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Kenya for the third time becomes the scene of yet another “False Flag.”

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Kenya for the third time becomes the scene of yet another “False Flag”


The Ghost of the CIA plant –  Bin Laden lives on!!!

I really wonder who they took out last year….it certainly was not Bin Laden because he died on the 14th December 2001 at the Rawalpindi Military Hospital of kidney failure.


Maybe you all have a very short memory so let me remind you of the two previous false flags that occurred in Kenya that was blamed on Al Qaeda which to this day remains a CIA inspired, programmed, funded and armed militia and certainly not some other Middle Eastern Islamic group. One can see yet again that this is all part of the US, UK and Israel master plan to keep the War on Terrorism alive and kicking……..here are the details of the other two attacks:


US Embassy Nairobi Kenya

A key indicator of this false flag operation in the 1998 US embassy attacks was the involvement of Ali A Mohamed, also known as Ali “the American”. He is labeled as the “point man”, who masterminded and coordinated the assaults. Two years after the blasts, Mohamed was arrested by the American authorities and pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder.

It then transpired that the alleged Al Qaeda bomber had an impeccable US military service record, having trained at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and later working as an instructor in explosives at the John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School until 1989.

The American government narrative then claimed that Mohamed, who was married to an American citizen and who had lived in California, was all the while working as a double agent for Al Qaeda (pull the other leg CIA stooge) and that “he turned” by the time of the embassy attacks in 1998. This narrative was dutifully circulated by the American media. One headline in the San Francisco Chronicle in 2001 conveyed the sense of treachery: Bin Laden’s man in Silicon Valley – ‘Mohamed the American’ orchestrated terrorist acts while living a quiet suburban life in Santa Clara.

In  the 1990s Mohamed was working for the American secret services in East Africa, including Kenya. The operative was also known to be travelling and liaising with Bin Laden’s (another CIA puppet) network in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“There is no way that US intelligence handlers did not know of every move made by Mohamed. This guy was recruited by the CIA in Cairo, where he was a major in the Egyptian army. He was then a handpicked graduate of Fort Bragg for American Special Forces and he went on to instruct green berets in psy-ops and explosives at the JFK School of Warfare. We are talking about the strictest security clearance in the US military. And yet the official account expects the public to believe that somehow Mohamed’s connections with Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda slipped their attention and that he carried out the US embassy bombings in a rogue fashion for the supposed enemy.” ………do you really believe this crap?

The Kenyan and Tanzanian US embassy attacks were a deliberate ploy by American military intelligence that was instrumented by Ali A Mohamed. The blasts involved suicide bombers and possible hired and very willing Jihadi dupes recruited for the mission. But the bottom line is that the carnage was deliberately inflicted by US planners as a prelude to the “war on terror” and the subsequent spectacular of 9/11.

Supporting this contention is the fact that, despite pleading guilty in a New York court in 2000 to conspiracy to murder American citizens, Mohamed has never been sentenced. There are no records of subsequent court proceedings and his whereabouts are unknown. His Californian wife, Linda Sanchez, was quoted in 2006 as saying of her husband: “He can’t talk to anybody. Nobody can get to him. They have Ali pretty secretive… it’s like he just kinda vanished into thin air.”

That sounds like Mohamed made a guilty plea bargain with his handlers, so that he would not have to go to trial thus suppressing all details of the embassy bombings, and in return he would be given a new identity and not have to spend a single day in jail…….maybe he’s now an actor in Hollywood playing the part of a Mossad spy or possibly Superman who’s known for his ability to change his identity and simply melt into the crowd.

The other false flag was the attack on the Paradise Hotel in Mombasa as follows:

In 2002, Hotel Paradise Mombassa, an Israeli Hotel in Kenya, was attacked by a group of terrorists.

The clue here is the fact that this false flag was carried out on an Israeli owned hotel that would have also had Israeli/Mossad security.

On 28 November it was reported that “al Qaeda” had blown up the Israeli Paradise Hotel at Kikambala Beach near Mombasa, and synchronously launched a missile attack on an Arkia Airlines Boeing 757, taking off from Mombasa Airport en-route for Tel Aviv with 264 Israeli passengers on board. There was wild media talk of outstanding Israeli bravery in the face of these horrifying Muslim atrocities, but in reality the entire “dual attack” was a lookalike invented by the Mossad, designed to deflect attention away from other flase flag attacks in other areas around the same time.


Israeli owned Paradise Hotel – Mombasa Kenya


 The first proof that the Kikambala Beach operation was a covert Israeli sting, came less than an hour after the massive bomb blast, with a tame television anchorman in New York repeatedly asking a reporter at the Paradise hotel about “the other attack on the Israeli airliner taking off from Mombasa.” The timing of these questions was impossible, because the pilots aboard the Arkia Airlines Boeing 757 had not reported any incident. Serving as proof of this critical omission, there is no record of any “Mayday” or “Pan” call on the Kenyan air traffic control tapes at any time on 28 November 2002. So now we know the New York media was deliberately telling us about a mid-air incident which never occurred in much the same way that during 9/11 Building seven was still standing after CNN and the BBC had announced its collapse……get the story?

Simultaneously at the Paradise Hotel, hordes of Israeli tourists were filmed sitting on top of their heavy suitcases more than 200 meters away from the building. Nearly every reader is conversant with hotel evacuation drills. You are told repeatedly that “human life is important, possessions are not”. This priority never changes, with standard emergency instructions worldwide urging patrons to “Stay calm, check the room to ensure no-one is left, leave your belongings where they are, and walk briskly to your assembly point – do not run.” Nowhere in the rules is there any instruction to risk the lives of your children and yourself, by slowly and laboriously dragging a fifty-pound suitcase more than two hundred meters towards the beach.

The tourists sitting calmly on their suitcases at the beach, is explained by the fact that the Paradise Hotel is a “turnkey” operation, one-hundred-percent owned by the Israelis and thus under their complete control. You cannot walk in off the street and book a room, because the entire hotel is reserved strictly for Israeli tourists, including a sizeable number of Mossad operatives on “Rest and Recuperation”. This was a controlled operation from the start, with nearly all of the Israeli guests cleared away from the buildings before the charges were detonated.

So folk’s with that bullshit put to one side lets now look at the other bullshit at Westgate Shopping Centre in Nairobi and this massive loss of life and siege that played out for a very long time.


You cannot put me on trial at the International Court of Justice because my pall Obama will make sure that I and the other key criminasl, Rumbsfeld and Cheney etc, are protected under new legislation that is in the system, pending approval by Congress!!!


“And guess what Mr. Puppet President Obama I don’t give a damn”

What became clear was that a group of Zionist had total control of the entire WTC area – Larry Silverstein Property Developer who took the lease of the WTC – Frank Lowy of Westfield Shopping Centre fame (Israeli/ Australian businessman) leased the entire shopping concourse at the WTC, Lewis Eisenberg head of the New York Port Authority who authorised the leases – Ronald Lauder the Billionaire of the Estee Lauder Cosmetic Group who was the key lobbyist for the privatisation of the WRC. Add to this the line up of Israeli Security, Kroll’s and Securacom which is now called Stratesec and you now have the true picture of these evil bastards….oh and guess what?…..who is on the board of Directors? non other that Merv Bush the brother of President George Bush Jr!!!



First of all Westgate in Nairobi is owned by a Jewish Australian and this same group were implicated in the Twin Towers complex along with all the Skullduggery that happened during that tragic event that was blamed on Al Queda. Maybe you are not aware that it is fact that a small group of Mossad/Israeli’s were picked up by the New Jersey Police and found to be in possession of explosives etc….they were held for around 72 hours and then released and deported ASAP back to Israel…..this is their ID mug shots and their appearance on Israeli TV as shown below:


The true 9/11 terrorist who came from Israel


Three of the 9/11 terrorist on TV in Israel


The other two terrorist in the audience

I wonder if these heroes of the State of Israel are still alive…….having worked in intelligence I know for a fact that those that assasinate or carry out covert/black ops normally end up in a body bag at some stage….especially if the operation is of a sensitive nature……that’s why the US Navy Seal Team Six were knocked off in a Chinook accident in Afghanistan….why?….because they never killed Bin Laden in North Pakistan last year as he had already died on the 14th of December 2001 from kidney failure!!!

Let’s now take a look at the False Flag in Nairobi as it unfolded:

Did you ever see the photograph of a family that were hiding behind a counter in fear of being shot by the alleged terrorist that were close by…….what sticks out in this photograph is that they were hiding and yet the camera man who took this shot was standing up and obviously would have drawn attention to the terrorist and certainly have exposed the family on the floor!!!!


“Keep still and don’t move otherwise the terrorist will see you”

Note the angle of the camera almost directly overhead and now take a look at the video of their dramatic rescue!!!…….who were they hiding from the camera crew?



Oh mummy I am really scared!!! do I have to take my shopping bag with me?


Oh my God where did the mother and children go……..was it a case of now you see them and now you don’t?


In a way I fear for these actors lives because if ever they are interviewed by genuine reporters they will spill the beans!!!

Now take a look at the girl in pink as she is allegedly rescued……if you watch the rescue video very carefully you will note the calmness of this family and then suddenly someone telss her to look scared and cry, which she does very briefly, then she picks up her bag and runs away……on the second shot below you can see her again being carried by someone else still clutching her shopping bag ……come on folks wake up to this false flag


“Make that order a Latte please, sorry I dropped the script I have now forgotten my line”


“Action” – Camera Rolling lol!!!

The next point of observation is the way the special forces moved around the building and the video showing them coming down the stairs on full camera……you can see the very casual stance they show and their eyes occasionally looking at the camera……if this was a genuine hostage release team how did the camera crew get so close……..in actual fact so many inside clear shots in a shopping mall full of terrorist…..come on folks they would never allow the media in under such circumstances…….it would be what you Americans call a full “Lock Down.”

Security officers secure an area inside Westgate Shopping Centre in Nairobi

Mossad  agents yells out “There’s the Al Queda group, for F sake camera crew keep your heads down”


“Are you media guys armed as Al Qaeda are just around the corner”

Take a look at this video off all the immaculate photographs taken and remember this mall was almost a war zone or was it?



“Don’t you dare eat that water melon” said the smiling policeman


Wipe that f…… smile off your face man….this is serious business ok?

Then we have the rapid spread of news about the Al Queda linked group and how it recruits from the US and EU……you bet they do thanks to the CIA lol!!!!

Don’t you now feel the fear of God instilled in you by the world’s media to keep up the war on terror and at some stage you can now really expect yet another false flag somewhere on your soil.

Oh and have you noticed the over dramatic references coming out of Kenya in regard to these terrorist being of many nationalities?………let me ask just one simple question…..how would you know unless you have them in custody?…..this is an absolute farce folks but don’t worry they have sucked you all in to their master plan….take a look at this classic comment from their army chief!!!!……..I bet he was with the US Navy Seals that did not take out Bin Laden last year…….oh sorry I got that wrong…..he was with the agents in Boston who took out a couple of actors with a Weapon of Mass Destruction and who shot dead the main perpetrator who just so happened to be seen naked as they escorted him to a waiting police car…….oh well that life “just another day in the life of a CIA/Mossad operative” lol!!!

Kenya army chief Julius Karangi (aka Julius Caesar) said the gunmen were of different nationalities. Many foreign fighters, including Somalis with dual nationalities, are members of the Shebab force (aka CIA – MI5/6 – Mossad lol!!!).

“They are from different countries. We have sufficient intelligence this is a global terrorism” Karangi said ……Lenku denied that any of the insurgents were women.

“All the terrorists are men, “he said, noting: “Some of them had dressed like women.” Maybe we should note that the last comment may have something to do with the current push for gay marriages!!!!……….one thing for sure is the fact that we may never know the truth with the current terribly corrupt and highly censored Zionist controlled media?

You will also note that Obama held a press conference on the other false flag at the Naval Shipyard and again pushed for gun control and used Australia as an example……what he did not tell you was the massacre in Port Arthur, Tasmania some years ago was also a false flag……this story I covered on my own blog………so now  the US is all fired up on potential Al Qaeda attacks and also yet another attempt to disarm you all so that the police state can fulfill its master plan and ship you all to the FEMA camps……aint politics so nice?

Before closing let me show you just how F….. Up in the head the intelligence services are and who abuse the fact that many people out there are more intelligent and can see their tricks and photoshop games etc…….take a look at this and see the way they link Britain’s 7/7 bombing (another false flag) with the terrorist attack (CIA/MI5/6/Mossad terrorists) with this Nairobi attack……….what an absolute joke!!!


This is from the Mail on Line – Andrew Malone – 23rd September 2013

Why the White Widow is prime suspect: Kenyan anti-terror police believe British woman, 29, may be behind mall massacre

  • Samantha Lewthwaite grew up as normal teenager in Buckinghamshire
  • Married British Muslim Jermaine Lindsay who was a 7/7 suicide bomber
  • Woman in a veil appeared to be commanding other terrorists in Nairobi


Note the Black Hand on her right shoulder

Last night, as the bodies were still being counted at the shopping mall, one British woman was notably slow to join the condemnation.

For Samantha Lewthwaite, the daughter of a former British soldier who grew up attending school discos in Buckinghamshire, views these awful events as a cause for jubilation.

Kenyan anti-terror police revealed yesterday that Lewthwaite – who is known to many as the White Widow – may be the brains behind the operation to bring terror to the heart of Kenya, a country once  synonymous with the sexual high-jinks of the Happy Valley expatriate set, but rapidly becoming a new battleground in the war between Islamists and the West.

‘I suspect this woman Lewthwaite is behind this attack,’ a senior anti-terror source told me last night as survivors described how a woman in a veil appeared to be commanding the other terrorists as they hunted down and killed non-Muslim shoppers.

Having converted to Islam as a young woman and married a man who went on to be a 7/7 London suicide bomber, she has become a key figure in the terror group behind this weekend’s attack.

Lewthwaite has even been involved in training a group of all-female suicide attackers at camps in lawless neighbouring Somalia.

OK so now you have all got the picture and who is the main suspect right?………wrong!!!

Take a look below….this was the Mirror newspaper last year:

The ‘White Widow’ revealed: Bright English girl who married a 7/7 bomber

and became top al-Qaeda paymaster

Parry – 28th July 2012

So it is little wonder that today they find it almost impossible to believe Samantha Lewthwaite, who loved to gossip about pop music and fancying David Beckham, is being hunted worldwide by anti-terror police.

Security services from Britain, the US and Kenya know her as the White Widow, one of the most feared female terrorists in history.

On the run in volatile eastern Kenya, with three – or maybe four – young children, the 28-year-old daughter of an English soldier is wanted dead or alive.

No one knows the true scope of her ­influence in the global jihad movement, but one fact is certain: officials seriously fear Lewthwaite, widow of 7/7 bomber Jermaine Lindsay, is plotting an outrage with high-ranking al-Qaeda radicals.

For the fanatical followers of al-Qaeda, Lewthwaite is a heroine.

Again you will note even back last year the CIA – MI5/6 – Mossad were possibly planning this attack with a clear suggestion that this heroine had moved to Kenya…….I wonder why you may ask?…….maybe she just loved the wildlife!!!

Samantha Lewthwaite-747223

Oh Look suddenly the black hand on her right shoulder has been cut off…… “I bet that was painful” !!!!

OK so maybe you have all had enough of this by now………sorry folks I just have to wet your taste buds for just a little bit longer…..take a look at this article:


 Israeli special forces take on Nairobi terrorist group which may include Irishwoman

Is Irish terror suspect behind Nairobi attacks?

Monday 23 September 2013

THE Israeli special forces, the Sayeret, have gone into the Nairobi shopping mall under siege by a terror group, which may include an Irishwoman.

Independent.ie has been informed that the terror group who have murdered and executed dozens of people, including women and children, may include up to three female terrorists.

The so-called ‘White Widow’, Samantha Lewthwaite (29), from Banbridge, Co Down, is on the run from the authorities in Kenya after she was previously linked to a terrorist cell that planned to attack a hotel or shopping mall in 2011.

British intelligence services are now investigating whether she is behind the Nairobi attack which has claimed the lives of 68 people so far.

This morning, an image emerged claiming to be from CCTV in the Nairobi mall.

It is claimed the image shows a female hostage taker – but it is not clear this is Irish mum-of-two  Ms Lewthwaite.

The person in the image is sporting a balaclava and holding a handgun.

The shopping centre is owned by Israelis and renowned as a place where many Israelis hang out.

The Sayeret is an elite secret Israeli commando unit responsible for counter-terrorist and top secret intelligence gathering and hostage rescue missions

It is considered the most effective counter terrorism force in the world and is a highly secretive special-operations brigade.


My oh my there she is again no hand on shoulder but her hubby and child are now photo-shopped into the picture…..remember all these pictures of her are the same………


This was from an Irish newspaper and one must therefore assume it to be true right?……..to be sure to be sure!!!


One thing for sure is the fact that the shopping centre air-conditioning was working as this maintenance women soon found out……..”G it sure was cold in there” lol!!!


All the shopping trolleys came in handy and the toilet rolls from the super market make perfect pillows……where they on special at the time?…….. ” Oh my God the pain from these horrendous wounds are too much for me to cope with”……..is she laughing or crying?


Hurry folks she’s lost heaps of blood and needs urgent attention”


Is this a new advert for mineral water owned by Coke?

_70055225_kenya_afp BBC

And this shot as shown on the good old BBC – “Mind your head on the camera”

Terrified-children-wait-by-the-body-of-a-man-after-escaping-from-the-Westgate-shopping-centre-2290625Then we had these two very traumatised children planted next to a body……… “Just pose there for one minute and then you can have your candy” !!!!  (as if you would allow traumatised children to be planted for a photo shoot) !!

Guess what? We now have yet another update on this little boy which has now gone beyond sensationalism!!!……..in today’s newspapers this very traumatised by is a bit of a hero lol!!!!     These were the headlines: The father of a four-year-old British boy, who was spared after telling a terrorist gunman in the Kenyan shopping centre siege he was “a very bad man.”……..folling the boy’s comments, the gunman reportedly asked the family for forgiveness and gave the children  chocolate bars, Mars Bar to be more specific!!!!………..maybe they gave the parents some after eight mints ……..come folks this media is truly taking the piss out of ordinary intelligent people…..the report then went on the ask for donations for the Red Cross…….no doubt the money will help fund the next attack!!.


Hey presto the children have gone


“For f… sake get those camera crews out of my line of sight”

I remember when doing firearms training in the military – never stand in from of a gun or never point your gun at anyone!!

Just look at all this bullshit that is now flowing out as the siege comes to an end……does the brain dead intelligence agencies around the world think that our own minds are as thick as theirs? Take a look at this AFP report that I have modified in a humorous way:

aAn alleged commander in the Somali al-Shabaab rebel group has denied press reports that Westerners or women were involved in the terror attack at a Nairobi mall that has killed at least 69 people.

The man, who claimed on Monday he had been in contact with the Islamist attackers (what he means is the CIA/Mossad) inside the Westgate shopping centre, also said the militants would not negotiate an end to the siege.

The man, who called himself Abu Omar, was speaking to BBC radio after several British newspapers reported that Samantha Lewthwaite, the widow of one of the suicide bombers in the 2005 attacks on the London transport network, could have masterminded the attack.

“There are some rumours spreading around that say that there have been American, British and other attackers of different nationalities involved,” Abu Omar said.

“I can confirm to you that none of that is true, I know that is baseless rumours that have no justification for them.” (isn’t it rather funny that Abu Omar is sitting in some far away CIA/Mossad bunker talking to himself) and that’s something which has obviously confounded many Westerners and they have failed to come to terms with that.”

Kenyan troops are now “in control” of the mall, the Kenyan interior ministry announced overnight.

“We’re in control of Westgate,” the ministry said in a post on Twitter, some 60 hours after Islamist gunmen stormed the complex and massacred at least 62 people.

All hostages are believed to have been evacuated from a Nairobi shopping mall and Kenyan special forces are not encountering any resistance, a government spokesman told AFP.

He said the three-day-long siege by Islamist gunmen, which has left at least 62 dead and up to 200 wounded, was at its end.

“Our special forces (or should that read not so special forces) are inside the building checking the rooms. Obviously it’s a very, very big building,” said government spokesman Manoah Esipisu.

“We think that everyone, the hostages, have been evacuated, but we don’t want to take any chances,” he said. “The special forces are doing their job and yes, I think we are near the end.”

Then we had this from Foxnews:

A British woman and “two or three Americans” are among the militants who took part in an attack on a shopping centre in Nairobi.

Kenya’s Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed has confirmed that al Shabaab fighters were responsible for the attack, adding that the militants included Americans and a Briton.

In an interview with the PBS Newshour programme, Ms Mohamed said: “Both the victims and the perpetrators … came from Kenya, the United Kingdom and the United States.

“From the information that we have, (there are) two or three Americans, and I think so far I have heard of one Brit.”

Asked about the British woman, Ms Mohamed added: “A woman, woman, and I think she has done this many times before.”

 I think the scene is now set for yet another false flag attack on US, UK or EU soil and this misinformation is likely to allow Obama and Cameron to put their countries on a state of alert whilst at the same time implement even more Martial Law tactics and push their countries into hard line police states………word of mouth in the US say that even bloggers could now be considered terrorists…..”can you believe that”?……what is all this about………..democracy?  or freedom of speech?…………I certainly hope that our countries, especially the militar,y keep a close eye on the whereabouts of their nuclear arsenal because the New World Order is more that happy to use them on their own cities……God help us if they do!!!!…….it would make 9/11 look rather miniscule by comparison,

I think it is time to introduce this bunch of Shakespearian actors to another bunch who tried to pull off another classic false flag…..I am sure they know each other very well:


Oh my God Hilary such drama!!!………they were only looking at a Mickey Mouse Cartoon lol!!


The above wording is not correct by any means because the FBI is also part of the same cover-up


  Proven during many FBI briefs on a series of false flag attacks 9/11, Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon etc by such people as Robert Mueller (sworn in a week before 9/11),  Richard DesLauriers (retired after Boston Bombing) and their respective cohorts, Police Commissioners Edward Davis (Sandy Hook) who resigned and Raymond Kelly (9/11 who both lied through their teeth.


Yes  just another liar

Edeward Davis

Would you trust this man?

Raymond Kelly

“Excuse me what was that you said” the reply “You are a liar Mr. Kelly” Too much Ketchup on your burger my dear?


Too much Ketchup on your Big Mac Boston burger my dear?

Don’t they realise that the frequency of these pathetic false flags has now gone beyond a joke and that we are now on to them?The above

Are they (The New World Order) aware that some of us know their hidden agenda, their geo politic plans, their Agenda 21 madness and that we have now cut off their financial lifelines?

Have they every heard of a little leprechaun who goes by the name of Neil Keenan and his faithful army of followers that are about to take them apart?y


They remind me of “Custers Last Stand” whom I am sure were part of some earlier New World Order who wanted to kill as many native Americans as possible only this time they have turned on the Islamic nations and guess what “They got their arses kicked.”


To be sure to be sure

It is time for Mr. Leprechaun himself, Neil Keenan, to rally his gallant troops and give them back what they have been handing out for decades…….as they say “What goes around comes around”……..lets go kick arse!!!

Ok enough of this crap I am out of here……..have a nice day


Peter Eyre – 23rd September 2013


Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster

Written by Peter Eyre

September 23, 2013 at 22:24

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  1. Love all your posts!! We need more people like you reporting on the Cabal Zionist pigs!! I admire you for all your courage and honesty!! If there is ever anything I can do I am here 24/7 I live now in Southampton and home in Montreal Aidan G Walsh

    On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 11:27 PM, Eyre International – Bringing You The


    September 23, 2013 at 23:16

  2. Is it any surprise the movie theater complex atop the mall is called the Silverbird Westgate Entertainment? Silverbird / Silverstein and Westgate / Westfield seems almost too transparent.


    September 24, 2013 at 02:40

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  5. Absolutely Brilliant. Thanks for putting the pieces together. For people in the truth movement this is familiar territory. Unfortunately we spend too much time talking to each other. Your analysis is the type of work that can and should be disseminated to a larger audience. To win this war, we need soldiers. Your sincere and heroic efforts are guaranteeing that are number will be legion. Thanks again.

    Richard Braverman

    September 24, 2013 at 11:17

  6. Staged

    September 24, 2013 at 14:07

  7. what a fantastic portrayed facts keep updating!

    Mohamoud Ali Mohamed (@Ladhka)

    September 24, 2013 at 14:30

  8. Finally, someone with enough courage to blurt out what I’ve been suspecting for years.

    Isn’t the ” War On Terrorism”
    a wonderful thing? It enables the Governments to arrest, disarm, lie, spend and grow in power. All for the sake of ” National Security”.


    September 24, 2013 at 19:48

    • Peter…Thank you and yes the War On Terrorism is an open book for governments to do what they want…….again thank you….Peter

      Peter Eyre

      September 24, 2013 at 20:54

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  10. […] Kenya for the third time becomes the scene of yet another “False Flag.” (eyreinternational.wordpress.com) […]

  11. briliant analysis peter kudos! keep the stone rooling.


    September 25, 2013 at 06:25

  12. Thanks Peter,
    Again a great report. Keep safe and have a nice day.
    p.s…………… thanks to the “Leprechaun” and his social club.

    Any idea what is goin to happen to the BIS and with in Europe in regards to the BIS story.

    Great thanks from The Netherlands
    Ger Peters

    Ger Peters

    September 25, 2013 at 17:01

    • Thanks for your comment…….No idea at the moment but one thing for sure is that when the team pull off this magical task the entire banking system will be re arranged and in my opinion the BIS is dead anyway and EU being the cabal will be re arranged…..nothing can stay as it is ….Peter

      Peter Eyre

      September 25, 2013 at 22:34

  13. Greg Burton

    September 25, 2013 at 17:37

  14. Evil Begets Evil!! God is Watching and he will surely respond to terrorist who really kills innocent humans irrespective of religion, caste or creed. Israel Zionism will end soon !

    Peter Love

    September 26, 2013 at 10:44

    The REAL TRUTH can not lose thorough & insightful researchers/reporters like Tony Cartalucci & yourself. We are extremely fortunate that you continue with your work.


    September 26, 2013 at 19:25

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    WoW Peter is BACK.. And with a Bang:-)……. Thnaks for the article Peter Bhai….


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  17. A few comments : The present conflict in Egypt is the Egyptians against Egyptians and i want you of Egypt to read what Isaiah had to say in the last three verses of chapter 19 . This is for the near future , that you must understand . The Jews have a big problem for by Jewish law (of the Talmud) if your mother is
    Jewish (giving no regard to the man) you are a Jew . I will say point blank that is not true ! for the only man that was from a seed of a woman was the Son of God . For anyone to say otherwise that person/persons would have to be of the serpent seed . That means from Obama to Queen Elizabeth and beyond that rules over us are not Jews .Therefore , i’m saying that the Jews are not Gods chosen . Good grief , did God say go and murder ! i don,t think so . Concerning the brotherhood of Mason’s the true bible on their altar is that of the Hindu’s and that is probably the Talmudic teaching as well . Who is ruling over the USA ? Get it in your head America ,you Christians , you are going the wrong way , for what we’ve been taught is wrong . From Billy Graham , Pat Robertson to Jack Van Impe ,we have been led astray . If you think our young men that were killed in these conflicts have gone to be with the Lord ……. that probably is not so . Well Peter , i probably did not stay on topic but just some thoughts anyway .


    October 6, 2013 at 17:41

  18. […] that narrowly missed the Israeli owned Arkia Airlines at the same time the hotel was attacked. It’s important to note that the pilots themselves never issued a distress call on the November….The mainstream media has rebooted the 7/7 widow, Samantha Lewthwaite, and the apparent al-Qaeda […]

  19. […] Other stark reminders of carefully crafted media coverage include the ‘Twin Terror’ of 2002, the attack at the Paradise Hotel near Mombasa, like Westgate Mall, another Israeli owned venture, followed by the alleged double missile attack that narrowly missed the Israeli owned Arkia Airlines at the same time the hotel was attacked. It’s important to note that the pilots themselves never issued a distress call on the November…. […]

  20. […] Other stark reminders of carefully crafted media coverage  include the ‘Twin Terror’ of 2002, the attack at the Paradise Hotel near Mombasa, like Westgate Mall, another Israeli owned venture, followed by the alleged double missile attack that narrowly missed the Israeli owned Arkia Airlines at the same time the hotel was attacked. It’s important to note that the pilots themselves never issued a distress call on the November…. […]

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