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UK may raid Ecuador Embassy in London but who are they actually after?

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The Ecuador Embassy London

Police outside the Embassy ready to pounce but on whom?

Who else is inside this building and what does the PM and Government fear?………….possibly a long time in prison?

Just a few of the potential “In mates or should I say partners in crime”

Do you really believe that Britain would breach sovereignty in order to extradite Julian Assange to Sweden and why would this country carry out such a raid when it had allowed him sanctuary for such a long period of time?

Do you really know the true reason behind such a threat?………..why is the British media not talking about the other person who remains inside this embassy that could be considered a major threat to the political infrastructure of this country and a person who could potentially put away a few ex and current Prime Ministers or very senior Members of Parliament or the House of Lords!!

Who are they really after?………could it be a “Star Witness” to the Chilcot Inquiry who was never called upon to give her vital evidence that could incriminate Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron to name but a few?

So who is this mysterious women that you do not know about and what exactly does she know that sends shudders down the spine of the British Government including local MP’s Margaret Beckett and Chris Williamson?

Her name is Andrea Davison (we are led to believe) and she had direct access to Number 10 Downing Street and is known to Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron plus a whole host of other political elite!!

She knows as much as the late Dr. David Kelly and in actual fact puts herself on par with him…..she also did many runs to Iraq and herself worked for the DTI Select Committee as an “Arms to Iraq” investigator and may have also worked for MI5/6…….and yes she would be considered as a “thorn in the side” to current and past leaders and their respective governments!!

Let me again remind you that it was this women who took Gordon Bowden and myself to court for deformation re the articles I wrote in my “Pandora’s Box Series” in which, according to the information I received, was also guilty of major international fraud!!

It was the arresting authority (Derbyshire Police) who has since put her through the court system and charged her with 27 offences relating to the very topics that Gordon and I had written about……….she was found guilty of those charges and sentenced to 2.5 years in prison…….she did not attend the court which resulted in a Bench Warrant being issued against her and caused her to seek refuge/asylum in the Ecuador Embassy.

The Nuke Team that went on a “Sanction Busting Trip” to South Africa

David Cameron (then 24 years of age) – Sir Ken Warren – Assisted by Dr. David Kelly!!

Our case was steamrolled out of existence over a small technicality during the build up to it going to trial in an open court with a full jury…….obviously the implications of our case extended beyond simply fraud and was about to expose everything from PM’s, MP’s and House of Lord’s involvement in the illegal purchase of nuclear weapons from South Africa to actually (by gross neglect) allowing them to be stolen from their insecure compound in Oman…… which then resulted in us  going to war with the wrong country etc etc…..

It is fact that all of the above were all involved in the New World Order financial rape of not only this country but many others compliments of the Crown Templar that is housed in the City of London – the “True axis of evil” with its tentacles radiating out from the Rothschild’s and the Committee of 300 across the waters to Europe and the good old US of A.

Maybe I should refresh your memory as to who this unknown entity is, what she knew, what she kept in her private possession and what the Derbyshire Police confiscated under the “Proceeds of Crime Act” all of which was believed to have been orchestrated by our ex PM, Gordon Brown!!

As I have said before –  Why isn’t the world media camped outside this place? – Because our government and others don’t want you to know what lies within!!

Have you ever asked yourself why the founder of WikiLeaks always reaches the front pages of our daily and international newspapers and yet this unknown entity (Andrea Davison) has little or no coverage!!

 We are all led to believe that the information that has been made available via WikiLeaks is explosive in its content and in some cases is an embarrassment to certain leaders and countries. However I do not totally agree with the intentions of Julian Assange as most of the highly sensitive information is totally out of date and no longer serves any purpose in today’s fast moving world……..I would even go a step further by saying all of this WikiLeaks garbage was a well orchestrated plan by the CIA and other intelligence agencies to make it appear to be a scoop and that Julian Assange forms part of that network.

It is clear to me however that Andrea Davison has certainly more to offer the British and international media than Julian Assange could ever dream of and it ceases to amaze me why our Zionist controlled media is not camped outside of the Ecuador Embassy in London with their satellite dishes and reporters waiting to pounce on anyone coming from within.

Again I would like to refresh your memory as to who is Ms Andrea Davison in her own words dated 1st July 2010:

Dr David Kelly and Andrea Davison have several things in common both were experts on Biological Weapons and both were involved in the arms that went to Iraq and WMD’s and both were whistleblowers.

Andrea was an intelligence adviser to the Trade and Industry Select Committee on Arms to Iraq and also gave evidence to Scott Inquiry into Arms to Iraq, It was her whistle blowing to the then opposition leader Niel Kinnock that revealed that the then Conservative Government were selling arms to Iraq. In December 2009 she was getting a file together to send to the Chilcot enquiry.

David Kelly was allegedly ‘suicided’ in 2003 after meeting Andrew Gilligan, a BBC journalist who had spent some time writing about the war in Baghdad.. The Hutton enquiry was established to cover-up this dark deed and save Tony Blair embarrassment.

US Air Force officer Mai Pedersen’s, Dr Kelly’s friends and colleague recently wrote to the attorney general Dominic Grieve saying that Mr Kelly could not have committed suicide. Two weeks earlier Andrea Davison had written to Dominic Grieve asking him to look into the seizure of all her documents into Arms to Iraq.

 A spokesman for the Attorney General stated “The Attorney remains concerned about this issue and is keen to explore how the matter might be taken forward with ministerial colleagues.” No comment has been made about Andrea’s documents.

 In January this year 13 male officers raided Andrea’s home with a warrant issued under the Proceeds of Crime Act. They took from the building everything of value, confiscating her passport, drivers licence. all the keys to her property and vehicles and 7000 documents about Arms to Iraq amongst a treasure trove of other documents and valuables including her watch. 6 Months later none of these have been returned.

Following the raid, orgainsed by Derby Police in an effort to discredit her, Andrea’s home and car has been broken into. Her car tyres have been let down several times and doors that were locked have been opened and widows likewise. She has had three brake-ins that were reported to the police but no-one has been found.

Andrea is afraid she may be ‘suicided’ and cannot protect herself because in April the Court made her virtually penniless by issuing a Restraining Order. This Court Order prevents her from spending any of her own money and also invidiously prevents her paying for legal advice or assistance to challenge the Courts Order.. Without a passport and made penniless by the Order of the Court she feels they are driving her towards suicide but states they will not succeed.

End of Andrea’s article.

Below is a list as produced by herself which I am sure would cause any citizen of the United Kingdom to cringe knowing the implications and involvement of our dear democratic country in providing WMD’s and CBW to Iraq which were then used on the Kurds, the Iranians during the Iraq-Iran War and on our own troops and allies during the early stages of the Iraq War etc etc……….

  I would urge you to pay particular attention to the sensitive documents seized from Ms Davison’s house and ask yourself two questions:


  • How could such secretive documents remain in her possession for such a long    period of time and why has she and her investigative journalist, Pete Sawyer,  not been charged under the “Official Secrets Act”?
  • Why  was she called as a star witness to the previous Scott Inquiry and yet not called to the Chilcott Inquiry to provide them with not only the documents that were held in her possession but also her own knowledge and involvement in the “Arms to Iraq” debacle?

Here again is that list as provided by Ms Davison herself:


·         Cash £100-£.200

      Cash in Euros 200 to 500

·         Share certificates

·         Credit Cards


·       Masonic Jewels (father was a mason)

·       Gold and Jewellery worth now about £40,000,00

·       Watch Jules Audemars

·       Watch Rolex


·       Passports

·       Driving licence

·       Training Records

·       Educational and Professional Certificates Employment records (clearance correspondence)

·       Personal records concerning security Top Secret Nuclear

·       Family History Records

·       Company Pension Records

·       All insurance documents for property and vehicles

·       MOT certificates

·       Family Photographs

·       Parents death Certificates

·       Tax Records

·       Pay Slips

·       All bank statements and documents with passwords etc. House deeds and original documents

·       Cheque books personal and business

·       Credit card statements

·       Files of receipts guarantees and instruction books


·       Spare keys for the House and barn and outbuilding and all keys to the locked gates

·  Property Keys

·  Car Keys

Since then there have been burglaries and numerous “brake ins”, car doors opened windows opened and left open etc


·       Coolpix camera with SD Card installed

·       Eriksson Mobile phones 3 off

·       3 other mobile phones

·       Electronic scales

·       2 Desktop computers

·       4 laptops

·      Ipaq Personal organiser

·      3 portable hard drives

·      I mobile dongle (now paying each month for a service only the derby police can receive because they have the dongle


·       Large box of various software for the computers perhaps 20-30 CD’s

·       Windows

·       Office 2007


·       Fire proof safety box

·       One wooden 4 draw filing cabinet


Large Box containing documents not restricted to but including Documents and Records (some originals and some copies).

·       Project Babylon (supergun) file and corresponded about same

·       Biological weapons and delivery systems in Iraq

·       Location of Planes and WMD’s following Desert Storm

·       Mobile Biological Weapons Laboratory in Iraq

·       UK supply of Biological and Chemical agents to Iraq

·       Evidence given in secret to Lord Justice Scott

·       Note books concerning arms to Iraq

·       Production line facilities in Iraq for CBW

·       Gulf War Syndrome.

·       Arms running through Yugoslavia.

·       Electromagnetic Warfare (star Wars).

·       Iraq’s nuclear programme.

·    Hard evidence and papers on investigation by Ministry of Defence police (fraud Squad) with which I was assisting NATO sensitive.

·    Correspondence from Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Gerald Kaufman, Lord Douglas Hoyle, Lew Smith, Stan Crowther covering several years mostly about Arms to Iraq and Yugoslavia plus correspondence with Tony Blair about Child abuse in Children’s Homes in North Wales and Cheshire.

·   Documents concerning a nuclear warhead and group discussion with Peter Hain, Pete Sawyer, David Lowrey and Peter Hains researcher Isabell.

·   Documents on Jonathan Aitken including letters from Customs about Jonathan Aitken.

·   Computer discs several boxes all about arms to Iraq and the war in Yugoslavia and the IRA.

·   Records cards 1 box dealing with companies that supplied Iraq one box dealing with the people involved in the supply of arms to Iraq .

·   Record box with cards of those involved in the Care Homes child abuse enquiry.

·   Correspondence Atomic Weapons Establishment

·   Documents concerning the Atomic Weapons Establishment.


·   Letters from Tony Blair when he was shadow Home Secretary

·   Letters from Kenneth Clarke and others

·   Evidence concerning Police Officers, Judiciary, MP’s and Government Ministers involved

·   Witness statements from victims including statements from witnesses in the Welsh Childrens Homes Scandal

·   Notebooks containing information and conversations with victims, carers and whistle blowers

·   large amount of index cards with names and links

·   Various documents concerning International Paedofile Network

·   Evidence collected to write various newspaper and magazine articals calling for a public enquiry


·       File of my ongoing investigation into a fraud (in which I am the victim)

·       Hard Evidence an original signed document

·       Hard evidence in the form of letters



·       Chamber of mines medical records

·       Records about current incurable illness

·       Legal Council during divorce

·       File of letters from solicitor about property purchase

·       Privileged letters between my solicitor and myself


·       Client records with confidential details from when I was acting as an appropriate adult (I was a mental health advocate for over 10 years) and an appropriate adult on call. Including personal and confidential details of adults who had been abused in the North Wales Children’s Homes scandal

·       Investment Club financial records

·       Confidential Client coaching session records

JOURNALISTIC Material and client in confidence

·       Journalistic Material Documents and records of interviews given in confidence including but not limited

End of Ms Davison’s own account of items seized.

  When you consider that our Prime Ministers and our Government have in the past placed an emphasis in not allowing such countries as North Korea and Iran to enter into the WMD phase or  drawn attention to the fact that a particular country may have Chemical and Biological Weapons( CBW)  (such as the very deadly VX Gas) and may use them against us!!!!…… we have to understand that all of this is only lip service to cover up their own illegal arms dealings.

 The same naturally applies to the Presidents of the United States and their government who together with the British Government paid for, delivered and built Iraq’s CBW’s facilities, provided nuclear weapons parts and indeed provided Saddam with VX gas!!

 Now perhaps you can now  see just how hypocritical and two faced our leaders are and believe me it goes much deeper than this when one puts together just how much Ms Andrea Davison knows and again I ask the question as to why the international media is not camped outside the Ecuador Embassy in London for one of the biggest scoops of all time??

Obviously it goes without saying that her sidekick  (investigative journalist) Pete Sawyer should be pulled in for questioning based on her own admittance above where she quoted ”  Documents concerning a nuclear warhead and group discussion with Peter Hain, Pete Sawyer, David Lowrey and Peter Hains researcher Isabell……..since when would an ordinary journalist be involved in such sensitive discussions unless our Mr. Sawyer worked for MI5/6 as could be the case with Ms Davison!!

 Maybe now you are starting to understand the true reason as to why our government is wishing to raid the Ecuador Embassy and as to why the police are currently waiting outside……the question remains will they go in and who will come out with them……if she is secretly extracted no doubt  Ms Davison will disappear from the face of the planet by changing her ID and living the high life or may simply fall victim to the secret service just like her close friend Gareth Williams who simply knew too much and ended up in a red bag in the bath of a so called MI5/6 protected property…….such is the state of our secret service and our terribly deceitful Prime Minister and Government!!

 Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 16/8/2012

Written by Peter Eyre

August 16, 2012 at 11:12

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  5. […] This article by Peter Eyre suggests that it is not only Julian Assange who is being heavily guarded after having sought refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy but rather, and more importantly, a woman named Andrea Davison. Eyre writes: […]

  6. […] This article by Peter Eyre suggests that it is not only Julian Assange who is being heavily guarded after having sought refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy but rather, and more importantly, a woman named Andrea Davison. Eyre writes: […]

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