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Australian Government almost forcibly pushes the HPV vaccines on young boys as well as girls – Supplement

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Australian Government almost forcibly pushes the HPV vaccines on young boys as well as girls Part 7(Final)

Are vaccines harming Australian children?

Are young Australians potentially being sterilized or made infertile?

Were the vaccines given to coalition forces potentially harmful or even fatal?

You bet they are!!


HPV death

I thought I had finished this current series on the scams associated with vaccines, especially that of the HPV Vaccine but alas I could not let this response go  without allowing you the public to understand the Australian Government and State Governments mindset.


It is clear that when one opens up a can of worms the instigators of WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Deception) avoid answer the questions asked of them and simply pass the buck down the line.

As you all know I have written repeatedly to the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Greens, Kevin Rudd, Minister for Health, All State Premiers and their respective Ministers for Health and associated departments on the issues and concerns of such vaccinations.

I have asked them to produce evidence as to the success of the HPV Vaccine in reducing cancer of the cervix in women or in reducing other sexually transmitted diseases. I have asked them for any data in relation to the HPV and why they continue to ram this vaccine down the throats of Australian parents without allowing the Australian public to understand that the best experts in the world on such vaccines and programmes are themselves very concerned as to the adjuvants/ingredients used and the possible long term toxic damage to the body or brain etc.

Why do our leaders, senior politicians, Ministers of Health and their departments refuse to answer these questions or even respond at all?

So it is now time to show you my last communication with all of the above and then reveal the only response I received which so happened to come from Graeme Gillespie –  Director Health Protection , Department of Health  Victoria.

You will also note that the reply was typical lip service and clearly avoided answering the concerns as highlighted in my seven articles.

In order to put these communications on record I have responded to the Director in Victoria and asked him a multitude of questions which obviously he dare not answer or is not prepared to answer……….this thus clearly shows that Australia is fully supportive of the New World Orders – Agenda 21 via its “International Puppet Agencies Known As The United Nations – UNICEF – World Health Organisation.” When governments do not respond to vital question it is obvious that they have something to hide and clearly shows that they (our voted civil servants) are clearly not transparent!!

Below are the emails I sent, the one I received and my final reply to that email which I then sent to all those responsible for this shameful cover-up:

Firstly a copy of the original emails as sent to the PM, Leader of the Opposition, Greens, Minister for Health, State Premiers and their Ministers for Health etc……..obviously the address and wording was changed to address the appropriate person but the text and link to article etc was the same and I have automated copies of their receipt of same:

From: Peter Eyre
To: “Minister.Plibersek@health.gov.au””” <Minister.Plibersek@health.gov.au>
Sent: Friday, March 8, 2013 8:56 AM
Subject:  Email for your Perusal and Comment
Good Morning Minister
Please find the following link which provides forensic evidence as to the risks of vaccines………please note the reference to the current HPV.
I note that no response has been forthcoming on these current series of articles
Kind Regards
Peter Eyre
My other email was to the State Premiers and Ministers of Health…..as per this one to Victoria and others:

[No Subject]

Good Afternoon Premiers and Ministers for Health.
Please find the following links for your perusal and comment.
These articles have been sent to the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Australia Minister for Health and now being sent to each individual State Premiers and Ministers for Health.
The research carried out is not only extremely alarming but also of deep concern to me for the well being of the nations young and I would therefore ask you all to re evaluate the continued roll out of the  HPV vaccine in girls and now in boys of high school age.
The HPV vaccine is unproven with no historical evidence as to its success and thus must border on criminal negligence by those Ministers and appropriate Health Departments who have supported this programme.
One must also draw attention to the ingredients in this vaccine and many other vaccines which according to experts in the field are causing them great concern and thus must surely be of concern to you all.
I will continue to send you other articles on the topic in the hope that you will all see common sense.
Peter Eyre – 21/2/2013
Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysisia
The reply from Victoria as below:

HPV vaccination program

(See attached file: e3014927.pdf)


Vic reply

And my reply to the Director Health Protection – Victoria:

Re: HPV vaccination program

Dear Mr Gillespie

First of all I would like to thank you for your extremely quick response to my article as sent to the Premier and Minister for Health etc.

However, although I am aware that records are kept in relation to any possible adverse events the concerns and questions asked have not been answered.

The focus here is on the reasoning behind the HPV vaccination programme with some of the concerns as shown in the bullet points below:

What evidence or data is available to prove that the HPV vaccine has or can reduce cervical cancer?

What evidence or data is available to prove that the HPV vaccine has or can reduce sexually transmitted diseases?

What evidence, information or understanding is available via the Minister of Health and the Department of Health to show that you have a total understanding of the toxicity values of the adjuvant and other ingredients in this particular vaccine?

What evidence, information or understanding is available via the Minister of Health and the Department of Health to show that you have a total understanding of the toxicity values of the adjuvant and other ingredients when used in combined vaccines or the toxic cummulative value i.e. when multiple injections are required  as is the case of the  HPV?

Does the Minister of Health or the Department of Health monitor any possible connection between vaccinations and autism and if not why not?

Does the Minister of Health or the Department of Health fully understand and accept that some vaccinations and there associated adjuvant can and do cause longer term  adverse events in later life……especiall in babies and children?

Does the Minister of Health or the Department of Health accept that grave concern exists within the pharmaceutical industry and amongst the world’s top experts in the field in relation to many vaccines and inparticular where the adjucant is Aluminum(this concern extends right back to the World Health Organisation). If the answer to this question is yes you are aware then why is this adjuvant being used in Australia?

The world’s leading expert on HPV – Dr Harper expressed her own concerns during the somewhat rushed development of this vaccine and objected to it being rushed into production and used in the vaccination of most of the world’s school-age girls.

The fact that this unproven vaccine is now being given to all school-age boys in Australia and overseas is of grave concern to me.

There is no data available as to its success and only time will tell when these girls and boys reach puberty and attempt to raise a family(this being only one small concern of  the HPV vaccine)………..with evidence emerging from the world top experts that certain ingredients in vaccines could lead to other side effects such as suppression of the immune system or causing problems with nutrition to the brain or damage to the receptors etc.

This leads to my final question – Is the Minister, Yourself and the Department of Health fully aware of those concerns, as debated by the world’s top experts in Puerto Rico and if so do you all share those same concerns?……..if not why not?

As you all know the current vaccine only applies to 4 of the 100 strains and that it does not guarantee security against cancer or the cervix or other sexually transmitted diseases. It is also clear that the only safe way to monitor cancer or any other aspect of sexual activity is to continue to have regular check-ups and  pap smears and observe any irregular cell activity.

This vaccine is simply not proven and could lead to  long term devastating problems!!

I again repeat the many concerns by the worlds top scientist/experts in this field and by their own admittance say they simply do not have enough knowledge as to the toxicity of the adjuvants used, as was the case with thimerosal which is still being used in third world countries!!

That same concern now exists for aluminum?

There are too many concerns to list in this email but if you refer to my articles (7 in total) you will see.


This letter is now put on record along with your initial response and I hope that you will respond to this email with the Minister and Department comments.

Your Sincerely

Peter Eyre – 12/3/2013


Again to make sure all these communications are put on record I have sent this supplement  to all the same people again and I can assure you that they will continue to remain tight lipped because they all know that they are complicit in the Agenda 21 programme and all are aware of the consequences of the adjuvents and other ingredients in these vaccines.

The fact that I have sent them all forensic evidence showing the grave concerns of the world best experts in this field and yet they still have the audacity to ignore those concerns and press on with the HPV vaccine programme which has not been authorised to include all young boys of high school age…….surely that must come under the category of “Criminal Negligent.”


Agenda 21 is the New World Orders Master Plan to depopulate the world by whatever means and could mean a reduction of up to 90% of the current world’s population.

Africa 1

Needles to say third world countries such as Africa and India will become the prime victims to these scumbags!!

In closing I would also like to tell you all that I did get one response from the MoD regarding the harmful vaccintions given to troops involved in the Gulf War…….this was my original email to the MoD and War Vet Organisations:

Welcome All
I hope you will all find the time to peruse this extremely important email/link to the article concerned and fully understood the implications of its contents.
The link is:
I would also ask you all to pass comment and where applicable what you intend to do about this appalling situation which is clearly in violation of the Geneva Convention?
Kind Regards
Peter Eyre -8/2/2013
Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis
The reply from the MoD was as follows:

Dear Mr Eyre


Please find attached a response to your email of 08 February 2013.




Paki Ormsby

Defence Private Secretary

Office of the Minister of Defence

So Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen I have to say that owing to your blatant refusal to answer these extremely important issue, that relate to the well being of thousands upon thousands of Australians citizens, children and war vets, you must remain in the named and shamed gallery!!


220px-Tony_Abbott_-_2010220px-Kevin_Rudd_DOS_croppedMinister for Health

My next series of article will probably be the most explosive and difficult series I have ever written.

I will cover the New World Order(NWO) in its entirety:

What it is – What is its “Master Plan/Agenda” – Its infrastructure – How it controls the world at both Central/State/Local Government levels -Its control of leaders and key political figures – How it raised its finances via massive fraud and corruption – Its control of many of the worlds judiciary and how this entire NWO organisation covers and controls the US, UK, EU and all current and ex member countries of the Commonwealth  such as Australia etc.

This plan by the evil NWO is well underway and it is suffice to say that even our respective Constitutions or Bill of Rights may actually have the save value as a sheet of toilet paper………especially in the US when both sides of the pond (who signed the articles were all members of the NWO…………..as they say all roads lead to Rome.

I appreciate that this may come as a bit of a shock to you all but hope is on the horizon with a changing of the guard imminent  which will swing the current Western controlled super power over to a Far Eastern control and I am told to believe that the wars will stop, the wealth fairly distributed and will allow massive humanitarian projects to get undway to eliminate poverty and eventually clear the massive national debt in Europe and elsewhere.

We in Australia and all other countries are all being fed a pack of lies in relation to why we had an economic meltdown in 2008, why we must tighten our belts and be subjected to austerity measure, why we must act now on Global Warming (yet another false flag derived by that multi billionaire Al Gore) and implement Carbon Tax etc.

We are also all being pushed into very expense green technology that they say will serve two purposes:

1. Reduce the dependency on fossil fuels that are fast running out.

2. Clean up the environment

What the true reason behind this is to up the price of energy and line the pockets of the Al Gores in this world who have invested heavily in such projects!

You may be surprised to know that there is no shortage of so called fossil fuel and that some of that fuel may come from an alternative source that is abundant around the globe and which is not fossil based.

That the New World Order Cabal with their Corporate and Political friends have create one “Gigantic Ponzi Scheme” and siphoned trillions upon trillions  of dollars from investors and tax payers and that this money is held offshore in their own massive banking scams and can/will be recovered by the new guard (upon change over)…… …….this has the ability to put all those countries currently in deficit back into credit in a very short period of time.

The same cabal have tied up many patents and inventions that realistically could change the way we power cars and power our homes etc…….one such example would be  the work carried out by that very clever scientist called Nikola Tesla who’s experiments proved that we could obtain free electricity from the natural environment etc so maybe we could see real change soon.

That gold is not in short supply and thus could be unlocked ……….in actual fact  it was the cabal who seized control illegally of this enormous stolen wealth and associated collateral accounts for their own gain and usage via the reserve banking system etc.

In a nutshell we have all been subjected to Weapons of Mass Deception by the NWO and all the puppet governments and politicians that they control!!

Take heart that miracles can and do happen and we will soon see the collapse of this evil NWO empire and the emergence of another super power.

All existing NWO offenders will be tracked down with appropriate justice being handed out!!

Stay tuned for this rather long and extremely complicated series…….I can assure you that this evil and satanic organisation and associated Masonic movements have infiltrated all walks of life and highjacked our respective religions  to a level beyond imagination and it will soon all come to an end.

Peter Eyre – 15/3/2013

Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis

Written by Peter Eyre

March 15, 2013 at 05:50

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