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For decades investment in gold and silver has always been an extremely safe long term investment

Many years ago I was asked by a friend in Israel what to invest in after a dramatic fall in the value of the Euro…….my friend was extremely concerned as all of the wealth was tied up in the Euro. After some research and consultation with another friend over in SE Asia the word came back to immediately invest in Gold or Silver Bullion.

I recommended gold and within a short period of time it became the turning point for my Israeli friend as the price started to go through the roof. This same trend in Gold/Silver has continued to this day…….especially after the 2008 collapse of the world’s economy.

Well folks you may be surprised to learn that yet another financial tsunami is on the horizon and this one will make the other look minuscule by comparison and will also have a much greater impact on Europe  and the rest of the world. One can see that the US Giant JP Morgan is on the brink and one can only assume that if that company goes under the other New World Order based banks, financial institutions and insurance companies could well follow. 

With falling economies and currencies gold and silver is the only way to go

In order for those of you that wish to avoid loosing vast sums of money or even possibly their life savings (like me) we must look at all the available options and then at the same time show how the many scams in operation at the current time are only out there to rip you off and leave you with nothing.

Many people invest by trading in foreign currency but this has always had loopholes that can leave you in a  very precarious position……it can be rewarding in the short term but with the state of the world’s economy at the moment currencies can collapse overnight……..so lets just look at some graphs that show just how this can happen  ……….as an example the US Dollar (which is considered to the the basis of world currency), especially in the natural resources industries has truly taken a severe blow over many years as the graph below clearly shows:

You may well ask what is the trend likely to be……well folks not good at all…….the US declared national debt is, they say, around $15.5 trillion but in reality this figure is grossly incorrect and one could assume something in the region of at least double this with even more debt looming on the horizon……. if this second tsunami occurs, which is inevitable!!!……basically the US has launched itself into a totally unsustainable financial crisis that it can never recover from.

When it comes to Europe and the Euro the situation is also just as bleak with a progressive fall off in its value since its first inception and now many of the EU countries are collapsing like a pack of cards with Ireland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and many more to follow……….one would have to ask the question how much longer can the stronger countries prop up the weaker economies and are we about to see the fall of Europe and the EU when the second financial collapse occurs?

Here is a graph showing the build up prior to the Euro and its decline once it became the legal currency of Europe………as you can clearly see things are certainly not looking good!!

Notice the impact when the Zionist Central Bank became involved & also the impact after the Zionist 9/11 false flag 

The future impact on the EURO is inevitable

The options

I am sure that you all agree that international currency is failing fast and it will be only a matter of time when the New World Order implements its “Chip and Pin” programme when all the population will be injected with a small device (the size of a grain of rice) under your skin. The process has already passed it first introduction into Congress and could well be underway sometime in 2013/14 and the citizens of the US  never even knew!!!!……..hows that for democracy?………..I can assure you that once this evil system is in place currency as such will become null and void!!

Let’s now look at the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), as we call it in the UK.

The AIM is totally unregulated and is therefore an open door for fraud and corruption which continues to be carried out to this day and involves high flying CEO’s, the banking and financial sectors and more importantly very senior politicians and member of the House of Lord’s, including our current and past Prime Ministers etc.   

Before moving into this major fraud and corruption let’s just remind the residents of the US that it was your government and your President who authorised the payment of US$15 trillion to the HSBC Bank in London (in three separate tranches) who then gave it to the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) who had already been heavily subsidised by the British Taxpayer, who are now shareholders in this bank that is again loosing money………..how come the citizens of the US have not asked why was this money sent and what has happened to it?………….believe me the money was again siphoned off and is now gone forever……….this bank is currently run by a fraudulent CEO who was previously involved in another fraud at Abbey National Bank which was also raped of its resources, devalued and then sold on the cheap to Santander the Spanish Bank………one employee, Richard Change, who was responsible for some security aspects of that bank,  found some irregularities in the bank transactions and was found at the bottom of the Bank Atrium having apparently committed suicide………..he was interrogated by an ex member of Kroll (Israeli company) and was accordingly murdered and pushed over the balcony…………he was found on the ground floor (having fell from the 5th floor head first) with his head split open and with no blood……….being an ex medic I can assure you this is not possible……much blood would be in situ…….the fact that no blood was at the scene is a clear indication that he was already dead when he was pushed over the balcony!!!

Let’s now take a look at how the Oil, Gas and Mining Scams work and how you, the potential investor looses their risk capital or their life savings via fraudulent/corrupt none existent projects and virtual companies. These fake companies operate from “Boiler Rooms” in almost every city in the world and have caused immeasurable damage to or respective countries and their economies…..not forgetting the massive tax evasion!!

One such Boiler Room (relocated) that works closely with its old den at 22 Arlington Street (Tony Blair Hub)

Here’s one example of massive fraud involving the controversial Falkland Islands  and its false claim to oil and gas with the input from my friend Gordon Bowden and believe it or not a US Zionist Oil and Gas company has now become involved (Noble Energy) with a clear past of some very fraudulent activity: This is Gordon’s email:

Sent: Wednesday, 20 June 2012, 12:43



Dear Editor

You Published an Article:


I would hope, within the Letter “Bundle” some facts I provided their Embassy in London.

 Read below.


 Mr Gordon Bowden

Here is the email he sent to the Argentinian Embassy and to many of those involved in this scam:

Sent: Tuesday, 5 June 2012, 17:35

To “info@argentine-embassy-uk.org” <info@argentine-embassy-uk.org>
Cc: “trade@argentine-embassy-uk.org” <trade@argentine-embassy-uk.org>; “culture@argentine-embassy-uk.org” <culture@argentine-embassy-uk.org>; “reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk” <reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk>; AIM Regulation <aimregulation@londonstockexchange.com>; “market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk” <market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk>; “info@fogl.co.uk” <info@fogl.co.uk>; “dpl@desireplc.co.uk” <dpl@desireplc.co.uk>; “info@bordersandsouthern.com” <info@bordersandsouthern.com>; “info@argosresources.com” <info@argosresources.com>; “managing.directors@argosresources.com” <managing.directors@argosresources.com>; “non.exec@argosresources.com” <non.exec@argosresources.com>; “info@rockhopperexploration.co.uk” <info@rockhopperexploration.co.uk>


Dear Sir’s

 For further attention your Intelligence Service and Trade Legal Department.

I note from recent UK Editorials Business Headlines :



The following Communication may better help you recover DOCUMENTATION to confront the United Kingdom Government and their known close affiliations with supporting those, acting as Directors of the Fake, Fraud Companies you are intending to take legal action against.

There is much by way of Forensic Document facts you need to be aware off. Details not openly published by the Companies Directors, Agents or Corporate Documents and unless researched in-depth, are misrepresentation to the true statements or FACTS.

I wish to inform you Sir’s, these are not Real Companies in the sense they truthfully intend to explore for Oil or Gas and go into production off the Falklands.

No Sir’s, these are nothing more than Fake, fraud, money laundering ”Virtual” Smoke & Mirrors Director only cash shell vehicles, a small interconnected selection of many Operating on the lightly regulated, un-audited, Alternative Investment Market, (AIM) The CASINO for International Organised Crime and Money Laundering.

These Companies have been designed and registered for specific Trans Continent Organised criminal Network purposes.

Director and Agents Conspiring in  FRAUD,THEFT, MONEY LAUNDERING and INSIDER TRADING.


(1)To steal the raised founding seed capital, obtained by selling “Worthless” bulk shares to Banks, Financial Institutions and Private Investors.

(2) Where the Directors of a Public Listed Company conspire to steal the Cash Assets and launder the stolen cash assets to and through other Subsidiaries, interlocking Companies they own involved in, servicing the Parental Company and interlocking conspiring J/V Partners.

(3) To engage over many years in systematic devaluation and orchestrated manipulation of the Parental Company Share price by continuous cash fund raising by the issuing of further Millions of Shares and release of false and misleading information by way of RNS Releases that affect the Stock Exchange Share Prices.

(4) To engage in Trans Continent Organised Crime Money Laundering.

(5) To engage in organised Company criminal Director “Insider Trading” Rings.

Many Articles have been written in the “Telegraph” by Rowena Thursby highlighting the highly suspect criminal activities of the Directors of:

DESIRE PETROLEUM, especially the Phipps Family business interconnection regarding service company relationships.

These are also the same criminal “Modus Operandi” operations of all the Companies interlocked with their other “Virtual” Oil Exploration off the Falklands.

You will better examine the Chain e-mail below, where Forensic Document detail of their Criminal Organised Crime network (DESIRE PETROLEUM and OTHERS)has been forwarded and reported to the Serious Fraud Office, Financial Services Authority and London Stock Exchange.

They, the above Legal Authorities have refused to halt these Organised Crime PONZI Operations, as many Companies are fronted by High Ranking UK Politicians, Grandee’s and VIP’s who also engage in funding their selective Political Parties.

 If your Embassy Intelligence Services and Trade Financial Accountants, conduct in detail, by way of a Due Diligence forensic examination of their Corporate AIM 26 Admission to Trade Documents and biography historical Corporate Directorships of the Directors of the 5 Companies their current and past company Directorships. Research will show they have ALL been associated with multiple other “Virtual” Smoke and Mirrors, Oil and Gas or Mining Companies that have NEVER recovered “One” cup of Oil or “One” Ounce of Gold, Silver, Uranium, Cobalt, Tin, Zinc, Diamonds, Coal or DIRT.

Should you require further Corporate Document or verbal communication evidence to support my accusations please contact me.

You might refer the current Stock Markets falling share prices of these Companies, their need to, by way of “Confrontation” Fears with Argentina, this to enable them to conduct (Under a AIM 26 Document RISK FACTOR)  a strategic “Cover-up” with-drawl from their (NON EXISTENT “VIRTUAL” OPERATIONS) in and OFF the FALKLANDS

 Please Refer the Date of the Communications below, to warn the Serious Fraud Office, AIM, L.S.E and Political Parties with Directors known to be interconnected.


 Mr Gordon Bowden

End of Gordon’s communications

Now you can all see that investment in currency is very high risk, investment oil, gas and mining can also be deeply suspect so what option do you have left?

As you well know I am currently working closely with an expert in US investment, Paul Drockton. We both have our own joint radio programme Monday – Friday compliments of RBN Radio which is based in Texas. http://internettruth.org/index.html and click on the listen live…..this will take you to internet streams: Studio A and click on the appropriate system your computer supports.

Paul runs the first one and half hours and I join him for the last 30 minutes Monday – Thursday and on Friday I have the entire two hours to myself……..check internettruth.org for programme times……..for those in other parts of the world it starts at 1600 GMT.

As I have already explained to you the only long term, risk free investment, is in gold and silver and you can see clear evidence of this in the two graphs below over a period of ten years………note the steep rise that follows a financial collapse. With yet another collapse on the way one can expect yet another hike in the gold and silver price………Obviously now is a good time to invest ahead of the up and coming financial tsunami!!

I will leave you all to do your own research and hopefully you will all come up with the same conclusion  which is to invest in precious metals. 


The next stage is so easy……..you can click on the Drockton Gold Banner on my webpage http://www.eyreinternational.wordpress.com and simply follow the links http://www.internettruth.org/PeterEyre.html or you can go direct to the following webpage http://www.moneyteachers.org/Drockton.Bullion.html ……..finally if you are still at a loss you can go direct to the RBN webpage http://republicbroadcasting.org/index.php?cmd=home and again click on the gold banner…….this will give you direct contact with Paul Drockton who will help you with your requirements etc .

The rest is up to you…….whatever your decision please be careful with your nest egg and remember there are many sharks out there to rip you off so you have been warned.

Happy investing

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/9/2012

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