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British media, NATO and UN hype up emotions on the Turkish incident

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What we are looking at right now is clearly a possible “False Flag” incident to justify an action against Syria when the shooting down of the Turkish Air Force Phantom jet fighter was perfectly legitimate under international law and UN guidelines on the rules of engagement.

The BBC carried the following headline in its biased coverage of this incident when it said:

Turkey calls NATO meeting on warplane downed by Syria – Turkey has called a meeting of NATO member states to discuss its response to the shooting down of one of its warplanes by Syrian forces on Friday.

Ankara has invoked Article 4 of NATO charter, under which consultations can be requested when an ally feels their security is threatened, officials say.

Earlier, Turkey’s foreign minister said the F-4 Phantom was in international airspace when it was shot down.

I find this entire episode truly getting very much out of control with even the Turkish Government now changing their story since the incident on Friday and even in this same BBC article one can read Turkey´s Foreign Ministry stating:  It knew the coordinates of the jet, which was in Syrian territorial waters at a depth of 1,300m (4,265ft), but has not yet found it………..so why the hype and why is this escalating into a possible armed conflict between NATO – Syria and why has the  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon today expressed “his deep concern” about the incident.

Clearly the scene is almost set for action against Syria that believe it or not was planned almost 20 years ago and has nothing to do with the current situation and clearly shows that the UK, US, France and Germany are hell bent into forcing yet another Libya style regime change all in the name of misinformation and whom are clearly arming, funding and assisting the rebel army in Syria.

Did you read about the mass arrest of German arms smugglers in the western media which was published elsewhere and said that over 40 German citizens had been arrested while attempting to smuggle arms and ammunitions from international waters on shore inside Syria. The arrest took place over two weeks ago.

I continue to ask when is this world going to wake up and see this stand-off for what it really is……..a master plan by the New World Order to take out many Islamic Countries that are not user friendly towards the west or countries that do not have the western fraudulent banking system in situ or who do not give lucrative oil and gas contracts to western countries……that is the true state of affairs!!

The Turkish Government promised that it will be strong, decisive and legitimate, and that it will share all the information it has with the public. My thoughts on that are are they prepared to give the Latitude and Longitude of the actual point of engagement which obviously will clearly show that the aircraft concerned was  deep inside Syrian Territorial Waters on a low high speed run.

I will at this stage prove that what happened of Friday was perfectly legitimate, especially when this aircraft was flying towards the Syrian coast and was engaged by the Syrian Air Defence System well with the 12 nautical mile territorial waters of Syria…….here are the ground rules as per the Chicago Convention:

The principles of sovereignty and national airspace confirmed by the Chicago Convention, a foreign aircraft may lawfully enter another country’s airspace only with that State’s authorization. Any unauthorized incursion into national airspace by a foreign aircraft–or “aerial intrusion”–would thus violate customary sovereignty and the Chicago Convention. The affected State would then have the legal right to respond by intercepting the offending aircraft and turning it away; forcing it to land at a designated airfield; impounding the aircraft if it lands; or even shooting it down.   

Because of the potential security threat that trespassing military aircraft represent to the territorial sovereign, international legal standards for State responses to aerial intrusions treat civil and military aircraft differently, imposing a much lower threshold for the use of force without warning against military aircraft that intrude into the territory of another State.

I was patiently waiting for the British Government to give some opinion on this Turkish incident and at last the Independent Newspaper ran the following headlines stating that our dear Foreign Secretary William Hague today condemned Syria for the shooting down of a Turkish fighter jet and went on to say:

Mr. Hague said the “outrageous” act underlined the need for Bashar Assad’s regime to go.

“I am gravely concerned by the Syrian regime’s action in shooting down a Turkish military plane on June 22,” Mr. Hague said in a statement.

“When I spoke to Turkish Foreign Minister (Ahmet) Davutoglu on 23 June, he told me that the plane had been shot down without warning.

“This outrageous act underlines how far beyond accepted behavior the Syrian regime has put itself and I condemn it wholeheartedly.

“My thoughts and sympathies are with the families and friends of the missing Turkish pilots. I have made clear to Foreign Minister Davutoglu the UK’s strong support for the Turkish government at this difficult time……do your really believe that Hague has any regard for the family and friends of the downed crew……how very hypocritical and two faced!!

Once again one can see that our own Foreign Minister is clearly not in tune with international law when it comes to airspace incursions and only seeks a regime change in Syria at whatever the cost……..note the comment that Assad must go!!

It was the final part of the Independent´s report that caused me deep concern when it said:

 “The Assad regime should not make the mistake of believing that it can act with impunity. It will be held to account for its behavior. The UK stands ready to pursue robust action at the United Nations Security Council.

One can only hope that once again Russia and China will veto any possible action. However, we should be extremely cautious of possible action by NATO outside of the UN arena based on its policy that “An attack on one is an attack on all” and considering the NATO is the military arm of the New World Order one could see it taking matters into its own hands which it has done many times before.

As I said before this is no Libya by comparison as the overall result could lead to a major conflict or even WW3 with Russia, China and Iran standing firmly shoulder to shoulder with Syria.

One can clearly see that any provocation will be fully encouraged by the Zionist controlled New World Order who also happen to control the politics and finances of the west and most of their leaders who pledge their allegiance to Israel rather than to their own country!!

The NATO meeting on Tuesday is likely to result in some very strong exchanges and could well push the UN into yet another urgent Security Council Meeting and with  the  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon being totally behind this scam one could possible see a “No fly Zone” with unlimited action coming into fruition.

One rather funny comment I have left till last with the following:

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said on Saturday a jet that was shot down by Syria a day earlier was not a warplane but a reconnaissance aircraft……..I can assure him it was no executive jet and was clearly a Turkish jet fighter no matter what role it happened to be playing at the time!!

You the British public must decide who is right and who is wrong but before making such a decision one must again look at the Chicago Convention and clearly see that what happened on Friday was well within International Law.


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/6/2012





Cameron rips of British public whilst continuing his own massive fraud!!

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When will the Brits understand that Cameron and his coalition are ripping them off whilst at the same time fraudulently filling their own pockets with massive “Ponzi Schemes” such as his latest “Big Society Capital” and his own direct support of many virtual oil, gas and mining projects that simply do not exist?

It is fact that much of his financial support comes from extremely fraudulent hedge funds and in most cases are the proceeds of crime by diverting innocent investor’s money from fake oil and mining projects.

Do we the British public fully understand what is actually going on when trillions of pounds are being siphoned out of such projects each and every year and that most of this money is tax free as a result in their offshore investments.

Maybe you would find it hard to believe that the banks and financial sectors are all at it with the full knowledge of David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband and that some banks are offering huge unsecured loans to support such nonexistent project knowing that the money will be siphoned off and become a toxic debt waiting for the tax payers of this country to yet again bail them out and plunge us into even more punishment by way of their totally unnecessary austerity measures.

Cameron´s latest measure to force thousands of young people to lose their housing benefit under a series of radical welfare reforms is totally unnecessary. This will see the removal of most of the £1.8bn in housing benefits paid to 380,000 under 25s – worth an average £90 a week – forcing them to support themselves or live with parents. This is especially hard hitting for cash strapped students who had been previously punished with a massive hike in their tuition fees!


Fraudster – Illegal Arms Dealer – War Criminal

Is this man, his party or any other party worthy of running this country?

Cameron (NWO/Zionist) – Clegg (NWO/Zionist) – Miliband (NWO/Zionist)



One has to understand that all of this financial rape is extremely well orchestrated by the Zionist run New World Order and most of our senior political figures are part of that “Mafia Style” organisation. Even the financial collapse of many European countries is their doing and then they have the audacity to pump even more British tax payers money into the European Central Bank that again gets diverted into their own “Giant Ponzi Schemes.”

This massive fraud is not only at an unbelievable high level but has almost become arrogant in its activity with many very senior MP´s and members of the House of Lords all double dipping into tax payers bail outs knowing that the money will never be used for what it was first intended.

As we know in more recent times the US sent over US$ 15 trillion in three separate tranches to the HSBC bank in London that was then sent onwards to the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and simply disappeared…….can all you sheeples imagine the size of this fraud………the total debt of the US was sent to the UK and has all gone……..but hey who cares when they again cut back on public services or take away someone’s benefits or social payments.

The British public should truly hang their heads in shame and certainly all the trade unions should be closed down for blatantly ignoring the truth behind what is happening in this country, especially all having been very well informed about the fraud via the many communications I have sent and the many political meetings that Gordon Bowden and I have attended etc.

Can you even imagine that when these union officials and their sheep all take to the streets in mass that they totally ignore what we have told them and use such events to their own political advantage.

In my own city you have the two labour MP´s Margaret Beckett and Chris Williamson holding regular rallies or protests talking about loss of local contracts (after the event and not before) and yet at others times when the writing is on the wall regarding a possible company closure or the farming out of contractual work to overseas entities they say nothing………more recently this was the case with the locally based airline BMI and also the case of Rolls Royce who´s orders for jet engines has increased significantly but that 50% of that work increase will be contracted out to Singapore………..it is clear that their ongoing petitions are merely a means of getting names and addresses to be used as a vote bank until they are again re elected, which was the case more recently when they again retained their seats…….it is also so interesting to note that now having be re elected we see nothing of them and no protests etc even though the severe austerity measures continue to hit those that put them in office!!!


Margaret Beckett and Chris Williamson have been privy to much information that has been given to them from Gordon and I and have clearly refused to present these many issues in the Houses of Parliament which is in total violation in their responsibilities as being representative of their constituents and in this regard should clearly be dismissed from Parliament.

Chris Williamson was personally informed by me (with Gordon as my witness) of the circumstances of the Chinook crash that killed 25 of the best Anti Terrorist experts in this country and four RAF crew. This huge government cover up clearly revealed that all onboard did not die as a result of a high speed impact into the hillside on the Mull of Kintyre but as a direct result of all being shot in the head i.e. assassinated by unknown persons…….the result of this second inquiry has never been released despite the additional evidence provided by myself and the fact that a reliable source advised me that it was an inside job arranged by the DTI.

It is also fact that my informant, who would have been clearly a  star witness was never called to give evidence, nor the other persons who provided evidence to me during my own investigation after having extensive experience with helicopter operations etc.

It is clear that one can no longer trust many of our current key political figures and that the police should investigate many of the issues raised by Gordon and I…….the very fact that the police have been given my evidence regarding the Chinook (to which I have an incident reference number) and have not acted upon it and the fact that the Scottish investigation team have not responded to me  other than by simple acknowledging receipt of my evidence clearly show the state of this country.

It is also interesting to note that the same star witness mentioned above also had much evidence on illegal arms dealings to Iraq, most of which was held at home. That person’s home was raided by 13 police officers in early 2010 and the vital secret evidence was confiscated. That person was never been called to give evidence at the current Chilcot Inquiry which to this day has still not revealed its findings!!


It is clear that British politics are now totally out of control with many of those involved in fraud and other sinister activities still remaining in office when they should clearly be serving time in jail……….David Cameron would have to head the list for his covert and very fraudulent past….especially that it was he who siphoned off 17.8 million pounds of tax payers money into his parties electoral fund and illegally purchased three nuclear weapons from South Africa and then allowed them to be stolen from an unsecured compound in Oman where they were re sold on the black market and one of the reasons why we went to war with Iraq!!

I rest my case


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/6/2012




British media confused over Turkish fighter incident

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The Turkish Phantom Fighter was shot down deep inside Syrian airspace and only 10 km off the coast (as marked by the white dot in the black circle above).

I find it incredible reading the headlines in the Telegraph which said:

Turkish plane may have been in Syrian airspace when shot down, says Turkish president Abdullah Gul”………in reality it became clear that this aircraft was flying  extremely close to the Syrian coast line and at least 10 km inside the territorial waters off Syria……..that is by no means a slight incursion!!

What is so interesting is the fact that earlier this year it was the Turkish Government who only last month sought an explanation from Israel in protest over an Israeli “violation” of the airspace of the Turkish northern part of Cyprus.” The Israeli aircraft had violated the airspace of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus five times in one day which saw Turkish fighter jets chase out the Israeli aircraft………as they say “What is good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander.”!!

Have you noticed that when an ally of the UK makes such a serious incursion or mistake our Prime Minister, David Cameron and William Hague remain tight lipped and say nothing……….on the other hand this could have started a major conflict due to the fact that Turkey is a NATO partner and their motto is “An attack on one is an attack on all” and so it is clear that this could have been and intended provocation with such retaliatory action in mind.

One could even question just how deep this incursion actually was because the 12 nautical mile limit extends from the low water mark on the coast and when you take into account that this aircraft was shot down in a bay it was clearly in gross violation of Syria´s sovereign territory and could have actually been almost on the coast at some point during its transit flight.


A Pair of Turkish Phantom fighters


One would expect that the Syrian Air Defence System would be on a 24/7 alert with the ongoing threat by the west and in particular from Israel who want to carry out air strikes as soon as possible……..one cannot compare this situation with the Israeli incursion into the Turkey sector of Cyprus because they are not in a state of conflict…….military speaking one would be foolish not to take drastic action when such high speed fighters enter your territory……it is also fact that all military aircraft, including reconnaissance aircraft, become legitimate targets under existing international law when it comes to the security of your country.

The Guardian however covering a different angle using the headlines: Ankara vows to take “necessary action” after Syria shoots down Turkish jet. The article continued…………the investigation was focusing on whether the plane was brought down within Turkey’s borders or over that of neighbouring Syria, which the Syrian government claims. “Because the consequences could be quite serious, there will be no clear statement before the details of the incident are scrutinised,”

It was the second part of this same article that I found incredible when it went on the say…….. With the second biggest army in NATO, a force hardened by nearly 30 years of fighting Kurdish rebels, Turkey would be a formidable foe for the Syrian army, which is already struggling to put down a 16-month-old revolt.

Let´s just focus on that comment of fighting the Kurdish rebels for over 30 years…….obviously no British newspaper is going to reveal that the Turkish Military carry out constant incursions deep inside Kurdistan (Iraq) and attack many villages and towns with both fighter aircraft, helicopters and ground assault vehicles with the help and advice of  US spy satellites…….this gross violation of Iraqi Sovereignty goes without any media comment and yet suddenly a one off incident such as this makes headlines in all  UK newspapers………how’s that for double standards!!

It is Turkey (who despite the fact being a Muslim country) are totally two faced when it comes to their neighboring brothers and it is Turkey who  now gives refuge to the rebel Free Syrian Army on its frontier with Syria and allows arms shipment and Special Forces activity to cross over into Syria.

What I found ironic about the Zioniost controlled media was the evidence I found that shows the same paragraph that was printed in The Guardian was also printed in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper word for word namely “With the second biggest army in NATO, a force hardened by nearly 30 years of fighting Kurdish rebels, Turkey would be a formidable foe for the Syrian army which is already struggling to put down a 16-month-old revolt………what more proof do you want to show of their total control of the British media.

I found the London Evening Standard newspaper comments regarding what was said by the Turkish President actually sums it all up in a very hypocritical way:  It was “routine” for jets flying in high-speeds to violate other countries’ airspaces for short periods of time and yet it was this same President who was so critical of Israel´s violations of its airspace in Cyprus five times in one day.


 Partners in conflict

It would be improper for me not to include what America´s CNN had to say about the entire affair. Their headline under the above photograph read: Did Turkish Jet Enter Syrian Airspace?…………this was certainly a rather pathetic title when one considers just how far inside Syrian airspace this aircraft was……no doubt  Leon Panetta and Hilary Clinton where possibly hoping for yet another “False Flag” incident to justify bringing NATO into the fray!! 

I guess the closing headline must come from the good old BBC who stated on their front page that Downed Turkish jet “may have strayed”……….whatever analysis comes out of this incident I am sure it will be used to add more fuel to the existing fire at the United Nations in their attempt to impose yet another Libyan style “No fly zone” in the name of humanity. However one must not compare the two as Syria is a totally different ball game with much more at stake and could bring additional strikes against targets within Lebanon and Palestine with dire consequences should the west initiate such action. 


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 23/6/2012

Written by Peter Eyre

June 24, 2012 at 00:43