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What do Julian Assange and Andrea Davison have in common? – Final Part 4

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They both ended up seeking political asylum  in this building – The Ecuador Embassy in London

As I told you all in my last article Ms Andrea Davison has far more to offer than the CIA conman Julian Assange so why isn’t the world media interested in this scoop and more to the point just what does this women know that the British Government does not want you to know and why did the Derbyshire Police seize thousands of documents on ‘Arms to Iraq’ using the Proceeds of Crime Act

Is it possible that Ms Davison has so much information to offer the Chilcott Inquiry (Iraq Inquiry) that could implicate many ex and current PM’s and cause them to end up in prison?………..I will let you decide!!

Just how long can these criminals avoid prison?

Let’s just take a look at her own account of just what the Derbyshire Police confiscated on the day they raided her property in 2010 and the fact that she very clearly blames the ex Prime Minister, Gordon Brown for arranging the raid. I would urge you to pay particular attention to the sensitive documents seized from Ms Davison’s house and ask yourself two questions

  • How could such secretive documents remain in her possession for such a long period of time and why has she and her investigative journalist, Pete Sawyer,  not been charged under the “Official Secrets Act”?
  • Why was she called as a star witness to the previous Scott Inquiry and yet not called to the Chilcott Inquiry to provide them with not only the documents that were held in her possession but also her own knowledge and involvement in the “Arms to Iraq” debacle?

I would remind you all again that Dr David Kelly and Andrea Davison have several things in common both were experts on Biological Weapons and both were involved in the arms that went to Iraq and WMD’s and both were whistleblowers.

One has to remember what she declared herself into the public domain when she said:.

“The seizure of my documents and notebooks, including amongst other things intelligence reports and letters from various Ministers and former Ministers of HMG is in my view political and as such I trust falls within your remit. The last Government promised “No British document and no British witness will be beyond the scope of the Inquiry” clearly the seizure of my documents by Derby Police has put them beyond the scope of the Inquiry. Whilst I understand a number of people not least Gordon Brown and Tony Blair do not want my documents to be available to the Inquiry however in my view this is not a legitimate reason for them being seized and retained by the Derby Police.”

“I urge you to secure the return of my Arms to Iraq documents from the Derby Police.”

“But as the doors to Iraq Inquiry closed no reply had been received. Begging the question just what is the Government so afraid off?”

Here is the very list that she herself published after the raid on her property by the Derbyshire Police in her own words:

Preliminary list of property seized from the two flats and communal areas.

 A very large amount of property was seized during the execution of the warrant so this list remains not restricted to but including. In effect they took the lifetimes accumulation of documents and property some which will only come to light later no doubt


·         Cash £100-£.200

      Cash in Euros 200 to 500

·         Share certificates

·         Credit Cards


·       Masonic Jewels (father was a mason)

·       Gold and Jewellery worth now about £40,000,00

·       Watch Jules Audemars

·       Watch Rolex


·       Passports

·       Driving licence

·       Training Records

·       Educational and Professional Certificates Employment records (clearance correspondence)

·       Personal records concerning security Top Secret Nuclear

·       Family History Records

·       Company Pension Records

·       All insurance documents for property and vehicles

·       MOT certificates

·       Family Photographs

·       Parents death Certificates

·       Tax Records

·       Pay Slips

·       All bank statements and documents with passwords etc. House deeds and original documents

·       Cheque books personal and business

·       Credit card statements

·       Files of receipts guarantees and instruction books


·       Spare keys for the House and barn and outbuilding and all keys to the locked gates

·  Property Keys

·  Car Keys

Since then there have been burglaries and numerous “brake ins”, car doors opened windows opened and left open etc


·       Coolpix camera with SD Card installed

·       Eriksson Mobile phones 3 off

·       3 other mobile phones

·       Electronic scales

·       2 Desktop computers

·       4 laptops

·      Ipaq Personal organiser

·      3 portable hard drives

·      I mobile dongle (now paying each month for a service only the derby police can receive because they have the dongle


·       Large box of various software for the computers perhaps 20-30 CD’s

·       Windows

·       Office 2007


·       Fire proof safety box

·       One wooden 4 draw filing cabinet


Large Box containing documents not restricted to but including Documents and Records (some originals and some copies).

·       Project Babylon (supergun) file and corresponded about same

·       Biological weapons and delivery systems in Iraq

·       Location of Planes and WMD’s following Desert Storm

·       Mobile Biological Weapons Laboratory in Iraq

·       UK supply of Biological and Chemical agents to Iraq

·       Evidence given in secret to Lord Justice Scott

·       Note books concerning arms to Iraq

·       Production line facilities in Iraq for CBW

·       Gulf War Syndrome.

·       Arms running through Yugoslavia.

·       Electromagnetic Warfare (star Wars).

·       Iraq’s nuclear programme.

·    Hard evidence and papers on investigation by Ministry of Defence police (fraud Squad) with which I was assisting NATO sensitive.

·    Correspondence from Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Gerald Kaufman, Lord Douglas Hoyle, Lew Smith, Stan Crowther covering several years mostly about Arms to Iraq and Yugoslavia plus correspondence with Tony Blair about Child abuse in Children’s Homes in North Wales and Cheshire.

·   Documents concerning a nuclear warhead and group discussion with Peter Hain, Pete Sawyer, David Lowrey and Peter Hains researcher Isabell.

·   Documents on Jonathan Aitken including letters from Customs about Jonathan Aitken.

·   Computer discs several boxes all about arms to Iraq and the war in Yugoslavia and the IRA.

·   Records cards 1 box dealing with companies that supplied Iraq one box dealing with the people involved in the supply of arms to Iraq .

·   Record box with cards of those involved in the Care Homes child abuse enquiry.

·   Correspondence Atomic Weapons Establishment

·   Documents concerning the Atomic Weapons Establishment.


·   Letters from Tony Blair when he was shadow Home Secretary

·   Letters from Kenneth Clarke and others

·   Evidence concerning Police Officers, Judiciary, MP’s and Government Ministers involved

·   Witness statements from victims including statements from witnesses in the Welsh Childrens Homes Scandal

·   Notebooks containing information and conversations with victims, carers and whistle blowers

·   large amount of index cards with names and links

·   Various documents concerning International Paedofile Network

·   Evidence collected to write various newspaper and magazine articals calling for a public enquiry


·       File of my ongoing investigation into a fraud (in which I am the victim)

·       Hard Evidence an original signed document

·       Hard evidence in the form of letters



·       Chamber of mines medical records

·       Records about current incurable illness

·       Legal Council during divorce

·       File of letters from solicitor about property purchase

·       Privileged letters between my solicitor and myself


·       Client records with confidential details from when I was acting as an appropriate adult (I was a mental health advocate for over 10 years) and an appropriate adult on call. Including personal and confidential details of adults who had been abused in the North Wales Children’s Homes scandal

·       Investment Club financial records

·       Confidential Client coaching session records

JOURNALISTIC Material and client in confidence

·       Journalistic Material Documents and records of interviews given in confidence including but not limited

End of Ms Davison’s own account of items seized.

When you consider that our Prime Ministers and our Government have in the past placed an emphasis in not allowing such countries as North Korea and Iran to enter into the WMD phase or  drawn attention to the fact that a particular country may have Chemical and Biological Weapons( CBW)  (such as the very deadly VX Gas) and may use them against us!!!!…… we have to understand that all of this is only lip service to cover up their own illegal arms dealings.

The same naturally applies to the Presidents of the US and their government who together with the British Government paid for, delivered and built Iraq’s CBW’s facilities and indeed provided Saddam with VX gas which was then used on the Kurds and again during the Iraq-Iran War’s.

Now perhaps you can now  see just how hypocritical and two faced our leaders are and believe me it goes much deeper than this when one puts together just how much Ms Andrea Davison knows and again I ask the question as to why the international media is not camped outside the Ecuador Embassy in London for one of the biggest scoops of all time??

Obviously it goes without saying that her sidekick  (investigative journalist) Pete Sawyer should be pulled in for questioning based on her own admittance above where she quoted Documents concerning a nuclear warhead and group discussion with Peter Hain, Pete Sawyer, David Lowrey and Peter Hains researcher Isabell……..since when would an ordinary journalist be involved in such sensitive discussions unless our Mr. Sawyer worked for MI5/6 as could be the case with Ms Davison!!

It was again Ms Davison who declared in her own words:

“In a new ‘Arms to Iraq’ scandal Judge John Burgess sitting in private issued a Court Order which in effect prevents me from even buying a loaf of bread or food for my cat and specifically prohibits me from paying for any legal help to challenge the Court Order he made.  The evidence Judge Burgess relied on was supplied in a witness statement made by Derby Police Officer DC Stephen William Winnard and Authorised by Chief Superintendent Anthony Blockley. This statement is littered with obvious falsehoods and fabrications. The question is why “?

“The Iraq Inquiry headed by Sir John Chilcot is calling on me to supply sensitive evidence which was seized by the Derby Police mid January 2010. I am a former adviser to the Trade and Industry Select Committee on Arms to Iraq is struggling to know what to do. As she did when giving evidence to the Scott Inquiry into Arms o Iraq she expected to do so in total secrecy but the actions of Derby police have made this impossible.”

She also later said:

“But conversely Brown either colluded, organised or aided and abetted Derby police seizing documents, mid January 2010, which were pertinent to the inquiry implicating himself in a cover-up.  Five weeks later he would himself be called to the Inquiry to give evidence.”

“These Iraq documents were seized by DC Steven Winnard on the 13th of January just weeks before they were due to be presented to the Iraq Inquiry. Although by now everyone in the New Coalition Government knows about the seizure of the Iraq Documents from me they have not been returned.”

End of Ms Davison’s Statement

I again repeat the importance of Ms Davison and why so many ex and current PM’s and respective high profile politicians are determined to keep her out of the public domain……one could make up a short list such as Maggie Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and  David Cameron. The list of other senior MP’s and members of the House of Lords is endless but certainly include Lord Alpine, Lord Heseltine, Lord Robinson, Sir Ken Warren, Peter Lilley MP etc etc 

Add to this the current Prime Ministers involvement (with others, including the above latter two) in the illegal purchase of 3 Israel/South African built nuclear weapons that were stored without security in Oman and then stolen by the same arms dealer who sold them (John Bredenkamp, a Jewish Rhodesian) and one can see just how evil and corrupt our leaders and MP’s are!!

Let’s again remind ourselves as to how important Ms Davison was to all the main line political parties in her own words, some of which become somewhat dramatic:


“Back in 1989 whilst I was investigating covert arms shipments concurrently with an investigation into the International  Paedophile Network I was given documents proving the then Conservative Government were selling arms to Iraq.  On instructions I went to see Neil Kinnock at his home and he put me in touch with Alan Rodgers. From this first meeting I was pivoted into the forefront of exposing  ‘arms to Iraq’.”


“I went on to be an intelligence advisor to the Trade and Industry Select Committee on ‘Arms to Iraq’. Then gave evidence to Lord Justice Scott and a written submission which is kept in a secret room along with other evidence given in secret,   but now siezed by the Derby Police.  I also worked with Tony Blair  who was then shadow Home Secretary exposing the Paedofile Network within the Police and high places.   Exposing illicit arms deals and highly placed paedofiles is very dangerous work and when I was eventually able to retire from front line involvement  I  sold my  home  and  kept my whereabouts and identity as secure as I could without being given a new identity to protect me.”


“On the 13th of January, I was alone in my flat and asleep when the Derby Police   headed by DC Stephen Winnard   raided my flat in North Wales with 12 other male officers executing a warrant   obtained under Proceeds of Crime Act.  At the same time they  raided the  flat downstairs,  occupied  by  DW  a man with  Top Secret Clearance, and  also the   communal areas  of the property.  They seized almost every document and everything of value from myself and DW who has never been interviewed or spoken to by the Derby Police.  Amongst their  trove  they seized  documents specifically excluded,  letters from my solicitors, medical details about my illness, journalistic material  and  further to this  a large amount of documents, note books, discs, and tapes  on the illicit arms trade  and  ‘Arms to Iraq’  plus letters from Gordon Brown and other Labour and Conservative politicians.”


“This warrant was obtained from Judge Burgess, the same Crown Court Judge who 3 months later was to issue a restraint order against me.  The apparent grounds for issuing the warrant was that I had provided a client, calling himself Robin Jacob,  with a  mailing address  at  MAOS Mail services in Hyde, Cheshire  and I had dealt with his mail and that Robin Jacob had committed an International Fraud through his company Regal and Archer which was formed by Turner and Little. ” 

“After spending  about 9 hours  putting all my property and that of DW into cardboard boxes,  and having searched the property for drugs  and cash with a sniffer dog,  I was finally allowed to get dressed  so that I could be arrested and  taken into custody.  They arrested me for   International fraud in 2007 and 2008 telling my duty solicitor I was the mastermind.  I was deposited back home that night at about 8 pm to a devastated house.  It was like being raped and burgled but unable to go to the Police, because it was the Police.”


“Shocked I contacted a former member of the Trade and Industry Select Committee now in the Lords. Lord Douglas Hoyle was astounded by what had happened and concluded that it must be political.  There was no way that the seizure of documents on arms to Iraq in an alleged fraud case covering 2007 and 2008 could be legitimate   Also in 2007 I was very ill after being diagnosed with an incurable illness.  which left me confused and weak”.

“After writing a letter to Gordon Brown I arranged with Lord Hoyle to have this letter given directly to The Prime Minister advising him about the stolen documents. Lord Hoyle later confirmed he had personally passed my letter directly to Gordon Brown and that if Gordon Brown wanted more information he would ask for it through him. ” 


“Two months later on the 16th of April Judge Burgess made a Restraint Order against me relying on evidence from the witness statement of DC Stephen Winnard.   This Restraint Order prohibits me from spending my own money, allowing me only to spend money received from State Benefits. But DC Winnard a financial investigator accredited by the Director of National Policing Improvement Agency knew that I was not in receipt of any State Benefits.”

“Because of the Statement made by  DC Stephen Winnard  with the signed approval of  Chief Superintendent  Anthony Blockley   using the power invested in  Judge john Burgess by the Court, they together made it illegal for me to  buy a loaf of bread  or buy  food for my cat  and if I did I could be  fined or imprisoned for Contempt of Court. This is inhuman and degrading treatment against a vulnerable older lady, who they have already mentally tortured for 4 months, making unsubstantiated allegations that I am the mastermind behind this international fraud and threatening to confiscate my only home as the proceeds of crime.    If it were not for the ‘Arms to Iraq’ documents it would make no sense at all, although some victims believe the government is trying to protect the real fraudsters.    I have not been charged with this offence, but after writing this there may be an anxious to silence me.”

End of Ms Davison’s own statement.

As you may recall from my previous articles Gordon Bowdon and I have been involved in a Civil Court Case at the Royal Courts of Justice in London as a direct result of Ms Davison taking exception to our published articles about her  which resulted in her taking out a case of defamation against us.

Even though we had a very good case against her and indeed a counter claim the Procedural Judge squashed our case on a very small technicality…..however we have appealed and hopefully we can move forward with a full open court and jury…….in the meantime Ms Davison was charged by the Derbyshire Police and was put on trial at the Mold Crown Court in Wales……she was tried by jury and found guilty of 27 of the 28 charges and sentenced to 2.5 years……..however she did not attend the court and then had a bench warrant issued for her arrest……..she then suddenly turned up at the Ecuador Embassy in London seeking political asylum…..which proved that what we had published had an element of truth about it…….such is the state of the British Judicial System!!

I guess you may be asking can it get worse or more sordid?…………..you bet………maybe you can all recall the loss of a “Black Ops” Chinook helicopter on the headland of the Mull of Kintyre  – On the 2nd of June 1994 an RAF Chinook helicopter took off from Belfast Aldergrove Airport bound for a high level conference at Fort George, Nr Inverness, Scotland. Onboard were four very experienced crew members and 25 top level terrorism experts. The helicopter flew out over the sea in a north north-easterly direction towards the Mull of Kintyre, Scotland and crashed into the headland at approximately 1800 local time, killing all onboard. The aircraft tail number was ZD576 and crewed by Flt Lt Tapper (captain), Fl Lt Cook (co-pilot) with MALM Forbes and Sgt Hardie (crewman).

You may find it hard to believe that it was Ms Davison who spoke with me on the telephone during a fairly long conversation and said that this Chinook crash was an inside job……basically she explained that when the Northern Ireland peace talks were not going too well a few problems occurred and as one would expect when you have a problem you remove the problem…….hence the loss of the Chinook and those 25 VIP passengers that covered the best of the best in Anti Terrorist, Northern Ireland Police and MI5 who believe it or not all traveled on the same flight which is against normal civil and military protocol!!……needless to say Ms Davison was not involved in this terrible act but obviously would have been aware as to what the DTI were doing at the time!!

Why hasn’t the MoD, the Police or the Lord Philip Chinook Review Board interviewed Ms Davison?

 There is certainly more behind the crash of RAF Chinook ZD576  and the death of  the best anti terrorist experts and 4 crew who all died under very suspicious circumstances, none of which makes sense!!

I myself (being an aviation fixed wing and helicopter  operations expert) decided to investigate this crash and in conjunction with my own knowledge and the input from other whistle blowers found out that the crew were not responsible for this crash (as first blamed) and that their was a huge government cover-up.

Information was provided to me which stated that an MP had lied in Parliament when he stated that only one helicopter left Northern Ireland Airspace that evening and that was the fated Chinook ZD576……that was far from the truth because one witness said they had seen the above Chinook flying erratically down a valley as if in trouble and another witness who stated they sighted a second rather strangely painted Chinook that appeared to be American tracking in from the Belfast Airport direction and heading out over the sea around the same time as ZD576……..this also agreed with another statement saying a secondary radar target was observed on radar in the Mull of Kintyre area…………add to this the rather strange lack of communications coverage for such an important flight and the lack of handover from Northern Ireland ATC to Scottish ATC etc etc.

The final bombshell came when another whistle blower told me that via another third party the passengers and crew had not all died as one would expect from multiple high impact injuries but had all died from gunshot wounds to the head which means they were all dead when the Chinook hit the higher ground on the headland of the Mull of Kintyre!! 

There were so many grey areas associated with this terrible disaster that I myself submitted evidence to Lord Philip the head of the second inquiry……needless to say my evidence has not come out in the report and no further communication or acknowledgement were received for the time and effort I put into this investigation………!!

One should also add that relatives of the crew and passengers also wanted to take civil action against the MoD/RAF but were all settled out of court to the tune of £.5 million each……..why would you do an out of court settlement unless you had something to cover up!!

So there you have it…..an incredibly intelligent women with so many hidden secrets and one which our leaders and government do not want you to know about……….I would challenge any media to come forward and allow me to present a story outside of the Ecuador Embassy that could only be described as the biggest scoop of all times……….as you would expect no takers!!!

It is also fact that Ms Davison gave much information to Tony Blair about the ring of Paedophiles in Wales and one would ask the question why did Tony Blair not act upon this information?…….this was the second time that Blair had received such a list……maybe there is more to Mr Blair than meets the eye……..certainly such is the case with Gordon Brown, Lord Robertson and MP’s like Lord Mendelson.

It is of grave concern to me that it was the FBI who also gave Mr Blair a list of such high profile people who were involved in such activity and who could be considered as a security risk to this country!!

Oh and by the way one would assume that having been found guilty as charged you would cease your fraudulent activities…..well folks her business AFBIO is till up and running and can be viewed on the following link http://www.afbio.com  …….it is still advertising virtual officers all around the world that Gordon Bowden and I call “Boiler Rooms”……..so much for justice hey?

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 5/8/2012

Written by Peter Eyre

August 5, 2012 at 12:17

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  1. Yesterday Morning my friend an activist had the same treatment the Derby and Nottingham Police came into his house and took everything he had. Then they went to his mum who is 86 and took her TV and her jewellery.

    My friend was one of the Ratcliff power Station activists. Its a Police State. They are silencing anyone who could expose them.


    August 9, 2012 at 21:15

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