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Is there one politician willing to speak out for Hollie?

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Hollie Greig and Mum Anne

The scene is set for another election but what are our political elite made of? Do they have the courage to stand up for justice? Do they have the courage to stand up against fellows members who may be pedophiles? Would they stand up and be counted in defence of Hollie Greig?

The political elite and their partners in crime, the national media, are full of gutless people who on face value appear to be doing the right thing but in reality always look after their own skin and bombard us with anything other than the truth.

Why is it that such a gut wrenching story that is linked to a murder case goes totally unnoticed and yet outside of the United Kingdom this story is doing extremely well? Could it be that more people are involved in this pedophile ring than was first thought? Could it be that the Scottish legal system is protecting its own and also protecting those in much higher office in the political empires of Edinburgh and London. Is it possible that this has become so serious that it could topple governments?

Poor Hollie Greig certainly didn’t look for this type of attention, on the contrary she just wanted justice for herself the other children she knows who had to endure this continues abuse by those that they should have been able to trust. Why for instance did the Grampian Police allow her father to escape the country without any inquiry? Could it be that her father knew which people were involved in his sordid affairs and it was better for the police to allow him to go?

So we again can ask the same question……is there on single politician that is concerned about this case and if so why have you not spoken out? Is your re election so important to you that you would push the ethical and moral aspects of life in this country under the table? Do any of you have a conscience about what happened to Hollie, right under your nose?

We have already learnt historically that something deeply upset Tony Blair but even he was prepared to ride the storm in order to protect those around him? Was it really so serious that he could have lost the election over it?

It is time for the citizens of the United Kingdom to speak out for Hollie and continue to lobby your politicians time and time again until some sort of action is taken. If your politician does not respond to your request then simply do not vote for them.


Scottish MP Malcolm Chisholm who did nothing in this case

One used to think that politicians were civil servants that were put in office to represent you the public but alas those days of service to mankind have long gone!

If Hollies story is kept alive and keeps bouncing around the world as it is at the moment then we may just see something happen. However, if between now and the general election nothing happens then I would suggest that no one votes for the three main parties and gives their vote to an independent. It is time for we the public to shake the very foundation of politics and arrest this country from the talons of those that choose to ignore us.

Once again this article will be sent to the three main parties and other select politicians in the hope that we can penetrate their armour……in the event of the usual no reply or no comment then it is left to we the public to start investigating much deeper into not only this case but also the Dunblane Massacre.

I would encourage anyone with 100% factual evidence to come forward and have that information printed on this blog…..you can name names along with supporting evidence and I will name and shame them all.

Likewise if there are other children who have succumbed to this evil pedophilia and you know who is involved and can tell us what has or has not been done then again we will run a story on it. I urge you all not to be afraid even if those involved are in high places……at the end of the day if we all remained gagged they will take away the childhood of many many more innocent children and this must never be allowed to happen.

I myself many years ago almost became a victim to such a ring of evil people, which would you believe included the vicar of the church were I was a choir boy. I had the common sense to tell my mum about strange goings on and she pulled me out of the church totally……how close can you get?

Today is a sad day for me as it is the day that we have mum’s funeral. However, I know that she would be extremely proud of me in running this story in the hope that we can save a child from this abuse that is carried out by those we are supposed to trust.


Bless you all


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 8/3/2010


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