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The Hypocrisy of The New World Order and its Assault on Islamic Nations – Part 2

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The Hypocrisy of The New World Order and its Assault on Islamic Nations – Part 2


In my last article I talked about how blatantly western government are prepared to go to war or create a conflict in order to stop other nations from obtaining what they themselves have designed and incorporated into their respective arsenals.

I find it so hypocritical to learn that many of those countries we have gone to war with were at one time our allies. During those good times our governments not only helped them achieve Nuclear Weapons/Chemical and Biological Warfare but indeed  also gave them the ingredients and in many cases funded and helped build the laboratories and testing facilities, as was the case with Iraq prior to the Gulf Wars.    


“Can you believe that these guys behind me actually help fund the Chemical and Biological Scuds that Saddam has just fired at us”

So let’s just delve into this area and see who sold what to whom and how much they helped those that later became our enemy and more importantly how they also allowed these programmes to harm our own troops…….two classic examples was when Saddam fired Scud Missiles at US/UK and Coalition bases in Saudi Arabia laden with CBW additives that the western governments had given to him……… also those same governments  gave  vaccinations to all coalition forces prior too and during the Gulf War’s knowing they could be potentially fatal or create long lasting medical problems to our troops……..this is now referred too as “Gulf War Syndrome”………..add to this the fact that again the governments knew that all troops in the field could succumb to contamination by our own weapons as a direct result of inhalation/absorption of radioactive nano particle from weapons that contained  Depleted Uranium…………I might add that most of today’s weapons contain DU in some form!!!

Illegal arms trading between the west and any nation that was prepared to pay for them was rife and in particular money, hardware, nuclear components and chemical and biological ingredients freely flowed between the west and Iraq prior to the attack on the Kurds, the Iraq – Iran War and prior to the Gulf War.

It was the wish of all the major player’s in the west to keep the war going for as long as possible which still stands true to this day.

Italy played an important role in arming Iraq through a US branch of the state owned largest bank in Italy. There were so many complex arrangements that allowed Iraq and its supporters to bypass the embargo. Moving land and sea mines production to Singapore was a typical example. Yugoslavia also sold weapons for the entire duration of the conflict as did Portugal. Spain sold 172 Million Euros of weapons. Spain also sold 4X4 vehicles, BO-105 helicopters, explosives and ammunition’s. It should also be noted that an unexploded chemical Iraqi warhead found in Iran was also manufactured in Spain. Turkey also supplied civilian help during the conflict. Turkey’s export jumped from $200 million in 1981 to $2 billion in 1985, which made up 25% of Turkey’s export. Turkish construction projects in Iraq totaled $2.5 billion between 1974 – 1990.

Iraq’s main financial backers were the oil-rich Persian Gulf states, mainly Saudi Arabia ($30.9 billion) Kuwait ($8.2 billion) and the United Arab Emirates ($8 billion).

The Iraqgate scandal revealed that an Atlanta branch of Italy’s largest bank, Banco Nazionale del Lavoro,relying partially on U.S. taxpayer-guaranteed loans, funneled $5 billion to Iraq from 1985 to 1989. These clandestine and illegal loans to Iraq were used to part fund the purchase of arms and weapons technology.

It also became clear that the US was funding Iraqi chemical and nuclear research programme. It was stated that during the 1980’s Iraq had received around $35 billion in loans from the west and between $30-40 billion from the Persian Gulf states.

In actual fact it was this huge Iraqi deficit that contributed towards the start of the war in the first place when some of the above nations started demanding payback on these huge loans…….. not forgetting the fact that some oil rigs on the Kuwaiti border were taking oil/gas from the Iraq fields by a technique known as diagonal or slant drilling. It was also common knowledge  that the then British PM Maggie Thatcher pleaded with Ronald Regan to intervene in Kuwait when Saddam attacked that country.

Many victims in Iran were innocent civilians and it is believed that more than 100,000 were victims of chemical weapons during the length of the war. The final figure is hard to calculate owing to the long term illnesses that followed the war. Reports show that Nerve Gas killed about 20,000 Iranian soldiers and many thousands continue to seek medical treatment on a regular basis with many more critical cases being hospitalised.

What is totally unacceptable to me is the fact that the UN knew of these breaches of the Geneva Convention and did nothing apart from condemning its usage. Needless to say that once again the US was right in there and refused to accept the condemnation. It was not until 1988 that the UN Security Council passed Resolution 612 condemning the use of chemicals. I guess you would ask “Well so what.”

It became apparent that President Reagan was certainly not too concerned as to what Weapons of Mass Destruction were being used as the US were more concerned that the Iraqi’s did not lose the war. Even after the Iraqi had used chemical weapons on the Kurds the US continued its support of Iraq

Maybe it is time to reflect on the bitter pill that Iran has had to swallow both during and after this terrible event. Perhaps we can all see now why Iran could never trust the US, UK and to some degree other EU countries with such a two faced policy. We have to understand that nothing that is done by the west is anything to do with democracy or because of peoples suffering. This is a power game that comes under the title of Geo – Politics. It is “Imperialism” at its best, an urge to take control of the world’s resources, their markets and the transit corridors that deliver them.

What we see is a western foreign policy that is extremely aggressive with the US as the instigator, a world full of almost daily “False Flags” that are well orchestrated in order to justify action or to point fingers at some innocent country they want to rape….such is the world of today. The US uses its relations with other countries like hot and cold taps….they turn them off and on whenever it suits them and certainly when this spoilt child doesn’t get its way it unleashes it so called “Shock and Awe” policy.

As with all wars the human cost was extremely high. The economic cost amounted to around $1.2 trillion and one could ask for what?  Iraq achieved absolutely nothing in their failed attempt to take over more territory and Iran’s natural resources.

What I did find out was the fact that the UN did to some extent support Iran when the Secretary – General made the following statement to the UN Security Council:

“Even if before the outbreak of the conflict there had been some encroachment by Iran on Iraqi territory, such encroachment did not justify Iraq’s aggression against Iran—which was followed by Iraq’s continuous occupation of Iranian territory during the conflict—in violation of the prohibition of the use of force, which is regarded as one of the rules of jus cogens (compelling law or of the highest law).” “On one occasion I had to note with deep regret the experts’ conclusion that “chemical weapons had been used against Iranian civilians in an area adjacent to an urban center lacking any protection against that kind of attack”

I will now continue with exactly what was supplied to Iraq during the war with Iran and by whom and to give some insight and meaning to the term “What goes around comes around.”

Firstly one has to look at the money trail and see which countries were propping up Iraq. The main contributors were: US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan and in the Middle East were Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Jordan. Basically it all amounted to more than $130 billion debt for Iraq….the largest portion of this money came from the Gulf States.

As we have already discussed the Iraq’s also took advantage of the competition between the supply of military equipment from both the French and the Russian and tactfully used this to manipulate supply. Russia provided most of the equipment with France running a close second. The French military equipment was considered to be more high tech. Russia was sort of piggy in the middle during this conflict and they proffered Iran over Iraq and yet needed to maintain ties with both, such is the role that Geo-Politics plays in any conflict.

Part 3 and future articles will cover what was actually exported to Iraq and by whom as well as a detailed manifest of Chemical and Biological Weapons (CBW) that were shipped. It will also explain how they were used not only against Iran but also against their own people, the US and Coalition Forces and attempts to strike Israel.

Peter Eyre -28/1/2013

Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis

Written by Peter Eyre

February 1, 2013 at 00:07

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  1. Reblogged this on msarroub.

    sarroub mourad

    February 1, 2013 at 00:32

  2. I was in the ANG (guard) in that six day war . We all were amazed at what Israel did , they were surrounded by the Arab’s and in 6 days they defeated them , and everyone was saying i’m going to stick with Israel ! All the preachers were saying their God’s chosen people and look what he did for them . That sounded real good , yes we’ll stick with Israel . As the years go on and due to the course events , i remember saying to a preacher , you know that knowledge will increase in the latter day’s and i look at this as the knowledge in the Word of God … boy that wasn’t the thing to say to this preacher , i got a mouthfull ! Anyway that statement that i made is more true then even I imagined aat the time . So lets go back , how did these people win this war ? It was through the brotherhood , the Masons , they were on both sides , yes the Arabs sold out their own for the brotherhood .This same thing happeded during the American civil war ! Shit , all of congress has this same mentality today ! We elect some one to serve us and we find out they think they are gods to rule over us . John kerry is now secretary of state … who does he serve ? The brotherhood , Skull and Bones , the Mason’s , gee this is Bush’s all over again . Get it through your head the people that rule in present place called Israel is Satan’s chosen seedline and is NOT God’s chosen .


    February 1, 2013 at 19:37

    • I agree that it is all about the brotherhood.
      “The Devil’s Game” & “Terrorism & the Illuminati” very good books on MB. The entire world is run by corruption.

      Keep up the great work Mr Eyre!


      February 3, 2013 at 06:23

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