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Governments-Bank-Corporate sector fraudulently create deficits and then impose austerity measures

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Governments fraudulently create deficits and then impose austerity measures

This article will use Australia as an example but be assured the same story exists all over the world

It may appear to be rather complex and more of a jig-saw puzzle to most but to those that understand the workings of the share market, financial, banking,  oil, gas and mining sectors it will be easy reading. It is not intended to smear those that are operating above board or those genuine organisations that remain transparent but rather to those that are supposed to stop major fraud and corruption i.e. Leaders, Politicians, Major Fraud Police etc……..it is to these people that I point a finger and remind them of their duties as civil servants to protect their countries finances and in doing so protect the citizens. It is their duty of care to  stop this cunning way of ripping off ordinary people, cutting off essential public services and to bring these gangsters to justice……many of whom are within their own ranks!!

We know who they are and where they operate their “Boiler Rooms” full of virtual or fake companies…….that is where our countries wealth has gone and under the proceeds of crime can be recovered…….don’t allow your governments to deceive you anymore and demand they track these New World Order Scumbags down and bring them before the courts and in doing so kick this “Bullshit Deficit Story” out of politics once and for all!!

Curruption 1

There are quadrillions of stolen dollars, millions of tons of stolen gold bullion and volumes of diamonds etc  just waiting to be recovered from the Zionist controlled New World Order and most of the world’s Reserve Banks and Central Banks are also owned and operated by the same cabal who believe it or not are  private sector companies. It is those banks who in turn print their valueless money and charge exorbinant  amounts of interest that also cripples our respective economies. We know the location of many of these treasure troves and so do they and soon they will be recovered by the next new super power…..they know the game is up but they continue to fight on……..their financial lifeline has been severed……..it will take time but hopefully the world will be a better place once the tentacles of this “Zionist Octopus” have been severed!!




Ever asked yourself why our governments manage to close their eyes to massive fraud and corruption and then have the audacity to impose austerity measures which then either increases tax’s or  reduces our services and income?

How come health care does not incorporate all aspects of health including coverage for disabled people and why should this  be separated out by the government as  additional legislation to increase the Medicare levy to help fund Disability Care? Could this open the floodgates for even more stealth taxes?……… not forgetting their “Global Warming Scam” and associated carbon tax!!

Head in the sand

Head in the sand mentality or are they just carrying out a new type of seismic survey?

Did you know that  the Australian Government, Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the Australian Federal Police etc are all aware of massive fraud and corruption that is bleeding billions of dollars out of the country   (including tax evasion) and are doing nothing about it?

Maybe your are all starting to look through this facade of deceit and realise that if our leaders, government and authorities did their job correctly there would be no financial crisis, no failed banking system, no massive job losses and more importantly the ability to actually start giving money back to the people by lowering taxes etc……………I would be even bold enough to say that we could all have free electricity (including all industries) because our sinister governments have locked away some international patents that would make such things available.

Could you imagine being free of our current electric grid system and the companies that rip us all off?  

Could you ever imagine drinking rain quality water by having a reverse osmosis system installed in your home free of charge to remove all the chemicals and crap the government currently puts into it?

Job security, lower taxes and the end to all wars and conflicts is clearly available (and much more) as long as our leaders and politicians do their job correctly by enforcing the removal of massive fraud and corruption that is so rife in Australia, especially in the Oil, Gas and Mining Industry!!!


Unfortunately Australia, New Zealand and most other countries are run by the Zionist controlled New World Order who are hell bent in the total control of your lives…….they wish to destroy the family unit so that you look up to your government as if they were your mother and father.

Here are some of their basic aims

 1. To establish a One World Government/New World Order with a unified church and monetary system under their direction

2. To bring about the utter destruction of all national identity and national pride, which was a primary consideration if the concept of a One World Government was to work.

3. To engineer and bring about the destruction of religion, and more especially, the Christian Religion, with the one exception, that of their own creation and beliefs.

4. To establish the ability to control of each and every person through means of mind control and what  Zbignew  Brzezinski called techonotronics, which would create human-like robots and a system of terror.

5. To bring about the end to all industrialization and those industries that may remain will be exported to third world countries or countries where there is an abundance of slave labour. Unemployment will esculate leaving our respective populations without jobs or homes making them subservient to the state. The spin off from this would be chronic depression leading to alcoholism and, drug addiction which then leads to a break down in society and a hike in deaths from such addiction etc……the final outcome being the elimination of the “excess population” process we know of today as Global 2000.

6. To encourage, and eventually legalise the use of drugs and make pornography an “art-form”, which will be widely accepted and, eventually, become quite commonplace.

7. To bring about depopulation of large cities according to the trial run carried out by the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. It is interesting to note that Pol Pot’s genocidal plans were drawn up in the US by one of the Club of Rome’s research foundations, and overseen by Thomas Enders, a high-ranking State Department official. It is also interesting that the committee is currently seeking to reinstate the Pol Pot butchers in Cambodia.

8. To suppress all scientific development except for those deemed beneficial by the Illuminati. Especially targeted is nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Particularly hated are the fusion experiments currently being scorned and ridiculed by the Illuminati and its jackals of the press. Development of the fusion torch would blow the Illuminati’s conception of “limited natural resources” right out of the window. A fusion torch, properly used, could create unlimited and as yet untapped natural resources, even from the most ordinary substances. Fusion torch uses are legion, and would benefit mankind in a manner which, as yet, is not even remotely comprehended by the public.

9. To cause, by means of limited wars  in the advanced countries, by means of starvation  and diseases in the Third World countries,  death of three billion by the year 2050, people they call “useless eaters”. The Committee of 300 (Illuminati) commissioned Cyrus Vance to write a paper on this subject of how to bring about such genocide. The paper was produced under the title “Global 2000 Report” and was accepted and approved for action by former President James Earl Carter, and Edwin Muskie, then Secretary of States, for and on behalf of the US Government. Under the terms of the Global 2000 Report, the population of the US is to be reduced by 100 milliion by 2050.

10. To weaken the moral fiber of all nations and to demoralize workers in the labour class by creating mass unemployment. As jobs dwindle due to the post industrial zero growth policies introduced by the Club of Rome, the report envisages demoralized and discouraged workers resorting to alcohol and drugs. The youth of the land will be encouraged by means of rock music and drugs to rebel against the status quo, thus undermining and eventually destroying the family unit. In this regard, the Committee commissioned Tavistock Institute to prepare a blueprint as to how this could be achieved. Tavistock directed Stanford Reseach to undertake the work under the direction of Professor Willis Harman. This work later became known as the “Aquarian Conspiracy”.

11. To keep people everywhere from deciding their own destinies by means of one created crisis after another and then “managing” such crises. This will confuse and demoralize the population to the extent where faced with too many choices, apathy on a massive scale will result. In the case of the US, an agency for Crisis Management is already in place. It is called the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), whose existence was first disclosed in 1980.

12. To introduce new cults and continue to boost those already functioning which include rock music gangsters such as the Rolling Stones (a gangster group much favored by European Black Nobility), and all of the Tavistock-created rock groups which began with the Beatles..

13. To continue to build up the cult of Christian Fundamentalism begun by the British East India Company’s, which will be misused to strengthen the Zionist State of Israel by identifying with the Jews through the myth of “God’s chosen people”, and by donating very substantial amounts of money to what they mistakenly believe is a religious cause in the furtherance of Christianity.

14. To press for the spread of religious cults  and to carry out mind control experiments.

15. To export “religious liberation” ideas around the world so as to undermine all existing religions, but more especially the Christian religion and in doing so reviving Communism in many places in Latin America and  such places Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola and South Africa etc.

16. To cause a total collapse of the world’s economies and create total political chaos.

17. To take control of all foreign and domestic policies in many countries.

18. To give the fullest support to their own controlled institutions such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of International Settlements, the World Court and, as far as possible, make local institutions less effective, by gradually phasing them out or bringing them under the control  of the UN.

19. To penetrate and subvert all governments, and work from within them to destroy the sovereign integrity of the nations represented by them.

20. To organize a world-wide terrorist apparatus and to negotiate with terrorists whenever terrorist activities take place…….needless to say that Al Queda is an invented terrorist group by the New World Order as a tool to keep the war on terrorism alive when in actual fact it does not exist. By pushing this imaginary war of terrorism has the required effect of spreading fear into the populations of the world and at the same time allow them to alter the law in order to enforce their own “Police State Controls” in each and every nation.    

21. To take control of education throughout the world with the intent and purpose of utterly and completely destroying it and at the same time making it impossible for the ordinary middle/working class youth to enter University.

Many of these goals, that were first initiated back in 1969, have since been achieved or are well on their way to being achieved. Of special interest in the Committee of 300 programme which is the core of their economic policy.

This policy clearly defines that man’s progress is tied to the earth’s natural ability to support a given number of people, beyond which point earth’s limited resources would rapidly be depleted. Once these natural resources have been consumed, it will be impossible to replace them.

The New World Order has taken over the role of God and insists that it is necessary to limit populations within the boundaries of decreasing natural resources. It goes without saying that the elite will not allow themselves to be threatened by a burgeoning population of “useless eaters,” hence culling must be practiced as per the UN Agenda 21 by whatever means are available i.e vaccinations programmes, CBW weapons that spread disease or attack a certain type of gene etc.

The so called “culling” is well underway (as per Global 2000 Report/Agenda 21) by means of allowing WMD’s being used in the battlefield which do not identify international borders and thus contaminate not only the war zone but also the  world’s environment. This immediately increases many forms of cancer and eventually attacks the very DNA of life etc.


This is how the New World Order see themselves






Before revealing some aspects of the massive fraud and corruption that is taking place in Australia, UK, EU, US and South Africa etc we have to understand how the New World Order (NWO) gets its finances and how closely associated they are with our leaders, politicians, banks and the corporate sector.


David Rokkerfella Jr – Mr NWO Lucifer himself?


Superior General of the Jesuits – Adolfo Nicolas (NWO Kingpin)

Templar 1



Let’s just throw a few names around (involved in massive international fraud) to wet your taste buds – The current UK Prime Minister, David Cameron and past PM’s Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Maggie Thatcher, many  Members of Parliament, House of Lords etc, and  further afield in Australia their ex PM Bob Hawke who had his dirty fingers in the same pie as Blair!!!



EX PM Blair


EX PM Brown


Current PM Cameron

So how do they manage to carry out this fraud?……………..rather simple really………….its all about starting up a virtual or shell company,  creating  a “Boiler Room” to operate from, finding a few fraudulent Non Executive Directors, throw in the odd leader or politician (or if they are a little shy help fund their re election campaign) and then find a fraudulent bank CEO to help it flow offshore and job done!!  There is also a link between the banks, the commercial sector, politicians and the drug cartel especially in such places as  Afghanistan where NATO forces are only there to protect western interests as well as to  protect the opium crops in the southern provinces.


How they establish  non existent companies, non existent mines, non existent oil finds or ore bodies and finally  rip of their investors, governments and their citizens by avoiding taxes!!

Before continuing you must all watch this wonderful Australian documentary that explains how the oil, gas and mining industries rip off their investors, and tax payers with the odd assassination here and there!!  (the nuts and bolts of the story below).

One spring evening in 2005, Brett Kebble, a young mining magnate who had lived a life in the fast lane, drove off to a dinner appointment in the suburbs of Johannesburg. On the way he stopped and opened his window, inexplicably in the crime-ridden city, and was shot seven times at close range.

Brett Kebble’s killing ignited a political and business scandal. It soon emerged that Kebble had been scamming investors for years. He had specialised in luring people into doomed ventures – like a clapped-out gold mine deep in the Sumatran jungle. He had even brought a venerable South African mining house to its knees.

What also emerged were stunning allegations that Kebble had been involved in paying bribes of up to US$1 million to South Africa’s police chief and Interpol boss Jackie Selebi.

Four Corners unravels the amazing story of the Kebble empire’s rise and fall – and the key role of an Australian businessman..



Some time ago I talked about  Alan Bond and how he got his talons into Bell Resources and how he collapsed a very successful West  Australian company after he took  over control from Robert Holmes à Court. I was working in the industry at the time and as far as the eye could see was the name Bell Resources ……. it  became the backbone of the mining industry, especially in Western Australia.

Holmes à Court initially disposed of some Perth properties before accepting a joint takeover by Bond Corporation and the State Government Insurance Commission (SGIC), in which both parties took a 19.9% stake in Bell Group. Holmes a Court retained 6% of Bell Group and received $340 million from the sale. Bond Corp was subsequently forced to bid for other shares in Bell with the result that it ended up with a majority shareholding of 68% of Bell Group. Bond Corp then proceeded to strip $500 million from Bell Resources in an effort to prop up its own debts. The asset stripping included transferring cash from Bell Resources for its own purposes (thus breaching the company code and ultimately sending its chairman Alan Bond to jail). One must also be critical of the State Premier, Brian Burke who shared the same bed as Alan Bond and managed to pull in the government run SGIC  in this failed Joint Venture and who in-turn ripped off the Australian tax payers

Bond 1

Mr. Fraudulent Playboy Alan Bond

His time in jail was a major issue for many people, especially those that lost their investment and the many thousands of people that lost their job in the collapsed Bell Resources – A Major oil, gas and mining transport and logistical supporting company. Many of those victims have since died due to the stress of loosing their income, homes and self respect…..that my friends is “Indirect Murder.”

I found this snippet put everything into true perspective:

The one-time corporate high-flyer Alan Bond was handed a ‘Get out of jail early’ card today when the High Court ruled he should be released after just four years of his jail term, rather than the seven years he might have expected. The High Court’s decision reinstated the original jail term Alan Bond received after he pleaded guilty to Australia’s biggest corporate fraud.

In more recent times Alan Bond and his son Craig Bond were at it again and yet nobody does anything about it…….why?…..because, believe it or not they benefit from the proceeds of crime!!!

Alan bond and son Craig are still in the limelight with their well protected assets and yet the share holders of the original Bond Corporation are still owing vast sums of money………..take a look at what is being talked about in The West Australian:

Mr. Bond has a network of family trusts that were set up in the mid 1970’s and this amounts too a substantial sum of money that creditors would dearly love to get their hands on.

Craig Bond who is linked to many fraudulent deals, just like his father Alan is desperately trying to use the proceeds from the sale of a luxury home near Buckingham Palace in London to repay debts claimed by family trust companies……….a sort of asset stripping/insider trading deal.

It was Alan and son Craig who tried to build up a successful international business empire in London but little did potential investors understand that it was a case of business as usual as these two continued in their fraudulent ways in an African diamond venture worth in the region of $500 million. However the diamond venture was unable to raise the money to develop the alleged “massive resources” in Lesotho resulting in the company being sold out……………one of the many ways they pump and dump such virtual companies.

The value of the Bond Trust of companies is no hidden fact and when one combines their Cottesloe home in Perth  and their Belgravia home in London etc we are looking at a significant amount of money………It is so wrong that these two crooks continue to live the high life when their past investors lost so much money……..some of whom lost everything and never recovered.


How it works

“G’Day Bloke, Just wanted to look into your non existent operations and your cooked books to make sure we are getting our cut otherwise we may have to send in the Fraud Squad and ASIC to close your boiler rooms down” 

The scams they operate are so easy to set up and close down and each time they do so they are adding to the billions of dollars that leave the shores of Australia (and associated tax evasion) which in-turn add to the ever increasing national debt.

The Directors, Politicians and Banks etc never actually loose their money…….it is simply siphoned off to their own offshore tax havens and after they close down their fake entities they set up yet another oil, gas or mining venture and do it all over again. It is world leaders and politicians who directly benefit from these fraudster who pump donations into their election trail or their party funds.

Mine equipment

It could be some sophisticated offshore/onshore oil rig or old wellhead!!

Oil and Mining

They decide who is to be involved in their fake company, find some isolated location to create their virtual company, create a perfect video/powerpoint presentation with fake statistics and data and then go around the world selling the project to their potential victims (the investors)…………they tag their investors along for a period of up to 5 years and during this time start to introduce the bad news before closing the company down……then its simply a case of starting up another bogus company with slight variations of their own names (as Directors), a different address and different oil,gas or mining location……..the more isolated the location the better!!

Their operations bases (Boiler Rooms) frequently house many virtual or fake companies and within these boiler rooms there are hired staff with many mobile phones each of which can represent a non existent oil or mining venture……..I went to one such boiler room in the Jewish quarter of Golders Green in London and that dilapidated building housed over three hundred fake/virtual companies……….sometimes the company is not related to the oil, gas and mining industry as Gordon Bowden and I soon found out.

Take one such address at the above location (788-790 Finchley Road)  which housed two British registered companies who were supposed to have contracts with the US Department of Defense to supply Jet A1 fuel for coalition forces in Afghanistan. The contract was open ended and on going but the companies were fake companies and although they received millions of dollars for such a contract did not actually deliver any fuel!!

At the same location were many virtual oil, gas and mining companies and one particular company that blatantly advertised its existence as being a very well established elaborate building selling British Trucks to Africa etc…….take a look at the companies image of their HQ and the photograph that I took of the actual “Boiler Room” (there alleged building as taken from their webpage)………..wouldn’t you think that the  Prime Minister, David Cameron, Ministers, Politicians and the Serious Fraud Office would be interested in stopping such major international fraud?

This is apparently the headquarters of UK Lorries LTD,
788 – 790 Finchley Road,
NW11 7TJ

My picture of the actual address on the ground floor which houses many fake companies

Take a look at their web page its still the same:   http://www.uklorries.com/

The same location housed many many oil, gas and mining companies including another trucking company called Ameri Truck Ltd which has since been dissolved……I wonder why?


I will now leave it up to my friend ( investigator), Gordon Bowden, to give some examples of this major fraud and show you the emails that ply backwards and forwards, many of whom are copied to those authorities responsible for stamping out fraud and corruption, including our leaders, politicians and government:

Start of Gordon’s email:


Here is the link from me you need. 





The never ending repeat stories of:



Please note that the above address (an old colonial style building) eventually closed down (for obvious reasons) and a new office complex now stands in it’s place……the question remains will Parliament Place and the adjacent Havelock Street in West Perth continue to house the many boilers rooms that existed before………from Gordon’s perspective the answer is yes……they are still at it and the leaders and government do nothing about it because they fraudulently benefit from the scams!!!

In a nutshell leaders and politicians receive donations that are clearly the proceeds of crime!!


Gordon’s second email:



You can publish for me: Add your normal File Photo’s of SAM JONAH, SAGE and LANDAU if you wish


Heading:  ABC 4 CORNERS “BAD COMPANY”  2008 and What happened next ? 34 PARLIAMENT PLACE. PERTH

For the Record

Publications: The Age



 So, what happened to the covert “Smoke & Mirrors” network of  “EXPLORATION” ????

Companies all doing business with each other with Common Directors and common secretaries who fled  34 PARLIAMENT PLACE. PERTH

Shortly after  ABC 4 CORNERS confronted JOHN STRATTON in his Range Rover in relation to the murder of Mining Magnate Brett Kebble : ABC 4 CORNERS “BAD COMPANY”

JOHN STRATTON and the Conspiring group of Directors involved in the mega $million asset stripping and money laundering of the Shares and Cash assets of JCI Ltd, DRD GOLD, RAND RESOURCES and other spider web of interlocked Subsidiaries and J/V Partners who purchased the massive worthless asset the “RAWAS MINE” well that and 21 other Financial irregular “EXPLORATION” Mining Company Scams.

One of those Common Director Companies at 34 PARLIAMENT PLACE. PERTH who did a “Runner”



At the helm, Ghana’s “Sir” SAMUEL ESSON JONAH (picture below)

JonasSir Samuel Esson Jonah


PETER LANDAU ( picture below)

Peter LandauPeter Landau

Dear Oh Dear, that’s funny or is it more than just a coincidence !

One of PETER LANDAU’S close partners and Co directors in many Director only cash shell “EXPLORATION” Mining and Oil and Gas Companies that “Did a runner” from 34 PARLIAMENT PLACE, non other than ANTONY WILLIAM PAUL SAGE (Picture below).

SageAnthony Sage

Who, On the 20/12/ 2012 was raided by:

The FED Police, ASIC and other Government agencies  who raided the residences and PERTH GLORY and his Mining “EXPLORATION” business properties.  (Pity they never co-ordinated their raids to his UK “EXPLORATION” Oil and Gas and MINING Companies addresses)

Since then, “SILENCE”

However ! There may be a simple reason for that Silence.



Let me explain the SILENCE regarding the Raids on the ASSETS of TONY SAGE in 3 words “MASSIVE GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION”

You see, when you dismantle and research, as I have over 8 years, the mass multitude of “FAILED”

financial disaster Director only Cash Shell “EXPLORATION” corporations of:

JOHN STRATTON and his reported close Associate to half a dozen WESTERN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES, Then his involvement as co director with “Sir” SAM JONAH, PETER LANDAU, TONY SAGE,  and  Head shed STEPHEN ROLAND DATTELS and their close network of Common Directors control, there seems to be a repetitive historical sequence of financial Disaster collapses, worthless asset acquisitions, share devaluation, Cash Burn and eventual collapse with the only victims being, the little Private Investors, BANKS and Financial Institutions.

What corporation Directorships do they and have they Controlled

Let’s start with 1 –  “Sir” Samuel Esson Jonah:



STANDARD BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA (Handy for Company Debt facilitation and Bulk share purchase)

SIERRA RUTILE LTD   (Handy, he incorporated UK Labour Baroness Valerie Amos Mmmm Australian Amb)


Of course, not many people would know this, one of the Directors being:

JOHN MCGOIN a Director of AMARA MINING previously CLUFF GOLD PLC who have just employed

UK Labour Party MP Rt Hon PETER HAIN  a close associate to their on the run Convicted Forger, Money Launderer Labour Party SPY and Honey Trap specialist Ms TARA ANDREA DAVISON

JONAH CAPITAL (Handy that for Capital Sponsorship in “EXPLORATION” Cash Shells, especially your own)

ASHANTI GOLDFIELDS COMPANY LTD (Named as being the recipient of the stolen Assets of JCI and DRD)

TRANSNET LTD (Handy if you want to rail freight Stolen Minerals from the DRC, Angola, Chad, Niger, Zim)

THE INVESTMENT CLIMATE FACILITY (Perish the thought as a Money Laundering Facility)



Oh yes, URAMIN LTD, the worthless tract of land bought by AREVA INC for $2.5 billion

That was Handy, for “Sir Sam Jonah who sat next to and drank out of the same water cooler, the CEO of AREVA, Ms Anne Lauvergeon,  at the Board Table of:  VODAFONE

“Sir” Samuel Esson Jonah’s other Directorships included:

















Oh, surely everyone knows !

LONMIN PLC were previously named.




On the 31 May 2013 been contacted by the UK Agents of RANGE RESOURCES LTD

MEMORY CRYSTAL LLP and threatened with court action should I not remove from various publications what they say is Defamatory, inaccurate, insulting, abusive and untrue about PETER LANDAU, SIR SAM JONAH and their staff.

Oh, I suppose it’s all-right to steal a couple of £billion when they want and everyone should just accept it’s all above board.

Memory Crystal have included many publications in PANDORA’S BOX SERIES Co Authored by Peter Eyre

and especially a comment I made on an on-line petition  launched by Private Investors holding destroyed shares value in


The Petition (Now Closed) I think because of my comment, consisting of 23 pages and 190 signatories was initiated by disgruntled shareholders to remove PETER LANDAU from the Board of RANGE RESOURCES LTD. My comment is number 188

Now, judge for yourselves, the comments of those poor Private Investors are clear.


See Attachments


As stated by Barry Sergeant (Moneyweb) ABC 4 CORNERS “BAD COMPANY”





What, you mean like the Corruption Convicted Head of INTERPOL Jackie Selebi

Mmmmmm Let me guess ! 

Unlike the professional FIDICUARY Regulators and Protective Police Agencies turning a blind eye.

I mean it’s not “ROCKET SCIENCE” or lets all play “SPOT THE BRAINCELL”


Let’s see now, Here’s one I’ve mentioned this one for over 4 years, start here.







Here is the Petition

1.     1

Name: Jason Alexander on Apr 25, 2013



2.     2

Name: CHRISTOPHER CHAPPELL on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Share holder since July 2010. Completely lost confidence in PL.


3.     3

Name: Paul Stokes on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: This comment was deleted on 2013-05-12 14:35:18


4.     4

Name: Mjourdain on Apr 25, 2013



5.     5

Name: Ian Beattie on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: I am an investor in RRL and hold 125000 shares on an average of 15p! Personally I am not happy with PL’s sudden change in direction e.g. share consolidation and then adding IOP’s shares to our existing…please relieve this man of his duties or stop the merger. 20p to 3p means bad CEO performance


6.     6

Name: Mani on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: This comment was deleted on 2013-05-12 14:35:18


7.     7

Name: Daniel Howe on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Terrible leadership proven by sp. Need a change now!


8.     8

Name: Peter Breeds on Apr 25, 2013



9.     9

Name:Anonymous on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Peter Landau has been given too many chances and investors have been patient for too long.. Any other director whose performance has been so breathtakingly poor would have been removed long ago. If bankers can lose their knighthoods for their shocking performances, then I`m sure Peter Landau can be removed as Executive Director of Range Resources. Let`s hope it`s soon. Shareholders have suffered too long. We owe him no loyalty.


10.   10

Name: Kevin Maxwell on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: lost confidence in peter landau


11.   11

Name:Anonymous on Apr 25, 2013



12.   12

Name:Anonymous on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Time for him to stand down, absolutely no confidence in him based on performance to date.


13.   13

Name: Justin B on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Useless aussie twat who dont care about pi’s


14.   14

Name: Avalon Goodall on Apr 25, 2013



15.   15

Name: John Murphy on Apr 25, 2013



16.   16

Name: Robert Goodall on Apr 25, 2013



17.   17

Name: Lisa Goodall on Apr 25, 2013



18.   18

Name:Anonymous on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: 100%


19.   19

Name: Peter Turner on Apr 25, 2013



20.   20

Name: Scott on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: He has no right to do what he likes with our money


21.   21

Name: Simon Marsh on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: “Landau Landau Landau- OUT OUT OUT!”


22.   22

Name: Michael Edwards on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: It’s time you went Peter. We gave you every chance but you didn’t convert the discoveries into cash.


23.   23

Name: Dan Lakin on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Down Down deeper and down. Somebodies got to skim the cream suppose.


24.   24

Name: David Campbell on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Company boards have a legal responsibility to work in the best interest of shareholders. I do not believe this to be the case here.


25.   25

Name:Anonymous on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: High time he stepped down now. He has had long enough to advance the company and has been failing miserably. The amount of shares in issue is a joke.


26.   26

Name: Lee Perkins on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: I am signing this for 3 mains reasons. 1 – I don’t trust a word Peter Landau says, for example he publicly stated that there will be no more dilution, he has diluted many times since then, the latest proposing an issue of over 300 million new shares. 2 – Peter Landau has drawn investors in stating that T&T is our main focus. With production decreasing, rather than using the companies resources to rectify the problem he proposes another “jam tomorrow” deal. 3 – Peter has no sense of shareholder value, despite constant drops in the share price he has not done anything to aid in its recovery.


27.   27

Name: Trevor Smith on Apr 25, 2013



28.   28

Name: Justin Atkinson on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: enough is enough. not one single target has been met and he diluted any added value at the drop of a hat


29.   29

Name: Mick Clifford on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Can’t be trusted and its always us investors who end up paying with our investment


30.   30

Name: Steve Jones on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: time to go. lie after lie


31.   31

Name: Bobby Delaney on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: No trust in Peter Landau whatsoever.


32.   32

Name: Andrew Carter on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: hes a crook


33.   33

Name: Anon on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: No value being added, PL needs to step down


34.   34

Name:Anonymous on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Too many failed promises and targets missed by a country mile. Time to step down PL how you can’t even achieve a small Increase In bopd In Trinidad beggars belief 2 years 300 staff 6 rigs own workshop wow really 😦


35.   35

Name: Anthony Jones on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: The merger looks like it will suck the blood out of Range. Focus on our current assets and stop this mad proposal.


36.   36

Name: Tom Law on Apr 25, 2013



37.   37

Name:Anonymous on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: This comment was deleted on 2013-05-12 14:35:18


38.   38

Name: Deb on Apr 25, 2013



39.   39

Name: Brian Webb on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Peter, you MUST leave this company immidiately…. you have failed time, after time, after time, after time, after time, after time, after time………..


40.   40

Name: Bhavik on Apr 25, 2013



41.   41

Name: Bronson on Apr 25, 2013



42.   42

Name: Colin Smiff on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Reasons to stand down boyo 1) Jam’orow 2) Jamorrow 3) Jamm’orrow 4) Jammy’orrow 5) Jam’to’moro 6) FULL OF SH**


43.   43

Name: Andrew on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: It is very disapointing to see the share price where it is at today, however that really isn’t my reason for signing this petition. The reality is, is that the BOD have a legal responsibility to manage matters in the best intersts of the share holders. Peter, you are on record in November saying no more dilution and yet you have. Share holders do not want this deal with IOP. Your company will be making money in consultancy. It is far to incestious i.e. the professional relationship that you have with other companies lending money to mates etc etc etc. I can’t see what you are doing to address the share price. You have been totally ill prepared in the management of this merger.


44.   44

Name: Richard Gibbons on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Basically a persistent liar should not be a director in any company. One of the major selling points PL pounted out during an interview last year was, there is no more dilution to come. Within 1yr this could be the second case! To blatantly lie on camera is inexcusable! How can any company attract serious investment when there is no trust? I can handle missed deadlines and faulty equipment but not lies about raising money, losing trust and diluting investors money.


45.   45

Name: Stu. on Apr 25, 2013



46.   46

Name: T.wroe on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: all he seems to want to do is dilute range resorces until ther is nothing left to dilute


47.   47

Name:Anonymous on Apr 25, 2013



48.   48

Name: Emz on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: 16p from last march down to 3p now. Share price held at 4 for nearly a month. Lied about dilution. Involved in to may companies and not giving enough time to RRL. Buttering the bread for his mates and Jam’orrow on top with more jam’orrow. Doesn’t seem to posses the skill in running an oil company


49.   49

Name: Rio Toni on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Rediculous, landu has failed over & over – he must now leave


50.   50

Name: Tyrone on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Lost my confidence in Peter, who promises everything but delivers little. Makes plays on words in RNS’s and in emails to PI’s. You have to go peter i’m afraid – enough of this now


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This petition has now closed


1.     51

Name: David Roberts on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Concerned about the lack of interest by Range for their Private Investor interests.


2.     52

Name: Dave Stone on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Peter – you said Judge me by Christmas. I’ve been fair it’s April now.


3.     53

Name: Tony Fredericks on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Pete needs to go, I have many shares in many companies and have never ever seen such poor workings. He has lied too many times and must be responsible enough and resign immidiately. I am 63 and have never seen to many mistakes in a “was good share” Good bye Peter


4.     54

Name: Gerry Chambers on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: PL stated that T&T underpinned the company. This now needs a competent experienced CEO to realise the potential and thus replace the lawyer ceo.


5.     55

Name: Liam Leven on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: As in the famous words of a woamn by the name of Ann……. You are the weakest link —– GOODBYE. Too many promises not enough delivery. Simply business transaction – you don’t cut the mustard son. We can only judge you by results and we are – share price dropped by 82% since last March Robinson’s jusice would be proud of your amazing ability to promise no dilution but yet you still do.4.6 BILLION shares in issue Getting into bed with Timis – i know he’s your mate but – come on Pete – Look at the company its losing hand over fist. I’m sorry Peter – you must resign with immediate effect.


6.     56

Name: Robby on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: This comment was deleted on 2013-05-12 14:35:18


7.     57

Name:Anonymous on Apr 25, 2013



8.     58

Name: Bobby Boyd on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: merger needs investigated


9.     59

Name: Gary Camplin on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: I have been invested with RRL ofr over 2 years and have not once seen any project be delivered, always next year or next 2 years. These deals he does, he uses to mask delivery and production of current assets. He claims admin fees and does not deliver a thing. I am sick of it, he has lost the confidence of the PI. He should go.


10.   60

Name: Jon Smith on Apr 25, 2013



11.   61

Name: Suarez on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: At least i stopped at the elbow…!


12.   62

Name:Anonymous on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Rather than concentrating on the project(s) in hand and to delivering on the promises, RRL bites off another big junk that is clearly giving deep concern re. constipation. Just when one thought a couple of months back that at last RRL was turning the corner for the better by focussing on the Caribbean (Trinidad) the ineptitude of the BOD becomes instead the focal point with this new corporate action. Enough is enough I’d say.


13.   63

Name:Anonymous on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: PL I gave you my time and dedicated support, I attended the last meeting in London. You have lost a true shareholder, i CANNOT TAKE ANY MORE, you must stand down as a matter of upmost urgency. You lied over & over… the end as far as I am concerned..


14.   64

Name: Mark Carruthers on Apr 25, 2013



15.   65

Name: Eric Waiites on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: RRL has suffered enough, the shareholders have suffered enough, I have suffered enough.. You are the Jamboree man and that is what people are caaling you. You have gained enough personally now go away, this is the worst deal you have done so far


16.   66

Name: Neil on Apr 25, 2013



17.   67

Name: Connor Walters on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: I cannot even sell as at such losses, you lied, you lied, you lied. Time and time again you failed us – RESIGN and good riddance


18.   68

Name: Maria Palmer on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Kev York’s comments beggar belief. Why on earth should anyone respect PL. He should be fully investigated by the authorities for his dealings and movement of funds. ABC should do a job on him.


19.   69

Name:Anonymous on Apr 25, 2013



20.   70

Name: WISAM ALI on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: You are behaving like a hoarder rather than a CEO. Concentrate on what you have rather than wasting RRL value in useless acquisition. Time to deliver some of the promises as you have no chance left.


21.   71

Name: Geoffrey Waddilove on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Time for him to go


22.   72

Name: Sebastian on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Holder of over 2mil shares. I’ve had enough of this rubbish, we are getting screwed and have been misled by PL. the focus is on TT my arse, his focus has been on putting together this stupid deal.


23.   73

Name: Colin Mayne on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: good money after bad going down with this share. think about the shareholders who have backed your company with hard earned cash.i wonder if this is all a big con.i donot propose to put another penny piece into this company and wonder if their is an element of criminality here.


24.   74

Name: Rob Dunikowski on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Time tyo go shifty Pete.


25.   75

Name: David Evans on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: continuous missed deadlines, and also diluting proceeds after a promise to stpp


26.   76

Name: Luke Wilson on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Totally agree he should leave


27.   77

Name: M.gibson on Apr 25, 2013



28.   78

Name: Ivan Fernandes on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: he should go its high time


29.   79

Name:Anonymous on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Lies Lies and more Lies we are over it, Your failed to lead and achieve, its time to leave. grab the options and shares your taked for poor performance and go, unfortunately it wont happen because your thick with your buddys here, what directors pull a $1,000,000 from here to help another company they are associated with ??? morals , trust, respect , ability to achieve and deliver all thing i can not see in Landau


30.   80

Name: Iphbxocrwb on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: USA


31.   81

Name: Andy Race on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: I have seen my overall investment reduced by 75% by Peter Landau. I am not a trader, I am an investor and have been in RRL for three years. He has not delivered, has diluted constantly, missed target after target and has not focused on the main priorities of the business.


32.   82

Name: Kamal Tabaja on Apr 25, 2013

Comments: Hi, I am completely dissatisfied with such merget decisions. Whenever we are on track to building value, there appears to be another deal in the making knocking whatever value is built down again. Board needs to be changed and of all PL who appears to be streching out the resources of the company rather than being focused on priority reserves that can produce for Range resources alone. Why would we want to carry another company that does not add any short term value where we need short term miracles.


33.   83

Name: David Gibson on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: His missmanagement of this company has lost me a lot of money. He has lined his own pocket at the expense of the shareholders and he has no credability noe.


34.   84

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: After being a shareholder since 2004, I feel raped by misleading comments by the CEO, who’s ‘Okap’ company is far too close for comfort. He has been doing extremely well over these years from Range Resources and the many other companies and associations he is involved in. The CEO, has more than proven, he is unable to look after the owners of this company, namely us the shareholders. Over 8 years he has done many deals, who resulted in dropping our share value, while he and his Okap entity have made a killing. If there was ever a legal way to corruption, than look no further.


35.   85

Name: Des Smith on Apr 26, 2013



36.   86

Name: Tina on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Lost confidence in PL, he seems to be more invested in doing deals than increasing shareholder value. I’m down over 80% on my investment, of which I’ve been an investor for over 7 years.


37.   87

Name: Stewart Madigan on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: vote of no confidence from me, lots of pi’s and the market


38.   88

Name: Gary Carp on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Sadly, Peter youhave wrecked thecompany andbeen hansomelypaid foryourefforts. Timeto go.


39.   89

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: As a PI with 300K+ shares, I would have liked to have had a say in the current merger situation.


40.   90

Name: Jason Wright on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: This comment was deleted on 2013-05-12 14:35:18


41.   91

Name: Amir on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: no jam here tomorrow. PL has not meet 1 target and now this!


42.   92

Name: Ivan Brown on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: 3 million votes says no


43.   93

Name: M. Kearney on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Peter Landau has delivered theopposite of shareholder value.


44.   94

Name: Colin Jenkins on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: i feel like ive been mugged and aint got the bruises to show for it!!


45.   95

Name: Debra on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Too many failed deals.. What happened to share buy back? Consolidation not the answer.. Want to earn not loose money..


46.   96

Name: Daz on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Jam tomorrow Peter. Out of your depth. The logical thing to do was to concentrate on the assets that we have and to plough funding into these operations. Where is the benefit to us PI’s, what are you doing? Please, for the good of the company – step down. You have failed with RRL, you have not managed the sentiment well nor have you managed the news flow and the post-suspension information to the market. I really believe that the city don’t trust you and like them, i have have lost total trust. Do the decent thing – step down.


47.   97

Name: Chatto on Apr 26, 2013



48.   98

Name: Sarah Dougherty on Apr 26, 2013



49.   99

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: This company continues to put BOD interests first and ordinary PI’s last. Enough is enough!


50.   100

Name: John Semmens on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Range have said one thing and done another. Various “changes in strategy” over the past 2 years to justify/ mask the real problem – it is incapable of sticking to a coherent plan


 petition has now closed


1.     101

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: About time something was done about directors like this. How he has keep his role is laughable


2.     102

Name: Marcus Holland on Apr 26, 2013



3.     103

Name: Paul on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: step away from the company. YOU ARE DESTROYING IT


4.     104

Name: Carol Barlow on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Keeps saying or promising one thing then does the opposite especially about dilution and buy back.


5.     105

Name: Behrooz Alavi on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: I agree


6.     106

Name: Darrell Shepherd on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: I am a private investor and invested into this company after extensive reasearch and the positive comments made by Peter Landau, However i now can’t belive a word the man says he has not delivered any shareholder value whatsoever and has diluted the shares in issue to such an extent they are virtually worthless, if he is confident of range resorses future it would be nice to see him put his own hand in his pocket and let us see a large directors buy of shares. If not then he must go.


7.     107

Name: Gary Carp on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Sadly, Peter youhave wrecked thecompany andbeen hansomelypaid foryourefforts. Timeto go.


8.     108

Name: Mark Fisher on Apr 26, 2013



9.     109

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: needs guidance or help of an expereinced oiler…clearly treats this like a game. We need better communication!!!


10.   110

Name: Ladd on Apr 26, 2013



11.   111

Name: Danny Sutherland on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Very poor performance, and no confidence in this Co.


12.   112

Name: Nicholas Fruhling on Apr 26, 2013



13.   113

Name: Shoaib Nasir on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: I fully support this petition for PL to step down as chief executive of RRL.


14.   114

Name: Jordan Rainer on Apr 26, 2013



15.   115

Name: David Gough on Apr 26, 2013



16.   116

Name: Mhinder Bhopal on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Totally concur, PL is a liability


17.   117

Name: Steve Mcculloch on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Incompetent, no share holder interest, deadlines never met, full of promises that never materialise. Should step down immediately and take all existing board members with him. Hand back any shares you still have in payment for your none performance for over 2 years.


18.   118

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: You have cost me a small fortune. If you enjoy making deals so much instead of concentrating on existing assets then go and do so in one of your many other positions. And so many of your comments over the last year or two are either borderline falsehoods or have been completely inaccurate. Not good enough.


19.   119

Name: Pardip Kandola on Apr 26, 2013



20.   120

Name: Ron Curtis on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Been invested now for 3 years and holding 500,000 shares. This is a deal too far, and we werre promised no more ‘dilution events’ last november. I have no idea why were are stetching ourselves even further for what seems the benefit of a new Managing Director. This amount of money will surely buy this kind of skillset


21.   121

Name: Andrew J (aka Capx) on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Been here since June 2010. Time to change the head guy as this is the only way a company can move forward. There is obviously no strategic plan from PL and working plan outlining how the strategic plan will be achieved with PL at the helm.


22.   122

Name: Nicholas Manser on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: We need production from Trindad increasing not further dilution and a merger that isn’t warranted at this time. If you cannot run the company properly spend some of the available funds on key personnel to drive production up then once we are profitable look at future mergers/acquisitions at that point. No shareholder value has been created, just look at the SP performance in the last 13 months. Too many false promises by PL and with comments saying no more dilution in November 2012 and further dilution happening he clearly doesn’t respect us shareholders. Time for a change before I lose all of my hard earned invested cash.


23.   123

Name: Ian Thornton on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: trinidad should be producing far more oil now with all the investment and false promises of increasing bopd .to much money spent on Puntland


24.   124

Name: Wilfried Glau on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: no more trust to hiswords


25.   125

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Too many excuses and too little delivery.


26.   126

Name: Auke De Vries on Apr 26, 2013



27.   127

Name: Gino Sabatino on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: step down you crook


28.   128

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Peter Landau and his business associates also need investigating. These companies are being run for the sole purpose of distributing shareholder funds around a number of failed businesses but making the leaders very rich. The cross company lending is unforgivable


29.   129

Name: John Laing on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: I have absolutely no faith in this man’s leadership. The share price reflects the fact that this man is incompetent


30.   130

Name: Ian Matthews on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: This man is obsessed with “doing a deal” instead of concentrating on doing a few things better. As there are proven resources in Trinidad, should concentrate on getting value from those, rather than more highly prospective opportunities. Share dilution to benefit his Aussie mates is disgraceful.


31.   131

Name: Robert Bancroft on Apr 26, 2013



32.   132

Name: Scott Moorhouse on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: failure to deliver on promises..


33.   133

Name: Larry Chan on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: He holds far too many senior executive posts in too many public companies and the nature of consultancy and corporate services fees are opaque. Does not offer value for shareholders or focus.


34.   134

Name: A Hussain on Apr 26, 2013



35.   135

Name: Colin Macleod on Apr 26, 2013



36.   136

Name: Gary Spurrier on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: peter landau must go..please.


37.   137

Name: Andy M on Apr 26, 2013



38.   138

Name: Peter Mcdougall on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Scandalous.


39.   139

Name: Julie Edwards on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: want pl out..


40.   140

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013



41.   141

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: it is absolut rediculous to read this crowd of thickheads on this board, Landau to ask to step down, if you have no idea of Öl business, you should not invest in this kind of stocks in Germany I would say Dummköpfe


42.   142

Name: Peter Cheyne on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: I have no confidence in Mr Landau as Executive Director to take Range forward and am particularly appalled by his unprofessional communication


43.   143

Name: Grant Watts on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: I either want the following, I want Range to freeze ALL M&A until 6000bopd target reached in trinidad AND the 3000bopd waterflood target reached. I want range to get back the continental coal money immediately I want range to stop acting as a bank lending out money we don’t have I want range to get rid of Walter and put somebody with a proven track record in charge on a salary tied to production targets I want range to conclude the Texas deal with $25m confirmed in the bank I want range to spend that $25m on T&T, nothing else. get the rigs up to scratch, get more rigs, get drilling and get producing I want range to STOP any further dilution, live within its means and stop nonsense talks of share buybacks/consolidaation etc. Draw a line in the sand at the current number of shares and get producing to increase market cap and hence the share price . I want range to deliver some fooking shareholder value and get the sp back to 10p minimum within 12 months & without consolidation. I want PL to sacrifice his salary as a goodwill gesture to all PIs that are currently sitting on large losses until the 6000bopd target is reached. or peter to step down


44.   144

Name: Martin Crabb on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Bought in here at over 20p and very unhappy with the money wasted with little to show.


45.   145

Name: Len on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Drop the dead donkey!!!i


46.   146

Name: Michael Mattocks on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: PL has sold us all up the river with his false promises. I have lost £130,000 as a shareholder. Time for him to go. His EGO is bigger than the company!


47.   147

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013



48.   148

Name: Rippoff on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: This is the final straw – OKAP appears to be set up to facilitate the movement of cash/shares between the constituent busnesses for the benefit of the OKAP directors. In the case of Range – shareholder value ruined and targets missed time and again. Sadly reminds me of the days of John Elliott and Alan Bond in the 80’s


49.   149

Name: Fatima Hamid on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: The constant dilution, and constant aquiring of assets without actually developing an asset thoroughly, along with Peter Landaus interest in numerous other ventures, (confict of interest) without any thought for shareholder value over the years, and now this? Again no consideration given to developing a asset and creating shareholder value, again more dilution, most of this benenits the cream at the top at the expense of that average PI. Plus Peter has long been feeding information through David Scanlen, Kev Yorks and others to no doubt line his own pockets.


50.   150

Name: S Kemp on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Share holder since May2010. SP performance is reflective of continued missed deadlines and production targets


1.     151

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: I agree


2.     152

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Lost confidence and trust in CEO. PL spread too thin and too many shares in issue. No focus other than acquisition. Need to deliver production not accumulation of further assets that require massive cash injections. The world has moved on from 2010


3.     153

Name: Jonathan Fox on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: The only consistent is that he has promised the earth and delivered next to nothing. As the petition states, poor/misleading communication, failed deadlines and has failed to return value to shareholders, spectacularly.


4.     154

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Totally ludicrous management of Range, hemorrhaging money left right and Chelsea, bailing out companies with worthless assets !! whats on earth is going on Pete??? Do the decent thing and stand down before Range is no more and we “The Investors” loose everything you dope..


5.     155

Name: Nirojasn on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: i have no confidence in Mr Peter Landau to run Range Resources. The value of share kept on decreasing. He keeps investors in the dark most of the time. He promise things and never deliver (texas money to be used for buyback/ TT production targets etc). Just carrying on adding more prospects, not thinking of the money to develop them , rather relying on dilution to raise capital.


6.     156

Name: Keith Archibald on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: 3 years of promises and subsequent dissapointments,120000shares and 80% down = no happy. Also completely unprofessional in interviews……can only compare to ‘pub talk’.


7.     157

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Complete conflict of interest with OKAP


8.     158

Name: Steven Salter on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Time for a change. He has had suficient time to prove himself but clearly he is not suitable to run this company. Enough is enough!!


9.     159

Name: Jamie Clayton on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Absolute Joke


10.   160

Name: Mark P on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Do us a favour mate….you are obviously not to be trusted in keeping to your word….it’s time to step aside for someone else to take RRL forward.


11.   161

Name: U.K. on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: PL the dilution King!


12.   162

Name: Victor Filey on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: I hold Pete Landau responsible for decimating the value of my holding with his constant untruths – he has had too many chances and needs to go.


13.   163

Name: Paul A on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Peter Landau.. Your empire building has to stop at the expense of long term PI’s.. This emperor has no clothes, it’s time for a change.. Value needs to be brought back to your investors as a priority, not an afterthought..!! Read my lips.. NO MORE DILUTION


14.   164

Name: C Shah on Apr 26, 2013



15.   165

Name: Bob on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: At least he is consistent – consistently useless!


16.   166

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: I retract my previous comments of corruption, but stand by my opinions, that the shareholders have been treated poorly.


17.   167

Name: Stephen Hudson on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: A change is needed immediately to drag RRL back to where it has been promised it would be!


18.   168

Name: JONNY BOY on Apr 26, 2013



19.   169

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: RRL, oil explorer? Share performance over the last 2 years is disgraceful.


20.   170

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: What a waste of time Landau is. Never once has he had the PI at the top of his list, constantly twisting words, breaking promises, setting unrealistic targets and diluting to line his own pockets. Out out OUT!!!!


21.   171

Name: Hardial on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: I have been an investor in RRL for over 2yrs and have lost over 75% in value of my shares due to Peter Landau. He has performed very, very poorly, missed deadlines,etc and done absolutley nothing for the share value or the PIs. All his actions have lead to him filling his pockets at the expense of the PIs. He needs to go NOW!


22.   172

Name: Dave Staines on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: I have a Value Proposition Call the merger off


23.   173

Name: Jamie on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Disappointed shareholder of 3 years with significant holding. The constant dilution, missed deadlines, lack of progress on core assets and poor communication has left me frustrated. Focus on core assets rather than more exploratory finds/deals is required. A future of more dilution and cash calls awaits whilst we rely on the “cash cow” of trinidad – whose production is a fraction of what iwe were told and what it should be. Change of leadership, focus and communication required. Sometimes is less is more – if done well.


24.   174

Name: Peter Cossington on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: this bloke seems to have lost his way and things are hard enough without giving it away


25.   175

Name: Salim Omar Salim on Apr 26, 2013



26.   176

Name: Douglas Reid on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: 800 million shares to 5 billion, loans to other okap companies using and risking range shareholder money raised through dilution. $5 million of diluted money for a runway resurface in a country with am average wage of a hot meal in the west. This alone should be investigated.


27.   177

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Unreliability is not a CEO trait valued by an investor. It ultimately costs money and drives away confidence in the company’s potential. Good leadership and therefore replacement is now required.


28.   178

Name: Darren Davies on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: We need to get a resolution into the next agm/egm to remove him.


29.   179

Name:Anonymous Facebook user on Apr 26, 2013



30.   180

Name: Brian Davies on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: I first invested in rrl back early in 2010, thinking that this would be an excellent investment Opportunity, at the time which in turn has been proved false. This I totally believe, is because we have a Director that is so widely spread thin with his numerous other companies, and seems to be using Range resources more like an investment vehicle, instead of what is supposed to be a Oil and Gas exploration and production Company .He has and still does make so many wild and empty promises and has misled shareholders on numerous occasions over the past couple of years in range resources but has never ever came through. Peter Laundau, is in my opinion, one of the most corrupt guys running this company and doing so for his own gain and life style. He has never shown one piece of remorse, on the destruction of the share price. I for one would really like to see him removed before he totally destroys this company. You only have to look back on past presentations he has spoken at, and compare that to ranges performance of late and not to mention the share dilutions that have taken place, which only last year, said that no more dilution would take place for the next 2 years as they were fully funded. Which was a complete lie.


31.   181

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013



32.   182

Name: Alan DICKMAN on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: I have been In RRL for over 2 and a half years and had promises and lies for the duration


33.   183

Name: Adrian Jones on Apr 26, 2013



34.   184

Name: JT on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: Hi saw the link on Interactive Investor forum and if this helps to get it to my target price of 2.5p next week then I’m buying a shed load and will vote to remove the current bod – keep spreading the word fin!


35.   185

Name:Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

Comments: JT thanks for your support Im a holder but RRL is a joke in the city and PL credability is nil. Any more delays or missed targets and RRL will be slaughtered IMO.


36.   186

Name: Alistair Bradley on Apr 27, 2013



37.   187

Name: Bsplondon on Apr 27, 2013

Comments: Sorry Pete, but the latest deal with IOP just shows incompetence and I am a little worried about underhand tactics going on connected to your relationship with both companies. I highly believe your judgement has been clouded on this due to conflict of interests as you are involved in both companies, and we as RRL shareholders (ordinary people) are seriously hit in the pocket because of your greed. Time to walk away before more damage!


38.   188

Name: GORDON BOWDEN on Apr 27, 2013

Comments: Range Resources Ltd is nothing more than a PONZI SCAM and Director “INSIDER TRADING” ring Company, directly affiliated and aligned to the same corporations of ASIC & FED POLICE raided corporations of ANTHONY WILLIAM PAUL SAGE. Find all the “EXPLORATION” PONZI SCAM Companies at the web blogs of PETER EYRE “eyreinternational.WORDPRESS” or PANDORA’S BOX series by Peter Eyre


39.   189

Name: M.Salim on Apr 27, 2013



40.   190

Name: Peter Cogger on Apr 27, 2013

Comments: False promises, failure to deliver, poor management, too highly paid.




Titanic investments

Gordon also sent me some information on one of Australia’s richest magnates – Clive Palmer who is seeking to be Prime Minister by starting his own political party as well as his Titanic II project………I hope it runs better than the resort he took over and that any potential investors do not end up in David Jones Locker alongside Titanic I.

Jet 1


According to Gordon Mr. Palmer has already achieved the extraordinary

Another email from Gordon relating to Clive Palmer and others:


Given the latest Political Story in Australia
You can head my e-mail that you want to print with this, and all their inter relationships with their DIRECT Relationships to Convicted Heroin Dealer PONZI SCAM Mining, Oil Con Artist FRANK TIMIS and CLIVE PALMER
Of course, it should also be led with the 2008 ABC 4 CORNERS “BAD COMPANY” Expose
Then the publications: related to Home of:
RANGE RESOURCES LTD and the interlocked Common Directors of My recorded Fraud PONZI SCAM
“Exploration” Oil, Gas and Mining Companies ALL fronted by
You could I recommend, add a few cartoon caricatures of a flock of Ostrich sticking their heads into the sand near RUSTING Abandoned Mining Head Gear and dipping duck Oil Wells, a few cow skulls & skeletons thrown in.
All wearing various FED POLICE, ASIC  stickers on their bodies and Blue flashing lights on their tails.
Banned from what? – Investigating massive fraud and corruption?
Gordon’s sent this attachment with the above email:

Little glamour in Glory boss Sage’s empire

By Peter Ker and Rania Spooner

Dec. 20, 2012, 3:56 p.m.

For a man who used to pose for photographs beside a Ferrari and a beautiful woman, the properties related to Tony Sage that were raided by Federal Police on Wednesday are anything but glamorous.

In this dowdy network of Perth cul de sacs, wedged between a major freeway, a railway line and a massage business that is open ‘‘till late’’, the only hint of glamour is the framed playing shirt of Argentinian soccer club River Plate that has hung above Mr Sage’s desk from time to time.

It is believed the authorities may have visited more than one property in this small corner of Perth, including the building that houses the city’s A-League soccer club Perth Glory, which is one of several businesses in Mr Sage’s web.

Perth Glory is expected to make a statement shortly, but is understood to not be the focus of the raids.

Mr Sage’s main company, Cape Lambert Resources, has also issued a statement distancing itself from the raids, despite having its own tax problems earlier this year.

‘‘The company believes the matters relating to the execution of these warrants are not related to its business and have co-operated with the AFP fully,’’ Cape Lambert Resources said in a statement to the Australian Securities Exchange.

Cape Lambert Resources recently pledged to pay $33 million to the tax office as a preliminary payment on a wider tax dispute.

With his two highest profile business interests seemingly distanced from the raids, uncertainty remains around Mr Sage’s personal tax affairs and the network of micro-cap companies he is involved in.

Aside from Cape Lambert Resources, in which his biggest ASX-listed share holdings are located, Mr Sage is also director of at least eight other listed and private companies.

This part of his world is typified by over-lap: the registers often feature both Mr Sage and Cape Lambert as separate investors, with many of his companies holding stakes in each other.

An accountant by trade, Mr Sage’s approach to the resources industry has been to scour the world for distressed assets, fix them up and then sell them on at a higher price.

The highlight of his dealings in the resources sector arguably came in 2008, when he sold a Western Australian magnetite project called ‘‘Cape Lambert’’ to Chinese interests for $400 million.

That company, the Metallurgical Corporation of China, is also involved as a contractor on the Sino Iron magnetite project that has helped deliver Clive Palmer a fortune.

It’s unclear which of those two projects has been more disastrous for MCC: both have suffered major delays and cost blowouts, and MCC was this week reported to be scaling back its presence in WA.

MCC is now looking for a ‘‘strategic partner’’ to help it salvage something from ruins at Cape Lambert.

Cape Lambert Resources’ current focus is an iron ore project in Sierra Leone known as Marampa.

Shares in Cape Lambert Resources were down 1.5 cents to 27 cents in afternoon trade on the back of the raids, which are part of an ongoing AFP investigation in partnership with commonwealth agencies including the Australian Crime Commission, Australian Tax Office, and Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

End of email


Gordon again sent me an email relating to the Portsmouth Football Club (England) which has connections with the owner of another football club in Western Australia called Perth Glory – owned by Tony Sage the boss of Range Resources which is named in this story.

Rather strange to see a connection between football and natural resources don’t you think?……….. not to mention the other connections in Australia where massive fraud and corruption appears to continue on unchecked!!

It is important to remember that the web of deceit, fraud and corruption spans many continents from the US/Canada – UK/EU – South Africa – Australia to name but a few and many of them are all inter-connected forming one very big spider web……..only the little fish get caught and the spiders live on to regroup with their corrupt corporate sector buddies, bankers, political leaders and associated politicians and their parties etc.

Start of Gordon’s email to various people:


Thursday 27th June 2013

From:  Gordon Bowden

To:  tomat49@gmail.com, aimregulation@londonstockexchange.com,market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk, reportingfraud@sfo.gov.uk, info@vgmplc.com, info@jubileeplantinum.com

Hi Tom

What’s up, NO REPLY YET
You must have sent out for the Lekker £10 BYRON BURGERS as well.
Mmmmmm Getting close to the bone Hey Tom !
How you and the “Snott Nose” Silver Spoon ETON GANG been “Extracting the Urine” out of us, the Common Folk
Wow, Nice “DAVID STAR” Tee-Shirt you wear as your Logo on the SHARECRAZY BB
I hear you get 1 for the price of 3 at 788 – 790 FINCHLEY RD, 923 FINCHLEY RD, 665 FINCHLEY RD etc.
Good old “Maggie” settled them in nicely there, mind you, they’ve expanded a lot since then.
I hear if, like you, you know ALL the Directors, they get some dope in a diseased filled Nigerian Village to pay for yours.
Oh, nearly forgot where I was going there, sort of Lost on the Old Charity Money Laundering stings you lot pull, like
THE HALO TRUST (Nice Tabard they gave DIANA to wear with the Body Armour and Head Gear)
Geeeze, Tom, let me grab a hanky, your getting as bad as ITV, what with all the BINGO, BETTING, BORROWING and BEGGING Adverts, really tugs at the heart strings, and I know, I lived 22 years in AFRICA.
Yes, lets see now, your MASTER INVESTOR mate NIGEL WRAY, what with all the ducking and diving they got up to with SEYMOUR PIERCE, I also hear that a few years ago him and his other co Directors were bit of a cult in “THE CITY” Under age and Binge Drinking, That must be where Poor WENDY DURHAM got her training in serving the “Punters” mind you she’s in a flat spin now, Into Fish n Chip Shops, and JUBILEE PLATINUM, you lot must have been worked off her twinkle toe feet, I mean, cutting all the crusts off the posh sarnies, and stirring in Squid Ink into the Red Cod Roe for the crackers n Cheese platters for LENIGAS, “CHALKIE” WHITE and FRANCES DEE COOK next to the RITZ. I thought I scarred her off the Planet when I said she was a complicit part of all your “Virtual” Narnia, “EXPLORATION” OIL,GAS and MINING PONZI SCAMS, but like the Old Tortoise, but, I see,she’s stuck her head out again on another JUBILEE BB.
Yes, NIGEL WRAY, Binge Drinking, Underage Drinking Clubs. Tell me Tom, correct me If I’m wrong,would that be, NIGEL WRAY who, when was it, yep, back in 2002 – 2003 was a Director of.
You know TOM, changed their name a few times since, bit of “Ducking and Diving”
You know TOM  the quaffers Clubs
Geeeeeeeze TOM, he really was swilling it with the cream, I mean look who he was pissing it up with:
Cor Blimey TOM !
Not Good Old
Would you “Adam n Eve” it TOM who’s that other Director, you know TOM, No, it Couldn’t be, could it.
DAVID “Were all in this Shit Together” CAMERON
Not Our Glorious PM DAVID CAMERON, I would think, the last thing he would want bringing up would be his close friendship and Past with your Pal Wray
and, what with Proceeds of Crime 
1 Ounce Pure (FAKE Cash my Gold Junk) Welsh Gold giver ED MCDERMOTT stocked up the PALACE from the CLOGAU Mine, Wow TOM, do you see Narnia Fairies digging those hidden Grammes per Tonne from the veins of Pure Gold, you know TOM the LONRHO Cabal Con Artist Australian scammer:
David Lenigas
 when you’ve got some time TOM, love to get some reply.
and these series of emails to various people as evidence to those concerned:
From: gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>
To: “tomat49@gmail.com” <tomat49@gmail.com>
Cc: AIM Regulation <aimregulation@londonstockexchange.com>; “market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk” <market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk>; “reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk” <reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk>; “feedback@asic.gov.au” <feedback@asic.gov.au>; “Community.Engagement.Division@police.wa.gov.au” <Community.Engagement.Division@police.wa.gov.au>; “RLynch@memerycrystal.com” <RLynch@memerycrystal.com>; “peter@okapventures.com” <peter@okapventures.com>; “admin@rangeresources.com.au” <admin@rangeresources.com.au>; gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>; “info@vgmplc.com” <info@vgmplc.com>; “info@jubileeplatinum.com” <info@jubileeplatinum.com>
Sent: Sunday, 23 June 2013, 9:43
Subject: AIM FRAUD: RANGE RESOURCES LTD, SOCA PETROLEUM and a whole can of worms
Hi Tom
I was “THINKING OUT LOUD”  actually TOM since 2002
on how to Deal with AIM FRAUD ?
and Blow me down TOM.
Your name came up.
So, TOM, you “where tired had a hard day behind you and worked through the night preparing to bag a space on the STRAND at daybreak to show your respect to the greatest leader that Britain has ever enjoyed.”
Unlike you TOM, I only remember the Regimental rows of cement plinths of hundreds of thousands of HERO’S the Chaff of, “GREAT LEADERS” including “MAGGIE” who I remember well, including how she got her dipstick son out of the Shite in RSA for his involvement with SIMON MANN and 43 other Mining Staff, and who was identified having tea and Tiffin with the same “EXECUTIVE OUTCOMES” mercenary Scum, Convicted Bank Robber, Fraud Fake Mining Company Con Artist NICO SHEFER
Remember him TOM, METOREX LTD, BRINKLEY MINING and DAVID ANTHONY LENIGAS Cabal all linked to the Australian “BOILER ROOM”
Surely you Remember me TOM !
I have ALL (Hardcopy & Flash Drive location safe) Archived recorded Comments from the SHARECRAZY BB’s on those PONZI SCAM Companies you were plugging and those who counter commented TO PROTECT your paydays.
 “BRAWDY” “AKROTIRI” “LAARBRUCH” “ALLTHATGLITTERS” when your SHARECRAZY administrators banned me for trying to warn the thousands of “Dummies” who you and your motley crew were selling (for your cut) in THOUSANDS of Fraud Front “Virtual” Director Only Oil, Gas and Mining PONZI SCAM “EXPLORATION”
The should be one of the first investigated by SOCA, SFO, AIM, Police and regulatory authorities as part of the criminal complicit support structures network.
As a ex Military services Person I would recommend the “WOODENTOPS” identify a weakness, like I did and should drag in your PONZI SCAM Companies “POSTMAN” on your SHARECRAZY Community Investor BB.
Because, without him, you have NO  SHARECRAZY Bulletin Board. He would soon RAT you all out.
JAMES ” JIM “(I have a North Korean Arrest Warrant for FRAUD, THEFT & CORPORATE ESPIONAGE) MELLON
Or perhaps, the MET “FUZZ” grab a few heavies in “Battle Gear” a couple of snapping Alsatians
SOCA, SFO, AIM Regulators should take a leaf out of the Australian Fed Police and ASIC raids on
and go kick down the doors of the fronts run by your other Pal 
and drag him and his complicit Directors in out of 20 OLD BAILEY. LONDON EC4M 7EN
In ADMINISTRATION as of 1st June 2013
and while their at it: Check ALL the other Companies run out of their “BOILER ROOMS”
SEFTON RESOURCES INC    TOM, why are you bothering with them ? they are just “Sacrificial Lambs”
Just a “Smoke & Mirrors”  Collateral Damage side track
Go for the throat TOM.
The mega “WONGA” Money Laundering PONZI SCAMS of:
Geoffrey”Chalkie”  White
Ambassador FRANCES DEE COOK (with her ex SAS Commander Mates  ALDWIN, MARK and SIMON MANN )
Next door and attached to the RITZ
Do a run in your CONSPIRING  Spreads of ABC 4 CORNERS “BAD COMPANY”
and 11 other interconnected FINCHLEY RD Addresses
The 7 Directors fronting those above,involved in RECORDED £billion Fraud, Theft, Money Laundering.
RANGE RESOURCES LTD and their multiple interconnected PONZI SCAM Fronts. Easy to dismantle them TOM.
Look, I’ve done it for you.
2 days to authenticate everything here Tom, even at a snail pace you could handle it. Mind you Tom, You would then leave yourself open to perhaps 25 years in a 6×4  HMP
Let’s see Tom, How far the “Collateral Damage” will go to Protect those at the VERY TOP in GOVERNMENT including your “Hero” “MAGGIE” who helped set up and PROTECT  the FINCHLEY RD   EMPIRE
Mr Gordon Bowden
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>
To: “feedback@asic.gov.au” <feedback@asic.gov.au>
Cc: “Community.Engagement.Division@police.wa.gov.au” <Community.Engagement.Division@police.wa.gov.au>; “reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk” <reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk>; AIM Regulation <aimregulation@londonstockexchange.com>; “market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk” <market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk>; “info@vgmplc.com” <info@vgmplc.com>; “info@jubileeplatinum.com” <info@jubileeplatinum.com>; gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>; “RLynch@memerycrystal.com” <RLynch@memerycrystal.com>; “admin@rangeresources.com.au” <admin@rangeresources.com.au>; “peter@okapventures.com” <peter@okapventures.com>
Sent: Friday, 21 June 2013, 21:23
Subject: Fw: RANGE RESOURCES LTD, SOCA PETROLEUM and a whole can of worms
Dear ASIC and Cc Recipient
With there being Legal Threat by MEMERY CRYSTAL acting for Mr PETER LANDAU, “SIR” SAMUEL ESSON JONAH and the rest of the RANGE RESOURCES DIRECTORS, including Oh Dear,
Also One of the Listed Directors of STRAIT OIL AND GAS (UK ) LIMITED
So, as Michael Caine often said in his whippy Cockney Voice, “Now, not many people know this”
Good Job SOCA are on the Ball, Protecting the UK from International Organised Crime.
Maybe the Conspiring RANGE RESOURCES Directors Con Artists CABAL fronting SOCA PETROLEUM did a little giggle when naming their “Virtual” NO EXECUTIVES Recorded Company.
But, it would only take a 10 year old, using Google Search Engine to spot how this lot play “Musical Chairs” and “Pass me the Money Honey”
Let me elaborate:
Because, as of June 2011 SOCA PETROLEUM Operated as a Subsidiary of RANGE RESOURCES LTD.
But, then, RANGE RESOURCES Acquired  SOCA PETROLEUM with an On Shore Drilling Company thrown in. (Handy for paying yourself the Drilling Expences)
But, SOCA PETROLEUM was 90% owned by:
MONITOR ENERGY LTD which of course changed name into:
Denis Patten
Arthur Pitts
Oh Dear !
Where have I seen that name before, oh Yes: The Perth “PORN” KING
INTERNATIONAL GOLDFIELDS LTD   Oh Dear!  Mmmmmm me thinks, Direct Links to: 34 PARLIAMENT PLACE .PERTH
But Like I said before:
Depending on which JASON ANTHONY BONTEMPO   ID you pick
ID 916713131
ID 912296264
ID 906483072
Under ID 916713131  4 Current 3 resigned  1 PARK ROW, LEEDS
ID 912296264   3 Dissolved
ID 906483072
Mind you, they are the same Companies as:
Has a few more
Here’s the Strange Thing
From the filed Documents
26/7/2011 was a DORMANT Company
But isn’t that Strange ?
Previous name: MINMAR (840) LIMITED
and, Oh Dear !
Which only goes to show.
ex BRITISH Military Intelligence Operative JOHN STRATTON was 100% Correct
June 2008
Well, it would be, wouldn’t it.
ID 912797420
11 Current, 3 Resigned and 2 Dissolved
So, I wonder how many checks are run on these “Undervalued ” £billion  Assets like ABC 4 CORNERS DID on the “RAWAS MINE”
Maybe TOM WINNIFRITH, JAMES “JIM” MELLON : How’s his NORTH KOREAN Arrest Warrant ?  or NIGEL WRAY could do a “Drive-By”
I mean, ALL were very vocal at the MASTER INVESTOR “ROAD SHOWS”
Just gone “BOoooooooM” I mean, How could they, they’ve been Pumping all these EXOTIC Named “EXPLORATION” OIL,GAS and MINING Companies.
So I also read, Poor Portsmouth FC Supporter and Blog Truth Teller, MICAH HALL has been threatened with legal action for exposing the TRUTH on this massive Criminal Empire, just like Me.
Lets see what Corporate Evidence I can help him with, Lets start with RANGE RESOURCES LTD, RED EMPEROR RESOURCES, STRAIT OIL AND GAS, ORCA ENERGY and the FRANK TIMIS, LORD PETER TRUSCOTT Documents, that should get the Guardian, Times and Express Interested in Organised Crime Money Laundering into UK Premier League Football Clubs.
Mr Gordon Bowden
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>
To: “feedback@asic.gov.au” <feedback@asic.gov.au>
Cc: “Community.Engagement.Division@police.wa.gov.au” <Community.Engagement.Division@police.wa.gov.au>; “reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk” <reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk>; “market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk” <market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk>; AIM Regulation <aimregulation@londonstockexchange.com>; “peter@okapventures.com” <peter@okapventures.com>; “admin@rangeresources.com.au” <admin@rangeresources.com.au>; “RLynch@memerycrystal.com” <RLynch@memerycrystal.com>; gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>
Sent: Monday, 17 June 2013, 20:43
Dear Sirs
Now that MEMORY CRYSTAL and PETER LANDAU, SIR SAMUEL ESSON JONAH have issued direct legal threat
I wish you ALL make RECORD of this plus the attachment, which I shall include as an Exhibit file in any future UK Court Case.
Football Clubs and International Money Laundering from the proceeds of ORGANISED CRIME.
You see, it’s not difficult when you “FOLLOW THE MONEY”
Talk about this group “Extracting the Urine”
RANGE RESOURCES LTD  ANTHONY EASTMAN   appointed 20/8/2012  ID 917232865 
Hwever, he is also a RECORDED Director of:
The Interlock J/V Partner of RANGE RESOURCES LIMITED
Handy really, because that also makes him ANTHONY NEVILLE CHISHOLM EASTMAN
ID 916271083.
Funny, he’s also running from the same address:
With his pal
CARLOS FERNANDES (Worth a look) at CG TRADING LTD  07936257
STRAIT OIL AND GAS LTD   05971677   Incorporated 18/10/2006
ID 907700414
1 Current
5 Resigned
13 Dissolved
Just to ensure the relationships. Please Forward to the Australian Federal Police, who seem uncorrupted unlike the UK Authorities
WHERE ???????
SOCA, SFO, FSA, LSE Market Authorities.
The AIM L.S.E. ASX and TSX-V are a Joke, A CASINO, run for a select network of International Fraudsters, thieves, Money Launderers and Insider Trading rings who, over the last 20 odd years have built a massive PONZI SCAM NETWORK and run a huge support Network of Complicit Auditors, Accountants, Lawyers, Sponsors, PR Agents and huge  network of inter connected “Boiler Rooms”
There is NO Due Diligence, NO Protection for the Cannon Fodder BANKS, FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS or PRIVATE INVESTORS
Mr Gordon Bowden
Derby UK
PERTH GLORY to PORTSMOUTH FC and major UK Premier Clubs with RUSSIAN Directors.
Refer the Attachment:

HALL RIGHT NOW: The men who would run Pompey and why they shouldn’t… #2

Tue 12th Feb 2013 by Micah Hall

After Keith Harris, next up from the triumvirate of would-be Pompey investors is Alan John Frank Hitchins, a “professional investor” according to the Harris PR company, Square1 Consulting. Given we’ve had a quite a few evidently amateur ones in PFC’s recent past, this sounds encouraging at least…

We called Square1 Consulting – Chairman David Bick – to confirm who Hitchins was and they did, adding that he had been “a pet supplies magnate” and was now in the oil business. After our research got interesting I called again to double-check we had the right Alan Hitchins and received no response.



We called back a third time. This time, initially at least, Bick confirmed it was the one-and-same Alan Hitchins. When I began asking questions about the material in this blog he went away to check again with Harris whether this was the right Alan Hitchins. When he returned he simply said “I am not authorised to discuss our investors, two of whom are passive investors.”

That didn’t exactly inspire me with confidence. Harris’s consortium put the name in the public domain and gave some of his background to myself and other journalists, yet now they seemed to be fighting shy of confirming who he is.

Eventually we confirmed we had the right Alan Hitchins by other means and Bick finally re-confirmed we had the right man late on Tuesday. And Bick was adamant: “Keith only does business with people he knows really well” and “you can trust Keith, he knows exactly what he is doing”.

Let’s see how this grand claim stands up to examination.

There is only one Alan Hitchins on LinkedIn, based in Bromley, Kent. His profile, such as it is, is available here. He seems to have just one connection and Alan clearly hasn’t quite got the hang of LinkedIn, particularly has he hasn’t bothered to list all his current and former companies on his CV.

So, let’s do that for him.

First up Bestfeed Ltd. A company called tokenhelp.com have created a web page warning of the dangers of doing business with Hitchins and describes Bestfeed’s failure to pay a county court judgement. Read all about it here and see a copy of the judgment here.

Fortunately, Bestfeed Ltd were struck off without filing any accounts so little danger of anyone else being let down by them, but that’s no accounts and a county court judgement to get us started. I’m sure Keith knows all about it.

Still, Hitchins does have a viable business and job to add to all that ‘professional investing’ he does. He is a vet. Yes, a vet. In exotic Chislehurst, Kent. Under the name Streambank Ltd, which changed in September 2012 from Streambank Trading Ltd, the company trades as Ark Veterinary Clinic. You can see details of the business here. The company has had one or two issues with filing its accounts on time, but has avoided thus far being struck off the companies’ register. The latest Annual Accounts submitted to Companies House for the year up to November 30, 2010 reported ‘cash at bank’ of £994, ‘liabilities’ worth £16,268, ‘net worth’ of £-8,612 and ‘assets’ worth £7,656.

Keith, no doubt, knows all about this too. He has probably had his dog’s boils lanced by Alan for many years. I rang Ark to see if I could speak to Alan but according to the nice lady who answered the phone he only works Saturdays now, because he has ‘other work’.

But there’s more. Here are some of Hitchins’ other businesses, using Companies House as a guide. What’s this one? Black Sea Chemical Co Ltd. Started in 1992 as a company called ‘MedalGreat Limited’ it was struck off by Companies House for failing to file accounts. It was based in the exotic Black Sea resort of Ilford, Essex.

And another one. Vulture Ltd. Founded in August 1996 as Jointvoice Ltd, it became a comedy club, (Buffoonery Comedy Clubs Ltd) two months later. It then branched out into Agricultural Services before being struck off for failing to file accounts.

What about Trafalgar House Securities Limited? The imposing sounding Trafalgar House began life as Oakmade Limited. Again, you know the drill. Struck off for failing to file accounts.

The list goes on. And on.

Newhall Ltd – struck off for failing to file accounts.

Anglelink Ltd – struck off for failing to file accounts.

Classtime Ltd – struck off for failing to file accounts.

Linelight Ltd – struck off for failing to file accounts.

Redban Ltd – struck off for failing to file accounts.

(The last five were all registered as c/o an accountants office in London, you might have thought that they would be able to knock up a set of accounts if asked).

Caucusus Mountain Marble – not based too near the Caucusus in London, and struck off for failing to file accounts.

Mayfair Gold Ltd – struck off for failing to file accounts.

Ark Clinics Ltd did file some accounts before being struck off for… Yes. You guessed it. The published accounts are how you can tell they owed £112,351 on contracts within one year, had a net book value of MINUS £98,925 and the princely sum of £225 in the bank.

Pharm Aid Consultants Ltd did better – owing only £250 when struck off for… Monotonous I know, and with cash of precisely £0.

Vetwise Ltd, book value MINUS £69,670, was struck off for you know what, but at least Alan had resigned as a director two years previously.

Blue Island Residents Association – At last! We are cooking! We have a business worth £16,771 AND it files accounts. Problem is, Alan Hitchins hasn’t been a director of the compnay for 20 years. He resigned in 1992 bringing his 13 month stint to an end.

So that is 13 companies dissolved, seven directorships retired and three current directorships. However. There is one more company, the one he owns up to on LinkedIn…

What appears to be Hitchins’ main business is called Strait Oil & Gas (UK) Ltd. Rather like diversifying from comedy into agricultural services, Hitchins has moved from veterinary surgery into oil exploration in Georgia, that well-worn career arc. Although maybe not. He is described on the list of directors as a ‘veterinary surgeon’. Should come in handy should an oil well break a fetlock.

Strait Oil’s website, http://www.straitoil.ge/ has a page on which you can view live streaming of what appears to be nothing at all, possibly snow, possibly just the camera is not working. There is a lovely picture of an oil well against the setting sun. As the company appears to have £3,000 of tangible assets, one wonders whose oil well this is, but I’m sure they will be happy to tell us.

Strait Oil is 60% owned by Red Emperor Ltd and Range Resources. By one of those weird Pompey coincidences, both these firms are represented by the same PR agency as Portpin, Tavistock Communications. Tavistock’s website boasts of their role in takeovers, mergers and acquisitions. We asked them whether they suggested Alan Hitchins to join the consortium but their answer did not arrive in time for us to include in this piece.

Red Emperor shares are trading at £0.030 in London and their Australian price is at $0.047 Aud. Range Resources are doing better at $0.052 AUD and a whopping £3.28 on the AIM market in the UK, down from £16 earlier this year.

Range Resources does do some drilling around the world, often it seems in the environmentally disastrous field of shale gas, better known as fracking, hence their need to employ Tavistock. And if you do a bit of Googling, boy do they need their PR people.

But what of Strait Oil & Gas? Their quarterly report can be found here.Whilst there is lots of interesting stuff about geology, there seems to be no oil or gas. Strait Oil and Gas (UK) Ltd has managed to avoid one strike off by Companies House already and had to restate their accounts.

Their most recent accounts are qualified by their auditors BDO because of a failure to prepare group financial statements in contravention of the Companies Act 2006.

As far as we can see, Alan Hitchins doesn’t even own a significant stake in Strait Oil. As discussed above, 60% is owned by Red Emperor and Range Resources and the other 40% by a hotch-potch of small companies, many based out of Gibraltar and on which there is virtually no information such websites, stock prices and so on.

In the year ending December 2010 Strait Oil show an operating loss of £283,097. For the first six months of 2011 it is £147,124. For each of the last two years their operating turnover is about £750,000, so these losses are significant and incurred purely because administrative expenses exceeded income. Alan Hitchin’s salary is £72,000 pa. Their tangible assets are £3,391, according to a note in the accounts the value of PCs and so on. Its cash at bank is £201,164.

The company runs from what appear to be serviced offices – a postal address and a phone answering service in Jermyn Street in London – where the only oil is in the hair of the tailors. It seems to share the building with a shoe shop and an international pharmaceutical company. The other company who share this address is Range Resources of course, who own 20% of Strait Oil. Must be crowded in there, but at least if the oil spills on your shoes you can pop downstairs and buy some new ones.

Strait Oil and Gas is entirely reliant on shareholder loans to trade, £5m of which are repayable within a year. These loans will have provided the funds to purchase the licenses in Georgia, intangible assets of £10,693,208, described as ‘Investments’. What they paid for them is open to question, because the value of the investments is for the company to determine. Whatever. The true value of a so far oil-less oil field in Georgia is this: the company has £200,000 in cash and £5m to repay next year. That is all very well, except for the fact that there appears to be no oil or gas. Better hope they hit a gusher soon…

One of Hitchins’ fellow directors at Strait Oil between 2009 and 2011, rejoiced in the name Damian Conboy. He was struck off by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Following an investigation, ASIC found that Mr Conboy did not perform his duties efficiently, honestly and fairly and was not a fit and proper person to be a representative.

ASIC made the banning order after findings which included that Mr Conboy:

♦ excessively traded on clients’accounts which incurred debts

♦ breached ASX Listing Rules relating to the settling of trading

♦ traded on an unauthorised account

♦ incurred personal debts and failed to ensure clients settled within prescribed settlement terms

♦ lied to ASIC during its investigation

The full statement can be found here.

This was ten years before his involvement with Strait Oil – which means you have to question why Alan Hitchins would want to be on a board of directors with him.

Another person you might want to think about sharing a Board with is Mustafa Mutlu, a Turkish Cypriot, who is currently sharing a place in the Strait Oil & Gas (UK) Ltd Boardroom with Alan. The Independent in 1994 detailed some of Mr Mutlu’s interesting past here which led to a British Peer, Lord Erskine, naming him in the House of Lords as being a director of a British registered company, Summit (Consortium) Limited, which was involved in organising an illegal arms deal with Azerbaijan. Mr Mutlu’s British directorships are listed here.

Ethical issues aside, an arguably bigger question from a Pompey perspective is obvious. I am sure Alan Hitchins is a brilliant vet and will eventually strike oil in Georgia. However, if he represents a third of Mr Harris’s consortium planning to ‘invest’ in PFC – and this is a man Keith ‘knows really well’ and can ‘trust’ – then it’s hard to see where he has made any significant money. Certainly if the proposition is that he has millions of pounds to invest as pure equity then I would expect to see some big companies somewhere. If Hitchins is a rich man, his wealth is as subterranean as, well, a Joseph Cala casino.

As always, we would happily invite Mr Hitchins to talk to us about where the money for his takeover bid is coming from, but we haven’t been able to track him down yet. If only we’d known he only works weekends clipping dogs’ claws and such like. I’m sure Hitchins is a very nice bloke and decent human being – he certainly seems to be kind to animals, although we’re not so sure about some of the human company he keeps – but Pompey fans have learnt over the recent past to be very sceptical of anyone whose source of claimed wealth is not immediately apparent.

Last time: Keith Harris 

Micah Hall wishes it to be known that he has received no legal threats and has simply been busy with trying to ensure the fans’ takeover of the club is a success. 


End of Gordon’s emails


That completes Gordon’s summary and now we should look at the victims from such scam,s not only the investors but you and I the tax payers……….I am sure  you will all agree that the austerity measures currently being implemented or not only disgusting but totally unnecessary.

Let’s just reflect on some of the stories floating around that clearly point a finger at our leaders, governments, politicians, corporate CEO and the Banks who all have very clear links to the New World Order Cabal and who intentionally allow our country to fall into debt by not stopping the ongoing massive fraud and corruption that they have clearly been made aware of.

The West Australian 6 June 2013

The Head of the Prince Margaret’s Children’s Hospital Cancer Services – Angela Alessandri has made an impassioned plea for resources after the growing realisation that her staff were not coping with an unrelenting stream of sick children.

Oncologist Angela Alessandri spoke emotionally about the pressures of caring for children and their families and not being able to offer the best service.

The article went on to say that widespread concerns by staff and families about the lack of specialists, nurses, beds and basic equipment, especially in ward 3B……..she actually stated “If I meet a new child at work, the one thing I know is that if I do nothing that child will not survive. If I do something, there’s an 80% chance many of those children will go on to live a normal life.”

Footnote: Maybe our emotional Prime Minister will create yet another increase in Medicare to cater for Children with Cancer


I found the article printed in The Australian back in November 2012 a clear indication that the writing was on the wall for the Australian Government to at last join the rest of the world in ripping off its citizens with deceitful stories about an economic downturn, global warming and the need to tighten our belts and impose austerity measure:

The Australian – 19th November 2012 -Austerity measures

Austerity measures, aimed at curtailing government debt and increasing revenue, have spread around the globe as the green shoots of economic recovery are trampled back into the dirt.

What news pages really mean by austerity measures is that governments have cut budgets and increased taxes.

Usage has doubled in the past two years to about 1200 times a week and the phrase is more often used in connection with Greece, followed by Britain and the US.


The Ex Australian PM, Julia Gillard, implemented a further medicare levy to cover a scheme to care for people with disabilities this was yet another austerity measure  to make the ordinary citizens of Australia pay for what should already be incorporated in the Medicare Scheme


The  citizens of Australia was soon to find out that it was not isolated from what the “New World Order Zionist Cabal” had been doing around the rest of the world and that at last the Australian Government (which forms part of the cabal) had started on its own deceitful spin to brainwash its people into believing the  economic downturn had now arrived and that their estimated income for the year 2013/14 fell far short of their original calculations and that we would now have to pay the price!!

What they did not tell you is the fact that billions of dollars had been and continues to be siphoned out of the system along with massive tax evasion that they have known about since the start of the Bond Corporation back in 1959 and its eventual collapse in 1992. Alan Bond was declared bankrupt with personal debts totalling A$1.8 billion. He was subsequently convicted of fraud and served four years in prison. Following release, he became active in mining investment, and was included in Business Review Weekly’s “Rich 200 List” in 2008. But this apparent success soon proved to be hollow and built on speculative investments by associates, one of whom, in December 2010, described Bond as “a master manipulator who should be stopped before he does any more damage to anyone.”………..yes folks you read right –  “should be stopped before he does anymore damage.”

Alan Bond and son Craig were playing the same game over and over again (as they do to this day) and still our government turned a blind eye as they do with all the other “Virtual CompanyScams” –  “Insider Trading Scams” – “Asset Stripping Scams.”………..but is does not stop here……….if you watch the ABC 4 Corners programme referred too above you will clearly see that this forms a template for fraud and corruption that is so rife in Australia, some of whom have been listed at the start of this article. 


Our respective governments are leading us all down a track of total misinformation and bullshit …..there is no deficit apart from the one created by themselves to which our politicians benefit and to which the New World Order thrives………the money is siphoned out of the country to offshore tax havens where it still exists and that money believe it or not belongs to the citizens……..we are not just simply talking about cash but also vast amounts of gold bullion.

You do not need to be into rocket science to understand that if our respective  governments, fraud squads and associated authorities did their job correctly, investigated, arrested and took down the cabal, all that money and gold could be recovered and put back into all those countries that were raped and continue to be raped during such times as the “Arab Spring” and current “Western Spring” etc……… needless to say those arrests would incorporate some Leaders, Politicians and Commercial/Banking sector CEO’s etc. 


It is the Zionist New World Order that is directly responsible for creating all the depressions, recessions, and the inflation and deflation of our money. They control the printing of our own currency, and then back charge our governments interest on those loans. The interest continues to grow each year, making it difficult if not impossible for our government to pay it back. We know who they are and they will eventually be taken down and arrested.

There is a changing of the guard on the horizon and they know it….they are desperate to push their existing New World Order Agenda along (including Agenda 21 with their deceitful vaccination programmes and mass depopulation) but we know their tactics and they will fail……we are many and they are few…………I believe that 2013 will bring about a new guard and this event will not only be a major turning point but will be the beginning of the end for all those that have deceived us.


The cabal over the years have stolen quadrillions of dollars from our countries and that money is still out there and will be returned to the people.

They have hidden away many patents and inventions that basically would make free electricity a reality and many other cost saving projects

We must all live in hope that one day all wars will stop and that we will no longer live in fear of terrorism (which they themselves control) and that one day we will love in harmony with nature and learn to love each other instead of fighting each other.

The enemy lies within and not is some far away Islamic country.

Maybe some of you are asking where are these boiler rooms?

Many are normally positioned not too far away from the politicians themselves (who benefit in a big way from their proceeds).

In the picture below you can see in the top right corner the Western Australia State Parliament building (Perth) with the Shadow Government Building etc in the centre of the park area……..the roads bordering the park to the north is Parliament Place and to the west Havelock Street…….how close do you want your source of funding’s to be LOL!!!!

Parliament House Perth bordered by Havelock and Parliament Place, West Perth

A boiler room hub of activity in Perth, Western Australia…….this can be repeated in many other cities around Australia and around the world. We have only just touched the surface with the above and many others are known to Gordon and they should be extremely concerned that he his on to them……..it all takes time but transparency and truth will prevail!!!

This article has been made available to the new Australian PM, Kevin Rudd and the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott for comment.

You will also note that Gordon is in direct communications with all the authorities responsible for major fraud and corruption.


Australia’s New Prime Minister – Kevin Rudd

This is a perfect opportunity for Kevin Rudd to be transparent and clean up politics in Australia…….it is truly time for change and the next super power will make sure that the New World Order is dead in the water and all those involved in this theft will find their day in court.

Before closing I note that Kevin Rudd had originally planned  to attend an international conference in China where he had been billed as a former Prime Minister and as one of four main speakers, alongside former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Kissinger as we know is one of the major players in the New World Order………I sincerely hope that the New PM is not a chip off the old New World Order block…………. “God Help Up If He His.”

I have sent this article and details of the other HPV Vaccine Scam to him in the hope that he can be fully transparent and create change by investigating this massive fraud and at the same time protect our young high school children from this unnecessary and unproven vaccine……….are we likely to see change or will be become yet another Obama………only time will tell!!

Evidence of email to the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition:

Dear Prime Minister

I had previously sent you an introduction to major fraud and corruption within Australia with connections to other countries…….please find the following link to my latest article which gives forensic evidence of their existence and some of those involved.


I trust you will remain transparent and apply change to Australia that is so badly needed and not become yet another Obama.

As previously advised I would also ask you to review the current push by government to vaccinate all our high school children with the HPV vaccine that is not only unproven (with no data as to its success) but also having the potential to make our children infertile with other possible serious side effects.

I would be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss this article and many others on the topic of such fraud, vaccinations and the current Global Warming Scam/Carbon Tax etc.

For your information I have in the past acted as a Political Adviser in the UK in the area of Police and National Security etc and would be more than happy to assist any Member of Parliament in Australia in becoming more transparent.

Kind Regards

Peter Eyre

The PM’s automated response:

Email to PM

Email to Tony Abbott

Peter Eyre – Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – 30/6/2013

Written by Peter Eyre

June 29, 2013 at 23:18

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New World Order Wants Yet Another War In Syria

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Stop the carnage – Time to stop fighting Islamic countries and start trading with them!!


New World Order Wants Yet Another War In  Syria

Don’t you find it so hypocritical when the US, UK, EU and the New World Order Puppet (United Nations) start “Saber Rattling” and concocting stories of pure fantasy in order to justify going to war in order to force a regime change?

Don’t you  find it so hypocritical when they close their eyes to other worldly events where democracy has failed, ignoring the heavy loss of life and the manipulation by that countries dictator?

Let’s focus on just a couple of examples that normally would have them all up in arms and fighting for their so called democratic bullshit:

I am sure we all remember Iraq and how the New World Order eventually brought democracy in that country (or so they say) and pulled out their armies after nuking the entire country, destroying its ancient seed bank and raping it of its oil.

What they did not tell you is the fact that when they pulled out their troops they replaced them with a much larger (well armed) private army in the form  of Academi (previously known as Xe Services LLC, Blackwater USA and Blackwater Worldwide) and other private companies such as the British  company called Aegis Security etc………this left somewhere in the region of 100,000 private security armies in Iraq and around 70,000 currently in Afghanistan which may increase after the west pulls back its troops.

What you then get is a sort of non government controlled army that in some cases are better equipped than the standard military and who frequently operating outside the lines of the so called “Rules of Engagement” or the “Geneva Convention”……as we all observed with Blackwater in Iraq who carried out some rather horrific attacks that they were later prosecuted for…….as with any such company, when you get a bad name simply change the name of your company and continue doing what you do best…….killing people and carrying out assassinations etc!!

It is such companies as Academi (Blackwater) who now basically spread fear into the hearts of local citizens and when you add to this group of thugs government special forces and intelligence agencies one can see how easy it is to  continue to spread havoc around the country by setting off the odd bomb or two here and there and at the same time create divisions between different Islamic groups i.e. Sunni and Shia……this is a classic approach in dividing a country by blaming an attack on some other group.

What I find offensive are the names they select for these private armies……….take their latest effort – Academi and look at their students and their pupils desks and one can clearly see that the Academi bears no relationship with Acadamia as we know it:

home_excellence-c2c40cb6e7bb09418e7a58517ffb42b8A student dropping in for his studies


The students desk!!


Their other alternative public transport to and from the academy!!


Academic Teamwork Training!!


Star pupil!!

Academi 1

Practical outdoor activity events!!

academiheloStudents in their final year!!


Another security companies passing out parade !!


Then we have Aegis (British) who to some extent are better trained in the disciplinary sense but still have the ability to carry out atrocious acts as and when required…..their academy is somewhat different as they also have within their company a charity or Non Government Organisation (NGO) that gives them a sort of false facade. Take a look at some of their students:


Protecting their Principal no doubt?

Aegis 1

The class of God knows what!!

98Merc5- 70,000 guards in Afghanistan

Could this be one of their highest achievers?


Some past star pupils of another private army!!

This clearly shows just how much effort the New World Order puts into democracy when it forces a regime change and continues to occupy the country it invades……..do you think that their governments are too concerned about how many people die after they appear to hand these countries back to their sovereign owners……take Iraq for example…….over 10,000 dead since the military did their draw down!!


Did you ever wonder why the New World Order is so selective as to which country it selects to bring democracy?


US  Navy 5th Fleet based in Bahrain

Protests-BahrainMass protest in Bahrain



Bahrain’s Royal Families response to democracy when they asked their puppet neighbours (Saudi) to send in their troops!!

The Zionist controlled media always start off showing mass unrest in any given country ie Egypt, Libya and currently Syria but do not denounce the ongoing violence in Bahrain……why?….because they are puppets to the NWO and this location also happens to house the US Navy 5th Fleet!!!


The people of Turkey want their leader out

Turkey Protest

They want the  leader of Turkey out but the west want him to remain in office – “Now that’s true democracy don’t you think” ?

The same media shows you the mass unrest in Turkey but do not denounce the leader of the country….why?……because they are puppets to the west and partner in their New World Order Army known as NATO…….so much for a ballancde approach to democracy!

We see other riots in London, Greece, Spain and Italy etc but again they turn their backs because they created the problem in the first place!!


Let’s now focus yet again on the continued harassment of Syria by the same “Warlords” – US, UK, France, Germany and other NATO countries and see how they are playing the same old “False Flag Tricks” to overturn yet another regime by falsely accusing the Assad regime of using Chemical/Bi-logical Warfare etc.

It is easy to read the body language between two totally different leaders both of whom seek their own parts of the world and who wish to find their own “Geo Political and Commercial Concerns” etc..


If looks could kill

Some media reports are again showing a little “Sabre Rattling” that could well lead to a major conflict, especially when two major powers are seeking the same international market/trade.

Putin faces isolation over Syria as G8 ratchets up pressure

ENNISKILLEN, Northern Ireland (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin faced further isolation on the second day of a G8 summit on Tuesday as world leaders lined up to pressure him into toning down his support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Following an icy encounter between the Kremlin chief and U.S. President Barack Obama late on Monday, the G8 leaders will seek to find resolution to a war that has prompted powers across the Middle East to square off on sectarian lines.


The Israeli President is certainly well past his use by date!!

U.S. right to arm Syrian rebels, says Israeli president

Israeli President Shimon Peres has thrown his weight behind U.S. plans to arm Syrian rebels, shrugging off fears the weapons could be turned on Israel and exacerbate the conflict.

Russia vows to prevent Syria no-fly zone; U.S.

Issue not on table at NATO

Western leaders criticize Russia for supporting, arming Assad ahead of Putin-Obama meeting on sidelines of G-8 meeting in Northern Ireland.

Cameron pushes for action to curb Bashar al-Assad

The Prime Minister will use this week’s G8 summit to convince world leaders to step up action. David Cameron will support US plans to impose a no-fly zone over parts of Syria, as he attempts to convince world leaders to act against the “dictatorial and brutal leader” President Bashar al-Assad during the G8 summit in Northern Ireland this week.


I guess it would be a good time to look into the above articles in more detail:

What was that?…….. the western leaders critised Russia for supporting and arming Assad………..I believe the west is doing exactly the same with the undisciplined rebel army is Syria and it is that army that has used chemical and biological weapons on their own people and blamed it on government forces.

It is the west that has supplied financial and military aid to Israel, including Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s)  which have since been used on Syria when the Israeli Air Force nuked that country during the last air strike………I am sure you would all agree this two faced foreign policy is in itself extremely aggressive and against the Geneva Convention.

Now we have the west promoting a No Fly Zone near the border with Jordon which in itself is an act of war and serves no other purpose than to allow the west to gain air superiority and at the same time feed militia and arms across that border into the rest of Syria to gain a bridgehead in the same way they used Benghazi in Libya as a stepping stone for that rebel army!!


The latest updates show no decision coming from the G8 meeting and continues on in a total stalemate and yet the US is still pushing for airstrikes without the support of anyone else other than the same cabal they have been dealing with for years, namely UK, France, Germany and other NATO countries………..this is what Kerry has to say:

John Kerry called for ‘immediate’ airstrikes on Syria

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called for “immediate” airstrikes on Syria following the White House’s claim that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against foreign-backed militant groups.

On Thursday, President Barack Obama approved military aid for militant groups in Syria.

The decision came after the U.S. intelligence community concluded that the Syrian government had crossed Washington’s “red line” by using chemical weapons against the militants. Damascus has strongly rejected the accusations.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is preparing to deliver the arms through clandestine bases in Turkey and Jordan, both neighbors of Syria.

Meanwhile, U.S. military officials have been sent to Jordan to develop a range of options including the possibility of imposing a no-fly zone over parts of Syria.

Members of Congress pressed the Obama administration on Sunday to give the green light to the plan.


One can clearly see that the New World Order is a law unto itself and is thus seeking a war no matter what the consequences………..the very fact that the Syrian Government Forces did not use chemicals but the rebel army did is certainly worthy of debate.

Have we all forgotten the fact that Israel crossed the “US RED LINE” when they used nuclear weapons/WMD’s in their last airstrike in Syria?


It is no wonder that the Zionist controlled Congress is looking for the green light to attack Syria and why not when one considers they are funded by the Zionists and pledge their allegiance to Israel rather than their own country!!!

Templar 1

Blair 4

I found today’s news even more alarming with these comments:

The Express  – 20th June 2013

We stay out of Syria at our own peril, says Tony Blair

TONY BLAIR called last night for Western intervention in the civil war in Syria, warning that countries that stay out could end up paying “a higher price”.

Then we have the US puppet government in Iraq showing concern that the conflict in Syria could spill over into Iraq and Lebanon saying the same thing with Egypt condemning the Assad regime…………….maybe the world has not yet read between the lines that there is also another religious war going on between the Sunni and Shia and it is this aspect that the west are manipulating to the maximum.

One should use extreme caution when listening to Tony Blair who started all these war’s off in the first place….it is clearly time for this warmonger to  get off his “Soap Box” and go into hiding before the International Court put him aware for war crimes.

Are all the nations calling for action “Brain Dead” ? – Do they fully understand the consequences off starting up any further action in the Middle East and what it could all lead too?

Do they fully understand that behind all these threats lies the Zionist controlled New World Order and Israel who have always wanted to split up the Arab World and neutralise all the countries that sit on their border………..believe me should we enter into yet another war it will set the Middle East on Fire!!!


WMD’s have/are currently being used in all areas of conflict with small tactical nuclear weapons also being used..

We should take note that before venturing into yet another war, all the countries both within and bordering the Middle East should not promote any further conflict without fully understanding the implications on their own countries


The western friendly Islamic countries could (in promoting such a war) actually kill their own citizens in mass by pushing such a war and at the same time destroy their very own DNA in the same way the US/UK did in Fallujah, Iraq


Shock and Awe Baghdad

Make no bones about it any air strike or the creation of a No Fly Zone  within Syria is an act of war and any such action could escalate into possibly  WW3 with nuclear weapons being used by the west and Israel…….this aspect alone would contaminate the entire Middle East including their own allies ie Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi, UAE, Qatar and Egypt etc……….this would be one of the most catastrophic events ever and it makes one think how could imbeciles like Obama, Kerry, Cameron, Hague and other EU members attempt such an action with Russia and China clearly against them?

O and C

“War with Syria – You Bet – Give me a high five”

K and H

The other two Arse-holes!!


Today’s propaganda headlines read as follows:

World powers supporting Syria’s rebels have decided to provide them with urgent military aid so they can counter “brutal attacks” by the regime and “protect the Syrian people.”


These are the undisciplined rebels they intend to arm!!

The latest round of western friendly Arab nations held their meeting this week and offered their solid support for the Syrian Rebel Army….needless to say the two leading  buffoons (Kerry and Hague)  were present at the meeting and offered their continued support in arming the rebels. Kerry said : “Syrian people should determine the future of their country”……….well Mr. Kerry the same applies for the people of Bahrain and Turkey who continue to hold mass meetings in protest of their leaders but you do nothing about that because those leaders are your puppets!

World powers to provide ‘urgent aid’ to Syria rebels

Also attending were representatives from Britain, Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United States……..the same “Bullshit Brigade who wrote off Libya”

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague said: “We have been talking about how we can help the opposition, how we can help save lives.


Israeli Airforce dropped WMD on Damascus

New Thermo Nuclear Weapon used in Libya

The French Air Force dropped a WMD or two on Libya

Well Mr. Hague how come you and Kerry supported the Israeli Air Force air strikes on Syria when nuclear based weapons were used that has the potential to kill many thousands of Syrian’s over the next decade by causing mutations to their DNA……..do you really believe these moron’s?

uncle-sam-next-stepsAmerica’s interpretation of democracy


Israel’s interpretation of democracy “Divide and Conquer”

Netanyahu phone

Uncle Netty( the devil incarnate) he certainly doesn’t give a shit!!


The Solution to the world’s problems

key eraser

The key to stopping all wars – conflicts – false flags is to erase the instigators



Remove the Australian Jewish Media King and start showing the world the truth!!

WilliamHagueArmsTerrorsitsRemove “War Monger Hague” from office


Remove Kerry from politics


Remove Obama (the Grim Reaper) and shut down his drone network

Come on world….wake up!!!! we must never allow these morons to plunge us into yet another major war……enough is enough


The Talons of US – UK – France – Germany – NATO

Peter Eyre – Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis –23/6/2013

Written by Peter Eyre

June 23, 2013 at 02:54

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Pharmaceutical Industry and Government lies about HPV vaccines – Part 2

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Pharmaceutical Industry and Government lies about HPV vaccines – Part 2

Japan pulls vaccines over deep concerns

While Health Ministers Fiddle, Australians Are Harmed

Oz G4

The Oz G4


The Japanese Government buckle under pressure from independent researchers

At last a nail in the coffin for the fraudulent pharmaceutical industry and our respective deceitful governments

Japan Suspends Recommendation for HPV Vaccines for 12 – 16 Year Old Girls

GardasilFrom SaneVax. Cevarixz

14 June 2013: Merck’s Gardasil and GlaxoSmithKline’s Cervarix took a hit as Japan’s  Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare told local governments to suspend their previous recommendation for HPV vaccine administration to the country’s 12 to 16 year old girls.

Mrs. Tomoko Saito, reporter for The Asahi Shimbun, emailed this front page news article to the SaneVax team the same day. According to the article,  Health Ministry withdraws recommendation for cervical cancer vaccine:

Girls can still receive the vaccination for free, although medical institutions must now inform them beforehand that the ministry does not recommend it.

The Japanese government has subsidized the use of either Gardasil or Cervarix since 2010, but the HPV vaccines marketed to prevent cervical cancer did not come into widespread use until after revisions to Japan’s Preventive Vaccination Law took effect in April 2013. These changes also added pneumococcal vaccines and Japanese encephalitis vaccines to the country’s recommended schedule.

Side effect reports for each of the four newly approved vaccines are as follows:

Cervarix – 245.1 per 1 million vaccinations
Gardasil – 155.7 per 1 million vaccinations
Pneumococcal vaccines – 89.1 per million vaccinations
Japanese encephalitis vaccines – 67.4 per million vaccinations

After a special task force examined 43 cases of widespread pain after HPV vaccinations, the panel concluded that given the timing of symptoms they could not rule out a connection between the adverse events and HPV vaccines.

Because a direct cause and effect relationship could neither be established, nor ruled out, the task force concluded that their previous recommendation for administration of HPV vaccines should be withdrawn until appropriate information about the cause of the pain and numbness experienced by the girls can be determined and provided to the public.

Mariko Momoi, vice president of the International University of Health and Welfare and chairperson of the special task force stated:

It is necessary to gather information immediately to accurately grasp how often (these side effects) are occurring.

The task force concluded that:

…active recommendation of cervical cancer vaccinations should thus be halted until a more complete picture of their side effects can be attained.

This is the second time in the history of Japan’s vaccination program that a vaccine recommendation has been rescinded.

Mika Matsufuji’s daughter was vaccinated with Cervarix in 2011 and subsequently lost her ability to walk. She is now confined to a wheelchair. Mika represents an association of cervical cancer vaccination victims’ parents. Although this group wants to see HPV vaccinations halted, they see the health panel’s decision as a step in the right direction. Mrs. Matsufuji stated:

We welcome the decision not to recommend the vaccination even though it is a small step. Parents can decide whether their children should receive the vaccination or not.

The Sane Vax team would like to thank the health authorities in Japan for acting quickly and responsibly when a concern about HPV vaccine safety came to light. Health authorities around the globe could learn something from Japan’s demonstration of genuine concern for the health and well-being of their citizens.


The following is taken from Australian Vaccination Network Inc

This entry was posted on June 16, 2013

While Health Ministers Fiddle, Australians Are Harmed

Two months after initiating a campaign to vaccinate school girls against the Human Papillomavirus, the Japanese Government has suspended the active promotion of both Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines. Japanese health authorities have found these shots to be associated with rates of serious reactions which are more than twice that of other vaccines introduced at the same time.

Gardasil and Cervarix are currently administered to Australian women, girls and more recently, boys – to purportedly prevent cervical and other cancers thought to be associated with the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

The Japanese experience mimics that of Australia where, after the introduction of the Gardasil vaccine, Australia experienced an 85% increase in the rate of reported reactions – a situation noted by the Commonwealth Department of Health in their Annual Report (CDI Vol 32 No 4 2008). In contrast to Japan however, whose government has acted quickly and responsibly to protect the health of its citizens, Australian health authorities have not taken any action to ensure the safety of its young people in regards to these vaccines.

Why is it that Japan will suspend promotion of a vaccination which has been shown to be harmful while Australia will ignore this evidence and push ahead with its attempts to force, coerce, threaten and penalise those who would like the freedom to choose what is best for their children? When will our health ministers realise that they are there to safeguard the health of Australians – not the health of our vaccination programme?

The AVN would like to call on the government to investigate how the Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines were approved by the TGA without the basic tests necessary to confirm or refute the contents of the shot, their safety profiles or any evidence that HPV vaccination would reduce the risk of cervical or other cancers in humans.

In addition, we would like the Australian government to demonstrate that it takes its duty of care seriously by following the example of Japan and immediately suspending the use of both Gardasil and Cervarix until the necessary safety and effectiveness studies are performed.



This is the last email I have sent to the Australian Government with no response to date

Coat of Arms

             Prime Minister of Australia
Peter Eyre

Thank you for your message to the Prime Minister at www.pm.gov.au.

Below is a copy for your records.

Responses prepared to your message will generally be emailed to you. If you have supplied a postal address, a response may be sent to you via Australia Post. In some cases, your message may be forwarded to other Federal Ministers for their consideration.

This is an automatically generated email. Please do not reply to this email as this address is not monitored. If you have any problems with this service please contact the Web Administrator through the site feedback service at http://www.pm.gov.au/site-feedback
Submitted on Mon, 17 Jun 2013 12:04:22 +1000

Title: Mr
First name: Peter
Family name: Eyre
Email address:
Street address:
Street address:
Town / City:
Country: Australia
Dear Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposion, Minister for Health, State Premiers and their associated Health Departments.

I would again like to remind you of the dangers associated with your promoted (unproven) HPV vaccine currently being given to both boys and girls of high school age.

The world’s top export on HPV, Dr. Harper, has over a long period of time expressed her deep concerns over this vaccination and has finally come out with those concerns.

When will you all accept that this programme serves no purpose whatsoever other than possible meeting your committemtn to UN/WHO Agenda 21 (Mass Depopulation?

This email is sent to you to put on record that you have all been repeatidly warned of the possible consequences and damage that this programme will have on our young boys and girls and in doing so again shows your total disregard for the well being of our children.

It is your duty of care as civil servants to protect not harm your citizens and accordingly you are in breach of your position and responsibility.

This email is thus sent to you for any class action that may be taken out against you all in allowing the HPV vaccination programme to be initiated without any proven data or facts and is thus recorded.

Peter Eyre – 17/6/2013


I understand that India has now suspended the HPV programme with Spain having some concerns

How can a first world country such as Australia continue to push this fraudulent vaccine on to all our boys and girls and be embarrassed by a third world country such as India?

It is no wonder the Australian Government has now ceased to promote child birth in Australia by cancelling the financial incentives associated with attempting to expand the population and have now gone the other way in complying with the UN/WHO Agenda 21 of mass depopulation by whatever means………the HPV obviously causes infertility!!


I again put on record to the Australian  Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, the Minister for Health, Tanya Plibersek and all State Premiers and their Ministers for  Health that this current programme should be immediately stopped pending an inquiry.

I also wish to put on record the fact that should a class action be taken against those that initiated and approved this vaccination programme  that you all will form part of such a case based on your own support for an unproven vaccination programme that does not even have any data to show its effectiveness or success……….that ladies and gentlemen is gross neglect and a crime!!   

Again I challenge all those listed above and all those State  Health Directors who wrote those “Smart Arse” responses to my many question  to debate this with me on live TV………..”Go one I dare you.”


Finally this email to the Australian Minister for Health

Dear Minister
I have exhausted almost all avenues in trying to advise you of not only the dangers of the (yet to be proven) HPV vaccine but also have provided you with significant forensic evidence all to no avail.
The world leading expert has finally come out and now other countries are being pressured by independent investigations and activist such as myself with the result that Japan and India have now ceased the programme with Spain possibly to follow.
I find it rather ironic that a third world country has taken such a bold step to protect its young females and yet our first world nation has pushed this fraudulent vaccine on not only girls but now boys.
Please fully understand the implications should you continue to ignore these warnings.
Kind Regards
Peter Eyre

I would encourage all parents of any child that has been affected by the HPV to come forward to take a class action against those responsible for this programme and its lack of proven accurate data on its effectiveness and safety……….one would expect the results of infertility to show within the next few years when those teenagers who were first injected get married and attempt to have children………….this will be easily detected by the amount of women unable to have children and will also show in national statistics etc………….. I certainly hope to see these government con artists in court to meet their fate!!

Peter Eyre – Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis –19/6/2013

Written by Peter Eyre

June 18, 2013 at 13:18

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Pharmaceutical Industry and Government lies about HPV vaccines

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Pharmaceutical industry and government lies about HPV vaccines


I have written so many times about some of the (almost forced) vaccination programmes that our respective governments keep pushing down our throats and once again they have been caught with their trousers down when one of the world’s leading specialist on the HPV vaccine development speaks out!!

One country who has gone overboard in pushing this vaccine is the Australian Government and now we learn that the dangers far out-way the alleged benefits, especially in regard to its main focus of reducing cancer of the cervix in women and so my question still remains why give it at all and certainly it should not be given to boys.

Early tests revealed that this could cause infertility not to mention the other nasty issues relating to this vaccine and many others.

Why is the Australian Government pushing this on boys now as well as girls?

Are they hiding something that we all should know about?

Is it simple a case of mass depopulation via the UN/WHO Agenda 21?

What proof do the Australian Government have that the HPV vaccination is effective or even serves any purpose at all?


Will this make me sterile?

Mommy why is the government forcing this onto me – I don’t even have a cervix?

Coat of Arms

I again put on record to the Australian  Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, the Minister for Health, Tanya Plibersek and all State Premiers and their Ministers for  Health that this current programme should be immediately stopped pending an inquiry.

I also wish to put on record the fact that should a class action be taken against those that initiated and approved this vaccination programme  that you all will form part of such a case based on your own support for an unproven vaccination programme that does not even have any data to show its effectiveness or success……….that ladies and gentlemen is gross neglect and a crime!!   

Again I challenge all those listed above and all those State  Health Directors who wrote those “Smart Arse” responses to my many question  to debate this with me on live TV………..”Go one I dare you.”

Your message to the Prime Minister

             Prime Minister of Australia
Peter Eyre

Thank you for your message to the Prime Minister at www.pm.gov.au.

Below is a copy for your records.

Responses prepared to your message will generally be emailed to you. If you have supplied a postal address, a response may be sent to you via Australia Post. In some cases, your message may be forwarded to other Federal Ministers for their consideration.

This is an automatically generated email. Please do not reply to this email as this address is not monitored. If you have any problems with this service please contact the Web Administrator through the site feedback service at http://www.pm.gov.au/site-feedback
Submitted on Mon, 17 Jun 2013 12:04:22 +1000

Title: Mr
First name: Peter
Family name: Eyre
Email address:
Street address:
Street address:
Town / City:
Country: Australia
Dear Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposion, Minister for Health, State Premiers and their associated Health Departments.

I would again like to remind you of the dangers associated with your promoted (unproven) HPV vaccine currently being given to both boys and girls of high school age.

The world’s top export on HPV, Dr. Harper, has over a long period of time expressed her deep concerns over this vaccination and has finally come out with those concerns.

When will you all accept that this programme serves no purpose whatsoever other than possible meeting your committemtn to UN/WHO Agenda 21 (Mass Depopulation?

This email is sent to you to put on record that you have all been repeatidly warned of the possible consequences and damage that this programme will have on our young boys and girls and in doing so again shows your total disregard for the well being of our children.

It is your duty of care as civil servants to protect not harm your citizens and accordingly you are in breach of your position and responsibility.

This email is thus sent to you for any class action that may be taken out against you all in allowing the HPV vaccination programme to be initiated without any proven data or facts and is thus recorded.

Peter Eyre – 17/6/2013


Despite all the well proven evidence provided to them all and the many article I have written the government continues to blatantly ignore the warnings and so here is yet another one  that they can all stick  where it hurts!!!!

Nurse Woman Giving a Man a Subcutaneous Injection Vaccine With a Needle in His Butt


The Lead Vaccine Developer Comes Clean So She Can “Sleep At Night”: Gardasil and Cervarix Don’t Work, Are Dangerous, and Weren’t Tested

Dr. Diane Harper was the lead researcher in the development of the human papilloma virus vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix.  She is the latest to come forward and question the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines.  She made the surprising announcement at the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccination, which took place in Reston, Virginia on Oct. 2nd through 4th, 2009.  Her speech was supposed to promote the Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines, but she instead turned on her corporate bosses in a very public way.  When questioned about the presentation, audience members remarked that they came away feeling that the vaccines should not be used.

“I came away from the talk with the perception that the risk of adverse side effects is so much greater than the risk of cervical cancer, I couldn’t help but question why we need the vaccine at all.”

– Joan Robinson

Dr. Harper explained in her presentation that the cervical cancer risk in the U.S. is already extremely low, and that vaccinations are unlikely to have any effect upon the rate of cervical cancer in the United States.  In fact, 70% of all H.P.V. infections resolve themselves without treatment in a year, and the number rises to well over 90% in two years.  Harper also mentioned the safety angle.  All trials of the vaccines were done on children aged 15 and above, despite them currently being marketed for 9-year-olds.

So far, 15,037 girls have reported adverse side effects from Gardasil alone to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (V.A.E.R.S.), and this number only reflects parents who underwent the hurdles required for reporting adverse reactions.  At the time of writing, 44 girls are officially known to have died from these vaccines.  The reported side effects include Guillian Barré Syndrome (paralysis lasting for years, or permanently — sometimes eventually causing suffocation), lupus, seizures, blood clots, and brain inflammation.  Parents are usually not made aware of these risks.

Dr. Harper, the vaccine developer, claimed that she was speaking out, so that she might finally be able to sleep at night.

“About eight in every ten women who have been sexually active will have H.P.V. at some stage of their life.  Normally there are no symptoms, and in 98 per cent of cases it clears itself.  But in those cases where it doesn’t, and isn’t treated, it can lead to pre-cancerous cells which may develop into cervical cancer.”

– Dr. Diane Harper

One must understand how the establishment’s word games are played to truly understand the meaning of the above quote, and one needs to understand its unique version of “science”.  When they report that untreated cases “can” lead to something that “may” lead to cervical cancer, it really means that the relationship is merely a hypothetical conjecture that is profitable if people actually believe it.  In other words, there is no demonstrated relationship between the condition being vaccinated for and the rare cancers that the vaccine might prevent, but it is marketed to do that nonetheless.  In fact, there is no actual evidence that the vaccine can prevent any cancer.

From the manufacturers own admissions, the vaccine only works on 4 strains out of 40 for a specific venereal disease that dies on its own in a relatively short period, so the chance of it actually helping an individual is about about the same as the chance of him being struck by a meteorite.  Why do nine-year-old girls need vaccinations for extremely rare and symptom-less venereal diseases that the immune system usually kills anyway?

End of article


I found it most interested to hear Mark Dreyfus QC MP, Australian lawyer, politician and the current Attorney-General of Australia say today that we must all do what is best for our children!!!!!!………..well Mr. Dreyfus why don’t we do just that and stop injecting our children with unproven toxic vaccines?


Last week Japan’s Health and Welfare Ministry announced it was no longer going to administer HPV vaccines after they were found to be ineffective at preventing cervical cancer. What the Japanese news reports failed to mention is that investigators found evidence the vaccine was being used to sterilize women and that criminal charges were being prepared against Japan Medical Association and pharmaceutical company executives.


Further indications would indicate this will eventually spread internationally and back to the WHO  and to all those that have implemented this depopulation programme (which clearly fits in with the current Agenda 21), Australia being no exception……..this is truly great news for all those that have opposed this vaccine (myself included).

It is now up to all you Mum’s and Dad’s to take on your government and stop this programme in it’s tracks

Peter Eyre – Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis –17/6/2013

Written by Peter Eyre

June 16, 2013 at 23:52

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Big Brother is watching you throughout the United States and the World



60 Years of bullshit and internal terrorism


We have your home secured – literally!!

Tomorrow the world

detective (1)

We have already got you covered via Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Skype, AOL, Apple, Youtube and PalTalk


By the time you have read this article most of its contents would have already been put in place or about to be implemented


The question remains will all you sheeples allow it to happen or continue to watch your favorite TV programme?


Templar 1


“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”


Insect 2

Who Knows maybe these robots may be able to spread Malaria and other nasty diseases around the world or infect selective targets, which would be even more logical for these evil minded shills !!!

Insect 1


They are currently working on a robotic bird for the USAF………….”Don’t worry folks these birds will not crap on you”

You have all hear the saying “I wish I was a fly on the wall”…….well folks they even have that covered now with tiny robotic insects that can fly into your room, film you and listen to you………or maybe a small spider in the corner…….or that little bird sitting on the wire outside your house…….yes folks the ultimate spy drones have arrived and you are all about to be snooped upon……….no need to get your aerosol out these things can cope with anything!!

Oh and in-case you have not realised congress has already approved real drones to  fly over every city in the US and soon to come to other cities elsewhere in the world…….all in the name of their false flag terrorism that does not and has not ever existed!!!



DHS insider: It’s about to get very ugly
By Douglas J. Hagmann – 7 June 2013

 Something quite unexpected happened just hours ago, in the dark of night, during a two-day layover in Washington, DC. My son and I are scheduled to take part in a seminar outside of Raleigh, North Carolina this weekend, so we combined our travels to include a side-trip to DC for a business meeting we had previously arranged. It was during this layover that something seemingly ripped from the pages of a spy novel took place.

While I was in the middle of a perfectly good and well needed sleep in the very early hours of this morning, I received a message. I cannot disclose how I received this message, at least not now. The discerning reader will understand why, which, by the way, would make a very interesting story alone. The message was extremely clear and precise. I was to meet my high level DHS insider at a very specific location in Washington, DC at a time when most ‘normal’ people, except third-shift workers are still asleep. And, I was to come alone and make certain that I was not being followed, and I was to leave any cell phone or electronic device behind.

Seriously? I thought, as I was still trying to make sense of it all. Is all this really necessary? Is this really happening? I considered waking my son to accompany me, but opted to follow the instructions to the letter. Besides, I thought, he’s not the most affable middle-of-the-night person. I left a hastily written but detailed note in my hotel room before my departure in the event something happened. I looked at the digital clock on my rental car (my personal car would never survive our long distance trip). It was 3:20 a.m.

The meeting:

I felt like I was part of a spy movie set in our nation?s capital. A chill rose up my spine as I waited in the dark of a chilly, misty and foggy pre-dawn morning. I was to meet with my DHS insider source at a time when most of the nation is asleep, at a place I could swear was featured in the movie All the President’s Men. No one and I mean no one knows I’m here, I thought, as I could see one of the most recognizable national landmarks in the distance.

My source appeared out of nowhere, or so it seemed, and handed me a cup of coffee with the astute observation that I looked like I needed it. So tell me, I asked impatiently, why do we have to meet at this time, at this location, and under such specific circumstances? “Because this might be our last meeting,” he stated.

Maybe it was the lack of sleep, the time, the place, or the chill of the misty rain that caused my sense of foreboding. “Explain,” I asked in an almost demanding tone. So he did, without mincing words.

The details:

“If anyone thinks that what’s going on right now with all of this surveillance of American citizens is to fight some sort of foreign enemy, they?re delusional. If people think that this ‘scandal’ can’t get any worse, it will, hour by hour, day by day. This has the ability to bring down our national leadership, the administration and other senior elected officials working in collusion with this administration, both Republican and Democrats.

People within the NSA, the Department of Justice, and others, they know who they are, need to come forth with the documentation of ‘policy and practice’ in their possession, disclose what they know, fight what’s going on, and just do their job. I have never seen anything like this, ever. The present administration is going after leakers, media sources, anyone and everyone who is even suspected of ‘betrayal.’ That’s what they call it, ‘betrayal.’ Can you believe the size of their cahones? This administration considers anyone telling the truth about Benghazi, the IRS, hell, you name the issue, ‘betrayal,'” he said.

“We know all this already,” I stated. He looked at me, giving me a look like I’ve never seen, and actually pushed his finger into my chest. “You don’t know jack,” he said, “this is bigger than you can imagine, bigger than anyone can imagine. This administration is collecting names of sources, whistle blowers and their families, names of media sources and everybody they talk to and have talked to, and they already have a huge list. If you’re not working for MSNBC or CNN, you’re probably on that list. If you are a website owner with a brisk readership and a conservative bent, you’re on that list. It’s a political dissident list, not an enemy threat list,” he stated.

“What’s that exactly mean, being on that list, that is,” I asked, trying to make sense of it all.
“It means that there will be censorship under the color of authority of anyone in the U.S. who is attempting to expose what’s going on in our name. It’s about controlling any damning information from reaching epidemic proportions. It’s damage control to the extreme. It’s about the upcoming censorship of the internet in the name of national security. The plans are already in place. These latest reports about ‘spying eyes’ have turned this administration and others connected to it into something very, very dangerous. They feel cornered and threatened, and I’m hearing about some plans they have to shut down the flow of information that is implicating them of wrongdoing. Time is short,” he stated.

“How are they going to do this? How is it even possible?” I asked.
“First, they intend to use the Justice Department to silence journalists like in the Rosen case, but they won’t stop there. They will use a host of national security policies, laws, letters, whatever to take out the bigger threats,” he stated.

Next, they will use some sort of excuse, an external threat, and I believe it will be a combination of the economic collapse and a Mid-East war that will begin in Syria to throttle the information that is accessible on the Internet. And you know what? People will believe it!”

Based on what I’ve seen, most of which I should not have seen, the DHS is co-ordinating efforts with other federal agencies to begin to threaten American citizens with incarceration for non-compliance. You know the old talk of color coded lists? Well, this is what they will be using. People exposing the truth about Benghazi, killing the U.S. Dollar, even those questioning Obama’s legal status and eligibility to be President are the current targets. And they’ve had five long years to get to this point. The ugly truth is that these policies and practices did not start under Obama, but long before. This is about the killing of our Constitutional Republic. The murder of our country and the stripping of our rights. While many have been preoccupied with one issue, few have seen the bigger issue. This is the ‘end game,’ for all the marbles,” he stated.

“Please,” pleaded my source, “get this information out while you can. Tell people what I’m saying, that we don?t have much time, that after the latest exposure of spying, Obama, Jarrett, Axelrod, and others, including members of Congress, have put their plans into high gear. This is about the Marxist takeover of America. This is about our country being able to survive another July 4th holiday. This is about a world war about to break out that will kill millions of people, all because of the agenda of this administration.” “They are very dangerous and will do anything and everything to stop the onslaught of negative information that’s being reported by the main stream media. But only about one quarter of the real information is being reported. The other three quarters will be the game changer. But first, tell people what I’ve said. Let them know that more will follow but get this information out right now while the internet is still relatively free. Do it today.& quote



Let’s now look at the above link and see what it says:

Spy state shock: Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Skype, AOL, Apple all sharing user communications with NSA

Mike Adams – Natural News – June 7, 2013
In a week that has already been rocked by one explosive government spy scandal involving the NSA scooping up phone call data and geographic locations of Verizon customers, another scandalous discovery has just erupted that’s sure to “wake up” millions of Americans who have been living in denial.

“The National Security Agency and the FBI are tapping directly into the central servers of nine leading U.S. Internet companies, extracting audio, video, photographs, e-mails, documents and connection logs that enable analysts to track a person’s movements and contacts over time,” reports the Washington Post in an explosive investigative article.

Top secret documents obtained by the Washington Post show that nearly all the top internet services — Microsoft Hotmail, Google Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Skype, AOL, Apple, Youtube and PalTalk — are all sharing ALL your user communications with the federal government. Dropbox is reportedly “coming soon.”

As the Washington Post explains:

Through a top-secret program authorized by federal judges working under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the U.S. intelligence community can gain access to the servers of nine Internet companies for a wide range of digital data. Documents describing the previously undisclosed program, obtained by The Washington Post, show the breadth of U.S. electronic surveillance capabilities in the wake of a widely publicized controversy over warrant-less wiretapping of U.S. domestic telephone communications in 2005.

The types of data these services allow the government to surveil include emails, audio chats, video chats, text chats, photos, usernames, passwords, file transfers, VoIP sessions and much more. Users of Google Drive will be shocked to learn that the NSA has full access to all their private files stored on Google Drive. In effect, these services take every communication initiated by their users and turn it over to the NSA. All these internet services are operating in conspiracy with a criminal government that believes there are absolutely no limits to its power and that it can spy and snoop on all Americans.

When you are calling friends on your iPhone, or chatting over Skype, or emailing someone on Gmail or Yahoo Mail, everything you type, speak, attach or send is being systematically siphoned up, data-based and tracked by the U.S. government.

This is all revealed in “PRISM slide #4,” which was leaked to the Washington Post.. Here’s the slide image, just in case it gets yanked from WashPost:


Timeline of betrayal

The collection of private user data under the PRISM program began on September 11, 2007, with Microsoft (Hotmail) turning over private emails. Every Hotmail email sent since 2007 has been surveiled and tracked by the NSA.

Here are the dates of “activation” when the NSA began collecting private user data from internet service providers:

• September, 2007 – Microsoft / Hotmail
• March, 2008 – Yahoo Mail
• January, 2009 – Google Gmail
• June, 2009 – Facebook
• December, 2009 – Paltalk
• September, 2010 – YouTube
• February, 2011 – Skype
• March, 2011 – AOL
• October, 2012 – Apple

This is detailed in “PRISM slide #5″ shown below:


Total bust for any remaining trust in cloud computing

Beyond all the astonishing implications of this discovery which merit a full discussion separate from this article, this revelation is bound to shatter any remaining trust in so-called “cloud computing.”

Anyone and everyone using Google applications that store files online — or using online file backup or storage services — must now assume the NSA is capturing and scanning all their files. The internet police state is operating in full force, and absolutely nothing is safe from its prying eyes… not even your photos and private files.

And while many people were aware that services like Google and Yahoo were scanning their emails in order to show them related advertising on other websites they surf, virtually no one believed that Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and AOL were systematically turning over all their private emails to the government.

That very idea, in fact, was called a “conspiracy theory” until this very day. Anyone who suggested this was taking place — like Alex Jones — was branded a loon. (Will the media now apologize to him for warning of this exact thing? I doubt it…)

But now it’s all confirmed. The government isn’t just reaching down your pants at the airport; it’s reaching into your private phone calls, emails, bank account activities, family photos, online storage files, Skype chats, Skype calls and everything else.

The Bush-Obama surveillance nightmare

This police state surveillance nightmare was started by Bush but continued by Obama. Ron Fournier has penned an excellent article on this very topic, entitled “Welcome to the Bush-Obama White House: They’re Spying on Us.

These revelations are so shocking that even the New York times is starting to awaken to the reality of the police state, saying the Obama administration “…has now lost all credibility on this issue” and following that up with, “Mr. Obama is proving the truism that the executive will use any power it is given and very likely abuse it.”

The NYT goes on to call the Patriot Act “reckless in its assignment of unnecessary and overboard surveillance powers.”

It’s right about that, of course. And it brings up an inconvenient fact that many Republicans have forgotten: All this police state surveillance expansion was started in the Bush era. It was all “legalized” in the frenzied aftermath of 9/11, which now completely explains why rogue elements working within the government plotted the 9/11 attacks and allowed them to be carried out by standing down defense forces which could have prevented it.

The real purpose of the Bush-era Patriot Act

The entire purpose of 9/11 was to thrust Americans into a state of irrational fear so that they would support even the most insane, draconian, police state laws such as the Patriot Act. Republicans were beating their war drums and cheering the passage of this law!

Now, of course, they incorrectly blame Obama for the police state. But Obama is only half to blame: he didn’t start these activities but he sure continued them. And in some ways, Obama found new opportunities to exploit and abuse government power beyond what even Bush could have imagined. The due of Bush + Obama is an absolute train wreck of criminality, spookiness and the abandonment of all rights and protections for the People.

Everybody is to blame for this. Bush supporters let this happen and Obama supporters let it ride. All along, neither party demanded the government limit its powers and abide by the Constitution. Only Ron Paul and a few libertarians carried that torch for the last 12 years, but they were shouted down by the establishment media which pretended the police state didn’t exist at all.

So don’t expect any miracles to occur when talking about dismantling this police state nightmare that smacks of North Korea: both political parties are huge believers in government abuse of power and the use of government to dominate, intimidate, censor, oppress, track and surveil innocent Americans. In fact, their entire power base depends on this.

Because if Americans were free to openly share ideas without fear of intimidation, they might discuss truly revolutionary ideas like eliminating the IRS, arresting all the war criminals in the U.S. Senate, or even marching on the White House and throwing the gangsters out of office.

End of Article – from Prison Planet.com


It is clearly a major issue at the moment and the fact that the normal “Zionist Controlled Media” is openly talking about it causes me some concern……is there some other  hidden agenda taking place, such as a potential forced regime change in the US that could lead to an even more Zionist controlled leader and government or is this a genuine sincere series of press releases to oust the current New World Order Government in the US and part of a bigger “Changing of the Guard” scenario to bring Peace & Financial Stability to the world?………only time will tell.

Here are some snippets from other media outlets:

UK Sky News – 8 June 2013

GCHQ Prism Spying Claims ‘Quite A Scandal’

A former shadow home secretary says it will be “a scandal” if GCHQ’s alleged links to a controversial US spying scheme are true.

GCHQ is to give a report to parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) “very soon” over links with the US Prism surveillance system and claims it has been accessing information about British citizens through the body.

The Australian –  10 June 2013

Spy defends secret American system to track internet users

THE US’s top intelligence official angrily defended his government’s secret monitoring of internet users yesterday, insisting the vast operation is both legal and vital to national security.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper confirmed that US spy agencies use a system called “PRISM” to gather data trails left by targeted foreign citizens using the internet outside the US.

See the SKY  linked video here: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/spy-defends-secret-american-system-to-track-internet-users/story-e6frg6so-1226660951523

Huffington Post – 10 June 2013

Prism Could Have Been Used To Spy On UK Companies And Ministers, Lib Dem MP Warns

Ministers should examine whether the United States has used its PRISM system to spy on British companies as well as the UK government, a Lib Dem member of the Commons home affairs committee has said.

Last week The Guardian revealed the existence of a surveillance programme that is said to give America’s National Security Agency and FBI easy access to the systems of nine of the world’s top internet companies, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo and Skype.


Australia has a long history of  “Joint Venture Spying” with the United States by using the joint facility in Geraldton, Western Australia and it is also believed that PRISM is also implicated within Australia………Good on ya cobber!!


“I always remain tight lipped on Australian National Security issue”………You bet you do!!


Just remember next time you are watching your super smart TV that they also now have the ability to watch you via your TV Screen!!

Australia has a long history of  “Joint Venture Spying” with the United States by using the joint facility in Geraldton, Western Australia and it is also believed that PRISM is also implicated within Australia………Good on ya cobber!!


Anyhow folks why worry?…….just keep watching your TV and to hell with your constitution!!

Finally watch these video’s which is a compilation of relevant skullduggery to prove that your life is about to change forever and remember whatever happens in the US eventually happens elsewhere…….we are not simply talking about Chip and Pin being mandatory but also our skies and homes being invaded by constant airborne observation and constant listening……..next time you swat a fly remember it could be a robotic one……oh and not to forget the billions of hollow rounds being purchased by the Department of  Homeland Security (DHS)………come on folks surely you must know what these are for?……they enter the body and then blow apart your internal organs, leaving a massive exit hole to which you would not survive………maybe now you are starting to understand the meaning of the The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Camps  and the thousands up thousands of disposable coffins that have been stockpiled………so much for our respective constitutions……………..Obama promised change and change you now have!!



Just in case you do not believe in FEMA Camps for ordinary US Citizens/Activist….take a look yourself:


Could this link be some indication as to what may be in store for us all:


I would like to remind you all that after WW,2 high profile Nazi and SS officers were moved to the US (illegally) under “Operation Paperclip” to not only avoid arrest for war crimes but also to set up what is now the CIA…………it is also fact that the Bush family (real name being Scherff – Nazi’s ) came over in the same way……………….it is clear that some of the procedures being enforced on us today resemble some of those NAZI practices!!!

Whatever your own viewpoint on the above we must stop these evil and satanical maniacs now and rid this world of the scumbags that currently rule us.…..…only then will the world be a better place!!

Peter Eyre – Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis –12/6/2013

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June 12, 2013 at 03:16

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What really happened at the West, Texas fertilizer plant?

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What really happened to the West, Texas fertilizer plant?

I hate to say this folks but in case you did not investigate this tragic event yourself we are looking at yet another false flag!!

West Plant

The West fertilizer plant before the explosion – Centre bottom car park was were it was filmed from

<> on April 18, 2013 in West, Texas.

After the explosion – car park location is over in the top left corner……there is a crater at centre front

I know that you are not going to believe this as most of you just simply accept what you are shown or read about but when those better informed people dig deeper we see the same old traits coming out that is now common place in all “False Flag Incidents” and this particular one is no exception!!

Obviously is is beyond me as to why such an event was staged but normally is is used as a diversionary tactic to take away the focus on some other world event or even another false flag such as the Boston Marathon Bomb. Again we see immediately prior to the event an exercise taking place and certainly this was the case in West at the time of this disaster.

Hospital exercise


It also so happens that this plant was in a legal battle with that notorious company Monsanto which is explained below:

Monsanto, which is the defendant in a federal would-be class action lawsuit filed in 2007 by Texas Grain Storage, Inc, the company now known as West Fertilizer Co. Sometime around 1970, West entered into a business relationship with Monsanto that continued for decades, and the lawsuit (in which many documents remain sealed) appears to center on a 1997 contract between the two companies, under which West agreed to annual purchases of the herbicide Roundup.

In the case apparently filed in 2008, Texas-Grain-now-known-as-West has been represented by some 30 lawyers at a dozen firms. The most recent filing in the case was in 2010, when a Texas magistrate judge ruled against making the case a class action. West has appealed and the appeal is still pending.

Soon after the fertilizer plant explosion, Waco police on the scene said the cause was unknown. No cause has been officially announced yet.

Nevertheless, USA Today confidently assured the world that blowing up West Fertilizer was “not terrorism-related.”

More opaquely, a Monsanto spokesman said on April 18, “The long dormant lawsuit filed by Texas Grain had nothing to do with fertilizer or the operation of the West, Texas plant.”


It  became obvious to me and other investigators that it was Monsanto who had turned to Blackwater for increased security, intelligence and to infiltrate activist groups. Obviously one would have to be asking was there a connection between this disaster in West and Blackwater? It is also fact that Blackwater in some respects is better equipped than our military and do have aircraft, helicopters and missiles etc so maybe this could throw some light on this accident………rather a coincidence that it was another security company and the CIA/FBI that were possibly linked to the Boston Marathon False Flag!!


With this in the background lets now look at actual events and prove that something else occurred during the initial fire that caused such devastation.

First of all I would like to explain my own involvement in such facilities when I became responsible for Fire, Security and Ambulance at an extremely large facility that housed Domestic Gas, LNG, Major Supply Base and Warehouses and a  Marine Base etc……..the facility had a main road down the middle nearly 5 km long so it was a major facility. I also successfully completed live fire training with the states fire training facility which included a major gas fire. My other qualification at the time was a dangerous good referral officer.

The initial start of this fire was in some respects very typical with hazardous materials at various locations stored within. However, events that led to how this initial fire got out of control is of some concern. It is the responsibility of the company to review its fire and safety practices and at the same time work in conjunction with the state and local authorities to safeguard the facility and the residents in the region……..this also extends to the local fire and ambulance authority who should carry out regular audits of what is contained within the facility and how to deal with such emergencies.

For some reason this fire accelerated out of control and may well have been helped along with a thermo nuclear type weapon which I will cover further down in this article.


Early stages of the fire – Note this shot is taken from the southern end of the complex and shows the fire between the grey tank in the foreground  and the larger tank further back on the right. The angle of this photograph is shown below:

Location of initial fireAbove photograph possibly taken from the intersection in the centre  foreground

To attack this fire from the upwind position should have been relatively easy with direct access from the centre road and the dirt road going into the complex…….obviously elements of risk exist prior to going in (volatility of the products held within etc) but this would have been known to the local fire brigade who frequently rehearse for such events prior to such incidents.


The next aspect we must consider are the pictures and video’s available at the time of the disaster, what were the colour characteristics of the fire, where did it start (or appear to start) and how did it spread with such devastating consequences………this aspect alone shows me that some very serious flaws existed with the possibility of outside help in the acceleration of this fire…….so let’s look at this in the group of photographs shown below: 

west 12The fire in the early stages appears to be coming from the white office complex in the the centre of the facility and the wind is blowing in a northerly direction towards the large tank……….one would thus assume that if the tank is containing a volatile substance it would go up next but I believe this was not the case and something else appears on the scene further to the north of this tank………see the side profile of the complex taken from the same angle as this photograph

Side view of fire

The white roofed building shows clearly from this angle with the other larger building in the foreground and still intact


Now we turn to the crucial videos  that was taken from the corner of a carpark and another taken from what appears to be from the High School……………..you will see that  something rather dramatic occurs well away from the fire or the tanks taken from different angles.

First from near the High School:

West sequence

In the top left we see a conventional fire and suddenly a blinding flash (bottom Left…….) you can ascertain that the fire is behind a building…………..then on the third sequence (second top left) it turns into a sort of thermo nuclear explosion and certainly not centred on the large tank……then this bomb or missile kicks up the earth and eventually  mushrooms up to a significant height…………..when one has studied the nature and colour of such explosions it is relatively easy to see that the core temperature creates difference intensities…….thus these sequences would indicate an intense white heat possibly in the region of 5000c and this can normally only occur with the use of uranium or depleted uranium.


Now two shots taken from a car park on the other side (western side) showing the building/s well alight but the large tank at this stage has not ignited……on the second photograph below it shows a mysterious  flash in the sky well to the left (north) of the the main fire with no explanation as to how this explosion occurred when there was no fire nearby to ignite it……..especially when the tank immediately next to the fire still has not exploded!!

West Seq 2

What caused this flash to the left of the main fire?……….a nuclear type bomb or missile?

Was it an air burst, aerial bomb/missile or a planted on site bomb?

Whatever it was it created a large crater within the complex and the blast appears to have been diverted between the structures and out to the west and the adjacent buildings resulting in substantial damage!!!

The crater can be seen in the second photograph at the start of this article (centre front) and a more details view is shown below:

west 5

The crater looking across the facility to the west……certainly looks like a bomb or missile crater and no tank or building existed at this location


Certainly no conventional explosion

Now you can take a look at two of the videos taken from two totally different locations:


And another video taken from a south easterly location looking diagonally across the complex……this video actually show fire trucks at location and then the giant unexplained inferno that followed:



West 2

As viewed from afar

west 10

The explosion created a significant signature that is similar to a nuclear device


So there you have it folks……..you decide for yourself…..I am certainly convinced based on my long term investigations in WMD and their associated characteristics.

Peter Eyre – Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis –4/6/2013

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June 3, 2013 at 23:36

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London’s false flag even more pathetic than the Boston Bombing – Part 3

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London’s false flag even more pathetic than the Boston Bombing – Part 3

Was there some hidden agenda by the British Government to take away your privacy?


Theresa May (the bitch from hell) knows the answer as she is a mistress of the New World Order who is one of many trained females to carry out “Man in the middle attacks” using various extortion, blackmail, sex and peodophilia tactics  on senior politicians, VIP’s and senior commercial executives 

The four witches who have an incredible influence on British politics and the New World Order.

Some of the other alleged Mistresses of the New World Order


They say that behind every good man is a good women

Unbelievable Evil and Satanic Manipulation of World Politicians, VIP’s and Senior Executives of many companies


Elements of The New World Order as you have never seen them before


Maybe whilst you were all being brainwashed on events during and after the alleged Woolwich terrorist attack you did not notice what Theresa May was trying to push through Parliament. Just like all the other false flags there is always some hidden agenda or reason for staging such events and this time folks you have again been spoofed………..Did any of you notice this going on whilst you were glued to the set or watching your favorite programme on TV?   

Theresa May Backs ‘Snooper’s Charter’ Powers

Theresa May has said it is “essential” that intelligence agencies have greater access to communications data following the murder of off-duty soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

The Home Secretary said law enforcement agencies must be given the “tools they need” to track down terrorists before they can launch attacks.

She also warned that “thousands” of people in Britain are potentially at risk of being radicalised by extremists. 

Mrs May’s comments will reignite debate over the so-called snooper’s charter, which was dropped from the Queen’s Speech earlier this month.

“There is a reducing capability in relation to access to communications data and as far as I’m concerned I think this is a very important thing we need to ensure we are giving our law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies access to the tools that they need to fight crime, paedophiles and terrorists.”


It is time you all dispensed with the grief and emotions our leaders and government want you to have and focused on the truth as to why any false flag is carried out. We also owe it to those that have been assassinated so that they can rest in peace knowing that we know why they carry out these atrocious acts against humankind.


Some of the scumbags – How dare they show remorse when they intentionally take us to war for no other reason than their own “Geo Poltical Greed”


Wake me up when we have exterminated a few more troops with our own DU weapons!!

Henry Kissinger is one of them and what was that he said? – “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

British Israel flag


OK Chaps, first of all let me thank you on behalf of the people of Great Britain for the tremendous effort you are making in securing the opium crop and our own geo political greed. Just like your counterparts in the US (War Vets) we will stop caring for you after you initial treatment for war wounds and leave it to private charity companies such as Help for Heroes to fund your ongoing treatment. I would also reiterate that in the event you make the ultimate sacrifice we will make an announcement in Parliament regarding your passing, however, once we get too many deaths we will cease doing this and also cut out the publicity associated with your return to the UK so that the British public will not know the running total of those killed in action.

Coalition Military Fatalities By Year

Year US UK Other Total
2001 12 0 0 12
2002 49 3 18 70
2003 48 0 10 58
2004 52 1 7 60
2005 99 1 31 131
2006 98 39 54 191
2007 117 42 73 232
2008 155 51 89 295
2009 317 108 96 521
2010 499 103 109 711
2011 418 46 102 566
2012 310 44 48 402
2013 54 6 7 67
Total 2228 444 644 3316

Well Mr.Cameron we know the figures anyway which clearly show you have lost the fight and that through your deceit we continue to go to war without due reason. As an ex serviceman I find you repulsive to say the least…….how dare you lower your head at the Cenotaph in London?


When one considers 9/11 – 7/7 – the downing of US Navy Team 6 Chinook in Afghanistan or closer to home the downing of the RAF Chinook at the Mull of Kintyre with four of the RAF’s best crews and 25 of Britain’s best Army Chiefs, Northern Ireland Police and Senior Intelligence Officer, it is time to ask for some answers and the truth rather than allow these scumbags to pay off relatives to the tune of half a million each………..but hey why should you all worry when you are totally consumed by the emotions of the day!!!!…………do you think they really care about our war dead or someone that was assassinated under the disguise of a false flag incident?

Once again I confirm to you all as I did when this incident unfolded that it was not only a false flag it was a rather pathetic one…..take a look at the proof:



The information contained within will shock you to the core and exposes how the people that run our respective countries are blackmailed into submission by equally as powerful women to carry out whatever is asked of them including “False Flags” and many other evil and satanic covert operations. Some of the women behind this alleged devious activity are shown below and needless to say such people as  past Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the current PM  David Cameron are basically controlled robots/puppets under their supreme masters “The New World Order Females.”



The City of London is a separate Sovereign State that is independent of the United Kingdom and which forms the Administrative Centre for the New World Order via the Crown Templar who in-turn remains  subservient to the Jesuits in Rome.

Black Pope 1

The Jesuit Director General

Does this look like a friendly person – “If looks could kill”

Black Pope 2

His predecessor equally as devious

Templar 1

The true Axis of Evil

I have long known that many past and current world leaders and associated senior politicians have been pulled into some sordid blackmail story by either direct involvement or simply the fact they were there at the time.

It was some time ago I was told about one such event in a Canadian Night Club where many international politicians and dignitaries were assembled and the club was full of prostitutes, gays (male and female) and paedophiles etc . As you would expect at such an event sordid activities prevailed all of which was intentionally filmed. Apparently towards the end of the event there was some sort of sacrifice made on stage which was also fully filmed along with all those in the night club at the time…….this is what is referred too as a “Snuff Film” in the following article. I was appalled at such a story and have no way of authenticating it but now in later life I fully understand that such satanic events do take place including the sacrifice of babies and children. These well planned “Snuff Films” are then used in extortion activities, blackmailing, false flag events showing people being taken and also used to distort the truth, especially when  they blame alleged government armies such as in Libya and now Syria, 9/11, 7/7 etc etc……..they also have the ability to raise vast sums of money etc. 

I can recall receiving another brief which explained how a gay or should I say a bisexual  soldier  (commando type)had served his country at the highest level and during his travels had become infected with HIV/Aids and who then intentionally had infected many women in society in Africa and the UK etc……….this same person also briefed me on paedophile activity within the UK and graphically explained how little children were brutalised. The attachment was so graphic I have that to this day been unable to look at it……..such is the sick state of paedophilia that is so rife throughout the world. Can you even imagine a leader, very senior politician or some other sick minded high profile gentleman (if you can call them that)  going away for the weekend, hiring a child from a home. brutally raping that child and then either sacrificing that child or disposing of the evidence……this also extends into the feminine circles of society!!

For some years now I have been fighting paedophilia and exposing those responsible which also involved world leaders and senior members of parliament etc…………This has been at Prime Minister level and even the ex head of NATO Lord Robertson who was also implicated in the Dunblane Massacre when many young children were shot by a paedophile………it also became apparent after reading the story below that another high profile Scot was involved in this skullduggery and who also so happened to be involved in the Hollie Grieg story that I covered extensively. Hollie (down syndrome girl) was only 6 years old when she was raped by her father and later handed over to a peodphile ring in the City of Aberdeen, Scotland…..that high profile person was none other than Dame Elish Frances Angiolini – In the offices of the Lord Advocate, the Solicitor General and the Procurator Fiscal (Public Prosector) of Scotland……….that women is named in this article

Once “Snuff Films” or any indecent  film or photographs fall into the hands of the New World Order they are then used to manipulate world Leaders and their Governments…….this tactic have long been used by all intelligence agencies around the world such as the CIA, FBI, MI5/6 and Mossad etc and to this day remains a major tool in blackmailing their victims into submission or in manipulating a countries policy etc.

I would urge you all to watch these clips (Part 1 to Part 7)  at your leisure as they explain all that is contained within this article. I found them more than interesting because of my own expertise in aviation and having investigated 9/11 in depth can say categorically that “No Boeing Commercial Airliner Hit Any Building or nose dive into a field during 9/11)…….you can visit my coverage of this with the following link








I have covered the New World Order in many articles but each time when you think you have everything in the bag something else turns up to prove otherwise and so I feel compelled to show the following article in it’s entirety, courtesy of the following blog:


Each time we open up more truth we can see that the New World Order is beyond satanic and we must all therefore try to remove this cancerous growth that plagues mother earth.

You all have to remain strong in absorbing this very complex material whilst at the same time read it time and time again to fully understand the inner workings of the New World Order………..you can read all the other aspects of the New World Order in the many articles  I have written on the topic that exist within this blog.

This information was not meant to be released or modified so that uninformed person would understand it but rather for those that are better informed and who can grasp the magnitude and scope of the New World Order. For those that may find it difficult to follow all I can ask of you is to view some of the many videos available and certainly those listed in this article…….only then will it start to make sense.


Now for the evil satanic workings of the New World Order and how they control leaders and government:

This article is taken from a bog called Abel Danger with the  compliments of two very brave US Patriots – Field McConnell and David Hawkins, both of whom have a superior track record in their own academic achievements and integrity.

Abel Danger

Thursday August 2, 2012

Abel Danger Mischief Makers – Mistress of the Revels – ‘Man-In-The-Middle’ Attacks (Revised)

Mistress of the Revels ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks