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Fraudulent British Government rips off Police and Army

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David Cameron is associated with the New World Order 



David Cameron, many senior MP’s and members of the House of Lords are fraudelent

This week saw the axe fall on the Police Force and on the British Army with Cameron’s announcement that around 6,000 front line policemen will go when plans to cut the police budget by £2.4 billion was announced.

Hundreds of existing Police Stations across the country will either close or no longer have front desk public access.

The current severe austerity measures and social service cutbacks can only lead to more poverty and suffering for the ordinary people of this country. It is a well know fact that when such an environment exist it leads to acceleration in crime, more drug and alcohol abuse with a continued breakdown in society.

Getting rid of so many front line officers will only add to the existing command and control problems by not having the ability to control the escalating crime and in reality will become a ticking time bomb.

We are led to believe that the axe will continue to fall up to and including 2015 and we could eventually see a total loss to the police force of around 32,000 staff and yet we see a rise in PCSO’s who are in my opinion are cardboard replicas of the real police

Police Federation Chairman Paul McKeever said whichever way you cut it; the resilience of the police service to be able to react to whatever is thrown at us is being threatened.

I myself had previously emailed McKeever and all of the Police Federation representatives regarding my expose of massive fraud being carried out both historically and currently by our Prime Minister, David Cameron, many senior Members of Parliament and also members of the House of Lords. I had explained that it was the fraud carried out by MP’s and senior executives in the corporate and banking sectors had led to the demise of this country.

I find it incredible that the ordinary people of this country, the public sector, the police and armed forces have to suffer as a direct result of their criminal activity and it became obvious to me that the Police Federation did absolutely nothing to stop this fraud and consequently have themselves now become victim of the resultant austerity measure.

This week also revealed massive cutbacks in the Army with the following reductions expected:

Royal Artillery 33%

Royal Logistics Corps 25%

The Corps of Royal Engineers 30%

Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 30%

In addition to the above cutbacks many famous regiments will be curtailed or merged with other regiments.

It was ironic that David Cameron withheld the above information until after the forces special annual day last Saturday to save his face during his attendance at many events.

After the above announcements it has become clear that our country will soon no longer have the ability to defend the shores of Britain and that as a direct result of this Britain will be totally reliant on NATO for our defence.

This week again saw loss of life in Afghanistan when three UK soldiers died in a war that serves no purpose. Why doesn’t our Prime Minister pull out all troops in Afghanistan and in doing so pump the money saved back into the economy………on the other hand war is good for business with the added bonus of putting up the price of oil and generating massive military sales that in some cases are used against this country.

It is also fact that during such conflicts massive fraud and corruption runs rife and as we saw recently two non existent British companies had been awarded a US Defense contract to supply Jet A1 fuel to aircraft participating within the coalition. and in actual fact had not supplied any fuel at all……..the contract money was siphoned off by the directors of these companies without any investigation in this country………rather strange that US Congress had set up an inquiry but our government did nothing.

Corruption remains a major problem here in Britain with our Prime Minister, David Cameron being right up there with the best.

I truly believe that had the Serious Fraud Office carried out their assigned duties this country could have confiscated the assets of these fraudster and pumped the proceeds of crime back into the economy……..it is fact that we are looking at trillions of pounds each and every year!!

I continue to ask the same question time and time again “Why do the people of this country accept the current severe austerity measures whilst their politicians continue to rip off this country.”

It is clear that the current year is going to be one to remember as the axe continues to fall on many ordinary people and that those responsible simply resign and then get awarded a massive payout……..as was the case with the boss of Barclays Bank who was clearly guilty of massive fraud!!!


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 10/7/2012


5 Responses

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  1. I don’t understand this article. One of the more pleasant side effects of these cuts is exactly that the murderous policestate and iconicly criminal british army are reduced.

    The British army has always been and is until this day a critical part of the iron fist of the NWO. Just look at the slaughter they perpertrated on Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Anthony Migchels

    July 10, 2012 at 12:41

  2. Hello Peter,
    Once again, thank you for your informative articles, I always enjoy reading them.
    In response to your comment, “Why do the people of this country accept….?” To me, the answer is quite simple – as long as the population continues to pass through our ‘education’ system, swallows daily media excrement, stays glued to ‘..stenders and social networking sites, shops and gets rat-arsed, etc, we’ll continue to slide round the u-bend. The aforementioned are all opiates to the masses who are mind-controlled and brainwashed, but blissful in their ignorance. The response from colleagues, friends and neighbours when I touch on alternative views, is unshifting disbelief and and a look that says “bonkers”! Few are those willing to sustain a conversation about a more realistic history than the one I was taught at school (in the 60s), global current affairs and political machinations.
    Incidentally, and not really related to your latest item, I was fascinated to spot – on our return from France to Birmingham (!) – your “Greatest Traitor” title on a previous posting. I bought this book when we lived in Mortimer Forest, Ludlow, Shropshire. I thought there were many parallels to be drawn between the relationships of Roger de Mortimer, Isabella, the Marches barons, Edward II and his ‘right hand’ men, Piers Gaviston and Hugh Despenser and the Blair government at the time. I’ve always viewed Mandy as a modern-day Hugh. Have you read this book? The court was a cesspit of of evil, crafty conniving and corruption…..but, plus ça change, c’est plus la même chose.
    Bring back the guillotine! Even better, hang, draw and quarter the lot of ’em – who’s first…? Tony? Alistair? Cherie? David?….spoilt for choice.
    Kind regards,
    Frances Channon

    ps – I’m semi-retired, but still work in a local school and sadly, the history syllabus is still myopic. I’m sure you have much to say on education!


    July 10, 2012 at 22:51

    • Hello

      Thank you for your kind words and yes we do live in very sad times with everyone taking in whatever is fed to them and I must also admit that the education system is now owned by the New World Order and so one can expect dramatic changes to our education system with even more brain washing……..I am currently fighting the system in the court at the moment and its not easy taking on the government and the secret service etc…..take care and again thank you

      Peter Eyre

      July 11, 2012 at 08:45

  3. Hi Peter,
    First of all great blog, very informative and an eye opener.

    I read your previous story on boiler rooms and in particular about a company mentioned in on of the stories Desire Petroleum. Well guess who bought shares for that company about 10 years ago? I did loose some money not much because I didn’t have much to invest in the first place, my in-laws still hold some shares for Desire Petroleum. The interesting thing is about two days ago I received a letter from my bank HSBC warning me about Boiler Rooms scams. Well HSBC is about 10 years too late for me but I wonder if HSBC’s letter has anything to do with the current court case.


    July 11, 2012 at 10:27

    • Sorry to hear of your experience with Desire and you should warn your in laws that they will prob loose their investment as it is a virtual company etc……….yes HSBC and other banks are aware of our exposure and could be now in full retreat…thank you for your comments…Peter

      Peter Eyre

      July 11, 2012 at 10:54

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