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Weapons of Mass Deception Vaccinations & what they are doing to our young Part 3

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In this part we deal with more of the deceit and deception handed down to us from our governments, health departments, WHO and the pharmaceutical industry with their perpetual bombardment of health scares, pandemics and posters when in actual fact there are more deaths from the vaccines than from the disease they are supposed to protect us from!


I am sure we all remember that classical song sung by Roberta Flack called “Killing me Softly”…..well folks that exactly what they are doing to us all under their UN 2030 Agenda programme.

Truth 1

Something that came across very clearly was the fact that although the rate of autism has increased many times during various periods of vacinations programmes the authorities falsified the autism rate in their reported data to prove there wasn’t a problem.

One Canadian report actually compared two tables  of data over a period of years but did not reveal the fact that the tables were from two different cities that were many miles apart and therefore was not a true comparrison!

This is a conclusion written by  experts to show how governments have deceived us.

I would like you all to bear in mind that the Anti Vaccine Experts have nothing to loose but have the health of our children to gain whereas the Pro Vaccine Experts have billions of dollars to loose as well as loosing their ability to meet the UN/WHO 2030 Agenda goals of mass depopulation by the year 2030 which they also failed to achieve in their original UN/WHO Agenda 21!!


  • When our CDC detectives want to find something they do
  • The CDC is not willing to consider any causes of autism remotely related to vaccinations
  • Scientists at NCBDDD seem more interested in proving that vaccines are NOT involved than in finding the cause of the national calamity that they have kept secret for FIVE years
  • No reporter has enough courage to talk about the best available treatment for many individuals with autism, namely the gluten-free / casein–free diet, so as not to suggest an MMR connection
  • Many “experts” still insist that autism did not increase or that we were too dumb to recognize the syndrome
  • Others concede that there is an increase but have no idea where it is coming from
  • Scientists reinforce these silly notions by writing flawed and absurd epidemiological reports, sometimes funded by the vaccine authorities or manufacturers
  • The CDC and others finance and help publish irrelevant research about “selected” populations during “result-favorable” periods
  • Editors accept and publish research from far away lands but reject valid criticism of said research by reputable scientists
  • A foreign psychiatrist becomes an expert on Thimerosal and autism before publishing a single paper on the subject
  • Physicians and vaccine “experts” accuse anyone who dares question the status quo, of heresy and the endangerment of children
  • Some parents associations are still unaware that prevention must be the first priority and do not realize that there cannot be a cure for autism until a cause is found
  • A generation of children has now been lost

One very important issue that I must make clear is the fact that Thimerosal is still used in western vaccines and in most of the third world country vaccines and its replacement called Aluminum is equally as dangerous by tampering with the brains receptors and even possible enhancing Thimerosal that has already been injected from earlier vaccines!

It is clear to me that with the massive amount of data and forensic evidence held on file that our respective Governments, Health Departments and the Pharmaceutical Industry are extremely devious with their true intent.

I think it becomes clear to all the Mum’s and Dad’s that the Anti Vaccine Experts are clearly on our side as they have nothing to loose.

Heart and Baby

This is much more import


Than this

Money 2

And this

The following facts are beyond denial:

1. Autism Is not the only injury associated with vaccines

2. Most babies are healthy at their first birthday and  since vaccination are not
3. There is no pathological entity that can cause so many serious problems in so many systems at the same time

If so, then the question must be asked: If a baby/child did not have a vaccine reaction, then what is causing the many present serious problems?

Vaccine child

Mum & Dad please remember I cannot speak for myself so please protect me from these experts who don’t even know the toxic value of their own vaccines or can show reliable &  accurate safety data to show that it can protect me and not harm me, please I beg you

I believe the following extract (in its entirety) sums up Part 3:

Ethics, according to my Webster’s dictionary, was defined as a discipline dealing with good and evil and with moral duty, moral principles and moral practice.   It seemed to me that those in these meetings failed completely in all these areas when it came to their duty to the public!    

I was certain there were many parents who could provide “observations in ethics” to all participants at these meetings who had an interest in studying or researching “ethics” because, quite obviously, “saying” you were concerned about “ethics” and “doing” were two different things – weren’t they!   Having privileged knowledge of the dangers of mercury and aluminum and not sharing that with other parents, in my opinion, was not only unethical, but, given the harm done to these children, again, I would argue these folks had moved into the realm of criminal!

PARENTS – I have a few more issues you need to understand…

Given that many, many key organization having to do with autism were aware of these reports, ask yourself:  Why were these organizations not taking a public stand on this issue and why had they not posted these reports online for all parents of the vaccine injured to see – could it be that it was because doing what’s right was not what was politically correct and as such, these organizations would lose the funding they received from the pharmaceutical industry?  

I think that as parents, these were some very serious questions that needed to be asked.   The simple fact was, major autism organizations were aware of these reports and yet fail to post them on their websites… again… why was that?   Were they interested in the truth… or just in your “donations” to organizations that really would rather not let the truth be known.    Unfortunately, “autism” had become “big bucks” – for many groups – including those that would “appear” to be there to help.   Make no mistake about it!  Again, be very, very careful of the “organizations” you chose to support because quite frankly, in my opinion, many were more interested in getting your money, or government money,than in getting to the truth!   As such, I personally was very, very wary of any organization that took the focus off of vaccines and attempted to shift it to the ever elusive “missing genetic link” – especially when that involved government funds/partnerships intended to “shift the focus”. 

As I researched autism, I could not help but truly question the motives of certain organizations and ask myself, “Why are they not looking into issues of vaccine safety as it relates to mercury and aluminum”?

In a Reuters article dated 19 Nov 2003, entitled:  Government teams with advocates against autism”, by Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent, the US government agencies involved in vaccine issues announced it was forming an “alliance” with certain key autism organizations to “shed some light on autism” and fight parents with “little solid fact”.   http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/N19319177.htm

Well, first, I question the motives of these “autism organizations”.  

It is a sad fact, but often, the “organization” becomes more important than the cause and, in my opinion, no organization that is supposed to represent or help families of children with autism, at least, in my opinion, no organization worth its salt, would form an “alliance” with a government that would assume parents have “little solid evidence”.   I think that family videos provide rather solid evidence, as do studies from the CDC that have to be “redone” several times to try to hide a link between autism and vaccines.   For more on that, I seriously encourage all families to read the links to key Reports posted on my website and also Book 3.  I see this “alliance” as nothing more than another “PR” move by a government that is busily working at trying to do damage control… and a government that is now using organizations that would seem to be there to help families to now help in “their dirty work”.

The simple fact is that the government can look for “genetic” causes until it is blue in the face, but, autism has been studied from a “genetic” perspective for decades… and no “autism gene” can be found to explain the overwhelming devastation impacted almost all systems in these children.   As such, I caution parents to do their homework before supporting organization such as these that continue to partner with the government in the search for that all elusive “genetic link”… it is, in my opinion, very much like the search for the  “missing genetic link of evolution showing that man came from a rock or a bacteria”… and like the missing genetic link of evolution, I suspect the missing genetic link of autism will be “forever missing”,  too and simply another very expensive wild goose chase to keep us from the true answers to the autism puzzle.

As such, personally, I could never support such organizations, because, in my opinion, they have betrayed their cause – the children of autism!   Until I see these organizations and their “partners” – the government and the pharmaceuticals – devoting equal funds to the INDEPENDENT study of mercury and aluminum in vaccines, I can not help but conclude that they are only “partners” in deceiving the public when it comes to matters of vaccine safety.

When an organization becomes more important than its cause, it is time to shut the doors!  

Jeanne A. Brohart

The most important thing, I would argue, is to seek the truth.   Millions of parents of children with autism are not screaming “genetics”… they are screaming “vaccines” – and in many cases – overnight!   As such, how these organizations can help push what I see as a bogus “genetic agenda” and take the focus away from vaccines – what so many are arguing is the cause of their children’s autism and as such, take the focus away from getting to the truth in vaccine safety issues, in my opinion, only shows the true worth of these organizations – and in my opinion – it isn’t much!

As a parent of a child with autism, I can not help but feel complete betrayal by organizations such as these.   I would be very interested in seeing a disclosure statement from these organizations to see how much money they accept from the government agencies involved in autism vaccination programs and from the pharmaceuticals both before and after this “partnership”.   It is certainly fine to study “genetics”, however, perhaps an aspect of that “genetic” study needs to be in looking at how mercury and aluminum affect genetics – especially since things like formaldehyde and aluminum – two things known to have an impact on “genetics” are also very much found in vaccines!   This is certainly not something I expect to see coming out of this “partnership”, however.  

When I see the government partnering with those who are its fiercest critics, and engaging in INDEPENDENT research that looks into the effects of mercury and aluminum, research sponsored by persons such as Dr. Boyd Haley, or the University of Calgary team that provided the video on neurodegeneration due to mercury exposure, then, I will see the government as honestly wanting to get to the bottom of these issues, but, of course, that very much remains to be seen.    

“Many will entreat the favor of the prince:  and every man is a friend to him that giveth gifts.”     Proverbs 19:6

Again, this is simply “my opinion”.   All parents, of course, are free to form their own opinions as to these issues!

“A hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbor:  but through knowledge shall the just be delivered”.  Proverbs 11:9

“If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough, the people will believe it”.  Adolf Hitler

Also, there was a rather big discrepancy between what those in the pHARMaceutical industry said they did in terms of studies and what ended up in the hands of the FDA.   For example, I knew of several people who worked for the pharmaceutical industry.   They insisted that studies for vaccines and drugs last much longer than 30 days.   Yet, studies that the FDA received, as in the case of the 5 in 1 vaccine, showed human studies that lasted “only 30 days”.  See this link for an example of that:  http://www.vaccinationnews.com/DailyNews/December2002/ENews5InOne17.htm.

So, someone was lying… somewhere… and it appeared that “someone” was the pharmaceutical industry and the CDC!

From the Simpsonwood meeting, as quoted above, we saw concerns over “expanded  or additional studies”.    Pretty well everyone, however, appeared to agree, based on Simpsonwood meeting transcripts, that additional studies were necessary – in fact – according to this transcript, meeting attendees were unanimous in stating more studies were needed.   Approximately 51 people had attended that meeting and stated they were unanimous in their belief that more studies were needed.  The Simpsonwood meeting occurred in June of 2000.  

Note that in November of that same year – 2000 – Walt Orenstein attended a meeting again, on the safety of vaccines and when the FDA’s  Dr. Susan S. Ellenberg proposed conducting larger trials,

Walt Orenstein clearly indicated he was, I quote:

 “not in favor of expanded studies

… not surprising to me given some of the concerns raised in Simpsonwood in terms of being careful as to “how further studies should be done” because of what they may show and/or reveal!   This meeting took place on November 15th, 2000.

Below was a link regarding this November 2000 meeting in a story done by Reuters, on Thursday, Nov 16th, entitled:  FDA, NIH, CDC reconsider system for ensuring vaccine safety:


The issue of “studies” was a rather “sensitive one” for the CDC and the pHARMaceutical industry given that it very much appeared they had indeed been caught lying to the public when it came to “studies”.   Indeed, the US Autism Ambassador submitted a report as official testimony on behalf of the public in 2002 showing an “original” or “draft” copy of a study and then what was later published as the final version of the study given to the public.   The only problem was that the “later version” was missing data and appeared to have been “doctored”.  The link below provides a brief discussion of this issue.


Thus, I could not help but wonder about this “discrepancy” I saw between what those who worked in the pHARMaceutical industry told me and what the FDA received for “studies” in terms of “duration of study”.   It appeared to me that studies may indeed be done that lasted longer than 30 days, but that the FDA only received data for “30 days” when pharmaceuticals requested vaccine approvals… and that “the rest of the data” was MISSING!   I suspected that “other data” was what showed “the real story”!   If the pharmaceuticals and/or CDC “doctored”  one study, call my suspicious, but, I suspected they had perhaps done so for others as well.   Bottom line… “longer studies” did appear to get done… but, it looked like only “partial studies” made it to the FDA!   Could this possibly have anything to do with the fact that the CDC was in the “vaccine business”?

Prior to the Simpsonwood meeting on mercury, there had been another meeting that had taken place – this one – on aluminum in vaccines.    The transcript from that 2 day meeting had also been provided above.   Most troubling to me, as a parent, however, was a comment made by Dr. Martin Myers – National Vaccine Program Office – I quote:

“Perhaps the most important thing that I took away from the last meeting was that those of us who deal with vaccines have really very little applicable background with metals and with toxicological research“. [end of quote, emphasis added, Department of Health And Human Services, National Vaccine Program Office, Workshop on Aluminum in Vaccines, Caribe Hilton International Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 11, 2000, p. 1 of transcript provided by Eberlin Reporting Service, 14208 Piccadilly Road, Silver Spring, Maryland, 20906, (301-460-8369)]. 

In other words, this very much appeared to be saying that “we put all this stuff in vaccines, but we really don’t have a clue as to what the toxicological effects might be in the human body”!   Indeed, clearly, this was very evident from many statements made in the aluminum meeting transcripts!

I also strongly encouraged families to read my following links – especially the first 2:

Genetic Verses Hereditary – The Critical Difference – Too Often So Misunderstood!

A Signal Where There Could Be A Tornado Warning… The Incredible White Washing Of The CDC Thimerosal Study Population Sample!   (if you read the paper on Redefining The Role of Insulin… you’ll understand a great deal more here too!)

More Simpsonwood meeting quotes here!

SIDS and Vaccines… Is there a Link?

Note That Some Vaccines Are Being Removed From The Market – Why?

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DISCLAIMER – PART II – Now… for those of you who think “mother at home researching” means “uneducated person with unfounded information”… I have 10 years of university… 3 degrees… and over 30,000 hours of research into these areas.   For anyone who thinks my research is “unfounded”…  read the RESEARCH FILE posted on my home page… with its over 1,000 references … for your reading pleasure… because… quite clearly… you haven’t read it yet!    


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Wanted for Crimes against Humanity

Footnote:……..The above reference is in regard to the Simpsonwood Conference which brings together experts both within the field, the CDC and other third parties…….I am sure you will agree that once again some severe criticism was made against those who create the vaccines, those that are supposed to vet their introduction, governments, health departments and the pharmaceutical industry.


Wanted for intentionally harming the children of the world

Part 4 will again bring you hard forensic evidence as to what is said at these very confidential meeting and conferences with a strong emphasis that “They simply do not know what they are producing, the toxic value of not just one vaccine but accumulated vaccines and certainly cannot give assurance as to their safety”………in any other product that was so deeply flawed the product would be taken from the shelf and destroyed!!

Peter Eyre 1420 Local Time 29/06/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster







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