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London’s false flag even more pathetic than the Boston Bombing – Part 2

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London’s false flag even more pathetic than the Boston Bombing – Part 2

Phase two of the spread fear, panic and racial hatred has reared its ugly head!!


The 2nd Act of this Shakespearean play is unfolding and dear Willy is weeping with his tissue at his eyes wondering where he can find more actors to cover this extremely busy season at the Globe in London that is proving to be so very popular!!

Most of the good actors have now left Woolwich and now appearing at Stansted Airport where they are being paid much more money and this could well drain the Globe of its regular audience as they scramble to get onboard the many National Express coaches heading that way…………sorry I had to use the term scramble…..I know it is of rather bad taste when our dear RAF Typhoon pilots are risking their lives over the battlefields of Lincoln burning up tax payers money when it could have been covered by the RAF Memorial Flight – Lancaster – Spitfire – Hurricane who would have drawn much more crowds!!

Yes folks we have now entered phase two of the BBC (Bullshit, Chaos, Confuse)  diatribe to spread panic into the hearts and minds of the good old Brits that the CIA, MI5/6 and Mossad controlled Al Queda is very much alive and kicking within the UK and “Wacko Old Been Cameron” is now fighting for his New World Order existence by telling us “We must remain steadfast and strong against terrorism” (that really does not exist).

Yes you have all once again been duped with the latest, very expensive exercise carried out over the skies of the north that put the lives of so many “North Sea Cod” at risk and consequently we can all in Britain expect a dramatic rise in “Bird’s Eye Fish Fingers”……..that is assuming that the EU fish quota will allow us to catch the survivors of this drama that covered a vast sea area spreading from adjacent Grimsby Fish Markets all the way down to the fish markets in London!!

All the passengers wanted on that fateful flight was to meet their waiting relatives at Manchester and had no interest in the British traditional fish and chips being served on that flight using The Times newspaper as wrapping………wouldn’t you get angry with the crew if they had run out of your favorite curry (no offense intended)!!


Note they even used the same ketchup that was used in the  Woolwich terrorist attack………..I would have demanded fresh wouldn’t you?



Take that you little critter-  you will never end up on a British  menu with chips and mushy peas lol!!

No seriously folks this is getting to a point of total madness…..they say that desperate people do desperate things but come on Mr. Cameron this is really insulting the intelligence of the British people…………..this pathetic epidemic of false flags has now reached a totally unacceptable level that it is now time for the New Word Order – Agenda 21 Team to bring out a new vaccine to cure this out of control disease as soon as possible!!


The headlines in today’s papers are now becoming so boring and this one is no exception to the norm:

Two held after RAF Typhoon jets escort Pakistan plane over UK

Stansted Airport: Arrests After Plane Alert

British fighter jets escorted a Pakistan International Airlines passenger plane to Stansted Airport

Two held after plane alert over UK

As usual the good old Zionist controlled BBC went that extra mile to add further drama to the story:

Supt Darrin Tomkins said officers were investigating a “criminal offence” and had not found any “suspicious items”.

He said specialist officers were carrying out forensic tests on the plane as the two men were questioned in custody.

Note – having been responsible for a major airline (operationally speaking) and having been responsible for security at a major international airport, and having been a controller at a major city Police HQ I would ask the following questions:

1. Do the “Joe Blow” public know how long it takes to search an aircraft after a bomb threat?

2. Do they know how long it takes to carry out forensic tests on a very large aircraft such as the Boeing 777?

3. Do they know that such events cause major disruptions to the arrival, departures and movement of aircraft on the ground?

These are just some of the many question I would be asking the Prime Minister, MoD, RAF, MI5/6, Anti Terrorist Squad, Minister of Transport, British Airport Authority, Airport Police and the Stansted Emergency Response Comitte who plan such things as Disaster, Bomb Threats and Highjacking etc!………especially after  such a heightened state of alert after the Woolwich False Flag!!!


Come on boys let’s all line up and make this look good and very professional because remember this aircraft came in as a bomb threat with RAF fighter escort – Don’t worry if the aircraft goes up, cash strapped Britain, can replace the lost personnel, fire tenders and the many ambulances sitting close to the aircraft…..oh and not forgetting the bomb disposal vehicles and its team!!


Are you guys real……….I distinctly remember the days of Northern Ireland when we operated many flights from around the UK and Europe to Belfast and Dublin and the oh so many bomb threats that occurred (and with good reason) and the many actual bombs going off in different places in Ireland and the UK……….not forgetting passengers having to walk out to their baggage prior to boarding to ID and then load etc………..come you idiots you are taking the piss!!



Note it just had to be an airline from an Islamic country


Note it also had to be an Islamic country that continues to reach the headlines almost daily – especially after that other fantastic “Bin Laden False Flag” to take out a man that had already died of natural causes on the 14th of December 2001 at the Rawalpindi Military Hospital……..especially when he actually worked for the CIA anyway!!!………and what about the poor hit squad (US Navy Team 6) that New World Order Cabal took out in Afghanistan…..boy oh boy you lot are so gullible to keep taking all of this crap!!!


Just think folks you have all accepted the Detroit bound airliner underpants bomber, the UPS  ink jet bomber at the East Midlands Airport, England, the shoe bomber on transatlantic flights all of which were false flags……….so what are you waiting for now?………a “Bra Bomber”?…….better make it a rather large cup size to make it look good!!


So lets look at a couple of the bullshit media snippets:

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of endangering an aircraft after a plane was escorted to the ground by fighter jets.

The British nationals were led off the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane by armed police officers, after it was diverted to Stansted Airport following a disturbance in the cabin.

Superintendent Darrin Tomkins of Essex Police confirmed a threat was made as the plane, flying from Lahore to Manchester with 297 passengers on board, was preparing to land.

According to Pakistan’s Express News , one of the passengers claimed there were explosives on the plane, although Supt Tomkins said no suspicious items have been found.

“The cabin crew informed us that basically (the men) tried to come into the cockpit a few times,” passenger Umari Nauman told Sky News.

Note: According to these brief comments above there appeared to be a genuine full on emergency or possible highjacking………but so confusing……..disturbance in the cabin…………explosives on the plane………..attempts to get into the cockpit a few times……….

“Because they had been asked not to do that, they got into a bit of an argument with the crew and made a few threats.”

There was a conflict between two passengers after one of them got into a confrontation with the stewards.

“The two middle-aged passengers who previously had the altercation were simply asked to come with police who had boarded the aircraft. They were then handcuffed and taken away.”



A well staged false flag with having the convenience of RAF Coningsby close to hand

BBC coverage once again:

  • 1. Pakistan International Airlines flight PK709 was due to arrive at Manchester Airport at 13:30 BST after leaving Lahore, Pakistan, at about 09:35 local time (05:35 BST)
  • 2. After an alert was raised, the flight was diverted to London Stansted Airport, in Essex, and Typhoon jets from RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire, were scrambled to escort the plane
  • 3. After the plane landed at London Stansted, two men were arrested by police on suspicion of endangerment of an aircraft

Then it started to get a bit silly when a person said:

“They have taken two people off the plane and are checking the plane all over,” he said. “My father said there was no warning or threat. All of a sudden, the plane just turned around.”

Note: No threat did he say……..altercations……attempts to get into the cockpit……stating explosives onboard etc…..boy oh boy the passengers would have gone crazy with fear and everyone would soon know………bullshit, bullshit and even more bullshit!!

Again the good old Beeeeb (BBC) shot themselves in the foot and made even more of the deal:

The BBC understands the incident was not terror-related.

Passengers said they had heard threats had been made on board, but there has not been any official confirmation.

BBC defence correspondent Jonathan Beale said there was a suggestion there had been threats on board during the flight, involving some sort of weapon or bomb – although this has not been confirmed.

Note: What was that again “Not terror-related”………isn’t attempts to enter the cockpit/highjacking attempt and that a possible bomb was on-board terror related?

Emergency signal

However, one passenger told the BBC that the pilot had informed them there had been threats.

The man said: “We were about half-an-hour away from landing in Manchester and we saw that the plane was taking different actions.

“We did not know anything about it other than the pilots announced that they have landed at Stansted. And we landed, safely. Then he announced that he had a threat from someone, which was why he had landed the plane.”

Note: Emergency Signal…..that can only mean that the aircraft Captain had selected a signal via his transponder equipment which would only be done with a genuine possible highjacking………..and yet the question remain did he?


The BBC also quoted this:

An MoD spokesman said Typhoon jets could be scrambled after the pilot or crew of a passenger aircraft sends out an emergency signal.

“The purpose of going up is to investigate what the situation is,” he said.

RAF Typhoon jet
RAF Typhoon jets were scrambled to escort the airliner to Stansted

“Often when a quick reaction alert aircraft is launched the details are not known, but it is known that a signal has been sent.”

Philip Baum, of Aviation Security International, told the BBC: “This is certainly a significant incident, however the fact that fighter jets were scrambled to intercept is not unusual.

“Fighter jets are scrambled when there is a bomb threat, when there is a hijack, when the wrong transponder code is used or if an aircraft cannot communicate with the ground.

“What is interesting in this case is that it would appear that the aircraft was only 10 minutes from landing – these are initial reports coming in – when they decided to divert to Stansted. So to actually change a destination 10 minutes from landing would certainly imply that there was some serious incident taking place.”

Note: What was that again the aircraft was on 10 minutes from landing…….which sound about right……however the initial report stated:

RAF Typhoon fighter jets were scrambled when the plane, a Boeing 777, sent out an emergency code which alerted the Ministry of Defence and the police.

Flight PK709, which was due to land in Manchester at 1.30pm, was heading west towards the airport when it was suddenly re-routed near York.

Mashood Takwar, a spokesman for Pakistan International Airlines, said air traffic controllers in Manchester contacted the pilot 25 minutes before the plane was due to land, after receiving information from British security services.

The aircraft headed back out to the North Sea before traveling south to Stansted, escorted by Typhoon jets from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire.


Suddenly the 25 minutes prior to landing discussion between the ATC guys at Manchester is reduced to 10 minutes!!!


What I find incredible once again (just like the false flag in Woolwich) is the speed that accurate information is given out and the speed with which a very large aircraft is strip searched by bomb squad and forensic experts………..this cannot be real…….I will leave it up to you to decide!!


Live tracking at the time of the false flag………..I hope all the other little wasps flying around arrive safely at their destinations


Yes Mr. Cameron you are certainly on the way out of politics and maybe your wife could throw some light on things………… maybe your partner in crime, his Lordship and wife could offer even more stunning evidence!!!


I think this leading lady also know an awful lot…….wonder what that could be? 

Stay tuned for some very exciting grime and slime in my next few articles when I do an expose on the female side of the New World Order that will makes the  Witches Of Eastwick  look like rather nice fairies by comparison to these evil and satanic women who manipulate politics and society………..it will also expose their associated leaders, partners and organisations  extortion, blackmail and lots of skullduggery with a strong link to paedophila and the fate of our dear little children!!!!

Oh before I forget….remember 10 -20 minutes before landing they make an announcement “Ladies and Gentlemen we will soon be landing at Manchester airport, make sure you seat belts are fastened, your tables are stowed and your seats are in the upright position” – the two guys would have stuck out like a sore thumb!!!!………at some stage they must have rushed around to pick up the old fish and chip wrappings smelling of salt and vinegar but hey who really cares anymore…..we will believe anything now days lol!!!!!……..”hope you enjoyed your flight flight with us today and that you will fly with us again on this dog leg journey to Manchester via London” 

Peter Eyre – Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – 25/5/2013

Written by Peter Eyre

May 24, 2013 at 20:35

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