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No regrets Tony Blair said he would be prepared to do the job again!!

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Is our ex Prime Minister living in a dream world when he told the London Standard  on the fifth anniversary of his resignation as prime minister that he would be prepared to do the job again!!……..does this man actually live on this planet and truly believe that the British people would ever accept him again?

Maybe we should state a few facts to remind ourselves as what this man is all about and what damage he has done and continues to do to this country.

When Tony Blair took office there was a sense of excitement amongst the citizens of this country, including myself, who thought that we were not only getting a vibrant leader but also a leader who would offer change. I guess on reflection his impact on the people of this country was very similar to that of Obama who also offered change that never actually came.

Tony Blair wiped out John Major during that vital election but in doing so became privy to some very sordid under the table deals that came to light after the demise of Maggie Thatcher and Major…….that information was in regard to a sanction busting trip made by our current Prime Minister, David Cameron to South Africa which to this day continues to send alarm bells ringing around the world.

David Cameron accepted an all-expenses paid trip to apartheid South Africa while Nelson Mandela was still in prison, an updated biography of the Tory leader revealed.

The trip by Mr. Cameron in 1989, when he was a rising star of the Conservative Research Department, was a chance for him to “see for himself” and was funded by a firm that lobbied against the imposition of sanctions on the apartheid regime.

What they did not reveal was that this trip (where was accompanied by Sir Ken Warren) was to purchase three highly illegal nuclear bombs that had been produced by the RSA & Israel and have them shipped to Oman where they were stored in an insecure compound pending possible use against Iraq during the early stages of that conflict.

This extremely fraudulent deal not only misused “British Taxpayers Money” but also managed to siphon off another £17.8 million that went straight into the Tory Party Election Fund.

It was also fact that these same three nukes were re-stolen by the same fraudulent arms dealer (John Bredenkamp) who then sold them on the black market.

It was believed that these weapons did in actual fact (at some stage) turn up in Iraq and that is why Tony Blair went to war as he had been made aware of the “Nuke Deal” upon taking office…….what the British public did not know was that these very mobile weapons (three in number) were rather small and were transferred by road into Syria aboard three separate ambulances and then relocated to unknown destinations……it is also believed that one of these weapons was successfully test fired in North Korea.

So you may ask what has this all to do with Tony Blair……the answer is simple because it was Tony Blair who received £1 million from Bernie Ecclestone (of Formula 1 fame)  as a backhander and disguised as a party donation from a tobacco company.

This became the start of Blair´s career and also the start of his string of war crimes and massive fraudulent deals that continue to this day.

Blair insists that he has learned much in the past five years that would make him a better Prime Minister but what he fails to understand that we, the British public, have also learned a lot about his sordid past over the same period of time and there is no way that he should be allowed to ever enter politics again……….in actual fact had he been any other normal guy in this country he would certainly be serving life in prison for his past and current deals.

During his interview he stated: “I am seeing a lot of the world and I have learned an immense amount in the past five years. One of my regrets is that what I have learned in the last five years would have been so useful to me [as Prime Minister]. Because when you see how the world is developing you get a far clearer picture of some of the issues our country is grappling with.” “What I can do is contribute to the debate, whether it is Europe or the Arab spring or areas to do with economy and public service reform here.”

What this interview did not cover is the fact that Tony Blair is a key player in the Zionist run New World Order and only has his own self interest at heart with a strong desire for him to become the President of Europe for life.

This nearly became a reality when that other ex PM Gordon Brown signed this country over to the EU at the Lisbon Treaty and at the same time sold most of our countries gold bullion to the EU at below cost price…….this combined act was to set the foundation for Blair to take over the “The Throne of Europe” which in actual fact did not transpire owing to his tarnished reputation and the Iraq Inquiry.

It was Blair who told the Iraq Inquiry that he had no regrets at going to war and would do the same thing all over again…….such is the arrogance of this man……..it is also fact that a star witness to this inquiry was not called to give evidence relating to illegal arms dealings which would have clearly put the nail into Blair´s coffin. 

So let´s again remind you all of the crimes carried out by Tony Blair, both past and present and maybe you will all then see that the true Blair is nothing more than a  war criminal and major fraudster who has clearly abused his position as the Middle East Envoy for Britain.

I think the best way to highlight the darker side of Blair is to answer one of his comments when he said: “I think the hardest thing for any political party now is to work out what has really changed since the financial crisis and what hasn’t.”…….well Mr. Blair you certainly hit the nail on the head because it was your regime and your own connections to the New World Order who carefully planned the Financial Collapse in 2008 that was certainly no accident but rather a well orchestrated plan.

Tony Blair has abused his position and has gained much of his current income by fraudulent means in becoming involved in fake or virtual companies…….his visits to 22 Arlington Street (next to the Ritz Hotel) in London has raised much concern between Gordon Bowden and I who have spent years trying to expose this man’s very dark activity………..not to mention that he has also been found  guilty of war crimes for taking us to war and allowing the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD´s) killing millions of innocent civilians that is progressively changing the very DNA of life on earth and the death of our own troops etc.

I found one of his comments extremely offensive which read – “Blair cites Iraq’s growing economy and falling infant mortality rate as potential for a resolution for the country.” He went on to say –  “It will end up with a happy ending but it has to go through what the whole region has to go through, which is to put religion in its proper place and to realise democracy isn’t just a technical system but an attitude of mind,”

Boy oh boy what an absolute lie when one knows the genetics of Iraq has been altered forever and the infant mortality rate is not falling but rising with a massive hike in childhood cancers……not to mention the escalation in bombing in Iraq……….Iraq is certainly not anywhere near to prosperity or stability and the aftermath of Blair´s depleted uranium bombing and shelling campaign will be felt for generations to come.

This imbecile – a Key player in the New World Order and now wishing to take the throne of Europe

Shakespeare would turn over in his grave to know his King Lear was in actual fact King Liar!!


My final comment would have to be that from my perspective Tony Blair´s political career is over and this man should be serving the rest of his life in prison and not in the lap of luxury.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 27/6/2012

UK’s Electoral Commission to investigate Friends of Israel Groups

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Ever guessed who controls  politics in the US, UK and EU?

I find it ironic that for many years Israel (via its many Zionist backed groups) has been funding politics both in the US, UK and Europe for decades.
It is common knowledge that the money available to political candidates and their parties is huge and needless to say terms and conditions apply!!
So how big are these groups and what influence do they carry in manipulating the politics in Britain and the west?
Almost every political candidate and their respective parties have for some time formed an alliance with pro Israeli support groups. As a result of this covert Israeli backed support groups we now have the American Friends of Israel, The European Friends of Israel and here in the UK we have the Conservative Friends of Israel, the Labour Friends of Israel and the Lib Dems Friends of Israel.
The members of these groups tend to pledge their allegiance to Israel over and above that of their own country. If the members of these groups support Israel at all costs then their political future is guaranteed and vast sums of money pour into their coffers.
It is the law of this country that all donations of either cash or in kind are duly reported on formal paperwork to the Electoral Commission and should any candidate or their party violate this law then that candidate can be prosecuted by the police and their position can be regarded as null and void.
I myself was once the advisor for such a candidate and found the ground rules to be very straight forward and fair…….each advisor is briefed by the police on the ground rules associated with an election and it is made very clear that if you violate the rules then you will be charged by the police and the candidate will lose their position………..what is ironic in today´s rat race is that vast sums of money are required to run for election and consequently the system is now totally corrupt.
Israel and many Zionist groups now almost totally support all the leading candidates making it impossible to get anyone in office that is not Pro-Israeli. It is this type of financial support that sets a very dangerous political precedence that can cause this country to go to war against another country that may not be user friendly towards Israel i.e. Syria and Iran for example.
What can occur and does occur is the fact that it does not matter who you vote for now days because one can almost guarantee that the candidate you select is more than likely a very devout supporter of Israel and its foreign policy.
It is common fact that most of the politicians that join the Friends of Israel political groups are frequently sent to Israel for an all expenses paid visit where they are entertained and further brain washed into supporting Israeli…..needless to say that part of that visit frequently involves a visit to the Israeli towns that border Gaza where they are shown the rockets (fireworks) that are fired over the border………what they do not see are the regular incursions carried out by the IDF into Gaza and the ongoing regular airstrikes. The latter involves WMD´s.

If one takes the time to investigate the politicians who visit The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House, London) you can listen to their verbal Diarrhea or spin when they make their speeches/pledges in support of Israel. They are sometimes so intense it can almost make you throw up!!
One must have total admiration for such political figures as Baroness Jenny Tonge who at one stage almost lost her political career by supporting the people of Palestine and now obviously will come under close scrutiny again by the Pro Israeli lobby group.
Jenny Tonge a member of the House of Lords has alerted the Commission to the lack of transparency over how Zionist support groups are funded. Tonge’s letter draws attention to apparent omissions in the information that the “friends of Israel” groups within Labour and the senior government party, the Conservatives, have submitted to the Commission. Under legislation dating from 2001, all donations exceeding £7,500 ($11,600) to “member’s associations” within political parties have to be disclosed.
She has been very critical of Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) donations regarding British Politicians trips to the Middle East and also of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) donations. I also noted some years ago that the Lib Dems Friends of Israel were also helping politicians to visit the region…..all of whom enjoyed a very lavish stop-over in Israel.
Tonge went on to say ““The Commission surely has an obligation to examine their finances, together with those of Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel, to ensure that they have not failed to declare any donations above the threshold, as it does seem remarkable to have this level of expenditure without significant donations from groups or individuals.”
From my perspective it is extremely dangerous for any British Politician to be bribed by Israel or any Zionist organisation in return for supporting Israel and its deeply flawed foreign policy.
On must remember that it was Israel who first sent their nuclear scientist to South Africa to help develop that countries nuclear weapons programme all of which was totally illegal and against the UN embargo on South Africa.
It was Israel who allowed South Africa to develop 10 “Battlefield Ready Bombs” and who assisted in the successful test firing of one of those weapons at Prince Edward Island. It was also the US and British Governments who knew of this development and said nothing, despite this under the table deal.

As a direct result of our politicians support of Israel they were allowed to develop their own nuclear weapons programme in the Middle East that is now out of control and totally unchecked.
As a footnote to the development of the South African nuclear programme it was our own current Prime Minister (then aged only 24) who helped secure illegally three of those weapons (with Sir Kenneth Warren).
It was by gross neglect that those same three illegally purchased nuclear weapons were stolen by the same arms dealer (John Bredenkamp) who sold them to Britain from their insecure compound in Oman and later resulted in an all out war with Iraq. It should also be pointed out that our dear David Cameron managed to siphon off 17.8 million pounds of tax payer´s money into the Conservative Party Election Fund……….perhaps now it is easy to see the dangerous precedence that can occur when you totally support Israel. Dr. David Kelly was assassinated because he knew all about the South African deal and the three missing nukes!!

When one adds the activity of Britain Israel Research Centre (BICOM) who continuously praise Britain for its support for Israel and its stance against Iran one can clearly see that our government is certainly not carrying out the wishes of the British people.
It would also be relevant to mention the activity of the Community Security Trust (CST) who are listed in the UK as a charity and who clearly are not!!!! In my opinion this charity should be reclassified as a Security Company that guard/protects the interests of Israel. One could also challenge their true identity as being on par with Mossad and who offer security to many Jewish events and act as an investigative agency with direct feeds into the British Home Office.
Historically this is not the first time that attempts have been made to investigate the Israeli influence in British politics………a similar stance was taken at the beginning of 2008 by a high profile group of academics when the following was stated:
A UK group has vowed to continue the fight against the corrupting influence of Israel lobby groups on the British government after Parliament’s sleaze watchdog, the Committee on Standards in Public Life, which is itself infiltrated by Israel apologists, turned down their request to investigate the influence of Israel lobbies on government.

The three main political parties in the UK each have a “Friends of Israel” lobby group that ensures pro-Israel members are embedded at all key levels in Parliament and government. It could also be deemed unlawful for such groups to have this type of control over our political system and certainly could be classified as an act of treason in relation to the constitution of this country that clearly states that no control of this country can be offered to any other foreign state……..I guess one could add the very existence of the EU as also being in breach of our constitution!!
One should analyse the words of Dr. Liam Fox who was a devout member of the Conservative Friends of Israel:
“We must remember that in the battle for the values that we stand for, for democracy against theocracy, for democratic liberal values against repression – Israel’s enemies are our enemies and this is a battle in which we all stand together or we will all fall divided.”
I wonder just how much Israeli money fell into his back pocket for making such a statement.
The Zionist have now penetrated so deeply into government (including the Standards Committee) that it is now almost impossible to raise such issues.
I am disgusted with our government’s approach towards Israel (both past and current) and also in the role Israel plays in their attempts to also control the politics of the US and the EU……..how can such a small country have such a huge control of the World……..I guess it all comes back to the theory that “whoever controls the finances of the world controls the world”
We can surely thank the Rothschild’s, the Rockefeller´s and all current Zionist groups such as The Bilderberg Group, Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, The Bank of England, The Reserve Bank of America and all the Banking and Financial Institution in Wall Street and the City of London for the way corruption has now clearly taken over British US and EU politics – “The True Axis of Evil.”
Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 2/1/2012

Brussels allows UK higher fish quota….How very nice of them!!

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Should the UK say thank you to the European Union for increasing it fishing quota or is it a case of “thanks for nothing”?

Maybe we in the UK have a very short memory when it comes to remembering the strength of our fishing industry before getting involved in the European Union.

One of the hardest hit was Scotland who were once the backbone of the fishing industry and other ports in England such as Grimsby and Hull thrived on what was then a very lucrative industry.

Fishing had been the mainstay of the UK dating back many centuries and believe it or not managed to balance the harvesting of the seas whilst maintaining healthy fish stocks in balance with the rate of exploitation.

In 1970 this was to change rather dramatically when we allowed our sovereign waters to be controlled from Brussels and our fishing industry was decimated once and for all.

For Scotland this move resulted in an economic, environmental, ecological, social and cultural disaster.  The direct results for Scotland have included almost 100,000 job losses and an annual loss of wealth creation of the order of ₤1,500 million. 

The European Union’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), dating from 1970, basically consists of an agreement between the then six members of the European Economic Community (EEC) that fishing vessels belonging to member states would have free and equal access to the waters of all other members (Directive 2141/70, later replaced by 101/76). The clear purpose was to gain unrestricted access to the rich (being strictly conserved) fish stocks of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Norway, which together with Denmark had just applied to join the EEC.

It had nothing to do with fish management or conservation but rather the opposite when it opened up a floodgate of foreign trawler who began the exploitation of our once lucrative and well managed waters. It basically gave our fish stocks to other powerful commercial interests in other member states and thus started the decline in the well conserved Norwegian, UK and especially Scottish waters. It was only then a matter of time when the EU global ambitions expanded and took control of the surrounding seas which then became the last nail in the coffin.

In 1973, apart from open access, there was no EU fisheries “policy” as such.  However, after it became obvious that free access to the fishing grounds for all was going to have disastrous ecological and economic effects, an enormous complex of rules and quotas was drawn up in a futile attempt to correct the damage – but without addressing the root cause of the damage. The Common Fishing Policy that was then implemented only made matters worse.

We were later to find the EU, yet again, wishing to expand its authority when it abolished the three mile limit and allowed European fleets into our national Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and depleted inshore fish stock.

The owners of larger Scots pair trawlers and pursers felt they should harvest the coastal stocks before Continental vessels caught them. The British government completely failed to institute local fishery management schemes as it had in effect conceded fishery management authority to Europe.  What became evident next was that all the smaller fishing entities around the coast lost their access to what was once well stocked inshore waters and collapsed along with the rest of the UK fishing industry.

I guess what we are seeing now is a British Government that appears to be praising itself for its latest round of achievement in Brussels and yet it was a Conservative Government under the control of Edward Heath who took us into the EEC. We must also give some credit years later to the work of the “Iron Lady” herself, Maggie Thatcher, who arrived on the scene with her ex US Neoliberalism Policy to destroy what was left of what were once very proud stand alone industries that had placed Britain in the forefront of technology.

Let´s now look as to what our illustrious politicians have achieved during their diplomatic wrangling over in the EU……….the headlines said it all:   

“UK fishing fleets get higher fish quotas but less time at sea.”

The British government says it achieved victory for the UK fishing industry in the annual Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) negotiations……you will note that was the formation of the original CFP that killed off our fishing industry back in the 1970´s.

Fortunately we had our usual partners in crime France and Germany on our side who helped twist the arm of the EU regulators but maybe there was some hidden trade off that is yet to surface!!

Maybe you have not been following this “very fishy deal” but at one stage it was intended to cut the cod fisherman’s time at sea to just four day a fortnight.

The National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) – which represents fishermen in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – claims there are 12,000 fishermen employed on around 7,000 boats in the UK. It´s CEO stated that “The casual observer would never guess that the stocks advice from the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas for this year paints the most positive picture for more than a decade.”

It became clear that the existing CFP was overstepping its authority with harsh and outdated policies and once again the Scottish Fishing Industry was the hardest hit, especially in cod fishing.

Scotland has always had great respect for a balanced fish stock and had in place a programme based on article 13 of the Cod Recovery Plan that allows boats to fish if they are practising “cod avoidance measures”, such as eliminator trawls, which allow effective fishing for haddock and whiting while eliminating cod from the catch.

It is clear that boats will be confined to ports for longer making it harder to cash in on rises in fish quotas and Scottish Fisheries Minister Richard Lochhead said big challenges remain. Bertie Armstrong, chief executive of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, criticised the cuts in days at sea, which is estimated to be between 15% and 25%. “This is a bitter blow for our fishing fleet, which is now going to struggle to maintain economic viability under the impact of these totally unwarranted cuts.”

The UK government’s fisheries minister Richard Benyon said allowable catches for a number of species would go up next year. Fishermen in the north-east of England, for example, will be able to double their quota of herring. The amount of haddock that can be caught off the west coast of Scotland will treble.

Mr Benyon said: “After two days of tense and frustrating negotiations, I am delighted to have secured the best deal possible for the UK fishing industry and ensure the future sustainability of our fish stocks.

I guess we come back to the question and ask ourselves what benefit have we gained from joining the original EEC and the current EU?

We have proven that before the existence of the EU we had a very lucrative and well managed fishing industry with an equally well balanced fishing stock. Had we retained our own sovereignty of the high seas and a strict Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) we would be in a far better position than this current dictorial EU CFP.

Had we stayed out of the EU we would still have some very famous companies still thriving in their Research and Development (R&D) and High Tech Industries with a string of orders……..what we now see is that tenders now go into the EU and are undercut or through some under the table wheeling and dealings find these once very proud companies going under………if one take the City of Derby as an example one can see that a city that once thrived at the heart of the industrial revolution is now almost dead in the water and only Rolls Royce Aero engine Division and the Marine Nuclear Division remain.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 17/12/2011





Written by Peter Eyre

December 18, 2011 at 02:23

Pandora’s Box opens up more grime and slime

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The state of British Politics is at an all time low!!

For three decades now we have been run by a pile of corrupt and fraudulent morons!!!

Never in British History has this country stooped to such a low level of management since the “Iron Lady” – Maggie Thatcher took the helm (excluding the Victorian era when our country ravaged and raped the world).

From the above moment and up to the current time we have been deceived by a corrupt and fraudulent government who by their own actions should be put behind bars for life.

They have deceitfully caused major areas of conflict around the world, killed and maimed millions of innocent people (including our own troops), fuelled other countries by helping them in their war effort in providing them with nuclear technology and chemical and biological warfare (as was the case in the Iraq – Iran War). One cannot forget what Saddam did to the Kurdish people in Halabja to which both the US, UK and many other nations contributed.


The scenes after the gas attack on Halabja in March 1988 that killed 5,000 Kurds. Our country helped build the Chemical and Biological Weapons Labs in Iraq and provided them with technical know how!! 

They have sanctioned the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen, Somalia, Libya with Syria and Iran in their gun sights.

They have contaminated vast tracts of land in all of the above countries with radioactive particles that have a half life of 4.5 billion years, knowing the health danger to their citizens and that of our own troops.

They have all therefore been an accomplice to mass genocide at a level never seen before, making the Holocaust appear rather miniscule by comparison and yet they seek to pursue other leaders for war crimes when they themselves are guilty in the first degree.  

They have all carried out an act of treason by allowing our country to be taken over by the European Union and joined an evil network called the New World Order whose main ambition is to depopulate the world at a level one cannot even comprehend.

They have raped many third world countries of their natural resources and have in place a master plan:

  • To take control of the worlds natural resources
  • To take control of the markets for those resources
  • To take control of the sea lanes and transit routes for those resources

They promote wars and conflict in order to increase their income from the sale of military hardware, weapons and software and in doing so increase the price of oil and gas which feeds more money into their pockets.

They are in bed with the corporate sector and the banks to allow massive fraud, amounting to billions of pounds each and every year by way of asset stripping and creating non existent virtual/shell companies to rip off/bankrupt potential investors. They allow the banks to provide loans (some unsecured) to non existent companies to develop non existent mines or non existent oil fields and then allow this to turn into toxic debt.

They then bail the banks out and pass that toxic debt onto the ordinary man in the street (tax money) and at the same time implement severe austerity measure. They implement an increase in taxes for an indefinite duration and cut back on public sector services…….this means that you pay more taxes for services you do not receive or that no longer exist.

They allow, what were once famous British names, to fall by the wayside and allow the companies to fall into foreign hands, eliminate the local workforce by making them redundant and then allow their partners in crime (the banks) to do a foreclosure on their houses.

You must all understand that the world financial meltdown was no accident….it was a well orchestrated plan by the New World Order (NWO)….they have the ability to take out any company or country and then to force those countries to inherit a World Bank/IMF bailout with their pre conditions of severe austerity measure……..Ireland, Portugal, Greece is a typical example on how to do this…..who next Spain or Italy? 

The spin off from all of this is what we have seen in the Middle East – The Arab Spring…..where people take to the street in mass to protest at their hardship i.e. unemployment and rising prices etc….it is at this vulnerable time that the New World Order infiltrate those countries with special forces, secret service operatives to stir up the crowd and in some cases provide the snipers to take out a few innocence victims or create a “False Flag” incident.. What the public do not realise is that this is all about forcing regime change and for them to plant their own western friendly governments in situ……Egypt is a classic example of this where democracy still does not exist and a government is still not installed……..once can also see the same scenario in Libya whereby our country illegally forced a war in order to stop Gadaffi from nationalising the oil companies in order to keep the wealth in the country.

 I could write a book on this subject but maybe it is better to name and shame these scumbags that are raping this country and making it almost become a third world country where 1 in 3 children are living below the poverty line…….you can imagine our future whereby we all will become slaves to this ever growing police state, unemployment at an all time high and people relying on the state for hand outs……..this is what our government wants………oh and lets not forget the control that Israel and the Zionists have on all political leaders and their parties….. Who’s leader pledge allegiance to Israel rather than to the United Kingdom…….this is treason at its highest level.

So let’s now reflect again on what this is all about:

It has been evident that since the Pandora’s Box series was first published many corrupt politicians and other fraudulent people have been experiencing what can only be described as a panic attack or a heart flutter!!!

I guess the entire series would not have been so interesting if it wasn’t for the fact that there are so many past and current politicians so deeply involved in fraud. Without this illustrious gang of thieves the box would be empty.

These people that we have elected into office have been involved in not only massive fraud but also illegal arms trading including Nuclear Weapons and Chemical and Biological Warfare otherwise known as Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

They have created false incidents (false flags) such as 7/7 or have hidden behind a false facade of humanitarian assistance in such places as Somalia, Yemen, Libya (and soon to be Syria) in order to go to war.

Their fraud has involved them in the upper levels of the corporate sector, including the banks. They have allowed the executive of banks and companies to asset strip their companies and then having bailed them out allowed those same executives to take over another bank to carry on with their business as usual. The Serious Fraud Office, political leaders and their local representatives all know about this (evidence on hand to prove this) but have done nothing.

They have used tax payer’s money to illegally purchase three South African tactical nuclear weapons and then allowed them to be stolen and sold on the black market. A similar story existed over in the United States when again some nuclear weapons went missing and were also sold on the black market……..yes you read right nuclear weapons allowed to go missing and sold to other nations…….two of the above batch of bombs have already been test fired in North Korea.

All the wars and conflicts in more recent times have all been  part of their own “Geo Political” master plan……..Libya being a prize example on how to deceive the world into believing that Gadaffi was a very bad man and had to be removed…….what the media do not tell you is that Gaddaffi was about to receive an award for the efforts he had made in bringing his country into a prosperous period and what he had done for his people…….yes Gadaffi was corrupt but what he did for Libya is beyond words.

The UK (with the help of the US and France) then used the standard humanitarian excuse that the Gadaffi regime must be stopped. I think a figure of around 6,000 were reported to have been killed by Gadaffi…if did not say if these were soldiers or civilians….it was just a general figure given and yet since the US, UK, France and NATO attack on Libya the death toll is well over 50,000 and yet they said that this war was all about “Saving Lives”…..and yet they have literally “Nuked Libya”

Maybe you would all find it hard to believe that the war crime statistics for Libya were given to the United Nations (prior to the so called “No Fly Zone” Resolution and subsequent war) by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Europe. The foundation of this data had previously been given to the ICC by non other than the Libyan Trans National Council Prime Minister. This evidence was only “Hearsay” and no documentation was ever provided to the ICC or UN to substantiate the claim.

It is obvious that just like the UK’s reason for going to war with Iraq the case was, as they say, “sexed up” to create a false illusion and just like Iraq mass genocide has now taken place…….you will note that the final death toll in Libya since the NATO attack will never be known…..not to mention the ongoing deaths that will occur as a direct result of NATO’s Depleted Uranium contamination of the country.  

One must never allow any politicians or any other high ranking officials involved in any of the above to escape justice. It is fact that had the International Court of Justice been a sincere organisation (and not a puppet run by the UN) we would have seen a totally difference outcome.

In relation to massive fraud and paedophilia we again see that a huge cover-up exists and that the Police or the Serious Fraud Office have not done their job correctly, otherwise, many of them would now be in prison (some for life) for a multitude of offences covering massive fraud, breaching the Nuclear Explosions Act, breaching the Official Secrets Act and in some cases for their involvement in paedophilia.

War crimes must head the list as a direct result of their  concocted stories that have taken us to war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and those same individuals are all now trying to invent another false flag so that they can attack either Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Iran.

So lets again revisit some of the current and past politician’s that have either taken us to war, committed a crime against humanity or had their sticky fingers in the Bank of England purse. Obviously in some case the police have been given very long lists of those involved  in the above areas and have not only done nothing about it but also protected those in office, both in the Houses of Parliament and in the House of Lords.

It is time to yet again name names and allow the public to decide their fate….this list does not accuse all those named in all of the above but I can say that in some cases they are repeat offenders.

The three illegally purchased nuclear bombs

Before going into who were allegedly involved, we have to stress that on the other side of the pond there were others involved in another behind the scenes operation. George Bush and Dick Cheney were the star players along with many others involved who between them also lost three nukes and never told a soul!

There are many actors involved in this classic case of cross neglect. These ruthless men took advantage of a weak United Nations by carrying out under the table deals with a country that was under an embargo (South Africa). They made significant sums of money out of the deal and that money belonged to the British Taxpayer. The final straw was when they allowed the Nuclear Bombs to be stolen from their insecure compound in Oman!!!

A delegation from the Conservative Party went to South Africa in the summer of 1989 to negotiate the purchase of three South African Battlefield Bombs (Part of a batch of 9). The deal involved Maggie Thatcher and other members of the Conservative Party, DTI, MOD, a British Company, a South African Company, The Arms Dealer John Bredenkamp (via his company Casalee) and several private investors, one being Mark Thatcher. Other members of the Conservative Party were also involved or implicated.

 The three bombs were acquired and transferred to Oman without security and put in private storage (yes private storage) and were then stolen by the same man who sold them, John Bredenkamp .

On the Labour Party side Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and others were also implicated in that money was received and they all knew the situation in regard to Iraq both before and after. More recently at the Chilcott Iraq Inquiry they all hid vital evidence. The inquiry was a staged event to clear the names of leading figures that were in office at the time.

It is therefore the purpose of this article to look behind the scenes of these events as they unfolded and show that none of the current leaders, past and present are worthy of representing any position of authority and should in actual fact be under investigation by MI5/6, the Serious Fraud Office and police or better still be in prison.

 So how did they manage to conceal this clandestine operation, who got the backhanders, how were the weapons disguised and shipped and what were the repercussions from this deeply flawed operation.

It will soon become apparent that this extremely serious crime went terribly wrong resulting in the deaths of millions of innocent civilians and thousands upon thousand of coalition troops. The long term damage to world health and the environment is so horrendous it is almost beyond words.

Let’s start with that trip to South Africa in the summer of 1989 and look at who was involved. Margaret Thatcher set everything in motion and David Cameron (a young 24 year old researcher) became her messenger. It is alleged that he was accompanied by Kenneth Robin Warren (now Sir Ken), who was the only technically minded person within the party who could assist Cameron and also Dr David Kelly. One also hears of the involvement of other Conservatives such as David Wiltshire, Ken Clarke, Peter Lilley and many others.

 Cameron’s trip to South Africa was paid-for by Armscor who had the covert stock of Hiroshima-style atomic bombs in-stock and for-sale at Pelindaba. It was believed that many other investors were involved in this under the table and highly illegal deal. Maggie Thatcher’s son Mark Thatcher, Heseltine, Rifkind, Dorrell and McAlpine all had some involvement. Obviously John Major was also involved having taken over from Thatcher…….all in all our political elite had truly compromised the security of the United Kingdom and the world.

Apart from the middle man, arms dealer John Bredenkamp, others were involved on the Astra side of things. The company was under the control of Gerald James who in some respects may not have been the person doing all the wheeling and dealing. It is believed that Stephen Kock may have played the star role in the purchase of the South African nukes. Kock belonged to MI6 and was planted into Astra to run covert arms deals etc. It was only prior to the Matrix Churchill Trial that it became evident that Gerald James had much to say about this deal and was called to give evidence. Needless to say the trial was sabotaged and Gerald James was not given an opportunity to reveal his vital money trail (which was contained on Page 6 of his spread sheets).

Last but not least we have dear Dr. David Kelly (the man who knew too much!). He was deeply involved in the purchase of the three battlefield nuclear bombs and it was his responsibility to ensure their safe passage from Durban to Oman, receive them, check their status upon arrival and sign them off as having arrived in Oman in a safe condition (having inspected the nukes via a special hidden inspection window for core temperature etc).

It was the Iron Lady herself who signed the falsely completed Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR); this document listed them as three cylinders (One in each of the three standard 20 foot sea containers) rather than nuclear bombs. Obviously Peter Lilley, Kenneth Warren and others knew but kept this information close to their chests. This also meant that the normal full security measures for transport of nuclear weapons did not apply as it all had to be covertly hidden under the table.

Can one imagine that at this particular time the United Nations and the world had imposed a total ban on visiting and trading with South Africa and yet Cameron and Co had violated that and at the same time negotiated with South Africa and the US to take 3 of the 9 nuclear bombs. The UN was never aware of the fact that South Africa had a thriving nuclear industry and had manufactured 10 weapons in total with the help of Israel. This was clearly a breach of the UN regulations which certainly constitutes as being a serious crime. The US likewise did not declare this fact and also did not report that three of their own nuke missiles were also stolen. The arms dealer who sold the US SRAM nuclear missiles on the black market was Bill Rautenbach another friend of John Bredenkamp. Rautenbach who generously received 8.5 kg of gold bullion for his efforts in the US Scam.

John Bredenkamp                            Billy Rautenbach

Back to the UK nukes story:

As a result of this deal the money was transferred from the government coffers into the Astra account and then it went offshore to a bank in Jersey for distribution to all parties concerned. At this stage it must be pointed out that 17.8 million pounds of the British Taxpayers money was diverted as commission into the Conservative Party Funds to support the next election drive. As we all know Thatcher was kicked out and Major took over. One can just imagine the trust that the British people have put in the next possible Prime Minister, David Cameron. He has put our nation at great risk, along with all the other gangsters and at the same time siphoned off huge amounts of our money……this 17.8 million became a hot topic in the Houses of Parliament when accountability was requested for this mysteries donation as follows:

Tory funding of their 1992 General Election Campaign –

Origins of Mystery Donation of £17.8 millions:

If we can recall HANSARD 22nd June 1993 we can find the following:

Column 197

Mr. Hoyle: If the hon. Gentleman will allow me, I shall tell him what information is now given to us. We understand the expenditure and what Tory central office receives. In 1992, central office received £20.7 million. When we asked about that and about company donations, the Tory party told us to look at company accounts.

I repeat: in 1992, the Tories received £20.7 million. When the records were checked by Companies house, only £2.9 million was shown in company accounts. That means that there is a deficit of £17.8 million. We want to know where that £17.8 million came from………………so now we all know of its origin….commission for the sale of the nuke weapons from South Africa (Tax Payer’s money). It is also fact that Margaret Beckett MP also knew of this situation but did nothing

As we can see this is another extremely serious crime!

We can now turn to the Labour Party who also have lots of dirty washing to hang out over this arms deal. As I have said, John Major took the helm after Thatcher and also was deeply involved in this issue but his reign was short lived when he gave way to the notorious Tony Blair, one of the front runners in the New World Order.

Bernie Ecclestone, of Formula 1 fame, also deposited one million pounds into Tony Blair’s account that was written off as a donation from the tobacco industry but in actual fact was part of the nuke commission….no doubt Bernie got his cut for doing this. Tony Blair tried to return it but to no avail……he must have tried really hard!

Remember that now we have Blair and that terrible adviser Alistair Campbell trying to sex up the Iraq Dossier with poor Dr. Kelly sitting there right in the middle. David Kelly knew everything about the nukes that had been stolen and he also knew the status of things in Iraq, having been part of the inspection team. Kelly repeatedly told Blair that their was no justification for going to war with Iraq over WMD. Tony on the other hand, having spent much time with Bush, wanted a regime change and was looking for justification…hence the WMD claim.

Kelly became extremely upset with Blair and his team and was about to uncover this long trail of rot that started in South Africa and ended up in the bowels of No 10 Downing Street. That is why poor David was assassinated and the government have since put the lid on any future inquiry for 70 years of so. I think you could also add to the assassination list Lady Di, Ex Foreign Secretary – Robin Cook and maybe even the ex Chief Constable of Manchester……..one other historical name that comes to mind is that of Sir John Alec Biggs-Davison a devout Catholic and supporter of the Northern Ireland Campaign.

Back to illegal arms dealings etc:

Now we have the fact that other members of the Labour team knew all about these goings on, including Blair’s replacement, Gordon Brown. Doesn’t it appear strange that lots of Knighthoods and other prestigious positions were being handed out like small change? Was this to keep them from spilling the beans or to cover up the money trail etc.

So now we have the Chilcott Inquiry (Iraq Inquiry) that must go down as one of the best orchestrated Shakespearian Plays yet to be staged. Everyone attending this inquiry would probably have had access to the questions to be asked and accordingly came loaded with ready to reply answers that were so perfectly written.

What I find incredible is the fact that one major star witness was not called to provide evidence before the team….that being a lady (Ms Andrea Davison) who had worked within the bowels of the government investigating the very issue this inquiry is all about….that being illegal arms dealings and the reason for going to war. One would also have to turn to our current PM, David Cameron, Sir Kenneth Robin Warren, and, if he were still alive, Dr David Kelly for input in this area.

The Chilcot Inquiry took on a totally different look when a stream of puppet men or yes men offered their allegiance their Rt Hon Leaders Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Most spent the entire session kissing butts and telling everyone how good they were and how well their leaders had performed during very difficult times!!

Then the star cast arrived (Tony and Gordon) who obviously as a result of their own arrogant and self esteem treated the inquiry as a launch platform for the forthcoming election. It was clear that both wanted to clear their names of any wrong doing, despite the fact that both are guilty of giving false evidence. I also believe that this was a major thrust by Gordon Brown to get the King (Tony Blair) placed on the throne in the EU as soon as possible and remove the current pathetic caretaker.

Again we see two very senior political figures who are seeking positions of grandeur being guilty of many crimes…..Blair topping the list as being guilty of War Crimes and if WMD’s, was a valid reason for going to war, then he went to war with the wrong country because the three nukes that were in Iraq for a short duration were moved by road into Syria aboard three well camouflaged ambulances! One must also assume that many others members of Government were aware of this situation or have themselves been guilty in their own duty of care!

So there you have it…..a long list from the rogues gallery who to all intents and purposes should be in prison now or at least removed from public office as being unfit to represent the people of this country, who put their trust in them. Oh and before closing the list one must also add another senior member of the Liberal Democrats who was in office at this critical time and whose finger allegedly tested the pie…Paddy Ashdown.

The fact that millions of innocent civilians have died and continue to do so and the fact that our own coalition soldiers have succumbed to their evil greed is beyond words.

The final straw is the fact that the leaders and governments of the US, UK, EU and Israel all fully understand the highly dangerous use of using weapons that contain uranium components. This has been spelt out very clearly in legal documents on both sides of the pond and thus means that they are accomplices to genocide on a huge scale. This process started in the Balkans and then went on to Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza and Pakistan. It is also clear that these same weapons are being used in Somalia and Yemen. The spin off from this unthinkable crime is never ending because depleted uranium for instance has a half like of 4.5 billion years.       

It is clear that now Libya has fallen victim to the same radioactive assault by the US, UK, France and NATO with Syria and Iran now in their gun sights

What is extremely sad about this progressive genocide of the entire Middle East and the world beyond is the fact that you, the reader, just look at these stories and do nothing…..for that reason alone you also are guilty of a crime against fellow human beings.

DU Explosions in Libya – This is how we at NATO save lives!!

And this is what we at NATO leave behind

This “Wanted for Crimes against Humanity” article is meant to be hard hitting in the hope to wake people up against the New World Order’s advancement. Remember they are few in number and yet we, the billions in the world, do nothing…….I beg you to retrieve your country from the tentacles of this scum and show your concern by only voting for those that will stand up and stop this madness. If you all sit on yours hands then what will be will be.

I will now dedicate the rest of this story to that of Governement Fraud including very senior MP’s and House of Lord’s members, their respective parties and reveal our governments inability to deal peodophila….this includes our past and current leaders i.e. Blair, Brown and Cameron who have done nothing to stem the rise of peodophilia in this country despite being given information from the FBI and also a file from Ms Andrea Davison and many others throughout this country.

Firstly we will now list all those who may be implicated in massive fraud….this list is compliments of Mr. Gordon Bowden who has spent many years researching the topic and you will clearly see the size and extent of the fraudulent activities linked to our political elite:

Start of Gordons communication:




(Something to start with)




Where it went.


WHO are some of the VIP Rt Hon Gents and Ladies,  names involved with a common group of Directors who criminally conspired to asset strip their companies, further asset stripping of BANKS, Financial Institutions and Private Investors, names of those who operated with a recorded network of common front directors playing “Musical Chairs.” Moving in rotation within interconnected Companies.


Listing, de-listing, name changing after financial collapse, reverse takeovers, and remorphing to start again and again with renewed cash raisings, devalued share listings by the continued issue of more company shares, revolving credit funds and morgages from Banks and fund raising from PI’s who have bought their worthless “Penny Stock” shares in their “Virtual” fraud Director Only shell Companies.


Purchasing worthless  so called Undervalued “Acquisitions” OWNED and under the control of the Parent Company and it’s Directors, that then Manipulate their, Old mineral stripped, abandoned, flooded, care and maintenance piles of junk, that are only designed to be operated, not as genuine investment projects but as “Vehicles” for Fraud, theft, money laundering Cash Shells, bought for a few quid then promoted on Cash Raising “Road Shows” as “Undervalued” Capital Venture money Multi baggers on the UNAUDITED, LIGHTLY REGULATED AIM London Stock Exchange.


The “Bonus”

The Directors with their optional Company Shares run “Insider Trading Rings” manipulating their “Virtual” Companies share prices on the Stock Exchanges by the release of False and Misleading RNS Corporate information to the shareholders.


The AIM, the CASINO and “Washing Machine” for Organised crime and Money Laundering.


“Book 1 of 5”


Politicians, Grandees, VIP’s and the Funding of the Conservatives and Labour Party, lining their own pockets as Non Exec Directors in Oil & Gas and “Virtual” Mining Companies. Operating and De-listed Financially collapsed PONZI Scam fronts.


Below, a selection of Companies that if placed under the Microscope would lead ALL those named facing long prison sentences for INTERNATIONAL ORGANISED CRIME.


Lets start with an ex  LEADER:



Other than:

Northern Racing Ltd

LUUP Limited

LUUP International Ltd


The Fraud Fronts I implicate he is lining his pockets with are:


SILVER DRAGON RESOURCES INC  ( another 5 employee Director only cash shell front)






The Direct link to the LONRHO network of SCAMS and 22 ARLINGTON STREET. LONDON SW1A 1RD 

One of his co directors recorded at



JAMES L HARRIS who, among other fraud companies is a recorded Director of:









Other RT HON running the same Interconnected network SCAMS



























































































































































STEPHEN HAMMOND                 (Conservative MP Wimbledon)




























Top of the Pile


LONRHO PLC and it’s multitude of LONRHO subsidiaries

with among others and it’s long line of historical Conservative Grandee Leadership Directors.








LONRHO PLC it’s “BOILER ROOM”  and network of COMMON COMPANY  Directors at

 22 ARLINGTON STREET.LONDON SW1A 1RD  it was recorded in 2010 on the Interactive Investor Message Board as being raided by a “Bunch of Suits” in dark glasses who took away a large quantity of Computers and files.


What most of those named above will be aware of is that, LONRHO and it’s web Empire has been previously exposed even in Parliament (HANSARD) as the corruption of AFRICA and the major Covert criminal funding structure of the Conservative Party.


The names above explain HOW they are protected, as a VIP shield from the normal Criminal Laws we mortals are sent for long custodial sentences





End of communication


Some other names were investigated by Gordon, namely:


Earl Of Oxford And Asquith
Mr Colin Weinberg
Mr Robert Michael Tobias Shetler Jones
Mr Timothy Lewis Saxton
Mr John Gerrard Carter
Mr Rupert Stephen Jude Bevan 

It was thought that the above could be small fish in the ocean but after further investigation Gordon came up with the following:

Start of  Gordon’s communication:

“a little 2 man firm”


I don’t think so, nothing more than another “Smoke and Mirrors” front.


Are they involved in the AIM PONZI SCAMS?




They are all mostly interconnected through a front company:



and a co Director:



Who fronts as a Director in:



The main CON boy being:




Who is a Director of TWO of the LONRHO Empire and the ARLINGTON CROWD interlocked network Mining and

FINANCE AIM Investment Fake, Fraud Oil and Gas and Mining Companies.




The picture is now very clear as more pieces of the puzzle dropping into place.


I will do a better Corporate Directorship relationship overview for you later.


Yes, like I have said since 2005, they are a CLAN.




End of communication


We can also cast our mind back to the more recent Liam Fox – Adam Werritty scandal and maybe see what lies behind the two fraudulent men.


What became even more interesting was that notorious gentleman from the South African illegal nukes deal (Sir Kenneth Robin Warren) also came under the Gordon Bowden microscope who opened up another can or worms.


Gordon again sent me the link as follows:


Start of Gordon’s communication


 I describe how they interlock a network of “Dormant” Companies whereby they list identical main companies with slight variations as covered by a Group of Companies.


When you understand, they are “Dormant” companies, they are still “Active” and as such, Bank Accounts are used to run cash from one to another without them filing accountants records & reports hence when you check the Companies House records they have few documents filed, sometimes only 1, that being their listing Document.


You will recall LIAM FOX and ADAM WERRITTY with a select group of Tory Grandees and Sponsors were providing Cash into a


Cash Shell




Used by Werritty as a personal covert  “PIGGY BANK” to fund his VIP Life and follow his “Buddy” LIAM FOX on his travels. 


The following might cause SIR KEN WARREN to have irregular heart beats when 

Peter phoned me to tell me he had found through “Google” Sir Kenneth Robin Warren was recorded as

a non executive Director of:


06439082   MONEYTT(EU) LTD 

                 Ground Floor

                 44 George Street


                 M1 4HF

Dormant :   Incorporated 26/11/2007


So, as I know how they try to hide incorporated associated Companies,  just like a network of companies under her administration”DORMANT” no Accountancy filed document Cash Shells. I used my normal search engines to recover the network of interlocked Companies.


First, I checked WHO was Sir Kenneth Warrens VIP Government Co Director.

Identified as none other than:





Baron Wei of Shorditch


The ONLY senior Chinese Ethnic Politician backed by DAVID CAMERON who also said he should be a Life Peer



Also runs:






Is also the Treasurer to the CHINESE IN BRITAIN Foundation



All Party Parliamentary China Group


The other MONEYTT interlocked Companies and their addresses.


05457009  MONEYTT PLC

                21 Wardour Street


                     W1D 6PN

Incorp          19/05/2005

Dissolved      07/05/2008

The address is a CHINESE RESTUARANT    called TT21



                Unit 1

                No 8 Canterbury Place


                SE17 3AG

 Incorp      28/11/2007




                Unit 1

                No 8 Canterbury Place


                SE17 3AG

Incorp       21/11/2007




                Unit 1

                No 8 Canterbury Place


                SE17 3AG

Incorp       28/11/2007




                Unit 1

                No 8 Canterbury Place


                SE17 3AG

Incorp       28/11/2007




                UNIT 1-2

                Penton Place


                SE17 3JT

Incorp       17/05/2007




                UNIT 1-2

                Penton Place


                SE17 3JT


The Company UNIT addresses above are all obscure FLATS









Is in the centre of CHINA TOWN (Manchester) and the address is common to and affiliated with.










If any of the above Companies were placed under a microscope,  just like Labour and the press did with:






SIR KEN WARREN and his Cabal of thieving Barsteward mates.




How Britain and POLITICS is run and destroyed with:





End of Gordon’s communication



It is very clear to both Gordon and I that in the corridors of Westminster are many extremely corrupt politicians and maybe even more in the House of Lords.


I have listed all those that are either involved in illegal arms dealings or involved in massive fraud so now it would be fitting to make up a “Rogues Gallery” so that you can put a face to the name. Obviously there are many more skeletons in the closet but time does not permit the addition of even more names at this stage.


Remember it was our current PM, David Cameron and Sir Kenneth Robin Warren who helped to siphon off £17.8 million pounds of tax payers money into their own Tory Party Election Fund and to this day have not had to account for it.


It is our current PM who is implementing rigid austerity measure whilst he himself has had his finger in the pie……It was our PM who went to India to twist the arm of the Indian PM to expedite a huge takeover for one of his major donors….non other than Sir Bill Gammell who is also fraudulently stripping someone else’s assets as we have seen with the Cairn Energy sell off in India…..


Before closing this article I cannot leave out the prolific peodophilia activity that exists in this country, including certain policitical figures (past and present) both in the Houses of Parliament and in the House of Lords.


The Hollie Greig case is currently before the courts and I would hope that Hollie and her mum Anne get their day in court as this clearly shows how a clear cut case of peodophilia can be mismanaged by the police, the judicial system and local councils.


There is a close link between this case and the Dunblane Massacre and the fact that one extremely senior political figure just so happened to be in charge of NATO at the time. If we all recall the FBI provided a list of peodphiles that could be a risk to the security of the United Kingdom. This list was given to the British Prime Minister at the time (Tony Blair) who did absolutely nothing about it………could there have been a reason for this?

Hollie and Mum Anne

I will now print an email that I came across and also an article that was produced some time ago that may well allow readers to better understand as to why our leaders do nothing about this terrible state of affairs.




The Email:



Caveat Lector-


From: anthony lee Queensland [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Sent: 23 March 2003 09:41



Subject: Tony Blair connected to paedophile ring! from Israel Shamir


Tony Blair connected to mass murder and to paedophile ring! Demand his



“But it is now becoming shockingly clear that the slavish adherence of Tony

Blair and Jack Straw to the Bush line on Iraq may have less to do with

principled arguments, and much more to do with the fear of CIA and FBI

revelations that would make them two of the most hated politicians in modern

British political history”.


We owe justice to the victims of Dunblane and protection for all children 


 Dunblane secret documents contain letters by Tory and Labour ministers


The Sunday Herald, News, 2 March 2003, http://www.sundayherald.com/31830


Investigation: By Neil Mackay, Home Affairs Editor


LETTERS between Labour and Tory ministers and correspondence relating to

Thomas Hamilton’s alleged involvement with Freemasonry are part of a batch

of more than 100 documents about the Dunblane mass murder which have been

sealed from public sight for 100 years.


The documents include a letter connected to Hamilton, which was sent by

George Robertson, currently head of NATO, to Michael Forsyth, who was then

Secretary of State for Scotland.


Until now it was thought that a 100-year public secrecy order had only been

placed on one police report into Hamilton which allegedly named high-profile

politicians and legal figures. However, a Sunday Herald investigation has

uncovered that 106 documents, which were submitted to the Dunblane inquiry

in 1996, were also placed under the 100-year rule.


The Scottish Executive has claimed the 100-year secrecy order was placed on

the Central Police report, which was drafted in 1991 five years before the

murders, to protect the identities of children named in the report. Hamilton

had allegedly abused a number of children prior to his 1996 gun attack on

Dunblane primary school in which 16 primary one children and a teacher died

before Hamilton turned his gun on himself.


However, only a handful of the documents, which the Sunday Herald has

discovered to be also subject to the 100-year rule, relate to children or

name alleged abuse victims.


The most intriguing document is listed as: ‘Copy of letter from Thomas

Hamilton to Dunblane parents regarding boys’ club, and flyer advertising

Dunblane Boys’ Sports Club. Both sent to Rt Hon Michael Forsyth, MP,

Secretary of State for Scotland, by George Robertson MP.’ Also closed under

the 100-year rule is a ‘submission to Lord James Douglas Hamilton, MP,

Minister of State at the Scottish Office, concerning government evidence to

the Inquiry’.


Another document relates to correspondence between the clerk of the Dunblane

inquiry, which was presided over by Lord Cullen, and a member of the public

regarding ‘possible affiliations of Thomas Hamilton with Freemasonry … and

copy letters from Thomas Hamilton’.


SNP deputy justice minister, Michael Matheson, said: ‘The explanation to

date about the 100 -year rule was that it was put in place to protect the

interests of children named in the Central Police report. How can that

explanation stand when children aren’t named? The 100-year rule needs to be

re-examined with respect to all documents.’


Matheson has written to the Lord Advocate, Colin Boyd, asking why the

100-year rule applies and how it can be revoked. He has so far had no

response. He also asked First Minister Jack McConnell to explain the reasons

for the 100-year order but received ‘no substantial answer’. Matheson is to

write to Colin Boyd a second time, in the light of the discovery that more

than 100 other documents are also sealed, asking him to account for the



A spokeswoman for the Crown Office said: ‘In consultation with the Crown

Office and the Scottish Office, Lord Cullen agreed that in line with the age

of some of the individuals involved and named in the inquiry, the closure

period would be 100 years. The Lord Advocate is considering issuing a

redacted copy of the productions, which would blank out identifying details

of children and their families. A decision on this has yet to be made.’


Other sealed key reports on Dunblane include:


·  A ‘comparative analysis of Thomas Hamilton’ by Central Scotland Police

·  Information about Hamilton’s ‘use and possession of firearms’

·  Pathology reports, Hamilton’s autopsy report, and analysis by Glasgow

University’s forensic science lab on blood, urine and liver samples from

Hamilton’s body

·  Details on firearms licensing policies

·  A review by Alfred Vannet, regional procurator fiscal of Grampian,

Highland and Islands, of ‘reports and information in respect of Thomas

Hamilton submitted to the procurator fiscals of Dumbarton and Stirling by

Strathclyde Police and Central Police’

·  A psychological report on Hamilton

·  Guidance from the British Medical Association on granting firearms


·  ‘Transcript of and correspondence relating to answering-machine tape

which accidentally recorded conversation between police officers at the

scene of the Dunblane incident’

·  Correspondence and witness statements ‘relating to allegations of sexual

abuse made against Hamilton’



I also have a copy of this:


Certainly Steve Morgan, under his guise of Dick Shaver & the Hollow Earth Insiders,who has given us a list of transgressors in this field, believes we are ruled by a private club of perverts and rapists, he names and describes the personal perversities of some of them and in no particular order they are:-

Lord Graville Jenner (Labour Peer)  –  Young boys.

Lord Gerald Kaufman (Labour Peer)  –  Young boys under 12.

Lord Leon Britton (Conservative Peer)  _  Raping young boys.

Gordon Brown (British Prime Minister) – Young boys and girls

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (Former British Prime Minister) – Importuning in public toilets

Edward Heath (Former Conservative British Prime Minister) – Young boys

Lord Robertson (Former head of NATO and Labour Cabinet Minister) – Young boys

Lord Hardy (Former Lord Advocate of Scotland) – Young boys

Lord McAlpine (Conservative Lord) – Young boys

Michael Portillo (Former Conservative MP) – Children and adults especially Peter Lilley

Peter Lilley (Conservative MP) – Young children and adults especially Michael Portillo

Sir Jimmy Saville (Entertainer and Disc Jockey) – Supplying young children and adults for the above

We have come a long way from Hollie Greig and her abuse is still with us so let us join with Robert Green in asking for a public enquiry.  The problem is who chooses the panel because we know what happened at the Dunblane enquiry led by Lord Cullen and the Hutton report into the death of Dr David Kelly.  We are not going to let them sweep Hollie under the carpet for a hundred years.

The establishment will never allow an enquiry board picked by outsiders, so stalemate.  It is time for action.  Both Labour and Conservative have failed us on this topic.  We have to look elsewhere or perhaps have a revolution.


For those that want to read more about Peodophilia and the Hollie Greig case you can few the many articles I have written on Hollie at the following link which also reveals some more names: www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com

I think the best way of closing this article is to produce a sort of rogues gallery off all those involved in a multitude of events as listed in this entire article and those that were advised of those events and did nothing……they are also guilty of abusing their position and neglecting to address issues raised by their constituents…….it is left to you the public to decide which face fits what crime but I am sure we will all come up with the same conclusion that our country is being run (where applicable) by person who should clearly be behind bars or rotting in some out of the way “God Forsaken Hole.”

The United Kingdoms “Most Wanted” list – involved in some of the following:

Illegal arms dealing – Taking us to war without due cause – War Crimes against innocence civilians and our own troops – Arranging assassinations – Breaching the Nuclear Explosions Act – Official Secrets Act – Treason – Massive fraud and tax evasion – Paedophilia – Perverting the Court of Justice –  Deceiving the people of this country and for not being representative of those that put them in power!!!

“G’Day Blokes I Got My Eyes On You So Watch Your Back”

Another War Criminal and Fraudster

In closing I wish to draw attention to the fact that the MoD knew that Depleted Uranium was in breach of the Geneva Convention, take a look at this pathetic reply from the man himself Dr.Liam Fox (ex Minister of Defence) who by his own admission has concerns about DU!!!……add to this his involvement with Adam Werritty and you can see another fraudster in the making.

Don’t you just feel so proud to be British?

 Tomorrow is Remembrance Day and maybe just maybe you will think also about the injustices that our country has carried out in more recent times in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and realise that millions of innocent lives have been lost, including our own troops and millions are contaminated (Depleted Uranium) worldwide by our actions…….adds a different perspective to Poppy Day don’t you think?


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 10/11/2011 – www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com

Do you think the people of Libya are truly thankful for NATO’s intervention?

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NATO has donated 4.5 Billion years of radioactive contamination on its people

Just think all the land, crops and water are contaminated forever, not forgetting the huge hike in all types of cancers, especially in the young, gross birth defects and mass infertility!!

A special thank you must also go out to Ban Kimoon and the United Nations for sanctioning the saving of so many lives that will now turn into a mass genocide of untold proportions!!!

So let’s now show the Libyan Peoples appreciation in pictorial form

Securing the “No Fly Zone” in only the way they now how!!

Massive DU Explosion after a NATO attack !!

US War Criminals

The top five most wanted ” War Criminals”

This is how we at NATO save lives!!

And this is what we at NATO leave behind

But Hey! Do not worry because our 4.5 Billion years of radioactive contamination doesn’t just remain in Libya……..We at NATO really like to spread our kindness around so remember wherever you are in the world “Please do not take a deep breath” because we are on to you in all four corners of the world……every time the wind blows or a dust storm occurs we stir it all up again……every time you walk or drive in its dust is becomes airborne and we get really excited when we land our Chinooks or Super Stallions as that really does spread it around…..finally when it rains it comes back down to mother earth to contaminate your land, crops and water, especially in the monsoon season or during a hurricane and we just love it when it snows……just think how many radioactive particles can attach to those lovely patterned snow flakes……gee this game is so good!!


DU does not respect international borders!! 

So on behave of NATO we would like to thank you all for allowing us to get rid of that evil regime in Libya that gave you so much to its people and made it into one of the most prosperous countries on the African continent and thank you for also allowing us to pulverise each and every city in Libya so that our contractors can get some very lucrative contracts in rebuilding your nation and maybe siphon off a few million dollars here and there lol!!

Last but not least remember that Gadaffi wanted to kick us all out and nationalise all the oil companies so that your country would continue to prosper and keep the revenue from its natural resources in the country……..again thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to take over your country, put our puppet government in place so that we in the New World Order (Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Bilderberg Group, Chatham House, World Bank/IMF, UN, WHO, ICJ, NATO, Friends of Israel Groups, Israel, Christian Zionist and Jewish Zionists etc……) can rape your country and continue on with our “Geo Political Plan” which is:

  1. 1.      To control the World’s Natural Resources.
  2. 2.      To control the markets for those resources.
  3. 3.      To control the transit routes, sea lanes and pipeline routes for those resources.

Finally we still have much humanitarian work to do and with the help of our military partners in NATO we intend to take out Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Somalia to name but a few….with the ultimate icing on the cake being Iran……….Oh I forgot to tell you we have our special forces, CIA, MI5 and MOSSAD operatives in almost every country but for the time being we intend to focus on our other long range plans.

 A wonderful article was sent to me from my friend in  India  and was written by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya….here’s just part of that article dated 23rd October 2011…you can read this and many other good articles on the following link: http://www.vijayvaani.com/FrmPublicDisplayArticle.aspx?id=2019

Extract from the article:

Under the Obama Administration the United States has expanded the “long war” into Africa. Barack Hussein Obama, the so-called “Son of Africa” has actually become one of Africa’s worst enemies. Aside from his continued support of dictators in Africa, the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) was unhinged under his watch. The division of Sudan was publicly endorsed by the White House before the referendum, Somalia has been further destabilized, Libya has been viciously attacked by NATO, and US Africa Command (AFRICOM) is going into full swing.


The war in Libya is just the start of a new cycle of external military adventurism inside Africa. The US now wants more military bases inside Africa. France has also announced that it has the right to militarily intervene anywhere in Africa where there are French citizens and its interests are at risk. NATO is also fortifying its positions in the Red Sea and off the coast of Somalia.


As disarray and turmoil are once again uprooting Africa with external intervention, Israel sits silently in the background. Tel Aviv has actually been deeply involved in the new cycle of turmoil, which is tied to its Yinon Plan to reconfigure its strategic surrounding. This reconfiguration process is based on a well established technique of creating sectarian divisions which eventually will effectively neutralize target states or result in their dissolution.


Many of the problems afflicting the contemporary areas of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Southwest Asia, South Asia, East Asia, Africa, and Latin America are actually the result of the deliberate triggering of regional tensions by external powers. Sectarian division, ethno-linguistic tension, religious differences, and internal violence have been traditionally exploited by the United States, Britain, and France in various parts of the globe. Iraq, Sudan, Rwanda, and Yugoslavia are merely a few recent examples of this strategy of “divide and conquer” being used to bring nations to their knees.



The Yinon Plan, which is a continuation of British stratagem in the Middle East, is an Israeli strategic plan to ensure Israeli superiority. It insists and stipulates that Israel must reconfigure its geo-political environment through the balkanization of the Middle Eastern and Arab states into smaller and weaker states.


Israeli strategists viewed Iraq as their biggest strategic challenge from an Arab state. This is why Iraq was outlined as the centrepiece to the balkanization of the Middle East and the Arab World. In Iraq, on the basis of the concepts of the Yinon Plan, Israeli strategists have called for the division of Iraq into a Kurdish state and two Arab states, one for Shiite Muslims and the other for Sunni Muslims. The first step towards establishing this was a war between Iraq and Iran, which the Yinon Plan discusses.


End of Extract.


We all have to understand that this is only the start of unrest in this world and at its helm is the “Imperialistic Greed” of the US, UK and France with Israel fuelling the fire at all times.


The pictorial reference below explains what this war is all about but in drawing this to your attention one must not forget the false humanitarian aspect of all that has gone before us: The Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine (Gaza), Yemen, Somalia and currently Libya….just to prove one vital point in this debate is the fact that throughout these conflicts the above three countries has insisted that this is all about saving lives.


To all those savers of the universe i.e. Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, Gates, Clinton, Hague, Fox and many more I will leave you to consider the side effects from your atrocious actions in the summary at the bottom of this articles regarding depleted uranium that you have now deposited in all of the above countries.


We all talk about war crimes and the above gentlemen frequently rush forward to persecute someone in a far away land and yet the axis of evil lies within their own ranks……..will we ever see any of them charged with war crimes?


Oil, Oil and even more Oil!!

To conclude there is around 4,500 grams of DU in a typical tank round, there are 300 grams in each round fired by the US A10 aircraft (which fires around 4,000 rounds a minute), including the Appache helicopter and there is around 300 kg of DU in a cruise missle………remember they fired over 400 cruise missiles at the start of the war in Libya……..let’s not forget the very not so accurate drones that carry the lethal Hellfire Missiles which also contain DU and we are talking here of radioactive contamination amounting to the equivilant of many thousand of Nagasaki Bombs not only in all of the above fields of conflict but drifting on the wind to all four corners of the world…….when will we as citizens of this planet wake up?


Depleted uranium weapons are recognized as radioactive poison gas weapons developed illegally under the Manhattan Project in World War II by the United States Government.  Already illegal and in violation of the 1925 Geneva Poison Gas Protocol, in 1943 depleted uranium weapons were described as a “highly mobile indiscriminate killer and permanent terrain contaminant,” recommended for development in the declassified Manhattan Project memo dated October 30, 1943.

Leuren Moret (a US nuclear lab whistleblower) describes how DU violates the Geneva Convention:

Depleted uranium poison gas weapons fail the “Territorial Test” because radioactive toxic aerosols they produce on the battlefieldescape from and continue to act off of the battlefield

The “Territorial Test” is one of four tests used to determine the legality of weapons under international humanitarian law, and requires that weapons must not leave the territory of the battlefield (territorial test), continue to act after the battle is over (Temporal Test), be unduly damaging to the environment (Environmental Test), and be unduly inhumane in causing death and suffering (Humaneness Test).


 Depleted uranium radioactive poison gas and particulates produced on the battlefield, including sub-micron sizes,that are carried by air masses and rapidly become components of global atmospheric dust, leaving the area of the battlefield: indiscriminately, permanently, and cumulatively contaminating air, water, soil, food, and civilian populations at local, regional, and global distances from the battlefield.



Depleted uranium weapons fail the “Temporal Test” since they continue to act after the battle is over. Depleted uranium radioactive poison gas and particulates including sub-micron sizes, have a half-life of 4.46 billion years.  It takes ten half-lives (4.46 billion years ½ life for Uranium 238) for small amounts of radioactivity to diminish to an insignificant amount.  In the case of the high tonnage amounts of depleted uranium weapons used in Iraq since August 2, 1990, to the present, it will take longer than ten half-lives or more than 44.6 billion years for the global radioactive pollution from this pernicious poison to diminish.

Depleted uranium weapons fail the “Environmental Test” being unduly harmful to the local, regional, and global environment. The depleted uranium radioactive poison gas and particulates, including sub-micron sizes, unduly harm the environment by becoming globally mixed in one year, poisoning regional water sources where they are rained and snowed out into glaciers, lakes, and rivers such as in the Himalayas where the headwaters of nine major rivers of SE Asia originate.  There are 1.3 billion people downstream from the Indus (Tibet, Pakistan, India), Ganga-Brahmaputra (India, Bangladesh), Yangtze (China), Yamuna (India), Ganges (India), Sutlej (Tibet, Punjab of India, Pakistan), Meghna (India, Bangladesh), Mekong (China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam), and the Ayeyarwady (Myanmar).

Here is a summary of the effects of that contamination on the people of Libya, the people in all the areas of conflict and the world beyond:

How can Low Level Radiation (LLR) enter your body?

What are the implications?

Let first look at the diagram below:


As you can see from the diagram on the left there are different ways DU/LLR can enter the body. On this diagram you can see a DU fragment such as shrapnel wound (right shoulder). DU dust can also enter this wound to add to the problem.


The most complicated of all is the inhalation of nanoparticle aerosols of DU/LLR. Insoluble DU particles

deposited in the respiratory bronchioles and alveoli will be cleared much more slowly, and, therefore, would be expected to deliver a higher radiation dose to the lung from alpha radiation. Once DU/LLR has entered the blood and irreversible cycle commences. The tissues in our bodies filter out the depleted uranium particles from the blood and cause a web of diseases called “Gulf War Syndrome”.

Unfortunately the UNEP, WHO, ICRP, IAEA, Governments, DOD’s and many other authorities  – (not forgetting the pharmaceutical industry) have failed to understand the health implications when DU/LLR is inhaled into the body. They have together concocted a trail of deceit and failed in their duty of care to protect the world’s populations.

We are looking at dramatic increases in many forms of cancer, diabetes, and infertility. Because DU/LLR directly attacks the genetics of our body via our DNA we are now witnessing terrible birth defects in babies.

Leuren Moret covered this aspect in my previous article when she said:

“Uranium and phosphate structures have a strong chemical affinity for each other. The DNA and the mitochondria are phosphate rich and therefore there is a strong attraction between uranium, the DNA and the mitochondria. Once the uranium has attached to the DNA and or the mitochondria it does damage from the chemical heavy metal effect, the radioactivity released and the particulate effect” “The greatest damage from radiation exposure is to the unborn foetus and this genetic damage to the foetus is passed on to all future generations. Basically uranium exposure is a slow painful death from long lingering illnesses”.

I guess this article could go on forever but one has to stop at some stage and let you the public decide who is wrong and who is right in this “Geo Political Game”…..on thing for sure is that should the US, Israel and indeed NATO decide to take on Iran it will turn into the most horrendous catastrophic events ever seen on this planet……..we must make sure that the New World Order does not continue on this path of total destruction and stop them from going into Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran or anywhere else….enough is enough


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant –   25th October 2011