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War Criminal Blair set to return to British Politics

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It became apparent to me that the only way to drive your point home is to keep republishing the truth until this War Monger and Major International Fraudster is arrested and put away for a very long time……that is my intention and my ultimate goal.

So Mr Blair I once again reveal to the world that you are indeed a war criminal and that the Kaula Lumpur War Crimes Commission found you guilty as charged (In Absentia)……..one day your life will catch up with you!!

No doubt many people in this country are feeling very upset with the prospect of such a notorious war criminal returning to the Cabinet and one would ask the question how can people around him say such things as “The Time is Right” or that they believe enough time has passed for people to have forgotten the Iraq War…….who on earth really does feel this way, especially when the Chilcot Inquiry still has not been released or the fact that a major star witness was not called to give evidence!!

This man is not only a “War Criminal” he his also a “Major Fraudster.” Then we have the reason why he was forced to leave office, could it be that he was in possession of a Paedophile list that came from the USA highlight Paedophiles within high places and who the FBI considered to be a security to risk to not only the US but also the United Kingdom.  Maybe both Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have some skeletons in their closet?

For my part I am the only person in this country who has actually filed a war crimes complaint against Tony Blair and the British Government on behalf of the people of Iraq and so from my perspective this man should never be allowed to hold any office of status and should truly be in prison for not only his war crimes but also for his fraudulent activity out of 22 Arlington Street, London (next to the Ritz Hotel), a known fraudulent boiler room that he frequents!!. 

I will now provide you with some light reading about this War Criminal and the fact that he was tried (In Absentia) by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission and found guilty……..unfortunately it is my belief he was let off lightly compared to the genocide that he was party too!!

These are extracts from my War Crimes Complaint as submitted to the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission by myself 18th of  December 2009:


Complaint Under Article 2 (1)(i) Of The Charter Of The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission

Complaint against Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

And The Government of the United Kingdom

18th December, 2009

Peter Eyre, A Middle East Consultant has a broad knowledge base and expertise covering environmental issues, meteorology, and weapons including depleted uranium used in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Gaza etc. He has worked at NATO HQ (Operations) in Intel. After leaving the military Peter worked extensively throughout the Middle East having made many trips to Iraq during the war, UAE, Jordan and Sudan. During his stay in Iraq he met with many Iraqi Internally Displaced People (IDP) and many who had been tortured, this also extended to other countries who take in refugees from Iraq. Peter also qualified as a Dangerous Goods Referral Officer for shipment of radioactive materials and chemicals etc.  Peter Eyre files this complaint representing Iraqi victims of depleted uranium-related war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide pursuant to Article 2(1)(i) of the Charter of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission.

1) Peter Eyre hereby files a complaint with the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide committed by Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May, 2, 1990to June 27, 2007; and by the Government of the United Kingdom from August 2, 2001, to the present time in Iraq, from the use of weapons containing depleted uranium (DU).  Depleted uranium weapons are recognized as radioactive poison gas weapons developed illegally under the Manhattan Project in World War II by the United States Government.  Already illegal and in violation of the 1925 Geneva Poison Gas Protocol, in 1943 depleted uranium weapons were described as a “highly mobile indiscriminate killer and permanent terrain contaminant,” recommended for development in the declassified Manhattan Project memo dated October 30, 1943.  Known as the “Groves Memo”, from members of the S-1 Poison Gas Committee, Chairman Dr. James B. Conant, Dr. A. H. Compton, and Dr. H. C. Urey, the memo was directed to General Leslie Groves, Director of the Manhattan Project.  Airflow charts of the region around Iraq demonstrate how the depleted uranium gas and dust is widely circulated in many directions, depending on altitude and seasonal changes including fog, rainfall, snow, and air circulation.


2) Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May, 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007), and the Government of the United Kingdom (August 2, 1990, to the present)have committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide with depleted uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq as this map clearly demonstrates that depleted uranium weapons fail the “Territorial Test” because they continue to act off of the battlefield.  This is one of four tests used to determine the legality of weapons under international law.  The depleted uranium gas and particulates, including sub-micron sizes, are carried by air masses and become components of global atmospheric dust, leaving the area of the battlefield and indiscriminately, permanently, and cumulatively contaminating air, water, soil, food, and civilian populations at local, regional, and global distances from the battlefield.

3) Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May, 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007), and the Government of the United Kingdom (August 2, 1990, to the present)have committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide with depleted uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq because depleted uranium weapons fail the “Temporal Test” since they continue to act after the battle is over.  This is one of four tests used to determine the legality of weapons under international law.  The depleted uranium gas and particulates, including sub-micron sizes, have a half-life of 4.5 billion years.  It takes ten half-lives for radioactivity to diminish to an insignificant amount.  In the case of the high tonnage amounts of depleted uranium weapons used since August 2, 1990, to the present, it will take longer than ten half-lives or more than 45 billion years for the global radioactive pollution from this pernicious poison to diminish.  The Universe is currently thought to be approximately 14 billion years old.

4) Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May, 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007), and the Government of the United Kingdom (August 2, 1990, to the present) have committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide with depleted uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq because this airflow map clearly demonstrates that depleted uranium weapons fail the “Environmental Test” because they are unduly harmful to the environment.  This is one of four tests used to determine the legality of weapons under international law.  The depleted uranium gas and particulates, including sub-micron sizes, unduly harm the environment by becoming globally mixed in one year, poisoning regional water sources such as headwaters in the Himalayas where 9 major rivers of SE Asia originate with 1.3 billion people downstream: Indus (Tibet, Pakistan, India), Ganga-Brahmaputra (India, Bangladesh), Yangtze (China), Ymaura, Ganges (India), Sutlej, Meghna (India, Bangladesh), Mekong (China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam), Ayeyarwady (Myanmar).  The oceans, and land masses are also contaminated.  In such a globally contaminated environment, air, water, soil, food, and blood are exposed to depleted uranium particulates, which continually and cumulatively increase the environmental contaminant level and the radioactive biological burden of all living things.



5) Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May, 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007), and the Government of the United Kingdom (August 2, 1990 to the present)have committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide with depleted uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq because Prof. Dr. Al- Aboudi Abdul Kadhum Alaboudi, Oran University, Algeria, reported the effects of environmental contamination research in his paper submitted to the 2003 World Depleted Uranium Weapons Conference in Hamburg, Germany, comparing biological damage  from cell counts and cell structure in camels (Camels dromadarious)exposed to ionizing radiation from French nuclear bomb tests in 1960-1968 in large areas of Algeria (Ragan district of the Southern Sahara), to camels in the Southern Iraq area around Basra exposed to ionizing radiation from heavy use of depleted uranium weapons by Coalition Forces contaminating the environment of southern Iraq since 1991:

Many tests have shown leukemia in both Iraqi and Algerian people, camels and other animals. Within a given tissue, like blood, the cells vary greatly in their response to radiation and dose rate, the time, and period of exposure.

It is known (Eitam et al. 1976) that camels have high resistance to the various environmental stressors found in the different environments in which they live, and that their erythrocytes have osmotic resistance to hyperthermia and also to radiation effects.

The high hemolysis was observed in blood samples of camels, which had stayed a long time in some contaminated regions. From different studies and results, which were measured in our laboratory, erythrocytes of healthy camels showed a high resistance to heat and radiation. At the same time the human erythrocytes show more sensitivity to effects of radiation. That means the humans in these regions are more severely affected by the ionizing radiation.


Depleted Uranium Radioactive Contamination in Iraq-Dr. Souad N. Al-Azzawi 

An Overview Assoc. Prof. / Mamoun Univ. for Science & Technology – Page 13


   Jawad Al-Ali slide 22/47 – leukaemia chart from Al-Azzawi – Effects of Wars on Iraq – Dr Jawad Al-Ali – Oncology Center Basra Iraq


6)  Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May, 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007), and the Government of the United Kingdom (August 2, 1990 to the present)have committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide with depleted uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq because residual radiation levels from the use of depleted uranium weapons used by the United States and British Coalition forces in the Basra area in Gulf War I (August 2, 1990 – 1991) was reported by Dr. Souad Al-Azzawi and her team of experts who measured residual radiation levels around Basra.  She reported:

The radiation activity has been studied by the Environmental Engineering Department of the College of Engineering, University of Baghdad.  The activity in air was >10 times the normal background which is (7URh).  In the soil the radiation level was 10-5000 times the normal background level (70 Bq/Kg) of soil. (Suad Al-Azawi et. al)

Contamination map of Iraq from Jawad Al-Ali pdf  –  SLIDE # 12/47

Effects of Wars on Iraq – Dr Jawad Al-Ali – Oncology Center Basra Iraq

7) Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May, 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007), and the Government of the United Kingdom (August 2, 1990 to the present)have committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide with depleted uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq because depleted uranium weapons fail the “Humaneness Test” since they kill or wound inhumanely.  This is one of four tests used to determine the legality of weapons under international law.  The depleted uranium gas and particulates, including sub-micron sizes, act synergistically with other toxins both on and off the battlefield, multiplying their harmful effects by at least a factor of ten, and enter the body through the skin, by ingesting food and water, and through inhalation.  They are transported throughout the body in the blood.  Because of the chemical heavy metal effects, radiation effects, and particulate effects of uranium, they cause long lingering illnesses, death, infertility, congenital birth defects, infant mortality, reproductive cancers, diabetes, neurological and neuro- muscular diseases, resulting in inhumane suffering in the civilian population, future generations, and military personnel.  Nano-size particulates are the most lethal biological poison known because they act as non-specific catalysts and enzymes causing disturbances in the chemical processes of the small molecules of the cells that make life possible.

DU Babies Iraq – Dr. Souad N. Al-Azzawi 


2003 Gulf war illnesses diagnosed in 2003 Vets by VA in 2005

8) Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May, 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007), and the Government of the United Kingdom (August 2, 1990 to the present)have committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide with depleted uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq because depleted uranium weapons fail the “Humaneness Test” since they kill and/or wound inhumanely, since it targets the reproductive system.  Depleted uranium has been identified as a estrogen and hormone disruptor in a 2007 study by Dr. S. Raymond-Whish et al., “Drinking Water with Uranium below the US EPA Water Standard Causes Estrogen Receptor-Dependent Responses in Female Mice”, Environmental Health Perspectives.  She reported decreases in fertility, abnormal uterine cells, and increased reproductive cancers in female mouse pups born to pregnant female mice exposed to depleted uranium in drinking water.  Depleted uranium has a chemical affinity for phosphate structures which are concentrated in the mitochondria, that produce the energy for the body, and also phosphate is concentrated in the DNA.  The mitochondria in the collar of the sperm if damaged results in male infertility.

9) Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May, 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007), and the Government of the United Kingdom (August 2, 1990 to the present)have committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide with depleted uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq because depleted uranium weapons fail the “Humaneness Test” because they kill and/or wound inhumanely, and because it is known to target the brain.  In a study by B.B. Tournier et al., “Role of the olfactory receptor neurons in the direct transport of inhaled uranium to the rat brain” published in 2009 in Toxicology Letters, they reported:

Radioactive uranium that is inhaled in soldiers on the battlefield and by workers in factories may bypass the  brain’s protective barrier by following nerves from the nose directly to the brain…. once in the brain it may affect task and decision-related types of thinking.

The inhaled isotope accumulated at 2 to 3 times higher levels than the injected isotope in the olfactory (smell) paths from the nose to the brain and in the frontal cortex and hypothalamus of the brain.  This is concerning because the front part of the brain controls the executive function, which is the broad ability to gather information, make decisions and initiate action.

10)  Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May, 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007), and the Government of the United Kingdom (August 2, 1990, to the present),have committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide intentionally and with foreknowledge of the harm of using depleted uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq continuously during a nineteen year-period from their introduction to the battlefield in Iraq on August 2, 1990, to the present time.




11)  The Government of the United Kingdom’s use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq during the period from August 2, 1990, to the present time, by Prime Minster Anthony Charles Lynton Blair as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May, 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007), constitute war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide because depleted uranium (DU) weapons are prohibited by the 1925 Geneva Poison Gas Protocol; the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and Protocols; the Hague Conventions (1899 and 1907); and the Martens Clause (1899):

“Recalling that in cases not covered by the law in force, the human person remains under the protection of the principles of humanity and the dictates of public conscience.”                                                    

 Second additional protocol to the Geneva Convention of 1977

Jawad Al-Ali pdf  –  SLIDE # 19/47 – Effects of Wars on Iraq – Dr Jawad Al-Ali – Oncology Center Basra Iraq

12) Anthony Charles Lynton Blair former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May, 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007), and the Government of the United Kingdom (August 2, 1990, to the present), committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide in Iraq because depleted uranium (DU) weapons violate United States Military Law as stated in the Department of the Air Force pamphlet AFP 110-31, pp.1-7 and 1-8: International Law. The Conduct of Armed Conflict and Air Operations, and because the United States Government and the United Kingdom Government are signators to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and Protocols, and the Hague Conventions (1899 and 1907).

13) Anthony Charles Lynton Blair former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May, 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007), and the Government of the United Kingdom (August 2, 1990, to the present), committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide in Iraq because depleted uranium (DU) weapons violate United States Military Law as stated in after-action regulations: AR 700-48 and TB 9-1300-278.  Since United States military regulations prohibit the use of depleted uranium off the battlefield, the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia are committing war crimes in Australia where they are using depleted uranium weaponry at Australian military facilities since 2003 on gunnery and bombing ranges to practice for the use of it in Iraq.  This airflow map of Australia demonstrates that depleted uranium particulates generated at military facilities during live-fire practices is contaminating the civilian populations of Australia as well as the marine environment around Australia.


 14) Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May, 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007), and the Government of the United Kingdom committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide in Iraq because depleted uranium (DU) weapons meet the definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in two out of three categories under the definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction as defined in United States Code Title 50, Chapter 40 Sec. 2302.

The United Kingdom 2003 Hutton Inquiry defined Weapons of Mass Destruction when Martin Howard, Deputy Chief of Defence Intelligence was asked the following question:  

Lord Hutton: “…when the dossier refers to weapons of mass destruction, would that include artillery shells that might have been loaded with gas? When one thinks of weapons of mass destruction one tends to think of missiles that have a range of 200 or 300 miles. But the term includes artillery shells?  

Martin Howard:It certainly does, yes, that are filled with chemical weapons or biological weapons.

Depleted uranium weapons include but are not limited to artillery shells, DIME explosives (used in Gaza), kinetic energy penetrators, shape charged liners, counterbalances in aircraft, helicopter rotor blades, nuclear weapons, and 4th generation nuclear weapons designed at the Los Alamos and Livermore nuclear weapons labs in the United States and reported to have been used in the Israeli attack on Lebanon.  Dr. Chris Busby, low level radiation expert for the British Government and the European Parliament reported that experimental 4th generation nuclear weapons were identified from bomb crater samples on the Israeli-Lebanon border following the Israeli attack on Lebanon.  Chemical and radiological tests conducted at the British Government radiation lab at Harwell on the bomb crater samples provided scientific evidence that 4th generation nuclear weapons were in the depleted uranium bunker buster bombs provided by the United States Government and President George W. Bush to the Israelis for destruction of Lebanon.  There have been indications that experimental types of nuclear weapons have been used in Iraq, which is consistent with experimental weapons testing being conducted by the United States Government under cover of warfare conducted in other countries. 



 USS Kitty Hawk – Bunker Buster Preparation – Basrah

15) Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May, 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007), and the Government of the United Kingdom committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide in Iraq because the effects of depleted uranium weapons have had, and will continue to have permanent and lasting effects on the civilian population, the environment of Iraq, and the global population and environment due to the 4.5 billion year half-life of depleted uranium (DU).  At the 2003 World Depleted Uranium Weapons Conference in Hamburg, Germany, Professor Katsuma Yagasaki, University of the Ryukyus, Japan, calculated that 800 tons of depleted uranium released into the atmosphere has the atomicity equivalent of 83,000 Nagasaki bombs, and therefore cannot be categorized as “conventional weapons” as the United States British Governments claim.  The use of these radioactive poison gas weapons is an illegal and unrecognised covert, invisible, global nuclear war causing depopulation and decreased fertility in the Iraqi population resulting in rapid genocide.  The global effects are already being reported in the official 2008 United Nations Report on “Changes in population and Fertility: 1950 to 2050”. 

Due to the high level of contamination in Iraq, these effects can be expected to be greatly accelerated in Iraq.






16) Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May, 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007), and the Government of the United Kingdom committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide in Iraq because of harm to the environment from the depleted uranium munitions fires at Camp Doha in Kuwait on July 11, 1991, and the October 10, 2006, fire at Camp Falcon in Iraq.  The fire at Camp Falcon was started by Iraqi mortars fired into over $1 billion worth of depleted uranium missions stored at the US military facility in southern Baghdad.  Such high concentrations of depleted uranium released at one time by the fires would have had a very large impact on contamination of the environment and public health both in Iraq and regions downwind.     


 17) Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May, 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007), and the Government of the United Kingdom committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide in Iraq because the United States and coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan have been synchronizing airstrikes using depleted uranium weaponry with the monsoon winter and summer seasons for maximum rainout and dispersion of radioactive materials into the environment.  In a June 1, 1948, article in the Tulsa Tribune, “Radioactivity Lingers Longer in Water Blast”, indicated that the most efficient nuclear war is delivered by rain: It has been suggested, however that in the absence of a large body of water near a city a bomb could be exploded in the middle of rain clouds.  The dispersion of fission products over the ground might then be even more complete than in an underwater burst.


Source: “US Airpower In Iraq and Afghanistan: 2004-2007” by A.H. Cordesman, Center for Strategic and International Studies.  Dec. 13, 2007, data table p.4.

18)  Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (May, 2, 1997 to June 27, 2007), and the Government of the United Kingdom committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide in Iraq because the regional rainout and dispersion of depleted uranium particulates across the Middle East, India and the Himalayas, Central Asia, China, and Japan caused large increases in diabetes across that vast region and beyond.  Globally diabetes rates have climbed from 30 million in 1986, the year the Chernobyl disaster occurred, to 230 million  by 2006, a 767% increase in 20 years primarily due to the use of depleted uranium weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan since August 2, 1990.  According to the United Nations, the number of diabetics is expected to reach 350 million by 2025.  China and India now have the highest diabetes rates in the world.  In 1978 the Chinese diabetes rate was 0.6% of the population, by 1995 it was 1.5%, and by 2000 it had increased to 2.4% or 31 million diabetic patients.  The annual growth rate was 13%.  In 2006-07 it reached 20.98%, the year when the US military and coalition forces carried out 835 air strikes in Iraq and Afghanistan in July alone, the peak rainy season of the monsoon cycle in Asia.  Uranium levels in Los Angeles drinking water were measured by Los Angeles Power and Water Company and it was reported in their annual report that uranium levels doubled in drinking water that year.  Diabetes is associated with obesity and heart disease.   

19) Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and the Government of the United Kingdom use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq constitute war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide because they had foreknowledge from a 1990 report by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) warning of a humanitarian and environmental disaster in Iraq before the August 20, 1990, Gulf War I began.  In 1990, the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) wrote a report warning about the potential health and environmental catastrophe from the use of depleted uranium weapons in Iraq. The health effects had been known for a long time, in fact they were stated in a U.S. declassified Manhattan Project Memo to General Leslie Groves, dated October 30, 1943. The UKAEA report sent to the UK government warned “in their estimation, if 50 tonnes of residual DU dust remained ‘in the region’ there could be half a million extra cancers by the end of the century [2000].”        

20) Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and the Government of the United Kingdom use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons in Iraq constitute war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide because regional airflow charts compiled by Peter Eyre, a former British naval military operative who also served at NATO headquarters, a professional meteorologist, and a professional flight planner with extensive knowledge of weather systems and airflow patterns depending on altitude, provide a scientific basis for understanding the local, regional, and global dispersion of depleted uranium particulates and gases.  His knowledge of secondary contamination from dust and sand storms common in Iraq, and from helicopter downwash, establish that remobilization and airflows in the region of Iraq repeatedly re-contaminate the environment and population of Iraq.  The airflow charts of Peter Eyre also provide evidence and proof that the global population and environment is also exposed to the depleted uranium weapons residue originating in Iraq.  It is very clear that depleted uranium weapons are Weapons of Mass Destruction because they are indiscriminate killers, result in the local, regional, and global poisoning with a permanent and pernicious poison, and that they result in destruction of the environment and human population from long lingering illnesses and inhumane suffering and death.





Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – Dated 14/8/2012

Clinton turned the sinking of the South Korean Corvette into a False Flag?

with one comment

South Korean Corvette Cheonan

I made a promise to myself that I would continue to keep exposing the many New World Order (NWO)  “False Flags” until such time as this evil satanic organisation was dismantled in its current form.

We have seen that for them to  kill thousands if not millions of people to achieve their goal is of no consequence to them and one can only hope and pray that soon the pack of cards will start to fall as key figures are arrested and hopefully placed before the courts to meet their fate.

I believe that I am now in touch with those that can make this happen as it is obvious that the only way to dismantle the NWO is to remove their source of funding and so may the card game begin!!!!………one can only hope that whatever actions are currently being played out by the next “Super Power” that they do so in time to avoid the NWO planned WWIII and at the same time stop this mass depopulation programme that they have embarked upon.

So here is yet another false flag that clearly shows that no blame was initially put upon North Korea by the South Korean Government until the “Old Mare” Hilary Clinton got her talons into the incident and at the same time use this “False Flag” as a tool to convince the Japanese Government to extend the US Military bases in Japan.

It became very clear that she was indeed successful in her deceitful mission which in actual fact goes against the wishes of the citizens of Japan and also continues to allow United States Navy vessels to transit Japan with nuclear weapons on-board which was never part of the agreement!!

So lets again look at this tragedy and try to understand the ongoing almost daily deceit being played out by the NWO……….one should also keep in mind that they are fully prepared to operate outside of the United Nations to achieve their goals as was the case in Libya and now the case with Syria in possibly establishing a “No Fly Zone” in conjunction with Turkey and possibly Jordan……..such action would be clearly an “Act of War”.

So many times we hear or read about conspiracy theories or false flag operations whereby the CIA, Mossad or other secret service operatives create an incident and then conveniently point the finger at a country or organisation with whom that have a bone of contention.

I actually have a special interest in this particular incident having spent much time working with submarines both operationally and also whilst working on-board a Torpedo Recovery Vessel (TRV). During my time in the navy I also worked on minesweepers and so got to understand all aspects of underwater warfare. One certainly has to keep an open mind on the sinking of the Cheonan as several methods could have been used.

The possibilities are endless ranging from torpedoes, to limpet mines to many other types of mines – Acoustic Mines – Magnetic Mines and Contact Mines all of which can either be moored to the ocean floor or just sit on the bottom. Some mines can actually release a homing torpedo when an enemy vessels approaches.

One should also keep in mind that there are also options as to how this incident occurred that resulted in yet another “False Flag” incident hyped up by the US. It could have been a friendly fire incident or an intentional act by using an ally torpedo or a moored mine both of which have the ability to split the ship in two.

Maybe many of you are convinced and happy to accept the South Korean version of this event but you must all fully understand those that carried out the inquiry were all allies of South Korea and no independent analysis was ever carried out. I therefore hope that when you have read this article you may be totally convinced or maybe have some doubt in your mind as to the true facts behind this incident.

One must fully understand that this particular area is a very sophisticated training ground for Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) and accordingly would be extremely well protected against any intrusion by other vessel and or submarines. It is also important to keep in mind that this same area is also carefully monitored by China and Russia who have some very sophisticated equipment and apparatus to watch over every aspect of the Korean Peninsular.
The sinking of the South Korean Corvette Cheonan took place on the evening of March the 26th 2010 at 2122 local time in total darkness. The location was just offshore on the southwest corner of Baengnyeong Island which sits very close to the border with North Korea. The island is a hub for the South Korean military and is also a very active area for war games with many other nations, especially the United States Navy which I will explain below.

Baengnyeong Island is a Secret Joint US-South Korean Naval Base for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) operations. The surrounding waters are relatively void of any civilian vessels making it a perfect location for a multitude of naval exercises. What is more important is the solitude and silence in its waters making it a good location to install sonar listening devices which one normally associated with areas used for submarine training and anti submarine training. One could also assume that it would also be a good location for mine laying and mine sweeping activities as well as regular exercise in submarine hunting by both surface craft and submarines. Add to this both surface and sub-sea training by the US Navy Seals

It is very important to fully understand that this location would be very heavy protected by Land Sea and Air. The lack of en route traffic would also make it a perfect listening ground for approaching vessels, submarines or any other craft as well as any weapons that were release by a submarine such as a torpedo or underwater launched missile. The joint US-South Korean naval base is staffed by American and South Korean naval special operation force personnel and accordingly uses extremely sophisticated weapons and apparatus.

Obviously one would first ask the question that if the US and South Korean Navy monitor the North Korean Navy at all times and knew that certain vessels had left their base how is it possible for any vessel to sneak into a highly protected zone undetected. In this case it was in relatively shallow water and well within the sonar listening zone. One should also remember that the local US Naval Commander himself declared that there was no North Korean activity in the area.

Let’s just read some comments from experts who know this area extremely well and who also believe this was certainly a “False Flag” as I do:

The March attack on the South Korean Navy anti-submarine warfare (ASW) corvette, the Cheonan, was a false flag attack designed to appear as coming from North Korea.

One of the main purposes for increasing tensions on the Korean peninsula was to apply pressure on Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama to reverse course on moving the U.S. Marine Corps base off Okinawa. Hatoyama has admitted that the tensions over the sinking of the Cheonan played a large part in his decision to allow the U.S. Marines to remain on Okinawa.

The Cheonan was sunk near Baengnyeong Island, a westernmost spot that is far from the South Korean coast, but opposite the North Korean coast. The island is heavily militarized and within artillery fire range of North Korean coastal defenses, which lie across a narrow channel.

The Cheonan, an ASW corvette, was decked out with state-of-the-art sonar, plus it was operating in waters with extensive hydrophone sonar arrays and acoustic underwater sensors. There is no South Korean sonar or audio evidence of a torpedo, submarine or mini-sub in the area. Since there is next to no shipping in the channel, the sea was silent at the time of the sinking.

However, Baengnyeong Island hosts a joint US-South Korea military intelligence base and the US Navy SEALS operate out of the base. In addition, four U.S. Navy ships were in the area, part of the joint U.S-South Korean Exercise Foal Eagle, during the sinking of the Cheonan. Investigations of the suspect torpedo’s metallic and chemical fingerprints show it to be of German manufacture. There are suspicions that the US Navy SEALS maintains a sampling of European torpedoes for sake of plausible deniability for false flag attacks.

Germany does not sell torpedoes to North Korea, however, Germany does maintain a close joint submarine and submarine weapons development program with Israel and as we know these submarines passed through the Suez Canal some time ago. The Republic of Korea Navy also just happens to operates type 214 submarines, also built and exported from Germany. These submarines use 533mm DM2A3 torpedoes that have a striking resemblance to the parts that were recovered from the sea bed in the vicinity of the Cheonan sinking.

The presence of the USNS Salvor, one of the participants in Foal Eagle, so close to Baengnyeong Island during the sinking of the South Korean corvette also raises questions. The Salvor, a civilian Navy salvage ship, which participated in mine laying activities for the Thai Marines in the Gulf of Thailand in 2006, was present near the time of the blast with a complement of 12 deep sea divers.

Beijing, satisfied with North Korea’s Kim Jong Il’s claim of innocence after a hurried train trip from Pyongyang to Beijing, suspects the U.S. Navy’s role in the Cheonan’s sinking, with particular suspicion on the role of the Salvor. The suspicions are as follows:

1. The Salvor engaged in a seabed mine-installation operation, in other words, attaching horizontally fired anti-submarine mines on the sea floor in the channel.

2. The Salvor was doing routine inspection and maintenance on seabed mines, and put them into an electronic active mode (hair trigger release) as part of the inspection program.

3. A SEALS diver attached a magnetic mine to the Cheonan, as part of a covert program aimed at influencing public opinion in South Korea, Japan and China.

The Korean peninsula tensions have conveniently overshadowed all other agenda items on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visits to Beijing and Seoul.

What is also remarkable about the sinking of the Cheonan was the fact that the Director of the South Korean National Intelligence – Won See-hoon told the South Korean Parliamentary Committee in early April, less that two weeks after the incident that there was no evidence linking North Korea to the sinking.

South Korea’s Minister of Defence Kim Tae-young also backed him up by saying that the crew of the stricken corvette had not detected a torpedo.

It was also interesting to learn that the Head of the Marine Operations Office at the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff agreed that “No North Korean Warships have been detected in the waters where the accident took place.”

Defense Ministry officials added that they had not detected any North Korean submarines in the area at the time of the incident

When speculation persisted that the Cheonan had been sunk by a North Korean torpedo, the Defense Ministry called another press conference to reiterate “there was no unusual North Korean activities detected at the time of the disaster.”

A ministry spokesman, Won Tae-jae, told reporters that “With regard to this case, no particular activities by North Korean submarines or semi-submarines…have been verified. I am saying again that there were no activities that could be directly linked to” the Cheonan’s sinking.

Rear Admiral Lee, the head of the marine operations office, added that, “We closely watched the movement of the North’s vessels, including submarines and semi-submersibles, at the time of the sinking. But military did not detect any North Korean submarines near the country’s western sea border.”

So, a North Korean submarine is now said to have fired a torpedo which sank the Cheonan, but in the immediate aftermath of the sinking the South Korean navy detected no North Korean naval vessels, including submarines, in the area. Indeed, immediately following the incident defense minister Lee ruled out a North Korean torpedo attack, noting that a torpedo would have been spotted, and no torpedo had been spotted.

Finally we have the statement made by the South Korean Coast Guard Captain Go Yeong-jae who rescued 56 of the stricken warship’s crew, he “received an order …that a naval patrol vessel had run aground in the waters 1.2 miles to the southwest of Baengnyeong Island, and that we were to move there quickly to rescue them.”

The Cheonan incident certainly indicates yet another US, South Korea or possibly Israel concocted story that resembles another false flag incident that occurred during the Viet Nam War in the Gulf of Tonkin, in which the US fabricated a story about North Vietnam sinking the USS Maddox. This was used as an excuse to attack North Vietnam. Now we see America, South Korea and possibly Israel fabricating evidence in order to carry out an aggressive strategy towards North Korea under the pretext of “self-defense.” What is also another most important part of this cover up was Clinton visit to Japan re the possible closure of a US Marine air base.

Let’s now turn to the evidence and prove that the South Korean Government with the help of the investigation team from the US, Sweden, Australia and the UK tried to deceive the international media into believing their analysis was correct.

When the South Korean Government did their first major press conference they very carefully created a full sized copy of the CHT-02D (which they say was used by the North Korean Navy in this incident). They just happened to obtain a copy of a brochure for this torpedo which they say is used to promote sales of the torpedo to overseas customers.

They even went a stage further to show a full scale drawing that was held up above the recovered parts to show that it was this actual torpedo that sank the Cheonan.
However, many people noticed that this certainly was not the case as the scale and design of the rear part of the torpedo did not match the drawing (which you can see in the above picture).

After some time the South Korean Government then produced another black and white detailed diagram that resembled the actual parts located and made a statement that they had rushed the original drawing to show the media and accordingly had made some mistakes. My question would be “How is this possible if the brochure was the actual brochure produced by the North Korean for their export market”?

I then decide to put the two drawings together and compare both with the actual recovered parts and again we can see that not only do the diagrams not align but also the propeller on the parts recovered is a much more sophisticated design in the aerodynamical sense. Also note the corrosion of the metal and prop which would indicate a longer period of time in the water and also longer period of oxidization once taken out of the water. The maximum time the remnants of the actual torpedo hat they claim sank the Cheonan was seven weeks.

The actual weapon used to sink this vessel was either a German manufactured torpedo or a moored submerged mine of possible US design both of which were capable of splitting the Cheonan in two as you can see in the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oUNt47G-08
One can also see an alternative view of this incident: http://www.nowpublic.com/world/new-gulf-tonkin-south-korean-torpedo-sunk-rok-warship

When one looks at the more modern German DM2A3 you can see a striking resemblance, not only in the design of the tail and propeller but also in its colour. You will note that the base colour of the German torpedo is the same as the parts that were put on public display

I have to say that yet again we see a classic US generated “False Flag” operation that in this case could take South Korea, US and allies to yet another war!

It is time that the people of the world, in particular those that live in the US, see through this false facade and stop these tyrants in their tracks. The axis of evil is not in some distant land but in minds of such people as Kissinger, Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Clinton and all those that have and continue to surround them. The ultimate responsibility for these evil actions must clearly rest on the shoulders of the Presidents and Prime Ministers of those countries who participate in such actions.

I will close off this article with a famous saying by Gandhi that adds meaning to this particular article: “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall — think of it, ALWAYS.”

Now that I am in touch with what will become the next more balanced super power and knowing that they will disintegrate the current United Nations I am going with my natural intuition and believing that this will indeed be something that we will remember forever……the NWO is about to fall and hopefully the emerging power will be to the betterment of human kind…….trust me!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 13/8/2012

Written by Peter Eyre

August 13, 2012 at 10:24

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IDF weapons cause immeasurable suffering in Gaza

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The world should never allow a war to develop between the US/Israel – Iran

The fallout would be catastrophic and beyond imagination with worldwide suffering

I have decided to republish this article I did a couple of years ago to show the horrors of wars and the scale of suffering and injury that is commonplace.

The world continues to look on and the UN (New World Order) sits on its hands and does nothing…….the US, UK, France and Germany continue to be critical of dictatorships and the heavy loss of life in countries that only they themselves want to force a regime change……….so why not force a regime change in Israel and get those mongrels out of power that have caused so much suffering to the Palestinian people………any chance do you think?…….absolutely no way!!!

Ban Ki-moon did his usual whistle stop tour of Gaza and flexed his muscles by referring to the Israeli blockade of Gaza as “unacceptable suffering of human beings” “not sustainable” and “counter-productive.” Ban visited the occupied territories where he called on the Israeli and Palestinian authorities to engage in direct talks, and reiterated the Quartet’s calls to reach a settlement within two years. “We are committed to work together with the Palestinian people and help your cause to complete negotiations on a settlement of all core issues within 24 months,”

Ban ki-moon had previously attended a meeting with the US, Russia and EU in Moscow and issued a joint statement condemning the 1,600 housing development approved by the Israeli Government in East Jerusalem…..one might ask the question of the above “So what”?……..you all have been pussyfooting around for decades on this issue……you know what they say “Action speaks louder than words”

  1. In my opinion it is time for the UN to impose sanctions on Israel to bring them to their knees. The following would be a good starter:     
  2.  Stop all aspects of aid. This must include Financial & Military.      Embargo on all trade with Israel.

This would have an immediate impact on Israel and would result in stopping the current Oil/Gas production and exploration offshore.

The UN always have the power to impose such actions against almost all other countries but does nothing against a country that has turned its back on more than 130 UN resolutions and carried out War Crimes against Lebanon and Gaza.

Its IDF has indiscriminately contaminated vast tracts of land and the people that live within them with uranium weapons. This contamination was not contained within the target area but also extended into Israel itself, neighbouring countries, Middle East and beyond. 

Palestinians want East Jerusalem to be the future capital of West Bank and Gaza strip under the two state solution but many settlers see West Bank as the land for the Jews.

Again we see the same old story coming out of the United Nations. My question would be why 24 months?……..the road map to peace has being going on for decades and it is very clear that the UN does not have any ability to enforce its purpose and the Israeli’s have not intention in seeking peace. One only has to look at the historical comments made by a string of past and current Israeli leaders to demonstrate not only how they view Palestinians but also their evil intentions.

Before going into who said what let’s just reflect on the true situation in Gaza and West Bank whilst at the same time attempt to understand the mindset of the Israeli Government. The international media has to take full responsibility for falsely reporting the true “Grass Root” issue that exist to this day.

For instance when they refer to the suffering in Gaza and West Bank they tend to refer to it as the Palestinian – Israel conflict. One cannot compare what is going on in Israel to what is going on in Palestine. On one side of the fence you have a lifestyle that one can only describe as both Idealistic and Materialistic and on the other an area of intense deprivation and suffering with many Palestinians living in refugee camps (tent cities).

The media in general does not report the daily looting of Palestinian home, the almost daily killing/injured Palestinians, the daily arrest of many Palestinians (especially the young), and the continued contamination of its environment by the IDF. In Gaza the Israel Air Force fly daily over the strip with fighters, helicopter or drones, all fully armed. The entire strip is under constant surveillance from “Big Brother” and carry out bombing/missile attacks whenever it suits them. This week alone they have attacked the Raffah Area and last night Gaza City……..whatever way you look at this Gaza is well and truly under full occupation.

In West Bank the IDF and Israeli Secret Service/Police patrol the streets in a very hostile and aggressive manner. There is no doubt in my mind that Israel is a true “Dictatorship and Apartheid Government with Racism at its heart.” As someone once reported: “There is no doubt that this behavior is part of a continuous maneuver to wear down all moral resistance, to physically and mentally exhaust the Palestinians so that those who don’t want to be stacked in jails or cemeteries flee and go to live crammed together with others in refugee camps.” 

The weapons used by the US, Israel and Coalition cause horrendous injuries and suffering

There is no limit to the level of abuse that the Israeli IDF/Security Services/Police have used or continue to use. For my part I know precisely the rules of engagement and regulations that are issued to all members of the IDF and yet on a daily basis they violate almost every single rule. This is the very foundation of being a good soldier….if that is possible now days?

I can give a graphic example from another article that I read. One really does need to take a deep breath when reading such material and collect your thoughts in trying to understand what makes people carry out such atrocities. It is not only evil in the extreme but one could say it borders on being satanic: “I was on their kitchen terrace, watching how a boy no older than eleven or twelve removed an Israeli flag that was hanging on the door of a building and replaced it with a Palestinian one. Palestinian flags have been forbidden for a long time and, at night, boys switch them. But the boy I was watching got caught by soldiers. They took hold of him and jokingly tried to force him to kiss the Israeli flag and to step on the Palestinian one. The boy did just the opposite: he kissed the Palestinian flag and stepped on the Israeli one. They dragged him to his house. He lived a few doors from ours. A few minutes later, I’m not sure how long, I heard a shot. Do you know what the soldiers had done? They had taken the boy to his house, forced his parents to sit in an armchair, placed him on their knees and then they shot him in the head.”

So let’s return to the mindset of the many leaders of Israel that have contaminated our planet and try to understand that the Israel Government have no intention of allowing the survival of Palestine….there is no “Road Map to Peace”….there is no breakdown in relationships between the US, UK, EU Government and Israel but rather the opposite. The Israelis and the Pro Israeli Lobbyist in the West are part of every countries political infrastructure and have significant control over the policies that exist. They fund almost every political candidate and party as long as that politician or party lobby’s in the best interest of Israel.

So what have these past and current illustrious leaders said that would send alarm bells ringing through the minds and hearts of all Palestinians. Read deep between the lines and fully understand that Israel very clearly wants to take over the entire Palestinian Territory:

There cannot be Zionism, colonization nor a Jewish State without the expulsion of Arabs and the expropriation of their lands. (Ariel Sharon to France Press, November 15, 1998)

This is not a Sunday joint of meat but a human being injured by US/Israeli illegal weapons

The partition of Palestine is not fair. We will never accept it. Eretz Israel will be given back to the people of Israel. All of it and forever. (Menahem Begin)

A Palestinian partner for a negotiation does not exist. (Ariel Sharon)

I have always believed in the eternal and historical right of our people to all this earth. (Ehud Olmert, before the U.S. Congress, June 30, 2006)

There is no such thing as a Palestinian people… It is not as if we came and threw them out and took their country. They didn’t exist. (Golda Meir)

We will never permit a Palestinian State. (Netanyahu, very recently)

More recently a reporter heard a colonist from the West Bank (a tiny, supposedly Palestinian territory after Oslo) say on TV: “We will never leave this land. It was given to us by God.”….the reporter then said “So if it was given to them by God… who will discuss it”?

I would now like to return to the topic of immeasurable suffering currently being endured by the people of Gaza and also to some degree West Bank. What we are looking at here was initially a big cover up by the United Nations in New York, Geneva and locally and to a certain degree by the Palestinian Authority.

Indications have always shown that the IDF used Gaza as a test bed for current and advanced weaponry (most of which contain uranium components). One must not only point a finger at the Israeli Government for using such weapons but also blame the UN for not vetting Israel in its nuclear research programme. I find it so hard to understand how the US, UK, EU Governments continuously harass other nations for carrying out such research and yet they themselves are allowed to carry out their own development without being held to account by the UN (the very organization that is supposed to protect us).

A Palestinian  deceased child – Compliments of Israel’s Depleted Uranium Weapons – Exported by the US!!!


We know that Israel is extremely advanced in both domestic and military nuclear research especially at there establishment at Dimona in the Southern Negev Desert. They are allowed (unchecked) to develop nuclear warheads and have in the past converted some US missiles. They have a full arsenal of weapons that contain uranium components and combined with the US weapons stockpile continue to use them on a regular basis. One must fully understand that when any such weapons makes contact it emits a huge aerosol of radioactive  nanoparticles that drift on the wind and do not recognize international borders.

One cannot allow the United States to get away with this world crisis as they are the manufacturers and main instigators of these so called “conventional weapons.” One must also blame the UK Government and EU Governments for not only using these weapons themselves but also in approving the shipment of such arms to Israel.

The procedure in the US used to be that when a country is selected and or approved to receive such weapons the US Department of Defence raise the documentation for transit through US Congress for final clearance and approval. The ultimate decision for such weapons rests with the “Command in Chief”…the very President himself. It is clear that in the event one proves that these weapons are illegal or are to be used illegally then the President and Senior Member of Staff are truly guilty of “War Crimes.” With all the countries being aware of these weapons and in some cases using them, then they themselves are implication in this mass genocide.

So lets summerise here: We have seen and continue to see the after effects of such weapons in the Balkans who now have a very high rate of cancer amongst it population and is now running out of conventional burial grounds, this is now also taking place in Kuwait (the best kept secret), Iraq we all know is now totally contaminated with high rates of cancer and birth defects to a point whereby women are being asked not to have a family. We then can go over to Afghanistan and see the same problem emerging but on a much bigger scale as the usage of such weapons by the US, UK and Coalition Forces is two fold that of Iraq.

We know that the IDF used these weapons many many years ago against the Egyptians and also in 2006 against the Lebanese but as one would expect the statistics from these countries is well guarded and kept under lock and key.

Now we turn back to Gaza where they can no longer hide this problem from the public and the world because the incidents are now going through the roof. This special story is intended to explain to you the public that this is mass genocide on a huge scale (one could even say an intended de population programme). The pictures emerging out of Afghanistan and Gaza paint a very clear picture of an evil/satanic approach in targeting mainly Islamic countries.

A Depleted Uranium baby that never had a chance – How can we allow this to continue?

Once must clearly ask the question “Where is the so called Axis of Evil” that George Bush, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown so readily talk about?….I can assure you its not in the distant land called “The Middle East” but right here in the heart of the West.

I find it incredible that we have all these issues regarding “Peodophilia, Drugs and the Breakdown of the Family Unit.” Coupled with “Wars and Mass Genocide” and yet our leaders or potential leaders are looking at an election in May/June this year!

How can one even trust these evil satanic minds, that are so full of their own personal status than being sincere and guiding there respective countries? How can the citizens of these countries continue to allow these hypocrital monsters to continue to brainwash us into believing that this is to make our streets safe for us……..the world needs to wake up and understand that there is not such term as “The Axis of Evil” or “World Terrorism” in the form of Al Queda, Taliban, Hamas or the PKK etc…they are simply “Freedom Fighter” trying to defend the occupation of their country by the “West’s Imperialistic Elite”……there is no limit to the level of greed that these monsters will go to.

We did not go into Iraq or Afghanistan for democracy…we went in for greed and to control the world’s energy markets. The IDF didn’t go into Lebanon for any other reason but to flex its muscle in the same way it did with Egypt. The IDF went into Gaza to secure the huge offshore natural resources and to maintain control of what they consider to be the under dogs (the Palestinians)……when will the world see through this false façade and understand what all these conflicts are about.

So now you ask what proof is there…. that what I am saying is true…….I can tell you that we have samples from Lebanon and Gaza that proves the IDF used illegal weapons on areas of dense population in both those countries and even to this day continue to use them in Gaza. We have photographs of weapons exploding that show clear signs of Nuclear Thermal type activity or Depleted Uranium(DU)…we have photographs of DU penetrators and now we have medical evidence.

Are you convinced yet? – Compliments of the New World Order!!

It is not easy for me to write about this deeply upsetting situation that we in the West are creating. It is not easy to write about this problem that has caused so much pain to our own forces and innocent civilians (millions) and I am lost for words as to how a country can kill its own troops and populations by using such indiscriminate weapons. As far as the Israeli Government is concerned they certainly have nuked themselves when they used these weapons in Lebanon and Gaza……they currently have one of the worlds highest incidence of cancer as well as infertility……one can only imagine the birth defects? The main problem here is the data is kept under lock and key.

So next we deal with the evidence and reveal the facts in very graphic detail. We now understand from the hospitals in Gaza that the rate of cancers and birth defects have more than doubles since before “Cast Lead” and we now have the pictures that are coming out of Gaza. I have also added the latest coming out of Afghanistan….and it doesn’t stop there…..I know that as a result of the war in Afghainstan the downwind countries of North Pakistan and Northen India have succumbed to the US, UK and Coalition weaponry……keep in mind our own troops are also victim to this same contamination……I call it Gulf War Syndrome they refer to it as Post Traumatic Stress…..which is totally false.

These are the finding of a Senior Ministry of Health Official – Medhat Abbas at a press conference last Thursday 18th of March 2010:

Studies conducted by a group of Italian researchers have revealed the presence of dangerous levels of toxins in the bodies of Palestinian victims of Israeli bombings during operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009. The results of tests conducted on a sample of 15 dead and wounded victims of the war on Gaza, in addition to another sample of 95 citizens, showed the presence of 30 toxic components, notably high levels of uranium.

Gaza’s Health Minister, Dr Bassem Naim, said the study of the biological samples proved that the Israelis used internationally prohibited weapons against the Palestinians. He warned that the large percentage of toxic uranium in the territory would pose a real threat to future generations. Dr Naim added that his department will send the research findings to the relevant human rights authorities which are documenting Israeli war crimes in the territory.


Still not convinced – Blame it on the Zionists (Karzan’s)


As I have reported so many times before that the UN and the Goldstone Report is an absolute sham and did not cover such weapons even though I had personally submitted my own evidence to the UN in Geneva. Now we can clearly see the huge cover-up by the UN, UNEP, UNDP, UNRWA, WHO, US Government, Israeli Government and many more too numerous to mention. The very fact that the UN has gone ahead in removing contaminated rubble from bombed/missiled building and is now crushing it to surface the roads and streets of the Gaza Strip is a crime beyond imagination and is certainly not in line with the UN’s own instructions when dealing with possible radioactive materials. To further add to the problem a US charity is recycling the material in Gaza to repair/renovate schools and kindergartens……..how can anyone even think about surround your young with contaminated materials…….when will this madness stop…..but who cares the entire world and the Arab League just continue to sit on their hands and look on….this is real-time genocide.

The report goes on to say that in each class of injury the following carcinogenic metals were detected: Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Uranium, Chrome and Nickel in Oxide and Sulphate.

From my perspective……taking aside the Uranium one can clearly see that this is from the IDF weapons and do form part of the make up of such weapons. Most of the weapons used were totally illegal under the Geneva Convention and where not covered to any extent in the Goldstone Report. I would insist that an independent inquiry be set up immediately and the truth revealed.

As a matter of interest an earlier report of findings done towards the end of last year and beginning of this year revealed the following:

“The quantity of depleted uranium may amount to no less than 75 tons found in the soil and subsoil in the Gaza Strip,” is the study’s quote.

As many have suggested, the Israeli military used or may have used depleted uranium in the ground and air assaults on the Strip during the operation in the period between 27 December 2008 and January 18, 2009.

And now the accusation emerged more strongly after several months of investigations carried out in close association with the peoples concerned, and with the assistance of international expert on sustainable development and use of prohibited weapons Jean – Francois Feacheno.

The international mission itself was composed of four members, including expert Feacheno, adviser to the reduction of pollution, and experts accredited to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). They travelled to the Gaza Strip in April 2009 under the auspices of the Arab Committee for Human Rights.

The specialist laboratory used analysis of soil and dust samples from their mission to the Gaza Strip and found the elements of depleted uranium, a radioactive material, causing cancer and deformities.

The analysis also showed the presence of particles of the cesium, a radioactive and carcinogenic dust which includes asbestos, a carcinogenic, in addition to volatile organic compounds and fine particles that pose health risks, especially children’s health, those living with asthma and the elderly.

Also found in the samples was phosphate resulting from the oxidation of white phosphorus and tungsten material carcinogens, in addition to copper and aluminum oxide, a carcinogenic and radioactive thorium oxide material.

I would add to the above report that much of the above constitutes as coming from the nuclear industry and thus forms part of these mini nukes (Sorry the US call them conventional weapons). It is also interesting to note that DU rounds were found in Gaza from the Israeli Apache Helicopter.

Finally I would ask the following question and remain determined until satisfactory response has been made…namely:

We need answers to the follow questions:


Do they have statistics for the following? If not why not?


Do they have medical statistics Pre Yom Kippur War in October 1973 for Gaza and West Bank?


Do they have statistics for Post Yom Kippur (1973) and before Cast Lead in December 2008?


Finally statistics for Post Cast Lead to the current time?


We need statistics for the following: types of cancers, diabetes, mental illnesses, infertility, still births and deformed babies etc?


We also need to know Is Abbas, The Minister of Health and the Director of Shifa Hospital aware that Gaza has been contaminated by radioactive weapons and that secondary contamination will become a major issue? if not why not?


Do they carryout any tests at bomb or missile sites and if not why not?


Do they have a good quality Geiger counter to test such locations? if not why not?


Do they take samples from expired weapons, fragments or DU Penetrators or soil samples from such sites….if not why not?


Are they aware of the same situation in other areas of conflict such as the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan etc? if not why not?


Have they attempted to contact their counterparts in those countries to exchange data and other useful information? if not why not?


Will they stop this UN programme of clearing rubble, crushing and relaying on the roads and streets? if not why not?


Will they stop the refurbishment of the schools by using recycled material from bombsites by the US NGO called ANERA? if not why not?


Are they aware of standard procedures associated with sights that may be contaminated, what measures must be taken and what instructions should be offered to staff attending? if not why not?


So there we have it ….You the readers have to decide…..do you trust your governments? Do you accept their spin?….do you know this is all about oil, gas and other natural resources!

So what’s the solution……is very easy actually……pull out the troops and close every military base that exists on “Islamic Soil”……stop fighting the residents of the Middle East and try trading with them in peace…….then “Terrorism will cease.”

I call this scenario “The Deadly Link” – American, UK and EU Imperialism – Terrorism – Poverty are so closely linked in that our greed breeds terrorism which then creates poverty on a huge scale……..when you read the stance of the Western Governments – “Make Poverty History” its a joke…….what they are doing is increasing poverty on a scale never experienced on this planet and its all in the name of greed for natural resources or the need to control them. The New World Order does exist and we now know who forms this group of elite evil monsters.

We in the West must impose severe sanctions on Israel in order to force them to yield to the UN demands and to respect all of the 130 + UN Resolutions that were passed against them. The Israeli public also has to understand that they are the “Sacrificial Lamb” for the New World Order and that they want you to attack Iran on their behalf in order to bring retaliatory action against Israel. Once this is done the “Good Old US of A” and its allies will then attack Iran etc etc….so what you may say?…..think about the level of contamination in Israel alone….you are close to not being in existence if you the public allow this to go ahead…..”dare you take the risk”……for my part I think that Iran already has nuclear weapons which all forms part of the US and South African/UK missing weapons fiasco. You don’t have to believe me but I say again “dare you take the risk.” Israelis must start asking questions of their government…..why is Israel allowing the US  to double its stockpile in Israel…..why is the UK allowing the US to increase its stockpile on Diego Garcia…..for one very good reason…..have you guessed yet? To act as a staging post for an attack on Iran!!

In my opinion Israel now fears Iran and may no longer be in a position to carry out such an attack and thus is taunting the US with its intention to continue to build on Palestinian land. As I have previously reported Israel cannot carry out this attack alone anyway as it is beyond the operational capabilities of the IDF. It is my opinion that Israel therefore want to force the US to do their own dirty work 

I believe I now understand the “New World Order” master plan….but that’s another story. One thing is very clear we have certainly lost the ability to love each other or be friends with each other…we need more cuddles and more hand shakes not the Iron Fist that is currently on offer by the US, UK and EU Governments…..keep watching this space and bless you all! 

It goes without saying that this is not only a very graphic article but also very upsetting to those people who are not familiar with the weapons being used each and every day………these weapons continue to be used in Afghanistan, Gaza, Yemen, Somalia and by drone aircraft in North Pakistan………..how can the owners of these countries allow this to continue……do they not realise that the US, UK and Coalition Forces are killing the genetics of each and every country they attack as well as their own troops……..this also includes the more recent war with Libya which they say was for humanitarian reasons………come on you sheep out there when are you going to wake up?……..this is mass genocide on a very large scale and believe me it involves you also and your country………it also involves your children and grand children………just take a look at the airflow chart I made up some time ago should these satanically minded Zionist attack Iran……look deep and fully understand that what goes around comes around!!


Should anyone be crazy enough to attack Iran you had better watch out…….note the high concentrations expected in Europe and Asia in this example (areas of low pressure circulations)……..I have proof on the high level of radioactive fallout that reached the Greater London area after Iraq and Afghanistan!!

When they blasted Libya the airflow during the initial attack by the US, UK and France caused a massive cloud of gas, full with radioactive nano particles to drift all over Libya and then across the border into Egypt and west over Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco….another stream took it over Spain, Portugal then out into mid Atlantic where it did a 180 turnaround and came back over the UK and Europe……..gives new meaning to taking a holiday in the sun don’t you think? 


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 11/8/2012

Written by Peter Eyre

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Another “Joint Venture False Flag” is currently being played out in the Sinai!!

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The report by NBC was compliments of the Israeli Media……what do you expect!!


Boy oh boy here we go again with yet another weapon of mass deception getting underway in the Sinai Peninsula as the remnants of the “Old Mubarak Regime” – “The Egyptian Military” carry out a well orchestrated Joint Venture with Israel.

We are led to believe that Egyptian border guards were killed by terrorist from Gaza and yet there is not a shred of evidence that this is fact and one could hazard a guess that it was yet another New World Order – Western/Israeli derived plot to convince the new Egyptian Government that terrorism exists on their border with Gaza and to allow the military to dictate the future of Egypt and the border control policy that we in the west control and Israel have controlled for decades!!

Let’s simply carry out an analysis of the current “Zionist Controlled” media interpretations of what is happening and then maybe look at this through a different pair of eyes.

The first thing that appeared to me as being evidence of the control that Israel and the NWO have over the Sinai Peninsula was when I read this comment in one paper:

Israel on Thursday granted an Egyptian request for Cairo to use attack helicopters in Sinai for the first time since a 1979 treaty which strictly limited the deployment of military force in the desert peninsula……….so much for sovereignty hey?


The decision, made by a telephone poll of Israeli ministers to hasten the process, was in effect retroactive since Egypt has already sent in the aircraft as part of its largest offensive in Sinai in 40 years, launched in response to the killing on Sunday of 16 Egyptian border guards by gunmen. Israel’s security cabinet set a limit of several days “for a specific, pinpointed action.”

One must always bear in mind that the US, Britain, France, Germany and Israel appeared to accept that democracy must prevail in Egypt and the people must decide its own future at the ballot box………..unfortunately their gamble went terribly wrong and the wrong party took power leaving them with the possible loss of controlling the border to Gaza……….however with the help of the west and Israel they managed to stall the election and keep their puppet military in power which still dominates the country!!

It is also fact that Israel became extremely concerned that their main source of energy, Egyptian Natural Gas, was under threat and indeed several attacks have taken place on the direct pipeline from El Arish to Israel and why not?

It was Mubarek who struck up a deal with the Israeli Government to sell Egyptian gas at below cost price which in turn deprived the Egyptians of vital finance and their own ability to use their own product or  tap into the very lucrative export of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) etc.

It is clear that Israel is now in a state of panic with so much going on around them but what they do not realise is the fact that the Mafia Zionists (Khazars) don’t give a crap about Israel or the current Jewish population and would indeed allow them to become the sacrificial lamb in the event of any future conflict that they initiate i.e. an attack on Iran or whatever……….it is proof of this philosophy in that the Israeli Government has in actual fact “Nuked” its own people when it struck Southern Lebanon (2006) and again in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead…………maybe you do not believe me….well my friends just look up the hike in cancers and infertility throughout Israel!!

Some reports also revealed other startling misinformation:

Israel has encouraged Egypt to take tough action against the gunmen, who also crossed into Israel in a stolen armoured vehicle before they were stopped and killed by Israeli forces……..or so the concocted story goes!!

The official said that Israel had earlier permitted Egypt to deploy more security forces in Sinai. Since Sunday’s violence, it has also urged Egypt to post commandos at Egypt’s borders with Libya and Sudan to prevent gunmen from smuggling weapons to Sinai, the official added.

Now maybe you are starting to see yet another prelude into keeping terrorism alive and maybe an indication that Sudan is still one of their targets…………note the comment about Libya and yet it was the West and Israel that supported an attack on Libya that apparently is now under their control with its current puppet government…….my question would therefore be that if that is the case why place an emphasis on the border with Libya……….so much for democracy and this is certainly a case of  pure propaganda ……at the end of the day it is Israel who employ the best in areas of PR and propaganda with people such as that moron Mark Negev (Israeli Government spokesman).


Non other than “Mr. Big Ears and Big Mouth” – Mark Negev

Needless to say it was Egypt’s Mubarek who rigorously maintained the peace treaty that was signed with Israel in 1979 and which then allowed the US (Zionist) to offer massive amount of cash and military support up to the current time!!

Under that treaty, Israel withdrew from Sinai, which it captured in a 1967 war, and the area was largely demilitarized, though in recent years Israel agreed to allow Egypt to deploy more security forces there to stem weapons smuggling by Palestinian gunmen and other crimes.


The Palestinian news agency Maan reports that Egypt has continued to send reinforcements to northeaster Sinai as the Egyptian military carries out two simultaneous operations. The first operation is centralized on the outskirts of El Arish, while the second focuses on the city itself. According to Maan, Egyptian forces have succeeded to expose terrorist hideouts, and exchanges of fire took place on the road between El Arish and Rafah. The agency also reported that 60 terrorists have been killed up until this point in the battle to “clean up Sinai.”

Such is the state of misinformation that even Palestinian news agencies are now somewhat confused as to what is actually happening on the ground and do not understand that such atrocities are not terrorist from within or from genuine Egyptians but from Western/Egyptian Military/Israel “Black Ops.”

It should also be noted the following that appeared:

East Jerusalem newspaper al-Quds reported that Egypt demanded the extradition of three senior Hamas militants, claiming they had provided indirect support to militants in the Sinai Peninsula.

So folks again we see the Zionist media hiking up the propaganda against a nonexistent terrorist threat and Hamas !!

Let me just give you the real reason behind the original attack on Gaza……you may be shocked to learn the truth but here it is:

It is fact that the ex Chief of the IDF stated that in order to explore the waters off Gaza for natural gas and to commence drilling they have to remove Hamas……this is what they tried during “Operation Cast Lead” and indeed failed.

The greatest secret of all time is the fact that massive reserves of Palestinian (Gaza)  natural gas is sitting just off the coast of Gaza (35 Klm) that was discovered by British Gas.


Drawing by Peter Eyre

None other than Tony Blair and his cabal in conjunction with the Israeli Government attempted to rape the Palestinians of this natural resource by plotting to pipe the gas outside of Gazan waters and divert it directly into Israel……..the first plan failed and so they then planned another pipeline from Gazan waters directly into El Arish in Egypt…..then it would become an Egyptian commodity and then pipe it back to Israel via subsea pipeline (outside of Gaza waters)……this plan also failed.

Egypt eventually created their own pipeline to export the cheap gas to Israel and it is this pipeline that has been subject to many attacks.

What I find totally unacceptable is a joint venture between the US and Israel with a company called Noble Energy (Zionist owned) that has a rig positioned on the sea border with Gaza and is currently taking the natural resources of the Palestinians and piping it directly into Israel……they are currently attempting to develop a link with another gas field that staggers the border……….that is an act of piracy that the UN knows about and does nothing……..there again the UN is an arm of the New World Order anyway so who cares!!!

Oh and by the way the Israeli Government and their US Zionist oil company are also doing the same on the Lebanese border……maybe they will suffer the same fate and certainly adds new meaning to the term Slant Drilling or Diagonal Drilling that I learnt so much about whilst working in the oil, gas and mining industry!!

I will re publish the truth about the offshore situation in my next article and also talk about it on the US RNB radio with Paul Drockton and I…..the link on this blog will take you there.

Enjoy reading and hopefully also happy listening…….

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 10/8/2012

Written by Peter Eyre

August 10, 2012 at 12:30

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The BBC relishes in distortion of facts – US Navy Seals did not kill Bin Laden

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The BBC relishes in distortion of facts – US Navy Seals did not kill Bin Laden (Modified


I have decided to republish a series of US derived “False Flags” just to show the pathetic level our respective intelligence services have reached in their attempt to brainwash the public. What is sad about this particular fiasco is the fact that Obama and his team of CIA experts in false flag techniques finished off the US Navy Seal Team 6 in order to silence the squad………why you may ask?…….simply because they never carried out the raid in the first place………..One must remember those awful words that the mongrel Kissinger once said “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

I feel a deep internal sickness when I see our leaders and ministers talking about our brave men and women who have died in all the current “Geo Political Wars” that have all been instigated for their own evil satanical greed……..they even have the audacity to make such announcements in the Senate or Parliament “That our thoughts are with their loved ones” etc etc………..then they lay a wreath at Ground Zero in New York or at the Cenotaph in London when in actual fact they do not give a crap and in many cases are directly responsible for the death of our troops or in authorising the use of depleted uranium that is killing them in droves!!!


Below are a few of the hypocrites – all are actors who failed their initial audition!!


Note the two satanic devils hiding in the background – Blair & Brown

Such false remorse


“OMG this is so gruesome to watch”  “It gets better Hilary watch how they fake his death”

“Hey Admiral Mullen did you see the huge splash as his body hit the ocean – boy that was something”


We are currently seeing the good old BBC trying to hit the headlines over sensational stories that have suddenly emerged on the first anniversary of Bin Laden’s dramatic shootout in North Pakistan last year.

I guess most Brits used to be proud of our once respectable and once professional BBC but that has long gone since they came under the same Zionist control as all the other media outlets in this country.

Believe it or not the BBC had a reputation for presenting the facts as they unfolded but know we are seeing news that can only be described as third rate and certainly  far from the truth!!

Let’s look at a couple of stories they are bouncing around the world at the moment:

This was published on the 2nd May 2012 with the headline:

Osama Bin Laden: The night he came for dinner by M Ilyas Khan – BBC News, Islamabad.

The first paragraph absolutely bowled me over with laughter when it stated:

What happens when your surprise dinner guest turns out to be the world’s most wanted man? A year on from the death of Osama Bin Laden, two men tell how they came to host the then leader of al-Qaeda.

My first comment would have to be “no doubt he had the appearance of a ghost” ……..which I will explain later.

This sensational story went on to say – Late one night in the summer of 2010, on the fringes of the Waziristan region in north-western Pakistan, half a dozen men of a local tribal family waited nervously for the arrival of a guest whose identity they didn’t know.

They had been alerted to this visit weeks earlier, by someone they describe simply as an “important person”. They were not given any names, and the exact time of the guest’s arrival was conveyed to them just a few hours in advance.

At about 23:00, when the world around them was in deep sleep, they heard the rumble of the approaching vehicles.”A dozen big four-wheel drive jeeps drove into the compound,” recalls one family elder who agreed to speak to me about it. “They seemed to converge from different directions.” One of the 4x4s drove up close to the veranda, and from its back seat emerged a tall and frail-looking man. He wore flowing robes and a white turban. The waiting men couldn’t believe their eyes. Standing before them was none other than Osama Bin Laden, the most wanted man in the world.

My first humorous comment would have to be rather late arrival for dinner don’t you think!!

This is where this story really becomes even more fanciful:

There was a slight commotion among the guards when one of the hosts requested that his 85-year-old father be allowed to see Bin Laden. “Consider this to be his dying wish,” he pleaded. The message was passed to Bin Laden, who agreed to see the old patriarch. Four armed men escorted the son home to fetch his father. The old man was only told about Bin Laden’s presence once they were back inside the compound. They said the old man spent 10 minutes with Bin Laden, pouring out his admiration and prayers for him, and offering time-tested advice on tribal warfare, all in his native Pashto language, which Bin Laden apparently didn’t understand.

Oh my God just imagine this old man wanting to see this high ranking terrorist before he died…….I can assure you that had this meeting ever taken place he would have died from shock when you get to understand the truth behind Osama Bin Laden!!

Let’s now look at yet another BBC ”Flight of Fancy”

Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar has said that the government of Pakistan and the armed forces played a huge part in the killing of Osama bin Laden, adding that a mobile chip was used to locate him.

He gave this statement on the first anniversary of Bin Laden’s killing during an interview to the BBC in their Urdu news service:

According to BBC correspondent Aijaz Meher, the defence minister said that Pakistan had an agreement with the US that whenever Pakistan retrieved any material in Arabic and English, it will be given to US and if the US found any material in Urdu, it would give it to Pakistan.

“I do not know how big a leader Osama bin Laden was,” said the defence minister. Time will tell how positive his contributions to the Muslim countries proved to be.”

He said that materials recovered from Osama bin Laden’s residence were with the army and investigations were underway.

Finally we had another overstated review on BBC Radio 5 Live on the 1st May 2012 with the title: 

Is the world a safer a year since Osama Bin Laden’s death?  

One year ago a team of Navy Seals attacked a compound in Abbottabad in Pakistan, killing Osama Bin Laden.

President Obama appeared on television later that night to announce the news to the rest of the world, in which he outlined that the fight against Al Qaeda was not over. The BBC asked former US Ambassador to Pakistan William Milam, and former CIA officer Michael Scheuer, if the world was a safer place since Osama Bin Laden’s death. Both were involved in the hunt for the al-Qaeda leader. Here is their response:

The ex Ambassador stated that the main structure of Al Qaeda has gone and although some aspects still exist it is no longer a threat in Afghanistan. He went on to say that a new way to look at our struggle in Afghanistan and Pakistan and a way to begin I think, the withdrawal of our forces from Afghanistan because Al Qaeda , the core Al Qaeda, is not the major enemy, the one we went after its not  probably our major enemy any more.

The BBC then asks Michael Scheuer if he thought Al Qaeda was a diminished force. The ex CIA responded: “if you look at A Qaeda as to where it was in 20o1 on a map you will see that there only large logistical base, their base for recruiting, their base for planning and their base for storing munitions was Afghanistan. Today there still supporting the Taliban inside of Afghanistan. There active throughout Pakistan, there very active in Yemen in fact they own territory there. There active in Somalia in support of Al Shibab. There active across the rim of Africa, from Tunisia over to Mauritania reaching south towards Nigeria, Niger and other places. There active in Palestine and they have recovered to great extent and are causing havoc in Iraq and of course their  lone wolves here in North America and Europe where that are very active . So I think the place to start discussion on this issue is not pivoting off Bin Laden death but looking where the organisation is and what its up too at the moment.

As you can clearly see there is a continued emphasis that Al Qaeda is very much alive and spreading around the world and yet very little reference to the fact that Al Qaeda is almost none existent in Afghanistan and that the Taliban (their new enemy) is flourishing and continues to controls almost all of the country………It was clear by this interview that an exit strategy was desperately being sought and that in actual fact the war had totally failed and had not made any headway in bringing democracy to the people of Afghanistan. I believe that once again the Taliban will take over the country!! 

On the issue of Al Qaeda I again repeat what I have said so many times before that Al Qaeda does not and has not ever existed and it was a US devised name to spread hysteria into the hearts of people in an attempt to justify an action or to force their own hidden agenda into law and at the same time continue with their well known Geo Political Plan.

So now let’s look at this pathetic approach by Obama to glorify the apparent dramatic death of Osama Bin Laden and the not so tough decision he had to make…….. I can assure you that  what you read and watched on TV  about this incident was far from reality……..one could just see Bin Laden laughing in his grave from all this attention…….which is where he had been for some years previous!!

What you saw pan out on the big screen was nothing more than what can only be described as one of the best cover up events ever and just to think this was all to make President Obama look good as his popularity waned!!

The timeline for his final year alive was as follows:

In the first half of 2001 OBL’s health started to continue on a downward spiral as he had been suffering from many serious illnesses. He was very tall (6 feet 5 inches) and suffered from Marfan Syndrome – a range of expressions, from mild to severe. The most serious complications are defects of the heart valves and aorta. It also affect the lungs, the eyes, the dural sac surrounding the spinal cord, the skeleton and the hard palate to name but a few!!

For Bin Laden the main areas of concern were clearly major heart issue, kidney and the fact he was a diabetic.

In July 2001 he flew by private jet to Dubai and spent one week in a US Hospital in Dubai with kidney problems and was in actual fact operated upon on the 4th July 2001. The CIA denied that this event actually occurred despite the fact that they visited him several times, including a visit by the CIA Station Chief, Larry Mitchell on the 12th July 2001 as well as members of his family.  During his stay in Dubai he was treated by a British doctor. Still very sick he flew back to Pakistan (a private jet) on the 14th July 2001 for recuperation and was not heard from again for some considerable time.

On September the 10th 2001 he again appears at the Military Hospital in Rawalpindi for kidney dialysis with full military protection. You will note that this is the day before 9/11 and he was reported to be very sick at the time. 

On the 12th of September 2001 a Pakistan newspaper reported that OBL had denied any involvement in 9/11.

OBL assistant gave the following message from OBL on 16th September 2001 “I categorically state that I have not done this” and also that he had an agreement with the Taliban not to be in such activity.

20th September 2001 President Bush blamed OBL for 9/11.

22nd September 2001 OBL again made a statement to a Pakistan newspaper that he was not involved in 9/11.

23rd September 2001 Secretary of State Colin Powell stated he would produce evidence re OBL and 9/11. Powell talked about this many times but no such evidence appeared.

24th September 2001 a letter from OBL urged the Muslims of Pakistan and Afghanistan to stand firm against aggression from the “Crusaders.”

It was around this time that the Taliban responded to a request by the US to hand over OBL. They stated they would be happy to do so if evidence oh his complicity in 9/11 could be produced. The offer was declined by the US.

1st October 2001 the Taliban offered to put OBL on trial in an Islamic Court in Pakistan which met with OBL approval. This idea was vetoed by the Pakistan Government and within days the bombing started.

Tony Blair the British PM at the time stated the following:

“I have seen absolutely powerful and incontrovertible evidence of OBL’s link to the events of 9/11. It was evident this statement related to the “Bin Laden Dossier” a few days prior to the bombing. The dossier was at the time referred too as “Little more than conjecture, supposition and assertions of fact.” This original document is no long available!!

According to those in the know, OBL’s communications were intercepted by the Intel of Pakistan, Saudi, US and Egypt up until the 14th of December 2001 when they ceased.

OBL’s funeral took place in Pakistan on the 16th of December 2001 as reported in both Pakistan and Egyptian newspapers.

A four page will dated the 14th of December 2001 existed.

A posthumous video was released on the 27th December 2001 (His final broadcast) but this was a Pentagon fake.

It is clear that he died on the 14th of December 2001 and that the story of the epic mission last year was a total fabrication……..being an aviation consultant I can assure you that the entire helicopter operation that was supposed to have taken place from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan to OBL hideout and the subsequent return and onward flight to a US Carrier in the Arabian Sea is a figment of the imagination.

The US Navy Seals team 6 who were involved, identified and praised by the President himself are all now dead. The media did mention about a helicopter striking the fence when going in to the compound and that the seals actually survived that crash and then lay charges and blew up the wreckage. However this statement is incorrect for two very good reasons:

Witness’s in Pakistan say a helicopter lifted off and blew up above the fence line and that their were no survivors….bodies were everywhere and secondly the relatives of the deceased claim they have information that not only confirms this story but also the fact that the surviving team 6 members were either assassinated or died in another Chinook aircraft that was shot down with 22 US Navy Seal Team 6 on-board!!  

The other mystery about the Chinook crash is the fact that all these people were all on one helicopter that belonged to the National Guard which generally is a no no as US Navy Seals always fly in either Navy or Army special ops helicopters.

It should also be noted that publicity regarding the death of any US Navy Seal is not normal, they are the unsung hero’s and normally die without any recognition for obvious reasons. It became clear that much publicity was used in this case as it allowed the President to show not only his ability to run the military but also to show the compassionate side of him……which he certainly does not have…..he even was there to receive the bodies back.

It is a known fact that if anyone takes part in an assassination, especially a high profile one such as this, the government take them out in order to remove any witnesses to the event. One can only hope that the relatives of the deceased and other Navy Seals decide to talk as it became clear to them all that Bin Laden was not at this location……..which I knew anyway as he died back in December 2001………one could imagine the fear within the White House, especially Obama if this had leaked out……which it has now!!  


Ranger Pat Tilman believed murdered

One could go on forever with other incidents and false flags such as the possible murder of Ranger Pat Tilman or that dramatic rescue of Jessica Lynch the young private who was rescue from a hospital in Iraq….the US Navy Seals broke down doors, put holes in walls and extracted her in such a spectacular way……..but it was all fake…..she did not end up in an heroic gun battle that caused her to be shot and with two broken legs etc………she had been in a truck accident and the US Government seized an opportunity to make a sensational story out of it……..reporters returned to the hospital much later to learn she was treated for a broken leg and the doctor said the US Forces broke in and pointed a gun at him….he commented that they didn’t have to break in….just simply ask and he would have let them in as there was no Iraqi military at the hospital. 



One could write a book of many other murders and assassinations but enough is enough……..at least I hope you now believe that Osama Bin Laden passed away naturally many years ago……..oh and he was employed by the CIA!!

In closing I find it most offensive to see the public having to pay via a charity for the care of our returned invalids (physically and mentally) via such charities as “Help for Heroes”……You and I know that it is the responsibility of our respective governments to care for our returned troops who paid the ultimate price and that should be a forever care and not one that cuts off when they have spent too much.

I read with horror today that the above organisation has been severely criticised when it reported the following:

The military charity is diverting too much money to multi-million pound building projects with the MoD and its ministers advising where the funds should go!!

It will spend £153 milliion of regional recovery centres which includes a £20 million revamp on an 18th century stately home …….as we can see once again this is the government shedding their own duty of care onto the ordinary good citizens of this country who give so generously……come on sheep wake up to this deceipt!!!

I hope to be able to open your eyes to the truth and prove to you that the New World Order has a hidden agenda that is so satanic it is beyond comprehension……….one thing for sure I can assure you that the end is in sight and that the New World Order  (as we see it in its current form) is in the process of failing.

The question remains can it be exterminated in time before they go ahead with their old 20 year plan to take Syria, Iran, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan which could spark not only WWIII but also create the greatest Radioactive Catastrophe of all time……….one thing for sure is the fact that if you take away their means of funding (their wallet) it can be achieved and my sources indicate that this is well underway……..as I revealed in my previous article there are coded words that only they know and understand such as   “The Black Eagle Trust” –  “The Vulcan” etc.

We know who they are and we are on to them……..slowly little by little they will be dismantled and punished for their crimes against humanity……..I guess you could say it will be a “True Miracle”…….well my friends miracles do happen!!! 

Maybe you have not heard of the Neil Keenan court case in New York who have exposed the upper crust in the New World Order which is an expose from the Top Down…….on the other hand Gordon Bowden and I are doing exactly the same here in London but from the Bottom Up……..at the moment we have lost the case based on a small technicality and have appealed……..both cases have the ability to break up the NWO in its many forms……….obviously in our case money to fight them has been a major issue but one must persevere and not give up……….if you the public continue to support our radio show by donation or by becoming involved in products  advertised then this act alone will keep Paul Drockton and I on air.

As a footnote I also see another case coming up in South Africa that could also turn over the apple cart!!  

Bless you all and remember if you want to find out the truth go to RBN Radio USA and listen to Paul Drockton and I talking about this and many other issues…….the link on this blog page will take you there……..I will be on Wednesday and Friday.

 Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 10/8/2012

Written by Peter Eyre

August 10, 2012 at 09:42

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The Greatest Illusion Ever Performed – 9/11 (new modified version)

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No Aircraft Hit Any Building on 9/11 

The art of deception – Computer generated images  – Both false     

Had you seen the image on the left on TV  then you would have believed it…….. right?

You did see the image on the right on TV and  you did  believe it……. right?

Such is the deception of the Zionist controlled media!!!


I have decided to modify this article I did some time ago with vital information added…..especially in the closing chapters…….one sometimes has the responsibility to stand up and be counted………stop being a sheep and become a shepherd. It is our call of duty to show compassion towards those that have been born into this terrible world. our children and grandchildren. We have to take incredible risks and sometimes have to contend with threats that are made against us.

In carrying out such a vital task of educating the public one must also make sure that everything you learn and all the information and evidence you obtain is duplicated and passed around to other safe houses within this country and many others overseas and in doing so make sure that should you fall by the wayside someone else has the ability to pick up the banner……such is the case for Gordon Bowden and I in exposing what we jointly publish via my blog or by the many TV and  Radio interviews or my joint radio show with Paul Drockton who just so happens to be another shepherd!!!  

Has anyone actually been man enough to publicly declare that not one single civil airliner hit any building and that any airborne impact would have been a missile with additional help from internal detonations – as described by escaping occupants and emergency services.

  Building Number 7 was not hit by any aircraft and in this picture it is about to be destroyed in a free fall demolition – why did the BBC and CBS make an announcement that this building had also collapsed before it actually did – “Rather bad coordination by the New World Order”!! 


The mongrel himself Larry Silverstein

The aftermath – A toxic cloud incorporating millions of nano particles that may have contained depleted uranium

Silverstein won a bid from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to construct 7 World Trade Center, to the north of the World Trade Center. Silverstein was interested in acquiring the entire World Trade Center complex (I bet he was!!), and put in a bid when the Port Authority put it up for lease in 2000. Silverstein won the bid when a deal between the initial winner and the Port Authority fell through and he signed the lease on July 24, 2001 (how very convenient just before 9/11!!).

Securacom received a contract to provide electronic security services for the World Trade Center in 1996. The contract ended on the 11th of September 2001!!

Kroll were responsible for revamping security at the World Trade Center after the 1993 bombing.

What became clear was that a group of Zionist had total control of the entire WTC area – Larry Silverstein Property developer who took the lease of the WTC – Frank Lowy of Westfield Shopping Centre fame who leased the entire shopping concourse at the WTC – Lewis Eisenberg head of the New York Port Authority who authorised the above leases – Ronald Lauder Billionaire of the Estee Lauder Cosmetic Group who was the key lobbyist for the privatisation of the WTC. Add to this line up the Kroll’s and Securacom which is now called Stratesec (guess who was on the board Merv Bush the brother of the President!!)

So having now finishing with these questionable groups now lets hit some bullet points:

  • The aircraft are not structurally designed to fly at such speed or G Forces 
  • It was a cruise missile that hit the Pentagon at the location of a major fraud investigation?
  • UA93 did not crash in the field but was believed shot down over a wooded area nearby
  • Cell phones do not work at altitude?
  • There are several ways of checking the progress of aircraft and the US Government lied?
  • Airline companies install ACARS to monitors their aircraft and the US Government lied?
  • Witness’s/Investigators gave tracks of aircraft that were totally different to NATSB final report?
  • Did you know that reliable witnesses near the Pentagon said the aircraft did not follow the track declared and one witness said a commercial airliner veered off and overflew the building?
  • Did anyone every challenge why a military aircraft was sighted overhead Washington?
  • Did anyone every challenged why a C130 aircraft was sighted overhead the Pentagon?
  • Did anyone ever challenge the small jet or missile that flew over Shanksville?

Whilst on the above topic ACARS….please allow me to explain:

ACARS network are remote ground stations installed around the world to transmit messages from ATC, the airline, etc, to the aircraft depending on its location and vice versa. The ACARS on the day demonstrate that the aircraft received messages through ground stations located in Harrisburg, PA, and then later through a ground station in Pittsburgh, 20 minutes after the aircraft allegedly impacted the South Tower in New York. It is therefore clear that the aircraft was still flying and certainly not in the New York area.

Yes folks you have all been duped and you have all swallowed the bait….hook, line and sinker!!!


The other Mongrel George Bush – “A great inside job guys” – “Now we can go to war”

I have decided to re publish this article I did some time ago with some additional information. I may also release again the other major false flag concerning the sinking of the South Korean Corvette to show just how far our warped leaders will go to achieve their own “Geo Political Agenda.” It should also be noted that 7/7 in London was also a false flag which I will cover another time.

Another anniversary for 9/11 will again pass this year and there will be mixed emotions among the relatives of those that perished. Many of those relatives and many other people around the world are still asking for a fresh investigation as to what actually happened that terrible day. Many experts covering almost every industry from Military – Aviation – Structural Engineers – Fire and Rescue are totally convinced that this was an inside job. Many believe that the US CIA and the Israeli Secret Service (Mossad) were involved with the latter playing the major role in conjunction with their Zionist counterparts in the US, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Mr. President himself.

I would also add that this cover-up must have been  known to all political leaders and senior chief’s of staff on both sides of the pond and in that regard that makes them also guilty of this terrible act of genocide in order to achieve  their own New World Order plan……..someone once said to me surely they wouldn’t kill thousands of people for their own financial gain………you got to be joking……they are genociding millions at the moment by way of wars/conflicts, using WMD’s/DU, GM crop, Vaccinations etc etc

As a person that has spent more than 50 years associated with both Military and Civilian Aviation I have to say that 9/11 was the biggest “False Flag” con of all time.

Before looking into the aviation aspect of the Twin Towers, Pentagon & Shanksville I would like to make a very bold statement and say that this was not the work of any Arab terrorist group. I would also extend this statement by telling the general public that “Al Qaeda” does not exist and that it is an invented pseudonym by the CIA and US Government to spread hysteria and fear and to maintain a continuous war against non existent terrorism.

 One has to understand that before you can blame anyone or take action against anyone you have to give them a name and so this fictitious group called Al Qaeda was created. Since its inception the US, UK and EU Governments have launched a campaign of mass hysteria in an attempt to bring fear into the hearts of our respective nations. It became clear that through their controlled mass media they could then create or invent many incidents or false flags and blame it on their new creation!! The final step came when they themselves initiated 9/11 and in doing so gave them justification to go to war!!

It is also a known fact that if one wishes to make significant changes to the law or to the existing national security arrangements one has to create an incident that will impact on the general public. Many false flags are thus created which then allows key political figures to rush such changed through Parliament or Congress resulting in major changes in the law, leading to what can only be described as the implementation of a “Police State” i.e. the Patriot Act in the US and the Anti Terrorist measures now in force in the United Kingdom.

The US is a classic example of such activity with many “False Flags” taking place on almost a monthly basis i.e. Attempted Detroit Airliner Bombing – Attempted bombing of Times Square, New York, the farcical “UPS Ink Cartridge Bomb”  and in the news today another underwear bomb foiled involving Yemen…….I guess you would ask why Yemen…..that’s an easy one to answer because that is where the US special forces/CIA/MI5/6/Mossad are focusing their attention and where their drones are currently carrying out many illegal strikes………Yemen my friends is one of the 7 counties listed back in 1997 and again in 2001 as a target country to be taken out i.e. forced regime change, just like Libya and the current Syrian situation.

I wish to point out that the west is pursuing a none existent “Axis of Evil” and is fighting a non existent group of terrorist that according to our leaders existed in Iraq, Afghanistan, North Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and many other places. However, from my perspective the true “Axis of Evil” is London.

We have to understand that all wars and conflicts, in more recent times, are nothing to do with world terrorism but all to do with imperialistic greed to acquire someone else’s natural resources or to capture vital resource markets….this all comes under the title of “Geo Politics.”

I have been watching a couple of videos over the last month or so, showing the pain of relatives who lost their loved ones in the Twin Towers tragedy. I noticed one particular old gentleman, by the name of Bob McIlvaine, who lost his son that day. He said he couldn’t understand why the National Guard did not shoot the aircraft down before they hit the building. What Bob didn’t understand was that no aircraft hit any building and that the whole scam was a well orchestrated illusion………I would also add that we believe UA93 was taken out by missiles!!

What we all saw that day were computer generated images of aircraft hitting building and witnesses that were well placed by the perpetrators to substantiate that what we saw actually happened. What I find amazing was that everyone got sucked into this illusion, including myself who watched it live on TV with an American friend and we both shed tears together……”Oh what a Sham.”

Having been in aviation most of my life and having the knowledge to understand what aircraft can and cannot do, having made up flight plans, having fully understood the procedures applicable to Air Traffic Control (ATC), having full knowledge of the ATC radar system and the transponder system (Squawk Code), having full knowledge of the airlines own ACARS system, having full knowledge of aircraft crash scenes…….I can categorically say that this was 100% a “False Flag” inside job.

The task of watching the many videos and sharing the pain of the relatives (who lost their loved ones) and looking at all the evidence has caused me to write this very controversial article. I have spent months, freeze framing every video clip and looking at 9/11 from the aviation and military aspect. I have now concluded that this incident was as a direct result of missile attacks and internal explosions both of which involved weapons that contained uranium components, hence the speed and total destruction (pulverised) of the WTC.

There is a web page in the US   http://www.nyccan.org/ that explains the many concerns and also where you can see some of the relative’s video messages etc. This same web page has been attempting to open up a fresh investigation into 9/11. Another wonderful and very professional web is the Pilots for 9/11 Truth in which the guys that flew such aircraft speak out…….it is also the web that I myself fully understand after serving my time in aviation….take a look http://pilotsfor911truth.org/ 

One other web that is also very good is http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=6133

After watching some of the relatives speaking out I decided to drop the support group an email as follows:

First of all please allow me to pass my condolences to all those in your organisation and outside your organisation who lost relatives and friends in the WTC…..I at the time was watching events live with an American friend and we cried together. However, much time has passed by since this tragic event and during this time I have carried out extensive studies and research.

I have been in aviation all of my live and was at one stage an aviation consultant. I am now retired but have now found time to look at events from the aviation perspective. I found Bob McIlvaine video very upsetting in the loss of his son but also picked up on his comments about why didn’t the Air Force shoot down the aircraft before they hit the WTC.

This aspect of his comments caused me much concern because I have to say that no aircraft hit the WTC, no aircraft hit the Pentagon and no aircraft crashed into the field.

The whole exercise was an inside job with the help of the CIA and Mossad. There is no independent video footage and what was shown on TV was computer generated images. When I freeze framed each video second by second one can see so many flaws and at the same time see some very unusual events such as what appears to be a missile missing one of the towers. The angle of approach of the so called aircraft also appears to have been doctored.

My own thoughts on this was that the towers were hit by missiles and the explosion is certainly showing the initial signs of a uranium type explosion…..it is also clearly evident that explosions are going off below the collapse. This has been confirmed by emergency services who repeated many times that they heard multiple explosions. We finally come to the question as to why was the lobby of the WTC was totally devastated by what would appear to be an internal explosion……this was confirmed by people trying to escape from the floors above….they made transit via the lower floors with no damage and suddenly on arrival in the entrance it was a scene of total devastation.

On the aviation front what the public generally does not know was that each schedule flight appeared to be duplicated and leaving from different gates and certainly needs investigating. Point two is that each aircraft is given a transponder code, otherwise known as a four digit squawk, which once initiated by the aircraft, shows up on the radar screen for tracking purposes. In addition to this Air Traffic Control (ATC) System there is also the airlines own ACARS system that feeds data from and to the aircraft concerned. My question would therefore be why the airline ACARS system shows the aircraft at a different location than that of the ATC system.

With the Pentagon…..even with the best pilot in the world it would have been almost impossible to fly an aircraft of that size in such a tight descending turn and certainly would not have been possible by these novice pilots. Again the Boeing was flying at zero feet, or so they say, before impact and yet there were no engine scrape marks on the grass and very little wreckage. A picture does show FBI/CIA agents dropping bits of wreckage on the grass after the impact. Again I have freeze framed the only clip and it certainly was not a Boeing but rather looked like a cruise missile.

The Boeing in the field was certainly a non event as there was little or no wreckage…..this is impossible even if the aircraft was diving vertical at top speed……..many parts in the engines are made of titanium and many turbine parts would have been found as well as main structural parts upon impact……the crater looked like a missile/bomb crater…..one should also remember a witness said she saw a small executive type jet flying around…….people also witnessed aircraft flying over the White House, Pentagon and also over New York.

The aircraft were identified as a command post type 747, a C130 Hercules and the Lear Jet type aircraft that flew over the field etc.

It would be almost impossible for the WTC to be so pulverised from aviation fuel and why was there no significant outside wreckage when these so called aircraft hit the towers…….non of this really makes sense and this adds fuel to one big major cover up or false flag which is typical of a secret service type plot……..they needed an excuse to attack Iraq/Afghanistan and therefore they created 9/11 to justify the cause.

I did at one stage believe the entire story having watched it live but on reflection you only see what they want you to see and most of that was a well orchestrated programme of illusion.

Kind Regards

End of email.


Top picture show agents moving wreckage around and below agents actually planting some wreckage

Having lost aircraft in the past I know the procedure for securing the scene of an aircraft crash or disaster. The first thing that must happen is the scene has to be secured by the police and other experts. This is done for one very good reason…… to make sure everything is left as it happened so that in the forensic sense the scene can be inspected and an analysis carried out. No one is allowed in or out except those approved to do so i.e. fire fighters, rescue staff, medics and those responsibly for such analysis …….nothing can be touch or moved……..at some future time the wreck is mapped and all items are removed to a suitable location where they attempt to piece it all together again.

In the above two pictures you can see agents at the top moving wreckage around and below the agents are actually planting the wreckage on the lawn of the Pentagon……..I wonder why?………you already know the answer to that!!! 

 The first think I would have done is to identify these people and ask them who gave them the authority to do whatever they were doing……I very much doubt if these people are still alive as it is normal in the Intel services that anyone associated with an assassination or perverting the course of justice is taken out!!

Another actor hired for this farce was a taxi driver who stated that the aircraft hit a lamp pole which then came down and hit the windscreen of his taxi. The taxi was close to a bridge overpass which had a distinct design….when the taxi driver was interviewed his statement was full of lies…….a film crew explained to him that his statement just did not add up and that the location he explained was not the location the film crew investigated……..he did explain off camera that he was just a simple man doing what he was told to do……..unfortunately for him the hidden camera was still recording his words etc… You can see one such video that explains the scenario and remember this is a vital witness at ground level, outside of Pentagon, just prior to impact…..note that despite this pole being hit by a so called Boeing travelling at high speed how little damage has been done to the actual car itself and only the windscreen!! I wonder if Lloyde is still alive?

Add to this the fact there were many other reliable witnesses that were outside the Pentagon or adjacent to the Pentagon. Many of them interviewed were senior and reliable police officers………this proves beyond doubt that everything the US Government stated was a total cover-up as these guys were actually there!!

 You can look at reliable evidence and watch all the interviews with the police and the taxi driver etc on this link: http://www.citizeninvestigationteam.com/nsa.html          ……..just click on the right hand photographs to start each phase etc…..they all start off initially the same but than focus on one aspect etc…..be patient and you will be rewarded!!

If you are really interested into digging deeper into this false flag then go to this link:



 Incoming cruise missile

I myself freeze framed the security camera footage and came up with the same conclusion that it was a cruise missile and not at Boeing that hit the Pentagon. When you observe the perimeter trees in the far distance (in order to get a scale comparison) and then imagine a Boeing in the foreground or a cruise missile (which you can see) it becomes easy to come up with your own verdict!!  


C130 over the Pentagon – 9/11

To finish off this article the aircraft that was seen over the White House (which was a no fly zone) was clearly a Boeing 747 – E-4B “Top Secret Command Post” otherwise know as the “Doomsday Aircraft…….no one to this day has ever accounted for this sighting that was observed on camera……..likewise a military aircraft was also observed over the Pentagon, that was believed to be a C130 Hercules aircraft and another aircraft was sighted over Shanksville which was believed to be a small executive jet type aircraft (Lear Jet type), a possible cruise missile or some other military or CIA aircraft.

The top picture shows the actual aircraft as seen in the video flying over of the White House

The picture below it is what it actually looks like

This is a video of the B747 – E-4B that they thought initially was another hija

cked aircraft about to attack the White House. It is my opinion that this was an airborne command post coordinating the entire “False Flag” 9/11 scenario:


Then we have the story about the heroic struggle on board UA93 of passenger wrestling with the hijacker and other passengers on the cell phones ringing home. The initial reports indicated that the aircraft had made an almost vertical dive, possibly inverted. Photographs were released of the crash sight with little or no wreckage and in their words you could make out the shape of the wings and the fuselage shape in the ground.



If UA93 did crash inverted like this then their would be tail section markings opposite to those found 


Again this does not agree with the above picture because had it crashed inverted then the left wing and right wing  would  have been opposite …….also note the clean apparent outline of  the  Boeing…this would not be applicable with a high velocity impact 

Now take a look at this much older black and white photograph of the same location taken by the US Geological Survey in 1994…..you can clearly see the same trench and all that needed to be done was to make a hole in the middle to resemble the fuselage…………this could be done with say a cruise missile………you can compare the old and new photographs that have been inserted.


 We must now go to an eyewitness report made by Susan McElwain who was very close to the crash scene on that day and allow her to describe what she saw………this again is vital evidence that there was no Boeing in the area at the time of impact and what she saw appears to be a possible a cruise missile. Pay particular attention to the fighter jets she noticed high overhead and remember there was a military exercise taking place at the same time of 9/11. You can see the link right here:  


Finally go to this webpage and see it from someone else’s perspective: 


There are far too many grey areas and cover ups in the US Governments account of events that day and certainly the people of the US and the countries who had staff in the WTC should not ask, but demand, that this inquiry be re opened as a matter of urgency.

If you want my opinion. I believe that one or more aircraft arrived at Cleveland and that all the passengers were then possibly removed to some other location or were loaded back onto United Airlines Fl UA93 and then that aircraft was shot down (missile)  in the vicinity of Shanksville but not at the crash site shown to the public. I can recall Donald Rumsfeld himself making a mistake and actually said a plane was shot down over Pennsylvania (UA93)…take a look:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcR2MGzmn3o     

Then we had Tim Roemer the former 9/11 commissioner who also on camera said a missile hit the Pentagon take a look:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmjCO8fuup0

Having been in aviation all my life and some of that time being involved in  aircraft disaster,  I can assure you that the pressure one endures and the stress level is unbelievable. I could just imagine the above two clowns making such a mistake when you are surround by the media……what happens is that the sub conscious mind knows the truth and suddenly it simply comes out…..you can call it a slip of the tongue or whatever but I can assure you what you heard is their sub conscious mind telling the truth………this happens so many times when you investigate false flags at the level that I do and remember when you have an incident take place on this scale with actors all over the world someone gets it wrong or says something they were not supposed too………the announcement by the BBC and CBS regarding building 7 collapse before it actually did is a classic example!!!!

It is time to stop this false charade, stop the wars and more importantly prohibit the use of any weapons that contain uranium components.

I would also go as far as to say that London’s 7/7 followed exactly the same line and was also a false flag……..one has to be very strong in making such statements but we all have a duty of care in bringing out the truth. I truly feel the pain of the relatives that are left behind and so to make such claims is even more distressing for these poor people. We owe it to the victims to bring about a new inquiry and to bring the true terrorists to trial…..in doing so their souls will then rest in peace.

My question continues to be ……..give me one example of an Islamic Terrorist Attack on the west……no doubt you will say – The Attempt on the airliner at Detroit, or the Times Square Car bomb in New York, or the UPS Inkjet Bomb Scare at the East Midlands Airport, UK , the Madrid Train Bombing etc etc…..sorry folks they were all “False Flags”……….I could go into the Pan Am Flight at Lockerbie but I think there is more than enough to chew on at the moment. 

 Today’s headlines again show the same old propaganda with the announcement of yet another very sophisticated underwear bomb being found in Yemen……no person involved and that no aircraft was at risk….all they said it was a plot to bring down a US aircraft…..it would appear that the “French Knickers” are now in the US under careful examination………what a load of crap (not in the knickers I hope lol!!)…….do these idiots in the CIA, MI5/6 and Mossad  really think that we the public believe them…..they even had the audacity to give reference to the other previous “Smelly Pants” and the highly hilarious “Ink Jet Cartridge Bomb” at my local airport that was a “Pathetic False Flag”………oh well I guess it served a purpose for them all  in keeping the “Islamaphobia”  going……..it’s time such people as George H.W. Bush, George W.Bush, Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Armitage, Condoleezza Rice and so many more were punished in the same way as in medieval days – Hung, Drawn and Quartered for their crimes against humanity.

 Obviously it is so unfair to hammer the United States in such a way when the control of the New World Order stems from the true axis of evil in London with further strings extending  back to the Vatican in Rome

 With all of the above in mind one must add to the US list of villains the British mongrels namely Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron not forgetting many other Members of Parliament and House of Lord’s too numerous to mention, some of whom I have already named and shamed in my other articles

 My closing remarks are in a sort of coded form which many of you will not understand but others that were responsible for 9/11 and many other false flags will understand as they themselves form part of such groups.

“The Black Eagle Trust” is the key to unlocking the New World Order and its evil intentions and other coded groups such as “The Vulcan” etc…….then one would have to ask many question what actually was hidden deep within the vaults of the World Trade Centre, Building Number 7 and more importantly in one section of the Pentagon………”The Vulcan” knows the answer to these questions and also know the history as to what they have been planning for the last 50 years or so and their evil satanic “Black Ops” and other  covert operations.

Such is the evil world we live in today……..most of the above are Zionist controlled or should I say Khazarian controlled,  involvement or backing. Then you have The Trilateral Commission, PNAC, AIPAC, The Bilderberg Organisation, Committee of 300, Chatham House London, The Crown (not the crown as you know it!!) linked with Templar,  Rothschild’s, Rokkerfella’s etc with the Pope and The Vatican sitting at the top…….. You may also be surprised to know that the genuine Jewish folk do not believe in having the Jewish State of Israel and in actual fact objected very strongly to its inception…….it is also against the teachings of the Torah believe it or not!!!……….but hey you are not allowed to talk about that are you!!

 I can assure you all that change is in the wind but will it come quick enough is the answer? The existing New World Order is desperately fighting for its final existence and only wish to create World War III in their final stance of dominance ………the current wars in the Middle East are all part of their final push that was planned some 20 years ago with the help of Mr. Evil himself,  Paul Wolfowitz and Heny Kissinger, the latter actually came to the US having worked for Intelligence in the Nazi regime. Needless to say many ex wanted Germans and SS came with him and settled illegally in the US, some of whom assumed different Pseudonym’s or Nom de plumes.

 You make be surprised to learn that your ex Presidents, George Bush (both Senior and Junior) real family name is Scherff with strong family connections to some not so friendly German kingpins. The photograph below shows the evidence with that all familiar face sitting right in the middle!!


According to Otto Skorzeny, pictured is the Scherff family and a few friends (circa 1938). Holding “Mother” Scherff’s hand at left is Martin Bormann. In front is Reinhardt Gehlen. In back is Joseph Mengele and to his right is Skorzeny as a young man. At center right (in the German navy uniform) is George H. Scherff, Jr. and his father George H. Scherff, Sr. Bormann became Hitler’s second in command. Reinhardt Gehlen was a chief SS officer and assassin who was smuggled out of Germany under Operation Paperclip. Skorzeny was Hitler’s bodyguard and SS spy/assassin who came to the U.S. after the war under Project Paperclip. Skorzeny and GHW Bush were instrumental in merging Nazi (SS) intelligence with the OSI to form the CIA with “Wild Bill” Donovan and Allen Dulles. These guys were also part of CIA mind control experiments such as MK-ULTRA. SS officer and physician Joseph Mengele, the notoriously sadistic “Angel of Death” of Auschwitz, escaped Germany to South America after the war. George H. Scherff, Jr., became the 41st President of the United States as GHW Bush and George H. Scherff, Sr., was Nicola Tesla’s “trusted assistant.”

It was the work of that brilliant scientist Tesla that led to the current development of HAARP the technology of which has now been taken over by the United States Navy and become a weapon of pure terror…….one should have an open mind and look at the problems that this weapon has created in the past and what part it may play in the future should the current New World Order continue on its path of mass genocide and destruction. One should ask questions as to what part this may have played in the earthquakes/tsunami’s in such places as Chile, Haiti, China and Japan etc.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 8/8/2012



Written by Peter Eyre

August 8, 2012 at 11:31

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What do Julian Assange and Andrea Davison have in common? – Final Part 4

with one comment

They both ended up seeking political asylum  in this building – The Ecuador Embassy in London

As I told you all in my last article Ms Andrea Davison has far more to offer than the CIA conman Julian Assange so why isn’t the world media interested in this scoop and more to the point just what does this women know that the British Government does not want you to know and why did the Derbyshire Police seize thousands of documents on ‘Arms to Iraq’ using the Proceeds of Crime Act

Is it possible that Ms Davison has so much information to offer the Chilcott Inquiry (Iraq Inquiry) that could implicate many ex and current PM’s and cause them to end up in prison?………..I will let you decide!!

Just how long can these criminals avoid prison?

Let’s just take a look at her own account of just what the Derbyshire Police confiscated on the day they raided her property in 2010 and the fact that she very clearly blames the ex Prime Minister, Gordon Brown for arranging the raid. I would urge you to pay particular attention to the sensitive documents seized from Ms Davison’s house and ask yourself two questions

  • How could such secretive documents remain in her possession for such a long period of time and why has she and her investigative journalist, Pete Sawyer,  not been charged under the “Official Secrets Act”?
  • Why was she called as a star witness to the previous Scott Inquiry and yet not called to the Chilcott Inquiry to provide them with not only the documents that were held in her possession but also her own knowledge and involvement in the “Arms to Iraq” debacle?

I would remind you all again that Dr David Kelly and Andrea Davison have several things in common both were experts on Biological Weapons and both were involved in the arms that went to Iraq and WMD’s and both were whistleblowers.

One has to remember what she declared herself into the public domain when she said:.

“The seizure of my documents and notebooks, including amongst other things intelligence reports and letters from various Ministers and former Ministers of HMG is in my view political and as such I trust falls within your remit. The last Government promised “No British document and no British witness will be beyond the scope of the Inquiry” clearly the seizure of my documents by Derby Police has put them beyond the scope of the Inquiry. Whilst I understand a number of people not least Gordon Brown and Tony Blair do not want my documents to be available to the Inquiry however in my view this is not a legitimate reason for them being seized and retained by the Derby Police.”

“I urge you to secure the return of my Arms to Iraq documents from the Derby Police.”

“But as the doors to Iraq Inquiry closed no reply had been received. Begging the question just what is the Government so afraid off?”

Here is the very list that she herself published after the raid on her property by the Derbyshire Police in her own words:

Preliminary list of property seized from the two flats and communal areas.

 A very large amount of property was seized during the execution of the warrant so this list remains not restricted to but including. In effect they took the lifetimes accumulation of documents and property some which will only come to light later no doubt


·         Cash £100-£.200

      Cash in Euros 200 to 500

·         Share certificates

·         Credit Cards


·       Masonic Jewels (father was a mason)

·       Gold and Jewellery worth now about £40,000,00

·       Watch Jules Audemars

·       Watch Rolex


·       Passports

·       Driving licence

·       Training Records

·       Educational and Professional Certificates Employment records (clearance correspondence)

·       Personal records concerning security Top Secret Nuclear

·       Family History Records

·       Company Pension Records

·       All insurance documents for property and vehicles

·       MOT certificates

·       Family Photographs

·       Parents death Certificates

·       Tax Records

·       Pay Slips

·       All bank statements and documents with passwords etc. House deeds and original documents

·       Cheque books personal and business

·       Credit card statements

·       Files of receipts guarantees and instruction books


·       Spare keys for the House and barn and outbuilding and all keys to the locked gates

·  Property Keys

·  Car Keys

Since then there have been burglaries and numerous “brake ins”, car doors opened windows opened and left open etc


·       Coolpix camera with SD Card installed

·       Eriksson Mobile phones 3 off

·       3 other mobile phones

·       Electronic scales

·       2 Desktop computers

·       4 laptops

·      Ipaq Personal organiser

·      3 portable hard drives

·      I mobile dongle (now paying each month for a service only the derby police can receive because they have the dongle


·       Large box of various software for the computers perhaps 20-30 CD’s

·       Windows

·       Office 2007


·       Fire proof safety box

·       One wooden 4 draw filing cabinet


Large Box containing documents not restricted to but including Documents and Records (some originals and some copies).

·       Project Babylon (supergun) file and corresponded about same

·       Biological weapons and delivery systems in Iraq

·       Location of Planes and WMD’s following Desert Storm

·       Mobile Biological Weapons Laboratory in Iraq

·       UK supply of Biological and Chemical agents to Iraq

·       Evidence given in secret to Lord Justice Scott

·       Note books concerning arms to Iraq

·       Production line facilities in Iraq for CBW

·       Gulf War Syndrome.

·       Arms running through Yugoslavia.

·       Electromagnetic Warfare (star Wars).

·       Iraq’s nuclear programme.

·    Hard evidence and papers on investigation by Ministry of Defence police (fraud Squad) with which I was assisting NATO sensitive.

·    Correspondence from Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Gerald Kaufman, Lord Douglas Hoyle, Lew Smith, Stan Crowther covering several years mostly about Arms to Iraq and Yugoslavia plus correspondence with Tony Blair about Child abuse in Children’s Homes in North Wales and Cheshire.

·   Documents concerning a nuclear warhead and group discussion with Peter Hain, Pete Sawyer, David Lowrey and Peter Hains researcher Isabell.

·   Documents on Jonathan Aitken including letters from Customs about Jonathan Aitken.

·   Computer discs several boxes all about arms to Iraq and the war in Yugoslavia and the IRA.

·   Records cards 1 box dealing with companies that supplied Iraq one box dealing with the people involved in the supply of arms to Iraq .

·   Record box with cards of those involved in the Care Homes child abuse enquiry.

·   Correspondence Atomic Weapons Establishment

·   Documents concerning the Atomic Weapons Establishment.


·   Letters from Tony Blair when he was shadow Home Secretary

·   Letters from Kenneth Clarke and others

·   Evidence concerning Police Officers, Judiciary, MP’s and Government Ministers involved

·   Witness statements from victims including statements from witnesses in the Welsh Childrens Homes Scandal

·   Notebooks containing information and conversations with victims, carers and whistle blowers

·   large amount of index cards with names and links

·   Various documents concerning International Paedofile Network

·   Evidence collected to write various newspaper and magazine articals calling for a public enquiry


·       File of my ongoing investigation into a fraud (in which I am the victim)

·       Hard Evidence an original signed document

·       Hard evidence in the form of letters



·       Chamber of mines medical records

·       Records about current incurable illness

·       Legal Council during divorce

·       File of letters from solicitor about property purchase

·       Privileged letters between my solicitor and myself


·       Client records with confidential details from when I was acting as an appropriate adult (I was a mental health advocate for over 10 years) and an appropriate adult on call. Including personal and confidential details of adults who had been abused in the North Wales Children’s Homes scandal

·       Investment Club financial records

·       Confidential Client coaching session records

JOURNALISTIC Material and client in confidence

·       Journalistic Material Documents and records of interviews given in confidence including but not limited

End of Ms Davison’s own account of items seized.

When you consider that our Prime Ministers and our Government have in the past placed an emphasis in not allowing such countries as North Korea and Iran to enter into the WMD phase or  drawn attention to the fact that a particular country may have Chemical and Biological Weapons( CBW)  (such as the very deadly VX Gas) and may use them against us!!!!…… we have to understand that all of this is only lip service to cover up their own illegal arms dealings.

The same naturally applies to the Presidents of the US and their government who together with the British Government paid for, delivered and built Iraq’s CBW’s facilities and indeed provided Saddam with VX gas which was then used on the Kurds and again during the Iraq-Iran War’s.

Now perhaps you can now  see just how hypocritical and two faced our leaders are and believe me it goes much deeper than this when one puts together just how much Ms Andrea Davison knows and again I ask the question as to why the international media is not camped outside the Ecuador Embassy in London for one of the biggest scoops of all time??

Obviously it goes without saying that her sidekick  (investigative journalist) Pete Sawyer should be pulled in for questioning based on her own admittance above where she quoted Documents concerning a nuclear warhead and group discussion with Peter Hain, Pete Sawyer, David Lowrey and Peter Hains researcher Isabell……..since when would an ordinary journalist be involved in such sensitive discussions unless our Mr. Sawyer worked for MI5/6 as could be the case with Ms Davison!!

It was again Ms Davison who declared in her own words:

“In a new ‘Arms to Iraq’ scandal Judge John Burgess sitting in private issued a Court Order which in effect prevents me from even buying a loaf of bread or food for my cat and specifically prohibits me from paying for any legal help to challenge the Court Order he made.  The evidence Judge Burgess relied on was supplied in a witness statement made by Derby Police Officer DC Stephen William Winnard and Authorised by Chief Superintendent Anthony Blockley. This statement is littered with obvious falsehoods and fabrications. The question is why “?

“The Iraq Inquiry headed by Sir John Chilcot is calling on me to supply sensitive evidence which was seized by the Derby Police mid January 2010. I am a former adviser to the Trade and Industry Select Committee on Arms to Iraq is struggling to know what to do. As she did when giving evidence to the Scott Inquiry into Arms o Iraq she expected to do so in total secrecy but the actions of Derby police have made this impossible.”

She also later said:

“But conversely Brown either colluded, organised or aided and abetted Derby police seizing documents, mid January 2010, which were pertinent to the inquiry implicating himself in a cover-up.  Five weeks later he would himself be called to the Inquiry to give evidence.”

“These Iraq documents were seized by DC Steven Winnard on the 13th of January just weeks before they were due to be presented to the Iraq Inquiry. Although by now everyone in the New Coalition Government knows about the seizure of the Iraq Documents from me they have not been returned.”

End of Ms Davison’s Statement

I again repeat the importance of Ms Davison and why so many ex and current PM’s and respective high profile politicians are determined to keep her out of the public domain……one could make up a short list such as Maggie Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and  David Cameron. The list of other senior MP’s and members of the House of Lords is endless but certainly include Lord Alpine, Lord Heseltine, Lord Robinson, Sir Ken Warren, Peter Lilley MP etc etc 

Add to this the current Prime Ministers involvement (with others, including the above latter two) in the illegal purchase of 3 Israel/South African built nuclear weapons that were stored without security in Oman and then stolen by the same arms dealer who sold them (John Bredenkamp, a Jewish Rhodesian) and one can see just how evil and corrupt our leaders and MP’s are!!

Let’s again remind ourselves as to how important Ms Davison was to all the main line political parties in her own words, some of which become somewhat dramatic:


“Back in 1989 whilst I was investigating covert arms shipments concurrently with an investigation into the International  Paedophile Network I was given documents proving the then Conservative Government were selling arms to Iraq.  On instructions I went to see Neil Kinnock at his home and he put me in touch with Alan Rodgers. From this first meeting I was pivoted into the forefront of exposing  ‘arms to Iraq’.”


“I went on to be an intelligence advisor to the Trade and Industry Select Committee on ‘Arms to Iraq’. Then gave evidence to Lord Justice Scott and a written submission which is kept in a secret room along with other evidence given in secret,   but now siezed by the Derby Police.  I also worked with Tony Blair  who was then shadow Home Secretary exposing the Paedofile Network within the Police and high places.   Exposing illicit arms deals and highly placed paedofiles is very dangerous work and when I was eventually able to retire from front line involvement  I  sold my  home  and  kept my whereabouts and identity as secure as I could without being given a new identity to protect me.”


“On the 13th of January, I was alone in my flat and asleep when the Derby Police   headed by DC Stephen Winnard   raided my flat in North Wales with 12 other male officers executing a warrant   obtained under Proceeds of Crime Act.  At the same time they  raided the  flat downstairs,  occupied  by  DW  a man with  Top Secret Clearance, and  also the   communal areas  of the property.  They seized almost every document and everything of value from myself and DW who has never been interviewed or spoken to by the Derby Police.  Amongst their  trove  they seized  documents specifically excluded,  letters from my solicitors, medical details about my illness, journalistic material  and  further to this  a large amount of documents, note books, discs, and tapes  on the illicit arms trade  and  ‘Arms to Iraq’  plus letters from Gordon Brown and other Labour and Conservative politicians.”


“This warrant was obtained from Judge Burgess, the same Crown Court Judge who 3 months later was to issue a restraint order against me.  The apparent grounds for issuing the warrant was that I had provided a client, calling himself Robin Jacob,  with a  mailing address  at  MAOS Mail services in Hyde, Cheshire  and I had dealt with his mail and that Robin Jacob had committed an International Fraud through his company Regal and Archer which was formed by Turner and Little. ” 

“After spending  about 9 hours  putting all my property and that of DW into cardboard boxes,  and having searched the property for drugs  and cash with a sniffer dog,  I was finally allowed to get dressed  so that I could be arrested and  taken into custody.  They arrested me for   International fraud in 2007 and 2008 telling my duty solicitor I was the mastermind.  I was deposited back home that night at about 8 pm to a devastated house.  It was like being raped and burgled but unable to go to the Police, because it was the Police.”


“Shocked I contacted a former member of the Trade and Industry Select Committee now in the Lords. Lord Douglas Hoyle was astounded by what had happened and concluded that it must be political.  There was no way that the seizure of documents on arms to Iraq in an alleged fraud case covering 2007 and 2008 could be legitimate   Also in 2007 I was very ill after being diagnosed with an incurable illness.  which left me confused and weak”.

“After writing a letter to Gordon Brown I arranged with Lord Hoyle to have this letter given directly to The Prime Minister advising him about the stolen documents. Lord Hoyle later confirmed he had personally passed my letter directly to Gordon Brown and that if Gordon Brown wanted more information he would ask for it through him. ” 


“Two months later on the 16th of April Judge Burgess made a Restraint Order against me relying on evidence from the witness statement of DC Stephen Winnard.   This Restraint Order prohibits me from spending my own money, allowing me only to spend money received from State Benefits. But DC Winnard a financial investigator accredited by the Director of National Policing Improvement Agency knew that I was not in receipt of any State Benefits.”

“Because of the Statement made by  DC Stephen Winnard  with the signed approval of  Chief Superintendent  Anthony Blockley   using the power invested in  Judge john Burgess by the Court, they together made it illegal for me to  buy a loaf of bread  or buy  food for my cat  and if I did I could be  fined or imprisoned for Contempt of Court. This is inhuman and degrading treatment against a vulnerable older lady, who they have already mentally tortured for 4 months, making unsubstantiated allegations that I am the mastermind behind this international fraud and threatening to confiscate my only home as the proceeds of crime.    If it were not for the ‘Arms to Iraq’ documents it would make no sense at all, although some victims believe the government is trying to protect the real fraudsters.    I have not been charged with this offence, but after writing this there may be an anxious to silence me.”

End of Ms Davison’s own statement.

As you may recall from my previous articles Gordon Bowdon and I have been involved in a Civil Court Case at the Royal Courts of Justice in London as a direct result of Ms Davison taking exception to our published articles about her  which resulted in her taking out a case of defamation against us.

Even though we had a very good case against her and indeed a counter claim the Procedural Judge squashed our case on a very small technicality…..however we have appealed and hopefully we can move forward with a full open court and jury…….in the meantime Ms Davison was charged by the Derbyshire Police and was put on trial at the Mold Crown Court in Wales……she was tried by jury and found guilty of 27 of the 28 charges and sentenced to 2.5 years……..however she did not attend the court and then had a bench warrant issued for her arrest……..she then suddenly turned up at the Ecuador Embassy in London seeking political asylum…..which proved that what we had published had an element of truth about it…….such is the state of the British Judicial System!!

I guess you may be asking can it get worse or more sordid?…………..you bet………maybe you can all recall the loss of a “Black Ops” Chinook helicopter on the headland of the Mull of Kintyre  – On the 2nd of June 1994 an RAF Chinook helicopter took off from Belfast Aldergrove Airport bound for a high level conference at Fort George, Nr Inverness, Scotland. Onboard were four very experienced crew members and 25 top level terrorism experts. The helicopter flew out over the sea in a north north-easterly direction towards the Mull of Kintyre, Scotland and crashed into the headland at approximately 1800 local time, killing all onboard. The aircraft tail number was ZD576 and crewed by Flt Lt Tapper (captain), Fl Lt Cook (co-pilot) with MALM Forbes and Sgt Hardie (crewman).

You may find it hard to believe that it was Ms Davison who spoke with me on the telephone during a fairly long conversation and said that this Chinook crash was an inside job……basically she explained that when the Northern Ireland peace talks were not going too well a few problems occurred and as one would expect when you have a problem you remove the problem…….hence the loss of the Chinook and those 25 VIP passengers that covered the best of the best in Anti Terrorist, Northern Ireland Police and MI5 who believe it or not all traveled on the same flight which is against normal civil and military protocol!!……needless to say Ms Davison was not involved in this terrible act but obviously would have been aware as to what the DTI were doing at the time!!

Why hasn’t the MoD, the Police or the Lord Philip Chinook Review Board interviewed Ms Davison?

 There is certainly more behind the crash of RAF Chinook ZD576  and the death of  the best anti terrorist experts and 4 crew who all died under very suspicious circumstances, none of which makes sense!!

I myself (being an aviation fixed wing and helicopter  operations expert) decided to investigate this crash and in conjunction with my own knowledge and the input from other whistle blowers found out that the crew were not responsible for this crash (as first blamed) and that their was a huge government cover-up.

Information was provided to me which stated that an MP had lied in Parliament when he stated that only one helicopter left Northern Ireland Airspace that evening and that was the fated Chinook ZD576……that was far from the truth because one witness said they had seen the above Chinook flying erratically down a valley as if in trouble and another witness who stated they sighted a second rather strangely painted Chinook that appeared to be American tracking in from the Belfast Airport direction and heading out over the sea around the same time as ZD576……..this also agreed with another statement saying a secondary radar target was observed on radar in the Mull of Kintyre area…………add to this the rather strange lack of communications coverage for such an important flight and the lack of handover from Northern Ireland ATC to Scottish ATC etc etc.

The final bombshell came when another whistle blower told me that via another third party the passengers and crew had not all died as one would expect from multiple high impact injuries but had all died from gunshot wounds to the head which means they were all dead when the Chinook hit the higher ground on the headland of the Mull of Kintyre!! 

There were so many grey areas associated with this terrible disaster that I myself submitted evidence to Lord Philip the head of the second inquiry……needless to say my evidence has not come out in the report and no further communication or acknowledgement were received for the time and effort I put into this investigation………!!

One should also add that relatives of the crew and passengers also wanted to take civil action against the MoD/RAF but were all settled out of court to the tune of £.5 million each……..why would you do an out of court settlement unless you had something to cover up!!

So there you have it…..an incredibly intelligent women with so many hidden secrets and one which our leaders and government do not want you to know about……….I would challenge any media to come forward and allow me to present a story outside of the Ecuador Embassy that could only be described as the biggest scoop of all times……….as you would expect no takers!!!

It is also fact that Ms Davison gave much information to Tony Blair about the ring of Paedophiles in Wales and one would ask the question why did Tony Blair not act upon this information?…….this was the second time that Blair had received such a list……maybe there is more to Mr Blair than meets the eye……..certainly such is the case with Gordon Brown, Lord Robertson and MP’s like Lord Mendelson.

It is of grave concern to me that it was the FBI who also gave Mr Blair a list of such high profile people who were involved in such activity and who could be considered as a security risk to this country!!

Oh and by the way one would assume that having been found guilty as charged you would cease your fraudulent activities…..well folks her business AFBIO is till up and running and can be viewed on the following link http://www.afbio.com  …….it is still advertising virtual officers all around the world that Gordon Bowden and I call “Boiler Rooms”……..so much for justice hey?

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 5/8/2012

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