the British Government who knew what was going on remained tight lipped.


      Victims of Iraq chemical attack

The whole episode is rather sickening when one believes that one day those responsible would be put before the International Court System. Every inquiry to reveal this broad based corruption and illegal arms trading has failed…..The Matrix Churchill Inquiry, The Scott Inquiry and now the Chilcott Inquiry (Iraq Inquiry) all totally rigged.

Basically “business as usual prevails” whilst the unscrupulous offenders, Heads of State, Senior Politicians, Government Departments and Company Executives get away with murder. If one adds to this the massive fraud that exists we find ourselves living amongst a den of thieves……but do not worry our governments know how to rob the poor to feed the rich!

We certainly live in a highly corrupt society with those that lead us leading the way!!

Maybe now you can better understand as to why people like David Kelly were assasinated and even possibly politicians such as Sir John Biggs Davison and Robin Cook.

Maybe you have never questioned as to why leaders of countries that have fallen victim to the greed of the west have never been tried in the Hague for war crimes etc………the answer is simple……the likes of Saddam, Mubarek and Ghadaffi all knew too much and if they were presented to the Hague they could well spill the beans of exactly what the US, UK and other EU countries  gave them……….you will see that Mubarek will end up the same way and no doubt the President of Yemen will follow……..such is the “Axis of Evil” that exists here in the west.

Part 6 will prove beyond a shadow of doubt just how involved the US and UK were in all of these unecessary wars

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 15/1/2012



The Illegal Arms Trade – Iraq–Iran War 1980 – 1988 (Part 4)

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Part 4



We can now look into the illegal arms trade to Iraq which in itself became very sophisticated with its concealed web of distribution. The UK played a major role in support for Saddam Hussein with one company that really did stand out from the rest.

A  Scottish Company called Allivane was at the heart of this activity and did so over a period of six years during the Iraq-Iran War. Needless to say this also involved the US who used the backyard of Britain to promote this joint effort.

 It was back in 1976 when George Bush Snr, who was then Nixon’s Envoy in China, came across James Guerin, the founder of International Signal and Control (ISC), a US Defense Contractor. After a long discussion they decided that they could do business together.

Soon after this time there were many investigations carried out by US Congress regarding covert arms shipments and the workings of the CIA. A clean up of the CIA took place plus a complete shutdown of covert arms routes that involved many countries.

However, by this time George Bush Snr himself was running the CIA and realised that with the help of James Guerin, together they could re establish this covert business but not out of the USA. It became obvious that their ally Britain could now become the staging post for such an operation. Britain at the time was on an economical low and so the Prime Minister, James Callaghan, jumped at the idea. Callaghan was later to become an advisor to the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) who would soon have a track record of drugs and illegal arms running as their backbone……one could add many more major banks to this list.

The down side to the BCCI was the fact that when it was closed down on 5 July 1991, a million people throughout the world lost their deposits. Many of the losers were from the Third World; small businessmen who had struggled to make a living in countries other than their own, and who had been impressed by BCCI’s multilingual staff and its often-trumpeted concern for the starving millions……no doubt we have all heard this before….a sort of Pandora’s Box!

The formation of this covert Bush – Guerin – Callaghan led to the resurrection of  Allivance and the start of one of the biggest cover weapons supply and destabilization operations in the world………..nothing new hey?……..it goes on all the time with the same key players, Heads of State, CIA, MI5 and Mossad etc. The formation and working of this scam did not only involve the British Labour Party but also followed on with the Conservative Party. By this time it was well and truly out of control.

Back in the US meantime (In 1974) the ISC with the knowledge and assistance of US agencies, advanced radar-controlled anti-aircraft systems were shipped to South Africa. South Africa, together with ISC, also developed a sophisticated ground-to-air missiles for its own use and for export. All this equipment was restricted US technology requiring export licenses, which were not obtained. James Guerin claimed the company’s activities were sanctioned by the US government. Mr. Guerin set up a front company with the South African authorities for the US Nnational Security Agency, , as part of a US covert in 1974. This involved shipping advanced electronic sensors, optics and related equipment to South Africa without licenses so as to set up listening posts to track Soviet submarines off the Cape of Good Hope. The company, Gamma Systems Associates, ordered restricted equipment from ISC, then shipped it on to South Africa on board airliners. The equipment was repackaged and the airline companies given false descriptions of the equipment. The operation ceased to have official sanction in 1977 and the activities were dismantled.

From 1984 to 1988, ISC sentSouth Africa more than $30 million in military-related equipment, including telemetry tracking antennae to collect data from missiles in flight, gyroscopes for guidance systems, and photo-imaging film readers, all of which would form the “backbone” of a medium-range missile system. Some of this technology was reportedly transferred to Iraq. Another link to Iraq was the supply of the specifications for the  MK-20 Rockeye cluster bomb through Chilean defence company Carlos Cardoen, which was able to build an almost identical weapon that was subsequently used against coalition forces in the Persian Gulf War of January-February 1991. These activities allegedly happened with the knowledge and assistance of U.S. intelligence agencies (including the CIA) and in violation of United States and United Natons sanctions.

Allivane’s contribution to Iraq certainly allowed both the US and UK to benefit from the exercise and to elongate the war effort between Iraq and Iran which was always paramount in the minds of our leaders. One has to remember that Geo-Politics does not possess any ethics or morality……just simply greed!





There were many other issues behind these covert arms shipments on the political front and none other than Donald Rumsfeld was right in the middle of it all. No doubt his partner in crime Dick Cheney was sitting in the sidelines. Perhaps this account throws more light of events:

Middle East envoy Donald Rumsfeld to Baghdad in 1983, stated: 

“While a Staff Member to the National Security Council, I was responsible for the Middle East and for Political-Military Affairs. During my five year tenure on the National Security Council, I had regular contact with both CIA Director William Casey and Deputy Director Robert Gates…CIA Director Casey personally spearheaded the effort to ensure that Iraq had sufficient military weapons, ammunition and vehicles to avoid losing the Iran-Iraq war. Pursuant to the secret NSDD (National Security Decision Directive), the United States actively supported the Iraqi war effort by supplying the Iraqis with billions of dollars of credits, by providing U.S. military intelligence and advice to the Iraqis, and by closely monitoring third country arms sales to Iraq to make sure that Iraq had the military weaponry required. The United States also provided strategic operational advice to the Iraqis to better use their assets in combat. For example, in 1986, President Reagan sent a secret message to Saddam Hussein telling him that Iraq should step up its air war and bombing of Iran. This message was delivered by Vice President Bush who communicated it to Egyptian President Mubarak, who in turn passed the message to Saddam Hussein. Similar strategic operational military advice was passed to Saddam Hussein through various meetings with European and Middle Eastern heads of state. I authored Bush’s talking points for the 1986 meeting with Mubarak and personally attended numerous meetings with European and Middle East heads of state where the strategic operational advice was communicated.”

  President Reagan

One can clearly see the double standards that existed and the means of delivery a message from one country to another by way of a third party (Egypt). No doubt the CIA had their own stock of carrier pigeons to spread the word…..one would have to ask the question how did they manage to deliver the messages amidst all the nerve gas and mustard gas etc?   

The British origin of anthrax strain 14578 – “Vollum” strain

Anthrax strain 14578 may be found listed in past ATCC catalogues, in which the company’s ordering procedures explain that any request for it (and other pathogenic agents) “should be made on the institution’s official stationery (purchase order) and signed by the director of the institution, the chairman of the department concerned, or the scientist in charge of the project”. So, presumably, ATCC files will hold copies of Iraq’s original purchase orders. Such back-up documents do not appear to have been supplied to Senator Riegle in 1994, but should now be produced during a proper investigation under the auspices of the United Nations Security Council.

Each strain in the ATCC catalogue is listed together with its known history – or rather the individuals who have maintained the strain over the years are named in succession. Anthrax strain 14578 appears to have been deposited with ATCC after being held by P H A Sneath, H M Darlow, P Fildes, R L Vollum, and originally Dunkin. So, who are these people through whose hands this anthrax apparently passed en-route to the ATCC and thence to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, from where it became the principal element in the widely trumpeted ‘forty-five minute threat’ which provided the pretext for the invasion of Iraq in 2003?

Prof P H A Sneath, now of Leicester University, has recently stated (by e-mail) that he was never in charge of the strain, or a collection that included it. Instead, he suggests that “it was probably sent to ATCC by the National Collection of Type Cultures, Central Public Health Laboratory, Colindale Avenue, London”. However, the ATCC catalogue entry references a paper co-authored by Prof Sneath, which was published in 1964 in the Journal of General Microbiology. The article discusses the anthrax strain and notes that it was isolated from bovine anthrax, has retained its virulence, and was previously in the care of the Microbiological Research Establishment (MRE), Porton Down, Wiltshire. According to the article, Prof Sneath was then at the National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, London NW7. 

Part 5 continues with much more detailed information on what was going on along with the conclusion.



Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 15/1/2012



The Illegal Arms Trade – Iraq–Iran War 1980 – 1988 (Part 3)

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Part 3



It would be relevant at this point to reveal a list of Iraq Purchased Weapons that was provided by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) for the period 1973-2002.

Country $MM USD 1990 % Total

































South Africa












Germany (FRG)















East Germany (GDR)















The next big issue to debate was who provided Iraq with Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) know how? The main players here were both the US, UK and Spain.

 One has to fully understand that what has been revealed does not give a true account as to the total supply of CBW or of the total supply of military hardware and software. Everything was so cleverly concealed via offshore front companies that it almost became impossible to know it original source. I am sure your imagination can run wild in this respect and realise that the trade in illegal arms is a very profitable business. The deceit and corruption that was linked to supply went right to the top of the political ladder. It is rather ironic that to this day the same policy prevails and war is good for business!

 So let’s just look at  one typical consignment as shown in the Riegle Report which was obtained under the freedom of information and you will see just how generous western government were with Iraq:

The list in Figure 1 is merely one extract from the invoice details supplied to Senator Riegle by the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC). One item is particularly notable in this list, for it is the strain of anthrax which will be shown to be the exclusive strain of anthrax used in the Iraqi biological weapons programme. Before focusing on anthrax, however, consider the range of materials exported to Iraq. The Riegle Report confirms that from 1985: 

“Pathogenic (meaning ‘disease producing’), toxigenic (meaning ‘poisonous’), and other biological research materials were exported to Iraq pursuant to application and licensing by the U.S. Department of Commerce….These exported biological materials were not attenuated or weakened and were capable of reproduction. According to the Department of Defence’s own Report to Congress on the Conduct of the Persian Gulf War, released in April 1992: “By the time of the invasion of Kuwait, Iraq had developed biological weapons. It’s advanced and aggressive biological warfare program was the most advanced in the Arab world… The program probably began late in the 1970’s and concentrated on the development of two agents, botulinum toxin and anthrax bacteria… Large-scale production of these agents began in 1989 at four facilities near Baghdad. Delivery means for biological agents ranged from simple aerial bombs and artillery rockets to surface-to-surface missiles.”


It is at this point we can reveal the effects of these CBW the Report finds that among the US exports to Iraq were the following and it notes their associated disease symptoms:

Bacillus Anthracis: anthrax is a disease producing bacteria identified by the Department of Defense in the Conduct of the Persian Gulf War: Final Report to Congress, as being a major component in the Iraqi biological warfare program. Anthrax is an often-fatal infectious disease due to ingestion of spores. It begins abruptly with high fever, difficulty in breathing, and chest pain. The disease eventually results in septicaemia (blood poisoning), and the mortality is high. Once septicaemia is advanced, antibiotic therapy may prove useless, probably because the exotoxins remain, despite the death of the bacteria.  

Clostridium Botulinum: a bacterial source of botulinum toxin, which causes vomiting, constipation, thirst, general weakness, headache, fever, dizziness, double vision, dilation of the pupils and paralysis of the muscles involving swallowing. It is often fatal.  

Histoplasma Capsulatum: causes a disease superficially resembling tuberculosis that may cause pneumonia, enlargement of the liver and spleen, anemia, an influenza-like illness and an acute inflammatory skin disease marked by tender red nodules, usually on the shins. Reactivated infection usually involves the lungs, the brain, spinal membranes, heart, peritoneum, and the adrenals.  

Brucella Melitensis: a bacteria which can cause chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, profuse sweating when at rest, pain in joints and muscles, insomnia, nausea, and damage to major organs.  

Clostridium Perfringens: highly toxic bacteria, which cause gas gangrene. The bacteria produce toxins that move along muscle bundles in the body killing cells and producing necrotic tissue that is then favourable for further growth of the bacteria itself. Eventually, these toxins and bacteria enter the bloodstream and cause a systemic illness. 

Figure 1 provides details of a single shipment sent on 2 May 1986. Note the emboldened entry for Bacillus anthracis (ATCC 14578), which the Iraq Survey Group has since determined was the exclusive strain of anthrax used in the Iraqi biological weapons programme. This, then, is the source of the anthrax threat which was repeatedly promoted both inside Parliament and through the news media to the British People, prior to the decision being made for Britain to take part in the invasion of Iraq.    

 Because Iraq was removed from antiterrorism controls and because controls on missile technology and chemical and biological warfare were not in place until the late 1980s, few foreign policy controls were placed on exports to Iraq during the 1980s…this, along with the lack of national security controls, resulted in a long list of high technology items being sold to Iraq during the 1980s.

 Below is a list (Figure 1) of one such consignment sent from the US to Iraq. I would also like to point out that the UK also participated in such exports, which I will cover later.


 Bacillus Anthracis Cohn (ATCC 10)
Batch # 08-20-82 (2 each)
Class III pathogen.

Bacillus Subtitles (Ehrenberg) Con (ATCC 82)
Batch # 06-20-84 (2 each)

Clostridium botulinum Type A (ATCC 3502)
Batch# 07-07-81 (3 each)
Class III Pathogen

Clostridium perfringens (Weillon and Zuber)

Hauduroy, et al (ATCC 3624)
Batch# 10-85SV (2 each)

Bacillus subtilis (ATCC 6051)
Batch# 12-06-84 (2 each)

Francisella tularensis var. tularensis Olsufiev

(ATCC 6223)
Batch# 05-14-79 (2 each)
Avirulent; suitable for preparations of 
diagnostic antigens.

Clostridium tetani (ATCC 9441)
Batch 03-94 (3 each)
Highly toxigenic.

 Clostridium botulinum Type E (ATCC

9564) Batch# 03-02-79 (2 each)
Class III pathogen

 Clostridium tetani (ATCC 10779)
Batch# 04-24-84S (3 each)

 Clostridium perfringens (ATCC 12916)
Batch# 08-14-80 (2 each)
Agglutinating Type 2.

Clostridium perfringens (ATCC 13124)
Batch# 08-14-80 (3 each)
Type A, alpha-toxigenic, produces 
lecithinase C.J. Appl,

 Bacillus Anthracis (ATCC 14185)

Batch# 01-14-80 (3 each) G.G. Wright (Fort Detrick) V770-NPI-R.

Bovine anthrax, Class III pathogen

 Bacillus Anthracis (ATCC 14578)
Batch# 01-06-78 (2 each)
Class III pathogen.

Bacillus megaterium (ATCC 14581)
Batch# 04-18-85 (2 each)

Bacillus megaterium (ATCC 14945)
Batch# 06-21-81 (2 each)

Clostridium botulinum Type E (ATCC 17855)
Batch# 06-21-71
Class III pathogen.

Bacillus megaterium (ATCC 19213)
Batch# 3-84 (2 each)

Clostridium botulinum Type A (ATCC 19397)
Batch# 08-18-81 (2 each)
Class III pathogen

Brucella abortus Biotype 3 (ATCC 23450)
Batch# 08-02-84 (3 each)
Class III pathogen

Brucella abortus Biotype 9 (ATCC 23455)
Batch# 02-05-68 (3 each)
Class III pathogen

Brucella melitensis Biotype I (ATCC 23456)
Batch# 03-08-78 (2 each)
Class III pathogen

Brucella melitensis Biotype 3 (ATCC 23458)
Batch# 01-29-68 (2 each)
Class III pathogen

Clostridium botulinum Type A (ATCC 25763)
Batch# 8-83 (2 each)
Class III pathogen

Clostridium botulinum Type F (ATCC 35415)
Batch# 02-02-84 (2 each)
Class III pathogen

“The United States did not believe that they would be used for anything other than legitimate research purposes and therefore did not knowingly export the materials to assist a biological weapons programme”……………….How naive can you get?

The United States secretly supported Iraq in its eight-year war with Iran, and that in February 1982 the US Administration removed Iraq from its list of ‘terrorist states’ in order to do so. Furthermore, there is the astonishing fact that, among the various agencies of the Government of Iraq listed in the Riegle Report, one repeated recipient of these deadly materials was no less than the Iraqi nuclear weapons research facility, the Iraq Atomic Energy Commission. One could ask the US how could the conclusion possibly be reached that between 1985 and 1989 anthrax and other warfare-related biological materials were exported from the US to Iraq for “legitimate research purposes”?  



One also needs to look at the fact that the UK supplied Biological and Chemical agents to Iraq, unfortunately documentation on this is well hidden but evidence does exist that the UK certainly did supply such agents.

Back in the 1970’s Iraq had approached the USSR to buy a plant to manufacture chemical weapons, but his request was refused. Saddam then began courting the West, and received a much more favourable response.

An American company, Pfaulder Corporation of Rochester, New York, supplied the Iraqis with a blueprint in 1975, enabling them to construct their first chemical warfare plant. The plant was purchased in sections from Italy, West Germany and East Germany and assembled in Iraq. It was located at Akhashat in north-western Iraq, and the cost was around $50 million for the plant and $30 million for the safety equipment.

In the late 1970’s, it was actually the German firm ‘Karl Kobe’ that sold Iraq the ingredients for its first chemical weapons. Karl Kobe and others sold Iraq over 1,027 tons of the chemicals needed to produce mustard gas, Sarin, Tabun, and various tear gasses including CS and CN. The chemical weapons program was operational by late 1983/early 1984. Iraq then bought botulin toxin and mycotoxin from a total of 5 other German firms to begin a germ/biological weapons program.

The United States CDC (Center for Disease Control) provided Iraq with biological samples up until 1989 for “Medical research and other purposes”. The US supplied anthrax, West Nile virus, botulism, and Brucella melitensis to Iraq for little or no charge. (that was very nice of them).

The United Kingdom paid, in full, for the Iraqi chlorine plant where mustard gas was manufactured.

Brazil provided around 100 tons of mustard gas in the early 80’s before the British funded plant was up and running.


George Bush Snr


 Singapore and India provided the ingredients for VX nerve agent and yet still more Tabun.
Egypt and Spain both provided the majority of Iraq’s munitions that were designed to carry and disperse the chemical weapons.

As you can clearly see it was truly a very international affair, a sort of United Nations!

It should also be made clear that the US. UK and other countries assisted Iraq in its development into nuclear research which did not reach a successful conclusion.

 Part 4 will bring you more details on actual arms shipments and other military support.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 15/1/2012