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Is there a cure for cancer? You bet there is! Part 4

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Dr. Livingston

Dr. Virginia Livingston

In this chapter we will look at the more technical side of Dr.Virginia Livingston’s cure for cancer and how she used the Tuberculosis Vaccine (BCG) and her own Autogeneous Vaccine made up with cancer bacterium taken directly from her infected patients tumors, glands, blood or urine all of which acted in the same way as phage treatment is used in Russia for many deadly diseases and infections such as gangrene and MRSA etc.

Before moving on it is important to understand the emphasis that Dr. Virginia Livingston placed on boosting up the patients own immune system, which she explains in her treatment protocol.

Some of her more critical patients had already succumbed to chemotherapy and radiation which she clearly believed was directly responsible for killing off of  a person immune system and made her progress with such patients  extremely difficult.

Dr. Livingston explained that in many of the slaughter houses that produced red meat  cancerous tumors, cells and cancer bacterium existed in many animals.

The same applied to chickens and generally speaking the existence of cancerous tumors, cells and bacteria was at a much higher level……….obviously since those earlier days hygiene has come a long way but one would have to still be cautiously mindful of their possible existence.

Finally one must be aware that as the nucleus of any cancer is bacterium based and is therefore infectious one must take appropriate precautions when taking  samples from tumors, cells, blood or urine and when dealing with the patient themselves!

Dr. Livingston invention made it possible to identify cancer bacterium before the formation of tumors and this was explained by her in this paragraph:


This invention also involves a test that will show the existence of a neoplastic disease before the tumor exists, or the existence of a chronic underlying infection in man and/or animal. Until now any aberrant symptom of a patient has to be evaluated in the light of a latent cancer until it was ruled out. A fever of unknown origin could turn out to be a sarcoma somewhere in the body made manifest weeks later after much laboratory work and X-rays. By then, it was already too late, to do anything. Even if it had been known that cancer was imminent there was no treatment. There was nothing to do but wait until a tumor presented itself and then attempt to cut it out or destroy it by radiation or chemicals. (Applicants’ invention involves a cure for such cancer.)

Tests for determining the presence of cancer such as the Pap smears tests have serious problems associated therewith. In the Pap smears tests, the body cells that are cast off from the uterus, cervix and vagina are smeared from the cervix, are placed on a slide and stained. Not only is the presence of cancer cells detected but the amount of estrogen in the body is indicated by the size and shape of the nucleus of the cell in relation to the cytoplasm. This test is useful in determining the stage of menopause in women. Unfortunately, when the smear for cancer is positive, the cancer is already there. However, it does permit early detection of some kinds of cancer of the female reproductive organs. The same method of cell determination is now applied to a number of other sites such as lung and stomach.

As cancer is an infection, surgery, radiation and chemicals cannot eradicate a continuing infectious process. For example, cobalt machines may reduce the size of tumors but contribute very little to the long-term cure of the disease.

The test of this invention allows a screening program of the entire population by means of routine blood cultures to determine the presence of the cryptocides bacteria correlated with evaluation of blood smears and related to immune competency by various methods of antigen-antibody determination.

Dr. Livingston makes it clear in her writing that even advanced forms of cancer can be addressed with blood samples being taken from the so called dying patient, cultured in the laboratory and then re introduced back into the patient as an Autogeneous Vaccine…….obviously 100% success is not guaranteed as previous chemotherapy or radiation has to be taken into account and the status of the patients immune system but whatever the circumstances one can but try…..such practices being carried out after the late intervention of cancer victims can be covered under the Declaration of Helsinki.

She further states in her account of Autogeneous Vaccine Preparation the following:

Applicants have prepared and used an Autogenous Vaccine for the treatment of chronic, ongoing infections. Customarily the vaccines are prepared from urine, nasal, throat and bowel secretion as well as from various tissues and other secretions. The vaccines are used for the building up of immunity in the chronically ill patient who suffers from a failure to produce immune bodies against their chronic infection.

“It is now incontrovertible that the cancer disease results in the loss of immunity yet it is treated with radiation which destroys immunity and with drugs which encourage cancerous growth.”

Cancer chart

It is clear that Dr. Livingston was not only extremely talented and gifted but had truly found a cure for cancer which to this day has been brushed aside by the greed and might of arrogant Governments, Health Organizations (including the WHO), The Giant Pharmaceutical Industry, Cancer Research Institutions, Cancer Charities, Oncologists and many Doctors who financially benefit in hiding the truth……..one day the truth will come out and this fine lady will be posthumously awarded for her service to humankind!!


Part 5 will introduce other fine pioneers in medicine who agreed with and followed Dr. Virginia Livingston beliefs and who to this day have been severely restricted by all of the above scumbags!!


Peter Eyre – 1000 Local Time 17/6/2017

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster


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