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Phase one of the British Prime Ministers attempt to form a total “Police State”

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The army is planning to position soldiers and surface-to-air missiles on top of a block of flats to prevent any airborne terror threat during this summer’s Olympic Games.

Residents of the block in Bow in east London received a leaflet informing them up to 10 soldiers and police will be stationed at the building. The MoD leaflet says the missiles will only be fired as a last resort………pretty hard stuff don’t you think?

The Air Security Plan for the Olympic Games builds on the Royal Air Force’s existing defence of UK airspace, which includes round-the-clock radar surveillance and Typhoon fighters held at high readiness every day of the year.


I bet you have all been led to believe that this very high tech security surrounding  the London Olympics and the incredible police surveillance and military build-up is all in the name of making the Olympics a safe place to be……right?……..sorry folks wrong!!

This over reactive aggressive force is simply the first phase of what will be common place here in the UK long after the Olympics have gone.

I suppose that you may also be led to believe that the Olympic Games is now possibly the most secure environment in the world…..right?………wrong again!!…….in actual fact it makes it possibly one of the most insecure places to be during the many events…..why?

Because it will entail massive surveillance and intimidation of perfectly normal people who live in and visit London. It will not display to the general public an air of great respect and calmness but rather will resemble a war zone on high alert.

Is this the face we British want to show our visitors from overseas of pure brute force, fully armed police and military everywhere, overhead surveillance, massive back up along the river Thames and not forgetting the missile units atop tall building in the general area?

Do you really believe that a terrorist plot or threat exists from such groups as the non existent Al Qaeda?

Do you really believe that the missile systems are really necessary when the UK already has in place early warning and self defence systems as well as aircraft on standby to scramble at a moments notice to intercept any such adversaries!!

Could we actually see some major incident at either the Olympic Stadium or at the O2-Milanium Dome? Whatever transpires it certainly will not be some far away Islamic group but will again be another “False Flag.” Another possibility could be an attack on a US base in the Gulf or the USS Enterprise for two very good reasons:

  1. Get rid of the problem of retiring the vessel and associated clean up.
  2. Create a major incident to justify an all out attack on Syria, Iran or both.

 Let’s just take a look at the extent of the combined Military and Police security:

Additional forces are being used to ensure the safety of the Olympics, as part of the Ministry of Defence’s role to ensure safe and secure Games this summer. These include RAF Puma aircraft – together with Royal Navy and Army Lynx helicopters – carrying teams of RAF Regiment snipers to intercept aircraft in restricted airspace, and airborne surveillance aircraft including Royal Navy Sea King Airborne Surveillance and Control helicopters and RAF E-3D Sentry aircraft.

On the ground, the RAF is providing additional mobile ground radar systems, while the Army is deploying air observers and Rapier and Starstreak missile systems, which also provide additional detection capability

Air Commodore Gary Waterfall, the Deputy Air Component Commander, said:

“Whilst there is no specific threat to the Games (you bet there isn’t), we have to be ready for whatever occurs and play our part in what will be a safe and secure Olympics for all to enjoy.

“Our multi-layered security plan means that we have a range of responses available to us, ensuring we can deal appropriately with anything from redirecting an aircraft that may have strayed into restricted airspace, to preventing an attack.”….Not sure that he means by redirecting…. “Taking out”?

The river Thames will be a hive of activity with the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and the Metropolitan Police’s Marine Policing Unit carrying out many exercises building up to the Olympics and on a very high state of redness once the games begin. One cannot rule out the possible use of drones!

The MoD contribution to Olympics security will include specialist capabilities which only the military can provide, as well as some general support. In total, the MOD expects to provide up to 13,500 personnel.

HMS Ocean, the largest ship in the Royal Navy’s fleet, which will be berthed in the Thames at Greenwich, providing logistics support, accommodation and a helicopter landing site.

“Come in Rubber Ducky there’s a guy swimming in the Thames wearing a possible bomb vest” “Tango 3 this is Tango 6 cancel my last he’s wearing a life vest over” “Roger that” !!!

On the Police side the measures are unbelievable on both the River Thames and within the City of London with an incredible army of private security companies.

I will deal with the latter first:

The original requirement was for around 10,000 security guards but that has ballooned out to 23,500 with additional costs being around £271million (the main contract being G4S).

Richard Bacon MP said the new G4S budget had increased well beyond reasonable expectations. “G4S’s costs for programme management had risen from £7million to £60million, and operating expenses from £3million to £65 million.

My observation on the growth and expansion of G4S in this country almost bears a resemblance to a “Para Military” company. Whilst in Latin America I observed the presence of G4S (around such places as the US Embassy) and they were much better equipped than the highly armed local police.

Obviously security is extremely good business and certainly a very good way of siphoning money out of the tax payers coffers……G4S is run by Lord Paul Leslie Condon who was previously and very controversially Head of the Metropolitan Police. It was this same man who was accused by Al Fayed of deliberately withholding evidence from the French inquiry into the death of the Princess Diana. His term in office was plagued with suggestions of being a racist etc.

My associate Gordon Bowden has suggested that if Lord Condon also so happens to be Paul Condon, Director of  Electromaster Telecommunications Ltd of 788-790 Finchley Road London then one should be looking deeper into this business!!!

A 5,000-VOLT, 11 mile, 12ft electric fence around the site will soon be switched on to help protect it from terrorists with infrared CCTV cameras at 25-yard intervals. The amount set aside to create “Fortress Olympics” is an amazing £1billion


According to experts “the greatest fear is international terrorism” and added that planning would be made assuming a threat of “severe”.


Additional measures could include a new class of Type 45 destroyer anchored in the Thames estuary to guard against a 9/11-style attack. Its anti-air weapon systems would be able to shoot down any hijacked aircraft flying towards the Olympic park and its communication system could act as a back-up to any failure of the capital’s radio network as a result of an attack.


Being an aviation consultant myself I would ask “Is the purpose of having missiles on top of large apartment blocks to stop a possible hijacked airliner from crashing into or near the Olympic Arena”?  My second question would be “What devastation do you think would take place if they took out an aircraft with such a missile over central London”……..this concept is absolutely flawed!!


 “Mummy – my teacher said I have to take this everywhere I go to keep me safe”


Lord Carlisle a government’s independent reviewer of anti-terror laws said “Having a frigate in the Thames is an extremely good idea”. Sources also believe unmanned Reaper robot drones, such as those in use in Afghanistan, will be flown in 2012 for surveillance……….come on guys stop all this bullshit and admit this is all about spreading the “False War against Terrorism” it all about “Spreading Islamaphobia Hysteria” throughout this country and finally to implement stronger laws to make this country a police state.

The final word has to come from President Obama when he addressed the people of America from an airbase in Afghanistan:   “the dark cloud of war” is almost over and that his administration is on course to destroy Al Qaeda. The report went on to say:  on the anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death, he insisted: “We can see the light of a new day on the horizon.”……….that light was from the car bomb that exploded where the President had been one hour earlier!!

“The goal that I set to defeat Al Qaeda and deny it a chance to rebuild is now within our reach.”……well Mr. President I have to remind you of two very import facts:



  • Bin Laden did not die one year ago but died in the Military Hospital in Rawalpindi on December 14th 2001 after a long complicated illness that had made him almost paralysed down his left side. His death, funeral announcements and will were made very public including comments by the President of Pakistan, the Pakistani and Egyptian Media and his second in command.


  • The end of Al Qaeda can happen anytime you so wish because this group has never existed. It is a group that your government invented to create mass hysteria after your government, CIA, Mosad took down the twin towers (9/11) to help you continue your non existent “War on Terror”………Yes Mr. President you can shut down this fictitious organization anytime and again claim the glory for yet another inside job!!!……..I bet you will not tell your people how you assassinated all those navy seals that took part in that non existent event one year ago…..shame on you sir!

Oh and by the way he gave no reference to the Taliban who always have and continue to rule the entire country……basically Mr. President your war was not only totally and utterly illegal but achieved absolutely nothing!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 2/5/2012


6 Responses

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  1. In the early days of the Olympic project, I recall Seb Coe being interviewed re construction work going over budget. It pales compared to this insane money-snaffling scam. A pity there isn’t a mass boycott of the ‘Games’. They should be avoided like the plague.
    Thank you for your insightful, excellent articles.


    May 2, 2012 at 09:08

  2. An excellent essay displaying our illegitimate governments “sham war on terror” without clothes. In the public realm the guessing game is “what kinds of false flags shall we see in 2012, both sides of the pond”. Myself, I think a “nuke attack” is on the cards. Particularly since the reading the article about the Hydrogen bomb loaded onto a German “Dolphin class sub” at Bremerhaven, that then disappeared. If one believes in coincidence or serendipity then one might presume that the “grounding for maintenance” of all seven of our Boeing Sentinal E3D’s was unlucky. My view is that this was in no wise a coincidence. The Nuke, stated as a 500kiloton hydrogen fusion warhead would, states the author, if detuned be roughly equivalent to the size of fusion device used in the 9/11 false flag, that vapourised thousands of tons of structural steel.

    I fail to see how the top levels of british governance could have been in ignorance of this operation, given that it was reported that the NSA, MI6, Navy intelligence, and the royal navy, were all directly involved in the surveillance of this disgusting arms deal. The only conclusion possible is that a thermonuclear Government false flag staged terror event is to take place. Where? The Rothschild olympics looks a likely bet.

    Keep up the pressure sir.


    May 2, 2012 at 10:09

    • Harry.

      Forget the 500Kiloton Hydrogen fusion warhead.
      Lets talk of Nukes closer to home.
      Why PM David Cameron, Ken Warren, Peter Lilley are not in jail or even questioned, on their 3 lost 20kt battlefield ready, gravity drop nukes their Conservative Party Covertly purchased in 1990 from ARMSCOR and the apartheid Military Government of South Africa. Purchased on an ASTRA Holdings UOR via the DTI for the retake of Kuwait delivered for a fixed price OMAN.

      The same 3 x 20kt Nukes stolen from the OMAN transport storage facility by Conservative Party ARMSCOR WMD “Broker”
      John Arnold Bredenkamp and his group from EXECUTIVE OUTCOMES

      The whole secret covert Purchase & Transportation op, Pelindaba-Durban Harbour-Offloading OMAN was overseen and under the watch of DR DAVID KELLY

      However, the Labour Party and Lord Doug Hoyle know all about those lost Conservative Party 20kt Nukes, many senior Labour Lords have been lining their pockets by “Blackmailing” the conservatives ever since.
      It started in 1990 when evidence and copy of the UOR and the money trail exposed the massive deliberate Conservative Party fraud and overcharge to the UK Treasury, this for that 3 x Nuke purchase.

      These “Secret & Classified Documents including a copy of the UOR were provided to Lord Doug Hoyle by a female Intelligence Officer and labour party spy also the Intelligence advisor to the DTI under Ken Warren and Peter Lilley.
      The Evidence is clear and unquestionable, it is written in Parliamentary Records:

      HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 Starting from column 197

      Now, given Bredenkamp and his mob sold at least One of those stolen CONSERVATIVE PARTY 20kt Nukes to North Korea who detonated it on the 25th May 2009. There are still 2 unaccounted for, 2 easily transportable, simple operation, 20kt Nuclear Bombs.

      What if ? one of those nukes, hidden in a large crate, was driven in a large van, into the Centre of London and left in an underground car park on the opening day ceremony of the Olympics.

      Oh Dear ! Rapier Missiles, helicopter snipers, Frigates full of policemen, rubber ducks full of special forces and a few million spectators, the UK’s major financial Capital. ALL TOAST.


      May 2, 2012 at 11:58

      • Thank you Gordon, for your comprehensive reply. You have have I believe furnished a fuller account than I read in the original “pandoras box” article.

        Chilling. I do believe that the zion olympics represent a first choice target for enemies of our country: It goes without saying that these people, including the internationalists in Government are enemies. The enemy within. Dresden demonstrates amply the mindset we are contending with. Sacrifices to their dark gods, by fire.

        The article I used, to post above, stated that the fusion device that was observed being loaded onto the Dolphin class submarine, was one of four. Interestingly, one it was said was known to be in London, with the location of the other two unknown.

        There is I believe to be a NATO meeting in Chicago quite soon. Another possible target? I am having extreme difficulty discussing these mad schemes in a calm manner. The mindset escapes me. We are after all dealing with insanity.

        But there is more if one looks further back. This is a small cut and paste from a research piece produced by a UKIP researcher named Joan Martin, a former PPC member for Winchester,

        “In 1962. At Dounray in Scotland a fast breeder reactor power station was begun, it was the first of its type in the world and after 15 years it was closed in 1977. At the same site a second type of fast breeder reactor was begun in 1974 and closed in 1994.The Specialist teams of scientists were dispersed and the nuclear know-how given to France. The Rothschilds acquired much of the available Uranium.”…Joan Martin.

        UKIP refused to publish the whole. This Uranium was never found or mentioned again. Israel? Perhaps.

        Both the US federal Corporation and the British GovCorp need something big to use as justification for martial law to protect themselves from the wrath of an awakening populace that would be transformed by rage at the duplicity theft and murder and pillage as well as enslavement and a thousand other crimes committed against them and their families. For this reason I hope that people will take these matters with the greatest seriousness.


        May 2, 2012 at 20:02

  3. This is the entire article by Joan Martin:

    “News Archive

    By Chris Brown · December 13, 2007 · Email this post · Print this post · Post a comment

    Joan Martin, a UKIP member, and former PPC for Winchester has produced a most interesting piece of research, and by so doing has answered questions such as these:

    “Why is Gordon Brown so determined to force this treaty down our collective necks when it is clear that he has no mandate to do so, there seems to be a huge majority of people against it and he appears to be in danger of committing political suicide by doing so?

    Can someone explain to me why? What is so worth throwing away 1000 years of “we the people” culling our freedoms and rights, such as they are, from an uncaring aristocracy just to give it away to an uncaring bureaucracy? “

    Yet, UKIP, her own Party, has not bothered to publish the research, no doubt its leader, Nigel Farage


    has been too busy, pointlessly grandstanding inside the EU Parliament building to notice. Or is it that Mr Farage, friend of the BBC, does not want you to know of the plan? We couldn’t possibly comment.

    Joan Martin’s research is set out below:


    The time-line explained:

    KARL MARX.1818-1883

    Marx was a German Jew with radical views.

    In 1842 he became a member of the Hegelians an anti-religious, radical group with Satanic interests.

    In 1843 he left Germany and went to Paris where he met Engels who helped him financially.

    In 1845 he was expelled from Paris.

    In 1848 went to live in Brussels were he wrote the Communist Manifesto.

    In 1849 Marx moved to London and lived there for the rest of his life.

    In 1864 following the establishment of Working Men’s Association. Marx worked for many years on the affairs of First International.

    “Das Kapital” was published 1867.

    MARX died in 1883 in London and is buried in Highgate.


    The Abolition of Private Property

    The Abolition of the Family.

    The Abolition of Countries and Nationalities.

    The Abolition of all Religions, morality and Religious Liberty, this shows the Hegelians Idealism.

    The Abolition of Freedom of conscience. In a Democracy people believe in the freedom to choose.

    The word Communist covers anyone who aspires to World Government.

    Marxism works towards achieving World Government and World Dictatorship.


    Marx and his friends Engles and Balunin received their ideas from Moses Hess the founder of the German Social Democrat Party. Moses Hess taught that to gain a World State it could only be brought about by a revolution using class and racial hatred. He said race struggle is primary, class struggle is secondary.”

    Mikhail Balunin said “That what ever the name or label of those who aspire to world government they must be prepared to awake the devil in people and stir their passions for them to act.” Passion as with football hooligans, vandals and various peace groups and the race groups.


    Marx wrote three requirements for those who wished to join the fight for World Government.

    1 To read the Communist and Revolutionary teachings of Marx and associates and work accordingly.

    2 To work to destabilise nations both morally and financially.

    3 To work to gain political control of the MONEY supply and the ASSETS of each Nation and put them BEYOND the REACH and CONTROL of each Government by ensuring that nations become INTER-DEPENDANT on each other for FOOD, MACHINERY and through LOANS.

    Marx also said, “Steps should be taken to provide a master race to produce Leaders and Dictators”

    (2007.Could the first or second generation now be in place.?)

    RUSSIA. 1917.

    The Bolsheviks needed a good military base to succeed in their bid for world government.

    In the 19th Century the Bolsheviks tried to taker-over Russia and failed. In 1917 under cover of the First World War they started their second Campaign against RUSSIA, this time from a good military base. They seized control of BANKS and THE MONEY SUPPLY and STOCKS of FOOD.

    As the food ran out the people became too weak to fight the Bolsheviks terrorists. (They are now called Soviets) They are one arm of an organisation which seeks to bring about a one world state.

    When Russia fell to the Bolsheviks. LENIN who was the LEADER of the SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY became the first DICTATOR of the UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS. Many of the countries surrounding Russia also became Communists states.


    In 1928 The Communist International presented a three-stage plan for world government.

    1 To level the economies of all nations by introducing a single currency.

    2 To bring about REGIONAL UNION between various groups of socialist Nations.

    3 To amalgamate all these REGIONAL groups into the finale World-wide Union of Socialist States.


    In 1938 in the Communist International there appeared an official statement.

    It said “Dictatorship can only be established by the victory of Socialism in different countries. Then the joining of all the other republics could complete the UNION OF SOCIALIST SOVIET REPUBLICS.”


    Stalin defined the Intermediate goals of Communism necessary for the final take-over of the World.



    3 Force advanced Countries to pour prolonged finance into under developed Countries.

    4 Divide the world into REGIONAL groups at the transitional stage to total World Government, then populations will more readily abandon their loyalty to their countries and accept loyalty to their REGION instead. Later the REGIONS can all be brought together into WORLD DICTATORSHIP.

    5 We will indoctrinate the youth to embrace Marxism (under other labels ) as the correct and political social viewpoint.

    6 Neutralise youth against religious influences of home and all other concepts of rigid morality which might interfere with the acceptance of Marxism and communist doctrine.

    1942 at the same time STALIN was co-operating with nations in the West to lay the foundations for the United Nations Organisation.


    1.The formation of the United Nations Organisation was a necessary preliminary for the Russian Soviets.

    2.In 1943 it was agreed that the post of Secretary General and Political Affairs should always be held by a nominee of the USSR.

    3.The United Nations Buildings in New York contains a Satanic Chapel. This reflects the same theme.

    4.In 1947 a Document was published “Design for Europe” promoting a United Nations Army. The army was eventually inaugurated in 1993.

    The creation of the EEC, The Treaty of Rome and the Treaty to Establish the European Union has been absolutely crucial for the plans for Communism and World Dictatorship.


    In 1946 THE UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATION gained influence into the Sovereignty of the UNITED KINGDOM by THE STATUTORY INSTRUMENT ACT.1946 and three weeks later the UNITED NATIONS ACT 1946 which was brought before the HOUSE OF COMMONS when most Members had gone home. These two Acts ensured that the COMMUNIST wishes of the UNITED NATIONS SECRETARIAT and UNESCO are implemented in this country without making it obvious.

    HAROLD WILSON signed an agreement with Soviet Union committing the British Government to back plans for a WORLD GOVERNMENT DICTATORSHIP.( Command paper 5924.)


    An all Parliamentary Group for World Governance met in the House of Commons on 12 June 2007.

    The Group’s purpose is to promote democratic reform of the United Nations, Global Institutions and International law. Chairman Dr Gavin Strange, Vice Chairmen, Dr Nick Palmer and Joan Wally.


    Since 1946 there has been a lack of substance to some of the Treaties made with Great Britain they became thin and ambiguous to be filled out later.

    In 1996 John Major complained in a letter to Jaques Santer that after the Maastricht treaty was published he found it was not as he, or the British Government had intended, or signed for.

    In the 1950’s and 1960’s Ministers made trade visits to Russia and under treaties and agreements they exchanged goods and materials. Many of our industries where closed down or given away. Car and steel making. ships and shipbuilding.

    In 1964 the Treaty with the USSR signed by Fred Mulley and Wedgewood Benn did not actually mention the words Nuclear Power. Yet under that treaty the whole of Britain’s nuclear know-how was given away to the USSR.

    In 1968 another treaty signed by Goromy Roberts paved the way for the run down of Britain’s Merchant Navy and the handing over of ships and our shipping routes to the USSR. The terms of this Treaty were so outrageous that it was not printed until after the statutory period for prosecutions for TREASON had expired. This Treaty had been implemented right away.


    Infiltration from the top.

    In Britain in 1940 at a meeting in Oxford the speaker Harold Wilson explained to the understanding audience how they could help make World Government happen. They should not join the Communist party they should join the Conservatives or Labour parties and lean to the Right and Left of those parties, so that when the time was right they must then create a smoke screen and come together as a party of national unity. He said confidently that one day he would be Prime Minister and so he was.


    In 1972 The British Government applied to join the EEC. Prime Minister Edward Heath assured the British people that they would not lose their sovereignty, although his friend Lord Kilmuir had warned him in a letter that it could happen. Under articles 189 and 191 of the Treaty of Rome the EEC Commissioners are empowered to formulate Directives and Decisions that take precedence over Britain’s national laws.

    In October 1972 Mr Heath attended a meeting in Paris to negotiate with M.Pompidou (a former employee of Guy Rothschild) the conditions of Britains entry. This included that Britain’s Fishermen should fish under the EEC. quota system and that our maritime limits should be surrendered.

    In 1972 Edward Heath invited Victor Rothchild to head-up and choose members for the Central Policy Review staff. Victor Rothschild wrote a white paper on research and development, since that time official Treasury policies have included eradication of our aircraft, shipbuilding, Coal mining, car making, steel making, machine-tool industries and others.

    Speaking at a meeting at the time, John Davies the then Secretary of State for Industry said that Britain had agreed with the EEC that UK technology should be merged with European Industry.

    In 1962. At Dounray in Scotland a fast breeder reactor power station was begun, it was the first of its type in the world and after 15 years it was closed in 1977. At the same site a second type of fast breeder reactor was begun in 1974 and closed in 1994.The Specialist teams of scientists were dispersed and the nuclear know-how given to France. The Rothschilds acquired much of the available Uranium.

    Britain agreed to run down Stirling. Mr Heath agreed to renounce national sovereignty and for Britain to become part of a Federal Europe. He agreed to change the local government structure from counties to Regions also to reorganise Government departments so that the British Parliament could be replaced.


    In 1998 at a meeting of Agriculture Ministers in Brussels the EU’s long term plans for Britain were unfolded They said; Live stock farming in the Britain would be abolished and changed to Arable farming. This would take place without the consent of the British people.


    The abolition of our Abattoirs .

    In the 1990s many British abattoirs were closed because they did not reach EU standards. A few larger ones were built instead; this is why animals have to travel long distances for slaughter.

    BSE IN CATTLE. This disease is not a contagious disease between animals and man. In Britain BSE in cattle is caused by painting Organo Phosphate nerve poison onto the heads and spines of cattle at four times the normal strength. The poison was laced with oil to help it penetrate the skin to stop warble-fly damage. This EU practice only took place in BRITAIN and Switzerland, but has now been discontinued. Starting in 1986 this poison was also used in sheep-dip but not in the same strength. Hundreds of farmers have become ill from contamination. 200 have died. This poison was also used in the Gulf War with similar effects.


    Early in 2001 the British Press reported the Government Laboratories at Porton Down had lost phials of Foot and Mouth virus. Soon after, came the outbreak of Foot and mouth disease in England resulting in 14 million animals being killed and buried or burnt. Only three million animals were diseased the other 11 million lived within the contamination zones. This is not a killer disease in animals or man. It is a recoverable disease. Vaccination could have been used to save 11 million healthy animals. The Cull was managed from Brussels. Four areas on the map of England had a high concentration of cases, the Solway Firth, Wales and the Midlands and Devon. These areas are shown on a UN map for re-wilding. The Farmer blamed for the outbreak was exonerated in 2007.

    In 2007 came a second outbreak of Foot and mouth in England. The Virus was found in the land drains around Government laboratories at Pirbright in Surrey. The outbreak began on a farm 3 miles away to the south west of Pirbright. Local people on TV stated that the water table drains naturally from the Farms towards the laboratories. Not the other way around.

    When Foot and mouth has finally run its course there will be fewer farms or farmers left to raise Cattle and sheep and arable farming is a whole new Industry. Grain can only be grown on the flat land of eastern Britain. Western Britain is hilly sheep country and unsuitable for growing crops.


    THE ENVIRONMENTAL, TRANSPORT AND REGIONAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE reported that. “THE ROLE OF RURAL ENGLAND AS A FOOD PROVIDER FOR THE NATION IS NO LONGER AN ESSENTIAL ONE.” To put the Nation’s food supply in the hands of a Foreign government is TREASON. As an Island nation we must ensure that we grow and raise our own food supply. Britains population is estimated to grow to 70 million by 2050. Already we are vulnerable; our milk supply is an important part of our diet for the young and elderly. YET, for years the EU have only allowed our farmers to produce 60% of our requirement the rest must be bought from abroad.


    In 1973-1975 John Prescott was a delegate to the Council of Europe and from 1975-1979 he was a member of the European Assembly.

    In 1999 John Prescot introduced his 30 year old Dream for EU Regions in Britain. Under the EU plan Britain has been divided into 12 Regions. Scotland is a Region, N.I, Wales, London and England. ENGLAND has been divided into eight EU Regions. THEN ENGLAND’S NAME WAS TAKEN OF THE EUROPEAN MAP IN 1997.

    In 1998/99. Deputy Prime Minister John Prescot handpicked 60 people in each of the EIGHT ENGLISH REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCIES to direct the building of 3 Millon new houses. .

    Sixty-six volunteer local Councillors were invited to become Members of the ASSEMBLY along with 40 Stakeholders or Partners. Together all three groups are known as the Regional Assembly. There is a support office of Civil Servants.

    In 2004 the voters in the Northeast of England voted ‘NO’ to ELECTED. REGIONAL ASSEMBLIES. So the unelected Development agencies combined with one layer of local council will be the new Regional Government. These new Regional Assemblies will work with the “Committee of the Regions”in Brussels, cutting out national Parliament giving the EU Commission direct access to all Regional Assemblies in Europe. All things traditional will be abolished; All sovereignty will pass to BRUSSELS bringing a Foreign government nearer to the people.

    STOP PRESS.15 NOVEMBER 2007. On Friday David Miliband strode into this story bringing it full circle back to the sleeping giant Russia.



    David Miliband’s Grandfather Samuel Milliband fled to England from Belgium before the war and at first was refused the right to remain. David’s father Ralph Miliband was born in Belgium he came to England and joined the Royal Navy. Later he became a Professor of Politics at Leeds University and lectured at the London school of Economics.

    Our Common law is being eradicated and the 1972 Act gives precedence to Community law.


    For the first time in over a Thousand years, Britain will be ruled by a Foreign Power.
    Joan Martin.”

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    6 comments for “BNP gives platform to a UKIP Member”
    This is a very interesting item, and it shows how much sense Tony Benn spoke when opposing the entry into Europe. Now, of course Benn loves the EU, as his grand-daughter is set to become the fifth member of the Benn family to enter Parliament, rather in the same way that the Tories have Jessica Lever, who wants to be the future Chancellor of the Exchequer. Jessica is a grand-niece of Milton Friedman who had policies which Thatcher followed, as did Blair/Brown, to the ruination of this country financially, whilst making a lot of money for a few people–mainly foreigners and bankers.

    Miliband and his brother have been raised from the cradle to be politicians whilst never having their roots here. Ralph Miliband changed his name when he returned here with his family after WW2 ended, despite the rules which said refugees could not stay. His staying, plus all his family staying, was made possible by a senior Labour member of Government after WW2. Ralph is the name he took to appear British. When he arrived here as a 17 year old refugee he went straight nto a college for three years, whilst British lads that age were being called up to fight. Why was he so different?

    Ralph Miliband, like his father and Marx, were communists.

    Posted by David Little | December 13, 2007, 4:49 pm Please go http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/LTPD07/

    This is a petition to the PM demanding a referendum on the EU Reform Treaty.
    Of course, as we no longer live in a democracy, it probably won’t make any real difference, but at least it will allow you to voice your opinion.

    Posted by true_brit58 | December 13, 2007, 6:00 pm Lots of interesting statements but I don’t see any supporting evidence here. It all sounds a bit ‘new world order conspiracy’ to me. No wonder no-one votes UKIP! It would be interesting to see if anyone takes the time to investigate these broad statements and produce the supporting evidence–perhaps the author herself would be able to supply references for her sources? Fact remains though that we British are embattled on all fronts and should stand united as a nation to regain our sovereignty, and vote BNP to get some sanity back into the lunatic asylum that these islands have become. It has NOT gone too far and it CAN be retrieved–only the BNP has the necessary intestinal fortitude to make this happen so let’s get on and get it done!

    Posted by littletimmy | December 13, 2007, 9:12 pm A question I have asked several times is, – should the Reform Treaty become law, (after HM Queen has signed) is it likely that we will never see a general election as we know it, because this treaty could be finalised 12 months or so before the final deadline (2010) for a general election?

    Posted by illigitimus | December 13, 2007, 9:20 pm Illigitimus I completely agree. I don’t think we’ll see another general election in Britian. We will be totally run by Brussells from Jan 1st 2009 and the UK government will be taking positions in the new European parties.
    I believe it is make-or-break time for the UK, those who understand what is likely to happen should be educating those that do not know, and that includes MP’s.

    This is it folks, the big push starts now.


    Posted by CharlesW | December 14, 2007, 12:17 am United we stand, divided we fall. Gordon Brownshirt has one foot one side, and the other only he knows. With the past week out of the way (hopefully), we must all pull together, and go all out to rid this Great Country of Traitors.

    Posted by D.H.Boater | December 16, 2007, 7:01 pm


    May 2, 2012 at 20:23

  4. So there you have it. An early research and analysis completed regarding the treason and subversion of this country by those elected to protect our interests was refused publication by every outlet except…The BNP.

    Russia is known to be up to its neck in the takedown of freedom. The destruction of the Berlin wall a con.

    After Prof Ernst Zundel was extradited from Canada at Germanys’ request and stashed away in prison as a result of his revisionism, his wife Dr Ingrid R Zundel, published much of his research results and analysis.

    There is a great deal as you might imagine. But of immediate importance is Prof Zundels stated opinion that at the cessation of hostilities in WW2, the Wehrmacht surrendered to the allied powers: But the Allied powers have never made peace with the government of the Third Reich. The allies instead installed an interim government “THAT HAS REMAINED IN PLACE TO THIS DAY”. The actual government of Germany officially is, and still remains the “Third Reich”. Further, this must mean that a state of war exists officially between Germany and the allies. Hence the usual state of emergency declared during times of war remain in force. Just what is the legal position here?

    Following the same logic, we can state that the dark powers behind the City of London are known to have financed the Bolsheviks.

    Germanys’ real target was always communist “Bolshevik” Russia.

    When Germany decided to move against Russia it face the biggest army ever seen and 24000 tanks.

    Other historians have concluded that, given the storage facilities discovered along the Russian border, Russia was likely at an advanced stage of planning the takeover of Europe entire. Even after being severely weakened by Germanys offensive Russia still gained everything up to east berlin. No mean feat, given Russias losses in WW2.

    So. US finance encouraged by the City of London set the Bolshevik revolution on the road to the most evil genocide in history, including the cold blooded murder of the tzar and his entire family. at least 60 million russian christians were murdered or worked to death by the Bolshevik Jews. By the onset of the second world war the revolution was set to roll over Europe entire. It is likely that the German people are owed a great debt. Now, if Herr Zundel has his facts correct: And given the speed of his extradition and imprisonment, that looks ever more likely, then once more the City of London is engineering the downfall of Europe to communism.

    Germany cannot save us all now: The vampires of the CoL have Germany by the throat.

    I shan’t go on to the vaticans role at this time. I suspect any reader that finds these sites knows that story only too well.



    May 2, 2012 at 21:10

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