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Proof that Cameron lied over oil find in the Falkland Islands

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Proof that Cameron lied over oil find in the Falkland Islands

Massive Fraud – Fake Oil Companies – No Oil or Gas


 “David I told you not to get in volved in these fake, fraudulent oil and gas companies so don´t spit the dummy now that you have been caught out” “Personally Willie I don´t give a toss about the Falklands I have to appear to look strong in order to win the next election and going to war is always good for my image”  “Are you sure about that David – your political mother Maggie Thatcher thought the same and was kicked out of office – I think it will not be that easy” “Oh come on Willie, remember that I am part of the new “Big Society” (the New World Order) and I can do whatever I like knowing that my Zionist backers will protect me”

You will recall in my last article I talked about David Cameron´s continuous reference to the British Oil and Gas companies and the massive oil and gas reserves they had found in the waters off the Falkland Islands and that this will bring prosperity to the islanders and to the British economy……..well here is very detailed proof that once again our Prime Minister has lied to the people of Britain.

My associate Gordon Bowden has been investigating fraud and corruption here in the UK amounting to trillions of pounds with its associated massive tax evasion and our dear Prime Minister, just like his predecessors Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, is up to his neck in it!!

So let’s use Gordon´s knowledge base to expose the true situation about this Falkland Islands fraud and at the same time remind the British Public that it was Maggie Thatcher who was at one stage prepared to let Argentina take the Islands but that was reversed with the change of the Foreign Minister.

Before going into this fake oil scenario let’s cover the Thatcher aspect:

About 2 months ago Lord (Michael) Heseltine was a panellist on David Dimbleby’s BBC- Question Time

 Heseltine said how at the start of the |Falklands situation back in 1982 Thatcher (via Lord Carrington) told the Argentineans that if they wanted the Falkland Islands, then they would have to take them but as soon as that had happened the right wing of the Tory Party told Thatcher that either she could re-take the Falklands Islands or be thrown out of office. Lord Carrington immediately quitted being FO Minister and Francis Pym MP succeeded him as Foreign Secretary.

Some 15 years ago a report, probably in the Sunday Times said that the FO had come to a Secret agreement with the Argentineans.

  1. We would let them have the Falkland Islands after they had facilitated us acquiring all of the offshore Oil, by providing the Oil companies with the on-land bases needed so as to be able to work offshore. Thereafter the Argentine could have the Falklands and that there may have been a 30 year time limit which is now up?
  2. As an act of good faith in the interim the UK would give the Argentinean Navy approximately 27 in number gas turbine Power Plants to replace those on the ships the Argentineans had earlier bought from the Royal Navy.

The above information was provided to me by another third party whom I cannot name.

Regarding the Oil and Gas arrangement, as shown above, it is clear that all of this may have been part of a massive money laundering scheme that Gordon Bowden has uncovered, details of which will be revealed below.

The Zionist run New World Order (NWO) has been active all over the world carrying out this massive fraud and corruption, the proceeds of which clearly fund this organisation and at the same time fund the many think tank organisations,   various intelligence organisations such as the CIA, MI5/6 and Mossad all of whom control the United Nations and NATO who also form part of the NWO.

I will now hand over the remainder of this story to Gordon Bowden but before doing so highlight the fact that over in the United States there is in existence a court case which is exposing such massive fraud and corruption from the “Top Down” and clearly implicates such people as the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, Henry Kissinger and the Rockefellers etc.

Here in the United Kingdom, Gordon Bowden and I are equally involved in such a case from the “Bottom Up” which also involves some high ranking political figures in the Houses of Parliament, House of Lords and some rather secretive topics which I cannot disclose at the current time. The case currently before the Royal Courts of Justice in London will hopefully soon reach a conclusion but in the meantime we expect the temperature to continue to rise until that decision has been made. Technically it has been given the clearance to go to an open court with a full jury but somehow I do not think it will get that far and the Zionist controlled media will certainly not wish to cover this “massively political” case!!

  Don´t you find it disgraceful that when a case of this magnitude reaches the court system that suddenly the media is not present to cover such a “Massive Scoop”……but I guess when one is trying to reveal who caused the world´s financial meltdown and what lies behind these continuous wars and conflict it is hardly worth a mention LOL!!

Below is Gordon Bowden´s account of the “Fake” Falkland Islands oil scam.

It is important to note the day sent, the Cc Recipients, especially the Argentinian Embassy in London and the dates of the chain e-mails:

“So David my Amigo my Embassy in London have told so me much about you that I find so interesting”

Start of Gordon´s email


Here you go.

Read the Chain.

Technicalities on the RIG, and it’s Companies history.

NOTE: I have Cc the Oil Companies.

Funny, I also have Automated replies  from CAMERONS, CLEGGS and other Political Offices and yet, no-one knocking on my door to arrest me for TREASON.



From: gordon bowden

To: “HuffPostUK@huffingtonpost.com” <HuffPostUK@huffingtonpost.com>
Cc: “camerond@parliament.uk” <camerond@parliament.uk>; “cablev@parliament.uk” <cablev@parliament.uk>; “fife_office@mingcampbell.org.uk” <fife_office@mingcampbell.org.uk>; “feedback@peterlilley.co.uk” <feedback@peterlilley.co.uk>; WILLIAMSON Chris <chris.williamson.mp@parliament.uk>; “beckettm@parliament.uk” <beckettm@parliament.uk>; “john.healey.mp@parliament.uk” <john.healey.mp@parliament.uk>; “John.Wilson.msp@scottish.parliament.uk” <John.Wilson.msp@scottish.parliament.uk>; “john.mann.mp@parliament.uk” <john.mann.mp@parliament.uk>; “info@libdems.org.uk” <info@libdems.org.uk>; “info@derbyconservatives.co.uk” <info@derbyconservatives.co.uk>; “info@derbylabourparty.co.uk” <info@derbylabourparty.co.uk>; “info@rockhopperexploration.co.uk” <info@rockhopperexploration.co.uk>; “info@bordersandsouthern.com” <info@bordersandsouthern.com>; “info@bordersandsouthern.com” <info@bordersandsouthern.com>; “info@fogl.co.uk” <info@fogl.co.uk>; “dpl@desireplc.co.uk” <dpl@desireplc.co.uk>; “info@argentine-embassy-uk.org” <info@argentine-embassy-uk.org>; gordon bowden “info@argosresources.com” <info@argosresources.com>

Sent: Wednesday, 20 June 2012, 12:43



Dear Editor

You Published an Article:


I would hope, within the Letter “Bundle” some facts I provided their Embassy in London.

 Read below.


 Mr Gordon Bowden

 —– Forwarded Message —–
From: gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>
To: “info@argentine-embassy-uk.org” <info@argentine-embassy-uk.org>
Cc: “trade@argentine-embassy-uk.org” <trade@argentine-embassy-uk.org>; “culture@argentine-embassy-uk.org” <culture@argentine-embassy-uk.org>; “reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk” <reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk>; AIM Regulation <aimregulation@londonstockexchange.com>; “market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk” <market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk>; “info@fogl.co.uk” <info@fogl.co.uk>; “dpl@desireplc.co.uk” <dpl@desireplc.co.uk>; “info@bordersandsouthern.com” <info@bordersandsouthern.com>; “info@argosresources.com” <info@argosresources.com>; “managing.directors@argosresources.com” <managing.directors@argosresources.com>; “non.exec@argosresources.com” <non.exec@argosresources.com>; “info@rockhopperexploration.co.uk” <info@rockhopperexploration.co.uk>; gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>

Sent: Tuesday, 5 June 2012, 17:35


Dear Sir’s

 For further attention your Intelligence Service and Trade Legal Department.

I note from recent UK Editorials Business Headlines :



The following Communication may better help you recover DOCUMENTATION to confront the United Kingdom Government and their known close affiliations with supporting those, acting as Directors of the Fake, Fraud Companies you are intending to take legal action against.

There is much by way of Forensic Document facts you need to be aware off. Details not openly published by the Companies Directors, Agents or Corporate Documents and unless researched in-depth, are misrepresentation to the true statements or FACTS.

I wish to inform you Sir’s, these are not Real Companies in the sense they truthfully intend to explore for Oil or Gas and go into production off the Falklands.

No Sir’s, these are nothing more than Fake, fraud, money laundering “Virtual” Smoke & Mirrors Director only cash shell vehicles, a small interconnected selection of many Operating on the lightly regulated, un-audited, Alternative Investment Market, (AIM) The CASINO for International Organised Crime and Money Laundering.

These Companies have been designed and registered for specific Trans Continent Organised criminal Network purposes.

Director and Agents Conspiring in  FRAUD,THEFT, MONEY LAUNDERING and INSIDER TRADING.


(1)To steal the raised founding seed capital, obtained by selling “Worthless” bulk shares to Banks, Financial Institutions and Private Investors.

(2) Where the Directors of a Public Listed Company conspire to steal the Cash Assets and launder the stolen cash assets to and through other Subsidiaries, interlocking Companies they own involved in, servicing the Parental Company and interlocking conspiring J/V Partners.

(3) To engage over many years in systematic devaluation and orchestrated manipulation of the Parental Company Share price by continuous cash fund raising by the issuing of further Millions of Shares and release of false and misleading information by way of RNS Releases that affect the Stock Exchange Share Prices.

(4) To engage in Trans Continent Organised Crime Money Laundering.

(5) To engage in organised Company criminal Director “Insider Trading” Rings.

Many Articles have been written in the “Telegraph” by Rowena Thursby highlighting the highly suspect criminal activities of the Directors of:

DESIRE PETROLEUM, especially the Phipps Family business interconnection regarding service company relationships.

These are also the same criminal “Modus Operandi” operations of all the Companies interlocked with their other “Virtual” Oil Exploration off the Falklands.

You will better examine the Chain e-mail below, where Forensic Document detail of their Criminal Organised Crime network (DESIRE PETROLEUM and OTHERS)has been forwarded and reported to the Serious Fraud Office, Financial Services Authority and London Stock Exchange.

They, the above Legal Authorities have refused to halt these Organised Crime PONZI Operations, as many Companies are fronted by High Ranking UK Politicians, Grandee’s and VIP’s who also engage in funding their selective Political Parties.

 If your Embassy Intelligence Services and Trade Financial Accountants, conduct in detail, by way of a Due Diligence forensic examination of their Corporate AIM 26 Admission to Trade Documents and biography historical Corporate Directorships of the Directors of the 5 Companies their current and past company Directorships. Research will show they have ALL been associated with multiple other “Virtual” Smoke and Mirrors, Oil and Gas or Mining Companies that have NEVER recovered “One” cup of Oil or “One” Ounce of Gold, Silver, Uranium, Cobalt, Tin, Zinc, Diamonds, Coal or DIRT.

Should you require further Corporate Document or verbal communication evidence to support my accusations please contact me.

You might refer the current Stock Markets falling share prices of these Companies, their need to, by way of “Confrontation” Fears with Argentina, this to enable them to conduct (Under a AIM 26 Document RISK FACTOR)  a strategic “Cover-up” with-drawl from their (NON EXISTENT “VIRTUAL” OPERATIONS) in and OFF the FALKLANDS

 Please Refer the Date of the Communications below, to warn the Serious Fraud Office, AIM, L.S.E and Political Parties with Directors known to be interconnected.


 Mr Gordon Bowden

 —– Forwarded Message —–
From: gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>
To: reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk
Cc: AIM Regulation <aimregulation@londonstockexchange.com>; enquiries@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk; market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk; feedback@peterlilley.co.uk; info@davidcameron.com; info@derbylabourparty.co.uk; info@libdems.org.uk; chairman@conservatives.com; rowena.mason@telegraph.co.uk

Sent: Monday, 14 February 2011, 15:06


 Dear Nigel John

Serious Fraud Office.

I include as a cc Recipient Baroness Warsi

 Conservative Chairman

I am informed today by a close insider, that Defence Secretary Liam Fox is very angry over the Disclosures and forensic Document evidence of I made public through a sequence of Articles.

PANDORA’S BOX a series of 10 parts and 3 Special additions.

Of special Concern to the Conservative Party, their inter-related association to (name withheld) by her own submission (Circ 1989-1994) being ex ARMS to IRAQ Investigator and ex Intelligence Advisor to the Select Committee of the DTI

Published initially through the PALESTINE TELEGRAPH 

By Middle East Consultant and ex Naval Intelligence Officer Mr Peter Eyre.

Of Concern to the CONSERVATIVE Party and Mr Liam Fox is:

PANDORA’S BOX Part 4 which I included as an attachment a Copy Of.

and a “now removed” Web article published without Copyright by (name withheld)

I have ALL the formatted OFFICIAL Documents published 

“Now Removed” afbio.co.uk

Its contents describe in accurate detail the named and identified Conservative VIP Officials financially rewarded in Corporate fraud money laundering “Virtual” Companies.

This is clear evidence of Conservative Party MP’s in Corporate Criminal Acts of Fraud, Theft, Money Laundering, Director Insider Trading using “Virtual” Director Only Cash Shells on the lightly regulated, unaudited AIM L.S.E.

Covert Criminal Conservative Party Funding networks.

As described recently by various Major Editorials, the very same “Virtual” Companies that use the same Hedge Fund Managers and Brokers, the main identified 40% Sponsors of Financial support to the Conservative Party coffers. 

PANDORA’S BOX part 4 reveals insider detail of Conservative Party involving a massive fraudulent overcharge to the Treasury 1990-1991  in the Covert purchase of 3 Apartheid ex Armscor Stock Nuclear Bombs.

 Uncovered by the Labour Lords from Documents provided by (name withheld) to among others:

Lord Doug Hoyle

Gordon Brown

Margaret Beckett

 HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 From Column 197 



David Lenigas (CEO of Lonrho)

Alan Bond jailed for fraud in Australia and now at it again

The hidden “Lost” 1991 Covert Purchased 3 Pelindaba, Pretoria

Battlefield ready Nuclear Bombs, overseen by and under the Watch of Dr David Kelly.

The identification of Senior Conservatives and VIP’s as Directors of over 300 FAKE , “Virtual” Companies fronted out of the HQ of LONRHO Group.


 Who abandoned this address in an attempt to restrict public exposure to the interlocked Common Director Companies all affiliated to the Conservatives, and ALL FAKE FRAUD Companies stealing £ Billions on the AIM.L.S.E.

 I am informed Liam Fox is more than upset, as I personally identified his close  Conservative associates.

 MP Peter Lilley 

and Michael Howard 

as Directors in Fraud Front, Money Laundering “Smoke & Mirrors” AIM Listed Companies.

The People of this Country have been Criminally deceived and betrayed, by those in the Conservative Party, for their own Financial Reward, who Hold accountable Public Service Office, and have been, for a very long Time.

I myself, as a Betrayed ex Serviceman a Proud Professional RAF Engineer, will continue as best as I can, to ensure those who have robbed this Country blind, using their VIP Political Appointments to block Police Investigations for over 40 Years, be Publicly Identified and brought to Criminal Justice.

 So help me God.

Mr Gordon Bowden

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>
To: reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk
Cc: enquiries@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk; AIM Regulation <aimregulation@londonstockexchange.com>; market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk; dpl@desireplc.co.uk; info@rockhopperexploration.co.uk; info@davidcameron.com; info@derbyconservatives.co.uk; info@derbylabourparty.co.uk; info@libdems.org.uk; feedback@peterlilley.co.uk; desiredisaster@btinternet.com

Sent: Sat, 5 February, 2011 21:34:33


Dear Nigel John and your EXPERT superiors.

 A little HELP



SEC Filings


FORM 10-K -EX21.1 – February 23 2010

 Subsidiaries                                                                      Jurisdiction of organisation

Diamond Offshore Development Company              Delaware

Diamond Offshore Finance Company                      Delaware

Diamond Offshore Management Company               Delaware

Diamond Offshore Company                                  Delaware Diamond Offshore General Company                      Delaware

Diamond Offshore Services Company                     Delaware

Diamond Offshore International Limited           Cayman Islands

Diamond International leasing Limited             Cayman Islands

Diamond Offshore International L.L.C.                    Delaware

Diamond Offshore (Bermuda) Limited                     Bermuda

Diamond Offshore Drilling (Bermuda) Limited          Bermuda

Diamond Offshore Drilling (Bermuda) Private Trust   Bermuda

Diamond Offshore (Brazil) L.L.C.                             Delaware

Brasdril-Sociedade de Perfuracoes Ltda                   Brazil

Diamond Offshore Drilling(Overseas) L.L.C.              Delaware

Mexdrill L.L.C.                                                      Delaware

Mexdrill Offshore S de R.L. de C.V.                         Mexico

Offshore Drilling Services of Mexico S de RL de C.V.  Mexico

Diamond Offshore Drilling Company N.V.   Netherlands Antilles

Diamond Offshore Netherlands B.V.               The Netherlands

Offshore Drilling Services (Netherlands) B.V.   The Netherlands

Diamond Offshore Drilling Limited                  Cayman Islands

Diamond Hungary Leasing L.L.C.                         Hungary

Diamond International Assets Limited             Cayman Islands

Diamond East Asia Limited                            Cayman Islands

Diamond Offshore Limited                                England

Diamond Offshore (Australia) L.L.C.                        Delaware

Diamond Offshore Shield L.L.C.                              Delaware

Diamond Offshore Heritage L.L.C.                           Delaware

Diamond Offshore Enterprises Limited                England 

Diamond Offshore Drilling (UK) Limited               England

Diamond Offshore Holding L.L.C.                             Delaware

Diamond Offshore Drilling Sdn. Bhd                         Malaysia

Diamond Offshore Leasing Limited                           Malaysia

Diamond Offshore Services Limited                          Bermuda

Diamond Offshore (USA) L.L.C.                                Delaware

Diamond Offshore (Trinadad) L.L.C.                         Delaware

Diamond Rig Investments Limited                       England

Z North Sea Limited                                               Delaware

 I mean, Nigel John, massive professional Company, so many Subsidiaries and yet, they can’t file their accounts on time.


Accounts Overdue

 previous name.  26/05/1993           SHELFCO(NO 846) LTD

 DIAMOND OFFSHORE LIMITED                    00943475

Accounts Overdue

 previous name. 21/05/1993            DIAMOND M-ODECO LTD

                       17/09/1992            BEN-ODECO LTD


Accounts Overdue

 previous name. 12/11/2008           WHALECO(N0 11) LTD

 DIAMOND RIG INVESTMENTS LTD                 06772372

Accounts Overdue

 Yes, Nigel John, the Serious Fraud Office, SOCA and the FSA.

 ex President George H W  Bush was right.

When you use the Intelligence Services and the set up at


You can FOOL Most of the People ALL OF THE TIME.

“They are the People we focus on”

The “Suckers” Investors on the UNAUDITED UNREGULATED


Mr Gordon Bowden


 —– Forwarded Message —-
From: gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>
To: reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk
Cc: AIM Regulation <aimregulation@londonstockexchange.com>; market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk; dpl@desireplc.co.uk; desiredisaster@btinternet.com; feedback@peterlilley.co.uk; info@davidcameron.com; info@derbyconservatives.co.uk; info@derbylabourparty.co.uk; info@libdems.org.uk; enquiries@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk; info@rockhopperexploration.co.uk

Sent: Sat, 5 February, 2011 18:24:15


Dear Nigel John

 Serious Fraud Office.

 For Legal recording of communications including the cc Recipients.

 The AIM L.S.E.

Described by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) as:


Uncontrolled White Collar organised crime Casino.

Ah, Mr Nigel John of the Serious Fraud Office, your affiliated SOCA officers and the useless FSA.

All is not clear to the General Public, the trusting Public when fooled by Intelligence Services fronts, “Smoke & Mirrors” money laundering Companies.

 Like the over 300 Fraud Companies Operated out of:


protected by the 4 VIP Directors of:


and their Director affiliated maze of COMMON Directors, running interlinked “Exploration” Oil & Gas, Mineral Mining Fraud Front Companies that fled

the Australian Intelligence Services Service address


So, lets make further LEGAL record, especially to the group of Defrauded Private Investors of.

Desire Petroleum Plc.

The Phipps Family Fraud structure, affiliated along with their other network fraud group using the Ocean Guardian Drill Rig.

So, Mr Nigel John, do you Know WHO owns the drill rig


 Of course you don’t know, but you should, so should the poor defrauded Desire Petroleum, Rockhhopper Exploration, FOG Private Investors.


According to press releases an American Owned Company.

Yet, Mr Nigel John and the FSA, not entirely TRUE.


Company number 02767959

Incorporated 25 November 1992

Previous name.  SHELFCO (NO 846) LTD

and it’s affiliated Company


Company number 00943475

Incorporated 2 Dec 1968

Part of:


As is recorded, their last Major web site update.


was way back on

August 2008. That in itself is a “RED FLAG”

Talk about “SMOKE and MIRRORS” Intelligence Services Companies.

Where did DIAMOND OFFSHORE Originate from.

Oh dear Nigel John, lets explain to your EXPERT Superiors, the FSA and Private Defrauded Investors the Humble beginnings and back-round of:


 1953.  ODECO

 Then Nigel John


Just a massive CIA Laundering Front HOLDING Company.

A  CIA Intelligence Services Front laundering Company of.


Surely you’ve heard of:

Operation ZAPATA.




 I’m sure the defrauded investors of DESIRE PETROLEUM PLC or the other COMMON Companies have no idea WHO is behind stealing their cash on the UNAUDITED, UNREGULATED AIM.L.S.E.

Or, to add, they would never recall how.

OILEXCO NORTH SEA LTD had in place a contract with

DIAMOND OFFSHORE DRILLING for the provision of.

OCEAN GUARDIAN, a semi-submersable drilling unit until MAY 2009.

Then as recorded, as at September 30th 2008, the Companies obligations for the next 12 months under this contract with DIAMOND OFFSHORE DRILLING INC amounted to.

approximately $131.5 million.

This the SAME RIG now recorded as under contract to:

DESIRE PETROLEUM PLC and their COMMON interlocked network of AIM Fraud Companies.

Funny  HOW the SFO, SOCA, FSA and L.S.E. can’t use “One” Brain Cell, when putting two and two together, given the RECORDED History of DESIRE PETROLEUM Directors fined for: 


Then Mr Nigel John at the Serious Fraud Office.

In April 2008, the (OILEXCO NORTH SEA LTD) Recorded contract with the OCEAN GUARDIAN was extended until JULY 2011.

Which resulted in an increase in the company’s obligations

(OILEXCO) by a further $234.5 million

So, Nigel John, as I recall, on 21 May 2009


a subsidiary of 


was in administration 

and taken over by.


So, Mr Nigel John, the SFO, SOCA, FSA.

What happened to the Paid up Company $365 million odd CASH assets of


Pre paid to


For the (Unserviced) Contract

Shall I Tell you, you bunch of “Mullets”

They stole it.

The cash assets of a Front Fraud Company, just like they are doing to DESIRE PETROLEUM PLC.

and the direct LAUNDERING link through the Common Directors of:


and the direct link 




is to:


and the BP group of Companies

Protect the British Public, your useless.

Mind you, Given the POLITICAL PARTY funding and Corruption with MP PETER LILLEY’s directorship in another linked fraud Company:


and over 300 Common “Exploration” Director only Intelligence Service backed Cash Shells, stealing £Billions from the Public and Financial Institutions on the AIM L.S.E..

Out of:


and the  4 VIP Directors of:


Ah, the COVERT fraud funding of:


using INTELLIGENCE Services backed “Virtual” fraud front Companies

Mr Gordon Bowden



 —– Forwarded Message —-
From: gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>
To: reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk
Cc: AIM Regulation <aimregulation@londonstockexchange.com>; market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk; dpl@desireplc.co.uk; desiredisaster@btinternet.com; enquiries@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk

Sent: Fri, 4 February, 2011 16:04:09


Dear Nigel John.

Serious Fraud Office.

 Well Sir, you ask how ABC 4 CORNERS “BAD COMPANY”

The Modus Operandi uncovered the SAME Directors operating a massive white Collar Fraud network using over 300 interlinked AIM registered Companies and their laundering route Subsidiaries and “Worthless” piles of Junk Acquisitions, that are interlocked with their common network.

Desire Petroleum

Bye Bye £400.000.00

If you “Mullets” look a little into:


Incorporated 21-7-2008

reg number SC345968





AB10 1PS

Which was the registered address of:


Now Nigel John and your “Mullet” Superiors.


Incorporated 04/09/1990

dissolved       29/10/2010

Last returns   08/07/2006.

But, Mr Nigel John


Solicitors and Estate Agents 

Reg number 07294038

was only incorporated on the 24/06/2010.



AB10 1PS

Incorporated 26/02/1999.

of course, if you check this COMMON network Service address you will find more than a few coincidences:


Raeburn. Christie. Clark and Wallace


AB10 1PS


Previous name

none other than:








also a Director of:










JAMES BAIN is also registered







But he is a.k.a.

JAMES LESLIE BAIN with listed directorships in:





Now Mr Nigel John.


Directors include:













Now Mr Nigel John

I’ll put my —- on a Block and say they are directly related to: 





Like the Quote by BARRY SERGEANT.


 Where are the Accountants ?

Where are the Auditors ?

Where are the Lawyers ?

Where are the Law Enforcement Agents ?

HERE, they are Mr Nigel John, ORGANISING the “Virtual” Companies and TAKING THEIR CUT.



Mr Gordon Bowden.

End of Gordon´s email

I am sure that this very complex series of emails may well leave many of you totally confused but when received by those that understand the investment market it will become oh so clear.

I have learnt such a lot about the massive fraud and corruption from Gordon and one can clearly see that this giant spiders web, that is truly very international, has only one very large spider at its centre….that being the New World Order and its Zionist thugs!!

Next time the United Kingdom or any country around the world is subjected to severe austerity measures you must remember that it is the NWO who have created this climate…….it is they that planned the Arab Spring and the Western Spring and it is they who have collapsed Ireland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal etc with many more to follow.

It is they who have intentionally siphoned off vast sums of money from the banks into their own pockets and it is they that now have forced our respective governments to bail them out…..how you may ask?……simple really because many leaders and  senior politicians are all part of the New World Order and its fraudulent workings.

One must remember that once that have destroyed the financial infrastructure and the industrial base of any country they then simply bring in their own World Bank or their own IMF to take over that country, implement austerity measures to rip off even more money from the ordinary tax payers and force us all into a state of unemployment and into finally becoming a subservient slave to the NWO.

The final straw will be the implementation of a Chip and Pin device that will be implanted under your skin and from that day forward you will be totally at their mercy…….do you believe it?……..you had better because the plan has already been approved by US Congress and we are likely to see this kicking in sometime from 2013 onwards and then eventually throughout the world……..that is unless we “Sheeples” can stop them!!

 Before closing you will see reference made to a documentary made by ABC 4 Coprners in Australia which gives a subperb account as to how all this massive fraud works both in the UK and around the world……..we recommend this be viewed by all readers in order for you all to better understand how this world fraud actually works.

The clip is called “Bad Company”

Reporter: Andrew Fowler

Broadcast: 02/06/2008

One spring evening in 2005, Brett Kebble, a young mining magnate who had lived a life in the fast lane, drove off to a dinner appointment in the suburbs of Johannesburg. On the way he stopped and opened his window, inexplicably in the crime-ridden city, and was shot seven times at close range.

Brett Kebble’s killing ignited a political and business scandal. It soon emerged that Kebble had been scamming investors for years. He had specialised in luring people into doomed ventures – like a clapped-out gold mine deep in the Sumatran jungle. He had even brought a venerable South African mining house to its knees.

What also emerged were stunning allegations that Kebble had been involved in paying bribes of up to US$1 million to South Africa’s police chief and Interpol boss Jackie Selebi.

Four Corners unravels the amazing story of the Kebble empire’s rise and fall – and the key role of an Australian businessman who is now fighting extradition to South Africa.

You can watch this documentary on the following link:


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 21/6/2012



Is The Prime Minister And Our Government Worthy Of Running the UK?

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Members of the New World Order operate from within and other sinister characters 

Shakespeare once wrote “The Evil that men do lives after them” and in more modern times there is another saying that says “What goes around comes around” so one would have to ask the question if this is so why is our current and past leaders and many senior members of their cabinet and the House of Lords so guilty of some deplorable events in their lives? Why are their so many past and current male and female members guilty of War Crimes, Breaches of the Official Secrets Act, The Nuclear Explosion Act, Perverting the Course of Justice, instrumental in assassinations, massive fraud and corruption, deceiving the government and the citizens of this country and last but not lease being involved in Freemasonry and Paedophilia on a massive scale.  Quite an impressive CV don’t you think and certainly something to make you feel so proud to be British!!

I am sure that with all the turmoil’s, wars, conflicts, the worlds financial meltdown, companies folding up, jobs losses, foreclosures on our homes,  record unemployment and poverty that you are no doubt beginning to wonder who are these people who are running our country? What is their track record? Have they themselves done anything evil or sinister? Are they perpetual liars? Are they guilty of any horrendous crime, corruption or fraud?

I am sorry to have to tell you that the answer to all those questions is most positively yes and to such an extent you would never believe or even comprehend just exactly what they have done in their illustrious career!! You would not even be able to comprehend how can such human beings even exist on this planet and carryout such terrible acts!!!

So take a firm grip of your armchair and be prepared for the worse experience of your life because in my opinion no one should be representing us in the Houses of Parliament or the House of Lords with such a tarnished past.

Thatcher at her best remembering those she sent to the slaughter

Let’s just turn the clock back a little and look back on our dear “Iron Lady” – Maggie Thatcher who was instrumental in not only bring Neo Liberalism to this country and turning it upside down but was also guilty of aiding and abetting acts of war and conflict, promoting Chemical and Biological Weapon (CBW) development, promoting and allowing illegal regimes to develop their own nuclear weapons programmes (both WMD and CBW) and in sending our own current Prime Minister (then a young 24 year old researcher) with Sir Kenneth Warren and Dr. David Kelly on an illegal, sanction busting trip to South Africa in the summer of 1989.

Ah but that’s not totally correct Maggie- Dr. David Kelly knew and we know what happened to him!!

What did these guys know about the illegal purchase of the three nukes that they then lost!!

So why did dear Maggie take such a risk in sending her cavalry all the way down to South Africa? Was there something big to look at? Was their an opportunity for some shonky arms dealer to make big money and in turn possible slip a few million pounds  into  the kitty fund of the Conservative Party? You bet there was!

10 nukes were developed by South Africa with the help of Israel

One was exploded off Prince Edward Island , 6 were sent to Chicago for decommissioning and 3 were illegal purchased from Pelindaba (South Africa Nuclear Facility then sent from Durban – Oman without any security, stored in an insecure compound and stolen by the same man who sold them (John Bredenkamp) to the private consortium that consisted of many senior MP.s and dear Maggie’s son Sir Mark Thatcher.

You would think that in carrying out such a gross act of fraud and negligence and at the same time using British Tax Payers money in such a high risk private sector deal ( via a totally corrupt group of ” Parliamentary Scoundrels”  who then had the audacity to siphon off £17.8) they would all now be behind bars……….I would point out that if you or I did as little as take £50 off the government by illegal means you would now have a criminal record!!……..such is the justice system in this country.

So maybe now  you think this is the only bad thing that Maggie Thatcher and her replacement John Major did, correct? – Wrong!!….lets look at the development of CBW in South Africa and Illegal Arms dealings that took place that would have spin off’s involving the following leaders of the Labour Party, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Ok so lets look into this cloak and dagger operation that went terrible wrong and resulted in the assassination of dear Dr. David Kelly (Oh sorry I shouldn’t have let that slip out it was suicide wasn’t it?). Did this implicate David Cameron and his side kick in not only breaking international law but also in high level corruption? Surely no politician would put his reputation at risk, all for the sake of party funds donation?……….you’ve got to be joking; they would sell their mother for much less!

We watched all this develop and then went to war  for letting it happen – all in the name of greed!!

What was going on in South Africa that basically became the source of going to war in Iraq and why haven’t these culprits been punished and who else knew about this British monumental stuff up? Did the British Labour Party also know about this mess that Maggie Thatcher got us into?…..you bet they did……Dear Dr. Kelly also knew in great detail!

It all comes down to a nuclear weapons programme that was kept hidden from the United Nations by both the US and UK governments….starting to get the picture? The South African Government hid an awful lot of extremely nasty stuff from the world but good old US of A and the UK knew everything….just like partners in crime.

 Let’s just turn the clock back a little further at the time when Rhodesia ceased to exist and became Zimbabwe. It was in Rhodesia that Chemical and Biological Weapons (CBW) were fine tuned and eventually moved lock stock and barrel to South Africa along with its team of experts.

All of this CBW transfer was under the watchful eye of the British Government who approved the transfer….needless to say the US also became tagged to this evil development.

We may find it hard to believe that way back in the 1960’s the Portuguese used Chemical Warfare by poisoning water wells, drugged prisoners and threw them out of aircraft. It is also hard to believe that other evil ways were also developed in Rhodesia such as psychological warfare, covert executions, and the deployment of ingenious booby traps and toxic substances. They employed: poisonous chemicals in clothing, canned food, drinks, and aspirin; and, lethal biological agents such as cholera and anthrax to contaminate water supplies and farmland.

It was also reported in 1977 that several, 25-gallon drums of chemicals were delivered and, dried in the sun, and then ground into a powder. The noxious powder was later brushed onto the denim clothing favored by the guerrillas, mixed into processed meat such as bully beef before being repacked in new cans, or injected into bottles of alcohol with a micro-needle. In addition, several prisoners were forcibly used to determine the effects of the poisons, and their corpses were disposed of secretly.

The Rhodesians also made several attempts to disseminate lethal CBW agents, in particular Vibrio cholera and Bacillus anthracis. Rhodesian Special Air Service (SAS) also dropping anthrax spores from an aircraft near Plumtree on the Botswana border in experiments to try to kill cattle in the Gutu, Chilimanzi, Masvingo, and Mberengwa areas.

The main purpose of including this CBW programme in this nuke story is to reveal that historically the US and UK have been closely associated with WMD/CBW and willingly approved such programmes. If we can all recall the Anthrax letter scare in the US then one can see the way such practices can get out of hand and be used by some sinister groups. Again I would like to put an emphasis on the fact that the US and UK government always applied pressure on the UN in regard to Saddam’s use of CBW on Iran and the Kurds when they themselves gave the Iraqi’s the chemicals and know how to carry out these attacked and the UK funded and built the laboratories . How two faced can you get?

When you think about it, our current leader David Cameron and his predecessors jump up on the podium and preach to us all about the ethical and moral values of torture and illegal killings in far away places such as the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Lebanon, Gaza, Egypt, Libya and now Syria (with Iran to follow)……my question would be” look within our own actions and ethical standards”…..”Look what we have participated in”…….”see the lies and deceit of our Leaders, our Foreign Ministers and our Ministers of Defence”

Sorry I got carried away there for one moment….back to the terrible story of Britain’s past:

We can now look at another special operation that followed on from the above transfer of CBW to South Africa with what was known as “Project Coast.” This project was the development, testing, and utilization of a wide array of hard-to-trace toxic agents to assassinate enemies of the South African state but went far beyond its original intention. Some of the plans included drugging victims before tossing their bodies out of an airplane into the ocean, which was similar to the tactics used in Rhodesia.

The substances employed in the assassination program included potentially lethal chemicals such as aldicarb, brodifacum, cantharidin, colchamine, cyanide, digoxin, methanol, monensin, paraoxon, paraquat, phencyclidine, phosphide, silatrane, sodium azide, thallium, and vitamin D3; biological agents such as anthrax spores, botulinum toxin, brucella bacteria, salmonella bacteria, mamba venom, and cholera bacteria. A wide variety of foodstuffs, beverages, household items, and cigarettes were contaminated with these poisons.

Methods of delivery included turning rings, screwdrivers, walking sticks, and umbrellas into assassination devices by adding poison compartments and injectors and firing mechanisms for poisoned pellets. As we can all see the true world of James Bond really does exist. It is also interesting to note that the evil regime that existed at the time also intended to create a “Black only Bomb” which would specifically target the black populations of South Africa. This bomb would directly attack their genetics with the minimum result of making black Africans sterile etc.

Before moving onto the nuclear industry in South Africa we should also mention Dr. David Kelly British arms inspector and micro biologist, Dr. Kelly, has always been linked to the fact he knew too much about the illegal arms trade to the Middle East, including the real story about WMD in Iraq. Although the official story of his 2003 death tells a tale of suicide, many observers close to the case claim Dr. Kelly was anything but suicidal. They also contend the follow-up investigation was appalling, claiming the Hutton Commission set up by the British Parliament to investigate Dr. Kelly’s death covered up important facts that would have implicated high-ranking British and American officials.

It is believed that Dr. Kelly knew all about the “Black only Bomb” as well as missing nuclear weapons which we will talk about after this segment covering CBW. It would appear that he may have been assigned to look into some aspects of the above by both Maggie Thatcher and John Major and therefore his implication would have put two very senior politicians in the firing line had he divulged this knowledge to the media or in his book. It is also believed that Dick Cheney was also clearly disturbed that Dr. Kelly could spill the beans on all of the above as well as information concerning missing nuclear weapons. At the time of his assassination Tony Blair just happened to be in the United States and was awarded a Gold Medal but never received it…….maybe because it was tainted with blood!

Dr Kelly had really gone through a very rough patch with the British political elite and many people in high places were aware that he could spill the beans on dangerous and deadly secrets that could topple governments, especially the CBW programme in South Africa to which Thatcher was privy. Biological weapons research continues today and remains a subject one cannot talk about. The 2001 Anthrax attacks in the US proved that the programme was still very much alive. Obviously all of the above implicated the USA and big cover-ups were made by the FBI.

It must be clearly understand that Maggie Thatcher and certain members of the Conservative were not only aware but also supported the “Black only Bomb” and were also involved in many other under the radar operations. There existed an under the table illegal arms trade which at the time amounted to around 55 million pounds (as a starter). Money would flow from government sources to the arms dealers for weapons provided to Iraq. We helped Iraq develop their CBW programme which they used against the innocent Kurdish civilians  and also against Iran. The US and UK encouraged the war to stretch out for as long as possible and promoted  Iraq to become the victor!  One can clearly see this is not only an extremely two faced approach but also a clear case of  “You reap in the harvest of your own making”.

Before closing lets again revisit the nuclear programme in South Africa when the following took place:

In August 1988, Roelof Frederik “Pik” Botha, the South African foreign minister, announced that his nation had “the capability to make one [a nuclear weapon]” should it want to do so. A month later, in September 1988, South Africa sent a letter to IAEA Director General Hans Blix expressing willingness to accede to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) if certain conditions were met, primarily that South Africa be allowed to market its uranium subject to IAEA safeguards. Less than two years later, the de Klerk government terminated the nuclear weapons program. All nuclear devices were dismantled and destroyed……..let me just hold it there one minute and clarify what was said in this paragraph “That in less than two years all nuclear devices were dismantled and destroyed……. This was not the case as you can see from the activities of our own PM, David Cameron, Sir Ken Warren, Dr.David Kelly and Peter Lilley MP to name just a few!!! 

As you can clearly see from those early days of “Thatcherism” all our leaders and governments to date have been involved in not only illegal activities, lies and deceit but also many of them are still deeply involved in massive fraud with the corporate sector and the banks!……want to see a couple of “King Pins” ?

Lord Michael Howard – Painting by Richard Stone

“I am embarrassed when I talk about fraudulent money & Orca Exploration  

Come Tony Tell Me Do You Know 22 Arlington Street/ Lonhro First  Floor 25 Berekely Square London?

How’s the charity that is trading as the African Governance Initiative, “Nice to mix and match hey”!! 

The Tony Blair Governance Initiative, trading as the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative and also as AGI, is a company limited by guarantee which is registered in England and Wales with company number 06779669 and a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales number 1132422. The registered office of The Tony Blair Governance Initiative is 50 Broadway, London SW1H 0BL. Note The Tony Blair Governance Initiative is a charity (1132422) at 50 Broadway (St James Park).

There’s huge amounts of money being donated by the DFID to Africa…..I bet you know how to get your paws on it Tony just like you did in the Iraq Oil carve up via your UI Energy (your Korean partners) to whom you and your friend the ex PM of Australia – Bob Hawke are acting as advisors (tough at the top hey!!) ,,,,oh did I forget all your American friends who were Clinton and Bush Advisors!!  

Peter Lilley MP – How’s the regular payments going from Tethy’s Petroleum?

I have to admit defeat at this stage because there are so many of them in Westminster it would be a very long article to cover all their wheeling’s and dealings but I can assure you all we know what you are up too and so do the Serious Fraud Office, FSA, LSE and the AIM…..Then you have some involved in Paedophilia ,not as that makes any difference, because they do nothing about it, despite our regular briefs via email….. not to mention the lists that have been given to various leaders etc!!

Ex PM Gordon Brown

Let’s just leave it as a rogues gallery and if you want to know more about their activities then let me know and I will submit your questions to my investigator – Gordon Bowden…….they all know what they are doing and I can assure you its not just a case of caring for the country but more about caring for their own very fat wallets!!

Lord Robertson 

Then we have another Lord who once was in charge of NATO and whom had a lot of involvement with Paedophilia in this country and certainly a strong connection to the Dunblane Massacre when many children and their teacher were murdered…….again we know that Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and our current PM, David Cameron were aware of the current Hollie Greig case and those in high places in Scotland who are directly involved.

Finally we have all those in opposition that were advised of the massive fraud involving the corporate sector, the banks and many of their own politicians. They were also advised of the issues related to Depleted Uranium and also the Chinook Crash at the Mull of Kintyre but as you would expect they are not in office to represent you but rather to  seek their own future security and turn a blind eye to Fraud, Murder, Assassination, Paedophilia and the dangers of Depleted Uranium to millions of innocent civilians around the various regions of conflict and the death and contamination of our own troops……below are those people:  

The labour team at Nottingham were all briefed

Then you have all the minister who turned a blind to the illegal nuclear bombs or the continued use of depleted uranium in the battlefield that is killing millions of innocent people as well as our own troop…….people such as Minister for Foreign Affair, Ministers for Trade and Industry, the DTI and their Select  Committees and  still did nothing, namely:

                                                                   NATO Depleted Uranium exploding in Libya

Victims of DU

The three stooges with no regrets

Then we have the victims of their greed and the associated cover-up at the many hearings such as Matrix Churchill, Scott, Hutton, Mull of Kintyre and now Chilcot etc……….where these people assassinated?….you decide:

Gerald Bull

                                      Dr David Kelly                          Princess Diana                                Robin Cook

Finally we have to reflect at the recent Remembrance Day on 11/11/2011 at the Cenotaph in Whitehall when these illustrious ex and current  Prime Ministers bowed their heads in remembrance of those that had died as a direct result of their own derived conflicts/wars in The Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan for no reason whatsoever but to initiate their own greedy “Geo Political Plan”……..how dare they…..where is their ethical and moral background?

Image Detail

Blair is there hiding his head in shame behind Clegg

Maybe now you can answer the question that I first asked of you “Is the Prime Minister and our Government worthy of running this country”?………..”Only you the British public know the answer!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 20/11/2011      www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com 

Exposing massive fraud is a very dangerous game

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Listed above are just some of the address’s that operate “Boiler Rooms” to run virtual or non existent companies and this is just the tip of the iceberg as many such places exist all over London and in most cities in the world. I believe that this is the source of finances to fund the New World Order, The Zionist, Wall Street, The City of London and many of our leading political figures including and up to Presidential and Prime Minister level. It is so vast it is beyond comprehension.

                                                                  G Day bloke……we have these scams in Australia!!

“Just take a look at ABC “Four Corners” – “Bad Company”….it explains how it all works…..this documentary forms the template and background to all that I have been trying to tell you…….I must say it’s sometimes like “Peeing into the Wind” when there’s a hurricane blowing…..take a look at it and then believe it’s contents……….the link: is http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/content/2008/20080602_bad_company/interviews.htm

Then Select Broadband or Dial up and enjoy!!

The Serious Fraud Office in London have been given a full list of such scams with the names of all those involved, including the political elite. The London Stock Exchange (LSE) is fully aware of the scams and does nothing and the same goes for the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) which is totally unregulated.

One would have to ask the question: “What is behind the Arab Spring” and what is behind the current unrest in the cities of the US, UK and EU (“Western Spring”)……..when you screw people and put their backs to the wall they get upset and take to the streets to protest to the government about their inability to live a normal life, their inability to buy food, their inability to buy petrol and finally their loss of income and their inability to pay their mortgage……….it is at this very moment when those that caused the problem then move in and do a foreclosure on your home…….it is then that you become a person who is totally dependent on the state to support you and your family…….this is how the New World Order want you to be…..they want to take away your basic rights to a fair income and a healthy lifestyle….they encourage the breakdown of the family unit because they do not want you to be happy……they encourage drugs, drinking, gambling and social unrest so that they can then implement more stringent laws so that you become a servant to their requirements…….finally they take away your education and essential services with harsh austerity measure so that you have to pay more taxes and receive nothing in return……..the final straw is to  encourage an unbalanced influx of  migrants to break down your identity, to work for peanuts and eventually drive down salaries to make you unemployable or uncompetative………..basically when you add all this together you eventually have a nation of dumb F…… who are on drugs, drink excessively and in general become unruly…….sounds a bit far fetched don’t you think?….maybe not!!

There are a few of us who take incredible risks ( sometimes unknown to us) and go that extra mile to reveal this extremely fraudulent society. One such person was Richard Chang who simply did his job and I must say did it very efficiently. He was a typical Chinese guy who put a lot of effort into  improving his education  and once qualified doing a job he was proud of. Richard unfortunately did his job too well and just so happened to fall across some fraudulent activities at his company headquarter in London (Abbey National).

The Boss of Abbey National – Luqman Arnold

We will never know exactly what he did uncover but for sure he could see what was once a thriving business going down the drain in a big way. The management obviously realised that Richard knew too much and had basically come across some insider trading or assett stripping within the company. It was obviously his job to look for such things but as you know when it comes to corruption or fraud the management expect you to wear very dark sunglasses and see nothing…………dear Richard paid the ultimate price and was murdered/assasinated and pushed over the fifth floor balcony at Abbey National.

Richards Family and Support Group

So let’s again revisit this terrible event that led to his death and talk about a sequence of unexplained activities that clearly shows that something was terribly wrong in the Abbey National Empire and could it be that this was a well orchestrated collapse that would allow the Spanish company, Santander, to gain immediate access into the UK.

It was painfully obvious that their demise was no accident and that Santander would eventually pick up a well established company in the UK, on the cheap, and immediatlly have outlets in almost every city in the UK………you must admit commercially speaking that’s an incredibly good deal!!

Richards family have tried so hard to get a fair hearing of this case, even to get a fair autopsy but in much the same way as dear Dr. David Kelly their pleas fell upon deaf ears!!

Here is Richard Chang’s story and the time line of events:


Suspicious death of Richard Chang at Abbey National headquarters, Euston, London 13 July 2004


Was the British government complicit in the collapse of the banks?



Richard Chang was a senior Risk Business analyst who worked for Abbey National Treasury Service, now a part of Santander UK from 2002 and until his death13 July 2004. He was a highly intelligent happily married family man with two teenage children.

He went to work as normal on the 13 July 2004 and was told to attend a meeting. This meeting with Kroll Associates turned into an interrogation about malicious anonymous documents relating to fraud by senior directors. Howard Jones a former detective superintendent from the Metropolitan police, from Kroll tried to force a confession from Richard over a two hour period.  Richard denied authorship of the document.

During a break in the interrogation by Kroll Associates, Richard was allegedly reported missing.  An unreliable witness reported that he saw Richard climb over an internal balcony and fall  from a height of 80 feet to his death.  Police witness statements stated that the cranium split open but there was no blood on the floor.


The verdict at the Coroner’s Inquest was suicide. The parents, sisters and friends of Richard Chang believe the circumstances relating to Richard’s death are suspicious and the truth has been covered up. For more information   https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Richard_Chang


The post-mortem done by the discredited former Home Office pathologist Dr Freddie Patel is now under question.  The Chang Family lodged a complaint with the General Medical Council in July 2010.  . Dr Patel is known recently for the questionable Ian Tomlinson postmortem.  He recorded the cause of death as natural causes. He is also known for the postmortem of Sally White who was murdered by Anthony Hardy, the Camden Ripper.  Dr Patel also recorded the death as natural causes 

 For more information http://www.fataluk.org

Richard’s Job

Richard at the time of his death was working on a project called the Basel II

Basel II is an international business standard that requires financial institutions to maintain enough cash reserves to cover risks incurred by operations.




 Abbey National’s banking history





The government blocked Lloyds TSB’s £18.2bn takeover bid for rival Abbey National, saying the merger would be against the public interest.




The Guardian reported the following

Abbey National is a disgrace to Britain’s savings industry. It may not be in the same league as Equitable Life, the stricken pensions group that has ruined the retirement plans of thousands of investors, but it is not far off.
Abbey has behaved in an irresponsible and cavalier fashion, lending money by the bucketload to companies that have either
 gone bust, or look as if they might. Financial controls and risk management appear to have gone out of the window.




The Guardian reported the following;-

£1bn loss, £7m pay-offs – Abbey National retreats to its roots

Abbey National yesterday reported a near £1bn loss and revealed it had paid out more than £7m to former directors.


Abbey National Treasury Services Investments Ltd  2003 Accounts

The profit of the year after tax was £34 million .  An interim dividend of £76 million was paid during the year.


26 July 2004 (just 13 days after Richard died)

Story from BBC NEWS:
http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/business/3925489.stm. Published: 2004/07/26 15:51:21 GMT

Abbey agrees to Spanish takeover

Abbey National has agreed to be taken over by Spain’s biggest bank, BSCH, in a deal valued at about £8bn ($15bn). £11bn less than was offered by Lloyds TSB in 2001

Sarbans-Oxley Act

During the interrogation Richard admitted to looking up Sarbans-Oxley website

Sarbanes-Oxley Act Section 802
This section is listed within Title VIII of the act (Corporate and Criminal Fraud Accountability), and pertains to ‘Criminal Penalties for Altering Documents’.


Summary of Section 802

This section imposes penalties of fines and/or up to 20 years imprisonment for altering, destroying, mutilating, concealing, falsifying records, documents or tangible objects with the intent to obstruct, impede or influence a legal investigation. This section also imposes penalties of fines and/or imprisonment up to 10 years on any accountant who knowingly and wilfully violates the requirements of maintenance of all audit or review papers for a period of 5 years

Stephen Hester 
Stephen Hester called in Kroll Associates.
Hester began his career in 1982 with Credit Suisse, where he started as chairman’s assistant.[2] In 1996 he was appointed to the executive board. In May 2002 he joinedAbbey National as Finance Director. He then went on to become Chief Operating Officer, a position he held until November 2004, when he was appointed Chief Executive of British Land. Hester was appointed non-executive deputy chairman of the newly-nationalised Northern Rock by Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling in March 2008,[4] a role which he resigned from in September 2008 to take a non-executive position on the board of Royal Bank of Scotland.[5]
In November 2008 he left British Land and on 21 November 2008 replaced Sir Fred Goodwin as Chief Executive of the RBS Group. Hester is paid an annual salary of£1.2 million by RBS.[1] Alongside this, he took home £7.7m in bonus and pension payments [6]

Nathan Bostock

Nathan Bostock was named in the anonymous document and was responsible for selecting Richard for interrogation.

He was the head of Abbey National Treasury Service when Richard died.

Mr. Nathan Bostock has been the Head of Restructuring & Risk at The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc (RBS) since June 1, 2009 and is responsible for the risk & legal functions within it. Mr. Bostock has been Chief Executive of Wholesale at Lloyds Banking Group plc since July 19, 2011. He has vast experience in Wholesale Markets and deep understanding of risk management. Mr. Bostock served as Executive Director of Human Resources of Abbey National Plc from January 2007 to June 1, 2009 and served as its Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director of Retail Products & Marketing and Credit Cards & Insurance since January 2007 until June 1, 2009. Mr. Bostock served as the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director of Retail Products & Marketing, HR, Credit Cards & Insurance of Alliance & Leicester plc, a subsidiary of Santander UK plc from October 2008 to June 1, 2009. He served as Executive Director of Finance & Markets at Santander UK plc since February 22, 2005. He joined Santander UK plc in November 2001 as Chief Operating Officer of Abbey National Treasury Services plc with responsibility for finance, market risk and operations. Prior to Santander, he served as Director of Group Risk Management and Chief Operating Officer, Treasury and Capital Markets at The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc (RBS) from 1992 to 2001. Mr. Bostock served as the Head of Risk Analysis and Finance, Treasury and Interest Rate Derivatives (Europe) for Chase Manhattan Bank from 1988 to 1992. He served with Chase Manhattan Bank since 1986, where he served in a variety of areas and functions. He previously worked with Coopers and Lybrand. Mr. Bostock served as an Executive Director of Alliance & Leicester plc from October 2008 to June 1, 2009. He served as an Executive Director of Santander UK plc from February 22, 2005 to June 1, 2009.

If you  believe this matter is a public interest issue please write to your MP and police asking them to re-open the investigation into Richard Chang’s death. For more information please contact justice4richard@hotmail.co.uk 


This is not the end to this tragic story because his sister  Jacqueline Chang has attempted to re open this case but with no avail.

In her frustration she thought she would start off a petition (which she had tried before) only to find that our dear old government also blocked that…….so folks I ask you all…..”Is this democracy” ? is this “Fair Justice for one and all” ?……..you already know the answer to this question as per below!!

This is the response to Jacqueline:

Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 16:58:29 +0000
From: no-reply-epetitions@direct.gov.uk
To: fatal333@hotmail.co.uk
Subject: HM Government e-petitions: Your e-petition has been rejected

Dear Jacqueline Chang,
Your e-petition “Inquiry into the work of former Home Office pathologist Dr Freddy Patel between 1989 to 2009” hasn’t been accepted.
E-petitions will not be accepted if they:

  • contain information which may be protected by an injunction or court order
  • contain material that is potentially confidential, commercially sensitive or which may cause personal distress or loss
  • include the names of individuals if they have been accused of a crime or information that may identify them
  • include the names of individual officials who work for public bodies, unless they are part of the senior management of those organisations
  • include the names of family members of elected representatives, eg MPs, or officials who work for public bodies

If you’d like to submit a new e-petition, please read the site’s terms and conditions which explain the rules in detail.
HM Government e-petitions http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/

As you know I have tried time and time again to expose  massive corporate fraud in this country involving high level management, the banks and many high profile political figures  in the Houses of Parliament and The House of Lords.

I can assure you that this state of affairs exist in almost every country but the City of London, for sure, takes a lead in truly being the “Axis of Evil.” What is even more amazing is the fact that many of the collapsed banks and financial institutions are now proped up by our government who in some cases are also shareholders ie RBS and Northern Rock etc……..don’t you find it rather strange that some of the high ranking executive of those collapsed banks, who paid themselves vast bonuses and dipped their sticky fingers in the pot are now at the helm of the newly resurected banks…….yes you heard right!!!…….and guess what they are doing exactly the same all over again……..all under the watchful eye of our corrupt politicians/government

Richard Chang – So good at his job and so much to live for

This is just one small example of the level of corruption and fraud that exists here in the UK and  in many countries overseas. The current “Arab Spring & Western Spring” is as a direct result of these money laundering, assett stripping, insider trading CEO’s and their equally fraudulent Bank CEO’s and the “Political Scum” that are either involved themselves or allow it to continue.

They have now created a new concept for the New World Order……a sort of reverse “Robin Hood Mentality” of robbing the poor to feed the rich……….they rip of all those that have worked so hard to achieve their dreams, take their jobs, take their homes………this same scum place our soldiers at great risk in wars and conflicts that only feed their own pocket and then have the audacity to contaminate them and millions of people around the world with Depleted Uranium nano particles…….why don’t you ever ask what all this is about?……….its the New World Order as its best…….send in the lambs to the slaughter and turn your back on them and their families when they die “For what they thought was a just cause” or come home badly injured and then switch of their support mechanism.

These scoundrels are now implementing their massive austerity measure to reap in even more money to cover up for the money that they have already  siphoned off the system……..they then force the President or Prime Minister to resign and put in place their own New World Order friendly puppets, most of whom have worked in finance and are part of the problem……we can clearly see this in Greece and Italy……!!!

Now as these powerful people duck for cover ie Merkel and Sarkosy they are now talking about reducing the size of the EU to cream off the best and throw the rest to the wolves………one can clearly see that the European Union is just a tentacle of the NWO Octopus and is basically dead in the water…..as is the Euro…….it is time to take our countries back and redeem our own nationality and sovereignty .

In closing all I can say is Rest in Peace dear Richard Chang…..you did your country proud but the government considered you a risk to their income and so you paid the ultimate price………bless you for doing that and bless your family and friends.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 14/11/2011 – http://www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com

Pandora’s Box opens up more Grime and Slime – Occupy Wall Street

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Pandora’s Box Opens up more Grime and Slime

Occupy Wall Street Scam

Does the New World Order actually exist? – You bet it does!!

Did you ever link the Masonic Lodge with this massive empire? – You should have!!

Ever wondered how this evil satanic empire obtains its money? – Its easy believe me!!

Did you ever believe that Wiki Leaks was sincere or the current Occupy Wall Street?

Something  strange  going on here!!

How come George Soros and Rothchilds are funding these well planned illusions?

Before delving into Occupy Wall Street lets just reflect on one bank that topped the list here in the UK.

I came across an interesting article by David Noakes who in my opinion hit the nail on the head when he made the following statement:

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) went from assets of plus £88 billion in 1999 to estimated liabilities of minus £1.3 trillion in 2009 – equal to a year’s income (GDP) for the whole of Great Britain. If Directors with mental disabilities had been appointed, they might have reduced the bank’s value by half. But to utterly destroy it on so stupendous a scale took real knowledge and determination.

It seems clear the wholesale mismanagement and corruption of banks by their directors was not unbelievable incompetence, but criminal. The government huffs and puffs at bonuses and pensions paid as a reward for failure, but then in every case it lets those corrupt payments, totaling billions of pounds, stand without passing legislation to confiscate. It looks as though these huge bonuses and pensions were intentionally paid to compensate directors precisely for destroying their own banks, and for a job well done, Not to mention the donations to political figures and their party

The courts, CPS, coroner, FSA, directors and police have closed ranks to prevent a criminal prosecution or investigation. These services all have large numbers of Freemasons in their senior structures.

High ranking Freemasonry runs right through this banking crisis. All the failed banks, Northern Rock, Abbey, RBS, Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) had Freemasonry controlling their boards. Gordon Brown is a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason, as was Tony Blair; there are 400,000 of them in Britain.

Gordon Bowden and I certainly agree with David Noakes, especially in regard to the Courts, Coroner, FSA, Directors and Police…..we both have continuously exposed massive fraud with forensic evidence produced by Gordon and all information/evidence has been passed on to Politicians, Political Parties, Serious Fraud Office and the local police……they are so arrogant they do not even reply to the claims made and even refuse to take recorded statements under oath. Having said that we must fully understand that this goes well beyond what David Noakes has reported…….this is how the New World Order operates and how they fund their huge organization……they are answerable to no one!! 

Now back to the Occupy Wall Street Movement – What is really going on?

From the outside it would appear that a western type Arab Spring is unfolding but is there something more sinister taking place and who is fuelling it?

As we have seen that since the original world financial meltdown there has been increasing unrest in the Arab World and also in such places as Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and now Italy……….we have also seen two very significant protest marches in London, one being for the students and another for the unions regarding cut backs to the public sector, jobs and services etc…….what is now happening is a ground swell of frustrated citizens in the US, UK and EU rebelling against the banking, financial and corporate sector……however, what is truly happening is that this unrest is being hijacked by the political elite, extremely rich members of the New World Order and by the Zionist movement (both Christian and Jewish).

The previous meltdown was a well orchestrated master plan by the New World Order to collapse banks and financial institutions and at the same time close down many companies with resultant loss of income for the workers who in turn lost their homes…….this then allowed the New World Order to pick amongst the carcasses of dead companies and purchase the more lucrative aspect, leaving the toxic debt to the respective governments to bail out who then passed that debt onto the taxpayers.

 The spin off from this and the ongoing resultant wars have blown most peoples income out of the water making it almost impossible for families to balance the books and buy food etc……..many have also now lost their homes because they no longer have a job and cannot cover their mortgage……..this then allows the New World Order to once again spread their talons and scoop up their homes at ridiculous prices.

We are now on the verge of a second collapse which will be far greater than the first and this time will directly damage the US, UK, EU and even places like Australia……the impact on the world cannot be ascertains at the moment but believe me it will make the previous meltdown miniscule by comparison.

With all of the above activity the true victim is the ordinary tax payer in each country……the government bail them out……..the banks and the government eventually get their money back or become a shareholder in the institution but the little old taxpayer never gets his tax reduces or his money back and will be responsible for clearing the debt for around 10-15 years…………one in three children (4 million) in the UK will be in poverty, record levels of unemployment, diminished public sector services i.e. NHS etc and cut backs on discount bus fares etc………..so maybe now we get to understand why now its the turn of the west to have their spring. Let’s all remember that if taxes go up and the public sector services go down, it is we that are paying for their excessive greed and fraud…..this is a sort of reverse Robin Hood concept….rob the poor and give to the rich (New World Order).


The only problem is that the New World Order can close down any bank, financial institution or company whenever it so chooses…..in actual fact in can bankrupt any country i.e. Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy etc…….then we see the World Bank/IMF (Who are the New World Order) fly in and offer a rescue package with strings attached…….this forces the respective governments to cut back on the public sector…..what they call austerity measure and increase taxes…..and many other compulsory conditions……once achieved that country remains in debt to the WB/IMF for an indefinite duration if not forever.

Jobs continue to go, food prices and fuel continue to rise and the value of our wage packet drops to nearly half……..whilst all this is going on they are acting out their own geo political plan to fuel dissidents in many countries and to force regime change……it is at this point that the Arab Spring came into being and now the Occupy of Wall Street Movement has taken precedence. Please understand that behind this facade lies many actors that have infiltrated into the groups and crowds in order to stir them up and create civil unrest………in the meantime the Author of the unrest (the funder) takes advantage of this unrest to apply pressure to remove those in government they choose to blame………they also hope that the protest do get out of hand, create civil unrest and damage property etc as this plays into their plan.

One such funder is George Soros…….a notorious fraudster who on face value appear to be one of the crowd but his intention his only to get his own hand picked men into office and then carry out mass arrests of those that were protesting genuinely. It is people like him and the Rothschild’s who encourage conflict and wars as this is not only good for business (Arms Trade) but also keeps up the price of oil to which they directly benefit!!

The only way the genuine activists can win against this evil plan is to demonstrate peacefully and not allow things to get out of control.  

George Soros International War Criminal and Fraudster

They must check and double check that those amongst them are genuine and not there to add fuel to the fire or allow a political party to take over their cause for their own purposes……..a good example of this was the last big union rally in London when Ed Miliband stole the show.

Can you imagine if Ed Miliband and Labour took over we would be handing our country over to Israel and no doubt his brother David would come out of the closet to hold a senior position and hey presto job done!!!

Activist  should research who are behind these financial meltdowns and make sure that these  hard line activists amongst their ranks are not working for the New World Order (NWO)……this is what they want…..disrupt the police, damage property resulting in mass arrests. When this type of action takes place it plays into their master plan and allows them to put their puppets in office, create more security measure and place the country into a total “Police “State.”

We must all understand that if all political leaders and their respective parties, union leaders and police have been informed of this massive fraud and do nothing, then they are part of the NWO. Myself and Gordon have approached them so many times, been to their meeting, sent messages to the Students Union and they do not even answer…….can you imagine thousands of jobs being lost, student fee hikes now triple and yet they choose to ignore that billions of pounds is being siphoned from the system and do nothing…..wouldn’t you as a student start asking questions of your union.

George Soros is a key player in all the New World Order groups and is part of the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and the CFR.

It is interesting to note the follow comment regarding the movement he his funding:

“Billionaire investor George Soros says he can sympathise with the ongoing protests on Wall Street, which have spread to other US cities”

Let’s also look at some of the other not so glossy comments made about this fraudster:

 “A bad week for the financier of American progressive politics got a bit worse. A North Carolina-based cargo airline claims George Soros and one of his partners designed “an elaborate shell game intended to defraud,” and are using it to duck a $ 39.4 million judgment. The company, Tradewinds Holdings a subsidiary of  Coreolis Holding say they hold a legal judgment against C-S Aviation Services, and seek to pierce the corporate veil to hold George Soros and Purnendu Chatterjee responsible”.

“George Soros, the hedge fund billionaire, has failed in his latest attempt to overturn an insider dealing conviction handed out in France 23 years ago. The European Court of Human Rights rejected his argument that French law on insider trading was not sufficiently clear to provide grounds for a conviction”.

“He said he understood the anger at the use of taxpayers’ cash to prop up stricken banks, allowing them to earn huge profits”.

Occupy Wall Street Movement is funded indirectly by George Soros who himself has been charged for massive fraud and corruption and it is vital that the genuine members of Occupy Wall Street are aware of this and do not become its victim!!!

To recap:

George Soros intentions is to create unrest in the west…allow the crowds to force change……a sort of Western Arab Spring…..then change the law to tackle this unrest…a sort of New World Order Patriot Act….. divide and conquer….put in your own puppet government (members being the NWO) and carry out mass arrests and hey presto you have a new government running a new police state and with the brain washed activists becoming the new victims to their own sincere effort by not knowing what they have just done for George Soros and his thugs

George Soros has also supported and financed the activists in Egypt, Libya and Syria but having  other evil intentions in mind………..the Arab Spring and the Western Spring are basically the same and the only purpose is to implement their own geo political plan. Did you know for instance that Ghadaffi had intended to nationalise all the oil companies in Libya and it was this alone that caused the New World Order via its military arm (NATO) to take out Libya.

 Ghadaffi may have been corrupt, like many political figures, but as a President he did more for his country than any other country on the African Continent…….in that regard he was a good man and his country prospered from the wealth…..his intention to take over such companies as BP etc was part of his endeavor to churn the wealth back into the people……now the west has blasted his country with weapons of mass destruction and continue to pillage it natural resources.

The truth behind George Soros

The Occupy Movement was initiated in Vancouver Canada in July 2011 by the Adbusters Media Foundation….a not for profit organization….On the 17th of September a group of around 500 protestors descended on Wall Street……this turn out was very carefully over exaggerated by the media when they announced thousands had turned out in Wall Street!!!

The Mayor of New York obviously knew about this event just prior to the occupation when he predicted “riots in the streets if economy doesn’t create more jobs.”…..how did he know this…..because it was planed by those that had infiltrated the movement and Blomberg was informed……..it is also fact that the police also so happened to have staged a dummy riot on Brooklyn Bridge with various actors and again this was used as part of a propaganda tool by the media and one could assume the same when the activist attended the NYPD building etc. Did you ever ask the question how come this movement became so international in a very short time frame and how come the media, especially Fox and Sky, so enthusiastically falsely report it?……..the answer is simple….it was all a well orchestrated master plan by the New World Order with non other than George Soros at its centre.

Money for the so called activist came also from the Tides Centre with direct connection with George Soros who is directly connected with the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations and is a key player in the Bilderberg Group which is notoriously connected to the NEW WORLD ORDER……there is also a connection to the Ruckus Society which all leads back to George Soros…….it would appear that George Soros  pumped in around $4.2 in 2008 and has since this time continuously support dissident groups…….Through George Soros and the New World Order he has also supported dissident groups in Egypt, Libya and Syria……..so far Egypt has fallen and is still pending a new puppet government and Libya is currently within their grasp……Syria almost went but managed to hold themselves in tact although the UN (who also belong to NWO) want the international community to take action (they mean NATO) .……..the final goal is to be Iran…….however with the latest false flag ( plan to take out the Saudi Ambassador) the US have not been so convincing…. LOL!!!!!  

It is now time for all activist to do their homework and to find the true axis of evil here within the street of London

Or should that read where money is siphoned off? 

This is how the AIM explain themselves by saying the AIM is the London Stock Exchange’s international market for smaller growing companies. A wide range of businesses including early stage, venture capital backed as well as more established companies join AIM seeking access to growth capital. What is doesn’t mention here is that it knowingly allows these scam virtual/shell companies to operate under its banner, even though people like our past and current PM have continuously been briefed, the LSE (London Stock Exchange) and the SFO (Serious Fraud Office) and yet they still do nothing!!!

You may find it hard to believe that the AIM (Alternative Investment Market) is totally unregulated and clearly supports virtual companies/shell companies who pillage thousands of investors of billions of pounds….these investors put their life savings into an offshore oil drilling programme or another phase of a mining project in some remote part of the world (the more remote the better – then you can’t check it out!!) in the hope they will get a good return……..what they didn’t know was that scumbags like the CEO of Lonhro, David Lenigas,  are taking their money from day one and lining their own pockets. They operate from boiler rooms at such addresses as shown in the Pandora’s Box banner at the head of this article……..these virtual companies have directors but no staff….they do not even exist…..there is no oil rig…..there is no mine and these fraudulent elite share this wealth…..they include Corporate Directors, Bank CEO’s and very Senior Political (right at the top and some ministers).

One could take the current case of our ex Minister of Defence, Liam Fox and his close friend Adam Wirritty as one such classic case and maybe we can recall our own Prime Ministers, David Cameron’s visit to India when he tried to twist the arm of the Indian PM into accepting another fraudulent deal for and on behalf of his friend Sir Bill Gammell, Non Executive Chairman of Cairn Energy PLC in Edinburgh (a regular donor to the Tory Party). I have already covered the Bill Gammel fraudulent deal but as one would expect the deal went ahead anyway.

So what did Gordon Bowden uncover in the Fox – Wirritty scandal…….this was his email to me which uncovers some irregularities……..one could only assume that Fox was not the only one that benefitted from the many MoD deals and maybe even the Tory Party yet again received a good sized donation………as it did many years ago when it siphoned off £17.8 million of tax payers money to purchase 3 illegal nuclear bombs from South Africa and then allowed them to be stolen from their insecure compound…….one would have to ask Sir Ken Warren and our current PM, David Cameron the truth behind that deal which I have also covered in my Pandora’s Box series…..can you imagine this matter was raised in Parliament by Lord Doug Hoyle and Margaret Beckett MP and to this day the Tory Party have not been forced to respond…..it is recorded in Hansard if you do not believe me so go check it out….the reference is Hansard June 22nd 1993 from column 197…..also note that as a direct result of this highly illegal action Dr David Kelly was assassinated as it was he who had to check the health of the 3 nuclear weapons before departure from South Africa and upon their arrival in Oman before the money could be paid and the £17.8 million placed in the Tory Party Election Fund.

Now that you are starting to understand the dirty side of politics maybe you would like to know more about the Fox – Wiritty fiasco  as uncovered by Gordon Bowden.

Start of Gordon’s email:


It wasn’t very hard to find the direct links between those involved with Liam Fox, Adam Wirritty and their Jewish funders, using fraud money laundering front companies.


Adam Wirritty had his pockets filed by.

The chair of Bicom




However, he is in Companies House actually named as.



a Director of.



With some big hitting LORDS and CONSERVATIVE VIP’s


a.k.a without the MR is.


He has a large list of Companies, among them a group of  “Tamares” Companies






The registered address for their interlocking network of common director Companies:





However, researching the listed Companies Documents they played “round robin” with their “G” Offices, leaving one, only to return in sequence back to the original offices.


The give-away I spotted immediately 36-40 JERMYN STREET. LONDON. SW1Y 6DN




 refered as



with a  variety of SUITE numbers



And to show the association:

Some of the Companies that fled 22 ARLINGTON STREET. LONDON SW1A 1RD after the PANDORA’S BOX Disclosures fled straight here.

Most of LONRHO’s other interlocked fraud Companies fronted by Aussie Co Artist DAVID ANTHONY LENIGAS










These and a multitude of other FAKE, FRAUD Money Laundering Director Only Cash Shells.


 Like I said, with Company Documents, they can run, but they can’t hide, not with Corporate registered Documents. – Gordon – End of email.


Finally if one is to hold a peaceful demonstration it should be held at the London Stock Exchange, the AIM (Alternative Investment Market) and at all the addresses shown above in the Pandora Box banner…….all of these locations are boiler rooms for virtual companies that do not exist i.e. Oil Company, Mining Company etc who are ripping this country off to billions of pounds each and every year and that’s not counting the tax avoidance aspect…….the directors are in bed with the Banks who are all in bed with Senior Political Figures. Two locations of significant importance is 22 Arlington Street, London (Next to the Ritz Hotel) and Lonhro situated on the 2nd floor of the Cadbury Schweppes building – 25 Berkeley Square London…..it is at such locations where our country has/is been raped and thousands of investors have said goodbye to their investment money.

My final question would be why is David Lenigas still operating these scams and living the high life………you had better ask the SFO and our current government who protect him!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 16/10/2011







Pandora’s Box – What happens when you expose massive fraud?

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The Case of Richard Chang Part 3

Was Richard Murdered and were Kroll implicated?

I am deeply suspicious of events that took place the day that Richard Chang was aggressively interrogated by  Kroll Security and the fact that having stood up to this long ordeal was then found dead at the bottom of the Atrium in the Abbey National HQ in London, having apparantely jumped to his death from the fifth floor.

Let’s just reflect again as to what Richard may have revealed and the location of this incident:

Many times when you are uncovering massive corporate fraud you expose yourself sometimes to ridicule and at other times to danger….such could have been the case with Richard Chang who may have exposed the wheeling and dealing within the original Abbey National Bank Empire situated at Number 2 Triton Square, Euston, London………that company was eventually taken over by Santander, a Spanish company.

The Abbey National Bank HQ in London was a substantial building of multi levels with an internal atrium. The picture below show the building after it was taken over by Santander.

Old Abbey National Building (Scene of the crime)

2 Triton Square , Euston, London

Luqman Arnold former head of Abbey National

Richard would have been aware of the many changes taking place right up to the takeover by Santander and would have been aware of a new upgrade of the computer system. It has been revealed that the company that was subcontracted to carry out the installation was being paid extremely well and yet the system had been criticised, by other third parties, as being sub standard and not actually capable of addressing the protection it was designed to cover.

There appears to be real cause for concern that Abbey National had succumbed to fraud prior to the takeover. From Santander’s point of view this was a very lucrative opportunity for the Spanish company to walk in and take over many city outlets and just change the external sign from Abbey to Santander. The other interesting observation is the fact that many of those in executive positions have moved on to other lucrative jobs and may well already be carrying out fraud in their new positions.

There are some issues that I find are more than just coincidence and I will now cover those issues:

Most Major Banks or Financial Houses have there own security staff  and would normally investigate any possible internal fraud and then upon finding that fraud (which is a criminal offence), would hand  the case over to the Police Fraud Office for further investigation………Having worked closely with the police I can assure you that this is normal practice……..in this case this was not done which would indicate that the Management of Abbey National may well have been involved in fraud……we will cover this aspect later. 

The fact that Richard Chang was tricked into attending an interrogation without being offered a Union Representative or witness to be in attendance is strictly against bank protocol and certainly against Union Rules.

Having spent much time myself in Industrial First Aid and Ambulance I find it incredible that there was little blood at the scene of the body. If Richard was alive when he left the 5th Floor balcony there would have been excessive blood at the scene, especially the fact that his lobe had been badly fractured. It is my belief that Richard Chang was murdered within the building and that he was pushed over the balcony and that his blood circulation had in actual fact ceased as a direct result of is earlier murder.

We now understand that the management called in Kroll to carry out the interrogation of staff members and this immediately raised my own concerns knowing the background to this company. One expert refers to Kroll as aka CIA and were implicated in the 9/11 disaste……They have strong ties with Mossad and also just so happen to have extensive contracts with MI5, MI6 and the CIA as per their own announcement as per below. I have also been given confirmation from another high profile person that Kroll is CIA and that the above appears to be correct……so my question would be could it have been possible that MI5, CIA or Mossad were implicated……..after all in doing so they would be protecting their own and their financial fraud activities. The Director of Kroll made the following statement to confrim the above :

 Michael  G. Cherkasky, president and chief executive officer, said, “We are pleased to report record first quarter sales and operating income. Our performance was driven by continued strong growth in our Security Services business……….the definition of Security Services is described as follows:

Security Service (MI5) and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) in the United Kingdom, and the Central Intelligence Agency in the United States. It is also interesting to note that they are also contracted to Bank and Credit Card companies, Insurance and Consumer Finance companies, Stock Brokers, Investment Funds and some Government Enterprises………this total coverage would give Kroll incredible access to the workings of the financial sector and I am sure that Gordon Bowden ( who investigates possible fraud) would certainly have raised eyebrows over this company as I also have!!

I will reveal Kroll connections with 9/11 towards the end of this article.

Let’s now look at the major flaws that took place in the police investigation and the deeply suspect autopsy.

No one has challenged the cause of death even though the scene immediately after the fall was showing un characteristic signs………the gentleman that carried out the autopsy ( Dr. Freddie Patel)  has in the past also been challenged on his findings. It should also be noted that the post mortem report described that on inspection, Richard had marks on his body…….why haven’t these marks been investigated?

Chang family support group

 The Chang Family  is sure that Dr. Freddie Patel did not do a thorough inspection and assessment. There has not been an independent forensic report done to date. The Coroner allowed inconclusive forensic evidence to be admitted at the Inquest. 

I again repeat from my own extensive experience  I find it hard to believe that if a person threw himself off a balcony in the way described there would certainly be excessive amounts of blood at the scene…….the fact that there was hardly any blood would indicate that he had been murdered at another location prior to going over the balcony ie his circulatory system had ceased. The other issue is what were these other marks on his body?

Why did the officer in charge of the inquiry accept the word of an ex senior police officer (Howard Jones )in his conclusion without obtaining the full details himself ie totally independent of someone that was involved with Kroll and could be considered a suspect? This is strictly against police protocol! 

Why did the police investigators not obtain the original tape of the Richard Chang interview…….this again is strictly against police protocol!

Shortly after Richard died Abbey National plc was taken over by the Banco de Santander, a Spanish banking group.  The Metropolitan Police only began taking witness statements from key witnesses on 21st July 2004.   Howard Jones gave a brief witness statement on 29th July 2004 and Peter Pender-Cudlip did not give a witness statement until 3rd August 2004.  Most of the people involved in selecting Richard and Vincent for interrogation had left Abbey.  Some Abbey employees who gave witness statements to the police were ‘restructured’ out of a job.  Priscilla Vacassin now works for Prudential Insurance and Luqman Arnold presently works for the FSA. Stephen Hester moved to British Land PLC and then RBSnd Peter Pender-Cudlip subsequently left Kroll and set up his own company called GWP. Lord Burns is chairman of both Abbey National Bank PLC and Marks and Spencer PLC.

Something  strange  going on here!! How come the IPCC have done nothing about this? 

I came across an interesting article by David Noakes who in my opinion hit the nail on the head when he made the following statement:

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) went from assets of plus £88 billion in 1999 to estimated liabilities of minus £1.3 trillion in 2009 – equal to a year’s income (GDP) for the whole of Great Britain. If Directors with mental disabilities had been appointed, they might have reduced the bank’s value by half. But to utterly destroy it on so stupendous a scale took real knowledge and determination.

It seems clear the wholesale mismanagement and corruption of banks by their directors was not unbelievable incompetence, but criminal. The government huffs and puffs at bonuses and pensions paid as a reward for failure, but then in every case it lets those corrupt payments, totaling billions of pounds, stand without passing legislation to confiscate. It looks as though these huge bonuses and pensions were intentionally paid to compensate directors precisely for destroying their own banks, and for a job well done.

He went on to say the following regarding Abbey National:

But take the case of Abbey National. In July 2004 their risk management officer, Richard Chang, was objecting that the run down of the bank by directors was deliberate (it resulted in the Bank’s ownership being transferred to a European Bank, Santander.)  The HBOS whistleblower alleged the same.

The courts, CPS, coroner, FSA, directors and police have closed ranks to prevent a criminal prosecution or investigation. These services all have large numbers of freemasons in their senior structures.

High ranking Freemasonry runs right through this banking crisis. All the failed banks, Northern Rock, Abbey, RBS, Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) had Freemasonry controlling their boards. Gordon Brown is a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason, as was Tony Blair; there are 400,000 of them in Britain.

Gordon and I certainly agree with David Noakes, especially in regard to the Courts, Coroner, FSA, Directors and Police, especially the Serious Fraud Office…..we both have continuously exposed massive fraud with forensic evidence produced by Gordon Bowden and all information/evidence has been passed on to Politicians, Political Parties, Serious Fraud Office and the local police……they are so arrogant they do not even reply to the claims made and even refuse to take recorded statements under oath. Having said that we must fully understand that this goes well beyond what David Noakes has reported…….this is how the New World Order operates and how they fund their huge organization……they are answerable to no one!! 

In conclusion one would assume that even had Richard written the report regarding fraud etc then one would assume that in any company the case would have been handed over to the police for further investigation….. obviously in this case there may have been fraud actually taking place and so the company decided to remove Richard and blame it on suicide. I did promise you a rundown of Kroll and the 9/11 disaster and as you can see its is not exactly a company that you would recommend to anyone.

It is important for the general public to stand behind the relatives of Richard Chang and insist that this case be re opened and a full and proper investigation takes place. It is imperative that  the original police investigation team be called forward to be cross examined and especially Howard Jones the ex Policeman who relentlessly interrogated Richard Change.

I would further suggest that the Change family demand that this case be processed through the court system under Common Law Jurisdiction Jury (12) and allow true democracy to take place and let the jury decide who is telling the truth…….that is our constitutional right and we owe this to Richard Chang who had no reason whatsoever to commite suicide (in their words only)……..but then again how many people have left this world in very suspicious circumstances……to name but a few……Lady Diana, Dr. David Kelly, Robin Cook, Greater Manchester Police’s Chief Constable Michael Todd, Christopher Shale, head of Oxfordshire Conservative group (not such a close friend of Mr Cameron) and more recently Sean Hoare, a former News of the World employee who said Andy Coulson “encouraged” phone-hacking………as you can see when you expose anything potentially significant against the political elite your days are numbers………..I am sure Gordon Bowden and I are well up the same list!!

I encourage people to respond to this article or duplicate it and plaster it in any outlet possible……it is only by public involvement will the truth ever come out as a direct result of pressure by “People Power”

Oh by the way there is also a connection between Arlington Associates at 22 Arlington Street and Kroll……one of there Directors, ALDWIN J G WIGHT: ex SAS Commander 22 Squadron, Kroll Group, Commander OMAN Special Forces spent considerable time working for Kroll in Iraq which as you know was the place where billion of dollars just simply went missing.

However, there was another skeleton in the closet by the name of  Mark Blagborough who fits in with Aldwin JG Wight perfectly……I have decided to let Gordon Bowden explain his activity in his own words: 




I explained in the Pandora’s Box series the links to Conservative Party Political Scandals.


How, vis the web site of:


ARLINGTON ASSOCIATES LIMITED Companies House number 06481885


Only incorporated on 23 Jan 2008


that 2 of the directors were:


ex SAS Commanders


Aldwin J G Wight




Mark Blagborough


But by a slight variation to their names.


Mark Blagbrough is also a Director with Aldwin Wight of




and both


were past Senior Directors of KROLL SECURITY GROUP.




So, what professional business ethics and experience do Senior Directors of KROLL need to have.




Here’s what has not been published, the LINKS of KROLL, protecting the CONSERVATIVE PARTY Grandee funder’s.




The most damaging Conservative Party Political Scandal being their affiliation to LONRHO GROUP and the other directors being


Geoffrey White




Ambassador Frances Dee Cook


Both highlighted by the United Nations and the BBC in 2001 via




as funding “TERRORIST GROUPS” Covertly sponsoring and financing Zimbabwean Despot murderer (SIR) Robert Mugabe, his Military ZDF and directly involved in the networking of “BLOOD” Conflict Diamonds in return for Diamond, Cobalt, Coltan, Gold, Copper mining claims in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)




The covert laundering and “CLEANING” of £billions of “Dirty” Cash from these International Organised Crime network deals can only be facilitated through Major UK BANKS and financial institutions.




Like I said, with a slight name variation, Mark Blagbrough is also linked to the BANK’s and IRAQ


he is a Senior Director of CULVER IRAQ, an insurance network of LLOYDS.




Dedicated professional Risk analysts like Richard Chang would have easily identified suspect trading cash transactions, both in and out of the Banks Corporate accounts.




If these Directors identities, their KROLL links and covert Arms Dealing Companies were exposed and made public, the damage to the BANKS credibility and Conservative Party would be catastrophic.






So there you have it straight from the horses mouth. Howver, having no told you this what is likely to happen, absolutely nothing as our prime protection force known as the Serious Fraud Office and all the leaders and their parties are not interested!!!!!…….you you believe that…….that is why our country has disappeared down the toilet…..…….oh well business as usual folks!!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 22/7/2011     www.eyreinternational.worpress.com







Pandora’s Box – What happens when you expose massive fraud?

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The Case of Richard Chang Part 2

Does the New World Order actually exist? – You bet it does!!

Did you ever link the Masonic Lodge with this massive empire? – You should have!!

Ever wondered how this evil satanic empire obtains its money? – Its easy believe me!!

Many times when you are uncovering massive corporate fraud you expose yourself sometime to ridicule and at other times to danger….such could have been the case with Richard Chang who may have exposed the wheeling and dealing within the original Abbey National Bank Empire situated at Number 2 Triton Square, Euston, London………that company was eventually taken over by Santander, a Spanish company.

The Abbey National Bank HQ in London was a substantial building of multi levels with an internal atrium. The picture below show the building after it was taken over by Santander.

Old Abbey National Building (Scene of the crime)

2 Triton Square , Euston, London

Luqman Arnold former head of Abbey National

I have over the weekend been reading and listening to the interrogation of Richard Chang and I have to say that under the circumstance Richard stood his ground extremely well and despite the aggressive pursuit by Howard Jones it became clear that they certainly didn’t gain anything from the exercise. To even imagine that this interrogation took place in a corporate office is beyond imagination and the senior management of Abbey National certainly have a case to answer.

Just to pick up where we left off in my last article it is clear that the police failed to carry out a proper investigation into the death of Richard Chang and took the word of an ex senior police officer. This obviously was deeply flawed and certainly is in breach of the Police Code of Conduct…….I again repeat what was said about this:

   Richard’s sister, Valerie Chang spoke to Sergeant Neil Payne a few days after the death and asked why the police had not removed the digital device from Howard Jones immediately after Richard had died. He said that it was not necessary because Howard Jones was an ex-Detective Chief Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police. I think that Sgt Neil Payne and the the Senior Investigaton Officer, DS Martin Sloan  should both be investigated by the IPCC on this issue alone. 

In regard to the actual tape of the interrogation it would certainly appear to have been tampered with and again the IPCC should obtain the original tape, that is currently held by Howard Jones, and again analyse the tape to determine if  in actual fact it was tampered with.

Chang family support group

We will now focus on the actual inquest into the death of Richard Chang.  

Witness statements stated that there was hardly any blood on the floor and that it was odd. At the Coroner’s Inquest, St. Pancras Coroners’ Court, King’s Cross held in July 2005 and conducted by the Coroner, Dr. Andrew Scott-Reid, the medical forensic expert, Dr. Freddie Patel did not attend court to be cross -examined by legal representatives. The post mortem report described that on inspection, Richard had marks on his body.

 The Chang Family  is sure that Dr. Freddie Patel did not do a thorough inspection and assessment. There has not been an independent forensic report done to date. The Coroner allowed inconclusive forensic evidence to be admitted at the Inquest. 

From my perspective I find it hard to believe that if a person threw himself off a balcony in the way described there would certainly be excessive amounts of blood at the scene…….the fact that there was hardly any blood would indicate that he had been murdered at another location prior to going over the balcony ie his circulatory system had ceased. The other issue is what were these other marks on his body?

Shortly after Richard died Abbey National plc was taken over by the Banco de Santander, a Spanish banking group.  The Metropolitan Police only began taking witness statements from key witnesses on 21st July 2004.   Howard Jones gave a brief witness statement on 29th July 2004 and Peter Pender-Cudlip did not give a witness statement until 3rd August 2004.  Most of the people involved in selecting Richard and Vincent for interrogation had left Abbey.  Some Abbey employees who gave witness statements to the police were ‘restructured’ out of a job.  Priscilla Vacassin now works for Prudential Insurance and Luqman Arnold presently works for the FSA. Stephen Hester moved to British Land PLC and then RBSnd Peter Pender-Cudlip subsequently left Kroll and set up his own company called GWP. Lord Burns is chairman of both Abbey National Bank PLC and Marks and Spencer PLC.

Something  strange  going on here!! How come the IPCC have done nothing about this? 

I came across an interesting article by David Noakes who in my opinion hit the nail on the head when he made the following statement:

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) went from assets of plus £88 billion in 1999 to estimated liabilities of minus £1.3 trillion in 2009 – equal to a year’s income (GDP) for the whole of Great Britain. If Directors with mental disabilities had been appointed, they might have reduced the bank’s value by half. But to utterly destroy it on so stupendous a scale took real knowledge and determination.

It seems clear the wholesale mismanagement and corruption of banks by their directors was not unbelievable incompetence, but criminal. The government huffs and puffs at bonuses and pensions paid as a reward for failure, but then in every case it lets those corrupt payments, totaling billions of pounds, stand without passing legislation to confiscate. It looks as though these huge bonuses and pensions were intentionally paid to compensate directors precisely for destroying their own banks, and for a job well done.

He went on to say the following regarding Abbey National:

But take the case of Abbey National. In July 2004 their risk management officer, Richard Chang, was objecting that the run down of the bank by directors was deliberate (it resulted in the Bank’s ownership being transferred to a European Bank, Santander.)  The HBOS whistleblower alleged the same.

The courts, CPS, coroner, FSA, directors and police have closed ranks to prevent a criminal prosecution or investigation. These services all have large numbers of freemasons in their senior structures.

High ranking Freemasonry runs right through this banking crisis. All the failed banks, Northern Rock, Abbey, RBS, Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) had Freemasonry controlling their boards. Gordon Brown is a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason, as was Tony Blair; there are 400,000 of them in Britain.

Gordon and I certainly agree with David Noakes, especially in regard to the Courts, Coroner, FSA, Directors and Police…..we both have continuously exposed massive fraud with forensic evidence produced by Gordon Bowden and all information/evidence has been passed on to Politicians, Political Parties, Serious Fraud Office and the local police……they are so arrogant they do not even reply to the claims made and even refuse to take recorded statements under oath. Having said that we must fully understand that this goes well beyond what David Noakes has reported…….this is how the New World Order operates and how they fund their huge organization……they are answerable to no one!! 

In conclusion one would assume that even had Richard written the report regarding fraud etc then one would assume that in any company the case would have been handed over to the police for further investigation….. obviously in this case there may have been fraud actually taking place and so the company decided to remove Richard and blame it on suicide.

It is hoped by the time we come to Part 3 of Richards tragic  story we will have proof that Abbey National and there senior management were doing some insider trading deals and also assett stripping so stay tuned for the next part.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 13/6/2011     www.eyreinternational.worpress.com







Pandora’s Box – What happens when you expose massive fraud?

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The Case of Richard Chang Part 1

Does the New World Order actually exist? – You bet it does!!

Did you ever link the Masonic Lodge with this massive empire? – You should have!!

Ever wondered how this evil satanic empire obtains its money? – Its easy believe me!!

As Gordon and I continue to expose the organization that intentionally collapsed the world economy we do, from time to time, turn up the heat and why not because devils really do like to keep warm don’t they?

Many times when you are uncovering massive corporate fraud you expose yourself sometime to ridicule and at other times to danger….such could have been the case with Richard Chang who may have exposed the wheeling and dealing within the original Abbey National Bank Empire situated at Number 2 Triton Square, Euston, London………that company was eventually taken over by Santander, a Spanish company.

One has to understand that in order for the New World Order to survive it needs to syphon off huge sums of money by creating virtual or shell companies. Places like Lonrho Plc situated on the 2nd Floor, 25 Berkeley Square, London have a boiler room full of fraudulent activities and believe me they do it with such ease. 

David Lenigas Lonrho

Can you imagine for instance someone getting a spade, digging a small hole in the ground, pop up a large tin shed, surround it with a security fence, erect a nice new sign to show this huge open pit copper mine or whatever and then finally place a couple of rough looking armed security guards and you have the making of a virtual company.

Then you create a nice new video showing your activity around the world with a couple of new trucks, a drill rig and lots of false out of date data and maps and you are ready to start your world tour to raise money for the project or phase.

You then invite lots of investors and a few little old ladies, wine and dine them and then show them your elaborate presentation before they finally succumb to your charm and hand over their hard earned money………..what they do not know is that from that moment their money has gone forever……..you then take the $6 billion or whatever and distribute it around the many directors (they have no employees) of your fake company who then distribute it via their other fake outlets so that its well and truly hidden.

Finally over the next 5 years you have to play your investors along and tell them things are looking good and you are carrying out exploration etc………then during year 2 you give them another update that things are looking good for production………then in year 3 you have a few setbacks such has torrential rain in the Congo or maybe a bit of the ongoing conflict has caused you a few setbacks……then in year 4 its getting worse and the exploration findings are not showing the yield you were expecting and by year 5….sorry folks the political situation and the current price of copper has caused us to pull out of the project as its no longer viable and the company closes down…….what you don’t know is that they re start the entire exercise all over again and rip another batch of investors off.

 Before trying to understand how massive corporate fraud operates and how they are connected to the banks and many political figures we have to watch the following video which will act as a template for you all to better understand what is going on in all our respective countries: http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/content/2008/20080602_bad_company/interviews.htm

OK with that out the way lets just get back to the main purpose of this story which is to reveal the fate of one such possible whistleblower, who just may have come across the fact that his company, Abbey National Bank, were carrying out massive fraud.

Maybe Richard Chang didn’t realize that because he was conscientious and because he was good at his job he just may have uncovered something that would eventually lead to his tragic death.  

Richard Chang

So who was Richard Chang:

 Richard Chang was born on 8th December 1956 in Kampala , Uganda and grew up in England from the age of 7 years.  He was married and was the father of two young children. He was a high achiever with a Degree in Polymer Science from Manchester University and an MBA from London University .  He was well spoken, articulate and his first language was English.

Richard Chang worked at the Abbey National Bank PLC (Head Office)(“Abbey”) based at Triton Square , Euston, London . His role was that of a senior IT Risk Analyst and he commenced working in this specialty from 2002 onwards.  He was working on a system known as the BASEL II corporate banking governance project. (Very concisely, BASEL II is the successor to BASEL I, originally set up by Peter Cooke, a Director of the Bank of England to enable central banks to assess lending and liability portfolios for the commercial banks it supervised. The system expanded to be applied by other central banks, internationally). Richard and his line manager, Vincent Santeng, were the only personnel at Abbey working on this project.


Richard gave his notice of resignation from Abbey on 2nd July 2004. This was so that he would begin work at the Royal Bank of Scotland on 2nd August 2004. However, on the 13th July 2004 shortly following a two hour interrogation by two operatives of Kroll Associates (“Kroll”), a private corporate intelligence and investigations’ company, Richard was found dead at almost 13.45pm on the ground floor atrium.  It is said that he tragically fell from the fifth floor balcony inside the atrium of Abbey’s head office.  In the interrogation, he was accused of writing and sending malicious anonymous documents to the Financial Services Authority (“FSA”) and senior directors of Abbey. The anonymous documents are said to have contained allegations of fraudulent malpractice at Abbey by senior directors. Ex-employees who worked closely with Richard at Abbey are of the opinion that the circumstances of his death are highly suspicious.


What I find an amazing coincidence is the fact that if he had uncovered fraud he was just about to join another company that was also rife with fraud at the time, the Royal Bank of Scotland.


Family and friends of Richard are convinced that this certainly was not a case of suicide and that his life ended after his cross examination by Kroll under very suspicious circumstances.


Before continuing with this story lets just give another example of one other location like Lonrho’s who also specialises in massive corporate fraud and who also operates a substantial boiler room of virtual/shell companies……the company is Arlington Associates and they are situated at 25 Arlington Street which is attached to the Ritz Hotel in London…..how convenient don’t you think?…….when you are ripping off the system its nice to pop in next door and enjoy the luxuries of life…….one should ask Tony Blair how good life can be as he his a regular participant in this world of deceit.


What I find ironic about this location is the fact that once some men dressed in a trilby, trench coats and very dark sunglasses carried out a raid there and yet this empire of massive fraud still continues doing what it does best……..taking your money…..no doubt it’s ring leader ex Ambassador Frances D Cook is still sleeping on a mattress of green back’s and also pushing over the pond the weapons that are manufactured by her other company ATK.


Maybe next time there is a march in London the crowds may just find this out of the way location……..they came close on the last rally when they targeted the Ritz…..in actual fact a group actually headed down the street to the left (Arlington Street) but obviously didn’t notice this boiler room that helped cause our economic decline…..oh well better luck next time hey?    

Frances D Cook

Above you will see the directors of this illustrious company some of whom are ex SAS members, which appears to be a benchmark in qualifying for such a high status…..at the end of the day when you are ripping off the system you also need to protect your interests in whatever way required……..the same goes for Kroll Associates, a private corporate intelligence and investigation company to whom poor Richard Chang is alleged to have fallen victim too.


Now back to the Richard Chang story:


It is very clear that Richard, in his position as Senior IT Risk Analyst, would have been privy to some extremely sensitive information regarding the affairs of the Abbey National Bank. Richard, being a person with a pretty good IQ, would probably have also come across some irregularities within the bank, especially the possibility of fraud at director level and accordingly if this was the case would have been considered a high risk person by some members of the board. The very fact that he could well have uncovered something significant and that he was soon to leave for another job could have led to his death……what Richard didn’t understand was that he was about to join a much larger organization, The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), which also appeared rife with  fraud at director level. It could have even been possible that there was some collusion between Abbey & the RBS regarding Richard Chang as it is normal for banks to have a cross check system on security issues etc and could have profiled him.


The main issue here is why did Richard suddenly become a target for the bank whilst he was serving his notice, why was his interrogation so aggressive and why would he have committed suicide when he had so much to live for……….from my perspective I find the basics of the case deeply suspicious and certainly there is a case to answer…..so lets now look at the events on that day.


The Abbey National Bank HQ in London is a substantial building of multi levels with an internal atrium. The picture below show the building after it was taken over by Santander.

Old Abbey National Building (Scene of the crime)

2 Triton Square , Euston, London


The day started normally for Richard and he had even made arrangement to meet up with family members later on in the day but what he didn’t realize on the day that they had hood winked him into attending a routine meeting  that  was not a meeting at all but a very privately arranged interrogation of Richard by Kroll Security. No one was allowed to sit in with him during this time. This in itself his totally out of order because Richard was a member of the union and it is normal for a union rep to be present. On could also clearly see that this was a breach of Human Rights and whatever the final verdict Abbey certainly has a case to answer.

The Guardian put Richards situation into perspective when they said:

Richard Chang didn’t know he was being watched. He didn’t know his employer had hired investigators to access employees’ PCs and take fingerprints from glass water bottles around the office. He didn’t know there were linguistics experts dissecting the grammar in every memo, email and letter. He didn’t know he was on a list of 600 “suspects”. And he didn’t know that when he was called to what he thought was a routine Tuesday meeting he would spend the next two and a half hours being interviewed.

It is clear that this interview actually turned into a high pressure interrogation which I was about to find out when I listened to the taped transcript (which incidentally had been doctored). However I will get back to the interrogation later and now discuss some of the key players in this  massive cover-up and also list the directors of the Abbey National Bank.

You will all find as we dig deeper into this tragic case at Abbey that some of the directors certainly were and still are implicated in massive fraud so let’s just divert our thoughts into what was possibly going on at number two Triton Square, Euston.

Luqman Arnold

The director of Abbey was Lugman Arnold and during his time in office was believed to be asset stripping the accounts at Abbey as were other directors. It was when the toxic assets increased that Arnold decided to sell the Abbey to Santander, a Spanish company……what was rather strange was the fact that Arnold stayed on after the Santander takeover and managed to secure himself a position as a consultant…….I guess one could possible believe that its better to know the devil you know than the devil you don’t!!

The banking sector and the Financial Times sometimes referred to him as “Lucky” or the Saviour but believe me there was no luck for those that fell under his spell or those that lost money whilst on his watch.

One statement referred to him as follows: Luqman Arnold makes an unlikely saviour of Britain’s high street banks. Five years ago it was Abbey. Now he hopes to turn his healing hands to the crippled Northern Rock…etc

Arnolds CV reads as follows:

First National Bank in Dallas 1972-76, 

Manufacturers Hanover Corporation 1976-82

Head of Investment Banking origination Credi Suesse First Boston 1982-92

Research Sabbatical 1992-93

Member Exec Committee and Bd Banque Paribas 1993-96

Group Exec Bd and President UBS AG 1996-2001

Chief Exec Abbey National plc 2002-2004

Senior Advisor to Chairman Grupo Santander 2004-06

Chairman Olivant Advisers Ltd 2006 –

Chairman Design Museum 2005-

One can clearly see that whichever way you turn the banks are up to their neck in corporate fraud and even offer unsecured loans to non existent oil and mining projects that then becomes a toxic debt…….oh well what difference does it make they just ask the government to bail them out and pass it on to the tax payer.

I can assure you that when I write the next article it will open up an extremely large hornet’s nest of fraud and corruption but in the meantime lets again get back to Richard’s tragic story.

There is no doubt whatsoever that in his position as a Senior IT Risk Analyst with the Abbey he would have uncovered something that would lead to his demise and it would be clear to anyone with an ounce of intelligence that the fraudulent senior staff members of the Abbey would have arranged for his removal.

Lets now look Richards death in more detail with the following details that were sent to me by a member of the family:



The Interrogation


Abbey management confirmed that on 13th July 2004, Richard was taken to a ground floor meeting room, where he was secretly taped by Kroll. There is in existence a copy of the recording and transcript of the interrogation which gives evidence that Richard was bullied, heckled and victimized during the session by the two operatives, Howard Jones (a former Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Superintendent and Peter Pender-Cudlip, a Solicitor and Kroll Director) of Kroll.  At the Coroner’s Inquest (18th -20th July 2005), Richard’s line manager who was also interrogated by Kroll, following after Richard’s interrogation, confirmed that the recording of his interrogation had been edited.  The Chang Family has strong reason to believe that the recording of Richard’s interrogation has also been heavily edited. Howard Jones admitted in a witness statement to the Inquest that he had tampered with the original recording by downloading it from his MP3 player onto the hard drive of his computer.  He made a CD copy of the digital recording of the interrogation which he handed to the Metropolitan Police on the 29th July 2004. That is, 15 days after Richard had died. The Metropolitan Police took another week to transfer it on to audio tape.

Chang family support group

So what happened and who was responsible for initiating the investigation and interrogation?


 On 13th July 2004,  Richard was deceived (by his own department manager)  into attending a BASEL II project meeting on his own which subsequently turned into a two and a half hour interrogation by Kroll Associates, conducted by Howard Jones, an ex-Detective Chief  Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police and Peter Pender-Cudlip, a city lawyer. The interrogation was authorized by Abbey Management Directors.  It was instigated by Luqman Arnold, CEO.  Karen Fortunato, Company Secretary, Stephen Hester, Priscilla Vacassin, Human Resources director and Richard Carr, Interim Human Resources Director, Nathan Bostock, Head of Treasury, Nigel Walder (Button Wood Tree Consultancy-working within Abbey), Mark Jackson, IT manager, John Hasson, Ryan Brosnahan were involved in the investigation.


What was unethical (and suspicious) about the investigation conducted by Abbey’s Management?


Prior to the interrogation on 13th July 2004, Abbey’s Management, embarked on an investigation to determine who wrote the anonymous documents. The directors allege during the investigation they identified 40 possible suspects.  In the RR65 race questionnaire, it was admitted that, out of the 40 suspects, Richard and his line manager (Nigerian origin) were the only non-whites.  They allegedly devised a matrix system to identify suspects.  The matrix has not been disclosed to the family notwithstanding albeit repeated requests to Abbey and the Metropolitan Police. Nathan Bostock decided very early on before the main investigation had begun that Richard Chang (Chinese) and his immediate line manager Vincent Santeng (Black) were co-authors of the anonymous documents i.e. pre-selection cannot be ruled out.  Abbey allege that finger prints were secretly taken from drinking glasses using white gloves, from envelopes containing the anonymous documents as well as Richard’s personnel files.  Richard Carr (Human Resources director) and Mark Jackson (Richard and Vincent’s IT manager) were allegedly instructed to take samples of Richard’s finger prints (using white gloves) without his consent ostensibly from drinking glasses after an appraisal meeting.  Evidence shows that the results of the fingerprinting were inconclusive.  When fingerprinting is used to identify an individual it is vital that a high degree of skill is exercised because the potential for error is high.  It is important that all factors which would create any bias are eliminated (see Shirley McKie v Strathclyde Police).


The Chang Family has never been shown any evidence which proves Richard wrote the anonymous documents. The Chang Family maintains that Abbey has no evidence at all to prove that Richard wrote the anonymous documents.  Richard’s line manager, after taking an employment action against Abbey, was cleared of all wrong-doing in respect of Abbey, who had originally accused both Richard and his line manager of writing the anonymous documents.


Who was responsible for allowing Richard to go in to the interrogation unattended?


The directors of Abbey management authorized the interrogation. Witness statements show that Robin Parkinson, Abbey’s in-house solicitor was consulted by Richard Carr and approved that the interrogations could take place without the presence of a trade union representative – or anyone else. Parkinson allowed Richard to be deceived on the false premise that Richard was a threat to IT security. Vincent Santeng stated at the Coroner’s Inquest that Richard could not have been a threat to IT security. Robin Parkinson’s line manager at the material time was Karen Fortunato. She is the Company Secretary for Abbey.  Robin Parkinson commenced employment with Abbey on 5th July 2004 which was just 7 days before Richard died.


Why was this wrong?


An ex- employee of Abbey and a Trade Union representative who worked for Abbey for 16 years was approached by the interim Director of HR, Richard Carr to seek his advice. Richard Carr and Abbey Management in general chose to ignore his advice which was that there should always be a representative in such a meeting and that there was a written protocol that stated this.  At a pre-hearing review in July 2006 the ex-Abbey employee said that he believed Richard was ‘ambushed’ and would probably still be alive today if he had been accompanied.


At a pre-hearing tribunal employment case against Abbey in July 2006, the ex-employee of Abbey emphasized that he had advised the Human Resources (“HR”) Director that anyone being interviewed should be accompanied by a member of the trade union. He stated that Richard was a member of the trade union.  He re-iterated on more than one occasion that he was concerned that someone would be mistreated by Abbey.  He also conferred with his line manager about the HR Director not taking his advice that there should be a trade union representative to accompany Richard Chang.  He also mentioned that under the chairmanship of Lord Burns, this ‘new set of directors’ “would do as they please and no matter what information was given, they would not follow.”


Conduct of the Kroll Agents


 In the interrogation, the Kroll agents accused Richard in tandem with Vincent Santeng of being the co-authors of the anonymous documents supposedly sent to the FSA and to Abbey, alleging financial corruption, fraud and sexual impropriety by named directors, Luqman Arnold,  Nathan Bostock, Nigel Walder and Nick Riley. At the interrogation, Howard Jones made comments to the effect that he was accusing Richard of being one of the authors of the anonymous documents.  Abbey believed that there was more than one author and that the first language of the originator(s) was not English. Richard therefore could not have been the author because his first language was English.  Howard Jones and Peter Pender-Cudlip, the two Kroll agents, heckled, bullied and intimidated Richard in a degrading and hostile manner. 


Howard Jones subjected Richard to continual and aggressive harassment in a futile attempt to get him to admit to writing (or being a significant contributor to) the authorship of the anonymous documents. Richard never admitted (at any time) that he wrote (or contributed to) any of the documents. Richard was put under psychological pressure whilst being detained in the interrogation room for two and a half hours without any intermission and he finally had to insist that they allow him go for a natural break since he was also hungry. The interrogation was racially discriminatory, personally degrading and hostile.  The Chang family previously issued a race questionnaire (“RR65”) to Abbey and Kroll.  It is apparent from Abbey’s response that there are racial implications connected with their response i.e. out of the 40 suspects selected only Richard and his line manager were the only non-white. A matrix system (not shown at all to the Chang Family) by Abbey management was used. 


What else was illegal and unethical?


Howard Jones secretly recorded the interrogation using a digital device hidden in a brief case without Richard’s consent. Richard’s line manager (on oath) stated at the Coroner’s Inquest that parts of the recording of the interrogation had been edited removing evidence relating to bullying, harassment and race.


Nathan Bostock was one of the named directors in the anonymous documents.  Abbey’s internal management alleges that they investigated whether or not there was any substance to the contents of the anonymous documents and (ostensibly) subsequently found that there were none.  Immediately following this ‘finding’, Nathan Bostock was assigned to head the investigation into the authorship of the anonymous documents.


The Metropolitan police conducted a flawed investigation


Richard’s line manager, Vincent Santeng, who was also interrogated by Kroll just before Richard died, alerted the police on the day that the circumstances relating to Richard’s death were suspicious. He is reported to have said “They’ve killed him”.  The Senior Investigation Officer, Detective Sergeant Martin Sloan, from Holborn Police Station, after talking to Howard Jones (an ex-Detective Chief Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police), Nathan Bostock and Mark Jackson concluded on the next day that the death was a suicide and was not suspicious.


Richard’s sister, Valerie Chang spoke to Sergeant Neil Payne a few days after the death and asked why the police had not removed the digital device from Howard Jones immediately after Richard had died. He said that it was not necessary because Howard Jones was an ex-Detective Chief Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police. The handwritten note addressed to Howard Jones has been forensically tested by the Police.  The results were that the signature was inconclusive. There are evidential inconsistencies as to where the note was actually found.


Having worked in association with Intel at NATO HQ and having worked at a Police Operation Centre I can assure you that the comments made by Sgt Neil Payne regarding the digital device held by Howard Jones were not normal police protocol. There was also a fundamental mistake made by The Senior Investigaton Officer, DS Martin Sloan when he had taken and accepted the word of an ex cop (ex DCS of the Metropolitan Police -Howard Jones) and concluded that the death was suicide before a full investigations, forensic sweep of the building and before the full autopsy results were known……this again was a non standard flaw by those involved and certainly should qualify for the case to be re opened.


Regarding the Police Investigation – I have observed gross violations of normal police procedures here, especially when they accepted the word of a non serving member. It is of my opinion that what happened on that day and how the investigation was conducted certainly qualifies for an inquiry by the IPCC.


Regarding Abbey Nation – There is also a clear case against the company in relation to a violation of basic human rights in the way Richard Chang was treated. Senior members of staff at the time should be pulled back in for further investigation on this matter and charged.


There is also the case of fraudulent activity taking place at a very high level and in this context the senior members of staff should be investigation by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and charges made if appropriate.


There are many more interesting findings which I will discuss in Part 2 of the Richard Chang Story as well as revealing the possibility of massive fraud which is interconnected to other fraudulent webs that once again just so happen to link in with  22 Arlington Street, London.


One thing I can assure the Chang Family is that Richard’s death will not be in vain…..this man obviously knew too much and now Gordon and I know what that may have been up too……Richard may have been the sacrificial lamb but one thing for sure….the perpetrators who planned and carried out his death will truly regret their actions because we will not only look for justice and bring those responsible to court but we will also shake the very foundation of the other scumbags who continue to rape the corporate and banking sectors of this country.


I believe that after this exposure the police and those involved will themselves look for a scapegoat and offer one of their own to become their sacrificial lamb rather than risk continues media exposure of their fraudulent and corrupt empire………Gordon and I would certainly ask for a focus to be placed on the ex cop Howard Jones who could well turn out to be that lamb!!


What I find incredibly sad is an assessment that was carried out on the system that had been pushed into the Abbey and become one of Richard’s projects. The report stated the following:

A set of capital adequacy standards for international banks drawn up by a committee of G-10 supervisors – is essential if we are to avoid another financial crisis. This paper argues that this conclusion is false: Basel II is not the solution to the crisis, but instead an underlying cause of it. I ask why Basel II’s creators fell so short of their aim of improving the safety of the international banking system…….Basel II failed and its replacement Basel III is also doomed to failure. Richard was working on this failed system and I am sure he was probably aware that this upgrade was also a total waste of money for a company that was struggling to stay afloat, especially that the CEO was intending to sell the company to Santander anyway!!.


Mmmmmm something  strange  going on here!!…….Must ask Howard Jones more questions!!

Watch this space for more in depth details of Richard’s interrogation,  autopsy and strong ties to Temple Church etc as well as how these directors have all moved on to continue the same line of work……you will be very surprised just how well Gordon Bowden has linked the spiders web to the same pile of crooks we have been talking about for a very long time………as you know my site is continuously attacked by the political elite but Gordon and I remain strong and continue to pump the information out.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 5/6/2011     www.eyreinternational.worpress.com







Pandora’s Box – Massive Fraud & Tax Evasion all linked to illegal arms

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I was amazed to read the headlines in the Telegraph the other day which read as follows:

 Iraq inquiry: Alastair Campbell ‘misrepresented’ purpose of WMD dossier, former military intelligence chief says

 By Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter 7:02PM BST 12 May 2011

Alastair Campbell at the Chilcot Inquiry (Iraq)

The article went on to say:  In his evidence, the former Downing Street communications director rejected suggestions that he had been asked to “beef up” the dossier on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and said its purpose had not been “to make a case for war”.

But Major General Michael Laurie, who was the Ministry of Defence’s director general, intelligence collection, from 2002 to 2003, told the inquiry that making a case for war was “exactly its purpose”.

 This reminded me of a key witness that was not given the opportunity to present her credible evidence. Ms Tara Davison was a very senior Intel Operative hired by the government to investigate illegal arms trading with Iraq. Ms Davison had previously given evidence to the Scott Inquiry (behind closed doors) but was not called before the Chilcot Inquiry to hand over her sound evidence.

 Many people knew of the existence of this evidence including Lord Doug Hoyle and the Prime Minister at the time Gordon Brown and they even knew that Ms Tara Davison private dwellings had been raided by 13 male police officers from the Derbyshire Constabulary.

Lord Hoyle      Gordon Brown 

You can read Ms Davison’s own account of this raid in my previous article Pandora’s Box – To be or not to be that is the question?  

 Valuable information that was vital to have been included in the Chilcott Inquiry (Iraq) was intentionally seized and kept under lock and key by the Derbyshire Police.

 On can only assume that the orders to carry out this raid was authorised by the Prime Minister at the time, Gordon Brown and yet this information was regarding illegal arms trading by the Conservative Party, so why would they not want this information to be included?

 The purpose of the Iraq Inquiry was basically to clear all blame on ex PM Tony Blair in order for him to move forward  in his political/commercial life. Could it be that something more sinister lay behind this inquiry that involved both the Tory Party and the Labour Party?

War Criminal Tony Blair

Let’s just refresh our minds as to what happened in 1989 when a young Tory researcher, David Cameron (under the apron strings of Maggie Thatcher) went down to South Africa on a sanctions busting all expenses paid trip (paid for by ARMSCOR) to Pellindaba  a nuclear weapons  facility.

 David Cameron was accompanied by Sir Kenneth Warren and the purpose of the trip was to purchase three, battlefield ready 20kt nuclear bombs,  that the Conservatives wanted to use on Saddam in the event he did not toe the line. 

David Cameron with his political mum Maggie Thatcher

Sir Ken Warren who went to South Africa with David Cameron to illegally purchase

three 20kt nuclear bombs, which then resuled in the theft of £17.8 million of tax payers money

which then due (do to gross neglect) allowed them to be stolen and sold on the black market

Under the UN radar, South Africa, with the help of Israel, developed ten bombs and test fired one at Prince Edward Island to the South of the country. 

 This left nine weapons that caused South Africa, US, UK and Israel great concern as they did not want them to fall into the hands of the next black regime.

The plan was to ship the entire load to Chicago for decommissioning but Maggie Thatcher had other ideas and so just before she finished in office she signed an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) document that listed them as being three cylinders!

 They were prepared and shipped in standard 20 foot sea containers from Durban to Oman without any security. There was a hidden observation window so that the core temperature could be checked as required.

The deal was arranged privately using British Taxpayers money involving the arms dealer John Bredenkamp with the assistance of Sir Mark Thatcher and many high profile politicians. £17.8 million was siphoned off and went into the Tory Party Election Fund………this money was exposed by the Labour Party in Parliament by Lord Doug Hoyle and Margaret Beckett MP and is listed in Hansard June 22 1993 from Column 197.

 The nuclear bombs arrived in Oman and were put into an insecure compound and checked by Dr. David Kelly who had the responsibility to look after the weapons and check that they were in good condition prior to the release of the money. (So you see dear Dr. Kelly knew too much).

 Some time later the three weapons were stolen by the same arms dealer, John Bredenkamp and sold on the black market.

 It was believed that these weapons found their way to Iraq but were then moved into Syria in three ambulances as they were highly mobile.

 Tony Blair with the help of Alastair Campbell then sexed up the Iraq Dossier to influence the UK into going to war……the only problem was that if having nuclear bombs was justification for going to war, then we went to war with the wrong country.

 Tony Blair created the Nuclear Explosions Act which technically would now cause great concern for many of the players that took part in this highly illegal and deeply flawed operation.

 My question would be did Ms Tara Davison have some information that could have blown open this deceit and should her vital evidence have been accepted before the Chillcot  Inquiry?…….naturally the answer to the latter is most definitely yes.

 So what was taken from the private residence of Ms Davison? My other question would be how did she manage to remove this classified information without any detection and how come she was not arrested under the Official Secrets Act?

 So what was taken from her residence by 13 male police officers from the Derbyshire Constabulary?

 Below is a list that Ms Davison published on her own webpage http://www.afbio.co.uk before it was taken down and as you must agree is extremely sensitive information that for sure should be filed with the Chillcot Inquiry.

 Ms Davison gave it a title:

 Judge makes it illegal for me to buy a loaf of bread.

 Preliminary list of property seized from the two flats and communal areas.

 A very large amount of property was seized during the execution of the warrant so this list remains not restricted to but including. In effect they took the lifetimes accumulation of documents and property some which will only come to light later no doubt


·         Cash ilOO-f.200

·         Cash in Euros 200 to 500

·         Share certificates

·         Credit Cards


·       Masonic Jewels (father was a mason)

·       Gold and Jewellery worth now about £40,000,00

·       Watch Jules Audemars

·       Watch Rolex


·       Passports

·       Driving licence

·       Training Records

·       Educational and Professional Certificates Employment records (clearance correspondence)

·       Personal records concerning security Top Secret Nuclear

·       Family History Records

·       Company Pension Records

·       All insurance documents for property and vehicles

·       MOT certificates

·       Family Photographs

·       Parents death Certificates

·       Tax Records

·       Pay Slips

·       All bank statements and documents with passwords etc. House deeds and original documents

·       Cheque books personal and business

·       Credit card statements

·       Files of receipts guarantees and instruction books


·       Spare keys for the House and barn and outbuilding and all keys to the locked gates

·  Property Keys

·  Car Keys

Since then there have been burglaries and numerous “brake ins”, car doors opened windows opened and left open etc


·       Coolpix camera with SD Card installed

·       Eriksson Mobile phones 3 off

·       3 other mobile phones

·       Electronic scales

·       2 Desktop computers

·       4 laptops

·      Ipaq Personal organiser

·      3 portable hard drives

·      I mobile dongle (now paying each month for a service only the derby police can receive because they have the dongle


·       Large box of various software for the computers perhaps 20-30 CD’s

·       Windows

·       Office 2007


·       Fire proof safety box

·       One wooden 4 draw filing cabinet


Large Box containing documents not restricted to but including Documents and Records (some originals and some copies).

·       Project Babylon (supergun) file and corresponded about same

·       Biological weapons and delivery systems in Iraq

·       Location of Planes and WMD’s following Desert Storm

·       Mobile Biological Weapons Laboratory in Iraq

·       UK supply of Biological and Chemical agents to Iraq

·       Evidence given in secret to Lord Justice Scott

·       Note books concerning arms to Iraq

·       Production line facilities in Iraq for CBW

·       Gulf War Syndrome.

·       Arms running through Yugoslavia.

·       Electromagnetic Warfare (star Wars).

·       Iraq’s nuclear programme.

·    Hard evidence and papers on investigation by Ministry of Defence police (fraud Squad) with which I was assisting NATO sensitive.

·    Correspondence from Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Gerald Kaufman, Lord Douglas Hoyle, Lew Smith, Stan Crowther covering several years mostly about Arms to Iraq and Yugoslavia plus correspondence with Tony Blair about Child abuse in Children’s Homes in North Wales and 


·   Documents concerning a nuclear warhead and group discussion with Peter Hain, Pete Sawyer, David Lowrey and Peter Hains researcher Isabell.

·   Documents on Jonathan Aitken including letters from Customs about Jonathan Aitken.

·   Computer discs several boxes all about arms to Iraq and the war in Yugoslavia and the IRA.

·   Records cards 1 box dealing with companies that supplied Iraq one box dealing with the people involved in the supply of arms to Iraq .

·   Record box with cards of those involved in the Care Homes child abuse enquiry.

·   Correspondence Atomic Weapons Establishment

·   Documents concerning the Atomic Weapons Establishment.


·   Letters from Tony Blair when he was shadow Home Secretary

·   Letters from Kenneth Clarke and others

·   Evidence concerning Police Officers, Judiciary, MP’s and Government Ministers involved

·   Witness statements from victims including statements from witnessess in the Welsh Childress Homes Scandal

·   Notebooks containing information and conversations with victims, carers and whistle blowers

·   large amount of index cards with names and links

·   Various documents concerning International Paedofile Network

·   Evidence collected to write various newspaper and magazine articals calling for a public enquiry


·       File of my ongoing investigation into a fraud (in which I am the victim)

·       Hard Evidence an original signed document

·       Hard evidence in the form of letters



·       Chamber of mines medical records

·       Records about current incurable illness

·       Legal Council during divorce

·       File of letters from solicitor about property purchase

·       Privileged letters between my solicitor and myself


·       Client records with confidential details from when I was acting as an appropriate adult (I was a mental health advocate for over 10 years) and an appropriate adult on call. Including personal and confidential details of adults who had been abused in the North Wales Children’s Homes scandal

·       Investment Club financial records

·       Confidential Client coaching session records

JOURNALISTIC Material and client in confidence

·       Journalistic Material Documents and records of interviews given in confidence including but not limited

http://www.afbio.co.uk/Items Taken.html

End of Ms Davison article

I am sure we would all agree that this was exceptional classified documentation and should be presented to the Chilcott Inquiry.

Last but not least what that list of Paedophiles that was discussed with Tony Blair so what happened to that…..was it too sensitive also? Not to forget the FBI list of known Paedophiles within high places of government and that were considered to be a security risk to our country.

 Could it be that people in high places are Senior Masons and that this alone put this aspect under lock and key forever?

 There is no doubt a very strong connection between the New World Order – Freemasons – Rochschilds – Rockefellas, Bilderberg and many national security agencies around the world to name but a few!!

So final summary of all of the above is:

Why wasn’t Ms Davison arrested and charged under the Official Secrets ACT for being in possession of confidential documents?

If the police are now in possession or were in possession of these document how come they have not been made available to the Chilcott Inquiry?

How come all those involved in the South African illegal nukes scam are not in jail?

How come the Tory party have not had to account for the theft of £17.8 million of tax payers money?

Why hasn’t the MoD, the Police or the Lord Philip Chinook Review Board interviewed Ms Davison?

There is certainly more behind the crash of RAF Chinook ZD576 but you will have to follow my articles to see what is behind this disaster when 25 of the best anti terrorist experts and 4 crew died under very suspicious circumstances, none of which makes sense!!

Maybe we can encourage some feedback on this highly controversial story!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 14/5/2011     http://www.eyreinternational.wordpress

Pandora’s Box – To be or not to be that is the question – Will justice prevail?

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Gordon Bowden, I and other third parties are being taken to court for deformation by Ms Tara Andrea Davison but there are many complications to this case that can only be described as being rather sensitive to the UK Government, the political elite and their parties, the corporate sector and the banking sector.

This is further complicated by the fact that Ms Andrea Davison’s residence was raided last year under a Search and Seizure Warrant (section 352 Proceeds of Crime Act 2002) by 13 male Police Officer from the Derbyshire Police Constabulary under the control of Detective Constable 1518 Stephen Winnard. The Judge that signed off this order was His Honour Judge Burgess of the Crown Court at Derby on the 5/1/2010……as per below:

The above information was released on her own website when she openly declared that the “Judge makes it illegal for me to buy a loaf of bread.” That website has since been taken down (http://www.afbio.co.uk/Warrent.html) but has been copied by other third parties and stored in many secret locations both within the UK and overseas. This was done to provide factual evidence for all parties involved in this deformation case and also for our own security.

The article below is the one that Ms Tara Andria Davison wrote herself and released on the same webpage to explain the injustices that she had encountered it was also soon after this that Gordon and I attempted to make friends with her in order to enhance her situation but was flatly refused. In actual fact she then went on the attack of Gordon Bowden and pointed out her concerns to me…….I explained that I try to keep middle ground in such situations and eventually I helped Gordon produce many articles which Ms Davison took exception too.

Here’s a copy of Ms Davison original story as produced on her own website:



 Home House of Lords          Gordon Brown          Derby Police  Fraud Victims & Investigation         Arms to Iraq Documents         Pedophile Investigations       Contact Me


Nick Clegg is asking the people to tell him   what laws they want repealed.

Please Tell Nick Clegg to repeal the Proceeds of Crime Act http://yourfreedom.hmg.gov.uk/repealing-unnecessary-laws/repeal-the-proceeds-of-crime-act-2002-and-restore-presumption-of-innocence

Sign petition at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/repealpca

Press Article Guantanamo Bay? No, Derby…

In a new ‘Arms to Iraq’ scandal Judge John Burgess sitting in private issued a Court Order which in effect prevents me from even buying a loaf of bread or food for my cat and specifically prohibits me from paying for any legal help to challenge the Court Order he made.  The evidence Judge Burgess relied on was supplied in a witness statement made by Derby Police Officer DC Stephen William Winnard and Authorised by Chief Superintendent Anthony Blockley. This statement is littered with obvious falsehoods and fabrications. The question is why ?

The Iraq Inquiry headed by Sir John Chilcot is calling on me to supply sensitive evidence which was seized by the Derby Police mid January 2010. I am a former adviser to the Trade and Industry Select Committee on Arms to Iraq is struggling to know what to do. As she did when giving evidence to the Scott Inquiry into Arms o Iraq she expected to do so in total secrecy but the actions of Derby police have made this impossible.

The Iraq enquiry set up by Gordon Brown is convened for the purpose of examining the United Kingdom’s involvement in Iraq, including the way decisions were made and actions taken, to establish as accurately and reliably as possible what happened, and to identify lessons that can be learned. The Inquiry is considering the period from 2001 up to the end of July 2009.

Gordon Brown (then Prime Minister) told the House of Commons, “no British document and no British witness will be beyond the scope of the Inquiry.” The Government has assured the Inquiry of the full co-operation of the relevant Departments.

But conversely Brown either colluded, organised or aided and abetted Derby police seizing documents, mid January 2010, which were pertinent to the inquiry implicating himself in a cover-up.  Five weeks later he would himself be called to the Inquiry to give evidence.

These Iraq documents were seized by DC Steven Winnard on the 13th of January just weeks before they were due to be presented to the Iraq Inquiry. Although by now everyone in the New Coalition Government knows about the seizure of the Iraq Documents from me they have not been returned.

Hywell Williams MP of Plaid Cymru whos party originated and led the call to impeach Tony Blair, in 2004 because of Blair’s decision to engage in an illegal war with Iraq, is making enquiries but so far without success. On the 22nd of July Nick Clegg declaired to Parliment from the despatch box that the war in iraq was “illegal” . That is what the my documents stolen by the Derby police prove.


Back in 1989 whilst I was investigating covert arms shipments concurrently with an investigation into the International  Paedophile Network I was given documents proving the then Conservative Government were selling arms to Iraq.  On instructions I went to see Neil Kinnock at his home and he put me in touch with Alan Rodgers. From this first meeting I was pivoted into the forefront of exposing  ‘arms to Iraq’.


I went on to be an intelligence advisor to the Trade and Industry Select Committee on ‘Arms to Iraq’. Then gave evidence to Lord Justice Scott and a written submission which is kept in a secret room along with other evidence given in secret,   but now siezed by the Derby Police.  I also worked with Tony Blair  who was then shaddow Home Secretary exposing the Paedofile Network within the Police and high places.   Exposing illicit arms deals and highly placed paedofiles is very dangerous work and when I was eventually able to retire from front line involvement  I  sold my  home  and  kept my whereabouts and identity as secure as I could without being given a new identity to protect me.


On the 13th of January, I was alone in my flat and asleep when the Derby Police   headed by DC Stephen Winnard   raided my flat in North Wales with 12 other male officers executing a warrant   obtained under Proceeds of Crime Act.  At the same time they  raided the  flat downstairs,  occupied  by  DW  a man with  Top Secret Clearance, and  also the   communal areas  of the property.  They seized almost every document and everything of value from myself and DW who has never been interviewed or spoken to by the Derby Police.  Amongst their  trove  they seized  documents specifically excluded,  letters from my solicitors, medical details about my illness, journalistic material  and  further to this  a large amount of documents, note books, discs, and tapes  on the illicit arms trade  and  ‘Arms to Iraq’  plus letters from Gordon Brown and other Labour and Conservative politicians.


This warrant was obtained from Judge Burgess, the same Crown Court Judge who 3 months later was to issue a restraint order against me.  The apparent grounds for issuing the warrant was that I had provided a client, calling himself Robin Jacob,  with a  mailing address  at  MAOS Mail services in Hyde, Cheshire  and I had dealt with his mail and that Robin Jacob had committed an International Fraud through his company Regal and Archer which was formed by Turner and Little.  


After spending  about 9 hours  putting all my property and that of DW into cardboard boxes,  and having searched the property for drugs  and cash with a sniffer dog,  I was finally allowed to get dressed  so that I could be arrested and  taken into custody.  They arrested me for   International fraud in 2007 and 2008 telling my duty solicitor I was the mastermind.  I was deposited back home that night at about 8 pm to a devastated house.  It was like being raped and burgled but unable to go to the Police, because it was the Police.


Shocked I contacted a former member of the Trade and Industry Select Committee now in the Lords. Lord Douglas Hoyle was astounded by what had happened and concluded that it must be political.  There was no way that the seizure of documents on arms to Iraq in an alleged fraud case covering 2007 and 2008 could be legitimate   Also in 2007 I was very ill after being diagnosed with an incurable illness.  which left me confused and weak..

After writing a letter to Gordon Brown I arranged with Lord Hoyle to have this letter given directly to The Prime Minister advising him about the stolen documents. Lord Hoyle later confirmed he had personally passed my letter directly to Gordon Brown and that if Gordon Brown wanted more information he would ask for it through him.  


Two months later on the 16th of April Judge Burgess made a Restraint Order against me relying on evidence from the witness statement of DC Stephen Winnard.   This Restraint Order prohibits me from spending my own money, allowing me only to spend money received from State Benefits. But DC Winnard a financial investigator accredited by the Director of National Policing Improvement Agency knew that I was not in receipt of any State Benefits.

Because of the Statement made by  DC Stephen Winnard  with the signed approval of  Chief Superintendent  Anthony Blockley   using the power invested in  Judge john Burgess by the Court, they together made it illegal for me to  buy a loaf of bread  or buy  food for my cat  and if I did I could be  fined or imprisoned for Contempt of Court. This is inhuman and degrading treatment against a vulnerable older lady, who they have already mentally tortured for 4 months, making unsubstantiated allegations that I am the mastermind behind this international fraud and threatening to confiscate my only home as the proceeds of crime.    If it were not for the ‘Arms to Iraq’ documents it would make no sense at all, although some victims believe the government is trying to protect the real fraudsters.    I have not been charged with this offence, but after writing this there may be an anxious to silence me.


The Derby Police in a court document name the two companies involved Regal and Archer LLC and Quantum Holdings Ltd with bank accounts in Cyprus claiming I control these companies.  They also claim the fraud is about £1.5 million. From   what they say and write it would appear this is the sum of their knowledge about massive frauds of multiple millions covering the globe

What makes their ignorance not credible is that details about the massive fraud are all over the Net.   Anyone with a computer can discover that Regal and Archer and Quantum Holdings Ltd are just middle companies in a huge list of companies set-up by an international group of multi million dollars fraudsters who were operating months after my arrest through a company called Heritage Benefits Financial Limited (HBF) on April the 1st AMF the regulatory and oversight body for Québec’s financial sector warned investors not to invest in HBF.  HBF is a company directly linked to Regal and Archer.


 If you go onto http://www.complaintsboard.com and http://www.fraudnet.info and numerous other sites you can read the complaints of victims from 2004 to April 2010. The victims give a huge amount of detail, names fax and telephone numbers and addresses.  Regal and Archer and Quantum Holdings are just links in a chain I have looked at another 20 companies used by the same Gang and there are more.   This is a massive ongoing fraud the gang simply ditch a company when it becomes troublesome and move on. You would have to be the worst detective in the world to arrest an older lady of limited means living in a terraced house in a small village in North Wales as the Mastermind behind this multi million pound international ongoing Fraud.  But that suspiciously is what the Derby police have done


The whereabouts of my arms to Iraq documents together with all the rest of my property are unknown to me.   All I can do is rely on you the reader to protect me from this inhuman and degrading treatment which appears to be sanctioned at a high level.

 Visit the rest of my website to see supporting documents and more information   http://www.afbio.co.uk



What is interesting to note in this case is the fact that all those who have been involved in writing the articles, providing the information, publishing the articles have not been called to court (which is not normal protocol) and could indicate that this case is very special and may be dealt with out of the public domain (behind closed doors so to speak).

Ms Tara Andrea Davison is seeking damages, a permanent injunction, several orders, a mandatory injunction, interest in pursuance to the Court Interest Act, special costs and such further and other relief as to this Honourable Court may seem just.

What  is most interesting is the fact that throughout these initial proceedings the Claimant, Andrea  Davison, has not made a full disclosure to the High Court or to the Defendants of the fact that she was raided and that a restraint order is in power and also the fact that she was put on bail, which has since been extended until the middle of this month.

The other issue here is the fact that the Claimant, Andrea Davison, is still under investigation and is currently ongoing. We have received legal advice from the HQ Derbyshire Police Constabulary that as this case is still ongoing, it would be premature for any other case relating to their investigations to go ahead as this could seriously jeopardise their current investigations and any future case they may come about from their inquiries.

Below is a copy of the Court Order that was issued to the defendants on the 5th of April 2011. This clearly indicates that there will be a Case Management Conference on Monday. 9th May 2011 at 12pm in Room E117 for 30 minutes:


The whole purpose in disclosing this information publically is basically for our own record and protection.

Now one knows how things will pan out if the case will be binned or an injunction is made which basically could gag all the defendants……..the other issue that could eventually come out of this is a sort of Contempt of Court etc………the British have a very convenient way of stopping anything as sensitive as this is by using the term “It is not in the best interest of the United Kingdom”………at the end of the day we want our day in an open court but the powers that be certainly would not want this case to proceed as it would cause the existing government and the other parties acute embarrassment.

In the event that you do not have the opportunity to see any further articles on the topics that Gordon and I cover then you will know that a “Gag Order is in place”………needless to say there are other ways of silencing you but we will not go into that!!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 8/5/2011    www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com 


Ex Dep. Asst. US Sec of State opens up a Pandora’s Box @ 22 Arlington Street. London

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A private investigator by the name of Gordon Bowden has found an awful lot of mud at this luxurious address that backs onto the The Ritz Hotel in London.

 One could wonder how such a noble person as Ambassador Frances D Cook managed to be named in this article. She is shown as a Non-executive Director of Arlington Associates at the above address.

The company prides itself with the following statement:  Arlington Associates assists companies, governments and commercial organisations with strategic advice and services looking to make the most of international opportunities by reducing risk. We create effective ways of overcoming the security threats and challenges that can have a negative effect on potential success. However, I don’t think Gordon Bowden would agree with them.

 Frances D Cook was a very senior figure in the US Government and perhaps, according to Gordon, may have given her some leverage in establishing her own private business interests.

 As an example, we all know how lucrative the munitions business has become and our dear lady just so happens to be a Director of Alliant Techsystems. Inc (ATK) a major supplier to the US Military and with viable export markets. This same company is also responsible in the manufacturing of weapons that contain uranium components that continue to contaminate our world with radiation. This astute 63 year old lady has been Chair of the Ballard Group LLC, an international business consulting firm, since 1999. Prior to that she served with the U.S. State Department for 30 years in various postings in the United States and abroad, including serving as Ambassador or chief of a diplomatic post four times and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State twice. She is also a director of Lonrho Plc.


Here is the timeline for Ambassador Cook’s illustrious career:

Entered the Foreign Service in 1967.

    University: BA, University of Virginia (1967)
University: MPA, John F. Kennedy School of Government (1978)

    Ballard Group LLC Chairman (1999-)
US Ambassador to Oman (1996-99)
US State Department Deputy Asst. Secy., Political-Military Affairs (1993-95)
US Ambassador to Cameroon (1989-93)
US State Department Director, Office of West Africa Affairs (1987-89)
US State Department Deputy Asst. Secy. of State, Refugee Programs (1986-87)
US State Department Consul General, Alexandria, Egypt (1983-86)
US Ambassador to Burundi (1980-83)
US State Department Press Office Dir., Bureau of African Affairs (1978-80)
US State Department Personnel Officer for Africa, USIA (1975-77)
US State Department US Embassy, Senegal (1973-75)
US State Department Office US Consulate General, Sydney, Australia (1971-73)
US State Department Special Asst. to Amb. Sargent Shriver (1968-69)
Member of the Board of Alliant Techsystems (2000-)
Member of the Board of Global Options Group, Inc.
Member of the Board of Lonrho
Center for Naval Analyses Senior Fellow
Corporate Council on Africa Board of Directors
Council on Foreign Relations

Of late we have seen much publicity about the three missing nukes that Britain purchased illegally from the Government of South Africa (that were later stolen by the man that sold them), the involvement of Maggie Thatcher, our current PM and other senior members of Parliament in both the Conservative Party and the LabourParty,  Dr David Kelly’s death, Illegal Arms Dealing, theft of UK Tax Payers money. Naturally we would have to add to this list the collapse of the World’s Banking System.

 Gordon Bowdon continues to pursue shonky directors and false companies as he believes that had the British Government taken steps earlier this collapse may not have been so severe and certainly with the information he has to hand would safeguard the banking system of the United Kingdom and at the same time protect those investors who have lost and continue to lose everything to these sharks.


This extremely brave man has launched himself into the paper trial of lies and deceit that is part and parcel of the banking, financial, oil, gas and mining sectors around the world. If one can imagine being conned into parting with vast sums of money to invest in a non existent company, invest in a non existent company, non existent oil drilling programme, non existent mine site or open pit mining location etc. Can you imagine that the mine you have invested in could simply be just a spade hole in the ground in some far away place?


I think it would be appropriate for you to see the communications that are currently flowing between Gordon and the Attorney General’s Office to give you some idea on the scope of his findings. This may appear a little confusing to some people but for those involved in the banking/financial sectors or those that invest, it will become very clear. Gordon has gone to great lengths to not only link these scams at forensic level but has also duplicated his findings to other third parties for safe keeping.

Here’s a  list of the directors of Arlington Associates and their background as per their current web http://www.arlingtonassociates.com/personality.html

It will become evident, after you have read this article that there are some very serious questions to be asked of this company and many others that Gordon has investigated. The problem is that the level of corruption and deceit is so deep it would entail setting up a separate police corporate fraud squad just to deal with this group alone. The Arlington Associates Directors are:


Chairman and CEO
Aldwin J G Wight
A former Commanding Officer of the Special Air Service (SAS) and Commander of the Sultan’s Special Force, Oman, Aldwin was previously Deputy CEO of Kroll Security Group and Chairman and CEO of Arturus Limited.


Chief Operating Officer
Mark Blagbrough
A former Squadron Commander of the Special Air Service (SAS) and Military Assistant to the Chief of Defence Staff, Mark was previously Director of Strategic Planning in the MOD and a Senior Security Consultant in Kroll Security Group.


Non-executive Director
Frances Cook
A former U.S. ambassador to Burundi, Cameroon and to the Sultanate of Oman, Frances has also held numerous senior positions in the US Department of State. She has worked in the private sector since 1999.

Investor Director
Geoffrey White
CEO of Lonrho
Geoffrey has had 25 years of commercial management including senior roles with Thomas Tilling Plc, BTR Plc and Dee Corporation Plc, and has worked for the private offices of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Al Thani.


Before moving on Gordon wanted to point out the following:


Re Ambassador Frances D Cook – 22 Arlington Street. London SW1A 1RD and the 4 VIP Directors of Arlington Associated Ltd. Please note:

In the last 3 months, The Bio of Ambassador Frances D Cook has been removed from the web site format for ALLIANT TECHSYSTEMS CORP. ATK Board of Directors. Gordon has many copies of those containing her reference. In his own words “Bit like, trying to shut the door after the horse has bolted.”


Ambassador Frances D Cook will prove to be instrumental in unravelling a complex International network which will open a massive can of worms and a lot more sinister past historic references.


The IRAN / CONTRA and BAE Bribe Scandal Affair will be not only trivial, you will see, it will be directly associated to the front operations and all those interlinked at 22 Arlington Street. London.


This is a copy of an email to James Ross Attorney General’s Office:


From: gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>
To: James Ross <James.Ross@attorneygeneral.gsi.gov.uk>
Sent: Thu, 26 August, 2010 19:47:16
Subject: Re: Dr David Kelly & 22 ARLINGTON STREET. LONDON

Dear James Ross.


Thank you for confirmation of receipt of my e-mail to the Office of the Attorney General re the Death of Dr David Kelly.


I further request you record and forward the total content of this e-mail to the Attorney General, it contains specific information on subject matter Dr David Kelly and the covert network involved in the Arms to Iran and Iraq operations, identifying specific Companies and their Directors.


The Attorney General may Order & obtain crucial documentation Forensic Evidence to support these statements from the Derbyshire Police, who in January of 2010 seized Forensic Evidence from the properties in NORTH WALES occupied by TARA ANDREA DAVISON.


Ms DAVISON purportedly an ex Intelligence Advisor to the DTI, makes legal statement, that the “SECRET” ARMS TO IRAQ documentation seized by the Derby Police on a Court Proceeds of Crime order, were seized to protect Government MP’s and VIP’s identified in Criminal Involvement in companies identified in her Forensic Files, Computer Hard Drives and Dossiers which included ASTRA, BMARC, and ACCUDYNE.


Dr David Kelly as per previous e-mail was in 1991 designated to oversee the Covert Conservative Government purchase of 3 ex ARMSCOR Stock Pelindaba Pretoria Battlefield Nuclear Warhead Bombs.


The deliberate Conservative Fraud to overcharge the Treasury by £17.8 Million in this Purchase.


Dr David Kelly will have had full knowledge of the group organisation of ASTRA, the requesting UOR Company headed by Stephan Kock and its affiliated subsidiaries, recorded Directors and Executives.


From the Affidavit of Gerald James ASTRA HOLDINGS a recorded subsidiary being ACCUDYNE.





Ammunition Manufacturers and their Symbols

of The United States of America



1 April 1999



15 January 1998


Identifies on page 14




as a 100% Subsidiary of





Subsidiary addresses.


Of relevance to Dr DAVID KELLY and clandestine Weapons Smuggling.


Ambassador FRANCES DEE COOK and taken from 


7480 Flying Cloud Drive

Minneapolis, MN 55344-3720


Proxy Statement For Annual Meeting of Stockholders August 5 2008

Page 8 refers The Biography of FRANCES D COOK Quote:

Ambassador Cook has been Chair of the Ballard Group LLC, an International business consulting firm, since 1999. Prior to that she served with the US State Department for 30 years in various postings in the United States and abroad including serving as Ambassador or Chief of a Diplomatic Post 4 times and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State twice.


Ambassador to OMAN


She is also a Director of LONRHO PLC Registered operating from:



Among her fellow high ranking Directors is MARK H RONALD who served as the Chairman of the Board of BAE SYSTEMS PLC and is also a director of DYNCORP INTERNATIONAL INC and COBHAM PLC.


Ambassador FRANCES D COOK is also a recorded Director of



aligned with and Sponsored by LONRHO and LONRHO Group

as per their Web Site Header “OUR PERSONALITY”


The Directors Listed as:

ex SAS Commander ALDWIN J G WRIGHT: Commander OMAN Special Forces. Senior Director KROLL Security


ex SAS Commander MARK BLAGBROUGH: KROLL Security, Senior MOD Military Advisor. and Senior Director LLOYDS IRAQ




Another Noted Director of PETRA DIAMONDS is



GEOFFREY WHITE  a recorded Director of:



ORYX is part of a group structure and inludes 



The Recorded Directors of







In 2001 the BBC and the United Nations made various recorded claims against ORYX NATURAL RESOURCES Directors. The United Nations records they had Forensic Documentation that ONR were associated to Terrorist network of Bin Laden and the Covert Financial Support for Zimbabwe’s ROBERT MUGABE and his Military the ZDF, routing and Laundering of “Blood Diamonds” In return for Supplying Smuggled weapons, Munitions and Special Forces assistance & Training to the ZDF and RUF,  ONR Directors were given exclusive access to Strategic Mineral Mining Claims Rights in the DRC, SIERRA LEONE, LIBYA and ZIMBABWE.


Dr DAVID KELLY will have had full in-depth knowledge of the Covert Criminal Operations and Laundering front companies operating out of this London address,

22 ARLINGTON STREET. LONDON SW1A 1RDand the Covert operations of

ARLINGTON ASSOCIATES Ltd Directors attached to the RITZ and Directly associated to: Mohammed ADNAN KHASHOGGI and Mohammed AL FAYED.



Is also the Employment address of:

Ex Prime Minister




It should also be noted that the notorious John Bredenkamp operates with Billy Rautenbach and Nicoshefer (a convicted international bank fraudster) who’s partners include Charles Taylor (Ex President of Liberia) currently on trial for war crimes and his dealings in blood diamonds used to purchase weapons and  munitions to fuel conflicts all over Africa.


Bredenkamp provided logistical support (including aircraft) that was reported by the United Nations as aiding and assisting Oryx Natural Resources and its directors in covert operations and blood diamond dealings. Bredenkamp was fully supported by network operations out of 22 Arlington Street. London. In June this year this address was raided by men in suits wearing dark glasses purportedly to investigate the dealings of Lonrho Plc, its group and its directors which include David Anthony Lenigas, Geoffrey White, Emma Priestley, Donald Strang and Ambassador Frances D Cook. All of these activities has resulted in evil bloody conflicts throughout the African continent seemingly with the tacit support of past and current British and US Governments, Bankers and Financial Institutions, including JP Morgan who employ Mr Tony Blair at 22 Arlington Street.


The implications of all that has been going on since the reign of the “Iron Lady” Maggie Thatcher and who were involved is surely a case to answer. It is evidently clear that the level of deceit and corruption with the added illegal arms dealing could well have seen the collapse of both parties at the time and maybe even to this day. It was Tony Blair himself that created the Nuclear Explosions Act (1998) and under the terms of this act there are many very senior past and current politicians that could end their days in prison. We must also remember the ex boss of Astra who was also implicated in the nuke deal, namely Stepahnus Adolphus Kock who had high level political connections to Thatcher, Hesletine, Younger, Hanley, etc as well as MI5 and MI6 connections. It appears clear that he was involved in the murder of Dr Gerald Bull in Brussels on 22nd march 1990 and Jonathan Moyle in Santiago, Chile on 31st March 1990. I would rather change the world murder to that of assassination!


It would not be right if I omitted to include some events that are currently going on, one being the arrest and return to the UK of Asil Nadir from Cyprus. Maybe you would ask how can he be implicated in this story. The answer to that must go back to the Butler Review which was to the “Review of Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction.” The members of this review were:


Lord Butler of Brockwell KG GCB CVO (Chairman);

Sir John Chilcot GCB;

Field Marshal the Lord Inge KG GCB DL;

Michael Mates MP;

Ann Taylor MP.


It was Michael Mates who was a Conservative Party Politician (MP for East Hampshire 1974-2010) and who was also Minister of State at the Northern Ireland Office (1992-1993) who was forced to resign after a scandal involving his links to fugitive businessman Asil Nadir. It may well turn out that Asil Nadir has much information under his belt regarding the missing nukes and relevant paper trails.


We also have the past case of ex GCHQ worker Katharine Gun who was facing jail for exposing American corruption in the run-up to war on Saddam. Gunn worked at the very secretive facility – Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham. Many believe that it should have been Bush and Blair in the dock and not Katherine.


Gun had a hoist of supporters in the US – Hollywood actor-director Sean Penn and senior figures from the US media and civil rights movement, including the Reverend Jesse Jackson. To summerise her ordeal was well worded in the Guardian who wrote:

She is accused of breaching the Official Secrets Act by allegedly leaking details of a secret US ‘dirty tricks’ operation to spy on UN Security Council members in the run-up to war in Iraq last year. If found guilty, she faces two years in prison. She is an unlikely heroine and those who have met her say she would have been happy to remain in the shadows, had she not seen evidence in black and white that her Government was being asked to co-operate in an illegal operation.

 I guess we should also add to the list that of Lord Haseltine who made vast sums of money during the period of the missing nukes and illegal arms dealings etc. Another name that was bounced around at the time was that of Jonathan Aitken who was a former MP and senior political figure in the Conservative Party. This gentlemen was also apparently implicated in the illegal arms dealing fiasco etc


It is so hard to be able to calculate just how much hard earned tax payer’s money was diverted during the illegal purchase of the three South African nukes, but some estimate a figure of around £700 million. We also have to remember that £17.8 million returned to the UK via the back door and was handed over to the Conservative Party Election Fund, which to this day has not been accounted for. Let’s no also forget the meager sum of £1 million that ended up in the care of Mr Blair. Naturally Blair comes out clean in all of these inquiries and grime.


Tony Blair’s book will be launched on Wednesday but he will not be in attendance as he will be having a private dinner with Obama and Netanyahu in the build up to the next round of peace talks. Now maybe you are all beginning to see how false and corrupt the world has become.  


One must fully appreciate that millions of people have died as a direct result of the British and US Governments involvement in all of the above as well as taking hard earned tax payer’s money for their own usage or as a donation to their respective parties.


What is sad is we now see that as a result of their mismanagement the British Taxpayers are having to foot the bill…..with the poor once again being hit in the pocket whilst they wallow in their blood money. It is also a known fact that such greed induces terrorism and both create poverty.


One really does need to challenge the location of the “Axis of Evil” and it becomes clear that 22 Arlington Street in London would be a good starting point.

I have just received another stop press addition to this story that reveals the working of the ex boss of the Department of Trade and Industry(DTI) Peter Lilley MP who was also implicated in the missing nukes deal. Gordon Bowden has furnished the following concerning Peter Lilley MP which I will add here:

I have the direct link of MP Peter Lilley to the criminal network.



which is a 100% Subsidiary of CANARGO ENERGY CORP

                                            CANARGO ENERGY LTD

                                            CANARGO ENERGY INC





Directorships include


















The Directors of HERITAGE OIL


Ex SAS Commander TONY BUCKINGHAM (Affiliated to Aldwin J G Wright and Mark Blagbrough of Arlington Associates)





SALIM MACKI (Former Ambassador of Sultanate of OMAN and OMAN OIL


Gen Sir MICHAEL WILKES (Commander of SAS)












MICHAEL HIBBARD who is of course a director of:



OWNERS Advisors and Directors







Are both identified as Money Laundering and HOLDING FRONTS for the CIA.



Gordon’s final words to me was “Tis no wonder Peter Lilley won’t answer my e-mails and has removed my 3 Written Articles Posted in  HARPENDEN PEOPLE.”


More grime to follow so keep watching this space!



Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 30/8/2010           http://www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com