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Australian Government almost forcibly pushes the HPV vaccines on young boys as well as girls Part 6

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Australian Government almost forcibly pushes the HPV vaccines on young boys as well as girls Part 6

Are vaccines harming Australian children?

Are young Australians potentially being sterilized or made infertile


The more I research the development of vaccinations the more I realise that the pharmaceutical industry is not only extremely lucrative but will go to any length to sell the products to our respective governments.

Many of the vaccines produced in the past and up to the current time not only contain potentially very dangerous ingredients but also, in some cases, have by-passed the normal protocol before becoming mass produced and sold.

When one looks at the UN Agenda 21 methodology one could possible understand why the pharmaceutical industry has literally got away with murder all in the name of “Mass Depopulation By Whatever Means.”

I would be bold enough to say that the use of some of these rather rushed vaccines such as Swine Flue and HPV could be loosely linked to Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW)  with ulterior motives behind their creation!!!

In these last few articles I will reveal some startling facts regarding the ingredients along with evidence that the experts, who create and initiate such vaccine,s are themselves (secretly) concerned……………that evidence coming from whisle-blowers who attended high level meetings along with a list of those in attendance etc.

Before continuing we all must agree that the worlds population is growing at an alarming rate but my question would have to be what gives these evil satanic minded New World Order Politicians and Scientists the right to “Act as God” and decide who should live and who should die or who is allowed to have a family and who is not? 

I would also state that if it is a case of birth control then this must be done on a voluntary basis and without suffering……..however this is not the case as the ingredients can and do cause immeasurable suffering to those that have been vaccinated and in some cases death!!



I found the following statement that explains why ordinary parents are now taking governments to task over the dangers of some vaccines:

This particular article had a focus on one aspect of those danger – “The connection between vaccines and autism”

Jenny McCarthy (a celebrity mother)  is making it quite uncomfortable for the US  Center for Disease Control (CDC) to ignore parents of Autistic children seeking answers. Why does a mom have to do the work of the CDC? The answer is rather simple: our government’s zeal to insist on too many vaccines while ignoring the actual risks is the driving force behind the autism tragedy. Sure there are many related factors – but the bottom line is that our government is causing disease at an alarming and devastating pace.

Jenny, to her credit, takes a diplomatic view on vaccines. Here main point is that there are too many vaccines given too soon and that the vaccines contain too many toxic components. As both a leading defender of health freedom in this country and a top nutritionist who has helped numerous autistic children, I am more than happy to put the entire problem into perspective and give insights that will help many parents.


The article gave an insight in the many vaccines that are now literally forced upon us:

A Brief History of Vaccines, Profits, and Politics

Vaccines started the Big Pharma sickness industry over 100 years ago. While the public views vaccines in a preventive health context our government’s position is much more complex. Vaccines and germs are part of warfare, and the issue is deeply woven into national security interests. Military personnel are frequently subjected to experimental vaccines. Vaccines are a key component of herd mentality; i.e., the ability of those in power to get a population to behave. Public health is never in the best interest of any one person, which is why laws are concocted to enforce compliance. Unelected bureaucrats and scientists in our government agencies, tied financially to the profits of the drug industry and linked to the military, have been playing God for many decades. They know full well there will be deaths and injuries from vaccinations; collateral damage that is justified by prevented disease (a convenient and fear-driven argument).

Our government has no problem manipulating data so that the benefits appear to outweigh the risks. Imagine having a calculator that always has the same conclusion no matter what data is entered. How can the risk of injuring 1 in 150 children for life be acceptable to Big Pharma and the revolving door CDC and FDA management? Any business would love to have the opportunity to produce a product and have the government mandate its sale. Government officials find lucrative jobs in the industries they regulate – after doing “good work.” Autism is partly a side effect of the cancer within government agencies.

Our government will never pay the price to screen children at risk for autism – that would be too proactive and expensive on the front end. They won’t even prepare a reasonable patient history checklist that reflects obvious risk for vaccine injury – as too many parents would opt out. Rather, our government specializes in lazy medicine – fire a shotgun and if someone gets injured it is their fault for standing there. Costs are now the burden of families on the back end of the equation; more profits for the sickness industry. If autism didn’t have painful little faces connected with it this problem would simply be swept under the rug, as is the 100,000 Americans (mostly elderly) killed by Big Pharma drugs every year.

The problem for our government is that an admission of guilt on the autism-vaccine link causes the entire paradigm of the Big Pharma-driven Western-medicine sickness industry to collapse. Even worse in their eyes, it would send an earthquake through the brotherhood of Big Pharma, public health, the CDC, the FDA, the global elite, and the military. Other public health programs would be questioned – like polluting our water with a neurotoxin called fluoride that makes a population more docile and controllable.

Unfortunately for parents combating autism, the problems of their child is only a portion of the issue they now must try to solve. They are up against a government dead set on preventing the truth from ever coming out. Once cornered, our government will play the national security card before fessing up to their sins or making any real effort to correct the damage they have done.


You will note that this article is US based but believe me the exact same situation applies both here in Australia and around the world.

The rather sad aspect of this web of government deceit is the fact that in third world countries the pharmaceutical industry has a free hand with the full support of the UN, UNICEF, UNHCR, World Health Organisation. Behind this false facade are people like Bill Gates and many others multi millionaires assisting with their so called charitable donations and who also openly declare their support for mass depopulation!!!

Don’t you find it so hypocritical that organisations such as UNHCR (part of the New World Order)  are asking for a regular donation of $13 to help safe lives and yet it is the UN that launched Agenda 21 to remov the worlds population in mass!!!!! not forgetting the fact that they continue to allow WMD’s and CBW’s usage in all areas of conflict and in many cases promote it via their military outlet known as NATO.


One of many class actions against governments was that of  Hannah Poling which is raising quite a stir. She is now 9 years old. As a healthy and normally developing 18-month-old girl she showed up for her well baby visit and was pummeled with 9 vaccinations, two of them containing the mercury preservative known as thimerosal. Her health immediately deteriorated into full blown autism.

Her case was the first to be settled of 4,900 autism cases pending before federal Vaccine Court. She claimed that mercury-containing vaccines were the cause of her autism. In a shocking turn of events the federal government conceded this autism case saying that “compensation is appropriate.”

You will recall that I covered the dangers of thimerosal in my previous articles and believe me this ingredient is still contained in many third world vaccines where the governments do not maintain strict protocols to monitor the ingredients or their usage………such places as India are truly in for one hell of a shock!!

I also discussed the new ingredients in many of today’s western vaccines namely AluminumSodium Borate “Borax”Polysorbate 80 etc to name but a few and it is only a matter of time before we reap in the results of our respective governments mismanagement!!


It is somewhat unfortunate that those who have helped to champion the cause of our government’s involvement in vaccine injury have placed so many eggs in the thimerosal basket. Of course mercury is a nerve toxin and its involvement in autism is likely as a percentage of the problem. However, neither thimerosal nor any single vaccine is an adequate overall explanation for autism. .

Our government is using various studies to deflect the vaccine-autism link. These studies relate to thimerosal and MMR vaccines, but not to the collective number of vaccines given at one time and the overall number of vaccines given so early in life (the real problem).


Lets just pick up on that last comment in regard to the government giving us a collective number of vaccines………you will recall I covered, in one of my article, the toxic value to the body when multiple vaccines are given over a short period of time or indeed together………such was the case  when our governments injects our troops with many vaccines before the Gulf War……….despite the prior warnings made to the Governments and respective Ministry of Defence of the dangers associated with combined vaccines………….out of this gross neglect came “Gulf War Syndrome” and sadly in some cases death.


I think this article sums up what our governments are actually doing:

Government  intentionally deflect attention away from vaccines as a causative link to autism or any other modern day problem

This is a classic stalling tactic used by corrupt government and industry when they have been caught red-handed. This approach involves acknowledging certain aspects of the problem, making changes (they took thimerosal out of many vaccines), creating doubt (their “study” defense), and then continuing with the mass vaccination program even though they know it causes harm. This strategy will deflect most of the legal liability from vaccine-related injury, delaying it and then minimizing it over time. A legion of government-funded scientists can be paraded in a courtroom for decades with the sole purpose of creating doubt and delaying taking responsibility for the problem. An admission of guilt opens a floodgate of liability lawsuits.

In the mean time these unelected bureaucrats continue to unabashedly administer a vaccine program that injures and kills. Most societies would either call this murder or involuntary manslaughter. Why don’t we hear Bush, McCain, Clinton, or Obama weighing in on this issue? Why don’t they stand on stage with a group of autistic children and tell mothers everywhere how important vaccines are?

You may be shocked to learn that the adjuvant in vaccines, at a rate of 1 in 150 cases, sets the brain on fire and causes autism and to a lesser extent (but just as important to society), causes ADHD and impaired intelligence.


I think it is very important for parents to understand how the brain works and so the following article may help you better understand:

The crumbling paradigm of Western medicine likes to break down body function according to convenient classifications such as nerves, immunity, hormones, etc. In reality your brain is a central processor of all systems in your body and thus has connections that link nerves, immune function, and hormones into one symphony of function. In other words, it is not possible to study only neurotransmitters like serotonin or dopamine and actually understand what your brain is doing.

Ten percent of the cells in your brain are neurotransmitter related. The other 90% are glial cells, also called astrocytes. For decades scientists thought that 90% of your brain was nothing more than a structural framework, simply because scientific tools were not adequate to understand what glial cells were doing, but that has changed in the past 10 years. Glial cells run your brain and your neurotransmitters. They are the brokers of all information coming into your brain – with direct links to your immune system and endocrine system (hormones).

Glial cells are the inflammation brokers in your brain. When stress, a toxin pollutant, or a destructive food additive (like MSG, aspartame, or food coloring) enter your brain they induce excitotoxic reactions that inflame brain cells. This inflammation is buffered primarily by the hormone leptin and other antioxidants, a process that intimately involves the healthy function of glial cells.

When the buffering anti-inflammatory capacity of glial cells is overloaded, then inflammation becomes chronic. Minimally, this results in brain wear and tear. It is the mechanism behind all accelerated brain aging and, depending on a person’s genetic weaknesses and other health issues, leads to various states of early cognitive decline and nerve-related diseases of aging such as Alzheimer’s.

There is also a point at which low grade brain inflammation catches fire. In adults with an established nerve network this causes a “power outage” in the head, otherwise known as spreading depression. Such an event is typically triggered by emotional pain or physical pain of a prolonged nature or acute intensity (elevating substance P to abnormally high levels). Such trauma pushes struggling nerves over the edge.

The difference in a fetus or small child is that the nervous system is still rapidly evolving. If the brain catches fire at this age proper development of the nerves can be seriously disturbed (the autism spectrum of disorders) or functionally impaired (ADHD, lower IQ).

The adjuvant in vaccine is pro-inflammatory; i.e., neurologically excitotoxic. That is intentional so as to boost the effectiveness of the vaccine. The problem comes about when giving so many of them at once, which can injure even a perfectly healthy child. Giving multiple adjuvants is like playing Russian roulette with a child’s brain. Children with already inflamed nerves are at much higher risk for reacting to multiple vaccines, as their nerves have been conditioned to hyper-react.and scientists aren’t fully aware of this issue.


Government Responsibility

Our government has the responsibility to prove the safety of any vaccination being recommended for broad public health, as part of an overall vaccine program. Our current knowledge of science, the immune system, and the brain would make it unlikely that broad vaccine programs could ever be approved for use today if they hadn’t being going on for so long.

Our government is not only grossly negligent on the vaccine issue itself, but on numerous other true public health issues that pose a significant risk for brain inflammation in fetuses and children


Reducing the Risk for Adverse Vaccine Reactions

The bottom line for any parent is to not expose their child to vaccines under circumstances that are likely to increase the odds of a brain fire that results in autism. Fewer vaccines in general, not giving so many at once, and giving them at older ages(if at all)  are all common sense.

One of the very worst times to vaccinate a child is directly after an illness or surgery – which are highly inflammatory events. Unfortunately, doctors don’t seem to understand health very well and it is often the case that the parent has brought the child to the doctor because of an illness or a follow up from some other medical procedure. At that time the doctor says “Oh, your vaccinations are not up to date.” And then gives them to a child who is already neurologically inflamed. Such medical malpractice is a disaster, and common in this country.

Parents who have children with digestive problems, recurring infections, asthma, allergies, or any other sign of immune weakness should not vaccinate until such problems are fully resolved. These problems also indicate a high level of existing brain inflammation.


But below all this hope, hype and activity opposition and discontent is brewing. The process of vaccine manufacture, and the nature of vaccine ingredients have always been a closely guarded secret. However an outbreak of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in American children, up from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 166 today, an increase that coincides with the increase in number of childhood vaccinations since 1978, focused attention on vaccines with the parents claiming that they watched their children regress after they got the shots.


Don’t you find it extremely alarming that our respective governments have never carried out long term tests or  ever been conducted tests on the after effects of vaccines, singly and in combination. Vaccines are tested for a short period against another vaccine, not a placebo. Short term reactions are rationalised as resulting from other causes and not the vaccines.


Having worked in India and spent considerable time with the less fortunate of Indian society( the adivasi’s) I find that the mass vaccination programme in India and in other third world countries is now being run with no protocol whatsover. This trend obviously falls in line with the ” UN Agenda 21 Mass Depopulation Programme” but unfortunatley this aspect has now turned into an Indian Nightmare in that it not only has the distinct possibility of mass infertility but also highly likely to step up the level of autism and other mental illnesses……..not forgetting the potential to damage the growth hormone function and immune system.

One startling report read as follows:

The situation in India is even worse. As per a declaration by doctors at the recent inauguration of the National Autism Centre at New Delhi, the number of autistic children, as per a very conservative estimate, is more than 40 lakhs today. Last year the figure was 17.40 lakhs. An increase of 133% in a single year. This has been reported in the Times of India. The centre was inaugurated by Ms Sonia Gandhi.


Are vaccines being used as bio weapons?

To top it all vaccines are being introduced in India without proper trials raising fears that bio weapons designed as vaccines could easily invade India, as pointed out by Dr Ajay Gambhir of the IMA. Vaccines to forcibly control the population, as per  US, UN and WHO agenda, by creating antibodies to a birth hormone have already been covertly tested in India, Vietnam, Philippines and Nigeria. In India a PIL has been filed on the issue by Saheli, a women’s organisation


Vaccines contain carcinogens like formaldehyde, phenol, glycol, glutamic acid etc. Human and animal serum and tissues used in vaccines have helped more than 60 recognised animal viruses cross over to humans of which two, SV 20 and SV 40, both simian viruses, have till now been identified as damaging.

Causal studies have revealed that SV 40 is behind many cases of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer. The SV 40 is now with us permanently and is found in cancerous tumours, the brain, lymphatic and cerebro spinal fluid and also in the sperms. The Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV), similarly transferred, is suspected to have morphed into the dreaded HIV in humans.


On June 20, 2005, Robert F Kennedy, Jr, a relatively new advocate calling for the removal of thimerosal from vaccines, appeared on the Don Imus Show on MSNBC, and warned the public that our government is allowing drug companies to ship thimerosal-containing vaccines for use on children in other countries.

“They’re giving this now to kids all over the third world,” Kennedy warned. “In China, autism was unknown five years ago,” he said. “They started giving them American vaccines containing thimerosal and now they’ve got 1.8 million cases of autism,” he added.

Autism is also exploding in Argentina, India, and Nigeria, Kennedy said.

“What’s going to happen when our enemies around the world realize that the United State’s most heralded foreign policy which is vaccinating the children of the world is poisoning the brains of developing third world children?” he warmed “This is just a disaster,”


I could continue with much more evidence but in doing so my current series would expand into a novel. However, I did promise you all that I would start to reveal what the world experts are saying behind closed doors. I not only have a list of all those that attend such meetings, their position/status  etc  but also what in actual fact they said.

As one would expect when the world’s top experts on vaccinations join those that implement such programmes  it is obvious that amongst their ranks are some genuine caring people…….those gallant men and women are called whistle-blowers and so we have them to thank for these leaked statements and documents that you can read at your own leisure below.


I wish to draw attention to the new adjuvant called Aluminum that now exists in most of our vaccines, especially in the current mass  (HPV)vacination programme being carried out on all the world’s high school females and now also about to be given to all boys of high school age  in Australia.

What you are about to read are leaked statements and documents to prove that all that has been written in my many articles is only part of the sinister activity that is currently being carried out by our respective  badly informed Presidents, Prime Ministers,, Ministers for Health, Ministers for Defence and their appropriate departments:

The evidence below came from a secret meeting held in San Juan, Puerto Rico on the 11th of May 2000:

 Aluminum 1

The presenters and agenda was as follows:

Aluminum 2



This highly confidential and extremely sensitive meeting was opened by a Dr. Myers who was standing in for the Chair Dr.George Peter who was delayed in Boston. This was Dr. Myers introduction which gives reference to last years meeting on the adjuvant Thimerosal and this years meeting on the replacement adjuvant Aluminum. I want you to pay particular attention to his words when he states that the most important thing he took away from the last meeting was that those of us who deal with vaccines have really very little applicable background with metals and with toxicological research and that is the reason for meeting today  :




Before moving on you will note that in the above extract the group represent academia, government, more than one government, the WHO, industry and interested individuals. (I blew this up so that you could understand the importance of those attending and the magnitude of the meeting).

In regard to the past use of the adjuvant Thimorosal it became clear from this meeting that its usage was of deep concern when reference was made to this in the following paragraph by Dr. John Clements – Medical Officer with WHO :

Aluminum 8

So after all these years of its usage as an adjuvant and the fact it is still being used in third world countries we have a key player at the WHO admitting to its dangers when he makes reference to “Thimerosal raising its ugly head”……..I wonder how many parents noticed this statement and could we again see a massive class action against all those that authorised its inception and usage?


Let’s again go back to the current adjuvant Aliminum that exists in many vaccines around the world and in particular the current HPV vaccine.

During the above conference some of the experts gave reference to the fact that the UK had moved away from using Aliminum as an adjuvant and in actual fact there was also reference to this in the brief/agenda/minutes that were handed out to all to all attendee’s. Here is that reference:

Aluminum 9

I had much concern after reading all the ins and outs of this conference and it became apparent to me  that these mad professors were playing a game with our lives in not fully understanding the toxic value of the adjuvant they were using or better still not understanding what happens when babies, children and adults are given multiple vaccinations and does that in itself create a toxic cocktail in your bod?

We know historically that this can and does happen. I am sure you will agree that the paragraph that I have inserted below shows this element of not knowing the dangers. You will also note that at the start of this article,  the Chair, in his opening speech, admitted that they do not know enough about the toxic value of adjuvants :

Aluminum 10

The extract below gives you some idea of the concerns at the conference regarding the Aluminum Adjuvant when clear reference is made to its impact on the brain and yet to this day they continue to use it………..again I ask the question of government health departments “where is your data on safety associated with such vaccines as the HPV or any other vaccine”………..and secondly “where is your data on the success of such vaccines in reducing cancer of the cervix or other sexually transmitted deseases” ?

Aluminum 11

At this point you may find it rather disturbing to read what these experts know (as do our governments) and also to understand that this knowledge was not and is not passed onto the citizens of their respective countries………I guess this also adds fuel to the “Flouride in Water Issue”……certainly a cause for concern!!!

Aluminum 12Aluminum 13

It was also stated at this conference the problems that could occur in infants when vaccinated with such adjuvants:

“The body burden for aluminum from injections from vaccinations is higher than from dietary intake”

One of the conclusions towards the end of the first afternoon session was “So I think it is probably a big step to say that you have to eliminate Aluminum”………..don’t you find it incredible that the world’s top experts all agree on this point and yet it is still being used and certainly forms part as being just one of many toxic ingredients!!!!

I have no intention of publishing all that was said at this vital meeting but I will filter out the points that are vital for us to better understand not only the mentality of some of these so called academia but also to reveal the concerns that they themselves hold and the fact that those concerns have not been made available to we the public and more importantly to the average mum and dad who have to decide if their child is to be vaccinated……..after reading this I am sure your views on the topic will change dramatically and all I can say is that before embarking on any decision you must first carry out your own research and more importantly insist on  reading the label of the vaccine and check its ingredients.


Mum is this going to cause me problems in later life?

I will soon be coming to the end of these highly controversial articles and sincerely hope that all the mums and dads out there will start to ask questions and indeed challenge your Governments, Ministers for Health and Health Departments.

Remember your little baby or child cannot speak for themselves or understand what is being given to them and once the adverse symptoms kick in its too late………I know many parents who have succumbed to these pharmaceutical scams and who’s life has been turned upside down……they didn’t ask for this…….it was handed out to them by their governments who are supposed to check the safety of such vaccines and their ingredients…….clearly in this case normal protocol has been side-stepped……….I hate to imagine what will become of the millions of girls and boys around the world and in particular in Australia who have been given the HPV vaccine.

Part 7 will continue to expose more forensic evidence from these secret meetings and also bring to you attention yet again that despite my many emails/articles to the Australian PM, Leader of the Opposition, Minister for Health and other political leaders they have not responded by comment or action…………as you all would be aware that in any criminal case forensic evidence is normally the main ingredient that not only convicts the offenders but also results in a change in regulations or policy……………and so my question would be to all those I have addressed “why are you almost enforcing the HPV vaccines on all Australian Girls and Boys when the forensic evidence shows the health risks associated with this vaccine” ?……… again I ask you all to produce data that shows the success of this vaccine in reducing cancer of the cervix in women and  in reducing sexually transmitted diseases in boys!!!

Peter Eyre – 8/3/2013

Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis

Written by Peter Eyre

March 7, 2013 at 22:20

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