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Israel’s rape of Gaza’s Natural Resources (Final Part)

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Israel’s rape of Gaza’s Natural Resources (Final Part) 

What the conflict was really about

As you would aspect it’s all about oil and gas…..just like all the other conflicts in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya etc !!

Just ask the executives of Noble Energy – A joint venture between the Zionists of the US and Israel…..they have become experts at ripping off someone else’s oil and gas……especially when it comes to Gaza and the people of Palestine.

The Eastern part of the Mediterranean is prolific in natural gas with a very good change of oil being found much deeper. In many parts of the world we find sufficient reserves for everyone to share and benefit from. For some strange reason Israel does not agree with this principle and in actual fact wishes to take not only its own reserves but also those belonging to the Palestinians.


We will first look again at the offshore natural resources and see how Israel could or already have the ability to deprive Palestine of its own vital resource. Later in this article we will also look at the onshore possibilities in the West Bank and show that some of the areas taken by and under the control of Israel could well yield some interesting finds.


As I have previously pointed out Israel’s Mari B natural gas field sits on the border with Gaza and in surrounded by a cloak of secrecy. The area around the platform is totally off limits as one would normally expect but is there more to this gas field and could it extend into Gazan waters? Should this be the case then a grave injustice has taken place which basically is depriving the Palestinians of a shared resource and all the incredible wealth that goes with it.


The Mari B platform came on line in December 2003 and delivered around 100 million cubic feet per day (MMcfpd). Later in 2004 this increased to reach around   170 MMcfpd. The production facilities for the Mari B were expected to produce up to 600 MMcfpd.  The company estimates total recoverable reserves in the Mari-B field to exceed one trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Noble Energy also has an undeveloped discovery, Noa, which is estimated to contain over 200 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas. Noa is scheduled to be brought on line at a later date through a sub-sea tieback to the Mari-B platform.


Let’s look again at this issue and ask the question does the Mari B gas field extend over the border and if so then Israel is guilty of stealing a shared resource. Noa natural gas field (which sits further out to the West of Mari B) is expected to be commissioned in the near future. This field in actual fact is two fields consisting of Noa and the Noa South. My concern is the fact that they certainly do extend into the Gaza Marine Area and therefore are a shared resource. Finally we have Gaza’s own legal reserves in Marine 1 and Marine 2 all of which are totally in their own territory.

I have drawn up my own map of the current situation  (above) which  shows that the US Company Noble Energy and its Joint Venture Partners in Israel (Mari B and Noa gas fields) are clearly taking Palestinian Gas all under the watchful eye of the United Nations and the world…….we have another word in England for such an act – “Thieving Bastards”

Again I ask the question do the Palestinian know this and if so what is being done to investigate and stop this exploitation by the Israeli Government? It is absolutely disgraceful that the world just watches and says nothing whilst the people in Gaza live in absolute poverty. Where is the United Nations and where is our conscience?


 It is also important to note that the Oslo Accord (with manipulation by Israel) shows a buffer zone on both side of this area thus reducing the Gaza Marine Area and depriving them of their own legal territorial rights. The Israel gas platform (Mari B) actually sits barely one nautical mile from this border which again may indicate that something sinister is going on here. Gas platforms normally sit well inside the limits of their respective reserves which would again indicate that this field does extend beyond the Israeli border.


Let’s now take a look at the onshore oil and gas scene. In one of my earlier articles I talked about an onshore oil field that sits very close to the north-eastern corner of Gaza. This reserve is called the Heletz Field and has been producing crude oil over many years. Some wells were drilled within the Gaza Strip and have been abandoned for some considerable time; one can only assume that one day we will see a return to exploration in this area. I would assume that with the offshore reserves in the Gaza Marine Area and the crude oil sitting close to Gaza onshore that this area could bring is some exciting finds.  It is also interesting to note that such productive areas as Heletz once belonged to the Palestinians.

Having worked in the oil and gas industry for many years it is clear to me that  many oil companies use a technique known as slant drilling or diagonal drilling to take the natural resources from someone else’s territory and Noble Energy certainly have a very shady past.

This image clearly shows how oil companies can drill under borders and take the natural resources of another country without that country even knowing………this has happened in many locations around the world and the outbreak of  the Iraq War was no exception when oil rigs positioned on the Kuwait-Iraqi border started taking the resources of Iraq from the Kuwaiti side – hence one of the reasons for Iraq going into Kuwait………..ask that mongrel George W Bush how it is done because his family are experts at cheating the system!!!

“Hey George are you by any chance taking my oil from under the border” ? –  “No Sir  – we in Texas do not do such things”

The Israeli’s are experts at taking anything that does not belong to them as we can see from above map showing just how much Palestinian Territory is actually controlled by Israel and that US Stooge Abbas is a traitor to his own people and is currently illegally running the country since his term of office expired some years ago. 

Over in Gaza we can see a clear indication that gas and oil does exist. The main areas of interest has been declared as Israeli Military Restricted Areas and therefore are off limits to Palestinians. It is ironic that the West Bank is zoned as Palestinian territory and yet barely a third of it is available for their usage. Historically tar frequently popped up in the Dead Sea giving a clear indication that the underground geology had something to offer.

In more recent times oil has been found on the western shores of the Dead Sea which is controlled by the Israelis. The reserves were found in the Northern, Middle and Southern shores which clearly puts them in Palestinian – West Bank Territory. Because of the nature of the geology in the region I would say that oil/gas would also exist along the rift valley separating West Bank from Jordan. Exploration activity is also taking place on the other side of the border in Jordan.

So what lies ahead for the Palestinians? Will they ever see justice and have the opportunity to explore and recover their own natural resources? I have to say that Israel can do exactly what it wants, when it wants and the United Nations continues to be non effective. The United States likewise sits on the fence and says nothing and for a very good reason…..most of the oil/gas exploration programmes are Joint Ventures with US companies and such interference would be counter productive.

  Israeli washing his hands in Dead Sea Oil


One must also remember that the Dead Sea area brings other natural resources that Israel has been commercialising for many years. The region has been a worldwide producer of fertilizers, some of which are based on minerals extracted from the Dead Sea. The evaporating Dead Sea waters leave behind them a unique array of chloride salts magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium and bromine etc. The other unique aspect in such an environment is that of Health Care and Body Products. As we have already discussed the Palestinians are totally deprived of their own resource and the commercialisation of its resources are stolen by Israeli companies.

Maybe you do not believe me – well folks just visit any Zionist run major shopping centre around the world – they are called “Westfield” – we have many here in Australia (the home base of the company) – this empire  is run by Frank Lowy, AC – an Australian — Israeli  businessman.

The Westfield Group has interests in and operates one of the world’s largest shopping centre portfolios. The global portfolio has 105 high quality regional shopping centres in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom and Brazil valued in excess of $62.9 billion, with approximately 22,964 retailers in 9.6 million square metres of retail space.

Soap & Co UK

Take a stroll around any Westfield Shopping Centre and look out for a small store selling soap and other skin products…..in the UK one such store/kiosk is called Soap & Co and always employs young Zionist staff all of whom intercept its potential clients as they walk past in a very insistent way…….in the UK I have studied such stores and many times observed the staff talking to many Islamic women, holding their hands and charming them with their hand creams or face creams etc……….if only these women knew!!!……..around Christmas time many other small kiosks suddenly emerge which are all staffed by young  Zionist……..I can clearly remember one Palestinian male challenging the staff that these products belong to Palestinians……one of the Soap & Co staff really lost his mind and starting yelling at the Palestinian as hating his homeland and existence and denying the holocaust etc…..as you would expect the holocaust always manages to become the main theme in their defence and yet no ones says anything about the genocide that Israel itself has carried out via its secret service Mossad (9/11) and the use of depleted uranium weapons in both Lebanon and Gaza which has also nuked the citizens of its own country – Israel!!!

Dead Sea Salts

This brief below was recovered from an activist webpage and clearly explains what they feel about Westfield’s and these cosmetic company that are in all of their centres……especially in Australia and New Zealand:

If you visit a shopping centre, chances are that you’ll eventually come across a kiosk selling Dead Sea beauty products. These kiosks have attracted a lot of attention, not just for the origin of their natural resources, but also for their shady practices and coercive sales techniques that would make a snake oil salesman blush.  

Stop for just a few seconds to check the label and you’ll be approached by a young Israeli of the opposite sex, dressed in black and pawing at your hands to entice you to purchase an overpriced container of lotion. If you think they’re just being friendly, think again. Most of them work from scripts like this:

Excuse me mam, may I ask you a question?
Show me your hands please.
I want to show you something amazing.
Come with me.
Mam, You see those lines on your nails – those lines called ridges, and it’s the main reason why nails splits and breaks.
Now, I’m going to show you a natural way to prevent it.
Challenge me with you worst nail.
This is the professional buffer. It has three sides. I will start with the black side to remove all your ridges – no ridges – no breaks, o.k?
You will use it once a month for only ten seconds.
Now, check your nail – you can feel its much smoother, right?
Now, I’m going to use the green side – it’s the most important side. It’s made out of cotton.
What I’m doing right now is stimulates your blood circulation. That streams oxygen into your nail, which make your nail stronger and healthier. Can you feel it getting warm?
Great that means you are still alive.
Now, the last side is the white side, made of pure silk.
When the silk touches your nail, there is an immediate reaction.
The nail releasing oil into the upper surface of your nail, and you are going to be amazed now. Mam, are you promise to behave yourself?
Now, this shine will make your nails stronger, healthier and more beautiful, it will never break and split, and do you know how long it will shine? for two weeks, even if you make the dishes, housework, gardening – this is guaranteed.
Now, your nail is beautiful, but we have one problem left – your cuticles. Most people push them back, cut them, or chewing them – don’t do that, it’s just makes them grow faster. If you want to get rid of them, just put one drop of our cuticle oil around your nail, leave it for a few seconds, and wipe it of. It will nourish the area, and make your cuticles disappear, you see? No more cuticles, and the nail looks like a mirror.
Now, to complete the treatment, I’m going to take this lotion
Which is a very light one – based on minerals from the dead sea.
You will not feel it greasy or sticky, like other lotions, that based on water or oil, and it’s much healthier for your skin.
Now, I would like you to touch your hands, can you feel it?
It’s all come together in this beautiful set. You get inside the buffer, the cuticle
oil, hand and body lotion, nail file and instructions. It costs 29.99 and it going to last you for two years – it’s a full manicure and pedicure kit, and today we have a special offer – only 25 pounds.
Now, choose your favorite smell
We have the vanilla, the ocean, the almond, and the passion fruit. What would you like the most?
Great choice, this is my favorite too.
Mam, come into my office please.
Do you use cash or credit?
Thank you very much, mam. Don’t forget to save the receipt, it will give you 10 percent discount for all our products, and it’s a guarantee certificate for the buffer for one year. Mam, have a great day, and come back to visit us with shiny nails.

Or alternatively this:

Salt scrub and Body Butter sale speech
Excuse me mam/sir, may I ask you a question?
Show me your hands please.
(Gently put your hand under the costumer’s hand – don’t hold or pull)
I want to show you something amazing,
Come with me.
(At this point – turn and walk to the Island/Cart)
Creating first impression
(This stage begins when you arrived the Island/Cart)
Mam/sir, what do you use for your skin?
The presentation of the salt
(put a little amount of salt into the costumer’s hand)
This is the pure salt from the dead sea
Now I want you to scrub your hand (you may have to tell the costumer to scrub the back of the hand and in between the fingers)
This is working like an exfoliate. It removes all dry and dead skin, opens the pores and allows the dirt and toxic to come out. At the same time it is also enriching you skin with
the 27 unique minerals you can find in the dead sea.
(at this point you wash the costumers hand)
You have to do this only once a week from the neck down, you should give extra time for the elbows, knees and heels.
(give the costumer a paper towel to wipe the hands)
This is a very good treatment for a lot of skin problems such as exsema, psoriasis, acne, fungus, stretch marks (for the ladies) and also dry skin from bad weather.
How does it feel?
The presentation of the body butter
Now to close the pores you can use any lotion toy have in the house but I recommend this body butter.
It is very rich and thick but because it is based on the same 27 minerals you have in the salt and not based on water and oil, it will not feel sticky and greasy like other body butters. It will absorbed very quickly into the skin and make it soft and smooth. (Like the babies bum…)
Now when the last time was your hand were so soft? Imagine that all over your body…
Presenting the product
( at this point you take the costumer away from the sink and present the product)
The salt comes in two sizes.
The big one is 500 ml and will last you for 1 year treatment, the smaller one is 350 ml and will last you for six months (point at each product when you say the price) the
small one is 29.99 and the big one is 39.99
(take the body butter, open it and turn it up side down)
The body butter will last you for a long time because it is so thick and rich, you only need to use a small portion at a time. It is 29.99 but if you take it with the salt (any size) I will give you 10 £ discount and it will be only 19.99
We have 3 different smells you can choose from (like the kits lotion)
(After the costumer chose her favorite flavor, we take the relevant salt and body butter off the Shelf, and tell the costumer)
Mam, come into my office please.
(While saying that line, you go toward the cashier, assuming the costumer wants to buy. After you arrived to the cashier, you tell the costumer)
How do you want to pay? Cash or Credit?
UPSALE and stabilization of the purchase
(After the credit card or the cash are in your hand, you can UPSALE. You will learn to UPSALE separately after few days of work)
(After the costumer paid and received the product, we tell her)
Thank you very much, mam. Don’t forget to save the receipt; it will give you 10 percent discount for all our products the next time you come. Have a nice day.

Kiosks stocking Dead Sea beauty products can be found in many malls run by Israeli companies who employ almost exclusively Israelis.

These kiosks are legitimate targets, as every sale supports companies who in turn support the apparatus of oppression in the racist apartheid state. Dead Sea Premier kiosks were targeted in April and July 2011 at malls in Auckland, New Zealand and in June and November, Seacrest kiosks in Brisbane and Perth Australia were also targeted.

So there you have it folks and when one looks at the tourism potential available to the Palestinians we can see that if the international community stood firm and insisted that West Bank be returned to the people of Palestine we could well see a dramatic change in the prosperity of West Bank and Gaza. Only when each and every Israeli has left the region will stability return.

As I have said so many times before if the people of Gaza and West Bank were allowed to recover their own natural resources Palestine could become the Dubai of the Eastern Mediterranean within a very short period of time – with one exception – they have been nuked by the Israeli’s who have now basically killed the genetic code of all Palestinians by attacking their DNA with depleted uranium weapons and other illegal  WMD’s and “Dirty Bombs”.

The progressive mass genocide of the Palestinians using depleted uranium weapons on a daily basis

How the US, UK, France, Germany, Israel , NATO and the United Nations are secretly carrying out mass depopulation (of not only many Islamic Nations) but also the world in general via its Agenda 21 policy and its mass vacination programmes……….now that is what I call a real holocaust!!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 22/11/2012



Written by Peter Eyre

November 22, 2012 at 00:12

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  1. Reblogged this on msarroub.

    sarroub mourad

    November 22, 2012 at 01:13

  2. The US received no oil from Iraq before or after the war and the US involvement there was to bring Saddam to justice.

    Following Saddam’s capture, the exact nature of the conflict was opportunistic crime, revenge killing, tribal bloodfued, sectarian violence, ethnic violence, political militias, anti-occupation nationalists, residual Baathists and foreign jihadists.

    The democratically elected government was too weak to handle these things all at once and the US withdrawal depended on certain benchmarks (ie. the torture chamber of the interior ministry and the dawa party had to be shut down, the Mahdi Militia had to be flushed out and the Sunni population had to understand that al Qaeda is nobody’s friend.

    The US was actually responsible for 11.8% of the violence in Iraq according to Iraq body count.org, the remaining 88.2% was from the aforementioned sources. 99.98% of the deaths, caused by the US, was against armed militants.

    Since the US withdrawal in December 2011, Deaths per day from gunfire / executions increased 6% (5) and Deaths per day from suicide attacks and vehicle bombs increased 8% (7.3)


    Brett Gasper

    December 24, 2012 at 07:27

    • Thank you for your input……..I would just like to point out that I never said that the US received oil….it was a programme initiated by the UN Oil for Food and which the US and it Coalition raped the proceeds of this programme into their own pockets……….also remember that Saddam was at one point friends of the west and it was the US, UK and others who actually gave him and built Chemical and Biological Weapons that were then used on the Kurds and Iran……….Yes the body count continues to rise with little change taking place within Iraq and certainly much trouble in the disputed northern cities that the Kurds believe is there territory etc……..you gave mention to Al Qaeda but I have to tell you that they do not exist as has never existed…….most of the terrorist attacks attributed to them is by our own special forces or hired militia…Peter

      Peter Eyre

      December 24, 2012 at 08:14

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