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British Government takes over the role of parents by force!

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Danger – Never trust the WHO or your government on such matters

As a parent it is your responsibility alone for deciding what is or is not pumped into your children


Can you remember the days when it was the responsibility of every parent to decide what their children should or should not have?…………you may be surprised to learn that this function is now being taken over by our government rendering your ability to look after the welfare of your own family as being a thing of the past.

My concern has always been the master plan by the New World Order to depopulate this planet by whatever means are necessary………..one of those ways being by mass vaccinations!!

I was shocked to read today’s newspapers that revealed the following headlines: All children to have flu vaccine and tried to come to terms with the fact that our government is not only now playing God but also taking away the ability of our natural immune system to deal with the day to day bugs that have been so much part of our lives for centuries.

Before focusing on this issue let’s look into the two government  scams that have in the past been almost forced upon us without any real evidence that such vaccines are of any benefit to us all.

Let’s first take the HPV vaccine that was rushed through its normal protocol and made available to all young girls of high school age in which our health authorities led us to believe that this vaccine would reduce the possibility of women contracting cervical cancer in later life.

What I found amazing was the fact that one of the experts in the field, Dr. Harper, herself became concerned that this vaccine had bypassed the normal screening protocol and rushed into production with any firm evidence that it was indeed effective.

It became apparent that when the HPV vaccines were tested on animals in the laboratory most of the females animals became sterile and this then led me to believe that this could truly be a NWO ploy to carry out mass sterilisation of the worlds female population……not to mention the very serious side effects that has occurred around the world.

It would appear that when I last checked how far this bogus vaccine had been initiated in Britain I found that at least 75% of young school age females have already been inoculated…….however it does require a series of injections to complete the programme and one can only hope that common sense prevails and parents start rejecting what they are being led to believe…………..one must also keep in mind that this HPV vaccine only attacks 4 strains of the 100 strains that are believed to cause  cervical cancer and that pap smears are still required.

My comment would be that if regular checks are carried out and the pap smear programme is fully maintained one can address the problem as soon as any abnormal cell activity is found……..in my opinion the HPV vaccine is a scam to prop up the very lucrative pharmaceutical industry and at the same time taking away the right of every women to have a child or for every aged person to experience the joy of becoming a grandparent!

Let’s now look at the other scam that they called the “Swine Flu Pandemic” in 2009 that fizzled out into a non event and in actual fact only turned out something equivalent to a normal flu outbreak around the world.

Again we were led to believe by the WHO that this was going to be a pandemic of giant proportions and scare tactics were launched to encourage people to be vaccinated as a matter of urgency and again the pharmaceutical companies made a financial killing into selling vaccinations in mass to many governments around the world, most of which were never used and had to be thrown away and it certainly never reached the level of qualifying as a pandemic.

For those that may not be aware the current top up annual flu vaccine given to aged people and those that are medically venerable now incorporates the “Swine Flu Vaccine” and all done without your knowledge…………one should start to ask questions as I do……..ask your doctor or senior nurse if they have had the jab and you may be shocked to learn that many have not and will not have the vaccine…….ever asked why?     

Now we come to the latest forced mass vaccination programme that certainly has some sinister overtone that should make you as a parent to start asking questions!!

The latest government scam says “All children are to be given the flu vaccination after experts said it could save up to 2,000 lives a year”………what it does not tell you is exactly what is in this vaccine and what are the long term detrimental effects of forcing our children to have this vaccine?

As one would expect we have all become sheep and accept without question whatever our government tells us but how come you do not look at the bigger picture whereby the New World Order and its partner in crime the United Nations via the WHO are telling us that the world’s population must be reduced by as much as possibility 80%…….ever asked yourself how this can be achieved or what gives them the right to act as God?

The latest report states that younger children will be given the spray at their GP practice and schoolchildren will receive it at school.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, which advises the Government on vaccination policy, said the flu programme should be extended to children because it could reduce the rate of infection by 40%………again one should ask the question what proof is there that what the Joint Committee is telling us is correct……..we heard all this propaganda when they talked about the “Swine Flu Pandemic” but they were wrong.

The UK will become the first country to offer the flu vaccine to healthy children free of charge. The measure is expected to cost £100 million a year.

The report stated that healthy children are among those who are least likely to develop complications from being infected by flu, but their close contact with each other means they are more likely to transmit the virus to one another and other vulnerable people.

My conclusion to the above paragraph would be to understand that we are born into this world with a natural immune system and that it is time to stop the government from killing off this natural immunity and to stop treating us in the same way as genetically modified crops or the cloning of our DNA.

This governments trend has now surpassed common sense and is embarking on a path which we should all avoid…………it is time for you the sheep to become shepherds and stop them in their tracks………we must never allow our government to take over our role as parent……at the end of the day it is our God given right to look after our own children!!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 25/7/2012

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