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Cameron rips of British public whilst continuing his own massive fraud!!

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When will the Brits understand that Cameron and his coalition are ripping them off whilst at the same time fraudulently filling their own pockets with massive “Ponzi Schemes” such as his latest “Big Society Capital” and his own direct support of many virtual oil, gas and mining projects that simply do not exist?

It is fact that much of his financial support comes from extremely fraudulent hedge funds and in most cases are the proceeds of crime by diverting innocent investor’s money from fake oil and mining projects.

Do we the British public fully understand what is actually going on when trillions of pounds are being siphoned out of such projects each and every year and that most of this money is tax free as a result in their offshore investments.

Maybe you would find it hard to believe that the banks and financial sectors are all at it with the full knowledge of David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband and that some banks are offering huge unsecured loans to support such nonexistent project knowing that the money will be siphoned off and become a toxic debt waiting for the tax payers of this country to yet again bail them out and plunge us into even more punishment by way of their totally unnecessary austerity measures.

Cameron´s latest measure to force thousands of young people to lose their housing benefit under a series of radical welfare reforms is totally unnecessary. This will see the removal of most of the £1.8bn in housing benefits paid to 380,000 under 25s – worth an average £90 a week – forcing them to support themselves or live with parents. This is especially hard hitting for cash strapped students who had been previously punished with a massive hike in their tuition fees!


Fraudster – Illegal Arms Dealer – War Criminal

Is this man, his party or any other party worthy of running this country?

Cameron (NWO/Zionist) – Clegg (NWO/Zionist) – Miliband (NWO/Zionist)



One has to understand that all of this financial rape is extremely well orchestrated by the Zionist run New World Order and most of our senior political figures are part of that “Mafia Style” organisation. Even the financial collapse of many European countries is their doing and then they have the audacity to pump even more British tax payers money into the European Central Bank that again gets diverted into their own “Giant Ponzi Schemes.”

This massive fraud is not only at an unbelievable high level but has almost become arrogant in its activity with many very senior MP´s and members of the House of Lords all double dipping into tax payers bail outs knowing that the money will never be used for what it was first intended.

As we know in more recent times the US sent over US$ 15 trillion in three separate tranches to the HSBC bank in London that was then sent onwards to the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and simply disappeared…….can all you sheeples imagine the size of this fraud………the total debt of the US was sent to the UK and has all gone……..but hey who cares when they again cut back on public services or take away someone’s benefits or social payments.

The British public should truly hang their heads in shame and certainly all the trade unions should be closed down for blatantly ignoring the truth behind what is happening in this country, especially all having been very well informed about the fraud via the many communications I have sent and the many political meetings that Gordon Bowden and I have attended etc.

Can you even imagine that when these union officials and their sheep all take to the streets in mass that they totally ignore what we have told them and use such events to their own political advantage.

In my own city you have the two labour MP´s Margaret Beckett and Chris Williamson holding regular rallies or protests talking about loss of local contracts (after the event and not before) and yet at others times when the writing is on the wall regarding a possible company closure or the farming out of contractual work to overseas entities they say nothing………more recently this was the case with the locally based airline BMI and also the case of Rolls Royce who´s orders for jet engines has increased significantly but that 50% of that work increase will be contracted out to Singapore………..it is clear that their ongoing petitions are merely a means of getting names and addresses to be used as a vote bank until they are again re elected, which was the case more recently when they again retained their seats…….it is also so interesting to note that now having be re elected we see nothing of them and no protests etc even though the severe austerity measures continue to hit those that put them in office!!!


Margaret Beckett and Chris Williamson have been privy to much information that has been given to them from Gordon and I and have clearly refused to present these many issues in the Houses of Parliament which is in total violation in their responsibilities as being representative of their constituents and in this regard should clearly be dismissed from Parliament.

Chris Williamson was personally informed by me (with Gordon as my witness) of the circumstances of the Chinook crash that killed 25 of the best Anti Terrorist experts in this country and four RAF crew. This huge government cover up clearly revealed that all onboard did not die as a result of a high speed impact into the hillside on the Mull of Kintyre but as a direct result of all being shot in the head i.e. assassinated by unknown persons…….the result of this second inquiry has never been released despite the additional evidence provided by myself and the fact that a reliable source advised me that it was an inside job arranged by the DTI.

It is also fact that my informant, who would have been clearly a  star witness was never called to give evidence, nor the other persons who provided evidence to me during my own investigation after having extensive experience with helicopter operations etc.

It is clear that one can no longer trust many of our current key political figures and that the police should investigate many of the issues raised by Gordon and I…….the very fact that the police have been given my evidence regarding the Chinook (to which I have an incident reference number) and have not acted upon it and the fact that the Scottish investigation team have not responded to me  other than by simple acknowledging receipt of my evidence clearly show the state of this country.

It is also interesting to note that the same star witness mentioned above also had much evidence on illegal arms dealings to Iraq, most of which was held at home. That person’s home was raided by 13 police officers in early 2010 and the vital secret evidence was confiscated. That person was never been called to give evidence at the current Chilcot Inquiry which to this day has still not revealed its findings!!


It is clear that British politics are now totally out of control with many of those involved in fraud and other sinister activities still remaining in office when they should clearly be serving time in jail……….David Cameron would have to head the list for his covert and very fraudulent past….especially that it was he who siphoned off 17.8 million pounds of tax payers money into his parties electoral fund and illegally purchased three nuclear weapons from South Africa and then allowed them to be stolen from an unsecured compound in Oman where they were re sold on the black market and one of the reasons why we went to war with Iraq!!

I rest my case


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/6/2012




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  1. Peter,

    While I love reading your posts they make me realise our collective demise draws closer as the evil global insanity marches on in our faces laughing as it goes so sure of itself and victory over us.

    I think many of us have been forced into our own little fighting corners being divided and conquered so to me anything less than a full strike throughout the country until all thieving parasitical despots are removed appears to be the only answer as anything less is just being trampled on underfoot.


    June 25, 2012 at 07:59

  2. Superb. Spot on. Thanks for this post!

    Stephanie Jill Rudd

    June 25, 2012 at 09:45

    • The ‘land banking’ scam that tore through Australia and America before hitting UK shores needs to be looked into as well. Plots of land sold at massive mark ups to unsuspecting punters promised huge gains on land purchased from marauding teams of solicitors, lawyers and estate agents. Often. land that would be forever unsuitable to obtain a building permit was purchased by these scammers for a hundred quid an acre or so, then sold as land that was about to be granted a building permit, for £7,000 an acre or so, with the assurance that actual planning permission was ‘in the bag’ and certain to be granted a couple of years later, with the land then being resalable by the punter at a very handsome profit, for around £30,000 or £40,000 an acre or so.

      These teams of solicitors, lawyers and estate agents, with swanky expensive UK city addresses, with their head offices based in Panama, with intermediaries being based in Spain for instance, worked together like a bunch of locusts, in a massively coordinated International scam involving dozens of different companies, in an operation so vast it was fantastic that all could be relied upon not to break the line, to betray any other company; they were like the 4,000 who never turned up for work in the WTC towers on 9-11, of many different denominations, who suddenly remembered their true loyalty lay not with any other state but Israel, and quite cold-bloodedly left their gentile workmates of many years to be wiped out.

      In truth, the land was worthless, the UK government did nothing to stop it, often allowing such companies (still today) to put FSA approved logos on their advertising material, when they were nothing of the sort. I consulted the BBC about this and visited their studios, only to be told that they were cancelling their proposed program on this issue because of orders from higher up. It seems that John Prescott, no less, they told me confidentially, was behind much of it, and had been the person responsible for allowing it all to continue. I think that the whole scam might be another scheme to take the ‘fat of the land’ from those seen to have too much personal cash; the vulnerable OAPs and so on, for instance, seeking to increase their nest eggs. The money was probably siphoned off into personal accounts of corrupt politicians, and almost certainly not diverted to any good programs of benefit to the general public, like hospitals or schools, or possibly just sent straight to Israel, the ‘rightful’ owners of all wealth in the world.


      June 25, 2012 at 20:23

  3. […] Cameron rips of British public whilst continuing his own massive fraud!! […]

  4. […] Cameron rips of British public whilst continuing his own massive fraud!! […]

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