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Scotland:- Where The Nonces Roam Free

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 Holly and her mum Anne

Ex PM Tony Blair knows much about this topic and did nothing….why?

Ex PM Gordon Brown certainly knows something and yes you should have an headache!!

Ex NATO Boss Lord Robertson – Deeply involved – an expert in his field

Sheriff Buchanan apparently named by Hollie certainly is a “Star Witness” according to my last article

Those that died in the Dublane Massace – Some victims of Peodophilia

I bet they didn’t get the same publicity as Sarkozy’s “False Flag in Toulouse.”

We need to expose these Evil Satanic scumbags – We owe it to the above children

Scotland:-  Where The Nonces Roam Free

By King Alfred

Readers will no doubt be aware of the unforgivable behaviour of the Scottish establishment surrounding the cover up of the Hollie Greig case, well the establishment and its lackeys  have just plunged  themselves deeper beneath the surface of  the cesspit.

The writer of the Rusty’s Skewed News Views blog has been reported as being arrested by Grampian Police apparently in a bid to silence him. by preventing him writing about the Hollie Greig paedophilia case. He has been bailed upon condition of “not using the internet” which in itself is an outrage and an affront to freedom and the rule of law. Whilst the  child  abusers seemingly roam free and remain protected by state actors. Few could argue that Rusty is not being punished by this draconian measure  which has been taken prior to any case being heard in court.  As the case has not been heard in court Rusty is of course guilty of nothing, yet he is being punished.

This in itself is an affront, you the reader should be outraged for if the powers that be can conjure up  a reason to arrest this man and get away with it they can do the same to you.

Equally one wonders if it is possible given the Scottish establishment’s reputation for injustice and iniquity for Rusty to get a fair trial where impartial justice is dispensed.  Robert Green the gaoled campaigner seeking justice for Hollie Greig was of course denied his right to a jury and denied his request to call former Lord Advocate Dame Elish Angiolini as a key witness is now languishing in prison and you the general public are paying for his accommodation.

One presumes that the vast majority of Grampian police officers do not support this vile action, one wonders for how long they will continue to follow such orders and how far they are prepared to go tarnishing their own integrity and reputations to protect child abusing scum.

It is high time the police broke ranks and exposed these perverts and their protectors. What of your conscience constables ?  Is it not high time you spilled the beans and acted in the public interest ?

“A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury.”
― John Stuart Mill

Your so called elected representatives are almost all well aware of the circumstances surrounding the Hollie Greig case and have chosen of their own free will to do nothing. What does that tell you about them ?

One politician in particular springs to mind. As the Scottish Law Reporter informs us.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Alex Salmond appoints ex-Lord Advocates Angiolini (threatened media in abuse case) & Fraser (arrested on plane) to Ministerial complaints team

Alex_SalmondFirst Minister Salmond ‘delighted’ to welcome controversial ex Lord Advocates onto standards team.TWO highly controversial former Lord Advocates, one,Lord Fraser of Carmylliewho was arrested at Dundee Airport in 2006 for a breach of Article 78 of the Air Navigation Order 2005, which related to “acting in a disruptive manner” and former Lord Advocate now Dame Elish Angiolini DBE QCwho threaded several media outlets with legal action over the reporting of allegations connoted with an abuse case involving downs syndrome victim Hollie Greig, have both been appointed by First Minister Alex Salmond as independent advisors to complaints made under the Ministerial code, the body which deals with complaints about the First Minister, which has seen three such complaints dealt with and closed with no action since 2008.



 The man who would see the Union dismembered and himself crowned King of Scotland an “independent” vassal state of the EU,  he chooses odd bedfellows indeed what of his judgement ?

In respect of intriguing standards of judgement it seems only fair to give a mention to St Hugh’s College, Oxford. where Elish Angiolini has been recently made Principal.

Be warned whilst known paedophiles remain at large all children in the UK are endangered

Finally the last post by “Mrs Rusty”

Friday, 30 March 2012

Rusty’s Skewed News Views in Stasis


Hello Readers n Followers of this blog alike.

My husband Rusty was arrested last Friday by a mob-handed gang of Scotland’s Finest: Grampian Police from Aberdeen – on charges of expressing an opinion concerning the content of the last post on his blog which apparently have upset the subject involved.

Rusty has been charged with a variety of offences concerning his campaign to expose the Hollie Grieg / Robert Green paedophilia ring scandals and invoke an investigation of those involved and is curently bailed – with certain conditions imposed – specifically that he cannot access the internet and hence the Skewed News Views blog.

So it looks like another Robert Green style show trial is afoot – the last one is rumoured to have cost well in excess of £500,000 – and another Prisoner of Conscience going to jail to silence them.

Regards to all,

Mrs Rusty


The above article was copied from http://www.sovereignindependentuk.co.uk/2012/03/31/scotland-where-the-nonces-roam-free/

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 31/3/2012

21 Responses

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  1. I highly recommend that people call into any and all talk shows on the radio no matter what the topic and hijack it, let the people know all over the uk to use the internet to look at the scottish parliamentarians, their lackeys, and their predatory predilictions.
    You just know you’ll feel better afterwards.
    Play up UK or they continue to abuse everything they can.


    March 31, 2012 at 23:18

    Over the next two months, any talk show about politics that is on the radio that is taking phonecalls, no matter the topic, ring in, tell the production department that answers that you are going to make a comment about the topic they are discussing, be wily and steer your comment to include the public trust and the way in which politicians are able to literally have child abuse covered up by the establishment.
    Don’t be afraid to name names, spit it out before they cut you off.
    you just know you will feel better afterwards.


    March 31, 2012 at 23:23

  3. As a Native American man, whose whole community suffered at the hands of these pedophile “non-human beings” for over a 100 years, i can only expunge a deep sense of remorse at the inaction of the common and valiant citizenry of Scotland (whom, we have such high regard for here). Here in Canada these organized pedophiles will no longer go after our children so easily, because we warned them by taking a few of them deep into the bush, stripping them naked and cutting them. These “non-Human Beings” were then tied to trees…and, The Mother had her way with them; their mangled bodies were sent home afterward, for their families and communities to see, and be warned. The Red Wolf did these things…

    …and would quickly do it again, should the need arise.

    This occurred in the late 70’s and now they seem to focus their attention on kids of their own families (race) which is still, a sad state of affairs. But, it takes a community to do such a thing and my hope is that some will find it within themselves to act on behalf of all these innocent little ones, who all owe a ‘blood debt’ to now, for not protecting them in the first place. My intent is not to speak down to anyone who reads this but in these troubled times…”you are the leader you have been waiting for – Hopi”.

    And so, we remain, despite their best efforts to destroy our children.

    Know what we know then; the police will not help, the lawyers will lie against you and politicians will laugh behind closed doors…why? because they are the ones doing it; ALL of them. I say that thing because they are all part of the same police brotherhoods, BARS, politico’s and religious cults. Therefore, the complacent inaction of the innocent ones within these groups…makes them just as guilty, by your own standards this is so, and not just mine and my peoples (‘unworthy cowards’ we call them; best they should just ‘eat a bullet’ for all their cowardice.) By association, they are just as guilty.

    The above could just as easily apply to the men and women of the families of these children. It was very very hard for us to face the truth our own failings (many could not) but many others did it anyway, through sweating and crying and so then, for the benefit of our future community; we are healthier now, and healing well. Even a healthy global community, must start at home. Women, give your men permission to be and act as they are obligated to, by natural law. Men, find courage now and set aside fear of death.

    See them then, the non humans, they are all standing in the open now and exposed for all to see because their ego based needs leaves them wanting to put on airs of nobility and therefore, they are “so easy to pick out of the herd’. They might do well to just retire from their homes and places of work, never to return.

    The elders here, tell us now and today, “that the days of prayer and the days of talking are done; the eagles have left those mountains and will not return soon. All that remains then, is ‘action'”.

    And so, be full of courage and rage, pity and grace, but most of all, “be well” in your heart and mind and spirit. In this way your actions will be balanced, and all will see you then, acting for the benefit of the whole.

    “a good warrior, will live, to fight and die another day.” Oglala Elder, Battle of Wounded Knee II, 1977


    April 1, 2012 at 06:01

    • Hello again

      Yes I fully understand your pain being a native American as you put it……no one has suffered more in history than the natives of not just American but South America, the entire world and not forgetting the Australian Aboriginals who lost an entire generation.

      I am so much in tune with the native Americans and know your past and how they were and still are so cruel to your wonderful people……they even had the audacity to carry out nuclear tests on your land and weapons testing etc….not to forget the open pit mines that are mining Uranium etc.

      Please Sir you have my deepest sympathy for your fellow American and Canadian Indians and we certainly owe you all so much.

      I can never suggest violence as this would not only cause major problems for me but would certainly close my outlets down…….so all I can do is to keep printing the truth and pass on your comments……..thank you so much for opening up your mind and thoughts…..Peter

      Peter Eyre

      April 1, 2012 at 06:27

    • sir not only red people are human beings there are human beings in all races ,,,these non human beings have forever been abusing children proof in 2 religious books called the talmud and the one the muslins use to justify their filthiness,,,many non humans came to this country and through white slavery and conquest of ireland and scotland and debtors from england meaning poor from being kicked off their lands by non humans …. brought human beings to this country and many red people human beings have lumped us in with the non humans…… racism exists ,,,,,,even in your red people are non human beings…the reason in scotland ireland can they not find enough men to take care of the filth that continues is the non humans killed starved or exiled the human beings,,,,, also there were many who could ran before they could be killed….the GRANDFATHER made us all to share the MOTHER pity is a useless thing… my rage against racism has been since i was a child…. all forms of pity and self pity look what they did to us is racism ..non human treatment of people human or not has existed always…. i am so happy to hear that THAT THE RED WOLF did the things he did to protect his own,,,my auntie was my RED WOLF when my mother came crying to her when she left me with that non human and he went to jail but he got out 20 years later and hurt others and terrorized me… non human justice…if u do get notification of this post do not do me a disservice of anger i speak to you in love i just am so tried of people speaking from the position of race when there only exists human beings and non humans ,,,,,,signing off in the literal translation of my name ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, beautiful flower of the earth………..

      beautiful flower of the earth

      April 1, 2012 at 20:53

      • Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with me and hopefully with this eventual gathering of what I would like to call Hollie’s Army because there are many many hollies and guys out there that have had their innocence taken away from them……as I pointed out I came so close to also becoming a victim but my mum was my guardian angel and had always taught me not to keep anything to yourself on such matters and so in being open with mum I avoided the terrible pain that others have experience both in the past and up to the current time.

        You are truly a beautiful flower of the earth and all people are equal on planet earth……I hate racism and Islamaphobia……I once spent 6 weeks in Tehran and met the most beautifully mannered people and likewise have traveled the world and always try to become one of them when I visit such far away places……I worship with them no matter what they worship and my best experience was going to a Hindu Temple and joining in with them……I think we are all connected in some way……..so back to you again thank you for expressing yourself and feel free to say whatever you want to say and hopefully over time others will join in and open their hearts and minds……talking heals…..communications remove barriers.
        Thanks again for you input oh beautiful flower of the earth…….what a very nice name…..take care and try to remain strong….remember there is one thing that paedophiles cannot deal with that is compassion, understanding and love and respect for each other…..Peter

        Peter Eyre

        April 1, 2012 at 21:17

      • i was speaking of a book whether the koran or suriah i dont know but giving permission to marry and have sex with children….. so i used muslim book…… also know human beings and non humans exist everywhere in every religion and so why not a comment on the talmud about their filth,,,,,, just islamphobia,,,,,another form of discrimination……,the documentation for child sex by an adult is in both religions,,,,, i was only pointing out this is not a white mans filth only but non human filth ,,,,and officially allowed per documentation by 2 religions…. while nonhuman treatment of people exists the non humans in hinduism buddism christianity islam and any other religion you can up with,,,,, buy and sell children if they cannot get it through subterfuge,,,,but let me state again the slightest taint of talking from your race and my race is abhorrent to me and will answer it …..still dont understand why you went all religion on me when i was only trying to point out the long standing non human treatment of children that is documented in both books that are both over 1,000 years old

        beautiful flower of the earth

        April 1, 2012 at 22:20

      • I guess the true answer to your comments is: There are good and bad in all walks of life and one can pick up any religious book from any faith and what you read and interpret is your own mindset. Having spent much time with many people around the world and shared in their worship I find is a part of your own education……to try to understand different people of different religions is in itself a real challenge……I have spent equal time in the Church of England, Methodist, Catholic, Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Hindu, Islam, Pagan and even been in the jungle with natives to worship nature itself…..the latter I actually found stimulating to some degree……am I religious….I would like to think so but not in the mainstream way…..on one occasion I attended a very small chapel because I felt I needed to be in a spiritual place and to simply be calm….I did not realise that it was a Russian Orthodox Church and so having got myself stuck in there I had to follow what others were doing……at the end of the service as I left the priest asked me if I was Orthodox and I said no…..he was fairly upset with me and said I should not have done this or that……I simply said I needed to be here today because that is what my inner thoughts told me and now I feel good…..to me there are no rules and no discipline that say what you can and cannot do…….my Hindu experience was very special and again I felt good afterwards and therefore I say so what.

        I am aware that in all faiths there are priests or leaders that simply abuse their position and implement their own laws and ways of worship and certainly take advantage of vulnerable people who simply want a spiritual experience or something to calm their soul……many times in life you just want to be somewhere and this evil paedophiles pounce on such people…..as was said you are in the wrong place and the wrong time and sometimes its that simple.

        In regard to Human and non human………yes naturally there are times when you think about someone and you say to yourself he or she’s not human or to coin a phrase “Do you live on this planet” etc etc……..there is a mix of very good and very bad and all we can hope for is that we were all first born with a unpolluted mind……….if our parents are good parents we were raised in an environment of good ethics and morality….we are taught what is right and what is wrong…..this has nothing to do with religion but rather the “Book of Life”…..from time to time the little devil comes into our thoughts and we drift off into some other mode but inside we know it is wrong and hopefully our upbringing brings us back on track again.

        The world is certainly changing at a very fast rate of knots and one can see it is not for the better in some cases……its like the powers that be want you to be surrounded by evil or satanic images, that it is ok to do this or that…….I always refer to they being the New World Order who as we know are controlled by Zionist (both Christian and Jewish)…..many are Freemasons…..there way of thinking is certainly unbalanced with very little ethical or moral fibre………that is were the problem lies………so back to the family unit…..we are what our parents have made us and the rest is from living life ourselves and how we see things…….certainly paedophilia is rife and evil and forms no part of normal upbringing…….it is in peoples nature to drift off the normal guidelines of being good but hopefully they return to earth at a later date and become good citizens….However those with mental problems or those that carry much pain from being treated badly either sexually or simply be being beaten or whatever do need care and attention…..to my mind if you have been molested or whatever part of that healing process is to talk about it and be with other people who have the same bad experience…..then when you are strong enough to move forward you, with others, start an action against those that took your innocence away…..the only way of stopping them is to confront them…..to expose them….to name and shame them and never give up……..Hollie Greig and her mum Anne are just two people who will not give up….however they are surrounded by good and bad people and sometimes your own battle does not work out…….Common Law does protect you but inside the court system are those that use statute law to manipulate you and protect their own……sorry to ramble on……how you deal with your problem is entirely up to you…..I do what I do because it is my call, my duty……obviously it is a risky thing to do but if we all become sheep nothing will every change and it will simply get worse……take care….Peter

        Peter Eyre

        April 2, 2012 at 06:08

  4. I was raised to believe the Scots knew how to fight. What happened ? When did they lose it ? Did they ever have it ? Why are they so cowardly now ?

    Not referring here to Robert Green — he’s shown what he’s made of and can go with calm heart to his maker. Your husband, too, has shown he’s prepared to stand his ground

    But what of those other Scots, usually so vocal about their rights, their courage ? Where are they right now — sitting on their backsides, busy on internet, arguing about football ? At the supermarket, perusing cheap wines for their dinner party ? Watching porn — even child porn – in secrecy ?

    Are Scots — men and women alike – prepared to leave this disgraceful, shaming matter to the ‘law’ ? But they KNOW the ‘law’ is a corrupt system designed to protect criminals. They’ve seen the ‘law’ in action too many times. Yet they’re prepared to entrust their own flesh and blood, their children, to the administrators of the ‘law’ ? Too bad it’s the children who’ll pay for Scots’ inaction and preference for an easy life. Too bad

    Parents who’re prepared to sacrifice their children rather than risk penalty, are craven cowards

    These perverted monsters will continue to spit in the faces of those who pay their wages for as long as people are prepared to let them get away with it

    The ‘law’ and government enablers have already shown their colours. So what are Scots waiting for — for the Magic Fairy to come along and sort it out for them ?

    Get off your backsides, Scots. No point taking pride in your heritage if you aren’t even prepared to protect your own children

    You’ve gone soft, Scots. Fine when you were border-raiding and stealing other people’s wives and children, but when things get tough, you stay on your knees

    Do you really expect the world to accept that can’t win against a bunch of soft-bellied pervert paedophiles ?

    Worse — do you expect respect when you won’t even get off your behinds and put down the drugs long enough to even try ?

    You leave everything to good men such as Robert Green and ‘Rusty’ — and you sit safely behind your screens prepared to read and fume about it — and that’s all ? That’s ALL ? You don’t want to risk – you just want someone else to fix it all for you ?

    Then God help your children, but it seems your children can’t rely on you for protection

    Now get off your backsides and stop shaming your ancestors

    Get Moving On This

    April 1, 2012 at 17:35

  5. in the 60s dear abby printed 1 brave womans story of incest rape and abuse in her column… little did she know that almost all her columns for months and months would have another story…after another of untold secrets… this is what took my shame away knowing i was 1 of many…. today the stats are the same as 30 yrs ago 6 in 10 girls 4 in 10 boys do not reach 16 ……16…. without being raped or molested in some way …..everyone of them makes my soul scream ……anyone who knows me knows my story…. which has brought them to telling me their stories ……my story was printed on the front page of the newspaper in 1961 i was shamed bullied called names…. i had filthy people calling my home and saying filthy things to me….. my mother hid the newspaper from me…..and blamed me ….. i am so thankful for the road taken ….that has opened me up to the pain of the human race and human beings in retrospect……. the boys town scandal in the usa is down the road from me organized high officials….. but most of the non humans are not out there to be seen they are your neighbors……. my opinion is in every 4 square blocks there is at least 1 non human sexually torturing children maybe even more……all races.. all classes.. all financial stations..all religions.. i have met judges daughters doctors daughters who were raped their whole lives poor girls impregnated by the neighbors and their fathers,,,, girls gang raped for being in the wrong place at the wrong time the UN is talking seriously about the sexual rights of children how sick can a planet get the only sexual rights a child needs IS THE RIGHT TO PROTECTION FROM SEXUAL PREDATORS YOUNG OR OLD ….thank you for the chance to continue my journey

    beautiful flower of the earth

    April 1, 2012 at 23:45

  6. In retrospect, we’ve been naive. We were raised to trust authority figures such as doctors, solicitors, members of parliament, police, teachers, clergy, etc. At least that’s how it was when I was young

    Paedophilia wasn’t discussed, nor mentioned by name by the media and of course, until relatively recently, the press constituted the media and the press adhered to a ‘code’, we were told. Only now, with the advent of instant communication via the internet, do we realise that there certainly was a code, alright – and to a large degree, it protected all those we believed we could trust, i.e., ‘authority figures’

    The wraps are off now and ‘authority’ is running scared – so scared that they’re desperately trying to gag the internet

    They have a lot to lose – their reputations, for example. Their prestigious, often well-paid positions. The reputation of their secret men’s clubs. Their positions as ‘men of God’ (and that includes clergy of every religion)

    Loudly and publicly condemning Islam and or Judaism for their perverted ‘holy books’ insistence that children may, without punishment, be used for the sexual satisfaction of conscienceless adults is neither Islamophobic nor anti-semitic. It’s the truth. And the truth bows to no man, let alone to concocted political correctness, which is a see-through ploy to silence truth. I challenge anyone to read the Ayotollah Khomeini’s ‘Little Green Book’ and afterwards try to deny it’s a paedophile’s manual in addition to condoning bestiality. The Torah’s the same and even claims in its almighty ‘wisdom’ that three month old baby girls taken as ‘wives’ (in the Biblical sense, i.e., used for sexual intercourse) can be and are ‘flirtatious’ and ‘unfaithful’.

    Insanity !!! Filthy old rabbis in their insane lust daring to blame 3 month old babies for ‘unfaithfulness’ ! And the mentally deranged Ayotollah (the father of the Islamic Revolution) falls in the same category, which is no surprise as Islam is merely the bastard child of Judaism

    So no. Not all religions are the same at all. You do NOT find the Christian faith condoning the rape of infants or animals. And naturally, those who ARE raised in religions which DO give a green light to the rape of babies and animals are going to produce very sick followers who are a danger to society

    So while it’s might seem ‘nice and noble’ to place the blame on all religions equally, let’s call a spade a spade and stop the politically correct grovelling

    Certainly, people of all religions are guilty of offences against children. And when perverts form groups, they invent their own rules and encourage others to join them, as with the spiritually sick, sexually depraved men’s groups, they too are a danger to society

    Paedophilia and sexual perversion are CONTAGIOUS ! This is what the public needs to know.

    It’s why that certain group which screeches when it hears its name mentioned in connection with its many crimes — is the self-confessed world leader in snuff movies, child porn, ‘general’ porn. And members of that cult/religion engage in the filth as actors, producers and distributors – as well as controlling the movie and tv industries

    They know that the average person will form an addiction to porn. And as time passes, that addiction will demand greater and greater depravity

    Fathers of children they claim to love are skulking right now in basements and offices everywhere, masturbating furiously to online movies of babies and children being raped, often to death. Then they clean themselves up and go home, kiss their wives and children. Then they scurry back to their filth laden screens and they’re at it again

    It doesn’t take much to get them to join organisations/groups/clubs where they’ll be surrounded and encouraged in their depravity by others who’re the same

    Strength in numbers. They tell each other there’s *nothing wrong with it *. They cover each others tracks. That’s why they have to get police and lawyers and judges involved. Then they film those in high positions indulging in depravity. Such evidence becomes ‘insurance’ for the rest. And of course, the evidence is used to blackmail those in high places — in murder trials, for example. And in the ‘losing’ of evidence in criminal investigations. Banking scams and other fraud can be accomplished when judges, police, lawyers and investigators are vulnerable to exposure. ‘Witnesses’ are easy to find and will say whatever they’re told to say, rather than have the world learn that they’re sexual deviates and predators of the young

    That’s how it grows. Paeophile politicians and editors are under pressure to lessen the penalties for paedophilia. Teenagers who’ve seen child-porn online have their lives destroyed. They’ll never know respect for women. They’ll never know the beauty of genuine love. They’ll never regard children as joyous and to be protected and cherished. Instead, they’ll seek others like themselves, in order to ‘feel normal’. And that’s the agenda — to drag down society to the point sex with children becomes ‘normal’

    There’s no time for wallowing in the past. We must fight for the future, or it won’t be worth living, not for anyone and least of all for children — because we will no longer be human or worthy of saving

    So I implore men to rise above this destructive, debasing filth that’s pushed at them from every quarter. Better they end their lives than be part of it. And if they are NOT part of it and have no intention of becoming so, then they know what they must do — at every possible opportunity

    It’s time for revolution – righteous rage. And they must take no prisoners

    Women must play their part too. Women are strong when they need to be and they DO need to be NOW — not tomorrow or next year

    There is no cure for paedophilia — none. Paedophiles in their * 80s * and * 90s * will stick break down doors to get at a child victim. There is NO cure. The only cure is death

    Those religions which claim it’s ‘normal’ and ‘good’ to marry off little girls to what are ( let’s be totally honest here ) paedophiles …. those religions have no place in any civilized society. If we condone what they do, or turn a blind eye to it — then we are guilty by association and become accessories to the forced rape of children.

    It’s time now to point the finger and lower the boom on these people and their depraved behaviours. For they are paedophiles. They murder their own children when those children attempt to escape.

    No use pointing the finger at our own sick monsters whilst simultaneously permitting foreigners to commit the same crimes on our own soil

    A paedophile is a paedophile. They must be removed. As a society, we cannot afford them or tolerate them in our midst. And religion has nothing to do with it. They’re paedophiles

    Get Moving On This

    April 2, 2012 at 14:05

  7. I wrote in conclusion: ” A paedophile is a paedophile. They must be removed. As a society, we cannot afford them or tolerate them in our midst. And religion has nothing to do with it. They’re paedophiles ”

    What I *should* have said, and meant to, except the screen was leaping all over the place, is that of COURSE certain religions have EVERYTHING to do with institutionalised paedophilia when that religion preaches and teaches that children, even babes in arms, have NO rights re: their own bodies and that the adult males of that religion are free to use those tiny bodies for their perverted, selfish, misogynistic satisfacation

    What I *should* have said is that paying lip service to religions which condone paedophilia because we are being pressured to accept those religions as valid and above reproach is WRONG. The followers of those religions CITE their religious teachings as justification for paedophilia. And we’re expected to say, ‘ Oh, Ok, far be it from us to criticise your religion EVEN THOUGH THE PAEDOPHILE ELEMENTS OF IT DISGUST US TO OUR CORE ‘

    Well no more of that. A pig is a pig. A stink is a stink, A religion which condones paedophilia has NO place in our nation or our OWN beliefs and values. So, all you paedophile religions better EVOLVE from the 8th to the 21st centuries RIGHT NOW

    or GET OUT !!

    THAT is the ONLY stance possible

    Time to get off the fence and stand up for what is RIGHT. NOT for what is deemed ‘politically correct’

    NO. Time to do what is RIGHT

    Get Moving On This

    April 2, 2012 at 14:18

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    • I went for WordPress as its simple to use once you have designed how you want it……..I also went for other outlets and paid good money but then got shut down by other people who objected to my comments and so my investment was lost……keep it simply and do not write about anything you cannot prove

      Peter Eyre

      June 27, 2012 at 17:52

  13. I know from personal experience of police corruption, sex offenders and abusers in positions of power and trust. I have been sacked by a police force for reporting a sex offender, NSPCC reported me to the police when I reported to the NSPCC that the sex offender I know of has a daughter and may be at risk. I have been arrested twice and given an harrasement order when I had not harassed my accuser who happens to be an abuser who has libelled and slandered me for reporting her. Corruption is protecting criminals while whistleblowers and victims like me are treated like criminals. I will continue whistleblowing no matter what is done to me. Respect to all who seek justice around the world, too many people are pompous, patronising and don’t believe the truth either because they are naieve, ignorant, or just stupid. People with the knowledge and experience is labelled as mad, crazy etc.. many know the truth but are too scared to admit it. or say oh it happened years ago it doesn’t matter(that includes police saying it). It does matter and justice has to be done in the first report of crime. Sex offenders are all types of people (including what is seen as a taboo subject ,Women, Gay men, Lesbians, victims are wrongly accused of being homophobic.) All colours, religion, sexuality, backgrounds, rich/ poor ….No matter who or what the offender is justice has to be done.

    Susan Higginson

    September 4, 2013 at 04:45

    • Susan

      Welcome to the ranks of many others that have done the same as yourself and been persecuted by the fraudulent and corrupt system.

      I myself am still in a Royal Courts of Justice High Court Case for exposing this, illegal arms dealing, massive fraud and corruption and the assassination of 3 very experienced RAF Crew and their 25 VIP passengers aboard an RAF Chinook helicopter than allegedly crash into the headland at the Mull of Kintyre…….such is the state of our country…..thank you for sharing this with us…..Peter

      Peter Eyre

      September 4, 2013 at 07:08

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