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The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal Was A Scam

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The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal Was A Scam

Only two of the most wanted “War Criminals” many others are still out there!!!

Despite the fact that Bush and Blair were both found guilty of War Crimes their main crimes were not revealed and they were only charged with lesser crimes.



Matthias Change

A Barrister of 31 years standing and once served as the Political Secretary to the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

According to Matthias Chang Bush and Blair were only found guilty of the supreme crime – crime against peace, waging the illegal war in Iraq.

His email is as below:

RE: News Scoop

Wednesday, 23 November, 2011 0:20

From Matthias Chang

To Peter Eyre


Dear Peter,

There were enough evidence tendered in Court and the tribunal has already handed its judgment and found Bush and Blair guilty of the supreme crime – crime against peace, waging the illegal war in Iraq.




Everyone around the world already knew that the war in Iraq contravened UN protocol in that the war took place without UN approval……this has been discussed at length here in the UK so what crimes, over and above this charge were they guilty of?

Why wasn’t Bush and Blair charged with the more horrendous war crimes of “Mass Genocide” on not only the people of Iraq but also on other nationalities in adjacent countries and the world beyond?

 Why were they not charged with killing and maiming their own troops and those of the coalition being knowingly aware that the weapons they used contained depleted uranium?

The minimum charges against these two war criminals should have been:

Committed War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity and Genocide with Depleted Uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq because the airflow charts clearly demonstrate that Depleted Uranium fails the “Environmental Test” being unduly harmful to the local, regional and global environment. This is one of four such tests to determine the legality of weapons under international law.


 Typical air flow chart

White Circles show Low Press Vortex and Stars/Square areas of conflict

The Depleted Uranium Radioactive poison gas and particulates, including sub-micron sizes, unduly contaminate the environment by becoming globally mixed in one year, poisoning regional water sources where they are rained and snowed out into glaziers, lakes and rivers such as the Himalayas where the headwaters of nine major rivers of South East Asia originate.

There are approximately 1.3 billion people downstream from the Indus (Tibet, Pakistan, India), Ganga-Brahmaputra(India, Bangladesh), Yangtze (China), Yamuna (India), Ganges (India), Sutlej (Tibet, Punjab of India and Pakistan), Meghna (India, Bangladesh), Mekong (China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam) and the Ayeyarwady (Myanmar). The Chinese Intelligence Agency had already warned countries in 2006 about the dangers of monsoon rainout of radiation downwind from any nuclear attack on Iran (including Depleted Uranium “Bunker Busters” and as tamping in all nuclear weapons).

Depleted Uranium Weaponry has been used in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen, Somalia and now Libya. The US, UK, France and coalition forces have therefore carried out a covert nuclear war that goes global with weeks.

Historically we should note that:

 Depleted uranium weapons are recognized as radioactive poison gas weapons developed illegally under the Manhattan Project in World War II by the United States Government.  Already illegal and in violation of the 1925 Geneva Poison Gas Protocol, in 1943 depleted uranium weapons were described as a “highly mobile indiscriminate killer and permanent terrain contaminant,” recommended for development in the declassified Manhattan Project memo dated October 30, 1943.

Leuren Moret (a US nuclear lab whistleblower) describes how DU violates the Geneva Convention:

Depleted uranium poison gas weapons fail the “Territorial Test” because radioactive toxic aerosols they produce on the battlefieldescape from and continue to act off of the battlefield.

Depleted uranium weapons fail the “Temporal Test” since they continue to act after the battle is over. Depleted uranium radioactive poison gas and particulates including sub-micron sizes, have a half-life of 4.46 billion years.  It takes ten half-lives (4.46 billion years ½ life for Uranium 238) for small amounts of radioactivity to diminish to an insignificant amount.  In the case of the high tonnage amounts of depleted uranium weapons used in Iraq since August 2, 1990, to the present, it will take longer than ten half-lives or more than 44.6 billion years for the global radioactive pollution from this pernicious poison to diminish.

To show proof that Depleted Uranium can travel fast to other parts of the world is shown in this official graph that was obtained from Aldermaston (Secret Nuclear Research Establishment) (obtained under the “Freedom of Information Act”) showing that in just nine days after the attack on Baghdad (Shock and Awe) the radioactive nano particles arrived overhead the UK, having been pulled down towards London by a Low Pressure Vortex.

As a matter of interest I did respond to Mr.Matthius Chang with the following email and he did reply by sending me the summing up report from the Tribunal:

Wednesday, 23 November, 2011 4:57

From Peter Eyre

To Matthias Chang


Hello Matthias


Can you advise me as to what charges were made against Bush and Blair and on what charges they have been found guilty?


We all know that going to war was totally illegal and against the UN……so what else have they been charged with and where can I view the final verdict summary by the Tribunal?


Kind Regards


Peter Eyre


 I have not included the summing up report as it is rather too long to be inserted in this article.

You can see the base line, which is the normal background radiation levels and how it almost went off the scale to a totally unacceptable level for safe habitat. You can also see how this also showed other events that occurred in areas of conflict and again how that radiation was detected here in England……..please also not that Aldermaston was at the time under the control of a subsidiary company of Halliburton and when the file was released was missing the graph…….a second application was made via other channels and the truth eventually came to the surface.

Please understand that these events would cause dramatic rises in a multitude of cancers, especially in the unborn fetus and also in young children. The British publics were not made aware of this high level radioactivity when it occurred!!

It is fact that here in the United Kingdom the Ex Minister for Defence, Liam Fox admitted to the harmful effects of Depleted Uranium but said that they would continue to use such weapons and it was only in more recent times that the current Minister, Nick Harvey has been forced to apologise when he made the following statement:

The Armed Forces Minister has been forced to apologise over misleading statements he made regarding the legality and dangers of Depleted Uranium weapons..

Nick Harvey admitted that he had inadvertently misled MPs about a Minister of Defence review that he said had concluded the weapons were permissible on humanitarian and environmental grounds under the Geneva Conventions.

 In 1998 the UK government ratified additional protocol of the Geneva conventions. Article 36 of that require that all weapons are subject to a legal review to assess whether they are “capable of being used discriminately”, or cause “widespread and severe damage to the natural environment”.

The MoD made clear it would continue to retain its DU capability and was “considering options” for renewing the Charm3 propelling charges in 2013. But because of “public concerns” it had begun a legal review. “The use of depleted uranium within weapons is not prohibited under international agreements,” said a spokeswoman. “Until the review concludes, our position remains unchanged.”

My response to the above paragraph would be:

 At this stage I would clearly challenge the quote made above”The use of depleted uranium within weapons is not prohibited under international agreements,” …….my question would be isn’t the Geneva Convention an International Agreement?

In conclusion one can clearly see that Bush and Blair are guilty of much more than what the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal have charged them with and my question would have to be why was the vital evidence, that was given to the Kuala Lumpur War crimes Commission (Matthias Chang) and copied to all other Senior Tribunal Members, not used by the prosecution against George W Bush and Tony Blair……….I have to say that this in itself is a crime of gross negligence.

It is noted in the summary of the courts decision that there is reference to War Crimes and Crimes against humanity etc but this falls short of actually charging them with genocide etc. Bush and Blair knew the consequences of the weapons they used and the impact on innocent populations…..this can be clearly seen in places like Falujah and Basra to name but a few. However, it doesn’t stop there because each and every past and current leader and senior politicians (such as the Foreign Minister and in particular the Minister for Defence) have also committed the same crimes by their own implication in supporting and promoting each and every war.

What becomes clear to me is that once again, like all inquires and tribunals, the culprits are let off the hook of more serious charges and only get charged for taking the US and UK to war illegally……..”Which had already been proven here in the UK”

It is with great sadness to know that the money that was raised to stage these tribunals, since there inception, has been totally squandered and not been effective in charging these “War Criminals” with the true crimes they are guilty of.

In passing I know that Dr. Mahathir himself payed particular attention to the issue of Depleted Uranium but this illustrious man has now been side tracked by those that surround him.


Depleted Uranium Explosions – This is how Bush and Blair Save Lives!!


In my opinion Mr. Chang throughout these events has evaded the evidence provided to him and all the other members of the Tribunal on the issues that surround the controversial use of Depleted Uranium and for that both he and the Tribunal should also be charged. I would also go as far to say that small dial up “Tactical Nuclear Weapons” (to a value of up to 5kt) have also been used on the battlefield and that is a gross crime against humanity!!


This is what Bush and Blair leave behind and still they got away with it!!


I would remind Mr.  Chang  that the whole purpose of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission and the War Crimes Tribunal was to represent the people of Iraq in bringing those responsible for “War Crimes or Crimes Against Humanity” to justice for all the crimes committed………………this result falls well short of what could have been achieved!! Entire cities in Iraq have been contaminated forever so why Mr. Chang, and the members of the Tribunal,  did you not use this vital evidence? – I have proof that each and every one of you received the evidence that was provided by Leuren Moret and I.

Our own Mr Blair was let off the hook at the Chilcot Inquiry (Iraq Inquiry) and now is once again a free man……it is clear that he was intended to be crowned the President of Europe……he could well still make it!! After all it was part of the deal in signing the Lisbon Treaty that he became the President and at the same time our last “Not so Right Honerable  Prime Minister” – Gordon Brown also gave most of our gold bullion from the Bank of England to Europe at below cost price…………….had we retained that gold we would not be in the financial position we are in now, not to mention the very high unemployment and the fact that 1 in 3 children are in poverty in the UK!!!………..”Nice one Gordon” !!!! 


King Blair of Europe – “Has thou seen the genocide I left behind in Iraq” ?

What you all do not realise is that this man and all the other members of the New World Order (NWO) have only one thing in mind (to achieve their ultimate goal) and that is to destroy the sovereignty of each and every country in Europe and make it into “The United States of Europe”……it has already started in Greece and Italy with two NWO (World Bank/IMF) puppets now installed…….don’t believe me?……No problem just wait and see!!

How can you look any Iraqi in the eye and say that you did this for them?

I think it may well be time for all Iraqi’s to take off their shoes and throw them at those that sold them short of a true and thorough trial.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/11/2011   www.eyreinternation.wordpress.com  




Bush & Blair 2011 War Crimes Trial Gets Underway In Kuala Lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal Tries Bush and Blair 

It is so heartening to see one country standing up to those that have committed “War Crimes”

Just two of the many leaders who have committed “War Crimes”

One must remember that the Foreign Ministers and Ministers for Defence in many countries  also played a role in this deceit

Let’s just take a moment to see the excellent work carried out by Dr. Mahathir, the ex Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, back in January 2007, announced a War Crimes Tribunal that would focus on victims of abuse in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. 

He said the tribunal — and an investigating commission linked to it — was necessary as an alternative to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, which he accused of bias in its selection of cases to cover. 

“There will be people who take this thing seriously,” he said. “This is not a show.”  “The one punishment that most leaders are afraid of is to go down in history with a certain label attached to them.”

“In history books they should be written down as war criminals and this is the kind of punishment we can make to them. We cannot arrest them, we cannot detain them, and we cannot hang them the way they hanged Saddam Hussein.” 

“We think that it is time we set up a body, a tribunal, which will give an opportunity for these people to bring up their complaints to be heard.” 

“The tribunal would be staffed by former judges and law professors from home and abroad, including a Malaysian former chief justice,” he said.

This wonderful man then went about setting it up, receiving evidence and complaints from many sources and also interviewing the  victims of war. The War Crimes Tribunal is currently in session in Kuala Lumpur and can be monitored by anyone around the world.

War Crimes Tribunal underway in Kuala Lumpur 2011

I joined forces with Leuren Moret who lives in the US and is  a lobbyist on issues of radiation and public health, specifically advocating against the use of Depleted Uranium ammunition. She worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. She was appointed a citizen member of the City of Berkeley Community Environmental Advisory Commission on September 6, 2001  and served until her termination  on January 4, 2006. Leuren has become a “Whisleblower” and staunch activist since leaving Livermore. 

With my background in the military and also having a very good understanding of flight planning and weather ( especially the air flow of the wind and currents in the atmosphere) Lauren and I took on the task to research the topic and then decided to lodge a preliminary “War Crimes Complaint” for the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal.

Shock and Awe Baghdad

Lauren Moret had already participated in this Tribunal giving excellent evidence and I assisted her in providing air flow charts for  her presentation which for the first time gave a clear visual explanation of  the size of the problem and the fact that Depleted Uranium certainly does not respect any international borders. 

Whilst Leuren was giving another presentation in Japan I sent her more weather data and charts on the upper winds and also one of the many monsoonal flow charts that unfortunately would bring this airborne contamination down to earth. I clearly remember that at the time an intense “Low Pressure Cell” was siting right over Japan which obviously made her presentation even more impressive. Depleted Uranium loves rain and snow and it is at such moments that the DU returns to “Mother Earth” to contaminate the soil, crops rivers and water table…….it is at this moment that the spread of contamination is beyond explaination………as Lauren once said to me “DU just loves snow.”

Below are a couple of examples of the charts I made up to show how these radioactive “Nano Particles” move around the earth and also get sucked into low pressure systems and hurricanes etc. The first charts shows the general distribution…..you will note the tight circle areas which denote low pressure……….the other charts shows a typical monsoon flow over Asia and the impact it has on the entire region…….especially over the Himalaya’s where it contaminates the many rivers of South East Asia and the Far East. 

Typical air flow chart

White Circles show Low Press Vortex and Stars/Square areas of conflict

As previously pointed out the Preliminary  War Crimes Complaint was submitted to one of the coordinators of the War Crimes Tribunal ( Mathias Chang) who had worked closely with Dr. Mahatir when he was the Prime Minister of Malaysia. 

That Compaint is shown below in it’s entirety. You will note that Lauren Moret ( A US Citizen)  has filed the complaint against George Bush the former President of the United States and the Government of the United States of America and I (a British Citizen) has filed the complaint against Tony Blair the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Government of the United Kingdom.

Copy of email to Mathias Chang:

Friday, 18 December, 2009 4:12

To Mathias Chang –

For the Attention of

Mr Matthias Change – The Prosecutor – Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC) 

18th December 2009

 Good Morning Matthias,

 Please find attached complaint as lodged jointly by myself and Leuren Moret this 18th day of December 2009.

Would you please be kind enough to acknowledge receipt of this email.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant 18/12/2009

End of communication

 Finally in closing I would again confirm that the above document was filed as  preliminary evidence to the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal. Leuren Moret and I continued to work on this document for over a year after its initial completion and to this day that document (well over 100 pages) remains incomplete. 

The unfinished document was being compiled to a very high academic level as even more and more evidence came to light. You may even be shocked to learn that the US also used Tactical Nuclear Weapons in the Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan in an attempt to smoke out Bin Laden and Al Quada……most of the world’s public thought that the last usage of nuclear weapons was used against the Japanese in WW2……that my friends was a total lie!!…..the other lie is that Al Quda doesn’t even exist…..this is the best “False Flag” (con) the west as ever created….an illusion to spread Islamaphobia around the world so that they can impliment their own evil and greedy “Geo Political Master Plan.”

The writing and compilation of this document by Leuren and I was extremely difficult and frustratiing with many delays caused by the inteligence agencies intercepting our communications and trying to sabotage its final conclusion.

In closing I would like to thank not only Leuren Moret but also  Dr.Mahatir and the people of Malaysia for their determination to put  Bush and Blair on trial. It is clear that many others (since these two evil leaders) have followed down the same path and should also be on trial. They include  in particular all the Presidents, Prime Ministers and Governments  that have continued on a war footing since the Iraq War ((including their Foreign Ministers and their Minister of Defence).

David Cameron is right up their with the best of them for not only taking us to war, yet again (Libya) but also for his own extremely illegal trip to South Africa in the summer of 1989 when he, Sir Ken Warren and others mastermind a plan to purchase “Three Battlefield Ready” nuclear weapons from Pelindaba (South Africa Nuclear Research Facility)  and have them shipped without security from Durban – Oman, had them stored in an insecure compound and then allowed them to be stolen again and sold on the Black Market. That is why Blair took us to war in Iraq in the first place but failed to disclose to us all that in actual fact they were not in Iraq and had been relocated elsewhere. One of those bombs was eventually test fired by North Korea!!

That not the end of the story because (as I have pointed out previously in another article) David Cameron, Sir Ken Warren and an elite group of very senior politicians (including Sir Mark Thatcher – Maggie’s son) formed a private “Big Boys Club” to siphon off a great deal of tax payers money into their own pockets. This also resulted in £17.8 million turning up in the Tory Party election fund which to this day has still not been account for. ………Don’t beleive me?…….Then read  on with this explanation and note the actual  account from Hansard!!!

 Was it right for ministers to issue Public Interest Immunity Certificates – so-called gagging orders – to try to withhold documents that could be useful to the defence in the Matrix Churchill trial or even the current Chilcot Inquiry?……you need to ask dear old Ken Clarke the answer to that question as he was the instigator……   Justice Secretary Ken Clarke said “Courts needed procedures to prevent sensitive secrets becoming public.”…….you bet Mr, Clark…that is why you created the  Public Interest Immunity (PII) for your gang of “Shonky Politicians” who had so much information to offer and you simply had to “Gag Them.”

I again ask the same question I have asked so many times before …..”Did ministers conspire to mislead the British public” ?

We can now add to the list of senior figures that of John Major, Tony Blair and later Gordon Brown who were either aware or involved in all of the above and thus carried out an act of deceit or withheld the truth from the British public.

What I find totally unacceptable is the fact that every government is professing to be totally transparent in its dealings. We had a classic case back in those dark years whereby the government of the day could rip off the British Tax Payer to the tune of £17.8 million, send it to an offshore banking outlet, and then bring it back into the country to prop up the Conservative Party Election Fund. This fraud was monitored by Margaret Thatcher, John Major,David Cameron, Tony Blair and many other senior political and yet to this day has still not been accounted for. Tony Blair himself received £1 million from Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula One chief, which was covered up as a donation from the tobacco industry (I didn’t know that Tony was such an heavy smoker!!). It should also be remembered that Dr David Kelly was the only person in mainstream UK MoD tasked with being in the loop for that covert offshore procurement of battlefield nukes from Apartheid South Africa. Basically his future was clearly mapped out for him once he decided to become a whistleblower!!

This is an Hansard account on how this was raised in the Houses of Parliement:

Extract taken from HANSARD 22nd June 1993.

Tory funding of their 1992 General Election Campaign –

Origins of Mystery Donation of £17.8 millions – Column 197:

Mr. Hoyle: If the hon. Gentleman will allow me, I shall tell him what information is now given to us. We understand the expenditure and what Tory central office receives. In 1992, central office received £20.7 million. When we asked about that and about company donations, the Tory party told us to look at company accounts.

I repeat: in 1992, the Tories received £20.7 million. When the records were checked by Companies house, only £2.9 million was shown in company accounts. That means that there is a deficit of £17.8 million. We want to know where that £17.8 million came from.

Mr. Tim Smith: The hon. Gentleman has made the suggestion about the accounts of the Conservative party that was made by a member of the Select Committee last week: that no accounts had been published between 1979 and 1983. They were published, and I undertook to send copies to the Select Committee.

Mr. Hoyle: I gave way to the hon. Gentleman because I expected him to tell me where the difference of £17.8 million came from. I shall give way again to him.

I am told that he is a treasurer of the Conservative party. I give way to him now so that he can stand up and tell us where the £17.8 million came from. Does the hon. Gentleman care to do that? I am waiting. I do not think that we shall get the information from the horse’s mouth. We certainly did not get it from the Secretary of State.

Mr. Hoyle: That is a very useful piece of information, which has added to my knowledge. Does the hon. Gentleman now care to tell us, taking just 1992, where the almost £18 million that is unaccounted for came from? We know that the funding–

Mr. Nigel Evans (Ribble Valley): This is boring.

Mr. Hoyle: It may be boring, but it is nevertheless true. In fact, it is not boring to my colleagues, because we should like a little light shone on the matter. Perhaps the hon. Gentleman can help us.

Mr. Mike O’Brien (Warwickshire, North): As a member of the Select Committee on Home Affairs, I have to tell my hon. Friend that he is being very unfair to as on the Conservative Board of Finance and who represented 84 constituencies. He said:

“Over £67 million of expenditure was recorded by the Conservative Party in my fours years on the Committee, but no one had to account for a penny of it to the Conservative Board of Finance nor to any other elected body.” Conservative Members do not know the answers; nor does anyone else.

Mr. Hoyle: I am grateful to my hon. Friend for that intervention. Perhaps only two people know where the funding came from. One is Lord McAlpine, whom the unfortunate President of the Board of Trade (Heseltine) apparently saw on his visit to Venice. I join the Secretary of State for Employment in hoping that the right hon. Gentleman has a speedy and full recovery and is soon back in the House.

However, the President of the Board of Trade (Heseltine) visited Lord McAlpine, and Lord McAlpine is one of the men who knows.

The other person is perhaps someone to whom my right hon. Friend the Member for Derby, South (Mrs. Beckett) referred–Sir Brian Wyldbore-Smith. He is apparently a director of the Conservative Board of Finance–a curious name, but a curious job, too. Apparently, Sir Brian used private addresses to receive cheques–they were not sent directly to central office. They were made out to him personally, eventually passed on and often paid into an offshore account in Jersey, a tax haven.

They eventually landed at central office with Lord McAlpine, whose office, I understand, was always kept locked except when he was in it, so that the secrets could not be given to the rank and file or to members of the Cabinet. Therefore, my hon. Friend the Member for Warwickshire, North (Mr. O’Brien) is right to say that Conservative Members do not know where the funding came from.

I wonder why there is no inquiry into the source of this fund and why governments are always pursuing tax fraud cheats but do nothing about this particular case?…….having said that I need to also point out that Gordon Bowden and I have been trying to expose massive massive fraud that is taking place in this country each and every year…….billions of pounds are going missing and massive tax evasion but still they do nothing……the Serious Fraud Office, the FSA, the LSE, the AIM and all senior politicians know and still do nothing……why you may ask?……..its simple really……they themselves are implicated with their associated corporate directors and their very close banking elite…….that is why the world’s economy has collapsed…..that is why all the governments of the world are implementing harsh austerity measure on the poor victims of this greed ( the tax payers) and then at the opportune time the “The New World Order Army” (World Bank and the IMF)  move in and take over their countries with their own puppets in place to guide them into a lifetime of unsustainable debt…….”Get the Picture” ?

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 21/11/2011    www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com