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The second Greatest Illusion Ever Performed – The Sandy Hook Massacre

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No Boeing Commercial Aircraft Hit Any Of The Towers  on 9/11 – No Boeing Commercial Aircraft Hit The Pentagon – No Boeing Commercial Aircraft Nose Dived Into The Field In Shanksville 


The First Greatest Illusion Ever Performed – 9/11

When is the world going to wake up to this continuous bombardment of Zionist controlled  propaganda and misinformation from all the world’s main media outlets such as the NEWS CORPORATION – BBC – CNN – ABC – CBS – NBC – SKY – REUTERS – ASSOCIATED PRESS – FOX  –  NEW YORK TIMES – WASHINGTON POST – WALL STREET JOURNAL – TIME MAGAZINE –  ITV – CHANNEL $ – CHANNEL 5 – THE TELEGRAPH – THE GUARDIAN  (the list is endless).

The Icing on the cake has to be CNN – The True Champions At Staging Illusions 

Take a look at the two pictures below the one on the left  has been made up with the CNN banner overlaid and I am sure that once you see the CNN logo immediately you are convinced that this picture is factual when in actual fact it is not………on the right is  the actual shot allegedly taken by CNN of the 9/11 attack and again you believed it but both are illusions  

I again repeat that “No Boeing Commercial Aircraft Hit Any Of The Towers  on 9/11 – No Boeing Commercial Aircraft Hit The Pentagon – No Boeing Commercial Aircraft No Dived Into The Field In Shanksville.” 

If you the public would take the time to become suspicious of any future major incident and carry out your own analysis from start to finish you will,  in the main,  prove to yourself that what is portrayed by the Zionist media is in actual fact totally fabricated.

When one has spent time working in association with intelligence gathering or reconnaissance (as I have done in the past) you will quickly pick up the error of their ways. It is essential that when such “False Flags” occur you must take note of every fine detail from the initial media reports to the reports that chop and change throughout the next 24 – 48 hours and over time you will see the massive loopholes and inaccuracies as and when they occur!!!

With all of the above in mind lets again revisit the “Sandy Hook False Flag”  (in a very basic way) and prove that what CNN and many other media outlets showed you was bogus………….hopefully you will all agree that this massacre fell well within the same criteria as the Australian Port Arthur Massacre and the Norwegian Massacre as being a total fabrication as to what actually occurred!! 

The Second Greatest Illusion Ever Performed – The Sandy Hook Massacre

As they say a picture paints a thousand words and so if you see it you believe it….right?

Here is the actual layout of the Sandy Nook Elementary School as shown on Google Earth below:

Sandy Nook

It is vital for you all to pay particular attention to the layout of the carkpark and the main entrance to the school which is at the top left corner of the building…….it was this entrance which the CNN helicopter filmed when the police swooped in……I have expanded this car park entrance to the school and rotated it  to show it more clearly (as per below) and also so that you can compare the actual footage with the entrance to the school.


The police assault is allegedly have taken place via the pedestrian crossing from the car park  and then diagonally to the entrance to the school as shown within the black circle above

Now lets just pan out and look at the surrounding  district and in particular one other school called the St Rose of Lima School which is shown WSW of Sandy Hook School both are shown in the google image below surround by the black circle…..it is important that you pay particular attention to the detail of the other school and the actual footage as shown by CNN when the police stormed the building…….here is the area again:

St Rose of Lima  School 1


Now lets again zoom in on the location where the police stormed the so called Sandy Hook School…….I have again rotated the map so that when you compare the actual CNN image you will see that the actual police assault on the school as portrayed by  CNN was not on Sandy Hook but on the other school called St Rose of Lima School.

Below is an exploded shot of the St Rose of Lima pedestrian crossing which clearly shows that the CNN footage was not shot from a helicopter overhead Sandy Nook as we are led to believe but was taken overhead St Rose Of Lima School…….here is a close up of the crossing and the front of the school:

St Rose of Lima  School 2

Now that you have both images clearly in mind now take a look at a couple of still shots taken from the CNN video coverage as taken by their helicopter live during the police storming of the apparent Sandy Hook School:

SR 3

Police storm the school via the pedestrian crossing from the car park


Note the bollards and the layout of the landscaping and trees that Sandy Hook does not have


Police now move from the crossing to transit diagonally across the front of the building to underneath the sun shield at the entrance to the school – Sandy Hook School does not have this shield


The total facade of the front of the School at shown by CNN does not show any resemblance to the front of Sandy Hook

Now you can compare the two schools together and one can clearly see this was yet again another “False Flag” with only one thing in mind…….to create a situation to justify the disarming of the citizens of the US……….just as they did in Port Arthur Australia!!


It will now be almost impossible to initiate yet another inquiry into this massive illusion or the other two false flags in Australia and Norway but one thing for sure is the fact that so many things simply do not add up and you,  the sheeples,  have accepted what your respective leaders and governments have told you and what your media has led you to believe……….one day maybe someone will wake up and take these evil satanic New World Order criminals to court.

Peter Eyre -28/1/2013

Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis


Written by Peter Eyre

January 28, 2013 at 10:55

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  1. Here’s a picture showing the actual layout of Sandy Hook elementary school from NASA. Notice very clearly, no curved landscaping around the school entrance. What is CNN trying to pull off here? They’ve surely fooled most Americans; thankfully, not all of us.

    Alejandra Albert

    January 30, 2013 at 21:11

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