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The West and its plans to force regime change in many countries

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The West and its plans to force regime change in many countries


What is the US, Britain, France and NATO actually after in its so called war on terrorism?

Are we in the west fuelling the Arab Spring?

How come these leaders are not on the wanted list by the International Court of Justice?

They are trying to force regime change in all countries that have no military pact with US & NATO or who have no cooperation or economic ties. They are also deeply upset that they have little involvement in Oil and Gas contracts and more importantly they are upset that the IMF/World Bank has no involvement in their countries.

It is obvious that looking through western eyes this is the greater economic threat to America, UK, France and NATO and because of this they continue to pursue their relentless attack on these so called aggressive leaders, who according to them kill their own people. One must not forget that Israel also plays a major part in this “Arab Spring.”

 The media which is under the censorship of their Zionist owners are equally to blame for portraying the wrong theme as what is really going on in Libya, Syria and Yemen etc.

First of all we have to understand that the world economic meltdown was an intentional plan by the New World Order to control all sectors and to allow banks or companies to fold up or become dependent on government bail outs. Whilst all this was going on we also had the ongoing massive corporate fraud, linked to those same banks and involving senior politicians and their parties. Add to this the permanent state of war that the US, UK, France and NATO encourage and one can clearly see that this forces up the price of oil, commodities and food etc……..the net result is companies closing down, mass unemployment, loss of homes and more people becoming more dependent on the state. However, in other countries this damage is almost irreversible resulting in severe hardship and forcing them closer to poverty.

We then see unrest within those countries as people start to take to the streets wanting change and look towards their leaders and government for a quick fix and in some cases those leaders are themselves also corrupts. However, with the help of the US, UK, France and the west these relatively peaceful protests turn into a blood bath as we saw in such places as Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Libya……having said that however Libya has (or should I say had) one of the best standards of living in Africa under the Ghadaffi’s leadership.


So what has this got to do with the so called aggression and killing of innocent people….you may find it hard to believe that it is at such times that the west infiltrate those countries with their Special Forces, CIA, MI5, Mossad and hired Mercenaries with the intention of creating trouble at key locations i.e. Benghazi, Damascus, Sanaa, Bahrain and many other locations within each country. They are skilled at starting up trouble by creating “Dial a crowd” – “Dial a militia” – “Dial a sniper” who are then directly financed and armed by the US, UK, France, EU and Israel. Once this is in place a peaceful protest then becomes a contrived conflict.

The next stage is to place selective snipers on rooftops to take out the odd innocent civilian and one can soon see how such situations suddenly appear to take on a new outlook………..it is at such moment that the Zionist control media then feed false propaganda to the screens of the general public in the west with what can only be described as an appalling standard of reporting. This was clearly shown in Libya with so much reference to this so called rebel army, that is not an army at all, but simply an undisciplined, fragmented pile of thugs, paid and armed by the west.

We now see the same in Syria to try to spread this same hysteria throughout its people and to make us all believe that President Assad is a thug, like they did with Ghaddafi when this is not the case. 


Many of the refugees who fled to Turkey in recent weeks are returning home

A classic example was the recent unrest near the border with Turkey, resulting in civilians moving over the border in mass…….we then saw Syrian troops being sent into that area to clean up these small fragmented groups of militia/mercenaries. What the media did not show clearly was that after this mop up thousands of those refugees started flowing back over the border heading back to their homes………let’s just hold it there and explain one simple fact……..if you had been driven from your homes by this so called aggressive Syrian Army why would you then return to your homes when the only people left in the area were the Syrian Army……..it is clear that the mercenaries had been moved on or killed and this action alone allowed them to return.

We also see these very carefully orchestrated street scenes of pictures from mobile phones, that do not allow the viewer to make out anything at all and sometimes showing someone on the roof firing into the crowd……the media then make the same announcement that these statements and pictures cannot be verified etc etc.

Libya is currently under a huge barrage of illegal US and NATO weapons (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and believe me the death toll, in the medium term future, will be catastrophic. What can we expect from this Libyan onslaught……gross birth defects, a massive increase in all forms of cancer, especially in the unborn and young children, a sharp increase in cancer of the thyroid and Leukaemia…..but it doesn’t stop there because we then have an increase in mental disorders, brain tumours and autism etc……another aspect that is not talked about is that these weapons create infertility in women and a massive reduction in the male sperm count.

These weapons in the main contain depleted uranium (DU) and based on the heavy usage (both past and current) will make such places as Tripoli turn into a type of Fallujah (Iraq). You may find it hard to understand that contamination from DU remains in the environment for 4.5 billion years making such places as Iraq and Afghanistan almost uninhabitable.

We must all understand that this Arab Spring does have a genuine compassionate overtone on a local level where the people in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain etc really do want change. However, the west certainly intends to force these countries into a regime change so that the new leader and government are friendly towards the US and the west.


Riots in Greece but no Special Forces, CIA, MI5 or Mossad sniper (they wouldn’t dare)

Remember, we also had/have a European Spring in such countries as Ireland, Greece, Portugal and no doubt Spain and Italy are also on the cards…….this is a forced collapse by the New World Order i.e. Wall Street and City of London financial houses, linked with the World Bank and the IMF who wish to force all these countries to take on massive debt that they cannot basically pay back. To date Ireland and Greece have been forced into accepting and IMF bailout with Portugal still attempting to stand its ground

I find it incredible that the general public in this world are totally blind as to what is truly going on and continue to believe what they see on the main line media networks……you must all fully understand that all the regular channels in the west are heavily censored.

John Pilger as we all know is an award winning journalist who has done some remarkable work in exposing the truth. He has made a film called “The wars you don’t see” and believe me this is such an eye opener……someone has made it available on You Tube in 8 segments and is a must to watch.

Part 1:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_SQk9tvHTA

Part 2:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDy2EKp5yLE&feature=related

Part 3:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mH1t73EHmn0&feature=related

Part 4:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCPFkmz0poI&feature=related

Part 5:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVlI7Ne8GLo&feature=related

Part 6:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibr6Do-WcQI&feature=related

Part 7:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tk2bZTIUxE&feature=related

Part 8:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR3elwyxTvE&feature=related


Just think about what John Pilger  has said and try to take it all in……this is the reality of these ongoing wars that not only affect those countries in the war zone but also the entire world (because DU does not identify international borders) and so we will see this slow progressive mass genocide on a scale never seen before…..imagine we have in the atmosphere the equivalent of thousand of nuclear weapons all suspended in the form of millions of nanoparticles………..we can breath in (inhale, absorb or digest) any of these particles at any one time and once inside the lungs or the body the progressive process will start….it can take as little as six months or many years and it is irreversible. When it rains or snows the nanoparticles then attach themselves to rain/moisture or snow flakes  and then come down to contaminate our land, crops and water for 4.5 billion years……so come on world when are you all going to wake up and stop this madness?

Here’s some facts that were published in India: Arun Shrivastava (Salem-News.com)

  • Two million Iraqis are dead, 740,000 Iraqi women widowed, 5 million homeless, 1/3     killed are children. Longest war, no cause, use of WMD, no civilised voices in opposition to the US + NATO attacks.
  • Hundreds of thousands in Afghanistan killed, the region is uninhabitable, so is Iraq because of radiation contamination from the use of Depleted Uranium weapons, also known as Weapons of Mass Destruction or area deniability weapons.
  • Why has the MSM been so silent? Do journalists have any moral compunction?
  • When one or two Muslims are killed in Police brutality in India, it becomes a national issue of “crimes against minorities.” But when million of Muslims are done in by the British and American Government controlled military forces, not a voice is raised? And India has the second largest Muslim population in the world. Are the Iraqi, Libyan or Afghan Muslims inferior to Indian Muslims? Is that the position held by the Left thinkers and Muslim activists in India?

DU Child in Afghanistan

Finally we have the International Court of Justice, who are manipulated by the US, UK, France and NATO, who push for the arrest of the President of Sudan or Ghadaffi but what about our own Presidents and Prime Ministers who authorise the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction…….which is the greater crime?

This exercise of “Mass Depopulation” started during the War in the Balkans and has been running continuously ever since…….think about that for one minute…….. “The continuous use of weapons that contain uranium components has been going for two decades.”

Food for thought or should I say contaminated food for thought………this certainly adds new meaning to the term organic farming don’t you think?

I came across a couple of reports:

British, French agents undercover in Libya to get Gaddafi: Report
By ANI | ANI – Sun, Jun 19, 2011
London, June 19 (ANI): A team of 130 British and French agents are reportedly on a one-million-pound-a-week, do-or-die deep undercover mission in Libya to get Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
The British security service MI6 and France’s Directorate-General for External Security agents will hunt for the dictator in Operation Fire And Forget, the Daily Star reports.
According to a senior security source, these agents are personally sanctioned by UK PM David Cameron and French President Sarkozy, the paper said.
Members of the team speak the language, have lived in the country for years, and have made good contacts or landed jobs in key areas.
“These agents are very brave people. If they get caught they will disappear and won’t survive an hour,” the paper quoted the senior security source, as saying.
Money is no object and the operation could cost an estimated one million pounds a week, the source added. (ANI)

Another comment received was as follows: I know of a man who is working for a British security firm out of Dubai who is getting over £2000/day + expenses in Libya. I know the security firm although I cannot give the name here.

So much for no boots on ground hey?



It is the US, UK, France and NATO’s intention to destroy the infrastructure of Libya, suppress its economy, remove its regime and spread fear amongst the population. One incident that was not reported by the western media was the fact that NATO bombed a restaurant that served food primarily to the local oil workers. Some locals managed to survive the onslaught and attempted to go back in and rescue their fellow workers…..as they attempted to do so they were fired upon by helicopters………those helicopter could only have been US, British or NATO…..they did not target the oil facility but only the workers…..now maybe you can see what is truly behind this war!!

Let’s just remember the purpose for going into Libya…. “To save many lives”  right?…………..Wrong!!…..they are not only currently killing many many innocent civilians by hitting densely populated areas with bombs and missiles but have also nuked Libya……. this alone will progressively kill many thousands if not millions of innocent people

Oh well continue watching your favourite show on TV or your sports channel and just simply let the world go by……..shame on you all!!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 29/6/2011    www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com        

Arms to Iraq – Just who knew what would have to be the question – Part 4 (Final)

with one comment

Baby Supergun – Successfully test fired North of Baghdad

    Project Babylon – Supergun – Designed to fire CBW/WMD into Iran & Israel

Made in Sheffield UK with full British Government/MoD/DTI/MI5 Approval

In this final article we will cover another disgraceful chapter linked to the illegal arms trade to Iraq. As I have previously point out we have had two failed and corrupt inquires so far (Matrix Churchill and the Scott Inquiry) with the Chilcot Inquiry still waiting for a result…….indications show yet another cover-up, with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown coming out clean and with no regrets!!

This story not only reveals how Maggie Thatcher and  the British Conservative Party violated the UN Sanctions on South Africa, abused British Tax Payers Money and then by their “Gross Neglect” allowed three “Battlefield Ready Nuclear Bombs” to be stolen from their insecure compound in Oman.

Before revealing what really happened we have to fully understand the countries that were implicated in this illegal arms deal and the impact it would have in going to war with Iraq…….the very country we had been supporting for many years. The countries involved were the United States, United Kingdom, Israel and South Africa.

We first have to turn back the clock to the period when it became apparent that white supremacy in South Africa was about to end and certain measures had to be put in place prior to the hand over to Nelson Mandela.

Mells Park

What the British public never knew was the fact that while Nelson Mandela was under lock and key in his cell he did in actual fact play a huge part in the negotiations regarding the terms of the handover. Meanwhile senior members from the South Africa Government and the British Government participated in many secretive visits to a place called Mells Park, in the Mendip Hills to discuss the terms for the changeover.

The other covert operation that was also taking place was the development, by South Africa, in creating its own nuclear weapons programme, all of which were secretly  carried out under the radar of the UN Sanctions but with the full knowledge of the US, UK and with the assistance of Israel and its own nuclear specialists.

What I find incredible that this was not the only nuclear weapons mishap that occurred around the same period of time when in 1991 a US B52 had a full in-flight emergency resulting in the aircraft having to jettison its nuclear payload off the coast of Somalia before crashing into the Indian Ocean close to Diego Garcia (a British Military Base).

Let’s first look at the South African illegal nuclear weapons programme and the involvement of Israel into ensuring its success:

The initial steps were taken back in the 1960’s but this programme was later accelerated when South Africa did a deal with Israel on nuclear development. This deal obviously complimented Israel’s own nuclear programme as they did not have an area suitable for test firing such weapons.

There were several small tests carried out in the Kalahari Desert but the full test had to be carried out elsewhere. It was decided to test fire the first nuclear bomb down off Prince Edward Island which is a small island group south of the continent. The bomb was successfully tested in September 1979 and was detected by US satellite. However, the US covered up this detection and blamed it on some other technical problem on board the satellite. This however was not the case as there had been a secret memo handed around at the Los Alamos nuclear test facility in the United States confirming the test.

With the help of Israel, South Africa went on to build another 9 nuclear bombs which eventually gave the “White Government” a major headache as to what they should do with these “Nukes” prior to the changeover to Mandela. Discussions took place with the US and UK and the decision was made to have the nine remaining bombs shipped directly from South Africa to Chicago for decommissioning.

It was interesting to read the spin that came out at the time when it was stated: South Africa dismantled its nuclear weapons program in 1989. All the bombs (six constructed and one under construction) were destroyed and South Africa acceded to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty when South African Ambassador to the United States Harry Schwarz signed the treaty in 1991. On 19 August 1994, after completing its inspection, the IAEA confirmed that one partially completed and six fully completed nuclear weapons had been dismantled. As a result, the IAEA was satisfied that South Africa’s nuclear program had been converted to peaceful applications. As you can see from my statement above and below this was totally untrue as six bombs were shipped to the US and three shipped by the British to Oman!! 

The British Prime Minister, Maggie Thatcher had something else in mind as she was deeply involved with the conflict in Iraq and requested if she could purchase three of these battlefield ready nuclear bombs to be used against Saddam in the event he did not toe the line.

It was during the summer of 1989 that she sent Kenneth Warren (now Sir Kenneth) and a rather young Conservative researcher, David Cameron down to Pelindaba in South Africa to start the purchase process of three nuclear bombs. The idea involved using taxpayers money but not via the normal weapons purchase channels of the MoD but via the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). The other aspect that I find totally deplorable was that this also became a private business project involving very senior members of Parliament (Tory Party) who invested in the project with Maggie Thatcher’s son Mark at the helm (now Sir Mark).

It was during this episode that Michael Heseltine paid a visit to Venice to meet with Lord Mac Alpine and it is also believed that Peter Lilley, David Wilshire and many other senior members of government were also involved. In actual fact as we follow this charade up to the current time we could also possibly include other politicians, who through their actions have tried to cover up the whole illegal arms fiasco during investigations such as Alan Clarke and Ken Clarke etc.

Sir Ken Warren and Peter Lilley MP

The go between for this illegal arms transfer was the notorious arms dealer John Bredenkamp who, having sold them, then arranged for the shipment to Oman in standard 20 foot sea containers. They were shipped without any security and were then stored in his mates compound, again without security.

The person responsible for receiving and checking this shipment was none other than Dr. David Kelly, who would check the health of the nuclear weapons (via special concealed observation panels) and to see that the core temperature was within safe limits. Having checked all three were OK the money was then released for the outright purchase. It was at these final stages of the deal that £17.8 million (of taxpayer’s money) was siphoned off and paid directly into the empty Tory Party Election Fund.

What was to happen next was beyond comprehension when the arms dealer, John Bredenkamp, stole back the three weapons, knowing the British Government would not be able to do anything about it as the entire deal had been totally illegal and implicated so many senior political figures…….this sort of fiasco had the capability to collapse the entire Tory Government.

The three nuclear bombs, each one stored inside a specially modified sea container, were switched with three other containers that only contained a concrete block to the same value in weight. They were then believed to have been moved to Iraq (for a short time) and then moved by road into Syria by placing them inside three ambulances (one in each). These bombs were extremely mobile as they were initially designed to be placed inside the bomb bay of a British built Canberra Bomber or inside another British aircraft called the Buccaneer.

SAAF Canberra and Buccaneer

It may be worth pointing out at this stage that if having nuclear weapons is justification for going to war then in this case we went to war with the wrong country and consequently over one million Iraq’s died as a direct result of this action……not to forget the coalition force losses!! It is also apparent that Dr. David Kelly was also assassinated for knowing too much!!

By now you are probably saying to yourself how could we, the British public, be so deceived and how come no one has been arrested or charge with offenses relating to this mammoth gross act of negligence? You would also be shocked to learn that many of these fraudsters are still in office in high places, including the PM himself. One must also add to the list of political wrong doings the fact that both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown knew of this situation as did our local MP’s Margaret Beckett and Chris Williamson who have been briefed on these events, not forgetting Lord Doug Hoyle who was one of the members who raised the fraudulent £17.8 million in Parliament ( see Hansard  June 22nd 1993 from Column 197)………don’t you find this beyond belief that despite this fraud/irregularity being recorded in Parliament no one has ever pursued it and sought justice and yet if you or I take say £50 from the government coffers we can end up in prison?…….not to mention the Nuclear Explosions Act!!

It is time to look at another cover up committed by the US when a B52 that was overhead Baghdad armed with SRAM nuclear missiles encountered a full in flight emergency with its electrics.  

The SRAM (short range attack missile, AGM 69A). The air-surface missile at the time of going missing contained a Plutonium Warhead  W69M (200KT thermo-nuclear). The AGM69A missile was first manufactured in 1971 – 1976 and around 1,500 were produced. There were retired over a period of time between 1991 – 1994 although there were initially removed from active service in 1990 due to fire safety concerns. This concern however did not stop the continued operational usage.

Unknown to the United Nations and many other countries the US were playing a cat and mouse game with Iraq during Gulf War 1 and it was on President George H.W. Bush’s watch that things went terribly wrong during one of his major bluffs!

He had authorized a B52 Bomber to depart its Saudi Arabian Air Base loaded with SRAM Nuclear Missiles and position overhead Baghdad. We were led to believe that this aircraft only had three missiles onboard; despite the fact it could carry twenty missiles. The idea Bush had in mind was to threaten Saddam with these nuclear weapons unless he toed the line.

The B52 with a registration number of 59-2593 suddenly encountered a major electrical problem which could have been catastrophic. The aircraft commander was instructed to head south as he continued to attempt to sort out the problem.

The aircraft eventually was instructed to head for Diego Garcia in the north of the Indian Ocean. Well into this flight things started to become more critical and the crew were very much aware of their cargo of potentially unstable weapons.

The decision was made to jettison the weapons off the coast of Somalia in relative shallow water (one would assume for possible later recovery), and then proceeded on to land at Diego Garcia. The onboard electrical system had obviously become extremely critical resulting in the aircraft loosing power to its eight engines as it attempted to get back to Diego Garcia. The aircraft started to loose height and prior to arriving at the field some crew members ejected. The aircraft by this time had dropped to below its safe ejection height and the remainder of the crew ejected but failed to deploy their chutes and consequently died. The aircraft crashed into the sea 15 nautical miles north of the field on the 3rd of February 1991.

Dick Cheney was US Secretary of Defense and did not take any immediate action to recover these weapons from off the coast of Somalia at the time and consequently they were recovered by another fraudulent  organization in May 1999 who were supposed to be a deep sea diving/ treasure salvage team who were working in the offshore Somalia area. This diving company was operating out of the Seychelles and apparently was a cover up for a South African arms smuggling operation into Somalia. The apartheid-era South African military were sending packages of conventional arms destined for groups in Somalia, and dropping them in shallow water. The divers couldn’t find these packages and had to broaden their search and accidently then came across the SRAMs. They allegedly relayed their serial numbers via the UK to a retired senior officer in the USAF to find out what they were. The news from the senior officer was that these were nuclear munitions from the B-52. I should point out at this stage that the South African arms dealer was also involved in the missing UK nuclear weapons namely John Bredenkamp and another arms dealer by the name of Muller Conrad (Billy) Rautenbach……the latter received tons of gold bullion when he sold the missiles on the black market.

Well guess what folks? Both these notorious arms dealers enjoyed a life of unbelievable luxury and frequented the shores of the UK…..one even lived almost next door to the Iron Lady herself and some of their relatives still live in the luxury backdrops of rural England……such is justice and democracy here in the UK!!

I guess by now your asking was there anything else in this sinister illegal arms trade that the Tory Party became so good at? Yes it gets far worse because it was Maggie Thatcher who when she came to power realised that Rhodesia was about to take a dramatic change and eventually became Zimbabwe and again we see concerns as to what would happen to the existing advanced Chemical and Biological Warfare that had been created in Rhodesia.

It was decided to move the entire programme and staff down to South Africa having already been involved in some very deadly programmes. Experiments were held on a regular basis whereby animal water hotels would be intentionally contaminated or those in poverty would become the test bed for their evil experiments…..sometimes it would be on unsuspecting patients in hospital or on prisoners etc.

Eventually the programme would advance under its new control by the White South African. This also meant that Porton Down in the UK would become a very important part of the CBW programme and in cooperation with the South African Govern developed what became known as Project Coast.

Although no large-scale production or weaponization of offensive BW agents occurred at Roodeplaat Research Laboratories (RRL), scientists took their orders from Basson, acquired, prepared, and tested a plethora of toxic biological substances. RRL produced and tested all of the 45 local strains of anthrax bacteria, Brucella maletensis, four types of Clostridium botulinum, cholera bacteria, and Yersinia enterocolitica and/or Y. pestis. In addition, RRL worked with Clostridium perfringensEscheria coli, plague, salmonella, HIV-infected blood, and snake venom, as well as CW agents like Mustard, Sarin, Tabun and VX, and a wide array of other highly toxic chemicals. RRL may have shipped some of these products to other entities for testing, including the pyrotechnical labs at Special Forces headquarters, the SAP’s Forensic Sciences Laboratory, universities, or other facilities at various state companies, semi-state companies, and private companies. After being privatized for a brief period in the early 1990s, the company’s shareholders sold RRL back to the government, which then liquidated RRL. It was in South Africa where the “Black only bomb” was designed that specifically would target the Afro Gene…..this however was never used. What did come to light was the fact that sometimes bottles of deadly CBW would go missing and fall into the hands of Special Forces who would then use it out in the field, in and around Africa. What would transpire from this evil type of warfare was that certain regions would become infected with something deadly CBW, including HIV etc.

It was again dear Dr. David Kelly that would be in charge of the UK programme and was forced to work in a sort of Joint Venture programme with the South Africans. Add to this his knowledge of the missing nukes and maybe you can then understand as to why he was assassinated. It also so happened that Princess Diana  also learnt of the activity of the people who were supplying mines and she also became a victim of the arms dealers such people like Bredenkamp and Rautenbach. One could also cast some doubt on the death of Robin Cook who really put the Tory Party and his own party under great pressure.

                                       Dr. David Kelly                       Princess Diana                                       Robin Cook MP

As I have previously pointed out so many times before that what has and is going on in this country both past and up to the current time is totally and utterly shameful and borders on mass genocide in every possible way. It has involved the Prime Ministers. Ministers of Defence, DTI and other very senior politicians some of them have also been implicated in massive fraud and corruption which almost always extends into illegal arms dealings etc.

Gordon Bowden and I continue to attack those responsible for putting our country into this state of permanent war and who gainfully ignore the massive fraud (amounting to billions of pounds each and every year) despite all the forensic evidence provided. Below is the latest email sent to the same list of people in high places who never, repeat never, acknowledge receipt. Such is the arrogance of those people that we put in power i.e. our servants!!

Fw: HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 Starting from Column 197

Saturday, 25 June, 2011 12:20



Gordon Bowden



For your record.



—– Forwarded Message —-
From: gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>
To: scotlandp@parliament.uk
Cc: chris.williamson.mp@parliament.uk; beckettm@parliament.uk; john.healey.mp@parliament.uk; feedback@peterlilley.co.uk; info@davidcameron.com; info@derbyconservatives.co.uk; info@derbylabourparty.co.uk; info@libdems.org.uk; fife_office@mingcampbell.org.uk; gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>; lucy.care@ntlworld.com; Sam Bamford <illuminati.manchester@gmail.com>
Sent: Sat, 25 June, 2011 11:29:14
Subject: HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 Starting from Column 197


 Dear Baroness Scotland


So much for the honesty, integrity and trust to the British Public

of the RT HON LORDS, LADIES and VIP Politicians of the United Kingdom.


That you, along with the Cc recipients again be reminded to discharge your Public Service Duty of Care.


Subject: HANSARD JUNE 22   1993  from Column 197




As provided to myself, from a protected source, the forwarded communications to others, attached below and directly associated to all prior recorded communications to your and the Cc Recipients


It is recorded.


You have repeatedly failed, as requested in your Public legal Service Duty, directly in the Public Interest , to reply, respond or bring to Justice those so named in Public Government Office, identified in the correspondences forwarded to you by myself, this regarding the evidence of mass Conservative Party Fraud, theft, money laundering and associated to the “STOLEN” Conservative purchased 3 X 20kt Battlefield ready (ex ARMSCOR) Pelindaba, Pretoria Nuclear Bombs.

Overseen by and under the watch of DR DAVID KELLY.


To expose to Parliament and Police authorities, those so identified as Board Directors and aligned with the LONRHO Empire using over 300 AIM Registered FAKE, FRAUD, “VIRTUAL” OIL & GAS and MINERAL MINING, common Director Only CASH SHELL Companies, conducting Multi £billion Organised Crime, Corporate ASSET STRIPPING, Money laundering and Common Director Company “INSIDER TRADING” and using the proceeds of crime in financially funding and assisting the Conservative Party.


Protected by the Covert Network of KROLL and it’s subsidiaries their executives and employees



The 4 VIP Directors of:




Corporate address: 22 ARLINGTON STREET.LONDON SW1A 1RD.







Sponsored by affiliated to and aligned with: LONRHO


It is recorded.

You have  failed as requested, in your Labour Party Government Position, to protect the citizens of the United Kingdom by disclose to Parliament, the legal statement details as disclosed by ex Senior Civil Servant and ex ARMS to IRAQ and INTELLIGENCE Advisor to the SELECT COMMITTEE OF THE DTI.

to ensure this evidence is presented to the “OPEN” PUBLIC      CHICOTT IRAQ INQUIRY.


To ensure The Recovery and protection, of ANY and ALL”Classified” “Secret” ARMS to IRAQ Documents, Files, Dossiers, Computer Files and Portable Hard drives seized and held by the Derbyshire Police seized by them on the 13/01/2010 in a raid by 13 Male Police headed by DC 1518 Stephen Winnard, and Police Dog squad on the North Wales property under a proceeds of crime order signed by Judge Burgess (Derby)


as Disclosed in the legal

Statement of:


Additional Copy of Statement (attached)


It is recorded.

That you, along with the Cc recipients are reminded of your legal Duty as PUBLIC SERVANTS, under the NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS ACT that the forwarded information provided to you is discharged for comment and investigation for it’s accuracy of accusation and be disclosed in the Public Interest.


Failure to do so, is evidence of your individual, Political Party, Government Corruption to protect from criminal prosecution Lord Doug Hoyle, Margaret Beckett and others, known to the writer and as such are guilty of Treason to the United Kingdom Public by perverting the course of criminal Justice.


These communications with all attachments to yourself and Cc recipients have been duplicated, archived and held in many safe locations in the United Kingdom and offshore for further recall.


I ask you again Baroness Scotland, within your PUBLIC SERVICE REMIT, given the serious Political implications, that you acknowledge these communication and, within your Political remit, action the requests of disclosure within Parliament.




Mr Gordon Bowden


Communications as received from my source, Identity protected:


To: martin

Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2011 10:27 AM

Subject: You may find this of interest:


You may be unaware that there are three entirely different sets of rogue WMD in the present on-going cover-ups:-


ex-USAF SRAMs with plutonium warheads:-


Weekend Edition
July 30 / 31, 2005

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 Lost Nuclear Warheads from a B-52 Now in Iran?


Iran may have the weapons-grade uranium out of three nuclear warheads dumped out of a B-52 back in 1991.


The Octagonal Rotator in the rear bomb bay of the B-52g airplane had a carrying capacity for 8 in no. SRAMs with type W-69M warheads.

One of these , in an un-serviced state, was fizzle-exploded by N.Korea on 9th Oct 2006.

It enabled the CIA to do Lab analysis on the fallout and realise it had been one of their own.

There was no way that North Korea could have made Plutonium , it must have been imported.



North Korean Fuel Identified as Plutonium


Published: October 17, 2006

 WASHINGTON, Oct. 16 — American intelligence agencies have concluded that North Korea’s test explosion last week was powered by plutonium that North Korea (allegedly) harvested from its small nuclear reactor, according to officials who have reviewed the results of atmospheric sampling since the blast.

-The B-52g airplane that was deployed to fly over Bagdad carrying Hydrogen bomb warheads , and that had to disengage having developed a catastrophic electrical fault.

The type W-69M warheads were heat-sensitive, and so with jet engines on fire it had to fly due south and dump its cargo on the narrow continental shelf off the coast of Somalia before turning to fly east in a failed attempt to reach DG.



No B-52Gs were lost as a result of enemy action. However, several were damaged.

One B-52G (59-2593) was lost on February 3 (1991) when it experienced a catastrophic electrical system failure while returning to its base at Diego Garcia.

While responding to the failure, improper fuel management on the part of the crew caused five engines to flame out, and the aircraft began to descend.

Three of the crewmembers ejected safely before the aircraft crashed into the Indian Ocean, but three others ejected too late and were killed.


Hiroshima style atomic bombs made by Armscor at Pelindaba in South Africa.

The prototype had been exploded:-


Prince Edward Island, Indian Ocean

Site of the suspected South African/Israeli nuclear test.

A United States Vela satellite detected the characteristic double flash of an atmospheric nuclear explosion on September 22, 1979.
(46.36°S, 37.57°E)

Thereafter the other nine in the inventory were secretly assembled.

The Uranium was mined in the Congo, it did NOT come from Israel.


A Batch of three out of those nine went astray during the first Gulf War and during a temporary stop-over in Oman.

The procurement of these atomic bombs under a false billing title, allowed over-billing on the UK Government.

That in turn allowed 17.8 millions pounds sterling to be laundered into UK Tory Party campaign coffers for the election that was inevitable for 1992.

To see the detail of that money laundering process….

On the UK Parliament website see ….Hansard for 22nd June 1993, and starting Col. 197.

We know the Insider who fed Doug Hoyle MP f the Labour Party the info to call for the House of Commons debate.


The UK project to have the atomic bombs in Oman there was administered by the DTI, not by the MoD, and eventhough a MoD purchase order was used.

Dr. David Kelly was tasked by the DTI with being the overseer for the shipment from SA to Oman.



VX-Gas made by Armscor at Roodeplaat.

Deadliest weapon : VX nerve gas


The technical know-how to make VX – Gas was given to Dr. Wouter Basson of Armscor in 1985 during visits to Porton Down in the UK , and by Dr. David Kelly on instruction from Whitehall .

All stocks were later stolen and sold-off  overseas – Iraq and probably Libya.


VX- Gas  can be deployed 32 miles from the target using a G-5 Howitzer made by Armscor.

eg on a Black Township in SA, hence it being a Blacks-only nerve gas agent.

Alternatively VX-Gas can be deployed by feeding it into the tail pipe gasses from a jet engine when the airplane is flying over the target area.


End of communication from Gordon

Next time you hear of a company closing down, or a bank getting into difficulty and thousands of workers loosing their jobs and their homes please keep in mind what has caused this decline!

Next time you hear of massive public sector cutbacks in the NHS, Local Councils, Old Peoples Homes and Critical Care or essential services then remember who is causing this!

So we are back where we started…..The Chilcot Inquiry……Is it going to be another dead duck?…….You bet it will be!!

Maybe you are thinking that we have seen as much as you can take……well my friends be forewarned that there is much more still to come…….remember the world financial meltdown was not an accident….it was a well orchestrated plan by the New World Order to push forward their own imperialistic greed. We are about to see more countries go under i.e. Greece, Ireland, Portugal have already gone and next could be Spain and Italy….but that’s not the end of it……..we see the US in Debt to over $15 trillion and now in a totally unsustainable position. We see the UK also in an extremely difficult position that could go either way and we see this onset of war after war which is plunging our countries into a position we may not be able to come out of.

There is still  another “Financial Tsunami” to come that will be even greater than the first and this is likely to start very soon…….they talk about Greece being unable to make its deficit payments but no one thinks of the US being in the same position……believe me it will happen and then there is the “Sleeping Dragon of China” that may well find itself in a similar position with massive overseas spending.

Unless China can recover some of that outlay such as that invested in the US it could itself become a victim of the same game……..obviously the US would like to see the economy of China collapse and see its own economy move forward but this is never going to happen. The US, UK, France, Germany and the rest of NATO is hell bent on war in Libya, with Syria, Yemen and Iran still on the cards. By their actions alone we will see more unrest with the peoples of the EU, Middle East, Central Asia and Africa etc being forced into more poverty as oil prices rise and commodity prices spiral out of control.

It is time to take our country back from the talons of these evil people and fully understand that there is no terrorism threat to the west……its all part of their “Mass Hysteria Master Plan”……..terrorism lies within our own governments and the main centre lies right here in dear old London (the true axis of evil).

Rather sad don’t you think?

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 26/6/2011       http://www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com 

Arms to Iraq – Just who knew what would have to be the question – Part 3

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Baby Supergun – Successfully test fired North of Baghdad

    Project Babylon – Supergun – Designed to fire CBW/WMD into Iran & Israel

Made in Sheffield UK with full British Government/MoD/DTI/MI5 Approval

In my previous article (Part 2) I went back a few years just to show how the US, UK and other western countries have continuously traded in illegal arms activity with such places as Iraq but I would now like to return to the period of “Super Gun” and the failed Matrix Churchill Inquiry and the failed follow up Scott Inquiry.

We now have yet another inquiry currently underway known as the Chilcot Inquiry which is heading down the same road as the other two. What I find alarming about this latest one is the fact that valuable evidence that would have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that  illegal arms trading was carried out by the Conservative Party has now been withheld.

After the Tory Party lost out to Labour and also after the demise of Tony Blair the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown decided to start up the Chilcot Inquiry which would give all those concerned the opportunity to discuss the reasons for going to war with Iraq and also the illegal arms trade……..it was obvious that when people like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and many others were given the stand it became a case of self preservation, almost to a point they knew what the questions were going to be and had already prepared the answer………needless to say the entire fiasco was run and operated out of number 10.




Champion Pontificator Sir John Chilcot

The three stooges with no regrets – Not Guilty?

The third Iraq inquiry – a total waste of taxpayer’s money

One vital witness was that of Ms Tara Andrea Davison who had spent years working initially within the Tory Part with access to Sir Ken Warren, Peter Lilley MP and many others on matters relating to illegal arms dealings and had already given evidence in private at the previous Scott Inquiry.

When Ms Davison changed sides she had direct access to the PM Tony Blair at Number 10, Lord Doug Hoyle, Sir Richard Scott, Stan Crowther MP, Neil Kinnock and others.

As Ms Davison wrote in her own words:

The Iraq Inquiry headed by Sir John Chilcot is calling on me to supply sensitive evidence which was seized by the Derby Police mid January 2010. I am a former adviser to the Trade and Industry Select Committee on Arms to Iraq is struggling to know what to do. As she did when giving evidence to the Scott Inquiry into Arms to Iraq she expected to do so in total secrecy but the actions of Derby police have made this impossible.

The Iraq enquiry set up by Gordon Brown is convened for the purpose of examining the United Kingdom’s involvement in Iraq, including the way decisions were made and actions taken, to establish as accurately and reliably as possible what happened, and to identify lessons that can be learned. The Inquiry is considering the period from 2001 up to the end of July 2009.

Gordon Brown (then Prime Minister) told the House of Commons, “no British document and no British witness will be beyond the scope of the Inquiry.” The Government has assured the Inquiry of the full co-operation of the relevant Departments.

But conversely Brown colluded, organised or aided and abetted Derby police seizing documents, mid January 2010, which were pertinent to the inquiry implicating himself in a cover-up. Five weeks later he would himself be called to the Inquiry to give evidence.

These Iraq documents were seized by DC Steven Winnard on the 13th of January just weeks before they were due to be presented to the Iraq Inquiry. Although by now everyone in the New Coalition Government knows about the seizure of the Iraq Documents from me..They have not been returned.

Hywell Williams MP of Plaid Cymru whose party organised and let the call to impeach Tony Blair, in 2004 because of Blair’s decision to engage in an illegal war with Iraq, is making enquiries but so far without success. On the 22nd of July Nick Clegg declared to Parliament from the despatch box that the war in Iraq was “illegal.” That is what my documents stolen by the Derby police prove.

End of Ms Davison’s account

 It was on the 3rd of February 2010 that Tara Davison wrote a letter to PM Gordon Brown which was sent via Lord Doug Hoyle explaining the situation she was in and what had been taken by the police……a copy of that letter was recovered by Gordon Bowden and myself and has since been distributed to other third parties within the UK and overseas for our own protection.

It should be noted that one box taken contained documents not restricted to but including Documents and Records:

1)      Project Babylon (Supergun) file on intelligence advice given in secret to the Trade and Industry Parliamentary Select Committee and corresponded about same.

2)      Biological weapons and delivery systems in Iraq.

3)      Location of Iraq’s planes and weapons following Desert Storm.

4)      Mobile Biological and Chemical Laboratory in Iraq.

5)      UK supply of Biological and Chemical agents to Iraq.

6)      Evidence given in secret to Lord Justice Scott during the “Scott Inquiry.”

7)      25-30 Note books concerning arms to Iraq interviews and contemporaneous notes.

8)      Production line facilities in Iraq for CBW.

9)      Gulf War Syndrome.

10)  Electromagnetic Warfare original documents (Star Wars).

11)   Iraq’s nuclear programme.

12)   Report on AWE and Serco.

13)  Terrorism.

14)   Hard evidence and papers on investigations by Ministry of Defence police (Fraud Squad) with which I was assisting NATO sensitive.

15)   The said letters..

It was obvious that Ms Davison was concerned as to why this raid took place on her property and that the only motive could have been to recover these very sensitive documents and letters that would have implications leading to the possible impeachment of Tony Blair. It is also possible that Gordon Brown is now implicated in this sordid affair of withholding vital evidence from the Chilcot Inquiry!!

What I find incredible is that Ms Davison had such sensitive documents, letters and notes etc at her home address and has never been arrested or charged under the Official Secrets Act. The other interesting fact is that she has also been under investigation since January 2010 and released on bail since that date and still to this day has not been charged….even despite the fact her bail (which was extended ) has now again expired and still no charge.

Before finishing this article I would like to return to supergun and some other interesting facts that occurred around this time making the Matrix Churchill and the Scott Inquiry an absolute joke and clearly allowed many very senior politicians to be let off the hook.


One must also add some others to this illustrious group from the same party who added their own Midas touch to events around or after the same period in time.




For those that are new to “Supergun” I should fill you in with some aspects of what went on in the US, UK and Europe during the build up to the  war with Iraq.

The gun was the mastermind of a Canadian by the name of Dr. Gerald Vincent Bull who not only designed, built and test fired a mini supergun in Iraq but also designed a massive bigger gun that had incredible potential of being able to fire a projectile into space. This bigger gun was being manufactured right here in the UK with the full authority of the PM, The Government, MoD, DTI and MI5. It was Saddam intention to use this gun to fire Chemical and Biological or Nuclear Projectiles at Iran and possibly into Israel. To give you some idea on the size of this gun, just one part of the barrel was over 40 m long.

This killing machine nearly made it had it not been for some observant Customs officials at the port of Teesside who noticed it prior to being loaded onto a ship bound for Iraq. Below is a picture of the components as they were found……this caused not only much embarrassment to the British Tory Government but also mass panic within its ranks!

Supergun parts at Teesside

What was remarkable about Gerald Bull was the fact that he also designed a super howitzer gun that could fire much further into enemy lines than any other known gun. They were eventually produced in Europe and also down in South Africa where they were shipped to Iraq for use against the Iranians and also eventually against our own forces…..not as that makes any difference to our leaders or senior political figures who gained much financial support in carrying out illegal arms trading as we have found time and time again. However, the Conservatives became experts in abusing the system for either party gain or in a private capacity.

Gerald Bull was assassinated outside his sixth-floor apartment in Brussels on March 22, 1990, by two assassins who pumped five 7.65mm bullets from a silenced gun into his neck and back and then escaped. It was believed that this was the work of Mossad who feared Bull’s supergun could be used against Israel using CBW/WMD projectiles. It has been revealed that senior Israeli intelligence officials have claimed responsibility for the assassination. You may be shocked to learn that when he was assassinated he was in actual fact a US Citizen U.S. passport No. 012521295, issued in November 1985 in Washington.


Gerald Bull

It was during Bull’s inquiry that the follow occurred:

 The person, who chaired the 1982 Bull investigation, sent a strongly worded letter calling for tighter U.S. technology-export controls. “We are finding American technology finding its way from South Africa into the hands of other terrorist countries like Iraq . . . a situation where American soldiers are facing cannon, the technology of which was American made.”

In 1985 Bull had been given the long-hidden designs of a legendary German super cannon of World War I. Called the Kaiser’s Paris Gun, it had been fired with devastating effect. At the war’s end, the Germans had dismantled it and hidden the plans.

According to a retired British intelligence officer, Bull also had reconstructed British reports on two captured Nazi superguns of World War II, including the so-called “V-3,” envisioned by Hitler as a terror weapon to be used against England with the V-1 buzz bomb and the V-2 rocket. Built on the French coast, the V-3 was destroyed by RAF bombers before it could be used. Robert Turp, a retired major in MI-10, the British technical-intelligence service, said he and Bull spent long hours discussing the reports on the Nazi designs.

Israeli intelligence sources say intense surveillance and eavesdropping began against Bull at least a year before the slaying. They said they learned that Bull had let contracts worth millions of dollars with firms all over Europe. By the fall of 1989, according to various Swiss, German, Italian and British businessmen, Bull had arranged for Iraq to sign contracts for everything from hydraulic cylinders and forging presses to recoil mechanisms and other gear.

Forty-four massive segments of specially-hardened steel tube — each 1,000mm in diameter — had been quietly sent to Iraq from Britain before Bull’s slaying. Shortly after his death, British authorities stopped eight more segments manufactured by Sheffield Forgemasters from going to Iraq, an intervention that may have spiked the supergun project.

A former Bull engineer, Christopher Cowley, says Bull told him he had received anonymous telephone threats if he did not break off his Iraqi projects. Obviously these threats must have come from Israel as the British were on to a good thing, financially speaking and had no intention of stopping the “Supergun.”

 American Intelligence was shared with Saddam Hussein for six years during the Iran-Iraq War and may have helped Iraq hide weapons of mass destruction, including most of its secret atomic bomb projects.

What Operation Desert Storm missed in its Gulf War effort to destroy Saddam’s secret arms caches was staggering — more than 819 Scud missiles, a huge cannon almost 100-feet long resting on a mountainside and aimed at Israel, more than 11,000 chemical shells and three uranium enrichment/hydrogen bomb component factories, according to U.N. reports.

Numerous former intelligence officials and other specialists in interviews expressed concerns that information given to Iraq — including photo-reconnaissance data — as part of the Reagan administration’s “tilt” toward Saddam to prevent an Iranian victory in the 1980-88 war could have been used to shelter Saddam’s military might during Operation Desert Storm.

On one occasion, Saddam is said to have personally shown one Soviet defense official a U.S. satellite image, according to two former intelligence officials, and asked for help in concealing things from the spy orbiters. The Soviets responded with training in military deception tactics and communications security. According to one of the former officials, the Soviets later provided the United States with some of the details of the techniques just before the Gulf War.

During the summer of 1986, “CIA staff officers had, on two occasions, shared certain intelligence with the Iraqis which, at the time it was provided, may have exceeded the scope of the sharing arrangement which had been authorized.”

Sen. Bill Bradley (D-N.J.), who opposes Gates’ nomination, asserted during the confirmation hearings that “there are still important and unanswered questions about [Gates’s] management and supervision of the undisclosed ties between Iraq and the United States.” Although the Senate committee said the U.S. intelligence “liaison” with Iraq began in 1984, it actually started two years earlier, when Iran began winning the war that Iraq had initiated. It was then that the Reagan administration decided to secretly “tilt” toward the then “terrorist” regime of Saddam Hussein.

It is clear to anyone that we had the US sharing secret intelligence with each other both during and after the Iraq-Iran war and we had the US, Britain, EU and South Africa selling arms, CBW and WMD’s illegally to Iraq with massive fraud and corruption taking place between key political figures, arms manufacturers, arms dealers the corporate sector and the banks……this mentality still prevails in certain governments today. Especially in the Tory Party.

Gerald Bull’s first prototype was a new 155 millimeter Howitzer, It was his prototype that would make Bull famous as being able to outgun anything held by NATO or anywhere else. In these early days he had designed a 45 caliber barrel that allowed the gun to fire a 155 projectiles to 40 kilometers, which was double the existing range.

What was very interesting to learn was the fact that Gerald Bull was caught shipping shells and gun assemblies to South Africa during the UN Arms Embargo but this didn’t stop him from eventually setting up a manufacturing facility in South Africa……this was not the first time that the embargo had been violated as our own government sent Sir Ken Warren and a rather young David Cameron to South Africa to illegally purchase three nuclear bombs which I will cover in another article.

The US as usual found a way around this embargo and within a short period in time Bull ordered 60 cannon barrels and 50,000 semi‑finished shells from a U.S. Army munitions plant. Apparently someone in Washington was pulling strings and cutting red tape. Approval that could have taken months was granted in just four days.

Altogether Bull smuggled 50,000 shells worth $30 million. He had done so with the apparent knowledge of the U.S. government, but he was transferring more than shells. He was passing on technology that would in time enable the South Africans to make their own sophisticated artillery that would also find its way to Iraq.

Saddam’s war was not going well and he needed better artillery than his outdated 130-millimeter Soviet guns. It was the arms dealer Sarkis Soghanalian who remembered Bull’s ability to upgrade old guns and seized a business opportunity.

It was also around this time that the Chinese were also seeking to update their old Russian guns and in came Gerald James with his 155 45 caliber system. Bull signed a three and a half year contract to engineer and train the Chinese to manufacture their own 155 Howitzer.

Soon Bull was at it again in Austria this time when he signed up for a new munitions factory. The munitions from this factory would be sent to Iraq despite US sanctions…..at the end of the day the US wanted Iraq to win the war with Iran and so turned a blind eye!

Saddam was getting frustrated at getting new guns and ammunition in Iraq and so Bull came up with two new self‑propelled artillery systems, the 155 and a 210‑millimeter. And both of those were shown for the first time in Baghdad. The 210 is the longest-range self‑propelled artillery system in the world and went out to a distance of 57,000 meters.


Howitzer designed by Bull

 South Africans also sold 200 guns to Iraq which was an exact copy of Bull’s GC-45. Bull’s guns can fire high‑explosive, chemical, biological and possibly nuclear shells. Bull’s guns could fire farther and are more accurate than allied guns. Saddam Hussein bought 200 from Austria and 200 from South Africa. Bull’s Howitzers turned up on the front line during the Gulf War against Iran and against coalition troops during the 1st Gulf War that caused major problems for the US who were held at bay by the distances that these guns could reach.

Then came Bull’s Supergun which leads us back to the start of this story…..the rest is now history.

In the next article (Part 4) we will look at the illegal purchase of three South African nuclear bombs that were then stolen as a direct result of Gross Neglect on behalf of the Conservative Party. The incredible thing about this scam was that British Tax Payers money was laundered via the private sector to which very senior politicians had invested their own money with another £17.8 million being siphoned off and paid into the Tory Party Election Fund which to this day as never been accounted for…..see Hansard June 22nd 1993 from Column 197. Lord Doug Hoyle and Margaret Beckett MP both challenged it but did nothing more about it. This was certainly a crime of fraud and corruption using tax payer’s money and those involved still have not been charged!!



 Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 22/6/2011  www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com


Arms to Iraq – Just who knew what would have to be the question – Part 2

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Baby Supergun – Successfully test fired North of Baghdad

    Project Babylon – Supergun – Designed to fire CBW/WMD into Iran & Israel

Made in Sheffield UK with full British Government/MoD/DTI/MI5 Approval

If you can recall we touched on the topic of earlier illegal arms trading concerning another British company that was set up by the US here in the UK to divert the attention away from US illegal arms dealings. That company was Allivane who were based in Scotland.

As we saw with the Matrix Churchill Affair everything was carried out with the full approval of the British Government (PM James Callaghan), MoD, DTI and MI5 etc. In actual fact executives from Allivane, who were involved in this complex international operation to circumvent trade restrictions, attended meetings with a senior official in the Defence Export Services Organisation every month at the MoD in Whitehall.

So how did Allivane get off the ground…..we have to turn the clock back to a chance meeting between George Bush and James Guerin (the founder of a US defence company called ISC) on a trans Atlantic flight when it became clear that the two could do business together.

The US had gone through a difficult time in their most lucrative arms exports after a clean up of the CIA and an extremely restrictive shutdown on the normal bogus trade routes. It was fortunate for James Guerin that George Bush became the head of the CIA and so the flood gates were again opened.


It was important for the US to take the pressure off their illegal arms trading and set up an alternative transit route and with the help of our then PM, James Callaghan, Allivane came into existence. British was rather cash strapped at the time and so this double dealing arms game gave our government much needed money.

Allivane started off small but would eventually become one of the largest illegal arms dealers in the world. It would play a major part in the Iraq – Iran War (22nd September 1980 – 20th August 1988) and in other trouble spots such as Lebanon……needless to say the greatest benefactors for this extended conflict was the USA who tried desperately to keep the war going for as long as possible.

Everything was coordinated via the British Embassy in Washington. However the British Government was to see a political changeover from Labours, Callaghan led Government to the “Iron Lady” Maggie Thatcher. This changeover accelerated the illegal arms trading to a very high rate as no one knew better, how to bleed the system, than the conservatives.

Massive fraud and corruption (which is a template for the Tory Party) spun out of control allowing James Guerin to set up ISC here in the UK with Sir David Checketts at the helm…..Sir David had some very good connections to the Royal Family when he had been an equerry to the Duke of Edinburgh and later Private Secretary to Prince Charles.

It was in the early 1980’s that things really started to take off when ISC signed a JV with that famous company “Ferranti”…….I can distinctly remember many military C130 (Hercules) aircraft backing into one of our hangars to ship very sensitive Ferranti equipment out.

The relationship between the US and Maggie continued to improve as they all realized that this covert illegal arms trading was extremely good business and so the British Government continued to support Allivane, not only in its growth, but also financially with grants being offered via the Scottish Office and also from the private sector.

This American/British backed company grew at a phenomenal rate and was at its peak in the mid 1980’s……and why not?…….it was during the Iraq-Iran War!!! Now you can see why our respective government yearn for war and conflict…….how pitifully sad don’t you think?

This Joint Venture continued to expand to other areas in particular to other potential hot spots such as Israel, Columbia, South Korea, Taiwan and Yugoslavia and as we now understand all of these locations have been well armed in the past via the US propaganda machine, all based on a perceived threat!!

               The west helped Saddam to carry out this act of genocide in Halabja, Kurdistan

It is very clear that the British Tory Party embarked on an unprecedented campaign of under the table deals involving illegal arms trading, Chemical & Biological Warfare, Weapons of Mass Destruction and in some case supplying to those that one day would become our so called enemy i.e. Iraq.

This also led too massive fraud and corruption at not only Tory Party level but also privately by key political figures during the entire period…….you may even find it hard to believe that this level of fraud and corruption continues on to this day.

Again we experienced a dramatic change in governments with the utter failure of the “Iron Lady” to be replaced by John Major who continued on with Thatcherism politics and all the problems in Northern Ireland. It was also doing his time in office that the Chinook crashed in the Mull of Kintyre under extremely suspicious circumstances when it was believed that all the occupants (29) all died from gunshot wounds……….I am sure that yet again another inquiry will be swept under the carpet and one of the star witnesses is yet to be called to give evidence……that being Ms Tara Andrea Davison who featured heavily in my last article who had close ties with the DTI and Sir Kenneth Warren. It Was Ms Davison who told me over the phone that the Chinook accident was an inside job!!

As we all know after the dramatic defeat of the Tory Party in 1997 Tony Blair became Prime Minister and yet again we would observe a spate of lies and deceit that would take us to war with Iraq…..the very country we had supported for decades…..

We now return to these so called inquiries that always end up clearing those that should have been accused……..so how well did the Scott Inquiry function and what was the feeling in Westminster after yet another debacle! Maybe we now have to turn to that wonderful ethical politician that became so critical of both Conservative and his own Labour Party on issues relating to illegal arms dealings and war etc.


March 17, 2003: Cook, returned to backbenches, after delivering his resignation speech

Robin Cook, despite his private life, was a very good politician and in some respects his speeches were magnificent and always received much attention from the media.

His concerns met with much opposition and sadly we were to see his demise that eventually led to his death……my question again would be did he follow the same fate as dear Dr. Kelly?………for my part there is too much to consider based on the fact he was a thorn in the side for both political parties……..so what did Robin say about the Scott Inquiry?

On 26 February 1996, following the publication of the Scott Report into the ‘Arms-to-Iraq‘ affair, he made a famous speech in response to the then President of the Board of Trade Ian Lang in which he said “this is not just a Government which does not know how to accept blame; it is a Government which knows no shame”.

Before listening to what Robin had to say let’s just recollect the works spoken by Ian Lang in Parliament when he quoted “We welcome the central conclusions of the report: that there was no plot secretly to arm Saddam Hussein, and no attempt to suppress documents that could have led to a miscarriage of justice.” This type of statement was basically what we all expected and was a total cover-up………I am sure that Ms Davison could fill us all in on what actually happened in much the same way as I have researched exactly the opposite……… that our PM, our government, the DTI, MoD and MI5 certainly did have a secret plot to arm Saddam along with its Joint Venture partner the US!!

Robin Cook responded to Ian Lang in the following manner:

I shall respond on three counts. First, we welcome the fact that Customs is to have supervision of the prosecuting role. In the light of the grave criticisms by Sir Richard Scott of the conduct of the Matrix Churchill trial.

Secondly, I agree with the Government that we require a review of ministerial accountability. After all, one of the key conclusions in the closing section of the report is that, during the inquiry, example after example has come to light of the failure of ministerial account Today, the one initiative that the right hon. Gentleman announced was that the Government will give evidence if the Select Committee holds an inquiry into ministerial accountability. I would hope so—after all, it is their duty to give evidence to Select Committees if they are asked to do so. However, the initiative does not shed any light on what single proposal they will make in that evidence to avoid us ever again having to debate a report that, in its closing chapter, details seven specific cases in which ministerial accountability was broken.

I cannot accept for one moment the hon. Gentleman’s claim that it is impossible to make any rules about ministerial accountability

One of the facets of Ministerial accountability to Parliament `the duty to give Parliament, including its Select Committees, and the public as full information as possible about the policies, decisions and actions of the Government, and not to deceive or mislead Parliament and the public’

Sir Richard Scott—whom the Government appointed to judge on this point; he was their choice—said: In the course of the Inquiry example after example has come to light of an apparent failure of Ministers to discharge that obligation. The right hon. Gentleman’ commitment to openness was a lot less convincing when he ruled out a freedom of information Act. Secrecy made this scandal possible. The five volumes of the Scott report provide the firmest foundation yet of a case for a freedom of information Act. There were never better witnesses for a freedom of information Act than the long parade of officials and Ministers who queued up to explain to Sir Richard Scott that the public interest was best served by not letting the public know what they were deciding.

Things then started to hot up in Parliament when Robin Cook went on to say:

The Government is fond of lecturing the rest of the nation on its need to accept responsibility. Parents are held responsible for actions; teachers are held responsible for the performance of their pupils; local councillors are held legally and financially responsible; yet, when it comes to themselves, suddenly, not a single Minister can be found to accept responsibility for what went wrong.

The first charge in the motion was that the Government had acted in clear breach of the Howe Guidelines of 1985……. Sir Richard returns a verdict of guilty.

It is clear that policy and defence sales to Iraq did not remain unchanged.

Sir Richard quotes a minute that says: Mr. Waldegrave is content for us to implement a more liberal policy on defence sales”. That minute was from what was then the private office of the Chief Secretary.

It was Robin Cook’s next statement that really hit home the truth behind illegal arms dealings when he said:

British servicemen may have been exposed to fire from shells and rockets made in munitions factories equipped by Britain”. Sir Richard’s report reveals that, three years before the Gulf war, there were intelligence reports that Iraq had placed multi-million pound orders with four British companies, including Matrix Churchill, to equip its armaments factories at Nassr. The same intelligence 609reports warned that annual production targets for Nassr were 10,000 missiles, 150,000 artillery shells, 100,000 mortar shells and 300,000 fin-stabilised shells.

After the Gulf war, the International Atomic Energy Agency found 30 Matrix Churchill lathes in Iraqi nuclear plants. Faced with that evidence, how dare Ministers still claim that they did not arm Saddam Hussein?

The right hon. Gentleman played the trade card and justified the decision to equip Saddam’s armaments factories on the commercial grounds that it was good for business. Perhaps one of the Conservative Members can help me. After all, they claim to be the party of business. Could one of them explain to me how it can be good for business to approve a contract for which one does not get paid?

That is what happened. Saddam did not pay for the machine tools that went into his factories—we did. The British taxpayer has been left with a bill for about £700 million for our total exports to Iraq. Incurring a bad debt of £700 million would surely be enough to get someone sacked from any organisation in Britain except the Conservative Government.

As Ministers are for ever saying, not without notice. But one cannot find any example in the history of export credit guarantees of such a vast debt with one country. That debt was the direct result of ministerial decisions to increase export credit guarantees to Iraq, and to allocate one fifth of the total for defence sales.

The last of those decisions was in September 1988, when export credits to Iraq were increased by £340 million, despite mounting evidence that Iraq did not have the cash to service existing credits. Sir Richard notes: The Chief Secretary endorsed the proposed new offer”. The Chief Secretary in question is, of course, the current Prime Minister.

The Government was willing to see citizens put on trial for exports at which Ministers had connived and to put their liberty at risk by attempting to prevent the disclosure of documents crucial to their defence”

We could go on forever with Robin Cook’s comment but what became clear is the fact that the Government so called Matrix Churchill Inquiry was an absolute farce and that the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, the DTI, MoD and MI5 were clearly guilty of being involved in the illegal arms trade to Iraq and that all parties misled Parliament and the British people.

Finally it was Robins comment on the Matrix Churchill inquiry when he said:

Anybody who has read the transcript of the trial knows that the prosecution case collapsed under the cross-examination of Alan Clark, when his evidence in chief was plainly inconsistent and unsustainable against the documents then obtained by the defence.

I guess at this stage we should show pictures of some of those characters that were responsible for making the Matrix Churchill and Scott Inquiry into an absolute joke


One must also add some others to this illustrious group from the same party who added their own Midas touch to events around or after the same period in time.


It was Ken Clarke who created the Public Interest Immunity (PII) Certificates which was basically a gagging order for anyone involved in illegal arms dealing and it was Ken Clarke that has been progressively dismantling the British legal system to protect his own kind and I have no doubt in my mind that he sits high up in the ranks of the New World Order as do many senior Tory members.

We will cover one such dealing involving the Thatcher government illegal purchase of three South African “Battlefield Ready” nuclear bombs that were shipped without security from South Africa to Oman and then because they were stored in an insecure compound were then stolen by the same arms dealer who sold them……none other than John Bredenkamp.

This would have to be the Conservative Parties biggest “Gross act of negligence” but also a scam that placed vast amounts of British Taxpayer’s Money into the private sector, including £17.8 million into the bankrupt Tory Party Election Fund……..the entire mission was carried out by Sir Ken Warren and a rather young Tory researcher by the name of David Cameron, our current PM.

We can see now for many decades that the Conservative Party have became experts at not only illegal arms dealings but also in how to raise billions of pounds via illegal corporate fraud,  with the banks and some of the elite within their own ranks.


I wonder if all those that have been involved in the illegal arms trade could look this women in the eye as she mourns the loss of her loved ones in Kurdistan. – Not to forget the many that also died in Iran during the Iraq-Iran War compliment of the technology we gave to Iraq!!

Keep watching this space for more grime and slime

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 20/6/2011 – http://www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com


Arms to Iraq – Just who knew what would have to be the question – Part 1

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Baby Supergun – Successfully test fired North of Baghdad

    Project Babylon – Supergun – Designed to fire CBW/WMD into Iran & Israel

Made in Sheffield UK with full British Government/MoD/DTI/MI5 Approval

We have seen so many government inquiries come and go, all of which served no purpose apart from releasing the elite of government from any wrong doings.

 Have you ever asked yourself just how well they covered their tracks and who could have been implicated in knowing what was being shipped to Iraq and from where?

Ever asked yourself why certain key figures just simply died for no apparent reason?

Are you concerned that by their actions and their arrogance they continued on in their corrupt ways to fulfil their own hidden agenda and their own financial gain?

 Can you believe that many of those involved are still in positions of power or are in a position to manipulate the legal system and flaunt their own self imposed authority against the best interests of the British Government and its people?

So lets turn the clock back and reflect on some of these under the table deals that went on between the US and UK Governments, the CIA, MI5, MI6, MoD and more importantly from the office of the Department of Trade and Industry and associated outlets such as the Trade and Industry Select Committee etc 

It would be better to first highlight who played what role during these rather dark years and who may have been privy to some of the highly secretive information that floated around the corridors of power in both Number 10, Westminster, MoD, DTI and not forgetting the cloak and dagger brigade at MI5?MI6

I guess to be fair we would have to go back to some rather dark days that commenced in 1987 with the dealings of Matrix Churchill, a British company at the centre of the Arms-to-Iraq affair. This company had connections to the US as well as here in the UK and believe it or not was basically owned and run by the Iraqi’s.

One has to remember that illegal arms dealings have always been the mainstay of the very lucrative arms manufacturing business especially in the US. Unfortunately the US was getting a rather a bad name for itself and launched  into a new policy of allowing someone else to market and distribute their products for them and in doing so stopped the finger pointing.

This new policy served two purposes it opened a floodgate of corruption/fraud by allowing political figures in the target country (in this case the UK) to fill up their own pockets  or their party coffers with vast sums of illegal money.

Lets look at how Matrix Churchill got off the ground and how they eventually collapsed after the chance finding by customs officials (at the port of Teesside) of “Supergun” parts about to be loaded on a ship and addressed to Iraq.

In October 1987 TMG Engineering Ltd took over TI Machine Tools and renamed the company to Matrix Churchill Ltd (a leading British tool-maker) TDG UK (who owned 89% of TMG) was chaired by the Iraq’s procurement leader, Safa al Habobi who basically controlled everything with the other Iraqi board members, who also happened to be  the main investor. To make things legal and appear to be pure British the newly named company, Matrix Churchill was run by their Managing Director, Paul Henderson.

In the eyes of the public and Western governments, Matrix Churchill presented TMG as a set of European and Middle Eastern investors who bought into Matrix Churchill’s vision of restructuring its company, which had been having serious financial troubles. In fact, Matrix Churchill officials knew that Iraq secretly controlled the company and that Habobi headed a large-scale, secret procurement effort for Iraq’s military industries.

TMG also bought Matrix Churchill Corporation in the United States which had been a distribution agent for Matrix Churchill in the United States, and Newcast Foundries Ltd. in Britain which made castings for Matrix Churchill. TDG coordinated the activities of the group, particularly in terms of its sales to Iraq. After its purchase, Matrix Churchill group received a significant increase in business with Iraq.

The Iraqi members of the boards of directors of companies in the group were in firm control of the companies’ day-to-day activities and sometimes authoritarian in their actions. Both Habobi and Fadel Jawad Khadhum, a board member of several of these companies, worked for Iraqi establishments and sometimes dictated to their British and U.S. employees’ Iraqi desires.

Because two of Matrix Churchill’s senior officials provided information to British intelligence about Iraqi activities, the British government had considerable knowledge about Iraq’s secret military procurement activities. However, the British government decided to allow most of Matrix Churchill’s sales to Iraq. As a result, a scandal erupted after the Persian Gulf War about the role of the British government in arming Iraq. This scandal reached a crisis when the government’s case against Matrix Churchill officials collapsed in November 1992. The government prosecutors developed convincing evidence that Matrix Churchill officials had deliberately deceived export control officials about the true purpose of the items exported to Iraq. However, the case collapsed because the defense was able to show that the government had known the true purpose of the exports at the time and had encouraged the exports.

It was clear right from the onset that this was a US and UK government approved operation, with a DTI monitoring mechanism  and a means of exporting both US and British arms and military know how to Iraq and with the full approval of the CIA/MI5/MI6.

I would like to point out that even prior to this Matrix Churchill Affair the US and UK Government were again in bed together in providing Iraq with huge amounts of munitions, arms, equipment, Chemical & Biological Warfare (CBW), WMD’s etc to support Iraq during the Iraq-Iran War (22 September 1980 – August 20, 1988)……you may find it hard to believe that the US and UK wanted to drag this war out as long as possible as it was good for business. It is also fact that the US and UK wanted Iraq to be the victor (which was not the case). It was thanks to the west’s involvement that allowed Sadam to use CBW on the Kurds and also on the Iranian Army and civilian populations.

Don’t you find it so hypocritical and evil to know that our country and the US assisted Iraq in the use CBW and WMD against the above and yet the US and UK stood firm in their (two faced) opposition towards WMD’s…..which is still to this day their justification for going to war………can you even just think that that war criminal, Donald Rumsfeld even paid Sadam a visit and shook his hand……..makes you want to throw up hey?

US/UK Involvement in Chemical & Biological Warfare

History has always shown that conflict and war brings in much money, not only for the arms manufacturers and their countries balance of exports but also in private and political fraud and corruption. It would be an opportune time to see who was in office at this particular time and who may have had their hands brushed with the mighty greenback ($)

Well by now you have probably guessed who was PM at the time of the Iraq-Iran War….yes the “Iron Lady” herself dear Maggie Thatcher……who incidentally had a lot to do with CBW in the old Rhodesia and the transfer of the entire product and staff down to South Africa (some of which returned to Porton Down in the UK) ……..with naturally Dr. David Kelly at the helm to oversee her instructions (poor man!!)

I cannot just leave this two faced arms trading game  their because prior to Dear Maggie the previous PM James Gallaghan was also working extremely well with the US Government on illegal arms trading so we the British have a very long history of illegal arms trading and massive fraud and corruption.

Don’t you find it rather repulsive to know that when these high flying political elite leave office they are given the title of The Right Honourable – The Lord Callaghan of Cardiff or in Maggies case The Right Honourable – The Baroness Thatcher or some obscure Knighthood………to add to this disgusting practice we have to fully understand the implications……..thousands upon thousands of innocent lives have been lost to keep their conflicts and wars going, including our own servicemen and this continues on to this day with Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya…….wonder what the current PM will receive??

Ok so back to the story…other key people during the Iraq – Iran war were Michael Heseltine who was Secretary of State for Defence. Meanwhile as far as the DTI was concerned the position kept changed hands so many times under the turbulent years of Maggie Thatcher.

Eventually we come back to the period of the Matrix Churchill Affair when we still had Dear Maggie at the helm…..however things were to change dramatically over at the DTI when Nicholas Ridley became Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and who was kindly assisted by none other than John Biggs-Davison, who became Private Secretary to Ridley. It was believed around this time that Tara Andrea Davison (whom Gordon Bowden thinks was the daughter of John Biggs-Davison) joined under the umbrella of the DTI


Tara Andrea Davison

Nicholas Ridley remained in office from 24/7/1989 – 13/7/1990 and everyone working in and around the DTI would have been well aware of the illegality of the arms to Iraq scandal…..not to mention another US raised arms company, that established itself in Scotland called Allivane, which was there purely to stop the US taking flack for being the main supplier of illegal arms. It was also fact that John Biggs-Davison was an unofficial advisor to Allivane.

We will look at Allivane in more details but let’s finish off the Matrix Churchill scam….around this same period of time we had Kenneth Warren who had been around for some considerable time in the Tory Party and being an engineer was deeply involved in some other illegal arms dealings which we will return too later in the story.

So basically by early 1990 we have Nicholas Ridley still in office (soon to be replaced by Peter Lilley), supported by John Biggs-Davison and then we have Ken Warren who was Chair of the Trade and Industry Select Committee with Ms Tara Davison who was eventually employed as an Arms Investigator.

It is clear that all of the above people would have known part, if not all, of the Illegal Arms to Iraq deal, to which the Conservative Party owes much of its financial income ( and in some cases in a private capacity).

In April 1990 purely by chance Customs Officer at Teesside seized steel pipe sections on the dockside which appeared to have a military connection with Iraq…….this in actual fact turned out to be sections for the Iraq “Supergun” that was being developed to fire CBW & WMD into Iran and even possibly Israel. 


Parts awaiting shipment at Teesside Docks, one sector of the gun was around 40 m long

Who was trying to deceive us at the DTI when it is obvious that this is a very large gun?

It was at the end of April 1990 that Ken Warren announced an investigation (Matrix Churchill Inquiry) into “Supergun” (don’t you find it strange that such an inquiry was formed from within)……I am sure that he may well have been aware of “Supergun” prior to this event. Ken Warren was himself a director of a financial house and director of Loral a US Defence Company. He also happened to be a close friend of Stephan Kock the guy who was placed into another illegal arms company called Astra, both of whom were members of the Special Forces Club.

Stephen Kock was a master mind when it came to dealing with money, especially in regard to Iraq and his pocket was always safeguarding by the British Government as he once declared himself:

“You see, before we advance monies to a company, we always insist on any funds being covered by [Britain’s export credit agency] … We can’t lose. After 90 days, if the Iraqis haven’t coughed up, the company gets paid instead by the British government. Either way, we recover our loan, plus interest, of course. It’s beautiful.”

Kenneth Warren we have learnt was also deeply involved in the financial sector when he was the director of a financial house with links to Iraq as well as being a director of a US Defence Company as per Ms Tara Davison’s story below.

I found the following segment that described Britain’s Export Credit Agency:

Export credit agencies (ECAs) are publicly funded government agencies that provide lending and insurance to help companies compete overseas. As aid and development becomes increasingly commercialised, ECAs play an increasingly prominent role in large-scale infrastructure development projects.

Lending by ECAs quadrupled in the eight years between 1988 to 1996, to US$105 billion. Fifty-six per cent of low-income nation debt is now attributed to ECA-funded projects.

This is corporate welfare on a global scale. But don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard much about them — because they’re not too interested in letting the public know what they do.

I guess it nice to know that with the help of the government/MoD/DTI/MI5 our taxpayer’s money is siphoned off for illegal arms dealings, especially during the above period and then after some time we actually went to war with Iraq…….the country we had supported so strongly in illegal weapons, CBW, WMD…….the same country we helped in the attack against Iran and the same country we tried to elongate the war against Iran, hoping that Iraq would win…….how’s that for hypocrisy?

Just imagine all those that participated in this evil, under the table fraud/corruption still continue in office or are acting in an advisory role to their fellow political fraudster. We will cover part of this scam in the next part when we talk about those involved in the purchase of 3 X South African nuclear bomb using tax payer’s money and then lost them!!    

It is evident that, Sir Ken (as he his now known), was deeply involved in this other under the table deal when he took a rather young research office, by the name of David Cameron, from the apron strings of Maggie Thatcher to South Africa  

Matrix Churchill Inquiry collapsed almost as soon as it had started and this then led to another inquiry called the Scott Inquiry which commenced after Matrix Churchill in 1992 and was released to the public in 1996. The latter deeply involved Ms Tara Davison who played a key role in providing highly secretive evidence at a private sitting. Once can only assume that there was a close working relationship between Sir Ken Warren and Ms Davison (that may even continue to this day) as she would old vital information on the Government and DTI’s involvement in illegal arms dealings. Gordon Bowden thinks that she may be under some sort of Super Injunction and that someone like Ken Warren could well be pulling the strings!!

What I find incredible was that during this Matrix Churchill fiasco there were also some other irregularities going on….for instance Stephen Kock was a consultant to the Midland Bank who had a special section dealing with the financial side of the arms deals he also would have discussed much of his activity with Sir Ken Warren and I would have to ask the question who ordered the arrest of the Directors involved in “Supergun” and why were Customs forced to drop the charges when it was know that the parts they had found had military applications? Did Ken Warren play a significant role in watering down the Scott Report……according to Ms Davison he certainly did!!

I find it also ironic that those Directors were charged with exporting tools to Iraq for military purposes but where cleared when it was revealed that MI5 were clearly aware of these activities and the British Government were doing a sort of double deal with Iraq. Many businessmen were charged but it never got to court because they knew too much about the governments “double dipping.”

Another interesting fact is that Ministers Alan Clarke, William Waldergrove and Lord Trefgarne agreed that the guidelines for Iraq be revised (relaxed)…this change of policy was never announced to the Parliament and yet all those associated with the DTI would have known……..you may even find it hard to believe that back in 1988/9 our government even allowed mustard gas and nerve gas agents to be exported to Iraq……so much for our high horse standards hey?

UK Politicians profited from most of what was going on at the time and the fact that our government awarded Iraq with billions of pounds of export credit to purchase arms.

I think we can leave it at that for the time being as this whole sordid wheeling and dealing is extremely complex and so hard to take in at any one time. However what you can look at is one page from Ms Davison’s webpage before it was shut down that shows who was involved in what……….I am sure that if Sir Ken Warren is behind or assisting Ms Davison she could well become a liability for his demise………as they say you are never too old to end up in prison and I certainly could not think of any better place for him to end his last days…….after all he did nothing to bring this country back into respectability and like most of his elite brigade may well have taken blood money, especially in regard to the South African nuclear bombs that were illegally purchased and then stolen. 


It goes without saying that by the time you have read all my articles you may well feel intensely sick at the terrible actions carried out by the respective governments that we have put in office. Add to this their determination to lead us all into a police state and to force us to succumb to the New World Order and one can only say “thank God I will be long gone.”

How the British people can take back their country from these evil satanic ruling elite is certainly not going to be easy but I am sure that justice can prevail and one can live in hope.

I find that during such moments in time the words of Ghandi can bring us all contentment…..Maybe Sir Kenneth Warren would do well to heed these words:

  “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the

end, they always fall — think of it, ALWAYS.”





The next article will cover some other shonky deals that have taken place i.e. Allivane and Astra with some sudden deaths that just so happened to occur to people who knew too much!!


What this space for more slime and grime


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 18/6/2011 www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com



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Part 2 

If I recall the remit for the UN1973 Resolution was to create a now fly zone and as we all know that has already been established over a month ago. However the second reason was to protect the people of Libya and to save lives.

Well folks I can assure you that by their actions they certainly are not saving any lives but rather the opposite. What I also find amazing is the fact that despite the current poor state of the UK economy we still manage to burn up unbelievable amounts of money in a war we should not even be involved in.

Before moving on to the genocide we are creating in Libya lets look at the figures to date:

So far 10,822 sorties have been flown since this war started in Mid March 2011 and to date has cost us £300 million with an on going weekly cost of around £38 million. Likewise we have the US who are over $15 Trillion in debt and have around 14 million of its citizens unemployed!!

We now hear our own military chiefs being critical that this war is not sustainable and unless it ends soon we could be in a very dangerous state of health.

The head of the Navy, First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope said Ministers would have to “reprioritise” – making cuts in firepower elsewhere – if the NATO – led campaign lasts beyond the UK’s existing six month commitment………did I hear right?……..we were all led to believe that this conflict was going to be quick and decisive and yet they have already committed us to be there for six months……..so now we are three months into that programme and still no closer to doing whatever they wanted to do……which was obviously to force a regime change which is in total violation of the UN Remit.

 Can we in the UK see the insanity of this war when our economy is bleeding and there appears to be no end in sight?

“Don’t be so angry David it’s not my fault if Liam has got it wrong”!!

“I don’t care what you say Willy this is a  half-baked and ill-conceived air campaign to protect civilians remember and I do not want the British public to know we are really nuking them”……….. “If this get’s out were finished”!!

Well Mr. Prime Minister, those of us that understand the technical characteristics of modern weapons already know that you and your cohorts (Willy and Liam) are carrying out an act of genocide on the people of Libya by using a vast array of depleted uranium weapons!!

Maybe our senior politician’s memory capacity is somewhat rather restricted but I will never forget what we have done to the people in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya.

Well Mr. Cameron…why don’t you go on a tour of the hospitals in Fallujah or Basra, especially the special wards that house so many children suffering from various forms of cancers……but hey David…. your dear Mr. Liam Fox MP once wrote a letter admitting the use of depleted uranium with such arrogance…..maybe you would like to read it?

We have our Foreign Minister, William Hague and his partner in crime the Defence Minister, Liam Fox both talking tough and yet between them have absolutely know idea or plan how they are going to exit this war. Normally in any war once you have air superiority the game is over but in this case it just keeps going on and on.

Then we come down to the same spin the three stooges (Cameron, Hague & Fox) keep coming out with…. that this war was necessary to save the lives of innocent Libyan citizens.

So where are the targets? Are they assisting the unknown pathetic, undisciplined militia by taking out selective Ghadaffi’s military units at the many locations around the country? or are they carrying out a Dresden type bombardment of the densely populated city of Tripoli to save civilian lives!!!!

“Liam Fox saving lives campaign”

Approximately 18 Weapons of Mass Destruction go off in the heart of Tripoli!!

Mr. Obama, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Sarkozy how many lives do you think you are saving? 

Bombs away

“Oh David I forgot to tell you the facts behind our DU Weapons, did you know it takes about 50 tons of DU contaminated dust to kill 500,000 people…..sorry buddy have to go and drop this load on Tripoli to save more lives haha”

The victims of Depleted Uranium

Now the US & NATO are using Drones and Apache Helicopter to cause more death and destruction.

One of the prime weapons used by the above is the Hellfire Missile and many people have been critical of its usage, especially by the US drones. Some facts about these types of operations clearly show the price one has to pay in civilian casualties.

In 2009 out of 44 US Predator attacks in tribal areas of Pakistan only five actually hit there target…it was calculated that to take out around 5 key terrorist amounted to 700 civilian deaths (some say the ratio is around 1 terrorist = 140 civilian deaths) and in 2010  900 innocent civilians died!! 

“William get those Apache helicopters in quick so that we can save more lives”

Now we are starting to see a breakdown in the armour of NATO as more partner countries as asking some very serious questions as to where this is leading too.

We have the rebels on the ground asking for air cover when NATO’s focus is in the heart of Tripoli…….but remember this is all about saving lives and nothing to do with forcing a regime change.

Finally remember the saying “No boots on the ground”…….maybe we should add up all the special forces from NATO, secret service operatives, and the array of private security employees and ask that question again…….you would be shocked believe me.

Remember the troop draw-dawn in Iraq …….what they didn’t tell you is that they replaced them with around 100,000 private security company employees…..and we all know how “Blackwater” carried out its level of security!!

Anyhow folks do not worry……keep watching your TV (with its censored news coverage) and believe all they tell you……that all theses conflicts and wars are to keep the streets of our country safe from terrorism………do you really believe that?

There is a much greater threat from within than from the outside…….we are not under any threat from “Islamic Extremists” as most of the incidents that have occurred have been false flags i.e. 9/11, 7/7, Detroit Airline Bomb, Times Square, New York, UPS Ink Jet Bombs (blamed on Yemen) etc There is no Al Qaeda & Osama Bin Laden died in Rawalpindi Hospital in December 2001 after kidney failure……oh well enjoy your TV!!    

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 14/6/2011      http://www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com

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Pandora’s Box – What happens when you expose massive fraud?

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The Case of Richard Chang Part 2

Does the New World Order actually exist? – You bet it does!!

Did you ever link the Masonic Lodge with this massive empire? – You should have!!

Ever wondered how this evil satanic empire obtains its money? – Its easy believe me!!

Many times when you are uncovering massive corporate fraud you expose yourself sometime to ridicule and at other times to danger….such could have been the case with Richard Chang who may have exposed the wheeling and dealing within the original Abbey National Bank Empire situated at Number 2 Triton Square, Euston, London………that company was eventually taken over by Santander, a Spanish company.

The Abbey National Bank HQ in London was a substantial building of multi levels with an internal atrium. The picture below show the building after it was taken over by Santander.

Old Abbey National Building (Scene of the crime)

2 Triton Square , Euston, London

Luqman Arnold former head of Abbey National

I have over the weekend been reading and listening to the interrogation of Richard Chang and I have to say that under the circumstance Richard stood his ground extremely well and despite the aggressive pursuit by Howard Jones it became clear that they certainly didn’t gain anything from the exercise. To even imagine that this interrogation took place in a corporate office is beyond imagination and the senior management of Abbey National certainly have a case to answer.

Just to pick up where we left off in my last article it is clear that the police failed to carry out a proper investigation into the death of Richard Chang and took the word of an ex senior police officer. This obviously was deeply flawed and certainly is in breach of the Police Code of Conduct…….I again repeat what was said about this:

   Richard’s sister, Valerie Chang spoke to Sergeant Neil Payne a few days after the death and asked why the police had not removed the digital device from Howard Jones immediately after Richard had died. He said that it was not necessary because Howard Jones was an ex-Detective Chief Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police. I think that Sgt Neil Payne and the the Senior Investigaton Officer, DS Martin Sloan  should both be investigated by the IPCC on this issue alone. 

In regard to the actual tape of the interrogation it would certainly appear to have been tampered with and again the IPCC should obtain the original tape, that is currently held by Howard Jones, and again analyse the tape to determine if  in actual fact it was tampered with.

Chang family support group

We will now focus on the actual inquest into the death of Richard Chang.  

Witness statements stated that there was hardly any blood on the floor and that it was odd. At the Coroner’s Inquest, St. Pancras Coroners’ Court, King’s Cross held in July 2005 and conducted by the Coroner, Dr. Andrew Scott-Reid, the medical forensic expert, Dr. Freddie Patel did not attend court to be cross -examined by legal representatives. The post mortem report described that on inspection, Richard had marks on his body.

 The Chang Family  is sure that Dr. Freddie Patel did not do a thorough inspection and assessment. There has not been an independent forensic report done to date. The Coroner allowed inconclusive forensic evidence to be admitted at the Inquest. 

From my perspective I find it hard to believe that if a person threw himself off a balcony in the way described there would certainly be excessive amounts of blood at the scene…….the fact that there was hardly any blood would indicate that he had been murdered at another location prior to going over the balcony ie his circulatory system had ceased. The other issue is what were these other marks on his body?

Shortly after Richard died Abbey National plc was taken over by the Banco de Santander, a Spanish banking group.  The Metropolitan Police only began taking witness statements from key witnesses on 21st July 2004.   Howard Jones gave a brief witness statement on 29th July 2004 and Peter Pender-Cudlip did not give a witness statement until 3rd August 2004.  Most of the people involved in selecting Richard and Vincent for interrogation had left Abbey.  Some Abbey employees who gave witness statements to the police were ‘restructured’ out of a job.  Priscilla Vacassin now works for Prudential Insurance and Luqman Arnold presently works for the FSA. Stephen Hester moved to British Land PLC and then RBSnd Peter Pender-Cudlip subsequently left Kroll and set up his own company called GWP. Lord Burns is chairman of both Abbey National Bank PLC and Marks and Spencer PLC.

Something  strange  going on here!! How come the IPCC have done nothing about this? 

I came across an interesting article by David Noakes who in my opinion hit the nail on the head when he made the following statement:

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) went from assets of plus £88 billion in 1999 to estimated liabilities of minus £1.3 trillion in 2009 – equal to a year’s income (GDP) for the whole of Great Britain. If Directors with mental disabilities had been appointed, they might have reduced the bank’s value by half. But to utterly destroy it on so stupendous a scale took real knowledge and determination.

It seems clear the wholesale mismanagement and corruption of banks by their directors was not unbelievable incompetence, but criminal. The government huffs and puffs at bonuses and pensions paid as a reward for failure, but then in every case it lets those corrupt payments, totaling billions of pounds, stand without passing legislation to confiscate. It looks as though these huge bonuses and pensions were intentionally paid to compensate directors precisely for destroying their own banks, and for a job well done.

He went on to say the following regarding Abbey National:

But take the case of Abbey National. In July 2004 their risk management officer, Richard Chang, was objecting that the run down of the bank by directors was deliberate (it resulted in the Bank’s ownership being transferred to a European Bank, Santander.)  The HBOS whistleblower alleged the same.

The courts, CPS, coroner, FSA, directors and police have closed ranks to prevent a criminal prosecution or investigation. These services all have large numbers of freemasons in their senior structures.

High ranking Freemasonry runs right through this banking crisis. All the failed banks, Northern Rock, Abbey, RBS, Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) had Freemasonry controlling their boards. Gordon Brown is a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason, as was Tony Blair; there are 400,000 of them in Britain.

Gordon and I certainly agree with David Noakes, especially in regard to the Courts, Coroner, FSA, Directors and Police…..we both have continuously exposed massive fraud with forensic evidence produced by Gordon Bowden and all information/evidence has been passed on to Politicians, Political Parties, Serious Fraud Office and the local police……they are so arrogant they do not even reply to the claims made and even refuse to take recorded statements under oath. Having said that we must fully understand that this goes well beyond what David Noakes has reported…….this is how the New World Order operates and how they fund their huge organization……they are answerable to no one!! 

In conclusion one would assume that even had Richard written the report regarding fraud etc then one would assume that in any company the case would have been handed over to the police for further investigation….. obviously in this case there may have been fraud actually taking place and so the company decided to remove Richard and blame it on suicide.

It is hoped by the time we come to Part 3 of Richards tragic  story we will have proof that Abbey National and there senior management were doing some insider trading deals and also assett stripping so stay tuned for the next part.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 13/6/2011     www.eyreinternational.worpress.com