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Britain supports the right to return to Israel but not the right to return to Palestine

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Minister for the Middle East – Alistair Burt “Trust me I’m British”

“Look guys I and my party are funded by the Zionist’s so it makes sense to keep the Palestinian Refugees our of their native country and for my supporters to return to Israel and take their land……what is wrong with that”?

How is it that we in the west continue to poke our noses into the affairs of the Middle East and never allow those countries to sort out their own issues via the United Nations and other international legal frameworks?

The British Minister for the Middle East, Alistair Burt, recently paid a visit to Lebanon to discuss this and many other issues, however, let’s look at this in a different light.

If this is truly the policy of the British Government (which it obviously is) then what this is basically agreeing too is that those of Jewish roots can return to Israel in mass and in doing so take over Palestinian land and all those of Palestinian origin can return to say Lebanon or some other Arab state and thus surrender their state to Israel!!

From the legal perspective there is something called “The Right to Return” which is firmly embedded in most countries around the world but for some strange reason our Mr. Burt does not agree with this long standing international agreement as per below:

United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194 (III) 11 December 1948

10. Instructs the Conciliation Commission to seek arrangements among the Governments and authorities concerned which will facilitate the economic development of the area, including arrangements for access to ports and airfields and the use of transportation and communication facilities;

11. Resolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or in equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible;

Instructs the Conciliation Commission to facilitate the repatriation, resettlement and economic and social rehabilitation of the refugees and the payment of compensation, and to maintain close relations with the Director of the United Nations Relief for Palestine Refugees and, through him, with the appropriate organs and agencies of the United Nations;

Let’s look at this UN Resolution in more detail and see how its wording has clearly not sunk in to the minds of those that were responsible for its  implementation or in fact to the total disregard by Israel in its acceptance.

Take the first paragraph for instance………Note what I have underlined. If we can all recall it was mainly Europe that funded the building of a first class international airport in the Gaza strip and was to be used by the Palestinians in order for them to facilitate normal international relations and trading. When the Israeli’s pulled out of Gaza they totally destroyed this wonderful gift from Europe in order to deprive the Palestinians of any access to the rest of the world. The same goes for the comment re access to a port…..this has never been allowed and even with all the additional negotiations, such as the Oslo Accord etc Israel as manifested its arrogance towards any international law. Having said that however the Palestinians were forced into an agreement that gave Israel (the IDF) full control of the security of borders and offshore waters which they have continued to abuse to this day.

Back to the main story….I was somewhat shocked with Burt’s reference to the issue of Palestinian refugees and the suggested implementation of the Israeli regime’s “Alternative Homeland” plot!     

He stated: “Our discussions will also touch on the Middle East Peace Process and the urgent need for progress towards a two-state solution, as well as the situation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon,”….what exactly did he mean by this statement….was it along the lines that the Palestinians refugees currently in Lebanon should remain there?

Does he have any idea as to what life is like when masses of people are displaced across international border? As he ever spent time with such displaced people such as the additional masses of refugees from Iraq that are in Syria, Lebanon and Jordon etc?

I have spent hour upon hour with such refugees that basically have no status, many have no passports and certainly have no work. They are subject to becoming second class citizens in a country that is not their own and many truly want to return. I have seen their scars from wars and torture and I have shed a tear listening to their gut wrenching experiences and I have seen people abuse them, especially the women who have been treated like prostitutes.

It is time that the British Government stopped interfering with such situation that in most cases they have attributed too. Has our highly experienced Minister for the Middle East ever spent time with these people and how does he not understand the will of these refuges who’s only wish in life is to return home to a peaceful existence…..is Mr. Burt brain dead or what?

The report went of to say that the British plan “will make crucial social, political, and legal changes concerning the Palestinian existence in Lebanon” as it hopes that a “new legislative environment will be crystallized that serves to drop the Palestinian right of return.” 

I would ask Mr. Burt if he would like to impose the same restriction on the Jewish populations around the world that return to Israel and continue to build their homes illegally on Palestinian land……that is after they have forcibly removed the occupants and bulldozes their homes!

Maybe dear Alistair would like to be reminded of the current status of Palestinians that are currently living in neighboring counties:

According to UNRWA in January 2010 were as follows:

  • Jordan 1,983,733
  • Lebanon 425,640
  • Syria 472,109

Many of these refugees are living in terrible conditions and some are in refugee camps…..not forgetting those living in tent cities within the existing West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Will our Mr. Burt ever visit those camps and speak with the residents and more importantly will he ever visit the camps in West Bank and Gaza….the latter being absolute hell.

Are we so blind in this country to see the true situation on the ground…..think about it…..Israeli’s are daily bulldozing their homes and olive groves and rebuilding massive apartment blocks for the Jewish people who wish to return to what they say is their country and those evicted end up in tents with no power and in many cases very little water!!

At the end of the day the conflict in Palestine and in particular the Gaza strip is all about oil and gas. Gaza has substantial natural gas very close to the shore in the Gaza marine zone but Israel is currently using it and may well be siphoning off their gas. The UN is aware of this activity but as you would expect say nothing!

Palestinians have the right to return to their homeland and obtain their own sovereignty……there is little point in them entering yet again into dialogue as this has clearly failed…….only by demanding the UN address the problem and by other countries applying pressure with this long standard issue be resolved.

Should Egypt eventually get democracy I am sure we could well see the Gaza crossing open up for full commercial trading etc……that will truly aggravate the Israeli Government who more than likely will call for intervention!!!



Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 30/4/2012




Hollie Grieg – Open Letter to Alex Salmond – First Minister for Scotland

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Hollie Greig and Mum Anne at the Royal Courts of Justice, London or should that read at the Royal Courts of No Justice?

Robert Green the heroic fighter who was sentenced to one year in prison for exposing the truth

An open email, to the First Minister, calling for a public inquiry
Posted on February 4, 2012 by webmaster
I have just received an email from Anne (yes, her own email), asking me to put this open email up on the site.

An open email, to the First Minister, calling for a public inquiry.
by Ian McFerran on Saturday, 4 February 2012 at 15:49

Mr Salmond,

This is an open email to you, calling for a public inquiry into the allegations made by HOLLIE GREIG and the conduct of yourself, your Ministers and others throughout this case, since the year 2000.

You will recall that I have contacted you many times in respect of the corruption of your Ministers and Office, not least your Minister known as The Lord Advocate (now Dame) Elish Angiolini QC. I formally placed you on notice, via a Freedom of Information request, on 28th January 2011 with the questions repeated below (similar questions being sent to the, then, Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini), none of which were answered by your Office of the Office of the Lord Advocate. This lead to the Information Commissioner becoming involved, forcing your Office to comply with my request or face charges of Contempt of Court. Your reply was week, to say the least, claiming, as your Office did, not to have knowledge or record of such matters.

The questions to your Office were:

1.When did you first become aware of the allegations made by Hollie Greig about her being abused by members of a high-ranking paedophile ring in Scotland?

2.What actions, if any, did you take after becoming aware of Hollie Greig’s allegations?

3.What action does your Office – or you – intend taking regarding the inaction of your Government’s, then Procurator Fiscal and now Lord Advocate, Mrs Elish Angiolini, thereby placing other children at risk of abuse by this alleged paedophile ring?

4.What action does your Office – or you – intend taking in respect of Mrs Angiolini proven attempts to cover-up this specific case related to Hollie Greig? You will be aware of the attempts of your Lord Advocate to cover-up this case due to the emails I and many others have been sending to you and copying you into, which contained links to comments, speeches and letters made by Robert Green and his supporters. The information contained in those emails, for the best part of a year, clearly demonstrate the Lord Advocate’s involvement in this most despicable of cover-ups. Please feel free to review my previous emails to you for assistance in answering this point and the previous point.

5.Why have you not replied to my persistent email requests for your involvement, as the First Minister for Scotland, to bring a criminal investigation or instigate a public enquiry into the lack of a proper ‘full’ Police investigation in this matter where the witnesses and accused are actually questioned rather than either ignored or left to go about their business, respectively?

6.When can the Scottish people expect to see their First Minister act to amend the public perception of non-action by you and your Office, which amounts to a dereliction of duty and bringing the reputation of a public office into disrepute?

It is worth noting that, in respect of questions 3, 4 and 6, to date, NOTHING has been done. As such, children and vulnerable adults remain at risk due to your apparent lack of interest of concern for them.

On Tuesday 17th January 2012, in Stonehaven Open Court, it was clearly established that Grampian Police Force had failed in their sworn legal duty to fully and thoroughly investigate the claims made to them by Hollie Greig in respect of a high-ranking paedophile ring operating within the Scottish borders and apparently being protected by members of the Scottish legal system, ‘special needs’ education system, medical and social welfare professions. The case in question was that of Robert Green who had been charged with Breach of the Peace (SH10000189) and found guilty by Sheriff Bowen, who has been professionally associated with one of the key witnesses, Elish Angiolini, since at least December 2001.

In case the information hasn’t reached your Office yet, Sheriff Bowen denied Robert Green the opportunity to question two key prosecution witnesses, one of which was his professional associate for more than ten years (Angiolini) and also denied Robert Green the chance to speak freely in his own defence under oath by preventing Robert Green from making a statement in his defence. Innocently, Sheriff Bowen also refused to confirm or deny whether he was a Freemason at the start of the trial.

The allegations made by Hollie Greig were done so, formally, to Grampian Police Force in the year 2000 and again, formally, in 2009 – that time witnessed by Robert Green – who now faces sentencing from a Sheriff who is strongly suspected of being a Freemason, who failed to declare his professional association with a key witness and who denied the accused the chance to question witnesses or speak freely in his own defence.

Given you have been aware of the entire case related to Hollie Greig on numerous occasions and by numerous sources, as well as the ongoing persecution of Robert Green by your Lord Advocate and Grampian Police Force, and that you are now in possession of facts which bring into question the honesty and integrity of your judicial system (Sheriff Bowen), I now demand that you stop protecting your corrupt friends in the Scottish Government and legal/law-enforcement professions and establish a full public inquiry into the allegations made by Hollie Greig (which, as established in Open Court, to date, have never been properly investigated) and also into the persecution of Robert Green.

This email has been copied very widely and I hereby encourage others to do likewise and approach you and your Office with a similar request as this is a matter of great public interest – especially as Dame Angiolini is now a suspect in a criminal investigation into the misappropriation of public funds directly related to the case of Hollie Greig.

Mr Salmond, the case of Hollie Greig will NOT go away! The more you and your corrupt friends try to cover it up, the deeper the hole you are digging for yourselves and the louder and louder the public will shout. To end this matter, there is only ONE option open to you, as a pubic servant – a public inquiry!

I have one final question to put to you and your Office, does the Scottish Government, headed by you, still feel that Elish Angiolini is worthy of her Dame-hood?

I await your response within 14 consecutive days. I trust I will not have to involve the Information Commissioner again.

Ian McFerran

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 29/4/2012


The ongoing fight in Scotland for Hollie Greig and now George Farquhar

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The Royal Courts of No Justice 

Hollie – Robert – Anne at the Royal Courts of Justice London

 Hollies Army Truck – Delivering Petitions to No10 LOL!!

Look out for this road sign on the border with Scotland!!!

Ex PM Tony Blair who received a list of Paedophiles and did nothing I wonder why? 

 Another Ex PM Gordon Brown who knows an awful lot about Paedophilia I wonder how?


Now we have yet another shameful case of someone who tried to expose Paedophilia in Scotland.

The information provided below was posted on one of the many Hollie Greig sites and clearly shows the evil ways they deal with those who attempt to expose. Currently I am unable to check on the authenticity of this story but research and investigation so far reveal there is a good chance it is true.

Should anyone have any information or update on  George it would be very much appreciate. I do know that he has traveled extensively and may have been the victim of mind control on a massive scale. He has relatives in Australia and there are people in the UK that know him and were with him.



George Farquhar now in a mental institution for trying to expose Freemason’s and Paedophila 

My name is George Farquhar. I am the founder of Project Freedom—Child Rights Watch. I am an investigator, researcher and campaigner, dedicated to the mass public exposure of secret societies’ child abuse networks and paedophile rings. For more than five years, I have been researching organised child abuse by certain high-profile members of our social services, who hide behind their secret-society-backed positions of power within the police and justice system, child care and social services and the mass media and medical industries.

I have numerous examples of those networks of abuse and of the individuals involved, some of whom are publicly exposed on my website. Since I have been non-violently campaigning in and around Edinburgh against those crimes over the past two years, I have been arrested about eight times by Lothian and Borders police. Although I have been charged with breach of the peace and with failing to give a DNA sample on each of those arrests, I have been found guilty on only one charge of breach of the peace, about which I was later admonished.

The circumstances surrounding my last arrest were a little different. I was arrested for taking video footage of a corrupt police officer who had falsified criminal charges and blatantly lied in court in relation to my possible conviction and imprisonment. Having been arrested by the police officer for that action, I was remanded in jail before being taken in front of Procurator Fiscal Smith at Edinburgh sheriff court. Procurator Fiscal Smith immediately lied to the court by stating that I had a history of similar offences, conveniently omitting the fact that I had been found not guilty on all charges bar one. Then, the procurator fiscal, while mumbling under his breath so that I would not be able to hear him, suggested that, because of my history, I should be detained for psychiatric reports.

In addition to my trial, which was a kangaroo court, and that corrupt act to veil the truth, I am currently being detained in the Royal Edinburgh hospital, in a clinic for the criminally insane. Since my three months’ incarceration as a political prisoner, I have been forcibly injected nine times against my will with high doses of antipsychotic drugs while being held down by numerous hospital staff. That major abuse of human rights for taking video footage of a corrupt police officer is just one of the numerous cover-ups directed against my dedication to expose Government child abuse. I should be out in the street, non-violently campaigning, not incarcerated and drugged up like an insane criminal. Please do whatever you can to rectify the matter—not for my sake, but for all the children, who deserve safety and justice for the crimes perpetrated against them.

Heard at the
Scottish Parliament Public Petitions Committee
Wednesday 29 October 2003


Presently ONE of our founder members GEORGE FARQUHAR is being held under the Mental Health Act in a Scottish masonic persecution chamber within an Edinburgh Mental health hospital under the care of a Dr.Crichton, Redwood Ward, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Morningside Terrace, Edinburgh j.crichton@ed.ac.uk

Any doubts as to WHY George is being held can be found by trying to open his previous site at Project Freedomhttp://www.projectfreedom.angelcities.com/ which redirects any visitor to the propaganda site http://www.freemasoninfo.ca/ which compliments itself in trying to force ALL web hosters not to publish anything which will expose their EVIL hold on the worlds media and now trying to impose the same on the NET.

ANGEL city web hosting site must be involved in that redirection
and how deeply that involvement goes depends on how quickly they can have web sites removed from any web hosting site. http://www.angelcity.com/ info@angelcity.com

We can say with certainty that the mass media throughout the world have failed to address the issues of that control and now the same is being applied to STOP exposure on the NET of what can only be described as the biggest conspiracy EVER against humanity . Everything is touched by that EVIL force and none more so than our LEGAL systems which presently prey on our vulnerable and extort multi billion dollar/pounds from us all while abusing our children.

It is a sinister system implicated in the Dunblane massacre and possible cover up of the mass murderer Dr. Harold Shipman . So called professionals who obtain immunity by swearing oaths and allegiances to an evil regime which is deeply imbedded in the government ,,judiciary,police and all government agencies in the UK.

Our member is held by those persecutive forces because they FEAR they are at long last being EXPOSED like never before while they protect mass murderers and child abusers . ALL good people need to make a concerted stand against this evil as we are ALL only one or two steps away from where George is being held . Permanent incarceration in their MASONIC chambers using MENTAL HEALTH to suggest that anyone who attacks their evil system cannot be right in the head. Indeed it is the other way about how they THINK they can deceive the world indefinitely .A free voice and the ability to continue to expose the injustices which flow from that control must be continued without interference in our god given right to EXPOSE those who protect that breathtaking criminality.

Let no one underestimate what is happening here as it makes the Third Reichs ventures in Germany PALE by comparison. Except with a MASS MEDIA cover up who are deeply involved in its protection. Also we believe they have had a show of strength by MARCHING in EDINBURGH on Saturday 9 Aug 2003 during the FRINGE festival the biggest in the world for entertainment . We wonder what SIGN that shows to the world were their bigotry and hatred are openly displayed in the streets at a supposed carnival time. This is the very period which George uses to protest but instead this year remains incarcerated behind those evil persecutive walls.


SCOTTISH & UK Psychiatrists ,police and the judiciary are implicated in that masonic persecution and unlawful detention. IS the Mental Health Act a MASONIC PERSECUTION DEVICE now being used to lock up anyone opposed to an evil system controlling much of our lives and the world? 

Previously published on thefreemason.com forum

All – Are there any complaints to the posting up of URL’s and their particular complaint addresses of any websites that I or any other members feel are slanderous/harmful to FM (in the same vein as ‘stop child rape.net’). So that other members can view them and then if they agree can also complain. The more complaints the better the chance of the site being removed, as we saw with ‘www.stopchildrape.net‘ 

I believe that there is too much rubbish on the Internet about FM and that this rubbish has been allowed to sit there and corrupt/sway the populous with out complaint for far too long. Most of it seems bizarre to those in the know but to the populous at large it is plausible if not truthful stuff. It is about time some of it was removed, even if it’s only a small proportion of what exists. 

So are there any complaints to me starting such a thread ?
Due to be initiated Nov 5th, into; The lodge of Fidelity #445, UGLE. 


M.A.S.O.N. Masons Against Slanderous Offensive Nonsense

THE LINK TO GEORGE FARQUHAR’s SITE (George presently being held under the mental health act in an Edinburgh Psychiatric ward)http://www.stopchildrape.net has been attacked and been taken over by a group who now have this site linked to there own masonic site at http://www.freemasoninfo.ca/

Information from this site states 

Web Site Shut Down Another To Go In June.

members of M.A.S.O.N. were pleased to assist in a campaign against a web site making claims that Freemasons were involved in ritual Child abuse. The site, hosted by blueyonder, was shut down after many letters and emails of complaint. However, the author of this site has another located at http://www.projectfreedom.cng1.com/ and containing the same offensive and unsubstantiated content.

We are asking everyone to view this site and if you are in agreement that it is inappropriate, to please send a letter of complaint to support@cng1.com.It is only through repeated effort that such slanderous offensive nonsense can be eradicated.

Part of the purpose of M.A.S.O.N. is to monitor Anti-Masonic organizations. What follows is a list of the top ten Anti-Masonic organizations according to their ranking on the Internet and their use of misinformation. These sites are presented that the visitor may examine them to see the ludicrous nature of their claims for themselves.

David Icke
Chick Publications
Cutting Edge Ministries
Freemasonry Watch
Ankerg Theolgical Institute
Power of Prophesy
Cephas Ministry
Ephesians 5:11 Inc.
Saints Alive In Jesus
Holy War.org

All rankings, shown above, are based on information provided by Alexa.com.



We write firstly to express our disgust that one of our founder members George Farquhar ,a human rights activist, being held under the mental health act for taking a picture of policeman who lied in court against George during a breach of the peace charge while he was protesting. Also the despicable way visitors and supporters are being treated by the staff in your hospital.

1.What rule forces visitors to have to provide detailed information including National Insurance numbers to your staff which clearly breaches ECHR convention rights and affects how a visitor would view entering such a place when private information is sought?

2.Why did your staff lie by stating you have no email contacts when there is an extensive list on your website at http://www.pst.ed.ac.uk/index.shtml ?

3.Why did your nurse Blades becoming extremely rude on the phone when asked why visitors were turning away from visiting George because of your requirement to provide detailed private information of those visitors. What 

RULES are being used to thwart visitors to see George.

4.What grounds have been used by a Dr.Billcliff to certify George under the mental health act for taking a picture of a policeman who lied in court ? We are witness to that court hearing were those lies were blatantly made.

You should be aware we have a worldwide network of contacts and have also provided the mass media with detailed information surrounding Georges treatment and persecution by a state bully boy network which includes a conspiracy to incarcerate anyone exposing abuse of power and corruption of those involved in the legal process.Something that will continue despite the methods being used to undermine Georges rights and freedoms. This is a grave miscarriage of justice which implicates ALL who are involved in that conspiracy. 



Only one of many MASONIC judges who have been destroying thousands of lives across Scotland. All of them protecting each other from their fraud and corruption. 

For anyone unfamiliar with Lothian he was the judge who locked up IMO member George Farquhar in a mental hospital for exposing the very things this article reports. 

George was being forced by 8 nurses onto the ground before being injected with a chemical cosh to destroy his mind. We called him daily and heard his whole personna slip away before our actions to the Scottish Parliament got him released. His speech the day he was released to go to the Scottish Parliament was maybe the single most important speech that has EVER been made there SEE AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE. 

His demise should give all Georges supporters a lovely warm glow . Lothian like many other Scottish judges is an evil bastard who deserves to be hung drawn and quartered for the lives he has destroyed. 

One down another few hundred to go. RIGHT!!!!!!!! 

George’s speech to the Scottish Parliament can be read AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE 

SLEAZY sheriff Andrew Lothian is a wife-beating drunk who’s obsessed with prostitutes, his ex-wife reveals. The shamed 66-year-old was forced to quit the bench after claims he paid for spanking and whipping sessions with an Edinburgh hooker. But today the News of the World can expose the shocking secrets of his sordid private life. According to long-suffering ex-wife Harriet Lothian, the twisted beak: 

TRIED to make her have sex with strangers while he watched 

ADMITTED using prostitutes during their marriage 

DOWNED at least a bottle of spirits every day, and 

BATTERED her while their unsuspecting kids slept upstairs. 

Speaking at length for the first time since her ex-husband’s sauna shame, disgusted Harriet, 57, below, said: “I’m surprised it took so long for his activities to be exposed. “I tried repeatedly to alert the police and the Crown to his unsuitability for office because of his behaviour, but to no avail. “I suffered greatly at his hands, both during our marriage and for many years after I divorced him.” 

We told last November how Lothian quit his £125,000-a-year job after Crown Office bosses confronted him about allegations over his private life. But, according to Harriet his obsession with sordid sex had been going on for years. Lothian’s wife of 19 years said: “Sexually, there were problems from an early stage in the marriage. 

“I found it so unsettling that I sought advice from my father, who was a doctor, and who I could talk to about anything. “Andrew was into kinky but fairly inadequate sex. He also had fantasies about introducing third parties, men or women, into the bedroom. 

“I had no interest, but he kept asking me to do it to please him. “I refused because I found the idea repulsive. He said he could pay people to make his fantasies come true.” 

Harriet suspected her hubby was using hookers during their marriage. And she told how her elderly father was forced to confront Lothian about the sleazy claims. Harriet said: “He confessed without any shame. He told me he had lost his virginity at 16 to a prostitute, and that he’d always been turned on by them. “I was devastated. I told him I’d never have unprotected sex with him again but he was totally unrepentant. 

“Once his obsession was out in the open, he became more demanding. If he was out at a dinner, he would bring men home and want me to have sex with them while he watched. “I would have to throw them out, which was embarrassing. I found the idea repugnant. Apart from anything else, I had children in the house. “My father was 68, but was very close to me and he had no hesitation in speaking to Andrew and telling him to shape up.” 

The couple had married on December 28, 1983, after a whirlwind romance. Lothian already had a son, also Andrew, from the first of two previous marriages, and Harriet had a young son, James, from a previous relationship. Two years after their wedding, Harriet gave birth to their son Robert, but already the foundations of the marriage were beginning to crumble. She says: “By the time Robert came along, I had serious concerns about his father’s alcoholism and how terribly ill it was making him. He was drinking at least a bottle of spirits a day, and that was just what I was witnessing. He was in a mess. 

“I went home with Robert on New Year’s Day 1986 and Andrew was in such a terrible state that he became abusive. I threw a milk bottle at him and hit him on the side of the head. “The next day, I insisted he saw a doctor, and he agreed because his mother was in the house. Harriet tried to alert senior legal officals to her husband’s alcohol abuse but was snubbed at every turn. 

Things spiralled further out of control and by Christmas 1996 Harriet demanded Lothian move out. She said: “His language became more abusive. There were implied threats of violence and the odd punch to the side of the head where no visible marks were left, but I was still shocked by what happened then.” Harriet told how their sons, James, now 27, and Robert, now 23, were in their bedrooms when a huge row erupted on Christmas Eve that year. She claims Lothian slapped her hard in the face, before punching her full on the nose. As their shocked mother took refuge in the bathroom, where she tried to stem the flow of blood, both sons plucked up the courage to leave their rooms and go to her aid. 

With her face badly marked and her eyes beginning to blacken, the family went through the motions the next day, exchanging presents and eating dinner — but the mood was understandably bleak. Harriet said: “Until that point, I’d been trying to hold things together for my sons, but I couldn’t go on with the charade. No child should have to see their mother pouring with blood from a blow their father has struck. It was a total nightmare.” Robert said: “I remember clearly what happened that night and it sickens me the way he behaved. It is more than ten years since I have spoken to him. “When I was 12 I wrote him a letter telling him I wanted nothing to do with him.” 

Following the attack Harriet demanded that Lothian move out of the family home in Lauder, Berwickshire. She 

wept: “I feared for the safety of our sons. I had no choice.” But in summer 2001 Lothian — then living in Edinburgh — launched a court bid to SELL the house. She said: “The move was especially hurtful as Robert was about to start his Higher courses. 

“It was also difficult to understand as Andrew had inherited a six-figure sum the previous year when his mother died.” Lothian’s partner at that time, Eleanor Burns, daughter of Sir John and Lady Eleanor Burns, had also inherited a substantial sum on the death of her mother, just a week before Catriona Lothian’s death. By 2002, when they finally divorced, Harriet claims that Lothian enjoyed a six-figure salary whilst Harriet took care of their children and could only work part-time as a rape crisis counsellor. In the end she had to pay Lothian £28,000 to buy him out of the family home and finish the marriage. 

Lothian and his brother Murdoch were subject to an Inland Revenue investigation in 2000 after claiming the contents of their late mother’s Stirling home were worth a mere £5,000. This included antique furniture, jewellery, silver, paintings and pottery. It’s understood the Inland Revenue later valued the list at £300,000. But Harriet still wishes justice had been done for the assault she endured in 1996. She said: “Successive governments on both sides of the border have claimed to wage war on domestic violence. 

“There was an opportunity for the Scottish establishment to show there was substance behind the platitudes by taking action against a senior lawyer. But typically, they covered his back.” Now self-employed in horticulture, Harriet added: “I have to work extremely hard to make a living. Andrew’s disgrace has not made life any easier, but I feel vindicated.” 

Lothian served on the Glasgow bench from 1979 to 1992 before moving to Edinburgh. He’s expected to keep his £7,000-a-month pension. He was unavailable to comment on the allegations. 

·  SOURCE (Now pulled after NOWT collapsed)


This evil bastard of a judge sent one of the International Mens Organisation members to a mental hospital for taking a picture of a cop who lied in a previous trial. Despite repeated forced injections of anti-psychotic drugs this SPECULATIVE MEMBER and HIGH LEVEL masonic judicial crook imposed on George, we eventually raised an action at the Scottish Parliament to expose what they were doing to him and he was released. 

He should have been JAILED but instead retires on £7,000 per month and shows why the independence the judicial mobsters in Scotland have GIVEN themselves , lets them get away with murder. He was protected for years by masonic judges,masonic cops and a masonic controlled mass media

Sheriff accused of taking part in spanking and whipping session at sauna quits. A SHERIFF has sensationally quit after being accused of paying for spanking and whipping sessions with hookers. 
Andrew Lothian stood down after admitting he visited a sleazy sauna. His shock exit came after a prostitute told the Sunday Mail she was regularly paid £50 to whip him at Carol’s in Edinburgh. She claimed Lothian visited as recently as Wednesday, when he paid £180 for a threesome with her and another girl. Claims about the 66-year-old sheriff first emerged as police investigated the alleged blackmail of a Halifax Bank of Scotland worker. 

Two brothers charged with the crimes told officers they had video evidence of the sheriff with the hooker – who has been charged with the same blackmail plot. It is unclear when Lothian, who earned £125,000 a year, was first challenged about his vice sessions at the sauna in Easter Road, Leith. But on Friday he was confronted by bosses at a meeting and agreed to quit immediately. 

The Crown Office said: “Following allegations that were made on Friday about his private life Sheriff Andrew Lothian made the decision to retire with immediate effect.” The official website of Carol’s Sauna describes it as “Edinburgh’s best kept secret” and boasts it is run by a “charming local couple”. It adds: “The ladies here at Carol’s are a delightful selection and are predominantly Scottish. 

“Furthermore, each is keen to show their customers how much they appreciate their custom and will always give cl ients a fantastic welcome!” Pictures show a series of dingy bedrooms with mirrored walls. Owner Tom Punton last night said: “I don’t want to comment.” 

The hooker at the centre of the storm, a 30-year-old single mum from nearby Musselburgh, said: “The sheriff liked being whipped more than anything. “He paid £20 to get into Carol’s and he would pay me £50 . “I first met him two years ago after I started working there. “The other girls all knew him and they told me he was a sheriff. 

“It became a bit of a joke that we would need to get the whip out every time we saw him coming in. “He sometimes picked me, but he also chose other girls working on the same shift in the sauna. “I used to ask him if he was on his lunch hour but he was cagey about what he did for a living. 

“He didn’t realise it was well known among all the girls there. “One of them had seen him wearing his wig in court but we are told to be discreet and not to ask punters questions they don’t want to answer. “He was actually in on Wednesday. “He paid £180 for me and another girl. 

“He wanted us to put on a show for him then he joined in. “I know the police were made aware of what he’s been up to when they were investigating me and two other men for something else. “I know the men told the police they had a video of him with other prostitutes but I have never been spoken to by police about the sheriff.” Sauna customers are rarely prosecuted but owners can be convicted of living off immoral earnings. If he had remained on the bench, Lothian could have faced claims he risked a conflict of interest and left himself open to blackmail. 

A spokesman for Lothian and Borders police refused to comment. Sheriffs usually carry on until they are 70, which means Lothian is leaving his job four years early. Two days after his visit to Carol’s he spent his last day in Edinburgh Sheriff Court dealing with drink-driving, assault and fraud cases. He took over from Sheriff Alastair Noble in court five at around 10.30am and handled several cases. 

One involved a elderly man who pleaded guilty to obtaining £8000 in benefits to which he was not entitled. Others included a young woman who admitted punching a girl at a party and a man who admitted being drunk and driving his girlfriend’s car without having a licence or insurance. Lothian was accused in the mid-90s of beating his estranged first wife Harriet in the family home. In 1999 Harriet went public after she became angry at the Crown Office’s refusal to prosecute. 

In 2001 it emerged that Lothian used one of his own courts to try to have Harriet evicted from her home in the Borders. She claimed it was unfair his £100,000 civil action seeking the sale of the house was heard by a colleague of Lothian at Selkirk Sheriff Court, where he sometimes presided. Lothian was also once investigated 

by the Inland Revenue. 

It was claimed he failed to declare valuable paintings and antiques in order to avoid paying inheritance tax. The two brothers in the alleged blackmail plot are on remand awaiting trial after making a first appearance at Haddington Sheriff Court. 


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 26/4/2012

Cameron’s old buddy – Egypt’s ex PM Ahmed Shafiq banned from election

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You know what they say you can “Smell a Rat”

London should be renamed the “Big Ponzi Capital

“Ahmed, if you see my driver you will find a bag of hard cash in the boot…..spend it wisely as we are a bit cash strapped at the moment” !!


David Cameron in Cairo last year brimming with confidence that the existing agreement would continue to safeguard the security of his funders – Israel!!!  

It would appear that we could well see true democracy return to the Middle East after the failed attempt by the US and UK to oust the man they supported and install their own puppet government.

The west has been trying desperately to gain more time by keeping the military regime in power until they can find a suitable “Western Friendly” candidate but this very carefully orchestrated plan has failed and the  people of Egypt continue to turn out in mass in opposition to military rule.

Now we see a front runner emerge from the Muslim Brotherhood who is obviously going to outrun the opposition and possible take up government. Mohammed Mursi, the chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) appears to be in the lead with Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh running a close second. However with  Ahmed Shafiq out of the way there still appears to be one puppet hiding in the closet, that being Amr Moussa who just so happened to be Mubarak’s Foreign Minister and in my opinion should also have been banned as he will obviously succumb to US/UK bribery .

Our Prime Minster is saying very little at the moment but you can be rest assured that should Moussa end up on the back burner, Cameron will again swing into action to make sure that Israel get’s a fair deal!!

Mr. Shafiq was barred by the electoral commission on Tuesday under an amended law that prevents senior officials from the Hosni Mubarak era from standing. This very tactful move has now spread panic in the bowels of Westminster, across the pond in the White House and more importantly spread absolute fear in the Israeli Government!!

It was only last year that William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, called on Israel to move forward on Middle East peace negotiations and drop the negative posture it has adopted in response to the turmoil in Egypt. Needless to say it fell on deaf ears because Avigdor Lieberman, in his usual arrogant way, has always felt that Egypt is an enemy.

Sometimes the arrogance of Israel is hard to understand when it is Egypt who contributes significantly in the supply of natural gas for the power base in Israel…….I would also add that it was Mubarek that sold Egyptian gas to Israel at well below market price.

I have always been critical of this shameful deal when the people of Egypt are bleeding from poverty and the extremely rich society in Israel are raping them of their wealth…..I guess to the average Israeli it doesn’t matter because they are also stealing the natural gas from offshore Gaza……the UN know about that but do nothing!!

It was also interesting to not that William Hague visited Egypt after Cameron with what was referred too as being a visit to support Egypt during its transition to a democratic and stable state………what planet does our dear “Willey” live on? Is he aware that democracy will not take place until such time as a government is elected by the people and not by the US and UK Governments?

As they say a new year has now emerged and once again William Hague passed comment on the opening of the Egyptian Parliament: “ Britain will continue to be a close friend and strong partner to the Egyptian people as they consolidate the country’s transition to democracy.” …….do you really believe this crap when he talks about the people of Egypt…….dear Willy doesn’t give a shit about anyone……however, lets give him the benefit of doubt and see if he holds true to his word if the Muslim Brotherhood get in office!!!

I thought I would add some spice to this article by looking at Egypt from the New World Order’s perspective. Many of you will recall that I talk about the “Axis of Evil” being right here in the City of London. One such arm of the NWO is  the Royal Institute of International Affairs otherwise known as Chatham House in London, Much like its counterparts the CFR or the Trilateral Commission they manipulate the minds of politicians and guide the country along a path that fits in with their long term Zionist programmes.

I thought I would just have a snoop around as to what this organizing is saying about Egypt because at the end of the day the current interference by the US and UK is all about protecting Israel….especially when it comes to the control of the border crossing with Gaza!!

In case your memory slips you the US/UK/Israel managed to bribe Mubarek into securing a deal to safeguard Israel in return for big bucks and military aid. As a direct result of that deal Egypt lost sovereign control of its own border with Gaza.

Now the west and Israel have gone into panic mode in an effort to secure or maintain this same arrangement…….while this is all going on we have the gang of three Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy pushing again for action in Syria which is a diversionary tactic by three failing leaders who hope to show their metal before they get kicked out of office!!

So what is this little know organization saying about Egypt and what influence do they have? Believe it or not this group held a workshop in Cairo in February 2012. To bring together a group of legal experts, political leaders, activists, business people and academics with a focus on the issue of corruption in Egypt. 

I really could not stop laughing at their punch line as I know that massive corruption lies centre stage of Corporate, Banking and Political Sectors here in the UK…….This corruption is on the scale of billions if not trillions each and every year and no one is better experienced than our own Prime Minister, many senior MP’s and many members of the House of Lords whom I have named and shamed in many of my articles time and time again……….as they say it takes one to know one!!

So off they go (this gallant group of shysters) to that far away Land of the Pharaohs to teach them how to maintain their level of corruption and how to make even more people enter the realms of absolute poverty…….No doubt they took with them a tap to reopen up the natural gas pipeline to Israel that was so abruptly turned off……..maybe you would ask why?……..simply really….. Because Mubarak had been selling gas to Israel at below market price!!

The groups master plan was to initiate this meeting with strict guidelines and thus  in order to address this problem in a meaningful way, all levels of society, participants agreed that these political elites must display the political will to do so. Oh boy, how come the “Chatham House Boys and Girls” did not attempt to do this right here in London before they left so as to set an example…..oh well another missed opportunity lol!

This trip formed part of what they called “Egypt Dialogue” a project run by the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Chatham House otherwise known as “How to stick your nose into someone else’s affairs.”

This conniving mission was to increase political inclusion, drawing previously peripheral or suppressed voices into national and international policy debates …..Sounds rather posh don’t you think?…….what this means in the true sense is how to run your country like a police state and allow our expertise to help you…………that is after I have brushed your palm with gold…………oh sorry didn’t mean to say that….…I forgot this is an anti corruption discussion!!

It was this next reference that blew me away which I took out of their post report:


Lessons from experience of other countries


  • When seeking to combat corruption, governments benefit from having a strong mandate to do so. Nationwide acceptance that this should be a political priority, sometimes at the expense of other important issues, is therefore crucial.


  • Although outside assistance can be useful, it is vital that domestic actors taken ownership of their fight against corruption.


  • Freedom of information legislation enables the prosecution of previous cases of corruption as it sheds light on the details of the transactions involved.


  • A bottom-up approach (creating a culture of shame around corrupt activities) is necessary if corruption is to be tackled in the long term.


  • Independent media outlets can represent an important force in the fight against corruption, highlighting its prevalence and alerting citizens to their legal rights.


As my readers would know Gordon Bowden and I have banged our heads against a brick wall trying to get the Serious Fraud Office, Police, Local MP’s Margaret Beckett and Chris Williamson and all political leaders and their parties to address this very problem that has ruined the economy of this country.

Over the last month I have sent masses of emails to all the trade unions highlighting the fact that the current austerity measures and cut backs are as a direct result of this fraud and corruption…….I even sent it to all the Police Federation heads and representatives who are holding a mass protest in London on the 10th of May 2012 (I bet they won’t be kettled in!!) and not one of the above replied……oh sorry two people did respond in a very arrogant way….one being  David and his comment:

“I have told you on previous occasions to stop sending emails to this email address, please stop. I am a union official and do not need to be reminded of what my responsibilities are.”

The other came from another official in Liverpool who secretly sent and urgent message to all her union friends not to respond to me and flag me on their computers etc…..unfortunately this woman sent a copy back to us and got caught out.

So there you have it folks……..such is the state of our country and such is the state of all the trade unions who are paid by their members to do absolutely “F… All”


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 26/4/2012




Is the New World Order dismantling British Industry?

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You know what they say you can “Smell a Rat”

London should be renamed the “Big Ponzi Capital

The new Rolls Royce engine production plant in Singapore

Remember the days when one used to be proud of simply being British and equally as proud of those very famous, worldrenowned British companies that earned this country so much respect overseas?

Neo Liberalism has infected almost every walk of life in this country and gained tremendous strength since the “Iron Lady” – Maggie Thatcher took over the reins of Britain back in 1979.

We have, since those early days, seen this country and its once proud industries become fragmented and sold off to the European Union or some other overseas entity which is clearly a New World Order brain child!!

We all watched Zionist backed organisations descend over this country, like a huge grey cloud and watched them rain down, flood and destroy the pride of British industry!

Who are they, where did they come from and how did it happen?

I guess World War Two has to be the turning point when these Zionist regrouped to form their own elite group that would become the foundation of the term Neo Liberalism and the birth of the New World Order.

It became evident to them that someone could make big money by the privatisation of national industries, especially in areas such as water, gas and electricity etc. One can clearly see that they have come a long way since those early days resulting in extremely high cost that has now caused so much suffering to the aged and poor of this world. I guess it’s only a matter of time before they tax you for breathing oxygen!!

I believe that the birth of the New World Order started around 1947 when a Friedrich Hayek formed an elite group called The Mont Pelerin Society that consisted of widely scattered neoliberal thinkers and political figures. The Society see the danger in the expansion of government, not least in state welfare and in the power of trade unions!!

Hayek realised that the only way he could force change was to form and intensive discussion group of like minded intellectuals into a “World Central Planning Group.” The group would meet annually and consisted of a kind of “Who’s Who” in US and European society. The first meeting consisted of mainly Americans but within 10 years would see the control being handed over to Europeans, which it does to this day.

It was during their first meeting when Hayek realised that this group could in actual fact change the policy around the world. Two very influential men were also at that meeting, Henry Simmons who trained Milton Friedman (future President of the Society) and Sir John Clapham a senior official at the Bank of England who also so happened to have been the past President of the British Royal Society

If one links such a group with the Bilderberg Group one can see a similar trend in their practices and no doubt with the same goal to create a “One World Government.”

Neo Liberalism started to kick of in a big way from the 1970s onwards as it spread across the world. I guess the term “Globalization” is very much part of their thinking and has consequently increased the level of poverty in all four corners of the globe……I found one term used some years ago was to “Make Poverty History”……..this from my perspective was an absolute joke and I found it extremely offensive because it was the introduction of Neo Liberalism and Globalization that accelerated poverty and remains so to this day.

With the arrival of Maggie Thatcher in 1979 this country started to be not only taken apart but also introduced massive fraud as the new elite found ways of ripping off the system.

 It was in my birthplace, the City of Derby, which became the backbone,  for not only the birth of the Industrial Revolution but also a city of technological excellence. However, with the arrival of the “Iron Lady” we were to see the progressive demise of this once proud city.

We saw the privatization of British Rail which by 1994 was handed over to Railtrack. Overtime we saw the Railway Technology Centre fall by the wayside and the only real activity that still exists is that of Bombardier, a Canadian company.. Many railway contracts have since gone to Europe leaving little work locally.

The collapse of British industry continued as we saw other cities such as Coventry fall by the wayside with the collapse of Land Rover and MG  and many other traditional British companies fall into the hands of Europe or as in this case China.

Then we have the question of regional airports and regional airlines and how control of these has now gone offshore or have been taken over by European based consortiums.

Many regional airports were once controlled by local councils that surround them and were clearly being run like a national based entity. However, since we joined the European Union we have seen control of these airports and many airlines fall in the hands of other EU companies. The biggest issue being that tenders for contracts now have to be issued to the EU and not to British Companies and likewise the sale of airports or airlines.

I would ask the question why monopolies are allowed to be formed when the very principal of monopolies is highly illegal in that it takes away fair competition with the spin off being the public have to pay more as they no longer have the choice!!

We saw the change of airport ownership pass from regional councils to such companies as the British Airport Authority (BAA) which was far from being British.

BAA is owned by a consortium led by Grupo Ferrovial,  a Spanish firm specialising in infrastructure. The group became one of the world’s largest transport companies and controlled many of our major airports and was clearly in breach of monopoly regulations.

We saw many top British Airlines loose their national identity when they were taken over or became involved with other EU airlines i.e. BMI taken over by Lufthansa and BA joining forces with yet another Spanish company, Iberia and now owned by IAG.

IAG has taken over BMI which will now close down…..don’t you find it strange that it was BA who sold many of it’s Middle East aircraft and routes to BMI (Lufthansa) and who now have purchased BMI……..are we seeing the emergence of a “One World or One EU Airline”

Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines clearly knows what is going on and continues to fight the politics of “Thatcherism” under the leadership of David Cameron who is clearly a “New World Order Puppet” as is Nick Clegg and the Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband all of whom swear their allegiance to the Zionist cause!!

On the topic of airports we now see BAA (Spanish) selling off some of its regional airport, such as Edinburgh,  which has now been purchased by Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) an American company with strong ties with Credit Suisse Bank ….they also own London Gatwick via Ivy Bidco.

Maybe by now you are starting to see how the New World Order is able to break down any countries industrial base  and almost force mergers or joint ventures that have only one purpose…..to put all their “Golden Nest Eggs” into one basket.

One the banking side we again saw the intentional collapse of Abbey National (who had branches in every city in the UK) who were then taken over (on the cheap) by Santander the Spanish banking giant who now, very conveniently, have their name plastered on all the old Abbey National Banks in every city.

Before closing this article I would like to express my concerns regarding the only major industry left here in Derby, that being Rolls Royce, who,  as you all know,  design and manufactures both civil and military jet engines/turbines.

There orders have now gone through the roof and so one would ask the question that if your orders are about to double would you not expand your existing business to cope with the upsurge or build a suitable large facility to cope with demand?

In this case our corrupt and fraudulent government has allowed 50% of this expanded business/ production (of Trent  series engine)” to be produced in Singapore…… which obviously has a sinister political overtone!!

They say that Singapore has the space for a purpose built facility for such expansion and that it has nothing to do with a cheaper work force ……..oh really!!!……so what about keeping British Technology in this country and using British Technicians?……what about Rolls Royce taking over any of the now redundant RAF bases and building a purpose built factory in this country…….boy oh boy one can sense a rather bad smell coming from our current “Thatcherite Government” that is destroying this country!!

I should add that another explanation offered is that they need to produce one Trent engine per day or around a minimum of 250 per annum and that the Government of Singapore and the Singapore Educational Department can offer them the skilled workforce required for such an expansion……this will employ around 1,000 highly skilled workers!! Welll  Mr. Cameron we already have that skilled workforce in Derby and a local Technical College that RR supports as a pool for its future workforce!!!

With David Cameron at the helm of this country and with Ed Miliband sitting on the side lines what chance do we Brits have in getting this country back to being simply British?

What chance do we have at restoring the high tech companies that once formed the backbone of this country?

What chance do we have at saving the sovereignty of this country?

The answer my friends is “NO CHANCE”!!

This country has now been consumed by the European Union which is controlled by the New World Order. Our military has now diminished into a force that could barely defend itself and is thus totally dependant on the NWO military – NATO!!

Now our wonderful Prime Minister, David Cameron or the other NWO  puppet Ed Milliband will destroy the United Kingdom and its sovereignty by allowing  the Scots, Irish, Welsh and English to break away and become fragmented before handing the entire country over to the “United States of Europe”.

Having just celebrated Shakespeare’s Birthday and St Georges day I found it to be a dismal  event watched by only a handful of people here in Derby…….historically the entire Market Place was adorned with medieval tents, knights in shining armour on horseback and everything that was typically English…….on Sunday I saw a pathetic turnout of a small group of actors with the St Georges cross being laid upon a camouflaged background and not the standard red cross on a white background………..a bit of humour with a sword fight and the slaying of the dragon……and the only true English group being the Morris Dancers..

For the second year the whole of the Market Place was taken over by a massive circus type tent being used by the Shemales from Thailand…….such is the ethical and moral demise of this city and this country.

Doesn’t it make you feel so proud to be British and to see our puppet leaders “F… Up” this country of ours!!

Well Mr. Fraudulent Cameron, Tory Party/Lib Dems, New Labour (under their Zionist leader Ed Miliband) your combined ignorance is personified by your lack of interest in stamping out the massive fraud and corruption that many of you are involved in.

My next article will open up another “Hornets Nest” that is indirectly linked with David Cameron’s massive fraud known as the “Big Society Capital” except I would go a step further by saying this goes into the top of “Very High Society Capital” with Royal connections!!!

It will make the Prince of Wales flinch and add new meaning to that famous Welsh song:

We’ll keep a welcome in the hillside

We’ll keep a welcome in the Vales

This land you knew will still be singing

When you come home again to Wales


Believe me this will be the scoop or all scoops!!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/4/2012 

UK Paedophilia takes a blow – Robert Green to be released – Part 2

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Major event of the year 

Robert Green the heroic fighter who was sentenced to one year in prison for exposing the truth

King Robert’s Jubilee (Jubilant) Celebrations

17th May 2012

Craiginches Prison – Aberdeen – Scotland

“The Release of Robert Green”

 This year their are two  major event taking place in the UK  but now we have one more that probably means more to the people of Britain than anything else – King Robert’s Jubilee – Which by all accounts could herald a major turnaround in the way Paedophilia is looked upon and dealt with in this country!

Our Goal (Jail) Keeper Robert Green is being released on the 17th of May 2012 having only served three months of his one year sentence which is a clear indication that the pressure from all the publicity and his supporters eventually struck home!!

Crowds had gathered in London at the Royal Courts of Justice, up at Roberts prison  and last weekend Aberdeen had been inundated with leaflets that drew attention to Roberts plight and the case of Hollie Greig. This is truly a victory for justice and now leaves the door open to continue the fight by “Hollies Army” as more protests are to be planned to celebrate this auspicious occasion. 

Protest outside the Royal Courts of Justice

“Hollies Army” Royal Courts of Justice London

Prison Protest

The shame of Hollie Greig and the Scottish Judicial System

Hollie Greig and Mum Anne at the Royal Courts of  Justice, London or should that read at the Royal Courts of No Justice?

The following is taken from the Free Robert Green Webpage  – Ian McFerran

Contact with Robert 21st April 2012

Posted on April 21, 2012 by 
The news today is that Robert is out of the prison table-tennis tournament, having been beaten at the quarter finals, so he won’t now win the coveted first prize of a Mars Bar. Well at least he won’t have to be tested for drugs – what’s someone pushing 70 doing beating a whole lot of lads in their 20s, something’s not quite right there!

Fortunately there’s no shortage of chocolate, Robert says, he’s always being given Crunchie bars and Aeros by his fellow-prisoners, they are very kind to him indeed. It’s clear to him that many of these young lads shouldn’t be there at all and it saddens him that they have received the permanent stigma of criminality for often very minor offences, or they have been wrongfully convicted in order for there to be closure on a crime, or they shouted at the Sheriff or whatever had happened, so now here they are locked up in this dreary place for usually months on end at least, really just to help keep the wheels of what he refers to as the ‘Prison Industry’ turning, which is a bread-ticket for a whole range of people who work in or are connected with the administration of such institutions. He’s thinking to get involved with his local Prison Radio Service when he comes out and is hugely looking forward to resuming his Hospital Radio work after 17th May – roll on 17th May!

We’ll need to be on our toes early in the morning on that happy day as Robert is likely to leave Craiginches between 8 and 9 am, then he’ll be heading for the station which is 10 minutes’ walk down the hill and over the bridge, so let’s make sure he is suitably escorted! He’s most likely to be catching the 9.52 via Manchester so hopefully we’ll have a good 30-40 minutes to chat to him before waving him off.

I told Robert there’s going to be street action for Hollie in London over the next couple of weeks in London (am about to call the troops…). It will be in the context of a two-week demo outside the Royal Courts of Justice under the aegis of the Campaign for Truth and Justice which can be all things to all people but the focus is going to be on the corrupt judicial system/’bent judges’ so it’s a good opportunity for anyone who has suffered a miscarriage of justice in the courts to come along and make his or her voice heard. 

There’s going to be a PA system and we’ll be stopping the traffic too. Victims of the Family Court system are especially welcome to join and you can be sure we’ll be throwing a certain Scottish Sheriff and his cronies into the mix.

John Hemming MP will make a cameo appearance on Day 1 of the 10 day-demo, Monday 23rd at 3.30 pm. When I mentioned to Robert that John Hemming is coming along to our action he said he’d had a letter from John in which John had written “pressure might be put on the Governor to keep you in”. Robert had copied that to the Governor of the prison (however he did that) and he was pretty sure this had prompted the Governor to take the decision to release him!

Well any which ways, it’s all good, isn’t it?

A Letter from Robert re Ombudsman

Posted on April 21, 2012 by 

I received a letter from Robert Green this morning, dated 20th April 2012.  Here is the verbatim text of that letter…


Dear Ian,

Some good news, although I haven’t seen the letter yet, The Scottish Judicial Review Board has referred my complaint about Bowen’s conduct to the Ombudsman.

This complaint was made prior to our discovering of Young’s additional involvement, so it is interesting.

Now we know about Young, this, I understand, may give reason to suspect a conspiracy to deprive me of my human rights to a fair trial, which may be a criminal offence, involving any two or all three, of Young, Bowen and Angiolini.

This can be published.


So, with all that the campaign has recently uncovered about these three individuals, add to that the fact that Angiolini is still under CID investigation for ‘the misappropriation of public funds’ in order to secure the ‘private’ services of Levy & McRae Solicitors, these big-shots will soon need to answer a few rather probing and difficult questions.  I wonder how Her Majesty is feeling right now about being publicly conned into awarding Angiolini the public honour of ‘Dame’?  The Police would not forward an investigation onto CID if there was nothing to investigate and, even if there were something to investigate, they could do it themselves… unless the seriousness of the investigation warranted CID involvement!

In the mean time, if people can get to HMP Aberdeen on the morning of the 17th May to greet Robert as he is released, that would be wonderful.

Ian McFerran

The following extracts were also taken from the same webpage:

 He will still be under curfew when he gets home (7pm to 9am every night of the week) for 3 months and of course campaigning and so on is out but at least he’ll be able to go for walks and go on line and all the things he’s not been able to do.

Robert wishes me to say that he strongly believes it is largely due to the tremendous support he has had from so many people that he’s been let out early and asks me to say a very big THANK YOU to everyone once again. He also wishes to commend the prison staff who have been universally gracious and helpful. This has made made what could have been a much more trying time really quite bearable. He’s also made some good friends from amongst his fellow inmates with whom he’ll be keeping contact.

The person who will be most pleased of all by the news of Robert’s imminent release will be Hollie who was most upset when he was sent down. It doesn’t take much to make Hollie feel insecure, which isn’t surprising considering what she has been through in her life and she hasn’t felt entirely happy since Robert has been in prison. So this news will really cheer her up!

“FREE ROBERT GREEN” so many times chanted on many a street in the past few weeks has worked! Well done everyone! Now it’s back to “JUSTICE FOR HOLLIE GREIG” – we can do it, can’t we?

Before closing there is one more very special person that was in Hollies life – Her Uncle:

Uncle Roy with Hollie and Mum

The following was taken from  http://holliegreig.info/ and I would urge you all to visit this informative webpage.

  1. Hollie Greig ( a little Downs Syndrome Girl) and 7 other known victims were systematically raped and tortured by a known paedophile ring.
  2. The paedophile ring included a judge, care workers, a policeman, an accountant and other leading men and women of Scotland.
  3. Robert Green was jailed in Aberdeen for reporting the story to the public.
  4. The Uncle of Hollie Greig was brutally murdered with what appears to be an axe handle. He was found dead in a burning car in a situation that appears to be arson. This was a few weeks after he reportedly walked in on Holly being sexually assaulted by her father.
  5. Scottish Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, has illegally used her influence to shut down any investigation and publicity of the Hollie Greig case.
  6. The Scottish Law firm of Levy & McRae has illegally sought to intimidate and influence witnesses and investigator Robert Green for reporting the matter.
  7. Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland has been made aware of Angiolini’s methods and has failed to act in a way conducive to justice in these cases.
  8. The members of Scotland’s Parliament have also been made aware of these injustices and have failed to take any action.

I think we all agree that we must continue to fight against paedophilia wherever it raises its ugly head and insist that our government investigates the activities of  the many Masonic Lodges up and down the country as well as the Church’s involvement in ongoing paedophilia.

We owe this to all the past and current victims of paedophilia and in particular all the lost generations around the world in there tens of thousands and we certainly owe it to the victims of the Dunblane Massacre and Hollies Uncle Roy.

There is only one way of finding out who is telling the truth (once and for all) and that is to hold an investigation, followed by an appropriate trial, to allow Hollie Greig and her mum to state their case under Common Law Jurisdiction Jury……….only then will these ongoing protest by “Hollies Army” cease and only then will the people of Britain and Hollie receive true justice.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consutlant – 22/4/2012 

UK Paedophilia takes a blow – Robert Green to be released!!

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The score for the current football match is

Anti Paedophilia 1 – Paedophiles 0

Our Goal (Jail) Keeper Robert Green is being released on the 17th of May 2012 having only served three months of his one year sentence which is a clear indication that the pressure from all the publicity and his supporters eventually struck home!!

Crowds had gathered in London at the Royal Courts of Justice, up at Roberts prison  and last weekend Aberdeen had been inundated with leaflets that drew attention to Roberts plight and the case of Hollie Greig. This is truly a victory and now leaves the door open to continue the fight by “Hollies Army.”

The shame of Hollie Greig and the Scottish Judicial System

Hollie Greig and Mum Anne at the Royal Courts of Justice, London or should that read at the Royal Courts of No Justice?

Robert Green the heroic fighter who was sentenced to one year in prison for exposing the truth

There is no point in me keep going over this tragic case of Paedophilia in Aberdeen, Scotland as it has been covered in great depth in the many of my articles I have written in the Paedophilia section of this blog. However as one would expect with such evil satanic stories they continue to draw the attention from normal decent people around the world who only wish to protect their children and grandchildren.

Paedophilia is rife in this country with a very large gathering up in Scotland….the home of the Freemasons. Hollie Greig support groups facebook sites have been invaded by many undesirables that may appear to be supportive but obviously have only one purpose in life and that is to attack anyone who writes about peodophilia.

When one reflects on that tragic paeodophilia massacre at Dunblane it is so easy why ordinary people do not give up the fight………we owe it to those little children that perished that tragic day.

Thomas Hamilton a “Satanic Freemason Paedophile” and procurer of children for the “Scottish Elite”

On March 13, 1996, Thomas Hamilton, 43, left his home at 7 Kent Road in Dunblane , Scotland, with only one thing in mind — murder. At about9:30 a.m., he drove to the Dunblane Primary School with a pair of pliers, four handguns and more than 700 rounds of ammunition. Once there, he cut the telephone wires on a nearby pole and then proceeded with weapons in hand to a side entrance of the school.

Hamilton burst into the assembly hall, where a class of 5- and 6-year-old children was having gym lessons and opened fire. He first shot at several of the teachers. Hamilton then turned his guns on the frightened children and shot at them as they tried to scramble to safety under chairs and inside closets. Screams echoed through the gymnasium as tiny bodies sunk to the floor in pools of blood.

Heartfelt tribute to those little souls and their wonderful teacher

Yes we may well ask why

We could ask Lord Roberson why? We could ask him how did Hamilton get his gun licence and how come there is a 100 year freeze on any further inquiry? The greatest thing anyone could do for these poor innocent children is to re open an investigation – that should be the minimum that the “Scottish Judicial System” should do and expose the huge band of paedophiles that tarnish the image of Scotland!!


To get back to the Hollie Greig story there are many people out there that are intentionally demeaning some of the “Hollie Army” mainline supporters and when you read their absurd comments you realise that they are not fighting against paedophilia at all but just there to break up the group……they have underestimated the drive behind this case and the fact that Robert is being released is a start.

The other interesting breakthrough is the news is that the Ombudsman for Scotland is looking into the appointment of Sheriff Bowen to Robert’s trial. We look forward to further details on this interesting development.

One thing I can say to these imbeciles is that no matter what you may say about Hollie or her Mum Anne or any other supporter there is one clear cut way of proving who is right and who is wrong……bring it into the public court system and under “Common Law Jurisdiction Jury” let the jury decide if there is a case to answer…..it is the right of every citizen in this country to be given a fair hearing and trial and in this case this has certainly not been the case……….so you morons do you believe in fair justice and do you agree that this should be allowed to follow its normal course?……..if you agree then maybe there is some goodness inside you…..if you object it is evident that you yourselves have some other hidden agenda.

I will post this on all the Hollie web pages and wait for the usual grime to reveal their true colours as to if they agree to a fair hearing or not………I will also find out from Robert who are the true supporters of Hollie and Anne as they all appeared to be communicating with him  when he was inside and printing his responses and then attempted to ridicule all those that appeared to be doing the right thing……..so now we will find out the truth as to who’s communications and statements were correct…..its that simple!!

Again to all those knockers I ask the question:

Do you believe in everyone being given a fair hearing and allow those accused of defending themselves…….it is a very simple reply……YES or NO………you can leave your comments in the appropriate section.

To those genuine supporter I ask you to remain strong now that the man himself is coming out and allow yourselves to be energized by this wonderful event and lets build the “Hollies Army” up to the strength is used to be.

Keep up the protests and the blogs as genuine good news travels fast and when you want to be inspired just listen to Canadian Keven Annett  who also started off very small and now travels the world trying to stamp out peodophilia…….you can see his massive series here on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUsfqH0F6Yw

If on the other hand you want inspiring in a different way then listen to the words of Les Miserable “Can you hear the people sing”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYizXBQ5EQA….it is a song that should be firmly embedded in all those who support Hollie…..don’t give up because you are now only just starting….there are chips in their foundation and with an election on the horizon now is the time to push as hard as you can.

God bless you all and congratulations on pulling off this major breakhrough in getting Robert Green released!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consutlant – 22/4/2012 

British Aviation Expert Critical of Mossad backed Israeli Airport Security

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Final Part Three (Amsterdam) – EL Al Cargo Flight LY1862 crashed into block of flats 



El Al cargo (4X-AXG) – Flight LY1872  New York – Amsterdam – Tel Aviv

Actual aircraft landing at Schiphol 1440 Local Time 4 October 1992


Scene – deeply flawed avoidable event with Israeli Government/Mossad involvement 


Having been associated with aviation all my life I find this particular disaster “stuck out like a sore thumb” as it was not only totally avoidable but was a series of massive cover-ups regarding aviation/airline/airport  security breaches  by the Dutch Government, Schiphol Airport Authority, Dutch Investigation Team. Israeli owned Airport Security (ICTS International), Israel Government, MOSSAD and El Al Israeli Airlines.

Firstly let’s review the details of this crash:

EL AL Boeing 747 Freighter aircraft LY1862 from New York via Amsterdam to Tel Aviv.

The aircraft concerned had previously flown from Cologne airport in Germany where it had to be refueled for its onward flight to New York (JFK). According to a report by some airport workers there had been an incident with this aircraft when a collision occurred with an apron ground vehicle. If this had been correct one could clearly see that this was an accident waiting to happen especially the fact that the engines are mounted onto the wing pylons and are held in place by what we used to call sheer pins or fuse pins. If the engine suffers severe vibration or whatever they are designed to break and allow the engine to fall away…..hence the term sheer pin……..one could guess that if an engine was struck it could cause a weakness in the pin concerned. The aircraft continued on its journey to JFK and then turned around for its return flight to Tel Aviv via Schiphol.

The freight aircraft left JFK bound for Amsterdam and landed at 1440 Local Time with an estimated departure time of 1730.

After take off and during the climb out the crew called a “Mayday” saying they had lost number three engine…..on the second call the pilot advised they had lost three and four engines that was soon followed by control problems as the aircraft lost height after turning back towards the airport. For a while the Captain (who had taken over the controls) managed to get the aircraft to respond after increasing the power on the two left hand engines (1&2) and applying full opposite rudder.

After preparing for his emergency approach back to Amsterdam the Captain prepared his aircraft for landing by reducing his power with a slight nose up attitude and it was at this moment that the aircraft again veered off and down to the right as one would expect with power only being on one side. Unfortunately this standard move to prepare for landing was fatal and the aircraft then went into a partial dive with the right wing down.

In its flight path was a massive complex of mufti story apartments and the aircraft continued to loose altitude and sliced into the building at almost 90 degrees. The crew and many occupants in the apartments died but there was something difference about this crash that would eventually cause many emergency workers and other people on the ground to become very sick.

The actual Air Traffic recording of the disaster can be heard on this link:


There has always been a shroud of secrecy over this flight and it became clear that both the Dutch and Israeli authorities had apparently organized a cover-up. Most documents taken from El Al officials had disappeared. Police audio tapes and 42 videotapes taken by the firefighters were shredded.

At one stage they also denied finding the black box but obviously that was not correct as one of the investigators (Frans Erhart) gave reference to it being found and although it was damaged it was sent to the US and vital data was recovered. It also appears that much of the aircraft was recycled within a very short period of time and thus any secondary inquiry could not take place.

It was soon to be revealed that this aircraft was carrying some highly sensitive illegal freight which consisted of the following:

Hydrofluoric Acid – Isopropanol – Dimethyl Methyl Phosphonatel (DMMP) which are used for making Sarin Nerve Gas. This shipment was approved by the US Commerce Department. The chemicals were ex Solkatronic Chemicals Inc, Morrisville, Pennsylvania (who at the time were owned by Solvay Brussels).

The chemicals were destined for the Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) Inness Ziona, Tel Aviv which is reported to be run by the Israeli Military and a front organisation for the Intelligence Communities in the development, testing and production of Chemical & Biological Weapons (CBW).

A former IIBR biologist stated “There is hardly a single known or unknown form of Chemical and Biological Weapon which is not manufactured at the Institute. In fact it was the IIBR that provided the poison and the antidote used in the attempted assassination of a Hamas leader in Jordan in 1998.”

Once combined the chemicals on El Al flight 1862 could have produced 270 kg of SARIN, sufficient to kill the entire population of any major city.

During the crash hearing in 1999 it was learnt that since 1973 El Al aircraft are never inspected by customs or the Dutch Safety Board and that security at Amsterdam was a branch of MOSSAD the Israeli Secret Service!!

It was discovered that every Sunday evening a very mysterious El Al cargo flight would arrive at Amsterdam from New York JFK en route to Tel Aviv and that flights are never recorded and flight documents are processed in special unmarked rooms.

What was so strange was the fact that over a thousand residents living nearby became sick with respiratory, neurological and mobility ailments with a hike in cancers and birth defects. 

The aircraft crashed into a very large apartment block in Bijrmeer killing 39 on the ground and the 4 crew. Since this crash over 2,000 residents and emergency crew suffered from loss of hair which is normally linked to radiation so what else was on-board this ill-fated flight?

Dutch Transport Minister leaked information to confirm 190 ltr of DMMP, 4 Ltr of Isopropanol and Hydrofluoric Acid were on the flight. But it became obvious that there was much more onboard than the above.!!

Before proceeding I can assure you that having been a Dangerous Goods Referral Officer in the airlines that this aircraft was indeed in breach of International Air Transport Association (IATA) rules which clearly state that such chemicals for CBW’s is illegal, even despite the fact that the US signed the CBW Treaty. It was also obvious to me that the procedure for such shipments and the rigorous checks normally carried out were by passed for this very illegal flight.

Before moving on I would also like to let you all know that in many aircraft there exists depleted uranium (DU), which is used as ballast in the wing. I have really never understood the logic of this apart from the fact it is denser than lead and is given away free of charge by the nuclear and weapons industry as a waste product. It is clearly understood why…..because to store nuclear waste is not only expensive but also very unsafe!! 

From my own knowledge of DU it is very unstable when it comes to temperature and is pyrophoric i.e. it ignites as low temperatures of around 170C so if one can imagine the temperature at a crash scene of being around 1100c one could see another disaster on the horizon. The older aircraft of this size can carry up to around 800kg and when that burns it obviously releases millions of nano particles into the environment……hence the acute level of sickness in the area. Whilst on this topic they were even talking about using DU for counterweights on lifts and on overhead cranes…..that is how insane the industry has become.

It is also evident that soil samples were taken at the scene which revealed something more could have been on-board this flight such as  Nuclear Weapon Technology concealed as a secret Israeli military shipment of weapons-grade plutonium.  If one could image just 27kg of plutonium ending up in the inferno could have caused a nuclear emergency for the whole of Western Europe!!

It was also reported after the crash that a black coloured helicopter (Black Ops) arrived at the scene and that many English and French speaking men, dressed in white chemical protection clothing were all over the wreckage and were seen to carry away a heavy box that was covered.

It was later revealed that Dutch Security Officials allowed the Israeli to make secret military shipments via Amsterdam since 1950’s. The shipment falls outside of the Atlantic Alliance Military Treaty which states aircraft normally should be refueled at a NATO airbases but this was a special commercial operation!!

Amsterdam appears to be immune to any IATA or normal airport regulation or safety procedures with the fact that security at the airport is Israeli owned and thus MOSSAD pulls the strings. I have always believed that Amsterdam is a hub for Israeli Intelligence.

The Dutch Government said it has no jurisdiction over Israeli activity at the airport according to one of the investigators ……obviously a law unto themselves.  

It would appear that whatever was being shipped that day had almost certainly been shipped before. The El Al freighter did this same run every Sunday. The Israeli bound cargo was always placed inside a vacuum controlled chamber in an underground bunker to test for possible bomb equipment and checked for any possible altimeter triggers. This type of testing is extremely rate and very unique so why only El Al flights?

There was also a rumour going around that a photograph of this aircraft was showing an engine not being centred correctly and may have been the one that it was alleged to have collided with a ground vehicle at Cologne!!

It would appear that number three engine on the right hand side had become detached by the obvious failure of the sheer pins and that engine instead of freely falling away actually struck the outer number four engine which then also detached. Both engines fell into a nearby lake.

Whatever the circumstances leading up to this terrible disaster is the fact that all the normal airlines safety procedures had been totally violated including the standard airport security checks and in that context the blame for this crash rests totally on El Al in regard to their maintenance  safety checks on such vital parts as the “Sheer Pins”,  The Dutch Government, Schiphol Airport Authority and the Israeli Security Contractor (ICTS International)    for not maintaining the normal high level  checks for “All Flights.”

Finally I feel the ATC frequency was rather cluttered at times and almost resulted in not receiving vital communications from the aircraft in distress….this would have added to the crews stress level!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 22/4/2012




British Aviation Expert Critical of Mossad backed Israeli Airport Security

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Part Two (Amsterdam) – False Flag – Abdul Mutallab the “Underwear Bomber”

Delta/Northwest aircraft involved in the incident

Abdul Mutallab – Underwear Bomber

I wonder if he’s in the same luxury five star hotel as Richard Reid…Sorry I meant Prison!!


As you know from my previous article (Part 1) that events leading up to apprehension of Richard Reid “Shoe Bomber” were so far fetched each statement made by officials just became more and more absurd. I can assure you that the same applied to Abdul Mutallab the “Underwear Bomber” but in this case it became even more comical as each chapter unfolded.

I guess the first thing that came to my mind was the incredible distance this guy had flown with a crotch full of so called explosive powder. I guess the first observation would be that he would have walked like he had just had a long hard ride on a stallion without a saddle!

Let’s break his journey down a little and carry out an analysis on each segment and not only see the security shortfalls but also how this man ever got to board the final segment in the first place. Indications right from the start alerted me to yet another “False Flag.”


The long journey made by the guy with “Hot Pants”


Abdul was enrolled on a course in mechanical engineering at University College London between 2005 and 2008. After this course was completed he told his family he wanted to continue his studies in an Arabic country and so his parents sent him to Dubai for a post graduate degree in business management.

Abdul abandoned this course and moved to Yemen as he had found an alternative course and settled down for his apparent 7 year study programme which was free of charge!!…..no doubt there will now be a rush from cash strapped British students that cannot afford an education here after the governments three tier hike!!

He told his parents that even if his Nigerian Passport expired during this period he would be able to get a Yemeni one……..I must remember to keep that in mind….didn’t know Yemen was so flexible!!

What would stop this man obtaining a passport from Yemen is the fact that according to Yemeni officials he was recruited by Al Qaeda whilst in London (which UK officials denied) and therefore one would assume that if this was the case a passport certainly would not be forthcoming and he would have been removed from the country……..but hey anything goes in Yemen!!

With Richard Reid’s hilarious story still in the back of your mind you are now going to see yet another even more hilarious story unfold as the masters of the media spin even more ridiculous lies and deceit in the hope that you, the gullible public,  take it all in!

After he had settled down on his new course in Yemen he told his mother not to contact him again as he had a “New Life” and there were no longer any ties with him…….such an ungrateful boy don’t you think!!………basically his family had not heard from him since October…….what was so interesting here was the fact that according to US officials he had left Yemen and headed for Nigeria via Ethiopia and Ghana…….boy I bet those underpants were pretty hot by the time he got to Nigeria!

Now comes the juicy bits…… according to these same officials he was on their terrorist data base but not on the short list of people that were banned from flying or subject to additional screening?…….do you really believe that……a person on the terrorist list would not be subject to extra security?……oh well to move forward with the story…..He was able to fly from Lagos to Amsterdam and then board a flight to Detroit…..interesting don’t you think?

According to Abdul he obtained his explosives in Yemen and reported this fact to US investigators….can you imagine having these plastic explosives with you and transiting Yemen – Ethiopia – Ghana – Nigeria – Netherlands – USA……what a farce!!

Let’s also add into this equation that Adbula’s father had notified the CIA of his son’s intentions two weeks before the event………let’s just hold it there one moment…… “His father had told the CIA of his son’s intentions”…..to be more specific the statement reads as follows: His Father reported the extremist views of his son to Nigerian security agencies, as well as to the U.S. embassy in Abuja, yet no attempt was made to prevent the radically-inclined Nigerian student from boarding the plane in Schiphol……however, one must remind ourselves as to what his mother said earlier: “they had not received any communications from him since October”…..something rather strange here!!!!…….then we understand that an updated no fly list was sent to Amsterdam but we understand the list arrived too late……..Oh really…how very convenient!!!!  

This story really is becoming something that even the best spin doctor could not produce……so now we have this man leaving Lagos with the CIA knowing about him from the father and having plastic explosives stitched inside his underpants that have been there since God knows when and having transited via so many other countries security systems totally undetected.

Now he arrives at the airport that is supposed to have one of the best Israeli security systems in the world and despite being a transit passenger he would yet again be subjected to another security check.

Passengers bound for the US are given an intense grilling by the Israeli security firm.  My question is how did this man get to board this flight when he had travelled such a great distance prior to arriving in Amsterdam with obviously no proof whatsoever? Oh and guess what the body scanners which had been in use for two years just so happened to be switched off that day…..not as they are any good anyway!

We also have to remember around this time that US Special Forces and US military aircraft were operating within Yemen and so all the media hype at the time was focused on Yemen being the new centre for terrorism and Al Qaeda etc. It is possible that the US was again looking for a good excuse or justification to maintain its stance in Yemen? It is obvious that a very strong emphasis has been placed on this so called terrorist having come from Yemen and that is where this wonderful so called bomb came from. I guess the CIA would enter this incident under a file titled “Al Qaeda Knickers Brigade.” One security comment at the time read:  PETN (plastic explosive), either in shoes or strapped to any part of the body, cannot be detected by airport scanners. A chemical test is needed.

There is no chance that chemical tests can be introduced for every passenger. Hence we reach our first tentative conclusion: that the billions of shoes that have been scanned at airports since 2001, and the billions of pairs of underwear that will henceforth become objects of official scrutiny, have and will have had nothing to do with airport security or preventing terrorism. 

It is fact that security companies are making much money out of this and with such scare tactics security is truly a very big business both in airports and  in personnel security. What makes it even more meaningless is the fact that nearly all the attacks or false flags reported have not been carried out by so called “Islamic Extremists” at all but have been inside jobs with direct links to Mossad…..the very people running airport security screening……as they say it takes one to know one!!  

We had the Head of Homeland security ducking for cover when she identified that this so called terrorist was known to them. We also heard on the grapevine that he did not have a passport or permission to travel to the USA and had been escorted to the departure gate by a rather well dressed gentleman by the name of “Shylock “ the Jewish Trader from Shakespeare’s – Merchant of Venice……sorry just had to throw that one in!!

Let’s just take a moment to see how such a person could ever board a flight with his background. Almost every aspect of his credentials or should I say lack of credentials were out of order and in normal security protocol he would never have got past security in the first place…..this starts at check in, then to passport/security control and finally the boarding gate and in all cases this man failed the test.

We have heard so many times of similar CIA/Mossad type operations that have taken place whereby members or their respective cells orchestrate such activity and plant there stooge onboard an aircraft…..especially when you consider Mossad controls the Israeli security companies at many such airports….not forgetting they also have contracts with the airlines themselves…..how very convenient!!

From my perspective I would simply ask one question – why would a terrorist engage in such activity at the end of a Tran’s Atlantic flight, especially when the aircraft had commenced it descent and approach to Detroit. Everyone knows that this is the most active time for everyone onboard the aircraft. The crews are going through their descent/arrival checks, the cabin crews are extremely active in the cabin preparing the aircraft for landing and everyone is extremely alert.

We are told that he had this compound in-between his legs and that he had a plastic syringe strapped his leg which was up against the aircraft cabin wall by a window seat…..ok so how did he access the syringe?…….did he drop his trousers?……. then we had that heroic passenger that carried out a feat that even Superman would have had difficulty pulling off when he flew across the top of several seats to get to the bomber and apprehend him!!

One thing for sure is we have had explosive shoes, explosive underpants so watch out ladies its going to be bra’s next…..they would have to have a very large cup size to pack in all those plastic explosive….boom boom!!

My next story will cover the El Al Cargo aircraft that crashed into a block of flats in Amsterdam with some very serious security flaws that aroused much suspicion around the aviation world.

Oh and remember don’t fly El Al as their aircraft are never checked by airport authorities or security…why?…..because they frequently carry explosive materials!!!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 20/4/2012

British Aviation Expert Critical of Mossad backed Israeli Airport Security

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Part One (Paris) – False Flag – Richard Reid the “Shoe Bomber”

Richard Reid – Shoe Bomber

I find it incredibly amazing that an Israeli company has repeatedly failed in maintaining a high level of security at two of Europe’s busiest airports – Paris Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Schiphol.

If one could read between the lines it is clear that had all of the incidents been genuine and not “False Flags” the company concerned ICTS International would have been given “The Grand Order of the Boot” a very long time ago and yet they continued to run the security at these two wonderful airports.

I myself have been associated with aviation all of my life having started with military and then civil aviation right up to the current time. It was during this long service in aviation that I managed the security at a large International Airport. It was whilst at this airport we showcased a very high profile event that also happened to coincide with many high level security alerts.

The work despite being very demanding was also very interesting, especially when mixing with some very interesting celebrities and some of the “Upper Crust” in society with their own private jets etc.

It also so happened that later in my career I also ran what they call an “FBO” which is a VIP jet handling facility which again attracted many large VIP aircraft including Royal Flights and Military VIP etc. This particular FBO required very high level security, especially as it was during the 9/11 period and needless to say such VIP’s required assurance that their safety would be maintained. On one such occasion it was Princess Anne who had cancelled her flying visits because of the above but after some in depth discussion and with my assurance did pay a visit in her beautifully painted Royal Flight Helicopter.

With my background out of the way I would now like to cover some of these “False Flags” that have occurred at both Schiphol and Paris and in particular the tragic disaster when an Israeli El Al Cargo aircraft crashed into a block of flats after taking off from Schiphol with engine problems……I will cover that story in another article later in the series

Lets first look at the notorious and highly amusing story of the “Shoe Bomber” Richard Reid who is now spending life in a five star hotel……oh sorry I meant a US Prison for his apparent attempt to blow up American Airlines Flight AA63 en route from Paris to Miami.

When you look at the history of this guy and what he had done prior to his arrest you will see just how pathetic the entire story is…….not forgetting it was the same Mossad run ……..sorry I meant Israeli run security company ICTS that also looked after Amsterdam.

One must also keep in mind that this “False Flag Incident” was soon after 9/11 just to keep the “Islamaphobia Hysteria” going and to draw attention to that non existent group the US calls Al Qaeda.

Richard Reid was a giant of a man 6 foot 4 inches or 193cm and I am sure that when he got  sentenced to life, in his five star hotel, a suitable bed would have been a problem…..sorry excuse my humour!!

Reid was a British citizen who had, prior to this event, travelled to some very interesting places which in itself would have drawn attention to him had it all been true!

It was so interesting to learn that he had been advised by his father that it would be better to convert to the Islamic faith as they get better food in prison (to which Richard was accustomed)…….and it get’s better…..it also so happened that after his conversion in 1996 he attended the same mosque as the famous anti – American Cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri.

There is even more of this unbelievable story yet to come when Richard spent time in Pakistan from 1999-2000 and trained in an Afghanistan terrorist camp!! Reid was then believed to have attended  an anti-American religious training center in Lahore, Pakistan and met up with Saajid Badat another shoe bomber……..its a wonder the British company Clarks Shoes didn’t hire them both in a promotion for their world renown shoes!!

Reid like his counterpart Badat both obtained duplicate passports via British Consulates abroad (good advert for British Security) and apparently returned to various locations in Europe. To make this story even more dramatic he frequently communicated with an address in Peshawar, Pakistan……wait for it…..a city known for its Al Qaeda connections!!

By now you are probably saying wow and how come he wasn’t arrested?….it gets better folks because Richard flew to Israel passing through El Al’s very tight security network and apparently was a test by him to prove he could pass through high level security anywhere…….LOL!!!

He eventually returned to Europe and lived in Amsterdam ( August – November  2001) and apparently both he and his other shoe bomber side kick moved back to Pakistan and crossed over into Afghanistan to take delivery of some top designer  “Shoe Bombs” and Quote  casual footwear adapted to be covertly smuggled onto aircraft before being used to destroy them Unquote.

Both pair then returned to the UK separately in early December 2001 in their “High Heel Shoes” packed with plastic explosives (that cannot be detected by the X-Ray machines).

Reid then went to Belgium before catching a train to Paris where he attempted to board a flight from Paris to Miami……….his boarding was delayed because of his apparent disheveled physical appearance which basically means he appeared to have some mental issues………obviously a perfect candidate to use for a “False Flag.”

The security staff at Paris obviously were a little concerned as he did not answer the security questions (did you pack your shoes yourself?) and also did not have any checked baggage for such a transatlantic flight (only the original shoe box!!)……nothing unusual about that I have done it many times myself. The police also check him over and in this time he missed his flight……..it gets even better!!

He was re issued with another ticket and returned to the airport on the 22nd of December 2001 and boarded American Airlines 63. During the flight passengers apparently complained of a smoke smell after the meals service (maybe the roast chicken was overcooked!!) and one of the cabin staff thought she smelt a burnt match and walked down the aisle (incredible when one thinks of the size and length of the cabin!!!) and noticed Reid who was sitting alone (just happened to have a row to himself!!) attempting to light a match (I guess such a feat was difficult for such a disheveled looking person)……but just hold it there for one moment……… “.she thought she could smell a burnt match previously  remember”…….. “Oh sorry that was the first attempt”………so I can only assume that the matches were damp and he was trying to light his second match……..oh boy is this story so dramatic!!

The cabin staff warned him that smoking on the aircraft is not allowed and so he promised to stop. This same cabin staff a few minutes later noticed Reid leaned over his seat….she failed to gain his attention and asked him was he was doing……Reid then grabbed her and revealed one shoe on his lap, a fuse that led into the shoe and a lit match. She grabbed Reid twice but he pushed her to the floor each time…yelled for help and then ran for water……sorry I think that story is a little confusing because the flight attendant called out for help and water…..this then caused many passengers to hand back their drinks to put out the match……..not before he burnt his fingers and dropped it!!!!…..again please excuse my humour!! Then the highlight of this wrestling match ended when a doctor onboard just so happened to find a tranquilizer in the aircraft emergency kit and he was tied up securely and held by many passengers…….the flight then diverted to Boston (the nearest airport) and was escorted in by two US Military fighters…..no doubt a couple from the same squadron who missed the other “False Flag Airliners” during 9/11.

Now the big one……..they say that the bomb did not detonate due to the one day delay in Reid’s departure from Paris and that he had worn his shoes for more than one day and that the rainy weather and Reid’s accumulated perspiration caused the fuse to be too damp to ignite…………but hang on a minute I thought plastic explosives cannot be set off by only a fuse……it has to be detonated…….whatever possibilities exist this was truly a grossly dramatic “False Flag”……….

In my next article we will cover yet another incident involving the same Israeli security company ICTS but this time at Amsterdam and again an unbelievably dramatic story that was clearly another “False Flag.” This next story involved a so called “Underwear Bomber” instead of “High Heel Shoe Bomber” by the name of Abdul Mutallab. This national of Nigeria had already flown some considerable distance in his “Hot Pants” before things yet again turned into a rather comical Shakespearian play!!

Hope this funny story didn’t make you cry with laughter!!…here take my handkerchief!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 16/4/2012