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The Hypocrisy of The New World Order and its Assault on Islamic Nations – Part 1

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The Hypocrisy of The New World Order and its Assault on Islamic Nations

Part 1 


The leading question in today’s many conflicts is  “Who Supplied Chemical and Biological Weapons (CBW) to Iraq and many other countries who could have and did use them against those that supplied them” ?

I am sure you would all agree that those that did (and continue to) supply such WMD’s/CBW’s  are blatantly guilty of horrendous war crime  that has now resulted in the death of thousands upon thousands ( if not millions)  of innocent civilians including our own coalition forces.

One must also add to this the death of millions of people worldwide as a direct result of NATO/Coalition Forces usage of depleted uranium, low yield tactical nuclear weapons (such as the US B61 Bomb) and other current high tech “Dirty Bombs.”

Finally we have the military vaccination programmes that were used prior to troops going into battle………this aspect I will cover later in the series to prove that not only did they know the dangers associated with these vaccinations but still continued to give them to our troops. This has now resulted in either death or acute medical problems for the vets of these conflicts!!


The object of this current  series of article is to show how hypocritical NATO,  US, UK, France, Germany and many other Coalition Members have been in firstly designing and testing CBW and then selling these deadly agents to the highest bidder!!

In many cases the cabal assisted in  funding and building of the laboratories in countries with whom we later went to war i.e. Iraq (in which the US and UK were deeply involved ). When one compares all of this with the vaccination programme highlighted above one can see just how  “two faced – unethical – immoral”our respective governments have been.

I will now prove to you who supplied what and when and then show how CBW were actually used by Saddam.

My articles will reveal factual reports from troops on the ground with my final article on this topic clearly showing the connection between the weapons used, the vaccination programme and what in my opinion is the major cause of this so called “Gulf War Syndrome……. others may refer to it as being  “Battle Fatigue”  and some may say it is  “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” what ever term they use it is certainly  a cover-up by the government to avoid massive claims by war vets in later years!!’

So let’s start with the story that first revealed the use of WMD/CBW  and how it was all connected with the west’s activity and support of  illegal arms dealing.:

In September 1980 Iraq carried out an unprovoked attack on Iran (Iraq-Iran War) and lasted for a period of over 7 years.

This war was supported by the US, UK and at least 10 countries with the former actually providing military hardware such as weapons, nuclear components that would allow Iraq to have the ability to build their own nuclear bomb and also Chemical and Biological technology which clearly gave Iraq WMD’s and CBW weapons.

The west (in particular the UK) actually paid for and built the CBW Laboratories for Saddam and provided Iraq with Cyanide, Mustard Gas and the deadly VX Gas which he used against the Kurds and Iran and later used in the Iraqi SCUD Missiles to fire into Israel and Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War and did in actual fact hit US/UK bases etc!!

In order to fully understand all the ins and outs of the terrible wars/conflicts we must first understand how the west manipulated and encourage these war ………..I am sure after reading my current series on this topic you will see that we in the west must surely hang our heads in shame and offer our sincere apologies to all the countries we have invaded and in particular to those that died in Iran and Kurdistan during those western derived, armed and funded wars between Iraq – Iran and the Genocide of the Kurds when Saddam used Chemical and Biological Weapons compliments of the US, UK and many others..

It is broadly known that the west frequently change sides as and when it suits their economic goals or foreign policy. One also has to understand that the build up to such a conflict starts well before the war begins and can be in the planning stages up to around twenty years or so beforehand. The other issue that frequently stops such action going ahead is the justification or the reasons for going to war, which we have all observed prior to the Gulf Wars and the war in Afghanistan…….this is normally fixed with the creation of a false flag event.

 The United States and Britain have become experts at this sort of activity as a direct result of their experience at “Empire Building.” Unfortunately it was Saddam Hussain who decided that he should also improve his status in the region and at the same time hopefully acquire more land that was rich in natural resources. His target became Iran and the war  had the full support of the west who played a major role in  its creation and its longevity. The west, in particular the US,were well aware of the financial returns in keeping the war effort going. So let’s now look into this unnecessary war, how greed played a major role, the aftermath and the heavy loss of life on both sides. The war in actual fact achieved absolutely nothing. Add to this the fact that with our help he also killed many Kurds with the Chemical and Biological Weapons supplied, paid for and built by mainly the US and UK.

 The war began on the 22ndof September 1980 when Iraq invaded Iran and carried out an air and land assault. There had, in the past, been many border disputes with additional concern by the Iraq’s of Shia insurgency. It was Saddam Hussain who hoped to replace Iran as the dominant Gulf State. The attack was a failure in many respects as the forward progress was somewhat limited and was repelled by the Iranians within several months, who had regained most of the lost territory by June of 1982. The war continue on until the UN intervened and then stopped on the 20th of August 1988.

One very important aspect of this war was who controlled the Shatt al-Arab waterway which to the Iranians is known as the Arvand Rud. This vital oil export channel in the far north of the Persian Gulf is so important to both countries.

The objectives of Iraq’s invasion of Iran were:

  1. The control of the Shatt al-Arad waterway by the Iraqis
  2. The acquisition of the three islands of Abu Musa and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs of behalf of the UAE
  3. Annexation of Khuzestan to Iraq
  4. To prevent the spread of the Islamic Revolution in the region in the region

The war cost many lives on both sides amounting to around half a million military personal and many civilians. The economic impact was also heavy on both sides. The Iranians sustained heavy losses, not as a result of conventional fighting, but as a direct result of the deployment of chemical weapons and mustard gas by the Iraqi’s. This included VX Gas one of the most deadly of all. It was ironic that the UN had stated that such weapons had been used but very carefully did not mention Iraq as the instigators.

The above conflict fitted in well with the New World Orders three main objectives:

  • To take control of the world’s natural resources
  • To control the markets for those resources and
  • To control the sea lanes, transit routes, pipeline routes etc for those resources

The world must understand that the provocation and propaganda currently underway (by the New World Orders Military – NATO and the US AFRICOM) is clearly intended to offend and disrupt the entire Middle East and now Africa.

 One can  clearly see how Geo Politics plays a major role in all conflicts and how governments become greedy in order to place themselves as major players in a given region. This can involve forced regime changes, disputes over borders, attempts to obtain the resources belonging to another country or by creating false flag incidents to encourage conflict etc.

What this war did reveal was the extensive use of chemical weapons including mustard gas against Iranian troops and civilians. We may also recall that Iraq also used chemical weapons on the Kurds. It was ironic that the UN had stated that such weapons had been used but very carefully did not mention Iraq as the instigators.



In July 1988 Iraqi airplanes dropped chemical cyanide bombs on the Iranian Kurdish village of Zardan (as they had done four months earlier on their own Kurdish village of Halabja). Hundreds were killed at once, and the survivors are still suffering from a variety of physical and mental disorders. It has since been proven that the agent used on the Kurds and later on Iran was the deadly VX Gas.


“Take my word for it Saddam……the US and UK will give you WMD’s & CBW’s”

Prior too and during the Iraq – Iran war many illegal arms shipments were made along with some very high profile visits. That notorious villain Donald Rumsfeld was the US special envoy to the Middle East and met with Saddam in December 1983. As we know he later became the US Defense Secretary during the 2003 Iraqi war when everything suddenly turned 180 degrees and the US wanted Saddam out.

The US and the UK in particular considered Iraq as an ally in stopping the Iranians from spreading their revolution. The US and the UK therefore supported Iraq with technology, intelligence and the sale of illegal arms, WMD´s and Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW), military equipment and satellite support. It was also another powerful man, by the name of Henry Kissinger, who stated “It’s a pity they both can’t lose.” Iraq, in particular, had a complex clandestine procurement network to obtain munitions and critical materials, which, in some transactions, involved 10-12 countries.

Some rather startling news also emerged prior to this war when it was disclosed that the US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig Jnr wrote a secret memo to President Reagan about the Previous President Jimmy Carter approving Saddam Hussein’s attack on Iran with assistance from Saudi Arabia. British support for this war was also paramount, especially when the British allowed the Iraqi’s to purchase a British company to bypass the export control. This company was TMG engineering, later to be called Matrix Churchill who had operations in both the US and UK. The US Company with the same name was also purchased by the Iraqi’s. The Chairman of the group, which consisted of TDG, TMG, and Matrix Churchill was Safa al Habobi. Another member of the board was Fadel Jawad Khadhum. They were described as follows:

The Iraqi members of the boards of directors of companies in the group were in firm control of the companies’ day-to-day activities and sometimes authoritarian in their actions, one statement said.

The British government decided to allow most of Matrix Churchill’s sales to Iraq. As a result, a scandal erupted after the Persian Gulf War about the role of the British government in arming Iraq. Naturally much more had been going on before this event which never reached the public domain to any degree.

Iraq had a very strong tie with the US, UK and France  who were major suppliers of WMD’s/CBW’s and their ingredients.

Singapore also supported Iraq during the  Iran – Iraq War  in discussions for land mines assembled there, as well as chemical warfare precursors shipped from Singapore, possibly by an Iraqi front company.

Part 2 of this series will continue with who supported Iraq financially followed by other articles on exactly what was sold and how it was sold.

Written by Peter Eyre

January 30, 2013 at 04:23

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  1. Bophal, India demonstrated you don’t even need a war to wage a chemical attack against an unsuspecting population. That was no accident someone was sending a message to somebody.


    January 30, 2013 at 12:22

  2. Reblogged this on msarroub.

    sarroub mourad

    January 30, 2013 at 12:51

  3. Jah is dealing with the house of Israel in this day , for as you should know , these peoople , not knowing who they were , went to killing (murder) and enjoyed it , and thinking they were doing God good . This is you Peter , your fathers , the western world . However , it will be out of the house of Israel that the true church will rise and this will not be Jewish , for Jah started with the children of Israel and with Israel it will stay .


    January 30, 2013 at 20:44

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