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Zionist Run Western Media Potrays Misinformation On Syria

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The true “Axis of Evil” (The New World Order ) is based in Britain

The US, Britain and France have once again tried its “Libyan Style” propaganda machine to force a regime change in Syria with its focus being the original massacre at Houla which they claim was carried out by Syrian Government Forces.

I can assure you that this is far from the truth as they have been providing arms and financial support for some considerable time to their own hired militia and to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) some of whom were also hired and worked in Libya to overthrow Gadaffi. This private army of thugs also consisted of some crack snipers who were placed at key locations to take out innocent civilians and in some cases local police and army personel.

I addition to the above the west also have their own “Boots on the ground” in the form of Special Forces with supporting CIA, MI5/6 and Israeli Mossad Operatives whom we know in the past have been caught red handed carrying out their own clandestine operations behind enemy lines.

Now this same propoganda machine is in full swing as they once more create yet another “False Flag” (otherwise known as the Hama Massace) in the hope they can swing the United Nations (otherwise known as the International Arm of the New World Order) into making a decision that could force military intervention on humanitarian grounds.

One could realistically be looking here at yet another military corridor being formed to allow medical aid into Syria (which is not required as no such problem actually exists) or alternatively the formation of yet another “No Fly Zone” which we observed in Libya and which then became a full on war…….I think the latter is on the cards!!

The other issue here is the fact that the Syrians have declared they want to regain control of the Golan Heights which Israel stole from Syria after the last conflict…..Israel on the other hand would never allow this to happen as it would give Syria a strategic location in the military sense.

We in the west must fully understand that all of the past and current conflicts/wars are all Zionist controlled in order to protect Israel and has nothing to do with democracy or humanitarian issues that they so boldy portray.

It is obvious that an all out effort of false propoganda reporting is now in full swing with the good old BBC once again playing a major role. Politically speaking we have the puppets of the Zionist run New World Order such Obama, Clinton, Panetti, Cameron, Hague and the brand new Zionist himself, French President Hollande all now wanting to take immediate military action against the Syrian regime with Israel in the background prodding all of them to fulfill their committments towards Israel having funded them all into office!!  

What better way is there than to cause  major “False Flag” incidents right under the noses of the UN Observers (NWO) and who else is around that can verify if such incidents are fact or fiction?

One must seriously look at the working of Ofcom whom we know were responsible for closing down Press TV in London. It was such action that took away this very well  respected TV station who frequently revealed the true situation on the ground and who frequently exposed such channels as the BBC for their own lies and propoganda!!


Then we have that other influential Zionist run propogranda machine known as Britain Israel Communication and Research Centre (BICOM) who´s main punchline is “Aims to put British journalists in touch with the latest news and thinking from Israel”……..do you all really believe this crap and could you ever imagine the enormouse finances that are pumped into these massive propoganda machines.

It is at such times that I can clearly reflect on the spin that used to come from one of Israel´s key anchor men, Mark Rekev who to this day must go down in history as one of the best “Spin Doctors” available and it this type of arrogance that radiates out in all stories relating to Israel and those countries it sees as a threat to its own existence.

To get back to the main story regarding who is really behind these on going massacres we have to again revisit the fact that western interference has been caught red handed during each and every conflict to date…….Libya was no exception when several British SAS were caught red handed by the local authorities and again more recentrly were also caught crossing the border from Iraq into Syria.


Thesw two British SAS members that were caught in Basra prior to the Iraq War who were planning to blow up innocence civilians in the main square during a religious event. This on going tactic is used by the British to carry out their own hidden agenda into forcing a regime change. These special forces operate in conjunction with western secret service operatives and are crack troops, armed with guns, ammunition, explosives, false passports and carry sophisticated satellite communications devices.

As I previously reported it was earlier this year (March 2012) that two SAS members on a secret mission were captured by Syrian authorities having crossed over the border from Iraq. British Foreign Office Minister Mike O’Brien had to rush to Damascus for a high level intervention…….as usual our government remained tight lipped but senior officials confirmed privately that members of the elite 22 SAS Regiment were involved.

One must also have an open mind when it comes to which report do you believe…..is it the standard western media coverage that you all believe or do you have an open mind and willing to listen to independant international freelance journalist who at great risk to themselves go to the actual locations and bring us the true picture-

One such report was made available by Russian journalist Marat Musin who clearly dispelled the lies and fabrication of the western media regarding the past Houla Massacre.

It was this very brave Russian journalist who exposed the fact that the main victims in that massacre were all “Pro Assad Supporters” who were not killed by Syrian Government Forces but rather by terrorist that had been integrated by professional mercenaries and professional killers who were actually operating under the auspices of  the self – proclaimed Free Syrian Army (GSA), the very same tactic that was used in Libya!!

In Marat´s own words “When the rebels seized the lower checkpoint in the centre of town and located next to the local policedepartment, they began to sweep all the families loyal to the authorities in neighboring houses, including the elderly, women and children. Several families of the Al-Saed were killed, including 20 young children and the family of the Abdul Razak. Then they were killed with knives and shot at point blank range. Then they presented the murdered to the UN and the international community.”

I can make this outstanding journalists report available to anyone who seeks to learn the truth and not what the Zionist censored media want you to believe!!

Now we have yet again another smaller massacre with exactly the same tactics being used with the notorious BBC leading the way with its latest report with headline that read as follows:

“New Syrian Massacre Kills Scores” – Syrian activists accuse government forces of killing 78 people in one village near Hama, but Damascus denies there has been a massacre.

The report by BBC´s Tom Esselmont said :”The activists are comparing the killings to those in Houla”

Syrian pro-government forces have killed 78 people in a single village in Hama province, many of them women and children, activists say.

The opposition said government-backed militia stabbed and shot their victims in the village of Qubair. Damascus denied a massacre, saying “terrorists” had killed nine people.

Neither account could be confirmed

Obviously the situation in Hama will follow the same propoganda line as the Houla massacre and would have been carried out by the same melitia who are armed and funded by the west……you will note that once again the good old BBC cover themselves by stating that neither account could be confirmed.

It also so happened to be the BBC who added the following in their report:

Mrs Clinton said she was willing to work with China and Russia on the initiative, but reiterated that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must leave power………I am sure we can all recall the same line was used in Libya when she said the same about Gadaffi!!

I am more than sure that very soon we will see some action being carried out with the full approval of the UN with its usual punch line “to use all force that is necessary to end the suffering in Syria” or something similar.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 7/6/2012


Written by Peter Eyre

June 7, 2012 at 12:45

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