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Australian Government almost forcibly pushes the HPV vaccines on young boys as well as girls Part 1

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Australian Government almost forcibly pushes the HPV vaccines on young boys as well as girls Part 1

Are vaccines harming Australian children?

Are young Australians potentially being sterilized or made infertile




Hey Mum will this cause mental problems or make me infertile ?

We continue to see a sort of hysteria being fed into the minds of all Australian Mums and Dads (and indeed the world) to protect their children against the many viruses that our children could or could not encounter during their younger years and yet I continue to  ask the question – ” is our government or other governments well informed as to the authenticity of the data provided or as to the risks associated with those same vaccines?

It is fact that the world expert on the HPV vaccine, Dr. Harper, herself expressed grave concern as to the acceleration of this programme before normal protocol had been completed i.e. data being released over a long period of time to prove it was advantageous and that it had been tested on humans…….this normal protocol however was side-stepped when the HPV vaccine was rushed into production.


First World Countries

“Mom is it true that aluminum and other ingredients are contained in this vaccine and could make me very ill or infertile”

Third World Countries

“Mom is it true that  the vaccines contain mercury based ingredients and are extremely dangerous to my health, mind and body”

Over many many years I have been investigating the reasoning behind some rather rushed vaccines onto the market that has not only led me to many concerns as a parent but that of other parents around the world.

Those same concerns believe it or not have also come from the very organisations that not only design those vaccines but also the organisation that implement them including the UN, WHO and Disease and Control Agencies etc.

My conscience must therefore yet again repeat this article and also follow it up with factual evidence that I am sure will cause you as a parent or grandparent to become deeply concerned.

I am also repeating this amended article for the political sector within Australia, especially those that implemented this, yet to be proven programme.

Copies will be sent to the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard – Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abboot – Minister for Health,  Tanya Plibersek and many others.

You will note that in the Australian Statistics that have been released it gives reference to what the government calls  the “Success of the Program” but I am sure you would agree that success is measured by the reduction off associated cancers or other sexual viruses that apply to the HPV Vaccine since it was first implemented rather than boasting as to how many have been vaccinated to date – “That is not evidence of its success or failure”

Before printing this article again I would like to place an emphasis on the following extracts from other experts who do not agree with the current trend of governments and the pharmaceutical industry and in doing so warn those concerned of the implications:

Governments Duty of Care

Our government has the responsibility to prove the safety of any vaccination being recommended for broad public health, as part of an overall vaccine program. Our current knowledge of science, the immune system, and the brain would make it unlikely that broad vaccine programs could ever be approved for use today if they hadn’t being going on for so long.

Is it possible that the general public could be calling for criminal penalties/charges for any government minister, department or agency that knew about the dangers of thimerosal /aluminium in vaccines and did nothing to protect our children?


The public are slowly becoming aware that the WHO, UNICEF and our governments are starting to use the media outlets to spread mass hysteria regarding certain potential risky flu outbreaks or the dangers of cervical cancer etc.

 The last one (which is still alive and kicking) was that of the so called pandemic “Swine Flu.” It became clear to most of use that this was certainly a ploy by the pharmaceutical industry to make much money. This particular flu didn’t have any significant impact on the world’s health than any other conventional flu outbreak. In actual fact there were fewer deaths from this pandemic than the norm.

Is it possible that our respective governments and the pharmaceutical industry are literally making a killing in the physical and financial context?

Is it possible that this is also their way of mass depopulation and mass sterilisation in order to comply with the New World Orders “Agenda 21”?

Maybe it would be an opportune time to mention that many vaccines contain not only mercury but also aluminum which is carcinogenic to humans and also has a direct link to autism in our children.

To investigate this dollar driven industry we have to look at some historical facts to prove that many vaccines that are produced to protect us are in actual fact causing us more harm than good. Many of these vaccines are produced in record time and remain untested over a long period of time. I guess the proof of this would be the fact that many doctors and those in the medical professional have not taken the vaccine themselves. Have you ever asked why? I certainly have many times and just get a smile in response to the question!

 There is one ingredient that is of great concern to many medical professionals and that is called Thimerosal which is mercury based. You will find this in many of today’s main line vaccines and has been banned in many western countries. However it is rife in third world countries where strict rules do not apply and has been abused by the WHO and UNICEF in these locations.

 One can clearly see that when certain vaccines must not be administered to pregnant women that this is one of the first clues as to its safety. As an example:

Exposure to mercury in utero and in children may cause mild to severe mental retardation and mild to severe motor coordination impairment.”

Therefore anything that contains Thimerosal fits into this category.

 It is also  believed that Aluminium enhances the toxicity of  Thimerosal and therefore trace elements of Aluminium can come from the fluoride used in our water supply which is the type of fluoride (sodium) added to municipal water to act as a floctuating agent (to settle particles in the water). Fluoride is a hazardous waste product of the aluminium industry! One should also add to this the regular usage of aluminium products used for cooking etc (especially in third world countries). A perfect example of this is when one tries to clean the inside of saucepans etc, wipe a white cloth on the inside it will turn grey or black..

 It is also interesting to note whilst on this topic that this toxic waste has been recommend for other uses  in Australia and other countries such as:

  • Use as a soil amendment to help retain nutrients and adjust soil pH.


  • Use as an additive to fertiliser to improve phosphorous retention in soils.


  • Use as an additive to compost to aid the retention of trace metals.


  • Use as a soil additive for the retention of water.

The main purpose of pointing such things out is the fact that those companies, who produce toxic waste, continue in their attempts to put that waste back into the food chain cycle.

 It should also be noted that the use of Thimerosal as a preservative has been banned in certain western countries:

 The US, Iowa and California passed legislation in favour of mercury-free vaccines.

 The Danish parliament, in 1992, banned the heavy metal from vaccines.  

 The UK passed a similar legislation. At the root of the problem was Thimerosal: this preservative with a 50 per cent mercury constituent is a key ingredient of multi-dose vaccines. These vials are about 10 times cheaper than single-dose vials, making it easier for international agencies to procure vaccines for programmes in developing countries including India. In 2000, for instance, about 80 per cent of vaccines administered globally were supplied in multi-dose vials.

International bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF recommend this preservative. Even those vaccine manufacturers based in developed countries, who make mercury-free vaccines for domestic consumption, use this heavy metal in their products for developing countries.

Most vaccines used for country’s Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP) have a Thimerosal content of 25 µg per five millilitres. Half of that, 12.5 µg, is mercury. A six-week old infant in many parts of the country is administered two vaccines, DPT ( Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus ) and Hepatitis b. This exposes the child to 25 µg of mercury. Infants getting vaccinated at a private clinic are also administered the Haemophilus Influenza Type B Vaccine, as per the Indian Academy of Pediatricians’ protocol. This results in a total exposure of 37.5 µg.

According to the US Environment Protection Agency, the human body can, in a day, safely tolerate 0.1 µg of mercury for every kg of its body weight. So, an average six-week infant, weighing 7 kg, can tolerate an exposure of 0.7 µg of mercury. A child is exposed to mercury levels much higher than this recommended amount on their inoculation day.

The risk of mercury is even higher for the undernourished — and underweight — Indian children. At a WHO meeting of the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety in 2003, it was pointed out that little is known of susceptibility to Thimerosal in infants who weigh less than 2.5 kg. Moreover, children are less equipped to handle the toxic load because they do not produce sufficient levels of bile, needed to remove it.

Thimerosal was developed in the 1930s by US based vaccine major, Lilly. For years the company has manipulated studies to demonstrate the safety of this mercury-based preservative. In fact, when Thimerosal was introduced, the company did have it tested, but only on 22 patients with terminal meningitis. Quite conveniently meningitis was blamed for the death of all those injected with the preservative. 

Lilly used the US government’s paranoia against bio-terrorism to its advantage. Along with other vaccine companies, it persuaded the US government to introduce a clause in the Homeland Security Act — brought in response to the 9/11 attacks — stipulating that these companies can be challenged only in vaccine courts, and not in civil courts. Anxious to ensure vaccine supplies against any anthrax or smallpox attacks, the US government complied.

The clause substantially reduces Lilly’s — and other vaccines companies’ — liability if it were to lose a Thimerosal-related litigation. In such an event, the company would have to pay us $5 billion in damages, six times less than what it would be liable for if the case was fought in a civil court.

While many US experts approve of Thimerosal, cases of autism increased in the country. In the early 1980s, only one among 10,000 children in the US was autistic. By the late 1990s, one in 500 children had the disease; currently there is one autistic child per 166 newborns in the US. Experts who incriminate Thimerosal for this rise point out that mercury in vaccines more than doubled between 1988 and 1992. They also cite the contrasting example of Denmark, where autism afflicts one in 13,000 children — the country banned Thimerosal in vaccines in 1992.

Thimerosal has also been implicated in other nerve disorders. For instance in 2003, David Baskin of the Department of Neuro Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine demonstrated that this preservative can cause membrane and DNA damage, and kill nerve cells, even when administered in small amounts.

The main purpose of this article is to draw attention to the latest mass hysteria being created by governments and the pharmaceutical industry in relation to the current Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

I am sure we have all read so much about the new vaccine which according to the experts guards our young female generation against cervical cancer at a later date. However it is my belief, that yet again, we are being conned into allowing the government to vaccinate our young ladies in mass with the HPV Vaccine.

So what are the facts about this controversial vaccine, what are the potential dangers and what is the commercial name for these products:

The HPV vaccine normally comes under the name of Gardasil or Cervarix. There are some grave concerns regarding these vaccines which contain Polysorbate 80 which is believed to cause infertility. There are also many concerns as to the side effects of this vaccine and in some cases death. I will now try to explain this questionable vaccine.

The HPV vaccine is administered to girls around the age of 12 – 13 years during their first year at High School. It requires a top up again between the ages of 13 – 18 with another top up from time to time up to the age of around 26 years. Many experts again question the testing time for this vaccine and also are concerned that the safety data has been manipulated.  

I would therefore ask the question is this another New World Order ploy via the respective governments to reduce the populations of the world by creating mass infertility in young women, as well as, in some cases, death?

Dr. Harper is one of the world’s top experts on the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and one of  the leading scientists the pharmaceutical industries turned to for help to conduct clinical trials – including those that led to approval by the US Food and Drug Administration of Gardasil.

Dr Harper has made some startling admissions, some of which have been retracted or removed from the media. Here are some of her comments:

She started off by saying “This is a real danger zone,”

Dr. Harper expresses concerns over what she considers a rush to recommend and mandate the vaccination of very young girls with the vaccine. “It went too fast, it went too fast without any breaks,” says Harper, who devoted nearly two decades of her career to research on HPV.

Dr Harper went on to say “Time is needed to study potential side effects in larger numbers of young girls before any consideration should be given to mandating such a vaccine.”  “The vaccine has not been out long enough for us to have post marketing surveillance to really understand what all the potential side effects are going to be. We feel it is very safe.” However, she adds, “We don’t know yet what’s going to happen when millions of doses of the vaccine have been given and to put in process a place that says you must have this vaccine, it means you must be part of a big public experiment. So we can’t do that until we have more data.”

Barbara Low Fisher agrees. She took to the streets a grass roots fight credited with derailing many efforts around the country to mandate the vaccine. “It was the quickest effort I have ever seen in 25 years for a vaccine to be mandated,” says Fisher. A mother of a son who she say was left with learning disabilities following a routine vaccination in the 1980’s, Fisher is President and Co Founder of the National Vaccine Information Center. It is a non-profit independent clearinghouse for information on vaccines and disease.

Fisher says her organization has been contacted by nearly 100 parents claiming their daughters have suffered some type of adverse reaction following a Gardasil shot – at times given in combination with other vaccines. She says many parents are frustrated in their search for answers and that they don’t know where to turn. She tells Gillen “the National Vaccine Information Center is getting reports every week, mostly mothers, of what is happening to their 11-year old girls after receiving Gardasil.”

Harper says parents need to be armed with as much information as possible. She believes the vaccine should be an educated choice. She explained that many parents do not realize or are not being told by physicians, that their daughters might end up needing a booster shot. She says what can be considered key study trials lasted at most 5 years and that there is no way to know exactly how long the vaccine will be effective.

I think the thought is that there probably will be efficacy for longer than 5 years but it’s probably not going to be lifetime efficacy. There probably will be some need for a booster. There will be some need for understanding when we going to need to be able to revaccinate those women. Those are all open questions,” “I can’t stress enough the need for pap tests throughout a woman’s lifetime, even if she has received an HPV vaccine.”

Dr Harper also believed that to give this vaccine to young girls under 15 was also wrong and currently they are talking about giving this as early as 9 years. Dr Harper went on to express her disapproval for any potential effort to mandate a Cervex vaccine for young girls. As Dr. Harper explains “It’s still like-wise with Gardasil. They haven’t been out long enough, there isn’t enough information to have a mandate that you can’t go to school until you have this vaccine. It does not make any sense.”

For my part I cannot understand how anyone should be receiving this unproven vaccine when you calculate the risks associated with it. I believe that with regular “Pap Smear Tests” one can determine any unusual cell activity in good time before it becomes a problem. At the end of the day the HPV vaccine may only cure a very small amount of the 100 variants of HPV and as such does not offer 100% cure.

It is now time to show some historical aspects of the types of vaccines that have been carried out in many parts of the world to which I hold grave concerns. Could it be that this is a covert sterilisation programme using vaccines such as tetanus, rubella and now possibly the HPV vaccine (Gardasil and Cervarix)? Are they still using mercury in third world country vaccines (even though this additive has now been prohibited in most Western countries) as a means of mass a birth control?

Between 1963 and 1965 more than 400,000 Colombian women were sterilized in a program funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

In the 1990`s the UN`s World Health Organization launched a campaign to vaccinate millions of women in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines between the ages of 15 and 45. The stated purpose was to protect against Tetanus or Lockjaw, a painful sometimes lethal infectious reaction to external wounds or cuts. However, the vaccine was not given to men or boys, who are more prone to wounds from cuts and rusty nails than the ladies.

Comite Pro Vida de Mexico, a Roman Catholic lay organization became suspicious and had the vaccine samples tested. The tests revealed that the WHO Tetanus vaccine used to inoculate women of child bearing age contained human Chorionic Gonadotrophin or hCG, a natural hormone that is secreted in the initial stages of pregnancy, but when combined with a tetanus toxoid carrier stimulated antibodies rendering a woman incapable of maintaining a pregnancy. None of the women vaccinated were told.

In 1995, the Catholic Women’s League of the Philippines won a court order halting a UNICEF anti-tetanus program because the vaccine had been laced with B-hCG. The Supreme Court of the Philippines found the surreptitious sterilization program had already vaccinated three million women, aged 12 to 45. B-hCG-laced vaccine was also found in at least four other developing countries.

A UNICEF campaign to vaccinate Nigeria’s youth against polio may have been a front for sterilizing the nation. Dr. Haruna Kaita, a pharmaceutical scientist and Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, took samples of the vaccine to labs in India for analysis.

Using WHO-recommended technologies like Gas Chromatography (GC) and Radio-Immuno assay, Dr. Kaita, upon analysis, found evidence of serious contamination. “Some of the things we discovered in the vaccines are harmful, toxic; some have direct effects on the human reproductive system,”  “I and some other professional colleagues who are Indians who were in the Lab could not believe the discovery,”

It is also interesting to note that patents exist in the US and many countries after the proposal, several years ago, to create a birth control vaccine which induces the formation of antibodies against the human pregnancy hormone, the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). These inventions are described in patents issued in India, U.S.A. and several other countries. (Ref. EP 204566, JP 62286928, CA 1239346, U.S. Pat. No. 4,780,312, CN 8603854). This research continued with another invention which generates antibody response of a long duration against hCG after a single or a limited number of injections etc.

Bill Gates also made a statement where he maintains “if we do a really great job on vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that [his initial 2050 global population projection of 9-billion] by perhaps about 10 to 15 percent.”

It must be emphasised that the existence of Polysorbate 80 in the HPV vaccine caused infertility in rats and mice. Don’t you find this astonishing that whenever they want to prove if any vaccine or chemical is safe they always test the product on rats and mice first before its usage on humans In this case the results where startling to say the least and yet this aspect of the HPV has been bypassed.

I found the following Irish headline really did hit the nail on the head:

  “Lock up your Daughters – Suspected Serial Killer Due for Release.”

 What accompanied these headlines was the following:

 After zealous crusading for mass HPV vaccination by media, special-interest groups, politicians and the medical establishment, the Irish Health Service last week commenced implementing an injection-by-Gardasil program for all 12 year old schoolgirls. Irish parents signed consent forms as media and medical experts glorified the  “terrific” vaccine. 

It seems Irish media etiquette forbids mentioning the flood of deaths and debilitating reactions reported in the US for Gardasil recipients.  As of Jun 2010 (4 years after it’s approval),   71 deaths of girls & young women, along with over 18,000 had been reported to the FDA via the “VAERS” system (these incidents are probably greatly under reported).  

In addition, five Gardasil related deaths in Germany have been reported (detailed in reporting system at Paul-Ehrlich-Institute in Germany). Two of these occurred among the first 1.5m recipients of the vaccine in Europe.   

 I would also like to add this article I found regarding Merck, the manufacturer of Gardasi: The recent  track record of Merck does not render it unlikely that they would deny for years the dangers of an unsafe product, before finally being forced to pull it from the market (and then pay out billions in settlements).  A record, incidentally, that does not exclude deceptive marketing tactics to play down a drug’s health risks. 

In Jun 2010 Research Physician Scott Reuben, MD, who pled guilty to falsifying research on the use of Vioxx (forecoxib; Merch) was sentenced in a Boston federal court to 6 months in prison for healthcare fraud and ordered to repay pharmaceutical companies that financed his research.  Merck voluntarily withdrew Vioxx ( Rofecoxib) from the market in 2004 after evidence showed the painkiller boosted the risk for heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular events.   Dr. Reuben admitted that he had not enrolled any patients in trials but, instead, had simply made up findings.

Another top research professor, funded by Merck to design and conduct the Gardasil Clinical Safety Trials, admitted it was not tested for effectiveness in younger girls under 16.  “Giving it to 11-year-olds is a great big public health experiment” said Dr. Diane M. Harper, “At 11, these girls don’t get cervical cancer – they won’t know for 25 years if they will get cervical cancer.  She also spoke about the need for “More complete warnings.”

 I was further shocked to find out that 70% of our High School girls have already received this unproven vaccination.

Here are the statistics from the UK’s  NHS for year 2008/9:

Seventy per cent of eligible 12 to 13-year-old girls were fully immunised against HPV – the virus that can lead to most cervical cancers – during 2008-09, a report from The NHS Information Centre shows today.

While 70 per cent of girls in school year eight received all three doses of the vaccine, just over 87 per cent in total received one dose, according to NHS Immunisations Statistics, England, 2008-09.

The statistics also show that in 2008-09,

  • Uptake of the Measles Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine for children reaching their second birthday remained at around 85 per cent for the third year running. This is still lower than in the mid 1990s when just over 90 percent of children received the MMR vaccine, but higher than the uptake low of 80 per cent in 2003-04.
  • 78 per cent of children received first and second doses of the MMR vaccine between the ages of three and five. This is a four percentage point increase on the previous year. This is the highest level recorded since the COVER programme began evaluating the second dose of MMR at five years of age in 1998.
  • Uptake of vaccines against diphtheria, tetanus, polio, pertussis, haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) and meningitis C (MenC) for children reaching their second birthday was between 92 per cent and 94 per cent, a level that has remained broadly stable since 2004-05.
  • There were 239,241 BCG vaccinations in 2008-09, an increase of 10 per cent on the previous year (217,294) given to those in specified at risk categories. Although babies under the age of one, account for the nearly two thirds of the BCG vaccinations, most of this increase came from vaccination of those aged over one which increased by nearly 22 per cent from 73,978 in 2007-08 to 90,213 in 2008-09.
  • The proportion of people aged 65 and over immunised against seasonal influenza was 74 per cent in 2008-09, maintaining the level of recent years and very close to attaining the World Health Organisation target of 75 per cent.

Tim Straughan, Chief Executive of the NHS Information Centre said: “Our statistics show that in the first school year of the HPV vaccine being offered, 70 per cent of eligible girls completed the full course of all three doses.

“Our report also shows uptake of the MMR vaccine has remained at roughly 85 per cent since 2006-07. This remains lower than in the mid 1990s when just over 90 percent of children received the MMR vaccine, but higher than the uptake low of 80 per cent in 2003-04.”

The full immunisation statistics are online: www.ic.nhs.uk/pubs/immstats2008-2009

I am sure readers will now have the opportunity to understand the evil ways of the WHO, UNICEF, governments and pharmaceutical companies and be able to make a more informed decision as to what their babies, children and teenagers should or should not be given.

Rumour has it that the standard flue top up vaccine given to millions of people each year may well include (in disguise) the “Swine Flu Vaccine” that failed so miserably and cost our respective governments millions……all of which was to the advantage of the companies who made them.

Even as far back as 2009  warnings were issued that a new swine flu jab is linked to a deadly nerve disease and was sent by the Government to senior neurologists in a confidential letter…… bet you didn’t know that either!!!

One other very important point is the fact that scientists who advised the World Health Organization on its influenza policies and recommendations—including the decision to proclaim the so-called swine flue a “pandemic” had close ties to companies that manufacture vaccines and antiviral medicines like Tamiflu, a fact that WHO did not publicly disclose……why would they when it puts more money into their own pockets.

The Danish media in 2010 also again investigated the above aspects and hit the nail on the head when they stated in a rather humorous way :

World Health Organisation (WHO – World Homicide Organisation) disclosed that their staffs were linked to Pharmaceutical Companies!!

Another story that appeared out of Denmark was the following:

Police in Denmark investigating a case of fraud involving the scientist Poul Thorsen, a key author of a controversial study that appears to show mercury in vaccines are safe,  have been denied documents by US police authorities.

Danish police were told that they would have to make a request to the US Justice Department through the Danish Ministry of Justice before they could access documents on Thorsen, who was the recipient of research grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and who is believed to have defrauded the University of Aarhaus of 10 million Danish crowns.

Clearly this scientist had very little knowledge of the dangers associated with the highly toxic and highly corrosive mercury.

In Australia, the Federal Health Minister at the time, Nicola Roxon,  is reassuring parents the swine flu is no more dangerous than regular seasonal flu. “Most people, including children, will experience very mild symptoms and recover without any medical intervention,” she said……..I would tend to agree with this wise lady……we were all born with an immune system and unless the person has some overpowering health problem then let our natural system tackle it.

I would urge you not to allow this to continue and certainly think twice before having a swine flu vaccine or any vaccine that you are not comfortable with. Certainly safeguard your daughters against this HPV con and just maintain regular “Pap Smear Tests” and address any abnormal cell activity as and when they show up. Remember your daughter has the right to have a child and you have the right to share in the joy of having a grandchild.

I guess the final comment comes from this report which stated:

“Cure the Disease, Kill the Patient”

 Less than 100 children in the U.S. die each year from seasonal flu viruses. If we use Australia’s math, a very rough estimate would be another 100 children could potentially die of swine flu in the United States in the coming year.

If children are the first target group in the U.S.  that means we’re about to inject around 75 million children with a fast tracked vaccine containing novel adjuvants, including dangerous squalene or whatever, to prevent perhaps 100 deaths.

Last year we again saw another concern: A swine flu vaccine which has been given to thousands of children in Britain may cause the sleep disorder narcolepsy.

Symptoms include excessive daytime sleepiness and nodding off suddenly without warning.

All packets of the vaccine Pandemrix will have to carry a warning about the risk following a ruling by the EU regulator, the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Finally we have the admission by the NHS that the swine flu vaccine is to be included in the winter flu jab for the first time in a bid to stop the virus from returning……..what virus and what danger does it present I would ask!!!

 Finally I must add to this horror the continued usage, by the world’s military, of weapons containing uranium components in all areas of conflict. The radiation contamination from these weapons has spread and continues to spread around the entire world resulting in mass genocide and infertility on a scale never seen before. This aspect was covered in my previous War Crimes Complaint that was filed in December 2009 with the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission in which I attempted to take our ex Prime Minister Tony Blair and the British Government to the KL War Crimes Tribunal on behalf of the people of Iraq and other people from other areas of conflict.

 As we have already discovered the Zionist led New World Order have declared that they must reduce the world’s population by a minimum of at least one third……who gave this evil satanic organisation the right to act as God?

It is also vital to mention  the past usage of  Squalene, especially in relation to the vaccination of our troops, which appears to have strong links with the “Gulf War Syndrome” …….here are some extracts from my article on this additive:

  Gulf War syndrome (GWS) with a banned substance used in experimental vaccines.

 The study, conducted by scientists at Tulane University Medical School, found that an overwhelming majority of sick veterans who had served in the Gulf War, and had received at least one vaccination, tested positive for antibodies to a naturally occurring substance called squalene. None of the healthy veterans in the study tested positive for squalene antibodies.

DoD officials originally dismissed the study as flawed and asserted that none of the vaccines administered during the Gulf War contained squalene. In response to pressure from Congress, however, the department has asked the Armed Forces Epidemiological Board (AFEB) to re-examine the study. The Institute of Medicine is also reviewing the research to see what role squalene may play in Gulf-related illnesses.

A naturally occurring molecule, squalene is produced by the human liver and plays a role in the metabolism of cholesterol. It is most commonly found in vegetable oils, shark liver oil,cosmetics and various health supplements.

Under normal circumstances, squalene is released into the blood to help combat physical injuries. However, people don’t usually have enough squalene in their blood to prompt the production of detectable levels of antibodies.

Since the late 1980s, squalene has been studied by the DoD and the National Institutes of Health as a possible adjuvant in vaccines. Because adjuvants boost the immune system’s response to foreign antibodies, the subtance has sparked the interest of researchers. Drug manufacturers, for their part, have incorporated adjuvants into vaccines in the belief that the substance will render the vaccine more effective.

Adjuvants, however, can sometimes trigger unwanted immune responses. While large-scale studies have yet to be conducted in humans, animal studies have shown that squalene adjuvants may generate autoimmune versions of arthritis and multiple sclerosis type-conditions that attack the body from within.2

Although they have been used in a number of vaccines worldwide, only one adjuvant – aluminum hydroxide – has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in vaccines in the United States. And although squalene-adjuvant vaccines have been used on laboratory animals and in experimental human tests, the FDA has not approved the general use of any vaccine containing squalene in the U.S.


You will note the admitance of aluminum hydroxide!!!!


I guess the final question would have to be “Did they spike the vaccine with squalene and use the troops as guinea pigs” ?

After years of repeated obfuscation, the US Federal Government finally admitted that a banned chemical additive linked to the Gulf War syndrome has been found in some of the vaccines developed to protect military personnel from biological attack. – FDA Tests Fins Squalene in Anthrax Vaccine.

The article also gave some of the other ingredients/problems associated with current vaccines:


Adjuvants (immune response boosters)



Vaccine Contaminants:

One could spend weeks investigating each of the above ingredients but time does not allow and so one can only leave it up to each individual War Vet or parent to read between the lines and reach their own conclusion.

For my part I feel sorry for all third world countries that are being almost forced to have these vaccinations at great risk to their babies and young children.

The world is now being subjected too or should I say conned into accepting the current HPV vaccine. The fact that this is now being  given to almost all high school females (and now males) around the world’s is simply deplorable……..this is indeed depopulation or genocide on a very big scale.

All I can do is attempt to tell the truth via such TV stations as Press TV or RT and try to educate all those in the world who simply do not know……you are literally “sheep to the slaughter.”

I would in closing now challenge the Australian Government, The Minister for Health, Leader of the Opposition and other political figures  to respond to this article and provide factual evidence of the success of the HPV vaccine since its launch in Australia along with appropriate statistics that prove it has decreased cancer/sexually transmitted viruses in those that have received the vaccine.

It may also be appropriate to discuss the hike in Autism amongst the world’s young and more importantly the massive hike in worldwide infertility!

Don’t you find it ironic that the Australian Government  launched a programme for couples to have more children and reward them financially and yet now under the terms of Agenda 21 they are seeking to mass depopulate by whatever means.

During one of my many broadcast in the US I received a phone in from an ex senior pharmaceutical scientist who told me that he had retired from the industry prematurely based on ethical and moral  grounds and agreed with most of what I had published and talked about.

He went on to say that many of those working in the industry, including himself, do not vaccinate their own children or any of their siblings……..I asked him why to which he responded ……”for the very same reason what you are writing about and talking about!!

This did not come as a shock to me as I had already ascertained this in the UK when I asked many doctors and staff in medical centres if they have received the annual flue jab or allowed their children to have certain vaccinations…….in some cases I never got an answer but simply a smile!!!

My next article will cover what the Australian Government are saying about the HPV vaccine along with their statistics etc and then later I will reveal some very sensitive and confidential leaks that have been exposed in the US when top level experts met up to discuss this very topic and how they themselves had some very serious concerns that they intentionally withheld from the public……..it will blow you away!!!

My final question would have to be who controls Australia………the Zionist controlled New World Order or the Australian Government? and why does this country allow it to happen.

That is another topic I will cover in a later articles and prove that Australia is controlled from outside the “Lucky Country”

Bless you all

Peter Eyre – 17/2/2013

Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis

Written by Peter Eyre

February 16, 2013 at 05:27

Posted in Corporate/Government Fraud and Corruption, News

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  1. I spent a little time trying to understand the ‘back-story’ regarding a recent mainstream news item see: “Nigeria arrests journalists over polio worker killings”

    I learn that in 2004 a Dr. Haruna Kaita took samples of the orally administered polio vaccine (OPV) being used in Nigeria to labs in India for analysis. He discovered the vaccines contained substances (eg: oestrogens) that cause an anti-fertility response in humans.

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) offer this deceptive insubstantial answer to a direct question:
    Does OPV contain anti-fertility agents (e.g. synthetic oestrogens)?
    OPV does not include any anti-fertility agents during the production process. Therefore, testing of OPV for anti-fertility agents is not required or recommended by international and national vaccine production or regulatory guidelines, and is not part of the routine tests that are performed on OPV for control of the quality and safety.

    Click to access qa_production_control_pq_11july2012.pdf

    This all links to foundations who have clear historical links to the eugenics movement and to Christian NGO’s

    Recommended reading also here:

  2. Australian Government Aid is now funding HPV vaccination programs in Fiji. TV ads are airing nightly about these HPV vaccinations for girls. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5B33mHU4Ig&feature=share&list=PL29FAFADCF626C4AC


    February 25, 2013 at 10:33

    • Thanks for your input…..one would have to ask why Fiji?…….something more sinister must be in mind……..it is now proven that HPV and many other vaccines have other motives!!!…Peter

      Peter Eyre

      February 25, 2013 at 10:47

      • I concur with the sinister motives and will be looking into this closely.


        February 25, 2013 at 11:05

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