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At Scottish Government Cover-Up of Hollie Greig Part 7 (republished)

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hollie-and-mum-anne3 (1)

Hollie and Mum Anne at the Royal Courts of Jusice London for another failed attempt!!!

There is so much to write about…… the terrible abuse of a little Down Syndrome girl at the tender age of 6…..the murder of her dear uncle…..the lack of justice….the lack of media attention and the continuous harassment in trying to get this unbelievable story before the courts.

 It must bring to light the incredible strength of a mothers love for her daughter and her sheer determination to keep nibbling away at the very foundation of the Scottish Government and the failure of its justice system.

In some respects it becomes almost impossible not to become emotional as to how such a girl and her mum continue to deal with this fight against authority and peodophilia. The size of this problem is beyond imagination and reaches to the highest authority in all walks of life. One could even say it casts a shadow on the ability of politicians to be representative of their country and their respective regions.

 The followers of Hollie and this story continues to increase despite the lack of response from the gagged media. We are now approaching 18,000 and it is clear that this fight may well reach a successful conclusion and dear Hollie and her mum will have there day in court.

 In the meantime I continue to access information and continue my search for the truth. I am in touch with organisations in the US and elsewhere who deal with this particular subject and frantically search for more evidence and involvement. The priority at the moment is to secure a copy of the FBI’s British Peodophile list which was handed over to the UK police during the Blair regime but was suppressed because it named some very senior political figures.

We have heard that D Notices were served on the many media outlets but in actual fact this (if it was done) is totally illegal and can only be served by those authorised to do so and within certain parameters. This is a response in regard to a D Notice enquiry:

I wish to make it clear that there is absolutely no truth in the statement repeated in your e-mail below that the ‘Blair government…issued a D-Notice to gag the press from revealing the names of known paedophiles within the British executive’. No ‘D Notice’ advice has ever been issued in connection either with the Hollie Greig case or the naming of paedophiles, as these issues fall far outside Defence Advisory Notice concerns.  Those concerns deal only with the disclosure of national security information which falls within the guidelines set by the five Standing DA Notices

(see http://www.dnotice.org.uk). Moreover, the Government does not issue ‘D Notices’, I do. And I do so on behalf of the Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee, which is an independent body, composed of senior officials and media leaders, the latter being in the great majority. 
Andrew Vallance
Air Vice-Marshal
Secretary, DPBAC

As you can clearly see, as I have always thought, that naming names is in the interest of “National Security” and not against it.

 The reason for writing this statement is to draw attention to the UK Media that you are all falsely hiding behind some hidden agenda and it is for your own reasons that you choose not to make Hollie Greig’s story public and also withhold the FBI list of known peodophiles. I can  assure readers that if I obtain a copy of this document I  will publish it when I am in a position to do so. The Sunday Herald did receive a copy of this list as did other papers and so it is our intention to throw down the gauntlet and challenge you to stand up and be counted.

 So today is a very special day when Hollie and her mum Anne visit Berwick and meet with as many of her  Scottish supporters as is possible. Obviously some of the other supporter will make this very long journey. I myself wanted to be there but owing to my current sickness was not able to endure the drive……I also decided that putting out another story would be much more beneficial to the cause than spending hours driving such long distances. I believe that Hollie and her mum will organise another event in England so that the thousands of followers can meet up with this very brave couple.

 It is with much emotion that I rush this press release out in time for that special meeting that is taking place right on the border with Scotland….the very place that is gagging true justice. Scotland’s pride has been damaged by the terrible act against a defenceless girl and I am sure that being so close to the border will obviously annoy the Scottish Authority and the Grampian Police. In passing lets not forget that there are many other stories in Scotland just like Hollies that have been swept under the carpet….last but not least the Dunblane Massacre that is very much connected to this story.

I have much more to talk about on this issue and its is amazing how much information keeps drifting in without asking for it……the residents of Scotland are awaking to Hollies case as are the remaining people in the UK and it is for that reason that they feel obliged to pass on vital information not only to me but to other sources knowing it will get published.

I would urge people to continue to pass on any concerns or information to use so that we can continue to keep printing the story of peodophilia in Scotland until we have all nipped it in the bud!

 We would also like to ask anyone from the legal sector to come forward and help in bringing justice for Hollie and her mum……obviously we would prefer someone suitably qualified in this particular area and who will provide their time free of charge until this case is back in the courts……I am sure you would appreciate that if and when this case does move forward the reward would be significant and all of your efforts would be covered. You can email me directly via my webpage if you feel you can help in this matter.

 Finally on this special day I would like to send my own sincere greeting to dear Hollie and mother Anne and to thank you for your courage. I  wish you well in your fight for justice and sincerely hope this reaches a successful conclusion.

I have also been inspired by the work of David Icke and the effort he makes in bringing justice to this world. He uses a special song from Les Miserable “Do you hear the people sing”……..I do not wish to take anything away from this wonderful man but this song is very powerful and motivational. Rather than copy the exact same clip I decided to find another strong performance which I now attach.

To the supporter of Hollie….which I call the “Hollie Army”…..I would like you all to listen and watch…..look at the powerful words and hopefully this will inspire you to take on the authority. Remember “People Power” really does exist and I hope that this song brings out that fight.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6-5g78Nr6Q&feature=related

To Hollie and mum Anne…..sorry I am not with you….I am in spirit. Someone else from Scotland will be there who will speak on my behalf. Bless you both.

Peter Eyre – Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – 28/12/2012

Written by Peter Eyre

December 29, 2012 at 22:08

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  1. Peter, excellent work. May I suggest the following……   Try a UK Freedom of Info Act enquiry. One to ask for the basis upon which Bliar pulled the FBI list, another to actually ask for the list. Then use US contacts to make enquiries under their similar system. Also, email the FBI direct, asking for the list, it is probably not such a big deal or even secret in the US. Don’t forget the US has Megan’s law, etc. Some of your US contacts/organisations may already have the FBI list. By the way, I think that in the US you only need 25,000 petition signatures to be able to legally demand a respose from Congress. Suppose you made a reasonable assumption that some of the names on the list visit the US for hols or business…… the petition could then be along the lines of “Prevent known/suspected perps on the FBI list from coming over here to the US”.  The cunning plan is to make the list a big issue in the US, this plan has the benefit of not embarrassing US authorities because you are only interested in the UK section, not theirs.    The UK has plenty of quirky laws, Common and Statute. Maybe Brian Gerrish can put you in touch with some of the “Common Law” people, regarding Misprision of Treason?   Contact Julian Assange, Wikileaks, for ideas or assistance?   Remember the power of the born-again Christian movements in the US, with their global tv and radio reach. Try a direct appeal for support, Pat Robertson at CBN.com? Why? Because he is widely respected, very well connected and head of o media empire that could gather 25,000 signatures overnight.   Off the wall stuff. You may not realise that all the major political parties, all courts, all constabularies, etc, are registered Corporations! Check it out via Dunn and Bradstreet.They are all registerd trading businesses, generating profits! Even plod. So there must be a Board with named members for each. Find a tame Corporate Law specialist, find an angle..  willfull ignorence, improper conduct, neglect of corporate duties, etc, there must be an angle there. And past-recipient newspapers will still have the list tucked away somewhere.   You can Google to find the legit websites that give you details of ownership of websites, IP addresses, location…. mostly free. Of course everybody knows that any halfway competent hacker could get you the list quickly but nobody is suggesting here that this is legal or a good thing in any way whatsoever.     Not to forget, the many Departments of Dirty Tricks are on to you…. (and all your contributors, emailers, supporters). They will be reading this email shortly. Shows how desperate they are. Try a litmus test….. if Private Eye won’t cover your story, you know something’s up.   Best of luck, Ross        


    ross brooke

    December 30, 2012 at 12:37

    • Thank you for your wonderful contribution….however I have my own high court case in London and do not have anymore time to pursue this any further…..it is time for someone else to pick up the banner and obtain that list…..I need to focus on my court case which covers all aspects of what I write about…..I am sure you understand…Peter

      Peter Eyre

      December 30, 2012 at 13:20

  2. Peter, hope you received my previous email. Keep up the good work!   Just to say that you may have a few hours lead time to put into effect or follow up on the legit suggestions that I sent you. After that, all international parties will be warned off. Forget being paranoid. Spend all night making contacts, it is that important. Get those legit suggstions, pathways, wheezes, channels, sources fired up right now! I am a mere casual observer of reality. Do it now…… or lose the small time lag….. I do not mind if you publish this email, and my previous email, on your website…..  your immediate actions may provoke beneficial responses beyond your expectations….. hopefully enough to outweigh the Departments of Dirty Tricks. There will be plenty of other normal, concerned, patriotic, sympathetic readers out there….. some of them will respond with more interesting stuff.   Apologies, but …..Tempus Fugit!  For Holly, Ross 


    ross brooke

    December 30, 2012 at 17:20

    • What can people of the UK do?


      December 30, 2012 at 22:31

      • Keep applying pressure via your local MP………The UK are currently holding an inquiry into child abuse with a focus on the church………the inquiry should be on paedophilia across the board and prove that this goes way beyond the church and right up to the top of politics…….an inquiry should also be launched in the Masonic movement

        Peter Eyre

        December 30, 2012 at 23:00

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