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Weapons of Mass Deception Vaccinations & what they are doing to our young Part 3

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In this part we deal with more of the deceit and deception handed down to us from our governments, health departments, WHO and the pharmaceutical industry with their perpetual bombardment of health scares, pandemics and posters when in actual fact there are more deaths from the vaccines than from the disease they are supposed to protect us from!


I am sure we all remember that classical song sung by Roberta Flack called “Killing me Softly”…..well folks that exactly what they are doing to us all under their UN 2030 Agenda programme.

Truth 1

Something that came across very clearly was the fact that although the rate of autism has increased many times during various periods of vacinations programmes the authorities falsified the autism rate in their reported data to prove there wasn’t a problem.

One Canadian report actually compared two tables  of data over a period of years but did not reveal the fact that the tables were from two different cities that were many miles apart and therefore was not a true comparrison!

This is a conclusion written by  experts to show how governments have deceived us.

I would like you all to bear in mind that the Anti Vaccine Experts have nothing to loose but have the health of our children to gain whereas the Pro Vaccine Experts have billions of dollars to loose as well as loosing their ability to meet the UN/WHO 2030 Agenda goals of mass depopulation by the year 2030 which they also failed to achieve in their original UN/WHO Agenda 21!!


  • When our CDC detectives want to find something they do
  • The CDC is not willing to consider any causes of autism remotely related to vaccinations
  • Scientists at NCBDDD seem more interested in proving that vaccines are NOT involved than in finding the cause of the national calamity that they have kept secret for FIVE years
  • No reporter has enough courage to talk about the best available treatment for many individuals with autism, namely the gluten-free / casein–free diet, so as not to suggest an MMR connection
  • Many “experts” still insist that autism did not increase or that we were too dumb to recognize the syndrome
  • Others concede that there is an increase but have no idea where it is coming from
  • Scientists reinforce these silly notions by writing flawed and absurd epidemiological reports, sometimes funded by the vaccine authorities or manufacturers
  • The CDC and others finance and help publish irrelevant research about “selected” populations during “result-favorable” periods
  • Editors accept and publish research from far away lands but reject valid criticism of said research by reputable scientists
  • A foreign psychiatrist becomes an expert on Thimerosal and autism before publishing a single paper on the subject
  • Physicians and vaccine “experts” accuse anyone who dares question the status quo, of heresy and the endangerment of children
  • Some parents associations are still unaware that prevention must be the first priority and do not realize that there cannot be a cure for autism until a cause is found
  • A generation of children has now been lost

One very important issue that I must make clear is the fact that Thimerosal is still used in western vaccines and in most of the third world country vaccines and its replacement called Aluminum is equally as dangerous by tampering with the brains receptors and even possible enhancing Thimerosal that has already been injected from earlier vaccines!

It is clear to me that with the massive amount of data and forensic evidence held on file that our respective Governments, Health Departments and the Pharmaceutical Industry are extremely devious with their true intent.

I think it becomes clear to all the Mum’s and Dad’s that the Anti Vaccine Experts are clearly on our side as they have nothing to loose.

Heart and Baby

This is much more import


Than this

Money 2

And this

The following facts are beyond denial:

1. Autism Is not the only injury associated with vaccines

2. Most babies are healthy at their first birthday and  since vaccination are not
3. There is no pathological entity that can cause so many serious problems in so many systems at the same time

If so, then the question must be asked: If a baby/child did not have a vaccine reaction, then what is causing the many present serious problems?

Vaccine child

Mum & Dad please remember I cannot speak for myself so please protect me from these experts who don’t even know the toxic value of their own vaccines or can show reliable &  accurate safety data to show that it can protect me and not harm me, please I beg you

I believe the following extract (in its entirety) sums up Part 3:

Ethics, according to my Webster’s dictionary, was defined as a discipline dealing with good and evil and with moral duty, moral principles and moral practice.   It seemed to me that those in these meetings failed completely in all these areas when it came to their duty to the public!    

I was certain there were many parents who could provide “observations in ethics” to all participants at these meetings who had an interest in studying or researching “ethics” because, quite obviously, “saying” you were concerned about “ethics” and “doing” were two different things – weren’t they!   Having privileged knowledge of the dangers of mercury and aluminum and not sharing that with other parents, in my opinion, was not only unethical, but, given the harm done to these children, again, I would argue these folks had moved into the realm of criminal!

PARENTS – I have a few more issues you need to understand…

Given that many, many key organization having to do with autism were aware of these reports, ask yourself:  Why were these organizations not taking a public stand on this issue and why had they not posted these reports online for all parents of the vaccine injured to see – could it be that it was because doing what’s right was not what was politically correct and as such, these organizations would lose the funding they received from the pharmaceutical industry?  

I think that as parents, these were some very serious questions that needed to be asked.   The simple fact was, major autism organizations were aware of these reports and yet fail to post them on their websites… again… why was that?   Were they interested in the truth… or just in your “donations” to organizations that really would rather not let the truth be known.    Unfortunately, “autism” had become “big bucks” – for many groups – including those that would “appear” to be there to help.   Make no mistake about it!  Again, be very, very careful of the “organizations” you chose to support because quite frankly, in my opinion, many were more interested in getting your money, or government money,than in getting to the truth!   As such, I personally was very, very wary of any organization that took the focus off of vaccines and attempted to shift it to the ever elusive “missing genetic link” – especially when that involved government funds/partnerships intended to “shift the focus”. 

As I researched autism, I could not help but truly question the motives of certain organizations and ask myself, “Why are they not looking into issues of vaccine safety as it relates to mercury and aluminum”?

In a Reuters article dated 19 Nov 2003, entitled:  Government teams with advocates against autism”, by Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent, the US government agencies involved in vaccine issues announced it was forming an “alliance” with certain key autism organizations to “shed some light on autism” and fight parents with “little solid fact”.   http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/N19319177.htm

Well, first, I question the motives of these “autism organizations”.  

It is a sad fact, but often, the “organization” becomes more important than the cause and, in my opinion, no organization that is supposed to represent or help families of children with autism, at least, in my opinion, no organization worth its salt, would form an “alliance” with a government that would assume parents have “little solid evidence”.   I think that family videos provide rather solid evidence, as do studies from the CDC that have to be “redone” several times to try to hide a link between autism and vaccines.   For more on that, I seriously encourage all families to read the links to key Reports posted on my website and also Book 3.  I see this “alliance” as nothing more than another “PR” move by a government that is busily working at trying to do damage control… and a government that is now using organizations that would seem to be there to help families to now help in “their dirty work”.

The simple fact is that the government can look for “genetic” causes until it is blue in the face, but, autism has been studied from a “genetic” perspective for decades… and no “autism gene” can be found to explain the overwhelming devastation impacted almost all systems in these children.   As such, I caution parents to do their homework before supporting organization such as these that continue to partner with the government in the search for that all elusive “genetic link”… it is, in my opinion, very much like the search for the  “missing genetic link of evolution showing that man came from a rock or a bacteria”… and like the missing genetic link of evolution, I suspect the missing genetic link of autism will be “forever missing”,  too and simply another very expensive wild goose chase to keep us from the true answers to the autism puzzle.

As such, personally, I could never support such organizations, because, in my opinion, they have betrayed their cause – the children of autism!   Until I see these organizations and their “partners” – the government and the pharmaceuticals – devoting equal funds to the INDEPENDENT study of mercury and aluminum in vaccines, I can not help but conclude that they are only “partners” in deceiving the public when it comes to matters of vaccine safety.

When an organization becomes more important than its cause, it is time to shut the doors!  

Jeanne A. Brohart

The most important thing, I would argue, is to seek the truth.   Millions of parents of children with autism are not screaming “genetics”… they are screaming “vaccines” – and in many cases – overnight!   As such, how these organizations can help push what I see as a bogus “genetic agenda” and take the focus away from vaccines – what so many are arguing is the cause of their children’s autism and as such, take the focus away from getting to the truth in vaccine safety issues, in my opinion, only shows the true worth of these organizations – and in my opinion – it isn’t much!

As a parent of a child with autism, I can not help but feel complete betrayal by organizations such as these.   I would be very interested in seeing a disclosure statement from these organizations to see how much money they accept from the government agencies involved in autism vaccination programs and from the pharmaceuticals both before and after this “partnership”.   It is certainly fine to study “genetics”, however, perhaps an aspect of that “genetic” study needs to be in looking at how mercury and aluminum affect genetics – especially since things like formaldehyde and aluminum – two things known to have an impact on “genetics” are also very much found in vaccines!   This is certainly not something I expect to see coming out of this “partnership”, however.  

When I see the government partnering with those who are its fiercest critics, and engaging in INDEPENDENT research that looks into the effects of mercury and aluminum, research sponsored by persons such as Dr. Boyd Haley, or the University of Calgary team that provided the video on neurodegeneration due to mercury exposure, then, I will see the government as honestly wanting to get to the bottom of these issues, but, of course, that very much remains to be seen.    

“Many will entreat the favor of the prince:  and every man is a friend to him that giveth gifts.”     Proverbs 19:6

Again, this is simply “my opinion”.   All parents, of course, are free to form their own opinions as to these issues!

“A hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbor:  but through knowledge shall the just be delivered”.  Proverbs 11:9

“If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough, the people will believe it”.  Adolf Hitler

Also, there was a rather big discrepancy between what those in the pHARMaceutical industry said they did in terms of studies and what ended up in the hands of the FDA.   For example, I knew of several people who worked for the pharmaceutical industry.   They insisted that studies for vaccines and drugs last much longer than 30 days.   Yet, studies that the FDA received, as in the case of the 5 in 1 vaccine, showed human studies that lasted “only 30 days”.  See this link for an example of that:  http://www.vaccinationnews.com/DailyNews/December2002/ENews5InOne17.htm.

So, someone was lying… somewhere… and it appeared that “someone” was the pharmaceutical industry and the CDC!

From the Simpsonwood meeting, as quoted above, we saw concerns over “expanded  or additional studies”.    Pretty well everyone, however, appeared to agree, based on Simpsonwood meeting transcripts, that additional studies were necessary – in fact – according to this transcript, meeting attendees were unanimous in stating more studies were needed.   Approximately 51 people had attended that meeting and stated they were unanimous in their belief that more studies were needed.  The Simpsonwood meeting occurred in June of 2000.  

Note that in November of that same year – 2000 – Walt Orenstein attended a meeting again, on the safety of vaccines and when the FDA’s  Dr. Susan S. Ellenberg proposed conducting larger trials,

Walt Orenstein clearly indicated he was, I quote:

 “not in favor of expanded studies

… not surprising to me given some of the concerns raised in Simpsonwood in terms of being careful as to “how further studies should be done” because of what they may show and/or reveal!   This meeting took place on November 15th, 2000.

Below was a link regarding this November 2000 meeting in a story done by Reuters, on Thursday, Nov 16th, entitled:  FDA, NIH, CDC reconsider system for ensuring vaccine safety:


The issue of “studies” was a rather “sensitive one” for the CDC and the pHARMaceutical industry given that it very much appeared they had indeed been caught lying to the public when it came to “studies”.   Indeed, the US Autism Ambassador submitted a report as official testimony on behalf of the public in 2002 showing an “original” or “draft” copy of a study and then what was later published as the final version of the study given to the public.   The only problem was that the “later version” was missing data and appeared to have been “doctored”.  The link below provides a brief discussion of this issue.


Thus, I could not help but wonder about this “discrepancy” I saw between what those who worked in the pHARMaceutical industry told me and what the FDA received for “studies” in terms of “duration of study”.   It appeared to me that studies may indeed be done that lasted longer than 30 days, but that the FDA only received data for “30 days” when pharmaceuticals requested vaccine approvals… and that “the rest of the data” was MISSING!   I suspected that “other data” was what showed “the real story”!   If the pharmaceuticals and/or CDC “doctored”  one study, call my suspicious, but, I suspected they had perhaps done so for others as well.   Bottom line… “longer studies” did appear to get done… but, it looked like only “partial studies” made it to the FDA!   Could this possibly have anything to do with the fact that the CDC was in the “vaccine business”?

Prior to the Simpsonwood meeting on mercury, there had been another meeting that had taken place – this one – on aluminum in vaccines.    The transcript from that 2 day meeting had also been provided above.   Most troubling to me, as a parent, however, was a comment made by Dr. Martin Myers – National Vaccine Program Office – I quote:

“Perhaps the most important thing that I took away from the last meeting was that those of us who deal with vaccines have really very little applicable background with metals and with toxicological research“. [end of quote, emphasis added, Department of Health And Human Services, National Vaccine Program Office, Workshop on Aluminum in Vaccines, Caribe Hilton International Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 11, 2000, p. 1 of transcript provided by Eberlin Reporting Service, 14208 Piccadilly Road, Silver Spring, Maryland, 20906, (301-460-8369)]. 

In other words, this very much appeared to be saying that “we put all this stuff in vaccines, but we really don’t have a clue as to what the toxicological effects might be in the human body”!   Indeed, clearly, this was very evident from many statements made in the aluminum meeting transcripts!

I also strongly encouraged families to read my following links – especially the first 2:

Genetic Verses Hereditary – The Critical Difference – Too Often So Misunderstood!

A Signal Where There Could Be A Tornado Warning… The Incredible White Washing Of The CDC Thimerosal Study Population Sample!   (if you read the paper on Redefining The Role of Insulin… you’ll understand a great deal more here too!)

More Simpsonwood meeting quotes here!

SIDS and Vaccines… Is there a Link?

Note That Some Vaccines Are Being Removed From The Market – Why?

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Copyright 2002-2008 All materials I provide on this site including several key words and phrases are copyrighted materials.  All rights reserved.  Please see Use of Materials for more on this issue.  For general comments/questions, contact me at jbrohart@hotmail.com 

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DISCLAIMER – PART II – Now… for those of you who think “mother at home researching” means “uneducated person with unfounded information”… I have 10 years of university… 3 degrees… and over 30,000 hours of research into these areas.   For anyone who thinks my research is “unfounded”…  read the RESEARCH FILE posted on my home page… with its over 1,000 references … for your reading pleasure… because… quite clearly… you haven’t read it yet!    


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Wanted for Crimes against Humanity

Footnote:……..The above reference is in regard to the Simpsonwood Conference which brings together experts both within the field, the CDC and other third parties…….I am sure you will agree that once again some severe criticism was made against those who create the vaccines, those that are supposed to vet their introduction, governments, health departments and the pharmaceutical industry.


Wanted for intentionally harming the children of the world

Part 4 will again bring you hard forensic evidence as to what is said at these very confidential meeting and conferences with a strong emphasis that “They simply do not know what they are producing, the toxic value of not just one vaccine but accumulated vaccines and certainly cannot give assurance as to their safety”………in any other product that was so deeply flawed the product would be taken from the shelf and destroyed!!

Peter Eyre 1420 Local Time 29/06/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster







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Weapons of Mass Deception Vaccinations & what they are doing to our young Part 2

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Vaccines Kill – Maim – Mentally Alter – Sterilise – Give Diseases – Dumb Down

And Are Extremely Toxic To Our Young


In Part 1 we covered some critical concerns that the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Vaccination Experts had discussed during one of their regular secret meetings and clearly the fact was raised that two of their current adjuvants (mercury based and Aliminum based) would eventually be banned from usage owing to there known toxicity values……..that was back in 2000 and yet they are still using the mercury based adjuvant in many third world countries (where they believe it doesn’t matter) and also still being used in western countries in certain vaccines.

Aliminum based adjuvants were basically  banned in the UK some time ago:

In 1957 the British Ministry of Health recommendation was to use Aluminum free vaccines. However, the US found a way around this by playing around with different types of Aluminum that they considered would be better absorbed……Canada had for decades be using Aluminum free vaccines in much the same way as the UK.



These secret meeting repeatedly revealed to all the experts (by their own admission) that they clearly do not know the toxic value of their own creations and went on to say that sometimes to get a better patient immune reaction to the vaccine frequently meant a higher toxic value!!!

One of the leading speaking at one such meeting was there to talk about the removal of Aluminum from vaccines and yet this ingredient is still contaned in almost all western based vaccination programmes (as per the list of speakers entry at that meeting)………..as you can see they clearly do not have any safety protocol in place before releasing a vaccine on the market!


On a more personal level it is only when you and your extended family see the results of these mentality deranged experts “who rush their products onto the market, bypass normal protocol, have no safety assurance and then tell you that the vaccine may not stop you from getting the disease it is supposed to prevent” that you realise you are truly putting your childs life on the line!!

Vaccine child


Two of my granchildren were seriously affected by these imbeciles:

One child became temporarily parallelised and blind immediately after a vaccine for some time and then recovered but still retains other issues. and my other grandchild suddenly flipped out soon after another vaccine and suffered sensory issue, anxiety, dizziness, vomiting and would not come out of the bedroom for over one month and still cannot deal with sensory issues such as light and noise with other autism type symptoms etc! 

The question I would ask our respective leaders and health specialists “How come no one hasn’t carried out a study as to why many diseases have ceased to exist since our life style and nutrition improved?” “Is it possible that with improved nutrition our immune system has been boosted giving us the natural ability to fend off diseases”

If they continue to deceive us on not understanding what cancer actually is  and keep telling us their is no cure then where are we going with today’s research and technology…..most diseases are bacterium based and according there is a cure so if our immune system becomes weaker or breaks down then we become open to sickness and the bacteria takes hold.

When such incidents occur the problem can be cured by using a type of Russian Phage Therapy which identifies the patients bacterium, goes out into nature and collects that bacterium, goes back into the laboratory and cultures that bacteria before returning back to the patient to re introduce the bacterium into the patient by various means.

The current con of telling us all that there is no cure for cancer or other deadly diseases can no longer be accepted and then having the audacity to kill us off by chemotherapy, morphine or continuously hitting us with  antibiotics is simply not working.

We are now surrounded by super bugs and must get back to basics in building up our own immune system and in the event that does not work we need to apply the above therapy or the therapy applied by Dr. Virginia Livingston which used the bacterium from cancer patients and re introduced that bacterium back into the patient as I have covered in my previous cancer articles.

Time to again provide evidence that vaccinations are extremely risky to our babies, young children, teens and adults health:

During the above conference discussion took place regarding lesions that had occurred in the deltoid muscle that occurred after vaccination:

A slide was shown to attendee’s after carrying out tests on animals with the following statement in regard to lesions of MMF:

At day 28 a lesion that was very similar to that observed in humans developed in these animals at the vicinity of the muscle. There were collections, large collections of macrophages filled with granular vasophilic content, which was also PS positive.

At this point we came to the final evidence that the lesion of MMF was due to the injection into the deltoid muscle of aluminum containing vaccines.

The lesions can be induced by any aluminum containing vaccine!!

Dr. Verdier took the platform and he quoted the following:

We have been able to reproduce this inflammatory reaction in all rabbits so we can expect that all the humans vaccinated with an aluminum adjuvant vaccine we will observe this immunoinflammatory reaction a few weeks after the injection.

Discussion also extended that another problem could come from the aluminum adjuvant in regard to Cronic Fatigue Sydrome

Dr. Halsey pointed out that he thinks the toxicologist still have some additional work to do   in that we do not seem the information on the age related toxicity  of Aluminum and especially when we are dealing with very young infants.

My note on the above paragraph that this question keeps coming up at each and every meeting that they simply do not know the toxicity of their vaccines and thus should not be using them until safety data is available…..which clearly it is not!!

It is clear that both the mercury and aluminum adjuvants should be removed asap as was done in the UK and Canada although i believe some vaccines are being reintroduced with both still contained in their ingredients, which is also the case in Australia.


It is very clear that the future is looking rather bleak to say the least as the New World Order and their puppet governments advance their technology, into not only depopulation, but also in having the ability to control the masses.

Suffice to say that no matter what technology hits the commercial sector it is becoming redundant the minute it is launched…….chip and pin has already made its entry into becoming another function to perform on young children and adults…..this will replace the credit card and cash….no chip and pin no shopping, visits to doctors and hospitals and no fuel and general services……they will be able to shut you down via their central data control room………this will eventually extend to being linked to ones brain….basically a small mcrochip the size of a grain of rice will be injected under your skin which will then me wired to the brain to control you and your moods etc…..a sort of pacification device…..do as you are told or the switch goes off.

Part 3 will go more in depth on the usefulness of the entire vaccine programme and prove that its all a vast money making con, depopulation programme and mind altering scam!!

eter Eyre – 1600 Local Time 25/6/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster






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Weapons of Mass Deception Vaccinations & what they are doing to our young Part 1

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Vaccines Kill – Maim – Mentally Alter – Sterilise – Give Diseases – Dumb Down

And Are Extremely Toxic To Our Young


This particular topic in general is a no go area whereby the powers that be intentionally deceive us and bombard us with regular scare tactics and intimidation to give our young that dreaded jab when they themselves have no idea as to its toxic value, safety protocol or even if it does protect you.

Governments and associated Health Departments make parents sign a form which relates to “Informed Consent” but never inform you of the ingredients and associated dangers.


We as parents must open ours eyes and fully understand UN Agenda 21 and its replacement UN 2030 Agenda which clearly shows their intentions to depopulate the world by as much a 80-90% (by whatever means) and also fully understand their previous Millennium Goals in ridding third world countries of numerous diseases, *with the help of Bill Gates,” in massive vaccination programmes that contain highly toxic ingredients……..in some cases making other areas of the world infertile without the citizens even knowing!!

Africa 1

No doubt you are all aware or heard of the New World Order (NWO) who hold very secretive meetings around the world known as the  Bildaberg Meetings but probably not aware of another secret group meeting that brings together the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the most senior/experienced, scientists, biologists, vaccinologists, acadamia, governments, pharmaceutical industry and other interested parties from around the world.

One thing that ceases to amaze me is the trust that some people give you in releasing very confidential notes from such meetings (whistleblowers) and in this case entire files that not only expose the truth about vaccines but also reveal the fact that these so called professionals have no idea on the toxic value of the vaccines they have created.

You will be shocked at some of the comments and concerns that come out of these regular meetings and how blatant and arrogant they have become in pushing their agenda.

I have always stated that I have never talked about or written about any topic that I cannot prove as being fact and accordingly all these articles can be backed up with forensic documents.

For those that are not aware of my past articles its simply a matter of scrolling down or alternatively putting my name or the topic in the search engine  ie 9/11, Bin Laden etc etc…there are more than 350 articles all of which are extremely hard hitting as are my many TV interviews.


I am sincerely hoping that this exposé will lead to a very large academic War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity document, which I have now completed, some of which was used at the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal against George Bush and Tony Blair both of whom were found guilty……….used in Tokyo Japan and in Hamburg Germany…. the list of  international defendants is huge and  contains all those that are either implicated or who have been advised of such information and done absolutely nothing….it also covers the New World Order and Associated Organisations, UN/WHO Agenda 21/2030 Agenda and countries that are signatory to it and exposes massive international fraud and corruption which has raped and continues to rape each of our respective countries leaving many to die from their unjust austerity measures.

Now let’s return to the current topic and reveal the truth behind vaccines that will shock you to the core…..Remembering the the leading experts of the world make decision as to what is in vaccines, who receives them, where and at what age etc..

Secret Meeting held 11th May 2000

Caribe Hilton International Hotel – San Juan – Puerto Rico

Sponsored by the US Department of Health and Human Services and Jointly sponsored by the US Task Force for Child Survival and Development

What I found incredible about this particular meeting was their lack of understanding of the toxicity value of their own vaccines or accumulated vaccines and how easily they brushed off what any normal person would call “Matter of great importance and safety.”

Here is an opening line by the sponsors Director:

“Someone just told me that they like coming  to these meetings that the NVPO sponsors because they tend to be on topics they do not know anything about.”

And then this statement:

“Perhaps the most important thing that I took away from the last meeting was that those of us who deal with vaccines have really very little applicable background with metals and with toxicological research.”

Dr 1

Can you believe that the head of a major US Health Department actually said this…..I guess our own respective Presidents and Prime Ministers, Ministers for Health and State Health Ministers fit into this “Don’t Know Category.”

It should be noted that this powerful group of “Don’t Know Scientist” had held a meeting the previous year accepting that Thimerosal (Mercury based adjuvant) was highly toxic and should be removed from vaccinations as soon as it was possible……needless to say the same adjuvant exists in many of the third world countries and still remains in some of the western world vaccines, including Australia!

However I should inform you that the replacement adjuvant, Aluminum, is equally as toxic and interferes with the brain’s receptors that allow electronic messages to move from the brain via the nerves and spinal cord etc and is partly responsible for autism!!

Back to the meeting:

It was announced by the same Director that only earlier this week another meeting was held re metal ions and that he took away the fact that “infectious disease people and vaccinologists are really used to coaxing principles for establishing causality .”…..he went on to say “The dominant difficulty in hazard assessment is that it is based on whatever data is available and it may not be complete data.” “The difficulty of establishing casuality of risk is difficult.”


This again is a very worrying statement in regard to all the aspects of safety assessment in the vaccination programmes around the world……..for my part as a past medic……”If your not sure then don’t do it.”

Truth 1

Again I remind everyone that Governments, Health Departments, Vaccine manufacturers and the Pharmaceutical Industry have already hidden the fact that cancer and many other dangerous diseases are bacterium based and thus can be cured and accordingly do not have the slightest clue as the what their many vaccines are doing to our young…….to add insult to injury I have continuously lobbied the various Prime Ministers, Ministers for Health and State and Leaders of Political Parties all to no avail and in some cases they do not even answer your emails that are clearly of national importance……such is their arrogance!

At this same meeting another expert gave reference to the following:

“To understand adjuvants I think it is important to understand vaccines. To understand vaccines requires and understanding of  infectious disease. To understand infectious disease it helps to know something about the history of this.”

Based on my input and understanding that most cancers and  infectious diseases are  bacterium based and can be cured and that the current entire government structure as listed above ridicules all those that promote such theory, it is clear that they do not want to accept this aspect and therefor renders the above stated paragraph null and void.

It was again at this meeting when reference was given to an article written by Barbara Coltrane – Washington Post:

“On 4/30 this year (2000) AIDS has now been designated by the Clinton Administration as a national security threat.”

“It is the first time a disease has ever been so designated and the reason for that is the dramatic declines in life expectancy are the strongest risk factor for revolutionary wars, ethnic wars, genocide, disruptive regimes, transition in developing states, and that their figures are that 20 to 25 percent of the population of parts of South Africa, Southeast Asia and parts of the former Soviet Union are likely to die from AIDS in the next 20 years.”

What I find so hypocritical is the fact that AIDS is believed to have been created at a secret US Military Bacterial Lab and then introduced into Africa and elsewhere, added to the fact that Dr. Virginia Livingston may have found a cure for it and cancer etc!!!!

You know what they say “What goes around comes around” and it is now believed that countries in the Caribbean are second to Africa and that is remarkable close to the US!

I think we have taken enough in for the time being so I will continue in Part 2 of this expose on telling the truth about vaccines and in connecting the dots in relation to what UN 2030 Agenda is all about and how our respective countries have all signed up to depopulate the world by whatever means!

Bless you All

Peter Eyre 1130 Local time 22/6/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster




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Is there a cure for cancer? You bet there is! Part 6 (Final)

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Book Cover

As we near the end of these current articles one has to separate fact from fiction and ask the question why is it that many very talented researcher all have come up with the same analysis and all agree that Dr. Virginia Livingston had indeed found a cure for cancer.

Pharma 1

Why was it only Dr. Livingston that was so blatantly ridiculed and closed down……could it have been the very fact that she took her research out of the laboratory and applied her findings to cure a multitude of cancers and associated diseases in her own clinic and for that reason alone the various “Keep Cancer Going Brigade” shut her down.

Many other researchers continued to find exactly the same bacteria link to cancer and some to this day continue researching  or writing medical journals on the topic without fear of retribution based on one simple fact……”They are not practicing or applying a possible cure”……….. and in doing so are in actual fact protecting the pharmaceutical industry and the many cancer foundations/charities that reap in billion of dollars for not finding a cure!!

Before showing evidence of Dr. Livingston’s success and that of her associates/followers I must bring another expert into the picture who like all the others believes in their achievements…….that is Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer.


Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer

This is part of what he had to say on the topic:

By the turn of the 20th century, the medical profession had come to the conclusion that it was not a matter of whether infectious disease caused cancer, but of which one.
For over 200 years, a cancer germ had been discovered and rediscovered, named and renamed, each scientist adding to the knowledge but to no avail.
Then, in 1910, certain American medical powers did a 180-degree rotation, deciding that cancer was not caused by a microbe and that anyone who thought otherwise was a heretic, a charlatan or a quack.

Dr. Broxmeyer gave credit to the work of Dr. Virginia Livingston and her friend and associate Dr. Alan Cantwell in the following paragraph:

Dr Virginia Wuerthele-Caspe Livingston and her network were none of the above, their meticulous peer-reviewed research and publications produced at the height of US post–World War II technology. Dr Dean Burk, who co founded the US National Cancer Institute and headed its cell chemistry department for 34 years, went so far as to say that Livingston’s cancer germ was as real and certain as anything known about cancer. Researcher Dr Alan Cantwell, Jr, grew up thinking that all germs responsible for the important diseases were supposed to have been discovered already. But much to his
dismay, he found one that had been left out: the cancer germ. Cantwell knew that Livingston had already been branded by the medical orthodoxy for finding this cancer germ—thus, what he thought to be perhaps the major discovery of the 20th century was left largely discredited.

One can see that Dr. Broxmeyer, Dr. Cantwell and indeed Dr. Dean Burk (who Co Founded the US National Cancer Institute) agreed that Dr. Livingston cancer germ was real and certain as anything known about cancer………”From a person so senior in the Cancer Institute  that is truly a compliment of the highest order”……….so what went wrong?

It is evident that no matter what corner you turn or what evidence you find the Government, Health Departments, Pharmaceutical Industry and respective Cancer Institutes/Charities did not want to stop the billions of dollars from flowing into their wallets and thus enabled them to continue on into infinity in trying to find a cure when in actual fact a cure already existed!

Dr. Broxmeyer went onto saying the following in a most profound way and truly hit the nail on the head:

The striking analogy between cancer and tuberculosis (TB) was noticed long before the tubercle bacillus was discovered. In 1877, Sir John Simon clearly pointed out the similarity and in fact argued very strongly in favour of a microbial mycobacterial origin for cancer. Since then, literally thousands of articles and texts have shown malignant changes to spring from tuberculous infection. But Sir John’s vindication would have to wait for Livingston’s germ which, although tuberculosis-like, was not tuberculosis but an atypical form of this mycobacterium, melded from the mycobacterium and other related Actinomycetales.

“Had medical science, and the powers that be, spent as much time in investigating and destroying Livingston’s germ as they did in attacking her and those around her, cancer might be curable today.”

Dr. Broxmeyer went on to say:

Hodgkin’s cancer under attack.

When Virginia Livingston was a student at Bellevue Medical College in New York City, her pathology teacher mentioned rather disparagingly that there was a woman pathologist at Cornell University who thought Hodgkin’s disease (a form of glandular cancer) was caused by fowl tuberculosis. This pathologist had published, but no one had confirmed her findings. Afterwards, Livingston compared slides of the two diseases. In Hodgkin’s, the giant multinucleated cells were called Reed–Sternberg cells and were
similar to the giant cells of tuberculosis which formed to engulf the tubercle bacilli.

Livingston stored away in her memory that this pathologist—Dr Elise L’Esperance—was probably right but would have a difficult time gaining acceptance for her findings.

By 1931, L’Esperance was seeing “acid fast” tuberculosis-like bacteria riddling her Hodgkin’s cancer tissue samples. That germ, once injected into guinea pigs, caused them to come down with Hodgkin’s, too, fulfilling Koch’s postulates. She brought her stained
slides to former teacher and prominent Cornell cancer pathologist Dr James Ewing, “the father of oncology”. He initially confirmed that her tissue slides indeed showed Hodgkin’s. But when he found out that her samples came through guinea pig inoculation with fowl tuberculosis which she had found in humans with Hodgkin’s, Ewing, visibly upset, said that the slide samples then could not be cancer.



Try and imagine what you eat!

My note:

At this stage you will also remember that Dr. Livingston herself gave reference to fowl cancer being so rife and could even extend into the eggs that we purchase, not to mention the same cancer in cattle all of which were clear in the processing plants almost everywhere……one can see a very clear picture evolving here that proves that cancer is bacterium based.

What is deeply upsetting is the 180 degree turn around by the father of cancer pathology Dr. James Ewing who obviously could see that in finding a cure now may hurt the pockets of many people and went against Dr. Livingston and her associates.

Dr. Broxmeyer picked up on Dr. Ewings refusal to accept their findings and said the following:

This reaction betrayed his chequered history as a high placed medical politician. In
1907, you could have approached Dr James Ewing about a cancer germ and he would have embraced you over it. Was it not Ewing who at one time had proclaimed that
tuberculosis followed Hodgkin’s cancer “like a shadow”?

Money 1

Money 2


But a few years later, Ewing sent a sword through the heart of an infectious cause of cancer with Neoplastic Diseases, becoming an ambitious zealot for radiation therapy with the directorship of what would one day become the Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center squarely on his mind. His entry lay in the hands of prominent philanthropist James Douglas. A vote for Ewing, Douglas knew, was a vote for continued radiation and so Douglas began sizeable uranium extraction operations from Colorado mines through his company, Phelps Dodge, Inc.
Soon, Sloan’s predecessor became known as a radium hospital and went from an institution with a census of less than 15 per cent of cancer patients—separated by
partition, lest their disease spread to others—to a veritable cancer centre. But the very history of radiation revealed its flaws: by the early 1900s, nearly 100 cases of leukaemia had been documented in radium recipients, and not long thereafter it was determined
that approximately 100 radiologists had contracted that cancer due to radium exposure. Still, Ewing, by now an honorary member of the American Radium Society, persisted.

This is what Dr. Virginia Livingston had to say about her effort to show her bacterium results to the world:

Our [cancer] cultures were scrutinized over and over again. Strains were sent to many laboratories for identification. None could really classify them. They were something
unknown. They had many forms but they always grew up again to be the same thing no matter how they were cultured. They resembled the mycobacteria more than anything else. The tubercle bacillus is a mycobacterium or fungoid bacillus.
– Virginia Livingston, 1972

Dr. Broxmeyer did identify some success for Dr. Livingston and her associate Dr. Alexander-Jackson when he wrote the following:

By December 1950, Livingston, who would go on to write over 17 peer-reviewed articles by the end of her career, wrote together with Alexander-Jackson and four other prominent researchers what still stands as a milestone on the infectious nature of cancer
At the American Medical Association’s 1953 New York convention, participants were
particularly riveted by an exhibit of Livingston’s cancer germ, live. On the TV screen above, the cancer germs seemed indestructible, surviving a five-day experience of intolerable heat from closed-circuit microscopy. The press, muzzled by Sloan–Kettering’s
head, Dr Cornelius Rhoads, was not allowed to interview Livingston or report on this exhibit.

As Livingston and Alexander-Jackson’s work on the cancer germ became more and more convincing, opponents of their work surfaced and became more and more vocal.

Yet with recognition came visitors. Dr George Clark, a pathologist from Scranton, Pennsylvania, told Livingston that he had cultured Dr Thomas Glover’s famed cancer germ from human cancer and developed metastasising tumours in animals from it. Clark assured Livingston that Glover was onto the same bacterial pathogen that she was.

Before going back to Dr. Livingston and Dr. Cantwell to show the evidence of cancer being a bacterium (in slide form) let me briefly cover some very fine work carried out in Japan by Dr. Chisato Maruyama who like Dr Virginia Livingston pioneered research into the relationship between bacteria and cancer and like Dr. Livingston created a vaccine which to this day is available. The Vaccine is not the same as Dr. Livingston’s but non the less is a step in the right direction.


This is a brief introduction to Specific Substance MARUYAMA (SSM, commonly called Maruyama Vaccine), which has been playing a pioneering role in cancer immunotherapy. Highly technical references such as research papers that have been published or submitted on the effectiveness of cancer therapy using SSM are currently posted in the English pages of this website.

SSM has been administered to approximately 390,000 patients as an investigational new drug for cancer treatment and has demonstrated a number of positive outcomes.
SSM awakens the immune system in humans and encourages production of cytokines such as interferon through activation of lymphocytes and other elements.
SSM also increases collagen. By continuing to inject SSM, collagen fibers build up around cancer cells, encircling them and causing cancer cells to become dormant. Sometimes cancer is shrunk or reduced, which indirectly blocks cancer growth and causes it to self-destruct.

With a history of over 45 years of use in medical practice, SSM’s five characteristic effects have been confirmed through clinical studies and research.

1. No adverse side effects.
2. Superior survival prolongation.
3. Subjective symptoms relief.
4. Cancer shrinkage/disappearance.
5. Suppression of cancer growth/metastasis.


The Declaration of Helsinki

There is one more very important factor that must be included in this final article and that is the fact that such treatment is allowed on patients that have tried almost all types of treatment available or who are classified as terminally ill………..this loophole in governments strict control of not allowing a cure is covered under an international agreement which is called “The Declaration of Helsinki ” – This agreement allows doctors to use whatever means are available to cure their patient of their disease, especially for the terminally ill patients….obviously a protocol exists but access to such vaccines is possible.

Back to Dr. Livingston and Dr. Cantwell…….here are some of those so called controversial slides that show that cancer is indeed a  bacterium:

Note that the microscopic appearance of CWD bacteria in vivo appears similar in various types of cancer, and consists primarily of small coccoid forms, resembling the size and shape of ordinary staphylococci.

Slide 1.jpg

 Fig 1

Tissue section of breast cancer showing (in center) tightly-packed intracellular coccoid forms with some forms loosely attached to the cell.

slide 2

Fig 2

Additional view of breast cancer showing two areas (one below center and the other on the right) of intracellular coccoid forms.

Slide 3

Fig 3

Tissue section of lung cancer showing tightly-packed intracellular coccoid forms.

Slide 4

Fig 4

Tissue section of Hodgkin’s disease showing intracellular and extracellular coccoid forms in the connective tissue at autopsy

Slide 5

Fig 5

Tissue section of fatal AIDS-related Kaposi’s sarcoma of the skin

showing two foci of coccoid forms

slide 6

Fig 6

Tissue section of fatal case of AIDS-related immunoblastic sarcoma of the face.

Three red-stained typical acid- fast rods are seen in the center.

These forms are extremely rare in cancer.

Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare was cultured from the tumor


Slide 7

Fig 7

Tissue section from prostate cancer showing a focus

of closely-knit coccoid forms as well as scattered forms.


Can the cancer microbe be seen in diseases other than cancer?

Further complicating the bacteriology of cancer is the observation that similar-appearing microbes can be seen in vivo in certain chronic diseases, such as lupus, scleroderma, sarcoidosis, and others.

Dr. Livingston claimed that all human beings carried cancer microbes; and she postulated these microbes were closely connected with the origin of life. In the healthy state these microbes caused no harm and were beneficial. However, when the immune system was weakened, these bacteria were capable of inducing a variety of human illnesses, including cancer.

Dr. Livingston took out various patents to protect her invention/protocol etc which was clear evidence that she urgently needed to protect this giant step for humankind!!

In the course of her many years of research on blood composition, Dr. Livingston identified an organism common to the tissue of patients with scleroderma, tuberculosis, leprosy, and all types of cancer. It is a bacteria that is capable of changing its shape and size and evolving through a complex but describable series of forms, from the tiniest virus to something the size of a red blood cell. In fact, it is only temporarily a bacteria.

Dr. Livingston gave this organism the name Progenitor cryptocides and described it as the “ancestral hidden killer” and “a silent but lethal bloodstream infection.” In doing so, Dr. Livingston challenged two of modern medicine’s presumed unassailable tenets: that cancer is not caused by a bacteria and that bacteria cannot change shape.

In conclusion here are further words from Dr.Cantwell – dear friend and associate:

Dr. Livingston’s model is based on an alternate theory called pleomorphism, proposed at the same time as Pasteur’s germ theory. Here the belief is that a single microbe can take on “many forms” and that microbes change their nature and activity while already inside the body and thereby produce disease.

Cancer is primarily caused by a parasitic microbe, normally dormant and found in all humans and animals from birth, Dr. Livingston reported in 1969, based on her 25 years of careful laboratory studies. Under healthy conditions, the immune system keeps the microbe latent, non-invasive, and in check. But the cancer microbe begins to change shape and become pathogenic as the host’s immune system becomes weakened from poor diet, emotional stress, chemical toxins, infected foods, old age, or a predisposing genetic susceptibility.

Other factors include functional problems with the endocrine glands, alkaline blood pH, allergies, lowered vitality after infection, cell membranes that are too porous, and physical or psychologic trauma, said Dr. Livingston. Given these factors, the immune system and the body’s detoxifying systems can no longer cope and become dysfunctional.

These conditions make it possible for the organism to invade the cells in overwhelming numbers, secreting toxins and tumor-promoting substances. “The advanced cancer patient has many pleomorphic forms of the P. cryptocides in his or her blood in vast numbers due to the loss of immunity,” Dr. Livingston said.

How did this mysterious bacteria get into the human body? Dr. Livingston points to poultry-chicken and eggs-as the probable source of primary infection. “Most of the chickens on the dining tables and barbecue grills of America today,” she wrote in 1984, “have this pathogenic form of the P.criptocides microbe, which I contend is transmissible to human beings.”

Repeated consumption of “sick” chicken could initiate a cancer process in people with already weakened immune systems, Dr. Livingston speculated. Once inside the body, its usual habitat is the intestinal tract which acts as a reservoir of P. cryptocides, which circulates in the blood and “parasitizes” red and white blood cells.


For my part I have many files to hand on Dr. Livingston’s work, cure and how she built up a person’s immune system (even when their health was critical) and how she developed the vaccine and associated ingredients etc that has also been passed on to other safe houses to protect her work.

Dr Livingston did find a cure for cancer and the New World Order has well and truly shelved it………we  must continue to raise awareness with the above factual information if we are to combat the UN 2030 Agenda which is nothing more than an approval for them to depopulate mother earth by as much as up to 90%.


Rid the world of Christian Zionist and Jewish Zionist- the nucleus of the NWO

There is no shortage of anything on this planet ie Natural Resources, Food, Water and Oxygen….what is missing is the distribution of same which is totally controlled by the elite!!

Dr. Livingston

“Bless You Dr. Virginia Livingston in finding a cure for cancer and may you RIP”

“Maybe one day you will be awarded a posthumous Nobel Peace Prize”

Peter Eyre – 1100 Local Time 21/6/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster


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Is there a cure for cancer? You bet there is! Part 5

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Dr. Virginia Livingston who found a cure for cancer

As we near the end of the current series on the cancer scam I want to introduce you to other experts that have either worked with Dr. Virginia Livingston or who believes in her invention/protocol.

One of the first that comes to mind is her dear associate and friend Dr. Alan Cantwell who can be seen with Dr. Livingston in the above photograph.

His expertise is second to non and in this part it would be appropriate to print a full interview carried out with Dr. Cantwell back in 2007 who also happens to give reference to many other fine cancer researcher, most of whom were never identified or given the chance to prove they had all found a combined cure for cancer and many other bacterium based diseases:

11 Sep 2007

Dr. Alan Cantwell has investigated the phenomenon of cancer bacteria for over thirty years. A graduate of New York Medical College, Cantwell completed a residency program in dermatology at Long Beach Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Long Beach, CA and then practiced in the dermatology department of Kaiser-Permanente in Hollywood, California, from 1965 until his retirement in 1994. Dr. Cantwell is the author of more than thirty published papers on breast cancer, lymphoma, Kaposi’s sarcoma, Hodgkin’s Disease, lupus, scleroderma, AIDS, and other immunological diseases. These papers have appeared in many peer-reviewed journals, including Growth, International Journal of Dermatology, Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology, and the Archives of Dermatology. He has also written The Cancer Microbe and Four Women Against Cancer and several books on AIDS.

Dr Cantwell

Dr. Alan Cantwell


  1. How did you become interested in looking for bacteria, first in diseases like scleroderma and later in cancer?

It all started when I was a second year resident in dermatology. I was in the medical library and I came across a paper in the Southern Medical Journal describing a group of people who had been given allergy injections and who subsequently developed deep skin infection with tuberculosis-like germs. It was thought the allergy injection bottles were contaminated with these bacteria.

At the time, I had a mentally disturbed patient who had been given multiple injections of medications into her buttocks. She later developed deep painful skin nodules in the same areas. No one knew what was causing these nodules that were diagnosed as “panniculitis,” an inflammation of the fat layers of the skin. I thought, “Let’s culture a skin biopsy from one of these deep nodules and see if I can find any TB-like germs.” I was amazed when Eugenia Craggs, the technician at the TB lab, reported that “acid-fast” bacteria were discovered in the skin tissue. I thought “Hey this is just like the article!”

We also had three other patients with “panniculitis” of the fatty portion of the skin, all of unknown cause. I took biopsy samples and TB-like bacteria were found in all four. These cases were later reported in the Archives of Dermatologyin 1966. At the time my dermatology professor was J. Walter Wilson, who was also a world famous mycologist, an expert in fungal diseases. He was somewhat skeptical about my findings of acid-fast bacteria in all these four patients and he suggested I use a scleroderma patient as a “control.” Scleroderma is a so-called “collagen disease” where the skin becomes hardened. The disease can affect the internal organs and is sometimes fatal. The cause is unknown, and bacteria were never thought to cause this disease. Dr. Wilson said I should check a scleroderma skin biopsy because that would serve as a negative “control” case. I was astonished when Eugenia Craggs called me from the TB lab and told me the skin tissue grindings of the scleroderma sample were positive for acid-fast bacteria, the kind of bacteria found in tuberculosis. She would try and grow the germ in a TB culture. After much searching I was also able to find a few acid-fast rod forms of bacteria in the scleroderma skin biopsy microscopic sections prepared by the pathologist.

The scleroderma bacterial took a long time to grow and could not be diagnosed as a TB germ or other definite “atypical” mycobacteria. The microbe was highly pleomorphic (various forms). There were round staphylococccal forms, as well as typical acid-fast rod forms. Eventually this isolate became fungal-like and “actinomycete- like.” Despite expert opinion, it was impossible to classify the microbe into a specific species. This case of scleroderma was reported in The Archives of Dermatology in 1966.

Some time later, Roy Averill, one of the dermatology residents, told me he heard a woman physician being interviewed on a San Diego radio talk show. She was explaining how she found TB-like bacteria in scleroderma in the late 1940s. That woman was Virginia Livingston M.D. She quickly became a dear friend and mentor in my scleroderma research. She told me that scientists at the Pasteur Institute in Belgium also reported finding acid-fast bacteria in scleroderma in 1953, thus confirming her own research.

I naturally thought all these reports in the medical journals would be recognized by other dermatologists and scientists, and that scleroderma would be recognized as an infectious disease caused by acid-fast bacteria. But after more than a half-century, I’m sad to say that scleroderma is still considered a disease “of unknown etiology” and the bacteria we found are simply ignored. After discovering acid-fast bacteria in scleroderma, Livingston found similar bacteria in cancer. This made her one of the most controversial physicians in America, as detailed in my book, “The Cancer Microbe.”

  1. How did you identify the bacteria in your samples?

I began my dermatology practice at Kaiser in Hollywood in 1965. Virginia Livingston introduced me to Dan Kelso, a Los Angeles microbiologist who thereafter cultured my skin biopsy samples from scleroderma, and later from lupus erythematosus and a variety of cancers. Depending on the case, sometimes he cultured Staphylococcus epidermidis, or corynebacteria, more rarely streptococci, and pleomorphic bacteria that appeared sporadically as acid-fast bacteria similar to Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Naturally I attempted to find acid-fast rod forms in my specially-stained skin biopsy sections, because these forms are the typical forms signifying infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis or other species of mycobacteria. “Acid-fast” refers to red-stained mycobacteria that can be observed after staining tissue samples with a special procedure and a special dye. At first, I didn’t see the L-form bacteria since they react differently to acid staining. Instead of rod-forms, they appeared as round forms which were only partially acid-fast, staining purple or magenta with the acid-fast stain. It took me many years to finally realize that these partially acid-fast and round forms were bona fide growth forms of mycobacteria. The typical bright red-stained acid-fast rod forms of mycobacteria are unique and easily recognized by pathologists, but unfortunately the non-acid-fast round forms are not recognized and accepted by pathologists. For a long time I passed over these granular and “dusty” tiny forms as meaningless, not realizing that they were, in actuality, what L-forms look like!

I knew basically nothing about the microscopic appearance of L-form bacteria (also known as cell wall deficient bacteria and “mycoplasma”) until I carefully read the published papers of microbiologist Lida Mattman. Then I realized all the guises that bacteria can undergo, including transformation into “large bodies.” At that point, I went back and looked at my first case of scleroderma and realized that one skin biopsy sample contained large L-form bodies that appeared as yeast and fungal-like forms! These forms, in 1966, were dismissed as “fat degeneration” by one pathologist; and the biologist thought they looked like yeast cells.

These large L-forms are compatible with what pathologists recognize as Russell Bodies. William Russell (1852-1940) was a well-known Scottish pathologist who first discovered “the parasite of cancer” in 1890. His view of an infectious agent in cancer was dismissed in the early part of the twentieth century. However, I believe Russell bodies are actually large growth forms of cell wall deficient bacteria — and that Russell was indeed recognizing an infectious agent in cancer. More than a half-century later, Lida Mattman was able to transform mycobacteria into “large bodies” by exposing them to antibiotics. For more information on Russell and pictures of Russell bodies, Google my paper “The Russell Body” in the Journal of Independent Medical Research (joimr.org).

The fact that L-form bacteria have a “life cycle” and can appear in so many different shapes and sizes (pleomorphism) may be why they are so hard to eradicate and why the immune system cannot cope with them. Maybe the large Russell bodies are harder to kill. Or maybe they are easier to kill. I don’t know.

  1. You found bacteria in the tissues of people who died of certain cancers and AIDS and scleroderma at autopsy. What gave you the idea to look for bacteria in autopsies?

I got that idea from Florence Seibert, a world famous biochemist who developed the tuberculin skin test for tuberculosis, which is still used worldwide. When Seibert heard about the TB-like bacteria discovered in cancer by Virginia Livingston and her colleagues, which included microbiologist Eleanor Alexander-Jackson and cell cytologist Irene Diller, she decided to come out of retirement and help with the women’s cancer research. Seibert advised me to search for bacteria in autopsy specimens and to determine if I could also find them in the internal organs and connective tissue of people who died of scleroderma. She believed this would make my skin research more credible. For the full story of these four remarkable women scientists, read my book Four Women Against Cancer, published in 2005, and available through Internet book sources.

Aland with two of his mentors

Alan Cantwell with Eleanor Alexander-Jackson and Irene Corey Diller

After I decided to look for bacteria in autopsy material, I contacted colleagues in the Pathology department at Kaiser and asked them to provide me with stored tissue autopsy samples, which they did graciously. I was very fortunate to have them assist me in doing this. One of the great things about Kaiser-Permanente is that everything is under one roof. Few private dermatologists would have the easy access to autopsy material that I did at Kaiser.

  1. When did you begin to look for bacteria in people with cancer?

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever find bacteria in patients with cancer. Before I started my cancer research (which was totally instigated by my friendship with Livingston), it seemed inconceivable that scientists could have failed to recognize a microscopically visible infectious bacterial agent in cancer.

For a decade I avoided the cancer controversy because I worked for an HMO and I didn’t want to be regarded as a “quack.” Tragically, Virginia Livingston, because of her outspokenness that cancer was caused by bacteria, was widely regarded as a “quack doctor.” However, in the mid-1970s, I found pleomorphic bacteria in patients with sarcoidosis, and also in a patient with lymphoma. I was amazed at how easy it was to detect bacteria in sarcoidosis and lymphoma when the tissue sections were properly stained with an acid-fast staining technique.

Once I saw for myself that Virginia Livingston was correct about acid-fast bacteria in cancer, I became very enthusiastic about studying bacteria in other forms of cancer, as well as in immune diseases, like lupus. At that point, I finally had enough conviction in my findings, and had the courage to take a stand along with Virginia.

  1. How did you colleagues react to your research?

Over the years there were very few doctors interested in seeing the bacteria I found in tissue sections. Some would tentatively acknowledge that there were bacteria present. Most were non-committal. With a little arm twisting I convinced several pathologists, who helped supply the autopsy specimens, to put their name on my published papers. But for the most part they didn’t want to get involved. They would say, “Oh Alan, it’s your research…” “Oh Alan, you’ll win the Nobel Prize someday.” Nobody ever wanted to sit down with me and seriously look at the material. I think it’s because finding bacteria in illnesses that are not attributed to infection is highly controversial, and most doctors shy away from controversy. The finding of bacteria in cancer is like opening Pandora’s Box. Once it’s open, a lot of stuff flies out, and pisses off a lot of people. The bacteria aren’t supposed to be there, they are in closet and not supposed to come out.

Even after I was retired for almost a decade, I never lost interest in trying to uncover bacteria in cancer. In 2003, my partner was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He underwent a prostatectomy, the total removal of the prostate gland. I decided to see if bacteria could be found in his prostate cancer tissue sections after surgery. Prostate cancer is every older man’s worst nightmare, just as breast cancer is every woman’s worst nightmare. I asked the Kaiser pathologist to cut me a section of my partner’s cancerous prostate and to stain it with an acid-fast stain so that I could study it. Sure enough, there were bacteria in the samples. I had a private microscopist photograph the bacteria. One can view the bacteria in prostate cancer I discovered by reading my paper published at the http://www.joimr.org website.

  1. What’s going on? Why aren’t doctors and researchers taking the idea that bacteria cause cancer seriously?

As I see it, the identification of simple-to-see cancer microbes would cause havoc in the scientific world and in the cancer treatment industry. It would be the biggest embarrassment to befall modern medicine. Can you imagine the furor resurrecting Russell’s “cancer parasite” — the “parasite” that was thrown out of medical science a century ago?

It is rare to find a scientist interested in “cancer microbes.” Most physicians are repelled by the idea that bacteria cause cancer. How do you prod scientists to become interested? I’m still not sure.

A century ago, doctors stopped looking for bacteria in cancer. It’s weird because around that time major diseases like syphilis, tuberculosis, and leprosy were proved to be caused by bacteria. I suppose researchers think, “Well, we looked for bacteria 100 years ago, so there’s no need to look for them now.” But a lot has changed in bacteriology in 100 years. A century ago there was no such thing as an “L-form.” Even now most scientists don’t realize that regular bacteria can change into L-form bacteria, or cell wall bacteria, or mycoplasma, or pleomorphic bacteria, or nanobacteria, or whatever you choose to call these peculiar and little-known growth forms.

Microbiologists still have a hard time dealing with the fact that bacteria can change so widely in shape and size. How do you get scientists to understand that the tiniest L-forms have the potential to enlarge into a form the size of a red blood cell (or even bigger!). But if you think about it, all human beings were once a microscopic bunch of dividing cells, hardly visible to the naked eye. And we know that these tiny cells can evolve into seven foot tall basketball players. Why then, do we take such a simple view of what bacteria are supposed to do and what they are supposed to look like?

And the strange part is that using a light microscope you can easily see L-form bacteria. Every scientific paper that I have had published shows pictures of these bacteria. But even when doctors are shown photographs or see these bacteria via a light microscope, they still have a hard time accepting them. It’s bizarre because doctors believe viruses exist, even though most have never seen one. You can’t see viruses. They are too small to be seen with a microscope.

  1. When doctors and researchers claim that there are no bacteria in your samples what explanations do they give?

When doctors or other researchers try to deny that there are bacteria in scleroderma and cancerous samples their explanations are pretty lame. Maybe something like, “Those aren’t bacteria, those are enlarged red blood cells.” Those “bacteria” are really cell debris, or stain material, or nuclear dust, of mast cell granules, or fat granules— anything but true bacteria. It’s impossible to convince a pathologist, for example, that a “tiny” bacteria can transform into a giant-sized form hundreds of times larger.

  1. Who’s to blame for the fact that bacteria have not been recognized as part of the pathogenesis of cancer?

Pathologists, dermatologists, infectious disease specialists, oncologists, virologists, microbiologists, and basically all medical scientists who have ignored a century of cancer research pointing to cancer microbes. They have collectively let us down. Unfortunately, pathologists and microbiologists seem to be on two different planets. Pathologists pay little attention to germs in a laboratory, and microbiologists pay little attention to what bacteria do when they infect human tissues that are subsequently examined by pathologists.

  1. What keeps other researchers from finding L-form bacteria in patients with cancer?

Unfortunately, most microbiologists who have worked with L-form bacteria have not demonstrated how these same forms appear in tissue in human disease when viewed in the light microscope. It’s one thing to describe a microbe in a lab, but what does it look like when it infects the human body? It’s one thing to show these L-forms in pictures taken with an electron microscope that magnifies objects thousands of times. But what do these bacteria look like when view with a “regular” light microscope that magnifies only 1,000 times? As a result, these pleomorphic forms go undetected in diseased tissue. Another reason, of course, is that the pathologist uses a routine stain (the H&E stain) that does not detect these forms. One needs to use an acid-fast stain. This was one of Livingston’s and Eleanor Alexander-Jackson’s most brilliant discovery— the idea that the “cancer microbe” is intermittently “acid-fast” at one or more stages of its growth.

  1. What are some of your concerns about the current medical climate?

It saddens me greatly that all this great research has been ignored. That is why I wrote The Cancer Microbe (1990), and AIDS: The Mystery and the Solution(1984) and Four Women Against Cancer (2005).

Every first year med student knows that until you know what’s causing a disease it’s very hard to treat it. In my opinion, hunting for the exact cause of an illness is the most exciting part about being a doctor. The scientists who clued us into the cause of tuberculosis and syphilis, for example, were medical greats because they gave us an idea of what exactly is making the patient ill.

In my 30 years as a doctor and researcher I’ve never convinced one doctor, not even one, that bacteria cause cancer. My own younger brother is a physician — and I don’t even think he believes me entirely. Two years ago, his daughter-in-law died at age 39 of Hodgkin’s Disease, leaving two small children. I told him, “I wrote about Hodgkin’s Disease!” But he wouldn’t comment. If I can’t convince my own brother — or even interest him in the subject —I feel there is little hope.

  1. What concerns did Kaiser Permanente have about your research?

A problem with my research was that over a period of years I was finding acid-fast bacteria in patients with a wide array of different illnesses. Some skeptics would say “OK, maybe I can accept that you found bacteria in scleroderma, but come on, in all these diseases?” After several years of productive cancer microbe research, the research committee insisted I be interviewed by a statistician. The committee was concerned because I was discovering bacteria in too many diseases. The statistician insisted that I attempt a statistical study of these bacteria with suitable “controls.” I explained that previous researchers had already determined that all human beings harbor such bacteria, and that these bacteria needed further study as pathogens. It might be impossible to find “negative” controls. At that point I thought, “I’m doomed.” There was no way I could do a statistical analysis of my observations. My research was terminated.

  1. Did anyone try to censor your work?

In 1984 Virginia Livingston wrote a second book about bacteria in cancer calledThe Conquest of Cancer. She asked me to write a blurb for the back cover of her book. Her publisher took out an ad for her book in the Los Angeles Times Book Review, which included my blurb. Unfortunately, my quote mentioned my association with the Southern California Permanente Medical Group. When the top brass at Kaiser discovered this they were furious. “You can’t do this! You can’t associate our name with a quack like Livingston!”

At the time I had also discovered that cancer bacteria play a role in the development of Kaposi’s sarcoma, the most common cancer in the newly discovered disease called AIDS. I explained that I had also written a book about AIDS and the bacteria involved in this disease, and that the book was in press and was to be published soon. The Kaiser officials were aghast and told me I was simply not allowed to publish this book. This was at a time shortly before the discovery of HIV and during the period when the precise cause of the immune deficiency was “a mystery.” I had always been well-respected at Kaiser, but I was fearful the Livingston brouhaha and the impending publication of my book might threaten my job.

Finally my literary lawyer stepped in and worked out a deal with Kaiser whereby I could publish AIDS: The Mystery & The Solution as long as I didn’t mention Kaiser in the book. I had to make sure the printer deleted all references to where I had done my cancer and AIDS research. The thing I had tried to avoid for so long had become a reality: I had inadvertently become a threat to the medical establishment, just like Virginia Livingston.

  1. Tell me about your role model and colleague Virginia Livingston.

Virginia was a dear friend whose research formed the foundation of my scleroderma research and subsequent cancer microbe studies. My association with her and Irene Diller and Eleanor Alexander-Jackson and Florence Seibert, changed my life forever. Although she died in 1990 at the age of 84, Virginia still influences me. She is my “scientific soulmate.” These four women are my four greatest heroines in medical science. In Four Women Against Cancer, I describe their amazing cancer research. I knew them all personally, and sadly all of them are now gone.

  1. What do you think about the Marshall Protocol?

When I heard about the Marshall Protocol I was taken aback. I never thought that a possible cure for chronic disease would happen in my lifetime. I used to tell people that there was no way known to kill L-form bacteria in the body.

In mid-life Trevor Marshall set out to figure out a good treatment or a cure sarcoidosis because he had the disease himself. That is how — via his own research — that he discovered me and I was made aware of his own admittedly controversial ideas on how chronic diseases might be successfully treated. He certainly, almost single-handedly, revived my scientific career and I am exceedingly grateful to him for his interest and support of the cancer microbe work.

Having a disease is unfortunate, but it can serve as a great consciousness-raiser. Illness can also bring people together who would have never been brought together otherwise. This interview is a good example of that! From Trevor I am learning about the importance of the “vitamin D receptor” and that Benicar, along with long-term antibiotics can help rev up the immune system and apparently diminish L-form bacteria in patients who are trying his ideas. It’s interesting because Livingston always said that the key to curing chronic disease and cancer is to improve the function of the immune system. In my opinion, the proof is in the pudding. Some people with chronic disease are reporting benefit from the MP.

Trevor’s not a medical doctor but he obviously is an avid researcher and well-versed and well-trained in biochemistry, pharmacology, molecular biology, subjects that are way beyond my ken. Plus, I went to medical school a half century ago.

The MP has revealed that the healing process of certain chronic disease needs to go slowly, which in many ways goes against scientific dogma with its “quick cure with a round of antibiotics.” Both Trevor and I believe bacteria are implicated in sarcoid, even though this is still denied by many physicians who consider sarcoid a “disease of unknown etiology” — and all the research pointing to bacteria in sarcoid is ignored. Trevor obviously believes bacterial infection also plays a role in certain other chronic diseases. If you think about it, diseases like tuberculosis, leprosy and cancer all take years to treat. You don’t necessarily expect to get well in one month, one week, or even one year. Similarly, one shouldn’t expect a quick cure in chronic disease, even though bacteria play a big role in these diseases.

  1. What do you feel lies ahead in terms of cancer research?

I feel that the treatment of cancer will remain dismal until these bacteria are recognized as cancer-causing agents by the scientific and cancer establishments. Only then can better treatment methods be employed that actually are specifically directed against the buildup of these L-forms or are directed towards strengthening the immune system against them, or both.

End of interview

You will note that all of the ladies mentioned above were all senior citizens and had dedicated their entire life in finding a cure for cancer which they had achieved but like Dr. Virginia Livingston were never allowed to develop that cure.

It is despicable to know that all those responsible for the health and welfare of their citizens in each respective countries were so deceitful in hiding the cures that these ladies and gentleman had achieved during their working life…….that is a crime against human kind!

No Doubt by now you are all overwhelmed that so many of today’s deadly diseases are bacterium based and can be cured……..including the very deadly Ebola in Africa and MRSA that is so rife in our hospitals.

Dr. Livingston

Dr. Virginia Livingston – The Women who cured cancer

The final Part 6 will cover one other expert that will bring us up to date and also show some convincing forensic evidence that Dr. Virginia Livingston had indeed found a cure for cancer and her Patent that still holds true to this day……….if only they would stop being so greedy and swallow their pride!!

Peter Eyre – 0700 Local Time 19/6/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster



Is there a cure for cancer? You bet there is! Part 4

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Book Cover


Dr. Livingston

Dr. Virginia Livingston

In this chapter we will look at the more technical side of Dr.Virginia Livingston’s cure for cancer and how she used the Tuberculosis Vaccine (BCG) and her own Autogeneous Vaccine made up with cancer bacterium taken directly from her infected patients tumors, glands, blood or urine all of which acted in the same way as phage treatment is used in Russia for many deadly diseases and infections such as gangrene and MRSA etc.

Before moving on it is important to understand the emphasis that Dr. Virginia Livingston placed on boosting up the patients own immune system, which she explains in her treatment protocol.

Some of her more critical patients had already succumbed to chemotherapy and radiation which she clearly believed was directly responsible for killing off of  a person immune system and made her progress with such patients  extremely difficult.

Dr. Livingston explained that in many of the slaughter houses that produced red meat  cancerous tumors, cells and cancer bacterium existed in many animals.

The same applied to chickens and generally speaking the existence of cancerous tumors, cells and bacteria was at a much higher level……….obviously since those earlier days hygiene has come a long way but one would have to still be cautiously mindful of their possible existence.

Finally one must be aware that as the nucleus of any cancer is bacterium based and is therefore infectious one must take appropriate precautions when taking  samples from tumors, cells, blood or urine and when dealing with the patient themselves!

Dr. Livingston invention made it possible to identify cancer bacterium before the formation of tumors and this was explained by her in this paragraph:


This invention also involves a test that will show the existence of a neoplastic disease before the tumor exists, or the existence of a chronic underlying infection in man and/or animal. Until now any aberrant symptom of a patient has to be evaluated in the light of a latent cancer until it was ruled out. A fever of unknown origin could turn out to be a sarcoma somewhere in the body made manifest weeks later after much laboratory work and X-rays. By then, it was already too late, to do anything. Even if it had been known that cancer was imminent there was no treatment. There was nothing to do but wait until a tumor presented itself and then attempt to cut it out or destroy it by radiation or chemicals. (Applicants’ invention involves a cure for such cancer.)

Tests for determining the presence of cancer such as the Pap smears tests have serious problems associated therewith. In the Pap smears tests, the body cells that are cast off from the uterus, cervix and vagina are smeared from the cervix, are placed on a slide and stained. Not only is the presence of cancer cells detected but the amount of estrogen in the body is indicated by the size and shape of the nucleus of the cell in relation to the cytoplasm. This test is useful in determining the stage of menopause in women. Unfortunately, when the smear for cancer is positive, the cancer is already there. However, it does permit early detection of some kinds of cancer of the female reproductive organs. The same method of cell determination is now applied to a number of other sites such as lung and stomach.

As cancer is an infection, surgery, radiation and chemicals cannot eradicate a continuing infectious process. For example, cobalt machines may reduce the size of tumors but contribute very little to the long-term cure of the disease.

The test of this invention allows a screening program of the entire population by means of routine blood cultures to determine the presence of the cryptocides bacteria correlated with evaluation of blood smears and related to immune competency by various methods of antigen-antibody determination.

Dr. Livingston makes it clear in her writing that even advanced forms of cancer can be addressed with blood samples being taken from the so called dying patient, cultured in the laboratory and then re introduced back into the patient as an Autogeneous Vaccine…….obviously 100% success is not guaranteed as previous chemotherapy or radiation has to be taken into account and the status of the patients immune system but whatever the circumstances one can but try…..such practices being carried out after the late intervention of cancer victims can be covered under the Declaration of Helsinki.

She further states in her account of Autogeneous Vaccine Preparation the following:

Applicants have prepared and used an Autogenous Vaccine for the treatment of chronic, ongoing infections. Customarily the vaccines are prepared from urine, nasal, throat and bowel secretion as well as from various tissues and other secretions. The vaccines are used for the building up of immunity in the chronically ill patient who suffers from a failure to produce immune bodies against their chronic infection.

“It is now incontrovertible that the cancer disease results in the loss of immunity yet it is treated with radiation which destroys immunity and with drugs which encourage cancerous growth.”

Cancer chart

It is clear that Dr. Livingston was not only extremely talented and gifted but had truly found a cure for cancer which to this day has been brushed aside by the greed and might of arrogant Governments, Health Organizations (including the WHO), The Giant Pharmaceutical Industry, Cancer Research Institutions, Cancer Charities, Oncologists and many Doctors who financially benefit in hiding the truth……..one day the truth will come out and this fine lady will be posthumously awarded for her service to humankind!!


Part 5 will introduce other fine pioneers in medicine who agreed with and followed Dr. Virginia Livingston beliefs and who to this day have been severely restricted by all of the above scumbags!!


Peter Eyre – 1000 Local Time 17/6/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster


Is There A Cure For Cancer ? You Bet There Is! – Part 3

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Cancer 1

Dr. Livingston

Virginia Livingston, MD (1906-1990)

In this part of the story on cancer I can only ask you to look into the face of this wonderful women and not only see a natural loving kindness but also realise that what she had to endure right up to her death in 1990 was unbelievable red tape and ridicule.

Virginia Livingston never gave up on her cancer research and although she continued to learn so much from fellow peers she would have to be the only possible women that actually understood cancer in its many forms and but also knew how to cure it.

This is an amazing story of the woman who put cancer in permanent remission and in doing so not only cured it but also exposed cures for so many other deadly diseases that all had one thing in common “They all had bacterium as there nucleus, all were possibly infectious and all could be cured”

Don’t you find it sad that when a person has gained so much respect in the medical profession, written so many medical journals that were praised by all who read them and then suddenly attacked and ridiculed because she had found a cure for cancer!

All the respective governments, health departments, oncologists, cancer foundations and the massive pharmaceutical industry suddenly went on the attack when they realized that not only had she found a cure but also had the ability to cut their multi billion dollar scam research into “Not finding a cure.”

Hopefully one day this dear lady will receive a well deserved posthumous award for her services to humankind!!

I will first cover her story and then follow up with many other pioneers in the industry who used Virginia protocol in their own research.

Believe me you will be amazed at all the lies and deceit that continue to this day when there has always been a cure, especially when you can identify the cause (Bacterium) which this lucrative industry has covered up for far too long!!

It is time for the truth to come out and time to bring those responsible for this cover-up to go on trial for crimes against humanity……to put it into its true perspective the link between TB- Cancer – HIV AIDS in the Bacterium sense is unbelievable.


It should also be noted that  HIV-AIDS was intentionally introduced into the world’s population via Africa…….just think – more than 25 million people have died including half a million Americans and more than 40 million are currently infected……I could extend this story into another western scam called Ebola and no doubt you will be amazed to find out that there is also a cure for that……and how about the damage being done to African children with highly toxic vaccines….but who’s really interested.



I won’t go into who spread HIV AIDS but it is said a certain US military base had perfected Chemical and Biological Warfare…..not forgetting the help of the British in the production of Anthrax and other deadly diseases and gases which were clearly exported around the world and which gave Saddam the ability to poison his own people in Iraq, the Iranians during the Iraq-Iran War and on Coalition Forces during the Gulf Wars….not to mention the labs and the ingredients that were given to him by the west!!!!!

Now back to the wonderful story of Dr. Virginia Livington as provided by many of her associates and admirers:


Dr, Virginia Livingston with another pioneer Dr. Alan Cantwell

The above photograph was taken in 1981 nine years before Dr. Livingston’s death….she continued her research and her fight with the various authorities right up to her passing and who actually commenced to issue a subpoena  the day after her death…….

The following is an extract –

[1983] The Conquest of Cancer: Vaccines and Diet by Virginia Livingston Wheeler M.D. –  Edmond G. Addeo

Virginia C. Livingston–Integrating Diet, Nutritional Supplements, and Immunotherapy

The story of Virginia C. Livingston, a physician who died in her late eighties in 1990, is at once dramatic and prototypical of those who venture off the path of mainstream cancer medicine. After undertaking some exacting research, she claimed that she had discovered a microbe that caused cancer and then developed a vaccine that she claimed would help control that microbe. Whether or not her claim has any validity has not yet been fully evaluated, although it has been categorically dismissed by mainstream medicine.

In addition to her vaccine, Livingston also developed a multifaceted nutritional, medical, and immuno supportive program, which can be traced back in part to the German naturopathic tradition of Max Gerson and Josef Issels. She can therefore be considered a “second-generation” nutritional cancer therapist, especially since fully half of her program is nutritional in content. Livingston’s treatment is still being offered at the Livingston Clinic in San Diego.1

Livingston’s Biography

Virginia Livingston started her medical career as one of the pioneering women physicians of her time. Her great-uncle and father were both physicians, and her father was one of the early members of the American College of Physicians. She was one of only four women to receive her M.D. from New York University in 1936 and was appointed the first woman resident physician at a New York hospital–the prison hospital for venereally infected prostitutes.2

While at the prison hospital, she became interested in tuberculosis and leprosy, which were being treated in nearby infectious disease units. As a school physician a few years later, she became interested in scleroderma, a degenerative disease of the skin and tissue that Livingston came to see as related etiologically to tuberculosis, leprosy, and cancer.

Livingston found that a red dye staining technique revealed numerous “acid-fast” organisms (organisms that stained when exposed to the diagnostic dye) in scleroderma. These organisms, she believed, were similar to those found in leprosy and tuberculosis. Because she saw scleroderma as similar to cancer, she began to wonder whether she might not find similar organisms in cancer tissue. “At this point,” she writes, “I reasoned that perhaps scleroderma was a kind of slow cancer. I decided to begin examining cancer tissues with the same method. … Upon examining all kinds of cancerous tissues … I found that a similar microorganism was present in all of them.”3

Livingston then made contact with Eleanor Alexander-Jackson, M.D., of Cornell University, who had found that the tubercle bacillus undergoes many changes in shape, and hence is “pleomorphic” (able to change shape and size.) At that time, cancer was thought to be caused by a virus, and the technique for differentiating a virus from a bacillus was to see whether it passed through a special filter; viruses are much smaller than bacilli and could pass through the filter. Her association with Alexander-Jackson led Livingston to conceive of the acid-fast organisms she saw in scleroderma, leprosy, tuberculosis, and cancer as a family of pleomorphic organisms that sometimes assumed very small forms similar to viruses and at other times had large forms similar to bacilli.4

Against considerable odds, Livingston was able to develop a research program to explore this world-class research hypothesis: a family of microbes–able to change dramatically in size and shape–were responsible for the development of cancer, tuberculosis, leprosy, and scleroderma. At a time when women physicians were scarcely welcome in leading roles in cancer research–much less as champions of major breakthrough concepts–she created the Rutgers-Presbyterian Hospital Laboratory for the Study of Proliferative Diseases associated with the Bureau of Biological Research of Rutgers University.

She received funds from the American Cancer Society and an impressive group of foundations and medical laboratories. “The next few years at Rutgers,” Livingston writes, “were to be the most significant period of my work in cancer research. Our research team was enthusiastic that our work would prove once and for all that the Progenitor cryptocides [or PC, the name she would later give the organism she believed she had discovered] microbe was the cause of cancer and that a vaccine could be made to defend against it.”5

Alexander-Jackson left Cornell to work with Livingston at the new laboratory, and they built a small research team. In 1950, she and Alexander-Jackson published a paper in the American Journal of Medical Sciences, which was co-authored by four others including James Hillier, developer of the electron microscope and head of electron microscopy at RCA Victor Laboratories in Princeton, and John Anderson, head of the department of bacteriology at Rutgers and a noted histologist and pathologist. In this paper, they described how Koch’s postulates (“the accepted foolproof method of proving the cause of a disease”) could be satisfied in the case of P. cryptocides. Pure P. cryptocides cultures were obtained from both human and animal cancers and injected into animals capable of being infected. Disease areas then developed resembling those from which cultures were taken. Pure cultures were then re-isolated from the infected animals. “Koch’s postulates,” Livingston writes, “were fulfilled to the satisfaction of our entire group and to that of our biology superiors at Rutgers.”6

Livingston had thus demonstrated to her own satisfaction, and to that of some colleagues, that she had isolated a microorganism that caused cancer in both animals and humans. Needless to say, for Livingston and anyone who credited her discovery, this was a historic accomplishment. “The next step,” she says,

was to prove that the cancerous growth was not the whole disease. For more than one hundred years people like Rudolf Virchow thought that cancer cells themselves were parasites within the body. He did not understand that the small coccuslike granules he saw dividing in the cancers were not the development of daughter cells within mother cells, but instead they represented the true intracellular parasite that was the causative agent. … The whole truth may be that the parasite within the cancer cell transforms the normal cell into a sick cell that cannot mature by normal cell growth processes. In other words, the tumor is not the disease.7

Her claims did not, however, find approval in the medical community. In 1953, a spokesman for the New York Academy of Medicine, Dr. Iago Gladston, discounted her claims, echoing the attitude of most of the medical community. “This is an old story,” he said, “and it has not stood up under investigation. Microorganisms found in malignant tumors have been found to be secondary invaders and not the primary cause of malignancy.”8

That Livingston’s bold thesis did not find approval in the medical community is not surprising, but the strong opposition to allowing her to continue her efforts to develop and defend her thesis was scientifically unconscionable. As a result, Livingston’s laboratory in New Jersey was forced to close in 1953 due, according to her, to the efforts of leading researchers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York opposed to her research.9 Deeply disappointed, Livingston moved to California to live near her family. But in Europe, and within a small faction of the microbiology research community in the United States, interest in theories similar to hers continued to develop.

Livingston became an Associate Professor of Microbiology at the University of California in San Diego to continue her research. In 1969, she and Alexander-Jackson and their colleagues presented a group of papers at a New York Academy of Sciences meeting on “microorganisms associated with malignancy.” Some of the articles were published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.10

Livingston viewed P. cryptocides as what she called an “obligate symbiont”: an organism necessarily present in all human cells, in fact one that plays a vital role in all reproductive life, including fertilization and pregnancy and the development of the cancer cell.11 But this obligate symbiont is susceptible to a malignant transformation and proliferation in disease states, especially those that depress normal immune function. She saw cancer as an immunodeficiency condition caused by environmental toxins and inadequate diet.12

In other words, in the classic dispute between researchers who give primary importance to the infectious agent in a disease and researchers who believe that the infectious agent only takes hold in an organism weakened by poor nutrition, toxins, or other stressors, Livingston came down in the middle. The agent did, she believed, play a critical role: it could be isolated and a vaccine effective for the prevention of cancer and modulation of existing cancer could be developed. But the weakened terrain of the organism was also critical, for it provided the depleted environment in which the infectious agent took on pathological shape and multiplied out of control.

In 1990, the Office of Technology Assessment summarized the prevailing attitude about Livingston’s work within the research establishment:

[Dr. Livingston has] little support, outside of a few researchers, for her belief that the different microbes observed in the tissue and blood of cancer patients are actually different forms of the same microbe. At present, no independent evidence exists to corroborate her contention that the microbial forms are related to each other as different forms of a single, pleomorphic organism. Evidence does show that the bacterial culture Livingston isolated is not a new and unique species as claimed: P. cryptocides supplied by Livingston were identified as different species of the genus Staphylococcus and Streptococcus. The issue of isolating bacteria of any kind from tumor tissue and urine of cancer patients, however, is generally not disputed, since many groups of researchers have reported isolating various species and strains of bacteria from such sources. Some of these bacteria have also been showed to undergo morphogenic alterations characteristic of cell wall deficient (or pleomorphic) bacteria.13

It should be noted that the same author has also written another book about Dr.Livingston: 

The Woman Who Cured Cancer: The Story of Cancer Pioneer Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, M.D. and the Discovery of the Cancer-Causing Microbe

by Edmond G. Addeo


In Part 4 I will continue to reveal the incredible work carried out by Dr. Virginia Livingston and work carried out by other medical pioneers who supported not only Dr. Livingston Protocol but also agreed with her research into the connectivity between TB – Cancer-HIV AIDS and many other bacterium based diseases.



Where does all the money go – “God Know’s

It will become clear to you all that governments – health departments – oncologists – cancer foundations/charities and the big pharmaceutical industry have indeed created their own scam in raising billions of dollars in “Not Finding A Cure For Cancer.”

Peter Eyre – 0840 Local Time – 15/6/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster






Is There A Cure For Cancer ? You Bet There Is! – Part 2

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Lets start by opening up a can of worms and expose the worldwide cancer scam


One of the biggest investment banks in the world


In my last article I covered the basic understanding of what cancer actually is and how it is related to many other serious diseases all of which have Bacterium as their nucleus.

We must fully understand that our respective governments, health departments, oncologists, cancer research institutes, cancer charities, the very lucrative pharmaceutical industry and their “Zionist Controlled Media” are literally making a killing (both financially and physically speaking) in their multi billion dollar scam “In not wanting to find a cure for cancer.”

Who controls

Who controls the pharmaceutical industry & World Health (WHO) can kill us all


What we know so far and the factual connection between many deadly diseases is that they not only have something in common but they can all be cured by the application of simple medical logic!

Imagine being a cancer victim having suffered their extremely painful and expensive chemotherapy and being pumped up with untold concoctions of medication and morphine only to be told there is nothing more we can do for you!

Imagine being lied too from day one that your cancer is not what they think it is and that it is a bacterium similar to Tuberculosis and although contagious can be cured!

Imagine having multiple operations on your leg, pins or plates inserted and then after many years being told it has become badly infected and that gangrene has set in and now consequently you will have to have your leg amputated when once again a simple medical procedure could have saved it!

Practically speaking it all comes down to simply accepting that bacterium is the root cause of many of today’s more serious diseases and thus if one treats it as a bacterium, identifies that bacterium and reintroduces that bacterium back into the patient you are basically creating an anti venom in much the same way as a snake bite!

You would be shocked if you actually knew the bacterial connection between many of what the scumbags call deadly diseases and how so many innocent victims have passed away (in their millions) when they could have been saved by treating the root cause as bacterium based!

Let’s now link some of these so called deadly diseases, connect the dots and prove that we are all being truly conned in their analysis whilst at the same time being ripped off for medication that we did not require had their analysis been correct in the first place!

arm and leg

We are being ripped off an arm and a leg

The following is an initial list of terrible diseases that have a common bacterium link:

Leprosy, tuberculosis, cancer, scleroderma, Raynaud’s syndrome with a strong possible connection to AIDS.

Couple the above to another relatively unknown treatment called “Phage” for other deadly bugs such as MRSA or badly infected limbs and tissue etc and one can clearly see that our government, health professionals, consultants, oncologist, doctors and pharmaceutical industry either simply do not understand what is causing the problem or alternatively simply refuse to accept for fear of impacting on their multi billion dollar industry, their own ex gratia payment or salary top up etc.

Cancer chart.jpg

To give you all some idea of the alleged success rate lets look at some figures in regard to cancer treatment that was carried out some time ago by a certain doctor who had been working on cancer for decades and who’s initial work was applauded in her many medical journals only to be ridiculed and closed down when they realized she may well have a cure for cancer…….such is the state of affairs in this very lucrative practice in pretending to find a cure whilst raking in billions of dollars but never finding one!

62 random patients were chosen for her trial whilst accepting that cancer was bacterium based and could be treated with bacterium extracted from each patient, cured in the lab and re introduced back into the patient. This extraction was from the tumor, tissue, gland, blood or urine…….remembering another false declaration by the industry that “Blood is not sterile.”

The 62 patients consisted of the following (Included were 17 patients officially diagnosed as terminal):

The 62 cases included 21 breast cancer patients of various types, 5 lung cancer patients, 3 uterine cancer, 3 ovarian cancer, 6 colon cancer, 6 melanoma, 2 basal cell skin cancer, 3 prostate cancer, 2 kidney cancer, 1 pancreatic cancer, 1 pelvic cancer, 1 esophageal cancer, 1 larynx cancer, and 6 Hodgkin’s disease patients.

In summarizing these cases, she officially claimed, “an examination of the sixty-two random cases shows that our success rate has been 82%. Considering the patients we called inconclusive but for whom we were able to be of some help, it is over 90%”

I also understand that she also drew attention to the fact that her success rate would have been higher had some of them not been treated by chemotherapy or radiation which directly  attacks the immune system that is so vital in the recovery of patients!



One can see that our governments, departments of health and the thousands of specialists employed in the above and the pharmaceutical industry really do need to be re educated and exposed for their Weapons of Mass Deceit (WMD) and in some cases placed before the court system to be tried for what they are “Deceitful Imbeciles.”

If you think that this is bad wait till I uncover the same deceit in regard to the world’s vaccination programmes promoted by the New World Order and its puppet the United Nations/WHO under UN Agenda 21 and its replacement programme UN 2030 Agenda to depopulate the world by as much as between 80-90% of current population “by whatever means” and how the ingredients and adjuvants in those vaccines are causing death, maiming, mental deterioration, dumbing up and infertility to our babies, very young and our teenagers…….all of which has been approved and countersigned by our respective governments……some of whom are directly or indirectly benefiting financially  by their own investments!!!!





Part 3 will be a more technical brief to reveal the fine work carried out by many superb doctors, who they were, what they found and how they were treated by the above mongrels and finally show that “a cure for cancer and other deadly diseases does exist.” 

Peter Eyre 0930 local time 13/6/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster











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June 13, 2017 at 02:15

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Is There A Cure For Cancer ? You Bet There Is! – Part 1

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Cancer Scam


Pharma 1

Over many many years I have tried to understand why they have not found a cure for cancer when billions of dollars continue to be pumped into the many research institutes each and every day throughout the world without a ray of hope being given for the millions of innocent victims who trust their governments, hospitals, cancer clinics, oncologists and cancer organisations in saving them from this terrible disease .

Historically many gifted professors and doctors have hit the cause of cancer on the head but in doing so have been immediately silenced by governments health departments. pharmaceutical companies or cancer institutes by either ridicule or simply having their licence revoked or their potential cure shelved by those who make far more money in not finding a cure!

Why would anyone in their right mind wish to cause so much pain and suffering to the victims of cancer when many extremely talented doctors had looked upon cancer in a totally different light and provided potential treatment that did not harm the body, as radiation and chemotherapy do. 


Chemo danger.jpg

Who in their right mind would allow the bodies natural immune system to be bombarded with radiation and chemotherapy whilst at the same time giving their patients high doses of morphine to a point that one would have to ask the question as to what actually killed the patient in their final days.



How would you feel if you had cancer or your loved one had cancer and were told that the existing understanding of the origins of cancer were all wrong and that all those mentioned above were covering up the real truth as to what is cancer or what causes cancer to develop?

How would you feel if you found out that cancer was closely linked to other serious illness’s such as Tuberculosis (TB) or HIV AIDS etc and was bacterium based and that a potential cure was available?

How would you feel if you were told that HIV AIDS was first intentionally introduced into the world’s civilian populations by the US Military and had no connection to monkey’s or apes?


I know it did not come from me so how come you have become so gullible you believe such bullshit?


So lets now look at cancer from a different perspective and think of it as being bacterium based and accordingly consider that it can now be passed on to someone else i.e. infectious but also fully understand that it is also curable!

Some very notable researchers, who have had their achievements printed in medical journals, came across some very unusual findings in their respective laboratories, suffice to say they all agreed that cancer was indeed a bacterium!

It was during my years of research that I also came across the use of “Phage” to combat some very serious conditions such as MRSA that now exists in many of the world’s hospitals and for which there was no apparent cure……….but there is!

Let me put this to you in a very simple way:

If you are bitten by a snake the hospital identifies the culprit, finds the same venom and use it as a anti venom to put back into your already contaminated body to fight the same venom or bacteria.

In a nutshell if we are infected with bacterium in any form then if one is able to find that same bacteria either by extraction from the victim or find the same bacterium in its natural environment, take it back into the lab and create a microbiological culture and eventually re introduce that bacterium back into the patients body makes perfectly good sense!

One must also keep in mind the United Nations Agenda 21 and its replacement UN 2030 Agenda regarding mass depopulation by whatever means (which has been countersigned by many countries) is clearly targeting the world’s population via their approved fast track vaccination programmes, unwillingness to cure treatable diseases and using measures that are clearly detrimental to ones health!

In Part 2 we will further explain just how closely linked many of today’s diseases are and prove that their nucleus is bacterium based along with the research carried out  by some notable medical practitioners who’s experience cannot be challenged!

Peter Eyre

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster







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