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Will the British again try to stop the MV Alaed transition to Syria?

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MV Alaed moored off Murmansk


Recently we observed a vessel carrying Russian military hardware return to port after its insurance coverage was withdrawn by the Brits after a special request from the United States.

The U.S government (Hilary Clinton) had asked Britain to help intercept a ship, believed to be carrying Russian attack helicopters and munitions, heading for Syria.

A Russian cargo vessel, the MV Alaed was thought to be making its way to the conflict zone through the North Sea after allegedly picking up MI25 helicopters and a consignment of munitions from the Russian Baltic port of Kaliningrad, according to the Telegraph.

The American government used a sanctions legislation to force the vessel’s London-based insurer to withdraw its cover and had asked British officials to stop the delivery.

Under terms of the current European Union arms embargo against Syria, which was imposed last May, there is a ban on the transfer or export of arms and brokering services such as insurance.

Now it would appear that this vessel is about to start its journey under a Russian flag having been reregistered and accordingly could now challenge Britain and the European Union´s authority to stop it for the second time.

It was pressure from the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton who, revealed that Moscow was in the process of shipping attack helicopters to Syria.

She warned the weapons would escalate the conflict which has already claimed about 10,000 lives (obviously an unconfirmed figure) and as a direct result of this request the British responded by cancelling the vessels insurance certificate.

What is ironic about this entire incident is the fact that Britain and certain EU countries are actively arming and funding the Syrian Rebel Army in much the same way as they did with the Libyan Rebel Army and if you read my last article you will recall that in this case it was Germany that was caught red handed by the Syrians when  over 40 German citizens had been arrested while attempting to smuggle arms and ammunitions from international waters on shore inside Syria. The arrest took place over two weeks ago.

Don´t you find this entire episode so hypocritical when it comes to who is allowed to ship what into Syria not forgetting the huge shipments of military hardware and software currently being stockpiled in Israel for likely use against Syria.

Let´s just remind our readers as to how this US, under the radar arms smuggling actually works. It was written into US law that any shipment of arms had to be approved by US Congress with final approval coming from the President who had the ultimate say being the “Supreme Commander.”

All shipments to US allies where done so via a “Transmittal Notice” which clearly disclosed to Congress what was being consigned in fine detail…..however because this system allowed other countries to view those notices it was obvious that some groups could take advantage of this and use it against the US Government as was the case when the US shipped hundreds of Depleted Uranium “Bunker Buster” to Israel ahead of operations “Cast Lead” against Gaza.

It became clear that this shipment could have been totally illegal and against the United States own regulations that relate as to how the weapons are used and in what context.

The US Government and Military suddenly changed this procedure and decide to establish a small US Military base within Israel and in doing so this allowed an internal transfer of weaponry from one US base to another without revealing the shipment via the usual “Transmittal Notices”…………it is also fact that under this new provision it also allows US Military allies to use their stockpile and so now we have a military stockpile that is almost double the norm and is clearly to be used against Syria, Palestine, selected Lebanon targets and naturally Iran. 

Back to the main story again the latest report in the Guardian states: Russia may be preparing second attempt at Syrian arms shipment – Ship carrying air defence systems and helicopters that was forced to return to port has been refitted with Russian flag.

The report went on to say: Last week Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, admitted that the Alaed was carrying supplies for Syria. “The ship was carrying air defence systems, which can be used only for repelling foreign aggression and not against peaceful demonstrators, and it was carrying three repaired helicopters,” The shipments show no signs of stopping. An unidentified “military-diplomatic source” told the Interfax news agency on Sunday that the Alaed would soon travel from Murmansk to Syria in a second attempt to deliver the shipment. “The ship will travel under escort to avoid any sort of provocation,” the source said. The escort ship would not be a naval one, the source added.

One could now expect another sharp reaction from Clinton which in turn will put tremendous pressure on the British Government as to what they can do about this vessel without themselves provoking yet another major international incident as this time it would mean the British intercepting a Russian registered vessel!!

The Guardian put the situation in true perspective by saying:   The ship would sail under the Russian flag “in order to protect its interests, the security of the ship and the protection of its crew, all of whom are citizens of Russia”, it said.

Analysts said the flag change could up the stakes, threatening an international incident if any attempts were made to board it. Reports said the Russian flag was raised on Monday.

Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov made it very clear “We don’t plan on justifying ourselves, because we haven’t violated anything – not international law, not a UN Security Council Resolution, not our own national laws on export controls, which are some of the strictest in the world.”

With the current tension over the shooting down of the Turkish Fighter Jet, the meeting tomorrow of NATO,  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon being totally behind this scam and with the US riding on the back of the British it will be an extremely interesting and yet tense week as to what will be the final outcome.

For my part there are clearly two standards being set here one that allows Britain, US, France and Germany to flaunt international law and ship arms to the rebels and another that attempts to stop the same military supplies coming from pro Syria supporters…………that to me is not only very hypocritical but also presents a very unbalanced playing field.



Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 25/6/2012




Written by Peter Eyre

June 25, 2012 at 18:38

The arrogance towards Syria by the British Government

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Cameron – “Now listen here dear chap we will do exactly the same as we did in Libya….I push the spin via the UN and together we stand firm in carrying out yet another regime change.”

Sarkosy –  “Monsieur (or should that be mon sewer) David….remember I am a Zionist and so I will follow whatever Israel asks of me – vous cochon arrogante.”

Being a Middle East Consultant I continue to monitor the diplomatic standoff between our government officials and other third parties that continue to rub salt in the wound of Syria.

The first headline I read  was – Cameron: Syria is writing history in blood of citizens.”

The report stated that the risk of “All-out Civil War” in Syria is more likely if President Bashar Assad remains in power, David Cameron warned yesterday…………anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that the sabre rattling between Cameron, Hague and other diplomats is clearly leading the way for a regime change as occurred in Libya.

Britain once again  spearheaded its approach towards the United Nations with a “fresh push” on a UN Security Council Resolution demanding an end to violence…..the report said that the Prime Minister warned of a “Day of reckoning” for those responsible.

Then we had the UK Ambassador to Syria putting in his two cents of verbal diarrhoea when he stated that he expects President Bashar al Assad will be out of power within a year…….from my perspective that is assuming that their Special Forces and Intel operatives continue to do a good job stirring up the crowd that has now become a British speciality.

The Sky new report which as we all know is Zionist controlled read as follows:

The Ambassador speaking on television for the first time since he was recalled from Damascus last week, Simon Collis said: “The use of force, the use of violence has made it impossible to reach a political solution.

“There has been a hollowing out of support for the regime and it has become quite fragile – it is a bit like a dam that has got cracks in it – when it goes it could go quite quickly.

“Could he hang on until the end of the year? Maybe he could. Will he hang on beyond that? Personally I don’t think he will.”

What he said next certainly caused me concern as to the truth behind his words:

“(Mr Assad) has only got a limited number of troops that he can rely on to shoot their own citizens. A lot of the army is confined to barracks, the conscripts and so on,” Mr Collis said…………what he forgot to mention was the shooting of innocence civilians is not being carried out by Syrian Army but by that of western Special Forces, CIA, MI5/6, Mossad and naturally all the sniper and rebel army soldiers that have been hired and paid for by the west…..not to mention the arms that are currently flowing across the border to support them……..such is the true reality of what’s going on in Syria at this time.

This lying scumbag quoted:  An estimated 7,000 people have been killed since the uprising began more than 11 months ago, according to the United Nations……..how the UN obtained this figure is beyond comprehension and probably came from the rebel army in much the same way as Libya when the same source quoted 6,000……can you see how this is almost a carbon copy of that war with possibly the same inevitable end unless Russian and China stand firm alongside of them.

One must also include some other admissions by our dear Prime Minister, David Cameron who again got caught with his pants down when he had to admit that Britain had provided 2 million pounds to the Syrian Rebel Army in much the same way as he did in Libya!!

The same issue also applies to President Sarkosy, his partner in “War Crimes” who also has backed the same rebel army in both Libya and now Syria.

The BBC once again gave its warped opinion on one particular situation that of the apparent killings in and around the field hospital in the Syrian city of Homs. The report stated that the hospital has been targeted by Syrian Government troops and that civilians are being killed. What the report does not point out that the same snipers that were hired in Libya and now operating within many locations in Syria…….it is their task to disrupt the infrastructure and blame government forces for such incidents with the help of Special Forces, CIA, MI5/6 and Israel’s Mossad operatives.

Just as we saw in Libya there is no accurate reporting taking place on the ground just grossly exaggerated reports on victims by members of the rebel army backed up with very poor quality footage they doesn’t tell you anything.

It is also interesting to note that Baroness Amos is also attempting to gain entry into the ravaged city on humanitarian grounds……..from my perspective Baroness Amos is the last person that I would rely on for a sincere and honest opinion of the true situation.

From my associates perspective (Gordon Bowden) this lady is totally corrupt and has over many years carried out fraudulent dealings. She once was the Secretary of State for the DFID until 2003 and was also leader of the house until 2007. It was our dear Baroness that has been implicated in siphoning off DFID money whilst she was the director of one of the companies  that received aid in Nigeria and no doubt in a sort of nice humanitarian way she could well be at the same game again. Both Gordon and I have already named and shamed the Baroness in our fraud series called “Pandora’s Box.”

It would be an ideal opportunity to turn to the Houses of Parliament now and see if any information regarding the supply of weapons or finance to Syria was ever discussed in Hansard and “Hey Presto” here is one such reference which obviously contradicts the statement made by David Cameron before the house as shown above.

Hansard 29 Nov 2011 : Column WA63


Asked by Lord Stoddart of Swindon

To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether, in their discussions with representatives of the Syrian opposition, they have ruled out any commitment to supply arms or any logistical support to assist them in their attempts to unseat the present regime. [HL13641]

Lord Howell of Guildford: The Government have made no commitment to provide arms or any logistical support to assist the Syrian opposition in their attempts to unseat the present regime.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is engaging with a wide range of Syrian oppositionists inside and outside the country and is encouraging them to maintain a peaceful and non-sectarian approach. We welcome the opposition efforts to unite and provide a clearly defined, shared vision for the future of Syria. We are encouraging Syrian opposition groups to work together towards a Syria which will be democratic, inclusive, 

 29 Nov 2011 : Column WA64

representative, respectful of its ethnic and religious minorities, and which will adhere to international human rights conventions.


 Syria and Bahrain


Asked by Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne

To ask Her Majesty’s Government, further to the Written Answer by Lord Howell of Guildford on 14 September (WA 78-79), what is their “practical assessment” of the situation on the ground in Syria and Bahrain.[HL13443]

The Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Lord Howell of Guildford): The United Nation’s latest assessment is that regime violence against civilians continues despite the Syrian Government’s agreement to an Arab League peace plan. They estimate that over 3,500 people, including 187 children, have been killed and many thousands have been detained since the protests started in March 2011. The most recent unsubstantiated reports estimate that over 300 people have been killed during November alone.

We support the Arab League in its efforts to bring about an end to the killing of Syrian people. The UK has been at the forefront of international action to increase pressure on the Syrian regime to stop the repression. On 22 November an United Nations General Assembly resolution, co-sponsored by 62 countries, including a number of Arab countries, was passed with wide support (122 countries voted in favour) sending a signal of united condemnation of the Syrian regime’s systematic human rights abuses. The resolution calls on the Syrian Government to end the appalling violence and implement the Arab League’s plan of action without delay. As long as the crisis in Syria continues the international pressure on the Assad regime will only intensify.

In the European Union (EU), the UK has been instrumental in imposing nine rounds of EU sanctions against 74 individuals and 19 entities, targeting those supporting or benefiting from the regime and those associated with them. Most recently the EU listed further military, security and intelligence officials leading military operations in Syria. In addition, the EU has moved to prevent any further disbursement of loans from the European Investment Bank to Syria.

It may also be of interest to readers to learn that Russia has added its weight to the Syrian standoff as follows: Russia accused Libya during a U.N. Security Council meeting on Wednesday of running a training centre for Syrian rebels and arming the fighters in their battle to overthrow the country’s President Bashar al-Assad.

“We have received information that in Libya, with the support of the authorities, there is a special training centre for the Syrian revolutionaries and people are sent to Syria to attack the legal government,” Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, told the U.N. Security Council. “This is completely unacceptable … This activity is undermining stability in the Middle East,” said Churkin, who also questioned whether “the export of revolution” was “turning into the export of terrorism.”

Netanyahu – “Just remember everyone, it is Israel that runs politics in this country and the finances of the world and Obama will do as I say.”

Obama – “You arrogant Imbecile just remember you cannot carry out a strike on Iran without my weapons and aircraft and you had better remember they are a significant power to deal with and you could well face extinction.”

Finally in closing we had Netanyahu giving his speech at the AIPAC Conference when he made the following statement: “I will never talk about what Israel will do or can do” and yet at another speech he warned he will not countenance a long delay in launching an attack on Iran’s nuclear sites…….. “ This is not a matter of days or weeks. It is also not a matter of years.”  “The result has to be that the threat of a nuclear weapon in Iran’s hands is removed.” “It is forbidden to let the Iranians get nuclear arms. And I intend not to allow that to happen.”

Sorry Netty what was that you said before you will never talk about what you will do or not do?

So maybe now you can see how hypocritical our Government has been, in particular the rhetoric handed out by Cameron and Hague which continuously keeps back firing on them! Note the underlined statement above which is exactly the same as happened in Libya……….we are game fully stirring up trouble within Syria to force yet another regime change!!!

Zionist controlled Sky News was at it again with the following headlines:

 The bodies of 47 women and children have been found dead after a “massacre” in the Syrian city of Homs, the opposition and activists have said.

The 26 children and 21 women – some bearing stab wounds – were discovered in the Karm el-Zaytoun and Al-Adawiyeh neighbourhoods, according to Hadi Abdallah, a Syrian activist in the besieged central city.

“Some of the children had been hit with blunt objects on their head, one little girl was mutilated and some women were raped before being killed,” he said.

The Syrian National Council (SNC), the main opposition group, has called for an emergency UN Security Council meeting to discuss the “massacre”, which it said took place on Sunday.

However if you want to know the truth just look at the statement made on local TV which is obviously what is happening in reality…… State television blamed “armed terrorist gangs” for the killings, saying they had kidnapped residents of Homs, killed them and then made video footage of the bodies in an attempt to discredit Syrian forces.

These  groups are employed, funded and armed by the west to disrupt Syria…….even our own PM has admitted that he’s funding them!!

There is also evidence that the same thugs that were in Libya are now in Syria, including snipers to take out innocent civilians……we also saw this in Egypt…

Finally it was announced that Cameron and Sarkozy will meet in Paris next week to discuss a possible increase in help to Syrian rebels, including giving them military advice. No doubt Sarkozy will get all the support from his citizens now after the shootings in Toulouse which he and his Mossad counterparts arranged………such is the evil world we live in!!


I could go on forever pointing out our two faced approach to foreign policy but to what avail…….there has always been a master plan to take out seven Islamic countries since 1997 and this was again re enforced in a secret memo leaked to General Clarke the ex Supreme Commander of NATO Europe who was told of this plan during a visit to the Pentagon soon after 9/11 Its all about regime change – divide and conquer. At least Russia and China are keeping them in check with their Veto power!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/3/2012

Events under the French flag in Toulouse were clearly another “False Flag”

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Bravissimo – Some of the highly trained forces that allowed the gunman to leave the bathroom firing two weapons, pass through their lines and jump out of the bathroom window…..the very room he had just left…….rather strange don’t you think? 

Never have I seen such an array of intelligence reports concerning Mohamed Merah suddenly become available to the media whilst the police were still surrounding his bungalow, his house and then his ground floor apartment!!

Didn’t any of you give any thought to the fact that we were being sucked into yet another “False Flag” by being bombarded with so many conflicting stories and in such detail.

Even Britain’s European Foreign Affairs chief Baroness Ashton got involved during her not so busy session in the EU Parliament, just to stir up a few emotions, which deeply upset the Jewish community.

William Hague expressed his horror at the shooting at the Jewish School in Toulouse when he said: “The British Government expresses its deep and sincere sympathy for the families and friends of the victims and for the entire Jewish community in France.” “This act of calculated cruelty will unite all decent people in revulsion and condemnation. There is no excuse for such acts of appalling violence.”

Comments by Baroness Ashton were in my opinion not only balanced but clearly sympathetic towards crimes against all the children of the world. However Israel’s Tzipi Livni spit the dummy and obviously took exception to Ashton’s comments…..so what did the Baroness say that the Israelis found so offensive?

Baroness Ashton speaking at a conference titled “Palestine Refugees in the changing Middle East” (Brussels) said “We remember young people who have been killed in all sorts of terrible circumstances – the Belgian children having lost their lives in a terrible tragedy and when we think of what happened in Toulouse today, when we remember what happened in Norway a year ago, when we know what is happening in Syria, when we see what is happening in Gaza and in different parts of the world – we remember young people and children who lose their lives.”

I am sure you would all agree that her comments were not only compassionate but also very balanced but as you would expect Israel does not like any such killings linked with other events……they like to emphasize that this was purely a Jewish hate campaign!

Livni , whose father was a terrorist,  and who herself was an Intel Operative with Mossad no doubt carried out some pretty gruesome acts in her time was pretty quick to pass comment on Ashton’s statement when she said “a hate crime or a leader murdering his people is not like a country fighting terror, even if civilians are hurt.” Livni added that Ashton’s comment “represents the misconception in the world concerning the State of Israel and the current leadership’s inability to create the appropriate moral distinction.”

Back to the Toulouse “False Flag” incident one can clearly see how this terrible event suddenly became a massive worldwide story with highly detailed coverage as to the background of this apparent “Al Qaeda Jihadist Terrorist” who “Trained with Pakistani Taliban fighters” and was a “Veteran of fighting against NATO forces in Afghanistan”……not bad hey for a young guy of 24 who had made several trips to Pakistan and Afghanistan and who had been under surveillance by the French for some years!!

French Interior Minister Claude Gueant put on a classic “False Flag” performance that would put any Shakespearian actor to shame……his statement were more than melodramatic as he explained how they knew the gunman had hidden in the bathroom and how his special forces had moved in with sophisticated camera equipment to check out the apartment and as they approached the bathroom Mohammed burst out firing two guns in the most fanatical way.

He further explained how one of his battle worn officers (who was used to such incidents), had never witness such an extremely ferocious gunman, who came out of the bathroom firing two weapons. The gunman then burst through the line of heavily armed special police and with guns ablaze jumped out of the bathroom window!!

Let’s just hold it there for one moment……jumped out the bathroom window?……I though he had just come out of the bathroom?

Don’t you find it odd that any Tactical Response Group (TRG) or Special Anti Terrorism Police who knew where he was (according to their Interior Minister) and who were clearly heavily armed and who had surrounded the bathroom allowed an armed offender to even get past the bathroom door……we all know that with their training they take any person out that is armed and firing……what an absolute joke!!!

Let’s again focus on how much information was made available to the world media, even whilst this guy was still being surrounded and also later when the police negotiators where talking to him…….come on world wake up……this was an absolute classic “False Flag” with more than enough detailed history being handed out on the same day as the siege occurred……..even the best of the CIA, MI5 and Mossad would have been pushed to plaster so much intelligence on the front page of the worlds newspapers.

Can one imagine that with the very fine details given one would expect this guy to have been arrested a long long time ago or even now be in Guantanamo Bay….its absolutely absurd that this guy would have been free to roam!!

Maybe it is time to review what they knew about this guy in such a very short period of time and then you will see just how ridiculous this whole event has been and how it ridicules anyone with an ounce of intelligence…….come on you sheep of the world when are you going to see the truth behind these war mongers who want us all to believe that our streets are unsafe and the war against terrorism must go on!!…….There is no Al Quada and never has been…..there are certainly no Islamic terrorist waiting to carry out such attacks  as the Twin Towers or the London Underground……don’t you all see that these events were all inside jobs……yes folks they were all “False Flags” with the heavy involvement of Mossad and the Israeli Government with their Zionist backed Mafia in the US………any of you ever heard of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC)?…..take a look and see who is on the board and who controls this and many other organization in the US.

Do any of you know about the group of Israeli citizens that paraded in New York, dressed in traditional Arabic costumes and who were dancing with joy? Or the other group of Israeli citizens that were stopped and searched by the police on that terrible day and who’s sniffer dogs had detected explosives……that same group told the police you should be looking for Palestinians not Israelis…..two of the group were known Mossad operatives and were held for over 70 hours and released without charge……do you know who they were?……I do and I even have their pictures!!

So what is the apparent background of this so called “Islamic Jihadist Terrorist” –

It is reported (to the media) by the French Interior Minister that Mohammed  had declared he was a “mujahideen” with links to al Qaeda who wanted to avenge the deaths of Palestinian children in Israel………was that Israel or Gaza and West Bank?

It was further stated that he threw his pistol out of the window in return for a mobile telephone…….good trade off don’t you think?

It was around this time that another devout Zionist – President Sarkozy broke off from his election campaign to try and score a few more “browny points” when he said he had spoken with representatives of the French Muslin and Jewish communities and stated that “Terrorism can not  break our community.”

The story of Mohammed continues: Merah, known to French intelligence services, has made trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan in the past and has links with people involved in jihadism and that “Merah’s name can be expected to have come up as he was arrested in Afghanistan in 2010 and as he was French the authorities in Paris will have been informed. It is known he was on the DCRI’s radar.”

It was the French prosecutor handling the case, Francois Molins who said Merah had been to Afghanistan twice and had trained in the militant stronghold of Waziristan.

Even more spin was released to the media when the following points were made known:

His brother, who has been arrested, had been implicated in a network sending fighters to Iraq. A car belonging to him has also been seized after it was said to contain explosives.

Mr Molins told reporters the US army sent Mohammed Merah back to France after he was arrested in Afghanistan. Afghan police apparently detained the man at a road checkpoint and handed him over to the US army “who put him on the first plane headed to France,”

Then back to dear Mr. Gueant who quoted the following: “He explained how he received instructions from Al-Qaeda during his stay in Pakistan, how he had even been suggested to carry out a suicide mission but refused, but accepted to carry out a general mission to commit an attack in France.” Prosecutors have already said that Merah, the suspect, has told negotiators he was trained by the late Osama bin Laden’s Islamist network on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. More very interesting comments from Claude Gueant, the French interior minister. He told TF1 TV that the suspect had received orders from Al-Qaeda but refused their request for him to carry out a suicide attack and that the gunman was given a “mission” for attacks in the country.

Then we had Obama and Sarkozy back on the scene:

US President Barack Obama calls President Nicolas Sarkozy to offer his condolences. The French presidency says in a statement: “France and the United States are more determined than ever to fight together against terrorist barbarism.”

I hope you are all starting to get the picture that this barrage of verbal diarrhea was nothing more than yet another “False Flag” in order to keep up the !War against Terrorism.” That is so vital in their New World Order “Geo Political Plan,”

Just when you thought you had been given so much detailed intelligence about the gunman they went that extra mile to tell you:  Merah from the French prosecutor.said that from mid August to mid October 2011, the suspected gunman visited Pakistan, where he contracted hepatitis A.

It also disclosed that the Police are analysing explosives found in the car of Merah’s brother, a source close to the inquiry says, adding that they consisted of black powder that could be lignite, a slow-burning fuel……..such detail is remarkable when you consider the police were still negotiating with the offender!!.

Then this interesting comment: “The suspect’s lawyer Christian Etelin said he discoverd two years ago that Merah had “suddenly radicalised” and gone to Afghanistan. “I told him that, given his travels, he must be under close police surveillance and that he had better not do anything wrong,” Etelin says. “He did not give the impression that he could become radical and want to start committing acts of such absolute harshness.”

Mohammed  was arrested in Afghanistan’s former Taliban stronghold Kandahar in late 2010 for an unspecified crime, according to a source close to the inquiry…….wow oh wow this gets better all the time!

France’s domestic intelligence agency had tracked the suspect “for years”, Gueant admits, telling journalists: “He had for several years been tracked by the DCRI and its agents in Toulouse, but there was never anything to suggest that he was preparing a criminal act.”

Just to put the icing on the cake the British Israel Communication & Research Centre (BICOM) published there rather biased coverage and stated the following:

Toulouse shooter linked to Jihadi groups

French school shooting suspect Mohamed Merah was jailed for bombings in Afghanistan in 2007, but escaped months later in a jailbreak organised by the Taliban, according to prison documents cited by a top Afghan prison official yesterday.

In December 2007, he was arrested and charged with planting bombs in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province, for which he was sentenced to three years in jail and upon his return to France, Merah was placed on the French authorities’ list of suspected Islamic extremists, according to an intelligence official!!!

So there you have it folks……..clearly this pans out better than any circus you are likely to see around the world…….I am totally lost for words that  officials in the French Government, Police and the French Intel network knew all this and he was able to walk around a free man.

He would not have been released by the US military in Afghanistan for the bombings in Kandahar and even if he had he would have been arrested by the French authorities upon return to France……..this is clearly an absurd story that once again will go down in history as yet another “False Flag.”

Before closing – no matter what your faith one has to show the deepest sympathy for the victims and their families……..whoever masterminded this tragedy remain at large!!

Maybe we could ask Sarkozy, Tzipi Livni or Mossad if they have any idea?


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/3/2012



US, UK, France used WMD’s on Libya everyday

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US – UK – NATO.s way of saving lives in Libya with an array of WMD´s as shown above

The map I drew up (below) shows how the radioactive contamination moves around the globe

This is what we in the west have left behind in Libya

  I am sure for many years to come the people of Libya will always be truly thankful for our intervention

  This Gross Radioactive Comtamination  will remain there for 4.5 billion years

If we all recall the remit for the UN1973 Resolution was to create a now fly zone in Libya, which was established within weeks of the start of the NATO campaign. However, the second reason was to protect the people of Libya and to save lives (or that is what we were led to believe).

We heard Cameron and Hague state firmly the action that had taken place and the reasons behind that action which they said was primarily on humanitarian grounds!

What we in the UK did not understand was the fact that the final outcome was nothing to do with saving lives but rather to get their hands on Libya’s vast lucrative natural resources. The entire campaign became a total blood bath that would leave over 50,000 dead and many many thousands of innocent Libyan civilians would become contaminated with radiation from the weapons used by the coalition forces. The active use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD´s) has basically killed the genetics of Libya, adjacent countries and the world beyond by it’s over excessive use of depleted uranium weapons.

I have lost count as to how many cruise missiles they have fired off to date but I know in the initial stages of the war it was over 300. At one stage, whilst watching this ungodly act of aggression, I counted 18 cruise missiles being fired in just one night……the target was a military compound that just so happened to be right next door to a densely populated district in Tripoli. It was obvious to me at the time that they would be contaminating many thousands of people during this particular onslaught. The radioactive fallout of nano particles would then drift, not only over this area, but also over the entire city and the region beyond. From my perspective I found the use of many Cruise Missiles within this high populated residential district of Tripoli the last straw!!

My question to Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy would now be how many lives do you think you actually saved? I can assure you all that as a direct result of their actions in Libya they have now committed an act of genocide and thus should all be charged with war crimes.

It is clear that with the British media being totally censored we will never fully understand the consequences of this deplorable war that the United Nations had approved and its subsequent use of Weapons of Mass Destruction on the innocent population of Libya with an emphasis on the City of Tripoli. This was not a war to enforce a “No Fly Zone”……..it was a war to force a “Regime Change” which is in violation of UN1973 and in doing so also breaches at least five articles of the Geneva Convention.

To fire over 18 Cruise Missiles (WMD´s) into the heart of Tripoli was certainly an act against humanity to which NATO and its command structure should be placed before the International Court of Justice. It was also a crime that was carried out right under the noses of the United Nations who stood by and did nothing to stop this genocide!!

As we all know it didn´t just stop at the use of Cruise Missiles but also Bunker Busters, JDAM and Hellfire Missiles (as used by the Predators unmanned aircraft and also by the Apache Helicopters) all of which were in violation of the Geneva Convention based on the following criteria:

Depleted uranium weapons are recognized as weapons developed illegally under the Manhattan Project in World War II by the United States Government. Already illegal and in violation of the 1925 Geneva Poison Gas Protocol, in 1943 depleted uranium weapons were described as a “highly mobile indiscriminate killer and permanent terrain contaminant,” recommended for development in the declassified Manhattan Project memo dated October 30, 1943.

It was only a matter of time when the scientist realised the military values of Depleted Uranium (DU) when they stated: “It has pyrophoric properties and may spontaneously ignite at room temperature in air, oxygen and water. These unique properties make it appealing for use in many civilian and military applications”.

The propaganda that has been handed out by the UNEP, WHO, ICRP, IAEA, Governments, DOD’s and many other authorities (not forgetting the pharmaceutical industry) show that, in their opinion , DU is Low Level Radiation and is therefore harmless which actually falls well short of the truth that lies behind its usage. They have all failed to understand the health implications when DU/LLR is inhaled into the body. They have together concocted a trail of deceit and failed in their duty of care to protect the world’s populations.

Because of this mismanagement we now are looking at dramatic increases in many forms of cancer, diabetes, and infertility. Because DU/LLR directly attacks the genetics of our body via our DNA we are witnessing terrible birth defects in babies.

The most complicated of all is the inhalation of nanoparticle aerosols of DU/LLR. Insoluble DU particle deposited in the respiratory bronchioles and alveoli will be cleared much more slowly, and, therefore, would be expected to deliver a higher radiation dose to the lung from alpha radiation. Once DU/LLR has entered the blood and irreversible cycle commences. The tissues in our bodies filter out the depleted uranium particles from the blood and cause a web of diseases called “Gulf War Syndrome”.

It was obvious that when the coalition forces pounded Libya with their WMD´s that the consequences for the people of Libya was going to be catastrophic. In the longer term we are looking here at a progressive slow genocide that is beyond imagination.

Depleted Uranium has a half life of 4.5 billion years and basically can never be cleaned up. It is fact that well over 500 missiles (each containing around 350 kg of DU) in some shape or form amounts to at least 175,000 kg. It takes about 50 tons( 45,359 Kg) of DU contaminated dust to kill 500,000 people so one can see that when you add to this the DU that was also used by the US, UK and France in other forms of munitions such as Bunker Busters, JDAM bombs, other smaller missiles and the rounds fired from attack helicopters etc we are looking at an incredible volume of DU being spread around Libya, other countries and the world beyond.

It is not just a simply case of saying that the coalition forces only breached one violation of the Geneva Convention i.e. The 1925 Geneva Poison Gas Protocol (radioactive poison gas)….they did in actual fact breach at least another four which has been covered in many of my previous articles.

What I find totally unacceptable is the fact that the United Nations is supposed to stand behind any breach of the Geneva Convention and does so with many offenders. However, these gross violations that have been committed by high profile members of the UN are not only totally disregarded but also dismissed.

One need only look at the military plans currently being laid down by the United States, Israel and the United Kingdom in wanting to take action against Iran (and Syria if they can get away with it) shows not only the continued use of Depleted Uranium but also with other very high tech weaponry that will have catastrophic consequences if used.

It should also again be put on record that the United Stages used totally illegal “Tactical Nuclear Weapons” during the Iraq War and also during the Afghanistan War………..it is clear that we have many ongoing breaches of the Geneva Convention as well as War crimes by creating genocide on innocent people.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 3/12/2011 http://www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com

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January 7, 2012 at 02:08

David Cameron “Immensely proud” of action in Libya

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HMS Liverpool fires a shot in anger


I was shocked to read the BBC´s story regarding David Cameron´s new umbrella stand at No10. The headlines read as follows: “Navy shell fired in Libya lands in Downing Street” The shell was presented to David Cameron by the crew of HMS Liverpool, at a Downing Street reception for 120 servicemen and women to honour the armed forces actions in Libya. Mr Cameron said the shell casing was now his “proudest possession”.
When one reads such statements it sends shivers down the spine knowing the truth behind the war in Libya. This forced regime change was meant to save live after a fictitious report by the so called “Rebel Army” had apparently stated around 6,000 dead as a result of Ghadaffi´s onslaught on his own people which we have since learnt was a grossly exaggerated figure.
Why would any person with a balanced mind thrive on such propaganda knowing that as a direct result of our actions in Libya more than 50,000 have now died with many thousands, if not millions, now being contaminated with radioactive nano particles from the weapons used!!
The report went on to say:
He praised all those who had taken part in the military campaign for showing “incredible courage, professionalism and bravery”.
Mr Cameron also stressed the significance of the operation for the people of Libya, helping bring democracy and freedom to the region.
Let´s just hold it there for a minute and analyse these two statements:
I do not consider “Incredible courage, professionalism and bravery exists when British Forces, along with coalition forces bombarded Libya with what we call “Stand off Weapons”……..these are weapons that are released many miles away from the actual conflict area. These standoff weapons can be fired any distance from say 10 miles up to hundreds of miles such as Cruise Missiles, JDAM´s, Bunker Busters and Air to Ground smaller missiles etc. In the case of our submarines….the Cruise Missiles are launched from underwater and totally out of sight, or as in the case of a surface naval vessel, they can be fired from over the horizon or at a range that is invisible to the enemy!! I do not consider therefore Cameron´s statement as being anywhere near to the truth i.e. “incredible courage:”
On the statement regarding democracy and freedom to the region is an understatement………..this forced regime change was certainly not democratic and we will see a similar aftermath as to what happened in Egypt with a temporary “western friendly” government holding office for an indefinite duration until a later rigged election takes place.
It is very clear what Cameron had in mind when he blasted hell out of Libya.
• To stop Ghadaffi from nationalising the oil companies and thus kicking out our own interests and that of the US and France.
• To (through his “cut and burn strategy”) bring many billions of dollars in rebuilding the country he destroyed.
• To implement control of the Libyan oil and gas industry to his own economic advantage and that of the US and France.
In a nutshell we the British have now raped Libya in much the same way as our previous governments had done in Sierra Leone and many other Commonwealth countries.
Having served my time in the Royal Navy I can recall many such incidents that I found distressing when it came to brute force and fire power.
We appear to have lost the ability to fight conventional wars (that is to say if wars are necessary) and have now reverted to using Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD´s) that are fired many miles away from target and create devastation at a level that is sometimes beyond comprehension.
Just imagine that if you fire off a few Cruise Missiles from under the sea at some distance land your weapons can create what can only be described as “Mass Genocide.”
It only takes about 50 tons (45,359 Kg) of DU contaminated dust to kill 500,000 people and I would estimate that the Coalition Forces fired off well in access of 175,000 kg. I would also like to emphasise that this contamination did not just simply stop at the Libyan border.
I studied the upper wind charts during one particular day when the US, UK and France fired off hundreds of Cruise Missiles and found the airflow actually took these radioactive nano particles on a very long journey………the fall-out passed over Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco and another airflow took this same contamination over Spain, Portugal and then out into Mid Atlantic before doing a 180 degree turn back over the UK and Europe………..as they say “What goes around come around.”
My understanding is that any use of WMD´s is in clear breach of at least 5 articles of the Geneva Convention and yet as we have seen this action met with the full approval of the United Nations, the very organisation that is supposed to uphold peace…..it is blatantly clear that Bank Ki-moon himself should be tried for “Crimes Against Humanity” along with his partners in crime Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy!!
Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 10/12/2012

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December 26, 2011 at 14:54

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