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Weapons of Mass Deception Vaccinations & what they are doing to our young Part 1

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Vaccines Kill – Maim – Mentally Alter – Sterilise – Give Diseases – Dumb Down

And Are Extremely Toxic To Our Young


This particular topic in general is a no go area whereby the powers that be intentionally deceive us and bombard us with regular scare tactics and intimidation to give our young that dreaded jab when they themselves have no idea as to its toxic value, safety protocol or even if it does protect you.

Governments and associated Health Departments make parents sign a form which relates to “Informed Consent” but never inform you of the ingredients and associated dangers.


We as parents must open ours eyes and fully understand UN Agenda 21 and its replacement UN 2030 Agenda which clearly shows their intentions to depopulate the world by as much a 80-90% (by whatever means) and also fully understand their previous Millennium Goals in ridding third world countries of numerous diseases, *with the help of Bill Gates,” in massive vaccination programmes that contain highly toxic ingredients……..in some cases making other areas of the world infertile without the citizens even knowing!!

Africa 1

No doubt you are all aware or heard of the New World Order (NWO) who hold very secretive meetings around the world known as the  Bildaberg Meetings but probably not aware of another secret group meeting that brings together the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the most senior/experienced, scientists, biologists, vaccinologists, acadamia, governments, pharmaceutical industry and other interested parties from around the world.

One thing that ceases to amaze me is the trust that some people give you in releasing very confidential notes from such meetings (whistleblowers) and in this case entire files that not only expose the truth about vaccines but also reveal the fact that these so called professionals have no idea on the toxic value of the vaccines they have created.

You will be shocked at some of the comments and concerns that come out of these regular meetings and how blatant and arrogant they have become in pushing their agenda.

I have always stated that I have never talked about or written about any topic that I cannot prove as being fact and accordingly all these articles can be backed up with forensic documents.

For those that are not aware of my past articles its simply a matter of scrolling down or alternatively putting my name or the topic in the search engine  ie 9/11, Bin Laden etc etc…there are more than 350 articles all of which are extremely hard hitting as are my many TV interviews.


I am sincerely hoping that this exposé will lead to a very large academic War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity document, which I have now completed, some of which was used at the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal against George Bush and Tony Blair both of whom were found guilty……….used in Tokyo Japan and in Hamburg Germany…. the list of  international defendants is huge and  contains all those that are either implicated or who have been advised of such information and done absolutely nothing….it also covers the New World Order and Associated Organisations, UN/WHO Agenda 21/2030 Agenda and countries that are signatory to it and exposes massive international fraud and corruption which has raped and continues to rape each of our respective countries leaving many to die from their unjust austerity measures.

Now let’s return to the current topic and reveal the truth behind vaccines that will shock you to the core…..Remembering the the leading experts of the world make decision as to what is in vaccines, who receives them, where and at what age etc..

Secret Meeting held 11th May 2000

Caribe Hilton International Hotel – San Juan – Puerto Rico

Sponsored by the US Department of Health and Human Services and Jointly sponsored by the US Task Force for Child Survival and Development

What I found incredible about this particular meeting was their lack of understanding of the toxicity value of their own vaccines or accumulated vaccines and how easily they brushed off what any normal person would call “Matter of great importance and safety.”

Here is an opening line by the sponsors Director:

“Someone just told me that they like coming  to these meetings that the NVPO sponsors because they tend to be on topics they do not know anything about.”

And then this statement:

“Perhaps the most important thing that I took away from the last meeting was that those of us who deal with vaccines have really very little applicable background with metals and with toxicological research.”

Dr 1

Can you believe that the head of a major US Health Department actually said this…..I guess our own respective Presidents and Prime Ministers, Ministers for Health and State Health Ministers fit into this “Don’t Know Category.”

It should be noted that this powerful group of “Don’t Know Scientist” had held a meeting the previous year accepting that Thimerosal (Mercury based adjuvant) was highly toxic and should be removed from vaccinations as soon as it was possible……needless to say the same adjuvant exists in many of the third world countries and still remains in some of the western world vaccines, including Australia!

However I should inform you that the replacement adjuvant, Aluminum, is equally as toxic and interferes with the brain’s receptors that allow electronic messages to move from the brain via the nerves and spinal cord etc and is partly responsible for autism!!

Back to the meeting:

It was announced by the same Director that only earlier this week another meeting was held re metal ions and that he took away the fact that “infectious disease people and vaccinologists are really used to coaxing principles for establishing causality .”…..he went on to say “The dominant difficulty in hazard assessment is that it is based on whatever data is available and it may not be complete data.” “The difficulty of establishing casuality of risk is difficult.”


This again is a very worrying statement in regard to all the aspects of safety assessment in the vaccination programmes around the world……..for my part as a past medic……”If your not sure then don’t do it.”

Truth 1

Again I remind everyone that Governments, Health Departments, Vaccine manufacturers and the Pharmaceutical Industry have already hidden the fact that cancer and many other dangerous diseases are bacterium based and thus can be cured and accordingly do not have the slightest clue as the what their many vaccines are doing to our young…….to add insult to injury I have continuously lobbied the various Prime Ministers, Ministers for Health and State and Leaders of Political Parties all to no avail and in some cases they do not even answer your emails that are clearly of national importance……such is their arrogance!

At this same meeting another expert gave reference to the following:

“To understand adjuvants I think it is important to understand vaccines. To understand vaccines requires and understanding of  infectious disease. To understand infectious disease it helps to know something about the history of this.”

Based on my input and understanding that most cancers and  infectious diseases are  bacterium based and can be cured and that the current entire government structure as listed above ridicules all those that promote such theory, it is clear that they do not want to accept this aspect and therefor renders the above stated paragraph null and void.

It was again at this meeting when reference was given to an article written by Barbara Coltrane – Washington Post:

“On 4/30 this year (2000) AIDS has now been designated by the Clinton Administration as a national security threat.”

“It is the first time a disease has ever been so designated and the reason for that is the dramatic declines in life expectancy are the strongest risk factor for revolutionary wars, ethnic wars, genocide, disruptive regimes, transition in developing states, and that their figures are that 20 to 25 percent of the population of parts of South Africa, Southeast Asia and parts of the former Soviet Union are likely to die from AIDS in the next 20 years.”

What I find so hypocritical is the fact that AIDS is believed to have been created at a secret US Military Bacterial Lab and then introduced into Africa and elsewhere, added to the fact that Dr. Virginia Livingston may have found a cure for it and cancer etc!!!!

You know what they say “What goes around comes around” and it is now believed that countries in the Caribbean are second to Africa and that is remarkable close to the US!

I think we have taken enough in for the time being so I will continue in Part 2 of this expose on telling the truth about vaccines and in connecting the dots in relation to what UN 2030 Agenda is all about and how our respective countries have all signed up to depopulate the world by whatever means!

Bless you All

Peter Eyre 1130 Local time 22/6/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster




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June 22, 2017 at 03:28

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