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British Treasury Minister David Gauke covers up his own government’s fraud

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How can the Treasury Minister punish the poor when his government is rife in fraud?


David Gauke announced this week government plans of new ways of cutting down on £5b in tax avoidance and yet turns a blind eye to the billions if not trillions of pounds being siphoned off by very senior MP’s and Members of the House of Lords!!

Gordon Bowden and I have over the last two years or so been highlighting the many fake or virtual companies that operate out of boiler rooms within the UK and how many senior political figures are involved, including the Prime Minister himself.

This massive fraud and tax evasion is on such a massive scale it is almost impossible to comprehend how these crooks get away with it.

It was our dear Prime Minister, David Cameron who went on an official visit to India last year but used this opportunity to try and push through a very fraudulent deal between two major British companies one of which clearly revealed insider trading.

We are talking here of one of the deals being worth over US$9 billion the details of which were made available to the Indian Prime Minister and yet it all passed by without any investigation or fuss!!

In today’s financial difficult times the public continue to find any way of reducing their costs and obviously paying cash to a tradesman does have merit and yes I guess it is morally wrong but how come David Gauke is hitting the poorer members of society and ignoring the totally corrupt government he works for.

Just to add some sort of credibility to our work we did expose the fraudulent ways of one such boiler room carried out by one of their administrators called Ms Andrea Davison.

Ms Davison took exception to our expose and took Gordon and I to court for defamation which at the current time is dead in the water and subject to an appeal. However, as we have said from the start that Ms Davison was herself raided by 13 officers from the Derbyshire Police and was therefore under investigation by what was alleged to be massive international fraud .

Just prior to Ms Davison criminal court case our civil case was steamed rolled almost out of existence and yet it had become clear that they were not only trying to keep our case out of the public limelight but also attempted to issue us both with a “Super Injunction.”

What is ironic about this grave miscarriage of justice that was handed out to Gordon and I was the fact that Ms Davison herself failed to attend  her own criminal trial and sought asylum at the Ecuador Embassy in London the very same place that the Wikileaks author Julian Assange took refuge!!!

Everything we had printed in our Pandora’s Box series turned out to be correct and now Ms Davison has been issued with a Bench Warrant by the Derbyshire Police. It also revealed in the Mold Crown Court that the jury found her guilty of 26 of the 27 charges for which she has now received 2.5 years prison sentence in absentia.

Here are a few comments that were revealed by the judge, police and prosecution in regard to Ms Davison as printed in the Daily Post – North Wales 26/7/2012:

Judge Niclas Parry said Davison had made it clear at the start that she was not attending her trial, and information provided to the court indicated she was at an embassy in Ecuador seeking political asylum.

The prosecution said she was running a false document factory after she kept items from a mail drop service, including passports, as templates to recreate documents.

Davison had, he said, been convicted on overwhelming evidence of serious offences of fraud and dishonesty over many years. It was a breach of trust because people who trusted her with crucial personal information as part of a mail drop service had their privacy violated Judge Parry said he was satisfied that she was a highly intelligent woman who used information she fraudulently obtained to repeatedly create false identification documents for the purpose of obtaining, potentially, many thousands of pounds worth of credit. It had left people devastated.”The potential for loss was quite enormous,” he said.

The court heard how Derby Police economic crime unit raided Davison’s Felinheli home after documents uncovered in another fraud case were found to have come from her. DC Stephen Winnard, commended by the judge for his work, said after the case: “What we found was a document factory at Felinheii, personal documents that could be used in any type of fraud. The end result of her actions is that many people lost their life savings through organised crime groups.”Davison, 62, of Bangor Street, Felinheii, admitted much of what was alleged.

Davidsons said she provided herself with false or virtual identification because she was trying to protect herself. People had been trying to kill her because of her previous covert work for the security services, she claimed in police interviews. But she said a large number of people knew who she was and could verify who she was, including former prime minister Tony Blair.

In police interviews she said that she had been deeply involved in the arms to Iraq inquiry. She said she had become involved in the inquiry and many agencies and organisations were trying to kill her, while other agencies were trying to protect her.

She spoke of providing virtual realities for other people and told how she ran an organisation called The Association for Former British Intelligence Officers with the following link  ……www.afbio.com which incidentally is still up and running all over the world and my question would have to be when will this organisation be taken down?

There is a lot more to Ms Andrea Davidson that Gordon and I have exposed and we will cover these other aspects that will shock you to the very foundation of your existence and involves her work as an Iraq Arms Investigator and the fact that she had direct access to No10 Downing Street most of which she revealed in her own blog that has since been taken down……however most of that information was copied by Gordon and I and passed onto many other safe houses both within this country and at various other overseas outlets as a safety mechanism for the two of us.

It should also be noted that Ms Davison would have been a “star witness” at the current Iraq Inquiry (Chilcot Inquiry) but was not called to give evidence………no doubt yet another government cover up and yet it was proven that the US and the UK in particular did provide Iraq with Chemical and Biological Weaponry and our own government actually built the laboratory’s in Iraq not to mention the further assistance with nuclear weapons parts etc!!!

 In the meantime let’s get back to what Treasury Minister David Gauke  article said that risked shining a spotlight on whether any of his government colleagues have ever made cash in hand payments to plumbers when he described the practice as a large part of Britain’s “hidden economy”…….He also stated Getting a discount with your plumber by paying cash in hand is something that is a big cost to the Revenue and means others must pay more in tax,”

What he failed to state was the fact that as a direct result of his government’s massive fraud the ordinary people in this country now have to endure decades of severe austerity measures to pay for their illegal activity……..now that is true “British Justice.”

It also stated in this same article about the success achieved by the Revenue and Customs Department when they had recently convicted a plumber for evading £50,000 in Income Tax…….my final question would be to Mr. Gauke…….why don’t you ask our Prime Minister to reveal how he siphoned of £17.8 million from the British Tax Payer in the illegal purchase of three South African nuclear bombs not to mention the many MP’s and Members of the House of Lords that we have named and shamed as being involved in massive fraud, corruption and tax evasion?

I am sure that if Ms Davison had been called forward to the Iraq Inquiry she would have given information about how the MoD Contracts Branch at Sloane Sq. set up the documents for the Dept. of Trade & Industry (DTI)  to implement the Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) that was arranged by dear Maggie Thatcher (disguised as three cylinders) that turned out to be three nuclear weapons that were eventually stolen from an insecure compound in Oman……but hey that’s another story that only David Cameron, Sir Ken Warren and the late Dr. David Kelly can verify (that is why he was assassinated )!!…………not to mention that dear Mr. Blair took us to war over this issue and in doing so went to war with the wrong country!!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 26/7/2012  


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  1. The most amazing thing is how the people just turn a blind eye. The inertia is incredible. The complicity of all aspects of society is pervasive . Cops know quite well they are not paid to stop criminals, but to protect them. Doctors are fully aware chemotherapy kills, that’s why the large majority of them don’t take it when diagnosed with cancer. Journalist know full well about many of the massive scandals out there. Etc.

    But he, we’re just doing our job!

    In that respect the adversary has done a good job in corrupting us all. Because we can clearly see that we are part of the problem, we have difficulty accusing others. Our moral authority to intervene has been compromised. This is not the entire story of course, but it is important.

    Sheer cowardice and malign ignorance are important too of course. And also very important is the dominance of the female in most households, who sees her mate as a provider and does not want him to risk anything, let alone ‘make a fool of himself’. And indeed: the righteous look foolish in these end times.

    I love your work Peter! Keep going!

    Anthony Migchels

    July 26, 2012 at 13:06

    • Thank you very much for your excellent comment and indeed your compliment….very much appreciated….Peter

      Peter Eyre

      July 26, 2012 at 13:16

  2. Yes great web site I have been following most of the stories above–I don’t know if you’re following leasehold abuse at all— at Trafalgar Mundesley there has been terrible injustice going on for 12 years, and that is the time that the leasehold Valuation Tribunal has been involved to— I had not realised that Leaseholders are, in fact, no more than VASSAL to their Freeholder, and you spend years getting no where apart from being defrauded.


    October 13, 2012 at 18:22

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