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New World Order – Part 9

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New World Order – Part 9

British companies raping investors and tax payers in Britain and India

With a touch of Australian and Peruvian Fraud thrown in for good measure!!

Never in human history has this wonderful planet and its inhabitants  been subjected to such an evil satanic regime !!

Never since its creation has an organisation create so much damage to its environment, government,  people, finances and it industrial base and kept us all at war chasing non existent terrorists!!


As we draw the current series to a close I just want to reveal how they rip off vast sums of money (to the tune of US$ 9.8 billion) and spread continents in doing so.


This massive fraud involved the Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, His Indian counterpart,  Manmohan Singh, the millionaire CEO of Cairn Energy in Edinburgh, Sir Bill Gammell and the billionaire CEO of Vedanta, London, Anil Agarwal who obviouslyeither  pump vast sums of money into their respective parties or private accounts!!!

Dollar notes

Look what I get to pocket each week for closing down my bank………and guess what its “Tax Payers Money”

“Austerity measures – eat your heart out”

This was a classic case of insider trader that the cabal  have now mastered around the world


Anil Agarwal


You kiss my a… and I’ll kiss yours

Lets look briefly at Mr. Agarwal’s background:

With increasing wealth has come increasing power. Mr Agarwal donated considerable sums to the two biggest political parties in India.

The advisory committee of India’s Supreme Court  has stated that the way in which Vedanta’s Lanjigarh refinery secured environmental clearance ‘smacks of undue favour/leniency’. A top panel of experts put together by India’s Environment Minister has described the ‘appalling degree of collusion’ of local officials with Vedanta’s ‘total contempt for the law’.

Norways’s Council on Ethics details how Vedanta and Mr Agarwal have been accused of ‘corruption, fraud, forgery, manipulation of share prices, and insider trading.

Mr Agarwal’s empire – Vedanta Resources – now spans four continents, with offices in London and operations in Zambia, Australia and India.

He owns more than 50% of the shares in the company, earning him a place among the richest thirty people in Britain.

Vedanta Resources was criticised by the UK Government  for not having a human rights policy. The government said ‘a change in the company’s behaviour’ is ‘essential’……….this aspect I find so hypocritical considering the Prime Minister himself, David Cameron was certainly implicated with both companies and managed to persuaded the Indian PM to complete the deal without delay!!

Take a look at a video showing just how much they actually care for the community:


Now let’s take a look at the Scot over the border – Sir Bill Gammell:

Gammell was paid an annual salary of £552,000 for his role as chief executive at Cairn Energy.[3] On 1 July 2011 Gammell assumed the role of non-executive chairman.

Gammell’s father invested in US oil company Bush-Overbey, owned by future US President George H. W. Bush. The two families became friends, with George W. Bush spending the summer at the Gammell’s farm in Scotland. George W. attended Bill Gammell’s wedding in Glasgow in 1983. The two have remained close friends. When George W. Bush assumed the Presidency, both he and Blair reportedly called their mutual friend Gammell to ask his opinion……….now that is what I call a good reference…..being friends with two of the most evil and fraudulent men on this planet who are both also war criminals!!!!


Two faces of fraud – Sir Bill Gammell

Another accolade is described as follows:

Friend of presidents and prime ministers, the Scottish oil baron has gained new notoriety among environmentalists for opening up the Arctic to oil drilling………….as Gordon Bowden will tell you this is just another virtual company scam!!

The report went on to say:

And Gammell may soon also be one of Britain’s most successful oil prospectors, striking it rich in regions where the world’s largest energy companies found dry rock………you bet they found dry rock…….that’s how these gangster make vast sums of money and rip of their investors by getting them to invest vast sums of money into a pile of s..t and then over a period of 5 years or so give them the bad news and close the operation down.


Time to step this up a notch and reveal this truly massive scam!!

Anil Agarwal – Chairman of Vedanta London

The billionaire ring leader himself who lives a life of total luxury here in London


There are others also involved but the above three were used to show that this was a clear case of insider trading.

Let me just digress from Cairn – Vedanta and come back to it later

As I  explained at the time I was in Latin America and purely by accident came across yet another grand British scam which upon investigation also had links to another company in the UK.


It all started off in northern Peru when I read about two conflicting reports about the death of many dolphins that had washed up on the beach and also the death of thousands of anchovies.

The  report initially blamed the oil and gas industry in the area for their deaths, but this was eventually overturned and blamed the problem on contaminated plankton…..it was obvious that the originator of the initial story had been paid off by the oil/gas industry.

I investigated one company (Gold Oil) and realised it was another virtual company with direct links to the banking sector in the US and historically direct links to Cairn Energy UK and a greater web that my associate  Gordon Bowden has now uncovered.

The dolphin story, purely by chance drew my attention to this company and hey presto it was yet another massive scam……since my arrival I have uncovered two virtual companies and both have so called offices very close to my location………..as Gordon and I discussed yesterday and today this scam is on such a vast scale around the world that it runs into the trillions.


Gordon and I have well and truly opened up a massive hornets nest which I am sure will upset the political elite…..especially when our PM is also involved because it is Cairn Energy boss Sir Bill Gamell who piles lots of funds into Cameron´s pocket and his party……this scam also implicates the Tory Party into another scam involving our dear PM who went to India to try to force a deal worth $9:8 Billion….again involving Cairn.


“Your Excellency is there anything I can get for you”

Sir Bill Gammell with India´s PM



“Listen here my dear boy let’s finish this Cairn/Vedanta deal so that we can both benefit from the exercise with an even greater bonus if you approve the Vodafone deal whilst I am still in Delhi.”


Before moving onto this massive fraud one has to understand the close link that exists between the three main political parties in Britain………on face value their leaders appear to be in opposition but behind the scenes these key players (who are members of the NWO) cooperate with each other and are groomed by the Zionist elite!!


Many such leaders and senior ministers are Freemasons and like their Zionist financiers know how to rip of the system and then turn their toxic debt into becoming a tax payer’s liability.


Gordon sent me the follow email regarding Gold Oil PLC (as refereed too in the paragraph above ie Peru :

From my Archive of AIM DOCS


The History of Directors playing “Musical Chairs” in “Virtual” Smoke & Mirrors (NON PRODUCTION) piles of Junk.

See the Directors Lists of Current and Past Directorships.

It’s a Joke, a $ TRILLION Robbery Joke.

Multiplied over 4000 times on the Unaudited, Unregulated AIM (Penny Stock) L.S.E. then Multiplied thousands of times on the TSX-V, ASX, and other International Stock Exchanges.

Welcome to the Party..

Here you go.




Spot the Brain Cell.

Among his network of “Virtual” “EXPLORATION” Smoke & Mirrors Director Only Cash Shell Companies


 Which when you check, is a Merger with.


 Now there’s a thing.


The RAWAS MINE fraud times 40000.

 The Financial Services, London Stock Exchange and Serious Fraud Office Senior administration should all face criminal trial for failure to protect the Country against Organised Crime, Due Dilligence on Pump and Dump asset stripping of the Banks , Financial Institutions, Private Investors and Internal Corruption.

 End of Gordon´s communication


Next we had our Prime Minister telling all the people of this country about the incredible wealth that lies offshore the Falkland Islands and how two British companies were drilling to bring this valuable source on line…..those two companies were Rockhopper and Desire Petroleum which are yet again two virtual companies drilling for nothing. You can rest assured that our dear PM is well and truly up to his armpits in fraudulent activities by promoting such false endeavors, over inflating the share price accordingly and no doubt taking a backhander from these two scam companies.

It was David Cameron who flew to Delhi last year to again push the Indian PM into acceptable a takeover deal involving US $9.8 billion which was again a total scam. The two companies involved, Cairn Energy (Edinburgh) and Vedanta (London), were clearly asset stripping and also were about to launch into what is known as insider trading.

Their subsidiary companies were Cairn India and Vedanta India. The plot was to overinflated the share price of Cairn India and then sell 51% or more of Cairn India to Vedanta India…..what the public didn´t realise was the fact that both companies had the same directors.

Gordon Bowden again investigated all the companies and confirmed our suspicion that this was  massive fraud and that our Prime Ministers was promoting a fraudulent act in applying pressure to his counterpart in India…..no doubt Sir Bill Gammell of Cairn was pushing significant funds his way. It was also our PM who also attempted to push through enough shonky deal with Vodafone in India but that’s another story.

Let’s just take a quick look at this fraudulent deal in India.

Below is the content of an email from Gordon which clearly shows the fraud involved

Start of Gordon´s communication 

Here is their LATEST conspired Scam, HOW they steal £50 odd Million out of VEDANTA’s assets.

This is a common method used by the Cabal in Money Laundering.

On the 16 August 2010, the BBC disclosed in their business report news the headline.


The short statement reads )


Cairn Energy has announced plans to sell a maximum 51% of its Indian operation to mining group VEDANTA for up to $8.5bn (£5.4bn

Edinbourgh-based Cairn said the deal would result in a “Substantial return of cash” to shareholders.

(My point is : LOOK at the list of WHO are the substantial shareholders) I have their AIM 26 Admission Docs.

It added it would also use the cash from the proposed sale for other “EXPLORATION and Drilling Programmes”

(In a word, they are going to do a CASH BURN, Stealing and laundering that cash to interlocked subsidiaries they control and are hidden directors of) EXPLORATION, DRILLING, my ARSE

Cairn India has a market capitalisation of $14bn and is the fourth largest oil and gas Company in India (What they don’t say is the Value has been self structured based on ASSETS as yet to be recovered) “Virtual” Resources, Assessed to be recoverable OIL and GAS but not yet production Oil fields.

Shares in both Companies rose after the announcement, with Vedanta ending the day up 4.8% and Cairn up 5.3% (They call this release of Company information via RNS, when Directors of both Companies conspire to indulge in CRIMINAL “Insider Trading” as PUMP and DUMP)

My point is: From the previous PANDORA’S BOX expose I gave you on the CAIRN-VEDANTA Scam the crucial points are the interconnected Common Directors prior to the Deal commencement.

They tried as they always do by hiding the connection through subsidiary Company Directorships.

Mr AMAN MEHTA was ALSO a Director of:


and also a recorded Director of:


This is highly illegal and constitutes under the Companies Act. Not only a criminal Conflict of Interest, Insider dealing but Corporate Espionage

However, the interlocks continue with


Complex issues of VEDANTA -CAIRN “INSIDER TRADING” with ASSET stripping HSBC Banks buying block shares via High Risk Banks Unsecured TOXIC RISK Hedge Funds of WORTHLESS paper continue with the involvement of

 Non Exec  Director:

Sir DAVID ALWYN GORE-BOOTH and his Current Directorships:





GROUP 4 FALCK LIMITED which is interlocked with G4S and its Subsidiaries and Securicor.

PM David Cameron is from a BANKING HEDGE FUND Family business.

He should be made to answer simple questions.


 In this or the CENTRICA -VODAFONE Deal you intervened in, in your personal capacity as UK PM, putting pressure on the Indian Government, in forcing them into the early acceptance of these financial Ponzi Scams, did any of your direct or indirect family businesses in Banking / Hedge Fund Financial Companies become involved.

 As I say with the LONRHO Empire interconnected Frauds with their SAS Mates




“Smoke & Mirrors”


End of communications


 Whilst still on the India scam we should look at Vedanta India portfolio that gives reference to their operations in Tasmania, Australia:

 Our Indian copper business is principally one of custom smelting and is operated by Sterlite. Zambian copper business is owned and operated by KCM. We own 54% of the share capital of Sterlite and 79.4% of the share capital of KCM. Sterlite was India’s largest metals and mining company based on net sales in fiscal 2008. In addition, we own the Mt. Lyell copper mine in Tasmania, Australia, which provides a small percentage of Sterlite’s copper concentrate requirements.

Being Australian I find the latter extremely interesting and maybe we should take a look at this worthless pile of rubbish in Tasmania otherwise known as the Copper Mines of Tasmania that gave up most of its copper ore many decades ago.

This is how such scams work………..they form a virtual company and appoint their own directors who then devise a plan to buy a disused mine site, concoct false data, prepare a very convincing presentation and then go to various cities and start looking for potential investors.

Gordon has previously pointed out the money involved amounts to billions and when one multiplies this hundreds if not thousands of times around the globe this is very serious money that could amount to trillions each and every year.

Take a look at this very active copper mine that is situated in Queenstown, Tasmania and I sure you will agree it looks fairly barren considering it is supposed to be an underground copper mine in full production………….notice the almost disused track into the facility and note a solitary vehicle parked up and not a compound full of large Terex Trucks and other earth moving equipment……I hope you are all starting to understand how this scams work.

Drive with caution – heavy trucks entrance?


It also so happens that such scams normally happen at some remote location and can be a simple spade hole in the ground, surrounded by a large fence and armed guards in attendance.


Gordon also sent me another brief on Gold Oil:

Mining Group Vedanta Resources (VED)  59.9% owned Indian subsidiary Sterlite Industries. Sterlite has been ordered to pay US$ 82. 75 (52.8 million pounds) in compensation to Asarco for walking away from an agreement to acquire the US copper explorer. The ruling was made by the Bankruptcy Court of Southern District of Texas and passes as quite a light punishment, considering that Asarco was seeking 2.28 billion dollars (1.45 billion pounds) . The shares advanced by 6p to 1.257p.

End of Gordon´s communication


I guess by now you are asking what does all this mean?  Firstly one must understand the magnitude of this massive fraud and tax evasion that not only affects the investors from Britain and India but also in many other parts of the world. It directly implicates Corporate Heads of oil gas and mining companies, Bank Executives and more importantly heads of political parties and senior MP.s.

What impact does it have on each country’s economy and on the world´s economy?

Firstly anything that is fraudulent diverts income away from government coffers and put that income into offshore entitites such as some of those listed above. The banks buy into these fraudulent deals or support them with unsecured loans such as the RBS for example and this then turns into toxic debt.

What is ironic is the fact that our respect leaders know where the money has gone and in most cases are directly or indirectly involved and then impose severe austerity measures to pay for their crime in an attempt to balance the books……..we see this in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and now we see this in the UK and France etc.

It is this world economical collapse that they (the New World Order – ie Rothschild’s etc) themselves intentionally created. It is they that have the ability to shut down any company, bank or country and it is they that created the Arab Spring and the current Western Spring.

In my opinion any such fraud or tax evasion is a crime against humanity as it creates massive unrest and suffering, especially in poor countries such as India.

You may find it odd to believe that our current Prime Minister, David Cameron and all the current leaders are fully aware on the Ponzi Schemes as is the Serious Fraud Office and the Police etc.

Our respective countries are being continuously raped of their economic wealth by these fraudulent morons. The poor and the aged are having to pay the ultimate price by being forced to pay more taxes, higher fuel prices, higher water, electricity and gas. What is so ironic is that increase in taxes are supposed to support our standard of living and public sector services……in this case we pay more and receive nothing in return………..now that is clearly fraud in itself…….but do not be too concerned as our current PM laundered 17.8 million pounds of tax payers money and put it in his own party election fund…..how’s that for arrogance?


 For Gordon and I the publishing of our earlier Pandora Box articles has not been easy and we have been attacked from each and every direction but as they say only the strong survive. As you all know we started publishing this series in the Palestine Telegraph and managed to get up to Part 6 before we came under an attack by one of the people that Gordon had named (Ms Tara Davison) MP. We were then attacked by her illustrious friend and, dare I say top journalist Lauren Both, Sister in Law to that notorious “War Criminal” Tony Blair. I am also convinced that behind this facade were more senior political figures.

 The owner of the Palestine Telegraph was then put under pressure (falsely so), who then pulled one of my articles, namely, Part 4 and then allowed Ms Tara Davison to write her own extremely, gut wrenching and pathetic response, which she called a retraction?

Being a very ethical person I could no longer continue being censored by the Palestine Telegraph and ceased being their leading columnist. As they say when you are down you bounce back stronger than before and so here we are with my own e paper/blog.

 Gordon Bowden and I have never given up in bringing you the truth behind this massive fraud that is taking place worldwide. It is so powerful now that even the Serious Fraud Squad and Police in general are unable to or should I say will not investigate. It is rather a sad day when you think of that historical famous name “Scotland Yard” and names such as Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson no longer have any standing and have disappeared into the London mist, just like “Jack the Ripper.” I guess it’s another case unsolved!

This massive fraud is so huge one is talking about billion of pounds and it is clear that the proceeds of this massive crime is the backbone of the “New World Order.”

 So let’s continue on with Gordon’s account and shake a few more cages…….hopefully one day someone will catch the animals then dwell within and bring them to justice.

 Start of Gordon’s email:

 From the (Horses) Prime Ministers Mouth.

 We, the people must take up the challenge and take an active part in putting this country right, uncover the failings of the “Bankers” in allowing our Countries Finances to be gutted by successive “POOR” Investment Decisions by Heads of our Banks, in Hedge Funds the unsecured “TOXIC ASSETS”

Isn’t it strange, the Police keep warning us? 

“If it sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is a FRAUD”

 Yet our High Roller Banking Executives, educated in institutions as OXFORD and CAMBRIDGE insist on playing “Russian Roulette” with our financial resources and keep throwing our countries cash assets into “High Risk, unsecured PENNY STOCKS”

 I mean, simply put, we had the money, so where did it all go. 


Someone’s rubbing their sweaty mitts rolling in it, Hundreds of £Billions just like Bernard Madoff.

 Not looking very hard you’ll find this is where Madoff’s  Securities and the TSX-V, ASX are directly associated with all the Companies I have named and Identified operating on the AIM L.S.E.

 The complete lack of authority and due diligence in protecting the United Kingdom against Organised Crime.

The schoolboy “step by step” explanation how they operate using ONE interlinked company.

 Here’s yet another one of my Forensic Documented ANSWERS.

 From Welsh coal dust “My Homeland” “The Valley of the Crows”

Comes diamond tenor coated voices that brought the famous rendition:

 “We’ll keep a welcome in the Hillside”

However, there are a known named group of interconnected slick Aussie’s with their Canadian and British upper-crust pals who for over 20 years have been giggling around water coolers at common addresses as:

22 ARLINGTON STREET. LONDON SW1A 1RD who are taking advantage of the kind soft nature of the Welsh and British people.

 In a word. They are taking the proverbial P-ss 

The friendship once extended across the Oceans to our somewhat dubious common expert mining directors and associates once located at:

The now deserted


Exposed by Australian Editorials as Fraud “Boiler Rooms”

“Perth Office Linked to the Tale of Gold and Guns”


“All the Little Birdies have deserted the Nest”

Exactly the same Perth Address where ABC 4 Corners (Cornered)

Fighting extradition to South Africa: ex Intel officer John Stratton

All the close group of Directors associated to the Expose by:


                                       Lenigas and Bond


Yet another Direct Common Company interlink network, of Lorded Gentry, Intelligence Services, Mercenaries and an extremely close group of Directors, all linked to a systematic trail of financially stripped and collapsed “Exploration” Cash Shell companies who have never filled a thimble full of Oil, a Gram of Gold or even a shovel full of Dirt.

They ALL record and claim that they have drilled and found spectacular Oil and mineral resources and huge reserves, but even after 20 years of passing the “Mother Load” of riches from one group of mates to another, successively Burn £Billions in “Unsecured” Bank Cash Loans, finance facilities and Private Investors Holdings they never EVER manage to go into production.

 Sarcasm they have always told me is the lowest form of wit.

G’Day bloke, what you doing in Oz? No Doubt after Alan Bond hey?

Well back off as he’s under our protection!!

 So, having attempted to provide the Serious Fraud Office, the Financial Services Authorities and the Political elite for over 5 years with detailed forensic documents, that a

 Blind man could identify, as the very same group of people, uncovered by various Australian, Canadian, USA, Asian, South African and European Financial Services and Police.

 Like something from a rewind of a series of “MONTY PYTHON” Films.

 These are the very same people.

 They are positively identified as involved in Mineral theft rings, Blood Diamond and Arms Trade smuggling, Corporate asset stripping, Company espionage, Money Laundering, Insider Trading and International Organised Crime.

 The Due Diligence Protection Services.

 The United Kingdom Financial Services have a complex “Fool Proof” Multi Million Pound Computer system, designed and programmed to identify, alert and “Red Flag” suspect Share Trading Patterns.

 The UK Serious Fraud Office Financial Crime Experts have in association with their international counterparts in the FBI, CIA, INTERPOL, a common bond to communicate intelligence, to protect their respective countries financial institutions and citizens.

Such a huge combined wealth of experts, in all aspects of “Crime Prevention but what’s gone wrong, if they are such experts, the BEST of the Best, the criminals would all be behind bars.

I mean, even a 16 year Old Dyslexic with no “O” Levels, armed with a notebook and packet of crayons from “Poundland”….If he casually wrote down a complete list of the latest 50 Financially Failing and Failed Share Price AIM registered “EXPLORATION” Cash Shell, Oil and Gas, Gold, Diamond, Silver, Uranium, Zinc, Cobalt, Companies Directors, the results would and could prove conclusively in a Court of Law.

 (1) The Directors are ALL collectively company inter related.

 Playing “Musical Chairs” in these related companies.

 (2) The Companies are ALL duel listed in international Exchanges and further inter connected through the Common Directors 

 (3) The Subsidiaries of their Companies are also under their Common 


 (4) The Subsidiaries and Asset Acquisitions, are mostly “Cash Shell” Holding           Companies with inter related Subsidiaries registered in off-shore accounts.  

(5) ALL the companies have an extended history of Zero Share growth but massive director Cash Burn in acquiring masses of “Worthless” Undervalued ASSETS. Strangely bought for a few Dollars or acquired in company reverse take-overs.

“Hey Taffy there’s more than coal in these Welsh Mountains”

“No Doubt Lenigas will be happy, he can now confirm to his investors that their money has gone and we can now move on to the next pile of sh-t  and do it all over again” “Don’t you just love ripping these rich old pensioners off”?    


I have the collective records of over 300 AIM L.S.E. Smoke and Mirrors Interconnected Fraud “Pump and Dump” Companies, the “TOXIC ASSETS”

So, here’s yet another one that is DIRECTLY LINKED

From the Scenic location of North Wales comes.


 To all and sundry, a unique Historic tourist visit only, Welsh Mine, on top of a Mountain.

But, “FLASH” it over in a spectacular visual web site, promises of “Explorations” Cash Raising, future Production, Huge “Inflated”  high grade Mineral Reserves, examined by an Independent Exploration Company and we have yet another.



Anglesey LL68 9RE

This made me laugh. The association to:

Hoodless Brennon

 Put it under a Microscope:

 45% owned by JUNO Limited? Which is the recorded Parent Company registered in (Bermuda)





 Substantial shareholdings


Strategic Lines Asset Management Ltd

 Here lies the undeniable COMMON relationship to:




Directors Shareholdings.



I have your money in my grasp

 With my interest only at heart





 Let’s look at just one Director. (I have Records on them ALL)




Take a visit to the TSX-V

Here lies another story; the unseen “Smoke & Mirrors” trail of financially collapsed “EXPLORATION” Companies:

Blackwater Capital Corp

Canadian Pioneer Energy Inc

Conquest Resources Ltd

Lytton Minerals Ltd (Here’s a cracker)

McCarthy Corporation Plc

Sonora Diamond Corp

Energold Minerals Inc

and an Investor relationship with:

RSX Energy Inc


As the Beneficial Owner of

Energold Minerals Inc

Directly associated with:

Energold Drilling Corp

Goldbrook Ventures Inc

IMPACT Silver Corp

Pacific Bay Minerals Ltd

Velvet Exploration Ltd

Yukon Zinc Corporation.

 Labrador Iron Mines Holdings Ltd

Tahera Diamond Corp

Minco Plc

Avnel Gold Mining Ltd

Northgate Exploration Ltd

Campbell Resources Inc

Scandinavian Minerals Ltd

Magindustries Corp

Tanganyika Oil Corp

The University of Dublin


However, JOHN F KEARNEY is also busy on the AIM L.S.E. 

The major shareholder and Director with this FRAUD FRONT


And also.

A director of:


The 30 year “EXPLORATION” Company that has conducted a $US100Million Director only Investor cash Burn on a TOXIC “Abandoned” Silver Mine.

Armed with an “Exploration and Road repair Licence”

a “Vehicle” only for “Cash Raising and Laundering” the assets through and with

Among others:


Previously named












Oh! The LINK to:


That was easy.

ANGLESEY MINING COMPANY (AMC) Ltd was affiliated to:



The Directors










With all the same COMMON directors in this small joint office with ex Intelligence officer



Famous Robber, Australian NED KELLY, once wore a huge Steel Helmet that hid his Identity, these thieves brazenly wear Savile Row Suits, Gold Rolex Watches and get driven next door from 22 Arlington Street to the RITZ for lunch in Bentley GT’s.


Could this just be, why the wise criminal fraternity, often refer to the EXPERTS in crime prevention, the “Boys in Blue” The Police, as “WOODEN TOPS”


You see, when you read and UNDERSTAND the history behind the attachment, a little recent Web finding from the Author “KIBU.” on the LONRHO Interactive Investor BB

I’m not the only one who see’s what’s happening, the trouble with “KIBU” like ALL the other “Penny Stock Private Investors” they are preened, isolated and company focused like a flock of Sheep, onto their respective companies shares, instead of looking deeper “Reading the AIM Docs, The Small Print” into UNDERSTANDING” 






Gordon Bowden.

“Hey Tony what happened to that Tara Davison paedophile list  of the political elite and all those other high flyers ” ?

“Gordon my friend trust me, as long as you don’t tell anyone about the missing nukes and the £17.8 million of taxpayer’s money that ended up in the Tory Party Funds and the £1 million that I got from that nasty arms dealer, John Bredenkamp via Bernie Ecclestone, everything will be fine.”

” I will keep the list under lock and key…..oh and you can tell Lord Robinson (ex head of NATO) to relax and that I promise not to tell anyone about his paedophiea activities.”


I guess by now you saying “Wow” and why the hell don’t the police do something about it? The answer is simple: The investigation starts at the bottom by someone like Gordon and I  or anyone else who  lost their life savings. They then go along to see a little man, dressed in a trench coat, wearing a trilby, hiding behind some very dark sun glasses to report the incident. That detective then pulls out his oversized spy glass to look at the small notes you have made. He then leaves you sitting in the interview room for the next hour whilst he panics and rings around those further up the tree. Upon return he looks rather confused and starts talking about something totally irrelevant to waste more time. Eventually you have forgotten what you came in for!

 This then, if you are lucky, becomes an incident and given an incident number. You are then told that they will get to you in a couple of days and one month later you are still scratching your head. What has actually happened is that as it gets further up the apple tree it starts to shake a few people in authority and those in the political arena and then all of a sudden the “Rotten Apples” drop to the floor crying because they can see that someone is trying to take the wads of bank notes out of their fat wallets! Eventually they get back up and tell those down the bottom of the tree to stop this investigation and the matter is closed.

I urge you all to watch the Australian ABC 4 Corners documentary called “Bad Company” that explains how all these “Ponzi Schemes” work……..it´s so easy that is why they get away with it……..the link is as follows:




Lest we forget!!! – Why should we want to remember?


Stop Press: The Death Of Maggie Thatcher

This week saw the passing of the “Iron Lady” herself and although the death of anyone carries a certain amount of sadness (because someone loved her) on should not forget the damage and suffering that this women inflicted on the ordinary people of Britain.

She developed “Neoliberalism” in the UK (which she kindly imported from the USA) and set about the privatisation of almost every industry in Britain which continues on to this day under the guidance of her”Apron Boy”, David Cameron.

Neoliberalism is promoted as the mechanism for global trade and investment supposedly for all nations to prosper and develop fairly and equitably, but in actual fact gave the US. UK and the EU an unfair advantage in third world countries and actual created even more poverty under the banner of globalisation……she was noted for her aggressive approach towards the Coal Miners and their unions!!

David Cameron continues on in her footsteps and its only a matter of time before every NHS sector, Police and other public services are farmed out to private enterprise……including some aspects of the Military!!

It was the “Iron Lady” who was implicated with the three missing nuclear weapons which Britain illegally purchased from South Africa (having been jointly developed by Israel and South Africa) and which ripped the “Tax Payers” off to the tune of millions of pounds……all done via a group of high flying senior politicians (including a rather young David Cameron) who kept it all under the radar from the UN and the people of Britain.

It was also fact that a  Jewish Rhodesian by the name of John Bredenkamp lived just a few doors away from dear Maggie and it was he who sold the nukes to Britain and later stole them back to sell on the black market……all of which took us to war and which continues to this day.

Massive fraud and corruption has continued on to this day and so one should not look upon the passing of the Iron Lady with too much sadness……..I would also add that she was very much involved with the Zionist who helped her immensely both in the financial sense and also in the manipulation of the United Kingdom.

  Whilst on the topic of British Politics one must also remember that this was not just Tory Fraud because it extends deep within UK politics at all levels including that of the House of Lords…….in regard to the missing nukes I have already published pictures of those involved in my earlier article…..what I call the “Bomb Squad”……..but one must also bring into the equation  those that knew about the illegal purchase of these weapons and who kept this information under lock and key in his own safe…….that being a current senior MP by the name of Peter Hain who served under both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown both of whom were aware of the “Nuke purchase and theft” and the £17.8 million of tax payers money that was siphoned off and put into the Tory Parties coffers for dear Maggies election fund!!!


Peter Hain MP

It is rather strange that this man is also implicated in our current court case at the Royal Courts of Justice, London and as usual my friend and Co Defendant Gordon Bowden has revealed some interesting information about Peter Hain and sent me this email:

Our case involves a Ms Tara Andrea Davison who has since been charged with international fraud and corruption and who it would appear formed part a political fund raising mechanism. She had direct access to No10 Downing Street and worked for the Department of Trade and Industry as well as being involved in Illegal Arms Investigations………she should have been a star witness for the current Chilcot Inquiry (Arms to Iraq Inquiry) but was never called to give evidence………one could understand why because she had so much mud on many politicians in all parties that had she been called could have put many of them away for life!!!!!……..including the current  PM, David Cameron, Ex Senior MP, Sir Ken Warren, Peter Lilley MP and many more!!

Here is the email that Gordon sent me recently:

I have been researching one of TARA’S Politicians  MP PETER HAIN
( Among the Letters I recovered, met with TARA and SAWYER and put one of TARA’s DOC’s in his safe relating to missing NUCLEAR WAREHEADS)
PETER HAIN who grew up in SOUTH AFRICA, he was an “ADVISOR” for one of my PONZI SCAM Companies AMARA MINING PLC in 2009. He has JUST been apointed a Non Exec Director of AMARA MINING PLC
which if you look is non other than the re-morphed CLUFF MINING. One of my named PONZI SCAMS
It is recorded, PETER HAIN faced a Conduct  inquiry by.
Having failed to advise PARLIAMENT that he received donations for his 2008-9 Election campaign as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. The “Sponsor” LOAN Donations came from WILLIE NAGEL (DIAMOND TRADER) a funder of the CONSERVATIVE & LABOUR PARTY’S.
His Directorships include:
He was also funded by: ISAAC KAYE another JEWISH ZIONIST involved as the owner of a Drug Company raided by Police in regard to a £400million rip-off of the NHS. ISAAC KAYE Converted to “BLAIRISM” after supporting the Apartheid South African Africaner NATIONAL PARTY
The Directors of AMARA MINING are all directly linked to ABC 4 CORNERS “BAD COMPANY” The other Scam companies that criminally received the JCI , DRD and RANDGOLD and EXPLORATION cash and share assets .
One of them, in my dossiers is a director of: TITANIUM RESOURCES GROUP
with: Oh Dear !         Blair’s appointed Ambassador to AUSTRALIA         BARONESS VALERIE AMOS.
Another AMARA MINING Director being: PETER COWLEY from ZIMBABWE,
STRANGELY: same place that RICHARD COWLEY and his ASTRA HOLDINGS PTY LTD father CHRISTOPHER COWLEY came from> Now there’s a thing,
“Nudge Nudge” 
I have been working on this file for 3 weeks, It’s good, VERY GOOD.
PETER HAIN should be like DAVID LENIGAL, PETER LANDAU and TONY SAGE, looking for lengths of clothes-line, a stool and practicing the HANGMANS KNOT.
FYI I also have completed the DENNIS THATCHER’s Early links to the Cabal via his appointment as a Director in the PONZI SCAM 
We could spend every day. every month and every year investigating fraud and corruption at all level of politics, the corporate sector, banks, financial and insurance sectors as well as the very strong New World Order links, Zionists and Jesuit……….but I guess we have to move on and deal with so many more issues that have crippled this world: World Financial Meltdown – Arab Spring – European Spring- False Flags such as 9/11, 7/7 and the current standoff with Syria – Iran and North Korea.
Hope is on the horizon, believe me and the New World Order is now in a state of collapse……..however desperate people do desperate things and so we must  remain alert at the “Enemy that lies within and not some fictitious Islamic group” !!!
 I am sure you all now fully understand the magnitude of the issue and that our respective countries are not cash strapped but rather the case that the New World Order has stolen our wealth and moved it offshore…….that wealth can be recovered and will be recovered whereby it will then  be re injected back into our society but certainly not via the sticky palms of our leaders and politicians……..austerity measures is a scam along with global warming and carbon tax etc………don’t you find it so hypocritical to know that the Australian Government are on track to rip us all off in this regard and yet game-fully export vast amounts of what they call “Dirty Coal” for other countries to pollute.
My question must therefore remain that if you are genuinely concerned at global warming why would you expert such a product that adds to the problem…..not that there is a problem anyway…….there is no shortage in Oil, Gas and other natural resources and given the right technology power generation can be not only very clean but believe it or not possibly “Free of Charge”…….the current global warming is a natural event in the earth’s natural cycle and that can be proven……many scientist have already proven that the New World Order Shills have doctored the data to their own financial advantage and Al Gore has since become a multi- billionaire promoting this major scam!!
Al Gore

My final part in this series will cover the sad case of Richard Chang who was assassinated because he knew who was taking the money from the bank he worked for and this will be  followed by what is possibly the most controversial of all……….who truly control the US, UK and all the old British Empire and Commonwealth……..you will not only be shocked but also very angry…….stay tuned for this final expose!!

Peter Eyre – 11/4/2013

Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis

Written by Peter Eyre

April 11, 2013 at 00:02

Posted in Corporate/Government Fraud and Corruption, News

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  1. These articles seem to be too long and complicated for the average person to take in and remember and it would be nice to see just three sources of information like UK,USA and Europe instead of covering every political drama around the world. This article also offered a contradiction at first we are led to believe the new world order is on it’s knees and that soon some of these fraudsters will be exposed soon, then we go to Korea where if a world war is started all bets are off and the new world order reigns supreme So either these crooked politicians are exposed, or they are not and as the police won’t listen this ends up as one big essay of facts going nowhere because if no one of importance will take up the challenge this is all wasted words.


    April 11, 2013 at 02:38

    • Yes they are rather long and complex but for those who understand banking/finance they all make sense……so I right for a very mixed audience and at the same time throw in a change of topic mid stream etc……..some other non fraud articles are more specific to the theme….thanks for your input anyway…..Peter

      Peter Eyre

      April 11, 2013 at 03:32

  2. Thank you so much Peter for your publications!
    I’m very eager to read your part-10 on this subject.
    A truly great job of reporting!!!

    Rob B

    April 13, 2013 at 10:05

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  4. Good Job Peter regardless on what the outcome of all of this will be….I have been following from it’s outset and its out there now and I have made sure that I posted it to my face book and tumblr part by part as you released it….hopefully more of my/our fellow aussies understand now how we have been manipulated and will continually be manipulated until probably end times.

    P.S. hopefully it wont really be your last.


    April 15, 2013 at 03:06

    • G Day….thanks for your comments…..much appreciated….Peter

      Peter Eyre

      April 15, 2013 at 05:04

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