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New World Order ready to carry out an attack on Syria – Could this lead to WW3?

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Are we looking down the barrel at a potential  WW3?

Could this be the final straw by the New World Order (NATO) to entice Lebanon, Palestine and Iran into conflict?

Israel and the New World Order Cabal have now revealed their true colours in putting out misinformation on the true situation that exists within Syria. There is no threat from Chemical and Biological Weapons , as was the case prior to the Iraq War.


The Zionist Octopus has taken over the White House and Congress


The Military Arm of the New World Order


The imbecile responsible for the current Islamaphobia


USS Eisenhower on Standby off the coast of Syria

Iwo Jima Best Photo

USS Iwo Jima off Syria

I sincerely believed that we would avoid possible conflict with Syria but as we now see this country will follow in the footsteps of Libya if the Zionist controlled United States Government is allow to yet again breach the protocol of the United Nations (which is also controlled by the New World Order) and do exactly whatever it so chooses i.e. with or without the approval of the UN……..as was the case of the Iraq War.

When will the sheep of this world fully understand what is going on here and that this conflict has nothing to do with humanitarian issues, democracy or the well being of the country concerned……..this is the master plan that was planned over 20 years ago by Paul Wolfowitz  and his cabal at the Project for the New America. This was also confirmed by General Wesley Clarke, the ex Supreme Commander of NATO Europe, when he visited the Pentagon (soon after the false flag called 9/11) when he was given information that the US was going to take out at least 7 Islamic countries over the next 10 years….on that list were Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Somalia and needless to say possibly Sudan.

Latest news state the following:

The arrival of the USS Eisenhower is likely a show of power by the country as a way of warning Assad against any major moves, such as using chemical weapons. The aircraft carrier joins the USS Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group, which holds about 2,000 Marines and is already sitting off the coast of Syria.

Should the US decide to intervene in the bloody conflict, which has taken the lives of at least 40,000 people since it began in March 2011, they will have at their disposal about 10,000 troops, 17 warships, 70 bombers, and 10 destroyers.

Then we have the same cabal in London  headed by David Cameron and his partner in crime William Hague pushing this along in conjunction with the French and their Zionist President with Germany sitting in the side lines……….exactly the same “Hunter Killer Pack” we saw in Libya.

New Thermo Nuclear Weapon used in Libya

NATO version of humanitarian aid – Massive WMD exploding  – a  blend of Depleted Uranium and Tactical  Low Yield Nuclear Weapons as used on Libya and resulting in the potential geonocide of over one million people!!!

The Israeli Government is playing a major role in this stirring up and believe me this could well spark of the inevitable World War Three that has been sitting on the horizon now for some considerable time.


The author of wars and conflicts – Paul Wolfowitz

I again repeat that any further conflict in the Middle East could bring about a major war, that if unleashed will be the most catastrophic event in our planets history with devastating radioactive fallout and depleted uranium nano particles being distributed to all four corners of the globe as my chart below clearly shows………add to this the graph below it and one can see that radioactive particles do arrive on our respective shores which is in clear violation of the Geneva Convention…….needless to say it also fits in with the UN Agenda 21 which is to remove up to 90% of the world’s population by whatever means!!


Air flow chart

Tomorrow the world

Air filter graph

The above graph clearly show extremely high levels of radiation over the UK centred around Greater London compliments of the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War………the British Government hid this from the citizens of the United Kingdom

NWO plan

Some of the “Major War Criminals” all associated with the New World Order are all shown below……..the list of offender is too large to print but we all know who they are and their day will come!!

DU Victims






Bush Clinton


Al Gore


Partners in conflict





Netanyahu phone

sarkozy cameron debit crisis

Cameron and Thatcher

Net and Obam


Dibujo 2






Big oil-1


The above mongrels are all responsible for millions of people who have become victims of their deadly WMD’s, their deeply flawed foreign policy and their respective “Geo Poltical Greed”……..here are just a few of those victims.

Another victimDU Child in the US

DU Baby 2

DU Baby

Palestinian DU Victime





Victims of greed

DU Children

False flags & Assasinations

So you may ask what would be the outcome of such a catosrophic event…….the answer is very simple:

Worldwide contamination, massive hike in cancers, still births, grossly disfigured babies at birth, permanent damage to the world’s DNA of all life as we now it and with many other medical issues as shown below:

DU Slide


This is a government poster but in reality it does not cover the deadly depleted uranium effects

DU and the Body



Monsoon and Cyclone activity

The above chart that I made up some time ago shows how the contamination comes back to mother earth. The radioactive nano particles remain airborne until it rains or snows……..then it contaminates major rivers, soil, crops and drinking water……this is truly an act of genocide against all mankind in a very slow, extremely painful  and progressive way!

In my next article I will again cover the consequences of such a war in much greater detail.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 12/12/2012

Written by Peter Eyre

December 12, 2012 at 04:54

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