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World peodophilia is rife – especially in the UK – Part 1

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Lord McAlpine

Lord McAlpine

There comes a time in one’s life when you have to stand up and be counted and believe it or not the most dangerous topic for anyone to expose is paedophilia. 

Having stepped over the line so many times before one gets to a point of no return and so as this topic is very current in both the UK and Australia I thought it is time to bring as much of this skulduggery to the surface  again in the hope that this “Never to talk about” subject  will bring many scumbags into the court system and have them removed from society.

Of particular interest to me is the fact that David Cameron the British PM and Juiliet Gillard the Australian PM have both declared an inquiry into the sexual abuse of children……..in both cases they were very clever to title it in such a way and have thus missed an opportunity to investigate “Peodophilia” across the board………why one would ask?……..simply because it involves many high profile businessmen, the clergy in all sectors of all churches, boys/girls social clubs such as the Scouts/Girlguides, political leaders and very senior political figures and celebrities such as Jimmy Saville………this is only the tip of the iceberg and this is why the leaders themselves are limiting the scope of the inquiry………one must add the Freemason’s to the list which at the more senior level is truly satanic to say the least.

On a more personal level my current court case  involves a female spy who exposed peodophilia in North Wales and who gave our  Ex Prime Minister, Tony Blair a full list of offenders, including politicians and visiting dignitaries, who went to Wales to rent a boy or girl for the day etc………the other Ex Prime Minister Gordon Brown was also privy to the save information, including that of Holy Greig and did absolutely nothing about it……….it would appear that others have linked Gordon Brown to this satanic cult……………as a matter of interest our current PM, David Cameron was also aware of the Holy Greig story and simply sat on his hands

I will start this series off with the most current story but will add more to the articles over time with naturally the coverage of poor Holy Greig, a down syndrome girl that was abused by her father and a greater peodophile ring  in the City of Aberdeen, Scotland and also with the wonderful work done by Kevin Annett, the ex priest from Canada.

The following has been reproduced via the internet many many times and in some cases the writing is almost unreadable……hopefully having now spent some time trying to rectify this problem you can all  read the original story and although difficult is readable.

The introductiion to this story was printed at  following link: http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=60135 as per below

Lord McAlpine has described allegations that he sexually abused young boys at a North Wales children’s home as “wholly false and seriously defamatory.”

While Steve Messham, a former resident of the care home, says he had “mistakenly” identified Lord McAlpine as an abuser of boys at the home.

Derek Laud

As the following article reveals however, Messham had already been beaten up twice during the 1990s to keep him quiet about the sexual abuse of youngsters. Has he been threatened with more if he didn’t retract his recent statement about McAlpine?
The Scallywag article reveals a real can of worms and raises more serious questions about Lord McAlpine’s activities and those of his associates. Such as Derek Laud (above), a long-time family friend of the Camerons and a guest at their wedding, who is also named in the following article.
Laud was the first black member of the Conservative Monday Club in the early 1980s and the first black Master of Foxhounds in Britain. Like Lord McAlpine he is surrounded by all the trappings of the British establishment but like McAlpine he’s also been named as a serious abuser of young boys. 
Indeed, this scandal reaches right to the very core of the British establishment and exposes its rotten, black heart.

Lord McAlpine and the Paedophile Ring

Angus James – From the original Scallywag Magazine in the 1990s




I would like to dedicate this article to the author Angus James who paid the ultimate price in writing this story and who died under extremely strange circumstances as is the case with many others, including the uncle of Holy Greig who caught her father abusing her at home………the Holy Greig story will be re published in the near future so as to keep this topic very much alive and in the public domain.

hollie-and-mum-anne3 (1)

Holly and her mum Anne

The ex spy in my case even attempted to issue a super injunction against me and my friend Gordon in order to shut us up but as we have seen throughout our case the judge and other third parties  have acted in a totally illegal manner towards us and at last our appeal has been successful and we are now in a position to not only counter claim but also to go for possible damages………not as it will make any difference because that spy has now escaped to Argentina to seek asylum. She was found guilty of most of the charges against her and was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison………..she is now on the run and a Bench Warrant is out for her arrest.

Stay tuned for more exposure on Paedophilia within the UK and the world.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 10/12/2012

8 Responses

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  1. The Royals are dirty ,so let them be dirty still . You that killed for them are dirty and are dirty still . I have said that the Royals are sitting illegal , which they are and have no right to rule . The Mason’s , the brotherhood of death , they are the ones that kill for them ! Angus James was probably killed by them and as a off shoot the nurse that took the telephone call at the hospital was also probably killed by them .


    December 10, 2012 at 15:03

  2. So many deaths from supposed suicides car crashes and accidental and even what seem like natural causes are assassinations. Diana, Robin Cook, David Kelly are three big high profile names. Did ANYONE see and hear Meesham retract his allegations or did the news merely report that he had done so? This is one big question which I actually do not know the answer to but one I want an answer for. Many people on the comments including myself do find it a little incredible that this supposed mistake would or could have been made by Meesham and especially that he could have held such a false belief for so many decades. Another Mc Alpine lived near to Wales in Cheshire, owned a huge home with vast grounds and had many expensive cars that fit the descriptions that the victims from the children’s homes gave. I am totally disgusted with the crimes of war and paedophilia in Britain and that we are being coerced into letting the subject of paedophilia amongst untouchable Politicians drop. The way things are, it is clear to many that certain big knob paedophiles are UNTOUCHABLE today. Should we consider ourselves lucky that we are threatened with being sued en masse rather than put on assassination lists?


    December 10, 2012 at 16:08

    • Thanks for your valuable input…..love the last sentence about being lucky…..so true ha ha Peter

      Peter Eyre

      December 10, 2012 at 22:16

  3. Allah has stated rightly in the koran ,being verified by peter, when he mentions his creation of the western people” AMONG THEM ARE SOME PEOPLE OF FAITH,TRUE BELEIVERS, BUT THE VAST MAJORITY ARE PERVERTED TRANSGRESSORS”

    wherever the western european has gone into the world,immorality,perversity,indecency,and anti god practices have followed because of the silly notion that he has in his head of being”the white mans burden”
    for civilizing the natives!

    This european creature does not accept that others have a far higher understanding of morality.civility, and religious behaviour, all his superiority is based on technological advantage leading to a law being passed in england called the CHILDRENS ACT 2000 because this european male is so perverse that children are not safe around him in these civilized countrys of the western world as is evidenced by peters, article.

    may i suggest readers to also view the website http://www.aangirfan.com which highlights this perversity and leading figures around the world clearly they association with devilish paedophilia and they victims!

    peace to all believers in the name of the one true god of Abraham.Moses,Jesus, Mohammed pbuh , called Allah!

    from him we come and unto him is our return!

  4. Why you might say , do i keep bringing up the Royals, Because you people have replaced the worship of the Lord thy God to the worship of these Satanic , pedophiles and homosexual ROYALS ! Along with the false teaching of the churches (yes , we were givin over to preachers of Satan because we had not received the love of the truth) and the worship of the Queen and this family we MEN are in deep shit . UNLESS , we return to the Lord our God . As far as the DJ’s of Australia , they did nothing wrong nor did the nurse ; they killed this nurse to put public opinion against the DJ’s and they had to repent for doing no wrong . The enligten ones of the Mason’s (inner core , the dot) are pedophiles and Sodomites , of course you can’t tell that to the Mason’s outside the dot , to them its just fellowship with a bunch of men and a little money flowing . Since this is the way things work in the UN ,NATO , and in the halls of legislation , man is unable to fix the hole we have dug for ourselves . The ROOT of all evil is money and the root of the men that want money and power is EDOM .


    December 10, 2012 at 20:29

  5. Thanks for this article when will the Paedophiles be brought to justice. North Wales is a cesspool of paedophiles and arms dealers sounds like, from your description that, your ex spy is Tara Davidson from North Wales ? She is linked to Mathew Christopher Pike in selling illegal arms through his arms company Anglesey Firearms Limited which is owned by the Bangor Rifle Club. Pike lives in Valley near the RAF base and sells illegal ammunition and other stuff through Bangor Rifle Club which owns Anglesey Firearms. Are all these things linked with the paedophiles or not?

    Blanca Child

    December 15, 2012 at 01:07

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