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Threat by the New World Order Military (NATO) on Syria – Lebanon – Palestine – Iran

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We have now reached the pinnacle of  NATO (Military Arm of the New World Order) threats being made against Syria – Lebanon – Palestine – Iran and we must fully understand the consequences if NATO should operate alone and outside the control of the United Nations. o

In order to take an action you have to create a false flag scenario and that believe it or not are the concocted stories currently being generated by Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Hague and their cabal in France and Germany. 

Are we the public so naive to believe that the greatest threat to the people of Syria is Chemical and Biological Weapons that could be used against them by the Syrian Government……….what about the daily used of WMD’s by NATO forces in all current wars and conflicts that could be finally responsible for the death of millions of people both within any assigned target area but also adjacent countries in and around the Middle East and the World beyond?

Should this threat of war continue to gain momentum it will bring in many other countries such as Russia, China, Iran, certain factions in Lebanon and Palestine and could clearly become WW3. 

It will consume the entire Middle East with Radioactive Nano Particles from Turkey to India and from the Caspian Region  down to the Horn of Africa within four day and the rest of the world well within one month.

I cannot believe the mentality of the Arab League who themselves would become victim should situation escalate and also the people of Israel who would be downwind of any attack on Syria  in much the same way as happened when the IDF attacked Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in 2008/9………..are the Jews of Israel aware of this factor and the fact that the levels of cancer are one of the highest in the world not forgetting the terrible  infertility problem that is linked directly to the IDF’s use of depleted uranium……most of which was provided free of charge to Israel by the United States of America!!!! 


This is a classic example of one such “Dirty Bomb” dropped on Southern Lebanon in 2006 to which I have the data 

I have decided to republish this article again to show the magnitude of problem and who could be major players in this senseless action that has no purpose other than to meet the “Geo Political Master Plan” of the New World Order that was planned more than twenty years ago……..I have all the evidence to prove this has nothing to do with humanitarian issue or WMD/CBW weapons!!!

Believe me the US, UK and NATO partners fully intend to use both depleted uranium, low yield tactical nuclear bombs and other extremely dirty new high tech weapons, as was the case in Libya

Map showing possible attack routes and three of the main targets 

The Capabilities – The Hardware – The Weapons – The Consequences – The Environmental Fallout

For many years we have seen the US and Israel participating in military exercises with a particular focus on countering simulated attacks by ballistic, medium-range and short-range missiles and rockets by Iran on Israel and once again we see an extremely large exercise currently taking place in and around the Strait of Hormuz.

What is ironic about these exercises is the fact that Iran has not made any threats towards Israel in this regard but rather that it will defend itself and take retaliatory measures should Israel carryout an act of war in attacking its facilities and obviously if NATO forces participate in such a strike then they also would become a valid target.

As part of this build up the US Military has more than doubled its stockpile of weapons in Israel which it states “Israel can use.” One would assume that just like the preparation in the build up to the Lebanon Crisis in 2006 and pre Cast Lead in 2008 that this is a very clear indication that both the US and Israel are preparing for a strike on the nuclear facilities in Iran. The US Navy already has a significant naval force in the Gulf, Eastern Mediterranean, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf and can use a variety of weapons that can be launched from both ships, submarines and aircraft carriers.   We have also seen a deployment of Israeli Naval Vessels into the region (including submarines) as well as the existence of Royal Naval Vessels and Submarines

 In order for the Israeli Navy to position to such a location it requires the permission of the Gulf States to enter their waters. One cannot fully understand how these Islamic States could allow Israeli vessels to transit their zone with the intention of carrying out an attack on another Islamic country (Iran) or in fact any other Islamic country.It was no suprise to see these  same states turn their back on Lebanon, Gaza-Palestine, Libya and now Syria.

What I found remarkable was the introduction of the Intel PSYOPS  film “Innocence of Muslims” immediately prior to this exercise and may well have been part of a ” New World Order Ploy “to enrage all Muslims in the region and at the same time possibly create yet another false flag incident to justify going into Iran.

The western media is covering this exercise extremely well but the motive behind this exercise clearly does not make sense as an ex military person. One source PBS.org  Kuwait City quotes: “The United States, along with more than 27 other countries from four different continents, began Sunday the largest ever military exercise aimed at practicing how to find and destroy sea mines in the waters of the Middle East.

“This is about exercising capabilities that we want to exercise with our partners in the region,” said Pentagon spokesman George Little this week. Earlier this summer Little stressed that this training was not aimed at delivering a message to Iran.

However, with tensions heating up with Iran, and Israel threatening to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities, a number of observers say the maneuvers at sea are aimed at Iran, and could be a dress rehearsal for war with the Islamic Republic.

U.S. Defense Department officials reject that characterization.

“I think it’s a signal to Iran,” countered Scott Truver, an expert on navy operations and mine warfare. “Despite the fact that the Department of Defense indicated that it’s not directed at Iran … it is sending a good signal to potential adversaries that we can deal with any threat that’s thrown at us, particularly if it’s the mine threat.”

End of article

Having spent considerable time myself  on such vessels this exercise goes well beyond mine countermeasures with the presence of a huge international naval task force at many locations. The three main areas are shown on the map above but it does not show the very large task force currently positioned in the Eastern Mediterranean (off the coast of Lebanon/Syria). The Fleet in the Persian Gulf consists of:  Three US Nimitz class carriers, 12 battleships, including ballistic missile cruisers, frigates, destroyers and assault ships carrying thousand of US Marines and special forces.…….not bad for a mine countermeasure exercise don’t you think?……..believe me this is a fully fledged “Battle Group” all ready to go!!

Now let’s focus on all the ins and outs should Israel make the first strike (which it cannot do alone).

American Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) – Made by Boeing

The means of delivery for the MOP – The US B2 Spirit – Stealth Bomber

Israel does not have this weapon and  has no delivery mechanism to launch it

 How it is carried inside the bomb bay of the B2  (this is demonstration and testing facility)

What I find amazing is that the UN and the world looks on without saying a word knowing that this action will probably take place as soon as the Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) is ready for operational use (which it is). The Pentagon has been applying extreme pressure on Boeing to bring forward the development and testing of this massive bomb,  almost two years ahead of intended operations. It may also be the US intention to make use of the Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) which was intended for use in Iraq/Afghanistan and currently sitting around………you know the US/UK/Israel love to use up their “Dirty Bombs” (especially those with Depleted Uranium) or to test their latest technology in the fields of conflict.

The Original Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB)

These types of weapons can be dropped from the back of a C130 (Hercules) aircraft but in doing so makes the C130 and easy target…….this is why the US will have to provide a Stealth Bomber if such weapons are going to be used against Iran

US B61’s  have already been used by the United States Navy in Afghanistan and Coalition forces also used other tactical nuclear weapons in Libya

Diagrams like this one gives the false impression that a low-yield earth penetrating nuclear weapon would “limit collateral damage” and therefore be relatively safe to use. In fact, because of the large amount of radioactive dirt thrown out in the explosion, the  5-kiloton weapon would produce a large area of lethal fallout.

French Rafale Fighter take off from Istres with live nuke bound for Libya

This ain’t no conventional weapon going off in Libya

I might add that the NPT does not cover small nuclear bombs and therefore any “Nuke” (with a dial up value of up to 5kt) has/will/can be used to be more effective. Maybe we are all thinking that the last use of nuclear weapons was on the Japanese in WW2………wrong!!!!….it is believed one was used in Iraq, southeast of Basra and close to the Iranian border………it is also my belief that some were used in the Tora Bora Mountains in Afghanistan to smoke out the non existant Bin Laden and Al Queda……that batch actually started off an earthquake at the time. These weapons were flown from US Carriers that were operating in the Arabian Sea at the time.

There are a multitude of other weapons that Israel can use………it has available for usage anything from the US massive stock-pile in Israel and naturally its own depleted uranium weapons and many other “Dirty Bombs”…….What I find so interesting was that previously any weapon leaving the US had to be passed via Congress with a formal “Transmittal Notice”……..this no longer applies as Obama has now found a way to allow the US Military to establish an offshore military out station and then do a simple internal transfer of it’s hardware and weapons from the US to wherever!!

Israeli Submarine Built and Provided by Germany

The Israeli Naval warships and submarines  (although small in number ) are all equipped with missiles but do not pose a significant threat owing to the numbers involved….one would assume they would form part of a multi-national task force in order to become effective ie US/UK or NATO

As I have pointed out Israel does not have the capability to carry out such an attack alone as it lacks the bombs listed above, means of delivery and the range etc……..this will certainly be a “Joint Venture” between Israel, US, UK and possibly other NATO partners……..this also means that warships and submarines from all of the above countries would participate. The Israeli Navy does have warships and submarines that can fire Cruise Missiles (both nuclear and depleted uranium).

Sot let’s now look at the complications associated with a possible strike on Iran and what Israel and partners could expect back in return. 

It is my understand that this is not just a simple action, to take out nuclear facilities, but rather an extremely dangerous situation that could not only lead to a major action or war but also cause catastrophic radiation contamination of the entire Middle East, Asia, SE Asia, Europe and the World. I will cover the environmental aspects towards the end of this article.

The implications certainly could lead to WW3 based simply on the fact that NATO stance is ”An attack on any military facility, oil/gas facility, pipeline or any other commercial entity is an attack on all” …needless to say that even if Israel/US/UK fire the first salvo this would be an act of war and thus Iran would respond…….the response would then possibly involved striking selective targets in Israel and possibly US/UK or NATO overseas facilities…..this would then be turned by the US into an attack on NATO and or a partner with consequences that are beyond imagination.

So lets again look at this very dangerous and complicated military scenario that is starting to unfold and fully understand who has to be involved in carrying out such an attack and the risks associated with its implementation.

First of all this type of operation is pushing the safety envelope of the Israeli Air Force to its maximum and can only be achieved with the involvement of the US Military. None of the existing IAF aircraft can make such a long range flight without transiting other Islamic States, stopping for fuel or in having in flight refueling provided by the US. The massive US fed munitions stockpile currently in Israel would be utilized by the IAF and they would have to take maximum weapons payload with minimum fuel. This mission would test both aircraft and their crews to the maximum with the main purpose of delivering their deadly payload to target and with no room to detour or carry out a defensive role if attacked by any Iranian aircraft. It would clearly mean that some of the Israeli aircraft would not return as a result of this high risk operation.


The Israeli Air Force desperately want The F22 Raptor to replace the F-15′s (above)  but at a cost. I found this historical statement ”The IAF would be happy to equip itself with 24 F-22s, but the problem at this time is the US refusal to sell the aircraft, and its $200 million price tag.”

As it stands  the Israeli Airforce have to cope with their gas guzzling F-15′s for the time being and hope that the US.UK or NATO can assist them to pull off this risky mission!!

The fleet at the moment consists of F-15E (attack),  F-15 and F16  (fighter) and an array of patrol aircraft and transport aircraft (including the C130). They have B707 (tanker) and an array of helicopters – Sea Stallion – Attack Helicopters etc and not forgetting their heavy dependency on unmanned drones for spying and firing hell-fire missiles

The weapons stockpiled by the US in Israel  contain weapons with uranium components such as “Bunker Buster”, JDAM bombs, Cruise Missiles, Hellfire Missile  etc and the combination of such weapons hitting a nuclear facility would lead to terrible consequences in the Middle East. Then we have the question of the MOP which is specifically being tested for use in Iran and possibly the MOAB. These bomsb have the potential to not only call catastrophic damage but also has the ability to wipe out the electricity grid system and all communication. They are also very capable in setting  off earthquakes in the region. All of the above weapons in that context could be classified as WMD’s and are totally indiscriminate in their application and thus are in breach of the Geneva Convention as well as breaching many other international laws. Any weapon of this size when it enters the earth crust sends huge shockwaves deep into the earth and should this be in an area of existing rifts the resultant aftermath is self explanatory. Iran sits on top of such an active area.

It is also my belief that whilst Israel and the US are on a war footing with Iran that they may also possibly carry out strikes on Gaza/Palestine, Lebanon and Syria in order to subdue any backlash from such an attack.  As with all conflicts the whole purpose is to divide and conquer and Israel is right in the middle of a very unstable area. Should they choose to carry out such action I am sure this could well see the end of Israel.

Let’s now look at the appropriate missiles defence shields and any retalitory systems that could be used and the targets that could be selected within Israel:

Potential Targets

Air Base Targets

I guess the next question is how does one defend or strike on either side?

Obviously as we speak both countries are attempting to improve their defence systems and so the above information would then become obsolete.

IAF Possible plan of attack

Potential Israeli Missile Strike of Iranian Nuclear Facilities

Needless to say that in the unfortunate event that this attack by Israel/US/UK takes place, we can expect counter supportive attacks on Israel from Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. 

The environmental aspect of such an attack will create a  catastrophic fallout that will initially consume the entire Middle East within 4 days –  from Turkey – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India and from North of the Caspian Sea to the Gulf of Aden. Armenia – Georgia – Azerbaijan – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan -Tajikistan – Kyrgyzstan – China – Nepal – Syria – Iraq – Kuwait – Saudi Arabia – Bahrain – Lebanon – Israel – Palestine – Jordan – Egypt – Qatar – UAE – Oman – Yemen. Not one country in the Middle East will be spared. The contamination will then cover all of the areas I have pointed out above well within one month. 

The map below shows clearly how that contamination will spread around the world and in the case of Depleted Uranium will remain in the environment for a half life of 4.5 billion years.

Existing hot spots that have been contaminated by such weapons and continue to do so

It is interesting to note that when the US, UK, France and NATO commenced blasting Libya the radioactive contamination spread across Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, Portugal and then headed out over mid Atlantic whereby it did a 180 degree turn and headed back over the UK and EU…….such is the curse of Depleted Uranium which does not recognize any international borders!!

I actually shared a coffee today with an ex  Iraqi Special Forces guy who had lost a leg to a land mine and the other remaining leg was badly injured resulting in mutiple operations…….he can never return to his homeland, even if he wanted too, because he worked with Americans………I was shocked as to how patriotic he was towards the US and UK…….my attempt to explain to him what we have done to his country and how we are now raping it was beyond his comprehension…….it was only when I explained the genetical damage to his country that he started to better understand where I was coming from….especially the fact that no women in the city of  Fallujah or Basra can safely have a child now.

I met many such people during my travels in Iraq and also with many displaced people in Amman, Jordan. many of whom can never return or see their families again. Many had been tortured or members of their families assassinated. 

I frequently discuss the issue of the so called US Military withdrawal from Iraq….which is another con because they have now replaced them with around 100,000 private security guys (who in some cases lack discipline) who are armed better than their military counterparts…….Blackwater just changed their name but still carry on as they have always done and so many others like them……I know many of them myself when I was working there and believe me they know how to pack a punch!!! 

To close all I can say is that we must stop this US/UK/France and Israeli madness before the entire world becomes totally contaminated with nano particles of radiation from their uranium laced weaponry……keep in mind that Depleted Uranium can and does penetrate the Nose – Brain Barrier…….it also directly attacks the genetics of our body causing terrible mutations, disfigurement and mental disorders…….it attacks the very DNA of life itself.

Let’s just refresh our minds with pictures of known war criminals and professional fraudster who created this master plan that keeps us all in a state of permanent war and who also promote poverty by their own greed:

Yes you may well look depressed……..your day will come

Please understand their is only one man and many zionist organisations that are fueling and  spearheading this conflict….maybe you can hazard a guess as to who that may be?



The same people who caused this cancerous growth


Naturally the giant satanic octypus


The same cabal that have the audacity to lay wreaths on remembrance day for soldier that they killed with their own WMD  weapons

NWO plan


The current holders of the true “Axis of Evil” in the City of London


The same group that faked this ready room gathering on the attack on Bin Ladens home when he had already died on the 14th of December 2001 as a result of kidney failure!! 

King Liar

Netanyahu phone

And dear uncle Bibi who really does not give a damn about anyone or anything


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 12/12/2012

Written by Peter Eyre

December 12, 2012 at 07:56

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  1. satyrikon

    December 12, 2012 at 12:26

  2. great article peter, however, you keep mentioning ISLAMIC countrys which are far from the truth!

    we muslims are oppressed in all those countrys you keep saying islamic by tyrants,dictators, and kings ruling by monarchy rule which is against islamic values, none of these cretins have been voted or chosen by the ruled in these places!

    Also i have always noted how with great relish non muslims are elated when muslims are killed ,tortured,or raped etc,etc,etc all over the world!

    the readers must know that the rule of islam has not been in vogue for centurys in any part of the known world under the rule of the what we call the khalifa/caliphate!

    the prophet mohammed pbuh predicted that the christian nations will stand under 80 banners(flags) of 12,000 soldiers each and attack the muslim areas of the world, leading to world war 3!

    i just wish i knew in what way will the satanic zionist jews will cause the christian imbeciles to do this when it is against they own selves and values?

    the prophet mohammed pbuh also predicted that in this war called the MALHAMA in arabic,the arab race as a whole will be wiped out by biological warfare and that combatants will die 99 out of every 100, now you to ask yourself, where in history have 99 soldiers ever died out of 100???

    we believe this means nuclear warfare will happen.

    the zionist jews and they christian stooges will succeed in this war for a while but will be routed in the end by a muslim army from the east, who will march in a straight line to free jerusalem and totally eliminate israel from the face of the earth due to they own sins practiced against humanity!

    the centres of infidelity namely,israel,u.k, singapore,india and america have been foretold to be totaly destroyed by nuclear war and they names will be mentioned only as a very wicked people who used to live there in history books of the future!

    reading the history of all these countrys i do not doubt they wickedness from historical records recording what they armys have done over the centurys!

    any jew,christian,muslim,hindu,sikh,etc must come together to help each other in the conflagration which is coming, with a belief in the one lord god of all who will intervene when the time is right, for falsehood by its nature must vanish and perish!

    peace to all believers!

  3. Reblogged this on msarroub.

    sarroub mourad

    December 12, 2012 at 19:24

  4. Let me say a few things here , in times past we Americans thought of our government as good , our preachers , ministers and priests as men of great faith and they are the ones that told us it was alright to kill , fight for Israel ! The military draft , gov’t order , put a lot of men in the service during the second world war , these men fought for something in which they believed was right , after all our gov’t was good , our ministers and priests were men of God . To the people of the US , the middle east is a far away place and many of us travel within a few hundred miles of our homes , I have not traveled to the places that most of you have seen . We have been told that the biggest threat to america was the Muslim’s , (Islam) we have been brain washed ! Will the Muslims and Christians accept the gods of stone , idols ? i do not think so ; for it is these two people that have great faith in God . Do the Muslims practice pedophilia , same sex marriage and homosexual acts or sodomy , do the Muslims put amulets , trolls in your homes , do the Muslims light the Menorah ? I need to know more … your turn .


    December 12, 2012 at 21:01

  5. Reblogged this on Sunni Ship and commented:
    What is NATO fighting? Overgrown gigantic animal Monsters, evil ET aliens? No, none other than innocent, men, women and children. Bloody cowards!

    Sunni Ship

    December 14, 2012 at 04:27

  6. O.K. , o.k ……. This is the way it is from where i sit . Islam , the brotherhood of the Muslims is Babylonian , the Masonic Fraternity of the christians is Babylonian , both are worshiping the gods of Moloch whether they know it or not it makes no difference . The Church of Rome and England are both Masonic (Babylonian) for it seems the whole world is worshiping Lucifer (who is Satan) . The Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) worships Lucifer (Satan) and they control the CIA,KGB,MI-5,MI-6,etc. . In fact they control IMF and the Federal Reserve and the Queen , Elizabeth II like the present day church is under the high ruling Spirit of Jezebel . The people that are ruling in Palestine this day are neither Jews or Israelites for they are of Satan’s seedline , Esau (Edom – ites) All of Hollywood think they are Jews , they are not ! All of the Aristocrats of Britain think they are Jews , they are not ! All of the Senate and House are worshiping Lucifer for they are Mason’s and the women there in are the Spirit of Jezebel . IF and i say if , you are a Jew you have your own name ,the House of Judah and the House of Israel is an entirely different people for they , and they only , can call themselves ISRAELITES and I have said I am one . N OW …. changing to the latest shooting in the U.S. , first i must say I(we) have lost a child to a DUI and i understand a broken heart , think about it America , how many broken hearts has OUR government caused through out the world !!!! Think about it you bastards of B’nai Birth ! Now its you turn to speak … go ahead .


    December 15, 2012 at 20:04

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