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The Hypocrisy of The New World Order and its Assault on Islamic Nations – Part 5

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The Hypocrisy of The New World Order and its Assault on Islamic Nations – Part 5



The Kurdish Genocide compliments of Chemical and Biological technology supplied by the US, UK and many other western countries


Iranian war dead as a direct result of the US, UK and other western governments giving Saddam Chemical and Biological Warfare Weapons

I find it rather sad that the Kurdish Regional Government are seeking a special day in memory of this tragic event and yet continue to have very close ties with the nations that supplied and set up Saddams CBW programme……The US played a significant role leading up to this genocide and the good old Brits actually built and funded Saddam laboratories …….with both assisting in the supply of the deadly ingredients.

Let me remind you of both the Iranian and Kurdish attacks carried out by Saddam:

In July 1988 Iraqi airplanes dropped chemical cyanide bombs on the Iranian Kurdish village of Zardan (as they had done four months earlier on their own Kurdish village of Halabja). Hundreds were killed at once, and the survivors are still suffering from a variety of physical and mental disorders. It has since been proven that the agent used on the Kurds and later on Iran was the deadly VX Gas.

To continue with the story:

A  conclusion was draw up which gave a very accurate assessment as follows:

This paper rests its case on the following principal points:

1. That it is known that a range of pathogenic (disease producing) and toxigenic (poisonous) biological materials were exported to Iraq from the United States between 1985 and 1989, and that, among other warfare-related materials, these included a strain of anthrax utilized and tested over many years as a weapon, including during well documented WW2 and post-WW2 trials, to which the US was a party. 

2. That the US Government was fully aware of the dangers vested in the biological materials exported to Iraq by the American Type Culture Collection between 1985 and 1989, and was, at the least, grossly negligent in failing to prohibit these exports to a state which was known by the US Administration at that time to be actively utilizing chemical weapons of mass destruction, and suspected – if not known – to also be developing a biological weapons programme.

3. That with knowledge of the US biological exports, the British Government, being bound to act according to the law, and having stated as much in the UK Parliament in the name of Her Majesty the Queen, has a responsibility to formally report this matter to the UN Security Council for investigation. Furthermore, that failure to do so effectively renders the BTWC meaningless, and, thereby, compromises the very concept of international law.

Beyond the case made in this paper, the following appears to be the disturbing international political reality: The invasion of Iraq by the United States and Britain in 2003 was predicated upon Iraq’s possession of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ – the primary threat presented both to Parliament and the People being anthrax. This anthrax was exported to Iraq from the US, having previously been exported from Britain, where it had been tested as a biological weapon “because its capability to produce infection and death after the inhalation of spores had been demonstrated in the laboratory”. This information is well known to the US, Britain, and Canada, due to a trilateral agreement concerning biological research between the three nations. Meanwhile, more than 20% of Britain’s MP representing approximately 12 million people – have twice called for a UN investigation into the US exports, a call which has been dismissed by the British Government by means of flimsy responses and a refusal to answer questions properly. 

The United States with Great Britain blocked all Security Council resolutions condemning Iraq’s use of chemical weapons, and on March 21 the US becomes the only country refusing to sign a Security Council statement condemning Iraq’s use of these weapons

The US Department of Commerce licenses 70 biological exports to Iraq between May of 1985 and 1989, including at least 21 batches of lethal strains of anthrax

May, 1986. US Department of Commerce approves shipment of weapons grade botulin poison to Iraq.

 April, 1988. US Department of Commerce approves shipment of chemicals used in manufacture of mustard gas.

 September, 1988. US Department of Commerce approves shipment of weapons grade anthrax and botulinum to Iraq.

 It should also be noted that the MK-84 bomb that was stockpiled in Saudi Arabia also formed part of the support for Saddam when hundreds of these U.S.-made general-purpose “dumb bombs” were transferred to Iraq.

What was even more surprising was when Saddam’s elite troops received instruction in unconventional warfare at Fort Bragg , North Carolina USA. “The idea was that, in the event of an Iranian victory, the Iraqi soldiers would be able to wage a guerrilla struggle against the occupying Iranian force”

On May 25, 1994, the U.S. Senate Banking Committee released a report in which it was stated that “pathogenic (meaning ‘disease producing’), toxigenic (meaning ‘poisonous’), and other biological research materials were exported to Iraq pursuant to application and licensing by the U:S: Department of Commerce.” It added: “These exported biological materials were not attenuated or weakened and were capable of reproduction.”

The report then detailed 70 shipments (including Bacillus Anthracis) from the United States to Iraqi government agencies over three years, concluding “It was later learned that these microorganisms exported by the United States were identical to those the UN inspectors found and recovered from the Iraqi biological warfare program.”

Iraq purchased 8 strains of anthrax from the United States in 1985, according to British biological weapons expert David Kelly. The Iraqi military settled on the American Type Culture Collection strain 14578 as the exclusive strain for use as a biological weapon.

Donald Riegle, Chairman of the Senate Committee that authored the aforementioned Riegle Report. said: “U.N. inspectors had identified many United States manufactured items that had been exported from the United States to Iraq under licenses issued by the Department of Commerce, and [established] that these items were used to further Iraq’s chemical and nuclear weapons development and its missile delivery system development programs. … The executive branch of our government approved 771 different export licenses for sale of dual-use technology to Iraq. I think that is a devastating record.”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control sent Iraq 14 separate agents “with biological warfare significance,” according to Riegle’s investigators.

It is now known that a vast network of companies, based in the U.S. and elsewhere, fed Iraq’s warring capabilities right up until August 1990, when Saddam invaded Kuwait.

Innocent victims of western supplied CBW to Iraq (namely US and UK)

On the military hardware front, MD 500 Defender helicopters were also part of the deal with the US when Iraq acquired 60 multi-role military helicopters directly from the United States in 1983. Additional helicopter sales prompted congressional opposition, forcing the Reagan administration to explore alternative ways of assisting Saddam.

Alan Friedman wrote that Sarkis Soghanalian, one of the most notorious arms dealers during the Cold War, procured Eastern Bloc and French origin weaponry, and brokered vast deals with Iraq, with the tacit approval of the Central Intelligence Agency.

This most prominent arms merchant, Sarkis Soghanalian, was a Miami-based former CIA contractor who brokered tens of billions of dollars’ worth of military hardware for Iraq during the 1980s, reporting many of his transactions to officials in Washington. Soghanalian was close to the Iraqi leadership and to intelligence officers and others in the Reagan administration. He played a vital role serving as a go between for the CIA and other US government operations.

In an interview with William Kistner, Soghanalian stated that he was “working closely with the U.S. government”. Soghanalian also helped the Iraqis obtain TOW Anti Tank Missile , for which he was later prosecuted by the United States Department of Justice.

What is so upsetting was the fact that almost 150 foreign companies supported Saddam Hussein’s WMD program. Twenty-four U.S. firms were involved in exporting materials to Baghdad. Add to this an even longer list of American companies, UK, many EU countries, South Africa, South East Asian countries, including Singapore and Japan.

The whole episode is rather sickening when one believes that one day those responsible would be put before the International Court System. Every inquiry to reveal this broad based corruption and illegal arms trading has failed…..The Matrix Churchill Inquiry, The Scott Inquiry and now the Chilcott Inquiry (Iraq Inquiry) all totally rigged.

Basically “business as usual prevails” whilst the unscrupulous offenders, Heads of State, Senior Politicians, Government Departments and Company Executives get away with murder. If one adds to this the massive fraud that exists we find ourselves living amongst a den of thieves……but do not worry our governments know how to rob the poor to feed the rich!

We certainly live in a highly corrupt society with those that lead us leading the way!!

Maybe now you can better understand as to why people like David Kelly were assassinated and even possibly politicians such as Sir John Biggs Davison , Robin Cook and not forgetting Princess Diana.

Maybe you have never questioned as to why leaders of countries that have fallen victim to the greed of the west have never been tried in the Hague for war crimes etc………the answer is simple……the likes of Saddam, Mubarek and Ghadaffi all knew too much and if they were presented to the Hague they could well spill the beans of exactly what the US, UK and other EU countries  gave them……….you will see that Mubarek will end up the same way and no doubt the President of Yemen will follow……..such is the “Axis of Evil” that exists here in the west.

Part 6 and the final Part 7 will prove beyond a shadow of doubt just how hypocritical and two faced  the US and UK were in all of these unnecessary wars and how they having knowingly provided Chemical and Biological technology to harm innocent civilians in mass and how as a direct result of their illegal arms dealings have caused harm and injury to all the coalition forces.

Documentation will also be supplied to show how the government and MoD were pre warned of the dangers associated with the vaccination of troops prior to the Gulf War with accounts by experts (in the field) of  CBW attacks on their facilities by Saddam using Scud Missiles armed with CBW warheads………… the technology of which was supplied by the west!!!

Peter Eyre -6/2/2013

Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis

Written by Peter Eyre

February 6, 2013 at 03:08

Posted in Corporate/Government Fraud and Corruption, News

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  1. The bible in revelations calls the devils the red dragon who is the whore of babylon and the black beast, which gives power to the ailing red dragon. The black beast may well be the assassinations /faux suicides/warfare/ poisoning (most of it slow)/ of the earth and her peoples and the sexual slavery and attacks against the institution of the family -which are all war against humanity. PSYOPS is the nature of the devil who masquerades as an angel of light- which he once was as he feigns to liberate and act with humanitarian concerns but really destroys and thieves in his envy.
    Anyone who seriously considers the Popes and the Catholic church as part of the anti-christ are grossly misled by the devil who himself has long been called the father of all lies. Still the devil has surely infiltrated the church and most Catholics must accept this because of the sexual scandals which we abhor and have done a great job in clearing up. Judas Iscariot, the disciple and betrayer was the one who was in charge of the money or BANKING and so it is highly likely that gross abuses are taking place in the bank which our pope cannot control and possibly is unaware of at least some of them. We may find it difficult to see God on earth but we can surely see satan and we should remember that Jesus called him the prince of this earth which is why Christians ask for God’s kingdom to come and for God’s will to be done on earth- because it clearly is not being done.
    All that we see and abhor is grossly evil and we see many are corrupt seemingly without conscience, many are blind, many are useful idiots, many are misled to do gross evil for good intentions as they think it the only choice. Global warming being caused by CO2 has many convinced and those ones are complicit in the genocides of humanity taking place- slowly for now.
    The genocides are through plane trails which are chemical and biological weapons, through GM foods, through our meat and poisoned crops our poisoned water and through big pharma- vaccines and toxic drugs which linger and don’t even break down once expelled from the human body. Sexual slavery and addiction and the procurement of women, children & young men for abuses is epidemic. The state redistributes a proportion of children with forced adoptions and we know too well of many abductions. Abortion is an ugly and gross genocide of humanity along with the abortifacients that over the long term sterilise so many of us. There is an underhand attack on our fertility, which is seen as a crime- Think of the attacks on unmarried teen mums. This is because they did not treat their fertility -with the murder of the child. The new laws satan has for us is that fertility is to given by doctors who put a baby together or in other words create human lives in petri dishes. Then we are given babies by the doctors and they deliver them for us. I see the power of our fertility, I see it as an awesome gift which I do not want to lose and I respect myself as a lifegiver. Marriage is no longer as mother and father are replaced with parent 1 & 2. Men and women can be both husband and wife and the Catholic church will be persecuted through the gay rights legislation. Do not use the word PARTNER for one’s spouse.
    I remember a neighbour telling me that men and women would marry one another back in 1970 or thereabouts and now I wonder how he knew of it.
    There are those of us who can see the evil about us and see how widespread it is and so we also must see that there is the eschatological battle taking place. We need to return to prayer and seek to find the Truth itself or himself. Jesus said I am the truth and for sure we know that the devil and his PSYOPS are grossly evil lies.
    Those of us who hate the PSYOPS and abuses against humanity need to be on God’s side in our fight against it and so God will be the closer to us on our side in the fight against the abhorrent evil we truly detest with our entire being.
    For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.

    Those of us who hate the PSYOPS and abuses against humanity need to have God on our side in our fight against it and so we need to be on God’s side.


    February 6, 2013 at 16:49

  2. God is love and if you love God keep His commandments , what are they ? We as christians , have we done that ? The high ruling spirit in heaven is Jezebel for she took money from the people and gave it to her husband , Ahab .She was killed in Jezreel . The Jezebel that we must over come is the church in this day or better yet the Jewess of Hollywood for both are good examples of takening our money .The church of Rome controls 80% of the worlds population whether it is protestant or not . The two legs of iron was Rome and the ten toes , mixed with iron and clay(non Romans) and these aare the ten Kings (without a kingdom) with much wealth . The biggest lie is the saying that the Jews are God’s chosen and the next is the meaning of Israel ,do you know what it is or who they are ? Changing course , in 1998 , being 50 years since i was sent from England and to Canada and then to the USA and now a Naturalized citizen of the U.S. . The first night that Marie and i were there and as we slept , i heard a voice in my head ,” here they come again ” and immediatly a vision , a picture if you will , a blue sky and the sun with rays like a child would draw . A few houses and trees and a green meadow below . Suddenly in that meadow the earth opened and out came many flying creatures , and i had the feeling that they were mad i was there , they were dirty flying fast and bat like in appearance in the face , then i hearde in my head , “look at the length behind them.” Needless to say recalling everything the next i was troubled and we cut our vacation short . Never been back to England and have no desire to do so . So i ask you could this be something of Rev. 12 , i do know that the true church will come out of the House of Israel .


    February 6, 2013 at 20:06

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