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Another “Joint Venture False Flag” is currently being played out in the Sinai!!

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The report by NBC was compliments of the Israeli Media……what do you expect!!


Boy oh boy here we go again with yet another weapon of mass deception getting underway in the Sinai Peninsula as the remnants of the “Old Mubarak Regime” – “The Egyptian Military” carry out a well orchestrated Joint Venture with Israel.

We are led to believe that Egyptian border guards were killed by terrorist from Gaza and yet there is not a shred of evidence that this is fact and one could hazard a guess that it was yet another New World Order – Western/Israeli derived plot to convince the new Egyptian Government that terrorism exists on their border with Gaza and to allow the military to dictate the future of Egypt and the border control policy that we in the west control and Israel have controlled for decades!!

Let’s simply carry out an analysis of the current “Zionist Controlled” media interpretations of what is happening and then maybe look at this through a different pair of eyes.

The first thing that appeared to me as being evidence of the control that Israel and the NWO have over the Sinai Peninsula was when I read this comment in one paper:

Israel on Thursday granted an Egyptian request for Cairo to use attack helicopters in Sinai for the first time since a 1979 treaty which strictly limited the deployment of military force in the desert peninsula……….so much for sovereignty hey?


The decision, made by a telephone poll of Israeli ministers to hasten the process, was in effect retroactive since Egypt has already sent in the aircraft as part of its largest offensive in Sinai in 40 years, launched in response to the killing on Sunday of 16 Egyptian border guards by gunmen. Israel’s security cabinet set a limit of several days “for a specific, pinpointed action.”

One must always bear in mind that the US, Britain, France, Germany and Israel appeared to accept that democracy must prevail in Egypt and the people must decide its own future at the ballot box………..unfortunately their gamble went terribly wrong and the wrong party took power leaving them with the possible loss of controlling the border to Gaza……….however with the help of the west and Israel they managed to stall the election and keep their puppet military in power which still dominates the country!!

It is also fact that Israel became extremely concerned that their main source of energy, Egyptian Natural Gas, was under threat and indeed several attacks have taken place on the direct pipeline from El Arish to Israel and why not?

It was Mubarek who struck up a deal with the Israeli Government to sell Egyptian gas at below cost price which in turn deprived the Egyptians of vital finance and their own ability to use their own product or  tap into the very lucrative export of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) etc.

It is clear that Israel is now in a state of panic with so much going on around them but what they do not realise is the fact that the Mafia Zionists (Khazars) don’t give a crap about Israel or the current Jewish population and would indeed allow them to become the sacrificial lamb in the event of any future conflict that they initiate i.e. an attack on Iran or whatever……….it is proof of this philosophy in that the Israeli Government has in actual fact “Nuked” its own people when it struck Southern Lebanon (2006) and again in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead…………maybe you do not believe me….well my friends just look up the hike in cancers and infertility throughout Israel!!

Some reports also revealed other startling misinformation:

Israel has encouraged Egypt to take tough action against the gunmen, who also crossed into Israel in a stolen armoured vehicle before they were stopped and killed by Israeli forces……..or so the concocted story goes!!

The official said that Israel had earlier permitted Egypt to deploy more security forces in Sinai. Since Sunday’s violence, it has also urged Egypt to post commandos at Egypt’s borders with Libya and Sudan to prevent gunmen from smuggling weapons to Sinai, the official added.

Now maybe you are starting to see yet another prelude into keeping terrorism alive and maybe an indication that Sudan is still one of their targets…………note the comment about Libya and yet it was the West and Israel that supported an attack on Libya that apparently is now under their control with its current puppet government…….my question would therefore be that if that is the case why place an emphasis on the border with Libya……….so much for democracy and this is certainly a case of  pure propaganda ……at the end of the day it is Israel who employ the best in areas of PR and propaganda with people such as that moron Mark Negev (Israeli Government spokesman).


Non other than “Mr. Big Ears and Big Mouth” – Mark Negev

Needless to say it was Egypt’s Mubarek who rigorously maintained the peace treaty that was signed with Israel in 1979 and which then allowed the US (Zionist) to offer massive amount of cash and military support up to the current time!!

Under that treaty, Israel withdrew from Sinai, which it captured in a 1967 war, and the area was largely demilitarized, though in recent years Israel agreed to allow Egypt to deploy more security forces there to stem weapons smuggling by Palestinian gunmen and other crimes.


The Palestinian news agency Maan reports that Egypt has continued to send reinforcements to northeaster Sinai as the Egyptian military carries out two simultaneous operations. The first operation is centralized on the outskirts of El Arish, while the second focuses on the city itself. According to Maan, Egyptian forces have succeeded to expose terrorist hideouts, and exchanges of fire took place on the road between El Arish and Rafah. The agency also reported that 60 terrorists have been killed up until this point in the battle to “clean up Sinai.”

Such is the state of misinformation that even Palestinian news agencies are now somewhat confused as to what is actually happening on the ground and do not understand that such atrocities are not terrorist from within or from genuine Egyptians but from Western/Egyptian Military/Israel “Black Ops.”

It should also be noted the following that appeared:

East Jerusalem newspaper al-Quds reported that Egypt demanded the extradition of three senior Hamas militants, claiming they had provided indirect support to militants in the Sinai Peninsula.

So folks again we see the Zionist media hiking up the propaganda against a nonexistent terrorist threat and Hamas !!

Let me just give you the real reason behind the original attack on Gaza……you may be shocked to learn the truth but here it is:

It is fact that the ex Chief of the IDF stated that in order to explore the waters off Gaza for natural gas and to commence drilling they have to remove Hamas……this is what they tried during “Operation Cast Lead” and indeed failed.

The greatest secret of all time is the fact that massive reserves of Palestinian (Gaza)  natural gas is sitting just off the coast of Gaza (35 Klm) that was discovered by British Gas.


Drawing by Peter Eyre

None other than Tony Blair and his cabal in conjunction with the Israeli Government attempted to rape the Palestinians of this natural resource by plotting to pipe the gas outside of Gazan waters and divert it directly into Israel……..the first plan failed and so they then planned another pipeline from Gazan waters directly into El Arish in Egypt…..then it would become an Egyptian commodity and then pipe it back to Israel via subsea pipeline (outside of Gaza waters)……this plan also failed.

Egypt eventually created their own pipeline to export the cheap gas to Israel and it is this pipeline that has been subject to many attacks.

What I find totally unacceptable is a joint venture between the US and Israel with a company called Noble Energy (Zionist owned) that has a rig positioned on the sea border with Gaza and is currently taking the natural resources of the Palestinians and piping it directly into Israel……they are currently attempting to develop a link with another gas field that staggers the border……….that is an act of piracy that the UN knows about and does nothing……..there again the UN is an arm of the New World Order anyway so who cares!!!

Oh and by the way the Israeli Government and their US Zionist oil company are also doing the same on the Lebanese border……maybe they will suffer the same fate and certainly adds new meaning to the term Slant Drilling or Diagonal Drilling that I learnt so much about whilst working in the oil, gas and mining industry!!

I will re publish the truth about the offshore situation in my next article and also talk about it on the US RNB radio with Paul Drockton and I…..the link on this blog will take you there.

Enjoy reading and hopefully also happy listening…….

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 10/8/2012

Written by Peter Eyre

August 10, 2012 at 12:30

Posted in Corporate/Government Fraud and Corruption, News

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