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Why does the British media continue to hide the truth?

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Who really runs our beloved Britain? 

Time and time again we see the BBC using the same old jargon that clearly shows it wishes to promote “Islamaphobia” around the globe.

I find it appalling that this public funded entity continue to paint the wrong picture in its mainline reporting with such headlines as:

Obama hails “New Beginning” for Yemen and then goes on to say the US would be “a steadfast partner to Yemen” in its transition to democracy.

My first question would be what democracy? It was the US that promoted and supported the previous President Ali Abdullah Saleh and gladly supported Saudi Arabia incursion into that country with back- up aerial strikes and the use of depleted uranium.

What the BBC is not telling you is the fact that when the crowds took to the streets the US decided it was time for yet another regime change and with the help of their allies in Saudi moved Saleh over the border for treatment and eventually flew him to the US via their other ally Britain!!

This same BBC report again distorted the truth by reporting Obama’s words when he offered US condolences for the deaths of 26 people in a car bombing in Yemen’s southern Hadramawt province………Do you really believe that Obama or the west care about such incidents that continue to happen in almost every trouble spot in and around the Middle East? The report clearly quoted that the attack bore the hallmarks of al-Qaeda. 

Then we had the BBC reporting on the latest bombing in Iraq when 55 were killed in a predominantly Shia area. The report stated that Al-Qaeda in Iraq said it carried out previous waves of attacks in December and January.

Another story regarding Afghanistan again used the same punch line:

 “A decade ago, coalition forces arrived in Afghanistan with the aim of dismantling al-Qaeda and preventing its followers from using the country as a base.”

Finally we had yet another reference to al-Quada only this time it was in Pakistan when the BBC reported the following:

The authorities in Pakistan have begun to demolish the house occupied by the Al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden.

American special forces killed Bin Laden during a raid of his compound in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad last May.

Residents said bulldozers were being used to destroy the outer walls of the compound, which served as the Al Qaeda leader’s hideout for more than five years.

When one evaluates these reports it is clear that throughout the four main stories that covered Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan it was al Qaeda that became the main feature.

From my own viewpoint I would like to point out some other truths that you are not likely to read about in the British media and certainly not via the BBC and that is the fact that al-Qaeda have never existed and that this so called “War on Terror” does not even exist.

When one wishes to go to war you have to create either a “False Flag” or create a false illusion that a threat to our streets actually exist and in this particular case the term al Qaeda was invented.

We have now seen a decade of references to this group and its apparent previous head, Osama Bin Laden but what the British public did not understand was the fact that US Special Forces (Navy Seals) did not carry out an attack on his compound and he was not killed during that operation as the whole scenario was a well planned “False Flag Fantasy.”

You may be interested to learn that Osama Bin Laden had already died some years before from natural causes at the hospital in Rawalpindi!!

Maybe you should all cast your minds back to those earlier days in the mountains of Tora Bora, Afghanistan when US and coalition forces were combing the caves for signs of this illustrious rebel…….yes folks you were all convinced that this was for real but I am sorry to tell you it was all a false façade to make you feel unsafe in good old Britain and then they had the audacity to create yet another “False Flag” that is now referred too as 7/7……yes you heard right……yet another inside job!!

The BBC and most of the  entire British media is controlled, censored and funded by Zionist who try to convince you that terrorism is still a major threat to this country and that this threat is likely to come from some unknown Islamic group.

Don’t you find it rather odd that you have to go outside of the UK to either Press TV or RT to find out what is actually going on in this world?

One should take the time to listen to the late words of Aaron Russo during his interview with Alex Jones. This wonderful man had a strong friendship with Nick Rockefeller and revealed the workings of the Zionist controlled New World Order. I am sure you will agree that Aarun Russo was one of those special persons that have graced our planet. Here is the link 


I guess it would be most unfair of me to just blast away at the BBC when some of the other mainline newspapers are playing the same game in pulling the wool over our eyes.

Let’s take another Zionist controlled newspaper……The Times……again we see the same stance with he following headline: “Al-Qaeda backs Syrian revolt”…………..

The head of Al-Qaeda, the Islamic terrorist group, has backed the revolt against Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria, ” Zawahri took command of Al-Qaeda after Osama Bin Laden was killed by the US.”

If one evaluates the true meaning behind these paragraphs one can see a hidden message that is intended to brainwash us all into believe that if a terrorist group, such as Al-Qaeda, is supporting the removal of Assad then the President of Syria must be very bad indeed……….come on folks get real……….this is pure propaganda to force a regime change which is what this stand-off is all about……just like Libya…..same old players at it again (US, UK and France).

Another classic headline by the Times reported the following: “Al Qaeda seize Yemen Town.” Al Qaeda militants have taken control of the town….cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was linked to Al Qaeda and killed in an American air strike in Yemen….year of mass protests against his rule. Al Qaeda have taken over several towns etc etc…..can you see the close connection between the wording by the BBC and those of the Times…..why you may ask?…….it’s simply the fact that both are influenced or controlled by the same Zionists backed finances and owners. Rupert Murdoch is 100% Zionist and I have a photograph to prove it!!! 

Another story in the Times read: UK terror suspects elude Kenyan police……… terror suspects wanted for plotting Al-Qaeda-linked bombings against westerners…citizens are training and fighting with Al-Shabaab in Somalia. The terror group, which is allied to Al-Qaeda, has been seeking to attract Muslims etc……

Add all of this together and one can read that Al Qaeda is strong in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and also Somalia. Again I repeat that Al Qaeda have never existed and do not exist to this day………it’s all part of their Islamaphobia and scaremongery  tactics to spread hysteria and panic amongst the citizens of this country into making them believe that the “War on Terror” must continue and at the same time changing our laws and making the UK into a police state in the same way as the United States!!

The final straw came again from the Times when they reported the following: Drone strike kills Al-Qaeda agent in Somalia – A British-raised al-Qaeda operative was killed in a drone strike…hundreds of foreigners fighting with the al Qaeda-linked Shabaab, including dozens…associate of Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, al-Qaeda’s East Africa chief etc…

I am sure by now that you have all had a gut full of this “British Media Crap” and want to know what is really going on in this world and more importantly to hear and read the truth……..well as I have said before you can start with Press TV and RT or follow the many blogs around the world that attempt to reveal what is factually going on.

Before closing I again repeat that many incidents that occur in such places as Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Syria and Iraq is the work of western Special Forces, CIA, MI5/6 and the Israeli Mossad etc. One should also mention the many militia or rebel groups are also funded by the west………they infiltrate deep within many countries and spread fear and destruction…….they plant many bombs and have their own snipers to take out selective innocent civilians etc…….including foreign journalist…….we then get the above media blaming such incidents on the respective government forces which is far from the truth.

I guess we all have to wait now for the next significant “False Flag” to occur that will spark of a war with Iran, Syria, Palestine and certain groups within Lebanon……..that is their goal and part of their master plan that was first planned back in 1997.

The true axis of evil is right here in the City of London and such people as David Cameron and William Hague continue to push for their own hidden agenda and war at whatever the cost!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant- 26/2/2012

Britain at the centre of US$ 15 trillion Ponzi scheme

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Alan Greenspan            Timothy Geithner




“I am somewhat puzzled as to why you think I am involved in major fraud”

I have over a very long period of time highlighted the massive fraud that has been going on in this country and around the world for decades and is now totally out of control. However although the manyPonzi scams Gordon Bowden and I have uncovered this particular fraud must top the list.

The nuts and bolts of this story started back in May 2006 and continue on to this day,…..,,,,it started on the watch of ex PM Tony Blair and Gordon Brown with the real issues currently being raised with David Cameron who has done absolutely nothing about this story…………why you may ask?……..simply because he’s  part of the fraudulent rot that exists at corporate level, the banks and in Westminster throughout the UK.

In today´s society one always continues to be amazed at the many stories that hit the headlines but unfortunately some stories never make it because of the way the Zionist controlled media filter out such topics. This particular story is really an extension of my Pandora´s Box series which highlights the workings of the New World Order and how they are funded.

Let´s now look into this Massive Ponzi scheme……when it started, how the Zionist system manipulated trillions of dollars and how it simply got siphoned off into infinity. But first one must also understand that this financial rape continues to this day in almost every city in the world with the City of London being at its heart.

First understand that the New World Order is run by Jewish Zionist, Christian Zionist, European Royal Families, Rothchilds, the Bank of England and many connecting organisations such as the Freemasons, Friends of Israel, Pilgrim Soceity, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) here in London.  It is this backbone that then controls their associates in the US such as the Rockerfella´s, Council of Foreign Relations(CFR), American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Bilderberg Group, The Reserve Bank of America etc and naturally their affiliates over in Europe.

Within this structure is the UN, WHO, World Bank, IMF,  ICJ, NATO and many more organisations which basically allows them to control the world finances, the world natural resources, the educational system, the judicial system, the police. They have the added ability to switch off any company or country with the power to eliminate people in mass through their very well orchestrated depopulation programme.

This US$15 trillion fraud has now been revealed by Lord James of Blackheath who raised the topic in the House of Lords, Lords Chamber on Thursday the 16th of February 2012. There were few members in the Chamber at the time and no doubt those that were present managed to stay awake during Lord James Exposé.

The gallant Lord explained that this fraud started back in April/May 2009 with an alleged transfer to the HSBC bank here in the United Kingdom of US$15 trillion which arrived in three separate payments. The money was then transferred to the Royal Bank of Scotland and we all know what happened after that.

Rather than use my own words to uncover this plot I would prefer to use the very words spoken by Lord James as recorded in Hansard 16th February 2012 – Column 1016 5.20PM  – Column 1017 – Column 1018

16 Feb 2012 : Column 1016

5.20 pm

Lord James of Blackheath: My Lords, I hope the minute that that has taken has not come off my time. I do not wish noble Lords to get too encouraged when I start with my conclusions but I will not sit down when I have made them. I will then give the evidence to support them and, I hope, present the reasons why I want support for an official inquiry into the mischief I shall unfold this afternoon. I have been engaged in pursuit of this issue for nearly two years and I am no further forward in getting to the truth.

There are three possible conclusions which may come from it. First, there may have been a massive piece of money-laundering committed by a major Government who should know better. Effectively, it undermined the integrity of a British bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland, in doing so. The second possibility is that a major American department has an agency which has gone rogue on it because it has been wound up and has created a structure out of which it is seeking to get at least €50 billion as a pay-off. The third possibility is that this is an extraordinarily elaborate fraud, which has not been carried out, but which has been prepared to provide a threat to one Government or more if they do not make a pay-off. These three possibilities need an urgent review.

In April and May 2009, the situation started with the alleged transfer of $5 trillion to HSBC in the United Kingdom. Seven days later, another $5 trillion came to HSBC and three weeks later another $5 trillion. A total of $15 trillion is alleged to have been passed into the hands of HSBC for onward transit to the Royal Bank of Scotland. We need to look to where this came from and the history of this money. I have been trying to sort out the sequence by which this money has been created and where it has come from for a long time.

It starts off apparently as the property of Yohannes Riyadi, who has some claims to be considered the richest man in the world. He would be if all the money that was owed to him was paid but I have seen some accounts of his showing that he owns $36 trillion in a bank. It is a ridiculous sum of money. However, $36 trillion would be consistent with the dynasty from which he comes and the fact that it had been effectively the emperors of Indo-China in times gone by. A lot of that money has been taken away from him, with his consent, by the American Treasury over the years for the specific purpose of helping to support the dollar.

Mr Riyadi has sent me a remarkable document dated February 2006 in which the American Government have called him to a meeting with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which is neither the Federal Reserve nor a bank. It is a bit like “Celebrity Big Brother”. It has three names to describe it and none of them is true. This astonishing document purports to have been a meeting, which was witnessed by Mr Alan Greenspan, who signed for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York of which he was chairman, as well as chairman of the real Federal Reserve in Washington. It is signed by Mr Timothy Geithner as a witness on behalf of the International Monetary Fund. The IMF sent two witnesses, the other being Mr Yusuke Horiguchi. These gentlemen have signed as witnesses to the effect

16 Feb 2012 : Column 1017

that this deal is a proper deal. There are a lot of other signatures on the document. I do not have a photocopy; I have an original version of the contract.

Under the contract, the American Treasury has apparently got the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to offer to buy out the bonds issued to Mr Riyadi to replace the cash which has been taken from him over the previous 10 years. It is giving him $500 million as a cash payment to buy out worthless bonds. That is all in the agreement and it is very remarkable. Establishing whether I have a correct piece of paper is just two phone calls away-one to Mr Geithner and one to Mr Greenspan, both of whom still prosper and live. They could easily confirm whether they signed it. Mr Riyadi, by passing these bonds over, has also put at the disposal of the US Treasury the entire asset backing which he was alleged to have for the $15 trillion. I have a letter from the Bank of Indonesia which says that the whole thing was a pack of lies. He did not have the 750,000 tonnes of gold which was supposed to be backing it; he had only 700 tonnes. This is a piece of complete fabrication.

Finally, I have a letter from Mr Riyadi himself, who tells me that he was put up to do this, that none of it is true, and that he has been robbed of all his money. I am quite prepared to recognise that one of the possibilities is that Mr Riyadi is himself putting this together as a forgery in order to try to win some recovery. But it gets more complicated than that because each of the $5 trillion payments that came in has been acknowledged and receipted by senior executives at HSBC and again receipted by senior executives at the Royal Bank of Scotland. I have a set of receipts for all of this money. Why would any bank want to file $5 trillion-worth-$15 trillion in total-of receipts if the money did not exist? The money was first said to have come from the Riyadi account to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and from there it was passed to JP MorganChase in New York for onward transit to London. The means of sending it was a SWIFT note which, if it was genuine, ought to have been registered with the Bank of England.

When this came about, I took it to my noble friend Lord Strathclyde and asked what we should do with it. He said, “Give it to Lord Sassoon. He is the Treasury”. So I did, and my noble friend Lord Sassoon looked at it and said immediately, “This is rubbish. It is far too much money. It would stick out like a sore thumb and you cannot see it in the Royal Bank of Scotland accounts”. He went on to say, “The gold backing it is ridiculous. Only 1,507 tonnes of gold has been mined in the history of the world, so you cannot have 750,000 tonnes”. That is true. The third thing he said was, “It is a scam”, and I agree with him. The problem is that at that point we stopped looking, but we should have asked what the scam was instead of just nodding it off.

We have never resolved it. Today, I have this quite frightening piece of paper, which is my justification for bringing it into this meeting. It is available on the internet and I am astonished that it has not already been unearthed by the Treasury because every alarm bell in the land should be ringing if it has. It is from the general audit office of the Federal Reserve in Washington-the real Federal Reserve-and its audit

16 Feb 2012 : Column 1018

review to the end of July 2010 on the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It has on it some 20 banks listed to which $16.115 trillion is outstanding in loans. That is the sore thumb that was being looked for by my noble friend Lord Sassoon. But more particularly there are two other interesting things. The first is that Barclays Bank has $868 billion of loan, and the Royal Bank of Scotland has $541 billion, in which case one has to ask a question, because they could have earned back in three weeks their entire indebtedness and could pay off the taxpayers of Britain. Why have they not done so and could we please ask them to put a cheque in the post tonight for the whole $46 billion?

The next thing that is wrong with it is that every bank on this list, without exception, is an MTN-registered bank, which means that they are registered to use medium-term notes to move funds between themselves with an agreed profit-share formula, in which case these banks are investing this money and, most extraordinarily, not a penny of interest does the Federal Bank of New York want paid on that vast amount, $16 trillion. Anyone who knows what the IMF rules are will immediately smell a rat. The IMF has very strict rules for validating dodgy money. There are two ways of doing it. You either pass it through a major central bank like the Bank of England, which apparently refused to touch this, or you put it through an MTN-trading bank, which is then able to use the funds on the overnight European MTN trading market where they can earn between 1 per cent and 2.5 per cent profit per night. The compound interest on that sum is huge. If it is genuine, a vast profit is being made on this money somewhere.

I believe that this is now such an important issue that I have put everything that I have got on the subject on to a 104-megabyte memory thumb. I want the Government to take it all, put it to some suitable investigative bureau and find out the truth of what is going on here, because something is very seriously wrong. Either we have a huge amount of tax uncollected on profits made or we have a vast amount of money festering away in the European banking system which is not real money, in which case we need to take it back. I ask for an investigation and for noble Lords to support my plea.

So there you have it…..yet another scam to add to the other trillions of dollars that Gordon Bowden and I have already exposed………..as you can clearly see our very own Prime Minister is implicated in many other scams and should be investigated accordingly, including his trip to India and his past trip to South Africa when he took part in another scam in the purchase of three highly illegal South African/Israeli tactical nuclear bombs, then lost them and eventually then took us to war via another fraudster, Tony Blair. It was Cameron´s who raped the British Tax Payer of 17.8 million pounds. I would ask the question why hasn´t our PM been arrested for this fraud and why hasn´t he and his associate Sir Ken Warren  been arrested under the Nuclear Explosions Act?   

You can read Hansard at http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201212/ldhansrd/text/120216-0002.htm#12021643000172

Or better still watch Lord James on you tube:


Another very interesting coverage with more input from the US side can be found at:



Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/2/2012




British companies raping investors and tax payers in Britain and India

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Anil Agarwal – Chairman of Vedanta London

The billionaire ring leader himself who lives a life of total luxury here in London


There are others also involved but the above three were used to show that this was a clear case of insider trading.


As I have previously explained I am currently in Latin America and purely by accident came across yet another grand British scam which upon investigation also had links to another company in the UK.


It all started off in northern Peru when I read about two conflicting reports about the death of many dolphins that had washed up on the beach and also the death of thousands of anchovies.


The  report initially blamed the oil and gas industry in the area for their deaths, but this was eventually overturned and blamed the problem on contaminated plankton…..it was obvious that the originator of the initial story had been paid off by the oil/gas industry.


I investigated one company (Gold Oil) and realised it was another virtual company with direct links to the banking sector in the US and historically direct links to Cairn Energy UK and a greater web that my associate  Gordon Bowden has now uncovered.


The dolphin story, purely by chance drew my attention to this company and hey presto it was yet another massive scam……since my arrival I have uncovered two virtual companies and both have so called offices very close to my location………..as Gordon and I discussed yesterday and today this scam is on such a vast scale around the world that it runs into the trillions.


Gordon and I have well and truly opened up a massive hornets nest which I am sure will upset the political elite…..especially when our PM is also involved because it is Cairn Energy boss Sir Bill Gamell who piles lots of funds into Cameron´s pocket and his party……this scam also implicates the Tory Party into another scam involving our dear PM who went to India to try to force a deal worth $9:8 Billion….again involving Cairn.


“Your Excellency is there anything I can get for you”

Sir Bill Gammell with India´s PM




“Listen here my dear boy let’s finish this Cairn/Vedanta deal so that we can both benefit from the exercise with an even greater bonus if you approve the Vodafone deal whilst I am still in Delhi.”


Before moving onto this massive fraud one has to understand the close link that exists between the three main political parties in Britain………on face value their leaders appear to be in opposition but behind the scenes these key players (who are members of the NWO) cooperate with each other and are groomed by the Zionist elite!!


Many such leaders and senior ministers are Freemasons and like their Zionist financiers know how to rip of the system and then turn their toxic debt into becoming a tax payer’s liability.


Gordon sent me the follow email regarding Gold Oil PLC


From my Archive of AIM DOCS




The History of Directors playing “Musical Chairs” in “Virtual” Smoke & Mirrors (NON PRODUCTION) piles of Junk.


See the Directors Lists of Current and Past Directorships.


It’s a Joke, a $ TRILLION Robbery Joke.


Multiplied over 4000 times on the Unaudited, Unregulated AIM (Penny Stock) L.S.E. then Multiplied thousands of times on the TSX-V, ASX, and other International Stock Exchanges.


Welcome to the Party..



Here you go.








Spot the Brain Cell.


Among his network of “Virtual” “EXPLORATION” Smoke & Mirrors Director Only Cash Shell Companies




Which when you check, is a Merger with.




Now there’s a thing.



The RAWAS MINE fraud times 40000.


The Financial Services, London Stock Exchange and Serious Fraud Office Senior administration should all face criminal trial for failure to protect the Country against Organised Crime, Due Dilligence on Pump and Dump asset stripping of the Banks , Financial Institutions, Private Investors and Internal Corruption.


End of Gordon´s communication

Next we had our Prime Minister telling all the people of this country about the incredible wealth that lies offshore the Falkland Islands and how two British companies were drilling to bring this valuable source on line…..those two companies were Rockhopper and Desire Petroleum which are yet again two virtual companies drilling for nothing. You can rest assured that our dear PM is well and truly up to his armpits in fraudulent activities by promoting such false endeavours, over inflating the share price accordingly and no doubt taking a back hander from these two scam companies.

It was David Cameron who flew to Delhi last year to again push the Indian PM into acceptable a takeover deal involving US $9.8 billion which was again a total scam. The two companies involved, Cairn Energy (Edinburgh) and Vedanta (London), were clearly asset stripping and also were about to launch into what is known as insider trading.

Their subsidiary companies were Cairn India and Vedanta India. The plot was to overinflate the share price of Cairn India and then sell 51% or more of Cairn India to Vedanta India…..what the public didn´t realise was the fact that both companies had the same directors.

Gordon Bowden again investigated all the companies and confirmed our suspicion that this was  massive fraud and that our Prime Ministers was promoting a fraudulent act in applying pressure to his counterpart in India…..no doubt Sir Bill Gammell of Cairn was pushing significant funds his way. It was also our PM who also attempted to push through enough shonky deal with Vodafone in India but that’s another story.

Let’s just take a quick look at this fraudulent deal in India.

Below is the content of an email from Gordon which clearly shows the fraud involved


Start of Gordon´s communication 


Here is their LATEST conspired Scam, HOW they steal £50 odd Million out of VEDANTA’s assets.


This is a common method used by the Cabal in Money Laundering.


On the 16 August 2010, the BBC disclosed in their business report news the headline.



The short statement reads :(Part)


Cairn Energy has announced plans to sell a maximum 51% of its Indian operation to mining group VEDANTA for up to $8.5bn (£5.4bn


Edinbourgh-based Cairn said the deal would result in a “Substantial return of cash” to shareholders.

(My point is : LOOK at the list of WHO are the substantial shareholders) I have their AIM 26 Admission Docs.


It added it would also use the cash from the proposed sale for other “EXPLORATION and Drilling Programmes”

(In a word, they are going to do a CASH BURN, Stealing and laundering that cash to interlocked subsidiaries they control and are hidden directors of) EXPLORATION, DRILLING, my ARSE


Cairn India has a market capitalisation of $14bn and is the fourth largest oil and gas Company in India (What they don’t say is the Value has been self structured based on ASSETS as yet to be recovered) “Virtual” Resources, Assessed to be recoverable OIL and GAS but not yet production Oil fields.


Shares in both Companies rose after the announcement, with Vedanta ending the day up 4.8% and Cairn up 5.3% (They call this release of Company information via RNS, when Directors of both Companies conspire to indulge in CRIMINAL “Insider Trading” as PUMP and DUMP)


My point is: From the previous PANDORA’S BOX expose I gave you on the CAIRN-VEDANTA Scam the crucial points are the interconnected Common Directors prior to the Deal commencement.


They tried as they always do by hiding the connection through subsidiary Company Directorships.


Mr AMAN MEHTA was ALSO a Director of:


and also a recorded Director of:



This is highly illegal and constitutes under the Companies Act. Not only a criminal Conflict of Interest, Insider dealing but Corporate Espionage


However, the interlocks continue with



Complex issues of VEDANTA -CAIRN “INSIDER TRADING” with ASSET stripping HSBC Banks buying block shares via High Risk Banks Unsecured TOXIC RISK Hedge Funds of WORTHLESS paper continue with the involvement of

 Non Exec  Director:

Sir DAVID ALWYN GORE-BOOTH and his Current Directorships:





GROUP 4 FALCK LIMITED which is interlocked with G4S and its Subsidiaries and Securicor.


PM David Cameron is from a BANKING HEDGE FUND Family business.


He should be made to answer simple questions.




In this or the CENTRICA -VODAFONE Deal you intervened in, in your personal capacity as UK PM, putting pressure on the Indian Government, in forcing them into the early acceptance of these financial Ponzi Scams, did any of your direct or indirect family businesses in Banking / Hedge Fund Financial Companies become involved.


As I say with the LONRHO Empire interconnected Frauds with their SAS Mates





“Smoke & Mirrors”



End of communications


Whilst still on the India scam we should look at Vedanta India portfolio that gives reference to their operations in Tasmania, Australia:


Our Indian copper business is principally one of custom smelting and is operated by Sterlite. Zambian copper business is owned and operated by KCM. We own 54% of the share capital of Sterlite and 79.4% of the share capital of KCM. Sterlite was India’s largest metals and mining company based on net sales in fiscal 2008. In addition, we own the Mt. Lyell copper mine in Tasmania, Australia, which provides a small percentage of Sterlite’s copper concentrate requirements.

Being Australian I find the latter extremely interesting and maybe we should take a look at this worthless pile of rubbish in Tasmania otherwise known as the Copper Mines of Tasmania that gave up most of its copper ore many decades ago.

This is how such scams work………..they form a virtual company and appoint their own directors who then devise a plan to buy a disused mine site, concoct false data, prepare a very convincing presentation and then go to various cities and start looking for potential investors.

Gordon has previously pointed out the money involved amounts to billions and when one multiplies this hundreds if not thousands of times around the globe this is very serious money that could amount to trillions each and every year.

Take a look at this very active copper mine that is situated in Queenstown, Tasmania and I sure you will agree it looks fairly barren considering it is supposed to be an underground copper mine in full production………….notice the almost disused track into the facility and note a solitary vehicle parked up and not a compound full of large Terex Trucks and other earth moving equipment……I hope you are all starting to understand how this scams work.


Drive with caution – heavy trucks entrance?


It also so happens that such scams normally happen at some remote location and can be a simple spade hole in the ground, surrounded by a large fence and armed guards in attendance.

Gordon also sent me this brief on Gold Oil:

Mining Group Vedanta Resources (VED)  59.9% owned Indian subsidiary Sterlite Industries. Sterlite has been ordered to pay US$ 82. 75 (52.8 million pounds) in compensation to Asarco for walking away from an agreement to acquire the US copper explorer. The ruling was made by the Bankruptcy Court of Southern District of Texas and passes as quite a light punishment, considering that Asarco was seeking 2.28 billion dollars (1.45 billion pounds) . The shares advanced by 6p to 1.257p.

End of Gordon´s communication

I guess by now you are asking what does all this mean?  Firstly one must understand the magnitude of this massive fraud and tax evasion that not only affects the investors from Britain and India but also in many other parts of the world. It directly implicates Corporate Heads of oil gas and mining companies, Bank Executives and more importantly heads of political parties and senior MP.s.

What impact does it have on each country’s economy and on the world´s economy?

Firstly anything that is fraudulent diverts income away from government coffers and put that income into offshore entitites such as some of those listed above. The banks buy into these fraudulent deals or support them with unsecured loans such as the RBS for example and this then turns into toxic debt.

What is ironic is the fact that our respect leaders know where the money has gone and in most cases are directly or indirectly involved and then impose severe austerity measures to pay for their crime in an attempt to balance the books……..we see this in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and now we see this in the UK and France etc.

It is this world economical collapse that they (the New World Order – ie Rothschild’s etc) themselves intentionally created. It is they that have the ability to shut down any company, bank or country and it is they that created the Arab Spring and the current Western Spring.

In my opinion any such fraud or tax evasion is a crime against humanity as it creates massive unrest and suffering, especially in poor countries such as India.

You may find it odd to believe that our current Prime Minister, David Cameron and all the current leaders are fully aware on the Ponzi Schemes as is the Serious Fraud Office and the Police etc.

Our respective countries are being continuously raped of their economic wealth by these fraudulent morons. The poor and the aged are having to pay the ultimate price by being forced to pay more taxes, higher fuel prices, higher water, electricity and gas. What is so ironic is that increase in taxes are supposed to support our standard of living and public sector services……in this case we pay more and receive nothing in return………..now that is clearly fraud in itself…….but do not be too concerned as our current PM laundered 17.8 million pounds of tax payers money and put it in his own party election fund…..how’s that for arrogance?

I urge you all to watch the Australian ABC 4 Corners documentary called “Bad Company” that explains how all these “Ponzi Schemes” work……..it´s so easy that is why they get away with it……..the link is as follows:



Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant- 19/2/2012

Prolific paedophilia activity exists in this country

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Prolific paedophilia  activity exists in this country

Part 2

Robert Green


It is with great sadness to hear that Robert Green was sentenced to one year in prison for trying to bring justice for Hollie Greig (a Down syndrome girl) that was repeatedly raped by her own father and also by a ring of paeophiles in Aberdeen.

The evidence supporting Hollie was very strong and Robert Green had donated his life to not only expose this terrible case but also in bringing those responsible to justice.

People like Robert are extremely rare and certainly should not be behind bars for revealing the truth behind this terrible case that started when Hollie was 6 years old.

I will not go into detail as to what happened to Hollie over many years as this aspect has been covered in my last article. The main purpose is to say how terribly corrupt our judicial system has become and also the fact that in this particular case there has been on very big cover-up to protect one of the main offenders ,   Sheriff Buchanan of Aberdeen, who was listed as one of those involved in  paedophilia by Hollie herself.




Pervert – Sheriff Buchanan of Aberdeen – Child protection at its best?


The cards have always been on the table and were well and truly stacked up against Hollie and Robert Green when the entire Scottish Legal System refused to investigate this terrible case and now have put Robert away for one year. Sheriff Buchanan of Aberdeen – Child protection at its best?

The people involved in stopping this case were people in very high places. Those being:


 Alex Salmond, First Minister for Scotland




 Kenny MacAskill, the Scottish ‘Justice’ Secretary



Lord Advocate of Scotland – Elish Angioline


Colin McKerracher, Chief Constable of Grampian Police who also happened to be Chairman of the North East of Scotland Child Protection Committee NESCPC


The above named are just a few of the key people involved and who refused to bring this case out into the public domain. One must also add to this the leaders of the main politic parties in Westminster and the many many local MP´s who refused to become involved in this case………..such is the state of British justice!!




Hollie and Mum Anne have their brief day in court


When Hollie and her mum turned up in London I was one of many that stood outside the Royal Court of Justice hoping for a successful outcome but as we have seen throughout this case it was completely “Whitewashed”


When one reflects on the level of paedophilia in this country (that goes right to the top of politics) and how is has infested almost all levels of government i.e. Education, Social Services, Child Care and Protection, Police, NHS it is understandable that they continue to protect their own. We know that two ex PM´s were made aware of the current situation and were actually named for their own connection to this evil satanic group and for their own involvement in Freemasonry and we also know that very senior ministers were also named……..one of those being the Head of NATO – Lord Robertson.


No one knows which way this case is now likely to go……..obviously Robert Green will appeal against his sentence and maybe just maybe there will be sufficient people taking to the streets to protest at this total cover-up.


The FBI once published a list of person´s they considered to be a security risk to this country……..most of them were paedophiles and held senior positions in Westminster and the House of Lords and many still hold office…….can you actually comprehend the seriousness of this situation?


Can you believe that some of these people have carried out terrible crimes against this country, including treason and some have and continue to rape this country of its finances by being involved in massive fraud?


We are supposed to hold our heads up high for being British and we are taught to look up to our Prime Minister and other MP´s……….can you truly do this knowing the background to these unscrupulous politicians who have been involved in Freemasonry, Illegal Arms Dealing, Massive Tax Fraud, Illegally purchasing nuclear weapons and then allow them to be stolen and who have aided and abetted in the financial collapse of this country.


It is they that have now imposed extremely cruel austerity measures on public sector services, raised student fees, raped the poor and the aged and continue to allow billions (if not trillions of pounds) to be siphoned out of the country via their bogus companies that the corporate sector, the banks and senior politicians run out of the many boiler rooms right here in the City of London.


In my next article I will give you a classic example of how two British companies operating out of Edinburgh and London are raping their investors and raping the citizens of both the United Kingdom, India with other international connections and a strong link to political figures…….makes you feel so proud to be British hey?


When one considers the level of poverty in India it certainly borders on crimes against humanity!!


Such is the state of British Politics




Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 18/2/2012




Prolific paedophilia activity exists in this country

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Robert Green  at the Royal Court of Justice London


Tomorrow will see Robert Green in court to receive his sentence for trying to expose the case of Hollie Greig and the peodophilia that exists not only in Scotland but within the United Kingdom and the world.

I have covered this story in great detail by publishing around 20 articles on the subject and also talking about it on US Radio and European Radio, but to no avail!!

I believe it is my duty of care to again summarise the prolific peodophilia activity that exists in this country, including certain political figures (past and present) both in the Houses of Parliament and in the House of Lords.

 The Hollie Greig case was before the court in London (Royal Courts of Justice) but Hollie and her mum Anne clearly were “White Washed” by the corrupt system. This clear cut case of peodophilia was mismanaged by the police, the judicial system and local councils and now Robert Green will soon receive his sentence and become yet another sacrificial lamb.

Maybe many of the public are not fully aware of this case so I will just fill you in with some points and later you can go to me articles and read the case in more detail.


Hollie and her mum Anne at the Royal Court of Justice for a very brief hearing that failed 


There is a close link between this case and the Dunblane Massacre and the fact that one extremely senior political figure just so happened to be in charge of NATO at the time. If we all recall the FBI provided a list of peodphiles that could be a risk to the security of the United Kingdom. This list was given to the British Prime Minister at the time (Tony Blair) who did absolutely nothing about it………could there have been a reason for this?


Hollie and Mum Anne have their brief day in court

I will now print an email that I came across and also an article that was produced some time ago that may well allow readers to better understand as to why our leaders do nothing about this terrible state of affairs.

The Email:


Caveat Lector-

From: Anthony Lee Queensland (email protected)

Sent: 23 March 2003 09:41

To: (email protected)

Cc: (email protected)

Subject: Tony Blair connected to paedophile ring! from Israel Shamir

 Tony Blair connected to mass murder and to paedophile ring! Demand his


 “But it is now becoming shockingly clear that the slavish adherence of Tony

Blair and Jack Straw to the Bush line on Iraq may have less to do with

principled arguments, and much more to do with the fear of CIA and FBI

revelations that would make them two of the most hated politicians in modern

British political history”.


We owe justice to the victims of Dunblane and protection for all children


 Dunblane secret documents contain letters by Tory and Labour ministers


The Sunday Herald, News, 2 March 2003, http://www.sundayherald.com/31830

 Investigation: By Neil Mackay, Home Affairs Editor

LETTERS between Labour and Tory ministers and correspondence relating to

Thomas Hamilton’s alleged involvement with Freemasonry are part of a batch

of more than 100 documents about the Dunblane mass murder which have been

sealed from public sight for 100 years.


The documents include a letter connected to Hamilton, which was sent by

George Robertson, currently head of NATO, to Michael Forsyth, who was then

Secretary of State for Scotland.


Until now it was thought that a 100-year public secrecy order had only been

placed on one police report into Hamilton which allegedly named high-profile

politicians and legal figures. However, a Sunday Herald investigation has

uncovered that 106 documents, which were submitted to the Dunblane inquiry

in 1996, were also placed under the 100-year rule.


The Scottish Executive has claimed the 100-year secrecy order was placed on

the Central Police report, which was drafted in 1991 five years before the

murders, to protect the identities of children named in the report. Hamilton

had allegedly abused a number of children prior to his 1996 gun attack on

Dunblane primary school in which 16 primary one children and a teacher died

before Hamilton turned his gun on himself.



However, only a handful of the documents, which the Sunday Herald has

discovered to be also subject to the 100-year rule, relate to children or

name alleged abuse victims.


The most intriguing document is listed as: ‘Copy of letter from Thomas

Hamilton to Dunblane parents regarding boys’ club, and flyer advertising

Dunblane Boys’ Sports Club. Both sent to Rt Hon Michael Forsyth, MP,

Secretary of State for Scotland, by George Robertson MP.’ Also closed under

the 100-year rule is a ‘submission to Lord James Douglas Hamilton, MP,

Minister of State at the Scottish Office, concerning government evidence to

the Inquiry’.


Another document relates to correspondence between the clerk of the Dunblane

inquiry, which was presided over by Lord Cullen, and a member of the public

regarding ‘possible affiliations of Thomas Hamilton with Freemasonry … and

copy letters from Thomas Hamilton’.


SNP deputy justice minister, Michael Matheson, said: ‘The explanation to

date about the 100 -year rule was that it was put in place to protect the

interests of children named in the Central Police report. How can that

explanation stand when children aren’t named? The 100-year rule needs to be

re-examined with respect to all documents.’


Matheson has written to the Lord Advocate, Colin Boyd, asking why the

100-year rule applies and how it can be revoked. He has so far had no

response. He also asked First Minister Jack McConnell to explain the reasons

for the 100-year order but received ‘no substantial answer’. Matheson is to

write to Colin Boyd a second time, in the light of the discovery that more

than 100 other documents are also sealed, asking him to account for the



A spokeswoman for the Crown Office said: ‘In consultation with the Crown

Office and the Scottish Office, Lord Cullen agreed that in line with the age

of some of the individuals involved and named in the inquiry, the closure

period would be 100 years. The Lord Advocate is considering issuing a

redacted copy of the productions, which would blank out identifying details

of children and their families. A decision on this has yet to be made.’


Other sealed key reports on Dunblane include:


·  A ‘comparative analysis of Thomas Hamilton’ by Central Scotland Police

·  Information about Hamilton’s ‘use and possession of firearms’

·  Pathology reports, Hamilton’s autopsy report, and analysis by Glasgow

University’s forensic science lab on blood, urine and liver samples from

Hamilton’s body

·  Details on firearms licensing policies

·  A review by Alfred Vannet, regional procurator fiscal of Grampian,

Highland and Islands, of ‘reports and information in respect of Thomas

Hamilton submitted to the procurator fiscals of Dumbarton and Stirling by

Strathclyde Police and Central Police’

·  A psychological report on Hamilton

·  Guidance from the British Medical Association on granting firearms


·  ‘Transcript of and correspondence relating to answering-machine tape

which accidentally recorded conversation between police officers at the

scene of the Dunblane incident’

·  Correspondence and witness statements ‘relating to allegations of sexual

abuse made against Hamilton’

 I also have a copy of this:

Certainly Steve Morgan, under his guise of Dick Shaver & the Hollow Earth Insiders,who has given us a list of transgressors in this field, believes we are ruled by a private club of perverts and rapists, he names and describes the personal perversities of some of them and in no particular order they are:-

Lord Graville Jenner (Labour Peer)  –  Young boys.

Lord Gerald Kaufman (Labour Peer)  –  Young boys under 12.

Lord Leon Britton (Conservative Peer)  _  Raping young boys.

Gordon Brown (British Prime Minister) – Young boys and girls

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (Former British Prime Minister) – Importuning in public toilets

Edward Heath (Former Conservative British Prime Minister) – Young boys

Lord Robertson (Former head of NATO and Labour Cabinet Minister) – Young boys

Lord Hardy (Former Lord Advocate of Scotland) – Young boys

Lord McAlpine (Conservative Lord) – Young boys

Michael Portillo (Former Conservative MP) – Children and adults especially Peter Lilley

Peter Lilley (Conservative MP) – Young children and adults especially Michael Portillo

Sir Jimmy Saville (Entertainer and Disc Jockey) – Supplying young children and adults for the above

We have come a long way from Hollie Greig and her abuse is still with us so let us join with Robert Green in asking for a public enquiry.  The problem is who chooses the panel because we know what happened at the Dunblane enquiry led by Lord Cullen and the Hutton report into the death of Dr David Kelly.  We are not going to let them sweep Hollie under the carpet for a hundred years.

The establishment will never allow an enquiry board picked by outsiders, so stalemate.  It is time for action.  Both Labour and Conservative have failed us on this topic.  We have to look elsewhere or perhaps have a revolution.


For those that want to read more about Peodophilia and the Hollie Greig case you can few the many articles I have written on Hollie at the following link which also reveals some more names: www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com

Here is the direct link to each article in order from top to bottom:





















Before closing I would like to add the following comment I received on my blog:

Dear Editors and Reporters,

While you are running around after the politicians today with David Cameron and Mr Alex Salmond doing the slagging match in Edinburgh have a thought for a real issue tomorrow read on:

We want you to consider the sentence of ROBERT GREEN in the public interest at Stonehaven Court tomorrow 17th march 2012 Ii urge you all to think what this court sentence is really about its not a bad man doing a crime is a GOOD GOOD man trying to prevent child abuse and the lies told within government and the police. Robert needs media attention to highlight the true facts of why he´s being sentenced.

I feel as do many that when a crime is committed the authorities do a very good job but when child abuse is involved the press the authorities suddenly get a “Quiet Voice” we need to talk out for the victims and the survivors of child abuse we need to shout from our balconies our patios our cars and give the children their voices back.

We also want to bring interest to the media that an event in Edinburgh on march 6th will raise awareness of this issue it is a world peaceful protest being held at the Scottish Parliament buildings with full support of everyone involved in arranging this event please visit this page for other UK areas involved in the peaceful protest http://www.facebook.com/groups/304360222954715/.
Story This Email Reflects


There is a great man being sentenced tomorrow Friday 17th of march 2012 at Stonehaven Court in Aberdeenshire  – ROBERT GREEN

Telephone: 01569-762758: Stonehaven@scotcourts.gov.uk

I and many supporters of this story wish him all the luck of the Irish as clearly this man the most respected Robert Green doesn’t deserve to get a criminal record for trying to expose cover ups in the “Scottish Justice System and police” in not investigating a child abuse case properly it further is not fair when the Sherriff Mr.Bowen failed to disclose a relationship at Roberts trial see above url.

Supporters of ROBERT GREEN are requested to turn up at court tomorrow 17th March and please email all the Scottish newspapers, radio stations  and TV stations showing your support for Robert.

We can all talk on facebook but taking action as above will be more beneficial to Robert and his sentence we need a public outcry now.

Andy 01507 477 433



End of comment

I wish Robert Green all the very best for tomorrow,  knowing him I know that he has the strength to deal with anything they do to him……..all we can do is pressure the Government and keep it in the media.

What came to light today was the following: Sheriff Principal Bowen a proven paedophile enabler reference http://holliegreig.info/  is running this case !!!  

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 16./2/2012          

The flagship of British propaganda again spins its misinformation

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Satanic City of London HQ of The New World Order

For the second day in succession we see the BBC attempting to convince the British public that action is required against Iran by again printing yet another “False Flag” story regarding the latest bomb blast in Thailand.

The headeline read “Iranian” bomber in Thai blasts……..note the word Iranian is emphasised which clearly shows yet another biased opinion and certainly anti Iranian!!

BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera: “What the specific evidence for a link to Iran is has not been made clear yet”……..how contradictory is this statement in relation to the hyped up headline!! The rather amateur report went on to say:

A man thought to be Iranian has had both legs blown off after attempting to throw a bomb at police in the Thai capital, Bangkok, officials say. Two other explosions were reported in the same busy commercial district of the city, injuring four other people. Police said one blast took place at the house the injured man rented with other Iranians. One of those men also threw a bomb at a taxi in the capital.

Again this article gave reference to the other “False Flags” in India and Georgia and continued: Israel has accused Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah of orchestrating the attacks. Iran denied the allegations.

There is no sign of who the attackers in Bangkok might have been targeting, but the timing and the link to Iran will raise suspicions that this might be part of a co-ordinated campaign, says BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera.

All I can say is “God help us if this BBC correspondent is responsible for reporting on security matters.”


Zionist funded/ controlled BBC to which the British public have to pay a licence fee

Who should we the British public have to pay this stealth tax for a censured channel?

It is clear that both the US, UK and in particular Israel are hyping up mass hysteria against the Islamic world and at the same time one can now expect a significant “False Flag Event” to occur in order for the above countries to justify an action against Iran……..the unknown event could well be significant with a fake attack on possibly a US Carrier or even an attack on the Olympic Games in London………you can rest assured that this is building up to a major conflict.



 Whilst the “False Flag” in India is still clearly in our minds I would like to publish segments of a report by my Indian friend Arun Shrivastava who writes some very interesting articles. He also so happens to live in New Delhi and is thus more qualified to research and investigate such matters…….here are some of his observations:

The important thing about the attack on Israeli diplomat’s car [Number: 109 CD 35; blue number plate with CD meaning Diplomatic Corps] is that it happened within the square mile of sanitized Delhi that rules over 1.2 billion Indians. This is an intensely patrolled area; at every intersection you will find a fast police car with armed policemen to cordon off an entire street or several streets within seconds of any terrorist event.

Therefore, it is simply inconceivable that a lone rider on a motorbike stopped by the Israeli diplomat’s car, attached an explosive device, and scooted from the scene before the car blew up. And all of this within seconds. Either the policemen were sleeping-all of them, at the same time-at quarter past three; or something else happened. The lone eye witness who saw something being attached could have been any one, or anything, we don’t know.

On Aurangzeb Road, an address to die for, every hour 1500-2000 cars move. By counting the stately mansions on this road, you can arrive at an approximate figure of India’s current dollar billionaires.

You can see from Arun report that this prime real estate is extremely well guarded and it would be almost impossible for such an attack to take place and more importantly if such an offender did carry out this attack on a motor cycle he would not be able to evade the security cordon and the event would also be witnessed by many army, police and security personnel.

Arun went on to say: Within hours of the attack that injured the wife of an Israeli diplomat, the Israeli Government was spewing venom on Iranians. And within hours, an embarrassed Indian Foreign Minister SM Krishna, recently back from his Tel Aviv sojourn, came out with a guarded statement that ‘investigation have started’ [whatever that means]. By evening the American Zionist lobby passed its judgment that India’s relationship with Iran is a violation of decent international behaviour.

You can see his full report on the following link:


His report is very impressive to say the least and Arun has much credibility in Delhi. You will note he also can see the same connection with the bombing of two Iranian scientists in Tehran which no doubt had connections to the CIA, MI5 and Mossad. I am sure after reading Arun´s account of this incident you will agree that it is a totally false story as is the one in Thailand and Georgia.

In the meantime let´s continue to look at the Zionist run BBC for more ridiculous hype and propaganda when they printed the following words of the Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak:

The explosion “proves once again that Iran and its proxies continue to perpetrate terror”, he is quoted as saying.

He said Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah were “unrelenting terror elements endangering the stability of the region and endangering the stability of the world”.

Mr Barak is on an official visit in Singapore. A statement issued by the Israeli defence ministry noted that Barak was in Bangkok on Sunday, AP reports.

It is also a coincidence that Edud Barak was in Bangkok and the Indian Foreign Minister SM Krishna had recently returned from Tel Aviv……very well planned don´t you think?

The BBC report also came up with some more than spectacular wording in describing the Thai bombing………it quoted:

 Two men managed to escape the explosion that severely damaged the house, but a third man who suffered minor injuries tried to hail a taxi. When the taxi refused to stop for him, he threw at least one bomb at it.

There was a third explosion when the same man then attempted to throw another bomb at police, but missed. The man lost his legs when the device blew up.

He is said to be receiving emergency treatment in hospital. Thai media said that an identity card found nearby indicated the man could be of Iranian origin.

Note that once again, as in the case of 9/11; they just happened to find an ID card nearby that could be Iranian………how could this information leak out in the very early stages of investigations……….clearly another “False Flag.”

What made this story so pathetic was another sentence that stated:

A police forensics team was examining the house and reports said that police used high pressure water cannon to defuse another explosive found there. This highly dangerous new technique is something that our own Bomb Disposal Squad should take note of lol!!!

It was also interesting to note the BBC report on the USS Abraham Lincoln that passed through the Straits of Hormuz was approached by “Iranian Patrol Boats”….this is normal naval protocol for the owners of this sea space to patrol their borders…….that is what the navy is for and to say they passed within 2 miles is no threat but purely routine. I also noted that once again the British and French accompanied the carrier and clearly are flexing their muscles in the same way as they did in Libya.

So the scene is almost set for conflict and Russia believes it could be as early as summer this year………one can wait and see how this cat and mouse charade will pan out but rest assured if conflict occurs it will be the most catastrophic event ever experienced on this planet.

The US, Israel, UK and French will use massive amounts of depleted uranium weapons and also tactical nuclear weapons spreading contamination around the entire Middle East within 4 days and around Europe and the world within weeks.

Contamination from these weapons when added to the contamination from the nuclear plants in Iran will bring almost certain death to millions of innocent civilians covering an initial area of Turkey to India and from the Caspian down to the Horn of Africa…….this contamination will then severely contaminate the rest of the world with dramatic rises in many forms of cancer and birth defects etc.

We, the international community, must never allow this war to happen and apply whatever force is required to save “Mother Earth” and its inhabitants.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 14/2/2012





The BBC hikes up its Zionist backed propaganda machine

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Satanic City of London


Many years ago after we had given independence to many of the former members of the British Empire one could have felt a certain amount of pride to be British but that has since long gone.

We now see another “Imperialistic Empire” taking its place know as the “New World Order” (NWO) with its headquarters firmly embedded in the City of London.

This evil satanic organisation, consisting mainly of Zionists and very senior members of the Freemasons have spread their evil tentacles over most of the UK and launched this country on a programme of continuous conflicts and war.

The NWO controls world finances, world politics, the UN, WHO, the ICJ, the judicial system, education, police and the military via its arm – NATO.

The heartland of the NWO are the Rothschild’s, members of the EU Royal Families, the Pilgrim Society, the very senior members of the Freemason´s (including many MP´s and members of the House of Lords),  the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House London), Friends of Israel and The Bank of England etc.

There is a steady stream of politicians that pay regular visits to Chatham House to pledge their support for Israel with our current Prime Minister David Cameron, his deputy Nick Clegg and many others such as ex PM Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, Ken Clarke, William Hague, George Osborne to name but a few. It is in the bowels of this building where they swear their allegiance to Zionists backed groups and Israel (their funders) instead of our own country.

Many people in this country do not realise that our dear BBC also forms part of this same satanic rot and is highly funded by these pro Israeli groups that manipulate everything we hear and see.

Maybe you have not observed the intensity of this propaganda machine we call the BBC. Take the clip of the speech by the UN’s human rights chief, Navi Pillay on Syria when she stated “The Fact Finding Mission, the Commission of Inquiry on Syria I myself have all concluded that crimes against humanity are likely to have been committed in Syria. I have encouraged the Security Council to refer the situation to the International Criminal Court. All member states must ensure that these crimes do not go unpunished, yet these crimes continue to be committed as I speak.” She goes on to say that “The people of Syria should be protected by the rule of law and the people of Syria as asking for the right that every human being is entitled too and they are looking at this assembly to speak with one voice to support them in this endeavour.”

I would urge you all to understand that the United Nations and the International Court of Justice forms part of the New World Order and is used to manipulate their own “Geo Political Plan” which has no regard for human rights or human life. Note the carefully chosen wording of Pillay´s speech when she said that “crimes are likely to have been committed” i.e. remain unproven as they were in the case of Libya. It is also noted that the possibility of such crimes suddenly turns in an actual crime when she says “these crimes must not go unpunished.”

My next issue would be her statement “The Fact Finding Mission, the Commission of Inquiry on Syria I myself have all concluded”………….can anyone of us recall this fact finding mission having direct access to Syria or indeed their same statement being made regarding Libya when they again stated “We applaud the UNSC for the sense of urgency they displayed in referring the Libyan situation to the ICC 11 days after the commencement of the Libyan government crackdown against protestors.

Finally we have another bold statement when she states “the people  of Syria are asking for the right that every human being is entitled too and they are looking at this assembly to speak with one voice to support them in this endeavour.”

Just to put the record straight we found that in Libya all the so called humanitarian data was fed to the UN via the “Rebel Army” and other charity groups on the ground but were never verified and we are again seeing the same scenario unfold in Syria with the “Syrian Rebel Army” again feeding false information.

One should add to this what actually happened recently in Egypt when these same charities have now been caught red handed in being actively involved in creating unrest. It is common knowledge that students in the US, many being from Berkeley,  are hired by either the CIA or Israel to participate in international unrest and frequently act as agents by infiltrating into the ranks of activists or even groups of militia. They have their education paid for in return for such activity and at a given time they pass on the names and locations of key figures to the CIA or Israeli secret service who then plan a drone attack or assassinate the person concerned.

Palestine is also a breeding ground for such activity (Gaza and West Bank) whereby the organisations are basically run by so called “Jewish Sympathisers” who in some cases appear to turn their backs on their own faith and Israel. This is an entirely false front and these members – “Enemies of Israel” – are allowed to transit Israel to and from Gaza and West Bank without restriction having been previously deported for supporting Gaza (Palestinians) or for causing unrest…..this in itself is evidence that they are carrying out undercover work for the CIA or Israel.

I could offer you a long list of names (traitors) and prove that many so called charities have now been infiltrated by Zionist or Pro Israeli supporters who are involved in such operations. I find this extremely upsetting when one considers the vast sums of money they obtain from the citizens of the world who want to help the Palestinians but in actual fact are feeding the money directly into Israel and at the same time are getting key Palestinians assassinated by their deceitful ways.

Back to the BBC propaganda machine……another bogus report also hit the headlines when the BBC stated the following: “Car bombs ‘target Israel envoys’ in India and Georgia” and immediately printed the following statement from Israel (their funders):

Bombers have targeted staff at Israeli embassies in India and Georgia, officials say, with Israel accusing Iran of masterminding the attacks.

Witnesses said a motorcyclist placed a device on an embassy car in Delhi, causing a blast that hurt four people – one seriously. A bomb underneath a diplomat’s car in Tbilisi was defused……….Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran was behind both incidents.

Let´s recall the same style of assassinations that were used against the nuclear scientists in Tehran which was believed to have been the work of either the CIA, MI5 or Mossad…….exactly the same usage of motorcyclist etc clearly points to yet again another “False Flag Statement” that the BBC are so good at publishing!!

It was the same BBC that reported the following:  On 25 December 2009, a Nigerian student smuggled explosives on to a flight from Schiphol to Detroit in the US after flying into Amsterdam from Lagos. He has pleaded guilty to trying to blow up the Northwest Airlines jet he boarded and is due to be sentenced on Thursday. He faces life imprisonment. I can assure you that this again was a false flag and it is an Israeli company that is responsible for security at Amsterdam airport.

It is the BBC that also made the following headlines: Turkey ‘bombs Iraq hideouts of Kurdish rebels PKK’ – Turkish warplanes have bombed suspected Kurdish rebel targets in northern Iraq, Turkey’s military says. The jets hit caves and hideouts in the regions of Zap and Hakurk late on Saturday before returning to base, the military said in a statement.

The rebel Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has been fighting for autonomy in Turkey’s largely Kurdish south-east since 1984 in a conflict that has claimed tens of thousands of lives. Northern Iraq has long been used as a base by the PKK for attacks inside Turkey.

Again we see another one sided report which said nothing about the breech of Iraq Sovereignty by the Turks who frequently cross the border in Iraq to attack the PKK………..what the BBC does not tell you is that another group also exists in the North of Iraq who carry out such attacks in Iran…..the PJAK is identical to the PKK but has the full support of the US and the west who provide them with finance and arms. What is so interesting is the US, UK and the west have named the PKK as a terrorist group and yet the international court in Europe have stated that they are not a terrorist group and have been delisted accordingly…..how’s that for double standards.

Why doesn´t the BBC cover in more detail the ongoing unrest in Egypt and the fact that the army is fully funded and supported by the US and that democracy will never prevail as Israel does not want a civilian government in power who could open up the border between Gaza and Egypt.

How come the BBC have not been so hard on the Bahrain Royal Family for their breach of human rights and the fact that the British police are now teaching them how to “Kettle In” the protestors who happen to be the majority in Bahrain (Shia)…..it is clear that the west has a bone of contention with everything associated with the Shiites…….hence the hard line stance against Iran…….we also saw the same in Iraq…….again the BBC clearly has “Two Faces.”

In conclusion one must also remember that westered  Special Forces, CIA, MI5, Mossad, hired melitia and snipers are operating within Syria causing severe unrest and in many cases are directly responsible for the death of many innocent Syrian civilians……..such is the evil state of western foreign policy that is funded primarily by Israel.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 13/2/2012