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Egypt Did Deal With Israel To Sell Natural Gas At Below Cost Price

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Part 2

Yes but the British found it first and Blair screwed it up!!


In my previous article (Part 1) I gave you a visual presentation of the situation that exists in offshore Gaza and to some degree that also off Lebanon. This article will now cover the time line of events and clearly show how British Gas, with the help of Tony Blair stuffed up in a big way in allowing Israel to dictate the terms and conditions that resulted in the huge natural gas fields in the Gaza Marine Zone still sitting there, untapped whilst onshore the people of Gaza are living in extremes of poverty and suppression.

It was my belief that had Britain, Tony Blair and British Gas ,stood their ground Gaza could have had a better deal and who knows maybe the gas could have come ashore in Gaza itself.

Part 1 covered the deception by Israel to try and take all of the natural gas from Gazan  Waters and pipe it directly into Israel…….the idea then was to allow the owners (Gaza) to import some of this gas from Israel…….this would also give Israel the control of the pipeline i.e. the ability to switch it on and off whenever it so chooses!!

What I found remarkable about this deal was the fact that Israel had a far greater slice of the “Financial Pie” than the rightful owners.

When the deal fell through the Israeli’s tried to then pipe the gas to El Arish (Egypt) and then pipe it via sub sea pipeline to Israel whilst at the same time carefully making sure the pipeline stayed out of Gaza’s Territory so that they would not have to pay transit fees etc.

The other problem for the Israeli’s was that they refused to accept natural gas directly from the Palestinians (arch enemies) and so in processing it via El Arish would allow them to say it was Egyptian Gas and not Gaza Gas!!!!………this reminds me of a similar situation when Israel refused to take crude oil from Iran (another arch enemy). The crude would arrive in super tankers at Rotterdam in the Netherlands, then the consignment would be re purchased by Israeli dealers and on shipped to Haifa in Israel so that they could then say it was Dutch Oil……..can you see how their evil minds work?….such is the game called “Geo Politics”……you may be surprised to know that the west also take oil/gas from Turkey (in much the same way) only to find that this product originally was piped to Turkey from Iran!!! 

In relation to the Israel – Gaza natural gas no doubt many people would  disagree with my findings but the evidence is clearly there with the two Israeli maps I revealed in my last article showing the physical plan for the pipelines.

What I now find totally unacceptable is the fact that Israel is now stealing or about to steal “Palestinian Gas” from other exploration fields whilst the United Nations sit on its hands……what do you expect…..the UN is run by the Zionists and the US anyway!!

You will find below the timeline of events concerning the original British Gas discovery:


History of Gaza Gas Field


It was the Gaza-Jericho first agreement in 1994 that first allocated the PA a 20-mile maritime zone off Gaza’s coast. But it was not until 1999, the year that British Gas (BG) gained its exploration concession on the field, that Israel agreed to “give” it to the PA. In exchange, the PA signed away “full security control” of the sea off Gaza to Israel.

It is important to fully understand the implications of that agreement as we now see the blockade of Gaza, which believe it or not is totally legal. It is important therefore to note that unless the Palestinian Authority reverse this we are not likely to see any freedom for Gaza or Palestine as this is the only way trade and commerce can enter Palestinian Territory, via the sea.

It was in 2005 that BG signed a memorandum with the Egyptian company EGAS to sell them gas. The deal was soon sabotaged by Tony Blair (Zionist) when he intervened on behalf of the  Israel Government, at the request of Ehud Olmert (a criminal in his own right), and pleaded with BG to let the gas go to Israel.

It became obvious at the time that there was some untoward wheeling and dealing going on between Tony Blair, Israel and the Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) who maintained throughout that this was purely commercial. I found this to be totally incorrect as it became obvious that this had become very politically motivated to ensure a good relationship continued to be in existence between Britain and Israel and at the same time improve relationships with Palestine. One cannot rule out that a high level of corruption took place at the time between all parties!!

The deal, had it gone ahead would have given Israel natural gas at a much cheaper price than the deal that was to come into being between Egypt-Israel who had already negotiated a price with Egypt that was below cost……..maybe now you can see why the Egyptian people were upset with their western puppet leader Mubarak who desperately needed this gas for themselves to keep prices down within Egypt but also to earn good export dollars for any surplus…..which was not the case with Israel……that added to the current “Arab Spring” and explains why the pipeline keeps getting blown up!!

It became obvious at the time that Palestinians could loose up to 75% of the US$ 4 billion revenue, and on the share ration one could clearly see that Israel had the biggest slice and Palestinians a much lesser amount. However the owners (Gaza) would get nothing!!           

It was finally revealed that all negotiations were being controlled by Britain and Israel with little input from  the owner of the natural gas themselves (Gaza)……..Blair obviously would have taken a very big slice as would Olmert (he was notoriously known for having sticky hands)!!

When Hamas’s came to power their first demands was for a renegotiation of the BG contract, needless to say that fell on deaf ears. Ziad Thatha, the Hamas economic minister, had previously denounced the deal as “an act of theft” “selling Palestinian gas to the Zionist occupation”.

It was also interesting to note that Egypt accused the consortium that shares were being held by two confidential dealers who were trying to bribe Ariel Sharon. As you would expect there was also US intervention who tried to suppress the new Hamas regime in Gaza.

Things slowly turned around and became totally negative as Israel and Western leaders developed an obsession in controlling Palestinians use of the potential revenue from their huge offshore find 

I found the following good paragraph that put everything into perspective:

If Tony Blair were serious about redeeming his reputation in the Middle East, he could start by bringing Hamas into the deal’s framework, while insisting that its revenues be administered by an accountable but non-aligned committee for the benefit of the Palestinian people as a whole. He could advise BG to make good on their threats to reopen negotiations with Egypt if Israeli hardball games continue around the talks.

One can clearly see at the time that Israel had already got its dirty talons into this huge offshore potential (that didn’t even belong to them) with the following headlines:

Gas Deposits Off Israel and Gaza Opening Vision of Joint Ventures

  • By WILLIAM A. ORME JR.  Published: September 15, 2000

Drilling deep below the seas off Israel and the Gaza Strip, foreign energy companies are discovering gas reserves that could lift the Palestinian economy and give Israel its first taste of energy independence.

Oh well I guess from the Palestinian perspective that was truly wishful thinking!!!!

Before moving on lets just look at the Israeli activity that existed right on the sea border with Gaza and who was involved:

This was the announced made on the 17-05-00:

Noble Affiliates confirms continued success offshore Israel

17-05-00 Noble Affiliates announced its wholly owned indirect subsidiary, Samedan, Mediterranean Sea, has successfully appraised the southern extension of the Noa field, offshore Israel. The Noa South #1 well was drilled in 2,430 feet of water approximately 23 miles off the coast of Israel.
The well is 2.2 miles south of the initial discovery well Noa #1 and 8 miles west of the Mari-B field discovery announced earlier this year. The Noa South #1 well encountered 114 feet of gas bearing sands compared to 64 feet of gas sands in the Noa #1 well. The Noa #1 well tested at a rate of 30 mm cfpd.
Based upon electric log evaluation and other data obtained from the well, the Noa South #1 will be capable of flowing at commercial rates in excess of that tested at Noa #1. The Noa South #1 well confirms recoverable reserves of more than 200 bn cf of gas in the Noa area and more than 1.3 tcf of gas in the greater Noa/Mari-B areas.
The Noa South #1 well marks the fourth consecutive successful well drilled by the company offshore Israel. The company, on behalf of itself and partners, is in discussions with the Israel Electric Corporation and has entered into a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding to supply 250 mm cfpd of gas to its power plants with initial deliveries commencing late 2002 or early 2003. The company intends to recommence exploratory drilling later this year in anticipation of meeting the expected demand growth for natural gas in Israel.

Samedan, Mediterranean Sea owns a 40 % working interest in the lease and is the operator. Other working interest owners are Avner Oil Exploration Limited Partnership, 21.39 %; Delek Drilling Limited Partnership, 23.61 % and RB Mediterranean, a wholly owned subsidiary of R & B Falcon, 15 %. The group also owns similar working interests in nine additional exploration licenses and two preliminary permits offshore Israel, encompassing 1,062,675 gross acres.


Again I wish to point out that in regard to all references to the Noa fields above……I have calculated (in the navigational sense of the word) that the Noa fields does stagger the border with Gaza and is thus jointly owned…….but the Zionists do not want you or anyone else to know this…….as I said they are stealing the natural resources of Gaza (Palestine)……I emphasise Gaza because in order for you to claim offshore limits and its enclosed wealth you have to have a shoreline and so Gaza has a shoreline and West Bank does not. Obviously now that Fatah is talking to Hamas at last we can see that both will benefit from this enormous wealth (or at least one day they will!!)…That is assuming there will be some left after the Zionist’s have pilfered it!!

So how did all this end up after so much trouble…..well you guessed right….the deal fell through, there was no deal with the Egyptians because Blair had stuffed that possibility up and now Egypt is piping its own natural gas via a subsea pipeline directly to Israel……in the meantime Palestine is missing out on transit revenue etc.

The gas and possible oil just continues to sit there all those years and is of no benefit to BG or to the people of Palestine…….but you have not heard the end to the story because something sinister happened in late 2008/9 when Israel brutally attacked Gaza during operation “Cast Lead” but did you ever know as to why they did this?

You were all led to believe it was all about rockets (fireworks) being fired over the border but sorry to have to tell you it was all media hype and not the truth!!

The truth is that Israel wanted to eliminate Hamas in order to get there hands on any potential oil or gas!!………you may be shocked to learn that once again it was all about resources and nothing to do with small rockets!!!…….ok so again you do not believe me right?……..so here you now have the evidence when the following statement was made by


by  Lt.-Gen. (ret.) Moshe Yaalon

Published October 2007

 Vol. 7, No. 17     19 October 2007

Does the Prospective Purchase of British Gas from Gaza‘s Coastal Waters

Threaten Israel’s National Security?

“It is clear that without an overall military operation to uproot Hamas control of Gaza, no drilling work can take place without the consent of the radical Islamic movement”.


This is what Lt-Gen Moshe Yaalon meant – Massive JDAM bomb explosion (Depleted Uranium)

So there you have it…..the truth that has never been revealed before and all I can say to the Israeli’s is “Stick that in your pipe and smoke it”


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 29/11/2011 www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com





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Egypt Did Deal With Israel To Sell Natural Gas At Below Cost Price

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Egypt Did Deal With Israel To Sell Natural Gas At Below Cost Price

Part 1

They know what lies in the offshore waters of Gaza and they want to steal it!!


I keep asking myself could Britain have changed the course of the Arab Spring, especially in such places as Egypt?  What was our ex Prime Minister, Tony Blair doing in Israel some years ago and could he have helped Egypt in its current demise and resolved the absolute poverty in Gaza?

We would have to turn back the clock to the days of British Gas’s involvement in the Eastern Mediterranean, what they discovered, what Israel wanted to do with the find and how Israel in its greed denied Gaza (Palestine) to bring ashore its own natural gas and benefit from the wealth that one normally associated with such a huge find.

I would also point out the relationship between these massive fields of gas and the reason for Israel going in to Gaza during “Operation Cast Lead.”……you will be shocked to know the result of my research and analysis.

Lets first look at the Israel pipeline system that receives the bulk of its natural gas from Egypt. The delivery sub sea pipeline starts at the port of El Arish and then carefully negotiates outside of the 12 mile limit off Gaza but it my opinion this may not be the case and there could well be a claim from Gaza for transit fees to be paid to the Palestinians.

The gas is then delivered to the Port of Ashqelon and then onto the Port of Ashdod.

You will also note that another sub sea pipeline comes from Israel’s only offshore production platform (the Mari B) which has been pumping natural gas to Israel for some considerable time now……I will come back to this later.

What I find incredible is that the main feeder pipeline that provide energy to a vast region of Israel runs offshore, parallel to the shoreline……….one would assume this would be a perfect target for anyone wishing to create havoc to the Israeli economy!!

The second map shows Israels offshore permit blocks were extensive exploration is currently taking place with some very lucrative finds so far…….however my concern is on two fronts.

The northern find in the Tamar Block is very close to the Lebanese sea border and the one to the south the Marni B and the Noa 1 and 2 is very close to the sea border with Gaza (Palestine)….my question would be why are the Israelis drilling right on the border……could they be up to some covert scheme of taking someone else’s gas or oil?

The maps below show the pipeline network, the second map show the location of Israels Exploration Blocks and the third one shows the more details map of the Gaza Marine 1 and 2 gas finds, which are still yet to be commissioned/commercialised.


 Permit areas

It is my opinion that the United Nations are clearly allowing Israel to do what it wants and certainly we do not see fair justice in offshore international borders. I have found that Israel’s  Mari B rig for instance is too close to the border with Gaza and the safety zone that one normally associates with oil rigs takes the zone well into Gazan Waters.

The issue I have, having worked in the oil and gas industry, marine navigation and also in having some knowledge of International Maritime Law is what was offered to Gaza (Palestine) by the Oslo Accord and what could be legally theirs if this was taken to The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea ( UNCLOS)for ratification.

There is clearly a case to answer and United Nations and Israel in my opinion are both in gross violation of International Maritime Law i.e. law of legal limits in regard to 12 mile limits, 12 mile contiguous zone and their legal claim to having their own Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). When added together this would give Gaza 24 nautical miles (nm)) from the low water mark on their cost plus the additional EEZ which would have to be calculated but can in some case go out to a total of 200nm……in the case of Gaza, because the yet to be defined borders to the north and south converge, it may only be possible to get around 100nm maximum.

The other big issue I have is also the fact that Israel has enforced an additional buffer zone on both borders, thus reducing the width of Gaza’s offshore limits which in turn would reduce its EEZ.

It is important to understand this aspect of the Maritime Law when it comes to who can drill where and what determines the legal owners of any known natural gas finds. With this in mind I decide to redraw the Gaza International Maritime Border as I see it and one can clearly see that Israel could well be stealing the Palestinian resources by using a drilling technique know as “Diagonal Drilling or Slant Drilling”……this method has and is used all over the world…..it is very useful if a company wishes to drill under someone else’s border to take their oil or gas………this was the case prior to the first Gulf War when rigs were detected in Kuwait on the border with Iraq and were drilling under the border……this was one of the reasons why Saddam went into Kuwait, which most people do not know.

So lets look at the overall picture of the EEZ’s in the Eastern Mediterranean as shown below:


What is missing in this chart is an area that should be allocated to Gaza (Palestine)

What the public do not realise is that UNCLOS does have a border allocated but they call it a disputed border and it has been that way for decades.

I decided to not only show you this border but also I redraw, in a very approximate way, that disputed border……when you now look at the oil/gas field (yellow) you can clearly see that much of the explored gas/oil lies either within Gaza or staggers the border and is thus jointly owned………one has to look at it as being an undersea lake with a border going right through it. It is clear that Israel is up to no good………so below is the UN’s own map and below that is my redrawn map showing the new borders and also the Gaza 24 nm limit and the extended EEZ…….this basically means that everything within the heavy white line belongs to Gaza and the extended EEZ (red line) is also under their economic control for exploration and fishing limits etc.


The field closest to Israel is the Mari B Field and could extend under the border? The next one further out which staggers the border is the Noa field and the one totally inside the Gaza 24nm zone is Gaza Marine 1&2.

As it stands at the moment the Mari B has been in full production for many years and is pumping gas back to Ashdod in Israel but if it does extend into Gaza then this is nothing more than an act of piracy. Israel also has plans to link the Mari B to the western Noa field and bring the resources down the same pipeline……the latter is certainly an act of piracy and I believe that this many be taking place as we speak……obviously Gaza’s Marine 1 & 2 totally belongs to Gaza…….I might add that with Slant Drilling Techniques the Israel’s could also drain this reserve.

The two maps below show the two options that were made available to Israel by the company that found the Gaza Marine Reserves, British Gas. You will not that the shortest route and the most economical approach to this field is to pipe it directly into the Gaza Strip but as we all know this is never going to happen because Israel has blocked it!!



 This Israeli map shows the location of Gaza’s Marine 1 & 2 (brown in colour) and clearly shows one plan of moving Gaza gas to El Arish in Egypt




This map shows the Gaza gas being piped to the Port of Ashqelon

I will now show you the truth that lies behind this deception by the UN and Israel and show you my map with the correct definition of the international borders and also the nautical chart I drew up whilst I was in Cyprus (hoping to crew a vessel to Gaza) that clearly shows the Latitude and Longitude of the Mari B which is totally illegal!!


One can now clearly see that two oil/gas fields are in the waters belonging to Gaza and the Mari B that is currently claimed by Israel (and currently pumping gas to shore) could actually just enter the borer with Gaza…….if so then Gaza can lay part claim to it!!!

My Nautical Chart showing Mari B sitting right on the border with Gaza

Part 2 of the Gaza/Israel gas discoveries will reveal the history behind this problem and the International Maritime Law that will clearly explain that Gaza (Palestine) has been well and truly short changes.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 29/11/2011 www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com


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Was the sinking of the South Korean Warship a False Flag?

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 The forward section of the South Korean Corvette being raised

So many times we hear or read about conspiracy theories or false flag operations whereby the CIA, Mossad or other secret service operatives  create an incident and then  conveniently point the finger at a country or organisation with whom that have a bone of contention.

 I actually have a special interest in this particular incident having spent much time working with submarines both operationally and also whilst working onboard a torpedo recovery vessel (TRV). During my time in the navy I also worked on minesweepers and so got to understand all aspects of underwater warfare. One certainly has to keep an open mind on the sinking of the Cheonan as several methods could have been used.

The possibilities are endless ranging from torpedoes, to limpet mines to many other types of mines – Acoustic Mines – Magnetic Mines and Contact Mines all of which can either be moored to the ocean floor or just sit on the bottom. Some mines can actually release a homing torpedo when an enemy vessels approaches.

One should also keep in mind that there are also options as to how this incident occurred that resulted in yet another “False Flag” incident hyped up by the US. It could have been a friendly fire incident or an intentional act by using an ally torpedo or a moored mine both of which have the ability to split the ship in two.

 Maybe many of you are convinced and happy to accept the South Korean version of this event but you must all fully understand those that carried out the inquiry were all allies of South Korea and no independent analysis was ever carried out. I therefore hope that when you have read this article you may be totally convinced or maybe have some doubt in your mind as to the true facts behind this incident.

One must fully understand that this particular area is a very sophisticated training ground for Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) and accordingly would be extremely well protected against any intrusion by other vessel and or submarines. It is also important to keep in mind that this same area is also carefully monitored by China and Russia who have some very sophisticated equipment and apparatus to watch over every aspect of the Korean Peninsular.

The sinking of the South Korean Corvette Cheonan took place on the evening of March the 26th 2010 at 2122 local time in total darkness. The location was just offshore on the southwest corner of Baengnyeong Island which sits very close to the border with North Korea. The island is a hub for the South Korean military and is also a very active area for war games with many other nations, especially the United States Navy which I will explain below.

 Baengnyeong Island is a Secret Joint US-South Korean Naval Base for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) operations. The surrounding waters are relatively void of any civilian vessels making it a perfect location for a multitude of naval exercises. What is more important is the solitude and silence in its waters making it a good location to install sonar listening devices which one normally associated with areas used for submarine training and anti submarine training. One could also assume that it would also be a good location for mine laying and mine sweeping activities as well as regular exercise in submarine hunting by both surface craft and submarines. Add to this both surface and subsea training by the US Navy Seals

It is very important to fully understand that this location would be very heavily protected by Land Sea and Air. The lack of en route traffic would also make it a perfect listening ground for approaching vessels, submarines or any other craft as well as any weapons that were release by a submarine such as a torpedo or underwater launched missile. The joint US-South Korean naval base is staffed by American and South Korean naval special operation force personnel and accordingly uses extremely sophisticated weapons and apparatus.

Obviously one would first ask the question that if the US and South Korean Navy monitor the North Korean Navy at all times and knew that certain vessels had left their base how is it possible for any vessel to sneak into a highly protected zone undetected. In this case it was in relatively shallow water and well within the sonar listening zone. One should also remember that the local US Naval Commander himself declared that there was no North Korean activity in the area.

Let’s just read some comments from experts who know this area extremely well and who also believe this was certainly a “False Flag” as I do:

The March attack on the South Korean Navy anti-submarine warfare (ASW) corvette, the Cheonan, was a false flag attack designed to appear as coming from North Korea.

One of the main purposes for increasing tensions on the Korean peninsula was to apply pressure on Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama to reverse course on moving the U.S. Marine Corps base off Okinawa. Hatoyama has admitted that the tensions over the sinking of the Cheonan played a large part in his decision to allow the U.S. Marines to remain on Okinawa.

The Cheonan was sunk near Baengnyeong Island, a westernmost spot that is far from the South Korean coast, but opposite the North Korean coast. The island is heavily militarized and within artillery fire range of North Korean coastal defenses, which lie across a narrow channel.

The Cheonan, an ASW corvette, was decked out with state-of-the-art sonar, plus it was operating in waters with extensive hydrophone sonar arrays and acoustic underwater sensors. There is no South Korean sonar or audio evidence of a torpedo, submarine or mini-sub in the area. Since there is next to no shipping in the channel, the sea was silent at the time of the sinking.

However, Baengnyeong Island hosts a joint US-South Korea military intelligence base and the US Navy SEALS operate out of the base. In addition, four U.S. Navy ships were in the area, part of the joint U.S-South Korean Exercise Foal Eagle, during the sinking of the Cheonan. Investigations of the suspect torpedo’s metallic and chemical fingerprints show it to be of German manufacture. There are suspicions that the US Navy SEALS maintains a sampling of European torpedoes for sake of plausible deniability for false flag attacks.

Germany does not sell torpedoes to North Korea, however, Germany does maintain a close joint submarine and submarine weapons development program with Israel and as we know these submarines passed through the Suez Canal some time ago. The Republic of Korea Navy also just happens to operates type 214 submarines, also built and exported from Germany. These submarines use 533mm DM2A3 torpedoes that have a striking resemblance to the parts that were recovered from the sea bed in the vicinity of the Cheonan sinking. 

The presence of the USNS Salvor, one of the participants in Foal Eagle, so close to Baengnyeong Island during the sinking of the South Korean corvette also raises questions. The Salvor, a civilian Navy salvage ship, which participated in mine laying activities for the Thai Marines in the Gulf of Thailand in 2006, was present near the time of the blast with a complement of 12 deep sea divers.

Beijing, satisfied with North Korea’s Kim Jong Il’s claim of innocence after a hurried train trip from Pyongyang to Beijing, suspects the U.S. Navy’s role in the Cheonan’s sinking, with particular suspicion on the role of the Salvor. The suspicions are as follows:

1. The Salvor engaged in a seabed mine-installation operation, in other words, attaching horizontally fired anti-submarine mines on the sea floor in the channel.

2. The Salvor was doing routine inspection and maintenance on seabed mines, and put them into an electronic active mode (hair trigger release) as part of the inspection program.

3. A SEALS diver attached a magnetic mine to the Cheonan, as part of a covert program aimed at influencing public opinion in South Korea, Japan and China.

The Korean peninsula tensions have conveniently overshadowed all other agenda items on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visits to Beijing and Seoul.

What is also remarkable about the sinking of the Cheonan was the fact that the Director of the South Korean National Intelligence – Won See-hoon told the South Korean Parliamentary Committee in early April, less than two weeks after the incident that there was no evidence linking North Korea to the sinking.

South Korea’s Minister of Defence Kim Tae-young also backed him up by saying that the crew of the stricken corvette had not detected a torpedo.

It was also interesting to learn that the Head of the Marine Operations Office at the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff agreed that “No North Korean Warships have been detected in the waters where the accident took place.”

Defense Ministry officials added that they had not detected any North Korean submarines in the area at the time of the incident 

When speculation persisted that the Cheonan had been sunk by a North Korean torpedo, the Defense Ministry called another press conference to reiterate “there was no unusual North Korean activities detected at the time of the disaster.”

A ministry spokesman, Won Tae-jae, told reporters that “With regard to this case, no particular activities by North Korean submarines or semi-submarines…have been verified. I am saying again that there were no activities that could be directly linked to” the Cheonan’s sinking.

Rear Admiral Lee, the head of the marine operations office, added that, “We closely watched the movement of the North’s vessels, including submarines and semi-submersibles, at the time of the sinking. But military did not detect any North Korean submarines near the country’s western sea border.”

So, a North Korean submarine is now said to have fired a torpedo which sank the Cheonan, but in the immediate aftermath of the sinking the South Korean navy detected no North Korean naval vessels, including submarines, in the area. Indeed, immediately following the incident defense minister Lee ruled out a North Korean torpedo attack, noting that a torpedo would have been spotted, and no torpedo had been spotted.

Finally we have the statement made by the South Korean Coast Guard Captain Go Yeong-jae who rescued 56 of the stricken warship’s crew, he “received an order …that a naval patrol vessel had run aground in the waters 1.2 miles to the southwest of Baengnyeong Island, and that we were to move there quickly to rescue them.”

The Cheonan incident certainly indicates yet another US, South Korea or possibly Israel concocted story that resembles  another false flag incident that occurred during the Viet Nam War in the Gulf of Tonkin, in which the US fabricated a story about North Vietnam sinking the USS Maddox. This was used as an excuse to attack North Vietnam. Now we see America, South Korea and possibly Israel fabricating evidence in order to carry out an aggressive strategy towards North Korea under the pretext of “self-defense.” What is also another most important part of this cover up was Clinton’s visit to Japan re the possible closure of a US Marine air base.

 Let’s now turn to the evidence and prove that the South Korean Government with the help of the investigation team from the US, Sweden, Australia and the UK tried to deceive the international media into believing their analysis was correct.

When the South Korean Government did their first major press conference they very carefully created a full sized copy of the CHT-02D (which they say was used by the North Korean Navy in this incident). They just happened to obtain a copy of a brochure for this torpedo which they say is used to promote sales of the torpedo to overseas customers.

 They even went a stage further to show a full scale drawing that was held up above the recovered parts to show that it was this actual torpedo that sank the Cheonan.

However, many people noticed that this certainly was not the case as the scale and design of the rear part of the torpedo did not match the drawing.

After some time the South Korean Government then produced another black and white detailed diagram that resembled the actual parts located and made a statement that they had rushed the original drawing to show the media and accordingly had made some mistakes. My question would be “How is this possible if the brochure was the actual brochure produced by the North Korean for their export market”? 

I then decide to put the two drawings together and compare both with the actual recovered parts and again we can see that not only do the diagrams not align but also the propeller on the parts recovered is a much more sophisticated design in the aero dynamical sense. Also note the corrosion of the metal and prop which would indicate a longer period of time in the water and also longer period of oxidization once taken out of the water. The maximum time the remnants of the actual torpedo that they claim sank the Cheonan was seven weeks.

The actual weapon used to sink this vessel was either a German manufactured torpedo or a moored submerged mine of possible US design both of which were capable of splitting the Cheonan in two as you can see in the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oUNt47G-08

One can also see an alternative view of this incident:  http://www.nowpublic.com/world/new-gulf-tonkin-south-korean-torpedo-sunk-rok-warship

 When one looks at the more modern German DM2A3 you can see a striking resemblance, not only in the design of the tail and propeller but also in its colour. You will note that the base colour of the German torpedo is the same as the parts that were put on public display

I have to say that yet again we see a classic US generated “False Flag” operation that in this case could take South Korea, US and allies to yet another war!

It is time that the people of the world, in particular those that live in the US, see through this false façade and stop these tyrants in their tracks. The axis of evil is not in some distant land but in minds of such people as Kissinger, Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Clinton and all those that have and continue to surround them. The ultimate responsibility for these evil actions must clearly rest on the shoulders of the Presidents and Prime Ministers of those countries who participate in such actions.

I will close off this article with a famous saying by Gandhi that adds meaning to this particular article:  “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall — think of it, ALWAYS.”


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 29/11/2011 www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com




The Greatest Illusion Ever Performed – 9/11

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The Greatest Illusion Ever Performed – 9/11



“A great inside job guys” – “Now we can go to war”


I have decided to re publish this article I did some time ago as well as another one concerning the sinking of the South Korean Corvette to show just how far our warped leaders will go to achieve their own “Geo Political Plans.”

Another anniversary of 9/11 passed this year and there weree mixed emotions amongst the relatives of those that perished. Many of those relatives and many other people around the world are still asking for a fresh investigation as to what actually happened that terrible day. Many experts covering almost every industry from Military – Aviation – Structural Engineers – Fire and Rescue are totally convinced that this was an inside job. Many believe that the US CIA and the Israeli Secret Service (Mossad) were involved.

 As a person that has spent more than 50 years associated with both Military and Civilian Aviation I have to say that 9/11 was the biggest “False Flag” con of all time.

Before looking into the aviation aspect of the Twin Towers, Pentagon & Shanksville I would like to make a very bold statement and say that this was not the work of any Arab terrorist group. I would also extend this statement by telling the general public that “Al Qaeda” does not exist and that it is an invented pseudonym by the CIA and US Government.

 One has to understand that before you can blame any group, take action against any group or implement new security measure you have to name a group and so Al Qaeda was the chosen name. Since its inception the US, UK and EU Governments have launched a campaign of mass hysteria in an attempt to bring fear into the hearts of our respective nations. However, one has to understand that before going to war one or to participate in any conflict action one has to create a valid reason.

It is also a known fact that if one wishes to make significant changes to the law or to the existing national security arrangements one has to create an incident that will impact on the general public. Many false flags are thus created which then allows key political figures to rush such changed through Parliament, which then results in major changes in the law, leading to what can only be described as the implementation of a “Police State.”

The US is a classic example of such activity with many “False Flags” taking place on almost a monthly basis i.e. Attempted Detroit Airliner Bombing – Attempted bombing of Times Square, New York etc

Before going into the 9/11 tragedy I wish to point out that the west is pursuing a none existent “Axis of Evil” and is fighting a non existent group of terrorist that according to our leaders exists in Iraq, Afghanistan and many other places.

We have to understand that all wars and conflicts, in more recent times, are nothing to do with world terrorism but all to do with imperialistic greed to acquire someone else’s natural resources or to capture vital resource markets….this all comes under the title of “Geo Politics.”

I have been watching a couple of videos over the last month or so, showing the pain of relatives who lost their loved ones in the Twin Towers tragedy. I noticed one particular old gentleman, by the name of Bob McIlvaine, who lost his son that day. He said he couldn’t understand why the National Guard did not shoot the aircraft down before they hit the building. What Bob didn’t understand was that no aircraft hit any building and that the whole scam was a well orchestrated illusion.

What we all saw that day were computer generated images of aircraft hitting building and witnesses that were well placed by the perpetrators to substantiate that what we saw actually happened. What I find amazing was that everyone got sucked into this illusion, including myself who watched it live on TV with an American friend and we both shed tears together……”Oh what a Sham.”

Having been in aviation most of my life and having the knowledge to understand what aircraft can and cannot do, having made up flight plans, having fully understood the procedures applicable to Air Traffic Control (ATC), having full knowledge of the ATC radar system and the transponder system (Squawk Code), having full knowledge of the airlines own ACARS system, having full knowledge of aircraft crash scenes…….I can categorically say that this was 100% a “False Flag” inside job.

The task of watching the many videos and sharing the pain of the relatives (who lost their loved ones) and looking at all the evidence has caused me to write this very controversial article. I have spent months, freeze framing every video clip and looking at 9/11 from the aviation and military aspect. I have now concluded that this incident was as a direct result of missile attacks and internal explosions both of which involved weapons that contained uranium components, hence the speed and total destruction (pulverised) of the WTC.

There is a web page in the US   http://www.nyccan.org/ that explains the many concerns and also where you can see some of the relative’s video messages etc. This same web page has been attempting to open up a fresh investigation into 9/11.

I decided to drop them an email  after watching a couple of video’s which is shown below:

First of all please allow me to pass my condolences to all those in your organisation and outside your organisation who lost relatives and friends in the WTC…..I at the time was watching events live with an American friend and we cried together. However, much time has passed by since this tragic event and in this time I have carried out extensive studies and research.

I have been in aviation all of my live and was at one stage an aviation consultant. I am now retired but have now found time to look at events from the aviation perspective. I found Bob McIlvaine video very upsetting in the loss of his son but also picked up on his comments about why didn’t the Air Force shoot down the aircraft before they hit the WTC.

This aspect of his comments caused me much concern because I have to say that no aircraft hit the WTC, no aircraft hit the Pentagon and no aircraft crashed into the field.

The whole exercise was an inside job with the help of the CIA and Mossad. There is no independent video footage and what was shown on TV was computer generated images. When I freeze framed each video second by second one can see so many flaws and at the same time see some very unusual events such as what appears to be a missile missing one of the towers. The angle of approach of the so called aircraft also appears to have been doctored.

My own thoughts on this was that the towers were hit by missiles and the explosion is certainly showing the initial signs of a uranium type explosion…..it is also clearly evident that explosions are going off below the collapse. This has been confirmed by emergency services who repeated many times that they heard multiple explosions. We finally come to the question as to why was the lobby of the WTC was totally devastated by what would appear to be an internal explosion……this was confirmed by people trying to escape from the floors above….they made transit via the lower floors with no damage and suddenly on arrival in the entrance it was a scene of total devastation.

On the aviation front what the public generally does not know was that each schedule flight appeared to be duplicated and leaving from different gates and certainly needs investigating. Point two is that each aircraft is given a transponder code, otherwise known as a four digit squawk, which once initiated by the aircraft, shows up on the radar screen for tracking purposes. In addition to this Air Traffic Control (ATC) System there is also the airlines own ACARS system that feeds data from and to the aircraft concerned. My question would therefore be why the airline ACARS system show the aircraft at a different location than that of the ATC system.

With the Pentagon…..even with the best pilot in the world it would have been almost impossible to fly an aircraft of that size in such a tight descending turn and certainly would not have been possible by these novice pilots. Again the Boeing was flying at zero feet, or so they say, before impact and yet there were no engine scrape marks on the grass and very little wreckage. A picture does show FBI/CIA agents dropping bits of wreckage on the grass after the impact. Again I have freeze framed the only clip and it certainly was not a Boeing but rather looked like a cruise missile.

The Boeing in the field was certainly a non event as there was little or no wreckage…..this is impossible even if the aircraft was diving vertical at top speed……..many parts in the engines are made of titanium and many turbine parts would have been found as well as main structural parts upon impact……the crater looked like a missile/bomb crater…..one should also remember a witness said she saw a small executive type jet flying around…….people also witnessed aircraft flying over the White House, Pentagon and also over New York.

The aircraft were identified as a command post type 747, a C130 Hercules and the Lear Jet type aircraft that flew over the field etc.

It would be almost impossible for the WTC to be so pulverised from aviation fuel and why was there now outside wreckage when these so called aircraft hit the towers…….non of this really makes sense and this adds fuel to one big major cover up or false flag which is typical of a secret service type plot……..they needed an excuse to attack Iraq and therefore they created 9/11 to justify the cause.

 I did at one stage believe the entire story having watched it live but on reflection you only see what they want you to see and most of that was a well orchestrated programme of illusion.

Kind Regards

End of email.

To finish off this article the aircraft that was seen over the White House (which was a no fly zone) was clearly a Boeing 747 – E-4B “Top Secret Command Post” otherwise know as the “Doomsday Aircraft)…….no one to this day has ever accounted for this sighting that was observed on camera……..likewise a military aircraft was also observed over the Pentagon, that was believed to be a C130 Hercules aircraft and another aircraft was sighted over Shanksville which was believed to be a small executive jet type aircraft (Lear Jet type) that may also have been a military or CIA aircraft.

Add to this the many credible witnesses i.e. Police etc adjacent to the Pentagon who observes a civil aircraft approaching the Pentagon on a totally different track to the one given in the report and another witness who said the aircraft concerned overflew the Pentagon.

There are far too many grey areas and cover ups in the US Governments account of events that day and certainly the people of the US and the countries who had staff in the WTC should not ask, but demand, that this inquiry be re opened as a matter of urgency.

It is time to stop this false charade, stop the wars and more importantly prohibit the use of any weapons that contain uranium components.

I would also go as far as to say that London’s 7/7 followed exactly the same line and was also a false flag……..one has to be very strong in making such statements but we all have a duty of care in bringing out the truth.

How one can feel the pain of the relatives that are left behind is beyond imagination and in making such a claim makes it even more distressing for these poor people.

My question would be to anyone who thinks otherwise……give me one example of an Islamic Terrorist Attack on the west……no doubt you will say – The Attempt on the airliner at Detroit, or the Times Square Car bomb in New York, or the UPS Inkjet Bomb Scare at the East Midlands Airport, UK , the Madrid Train Bombing etc etc…..sorry folks they were all “False Flags”……….I could go into the Pan Am Flight at Lockerbie but I think there is more than enough to chew on at the moment. 

Such is the evil world we live in today……..most have Zionist involvement or backing but hey you are not allowed to talk about that are you!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 30/11/2011 http://www.eyreinternational.com


So You Thought The 2008 Financial Meltdown Was Bad?

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World’s Financial Meltdown in 2008 was nothing to what is currently happening!!

We are looking here at what could be the biggest Financial Tsunami ever experienced since the pre war era and I would be bold enough to say it will make the last one look rather  minuscule by comparison!!

No one will be spared by this next onslaught and the hardest hit will be the UK and Europe

We are looking here at the collapse of many companies and countries with massive job losses and a sharp increase in the level of poverty.

Despite what our financial “Whiz Kids” are telling us this is a “Big One” and one can say with great confidence it will see the demise of the European Union and the end of the Euro.

However, one must fully understand what caused the initial collapse and now the one that is just starting….. believe me it was no accident……we have seen massive massive corporate fraud occurring both within the corporate sector and within the banks and financial institutions. Here are some of the reasons we have progressively watched our economy go under:

  • Fraud and corruption in the form of  assert stripping and insider trading
  • Formation of many “Boiler Rooms” in most cities that house hundreds of virtual companies or shell companies 
  • Senior Corporate Executives  fraud and tax evasion in conjunction with the CEO’s of some banks and Senior Political Figures

Let me give you a classic example as to how it works:


Let’s just say for this exercise I am the CEO of a large company (on paper only) or a yet to be formed company  who wants to make big money fast but without the overheads. First of all I need a place to register my virtual Oil, Gas or Mining Company etc and allow someone to act as administrator for it. I may choose to get other non executive  directors to come on-board, or an influential politician such a President, Prime Minister, Minister, MP or House of Lords representative and then the scene is set to rip the system off and at the same time destroy some elderly investors life!!


My virtual (fake) company may have 6 Directors but will not have any other staff as all calls are handled by the boiler room.



All I have to do then is collect some old data from a previous active gold mine (now derelict) or some old oil well that has since be plugged and abandoned and then make up a very impressive video to show to my potential investors!!


So the next exercise is to decide how much money I want to make for myself, my non executive directors, the CEO of a bank or financial institution and our dear not so Right Honorable MP or Lord….such as Lord Michael Howard or Peter Lilley MP etc…..


When it comes to a phased development of a mine or the exploration of a potential oil or gas field we are talking millions and frequently billions………so lets just pull one out of the hat and select $6 billion……or alternatively it could be for the purchase or takeover of another company as you will see below.



“Listen here old chum….forget the colonial past and lets make a buck out of Cairn and Vodafone” 




Let’s give a classic example of fraud and insider trading:


Cairn Energy, an Edinburgh based company (owned by Sir Bill Gammell – good friend of David Cameron and Tory Party donor!!”!” –  had a subsidiary in India called Cairn India which it wanted to sell to Vedanta Resources another Indian based company with its parent also in the UK (London). Now Sir Bill is also a friend of George W Bush as was his father with George Bush Snr…….you know how it goes “oil and all that stuff”…………so let’s just open up a can or worms and see what was crawling around inside these companies and what part our own current PM played in this deal… and nudge nudge wink wink a connection to Rothschild’s…..well wouldn’t you know?


My associate Gordon Bowden was able to get onto this fraudulent deal very quickly and came up with the following:

Gordon traced just one company and hey presto it led him straight into the empire of N.M. ROTHSCHILD CORPORATE FINANCE LIMITED.

However, It was during my own investigation into N.M. Rothschild Corporate Finance Limited that I immediately observed another connection with a previous article I did regarding the efforts by our current Prime Minister, David Cameron, to intervene with the Indian Prime Minister, regarding the Part Sale of Cairn Energy’s (British Company) Share Holding in Cairn India to Vedanta Resources (Indian Company) with its head office in London.

Whilst looking at Rothschild’s front webpage I noticed Recent M&A Deals on the left hand side which read as follows: “US$8.5bn disposal of an up to 51% stake in Cairn India to Vedanta Resources.” – So what you may ask…what is so unusual about that!! Well I can assure you that when our Prime Minister, David Cameron, went to India he was also looking after his own pocket and that of the Tory Party as his friend Sir Bill drops a few wads of monitory reward for services rendered!!


The deal was worth US$8.5 billion…….now that’s an awful lot of money to filter out down the chain of command and to all other interested parties……now Sir Bill claims it is going to be used by the British company to re invest in an oil/gas drilling exploration programme off Greenland…….not to mention it is a protected area and guarded very well by Greenpeace….not to mention the limited time you can drill in such a cold climate and in the worse case scenario you would only be outlaying a few million here and there…….so I wonder what will happen to the $8.5 billion…..I will leave that to your imagination or maybe you could ask David Cameron how the project is going………they say the prospects are very good and no doubt more investment suckers will put a few more millions into the kitty to help them along a bit or should I see allow them to pilfer a little more!!!…….from my research I think in the past they drilled four wells and all came up as “Dead Ducks” and were plugged and abandoned……but hey don’t take my word for it….go and have a impressive presentation with them, maybe a nice meal and certainly a few drinks…..when you are p….. You tend to part with more money lol!!


 I also extracted the public statement from their webpage part of which reads as follows:


Completion of the proposed transaction with Vedanta Resources Plc (“Vedanta”) will provide the Group with the funding to continue an active programme offshore Greenland, consider other opportunities and return a substantial proportion of the proceeds to shareholders. 

To provide the liquidity required to enable the Group to agree contracts for two state of the art drilling vessels for its 2011 dual rig exploration programme offshore Greenland, Cairn has entered into a stand-by secured revolving debt facility of US $900 million, which will also provide funding for general corporate purposes.  The facility is provided by Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of Scotland Plc, Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, HSBC Bank PLC and Société Générale.


Cairn continues to work with the Government of India (GoI) to secure the necessary consents and approvals for completion of the proposed transaction with Vedanta.  Cairn currently expects to conclude the transaction before 15 April 2011.

At the Company’s general meeting held on the 7 October 2010, shareholders voted overwhelmingly in favour (99%) of approving the proposed part sale of Cairn’s shareholding in Cairn India to Vedanta.

At the Vedanta general meeting held on 13 December 2010, shareholders voted overwhelmingly in favour (97.35%) of approving the proposed part sale of Cairn’s shareholding in Cairn India to Vedanta.


We can then look at the statement on their webpage as follows:


Cairn India:
Cairn holds a 62.37% interest in Cairn India – which is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India. Cairn India has interests in 13 blocks in India and Sri Lanka.

On 16 August 2010, Cairn announced that it had entered into a conditional agreement with Vedanta Resources plc for the sale of a percentage of its shareholding in Cairn India. For more information, please see the announcement dated 16 August 2010.


 I came across the following, also on their webpage – Sir Bill Gammell, Chief Executive, Cairn Energy PLC, said:

Cairn continues to work with the Government of India in a consensual manner to secure the necessary consents and approvals for completion of the Vedanta transaction”


Cairn Energy PLC is based in Edinburgh and listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

It also lists the following:

Financial Advisers

N M Rothschild & Sons Limited

New Court
St Swithin’s Lane
London  EC4P 4DU

So now we can see a direct connection between Rothschilds and Cairn Energy.

So again you may ask what has this got to do with massive fraud? What are the implications for our PM David Cameron and his push on behalf of Cairn Energy, and I might add Vodafone India?

They are all interconnected……..lets go back and repeat Gordon’s previous summary in another article which revealed an email he sent to Katherine Buckingham of New Labour:

Start of communications:

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>
To: Katherine_Buckingham@new.labour.org.uk
Sent: Fri, 4 March, 2011 21:01:25
Subject: Communications DERBY MP CHRIS WILLIAMSON

Dear Katherine.

Thank you for your time and the respectful manner of your assistance.

 I ask you please, In the best Public Interest, to ensure Mr Ed Miliband and senior party officers receive this communication and if possible, to acknowledge receipt of same.

 Attn Mr Ed Miliband.


 Given your close affiliation to the Treasury and the London School of Economics, their recent public exposure association, along with Labour ex PM Tony Blair direct business links to Col Gaddafi, am I, along with the rest of the UK and World Public naive or just fools to expect your promises of Political reform will be honest and open.

 Your experiences and working relationships with both, must place you as having detailed information that will confirm the accuracy of the information I have presented here.

 This Information below is in addition to that forensic Corporate Documentation I hold and duplicated in safe locations, on the Financial due diligence regarding Corporate Common Director Interlocks of the Companies where PM David Cameron intervened on their behalf with the India Government.






As you will read attached, this is a forward chain of Communications to Derby North Labour MP Chris Williamson with cc Recipients including MP Margaret Beckett, Derby South 

The recorded (Speaker with Lord Doug Hoyle)

 HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 from Column 197.

 Rt Hon Chris Williamson, whom I and Mr Peter Eyre, an ex Aviation Expert and Naval Intelligence, Middle East Consultant held face to face Surgery Meetings with Rt Hon Williamson and passed forensic evidence of massive past and ongoing Conservative £Billion corporate fraud on the Alternative Investment Market “Penny Stock” AIM L.S.E.

 Along with.

 Of major concern to the UK and World Public, the accurate authenticated detailed information, provided to me in confidence, by an “Insider” covered by the OSA of the Covert 1991 Conservative deliberate multi Million Pound Fraud to overcharge the Treasury in the criminal purchase of 3 ex stock ARMSCOR Pelindaba, Pretoria Battlefield ready 20Kt Nuclear Bombs.

 Although over 20 years ago, this Political crime goes unknown to the naive Public and unpunished.Our protected informant gives clear insight of the deliberate criminal Conservative Party fraud, this to enable the Weapons Broker, John Bredenkamp to launder through his front Company 


 £17.8 Million into the “EMPTY” Tory accounts to fight the 1992

General Election.

 The full details of this Fraud and Nuclear Weapon Scandal uncovered by senior Labour Lords and Party officials, the confrontation of the findings recorded in Parliamentary Q & A

HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 from Col 197

 The Covert Conservative Operation, overseen by and under the Watch of Dr David Kelly

 The consequences of this Cover-up will, if Justice exists, eventually result in many senior MP’s and VIP’s facing life custodial sentences under “The Nuclear Explosions Act”, and that includes Prime Ministers.

 The financial recovery of this Country, along with a return of public respect for Politicians, entrusted as public servants to protect our interests, can only begin, when confronting the real sensitive issues that have systematically destroyed this once proud industrial Nation.

 If you Sir along with your Party represent a new format Leadership, willing to expose past and ongoing Government Corruption, this must be an ideal place to start, I have and Hold Forensic evidence that must be used, to confront those who hold Public Office to face accountability and the Criminal Justice System.

 I have a duty of care, to ensure the accurate facts contained in this communication, provided to me, are passed to and fully examined by those in Political Office, that may better protect my Country, your Children,Grandchildren and mine, they deserve a far better world than the one we now live in.

 I live in Hope. Without Political honesty and change, the future is very bleak.


 Mr  Gordon Bowden

 End of communications

Ok so now you are totally confused so lets try to put this into some sort of simple logic:

 Cairn Energy in the UK is selling part of its share of Cairn India to Vedanta Resources which is also in India. Basically Cairn Energy mark up the value of Cairn India by a significant amount and then hopefully sell it to Vedanta Resources with a little bit of a nudge from our Prime Minister, David Cameron to the Prime Minister of India. However, two existing Non-Executive and Independent Director’s of Cairn India Limited are also on the board of Vedanta resources as Non- Executive Directors. Who also happen to be on the board of Vodafone and Centrica which is another dodgy deal pushed by our PM in Doha.

 In a nutshell it’s a form of double dipping and basically allows two Non – Executive Directors of Cairn India’s, namely:  Mr Naresh Chandra (75) &  Mr Aman Mehta (63) to rip off Vedanta Resources and its associated investors huge sums of money in the over priced sale of Cairn India to Vedanta Resources…….which obviously these two bandits will benefit from as they are on the board of Cairn India.


Cairn India Board of Directors

  It is obviously easy to see that this profit margin on the part sale of Cairn India by its parent company Cairn Energy here in the UK will reap a massive profit for the Edinburgh based company who no doubt will make a big donation to the Conservative Party or possible brush the palm of our PM David Cameron himself!!

Gordon Bowden sent me the following communication to throw some more light on the connection between the New World Order structure i.e. Rothschild’s and other corporate bodies:

Start of communication:                      ———————————–

 As recorded before, in other Pandora’s Box Series

 Notwithstanding Bill Gammell, Close FAMILY Friendship with GEORGE H W BUSH and TONY BLAIR. 

 SIR BILL GAMMELL entered this lucrative FRAUD “Virtual” FAKE, Money Laundering, Insider Trading Oil and Gas Company network through GEORGE H W BUSH’s Front FRAUD / FAKE Money laundering Oil Company.

 A  Covert CIA Intelligence Service Money Laundering Front, that is recorded managed to Steal Hundreds of Millions of $ from their set-up front Bank BCCI.


 GEORGE H W BUSH and his conspiring co directors were never made to pay back the stolen millions.

 Now there’s a thing.


http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/content/2008/20080602_bad_company/interviews.htm and click on the programme (either broadband or dialup)

 The MAIN Point is, to understand how.

This Organised Crime Network System is Operated:

 These Multitudes of exotic named “Virtual”

“Exploration Oil and Gas. Mining Companies”

Are, only Fraud, theft and Money Laundering Platforms.

Orchestrated “Vehicles” pre-structured by Accountants, Bankers, Auditors, Boiler Room specialists, Convicted fraud experts and the network of interlocked Directors. 

 So, our RT HON Prime Minister

 DAVID CAMERON must be confronted and asked to explain the following and to what extent he understands how the Directors are Interlocked.

 Besides the Fraud implications, there is the criminal attempt to hide the Corporations / Companies inter-relationships.


 The Company records show:

CAIRN ENERGY interlocked with VEDANTA the common association to:


Is through CAIRN ENERGY’s  100% unregistered subsidiary

 CAPRICORN and it’s network of unregistered Spin off CAPRICORN subsidiary Companies.

 CAPRICORN is a 100% Subsidiary of:



MEDOIL is a 100% Subsidiary of:



An affiliation Interlocked Company of LONRHO Group’s 




Aussie Con Man


and the network of the “HE WHO DARES” Mercenaries.




The “Boiler Room”


 I have (Secured) Personal records of my Correspondences to, from and with, David Lenigas,(LONRHO) regarding:







 DRD and JCI 




Is, also illegally putting Diplomatic pressure on the Indian Government, through his Ministerial Position, to authorize the Indian Government to sanction and the transfer of $US 8 Billion between Interlocked Companies.

 That, if it is fully examined, NOT USING Interlocked Accountants Like KPMG, PriceWaterhouseCoopers,

Grant Thornton.


Nothing More, Nothing Less than:


 The Common Directors of:






That are nothing more than Common Director Interlocked Companies playing

“PASS THE MONEY HONEY” to themselves.


Faked “Virtual” Cash Shell Companies, based upon WORTHLESS ASSETS.

Ancient Gutted Mineral Mines

Flooded Mines

Care and Maintenance Mines

Old “Worthless” previously searched Oil Fields.

or just worthless Plots of DIRT.

 These “Worthless” resources are then used to:

Obtain and raise from Financial Institutions (BANKS)

and, the “Suckers”

The Hundreds of Thousands of:

AIM L.S.E. Private Investors.

 £Billions Stolen.

 The Directors of these FAKE FRAUD Companies then transfer  those raised cash assets to subsidiaries in a Pass/ sell  the Piggy Bank, the “CASH COW” Parcel to interlocked Subsidiaries, that the same Directors of the Parental Company are also directors of the Subsidiaries or interlocked Support Advisers and Technical Services.


 End of communication

So back to the drawing board whereby Gordon Bowden  will now show you another connection into the Rothschild’s Empire and some rather interesting exchanges in communications between himself and the political “Don’t Care Brigade”.  

 Start of Gordon’s communications:


Sunday, 13 March, 2011 21:29

From “gordon bowden”

To Peter  Eyre


 Here is a Direct Company Recorded association with the 4 VIP Directors of:





Suite 1.7




 Companies House number 06055965

Incorporated 17 Jan 2007

 Annual Return Overdue  (as of23 Feb 2011)

 Listed Directors.





Company Secretary:


 ALDWIN WIGHT:exSAS Commander Arlington Associates

 MARK BLAGBROUGH: ex SAS Commander Arlington Associate




Also a recorded Director of:

 THE HALO TRUST (the Princes Trust for Prince William and Harry)

2 Kentish Buildings

125 Borough High Street



 Companies House Number  02228587

Incorporated  9 th March 1988

 Recorded Directors.













is also a recorded Director of:


  Here yet another Simple “FOLLOW THE MONEY” Trail

 JUST ONE more, Direct association between

The 4 VIP Scum Buckets, “HE WHO DARES” Hero’s CONSERVATIVE / LABOUR GOVERNMENT “Protected” Directors



and the 


 All in Corporate, non disputable Forensic Corporate Documents.

 So much for the Brilliance of the INTELLIGENCE SERVICES.

 As meerkat say’s “SIMPLES”


 End of communications.

This massive fraud, corruption and tax evasion I could talk about foever but one has to put things into perspective in order for the public to try and take it all in.

Please understand this also has direct connections with the New World Order (Rothschild’s etc) and how they progressively  collapsed the world economy, how they forced Ireland, Portugal and Greece to their knees and are now working on Italy and Spain etc……It is then that that other New World Order organisation takes over (the World Bank and the IMF),  forcing them into unsustainable loans with severe austerity measures.

It is also this type of activity that has caused the “Arab Spring” and now the “Western Spring”……..all this type of  fraud, corruption and tax evasion has been passed on to the Serious Fraud Office in London, FSA, AIM, Senior Political Leaders and Local MP’s Chris Williamson and Margaret Becket and they still do nothing…..why you may ask?…….because indirectly or directly, in many cases, they benefit from the exercise.

I guess we again come back to the heading of this article:

Well I have to tell you that all the leaders are pulling the wool over your eyes in particular that of the UK France and Germany. We are in a terrible state and maybe there is a New World Order hidden agenda that has a master plan for us all i.e. “The United States of Europe………either way be prepared because this next collapse is going to be spectacular or as my expert has warned me “A massive financial collapse as the western world drowns in an ocean of debt unlike anything the world as ever seen before” the epicenter will be Europe and the financial experts can see it coming and can do nothing about it”

To conclude the lack of leadership in the US, UK and Europe is adding to the problem and their own involvement in these “under the table deals “……..we should all insist that the Serious Fraud Office do their job and arrest these villains and then under the Proceeds of Crime Act recover their billions, their houses and up market cars and get our country back onto its feet again……….can you imagine that if they do this alone our economy will bounce back and the pensioners, ordinary people in the street and the students will stop having to pay for their greed.

The world would be a far better place without your imperialistic greed and geo politics!!


If you want to get into this fraud in more detail go to my Pandora’s Box Series in the fraud section……oh before I close would you like to know just a few boiler rooms in London?……….here you go for a start:

All these boiler rooms are situated in the City of London – “The True Axis of Evil”

Arlington Associates, 22 Arlington Street (Next to the Ritz Hotel)

Lonhro, 1st Floor 25 Berkeley Square (in the Cadbury Schweppes building)

180 Great Portland Street

44 Southampton Building in Chancery Lane

55 Baker Street

55 Gower Street

68 Upper Thames Street

788 – 700 Finchley Road

So next time you want to hold a peaceful protest, that could well be extremely effective, you know where to go!!!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 30/11/2011 http://www.eyreinternational.com




Syria is fast becoming another Libyan style US – UK – France “False Flag”

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When will the citizens of planet earth understand the “Geo Political Push” by the same old warmongers that took out Libya are at it yet again..? It is clear to anyone with an ounce of intelligence that the “Three Stooges” are again rattling their sabres at Syria with the same old Bull S… story that have used so many times before.

It was not my intention to start this article off with some satirical reference but you know sometimes its like “Peeing into the wind during a gale” to get the message across…..it becomes more and more frustrating to see you all watch these charades keep unfolding without even knowing the truth behind our extremely aggressive foreign policy.

Do you all care about your future, your job security and want to retain the things you have ever worked for? Want to retain your heavily mortgaged house and secure a healthy safe future for your children and your grandchildren……..well folks I have to say you have a funny way of demonstrating your compassion towards your family and fellow humans!!

We keep sending in our armed forces to such places as the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and more recently Libya but to what avail?……do you know why we are sending our gallant troops to the slaughter?…….do you really believe what your past Prime Minister have told you…..Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and now our current “War Criminal,” David Cameron?…….well I can assure you its nothing to do with democracy or to launch a humanitarian campaign to save lives because I can assure you its entirely the opposite……..this my friends is all about Imperialistic Greed and more importantly a “New World Order Master Plan” to take control of the EU, Middle East and the World beyond. Their plan have three main themes, which are:

  • To take control of the worlds natural resources
  • To take control of the markets for those resources
  • To take control of the sea lanes and transit routes for those resources

It has always been their intention to take out any country that is not user friendly towards the US, UK, France and other NATO countries.

I know that you may think I am a bit of a nut case for thinking this way but hey you don’t have to believe me….just simply listen to the words of General Clarke the Ex Supreme Commander of NATO in Europe……….he was told that the Pentagon had plans to take out 7 countries in a period of between 5 – 10 years……..I have the transcript of that brief in the Pentagon and if you don’t believe me have a listen to his speech on the following link:


You must also understand that one cannot keep pointing a finger at the United States when the strings for the New World Order are pulled from here in the City of London……the true “Axis of Evil.

You should spend some time sitting outside Chatham House in London and see our leaders and senior politicians come and go, because this is one of the hubs for the New World Order (in the administrative sense) with strong links to the Rothschild’s and not forgetting the Freemasons!!

Our entire political structure also has a very strong Zionist lean towards satisfying the needs and security of Israel……..it is these Zionist that not only put our leaders and ministers in office but they also support them and their party financially.

What you don’t understand is that it really doesn’t matter who gets in office because all of them have been groomed to serve those that feed them!!

You have to understand that the World Economic Meltdown was no accident but a New World Order Plan and believe me the biggest ever “Economic Tsunami” is yet to hit the shores of the UK and Europe making the previous collapse look rather miniscule by comparison.  Believe me the Euro and Europe, as we know it, is dead in the water but that’s not saying that the New World Order won’t resurrect a new EU that could be renamed the United States of Europe and your individuality will be gone forever…imagine not being able to say you are Scottish, Irish, Welsh or English….the time is fast approaching.

They have reduced our military to the scraping in the barrel, making us totally dependent on their army, called NATO……they have handed over the command of the SAS, SBS, Commandoes and other special forces to French control – God Forbid,  and now they are trying to break up the cohesion between our United Kingdom…..but hey do not let me disturb your viewing of X Factor or whatever…..I know you have more important things to do!!

Before getting back to the long planned attack on Syria, Iran and more than likely Lebanon and Palestine one has to understand that “Massive Massive Fraud & Tax Evasion” that forms part of their plan. The “Arab Spring” and now the “Western Spring” are very much part of the end game….the New World Order can collapse any company or country at will. 

The focus is for the New World Order to cause massive unrest in the areas that are of interest to their economic greed and then as each country fails (economically speaking) their front line World Bank and IMF move in and control that country…..this will eventually lead to a breakdown of sovereignty within the UK, Europe and other parts of the World.

This massive fraud, corruption and tax evasion is headed by the elite in the corporate sector, including the senior executives of the banks and last but not least to the very heart of politics, going right to the top in the Houses of Parliament and The House of Lords.

Want a couple of names to start you off?  David Cameron our PM would be a good starting and another ex Leader of the Opposition, Lord Michael Howard….both being strong Zionists with a fist full of dollars belonging to someone else!!

An associate of mine, Gordon Bowden, has forensic evidence as to who are involved and I can assure you it involves billions of pounds each and every year……so that is what this “Spring in Winter” is all about…….to siphon vast sums of money (insider trading and asset striping) from companies, banks and countries and then turn this into a toxic debt for the ordinary citizens of the UK, Europe and the World to pick up the tab and pay the ultimate price in their severe “Austerity Measures” –  “Tax Hike” – “Fuel Hike” and “General Cost of Living Hike.”

It is at this moment that ordinary people take to the streets around the world and demand change…….I emphasize change and not “Regime Change” which is what the New World Order want……..during this massive unrest the vultures from the New World Order move in and cause unrest with their Special Forces, Armed Mercenaries and Militia, CIA, MI5 and Mossad etc…….they even move their military advisers and training staff  close to the border of the country they want to take out and in some case drop them behind  enemy lines……as was discovered was the case in places like Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and more recently in Libya……they have for many many years had their operatives also in Iran…..waiting to pounce!!

 This is how the New World Order is funded…..they operate from what we call “Boiler Rooms” that consist of hundreds of none existent companies, otherwise known as virtual or shell companies. You may be interested to know that our ex PM Tony Blair operates out of one of them – Arlington Associates and others at 22 Arlington Street, London which  joins onto the Ritz Hotel in London…..want to know more boiler rooms where millions if not billions simply go missing – Lonhro on the First Floor of 25 Berkeley Square would be another good place to spy around……be careful as it belongs to Cadbury- Schweppes and you may tread on a few chocolate biscuits trying to get upstairs……..want more?…..what about ..55 Gower Street, London, Vintners Place, 68 Upper Thames Street, London, 180 Great Portland Street, London, 55 Baker Street, London, 788-790 Finchley Road, London, 44 Southampton Building, Chancery Lane, London and lets throw another one in outside of London……..44 Upper Belgrave Raod, Clifton, Bristol etc etc….

So what is the current situation in Syria…….well for sure the French have their experts training militia close to the border in Turkey and also in Lebanon. The US and British continue to push hard for a regime change and sitting right there at the top of the list is Israel waiting to strike and at the same time utilise their vast storage of weapons that have been stockpiled by the United States (almost double the norm)……add to that the weapons that the US has specifically designed for an attack on Iran and Israel’s own nuclear and depleted uranium weapons and one can see the scene is set.

So what are they waiting for……well my friends the same as usual a justification to move in i.e. a “False Flag Incident” such as happened in 9/11 and 7/7….they will also push the UN for permission to go in on humanitarian grounds which is one of the best cons you are likely to see……..you may not be aware but that they even did this before the Iraq War by entering Kurdistan (North Iraq) with humanitarian supplies but at the same time (very conveniently) set up permanent military “Forward Bases.”…I have much first hand knowledge on this deliberate move made by the US and UK to cloud over the true reason….needless to say Turkey was there to enhance the operation as it is right now with the situation in Syria……talk about being “Two Faced.”

Before closing I have to share one moving experience for me over the weekend when the “Lancers” marched through the city to celebrate their return from Afghanistan…..I have always felt proud as to how we deal with British way of “Pomp & Circumstance” but this time I looked upon them as being pawns in an unjust war……I thought about how many came back in body bags, how many came back badly injured and mentally scared and how many had breathed in the millions of nano particles of radioactive depleted uranium from their own weapons and how many would succumb to the many illnesses and cancers that follow.


    The Lancers

When I see our leaders and ministers at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London laying their wreaths in tributes to the fallen, especially the fallen from the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan, “I feel intensely sick”……it reminds me of those evil words that came from the lips on yet another Zionist – Henry Kissinger when he stated:

 “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy”

Let’s just remind ourselves how many coalitions forces had died since the war started

2001/ 12 2002/70 2003/58 2004/60 2005/131 2006/191

 2007/232 2008/295 2009/521 2010/711 and 2011/537 (to date)

That is what remains in my mind when I saw the Lancers march past yesterday…..yes they are our gallant troops, but do they know what they are fighting for?

Do they understand that this war is all about the greed of “Geo Politics” (Oil, Gas and Natural Resources) and also to protect “Yes Protect” the opium crops……that is what they are dying or being maimed for………the war is a lost cause and the Taliban still control Afghanistan…..so my question again is  “To what avail.”

This certainly does not show any resemblance to a potential victory and just like Iraq the mission has failed and just like Iraq, Afghanistan will fall back into an insecure environment. However do not be fooled by this so called drawdown of troops from Iraq…. Obama and our own PM said all troop will be withdrawn…..what they didn’t tell you that they have replaced them with over 100,000 private security personnel who are armed to the teeth……..we are in Iraq and Afghanistan forever unless they kick us all out….that is after they have finished throwing their shoes at us!!!

Oh well that western democracy at its best I guess!!!

So to the dwellers of this wonderful country called the United Kingdom, maybe you will not feel so proud anymore when you realize you are being run by a pack of evil swindlers who don’t give a toss about you and certainly have no regard for the lads that fight in distant lands…..they continue to fill their pockets and rob you to pay for their lavish lifestyle……but it doesn’t stop there……just look over towards Bahrain where around 5,200 share the wealth of around US $4.2 million each…that amounts to a total of over US$20 Billion whilst the rest of the population are out on the street asking for change because they cannot feed their families or have lost their jobs….they get g arrested…..then the Royal Family have the audacity to bring in the Saudi Army!!

Just to give you a snippet of the wealth of the Bahrain Royal Family…..I once took and inquiry to fly a dolphin and a seal to one of their residencies in Bahrain….not that’s wealth for you!!!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 27.11.2011 www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com



Rumour has it that the Arab League may impose a “No Fly Zone” over Syria!!

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Rumour has it that the Arab League may impose a “No Fly Zone” over Syria!!

On Behalf of the US, UK and NATO

No Fly Zone Libyan Style



Could it be that the US, UK and France are persuading the Arab League to take action and are we about to see another “Libya Style Massacre” (sorry I meant to have said an action to save lives!!)

We have seen the US attempt to take the pressure of their aggressive foreign policy by asking other partners to initiate an action…….in the case of Libya they blasted hell out of the country and carefully manipulated the media to say that the UK, France and NATO were now in charge of the war.

Are we now seeing another manipulation at work in the application of political pressure to pursued the UN styled Arab League or should I say the “US PUPPET LEAGUE” to take, yet again, another Libyan style action on their behalf?


We have to also remember the motto of NATO as promoted by the US which states “An attack on one is an attack on all”……….so you may say what has this got to do with the “Arab League” or any Islamic country……..simple because this could well involve Turkey in a very big way as they border on Syria and they are a member state of NATO………get the picture now?

The picture that the censored media is showing across the world is a country that is much the same as Libya…..or so they make you believe…..with a rebel army and people in mass trying to overthrow the government right?

Wrong!….. this is an illusion……yes there are many thousands of people unhappy with the state of the Syrian economy but that’s no different to what we have seen in Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain and that little heard of country called Kuwait (otherwise known as the Arab Spring) …….add to this the same situation throughout Europe and its all nothing to do with people getting killed on mass or people trying to force a regime change!!

Its all about Wall Street and the City of London and the international banking and financial institutions that have intentionally created this problem……the world economic meltdown was no accident it was planned…….the NWO forced this upon the world so that they can take out any company or country, at will, and then bring in their World Bank and IMF puppets to put that country into permanent debt.

One must understand that then means the country concerned is then totally owned by the NWO via its financial controlling authority (IMF) and that country is then forced into severe austerity and at the same time looses its sovereignty. The IMF bail out also normally means that the huge loan is in actual fact totally unsustainable and can cause it to default in its future payments!!

This is all about the New World Order (NWO) and its “Master Geo Political Plan” to disrupt, divide and conquer those countries in the Middle East that do not “kiss the arse” of the US, UK and France. It’s all about control, which I have previously pointed out:

  •  To take control of the worlds natural resources
  • To take control of the markets for those resources
  • To take control of the sea lanes and transit routes for those resources

I must also point out that when a country like Liby,a and now Syria, find themselves in an atmosphere of unrest the government have to take control of the situation in the best way possible…….it is at this vulnerable moment that the western Special Forces, CIA, MI5, Mossad and Mercenaries are mobilised to further disrupt the existing protests………the west then feed the opposition parties with munitions and money and form a sort of  “Instant Dial a Crowd” to mingle with the non violent protesters to stir things up…….they also place their own snipers and trouble makers to take out members of the crowd to make it look as if the government has taken this action!! 

Although here in London we have yet to see this type of action, you must understand that among the London crowds are placed operatives…….we also see “police kettling tactic” which is a heavy handed approach to force a legal democratic protest to be controlled and intimidated……..once trapped inside this police loop you are stuck their for many hours unable to enter or leave……..it is only time before we see such protest become extremely violent as our government continue to support the rich and rob the poor.

You must all understand that massive fraud and tax evasion is taking place each and every year, not only in the UK but in many other countries……….it involves the corporate sector elite who create “Boiler Rooms” that are full of virtual or shell companies such as Arlington Associate at 22 Arlington Street and Lonhro at the 1st Floor 25 Berkeley Square to name but a few……others you can see in the above “Pandora Box” which I have written about so many times but remember this is only the tip of the iceberg……there are many more like them in London and other cities in the UK, Europe and the World.

 These elite corporate dogs are also in bed with the banks and with direct links to many very senior politicians in the Houses of Parliament and many members of the House of Lords…….one very classic Lord comes to mind that being Lord Michael Howard and another MP being Peter Lilley…….but there are too many of them to list here today……you can see these mongrels and many others in my previous articles.

 Let me give you a perfect example overseas where this type of corruption is taking place and these same leaders are also selling their countries soul to the west……that country is Bahrain…..so let’s just give you an example of democracy at its best……also note that in this case the US, UK and France (who apparently support democracy) have all turned a blind eye to the ongoing unrest in Bahrain, Egypt and believe it or not Kuwait.

 So what is the true situation in Bahrain?

 There certainly is no democracy!

 The population of Bahrain (which is an extremely rich Island) is over 715, 000

 Of this population obviously the Royal Family is incredibly wealthy……I remember once when I was working in the region that the Royal Family wanted to fly a Dolphin and a Sea Lion to their private residence…….wow oh wow you might say!!

You may also be interested to know that around 5,200 of the above population own all the wealth which amounts to around an average each of US$4.2 million which then amounts to around  US$20-30 Billion.

 So what about the rest of the population?

There are around 30,000 unemployed and that is expected to rise to over 80,000 and no social security is available to them or their families.

 For those who are lucky to find work almost a quarter of them are living below the poverty line.

 In the government and religious sense there is also a hug disparity between the Shia and Sunni population:

Shia amount to around 70% of the population but they are not at the top of the list for employment……. rather the opposite….most jobs go to Sunni’s or other expats and cheap labour from overseas. (Non Shia represents more than 60% of the workforce)

 Despite the huge gathering of Shia in Bahrain they have little representation in Government where once again we see disparity.

During the Arab Spring the Government (royals) called in the Saudi Army to help them control the protesters…….many hundreds were arrested (some still being detained), some died and many were injured.

Basically Shia do not have a voice in Bahrain and even when it comes to their time to worship many of their Mosques have been destroyed by the government who claim they had no licence…..over 30 Mosques have been destroyed!!

It is very clear that the Royal Family and the Government is Pro US and the West……….the very fact that the US 5th Fleet is based in Bahrain is a clear example as to why there is no democracy in Bahrain……….The US are playing a game of cat and mouse at the moment in that they say they are withholding US$53 million in an arms deal (what else would you expect….its the US Government’s  best export) until the publication of the report that will highlight the circumstances leading up to the riots earlier this year………as with all inquires and reports obviously the government will come out clean and a few sacrificial lambs will go to the slaughter.

Image Detail

So folks watch this space because I can see dark clouds on the horizon over Syria….they are not clouds in the weather sense but clouds of expired Depleted Uranium that will again totally contaminate yet another Islamic country whilst at the same time spread its deadly radiation of nano particles across adjacent borders such as Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and yet again over to  Iraq, Palestine, the entire Middle East and the world beyond………always remember “All is fair in love and war “ ……..  Now that democracy for you!!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/11/2011 – http://www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com


The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal Was A Scam

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The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal Was A Scam

Only two of the most wanted “War Criminals” many others are still out there!!!

Despite the fact that Bush and Blair were both found guilty of War Crimes their main crimes were not revealed and they were only charged with lesser crimes.



Matthias Change

A Barrister of 31 years standing and once served as the Political Secretary to the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

According to Matthias Chang Bush and Blair were only found guilty of the supreme crime – crime against peace, waging the illegal war in Iraq.

His email is as below:

RE: News Scoop

Wednesday, 23 November, 2011 0:20

From Matthias Chang

To Peter Eyre


Dear Peter,

There were enough evidence tendered in Court and the tribunal has already handed its judgment and found Bush and Blair guilty of the supreme crime – crime against peace, waging the illegal war in Iraq.




Everyone around the world already knew that the war in Iraq contravened UN protocol in that the war took place without UN approval……this has been discussed at length here in the UK so what crimes, over and above this charge were they guilty of?

Why wasn’t Bush and Blair charged with the more horrendous war crimes of “Mass Genocide” on not only the people of Iraq but also on other nationalities in adjacent countries and the world beyond?

 Why were they not charged with killing and maiming their own troops and those of the coalition being knowingly aware that the weapons they used contained depleted uranium?

The minimum charges against these two war criminals should have been:

Committed War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity and Genocide with Depleted Uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq because the airflow charts clearly demonstrate that Depleted Uranium fails the “Environmental Test” being unduly harmful to the local, regional and global environment. This is one of four such tests to determine the legality of weapons under international law.


 Typical air flow chart

White Circles show Low Press Vortex and Stars/Square areas of conflict

The Depleted Uranium Radioactive poison gas and particulates, including sub-micron sizes, unduly contaminate the environment by becoming globally mixed in one year, poisoning regional water sources where they are rained and snowed out into glaziers, lakes and rivers such as the Himalayas where the headwaters of nine major rivers of South East Asia originate.

There are approximately 1.3 billion people downstream from the Indus (Tibet, Pakistan, India), Ganga-Brahmaputra(India, Bangladesh), Yangtze (China), Yamuna (India), Ganges (India), Sutlej (Tibet, Punjab of India and Pakistan), Meghna (India, Bangladesh), Mekong (China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam) and the Ayeyarwady (Myanmar). The Chinese Intelligence Agency had already warned countries in 2006 about the dangers of monsoon rainout of radiation downwind from any nuclear attack on Iran (including Depleted Uranium “Bunker Busters” and as tamping in all nuclear weapons).

Depleted Uranium Weaponry has been used in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen, Somalia and now Libya. The US, UK, France and coalition forces have therefore carried out a covert nuclear war that goes global with weeks.

Historically we should note that:

 Depleted uranium weapons are recognized as radioactive poison gas weapons developed illegally under the Manhattan Project in World War II by the United States Government.  Already illegal and in violation of the 1925 Geneva Poison Gas Protocol, in 1943 depleted uranium weapons were described as a “highly mobile indiscriminate killer and permanent terrain contaminant,” recommended for development in the declassified Manhattan Project memo dated October 30, 1943.

Leuren Moret (a US nuclear lab whistleblower) describes how DU violates the Geneva Convention:

Depleted uranium poison gas weapons fail the “Territorial Test” because radioactive toxic aerosols they produce on the battlefieldescape from and continue to act off of the battlefield.

Depleted uranium weapons fail the “Temporal Test” since they continue to act after the battle is over. Depleted uranium radioactive poison gas and particulates including sub-micron sizes, have a half-life of 4.46 billion years.  It takes ten half-lives (4.46 billion years ½ life for Uranium 238) for small amounts of radioactivity to diminish to an insignificant amount.  In the case of the high tonnage amounts of depleted uranium weapons used in Iraq since August 2, 1990, to the present, it will take longer than ten half-lives or more than 44.6 billion years for the global radioactive pollution from this pernicious poison to diminish.

To show proof that Depleted Uranium can travel fast to other parts of the world is shown in this official graph that was obtained from Aldermaston (Secret Nuclear Research Establishment) (obtained under the “Freedom of Information Act”) showing that in just nine days after the attack on Baghdad (Shock and Awe) the radioactive nano particles arrived overhead the UK, having been pulled down towards London by a Low Pressure Vortex.

As a matter of interest I did respond to Mr.Matthius Chang with the following email and he did reply by sending me the summing up report from the Tribunal:

Wednesday, 23 November, 2011 4:57

From Peter Eyre

To Matthias Chang


Hello Matthias


Can you advise me as to what charges were made against Bush and Blair and on what charges they have been found guilty?


We all know that going to war was totally illegal and against the UN……so what else have they been charged with and where can I view the final verdict summary by the Tribunal?


Kind Regards


Peter Eyre


 I have not included the summing up report as it is rather too long to be inserted in this article.

You can see the base line, which is the normal background radiation levels and how it almost went off the scale to a totally unacceptable level for safe habitat. You can also see how this also showed other events that occurred in areas of conflict and again how that radiation was detected here in England……..please also not that Aldermaston was at the time under the control of a subsidiary company of Halliburton and when the file was released was missing the graph…….a second application was made via other channels and the truth eventually came to the surface.

Please understand that these events would cause dramatic rises in a multitude of cancers, especially in the unborn fetus and also in young children. The British publics were not made aware of this high level radioactivity when it occurred!!

It is fact that here in the United Kingdom the Ex Minister for Defence, Liam Fox admitted to the harmful effects of Depleted Uranium but said that they would continue to use such weapons and it was only in more recent times that the current Minister, Nick Harvey has been forced to apologise when he made the following statement:

The Armed Forces Minister has been forced to apologise over misleading statements he made regarding the legality and dangers of Depleted Uranium weapons..

Nick Harvey admitted that he had inadvertently misled MPs about a Minister of Defence review that he said had concluded the weapons were permissible on humanitarian and environmental grounds under the Geneva Conventions.

 In 1998 the UK government ratified additional protocol of the Geneva conventions. Article 36 of that require that all weapons are subject to a legal review to assess whether they are “capable of being used discriminately”, or cause “widespread and severe damage to the natural environment”.

The MoD made clear it would continue to retain its DU capability and was “considering options” for renewing the Charm3 propelling charges in 2013. But because of “public concerns” it had begun a legal review. “The use of depleted uranium within weapons is not prohibited under international agreements,” said a spokeswoman. “Until the review concludes, our position remains unchanged.”

My response to the above paragraph would be:

 At this stage I would clearly challenge the quote made above”The use of depleted uranium within weapons is not prohibited under international agreements,” …….my question would be isn’t the Geneva Convention an International Agreement?

In conclusion one can clearly see that Bush and Blair are guilty of much more than what the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal have charged them with and my question would have to be why was the vital evidence, that was given to the Kuala Lumpur War crimes Commission (Matthias Chang) and copied to all other Senior Tribunal Members, not used by the prosecution against George W Bush and Tony Blair……….I have to say that this in itself is a crime of gross negligence.

It is noted in the summary of the courts decision that there is reference to War Crimes and Crimes against humanity etc but this falls short of actually charging them with genocide etc. Bush and Blair knew the consequences of the weapons they used and the impact on innocent populations…..this can be clearly seen in places like Falujah and Basra to name but a few. However, it doesn’t stop there because each and every past and current leader and senior politicians (such as the Foreign Minister and in particular the Minister for Defence) have also committed the same crimes by their own implication in supporting and promoting each and every war.

What becomes clear to me is that once again, like all inquires and tribunals, the culprits are let off the hook of more serious charges and only get charged for taking the US and UK to war illegally……..”Which had already been proven here in the UK”

It is with great sadness to know that the money that was raised to stage these tribunals, since there inception, has been totally squandered and not been effective in charging these “War Criminals” with the true crimes they are guilty of.

In passing I know that Dr. Mahathir himself payed particular attention to the issue of Depleted Uranium but this illustrious man has now been side tracked by those that surround him.


Depleted Uranium Explosions – This is how Bush and Blair Save Lives!!


In my opinion Mr. Chang throughout these events has evaded the evidence provided to him and all the other members of the Tribunal on the issues that surround the controversial use of Depleted Uranium and for that both he and the Tribunal should also be charged. I would also go as far to say that small dial up “Tactical Nuclear Weapons” (to a value of up to 5kt) have also been used on the battlefield and that is a gross crime against humanity!!


This is what Bush and Blair leave behind and still they got away with it!!


I would remind Mr.  Chang  that the whole purpose of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission and the War Crimes Tribunal was to represent the people of Iraq in bringing those responsible for “War Crimes or Crimes Against Humanity” to justice for all the crimes committed………………this result falls well short of what could have been achieved!! Entire cities in Iraq have been contaminated forever so why Mr. Chang, and the members of the Tribunal,  did you not use this vital evidence? – I have proof that each and every one of you received the evidence that was provided by Leuren Moret and I.

Our own Mr Blair was let off the hook at the Chilcot Inquiry (Iraq Inquiry) and now is once again a free man……it is clear that he was intended to be crowned the President of Europe……he could well still make it!! After all it was part of the deal in signing the Lisbon Treaty that he became the President and at the same time our last “Not so Right Honerable  Prime Minister” – Gordon Brown also gave most of our gold bullion from the Bank of England to Europe at below cost price…………….had we retained that gold we would not be in the financial position we are in now, not to mention the very high unemployment and the fact that 1 in 3 children are in poverty in the UK!!!………..”Nice one Gordon” !!!! 


King Blair of Europe – “Has thou seen the genocide I left behind in Iraq” ?

What you all do not realise is that this man and all the other members of the New World Order (NWO) have only one thing in mind (to achieve their ultimate goal) and that is to destroy the sovereignty of each and every country in Europe and make it into “The United States of Europe”……it has already started in Greece and Italy with two NWO (World Bank/IMF) puppets now installed…….don’t believe me?……No problem just wait and see!!

How can you look any Iraqi in the eye and say that you did this for them?

I think it may well be time for all Iraqi’s to take off their shoes and throw them at those that sold them short of a true and thorough trial.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/11/2011   www.eyreinternation.wordpress.com  




Bush & Blair 2011 War Crimes Trial Gets Underway In Kuala Lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal Tries Bush and Blair 

It is so heartening to see one country standing up to those that have committed “War Crimes”

Just two of the many leaders who have committed “War Crimes”

One must remember that the Foreign Ministers and Ministers for Defence in many countries  also played a role in this deceit

Let’s just take a moment to see the excellent work carried out by Dr. Mahathir, the ex Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, back in January 2007, announced a War Crimes Tribunal that would focus on victims of abuse in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. 

He said the tribunal — and an investigating commission linked to it — was necessary as an alternative to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, which he accused of bias in its selection of cases to cover. 

“There will be people who take this thing seriously,” he said. “This is not a show.”  “The one punishment that most leaders are afraid of is to go down in history with a certain label attached to them.”

“In history books they should be written down as war criminals and this is the kind of punishment we can make to them. We cannot arrest them, we cannot detain them, and we cannot hang them the way they hanged Saddam Hussein.” 

“We think that it is time we set up a body, a tribunal, which will give an opportunity for these people to bring up their complaints to be heard.” 

“The tribunal would be staffed by former judges and law professors from home and abroad, including a Malaysian former chief justice,” he said.

This wonderful man then went about setting it up, receiving evidence and complaints from many sources and also interviewing the  victims of war. The War Crimes Tribunal is currently in session in Kuala Lumpur and can be monitored by anyone around the world.

War Crimes Tribunal underway in Kuala Lumpur 2011

I joined forces with Leuren Moret who lives in the US and is  a lobbyist on issues of radiation and public health, specifically advocating against the use of Depleted Uranium ammunition. She worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. She was appointed a citizen member of the City of Berkeley Community Environmental Advisory Commission on September 6, 2001  and served until her termination  on January 4, 2006. Leuren has become a “Whisleblower” and staunch activist since leaving Livermore. 

With my background in the military and also having a very good understanding of flight planning and weather ( especially the air flow of the wind and currents in the atmosphere) Lauren and I took on the task to research the topic and then decided to lodge a preliminary “War Crimes Complaint” for the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal.

Shock and Awe Baghdad

Lauren Moret had already participated in this Tribunal giving excellent evidence and I assisted her in providing air flow charts for  her presentation which for the first time gave a clear visual explanation of  the size of the problem and the fact that Depleted Uranium certainly does not respect any international borders. 

Whilst Leuren was giving another presentation in Japan I sent her more weather data and charts on the upper winds and also one of the many monsoonal flow charts that unfortunately would bring this airborne contamination down to earth. I clearly remember that at the time an intense “Low Pressure Cell” was siting right over Japan which obviously made her presentation even more impressive. Depleted Uranium loves rain and snow and it is at such moments that the DU returns to “Mother Earth” to contaminate the soil, crops rivers and water table…….it is at this moment that the spread of contamination is beyond explaination………as Lauren once said to me “DU just loves snow.”

Below are a couple of examples of the charts I made up to show how these radioactive “Nano Particles” move around the earth and also get sucked into low pressure systems and hurricanes etc. The first charts shows the general distribution…..you will note the tight circle areas which denote low pressure……….the other charts shows a typical monsoon flow over Asia and the impact it has on the entire region…….especially over the Himalaya’s where it contaminates the many rivers of South East Asia and the Far East. 

Typical air flow chart

White Circles show Low Press Vortex and Stars/Square areas of conflict

As previously pointed out the Preliminary  War Crimes Complaint was submitted to one of the coordinators of the War Crimes Tribunal ( Mathias Chang) who had worked closely with Dr. Mahatir when he was the Prime Minister of Malaysia. 

That Compaint is shown below in it’s entirety. You will note that Lauren Moret ( A US Citizen)  has filed the complaint against George Bush the former President of the United States and the Government of the United States of America and I (a British Citizen) has filed the complaint against Tony Blair the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Government of the United Kingdom.

Copy of email to Mathias Chang:

Friday, 18 December, 2009 4:12

To Mathias Chang –

For the Attention of

Mr Matthias Change – The Prosecutor – Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC) 

18th December 2009

 Good Morning Matthias,

 Please find attached complaint as lodged jointly by myself and Leuren Moret this 18th day of December 2009.

Would you please be kind enough to acknowledge receipt of this email.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant 18/12/2009

End of communication

 Finally in closing I would again confirm that the above document was filed as  preliminary evidence to the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal. Leuren Moret and I continued to work on this document for over a year after its initial completion and to this day that document (well over 100 pages) remains incomplete. 

The unfinished document was being compiled to a very high academic level as even more and more evidence came to light. You may even be shocked to learn that the US also used Tactical Nuclear Weapons in the Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan in an attempt to smoke out Bin Laden and Al Quada……most of the world’s public thought that the last usage of nuclear weapons was used against the Japanese in WW2……that my friends was a total lie!!…..the other lie is that Al Quda doesn’t even exist…..this is the best “False Flag” (con) the west as ever created….an illusion to spread Islamaphobia around the world so that they can impliment their own evil and greedy “Geo Political Master Plan.”

The writing and compilation of this document by Leuren and I was extremely difficult and frustratiing with many delays caused by the inteligence agencies intercepting our communications and trying to sabotage its final conclusion.

In closing I would like to thank not only Leuren Moret but also  Dr.Mahatir and the people of Malaysia for their determination to put  Bush and Blair on trial. It is clear that many others (since these two evil leaders) have followed down the same path and should also be on trial. They include  in particular all the Presidents, Prime Ministers and Governments  that have continued on a war footing since the Iraq War ((including their Foreign Ministers and their Minister of Defence).

David Cameron is right up their with the best of them for not only taking us to war, yet again (Libya) but also for his own extremely illegal trip to South Africa in the summer of 1989 when he, Sir Ken Warren and others mastermind a plan to purchase “Three Battlefield Ready” nuclear weapons from Pelindaba (South Africa Nuclear Research Facility)  and have them shipped without security from Durban – Oman, had them stored in an insecure compound and then allowed them to be stolen again and sold on the Black Market. That is why Blair took us to war in Iraq in the first place but failed to disclose to us all that in actual fact they were not in Iraq and had been relocated elsewhere. One of those bombs was eventually test fired by North Korea!!

That not the end of the story because (as I have pointed out previously in another article) David Cameron, Sir Ken Warren and an elite group of very senior politicians (including Sir Mark Thatcher – Maggie’s son) formed a private “Big Boys Club” to siphon off a great deal of tax payers money into their own pockets. This also resulted in £17.8 million turning up in the Tory Party election fund which to this day has still not been account for. ………Don’t beleive me?…….Then read  on with this explanation and note the actual  account from Hansard!!!

 Was it right for ministers to issue Public Interest Immunity Certificates – so-called gagging orders – to try to withhold documents that could be useful to the defence in the Matrix Churchill trial or even the current Chilcot Inquiry?……you need to ask dear old Ken Clarke the answer to that question as he was the instigator……   Justice Secretary Ken Clarke said “Courts needed procedures to prevent sensitive secrets becoming public.”…….you bet Mr, Clark…that is why you created the  Public Interest Immunity (PII) for your gang of “Shonky Politicians” who had so much information to offer and you simply had to “Gag Them.”

I again ask the same question I have asked so many times before …..”Did ministers conspire to mislead the British public” ?

We can now add to the list of senior figures that of John Major, Tony Blair and later Gordon Brown who were either aware or involved in all of the above and thus carried out an act of deceit or withheld the truth from the British public.

What I find totally unacceptable is the fact that every government is professing to be totally transparent in its dealings. We had a classic case back in those dark years whereby the government of the day could rip off the British Tax Payer to the tune of £17.8 million, send it to an offshore banking outlet, and then bring it back into the country to prop up the Conservative Party Election Fund. This fraud was monitored by Margaret Thatcher, John Major,David Cameron, Tony Blair and many other senior political and yet to this day has still not been accounted for. Tony Blair himself received £1 million from Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula One chief, which was covered up as a donation from the tobacco industry (I didn’t know that Tony was such an heavy smoker!!). It should also be remembered that Dr David Kelly was the only person in mainstream UK MoD tasked with being in the loop for that covert offshore procurement of battlefield nukes from Apartheid South Africa. Basically his future was clearly mapped out for him once he decided to become a whistleblower!!

This is an Hansard account on how this was raised in the Houses of Parliement:

Extract taken from HANSARD 22nd June 1993.

Tory funding of their 1992 General Election Campaign –

Origins of Mystery Donation of £17.8 millions – Column 197:

Mr. Hoyle: If the hon. Gentleman will allow me, I shall tell him what information is now given to us. We understand the expenditure and what Tory central office receives. In 1992, central office received £20.7 million. When we asked about that and about company donations, the Tory party told us to look at company accounts.

I repeat: in 1992, the Tories received £20.7 million. When the records were checked by Companies house, only £2.9 million was shown in company accounts. That means that there is a deficit of £17.8 million. We want to know where that £17.8 million came from.

Mr. Tim Smith: The hon. Gentleman has made the suggestion about the accounts of the Conservative party that was made by a member of the Select Committee last week: that no accounts had been published between 1979 and 1983. They were published, and I undertook to send copies to the Select Committee.

Mr. Hoyle: I gave way to the hon. Gentleman because I expected him to tell me where the difference of £17.8 million came from. I shall give way again to him.

I am told that he is a treasurer of the Conservative party. I give way to him now so that he can stand up and tell us where the £17.8 million came from. Does the hon. Gentleman care to do that? I am waiting. I do not think that we shall get the information from the horse’s mouth. We certainly did not get it from the Secretary of State.

Mr. Hoyle: That is a very useful piece of information, which has added to my knowledge. Does the hon. Gentleman now care to tell us, taking just 1992, where the almost £18 million that is unaccounted for came from? We know that the funding–

Mr. Nigel Evans (Ribble Valley): This is boring.

Mr. Hoyle: It may be boring, but it is nevertheless true. In fact, it is not boring to my colleagues, because we should like a little light shone on the matter. Perhaps the hon. Gentleman can help us.

Mr. Mike O’Brien (Warwickshire, North): As a member of the Select Committee on Home Affairs, I have to tell my hon. Friend that he is being very unfair to as on the Conservative Board of Finance and who represented 84 constituencies. He said:

“Over £67 million of expenditure was recorded by the Conservative Party in my fours years on the Committee, but no one had to account for a penny of it to the Conservative Board of Finance nor to any other elected body.” Conservative Members do not know the answers; nor does anyone else.

Mr. Hoyle: I am grateful to my hon. Friend for that intervention. Perhaps only two people know where the funding came from. One is Lord McAlpine, whom the unfortunate President of the Board of Trade (Heseltine) apparently saw on his visit to Venice. I join the Secretary of State for Employment in hoping that the right hon. Gentleman has a speedy and full recovery and is soon back in the House.

However, the President of the Board of Trade (Heseltine) visited Lord McAlpine, and Lord McAlpine is one of the men who knows.

The other person is perhaps someone to whom my right hon. Friend the Member for Derby, South (Mrs. Beckett) referred–Sir Brian Wyldbore-Smith. He is apparently a director of the Conservative Board of Finance–a curious name, but a curious job, too. Apparently, Sir Brian used private addresses to receive cheques–they were not sent directly to central office. They were made out to him personally, eventually passed on and often paid into an offshore account in Jersey, a tax haven.

They eventually landed at central office with Lord McAlpine, whose office, I understand, was always kept locked except when he was in it, so that the secrets could not be given to the rank and file or to members of the Cabinet. Therefore, my hon. Friend the Member for Warwickshire, North (Mr. O’Brien) is right to say that Conservative Members do not know where the funding came from.

I wonder why there is no inquiry into the source of this fund and why governments are always pursuing tax fraud cheats but do nothing about this particular case?…….having said that I need to also point out that Gordon Bowden and I have been trying to expose massive massive fraud that is taking place in this country each and every year…….billions of pounds are going missing and massive tax evasion but still they do nothing……the Serious Fraud Office, the FSA, the LSE, the AIM and all senior politicians know and still do nothing……why you may ask?……..its simple really……they themselves are implicated with their associated corporate directors and their very close banking elite…….that is why the world’s economy has collapsed…..that is why all the governments of the world are implementing harsh austerity measure on the poor victims of this greed ( the tax payers) and then at the opportune time the “The New World Order Army” (World Bank and the IMF)  move in and take over their countries with their own puppets in place to guide them into a lifetime of unsustainable debt…….”Get the Picture” ?

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 21/11/2011    www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com

Is The Prime Minister And Our Government Worthy Of Running the UK?

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Members of the New World Order operate from within and other sinister characters 

Shakespeare once wrote “The Evil that men do lives after them” and in more modern times there is another saying that says “What goes around comes around” so one would have to ask the question if this is so why is our current and past leaders and many senior members of their cabinet and the House of Lords so guilty of some deplorable events in their lives? Why are their so many past and current male and female members guilty of War Crimes, Breaches of the Official Secrets Act, The Nuclear Explosion Act, Perverting the Course of Justice, instrumental in assassinations, massive fraud and corruption, deceiving the government and the citizens of this country and last but not lease being involved in Freemasonry and Paedophilia on a massive scale.  Quite an impressive CV don’t you think and certainly something to make you feel so proud to be British!!

I am sure that with all the turmoil’s, wars, conflicts, the worlds financial meltdown, companies folding up, jobs losses, foreclosures on our homes,  record unemployment and poverty that you are no doubt beginning to wonder who are these people who are running our country? What is their track record? Have they themselves done anything evil or sinister? Are they perpetual liars? Are they guilty of any horrendous crime, corruption or fraud?

I am sorry to have to tell you that the answer to all those questions is most positively yes and to such an extent you would never believe or even comprehend just exactly what they have done in their illustrious career!! You would not even be able to comprehend how can such human beings even exist on this planet and carryout such terrible acts!!!

So take a firm grip of your armchair and be prepared for the worse experience of your life because in my opinion no one should be representing us in the Houses of Parliament or the House of Lords with such a tarnished past.

Thatcher at her best remembering those she sent to the slaughter

Let’s just turn the clock back a little and look back on our dear “Iron Lady” – Maggie Thatcher who was instrumental in not only bring Neo Liberalism to this country and turning it upside down but was also guilty of aiding and abetting acts of war and conflict, promoting Chemical and Biological Weapon (CBW) development, promoting and allowing illegal regimes to develop their own nuclear weapons programmes (both WMD and CBW) and in sending our own current Prime Minister (then a young 24 year old researcher) with Sir Kenneth Warren and Dr. David Kelly on an illegal, sanction busting trip to South Africa in the summer of 1989.

Ah but that’s not totally correct Maggie- Dr. David Kelly knew and we know what happened to him!!

What did these guys know about the illegal purchase of the three nukes that they then lost!!

So why did dear Maggie take such a risk in sending her cavalry all the way down to South Africa? Was there something big to look at? Was their an opportunity for some shonky arms dealer to make big money and in turn possible slip a few million pounds  into  the kitty fund of the Conservative Party? You bet there was!

10 nukes were developed by South Africa with the help of Israel

One was exploded off Prince Edward Island , 6 were sent to Chicago for decommissioning and 3 were illegal purchased from Pelindaba (South Africa Nuclear Facility then sent from Durban – Oman without any security, stored in an insecure compound and stolen by the same man who sold them (John Bredenkamp) to the private consortium that consisted of many senior MP.s and dear Maggie’s son Sir Mark Thatcher.

You would think that in carrying out such a gross act of fraud and negligence and at the same time using British Tax Payers money in such a high risk private sector deal ( via a totally corrupt group of ” Parliamentary Scoundrels”  who then had the audacity to siphon off £17.8) they would all now be behind bars……….I would point out that if you or I did as little as take £50 off the government by illegal means you would now have a criminal record!!……..such is the justice system in this country.

So maybe now  you think this is the only bad thing that Maggie Thatcher and her replacement John Major did, correct? – Wrong!!….lets look at the development of CBW in South Africa and Illegal Arms dealings that took place that would have spin off’s involving the following leaders of the Labour Party, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Ok so lets look into this cloak and dagger operation that went terrible wrong and resulted in the assassination of dear Dr. David Kelly (Oh sorry I shouldn’t have let that slip out it was suicide wasn’t it?). Did this implicate David Cameron and his side kick in not only breaking international law but also in high level corruption? Surely no politician would put his reputation at risk, all for the sake of party funds donation?……….you’ve got to be joking; they would sell their mother for much less!

We watched all this develop and then went to war  for letting it happen – all in the name of greed!!

What was going on in South Africa that basically became the source of going to war in Iraq and why haven’t these culprits been punished and who else knew about this British monumental stuff up? Did the British Labour Party also know about this mess that Maggie Thatcher got us into?…..you bet they did……Dear Dr. Kelly also knew in great detail!

It all comes down to a nuclear weapons programme that was kept hidden from the United Nations by both the US and UK governments….starting to get the picture? The South African Government hid an awful lot of extremely nasty stuff from the world but good old US of A and the UK knew everything….just like partners in crime.

 Let’s just turn the clock back a little further at the time when Rhodesia ceased to exist and became Zimbabwe. It was in Rhodesia that Chemical and Biological Weapons (CBW) were fine tuned and eventually moved lock stock and barrel to South Africa along with its team of experts.

All of this CBW transfer was under the watchful eye of the British Government who approved the transfer….needless to say the US also became tagged to this evil development.

We may find it hard to believe that way back in the 1960’s the Portuguese used Chemical Warfare by poisoning water wells, drugged prisoners and threw them out of aircraft. It is also hard to believe that other evil ways were also developed in Rhodesia such as psychological warfare, covert executions, and the deployment of ingenious booby traps and toxic substances. They employed: poisonous chemicals in clothing, canned food, drinks, and aspirin; and, lethal biological agents such as cholera and anthrax to contaminate water supplies and farmland.

It was also reported in 1977 that several, 25-gallon drums of chemicals were delivered and, dried in the sun, and then ground into a powder. The noxious powder was later brushed onto the denim clothing favored by the guerrillas, mixed into processed meat such as bully beef before being repacked in new cans, or injected into bottles of alcohol with a micro-needle. In addition, several prisoners were forcibly used to determine the effects of the poisons, and their corpses were disposed of secretly.

The Rhodesians also made several attempts to disseminate lethal CBW agents, in particular Vibrio cholera and Bacillus anthracis. Rhodesian Special Air Service (SAS) also dropping anthrax spores from an aircraft near Plumtree on the Botswana border in experiments to try to kill cattle in the Gutu, Chilimanzi, Masvingo, and Mberengwa areas.

The main purpose of including this CBW programme in this nuke story is to reveal that historically the US and UK have been closely associated with WMD/CBW and willingly approved such programmes. If we can all recall the Anthrax letter scare in the US then one can see the way such practices can get out of hand and be used by some sinister groups. Again I would like to put an emphasis on the fact that the US and UK government always applied pressure on the UN in regard to Saddam’s use of CBW on Iran and the Kurds when they themselves gave the Iraqi’s the chemicals and know how to carry out these attacked and the UK funded and built the laboratories . How two faced can you get?

When you think about it, our current leader David Cameron and his predecessors jump up on the podium and preach to us all about the ethical and moral values of torture and illegal killings in far away places such as the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Lebanon, Gaza, Egypt, Libya and now Syria (with Iran to follow)……my question would be” look within our own actions and ethical standards”…..”Look what we have participated in”…….”see the lies and deceit of our Leaders, our Foreign Ministers and our Ministers of Defence”

Sorry I got carried away there for one moment….back to the terrible story of Britain’s past:

We can now look at another special operation that followed on from the above transfer of CBW to South Africa with what was known as “Project Coast.” This project was the development, testing, and utilization of a wide array of hard-to-trace toxic agents to assassinate enemies of the South African state but went far beyond its original intention. Some of the plans included drugging victims before tossing their bodies out of an airplane into the ocean, which was similar to the tactics used in Rhodesia.

The substances employed in the assassination program included potentially lethal chemicals such as aldicarb, brodifacum, cantharidin, colchamine, cyanide, digoxin, methanol, monensin, paraoxon, paraquat, phencyclidine, phosphide, silatrane, sodium azide, thallium, and vitamin D3; biological agents such as anthrax spores, botulinum toxin, brucella bacteria, salmonella bacteria, mamba venom, and cholera bacteria. A wide variety of foodstuffs, beverages, household items, and cigarettes were contaminated with these poisons.

Methods of delivery included turning rings, screwdrivers, walking sticks, and umbrellas into assassination devices by adding poison compartments and injectors and firing mechanisms for poisoned pellets. As we can all see the true world of James Bond really does exist. It is also interesting to note that the evil regime that existed at the time also intended to create a “Black only Bomb” which would specifically target the black populations of South Africa. This bomb would directly attack their genetics with the minimum result of making black Africans sterile etc.

Before moving onto the nuclear industry in South Africa we should also mention Dr. David Kelly British arms inspector and micro biologist, Dr. Kelly, has always been linked to the fact he knew too much about the illegal arms trade to the Middle East, including the real story about WMD in Iraq. Although the official story of his 2003 death tells a tale of suicide, many observers close to the case claim Dr. Kelly was anything but suicidal. They also contend the follow-up investigation was appalling, claiming the Hutton Commission set up by the British Parliament to investigate Dr. Kelly’s death covered up important facts that would have implicated high-ranking British and American officials.

It is believed that Dr. Kelly knew all about the “Black only Bomb” as well as missing nuclear weapons which we will talk about after this segment covering CBW. It would appear that he may have been assigned to look into some aspects of the above by both Maggie Thatcher and John Major and therefore his implication would have put two very senior politicians in the firing line had he divulged this knowledge to the media or in his book. It is also believed that Dick Cheney was also clearly disturbed that Dr. Kelly could spill the beans on all of the above as well as information concerning missing nuclear weapons. At the time of his assassination Tony Blair just happened to be in the United States and was awarded a Gold Medal but never received it…….maybe because it was tainted with blood!

Dr Kelly had really gone through a very rough patch with the British political elite and many people in high places were aware that he could spill the beans on dangerous and deadly secrets that could topple governments, especially the CBW programme in South Africa to which Thatcher was privy. Biological weapons research continues today and remains a subject one cannot talk about. The 2001 Anthrax attacks in the US proved that the programme was still very much alive. Obviously all of the above implicated the USA and big cover-ups were made by the FBI.

It must be clearly understand that Maggie Thatcher and certain members of the Conservative were not only aware but also supported the “Black only Bomb” and were also involved in many other under the radar operations. There existed an under the table illegal arms trade which at the time amounted to around 55 million pounds (as a starter). Money would flow from government sources to the arms dealers for weapons provided to Iraq. We helped Iraq develop their CBW programme which they used against the innocent Kurdish civilians  and also against Iran. The US and UK encouraged the war to stretch out for as long as possible and promoted  Iraq to become the victor!  One can clearly see this is not only an extremely two faced approach but also a clear case of  “You reap in the harvest of your own making”.

Before closing lets again revisit the nuclear programme in South Africa when the following took place:

In August 1988, Roelof Frederik “Pik” Botha, the South African foreign minister, announced that his nation had “the capability to make one [a nuclear weapon]” should it want to do so. A month later, in September 1988, South Africa sent a letter to IAEA Director General Hans Blix expressing willingness to accede to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) if certain conditions were met, primarily that South Africa be allowed to market its uranium subject to IAEA safeguards. Less than two years later, the de Klerk government terminated the nuclear weapons program. All nuclear devices were dismantled and destroyed……..let me just hold it there one minute and clarify what was said in this paragraph “That in less than two years all nuclear devices were dismantled and destroyed……. This was not the case as you can see from the activities of our own PM, David Cameron, Sir Ken Warren, Dr.David Kelly and Peter Lilley MP to name just a few!!! 

As you can clearly see from those early days of “Thatcherism” all our leaders and governments to date have been involved in not only illegal activities, lies and deceit but also many of them are still deeply involved in massive fraud with the corporate sector and the banks!……want to see a couple of “King Pins” ?

Lord Michael Howard – Painting by Richard Stone

“I am embarrassed when I talk about fraudulent money & Orca Exploration  

Come Tony Tell Me Do You Know 22 Arlington Street/ Lonhro First  Floor 25 Berekely Square London?

How’s the charity that is trading as the African Governance Initiative, “Nice to mix and match hey”!! 

The Tony Blair Governance Initiative, trading as the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative and also as AGI, is a company limited by guarantee which is registered in England and Wales with company number 06779669 and a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales number 1132422. The registered office of The Tony Blair Governance Initiative is 50 Broadway, London SW1H 0BL. Note The Tony Blair Governance Initiative is a charity (1132422) at 50 Broadway (St James Park).

There’s huge amounts of money being donated by the DFID to Africa…..I bet you know how to get your paws on it Tony just like you did in the Iraq Oil carve up via your UI Energy (your Korean partners) to whom you and your friend the ex PM of Australia – Bob Hawke are acting as advisors (tough at the top hey!!) ,,,,oh did I forget all your American friends who were Clinton and Bush Advisors!!  

Peter Lilley MP – How’s the regular payments going from Tethy’s Petroleum?

I have to admit defeat at this stage because there are so many of them in Westminster it would be a very long article to cover all their wheeling’s and dealings but I can assure you all we know what you are up too and so do the Serious Fraud Office, FSA, LSE and the AIM…..Then you have some involved in Paedophilia ,not as that makes any difference, because they do nothing about it, despite our regular briefs via email….. not to mention the lists that have been given to various leaders etc!!

Ex PM Gordon Brown

Let’s just leave it as a rogues gallery and if you want to know more about their activities then let me know and I will submit your questions to my investigator – Gordon Bowden…….they all know what they are doing and I can assure you its not just a case of caring for the country but more about caring for their own very fat wallets!!

Lord Robertson 

Then we have another Lord who once was in charge of NATO and whom had a lot of involvement with Paedophilia in this country and certainly a strong connection to the Dunblane Massacre when many children and their teacher were murdered…….again we know that Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and our current PM, David Cameron were aware of the current Hollie Greig case and those in high places in Scotland who are directly involved.

Finally we have all those in opposition that were advised of the massive fraud involving the corporate sector, the banks and many of their own politicians. They were also advised of the issues related to Depleted Uranium and also the Chinook Crash at the Mull of Kintyre but as you would expect they are not in office to represent you but rather to  seek their own future security and turn a blind eye to Fraud, Murder, Assassination, Paedophilia and the dangers of Depleted Uranium to millions of innocent civilians around the various regions of conflict and the death and contamination of our own troops……below are those people:  

The labour team at Nottingham were all briefed

Then you have all the minister who turned a blind to the illegal nuclear bombs or the continued use of depleted uranium in the battlefield that is killing millions of innocent people as well as our own troop…….people such as Minister for Foreign Affair, Ministers for Trade and Industry, the DTI and their Select  Committees and  still did nothing, namely:

                                                                   NATO Depleted Uranium exploding in Libya

Victims of DU

The three stooges with no regrets

Then we have the victims of their greed and the associated cover-up at the many hearings such as Matrix Churchill, Scott, Hutton, Mull of Kintyre and now Chilcot etc……….where these people assassinated?….you decide:

Gerald Bull

                                      Dr David Kelly                          Princess Diana                                Robin Cook

Finally we have to reflect at the recent Remembrance Day on 11/11/2011 at the Cenotaph in Whitehall when these illustrious ex and current  Prime Ministers bowed their heads in remembrance of those that had died as a direct result of their own derived conflicts/wars in The Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan for no reason whatsoever but to initiate their own greedy “Geo Political Plan”……..how dare they…..where is their ethical and moral background?

Image Detail

Blair is there hiding his head in shame behind Clegg

Maybe now you can answer the question that I first asked of you “Is the Prime Minister and our Government worthy of running this country”?………..”Only you the British public know the answer!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 20/11/2011      www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com