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Did Richard Goldstone hide more sinister crimes in Gaza? Part 5

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Did Richard Goldstone hide more sinister crimes in Gaza?

Part 5

US gift to Palestine

 Some time ago the US gave $200 million to the struggling Palestinian Authority

Downtown Ramallah

The US and Palestinian Authority  gave nothing to devastated Gaza

Downtown Gaza

“Enjoy your meal……..sorry that my house is in such a mess”


They say a gift comes from the heart but one can clearly see from Gaza’s perspective this meagre gift is rather heartless. The donation is only a fraction of the $1.5 billion in donor assistance that was promised but in the case of Gaza I guess it doesn’t mean anything anyway.

Try walking the street of Ramallah and you will see that although West Bank is totally occupied like Gaza there is absolutely no comparison between the two.

Gaza resembles a moonscape in places totally barren of normal development as the pictures above portrays. Its people live in the world’s largest open air prison in the most terrible of conditions. Despite their inability to gain access to the basics of life, such as fresh food, air and water they remain strong and spiritually bonded.

I guess one of Ghandi’s quotations would be relevant at this stage when he said “You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind”.

 They say that when money is injected into the economy the country will grow and its benefits will trickle down to everyone. In the case of Gaza this trickle-down economics become somewhat watered down economics and it would appear that the west and the Palestinian Authorities had stood over their counterparts in Gaza and urinate down on them thinking that this is perhaps a life-sustaining liquid.


The reality of poverty (Dixon 1999),


Gaza has been dealt a bitter blow in much the same way as Lebanon when the Israeli forces used disproportionate fire power and weapons in total violation of the Geneva Convention. The IDF was also in total violation (in every aspect) of its own Code of Conduct.

Like Lebanon, Gaza became the testing ground for new US and Israeli technological weapons. Almost every weapon violates each and every Geneva Conventions when used on a city so densely populated. To this day the military forces of the US, UK, NATO and Israel continue to use these weapons that contain uranium as either a penetrator, shaped cone liner or as a counterbalance with devastating consequences.

We now see medical evidence in the returning servicemen who became victims of our own weapons, especially depleted uranium, and in the US alone there are around one million Gulf War Vets that will never recover from this radioactive contamination.

We also see the terrible suffering in the civilian populations of the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza, North Pakistan, and soon possibly Libya, where these weapons were used excessively (including tactical Nuclear Weapons) amounting to millions of innocent people.


Gaza under attack

Depleted Uranium weapons doing what they do best killing inhumanely and in breach of the Geneva Convention

Lets just take a closer look at this meagre sum of $200 million and what it could do for the people of Gaza, if they were the recipients’ ….”Absolutely nothing”…

Gaza has now been severely contaminated by the use of the weapons as described above. As we already know Israel used weapons containing uranium, both depleted and enriched, which some refer to as “Dirty Weapons” and in doing so have left a legacy of terrible contamination.

As an example it would be advisable to carry out a urine sample on each and every resident of Gaza, which generally costs around $1,000. One can see that such a gift becomes insignificant. How are the citizens of Gaza ever going to find out with any certainty if they have been exposed or not. There is also the possibility that hair samples may also have to be taken for similar tests and who will pay for those that fall victim to the many diseases from such weapons. When we look at a population of 1.5 million people the truth suddenly sinks in.

One very important aspect not yet covered is who will pay for the clean-up of contaminated areas? Can such contamination ever be cleaned up? Can we possibly even imagine the huge costs associated with such a major task?

Normally in any other country the polluter pays! So who do you blame for the catastrophe that befell Lebanon and Gaza? It is obvious that the instigators were Israel but having said that one must also point a finger at the United States who manufactured and supplied most of these weapons. If it were possible to clean up uranium contamination we are looking at huge amounts of money. With Depleted Uranium alone you are looking at a half life of 4.5 billion years.

How will the international community deal with this issue? Is the answer to encapsulate the entire city under a very thick layer of concrete!

Finally let’s look at the cross border contamination when Israel blasted Southern Lebanon. For instance, in the area around Khiam, some 95 Artillery Shells and 91 Bombs were used; not only wiping out and killing some staff at the UN observation post but also within minutes the contamination was crossing the border into Israel. Within one hour it had covered most of Northern Israel and commenced its deadly task of contaminating its own people, ground, crops and water. This was later to prove significant in that areas health statistics as a result of the annual change in weather patterns when rains returned to the region.

If one compares the similarity of the attack on Gaza and the probability that other types of new weapons could have been used, we are looking at a true catastrophe beyond imagination. We must remember that the contamination did not just remain as a Lebanon or Gaza issue. The radioactive aerosol from these weapons crossed immediately in central and southern Israel, adjacent international border in the region and then continued its journey around the globe at the mercy of the prevailing weather

It is ironic that Israel nuked its own population during the attacks on Lebanon and Gaza which now clearly reflects in the hike in cancer related illnesses and the massive rise in infertility throughout Israel.

One must therefore remember the pain and suffering of these innocent Israeli citizens who fell victim to their own government’s action in Lebanon and Gaza ……….as they say what goes around comes around!!

The international community must insist that all uranium based weapons are totally banned forever.


Peter Eyre Middle East Consultant 12/9/2012




Written by Peter Eyre

September 12, 2012 at 09:35

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  1. International community ? United nations , UN ? It takes a village to raise a family ? Two hundred million to PLO ? millions to Haiti from the people of Canada ? Give to the Vetern”s ,Buy a poppy to support our troops ; but do not destroy the poppy fields ? The Muslims is our enemy ? Buy a decal that says ,Kill em all , let God sort them out … ? Send in the B-52’s ? … Good Grief ! what has happened to the minds of the western world ???? Did the money get to the Palestine people , did the money get to the Haitian people … Ya right ? The Priest’s and Minister’s are saying it’s all right to kill for Israel …. what nonsence are we being taught by these Satanic teachers ? …. What is going on ? Whether we know it or not ,the struggle is between these twin boys of Isaac , Jacob and Esau ,one is God’s chosen and one is Satan’s chosen ,the true Church and a counterfeit church . This is a spiritual war between God and Satan and is being fought on this earth through mankind . Peter , Satan’s seedline is at present controling the UN , IC ,WCC and all things united this and that , the banking syatem , hollywood ,dollywood ,etc. etc. and of course they rule in this land of Palestine … they are godless people ! The best thing you can do and that is what you are doing …speak the TRUTH.


    September 12, 2012 at 17:08

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