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Do Australian politicians listen or respond to those that put them in office? – Part 1

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How do the political parties and their hierarchy  respond when facts are put before them?

Part 1


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Having been involved in political lobbying (internationally speaking) for many many years I thought I would test the  three main  parties in Australia to see how they would react to some hard hitting articles and supporting evidence.

As the Prime Minister of Britain and Australia were put under immense pressure on one particular topic (Child Sex Abuse)  it was only a matter of time before they buckled in to respond to the facts that were laid out before them.

British PM David Camerson launched an inquiry into such abuse and Australia’s PM Julia Gillard went a step further to launch a Royal Commission………however I found that the title of both these inquiries should have had a broader spectrum with possible a new title “An inquiry into Paedophilia”

It would now appear that because many celebrities and politicians in the UK were/are involved in Paedophilia and have been for decades……….including up to Prime Minister level…….. David Cameron has been forced to widen the net to include the political sector.

I now feel that the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, should likewise extend the Royal Commisstion into the same  area and would strongly recommend that both PM’s include looking into the Masonic Order which is extensive in both countries!!

It is clear that although the Catholic Church has been the mainstay of such abuse one must also include all christian and non christian faiths. However, one must also be cautious not to overreact with keeping the main focus on the church when it is clear that there has been a massive involvement at both political and masonic level.

The other issue we must be careful to avoid is the fact that the New World Order Cabal’s main target is to destroy religion and bring into being their own religion which is clearly based on Lucifer.

For those that are not aware of this elite group we have to understand  that the New World Order is basically run from an area called Temple in the City of London (centred on Chancery Lane off Fleet Street)  which is its legal/judiciary/financial administrative centre. This is referred too as the Crown………  not the Royal Crown but that of the Crown Templar…….they in-turn are subservient to Rome but not to the Catholic Church as we know it but to the Jesuits who abide near to the Vatican and who basically run the upper levels of the New World Order…….they worship Lucifer and carry out evil and satanic rituals with direct links to the Masonic Lodges. Many of the upper structure of Freemasons are involved in politics and also consist of members of European Royal Families, ex Ambassadors, ex Military Chiefs of Staff,  senior members of the Judiciary (including high profile Judges) and finally the  corporate sector. It is common for many of the above to be involved in paedophilia which in case you do not know also just so happens to be the most sensitive and dangerous topic to expose…….many investigators and journalist have lost their lives to this scum that plagues this planet!!

I may possibly cover who controls what and where in another article in order for you all to understand that the good old British Empire and all those countries that fell to its greed still are owned and controlled by this “Satanic Cabal” with the USA, Canada,Australia etc all being no exception to the controlling “Talons” of the current New World Order.

Let’s now look at what I sent to those Australian Political Parties and who has or who has not responded to my many articles.

Here is one of my first emails to the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard – The Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbot and to the Greens:

Your message to the Prime Minister

Thank you for your message to the Prime Minister at www.pm.gov.au.

Below is a copy for your records.

Responses prepared to your message will generally be emailed to you. If you have supplied a postal address, a response may be sent to you via Australia Post. In some cases, your message may be forwarded to other Federal Ministers for their consideration.

This is an automatically generated email. Please do not reply to this email as this address is not monitored. If you have any problems with this service please contact the Web Administrator through the site feedback service at http://www.pm.gov.au/site-feedback
Submitted on Sun, 16 Dec 2012 16:57:49 +1100

Title: Mr
First name: Peter
Family name: Eyre
Email address: Hidden
Street address: Hidden
Street address:
Town / City: Hidden
State: Hidden

Postcode: Hidden
Country: Australia
Subject: Child abuse – Royal Commission
To whom it may concern

I have been fighting paedophilia for some considerable time and have written many articles on the subject.
It is my belief that the current investigations into child abuse is only lip service and will fall well short of an open investigation that should not have any restrictive constrains or terms.

We have truly missed an opportunity to extend this inquiry from the current worded title about child abuse and open it up to becoming a full and proper inquiry into paedophilia.

I also note that a great emphasis has been placed on the Catholic Church when in actual fact it is rife in all churches, politics up to the highest level, boys and girls clubs and institutions, care homes and in almost all sectors such as the health services, care and social workers, police, judiciary, education etc etc…….one should also add to this list the activity in Freemasonry and the many Masonic Lodges around this country and the world.

I would strongly suggest that this will turn out to be yet another “White Elephant” at vast expense to the taxpayers with what would possibly be a sort of fizzle-out conclusion thus allowing the cabal to continue on in their evil satanic ways.

We should grasp this opportunity to expose as much as possible and bring all those involved in paedophilia to trial…….that must include those in very high positions including dare I say up to political leadership level both past and current.

Currently I have republished and modified some of my past article two of which are as per the following link:



I will be publishing many other articles on this topic whilst we have such inquiries in the system so as to educate the public at large of the truth and the extent of the problem…………I sincerely hope that you will all seize this opportunity and make sure such inquiries are correctly carried out and cover all aspects  of this sordid paedophilia that is so rife.

Kind regards

Peter Eyre – Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis

17th of December 2012

End of email

The above email was sent to the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbot as follows:

Fw: Your message to the Prime Minister

Good Afternoon Mr Abbott
Please find email below as sent to the Prime Minister and now sent to you for your perusal and comment.
Kind Regards
Peter Eyre
Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis
The replies to date are as follows:
From: Royal Commission Secretariat <royalcommissionsecretariat@pmc.gov.au>
To: Hidden
Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 8:56 AM
Subject: RE: Ministerial Correspondence Referral from PM&C. C12/82429 [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]Dear Mr Eyre,
Thank you for your email regarding the Royal Commission into Institutional Childhood Sexual Abuse in Australia.  The Prime Minister has referred your email to the Secretariat for response.
The Royal Commission is being established because of the overwhelming intensity of the stories that have come to light.  Child sexual abuse is a crime that can damage young lives and haunt adults.
The Government has asked all stakeholders, including organisations that represent survivors of child sexual abuse and people formerly in institutional care, community and legal leaders, law enforcement, governments and religious organisations to help shape the development of the Royal Commission.
All suggestions made by these organisations and concerned members of the public are currently being considered by the Government and will help inform the establishment of the Commission.  The Commission is expected to begin its public work in early 2013.
The Royal Commission is an important step in ensuring what happened in the past does not happen again and we thank you for your interest.Yours sincerely
Royal Commission SecretariatFor the latest information on the Royal Commission, you may wish to visit: childabuseroyalcommission.dpmc.gov.au/home or call 1800 099 340
If you require immediate or crisis support, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14
I then responded to the above email as follows:
Dear Prime Minister
Thank you for passing on my email to the Royal Commission…….here is the link for the latest article for your perusal and for the Commissiion and the email I have sent them and copied to the Leader of the  Opposition…….and also sent them the following
To         royalcommissionsecretariat@pmc.gov.au
Please find the following link to another article written today re paedophilia:

Peter Eyre
I then received a response from the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbot as follows:

Dear Mr Eyre

Thank you for your email following the announcement of a Royal Commission into child sex abuse.

As a community we must have zero tolerance for the sexual abuse of children. Wherever abuse has occurred it must be tackled and it must be tackled vigorously, openly and transparently.

It is clear that for a long period there was insufficient awareness and insufficient vigilance when it came to predatory behaviour by people in positions of authority over children. Many terrible things have been done, and many people have suffered deeply.

For these reasons the Coalition supports a Royal Commission to investigate the sexual abuse of children.

I believe the investigation must be wide-ranging, must consider any evidence of the abuse of children in Australia, and should not be limited to the examination of any one institution. It must include all organisations, government and non-government, where there is evidence of sexual abuse.

I take my faith seriously but as a member of parliament, my duty is to the public, not to the Church. Where the law requires mandatory reporting then that law should be observed.

It would be in the best interests of all community organisations, as well as in the best interests of victims, if every institution that’s been caught up in this, including the churches, has a full disclosure, no cover-ups rule.

My understanding of confession is that it requires repentance. Absolution could hardly be given to someone who is not prepared to atone for their sins.

Yours sincerely


To which I replied:

Dear Mr Abbott

Thank you very much for your comments re child sex abuse………your response was almost perfect to say the least.

However, I would add that the Royal Commission should be into Paedophilia and not child sex abuse as this then opens up to a much broader spectrum.

Paedophilia is rife in Australia (as it is in so many other countries) and some of my previous articles have revealed just how rife it actually is.

It is also fact that much of this satanic type activity is associated with the Masonic Lodge and accordingly I would hope that you will continue to monitor the Prime Minister and the Royal Commission into doing the right thing and not coming up with yet another “Government White Wash.”

I am sure that with the support of many “Whistle Blowers” and some of the victims of paedophilia that  we may well see some startling information come to light, as was the case with Sir Jimmy Saville in the UK…….it is therefore a good time for our politicians to keep a close eye on events and apply pressure as required.

Elections always bring out someones dirty washing and so I think 2013 will be a very good year for the public to make sure their elected  representatives do their job.

I now await your response in regard to my other article i.e. War Crimes, Depleted Uranium, Massive Fraud/Corruption here in Australia and on the issue as to who controls Australia, keeping the Crown Templar in mind etc etc…….not forgetting the fact that we are about to see the changing of the guard as far as the current New World Order (NWO) is concerned as the World’s Collateral Accounts and associated Gold Bullion are handed over to the next “Super Power” in the Far East which will have direct implications for Australia.

Perhaps you would be kind enough to pass comment on the last paragraph and that you are aware of the current fraudulent workings of the NWO, the establishment of at least 160 countries into a New Alliance of Non Aligned Members  (that will form part and parcel of that Super Power) and if you as Leader of the Opposition will seek participation with the new alliance members?

Kind Regards

Peter Eyre – 9/1/2012

Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis


In relation to the Australian  Green Party I have to say I have not received any interest whatsoever and certainly no feedback which is rather sad seeing as I once had a soft spot for this party……..oh well we all know where to place our votes at the next election!!


I would like to remind you of historical paedophilia and also that I myself many years ago became aware of possible child abuse in relation to the so called “Lost Generation” which was when the church took Aboriginal children from their parents and forces them in Christianity and obviously also became victim to these paedophiles that plague Australia. It was also fact that such places as the Clontaft Boys Home in Perth and other locations abused their position……..here are some references made by that wonderful Canadian Kevin Annett who has worked so tirelessly to expose this evil satanic practice and who also proved that over 50,000 Canadian Indian Children had gone missing……….it has been proven that once children are hired for their warped sexual practices they are never seen again…….that amounts to murder of the first degree!!

Some of his Australian research:

Customs Paedophile Ring Alleged By Simon Santow for PM – Fri Oct23 2009

A former Customs officer has told the inquiry that corruption is an issue within the service. A parliamentary inquiry has been told that a paedophile ring is probably operating within the Australian Customs Service.

Speech by Senator Andrew Murray – Immigraton and Multicultural Affairs – Australian Democrats. Made on the 19th September 2001, Western Australia:

MATTERS OF PUBLIC INTEREST: Keaney, Brother Francis Paul

Senator MURRAY (Western Australia) (1.15 p.m.) In the August 2001 Senate Community Affairs References Committee report on child migration Lost innocents: righting the record, recommendation 4 states:
That in accordance with the Statutes of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, the Commonwealth Government initiate the process for Francis Paul Keaney’s membership of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire to be cancelled and annulled.
This unanimous recommendation goes some way to `righting the record’ for all those child migrants and Australian children who suffered under Brother Keaney in Western Australian orphanages run by the Christian Brothers. The evidence damns him as a despicable and heartless monster.
The fight to vanquish evil in the church is international. In France, a bishop has recently been jailed for covering up paedophilia by another priest. In the United Kingdom, the church has supported the Nolan Review, an independent appraisal of harm done to children in the Catholic Church’s institutions. In April 2001, in the executive summary of their first report, their hope was:
… to bring about a culture of vigilance where every single adult member of the Church consciously and pro-actively takes responsibility for creating a safe environment for children and young people.
I deeply regret that the official response by the Christian Brothers to the committee’s Keaney recommendation does not contain the same sentiments. Instead, leading Christian Brother Shanahan said on Channel 10 news on 30 August that stripping Keaney of his honours was going `too far’ because:
I think we need to recognise that it’s not just black or white, but like all human beings there’s quite a mixture in the man. Surea mixture of evil, conman, sadist and deviant. Brother Shanahan’s reaction continues a long history by some of support for men like Keaney. Thankfully, others like the courageous Brother Coldrey campaign to expose these crimes and to address the uncomfortable issues so arising.

Before addressing the mixture that maketh this particular man, a brief profile of Keaney is in order. Born into a farming family in Ireland in 1888, aged 23 he emigrated to New South Wales in 1911 where he joined the police force before entering the Christian Brothers Order in 1916 at the age of 28. Apparently, it is a characteristic of people like Keaney to seek out opportunities for their deviant behaviour. Where else would he start his ecclesiastical career then but at an orphanage in South Melbourne? In 1919 he joined the staff at Clontarf Orphanage in Perth, Western Australia. In the late 1920s he inaugurated the Tardun Farm School Scheme east of Geraldton and then later served a number of terms as principal, including at Clontarf from 1936 to 1941 and at Bindoon Boys Town from 1942 to 1944 and again from 1948 until his death in 1954 at the age of 65. Keaney was physically imposing. He stood six foot three inches tall and was of powerful build with a voice to match. He intimidated fellow Christian Brothers and boys alike.
In the late 1940s, Keaney set about erecting his own monument by embarking on the near impossible task of completing five large granite buildings at Bindoon using child labour. His unpaid hungry, fearful labour force were mostly child migrant boys who were also expected to clear, fence and establish vineyards and orchards on 17,000 acres of undeveloped Western Australian farmland. To achieve his vision, he inflicted a manic and brutal regime of slave labour on the boys under his care. They were relentlessly driven from dawn to dusk in a dangerous work environment where the risk of accident was a reality. With their bare hands they cleared the land, laid the foundations and erected the most magnificent structures for Keaney and the Christian Brothers Order. Education was largely denied these boys, as was an adequate diet and protective clothing. Christian love and care was distinguished not by its presence but by its absence.

So what is the mixture that Brother Shanahan likes in Keaney? Publicly, he possessed considerable public relation skills that he put to good work in creating a mythology about himself. He had many friends and acquaintances in high places that he wined, dined and conned. There were political and business leaders, heads of government departments and high ranking militarists and church dignitaries. He was referred to as `Keaney the builder’, as `the orphans friend’, as `the mender of broken lives’ and other extravagant sobriquets. Such was the admirationif not adulationthat he was awarded an MBE and an ISO in 1954 and a statue was erected to his memory in 1957.
Privately, however, a very different man is revealed. No McLean, no Philby, no spymaster better concealed his true self. Listen to the former child migrants themselves. From submission 13:
When Brother Keaney arrived the real slavery beatings and sexual assaults became rampant.
From submission 20:
Some of the scars of Keaney’s brutality still remain with me both physically and emotionally … his actions would have warranted criminal charges had he not operated and exerted influence over the law in Western Australia.
From submission 25:
Bindoon was nothing more than a paedophile ring. Most of the Brothers were into raping and molesting the little boys, sometimes sharing their favourites with each other. They seemed to like the shy boys best.
Again, from submission 25:
We had no shoes, mixing sand and lime for the mortar. I remember the pain of lime burns on my feet and legs and if I stopped I would be flogged with …Keaney’s walking stick. We were all flogged by Keaney …
From submission 57:
We built that bloody place. We built it with our bare hands … We were slave labourers … We had no shoes. We worked in our bare feet every day. Winter and summer. We built that bloody place for them …
From submission 26:
I lost my teeth at Bindoonmy face kicked repeatedly by Brother Keaney
From submission 36: We would be …subjected to …extreme atrocious verbal abuse and very personal insults mainly from Brother Keaney. He would loudly shout to us that we were the scum of the earth and the descendants of whores …
Again, from submission 36:
Br. Keaney was a very sadistic, perverted and deviant paedophile. He abused many of the boys … in his care. Tragically, there was just no one that we victims could go to for help. Who would have believed us anyway?
From Welsh’s Bindoon file:
When one boy asked Keaney if he could be taken off the pick and shovel to learn the electrical trade, he was hit between the eyes with Keaney’s walking stick. [His] head was split open and with blood pouring from the wound, he fell to the ground. Get up, you little black shit, Keaney roared as he unleashed a barrage of savage kicks to [his] body. Get back to the pick and shovel! That’s all you’re good for … Damn you to hellfire!
And another from the Geordie Bindoon file, pages 59 to 60:
An Irish lad, who happened to be closest to Keaney in one of his rages, and for no other reason, was backhanded off the scaffold and landed 10 feet below on his back. [He] spent six weeks in Royal Perth Hospital followed by five weeks rehabilitation at Shenton Park Hospital. Forty years later [he] is on a pension due to back and neck problems.
Sadly, there were some who knew the truth but did not have the courage to blow the whistle. Even prior to Bindoon, a child welfare department official considered taking proceedings against Keaney for criminal assault on a Clontarf boy. That is in submission 95. Certainly from government records uncovered it is clear that some officials had serious reservations about Bindoon. For example, a 1948 departmental memo states:
I have never been very happy about Bindoon and if the migrant boys are to remain there … a great improvement will have to be effected.
Another in 1949:
I’m afraid that if something is not done to rectify the present position both the Department and the Bindoon authorities will leave themselves open to a charge of exploiting children.
If the boys ran away the police returned them, unbelieving of what they were told. The aura and the power of the church were too strong. The very brothers in charge of their care were often themselves the perpetrators of criminal physical and sexual assault. When a boy did pluck up enough courage to complain, he was savagely flogged for his temerity. Hard to believe? Read the report and the submissions.
So this is the private part of Keaney’s mix. The tragedy is that his crimes were hidden from the public. He got away with them, and hundreds of migrants and Australian children live a lifetime of pain as a result. A number of the leaders of the church were accomplices in this crime, but there are those who will not be a part of the cover-up. In Australia, the Christian Brothers’ official,

, Brother Dr Barry Coldrey, wrote extensively on this area throughout the 1990s. In A Secret Report, written solely
for the order’s leadership in Ireland and Rome, he states that the brothers knew of sex rings operating in their institutions and that no effective steps were taken to prevent them. Legally, they were accomplices to crimea crime in itself.
So unpopular has Coldrey’s work been that he has paid a price in the church. Although I am certain that there are very large numbers of Catholic priests who do support his cleansing work, there have also been moves to deny Coldrey any official post. Before Christmas last year he released his latest book on the Internet, called Religious Life Without Integrity. It was only a matter of months before he was ordered by superiors from Rome to withdraw it.
Another authority in this area is Richard Sipe of the United States. He retired from the Catholic priesthood with the permission of Rome in 1970 and has spent 37 years working in the area of psychology and mental health and for the Catholic priesthood with the backing of the church. In a report sent to the committee, he reveals that 30 per cent of United States’ priests have some regular, some occasional adult sexual relationships. There is nothing wrong with that, in my view. Sadly though, his long-term research results in an estimate of six per cent of priests who have and do sexually abuse children. Thankfully, the vast majority94 per centhave not and do not. There are obvious problems with transferring figures from one country to another. We do know, however, that there have been and are priest paedophiles in Australia. Currently there are 4,445 Catholic priests in Australia. Six per cent would mean a possible 267 paedophiles. One per cent would mean 44. Point one of a per cent would be four. I do not know how many there are, but there are not none.
Sipe believes that many, but not all, clerical sexual abusers cannot help their behaviour, whilst others are simply evil. Whatever the case, they and their crimes cannot and must not be protected. Mercy for them means scores of victims for society to deal with, preyed on by those whom little children trust. Keaney was evil and should be stripped of his imperial honours. He was a sadist who indulged in criminal assault and who knowingly protected rings of predatory brothers engaged in systemic long-term sexual assault on defenceless children. I do hope the government will take the committee’s unanimous recommendation to heart.
In concluding, I would like to quote from an interaction between myself and Brother Shanahan on Thursday 22 March 2001. The Senate Hansard reference is CA486-487. I said as follows to him:
The accusations are as follows: those two orders
I was referring to the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of Mercy
engaged in systemic criminal assault, which included systemic floggings with a variety of weapons and brutal and dangerous behaviour towards children which were offences against the law at the time; widespread sexual assault including rape;widespread conspiracy between individuals and organisations within the Catholic Church to conceal crimes and to persuade police, medical staff and other authorities to be accomplices to the concealment; denial of education and the rights of children; brutal and inhumane working conditions including slave labour; theft of possessions and wages; cruelty and emotional deprivation on a grand scale; aggravated breach of contract with governments who entrusted children to their care; lies and deceit to children and to children as adults and to families, including forging and uttering; and a hypocritical and continuing use of legal stratagems to avoid the moral responsibilities arising out of those times.
I said to him: You have dealt with that, to some extent, with your apology and, to some extent, with your submission. Do you accept those accusations as being an accurate reflection of the evidence of many people?
And Brother Shanahan’s response was:
I accept that those accusations have been made by people. I do not accept them in the sense of pleading guilty as charged.End of speechHere are some more media articles  from Australia that Keven extracted:

• Parole for disgraced Test umpire. AUSTRALIA: Steve Randell. Indecent to girls at Tasmanian Catholic school. – West Australian, Thur Apr 4 02 p31
• “Crimes like sex abuse by priests and acts of hypocrisy by Christians have only worsened an already suffering public image for the Churches.” PERTH: – The Record, Western Australia Roman Catholic newspaper, “I say, I say” (comment by Paul Gray), April 4 2002, p 6
• Catholic clergy not main offenders + Celibacy is a tradition of love:

• “Forced care inquiry ‘overdue’.” AUSTRALIA: Democrats Senator Andrew Murray wants an inquiry into the bad treatment of non-indigenous Australian-born children who were taken from their homes, and put into orphanages and children’s homes. It would be a follow-on from the inquiries into the stolen generations [of Aboriginal children], and the child migrants [see Parliamentary report of August 2001 atwww.aph.gov.au/senate/committee/clac_ctte/child_migrat/c04.doc]. – The West Australian, Sat April 6 2002, p 34.

• Abuse of Trust: Child Sexual Abuse and the Churches. AUSTRALIA, and WORLD: “Background Briefing” on ABC, Australian (and a bit of global) wide-ranging discussion.

  Various Churches and general

  In Australia, more than 100 clergy from the Catholic and Anglican Churches have been convicted of child sexual abuse in the past five years.

  Melbourne lawyer, David Forster, said: “You have to have firstly a Royal Commission established by the Federal government to look at the sexual abuse issue within Australia, specifically within the religious community.”

  Mr Forster has represented over 100 sexual abuse victims, both Catholic and Anglican.

  Prof. Patrick Parkinson, Professor of Law, University of Sydney, author of the book Child Sexual Abuse and the Churches, says that many priests and ministers are in a position of extraordinary power — to define what is right and what is wrong to young children.

  Prof. Parkinson said: “There was a fundamental confusion between forgiveness and trust. You could forgive somebody, that doesn’t mean you have to trust them, and in particular it doesn’t mean you have to trust them working with children. “

  Anglicans (Church of England)

  Anglican minister (dec’d) in the diocese of Bendigo 30 years ago sexually assaulted a boy, Peter O’Flaherty, then 10, for about six years. His father had complained to the minister’s superior about the abuse, but nothing was done.

  The Anglican process is haphazard: 23 dioceses with 23 different sets of procedures to deal with child sexual abuse complaints.

  The Anglican Church in Sydney was forced to introduce a better system of dealing with victims’ complaints after the 1996 Wood Royal Commission Inquiry into Paedophilia embarrassed the Church. The result was a new Church Discipline Ordinance which sped up the investigation of complaints.

  But Clare Pascoe Henderson, one of the key witnesses to the Wood Royal Commission, someone whose evidence was a catalyst for change in Sydney, is still waiting for some justice. Three years sexual relations from age 14 to 17 with her local Anglican minister had left her shattered.

  When she complained to the Church more than ten years later, she was told the Church couldn’t do anything because of its “statute of limitations”. When the Anglicans relaxed this, they did not contact her.

  The Head of the (Anglican) Professional Standards Unit, Philip Gerber, says the Church’s “ordinances are published” and there was no particular agreement to tell her!

  In Victoria (Australia) Fr Kevin O’Donnell (dec’d) was jailed for sexually abusing boys and girls aged between 8 and 14 years old from the 1940s to the 1970s, and senior Church leaders knew.

  Encompass was set up four years ago by the Catholic Church in Australia, as part of a system to deal with child sexual abuse. Dr Gerardine Taylor, the Clinical Director of an Assessment and Treatment Centre for Sex Offenders, says “Paedophilia, like all paraphilias, is not curable.”

  Fr Vincent Ryan, New South Wales, appealed to the High Court over the severity of his sentence, a minimum prison term of 11 years, for dozens of offences against boys aged from 6 to 14. He had been warned by the Church as far back as 1975 that his abuse of children must stop but his offending continued for another 15 years.

  There are separate Catholic Church procedures in Melbourne and for any complaints against priests of the Jesuit order.

  The policy of removing clergy as an ‘unacceptable risk’ has brought Australian Catholic bishops into conflict with the Vatican, which wants allegations of child sexual abuse dealt with by secret, internal Church courts.

  Fr Peter Chalk of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, masturbated in front of a 17-year-old student priest in a Victorian seminary in the mid-’70s and tried to seduce him. He went abroad and has not been charged.

– Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Background Briefing, produced by Chris Bullock, http://www.abc.net.au/rn/talks/bbing/stories/s531384.htm , Sunday April 14 2002

• Bravehearts anti-abuse group holds rallies. AUSTRALIA:: Bravehearts hold rallies in five states. — ABC news, “Children’s group disappointed in WA inaction”, Mon, Apr 15 2002
• Anger as priest faces sex counts. [2002] PERTH, W. Australia: Van Klooster supporters harm and hinder media. – West Australian Tue Apr 16 02 p14

The West Australian, Wednesday April 17 2002, p 27
• PM Howard ‘cool’ on sex abuse inquiry. AUSTRALIA: Democrats move; The West Australian, Wednesday April 17 2002, p 44

• Wesley teachers jailed [mid 1990s]. VICTORIA, Australia: Victorian husband and wife – John Alexander, Elspeth McKenzie – seduced 14-year-old Wesley College girl;The West Australian, Saturday April 20 2002, p 7.
• “The Pope’s Man.” AUSTRALIA: An article about Dr George Pell, former R.C. Archbishop of Melbourne, now one year Archbishop of Sydney; details of his opposition to embryonic stem cell research, his refusal to give communion to a group of practising homosexuals, and his claim that the clergy’s sexual misconduct is not because of the repression due to a cloistered and celibate lifestyle, but rather the sickness in a society that has lost its way. – The Weekend Australian Magazine, Luke Slattery, photography Nick Cubbin, April 20-21 2002, pp 24-27
• Church rocked by sex scandals.
 Not Good Enough. AUSTRALIA: Too many loopholes in Pope’s speech and Anglican system; suggested letter to bishops of both Anglican and Catholic Churches; revised edition issued Apr 26 02, original April 24 02
• Pope lays down sex abuse law. ROME: But repentance loophole lingers still. – The West Australian, Thur Apr 25 02, p 19
• “Make All Religions Safe.” AUSTRALIA: Petition forms, half an A4 page in size, began to be distributed as ”Leave Our Kids Alone” on 27 April 2002. No “source” was put on the forms. A small number of signatures were sent by the Faith Purification Programme (FPP) to major Churches in Western Australia in May or June 02, and four signatures on 11 Oct 02. No response was received. On January 22 2003 nine signatures were sent, and this time the Churches of Christ and the Anglican Primate were the only WA Churches to respond by Feb 20 2003. The Catholic Archbishop’s reply was dated 5 March 2003. It is not known how many signatures had been sent independently. No apparent improvement has been noted. The petition forms under the new title “Make Our Religion Safe” are being put on the WWW on Feb 20 2003, and instead of asking people to send signatures to Churches, the request will primarly ask them to send them to FPP. A motto has been added: “FOR GOOD TEACHINGS TO BE HEEDED, A BIG CLEAN-UP IS NEEDED.” New name from 20 Feb 03; first old-name distribution: Apr 27 02
• Sex abuser jailed at 69. [1986-87 Crisafio] – No religion link reported. Boy.
The West Australian, By David Darragh, p 52, Saturday, August 10, 2002
PERTH (W. Australia): AN ELDERLY man has been jailed for eight years after a jury found him guilty of sexually abusing a teenage boy who had run away from home.
In sentencing, District Court Judge Hal Jackson said yesterday that Peter Pasquale Crisafio had initiated sex acts with his 15-year-old victim on nine different occasions after the boy had run away from home and stayed with the then 53-year-old at his North Perth home.
A jury last month found Crisafio, now 69, guilty of all 24 sex charges. Crisafio was convicted of seven counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16 and 17 counts of indecent dealing.
The West Australian, Tue Apr 30 02, p 20• [Disabled woman impregnated by Lismore priest, and paid hush money.]AUSTRALIA: Lady gets silence clause and $15,000. “On Sunday, Mr McCarthy tried to deflect criticism away from individual diocesan bishops, such as retired Bishop of Lismore, the Most Rev John Satterthwaite, and his successor, the Most Rev Geoffrey Jarrett, who signed off on a confidentiality agreement last month. It prevented a physically disabled woman who had been paid $15,000 compensation from going public with her story over how she became pregnant to a priest in the Lismore diocese.” – Sydney Morning Herald, of June 11 2002,http://www.smh.com.au/text/articles/2002/06/10/1022982819880.htm , “Church fails its own sex abuse rules,” By Kelly Burke, Religious Affairs Writer, payment made May 2002. [COMMENT: Remember, the “no silencing” principle was adopted in “Towards Healing” in the year 2000! COMMENT ENDS] [List as May 2002]
• Umpire back. AUSTRALIA: Former test cricket umpire, convicted paedophile Steve Randell, 46, released from gaol, may umpire again. He had served 2 years 9 months gaol. – The West Australian, Wed May 1 02, p 14
• ABC Radio talk about R.C. priests’ problems with celibacy. AUSTRALIA: Some go visiting prostitutes, and there’s been a decade of sex-abuse charges. Books discussed Cassocks in the WildernessSex, Priests and Power, and Celibacy, a Way of Living, Loving and Serving. — Australian Broadcasting Corporation, May 3 02COST OF ABUSE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS, and, CELIBACY DISPUTED
• [Newspaper reviews of clerical child abuse.] AUSTRALIA: Catholic cardinals get lecture from Pope John Paul II, celibacy not part of original Christianity, Anglican problems, and other information:n Australia R.C. Christian Brothers had been exposed, and in mid-1993 publicly apologised for sexual and physical abuse of migrant and other children in the 1940s to the 1960s. Australian R.C. leaders in 1996 had set up the Towards Healing protocol for dealing with offenders and victims (except in Melbourne Diocese, which has its own Independent Commission into Sexual Abuse since 1996). Brigidine Sister Angela Ryan is the executive officer of the National Committee for Professional Standards, which advises victims to tell the police. She said that in the past priests had been moved about, “but only because society did not know better.” [!!!] Perth Archbishop Barry Hickey said that there had been no complaints of current sexual abuse since 1996. From 1998 39 complaints of past abuse had been logged. Payments: 1999 $49,000, 2000 $110,000, 2001 $335,000, 2002 $220,500 so far. Of 15 payments made, nine were for events in Christian Brothers’ institutions up to 51 years ago. Norman Aisbett.

  ”Anglicans’ sexual abuse inquiry stalled” p 2: Anglican Brisbane Archbishop Phillip Aspinall says he’s unable to start the Church inquiry into sexual abuse complaints, because none of the eminent people approached had been able to take on leading it, but he remained optimistic. He’s made no headway with his call to Canberra for a royal commission to deal with such issues as mandatory reporting.

  ”Celibacy put in the spotlight” p 2: It was alleged that the R.C. Church had become a magnet for homosexuals, because of celibacy. Catholic auxiliary bishop in Sydney, Geoffrey Robinson, chairman of the R.C. national professional standards committee, says it is by no means the total cause. He cited the NSW Wood royal commission on paedophilia estimates that 46 per cent of all child abuse occurred in families, 44% of offenders gained access to children through families or friends, and 5% involved people such as teachers, babysitters and clergymen. Some comments were made on sexual maturity. Sr Angela Ryan says a national conference in July will examine all aspects of priestly “formation,” or development. Perth Archbishop Hickey said the entrants to the Guildford seminary tended to be in their 20s these days. Norman Aisbett.

  ”In the heart of darkness” p 3: Associate Professor (University of NSW) and psychiatrist Carolyn Quadrio has interviewed hundreds of victims of sexual abuse. In a very short time she interviewed 32 male victims of the Christian Brothers, and since then had seen a couple of hundred who were abused as children in places like Bindoon and Clontarf. About 15 years ago she had started moves to reform the psychiatry profession, which itself had sexual abusers in its ranks. “The battering the church is taking at the moment knocks people’s belief systems,” the professor says. “If people don’t have belief systems they get very distressed and confused and even depressed. … there’s still tremendous denial in the community about the extent of child abuse.” Derek Pedley.

  ”Celibacy a singular problem” p 4: Home is the most dangerous place to be, as far as the possibility of sexual abuse. However, is celibacy in the Catholic priesthood, given its problems and perils, worth it? Well, it was not considered so for more than half that Church’s existence. The narrow culture which is associated with a celibate male priestly caste can result in cover-ups and a refusal to accept that something is wrong, and a fearful clinging to power and authority instead. The remedy could be that Rome made celibacy optional and ordain women as well as men. The celibacy requirement was probably driving heterosexual men away while drawing in men unable to accept their sexuality. The relentless commercialisation of sex and the promotion of a culture where very little is sacred any more makes a dangerously superficial society. In such a world the promotion of core values which undergird the integrity of all — men, women and children — is increasingly difficult. Gavin Simpsongavin.simpson@wanews.com.au

!!!: Supplying pornography from prison! [2000s] AUSTRALIA: (Presbyterian) Martin Francis Dodge, 38, former worker with a Presbyterian church, a prisoner for child-sex offences (three boys aged 7 to 12), has pleaded guilty to charges of possessing and supplying pornography while in gaol. – The West Australian, “Paedophile may go free,” By Steve Butler, Thur May 9 2002, p 38

The offences were committed between May 1986 and January 1987.
Crisafio was made eligible for parole and his sentence was back�dated to July 18 when he went into custody.
• “Paedophile priest seeks new trial.” [? 2000s] – New Apostolic Church. Girls.
PERTH, W. Australia: Lloyd Luciano Sampson, 49, of Merriwa, has appealed seeking a new trial after three juries had convicted him on five charges of sexual penetration and three of indecent dealing against three young sisters. A married father of two who worked as a mechanic, he was dismissed by the Church at Koondoola after he was charged. Decision reserved. – The West Australian, By Sean Cowan, Sat May 11 02, p 52
• “Paedophile kept in jail for sex text” [?2000s] – Presbyterian. Boys.
PERTH, W. Australia: Three years gaol without parole was imposed on Martin Francis Dodge, 38, former worker with a Presbyterian church, for using child sex literature to arouse himself while masturbating in a W.A. gaol. He had been due to be released from Bunbury gaol next Tuesday after serving 12 1/2 years for sex acts against three boys aged between seven and 12. The court was told he had been raped when he was five. – The West Australian, By Steve Butler, Sat May 11 02, p 56
• “At the crossroads.” PERTH: (Roman Catholic) Attendance at Sunday Mass has been crumbling since the 1960s, about half a million stopped going in the 15 years after the Second Vatican Council in 1965, Fundamentalist Churches are sprouting. In the U.S. Fr John Geoghan molested or raped more than 130 children during a “three-decade spree through half a dozen parishes in greater Boston.” The hierarchy knew since 1980, when he made a written statement that his abuse of seven boys in one extended family was not a serious problem. The crisis in Catholicism has been linked by some to celibacy. Perth Archbishop Barry Hickey and Vicar-General Tim Corcoran were quoted. At the Guildford seminary there were 19 candidates for the priesthood. Sydney Archbishop George Pell said that the clerical sex-abuse problem was shameful and lessened the Church’s moral authority in society. But in the past the leaders had not understood psycho-sexual development. The main criterion now is public safety. – The Sunday Times, Perth, Sun May 12 02, pp 39 and 42
• “Search aid ‘too low’.” AUSTRALIA: Child migrants get $1m travel assistance in race against time; Australian Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Minister Gary Hardgrave announced measures including $1m in travel assistance and a $100,000 contribution towards State-initiated memorials for former child migrants. Norman Johnston, the W.A. president of the International Association of Former Child Migrants and their Families, welcomed the moves, but said the $125,000 a year for the Child Migrant Trust was woefully inadequate. – The West Australian, Tue May 14 02, p 24.
“School employee on sex abuse charges” (Anglican). BRISBANE (Qld) Australia:Police have charged a former employee of Brisbane’s exclusive Anglican Church Grammar School with sexual abuse. At least two other sex abuse cases are pending against the school with claims of more than $3m. Former archbishop Dr Peter Hollingworth, now Governor-General, has agreed to co-operate with the forthcoming Brisbane diocesan inquiry. – The Weekend Australian, May 18-19 02, p 3.
“Paedophile priests stay in Church.” AUSTRALIA: The Catholic Church in Australia is not taking action to expel paedophile clerics despite an edict from the Pope that those who harm children have no place in religious life. – Sun Herald,www.smh.com.au Cost – $1.10 (426 words), 26 May 2002
• “New flak for Hollingworth;” AUSTRALIA: Former Anglican archbishop, Governor-General Hollingworth’s PR advisor (recommended by his daughter) was paid $250 an hour, i.e., $13,517 for three weeks during the furore over a sex abuse row. The West Australian, Tue May 28 02, p 5“60 MINUTES LOOMING:” SYDNEY’S DR PELL SWEARS THAT SILENCING A VICTIM OR COVERING UP ALLEGATIONS UNFOUNDED, UNTRUE, AND AN ANATHEMA TO HIM (keep reading and reading!)
• Sydney’s Catholic Archbishop Pell swears out Statutory Declaration denying he offered money or goods to David Ridsdale. SYDNEY (NSW) Australia: He was commenting on Mr Ridsdale’s statements to “60 Minutes”, which was going to air on June 2. “The allegation that I attempted to silence a victim or cover up allegations is unfounded and untrue and is an anathema to me.” Statutory declaration by Dr Pell is in PDF (Acrobat) format athttp://www.sydney.catholic.org.au/pdf/Statdec.pdf , dated May 30 02CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP PELL DENIES HE ATTEMPTED TO SILENCE A SEX-ABUSE VICTIM, TRIES TO STOP HIS TV INTERVIEW GOING TO AIR (please keep reading!)
• “Pell denies sex cover-up report.” SYDNEY (NSW) Australia: Sydney’s Catholic Archbishop George Pell brandished a statutory declaration and foreshadowed legal action over allegations that he had attempted to silence a sex-abuse victim by “buying him off.” Dr Pell said that it was “anathema” to him. He lambasted Channel 9′s “60 Minutes” programme which plans to telecast the allegations on Sunday. – The West Australian, Fri May 31 02, p 33End of abuse articles

As one can see from these reports paedophilia has been rife in Australia for decades and you may also note that despite many comments made in Parliament over a long period of time and despite other inquires taking place the problem continues to accelerate out of control.

One must also note the references made in some of the above to Jesuits……….I have discussed the Jesuits as being the true power behind the New World Order and have long been associated with their worship of Lucifer and in carrying out satanic rituals………as is the case with the upper crust of the Masonic Lodges scattered around the world.

It is also interesting to note that the respective ex Australian Prime Minister did little to stop the paedophilia that existed back in the lost generation days and up to the current time.

Part 2 will give more details on the scope of the existing Royal Commission but I have to say that based on past records we are not likely to see an end to this far reaching problem…………as I said to our Current PM and Leader of the Opposition the inquiry needs to be into Paeodophilia across the board…….this also means delving into the Masonic Lodges and looking further up the chain to see if it also involves the political and judiciary sectors as it does in the United Kingdom.

We now understand that David Cameron has  been forced to follow up connections with Politicians and many  members of the House of Lords after Lord McAlpine and others were named and shamed…………I feel as a precautionary measure there should be no restrictions on the Australian Royal Commission otherwise we will again see another “Whitewash” and waste of tax payers money in Australia!!!

I must apologise for the rather complex reports above but It would be wrong for me to alter or reduce all the hard work carried out by Keven Annett…….remember this is only some of the Australian articles and believe me it goes much deeper.

In closing I would  urge anyone who has had their lives changed forever by these mongrels to come forward and take this last opportunity to blow the lid off Paedophilia in Australia. Likewise anyone with credible evidence or information should also do the right think and make the appropriate report.

I would be more than happy to  receive such evidence/information. should you feel so inclined, and  can assure you that it will get to those at the top and to the members of the Royal Commission.

Peter Eyre -25/1/2013

Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis

Written by Peter Eyre

January 24, 2013 at 23:15

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  1. I have information that needs to be disclosed about the Boystown Allegations in Beauddesert Qld in the late 80’s.Myself and 3 other people l know of were sexually abused from one of the people that have come forward for an apology and received a payout from what was believed to have happened to him. To futher more my Sister is married to him and works within our Police Unit here in Ipswich Qld. This matter of this person has been with our Sexual Assult Unit here in Roma St Station Brisbane since approx 1993, this happened to me 20 years ago as a consiquence l have had a life alone without family and have had this bought back in an upmost usettling way on National TV a day after my 36th birthday. l am now very unwell and seeing a pcycology weekly due to being unable to manage my depression and anger.

    Natalie Brown

    April 23, 2013 at 18:57

    • Thank you for your response and so sorry to hear of your current situation…..should wish to discuss this further please let me know….take care….Peter

      Peter Eyre

      April 23, 2013 at 23:00

  2. Excellent article peter ,I think it’s been about 200 yrs of child sexual abuse here in Australia, and an enquiry into paedophilia in Australia is long overdue,freemason’s catholic church, ive joined the dots and its a very ugly picture meanwhile still it goes on and so far no one cares enough to have a proper enquiry,but then who chairs the enquiry anyway .!!can you trust them ? freemasons are a disgrace


    June 7, 2013 at 20:38

  3. […] Do Australian politicians listen or respond to those that put them in office? – Part 1 | Eyre Inte…. […]

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