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The New World Order is now in panic mode as its financial infrastructure is cut off!!

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The New World Order is now in panic mode as its financial infrastructure is cut off!!

Part 2 – Government & Corporate Fraud – Gun Control


Netanyahu phone

Dear uncle Bibi who really does not give a damn about anyone or anything

In Part 1 we dealt with the aims and achievements of the New World Order and now it is time to look at how they raise their finances to an unbelievable level when both very senior political figures, including Prime Ministers, Presidents and top members of most political parties get in bed together with the banking/commercial giants – especially in the oil gas and mining sectors  to rip off their investors and own countries tax payers to the tune of trillions of dollars.

This will be followed by their attempts to disarm each and every citizen in order for them to take control of their respective sheeples. The latter will look at some aspects of three major gun massacres, two of which may have shared a common goal  (Port Arthur, Tasmania Australia and Sandy Nook in the United States) in the establishment of gun control and the other being a Zionist attempt to fire a warning shot over the bow of the  Norwegian Government for taking sides with the Palestinians!!!

Before moving on we can revisit the highly secretive air crash in Iran that killed US Navy SEAL Team 4 Commanding Officer Job W. Price and almost killed Hillary Clinton (the old mare lives on).

We know that the “Bitch from Hell” was actively busy with her “Regular International Brain Washing Visits” and had visited Northern Ireland on the 7th of December 2012  (her last recorded activity prior to the accident) and that suddenly her formal activity had ceased .One can therefore assume that this air accident occurred between the 8th of December – 14th of December 2012.

Why was she in Iran? Was this a sort of US surrender to Iran based on the fact that Iran and many of the NAM (to which Iran is currently President) will form part of the next “Super Power) consisting of at least 160 countries?

Could it be that the “old mare” is acting on Obama’s behalf to find a diplomatic way out so as not to loose face on the international stage?


Hilary Clinton back at work after a months absence – Should she have been wearing this when she crashed in Iran?

This was the official story released by her department:

Clinton fell ill with a stomach bug after returning from a trip to Europe on Dec. 7. The illness forced her to cancel a planned visit to North Africa and the Middle East and left her severely dehydrated. While at home, she fainted and fell and suffered a concussion that was diagnosed by doctors on Dec. 20.
During a follow up examination on Dec 30, doctors discovered a blod clot in a vein that runs between the skull and the brain behind her right ear and she was admitted to New York-Presbyterian Hospital for treatment with blood thinners. She was released from the hospital last Wednesday.

US Navy Seal Commander Job W Price

EAL Team 4 Commanding Officer Job W. Price

Then we had the so called suicide of  US Navy SEAL Team 4 Commanding Officer Job W. Price…..when he actually died in the air accident at Ahvaz airport in Iran and how did they get his body from Iran to Afghanistan in time for the “Scam Press Release” of self induced suicide?

One should now be asking for a new autopsy on the Commander’s body to prove that this gallant US Navy seal did not die as a result of a self induced suicide in Afghanistan but rather as a direct result of multiple injuries sustained in the air crash in Iran!!

The official story read as follows:

An US Navy Seal commander in charge of an elite squad tasked with training Afghan police has died of an apparent suicide in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan.

Cmdr. Job W. Price, 42, died Saturday of a gunshot wound to the head. The cause of death is still under investigation, but military officials speaking on condition of anonymity tell the press that Price is believed to have taken his own life.

Enough said on that topic…….. lets get to look at how the New World Order obtain their finances, give a couple of examples as to how and who are involved and then get down to very controversial topic of so called gun massacres that in my eyes appears to have some other hidden agenda, such as creating a false flag to disarm a nation!!!

When will the Brits understand that Cameron and his coalition are ripping them off whilst at the same time fraudulently filling their own pockets with massive “Ponzi Schemes” such as his latest “Big Society Capital” and his own direct support of many virtual oil, gas and mining projects that simply do not exist?

It is fact that much of his financial support comes from extremely fraudulent hedge funds and in most cases are the proceeds of crime by diverting innocent investor’s money from fake oil and mining projects.

Do we the British public fully understand what is actually going on when trillions of pounds are being siphoned out of such projects each and every year and that most of this money is tax free as a result in their offshore investments.

Maybe you would find it hard to believe that the banks and financial sectors are all at it with the full knowledge of David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband and that some banks are offering huge unsecured loans to support such nonexistent project knowing that the money will be siphoned off and become a toxic debt waiting for the tax payers of this country to yet again bail them out and plunge us into even more punishment by way of their totally unnecessary austerity measures.

One has to understand that all of this financial rape is extremely well orchestrated by the Zionist run New World Order and most of our senior political figures are part of that “Mafia Style” organisation. Even the financial collapse of many European countries is their doing and then they have the audacity to pump even more British tax payers money into the European Central Bank that again gets diverted into their own “Giant Ponzi Schemes.”

This massive fraud is not only at an unbelievable high level but has almost become arrogant in its activity with many very senior MP´s and members of the House of Lords all double dipping into tax payers bail outs knowing that the money will never be used for what it was first intended.

As we know in more recent times the US sent over US$ 15 trillion in three separate tranches to the HSBC bank in London that was then sent onwards to the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and simply disappeared…….can all you sheeples imagine the size of this fraud………the total debt of the US was sent to the UK and has all gone……..but hey who cares when they again cut back on public services or take away someone’s benefits or social payments.

The British public should truly hang their heads in shame and certainly all the trade unions should be closed down for blatantly ignoring the truth behind what is happening in this country, especially all having been very well informed about the fraud via the many communications I have sent and the many political meetings that Gordon Bowden and I have attended etc.

Can you even imagine that when these union officials and their sheep all take to the streets in mass that they totally ignore what we have told them and use such events to their own political advantage.

The current Oil, Gas and Mining scams operate this way:

Imagine you and your cabal wish to raise US$6 billion for a fictitious gold mining project in some remote part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We all get together and invent a location……..”it could be as simple as a spade hole in the ground surrounded by a security fence, the odd metal hut, impressive exterior sign describing the project and security guards etc”….we then go to work and obtain details of some other expired gold mine such as historical data on yield per ton and images on the location etc…..then create a wonderful video and power point presentation to show to our potential investors etc etc….

We then embark on our international tour to New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam etc to wine and dine potential investors (more wine than dine) and by the end of the evening your well lubricated investors have parted with their money……..over the next 3-5 years we play a game with you….initially giving you pleasing results on the project or phase…..then after a couple of years we give you some bad news ie War in the Congo slows down or halts exploration or that an abnormal amount of rain has flooded the shaft etc etc…….then around year 4-5 we tell you that the yield per ton was not as expected or that owing to ongoing conflict we have been forced to pull out of the project etc etc………then its simply a question of “Hey Presto” job done……..we close down the company, regroup and form another Oil,Gas or Mining project and do it all over again.  

I would point out to you that these massive fraudulent scams involve heads of government,  the banking and financial sectors and naturally bogus oil, gas and mining companies. However this is only the tip of the iceberg because other much bigger deals are taking place to finance the New World Order such as the transaction that took place between the US Government and the UK Government, involving the HSBC Bank in London and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) when the US sent over US$ 15 trillion in three separate tranches to the HSBC bank in London that was then sent onwards to the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and simply disappeared…….can all you sheeples imagine the size of this fraud………the total debt of the US was sent to the UK and has all gone……..but hey who cares when they again cut back on public sector  services or take away someone’s benefits or social payments all of which forms part of their bogus austerity measures!!!

Lets now look at another major scam that is ongoing…….this involves our own Prime Minister, David Cameron and many others in the so called British oil find in the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) ……….can you imagine that another potential war could come out of this……all in the name of oil and gas when in actual fact no oil or gas exists or should I say that if it does it certainly is not commercially viable……….I will let my associate Gordon Bowden reveal his findings as per below:

Proof that Cameron lied over oil find in the Falkland Islands

Massive Fraud – Fake Oil Companies – No Oil or Gas

“David I told you not to get in volved in these fake, fraudulent oil and gas companies so don´t spit the dummy now that you have been caught out” “Personally Willie I don´t give a toss about the Falklands I have to appear to look strong in order to win the next election and going to war is always good for my image”  “Are you sure about that David – your political mother Maggie Thatcher thought the same and was kicked out of office – I think it will not be that easy” “Oh come on Willie, remember that I am part of the new “Big Society” (the New World Order) and I can do whatever I like knowing that my Zionist backers will protect me”

Here’s Gordon’s communications of this issue:

From: gordon bowden

To: “info@argentine-embassy-uk.org” <info@argentine-embassy-uk.org>
Cc: “trade@argentine-embassy-uk.org” <trade@argentine-embassy-uk.org>; “culture@argentine-embassy-uk.org” <culture@argentine-embassy-uk.org>; “reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk” <reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk>; AIM Regulation <aimregulation@londonstockexchange.com>; “market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk” <market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk>; “info@fogl.co.uk” <info@fogl.co.uk>; “dpl@desireplc.co.uk” <dpl@desireplc.co.uk>; “info@bordersandsouthern.com” <info@bordersandsouthern.com>; “info@argosresources.com” <info@argosresources.com>; “managing.directors@argosresources.com” <managing.directors@argosresources.com>; “non.exec@argosresources.com” <non.exec@argosresources.com>; “info@rockhopperexploration.co.uk” <info@rockhopperexploration.co.uk>

Sent: Tuesday, 5 June 2012, 17:35


Dear Sir’s

 For further attention your Intelligence Service and Trade Legal Department.

I note from recent UK Editorials Business Headlines :



The following Communication may better help you recover DOCUMENTATION to confront the United Kingdom Government and their known close affiliations with supporting those, acting as Directors of the Fake, Fraud Companies you are intending to take legal action against.

There is much by way of Forensic Document facts you need to be aware off. Details not openly published by the Companies Directors, Agents or Corporate Documents and unless researched in-depth, are misrepresentation to the true statements or FACTS.

I wish to inform you Sir’s, these are not Real Companies in the sense they truthfully intend to explore for Oil or Gas and go into production off the Falklands.

No Sir’s, these are nothing more than Fake, fraud, money laundering ”Virtual” Smoke & Mirrors Director only cash shell vehicles, a small interconnected selection of many Operating on the lightly regulated, un-audited, Alternative Investment Market, (AIM) The CASINO for International Organised Crime and Money Laundering.

These Companies have been designed and registered for specific Trans Continent Organised criminal Network purposes.

Director and Agents Conspiring in  FRAUD,THEFT, MONEY LAUNDERING and INSIDER TRADING.


(1)To steal the raised founding seed capital, obtained by selling “Worthless” bulk shares to Banks, Financial Institutions and Private Investors.

(2) Where the Directors of a Public Listed Company conspire to steal the Cash Assets and launder the stolen cash assets to and through other Subsidiaries, interlocking Companies they own involved in, servicing the Parental Company and interlocking conspiring J/V Partners.

(3) To engage over many years in systematic devaluation and orchestrated manipulation of the Parental Company Share price by continuous cash fund raising by the issuing of further Millions of Shares and release of false and misleading information by way of RNS Releases that affect the Stock Exchange Share Prices.

(4) To engage in Trans Continent Organised Crime Money Laundering.

(5) To engage in organised Company criminal Director “Insider Trading” Rings.

Many Articles have been written in the “Telegraph” by Rowena Thursby highlighting the highly suspect criminal activities of the Directors of:

DESIRE PETROLEUM, especially the Phipps Family business interconnection regarding service company relationships.

These are also the same criminal “Modus Operandi” operations of all the Companies interlocked with their other “Virtual” Oil Exploration off the Falklands.

You will better examine the Chain e-mail below, where Forensic Document detail of their Criminal Organised Crime network (DESIRE PETROLEUM and OTHERS)has been forwarded and reported to the Serious Fraud Office, Financial Services Authority and London Stock Exchange.

They, the above Legal Authorities have refused to halt these Organised Crime PONZI Operations, as many Companies are fronted by High Ranking UK Politicians, Grandee’s and VIP’s who also engage in funding their selective Political Parties.

 If your Embassy Intelligence Services and Trade Financial Accountants, conduct in detail, by way of a Due Diligence forensic examination of their Corporate AIM 26 Admission to Trade Documents and biography historical Corporate Directorships of the Directors of the 5 Companies their current and past company Directorships. Research will show they have ALL been associated with multiple other “Virtual” Smoke and Mirrors, Oil and Gas or Mining Companies that have NEVER recovered “One” cup of Oil or “One” Ounce of Gold, Silver, Uranium, Cobalt, Tin, Zinc, Diamonds, Coal or DIRT.

Should you require further Corporate Document or verbal communication evidence to support my accusations please contact me.

You might refer the current Stock Markets falling share prices of these Companies, their need to, by way of “Confrontation” Fears with Argentina, this to enable them to conduct (Under a AIM 26 Document RISK FACTOR)  a strategic “Cover-up” with-drawl from their (NON EXISTENT “VIRTUAL” OPERATIONS) in and OFF the FALKLANDS

 Please Refer the Date of the Communications below, to warn the Serious Fraud Office, AIM, L.S.E and Political Parties with Directors known to be interconnected.


 Mr Gordon Bowden

Part 3 of this current series will continue with more communications on this topic and more importantly other massive scams involving the abuse by the New World Order of the  Word’s Collateral Accounts and the huge theft of Gold Bullion!!

As I said before the New World Order has now had its financial infrastructure severed by those that will become the next “Super Power” this action alone has now left the cabal in the US, UK, EU and many other locations in a state of panic with unbelievable last minute measures being taken in an attempt to save their “Lost Empire.”

Peter Eyre – Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – 8/1/2013   

Written by Peter Eyre

January 7, 2013 at 23:58

Posted in Corporate/Government Fraud and Corruption, News

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